S4EP44 – Part 1 – Hometown Ghost Stories – Rob Coakley, Jesse & Dave Wilkins

By | May 8, 2023
S4EP44 - Part 1 - Hometown Ghost Stories - Rob Coakley, Jesse & Dave Wilkins

I can't wait to make this a podcast Later that's going to be a little bit of Editing involved but again that's how I Roll Welcome everybody to the show as always Uh we've got uh Hometown ghost stories Joining us they are of course a YouTube Channel and a podcast and uh the three Gentlemen are Jesse Wilkins Rob Coakley And Dave Wilkins they're going to be Here with us and we're going to dig into Their stories their experiences what Drove them to create Hometown ghost Stories and also talk about some of Their investigations these guys are Actually getting out there and they're Doing the work and if you haven't Checked out their Channel please do I I Was recently a guest on their show and I'm here to tell you these guys are Doing it right in fact they're doing it So right I feel like I need to learn From them Thank you Hey everybody and welcome to the Paranormal portal podcast I'm your host Brent Thomas thank you all for joining Us and a special thank you who goes out To all of you who continue to support The podcast and continue to spread the Word always remember if any of you out

There have experiences of your own that You'd like to share feel free to email Me at paranormalportalradio Gmail.com again paranormalportoradio Gmail.com and you too could be a guest On the show Thank you Gentlemen welcome to the show how you Guys doing tonight We're doing we're doing great man how Are you doing I'm doing good I'm glad we Got everybody connected uh so glad you Guys are here uh thank you guys for Joining us as always I don't do a lot of Guests on the live show but I had such a Great time with you guys on your show I'm like yeah you guys got to come on This would be awesome and uh of course When I was on your show we talked about The Queen Mary the haunted uh vessel Over in uh California and uh I came to Know a lot about you guys as far as You're getting out there you're doing The research you're doing you're doing These Epic shows amazingly well put Together you're doing a podcast so you Have a YouTube channel a podcast you're Getting out there investigating you guys Are really Rolling Deep on this that's Amazing We're we're doing everything yeah and uh It feels like we're doing everything but

We love it it's a lot of fun we've met a Lot of great people including yourself And you don't have much to learn from us At all you have a black hat on and That's pretty much all you need in order To do these ghost shows that's where I'm Part of the club then right I'm I'm Grandfathered in good that exactly So if you don't mind me asking and I Don't you know whoever wants to go first Or if you all have a a joint story or or If you have individual stories uh feel Free whomever to go first but what what Led you to this place to decide we got To do this was there was there events That you guys experienced a young age All your life what was the the uh Genesis of all this Uh do you guys want me to go first on This one well it does start with Rob I Mean we were all involved in the story As well but it does start all back on That uh that house on North Street North Street yep so I grew up in Bridgewater Massachusetts which a lot of your Listeners will probably know the Bridgewater Triangle right so I am in The heart of the Bridgewater Triangle And Dave and Jesse are from around here As well And my grandparents purchased a house in 1968 in Bridgewater and We found out later about some of the History of that house but my first

Paranormal experience wasn't even my own Paranormal experience it was my little Brother's experience so when I was about Eight years old my little brother was Two And middle of the day he was supposed to Be upstairs taking a nap I'm downstairs with my mother doing Whatever we're the only three in the House And we hear him start screaming from Upstairs We're not too alarmed because this is a Kid that got into everything so he Assumed he just like fell or like hurt Himself somehow So we run upstairs to to assist him to See what he's make sure he's okay and He's literally in the back of the his Back is up against the corner of one of The hallway corners and he's as pale as A ghost he's like white and he's just Pointing going the man mommy the man the Man mommy the man over and over and over Again and it was terrifying and Then I started talking to my grandmother About the house and she had talked about How she heard voices and stuff like that In the house and some other stories came Out And a few years later when the internet Became such a you know The internet was around them but when it Became more accessible and we started

Having it more and more in the house I Started looking into stories from Bridgewater and I found out that that House used to be a farm and weirdly it Was called the Oakley farm and my last Name is Coakley but there's no like Relation to that uh later I can bring Out I found a sign I'll tell you about That in a bit but Um so the farmer of that original House His cow used to get out all the time And he would go chase down his cow and Bring it back to the house and one night His cow gets out he goes to get the cow And he never comes back oh geez hey And two days later the Bridgewater Enterprises there they're interviewing I Think it was his nephew And while they're interviewing him out Of the woods because there used to be a Bunch of woods in the back The dog came out and my nephew was like There's the dog And then right behind the dog was the Cow and they were like oh there's the Cow my my uh Uncle must be right behind Him but the uncle never came out and They never found the uncle's body at all So we're pretty sure that that would be The person haunting the house although I Can't confirm that by any means Obviously so we think that his spirit is Haunting the house and Basically with Jesse and Dave what ended

Up happening was when my grandfather Started to get sick a number of years Ago probably 10 11 years ago at this Point This house is so old that The only heating system for it at the Time was a wooden stove oh and and we're In Massachusetts so you know like during The winter you have to keep that wood Stove going so when he got sick him and My my grandmother had to move in with my Aunt And while we were there while they were There somebody had to be in the house And unfortunately being young and single I got stuck with the duty of living in That house for two years And as soon as I moved in within a few Days as I always hated being in that House Stuff started happening and I started Telling Dave and Jesse and they would Come over And we all collectively had some crazy Experiences Uh together wow so Jesse what was your Experiences So we spent a few nights at Ron I mean More than a few nights at Rob's house I Mean we were real good friends at the Time but one night there we hate each Other now Until next uh friendship and uh work Doesn't pan out anyways the uh

Yeah I remember one night in particular Is the craziest of nights because we Were We were going over there all the time And it was more of like a party Atmosphere would bring over a lot of People and we're like all right let's go Rile up the ghosts or whatever you go up Into the attic which seemed to be the Most active spot shut off all the lights And look around and and we would just Experience a ton of Paranormal Activity We did EVP sessions we did Spirit Box Sessions we did uh the old Flashlight Trick where you kind of unscrew a Flashlight just enough where electricity Can jump and then see if it responds to Your questions by turning on and off not Only did it turn on and off all the time In response to your questions but on one Night in particular while we were Filming actually the whole flashlight Exploded like just almost flying across The room and everything where everyone Freaked out it was absolutely terrifying Again it's the flashlight trick you Never really know if this is just Electricity being electricity or if it Could be something paranormal but the Fact that it was replying to questions And turning on and off on command you Know it entertained everyone in the room To say the least but there was one night In particular I remember it was a

Blizzard and Being the now wife then girlfriend at The time we're you know we're at home And we're like okay There's going to be a blizzard it was a Huge one a few years back I don't know If it would have affected you but Massachusetts it was massive like most Snow I've ever seen but we knew it was Coming so we're like okay do we want to Lose electricity at home Or should we just go to Rob's and lose Electricity there since he has a wood Stove in the house like all right let's Go to Rob's he has a stove at least We'll keep warm it'll be fun we'll just Get snowed in together then shovel our Way out eventually so we go there and During the night this is when we got Most activity and it started with Bangs upstairs and knocks and we're all Like oh boy and as the night went on it Just got more and more Active and then it was one point we're All laying down getting ready to go to Bed and we hear The distinct sound of footsteps and it Wasn't just a couple footsteps it was Footsteps that we could hear go Down the hallway and then take a right Into one of the bedrooms just boom boom Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom it Was just like the most clear sound ever That somebody's walking right above us

And absolutely every single one of us Heard it we all turned to each other We're like oh boy yeah we all heard that And that was That was the point where for me it went From this is fun let's see if we get a Flashlight to turn on to Oh my God there's there's actually a Ghost in this house and we all heard it And then we also had um our dog at the Time Max He would go in the house and he would Just sit at the bottom of the stairs and He refused to go upstairs and as we did So many investigations here we learned That it was the second floor that was Really really creepy and it was the Attic that we got the most paranormal Activity But nothing made me feel more unsafe Than the second floor of that house and The dog refused to go upstairs he would Just stand there at the bottom of the Stairs and bark up the stairs like what Are you barking at what are you barking At and we all knew I mean that he sees Something that we can't see That's it that wasn't the only dog that Did that there almost every dog that Ever went to the house did the same Thing at that staircase yikes what about You Dave what was your experiences with All this Oh you're muted buddy

Will that day figure that out and as Soon as there you go Okay yeah sorry well while he's figuring That out I can tell the other story that Really that the scariest story for me Anyways So one night Jesse um he used to DJ he Still does occasionally but I would go Out to some of his events with him and One night I went out to hang out with Him while he was working And I came home hadn't drank anything at All that night was completely sober it's Like one in the morning or something Like that And I was so scared of the second floor Of this house that there was a living Room that had like Um a divider in the middle so that you Could split it into two living rooms Kinda or like a dining room or something Like that I turned one of those into my Bedroom because I did not want to stay On the second floor yeah so I came in I Went to the bedroom I went to the Bathroom to get ready and I hear a Conversation Which is fine because I leave my TV on To this day I leave my bedroom TV on It's just something I've always done so While I'm brushing my teeth and getting Ready for bed I hear this conversation It doesn't mean anything to me I'm not

Really listening to context I leave the bathroom I go into the Bedroom and I look And the TV is off and as soon as the TV I notice the TV's off the voices stop And I stand there for about two seconds And then from the top of the stairs Which was right behind me from the Doorway of the bedroom I hear three or Four words yell down And I don't know what they said because I was just in such utter shock and like I still get goosebumps telling the story Because this is like the scariest thing That's ever happened to me and we've had Some stuff happen since we started this Show that I just stood there like stunned and I Didn't know what to do right it's like One in the morning two in the morning It's like do you go to a hotel like do You leave the house and I ended up just Laying in bed and just keeping my eyes Open until about five in the morning and Then just like all right well maybe I'll Go take a drive now Man yeah that activity sounds really Really intense uh was it ever like evil Or dark or was it just a powerful Presence It I don't want to say anything was evil There was no nothing like bad ever Happened you know what I mean but I think it was intelligent because it

Seemed like it would really get angry With us if like we were if we went Looking for the spirit it felt like it Would get angry but not retaliate you Know what I mean yeah if that makes Sense sure so so I don't think it was Anything demonic or anything to that Nature yeah But it was it was a scary uh it would it Would scare the hell out of me and I'll I'll wrap this story up with we did our First episode on this house and it Started making the Rounds Around the Bridgewater Pages you know you got your Little local groups and everything sure And about three or four months after we Aired this episode I got a message And the message was hey is this the Address of the house that you're talking About in Bridgewater and I said yes but I don't tell anybody because we don't Own the house anymore sure and the Person responded with well I'm the new Owner and then they started telling me Everything that's happened to them and Some of it was overlapping stuff from The show they had the voice situation Happen but some of the stuff was stuff That I didn't say on the show because I Tried to reason with myself that it Wasn't paranormal it was just Coincidence so one of the ones was Basically the attic door Half the time you go upstairs even

Though it had a double deadbolt would be Open and I assumed it was an old house Settling or whatever and the door would Swing open The house had been fully renovated since Then the door the attic doors in a Different spot and she says about 25 to Like 35 percent of the time she goes Upstairs that attic door is wide open Still it's a different it's in a Different spot of the ad of the second Floor so and it's going to lock and Everything so it's uh It's a crazy experience and that house I Still drive by that house occasionally And it still scares the hell out of me Yeah yeah that's kind of stuff you'll Never forget I'm sure and it has a Presence to it foreign Did you get your mic working I don't know can you hear me yes yes you Are live sir awesome welcome to the show Thank you thank you thanks for having me Great to be here uh that Bridgewater Story is great and my favorite part of It is the fact that the people heard the Episode and reached back out because it Validates yeah everything and that's What you want when you're because I feel like you're never really 100 sure When it involves the Paranormal I'm sure There are some people who are 100 sure About the things that they they

Witnessed but I always feel like for me I want to have that validation that that It's what I saw was real and I'm not Just losing my mind so for me it was Kind of cool to see all of those things That we had experienced in that house be Validated Yeah that's that's really cool and then The fact that they they could Corroborate some of the activity as well Like yeah that still happened and then Guess what yeah that's that's really Intense so you guys had these Experiences and at what point did you go Let's do a show was it was it the house Was it this this I mean was that the the Whole let's do a show about this house And then it just blossomed or how did it Without this work not really it was it Was it was years in between these events And when we started the show but after We started investigating the Bridgewater House we were like this is exciting Let's investigate more things where else Can we go so I think the next thing we Went to go see was the Houghton mansion Out in the Berkshires in Massachusetts Way western Mass we went to it was North Adams Massachusetts which is like if You're looking at a map of Massachusetts It's as far Northwest as you can get Before you're in New York state And it was really interesting area it's In the mountain range and this area is

In like a It's almost like a bowl surrounded by Mountains really cool Atmosphere and in the middle of this Bowl is this big haunted mansion called The Houghton mansion and there's this is A place that Zach Bagans has been to and Several other paranormal investigators So we're like let's go check out this One it's right in our state we didn't Really realize how far away it was until We were like oh we're going from one Opposite one side of the state to the Complete opposite side of the state sure Once we got there we're looking for this Mansion first of all and we're driving To this residential neighborhood and It's just house house house for like This can't be it this can't be right There's no way there's a haunted mansion Just in this little neighborhood and Sure enough in the middle of this tiny Little neighborhood is this gigantic Mansion that they turned it used to be An old mansion they turned it into a Masonic lodge And it was this This haunted location so we were just Amateurs and we were like let's get in And let's see if we can find some stuff And we found some pretty interesting Stuff there much to my surprise I was a Little bit skeptical back then But uh I was pretty shocked right off

The bat with the things that we saw wow So you were skeptical even though you Had already experienced so many things In your younger years you were skeptical Even moving forward from there Yeah I was I was always more of a Skeptic than these guys were personally Sure and it was it was kind of funny to Uh to take a little a Side Story here I Was talking about how much of a skeptic I was and my mother one day goes to me She goes you're a skeptic she's like do You know you have a ghost story I'm like What do you mean I have a ghost story I Would know if I had a ghost story I Don't have a ghost story she goes well I'll tell you you're about two years old We lived in this house in Plymouth and We had just moved in Jesse wasn't born Yet and I was two and I had this little Imaginary friend when we moved into the House and I had named this imaginary Friend Bernie and my mother thought that Was kind of an odd name for a Two-year-old to come up with Bernie She's like all right whatever he has an Imaginary friends no big deal One day she's having tea with the Neighbor and the neighbor was talking About the woman who lived in the house Previously nice lady In her 30s died young of cancer and her Name was Bernadette And everyone called her Pony and my

Mother she was drinking tea and she Almost spit her tea all over the woman Who said her name was Watson She goes yeah like my son is an Imaginary friend named Bernie so that Was kind of for me that was like oh wow That's like a legitimate Haunting I think I don't know who knows What a two-year-old can come up with but I just think it was so Random to come up With that particular name yeah so I Think those stories are fascinating too When the the imaginary friends that are Probably more than just imaginary and And having you know the ability to tell These children things and and the kids Will start singing songs there's no way They ever heard or start bringing up Stories that there's nowhere that we're Exposed to I think that's very powerful Kids definitely see more than we do but That's that's really powerful that's but It's also a little creepy you know it is Creepy and it is powerful for me when You hear a kid say that they see a ghost Like like Rob's story that he told about His younger brother A kid you know some people might dismiss A kid's story and say it's a kid kids Get big imaginations but a kid also Wasn't afraid to say what they're seeing And a lot of times when they're that Young they don't really have a reason to Make something like that up and what

There's they might just be saying what They see without fear of people saying They're crazy right like an adult might Have reservations to say they saw a Ghost for fear of being ostracized for Whatever reason but a kid doesn't so you Can look it up from the other side and Say well what a kid is seeing might be More legitimate because they're not they Don't have any reason to To say anything otherwise right yeah Good point so Rob I know you're a Believer because you grew up around this Stuff and it was just part of your Existence but Jesse when did you get on Board with this or were you were you Always open to it or were you did you Start out skeptical as well Um I was more like open-minded but Skeptical it and it was more like I Needed to see something in front of my Face for me to actually believe it but I Always wanted to I was like the idea of Ghosts was always so fascinating to me The idea of demons was always terrifying To me and I always you know Halloween Was Just As I Grew Older and older it Just was like I was all out Halloween's My absolute favorite let's do all the Haunted houses let's do this and then it Evolved from let's stop going to haunts And let's go to actual haunted houses And go see this creepy Place let's go Visit that abandoned place and it just

Evolved into an absolute interest in This stuff so I went into it with an Open mind but deep down I was like I Couldn't I couldn't fully call myself a believer In the Paranormal until I saw something In front of my face and in the strangest Of places I did end up seeing something me and Rob Were living together in a condo with my Buddy Nick so we're all just roommates And my room was in the basement And one night randomly I wake up actually it's like the morning So early hours in the morning I wake up And I turn and there's a Shadow of like a Giant Shadow figure of A woman standing right next to me like Right next to the bed and I look over And I'm just like oh Swear words and I I lost my mind and Then I turn around I look back and she's Gone It was so clear and so like in my face It wasn't like oh I think I see a shadow It was right there standing over me like I was about to slap me or something oh Jesus I had thought maybe my My girlfriend or fiance at the time or Whatever she was at the time I thought Maybe she had come in unannounced and Was just standing there waiting for me To wake up or something psychotic like That I was like I was a thousand percent

Sure there was a woman standing there And that was like the first thing that I've ever seen that shook me to my core And that's strangely enough I just go About my day whatever I don't really Tell anybody and then later that day me And Rob hop in the car we're heading Somewhere probably a casino and I'm like Dude this crazy thing happened to me and Rob's like dude this crazy thing Happened to me I'm like what happened to You he's like last night I woke Rob I'll Let you tell it because I don't want to Get the details wrong So I was just nothing had ever happened In this condo before this and after this Is another thing we need to preface here I was in bed watching TV And I felt something Not the same bed just to make that clear It's difficult Well you were close friends but it Wasn't it wasn't the weekend this was During the week or the weekend yeah sure You know all bets are off on the weekend Oh So I'm laying in bed and I feel Something sit on the end on the side of The bed And then push me over and lay down And I remember staring at the wall for Like five minutes terrified And then I'm like what are you doing There's nothing here turn over there's

Not going to be anything there and there Was nothing there And then I heard or felt nothing else The rest of the night but it was Distinct you know when someone sits on a Bed it's different than Like just touching the bed it's Different than putting your hand on the Bed there is like that sag feeling Almost that comes on and and it was Terrifying and just to Jesse's point we Got in the car that day and we both just Kind of sat there while we were driving For five minutes and said nothing to Each other and then like at the same Time said it was just I'll never forget That car ride because it was just so odd It was so The energy was so different that day Then and because we're friends we bust Each other's balls all the time as soon As we get in the car he'll probably make Fun of me or I'll make fun of him but That day we just drove for five minutes And then told this story it was it was Crazy I've been trying to wreck my brain Because it wasn't like we went somewhere Haunted there's absolutely no reason That this random condo in Marshfield Would be haunted it's just the most Unassuming place I don't think it's Haunted nothing else paranormal to my Knowledge has ever happened there it was Just that one night the both of us

Seemed to have gotten visited by Something and I don't really have an Explanation for it it's probably just Dave So so Rob what does it feel like to be The little the little spoon in that deal Hurts so as we've done this show more And more although Dave has had some Experiences Jesse has had some Experiences when we go these places I Think we've learned that I'm relatively Sensitive to this stuff more so than I Ever thought Uh so going to these places we went and We did an investigation at the Oliver House in Middleborough Massachusetts And I remember walking into that house And it's it's it's creepy but they don't Dress it up to be creepy it is dressed Up to be like it was in the 1700s it's Not one of those haunted places where They're putting dolls and stuff Everywhere for the most part this place They're trying to show you how the Olivers basically lived in the late 1700s So I remember going in the house and we're Doing just some b-roll footage during The day we're just like filming some of The inside of the house we just want to Just just to show because as you were on We do a pre-produce section on our show To do a narration and show the place

When we do a investigation and I'm Walking around and I think everybody's Upstairs well it turns out everybody had Went outside and I'm in here just like An idiot just recording by myself just Walking around this haunted place and I Walked upstairs And I remember looking at this one room And I felt real uneasy looking at it and Then I stepped in real quick and I felt Even more uneasy and later we had a Guide that came and like explained all The rooms to us and I was like this room Feels off and she goes oh that room is Off and here's why and I was like oh Okay and If you ever go investigating with your Friends what I will say is never admit When you see a place that you find scary Because they will stick you in that room By yourself to do the investigation And it's terrifying but we got a lot of Guys one percent of the time yeah Never expose your weakness that never Exposure weeks exactly The Oliver house was a good Investigation that was a very historic House Benjamin Franklin had spent time There and had a lot of ties to the Revolutionary War and everything so it Was a real cool place to investigate we Honestly we went in there and didn't Expect to get much and we're like this Is probably

You know whatever it's something to do Let's just go do it we had a friend who Was uh kind of running the operation Over there in terms of Hosting Paranormal investigations none of us Somehow had heard of this house until we Were at a paranormal convention on board The USS Salem which is a Old World War II or post-world War II battleship that They had a paranormal convention on and Um we ran into her there we're like oh My gosh Dave knew her anyways anyways we We end up there and We went in there not really think we Were going to get anything and we ended Up getting a lot there was some serious Intelligent responses via the Spirit Box Uh some weird stuff that we really Couldn't explain Rob got scratched we Did get it on camera he tried to Rack His brain was like did I scratch myself I don't remember touching myself but There was a red mark we actually put it In the video so could be something there I don't think there's anything demonic There but something scratched Rob Whether it was Rob not knowing that he Scratched himself but I don't think so Like we had cameras on him the whole Time but we never saw that happen so There was some there was something there There definitely was and it was it Actually ended up being like one of our Top five most downloaded podcasts so for

Some reason this house that we and I'm Pretty sure most listeners hadn't heard Of it actually did really well and People were pretty interested in it yeah That's fantastic especially with that Kind of History that's incredible have You heard of the Oliver house yeah I've Heard I've heard of that I've heard of The Houghton uh mansion that you're Talking about I hadn't heard of this the Battleship but that's really cool too I'd love to I'd love to check out all of Them and I'm kind of envious because Those of you on the East Coast you have Access to these you know three four Hundred year old possibly more locations Whereas I'm over in the north of Idaho And we have buildings but most of them Are like maybe you know 100 years old or So uh they've of course settled much Later Um but yeah I think there's so much History there's so much so many things That that have happened on the East Coast that you know just seems to really Lend itself to excellent paranormal Locations we got a question in the chat And this is from one of our uh listeners K-LOVE and she says has anyone brought Home a hitchhiker from the haunted Places Uh not that I know of personally but I Don't think that necessarily means Yes or no one way or the other because

These entities have no perception of Time so I could have brought something Home at any point and it could still be Lingering and just not made itself Present yet but as far as I know nothing For me personally no you guys No nothing not not to my knowledge at The moment we'll see as we do more and More investigations yeah I don't think So as well but I wouldn't rule it out I Mean the house that I'm in now We're all with the general consensus That we're pretty sure is haunted at Least me and the wife are and it's a Relatively old house is built in 1899 And things have been happening and As we visit more and more locations I Wouldn't rule out that the reason that More things are now happening in this House that I'm in is because maybe as I'm exposing myself to darker and darker Locations something could it could be Building activity but I just don't know It might just be a relatively haunted House the house that I'm in now it's got Some cool stories for one we found a Hidden staircase in a couple like walled Off rooms that was a cool find I don't Know if there's anything haunted tied to That but yeah we were taking a mirror Off the bathroom all of a sudden there's A whole staircase behind the mirror I Was like what in the world Did Nicholas Cage climb out with the

Copy of the the Constitution yeah That's where they got the idea for the Movie exactly my bathroom We've had some cool stuff so that There's been like you know Knox we're Always seeing like Shadows kind of flip By in the corner of our eyes mostly in The kitchen area in where I'm at now Which is in my office the kitchen's Right behind me so the kitchen area Seems to be the most active location in This house there was one night me and The wife were watching a movie in the Living room which is a couple rooms back And we hear something hit the floor in The kitchen what the hell was that so we Go into the kitchen and they're one of The magnets from the fridge had launched Itself all the way across the kitchen And it was sitting like towards the Complete opposite side and I'm like how Did a magnet fly off the fridge no one Had gone into the kitchen in a while Right so like an idiot I'm standing There in the kitchen like slamming the Fridge door shaking the fridge trying to Get the magnet even I couldn't even get The magnet to slide down the fridge Never mind fall off I drop it on the Floor a bunch of times I couldn't get it To even bounce remotely close to where The thing had landed very cool and I was Just fascinated by this and then there Was another incident I had a bunch of

Guys over so me and Rob also kind of Mixed in with some fantasy football Stuff but I had a couple guys over that Were there to record a podcast in my House and we're all just sitting there Watching the Thursday night football Game before we record the podcast these Guys are not into the Paranormal these Are sports guys we're all just sitting There and this guy Joe's like bro what The hell how did that happen and we look And in the middle of the floor The remote for the TV is just standing Up on end like and it wasn't one of Those Square remotes that you could just Balance this thing was one of the ones With like a round bottom and we're like Dude I could sit there all afternoon and Try to get that thing to stand up on its Own it's not going to do that like how In the world is that there I have kids But the kids have been in bed for hours We had been in there all night watching Football like we would have noticed the Remote just standing up it was just Weird and then the most terrifying Incident this is the last one I'll give You then I'll give the show back to you The most terrifying person that I've had In this house I'm sitting there I'm home Alone doorbell rings I'm like oh what was that okay someone's At the door I go to the front door no One's there I'm like Oh weird they must

Be at the side door I go to the side Door no one's there oh my God someone's Messing with me I go back to the front Door to double check then I walk down The driveway to make sure it wasn't just UPS dropping off a package and leaving No one's there oh my God that was weird Go back in the house a few minutes later Doorbell goes off again I'm like dude who was here that now I'm Thinking of some kid pranking me hiding In the bushes or something I go out Nobody's there and then as I'm going in Oh my God the thing must just be faulty Or something to wiring Like a Psychopaths this thing just goes Into my heart just dropped into my Stomach I could hear my my heart Throbbing in my ears I'm like dude what Is happening at that point the wife Pulls in and I'm just standing there Like I couldn't move man I was freaking Out absolutely the most horrifying thing Ever nobody was there and the doorbell Has never done that again there's Nothing wrong with it like the most Horrifying thing I've ever experienced Adorable You know what they say about the whole The whole knocking and stuff if it ever Happens they say don't answer the door Because you might just be letting Something in yeah

[Laughter] Exactly all the demons are like wow this Guy's easy Sorry [Laughter] Oh you're right I don't know you that Well I shouldn't be I yeah but I feel Like we're I feel like I've known you Guys for years that's the beauty of of Uh getting to know you guys it's just Been it's so damn comfortable so you Know I just love it just click yeah Right exactly so we get another question In the chat has anyone Experienced any physical contact or Attack So the the main one was the one we Brought up at the Oliver house and Just to show you like how much we are Learning as we go My whole thing is I don't want to come Off as like We're doing stuff just for the show so Sure to go to go into what happened that Night with the scratch It happened while we were still doing The tour of the house with the tour Guide So we're on the second floor and we had Just left that room I told you about and My neck started burning And we had Another we had one of the other Wilkins Brothers there's so many of them just

Unbelievable Um there to help us with filming and Stuff like that And so Dave and Andrew are with the tour Guide in the front and I actually Grabbed Jesse by the arm because I Didn't want this to be on camera And I grabbed them I go hey I need you To look at my neck and I need you to Tell me if there's anything there Because it's burning right now But I haven't done anything to it I'm Pretty sure and then he's looking at He's like yeah it's red there's a mark There and we didn't even like record it I'm like should I'm like I don't know if We should record this because I don't Want this to Because when you watch these shows and You see this you're like okay you just Shut the camera off you did that and Then you turned the camera back on you You're like that's that's always been my General impression of it okay where's The camera the camera was rolling but it Was just walk through footage so it Wasn't like standstill it was just kind Of me following you around but you never See your arms go up and scratch you we Did take a picture of it we included That in the episode But it wasn't yeah like you said it Wasn't part of the investigation yet so It wasn't even like we were trying to

Find anything we were just trying to Take a tour of the house and learn the History sure it was a weird time for it To happen yeah so I I just I that's why I pulled them to the side and obviously We probably should have just recorded it As it happened but I just I didn't want To I don't know it's like it was just Real weird it hurt like hell to be Perfectly honest for the rest of the Night I could feel it the entire night It was like this Burning Mark right on The back of my the left side of my of my Neck Um it would and it hurt like a like Crazy but it was from that room it was Either from that room that I said or Right outside the hallway of it and I Think for in terms of like physical Interactions that's the only one I can Think of that we've had the only other One wasn't during an investigation but This one was what led my wife to Actually bring priests into the house to Have the house exercise because at one Point it was like nine in the morning or Whatever it's light out and I'm still in Bed and I got waken up to what I thought Was my wife just like grabbing my Shoulder kind of aggressively and Driving her thumb into like my shoulder Blade I'm like all right I'm up I'm up I'm up and then there's no one there I'm Like whoa and she was actually walking

Up the stairs at the time she goes what Are you doing she hears me in the Bedroom going whoa And I'm like surfing I'm like I felt you Grabbed my shoulder to wake me up she's Like I didn't touch you and we're Calling the priests today and she did Actually and they came by and it was Kind of a funny story when they came by Because it was a legit Exorcism of the House now they weren't exercising a Demon out of like me or anyone it was Whatever ritual they do to Cleanse the house if you will different Than just walking around with sage we're Part of a Greek Orthodox Church Um so the every every single thing in The Orthodox Church is like a two-hour Process so if you buckle up if ever You're going to do literally anything With the church but this was one of Those but he's telling us as he's like Getting ready he's you know laying out His different things and finding his Verse in the Bible that he's going to Read from or whatever and he's like all Right so listen if things start Shaking in the house if the candle's Light if things start falling off the Shelves that's perfectly normal and Um me I mean I'm already doing Paranormal investing I'm like oh that's Awesome I'm like would you be opposed to Me take a little video if that happens

As soon as I punch my mic and he was he Was fired but none of that kind of stuff Did happen but it's still kind of a cool Cool thing to witness yeah and Dave you Haven't had any any contact kind of Experiences No I don't think so I've had I mean no Not physical contact no I've seen plenty Of sure intelligent responses to things But physically no not myself now Rob When this happened was it just it's kind Of a cliche thing and and I I'm not Really sure that it's as profound as as It's made out to be but was it just one Scratch or was it three It it was just one okay it was like this One mark down down my neck like right Down this left side pretty sure there Wasn't there wasn't three it was just The one one scratch and the reason I ask Is of course every the cliche well it's A mocking of the Trinity and it's right And and I don't know how anybody gets to That assumption I mean in my opinion we Don't know that these a lot of these Things were ever human so and and how Many fingers if they only have three That's how many they can make yeah it's A huge assumption to go well they're Mocking you know the Trinity well no Maybe they just got three to work with That's it right there you just got a Claw [Laughter]

So I I just kind of scoff at that Um we have another question in the chat It's from Luna municorn who asks uh many People experience hauntings in the Daytime or when the lights are on is There a reason people investigate mostly At night and in the dark yes I think This is a great question but that's a Really good question this is something That we kind of picked up on and went on A trial by error and whenever we go to a Location we learned one more thing that We're doing wrong and why and so Somewhere along the road we we learned That as few electronical devices that Can interfere with your equipment is the Best so all the lights go off that way You know you hear EMF detectors aren't Picking up sure energy from any lights Or any sort of electrical source that's Going on as far as day versus night I don't know I mean I feel like that's Just I mean we've investigated during The day it's believed that the Spiritual Veil is lifted somewhat at Night just like it's lifted whenever It's close to Halloween right I think It's uh the day after Halloween is like The most active time of year because That's when the veil is the thinnest but It is believed that It's more likely that you're going to Experience something at night and just Aesthetically if we're shooting a TV

Show it's scary at nighttime so sure and There's that but there I think there is Some science behind it where they think That that Veil is thinner or lifted a Bit if you will at night any night yeah I think you're right I think that Perhaps it's the three to four a.m Window when it's probably the lightest But that's a personal assumption but I Will say that nighttime investigating Also I mean a lot of times you don't Have the luxury of being in a secluded Cabin in the Woods or something like That you're in you're in very busy Places with cars driving by sirens and Stuff and of course at night generally People are sleeping so things are Quieter and it's and it's easy easier to Quantify evidence without well was that A is that someone cussing out the you Know the Milkman or what's going on you Know not that there's Milkmen anymore But anyway you don't get the the Applicants we would cuss them out right They got it coming that's what I'm Saying just let them go by But I think I think that the night time Of course is more is quieter and there's Less less distractions going on so it Does lend more credibility to evidence That it's not atmospheric or you know Something happening in the area so very Cool yeah just from an investigation Standpoint there's just less noise

Contamination if you want to look at it Just that way sure yeah absolutely Um there was a question here from uh From jiren Daniels who's one of the Hosts of Supernatural station podcast he Says do you think the ratio of good Versus malicious entities is lopsided And why I would say that if it's lopsided it's Lopsided to the good But just like with anything you're gonna Hear about the extremes more right so if There's one evil entity and a place You're gonna hear about that one place Versus the 100 places that have just General regular everyday hauntings so That's why you don't hear about like the House in Bridgewater where a lot of the Hauntings were scary but they weren't I Don't think they were evil in intent And who knows how many other houses on That same street are haunted or have had Situations but if there was something Demonic going on you're going to hear About that so it's probably lopsided It's just it's just we deal in extremes And everything sure so you're going to Hear more about the extreme situations Than the stuff that's more You know just I don't want to say Average because haunting is not average But you know what I mean I don't know I Don't know if average the right word but You get a lot you get obviously the huge

Stories are the the malign Spirits the Evil ones those are the big stories your Amityville your Conjuring Etc but there are there are more I think Positive ones that we get in the most Are actually in the middle the most are Just uh non-intelligent hauntings just Residual hauntings you see you hear Footsteps you hear some you see Something walk across the hallway or Some ghost being caught in uh you know a Repetition that they were repeating for Well for when they're alive that's the Bulk of it in my opinion Yeah yeah good yeah I think it you could Look at it almost the same way you look At the news right the news isn't just Reporting on all the people that had a Normal day Yeah you could equate to your normal Haunts they're going to report on the People that are either having a really Bad day or occasionally a really good Day right so you're just gonna you're Gonna hear about the negative haunts a Lot more than you're going to hear about Your run-of-the-mill hunts yeah yeah I Would agree I would agree although yeah I think of course the terrifying ones More people are likely to talk about Than oh there's the Grandma sitting in The chair again rocking in the window You know it's it's more benign or or you Know less sensation Hollywood isn't

Going to make a movie about the one Ghost that moves the teacup three inches Every two years Like I said I'm looking for the ghost That vacuums that'd be great I mean they're going to be here they Might as well be doing something yeah Um there's another question in the chat And this is from one of our mods uh Rachel gets it right and says do you Think setting up a portable DVD player With a screen making a movie for example Uh an old classic like Casablanca or a Marx Brothers movie might get a response Do you think that that may work as a a Trigger object let's say Think that would have to be something Specific to the spirit in the house Right so sure we we did do a story where A guy set up this exact situation in Pittsburgh and he played The Passion of The Christ on repeat over and over and He claims that it would what did he Claim it was doing to the spirit he was Like quieting down the demon so he was Trying to get a demon out of the house And his way of doing that was it started With just playing The Passion of the Christ on one TV every once in a while And towards the end of the story he Seemed to have it not only playing in Multiple rooms but he had mirrors set up In these rooms so it would reflect The Passion of the Christ into every corner

Of the room oh This was just the exact same way that I Watched Passion of the Chrysler Somehow his marriage didn't work out Yeah that guy's not mine my marriage The moral of the story is if you're Haunted invoke the name of Mel Gibson And all things will be uh fixed Jim Caviezel come save me Find a DVD player yeah there's a big Task yeah well that's probably true too And but I think that's an interesting Take too because I I do I think that It's you know if these if these Spirits Like say we're alive during the 40s 50s Uh you know certainly things from that Era May Inspire some more activity but I I agree you're right you can't you can't Know unless unless you experiment with Things like that when I originally when I originally read that question I Thought they were going with I thought Rachel was going with the whole picture In a picture and a picture at infinity And then looking at the frames you guys Have heard about that right I don't think so okay so the the mirror Game there is that one of those What paranormal games no it's actually Uh an old I think it's it might have Been developed by parapsychology but Um basically what they would do is take A video camera you know whatever make And model

Point it at a TV so it's constantly Reflecting an image of this screen and Essentially making infinite layers and Apparently some people have gone frame By frame through these recordings and Found these Silhouettes and sometimes Looking like people that had died in a Location so it's a strange concept and I Don't know it's kind of a cool Experiment right and it doesn't seem Like it'd be very hard to do I think Examining it because you you know if You're recording 60 frames a second you Know and you record for an hour you got A lot of frames to go through my friend Yeah yeah that's a lot of leg work but There's been some interesting things Captured but those kind of things seem To kind of fall off to the Wayside in You know in in in Replacements by things like the Flashlight test and stuff like that and You guys had mentioned that I think I Think those tests are really pretty Incredible but it has everything to do With timing you know like if it's just Kind of popping on or off randomly well It could be but it very much could be Just atmospheric or whatever but when Those responses are happening on cue uh You know based on a question I think It's incredibly powerful and compelling We've got to happen both ways so we've Had it

Specifically in the Bridgewater house That always felt like it was responding To a question but we've gone to other Locations where we've done it and it's Just turning on and off and we obviously Don't use that footage we don't think That there's anything to it at that Point other than it's just jumping Consistently on and off right so sure it Is it is Very I understand the skepticism behind It but like you said when it's being Done And there's no rhythm or no pattern and It's at the command of the question it's Very compelling yeah that is interesting To go back to The movies that she was talking about And playing these movies as kind of Trigger objects I'm a big fan of using Trigger objects as long as you know who You're dealing with or what kind of Ghost you're dealing with so if you're In a house where you know This little girl died in a fire and she Had her doll and you bring that doll and You try to use that doll or a lot of What one of the more common objects That's used is like a like a rubber ball Or a soccer ball or something and you Sit in the middle of the floor you do Your scientific test make sure that if You shift your chair back or if you walk Next to it the thing isn't just going to

Roll due to the motion in the room and These objects at a lot of different Locations we've seen them at Waverly Hills we've seen it at the Houghton Mansion uh we're actually heading to a Location on Sunday where the soccer ball Is one of the trigger objects and you'll Sometimes see this thing roll or you Know you'll go back and check on it Later it'll be in a completely different Room and so these These are different Trigger objects but as long as you know Why it's there and why you're bringing a Certain object and you know then I think You could have more success with it for Sure I always find the ones like some of The trigger objects I think are just in Poor taste like you know let's let's Hang a noose up on a rafter because this Is where the first man hung himself is Like no no that's it's not a good idea Yeah let's not do that yeah Axburger house that was on the Ghost Adventures episode Zach Baggins Literally laid down and had like the ax Just sitting there he's like drop my Head off now demon I would not go that Approach no no yeah geez all right it Was the best case scenario is also the Worst case scenario [Laughter] Worst time to shine it's Aaron's Adventures after that Come on we got about a minute left can

You take a minute and let people know How to stay in touch with you and what You're doing Yeah so uh Hometown ghost stories.com You can find the podcast everywhere Apple podcast Spotify We're on YouTube as well so you can uh Search the videos we do put a lot of Work into the video portion so you know People can do that then connect with us But yeah we're Um you can join us live on Tuesdays at 9 00 PM you can be part of our chat as Well don't stop listening to Paranormal Portal yeah because this is an amazing Show as well but our nights don't Overlap you can come join us Tuesday Nights at 9 00 PM you can join our Discord as well and our patreon has some Exclusive stuff on it as well well Fantastic guys it's been an absolute Blast having you here thank you so much For coming on and being a part of the Journey uh I I really appreciate your Time and and your your companionship Keeping me company Dude you're a legend this has been great It was it's fun to just sit around and Just talk about ghosts yeah long time Man it's awesome anytime we'll come back As long as your chat doesn't ban us no No they love you guys I mean they were Coming up with tons of questions for you So I guess you've earned their serial

Approval as well but yeah we'll keep Keep doing crossover shows and and uh Stay in each other's sphere of uh Activity and and by God we're going to Do some amazing things in the future I Can tell yeah absolutely let's link up Let's do an investigation I like that Idea I really do I'm very sincere about That so I hope you guys are as well Because that would be a blast absolutely Exactly plus I think you have more toys Than I have okay Uh this is going to wrap up our journey Here on the Paranormal portal tonight uh I hope you guys uh had a good time Obviously uh this is a great night uh Three guests wonderful guests uh amazing Discussion so remember to let people Know about the Paranormal portal Oh Guys thank you so much for joining us Here on tonight's show I hope you guys Enjoyed it please feel free to follow us On Facebook facebook.com Paranormalportal radio as well as Finding us on Twitter we're on Twitter At paranormalportal p-o-r-t-l and uh We'd love to have you stop by our YouTube page and subscribe and check out Our shows there we got hundreds of shows Journeys into the Paranormal portal so I Hope you check it out check it out guys

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