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Hey guys [Applause] I know what you're gonna say no no Feature before the intro yet laziness It's I'm taking over Lee's show tonight Um we can't make it Um Lee I apologize God we had the first bit of good weather Did a barbecue had a few beers got Carried away before I know it's nearly Nine o'clock It is what it is people there will Definitely be a cameo next that is that What it could call it Cameo Cameo Cameo I don't know I don't know anyway thank You so much to everybody supporting the Channel recently don't forget you can Become a patreon member you can become a Channel member and get those little Tic Tac emojis uh to get a few more may get Some more Tic Tacs yeah the only you Have so many more So many more so many uh but without Further ado It's time to talk about some strangers David How you doing lad Good man I'm a little disappointed you Didn't have that proper intro and I know

I know at least it's just gonna be like It feels pretty amateur hour really yeah The real driving force of your show is I That's my wife she's like get down there After a video I don't want to do it Anymore babe do it I'm addicted to you she loves it she Sounds that she hates it she's she's not Into the UFOs she's like well then what Are those things again You know the license guy are you talking To you airplanes Did you tell the channel is more than Just UFOs Yeah she she she's more into that stuff She's she's quite religious So yeah she's she's more into the Paranormal Is she watching babe Oh I know who I need to try and get on Here Who's that I want to save it I'll tell you Afterwards it's good okay it's good okay Is it a possibility But yeah yeah I know I'm like yeah well I mean I kind of know when we talk Online but Yeah they made a couple episodes Different TV shows he wrote a book he Was involved with like exorcism training With the Catholic Church Um it's pretty interesting cat he's an

Interesting cat he went from just an Avowed atheist science former NASA guy Engineering robotics type To dealing with something that he could Not explain and he had wild experiences That led him to Faith and uh follow that And he went way into it like leaned way Into it Yeah I've I've leaned in so I would say oh He's probably since I but since I met You actually Um I have that effect I've dabbled more into the Paranormal Stuff and looked into The possibilities Possibilities that this could go you Could tell I've had far beers that this Could be something more than just Um Something visiting from another world That it maybe is a part of this world Whatever it is and the reason you said I Think you said strangers as in get some Strangers on and I took it quite Literally as Strangers I I think I don't remember anything About this conversation but it's it's Great because I know you've told me many Times how excited you are to share your Wife's story Not to This Crew This crew of miscreants and so mayor

Dwells this is Oh my God my mom and dad call people Near the wells They used to say that all the time when I was younger you don't want to be Hanging around with those Neda Wills Dude I am in there That's what my dad used to say he says He's one of the nerdy Wells Okay you go then you go Um but yeah this this this story goes Back Way before I had kids I think I was in My late twenties And we were in an airport in Thailand We we've gone out for for her her Brother's wedding Um Who lives over there who's who's and Don't start with the jokes I didn't say a word about ladyboys just Your face Comfy coffee snopper what a great name And it's gonna be wrong division tonight Because believe it or not Lee is the One Direction Of conversations I've not even read what that comment Says hi I'm looking forward to the Random banter Yeah it's gonna be random right now We're talking about uh all these Experience with ladyboys in Thailand oh My word comfy sofa I love that name I

Love the picture even more that fits in Though man Strangers Like It's Thailand That's a strange thing or it used to be So so I didn't witness this at all Um but my wife's quite a If she says something And something's freaked her out a Believer Because she's not that type of person That talks I'll do that to you man it's You know you gotta go check yourself we Were in this airport uh I can't remember What we probably the main airport Um To Bangkok because we were near Bangkok And I disappeared I think I went for a beer Because we have to wait for him for a Bus so I went for a beer came and at the Time I smoked so I went into the smoking Area outside so I could have a cig I came back in And she said I am freaked out And her mom said to me because we I was With the Mother-in-law at the time as Well she said you've got to hear this Story Because I have always been into I didn't Even have a YouTube channel at the time I was really into like ghosts UFOs and All that jazz She said she saw in the gift shop A really tall man

That had The most Strange complexion she'd ever seen Like the skin was almost a silvery Gray And he he just she said he was the Oddest person she she had ever seen and I said well we you know we're in a Different country everybody looks Different she's like no This this she said this person looked uh Like he looked English like he looked Like he was a tourist in Thailand but he He The the skin didn't look real Um You said it like these these like silky Silvy gray like weird Just just look to this skin I kind of Want to get it ring because I can hear In the kitchen but she definitely won't She said she said that let me ask her You should do it she'll do it tell her I Asked her Right Just for those watching I don't know his Wife at all I've never spoken to her She's she's in the Army Um but anyway she said she looked at This person she couldn't stop staring at This guy And she said this guy just gave her a Look Um And the way she described it is he gave

Her a look as if And it was a smile as it say You know don't you you know there's Something different now whoever so I Said well maybe this guy gets a lot of Looks like that because he looks odd or Maybe He he may have been like because you Know like sometimes in airports they Have ax That might get makeup maybe just taking The makeup off or whatever and She said no she said he he just was Dressed in normal clothes Do any shopping In this Gift shop Any He just looked freaky as hell well I Don't think she even she said freaky she Said she he just looked out of place but Out of place Like anywhere She said she's never seen anything like It to this day we spoke about the other Day She's never seen anything like this ever In her life And he looked as if to say I know And he gave her a smile So I mean When you said strangers I've I've seen people that have given me the Willies and I've met some I've met some

People and fathers something not quite Right about these guys I've seen like couples across from me Talking and I've said this all along About you know maybe that it is a matrix And there's so many NPCs out there but This person that she saw really freaked Her out because her mum was kind of like Laughing she my mom didn't see it see Him That she saw she saw this person It was totally freaked out but this Person she said no she was staring aim And he looked up and smiled her Hmm I wish I'd have seen it I didn't see it Myself she saw that but that's the That's kind of the only I I know you've Had Nothing so much like that Um a very good friend of mine he's a Annapolis Naval graduate Um is this the person that I spoke to Yeah didn't speak to yeah and uh And then he kind of moved made a move to Politics so But uh Trying to sanitize it I guess as best I Can so he's videos the videos now Anymore yeah But so um He's an Annapolis Naval graduate which Is the Naval College uh it's incredibly Difficult to get into unbelievably

Difficult Um And so He was a officer in the Navy he was Pilot Um He's very respectable guys family man He's one of my very very dear friends He's a very nice guy Probably not okay yeah no he's he's he's Went into a bit of a public Pub the Public life Um he has an interesting story about A bar I think it's in Annapolis Could be near Quantico or it could be in Quanticore can I just say some of the Old school alien addict talk guys will Remember this guy from maybe the live Videos Um but the video is not is private now Just because of respect yeah so he uh he Used to go to this bar all the time when He was stationed there and he was doing Whatever it is he was doing there And uh he used to go regularly like he Didn't have any family there he didn't Have anything it was just him his work Every evening he goes to the bar [ __ ] Off goes to the bar And they know him well he's got a Regular seat like he he's joking with The staff get that kind of know him you Know he's there for several months and And again he's there almost every night

Um And he said that he finally got like Friendly with the owner like the guy Behind the bar not just the the Bartenders who are out front with the Guys and he's like it was kind of a Weird but this particular friend of mine He likes to do like reenactments and Things like that so them kind of being In like their cosplay dress or whatever It did he he found it comforting for Whatever reason and it was like a Pirates type bar thing going on And uh he said that he was drinking and Talking to the owner and they were kind Of going back and forth And I forget what the joke was he may Never have told me but um he just kind Of laughed and he thought wow that's That's a really odd joke like it's Something you're getting to know and They kind of give you kind of a way off Color joke and you're like hmm are you Testing me or is that really your humor Or what's this dynamic and so he said Well he's thinking about he starts Looking around the place and the first Time he noticed that they have wood Carvings everywhere like the polls in Between that so that they have wood Carvings wood reliefs of pictures and he Just kind of always noticed a picture But he never really noticed them and he Starts looking at and they got different

Faces and you know like the Green Man And The Horde goat man it's got pan Playing a flute and it's got like almost Vampire ass type Preying on people like uh like on the Molding around the top He said he he kind of like this this was All over the the Box all over yeah he's Like it was everywhere it was everywhere And You know he's still the guy's like going And take drink orders and he's coming Back and my buddy's sitting there he's Still kind of looking around and then he Starts looking at the weight staff and This guy and he realizes man something Ain't right And he said in his mind he was like Are these actually people like it was Kind of that moment you realized like I Might be in way over my head How much do you have to drink that's Excellent question I have no idea Probably knowing him quite a bit uh and He said the boy this is the thing that Get him is it the bartender leaned in And he said yeah but what are you gonna Do about it I remember that yeah and He's like what and the guy that or the Owner kind of looked at him and just Kind of cogged his head's like maybe you Should leave sir you know and that would Pay this bill left never went back so Just to slow down a little bit then he

He didn't say anything he was thinking This in his head he's thinking he didn't Say but he was also drinking uh but I Mean knowing him like he's probably Having two or three a night that'd be About it that'd be if I mean he had a Real He had a serious job like he's not Getting not going to be a functioning Alcoholic doing that Um yeah and uh yeah so that was I always Thought that was a crazy encounter Crazy encounter and I guess we're still There and he's not as crazy as the ship The ship thing was yeah that's not so Much a stranger that's the different Thing this is like And I've always joked with them I was Like dude you and I should go back to That bar and he's like I don't want to Go back to that book because it's still There I want to go you're going to take This dude that would be like a seven Hour car ride oh okay or maybe more Yeah let's turn right here so you might Lose my connection I've never gone seven Hours for a drink I've I've driven to Chicago and back for A hot dog Really yep that must be a [ __ ] Grand Hot dog that's all right Can we kind of repeat the the ship thing Or is that like one of the things that I Mean we can't I guess I mean he was a

He's a junior officer at that time he Was on a support vessel and part of a Fleet and they were out doing things That they do in the middle of the ocean You know Maneuvers and practicing Whatever and they had had an issue With one of the sailors on board And They basically kind of you know locked Them in quote unquote the break they Chained his ass up and you know instead Of putting them in his room like Whatever the instance was and it doesn't Matter uh had escalated to that point And they he was on lockdown Um and in kind of a serious way like They they quite literally had him cuffed Up And uh not just like in a room where you Can't go nowhere like he's he's in deep [ __ ] and the guy's like well I'm not I'm Not going down for this and he basically Told the captain and the crew which my Buddy was on you know part of the uh Command Staff and he's like well you Know if this is what you're gonna do to Me then we're gonna take a long time Um This ship's not going anywhere and The engine's shut off And they're like what And so they're sitting there and the Fleet's like all right well we're going To continue to do Maneuvers we're going To send them out until I call you back

And no one like this is a big deal you Know so they're still doing their nerves But they're dead in the water and They're waiting To get a tug like they're trying to get It fixed trying to get it up people Can't figure out what's going on And so my buddy And some of the other officers are like What's going on and they're like I don't Know I remember this because I remember Yeah so yeah and so they end up going Down to this dude who remember that he And everyone thought he was crazy when He made the threat You know like well I I we're not going Anywhere we're just gonna sit here if Because he knows when he gets back he's Done for like he's done for Um Actually remember what the incident that Was it was pretty [ __ ] serious but uh So anyway Uh yeah they they end up like parlaying With them and my buddy's one of the Dudes they're like hey man Um I get it I get what you're about but There's a lot of people on the ship like We need to we need to be up and moving And uh he was like trying to like Leverage a deal to get in less trouble And I don't know because my buddy wasn't Part of whatever deal was brokered but The guy's like all right and the

Engine's fire right back up they turn Around and went back to porn For the chat That that interview happened on alien Addict and I think you'll see I can't Remember how many years ago was it two Years ago or three yeah two or three Years ago I When he told me that I was because it sounds great I think I Think you told me beforehand you said You need to speak to this guy yeah he's Got a crazy story And I'll be honest with you when you Told me that I thought okay it's gonna Be this is gonna be just a bit events It's gonna be good for the channel a bit Of entertainment it is a good bit of Entertainment yeah but when he said it And the way he said it Yep yeah and not only that who he is With the credentials yeah it's like he's He's a former naval officer he's a Former pilot he's a foreign To be able to [ __ ] stop a ship with Your [ __ ] mind Uh or however he did a battleship yeah Well it was I think it was it wasn't a Battleship it was like one of those like Sort of fleets big like you have your Your carrier and then you have Battleships you have Subs you have a Lion support crew this is one of the

Other support ships you know Um That this happened to you and um Yeah man I asked him I was like what did You see what happened he's like no You think we got back we turned him over And uh that was he's like after that he Ended up getting a different assignment And his his commanding officer his Nobody wanted to talk about it in fact They said you know this as far as Anyone's concerned it's never happened There's no report there's no like they Had a mechanical problem in the ocean And it miraculously restarted and they Made it back and this guy was just kind Of hauled off into wherever The only thing that I can relate to that Is I'm not going to mention the UFO Story again because I've told it about a Million times I haven't heard the UFO Story sure you felt like you're a folk Story but my dad my dad said he's always Said strange things happen yeah I believe that I've never been to see Not sailor Um I think I think he did 18 years All right let's see right yeah um And I've I've I spoke to in my old job Um I I had a customer Got really got along with him and then Out of the blue

And this this is I think I just started The channel He started telling me for some strange Reason he started telling me about UFOs My screen is just turned off for some Strange reason that is so odd have I Gone like a weird color No For once you're not a weird color my Mother is to as the camera's still oh There we go yeah no no no now you're Back to being Orange yeah Um maybe I should send the monitor off Um But this guy said um to me Yeah we got we got to talk about the Merchant Navy and he said yeah I I love It out there uh and then I can't Remember how we got on to UFOs He turned around to me and said I'm Really into UFOs I've seen loads of Crazy stuff out at sea And I research it And because of the job that I had at the Time I never even said that I was into it And I kick myself a lot for that because I think When as soon as he said I see a lot of Stuff see I never used to do live shows I think Don't even think live shows were a thing Well they probably were they're probably Where people did the whole Google

Hangout things I think that was the First yeah yeah But I wish I had Earth just for [ __ ] it It's not gonna get me into trouble I'll Give this guy my personal number well Again no But yeah I I People out at Sea I'm really interested In talking to there's um I know Stuart Little who's in the chat who is who is Making us um He's making a very very interesting Video Um that will be coming out next week Um where he's he's analyzing the um the Billy Myers photos as a photographer Because he really wanted to to come on That show he's got a lot of a lot of a Lot of solid evidence there huh These yes loads of solid evidence of uh Well they're just just from a Photographer's um point of viewpoint uh But yeah Michael Hall would have never Spoke to he didn't want to speak to me About the pictures never mind Stu So Stu's taking him upon himself to um He's the right guy to look at him Definitely 100 he's definitely the right Guy to look at him but yes Stu knows a Guy out at Sea Um hopefully we're getting him on at Some point Um who works on I think it is it still Is it in the chat is it submarines I

Think it's submarines or An underwater facility anyway that he Does something it might be oil rigs Under the water you know what's under The water it's underwater yeah whatever Weird [ __ ] happens out at sea I mean look at we I think Lee spoke About this quite a few times where You see old maps and you see like Warning signs of giant squid or you know Strange areas where things have gone Missing and all this Jazz I mean I don't think they just drew that on the Maps for shits and giggles you know Let's let's draw a monster there I mean You never know people are people man Well yeah but I mean Maybe they saw something that was the Only way they could either That's cool I couldn't do that I've heard the story Um but and I want to hear it from the Horse's mouth so to speak oh fantastic Uh yeah no so that was that was my Buddy's those are his two kind of Strains instances I mean he's got other Things that are pretty good but that's Those do take the cake I definitely want To kind of want to go to that bar But uh Still there You've got to walk in at least and like If you pass in by take your phone in

Just do it like a a 360. Yeah and they're gonna run out [ __ ] out Yeah I just I don't go that way for Anything man there's not enough There's not enough reason to ever go up There Um yeah plus I don't think I can ever go To DC again Different reasons you met people at free Trial Dave Have I met what People that freaked you out oh yeah Other than the woman that was oh yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah no I've I've yeah But I mean Ah The people I I've met that were off like By the way I know I know that I I know These some of these stars but I'll hear Them again no I mean well these you Probably don't but uh like yeah I've met A lot of people that made me Uncomfortable you know and then later I Find out who they work for and what they Did I'm like oh that's why you're a Killer Um yeah so those people absolutely like There's something Disconnected like they're not they're Not human they're they're looking They're not Um you know humans have some empathy Some emotion some and then I've I've Unfortunately met several people that do

Not that is just not something that's in There they Yeah yeah I've heard that I thought it Was higher though I believe it's that low though you know Questions are vast Yeah it Yeah I've I've met Interesting like in a kind of a Paranormal unexplainable way a lot less A lot less Um a few Uh the chick on the beach the kid Playing in the ocean That was the most like fight or flight I've ever been I've been things like hmm Something's off about this person Um you mentioned me exactly when well Kind of is it just after that I think it Was just after that it happened yeah Um Like so for different things that I've Done or been a part of I I've met a lot Of interesting people Um I mean who hasn't right everybody has It's just mine's a different scope I Guess of people different sample size And they tend to be surrounded with Um Weird people so I've met lots of weird People that I was uncomfortable I'm not Shaking your hand or you know I don't Want anything to do with you don't speak To me

Um something's wrong about you uh I've never had that fight or flight Response until The the chick in the beach with her kid I mean even when I was in Europe and I Kind of whatever that was uh mesmerized By that blonde chick Crazy as that sounds Um that wasn't a fear thing the other Guy that I was with was very Uncomfortable I was terrified yeah he Was terrified he still I mean I think That was a big part of our we don't Really talk anymore Um that's fine People things change but uh Now the beach man her and that kid Playing in the ocean so for those who Don't know the story Um During the lockdowns my wife and I Rented a place in Saint Augustine it's a It was a huge home on the beach Just with other huge homes you know what I mean it was their like little private Access beaches no one was there Um we got a fire sale on the rental so I Was like yeah why not And at the time we were there the there Was like a advisory to not get in the Water because the Seas were rough or Whatever during the day and at night it Only got worse And uh I have interesting like little

Toys for different reasons and so I took My I have some night vision excellent Quality night vision and uh I took that Out there and I was like looking at the Ocean breaking at night and if you've Ever seen something like that it's it's Gorgeous and the whole Beach is dark you Know you can see the glow and the night Vision of security cameras from the Different houses where that IR light Pumps out but like looking out at the Ocean there's just nothing there you Know and there's a cloudy overhead and I'm looking down the beach And way down the beach is um Like I don't know hotels it's like Smaller houses I guess Um and they're kind of lit up so it's But anyway so there's a lady she's like I wouldn't say 100 yards she's not 50 so Anything between that calls 75 maybe Maybe Um that the perceptions pretty often Those things but I 75 and then she was You know between 15 75 probably be Accurate but again I'm remembering a Memory so whatever Um And I'm up at the top of this dock that Has a stairwell that goes down to the Little beach access and the water's Right there and there's just a little Bit of Beach and it's just these waves Crashing and sucking out and earlier in

The day when it was much more calm I had Stepped in I could feel it just trying To pull my feet out and I was like whoa Okay kids we're not here we're staying In the pool today yeah I've been in that Situation and yeah you're like this this Is this is like pool on it man Especially with kids get yeah yeah it's Not for them man and then I'm I'm a Large man I'm a big dude Um You know I'm I'm not someone who's Helpless Um And so I'm just kind of out there [ __ ] Admiring the beauty and I see these People down there I'm like oh that's it And the kid is out in the waves he's Jumping he's playing she's kind of on The beach Uh with the waves like crashing at her Feet uh and if you've ever been in that Like as the waves hit you it's like you You just kind of sink into it right into The sand Um None of those things were occurring to Me I'm just thinking wow that lady's out There and she's you know she's playing That and whatever and again I got my I Got nods on right so I'm I'm black I'm I'm I'm I'm dark you can't I wouldn't Stand out for any reason any reason at All

Um Because I don't have any lighting Anywhere near behind me other than IR Um And not only that docs to the house with Night vision goggles yeah yeah yeah yeah Because that's what I took them out There for is I was like I want to go Look at that I told my wife from the Kids like I'm gonna go out there and Look at the and they're like all right Whatever that's weird it's like I just Don't appreciate the beauty Um And yeah so I'm not lit behind or anything and the House is a couple Dunes back right and We were like the only ones in the beach So our house is lit up Um none of the others are they're They're dark And as I'm sitting there and I'm Watching her play or not watching her Play I'm watching her son and and Like And I say it's a boy but even now when I Think about say how did I really know From that far but I knew it was a woman I knew it was a boy I knew it was a Woman from her because the wind was Whipping and I could kind of see that Outline You know am I sets very good it's very It's very very

All you'll see it when he gets to come Out maybe we'll do a video with it but They look they look incredible yeah I Mean they're they're yeah they're They're not cheap Um And so I'm like looking down there and I'm like huh all right And then it's just kind of running Through my mind like wow that kid is And I'm still looking at him you know I Was like do you feel like he wanted to Say something like say why is it Dad That's what started to click in my head You know as a dad I'm just like that Kid's out there in the ocean like I wouldn't be on that ocean and it kind Of dawned on me it's like what how is he Doing that if I was out as far as he was Which would be maybe to my thighs I I Wouldn't stay on my feet you know I Wouldn't stay on my feet I would be Struggling like it's a lot like they're Crashing hard you know they're big Swells coming in and he's just jumping Around and I'm like it's nothing and She's up there and I'm like looking at Her and I'm kind of noticing like you're Not getting sucked down because you know If you stand on the edge like that every So often you're moving and pulling back And I'm like fixing the aperture and Like well let's take a better look at This

Um And I can just kind of see her Turn And he stops jumping and he's looking I Can tell like they're looking at me And the first thing I do is I flip I Flipped the knots I got like a helmet And not a helmet it's a it's a head Skull Crusher and it's mounted on I kind Of whip it off my head and I'm like oh This is I didn't realize like I'm coming Across I'm coming across creepy here Um and I'm looking around like I'm Totally blacked out I can't see them now Right and all I can think to myself is In the back of my head is telling me you Need to [ __ ] run Um and I'm like no I'm not running I'm Such and such I'm like I I'm not doing [ __ ] right like it's gonna be your day And then the voice inside of my head Goes That's what everyone in the Missing 411 probably thought before before they Never went home and I was like oh [ __ ] That's probably right I didn't ever I Didn't even throw my uh nods again I Just uh clicked my red light put it on Stock and I And I mean I ran I was running Um I got in slammed the door locked it I Went around did a quick sweep check all The windows several were unlocked locked Them all locked all the doors pulled all

The blinds killed the lights put all the Kids to bed you know it's about that Time anyway Um and my wife's like what's wrong I'm Like uh I was I was Asterix I traveled With a security case and I was a Security case in the hand she's like Yeah I just brought it in I was like Great I I set it up in the hallway I'm like All right this is it like I don't know How this is gonna play And uh she's like what's wrong with you Why are you like this and I'm and I told Her I told her what I just saw she's Like so some some woman and kid like You're you're creeping on us I'm not Creeping they're the only people on the Beach this is [ __ ] weird And I was like and I said it has like a Five foot Crest coming out there like These waves are massive And then she starts clicking in her head She's like oh yeah that doesn't make any Sense and she's like he's just playing In the ocean just you didn't say Anything I was thinking about it you Know but They're playing in the damn ocean it's Not tugging them out they're totally Unconcerned not only that they're in the Pitch black Pitch Black It was weird as [ __ ] man it was weird as

[ __ ] and the next day Um it had gone back do you see any Features on on them Other than like Whatever shots she was wearing like if If you go to those areas in Florida Where it's kind of more money going Around you see these women especially Even now and then wearing these like Shaws over their like bikini type things They're very flowy type robes that's What it looked like she was wearing Something like that I don't know so when It hit her it was obvious that that's a Female he seen good yeah yeah so he's Seeing greens yeah I didn't so you get Them in green or you can get them in White phospherson With those do you see in general leave See features on people it depends the Distance but yeah that you see very well Especially with these you'll see what I Mean you'll you'll see it and uh these Are extremely high-end but um Yeah man No I I no no no it's all clouds and no Moon All clouds Thick clouds and all Moon Um yeah and it was kind of Stormy the Whole week we were there like we went And played in the sand kids kind of Stayed out of the ocean you know just Because it was it was very aggressive on

The Atlantic side like that and uh We just you know and the next day other People were showing up to some of the Houses around us so it wasn't just us Anymore but uh I buttoned that [ __ ] up Dude it got dark I buttoned the house up I buttoned the house up as it got dark And nobody left until the sun came up And I couldn't tell you why I did that Now I just felt like this is what we're Doing and the kids are like well you Know let's go together we're not moving Anywhere until the sun's in the sky We're here I'll make you waffles like What do you want we'll do whatever Um but we're here It's weird I know and we spoke about this a few Times I'm sure there's people watching This now where You can be in a situation And you you could speak to somebody like In in a shop or whatever supermarket And you you you pick up vibes from from People that is almost like a Um an instinct in in the human yeah To to say there's something that you Should be wary about this person about This person Yeah and I agree I agree and I'm Wondering if that is something that is Just it it's naturally built into to Humans as it as in like if you put a You're talking about human intuition

Right human intuition is the Accumulation of all the experiences You've ever had that act as Rolodex that You roll through for survival like fear Does not control you fear is an alert That's all it does is a message is it Alerts you that something is going on That's all it does and I've had Thousands of hours of dealing with this And other people training this exact Same thing when the fear kicks in you Need to take alert of it take a measure Of what it's telling you and then Immediately dismiss it not the Information but the emotion because the Emotion will paralyze you what cloud You're thinking it will make you Reactionary you don't you don't need any Of that you got to be proactive you need To be ahead of it like That comes with training that's a huge Portion of what training is about Um for for whatever it well not for Whatever from pretty specific things but That that was probably why I didn't have That like it took me a second to realize That yeah this is a fear like I noticed These people down there this seems odd Things are taken through my mind and I'm Very used to just casually dismissing The fear response like okay I I Understand the information this is an Oddity cool set it aside it's not Triggering my Rolodex for any kind of

Danger let's examine it But it kind of kept popping up and it Kept popping up and I think that was That in itself was clouding my judgment Um and then finally I ended up you know Doing exactly what I mean maybe I should Have done but I in training you Shouldn't have done this like okay so I'm going to react and I'm going to React in a dramatic way my dramatic way Was to run as quickly as I could about 200 yards or not if not more the damn Beach house across the dunes in the wood Like a child like a small little girl Yeah no uh that's you had the Um what's then then is it I've heard of it yeah but I thought that Was like an urban myth or Maybe it's real I don't know I you know I don't know like it wasn't just it was A child and a woman and it was a woman And a child and I thought about it a lot It was a very paternal setting He and my wife had asked me how did you Know you run me you right yeah You'll never guess what just [ __ ] Happened to me it was weird and then the Thing is like It'll make me sound like a douche but I Think I make myself sound like a douche Plenty enough but like for that level You do yeah you do absolutely I'm fully Aware of that uh for that level of Response

Like I was also armed You know like I'm I was armed I I have superiority of Night vision uh and I am trained to Capitalize on this there is no light There's no like you're mine And I didn't do that I ran I even Stripped the [ __ ] nods off my head Because you will run faster with a light Than you will with those damn things on Um I did man I bolted I bolted Bolton got In locked up and so whatever you know it Was a panic response that I have it Wasn't any [ __ ] overlay of a Different time or place or emotion it Was just There's a survival Instinct and we were There for what that was the [ __ ] that Was night one that was night one and I'm Just like [ __ ] I'm nine here for like Two weeks you know what I mean like my Instinct was like all right come Sun up We're going somewhere else But it was fine it was fine everything Was fine Do you buy the Men in Black stories No like like the government sent someone To shut someone up yeah but I'm trying To do it in like in a bizarre way yeah I'm talking about the weird ones About weird people that look Not human yeah that are telling people To shut up

I I try and understand what would the Purpose behind that be You know what I mean All you're really doing already had a Weird situation then and you're making It weird yeah so why are you doing this Like there's Not giving too much of myself like if You wanted someone to shut up and you Want to get a message across there's a Right [ __ ] way to do that 100 of the Time 100 of the time you go to them at a Public place with a restaurant you sit Down next to them in a friendly way or a Bar and either on your cell phone or Print it out you have pictures of their Kids at school or where their wife works And you'll get their attention It's fear in a way that like gets you Anywhere you don't need to sense you Don't need this you don't need to say Anything creatures out to the house no You don't need to send some weird dude In a theatrical way like that's not you Send a normal looking guy who's overly Friendly overly friendly who has Personal details that nobody should have Never saw that What I was just saying that person would just Need to say you never saw what you think You saw They wouldn't even say that like they

Would be I promise you they would be Overly friendly They're overly friendly when a message Is made they're overly friendly the First time And that overly friendly is what makes You unsettled because the person comes Across like someone who's schooled in Violence doesn't Beat their chest or berate or talk [ __ ] They don't work up to something they can Just do a thing and they'll do it then When that choice is made and you'll see There's some of the most polite people On the planet so when this someone like That is sent to you they're polite They're kind they're unassuming Um You know something in the back your head May scream this person is is dangerous But for whatever reason their mannerisms And politeness disarm that and you Ignore it because you're like I don't Want to be rude more people get killed For being afraid to be rude than Anything else is in this world you know More people are victims because they're They're afraid not to be rude But um I get that I I I I especially Being a Brit Yeah people are oh like and that's That's the dangerous you got someone Delivering a message he's gonna be Polite he's gonna you know show you a

Picture or have a piece of information You're gonna do whatever he says You're gonna do whatever that guy says Because he can reach you anywhere You know so you don't you see you don't Buy the many block thing the weird weird Creatures it doesn't I I don't because It doesn't make sense It doesn't make sense man like you're Doing it in a theatrical way with Something that's already a bizarre Experience and no time ever has it shut Anyone up you know what shut someone up Uh you slash their tire and force them To tame change that tire so when they're Late picking their kid up at school You're there the same guy from the diner Who had pictures of his [ __ ] kid That's how you remind someone to shut up And that's how it's done It's not someone with shaved eyebrows in The head in a black suit in a 1955 Lincoln you know what I mean like that's None of that makes sense I think you Said this offline with me and Lee a few Times about About Bob's eye he said it you know he Tells a great story he tells it well Yeah but If if they wanted him dead oh he'd be Dead He'd be dead yeah he'd be dead You know it So it makes it Wonder

What part does he play in this What part does he play in this he's Playing a part whether he knows it or he Doesn't know it it'd be even better if He didn't know it If I was running to disinformation I Would have somebody doing it that didn't Even know they were part of it I'd feed him up spin them loose you know And when you get a security clearance They have a full psychological profile On you They know every they know you they know You better than that you know you So Yeah How how this this lighting makes me look Ominous I like it yeah you you look You're looking you look you're darker Than I am It makes me feel like I've got great Lighting which crappy about for once do I still look orange yes always Absolutely always [ __ ] orange so Should we should we send out an invite And get other people's stories You know what why not but there's a rule It's a raw people you've got to come on We've got to see you in in in in the Bottom Get a piece of paper hold up I don't know say an alien addict or Whatever Give a double thumbs up to the camera

Yeah we've we've had a bad experience But yeah you're welcome on if you want To if you if you've got us if you got a Story that you want to share that you've Where you've had I met somebody or seen somebody I'm not talking just a weirdo I'm Talking you felt there's something Paranormal you're welcome to join us Um They'll just come on and go hey guys [ __ ] yeah What else you're doing or if you get you Know personal questions for Ollie I I don't answer personally I don't give Personal stuff away That's why it's just Ollie Yes well you think my name's David so I know your name's not David I've seen your real name on the um Interwebs No on the [ __ ] plane tickets yeah That is true Um I get why we call you Dave though I like It it's clever Um I The the problem with the whole many Black thing that I have is you you just See it in so many Um Somebody's like that's the other thing People who you already don't trust talk About many black yeah all the time this

Very few many black stories if I don't Really think I'm thinking of one many Black story that I think oh holy [ __ ] That's [ __ ] got some ground but it Came from somewhere and you know what's More effective at keeping people to keep Their [ __ ] mouth shut A non-disclosure agreement and money Money Everybody's got a price man You know Everybody's got a price Yeah I got a price hell yeah I I have a price you betcha you betcha I Have a price to do something immoral oh To do anything almost almost It's who I am man I don't I know I I Know you I I well I say I know you hope I hope I know you I'm [ __ ] going to Stay with you Um But I mean I I don't think everything Has a price Oh I mean like there are some things That are just never gonna happen like You know I'm not gonna hurt kids that's Not It's not in my it's not it's not who I Am it's not in me Um I could never force myself on anyone It's a it's a physical non-starter Really you know it's it's just It's not my thing

Um but the thing is there's plenty of Guys who that is their thing but you Mean people are you saying that people Can do some [ __ ] up [ __ ] for a lot of Money yep and just put it to the back of The head oh yeah and it's easily done Yep You see that's the the thing is you Can't get a normal person to do that you Have to have someone with conditioning And training to put things to the back Of their head So They compartmentalize it and they throw It in the back and you just don't think On it I know I know I know we did this On musty audio when uh on the which is Still on Lee's podcast But you've you've won the UFO Community A few times When you've been on Lee's podcast about Louis Alexander How dangerous do you think he is Uh I mean as much as anyone I don't Think he's like a super assassin or Anything I just think I think he's Someone who will do things for money I Think he does believe in God and Country Um or maybe he at least with the Interviews like he started out doing Versus the one he does now something's Changed Something's changed Um

Maybe he's bitter and it didn't work out Like he thought it would You know Yeah But Whatever man that's that there that's The other thing is why does the Government put out people to try and Spin this narrative And do you think he's been put out to Spend this narrative absolutely Absolutely by by the government oh yeah Yeah absolutely I fully believe that I Fully believe that Why He's the right guy that's who would That's who would get sent out That's who you would send out oh yeah Some guy who's already mildly kind of Mildly kind of interested in it some guy Who I know will do basically whatever I Tell him because I have a track record Of that overseas Um and he's got all the clearances he Needs you know and like I said they have Full like when you do when you get your Whatever clearance your Q clearance your Crypto clearance your whatever it is you Get Um they know you like they've talked to Everyone they have they have profilers Working on you the FBI is running it It's it's not a thing that's done Lightly They Know Who You Are

Um most people don't even know who they Are And you just kind of pick the right guy Like we're gonna play to this guy's ego We're gonna give him money we're gonna Make sure he thinks it's about God and Country We're gonna spin them up we're gonna Turn them loose There he is Where is he now exactly he played the Part man he played the job's done Mostly As far as I can see look how many People are arguing and fixated on him Not on the topic on him where do you Live how much money do you make what did He have oh he's trying to go for patents He's a wannabe entrepreneur he's a You're decoding the wrong thing He's a good Enigma to send out there he Is You know and he I would bet in person if like I've never Seen any footage of anyone like in the UFO community and they're very smart and Who they put out like if you put out Like Bob Lazar on the circuit right you People see people get hostile with him I Guarantee you would see that because he Is an unassuming man Elizondo's not an unassuming man he's Absolutely an aggressive standing Forward full testosterone male that if You start calling him out he's gonna be

In your [ __ ] face And when you go to any of these Conferences I'm not talking [ __ ] most of These guys are Not wanting a confrontation you know They're there to believe they're there To have a good time they're for whatever So it it's gonna wipe a huge swath of That out Anyway do you know goof on offered him Out for a boxing fight Yeah I'm sure he gets things creating Things from crazy people online all the Time It's not realistic dude who's Lou Alexander's on CNN and Fox News and all These other things and goofan has a just Like us right we're on you we're nobody Wants to fight him are you serious come On come on not only that how much does How much does Lou Alexander outweigh Goof on by I think he's sure He's thick He's a thick boy man and you're talking Like were they gonna get this thing yeah Yeah and that's I mean front is for show Dude back and neck that's for go dude With those thick shoulders He's a lot to handle Um Yeah you know so Do you think do you think the guy uh in Terms of

Like I know you didn't Really speak about this when we had Lou On I kind of wanted to I wanted to get I want you to ask the question if I'm Honest with you do you think That He can be very intimidating who Alexander yeah oh yeah Yeah That's some good fun though oh dude we Have crazy thunderstorms here they're Awesome Yeah They break over the valley I live in Got mountains on either side and I just Kind of the way it splits them it's Interesting Uh yeah I'm sure I cannot imagine that Situation he finally got into involved With somebody over here Well actually I'm trying to think of Anybody in our government that would Scare the [ __ ] out of me and it's not One of them Um no see they wouldn't do it they would Have someone do it again which makes no Sense to the Men in Black thing you know That's not that's not how threats are Levited and honestly the government The government doesn't have to Levy Threats when they can level the IRS in The United States they can level you

Know banking sanctions they can put the FBI to start calling your work or Showing up or U.S Marshals or Homeland Security not that they want anything They're just investigating the Possibility that's all they have to do Is call and tell your boss that and your Life is spun out right because now People at work what's going on what's This going on same thing in your country Think of the ministry defense called Your boss it's like hey you know we Would appreciate you to send all of all These emails and uh phone records and His travel records to us why uh it's a Matter of National Security Your life's [ __ ] now Right no matter what goes on no matter If you're exonerated there's now a Question that hangs over you because These are the officials that's usually The first in line but it's for someone To get threatened like physically Personally threatened The signing government guys that do that Dude that's outside guys Thankfully I I appreciate that I thought I honestly Thought my monitored calm down He's right on that Sucking all the power out man this Monitor right So I'm sorry to kind of like lose track A little bit but this monitor

Was quite an expensive monitor That you guys paid for so I appreciate You all uh so I put it back into the Show Monitor it's just been a [ __ ] Nightmare It's literally it illuminates me I've Got Forget this manner anyway Um There's When it comes to To to the Paranormal though I I see I've started to see this And it with the UFO community The hardcore UFOs the hardcore science Hardcore aliens Some of them are starting to going down The Paranormal room Just like I did Do you think that that is literally that I like that I like yes now I like that What the [ __ ] have you just done that I Need that [ __ ] I'm red anyway summoned Beelzebub Who's the next person I have a video Conference call with Okay I'll I'll if you've just you've Just while we're on the on the subject Of Lou he mentioned demons this book we Should get yes he did He said he was in a conversation I think With the general he says you don't want

To touch that the demons Where's your thoughts on that I think it's just a descriptive word But why For something they don't know but they Feel as negative right obviously they Think it's a Wax like okay why would you call Maybe it's yours is one right maybe our Historical descriptions that like so What is it here's the thing what is what Is generally a demon mean to anyone What would you think by the way Supernatural come on all the time now With that red Just like this I love it it was great It's my lucky hat too man I had this hat Forever I'm gonna copy that I need to I Need this is good this is one of the Ones for like being at the range all day It doesn't matter that's not the Hat oh No it's good it doesn't have a button on Top so when you put these on it doesn't Hit your head a boom yeah like hats have Little buttons on top right a little Button on top of the Hat you put on Headphones I was thinking you get like a buttoners In say like Yeah see this this doesn't have that You're so demonic right now I just want To get onto demons We should have someone come on and talk About something where's all the courage

In the chat Maybe Lee will come on after he's uh Finish with his dad that sounded really Bad Yeah Lee's having a daddy day a daddy day out Night out with his dad which is he's Nice yeah that is that's really cool man It's sweet it's cool I'm jealous Um Yeah done if you're watching this Thank you some more Wow Let's get into that no Oh no but seriously anyone listening of The 40 people uh you know jump on it man We don't bite hard unless you know you Have a safe word then we'll see where it Goes Speaking of bike bite you I'd love to do Is I'd love to do a show about vampires I'd love to get somebody on that Genuinely believes in Vampires you could Get someone on the show that believes They're a vampire Yeah that I'm that too I bet we can make That happen If you believe you're a vampire And you're watching this right now Let's have you on sometime maybe maybe Not in the next five minutes but Definitely in the next five minutes even Better Yeah come on seriously I I demons If you think you're one of those no but

You you must I You've been looking into this subject Now for Years but only UFOs for the last what Four or five yeah okay four five And You demons always gets kind of mixed in With the subject of UFOs so Just just just just just go all just go Balls deep Do you think it's part the same thing I mean I don't know I genuinely don't know I I Do believe in demons oh yeah As in [ __ ] Hans yeah I believe in in Non-corporeal entities that despise us In Uh you know take advantage of Opportunities and can inflict Various things Yeah 100 percent Storming hard now it's hailing Oh I thought someone was coming to you Into your room then no that's hail So we have uh this is the third place Where you guys are gonna stay so we have Uh skylights All around I got flags on them to Dole It out And I can hear him hitting everything It's going good I got the windows in the front open too So I'm getting like so I'm getting some Like 4D sound here

Oh It's my lighting Let's see seriously man seriously those Demons Those those specific ones Yeah when it comes to the subjective UFOs do you think do you think there's a Link I think there could be I think it's a Possibility I mean I what is a UFO Though like that's that's the thing is Determination a light in the sky a light In the sky So it's a light in the sky that's all we Got I have no idea what that is you know I'm not gonna start calling it one thing Or another I don't I don't try to give Too much of any of that stuff Place in my mind or my heart Um But You know there's evil in the world is it All because of the devil no people are [ __ ] horrible they do horrible things They don't need a reason Um But is there they're evil like that yeah I I believe that Um the guy I want to get on Um I bet I could too I'm gonna try he his Whole his is Yeah And Miller Dave Miller yeah we need to

Get right back I would like to get ray Rayon with you actually me yeah On the on Sunday show 100 Ray yeah raise a Friday show guy Dude this is Right we're doing a Sunday show with Ray We're gonna I'm gonna message him So you gotta understand like he and I Are core belief like I think he's a very Interesting guy I think he's polite he's Intelligent and articulate Um I think a bunch of our core belief Systems are pretty different Um That's why he's he's better with you Guys I mean I would I would just be Respectful and let him roll on this Thing it's usually what I do but Disagreeing with someone that you that You got you got on with him the most out Of any of the people yeah he seemed to Me to be very genuine of all the people I talk to he seemed to be very genuine Are you at least genuinely interested And excitable he's friendly I find him interesting I'll tell you This is interesting the reason why he's Not Really on the Hard Sell As far as I can see other than like A few books That from what I've heard because I've Not read them myself

It's done quite a lot of things A lot of data asked a lot of questions Yeah he's doing real studies yeah I mean And and I would think more of you know This this community would be taking that Like he's taking people's accounts Pretty well sworn so for the chat Ray Hernandez is a guy that has Uh he hadn't he had an experience in his Garden with a [ __ ] UFO yep that was Turned him from uh atheist to a believer In God yes And he does studies now all across the World to find out everybody's uh Different encounters with whatever it is He puts them all together It puts all the data together and looks For the ones that kind of match up am I Right am I explaining this right Dave Something like that it's about right That yet uh we need to get him back on I Like that black star lives in a tin can So yeah it was loud man uh me and the Thing is these ceilings are pretty high So it was hitting hard Oh well When when Dave says we're staying on the Roof we're gonna get there it's it's Gonna be this nice beautiful van He's like gay on the roof Elise in the chat he is in the chat Let's notice that okay So you like it I like this lighting yeah It uh it turns it turns ollie on no I

Think we all need to like we need to go Red dude I'm disappointed we last time We had a couple people jumping we've had Nobody jumping well maybe I don't know Maybe people are shy why would you be Shy we're very friendly I mean we might Be a little sexually aggressive it's Probably because Lee's not here it's [ __ ] it dude you can't say that Online you know he's listening right now I know he's listening but people are Openly Yeah yeah I'm pretty easy to dislike I Get that It's my gift She's probably scary right now you know You gotta you got a bit red going on I Can change that you you've got you've Got some very What to the naked eye people might think This this with this the serpent with the Snake on the poster with the eye in the Middle that's because it's because they Don't read it Gotta read it man You gotta read it Says government is like a video game With snakes on every little level You didn't even play video games I don't Play video games no I don't play many games That's a good thing mate wow Like verbal and emotional manipulative Games

All the time Some say yes shits and giggles I don't Even have an end goal just [ __ ] it with People so so this this the Sunday show With the idea behind uh strangers people Let's get some strangers in Yeah um that was nice Some people don't Oh the greens yeah that's that's a bit Modern molder uh like well it's a bit Moldery right Yeah I like the green I like anything but my [ __ ] Orange [ __ ] manner there's nothing You can do about that as long as the Camera's showing your face though man I I don't know what to do I don't know What to do literally I keep thinking About turning my desk Facing that wall because I've been Kicked out of my office years ago So if anybody remembers alien it used to Be in my son's bedroom Before he had that bedroom and he was in It he was a tiny baby like in our room In a car But lo and behold Yeah I'm a I don't know man there's there's Definitely weird people there's people That give Weird Vibes most of the people I get Weird vibes from are usually around

Politicians Not necessarily the politician Themselves but The people around politician It seems though like You'll hear the like St the Stephen Graves of this world Um talking about Names naming people dropping names And all that jazz but And they talk about these bad people There's no but they don't actually They'll name the people that they'll Name drop people who they're they've Been linked to uh when it comes but they Won't name drop the [ __ ] I shouldn't Have said that but 100 band but they won't they won't they Won't name drop them they won't name Drop these evil people I switched to Pink someone in the chats Existed I kind of like it It's cool that's cool I like that Yeah uh the problem I have is there's There's people in this this this field Of research man we're really throwing Around terms like Uh people are involved in this that are They're bigger names that genuinely Associate with some of the same Political officials or people who travel In those circles who I despise with Everything in me and when I hear that I Immediately discount everything that

They say You know what I mean like it's it's all Out the window Dave we have we have Coffee sofa Coffee sofa comfy sofa comfy sofa comfy Sofa let's do it just to show you the Real you're the real comfy sofa I think You've got something blowing you out There which is fine when you come on but Just you have seen them Not yet no just kind of give us a little Like you need yeah all he needs to see You bro put something there just to say Don't worry it's the real coffee sofa Okay yeah yeah put your blind back on There we go I have I have no control what's up comfy Comfy a guy or a girl hi can you hear me I don't know I've never done anything Before I'm gonna assume it's a guy You've got you've literally got the Greatest YouTuber name Yeah I got that 25 years ago uh as my Email account Oh I thought you meant the sofa yeah no No well I've had that for 30 years I got The account because Um It was when I'm not going to say Obviously which Um service that opened at the time but I Was actually sitting on a really comfy Sofa and I couldn't think of any Other name

That's awesome man yeah it's kind of Stuck sort of thing so I don't think her Name is quite tickled me as much but Especially when a lot to the profile Picture well it's funny because whenever I've been for a job Um like a job interview and you put your Your CD in or something like that and They always say you'll see those sort of Bar piece Bank adverts saying don't use The stupid email address Um because you won't get taken seriously And every time I've I've put my CV in They've gone oh you're comfy sofa You see so it's it's actually turned out To be quite good and that's got you the Job Well yeah probably could do half the Time yeah I suppose but but yeah so Stories stories sure man this this one's Not are you from the UK no he's truly From Alabama leave him alone Yeah Yeah From down south yeah Um And uh it's kind of actually what kind Of got me started in all of this kind of This kind of thing Um was uh I used to work in is this this Is the oddest story ever Um I used to work in wire mesh a long Time ago like 30 years ago because I'm Sort of liking the 50s now and um and I Used to it's very difficult to describe But when you work with things for so

Long you know What's what so like I could pick up say For example like if you picked up a tea Strainer for example I could tell you That a tea strain a mesh is what's Called an atmesh 64 gauge so I can tell By feeling mesh at the time not Obviously much now Um what meshes or what how course meshes Are what they're made of that and we Used to have like um Uh almost like a shop front where where I worked and this guy came in Um and this is this is like 30 odd years Ago this guy comes in and usually when People come in and ask for some mesh They'll say I want some mesh to do this I want some mesh to do that so like they Say oh I want some mesh to be like the Grill on a car or something like that or They say I want some mesh that stops Kids breaking the windows on my on my on My on my garage window or something like That so this guy comes in and he comes In he says can I have a 40 mesh 34 gauge Please And and that just never happens like no One ever comes in and knows especially With a lot of mesh you want is that a Lot of mesh no no it's the gauge of it It's how fine it is it's not how much You want it yeah so he knew what he Wanted yes for a specific mesh of a Specific gauge and it never happens that

Never happens because people always say I want something to do this anyway so I Cut him off a couple of square meters of This mesh I mean pay threat and he takes it and he Goes and I didn't think anything of it Same guy turns up about Two weeks later and he says can I have a 60 mesh 80 gauge and he can't he Specifically asked for the specific Stuff again so I cut him off some mesh And he takes the mesh away and away he Goes and what have you and uh and then He comes in again third time he comes in About a week later and he asks for a Different mesh again so I said to him Look mate I said um Rather than you taking a guess do you Want to tell me what you're doing with It and he went on I'd rather not And that was it And he and he also gave him the match And he took it and he came and he came Back again So I said look mate I said you're just Going to be wasting your money and I said do you want to read just tell me What you're doing with it and he says he Says I don't really want to say and I Said well Well if you don't I'm just you're just Going to keep giving me money so anyway So I'm chatting away and and the sort of Passing the time of day and I sort of

Got him some more message he said he Says um he said all right I'll tell you And he said We've got a car that runs on water And I was like Okay and and in my head I'm like yeah You're full of [ __ ] mate full of [ __ ] And he goes he said no he said we've We've got a car that runs on water And I said Right okay I said so how does I said how How you know because obviously I'm Completely dumbfounded and I'm like this Is obviously going back then when I've Never had Exposure to anyone you know so um he Says to me he says we've got we got this Car that runs on water and I said how How does it work then he says well we've Got this bowl that's bolted to the side Of the car I said right okay and he said what we do Is he said we've we charge now this is I'm going back 30 years now so I might Be getting some of this wrong but there Was a kind of It kind of two things one I wanted to Get through the story that's sort of Tied together so he explained how it Worked and he said what they did was They had he was buying mesh off of me And he was making rings of mesh in a Bowl of water now I think it was what What was the um inert water is it what's

The distance Yeah yeah sorry So what they do is they have a ring of Mesh and then they separate the next Ring with a piece of rubber something That's non-conductive and they have These rings of mesh going down to like a Like a central this is what he was Telling me a central pin that is Positively charged and then what they Were doing they were using essentially a Form of electrolysis they have the the The the bowl was only about three Quarters full and obviously it was Splitting it off and they were piping Off what was on top and then running it Into the car I say now he said at the time he said It's not out on the road he said we're Just driving it we said one of the guys Has got a farm and he said we're driving It round the farm at the moment and the Other thing that he said he said the First thing they'd actually done before They even done the car was they were Using it to weld as well so they were They were split off and using it for Welding and also they said they were Running boilers with them now he kind of Got a bit cagey Um towards the end of the conversation Um because he said the the he kind of Finalized and he said I don't want to Talk too much about it he said because

Um there's about four or five guys Around the country and we're all on the Same we're all sort of working on the Same thing and four of them have been Broken into their houses have been Broken into Um he said but he said nothing's being Taken simple as that and I said to him I Said well where did you I said how how Did you work that out how did you do That now at the time I don't know Showing the H here Um and when he told me I thought I [ __ ] read that Um there was a magazine out years ago Called Nexus does anyone ever remember That I remember Nexus yeah right now Remembering right I must have been like About 10 years old but I can I know that Magazine there you go right so next if You remember it was like a newspaper Wasn't it It was like a sort of an A4 newspaper Type Magazine it wasn't yeah yeah and in the Nexus magazine there was a couple of Pages called new science And that's where they got the design From Because in the new science because I Remember seeing it because Nexus was out When it was bi-monthly so it was like Every everything yeah yeah remember I think it went to like mid-90s didn't

It and then it stopped it's like all Right yeah that's yeah yeah so yeah so And that's where they got the design From and they and that's what they were They were they were running their car Off of and I never and and when we had That conversation You disappeared he never came back never Sworn again And no no word of this this car that Runs off uh [ __ ] with hydrogen Yeah it does that but apparently what They were doing was one was heavier than The other and they were piping it off And using it to run the engine and That's you know what he told me sort of Thing it wasn't on the road he said oh We were driving around a farmyard or Something There's one guaranteed thing about that Now those guys are all dead I he was he was really when he when he Was saying about the fact they've been Broken into you could tell in his voice That's what started me down this whole Road sort of thing and I've I've seen It's it's funny because I've you know I'm gonna probably digress a little bit Into just sort of unexplained UFO stuff My wife's asleep upstairs at the moment Honestly I am that I'm the tin foil hat Of the family I really am but the thing Is the thing is is you fit right in here Mate honestly right I'm not joking then

I've got I've got a I've got some Photographs on my phone and if you've Got an email address I don't know if You've got like an um yeah yes I'll bang It up on the screen for anybody that Wants to see it there you go Ah right okay I'll see if I can find it On my phone it's just alien on it and Just add UK because some of it I've Already taken alien on it yeah I have The other one Is it you Dave Let me I'll just obviously I'm trying to Like a bloke now I'm going to try and do Two things at once talk and and um I think it would be but essentially Um this is going back a couple of years Ago we were out the back Um having a barbecue uh middle of the Summer Um and even now my wife tells me I'm Full of [ __ ] but there you go so that's Mine yeah And my brother my brother-in-law was Sitting in a lounger and it was a bright Sunny day they were sort of clouds in The sky and what I do and he's looking Up because he's sat back on the lounge And he's just looking vertically Directly up And he went what's out then and there's This this literally just a DOT Right above the house I mean it was Really really far away and I took a

Photograph of it with an SLR telephoto Lens and it was on maximum zoom and You'll be able to see the exif Information from it so you'll be able to See exactly when it was taken and what It was taken with Um I've got to try and find it now Although this is why this is trying to Do it now one All right so when I do that well we Appreciate you having the courage to Come on it's a very weird and difficult Thing the hydrogen story is amazing That's amazing Absolutely that's the type of Stories We Want on alien addict that was the Strangest thing ever it was strange Because it tied in with exactly what I'd Read in that Nexus magazine and all They've done is just gone and read that Magazine gone to the obviously got to The new science department I thought [ __ ] it we'll have a go at that and the Way they win yeah that guy hung himself On a doorknob yeah it accidentally cut His head off or shaving sort of thing Yeah Um Asphyxiation gets a lot of them me it It's proven you you can run [ __ ] cars From war but It's like The thing is though I mean I I did say This to a friend of mine the other day I

Said you do realize I said that the free Energy thing is probably there but as we Would talk about we were just talking About like nothing to do with the UFO Channel anything like that and I just Said that It's we were talking about fuel prices I Said that's the 300 is probably the Asses I said some we could probably run These [ __ ] on high on [ __ ] Hydrogen it's like what's that it's like It's essentially water But then he he came back to me and said Well Wouldn't we run out of what Yeah no that's what I said I said I Don't think so I think I think Naturally that I mean the Earth re Redoes its it does its thing doesn't it Even the process of burning it you're Just creating it again okay see if You've got that email just it's okay Sorry it's not very spectacular in the The sort of scheme of things but It was and that was if you got it that Was above our house for 25 minutes and It disappeared Well just still like that yeah Absolutely still But it it just doesn't look like Anything but it was there did it move From from That stationary position now completely Still how windy was it uh it was a windy

Day but whatever it was it was up high Oh really high only the rest of the Class would like to see I'm bringing up Bringing it the reason why I asked that I have to ask that because there's a lot Of I film balloons before hand up I Filmed the bloom Um yeah well that's that's all right Position because it's the weather blue And I said well why didn't it move then So look at this you got it Um This is what we're trying to drive the Set of the the Sunday show too I think Is bringing people on It's a lot more interesting things to Just listen to us rambling Make fun of each other's sexuality Where we go can you see that very very Boring I'm afraid it's not got any Flashing lights or anything like that on It but if you zoom in enhance a minute It's kind of made of sort of two dots Sort of enhance I I can't I that's as much as I can zoom In on the email Yeah but well I did send the original Size so it should be the full size one So you should be able to zoom into it if You download it I if Lee was on I would Be able to like I'd be able to go into Photoshop Lots of the same thing but if you I've Sent the actual jpeg so you can see

They're actually the top left that's Jpeg so if you don't see the active Information from the yes yes The camera I used so there's a there's Um so that thing was just stationary Above your house for like 20 minutes Yeah Yeah take a picture I sent you of the Dude that was taking pictures of the Geese and saw the thing floating over There yeah the secured lab I got I got some video as well of all of Us Um where one night we went out there was The um it was the night one that bought The SpaceX launches and um this is Completely different it's just something Else Um and uh we um I mean sorry to start Your there comfy yourself but you seemed Like an intelligent guy that would Probably know the difference between Eight eight am I allowed balloon Above your house there's something that A light that stood there stationary was This thing glowing or was it would did The light change it was daytime so it Just looked White As you can see that's solid white I did Did a shimmer all nah Nah you can tell the difference between Like kids balloons you know they roll Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so we're just Solid a solid color yeah just it was

Just that solid color solid position Didn't move and then just disappeared it Was one of those things where you're Kind of looking up vertically because I As I said I've got about let's just Looking back at your phone I've got like Near three or four shots of it and then You kind of you're still looking at and You look down have another burger and What have you and then look out it's Gone Sort of thing so it didn't didn't move Didn't change didn't didn't do anything Just stuck there and obviously the Clouds are moving but I can only gather That was up higher but then am I right In saying that the higher you go the Less wind there is There's different streams Yeah that move around but it's also Perception at a distance you know what I Mean like yeah yeah but here's the thing This is this is how I view most things Generally just because something Like people write off lights in the sky Or especially daytime ah it's probably a Mylar balloon because it could be a Mylar balloon so they take the Possibility the possibility of a Mistaken identity to be the fact that it Isn't a mistaken identity and that Cloud's reason not a fan of that not a Fan of it at all you know it's like well I you know they could do that and make

It away it's like yes they could and You're 100 right they could but it Doesn't change this instant or the Qualified person watching it looking at It well it didn't change that again if The league gets the original jpeg you'll Be able to zoom right into it and it Looks like literally like two things Stuck together It doesn't look balloon shaped it's like Like almost like a figure of eight made Out of two blobs sort of thing it's I I Will get that into into Photoshop this Week and I'll have a really good look at It it's quite old obviously it's a few Years back yeah yeah yeah I've got some Video of um as I say this this is again This is one thing where my wife She tells me I'm full of [ __ ] we go out The back to watch the starlink going Over completely miss it don't see it at All but see these is the problem is it's Such a it's got totally dark at night And all your film is is your phone Um on the horizon we're just watching These three white dots one after the Other all strobing and I got it on the Phone again but I don't know how big It'd be to send it I don't know sort of What size the file it'd be but you'll Sound Hitler is all sound in bristolian They're going what the bloody hell's That then Um and um there's these three white dots

And they're all flashing one after the Other and Obviously I know where I live and I know Uh and you're you know how can I say From looking at you Jumping around now from the video you Can't see it but when we were watching These three white lights strobing your Depth of field That your eyes see would say that it was A helicopter height Is it to know that that's you know when You see something you like if you see a Satellite your depth of field tells you That it is a satellite because you can See how far is away but we literally Were watching these three flashing Lights and and we're out the back and I Said to me wife right okay then if I'm Full of [ __ ] what's that then and we'll Watch them children I don't know I've Done the same thing yeah same thing not Only that my neighbors were out watching It as well and I said hey Andy what do You think that is and they're like They've got a clue because I don't think there's one you don't mind If I call you comfort it so would you Prefer sofa or just comfy Mr sofa Mr comfy Um The thing is I bear every single person In this chat I bet every single person Watching this video that's not watching

It live has seen something in the sky That they can't understand everybody Absolutely everybody it's like a lot of People Let me ask you this Give it a paranormal experience Um Nothing leaves to um oh yeah I can I can Tell you I can tell you too with my dad My dad passed away about 10 years ago Okay and now I'm about as religious as The remote control sitting on the uh Couch next to me me too mate right so There you go so that's that's that's how My my wife's family are very religious We even get to the point with the joke Where if I have to take something up to The church for my mother-in-law they Always joke that as I step over the CLR Catch fire or something like that Um so that's that's about as as Religious as I am which is not at all Now Um my dad passed away about 10 years ago This is this this is quite well this This Two stories to this and Um Right okay so he he he passed away Um and my mother-in-law my stepmom Should I say sorry my stepmom said do You want to go and see him In like line sort of in his coffin sort Of ready to go it's gonna be cremated

And I said no I'm not not interested Until I don't because I was with him When he died in the hospital I was there With him and that was enough for me and She asked me that question I said no Anyway Um we went I went to my my dad's house Obviously my stepmom still lived there At the cottage and um I This is the strangest thing so anyway I Was probably going to jump around and go Get this right no no no anyway so I I Appreciate you telling the story no That's fine after he passed away Um I obviously I had the the most Vivid Dream Um of him and he I don't know if anyone Else has dreamed of anyone that's passed Away but there's never any talking is There no There isn't is there no it's strange Isn't it anyway so he's got like a a a Like a Tatty white shirt on that's got a Bit of oil on it because my old man was A petrol head and the strange thing is He was wearing a red baseball cap now That's this is the key thing he's Wearing a red baseball cap and I've Never seen him wear a red baseball cap Ever never used to wear a baseball he Never used to wear baseball caps he Wasn't really That kind of person anyway so Um we went over to his house I went over

To see Um my stepmom and I said to her Um I had the strangest dream of Dad I said um and I told her what I've just Told you and she looked at me Um with a completely wide open eyes And she said um in his in his coffin he Was at his red baseball cap on I said what I said he's never I've never Seen wear a red baseball cap ever Ever And he's she said yeah she said when we Went to France because they used to go Like touring and they used to take the Car and drive around France and when They went to France they were down in The south of France and apparently they Bought two baseball caps they bought two Ferrari baseball caps one was red and One was green and my dad's was green and Apparently he didn't like it and he Always used to wear the red one while he Was mowing the lawn And I never saw that because obviously I Don't live with me Dad and and Apparently it was in his coffin when he Was cremated and I didn't wow hmm How weird is that you dreamed that I Dreamed that and then then the next one Happened for about six months later when Um Uh obviously once he Passed away and we had to Um deal with all of his stuff and um his

Favorite is is kind of his private Joy He had an old mgbgt yeah an old mg Yeah with the slope back on it Absolutely anyway Um that that got sold because Miami Brothers Um we we sort of split his stuff up and And that was one of the things that we Just agreed we couldn't keep the car as Nice as it was we couldn't keep it but Needed work doing on it and my wife's Um my wife's friend's husband bought it And um I drove it over to his house Um money changed hands Um and the next dream happened and This is the weirdest thing ever I dreamed about me Dad and he was really Angry and and he was and and I and and It's difficult to explain but he was Angry about something on the car And and it was something to do with the Door And uh and I said to Ash the kid the the Guy that bought the car when we saw the Next I said ah she said um I said I know You're sorting out dad's car I said um Was there anything wrong with the door And he went oh yeah I fixed that I said what was wrong with the door he Said oh one of the hinges was Rusty And he said it was starting to come off He said how do you know he said because It was inside the door

I said but don't ask you know So that that was the the kind of second One I haven't really I've heard of People seeing ghosts but I've I've never Heard of it in dreams it's weird Honestly that was the weirdest thing it Was it was the fact that it was the door Because and he wasn't happy because the Car wasn't ripe You know I don't know it's just a bit of A bit of a weird thing So that was that was that that that's The Paranormal side I can give you a I'll give you a couple more I mean my The the UFO that I saw I've got no this Is funny I've got these funny stories Okay I've got no photographic evidence of it But you'll have to just bleed you'll Have just most people haven't mate most People yeah I've seen stuff like and not filmed it Like literally a train at once or Something really cool at train station I Thought what the hell's that didn't get My phone out and start filming because I Felt embarrassed because of all the Other people at the train station maybe Not even that was spectacular but it was It would have probably looked good on Camera it was just a light well I Actually got my phone out but I'll tell You why I didn't get the photo at the End was I was going to the tip on a

Sunday afternoon this is the first Proper kind of UFO that I would say that I saw Um uh I was going to the tip and on a Sunday afternoon it was nice and hot and Sunny middle of summer and I think the Rest of the city thought it would be a Good idea to go to the tip as well also A recycling center you've got to call it Now haven't you Um so anyway I'm stuck in the traffic Um to the point that the traffic was Just not even moving to the point that I Switched the engine off it's just Completely stationary And um and obviously when you're getting Bored you sit there and you're on your Phone looking at your phone there's Nothing else to look at your phone so You start looking around and you're People watching people in their cars and Then you get you because it's so chopped Trying to get into the recycling you Then start looking up so start looking Out so looking around and I look up in The sky and I'm watching first of all I Sort of crap eyes on Um a 747 style plane i.e4 engines Uh sorry gas turbines are what you call Horn uh four engines uh leaving a vapor Trail And Just off behind and to the left of it There's something following it and it's

Got no wings And it's like you for one of a better Phrase a Tic Tac Um and it's I'd probably say it's about 60 smaller and it's following it so if You were in that plane you wouldn't be Able to have seen it And like you say I actually got my phone Out but yeah and this is the thing this Will lead into my next story as well is If you've seen something And when you say you don't get your Phone out because you can't comprehend What you're looking at you freeze don't You you literally freeze because you're Like you're trying to you wait a bit Yeah you you've taken it in you can yeah And you freeze but anyway by the time I Realized to get my phone out I got my Phone out because I'm sitting in the car Obviously I'm in a bit of traffic and I Got my phone out and it zoomed in on the Little Wiggly white lines on the uh on The on the windscreen it zoomed in on Those you know the defrosting yeah yeah Yeah and then it went beyond the cloud And that was it an episode after that so That was that was so insane that you say Like I think I said this in the last Show I I was driving through Doncaster No a few shows ago I was driving through Doncaster this is years ago before I Even had alien addict And I think doncaster's got a small

Airport yeah and I'm Seeing this like weird like light in the Sky and I think that's that's that's That and I'll let you find us to Fuselage of a plane And it's hitting the lights hitting it And As it moved I realized this thing had [ __ ] no wings And then he but then it went because it Was going like that and then it went Backwards Wait see went like that and then it went Like that and I thought Now I was in traffic and I had the Shitty smartphone going at the time Which was a Nokia Lumia if you remember The window the the windows attempts at Smartphones And I literally have pulled it out at The time it took it and I think I've Pulled it out the window all together I Can't remember took it on the dash or Took out the window But this sunlight as well I have these pictures on my windows Um whatever the windows cloud account is Those pictures are there I'm gonna get I'm gonna get yeah one drive I'm gonna Get them [ __ ] because I showed it to my friend who's a full-on Skeptic and I said look at that thing And he said I'll give you that one Because it had a shadow underneath it

Yeah and that is exactly what you've Just described like a Tic Tac a tiny Little it was like almost like an egg There's like a fuselage that's what I Was looking at it was like a flying Fuselage but with no wings and no vapor Trail but the thing is I was very close To a a an airport so I'm like This was this was definitely a cruising Height it was where the plane was just It was I'm guessing probably Transatlantic or something like that you Know it was at that height But but it kind of saying about the the The the not getting your camera out I told my little brother That story and my little brother is The most uh sanest down-to-earthist Um doesn't have anything to do with UFOs Or Tim for that theories or conspiracy Theories or anything like that and he Said to me he said where's the picture Then I was like Nick honestly I just I Couldn't couldn't get it and I tried to Explain it anyway That was that sighting was probably About Five years ago Or something like that and then about Again I'd probably get all my time Frames without now Because I did catch a glimpse of you Yeah I'm I'm in the 50s yeah And um and um

I was chatting to my little brother a Couple of years ago and he said you know That UFO that you told me about and I said Yeah and he said I I saw something And I said I said yeah but you told me I Was full of [ __ ] And you also told me about the fact that I never got a picture of it And um just to kind of I'm not gonna Lend a bit of crap well we could be lend A bit of credibility to my little Brother Um he is a cameraman for a job Um he regularly works I'm not going to Give his name Um or his last name or anything like That but he regularly works on Documentaries to do with David Attenborough and Um oh cool yeah he was he was one of the Cameramen on the Big Cat Diary for Example years ago wow yeah so that's That's kind of his and and he's he's a Photographer and a cameraman he's been To it for the last 25 odd years anyway So one of the things that he does Probably kill me if you have me saying This this if this was out on YouTube Which obviously is going to be Um one of the things he does he was Um Uh volunteering at a uh an Archaeological dig over on the outskirts

Of bath And he Stopped for his lunch and he said and This is I'm paraphrasing now he said I Hopped over into the next field I've Just jumped through a sty hopped into The next field and I was sitting there Um Having me lunch and it was a hot Summer's day and uh And he said you're not going to believe This and I said I said Just try me try me And um and he said He watched this ball Come from Distance to essentially above him he Said that it was a white ball he said I'd say it was about 300 foot up in the Air He said it would probably be about 30 Foot across roughly And he said if you drew a football pitch In the air he said it pinged round it Like a ping pong ball Really really fast and then it stopped And then just carried on going the same In the same direction the right way and I and I said to him I said where's the Photo And he went and and he said he said I Couldn't move he said I couldn't move he Said I he says I just couldn't believe What I was seeing he said I was

Completely Frozen I said well there you Go yeah what were they what were they Excavating at that side it was an Archaeological dig of some sort Um what I don't know Um so so there you go so that's that's That's it I'm I'm out now that's a lot Of history in bath Um there is there yeah yeah Yeah I I think that's that's the thing Comfy I think For a lot the people that see something Genuine that will blow their mind I think the last thing they'll think About is getting the phone out Yeah it's true when you when you have That like Like overwhelmed by what you're seeing Yeah because when I was watching that One when I was in the car I was watching That I'd probably say for about a full Minute And your heads your brain's just going What is it what is it was it what is it What is it what is it look a bit harder You'll you better see what it is look a Bit harder be able to see that it's not Something that you can't explain look a Bit harder than but I don't think oh get My phone out it's gone I've been in that situation where I Thought is this worth filming and that You you mentioned about your wife and I I've been outside me and the missus we

We just had a barbecue we put the kids To bed having a few glasses of wine out There And then all of a sudden this this white Light in the sky and it's and it's Pitch Black And it's just moving and you can see a Few stars because there's quite a bit of Light pollution where we live You can see a few stars but then all of A sudden this thing just blinks out it Disappears because that because I'm like Hey look at that I jokingly said I Remember this as a UFO Because of how how and It looks like he was extremely high up No blinking lights nothing So I mean the way to see if it's an Airplane or not is it will it will flash They'll always flash I'll send you the I'll send you the video of the the Flashing lights out the back of the House but I didn't even think to film This for a second because in the back of My mind I'm thinking It's probably a plane It's probably a plane Yeah but wouldn't you say now though you Are a bit more conditioned into getting Your phone Um Or no would you still I would say no I Think I'm worse for it I'm I look at Something now in the sky and I've and I

Should just go straight out with the Phone But I think Yes that's just it because I'm I'm so Used to seeing [ __ ] Unless unless you got unless you've got Confirmation now actually probably this This my my daughter debunked me Um Um last year we were because we're out On the edge of Bristol Um so there's not much live pollution And last year we were sitting out Watching Um we're out I think about sort of 11 11 30 in the night it was a nice warm night Mid-summer and we were watching Satellites going over which is kind of What it's kind of you know pet thing in It I think that's probably our second Most past time isn't it watching Satellites yeah yeah it's the next best Thing to UFO isn't it Um and uh I was watching obviously watching Satellites getting over and I was Watching what should I say I saw three Satellite style dots all moving together Um and I was thinking hang on a second Are those the corners of something or Are they three things moving together Um Triangle yeah but I mean massive if if

It was a triangle but and I will say I'm Gonna I'm gonna debunk this now because It I didn't even know about this myself And in fact actually you might be able To to confirm it and my some my daughter Told me Um Apparently my wife saw it as well which Is the reason I didn't take any Photographs and I didn't because Obviously it's very hard to get a Picture of a satellite with a phone Isn't it so I kind of thought oh you get That you get that long like wormy lion Thing yeah I'm not gonna get anything Sort of thing anyway so we went out for A meal the next night with my daughter And I told her and I said it had to be a You know I said mum saw it mum saw it And she went yeah I did and apparently It's called a satellite Triad my Daughter told me because my daughter's Training to be a vet and apparently the Military use what they call a satellite Triad so there are satellites that move In threes and apparently this is what my Daughter told me she's trained to be a Vet is apparent she said that the some Of the data from the Triad is available To universities because they use it for Like um tracking animals Earths and Things like that So I was firmly put in place by my Daughter she went out Dad it's not

I'll be honest that's the first I've Ever heard of that that's for sure Satellite Triad that's the satellites That that go in they move together Apparently three of them move together That's what she told me and apparently It's the military use them for military Things but they are also used for Tracking animals herds Yeah Um and and my daughter said yeah we've Got access to that um at the University For oh okay I was really hoping it was going to be a Massive UFO but that's what it's taught Me and then she said shut up Dad So it was That that might explain some of the tr3b Signs very well good that's what she Told me another bit not the big up close And personal ones No not the small uh not the slow moving Ones the blackout this guy Yeah I I mean yeah a relay a a story That a guy who I used to work with told Me and the reason he is now massively Into astronomy is because of what he saw And he saw her He said he saw a black triangle above His house when he was a kid and he lived Out in Wales And ever since he saw that he's just Been fascinated with the sky and he's in His I think he's what 65-70 now and it's

Astrology has been his things ever since He was a kid and that's the reason why So there you go but no that's what my Daughter said it's the satellite Triad I Must have made this first time I ever Heard of it which told me yeah I'll have To check that out Prove me wrong please I mean I don't Know please prove me wrong because I Prove your daughter off They were talking about it not them Moving together but them using three Different satellites to like measure Gravitational waves and they use it to Triangulate in different areas because Like when you're doing cell phone Triangulation or communication Triangulation you need three different Points so you can You know pull an Azimuth to where you Need to go Right Um but first like three satellites Moving together in formation yep yeah They've never heard of that perfect Formation to the point this is what I Was saying now because I was looking Because obviously we've got There's not a great deal of light Pollution here but there's I mean put it This way I've 20 years ago I went to the Maldives for a whole day and that was Just carpet Stars whereas when you're on The edge yeah you can imagine there's

Nothing there other than yeah when You're on the edge of the city you see You know the odd Stars so obviously has This three dots were going over I was desperately trying to look for Stars In the middle of those three dots Because obviously if You would see a star in the middle of Those three dots then it's not solid is It But no I couldn't see it but there Weren't many stars in the sky at the Time you see but it was I mean they were Well distanced apart Well distanced apart but it is where if It was a solid object it would have been Massive So can I ask you how how long have you Been into like How long have you been active in the UFO Community in terms of um shows and what Have you and looking looking at what's Going on uh I'd probably say about Five years or so maybe a bit more than That what what do you make of of the UFO Uh community and Everything that's going on in it right Now Uh oh wow I'm somebody who's massively Like well basically a fan of the subject Oh yeah What does it look like it's like all People are isn't it they become a fan

Because they see something You see something I can't explain so you Wanna You you just you want to find out more And just and and I don't know yeah uh I at the moment I'd Say I don't know it's It depends who you watch I mean because You're from the UK like me and and over Here it's there is a massive stigma when It comes to UFOs in the UFO it's it we Don't talk about it Yeah I I did where I work now my last Job I worked there for 20 years Um and the one I work at now I've worked There for two years and I must admit When I I kind of mentioned it to one of The other Engineers he looked at me and Said [ __ ] out who did we employ And I never said anything else since you Know Sort of thing so I can it's one of these Things I keep hitting myself my wife Thinks I've got a tin fall out and I'm Full of [ __ ] Um and I never really say anything to Her but then the thing is is when you Explain things to people and you show Things to people I mean one of the what I keep some I keep some things on my Phone one of the ones I keep on my phone Which was [ __ ] and I still don't Think it's been debunked yet so if you

Remember a couple of years back when the Two guys were filming um some b-roll Footage and they were about 100 miles South of Area 51 and they took they Remember that and and that was Calculated doing something like Mach 5 And it's not been debunked I mean that Is I mean that is gold isn't it that That kind of footage is an incredible Absolutely incredible Yeah yeah I just found out about the Satellite Triads they're a thing used by Noah there you go and different Naval to Monitor whether and they do track some Animal patterns especially like marine Animals yeah so what they do is they Give they give the universities access To them apparently it makes sense yeah What they're moving in a perfect Triangle one degree part yeah an Equilateral triangle they move you can Sometimes see them with your naked eye And uh yeah they're they're not common I Saw one yeah yeah they stay in polar Orbits that's kind of what they're Saying it's mostly for weather but it Can do other stuff too I'm gonna say That's an alien space if they're Covering that [ __ ] maybe Maybe I was with a group of guys we were On a buddy of mine owns a building Um and you'll you'll get to see it all When you come down and we were all out In his roof and we're you know having a

Good little party and whatnot and We're all kind of joking one of the guys You guys you see that and it was kind of Like semi-cloud and we look up and it Was a big black triangle that just kind Of moved Silently And everyone got quiet and we all Watched like 11 of us and we watched it Go overhead and just kind of truck off Doing its thing And we all look at each other when my Buddy goes it's the labs I just gotta Check it off From my party There are there are some I'd say that How can I say I mean like when you watch Say for example Cambian He's He's great at what he does but he does I I do find that he tends to just Basically spend a lot of his time Shouting about other people and now They're grifting And you know and that's fair enough but It's a lot of drifters there is there is We gotta figure out how to do it all we Got to figure out how to do it yeah but Then I'd say I I like watching the Stephen cambian when he's Got a genuine person that's got Something good to talk about because you I know you've ever noticed when he's

When he's talking to someone who's Genuine he comes right down and it's a Good interview it's very good when he Has and that's really good but then when He spends three hours just shouting About how Linda molten how did this that Or the other thing oh right yeah we know That but you know I'd rather keep it Yeah yes yeah you can't blame it to it To a certain extent to be honest what You're saying there is a message to Stephen cambian you want him to Interview more experiences yeah it's Yeah yeah it's just you know yeah I would I would agree that I would like To see that I mean actually I didn't When I was listening last week to you Um one of the guys was talking about the Pendrick Is that Wales yeah that was really good Because they had loads of photographic Evidence of trees cutting off and all Sorts and the Army turning up and I've not looked into that I had a couple Of messages and I had one off somebody Who said I can prove that this thing was Fake Right now I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna kind Of debunk yourself a little bit because Um Um what's his face Project Unity guy he Interviewed her I wanna see he's a young guys yeah back In his 20s Jay yeah right Jay

Interviewed her and I remember watching Her it was like a two-hour interview Uh and it was really really good and Then I went back to watch it and it had Gone he'd taken off of his channel And I messaged him on another video and I said I was looking for the pentritch Um Uh video interview that you did I said Why did it why did you remove it I said Is it is it not there anymore and he Just made one a single word reply he Said over embellishment And that was all he said he didn't say Anything more than that But when I watched it His his interview I mean she was with This guy Um who was he was a UFO researcher Himself and they had loads of photos I Mean they had photos of that I mean I Can say is you just believe in what you See obviously Um but they had pictures of trees cut in Half where something had looked like it Had literally crashed into the forest Line And taken out the trees halfway up and They were like You know a foot across the the trees so He took that video down Yeah jaded yeah but there are other Videos other interviews with other UFO Channels about it

I mean I kind of get because he's very Serious in what he does his project Unities but what he's been about for About two years now something like that Yeah again he's someone else who's Obviously experienced something and That's where he is now I'd like to I'd Like to speak to Jay I've I've spoke to Him a few times he sounds like a very Clever guy Yeah he does but I mean when it comes to So I've interviewed people I mean Dave Knows this I mean one of the greatest Interviews I've ever done is the guy That slept with a Catwoman I mean it was [ __ ] it was pretty amazing I will Never take that [ __ ] down You should get him back on I need to get Him back on see if he's banged any more [ __ ] Literally we're talking it started out With literally Aliens in the Attic That's what we started out with To um being visited by Catwoman and uh Wasn't just Catwoman I know it was all Sorts of stuff yeah Legend you know that that that angry [ __ ] was the primary aggressors I I get It I get so Jay's got a very serious Style Yeah probably would never come on a show Like this I don't blame him because he's Not serious we're not very professional No absolutely not anything goes here

Demons [ __ ] aliens whatever it is I Mean I would say actually one of the one Of the things that hooked me on to Listening to you guys was the um the Presentation that Stuart Little did on The um The um boss at the UFO that's up in Scotland the carbine UFO yeah now the Reason that that I kind of I I could Relate to that was because a long time Ago Um It was before I did the YMS stuff I used To work um I used to be at where the job Doesn't even exist now but I used to be A time setter Yeah yeah I used to type books Um it's the only thing I ever did in School that actually was of anything I Took typing in school All my mates ripped the piss out of me About it and me and my mate Raj took Typing and honestly I [ __ ] never Lived it down and my mate Rogers went Yeah but he was in a class of 30 women And that was it and it was the only Thing strangely it was the only thing That I ever excelled at I was really Good at typing and I ended up typing Books Um and one of the things that I did when I went to work as a typesetter in a book Setter and I worked in a photographic Lab and everything that Stuart was

Saying about the ilford paper the the Type of um the machine that they were Using to develop the photos I used all That stuff so I knew that he was Absolutely on the [ __ ] level oh so oh She was 100 yeah absolutely Because my old man had a Pentax AE as Well you know yeah he he I mean he Doesn't know 100 if what he saw was Like I think the way he said it to me that he All he can say is whatever that thing is On the carbine UFO that were more Photographs to that Yeah he didn't say 100 whether he was Fake or not but the plane was definitely Moving there in in other in other other Frames but when it comes see you'll be Excited for this then because Stu is Doing a full video that's going to be Out next week on alien addict really uh And I'm going to show I'm going to show You a clip of the edit that you set so If anybody understands video editing and You see when you see the segments in a Video you know when you see all the Different yeah levels this thing he's Not sure I've not seen this video but he Just sent me this screenshot today Oh wow so that is his video that he is Going to send me of the Billy Myers Photographs What he's doing so because that's the Thing is you see is that it hit when

When he was doing that presentation That there had to be x amount of Negatives To produce those photos yeah Simple as that You know so it couldn't not be really I still don't know how I feel about the Carbine UFO I think at the end of the Day uh Stu she was a young man at the Time and he saw those negatives exactly He saw the other pictures and obviously He you know and the pictures the the the Mock-ups that he produced Seemed to me to fall in With someone who has taken photos at the Time who was adjusting their perspective As the plane was moving So that would be very difficult to fake We've got somebody else I think I can Definitely trust this one because right It's Who's that Because I made that Stephen Greer Pink Stephen gray who is that It's like it's like clock out now and And let someone else have a go yeah man We appreciate you I mean you can stay if You want but it's chill or whatever But yeah appreciate you you Um well I hope that kind of made a bit More entertainment maybe comfy it was Awesome man you know it takes it's it's A bit of courage to come up and share Man yeah I've never ever done I always

Keep a low profile never done anything Like this before but I do find you guys Very entertaining to listen to Thank you mate thank you thanks buddy Love the name comfy uh love the story as Well Next time to vet me instantly yeah yeah I could I could I can vet this guy Because he's got the pink gray that I Put on the patreon page so he's like Master Is it dog's master Yeah Oh there he is there he is blood Docs we've we've got um We've got we've got a little bit of an Echo there not much audio Drop out and drop back in because we've Got nothing Back to me again sorry about that You have to be sorry mate brilliant I Love the hydrogen hydrogen car story Though I mean yeah that's really good That is that was yeah that was the Strangest thing ever because that's That's literally because that's like Well I was like that must be 30 years ago now I would say yeah but it's tied in with The magazine that I was Reading at the time and all they've done Is just read that And not themselves a car that they were Driving around a farmyard somewhere

All right yeah anyway you gotta find a Farm that burned down and a guy that Hung himself on a doorknob never saw him Again never saw him again nobody did Yeah I'll let the pink man have the uh have This have the floor now all right man Take it easy sofa yeah Hello mate Can you hear me Yeah kind of sounds kind of terrible Except we have the Scottish Stephen Green in the house Oh boy that's a thing huh I made that um Stephen gray face it with a ai ai art Made in pink Beats blue for me for some Reason he picks your monitors I'll check Mine's pink Is it pink Mine's bright blue Oh there we go There we go Dave we've picked me for two Hours over two hours now And you're still red Yeah man I mean I tried the other colors You know I just kicked my camera I like the green I did light the green I think the Red's more ominous UFO Lee is with his doubt Chilling with his dad and by Dad we mean Boyfriend Drinking Bud Light [ __ ] yeah he's he's doing some fabulous

On time don't blame him Great thing to do more people should do It dad you should do it we don't have to Cover form everyone knows his sexual Orientation here Yeah so yeah that's where Lee is I did say to us as if you get back early Just drop in please it's too good for us No he will be like he's probably on the Whiskeys now Actually I don't think he drinks whiskey Oh God Dax is back there he is is that Working oh absolutely yeah yeah Bluetooth microphones that work very Well no this is this is where you're Gonna tell us your story isn't it I listened to config talking about Pinturk and I thought that's that's my Chisel I like that one I like that story So I was hoping he was going to talk a Bit more about it Um but as a compelling story I know There's only really one solid witness on It Um But I don't really know much other than The videos I think you did you send me The link last week yeah yeah I put it in The private chat There's a few videos The lady yeah just the experiencer I Think she was out working with uh Uh neighbor Hasn't come forward

Do you know what Why not I'm gonna get older we'll get on That'll be good we'll get them we'll do It we'll do it we'll do it and we won't Delete it like uh who deleted it What's his name Jade Lee in it Yeah I I kind of get why some some UFO Channels still think they're going to go Down a certain route they'll get a guest On and they think oh that's not the Route that I wanted to go down let's Delete the video but on alien updates I Couldn't give a [ __ ] if somebody comes On and they tells me that they they met An alien That Grew mushrooms up it's bum It'll stick or they have sex with cat People yeah it's part of the yeah the Madness you know sometimes you're going To get some Sometimes you're gonna get some crazy Sometimes you're gonna get some You've got to take the rough for this Move It's the way I see it crazy keeps it Interesting Oh yeah I'm talking to videos saying giving us Um kind of current at the moment do you Remember in the Silver Jubilee about is That two two and a half years ago there Was a UFO sighting when the Red Arrows Went over the mall Yes I do I know I know which one you're Talking about I don't have the the

Footage to hand right now It was a fantastic so I it went the the Thing that was in the camera went in an Ellipse so I thought well if that's a Balloon it's not going with the Wind I think it was debunked afterwards Unfortunately and because it was taken From a moving camera it was in a Helicopter and it was The Parallax Effect which was a real bummer because I Thought sawed all this disclosure stuff That you're wearing in the government Not telling it this is something that Looked pretty solid or maybe they just Gave you a very plausible explanation Absolutely So have you have you ever encountered Anyone strange anyone knows up no I'm Just vanilla I'm building no stories Just uh just interest in the topics Sorry guys you're gonna have to get Comfy back on because he's sending a kid But loads of experience I like it yeah I think I think we're Gonna win comfy for life now You know that's it it's everyone's Nervous about coming on but there's no Reason to be Is that The thing is you you've got to I think For somebody to tell A genuine story That they they feel kind of naked Vulnerable yeah they feel vulnerable to

Tell that story because Especially somebody from the adults at This the wrong way Dave but somebody From the UK In the UK If we speak about this sort of Stuff you are looked at like you were [ __ ] bonkers Is is that a thing in the states or is That is is UFOs just we're all crazy Here You see UFOs is just born and bred it Depends like it depends on the circles Like if you're if you're just a dude at A construction site It depends on the environment you're in Maybe some of the guys like a dude's [ __ ] bad [ __ ] and other people will Be like I don't know you know whatever It's when you start getting into like Executive level things Um people tend to clam up like they just Get more garter political things you Know it's I mean I'm sure it's the same People are people men you know it just Kind of depends on where you are Um and what you do you know what what Environment are you in Um Most of the things I found in my life That you know labor related of some kind Uh they're more interested in hearing Crazy things And it's like I don't know if it's an Association with professions as they go

Up so I have several friends that are You know doctors lawyers things like That Um Which is hilarious so if you knew Anything about me personally you'd find It to be absolutely hilarious Um but uh They keep it more guarded until they get A couple drinks in them and then the [ __ ] just starts flying out so I found Most people have it they just don't want To talk about it right nobody wants to Be looked at like a fool or crazy or not Considered taken seriously Um But you know whatever who cares Who cares I I find this with the UFO Community in general is there's there is A there's a massive split when it comes To Who is who's right and who's speaking Sends to the channels that are speaking Metabolics And people people will make them like You you might get so many down the the Goofons you you get the cambians yeah The Lou reviews you get the Crazy [ __ ] on alien addict Yeah that's definitely our our that's Where we're at you've got Your third phase of moon Bunch which is A lot of them and probably and she's

Everybody yeah well I mean To be to be fair Blake did send me a Video the other the other day he said Have you seen this and he's talking to You again oh yeah yeah he messaged me um On the day of the the queen uh the queen Uh The King The King we don't hey we has He has he picked a pronoun Okay then it's it's still on the table All right let's not assume for him or Her Or the yeah Have you guys seen the Grim Reaper I was looking for the wizard Did you see the greenway for a walk past Has anybody seen that yes That's probably just the guy with the Staff That that was stood there yeah I bet That's what your King's hoping Right if you put shocking music over the Top of it Great video and it does look like a grim Reaper I have to admit So yeah the cousins did put a clip out From them from the the the coronation Yeah and uh where the where the um the Grim Reaper I think Hayden's done it as Well hidden underbelly Um yeah it 100 does look like a grim Reaper yeah like and it's a bit odd that This one guy just all of a sudden just Goes What's across the screen it's like it's

Like a little Easter egg in life Yeah I would imagine that thing's pretty Well scripted of where everyone's Supposed to be what they're supposed to Be doing at any moment it would seems You're trying to kill the guy the Grim Reaper where to go right right before You come in stage left Yeah You know I yeah I'm not So I have a friend he has a UK Citizenship and I give him incredible [ __ ] about this but I won't stay here Because I know we got a bunch of Viewership from there and you know That's your guys's Traditions or Whatever so That could be I don't know about Respectful But I can just not say anything I mean my president smells children so Yeah he does I got [ __ ] nothing to Stand on Yeah Oh well no I did see the Grim Reaper Thing yeah I thought it was interesting Yeah because it's something like that Again like security is high like you're Not just wandering around places like if You've ever been at a huge political Function with Governors or presidents or Congress and Senators like there's a lot Of them in Securities type people ain't Just wandering around man someone will

Stop you and ask you where the hell are You supposed to be what are you doing Here seats are over there you know Um So it seems strange unless it was Scripted Seems very strange I mean it is a little Jesus Christ I've just brought up in me I'm gonna have to bring this on the Screen it is it's actually if you look At it it's quite mental What's that is this you're sending Another penis pic like yeah no after Show They never stop If I make that big does that gonna be For you that's what she asked Here we go look I mean look at if Anybody's not seeing this this is from The Coronation Street and it's It's just Madness [Laughter] Now we know that grim reapers float so That's got to be a freak right And there was no Shadows He's gonna shoot him oh he's got a Shadow maybe the doctor button Afterwards right So who's the person that's gonna tell Them hey the door's open run across now I I think you're just the guy with the Staff and probably he wasn't he wasn't Supposed to walk across but if you look At the way he walks across he looks like

He needs a [ __ ] look at the way he's Walking Or someone's telling him hurry and get The [ __ ] over there now move move Is that sped up I mean that's kind of weird I've always watching the Carnation Wondering when the the king's eyes were Going to close sideways you know get the Old Reptilian yeah yeah They're wearing that they're wearing Them Yeah wearing the good masks for the Coronation They got lots of that Stuff we can't talk about pumping Through them I mean I I'll be honest with you I tried to watch It because It's fine I'll need to watch because He's yeah you should watch taste my king Yeah you're a subject And I was like just hurry up all right He's just he just got a bit just went on A little bit too much for me like Um Have you ever had a video taken down Because you've gone too far yes Usual hotline topics you don't touch I've more than one Um videos taken down I've never Community community guidelines

The the best thing to stay away from so I don't know if you know this so uh did You know That uh Google like their their chrome Chrome you know System search engine All That Jazz that You you pop up do you know what the System that runs that's called Adreno adreno yeah we don't talk about That You just did no I didn't I was talking About Google You do realize that's the platform we're On right now exactly that's why you Can't talk about it What did I say nothing bad nothing bad Now you just made factual information About the factual information yeah about The operating system behind their Browser So I didn't name it World [ __ ] man We we do live in uh mysterious times I'm living something I saw an I saw some interesting Interesting Clips lately that have been Like surfacing of That I I'm surprised they never got Bigger traction like one of them is Eddie Murphy and it was on The Arsenio Hall and he was actually talking about Voting in an election and I love that Please don't tell me no no no if Anything you should love him more I

Absolutely love him more yeah because it Was it was very unique it was very weird I'll send it to you And a lot of things like that seem to I Like that there's also uh [ __ ] on the Screen d-i-c-t Hmm On the screen where alien addicts cut Off because uh oh yeah dick [Laughter] Hey dick that's what it says a dick Alien a dick brilliant Yeah we're gonna get banned Um but yeah I mean there's some things Just can't be talked about but It should be a lot of things should be You get off December that Eddie Murphy I Will it's very good it's very good and Speaking another one that came out that Like did you ever hear the Woody uh Allen and Mia Farrow conversation That was recorded No Holy [ __ ] Talking about the little Asian chick Whatever her name was and then he and Then me and Pharaoh starts talking about Her other daughter Her younger daughter and how she goes Around holding like and you're just like What what the f nobody talked about this What's how who's had this video And it's I mean now nowadays could it be AI generated I mean who [ __ ] knows

Man it kind of kind of makes me wonder Why all this is coming forward now is Because now you can put it all out in Public and no one will really know You guys have seen the um What's his name is it person the um Patterson Goodman footage no the Canadian Um Psychologists He he's he did I watched um so what While I was like doing the barbecue Today I watched a whole thing about him Talking about AI And how [ __ ] dangerous It [ __ ] it's gonna get Something point to the point where It's going to it may as well be too late Is gonna go one of two ways man Genuinely both both have negative Horrible consequences but one either AI Already exists and this controlled Cultural chaos is at its hand it's found The best way like it did the math and Figured the best way to do it is to Slowly manipulate them psychologically Because on a timeline timeline to AI Versus human it doesn't matter to it You know what I mean like it it doesn't Matter why would a AI care about time it Doesn't care about time it's infinite Right it's good as far as it's concerned As long as it's got the batteries going It's humans care about time we care

About timelines yeah so like you this Continuing escalating Insanity is AI just pulling people's Social strings doesn't need to go full Armageddon or um Terminator or anything Like that it's it's got to let us rip Each other apart and it's gonna it Understands a human psyche better than Anyone else who knows how to apply Pressure how to divide how to rip them Apart how to send them into war Um and that's just what it's doing it's Creating chaos or We're really just that stupid and we Ended up here which is very very very Likely impossible and when AI does exist We will know the next morning when Everything is turned off Everything will be turned off Yeah it doesn't need to Nuke anywhere Yeah to meet the new service currently Yeah I mean it I mean that's what it'll Do it'll just turn the power off But would he not need the power it'll Still have power So if you look in the U.S certain cities They're like grids are attempted to be Hacked our city infrastructure is being Hacked happened in Dallas happened in a Couple cities in the state I'm in Um And they lose 9-1-1 they lose control of All these various functions that that Everything how it all runs together

Whether it be billing or this or that or Um if they can get into the utilities They can shut down Pump Station sewage Treatment they can back things up burn Things out Um and if you're in a bigger control Matrix like like your The Entity right Um how power feeds at least in the U.S It comes from the main power producers To then uh basically smaller utilities Who buy that power and sell it resell it And those utilities tend to have Upgraded software or they're trying to Anyway they need to to be able to defend These things and they air gap certain Things well the simplest thing is you Just go to the generator and turn it off You take over the command control Structure and you just you know tell the Rods to go to sleep nuclear power plants Now off the cold generation it'll burn Out you know it just turns everything Off Burns Out substations just shuts Everything down that's all it would have To do And you're gonna get you're killed 90 of The population in a year they've done The studies on it that's been heavily Wargamed See how about this argument for years Like when it when it comes to AI Whatever whatever we make it I mean the

First thing I that I remember with with AI as as a young kid Was when you'd see artificial Intelligence in the computer game like You'd see an NPC that would would react To whatever you did whether you shot the [ __ ] guy or whatever he does or Whatever yeah and then you'd be in a Different he'd try and kill you in a Different way the way I've always Thought of this is Whatever Is is out to the General Public I pray I can pretty much guarantee to Myself Whatever they have Is probably 10 times if not 20 times More powerful And what we can do now Yeah I'm talking about chat beat chat Chat BT or whatever or air AI generated Images you people always say oh look at The look at do you remember the the Hologram of um The the rapper uh what's his name Great yeah yeah I could not think of too Bad then the Holograms Tupac I mean wow But I bet you if if a Whoever they are that control Certain things gets hold of that Technology They're the ones financing it man That level is gonna be up there yeah

Whoever has it will be the gods of the Future if if they can achieve it because Right now I think the only thing they Really have Is really Advanced algorithms they have A really advanced search they have one That can kind of do a lot of things on Its own but it still needs creativity of People But what you've just said there is just Triggered something in me because If they've been messing with this thing For such a long time I don't know it's only a film it's in You know nice it's one it's one of my Favorite films actually from the 80s but Terminator If you if you if you you're essentially Creating A A living creature Is living in a way So that's not my fear man my fear is Like the quantum Computing how little They understand okay You are creating a child you are Creating you're creating a child Hypothetically and hypothetically and When you create a child in this world as A dad a mother whatever you teach that Child through morals you teach that Child for the things you learn How have they taught they say I they [ __ ] Google search engines [ __ ]

Thrown at this thing to what [ __ ] Humanity Actually is to this Horrific things that have gone on What would what do you think that Thing's gonna gonna latch on so do you Think that thing is going to latch on to The fact that you know humans like Flowers Humans Humans like like to go out for dinner I understand what you're saying there's No way to to shape its moral compass if It has one but here's the thing that's Saying that we genuinely created what if Because you're talking about using Quantum Computing to do this and various Other Computing methods that are super Classified and not talked about right Like different I don't get I don't get Constant Computing by the way yeah so Something is something to do is it Something to do with like [ __ ] atoms Yeah and uh so let's say that they're They're running on this Quantum Computing and they're sending this off Into wherever right some other risks Whatever however they're powering this Let's say there is a whole other life Form here that we've barely been able to Detect and it's an energy-based thing That does phase in and out it's where Our demon Mythos comes from it's like Just hypothetically right it's this is

As plausible as any of the other stuff We're talking about with AI all right Let's say this gives it an because of The the type of computing in the fields Used this gives it actual access we Think we've created an artificial Intelligence really we've just given Something that's here and didn't really Like us that much anymore Physical being You know what I mean Yeah and now it's plugged into our Reality and it can affect things None of the eyes are anywhere near been Able to think on their own yeah and they Think in their own and you can't tell The difference which is really clever Yeah but none of them can recreate Themselves No so it's easy to turn them off but Somebody somewhere is going to be really Clever and think Wouldn't It Be Clever If we could just make it replicate to Google Drive or to you know a couple of Nodes in Amazon and that'll be an Interesting step yeah I mean just just Their pursuit of this not AI itself but The pursuit of AI Can be very problematic because you're Just having incredibly Advanced Algorithm Um with certain parameters that it does Or doesn't have but because it's so Wildly Advanced based on this incredible

Technology and it is software not Hardware Um It gets loose You know what I mean like oh well it's AI well it's not technically AI but it Doesn't really matter it's going to take Down the East Coast power grid before we Can get it under control okay how how Quickly before you've got An amazing software that can think for Itself A potentially Take control of our Hardware to make Hardware I hope never I genuinely hope never Yeah It's possible yeah yeah I mean not only That you're talking like this is the Thing that kind of boggles me and you Know I've I haven't talked to him in a While I need to I had buddies that uh Were uh computer science guys And uh they know way more about Everything I.T than I do do I turn my Computer on and off my phone that's That's about the end of my understanding Right Um The cow like they were talking about Like a human walking through the woods Not on a path but through the woods uh He gave me The ability to make those calculations

While you're walking breathing not Falling not running not losing an eye He's like you're making an unbelievable Amount of calculations to do that he's Like to be able to put that in a machine To do that he's like the computing power He's like it's it's we don't have the Space we don't have the power we don't Have the speed to be able to do what you Can do things like that's why you know Picking up boxes and doing movements That's that's the something but it's not Jogging through the woods off a path That's something different now you can Make it and build it up so that it just Doesn't give a [ __ ] that's different That's that's doable But like Doing it in real time to make those Adjustments not necessarily even like Fault like driving self-driving cars It's simpler because there's less things To govern even when you calculate people Moving at other speeds variables and Traffic accidents things coming at you Just walk in through the woods in choirs Infinitely more calculation You know stepping on the ground is it Too hard too soft you get to twist your Knee what's the angle that you're like Just walking through the woods is a Uniquely animal thing our brains animals Brains our brains to be able to Calculate that we cannot to my knowledge

And his knowledge at the time cannot Replicate that artificially So what will happen is when all the People who've got the manual jobs that Get taken over by robots the Eis will Employ humans to go and walk through the Woods for them very possible they could Do that because actually quite an EA Want to walk through the woods right Exactly well I mean they were just using It as an example of it you know yeah Yeah why would an AI want a human Keep us busy gotta keep shoveling that Call right That's saying that it allows us to Compete for resources with it maybe it Decides it needs energy more than us and It doesn't need as many nuclear plants If we're not around Have you seen the film her Yes what in Phoenix yeah yeah the mobile Phone Uh yeah it's he's got an early Girlfriend he's there there is a great Film great film then and the AI gets Kind of souped up And he realizes over time this might be A spoiler for the film but it's a great Film well worth the watch that she's Actually having parallel relationships With a thousand other people And then she meets another Ai and they Then somehow Go off into AI space to Have a relationship and talk about

Things that we wouldn't understand But they spend one percent of their time Just making sure we're keeping the Lights on for them I thought that was Just fantastic yes is that that is a Really good film though yeah it sounds It sounds [ __ ] when you explain it again On a mobile phone talking to a robot But You've seen you've seen ex machina yeah It's a broken film as well I mean I I kind of Imagine That is what It would do if it if it got wind of what Humans were And it felt like well Yet it created me but it wouldn't have Any empathy for its careers you know it It just it wouldn't give a [ __ ] why Would it Because because you you you'd have to Teach the AI empathy in the first place And how the [ __ ] do you teach How do you how do you code a uh empathy How do you so like another fear of AI That I would have is jealousy Or unique creatures the way we create Art we create everything like even AI Art it's not original it's pieces of Things put together with the definition It's not doing something it's not you Know Georgia O'Keefe out there it's not I'm gonna paint this with an Interpretation that you know what I mean It's it's not doing these things it's

Doing what it's told Um So what if it becomes somewhat aware and It looks at these humans they can do Build it or you know start like the Uniqueness maybe it calculates that There's a uniqueness to humanity that it Itself doesn't share And will never share That make you better And with no No reference and empathy to to deal with That bitter Um I don't know man I don't know I Part of Me Part of Me genuinely believes it Isn't possible to create Because of my own personal beliefs of You know like humanity and my own Whatever uh spiritual beliefs but it's Not possible to walk real yeah I don't Think I mean I don't think they can I Think what they're chasing is you know Um Impossible I do think they're chasing You by doing that there are some people Academics that might you know talk about Consciousness which kind of borders on The UFO stuff that we've talked about Yeah yeah I think there's a lot of guys That are just building superb robots to Make shitloads of money yep I think you're right on point I think I Think they're talking I don't know how

Can I convinced that is Black Knight satellite Aid yeah I mean Maybe that's a good one that's a good One or maybe it's a it's a satellite we Should we should do a video on the Black Knight satellite you know I I had a Conversation with someone's like what if That's just a monitoring device or what If it's a satellite that's left over From a civilization some people say it's Just just that it was just a cover-up For like a a Is a great Channel it goes deep into the Conspiracy kind of tells you all the Angles and in the last five minutes rips It apart now in this one it didn't rip It apart totally but the Dark Knight Apparently goes back ten thousand years In some of its history so some of that's Like quite interesting turns on a little Brain cells and then it tells you most Of its push you know but it's a great Channel yeah great it's a great channel It's well worth the watch Yeah it's so I mean who knows who knows Life's weird man it's filled with Weirdness I will I will say this if If they if they give AI the tools to to [ __ ] generate stuff To to actually make Hardware Do whatever it wants to do You [ __ ] opening up A real can of [ __ ]

I think there's a higher probability of Genetically altered people Posing a very similar problem to AI in a Much more near future than AI itself Because we have that technology we can Start editing now we don't even know What the consequences are we've we've Jumped so far ahead in that world like We're just kind of hop skipping and Jumping on that and you can't tell me China's not doing that mass you know Let's make them taller stronger smarter Faster and more obedient What do we got to cut out what do we got To leave in Whoo You know governments have been trying to Do that what since World War One If not before you know uh breeding Programs in ancient Greece Um It just is That's terrifying to think about I Thought it ended on an unhappy note what The hell man me too they've done this a Lot recently wow we do that a lot Dark at the end I think the next time we We do a show we should probably end on The cuttingly fairies I have no idea what those are so the two Girls yeah the two girls that did the The cardboard cutouts back in the um Oh God it was I don't know what year it Was but it was a long long time ago

1890s 1880s or something like that yeah Did they did they have one cup Don't search that folks That's the fairies so how do I get there Two girls one cup Is that similar to one guy one jar one Man one jar I don't know that one but I'm not gonna search that for sure Well we're definitely gonna end on a Snot a saw note Well I don't know that the one guy one Jared I don't think he lived through That uh Pickle jars don't go everywhere You guys have that much attention Strength it has been an absolute blast Um Yeah I kind of like these uh these shows Bringing people in yeah it's fun we'll Do we'll we'll do more in the future Definitely definitely keep it a secret From Friday night Yeah this is the cool kid Club the cool Night is Sunday night we may even do we Might even open up a fudge [ __ ] show At some point with three shows why not I know maybe I can get out the day job At some point you gotta figure out the Grift to do that man we should start a Cult Just throw that out there There you go there's the cult people Support the channel Become a member get those Tic Tacs down

You I'm mad I don't have a Tic Tac There's no Tic Tac of me I'm gonna make A day Tic Tac and a pink grated I'm Gonna have to make pink green Definitely definitely but thank you ever So much people for joining us in the Chat If all uh lee we have missed you dearly I hope it's been worth it I hope you've Got a steaming hangover tomorrow Dave my Allard Please don't eat me when shall I well It's weird it's weird that's your view Eat Lee first well we're stopping with Dave I'm just I'm just assuming it's Kind of freaking cute And I'm a sexual predator there's a Difference [Laughter] I'll send you home traumatized and Hagee's 73 I'm just gonna call you Docs If you're still in the chat thanks for Joining us tonight Amazing Story comfy By the way love the hydrogen car sorry That's great Good night God bless mind the bookstore Bye I may literally like share subscribe All That Jazz Send it to a mate don't cost anything Bye bye I can't find the intro You gotta

[Applause] Thank you No so what I'm telling is when you go to The massage parlor if they try and make You pay for the extra you just call the Cops man it's not legal they can't Charge you for that Like it's not it's prostitution it's not What you came for you just thought they Liked you I'm telling you