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Thank you Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Paranormal portal it's Friday night as We are broadcasting on YouTube as well As TFR live which is broadcasting on IHeartRadio tune in and talk stream live As well so we've got a full boat of fun Here on the portal hope you guys are Doing great thank you so much for Spending part of your weekend right here With me on the portal I appreciate that A bunch Um as always it's a rare pleasure to be Here doing the shows with you and I I've Just been kind of racing the clock here To get all set up because we got a lot To get through tonight we are going to Be doing a little bit more investigating On the Ghost Radar oh my God what are we Doing here huh let's turn that on Paranormal detector so Um we've got a lot to get to uh as Always Um Sheldon will be joining us he's not Quite there yet he's gonna message when He's available and don't forget tomorrow Ladies and gentlemen right here on the

Portal we're going to be welcoming our Our paranormal portal psychic Mrs Deborah Varner to the show and she's Going to be doing free readings to Callers of the show so we do those every Few months just as uh you know it's a Wonderful opportunity for all of you all To to maybe get a reading if you've Never had one or to you know it's just a Thank you to all you guys who are here All the time Um I I realized that you know maybe reading Shows aren't as as fascinating for Everybody but for those of you that take Part in them I know I get so much Responses back from all of you who get Readings from Deb and it's like oh my God thank you so much that was great dab Was amazing and and she is she's just Incredible but she'll be here tomorrow Night on the Paranormal portal so if You're interested in taking part in that You're gonna call in tomorrow night During the show and hold the line hold The line because you know I mean we'll Get to all the calls we'll even probably Do some overtime just to clear the queue So if you do call in don't fret you do Have an opportunity to get a reading We'll get to you eventually sometimes People are on hold for an hour or better And I apologize but a reading takes as Long as it takes so I'll just uh just be

Patient if you want if you if you're Calling from abroad and you want to get In quick then call in like even before The show starts and just hold Um because then you'll be on the top of The queue when we do actually start the Show so those are options for you guys As well Um I guess without further Ado we can get To the news and again we'll be watching For uh for Sheldon to show up I hope I'm Ready thank God I've been just working So hard on stuff lately I've been Working on some video stuff uh Specifically I'm working on footage from The investigation at the Davenport Hotel That I did with my good friend Charles Howard Johnson and even watching that Footage I'm like my God we caught so Much stuff uh had such terrific Responses and experiences there and none Of it was dark none of it was horrible It was just amazing it was like touching The other side and having a dialogue and It was just incredible and I'm so Excited to unveil that to you guys again I will be releasing those as soon as They're available as soon as they're Done and I'm working on two separate Videos currently one From earlier and then the the Davenport Hotel one and those will be released to Members of our YouTube channel first uh

They will get probably about a week uh To watch them and and to view them if They should so choose and then I'll open Up to everybody so please don't feel Like oh you know it's exclusive content I can't get to it and I can't afford it Well just be patient uh you know we've Had these memberships on YouTube for Quite a long time now and they they Really do help a ton just to help carry The bottom line of all of this and help Help to keep things moving and growing And so I haven't really given our Members much of anything other than Little emojis in a green name and this Is another opportunity to give our Members something a little special you Know uh just a thank you so they're Going to get exclusive views of these of These videos as they become available For you know several days I'm not sure Exactly the time period but if you if You can't be a member and I understand Not everybody can please don't don't Feel slighted don't feel stressed about That I will open it up for free to Everybody eventually just please be Patient and understand so Um but yeah if you're able to be a Member that's great thank you so much And thank you special thank you to all Of our YouTube members and for those of You that send super chats and and all of That it really does go a long way to uh

Keep the vision growing and moving and Uh got some uh some other investigations Going to be coming this summer and so Um those things will be wonderful uh Additions to our repertoire I really Want to move The direction of the show into equal Studio shows and on location videos uh Of Investigations and stuff I really Love doing that uh and so I know there's A ton of them out there and it's and It's not my desire to compete with Everyone else but just to do it my own Way I I watch a lot of other shows that Do it Um some of them to me really strain Credibility Um others just seem like They're theatrical And I just want to do a real down to Earth you know let's talk see if we can Connect with people that were ones here Or other things you know Um I'm not trying to poke the bear here Or get involved in all kinds of horrible Dark stuff just uh just to make Connections and to maybe help some of These Spirits if they're Earthbound so Um that's the direction of it uh keep Watching but that sounds really cool Thank you John I appreciate that I hope It is I mean it's one thing to have a Division it's another thing to actually Execute that Vision so that's what I'm

Working on is the execution part of it But I've got all kinds of thoughts about It but anyway uh without further Ado I Guess we can get to the news and uh find Out I've only got a few articles pulled Up for you guys tonight because I think That uh you know the news is wonderful But it shouldn't be the primary part of The show so with that in mind let's get To the Paranormal portal news done who News [Applause] [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Paranormal portal news desk I'm your Anchor Brad Thomas and we are going to Be diving into a few news stories just a Few literally I think three Which is I think the definition of a few But it could be more than three I don't Know but I'm counting three I pulled up Three articles to go over tonight here On the portal newscast so we're going to Discuss these right now so first up Ladies and gentlemen we have an article From unexplained Laughs You know this is kind of kind of uh With the Advent of Technology oftentimes We we throw ourselves with Reckless

Abandon into these Technologies and and Allow them to be part of our lives and And sometimes maybe blindly or or Stupidly and that may be the case here But you be the judge this article is Coming from unexplained Please support this site folks they're Doing great things over there and and I Absolutely adore unexplained Dash All right tourists following GPS Directions Drive straight into Harbor [Laughter] Yep you might look at that a woman it's Like wait a minute what yeah if if GPS Isn't being updated correctly this could Be a real issue uh the bizarre mishap Occurred when the driver blindly Followed GPS directions down a boat ramp And into the water like really are you Not even paying attention is not unusual For a car satellite navigation system to Offer questionable directions but some Degree of Common Sense should always be Applied when deciding whether or not to Actually follow them Bingo Common Sense however seem to be missing Entirely from this particular scenario Which saw two tourists drive straight Down a boat ramp and into a harbor in Kuala Kailua Kona Hawaii recently they wrote

Drove right into a boat Harbor in Hawaii I guess the water is probably warm a Video the incident shows the hapless Duo Being Rescued by a sailboat crew I was just Sitting there trying to seek Shelter From the rain and then the next next Thing I saw a car drive directly past Our boat Straight Into The Harbor at a Pretty decent speed said local Christy Hutchinson who captured the footage it Was so confidently done they didn't have A look of panic on their face they were Still smiling Oh dear we drove into the water It turned out the tourists who happen to Be sisters had been following their GPS To the location of a snorkel tours Company when it had instructed them to Drive into the the ocean For reasons only known uh known only to Them they happily obeyed and plunged the Car into the water I guess they were Just going to get started on that Snorkeling a little earlier or they were On the budget plan You know you don't want to pay the fee You could probably just go into the Water There you go this is from the sun the Sun uh itself and uh we'll just check Out the video here there they go what's Going on what is going on [Laughter]

I think that was supposed to happen at All Good God There's a line in the front of the boat Time for a swim ladies I can't believe I can't believe that They're just sitting there watching this Happen they're just like huh this is Unusual Yeah How about reverse start there try to get It back up I mean it's floating I gotta Whatever make and model that car is it's Pretty buoyant which is actually kind of Surprising maybe that was the upgrade Four minutes this video is oh my god There you go time for a swim it's still Floating though I mean that thing is That thing's nearly seaworthy I don't Know what that is it's some kind of Minivan but God that's pretty watertight [Laughter] Folks you might want to pay attention to Where the GPS is telling you to go it's Not like it was a dark and stormy night And they just couldn't see it's daylight It is raining but it's daylight there's Not a lot of excuse for that so there You go folks that is Our modern conveniences at work now I Generally mean I use GPS all the time When especially when I'm driving to Locations and stuff it's just you know

I've never been there before and the GPS Has always done me right so I've never Had something like this happen but I'll Guarantee you if I was going down a boat Ramp I'd probably stop and let it recalculate A little bit that's just Colossally uh obtuse uh I don't know man You think you'd seen it all and then you See something new That should be a t-shirt Or you think he's seen it all and then You'll log on the internet Well anyway we got another story coming Up from unexplained and This one has to do with the UFO Uh and apparently this is uh this is Some compelling the best UFO footage Ever is believed to be owned by a YouTuber Um that says unexplained Brings us YouTuber allegedly owns copy Of most convincing UFO video ever Wow I wish they would release it but uh That's that's incredible it says Logan Logan Paul seriously I I mean you know I don't know Logan Paul or anything but as soon as I see The Paul name it's just like oh You know um Logan and Jake the brother Uh who's been boxing everybody he can And recently lost to Tommy Fury but uh He's done pretty well actually in the Ring surprisingly but um you know

They're they're kind of cloud hounds I'm I I'm sure but I I don't know Logan Paul could have just Been really took by something here too But Logan Paul reportedly made a Surreptitious recording of footage Obtained by UFO expert Chuck Clark 30 Years ago How old is Logan Paul is he 30 years Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast recently James Fox director of The 2020 UFO documentary The phenomena Claimed that prolific YouTuber Logan Paul had acquired an illicit copy of What has been described as the world's Most convincing UFO video the footage Had been in the possession of UFO expert Chuck Clark and had originally been Recorded by two men out in the Nevada Desert several decades ago Paul was so Intrigued that he actually approached Clark with a hundred thousand dollars in The hope of purchasing it but when the Offer was turned down he used a hidden Hidden camera to record a copy of the Footage after convincing Clark to play It back for him what a snakey bastard Though really I mean it's not his And and so he steals it I mean seriously He has since been reluctant to release It to the public however over fears that He could face legal issues with the United States government

So while we don't have the video itself We do have a description of it courtesy Of fox who claimed to have witnessed the Playback himself several years ago According to his recollection of it the Original footage was filmed from inside A car and shows the two men freaking out About an object that appears overhead One of them goes it's over the top of us It's over the top of us Fox recalled and Then all of a sudden the car lights up On the inside but the source of the Light is above it One of the men got out of the car to Observe the object which is so low you Could have hit it with a rock if you can Imagine the skin on the craft glowing Like phosphorus on a beach he said That's what it looked like like the skin Was alive and it had a yellowy orange Color to it but you could clearly see it Was a disc I'd never seen anything like it and it Just wobbled like it was unstable Exactly who the two men were however Remains unclear Well There you go but what a what a douchebag For doing that I mean it wasn't his he Offered to buy it the guy said no okay Walk away have just a little bit of Integrity for God's sakes You don't just go oh can I watch it let Me adjust my tie

What a dick God That's horrible and but that's that's Kind of the mentality when I think of uh Logan Paul that's kind of what I think Of it and in his defense I don't know The guy he could be wonderful I don't Know but that's a really douchey move That's horribly Horribly well or horribly terribly Executed I was gonna say horribly well Executed I mean granted that I think the Video should see the light of day if It's if it's genuine and and valid but At the same time if you don't own the Footage don't take it don't make a copy For yourself if you weren't given Express permission to do that So I mean he should have the the hell Suit out of him if the guy is no longer Alive then by the estate or whatever I Mean that's just not right that is just Not right so uh again Not a huge fan of the polls don't have Anything personally against them but Man they seem to just do anything they Can to stay relevant and they're doing Fine with it I mean they're Extraordinarily successful but I mean That's kind of stuff you just don't do There should be at least a little bit of Integrity in your game not just guys I Pulled a fast one Maybe it's just me I don't know I think that's horrible do you agree if

You agree put in the comments if you Disagree never mind [Laughter] Only agree with me in the comments no I'm just kidding you can you can have Whatever opinion you choose but that's Horrible I don't like that at all all Right one last article here on the news Ladies and gentlemen as we push into it Says 20 minutes after already my God all Right here we go Um this one is absolutely disturbing I I think I don't really know that I Understand it I've only read the Headline I've not read the article so We'll read it together but from Unexplained Dash Comes comatose patience Internally awakened as they died study Finds Like okay wake up you're dying now it's Over Like they just get to be conscious Enough to die that's horrible I don't know how long this is no it's Pretty short it says researchers found Signs of conscious like brain activity In patients who passed away while in a Coma Seeing events flashing before your eyes Observing a bright light at the end of The tunnel or feeling as though you're Floating above your own body or just Some of those things commonly described

By patients who've had a near-death Experience but Excuse me what exactly is the experience Of someone who dies while in a comatose State Oh man I'm sorry uh in a recent study Researchers analyzed EEG brain scans Recorded during the final moments of Four patients who were comatose and Unresponsive after suffering from Suspected seizures their findings were Surprising two of the patients exhibited An increase in their heart rate followed By a surge in brain activity associated With conscious consciousness Sorry according to study leader jimo Whoa I don't even know how to say that of the University of Michigan this could Indicate that the patients had been Internally awakened at that time How Vivid experience can emerge from Dysfunctional brain during the process Of dying is a neuroscientific paradox we Saw a potential of neural signatures of Consciousness and it may be activating Internal covert Consciousness bringing Out memories of the past or it could be A brain survival mechanism we don't know Or it could be the state of the of the Consciousness leaving the body Um if if indeed people are trapped in Their bodies as some have suggested in Comatose patients then maybe that's the

Moment whether Consciousness is is Breaking out of that Stasis or whatever in order to Transition and I I don't know I mean I'm just guessing Of course but it's it's anybody's guess But uh looks like we might have Mr Sheldon Thomas with us are you there Sheldon You're you're quiet though You're a bit quiet Okay technical difficulties per the Normal of a paranormal portal [Laughter] I'm just keeping it I'm just keeping Everything what it should be Well good that's the way it should be Um we certainly have our Sheriff share Of fun and Adventure here on the show But let me uh pull you up there you are Glad to have you here Absolutely Scott got rid of my background so I'm Just going to use this one temporarily Well it looks lovely it looks kind of Serene and peaceful Or desolate and sad I'm not sure well Yeah that's the perspective right there Yeah could be any of the above but uh Yeah it's good to have you here thanks For coming on and I know you've been Running against the wire to get here but I'm glad you did I made it well you made it just for the

End of the news because uh oh no well it Was it was okay we just covered a story About comatose patients who apparently Become consciously active in their Brains just before they die it's like Wow hey wake up oh never mind That's actually something that's Terrifying as far as like if we Experience everything in a coma that's Actually something that I've read once That doctors are actually curious of is Like during um It's like surgery is whatnot when you're Under anesthesia you're unconscious are You experiencing everything from From inside your brain or are you Actually unconscious and you like you Forget about it once you wake up type of Thing having having experienced many of My of my own surgeries and and being I Mean I get knocked out it's like I'm not One of those people that want to watch Them dig it's like no just put me out Wake me when it's done Um I've I've woken directly up out of That anesthesia sat up in pain But I had no recollection of anything You know I've never I it wasn't like it Was just gone it was like I don't know One minute I was feeling this burn go Through my veins as the anesthesia went In and the next time I'm waking up in Pain it's like oh God so Um okay having been there no I mean

There's no unless there's something Subconscious or whatever maybe there's Some portion of the of of our psyche That remains active and aware and uh but Nothing nothing on the conscious level So Which is good which is good But this is kind of here's the Ghost Radar it's not working oh yeah I didn't Actually start it I did load it did Somebody say something Rachel did yep Rachel you're um got it Right all right it's made Fifth revenge of the fifth that's right Revenge is the fifth yeah All right now it's active Okay and the Ball is back here too as is the the K2 Is on although my head's blocking it Usually But I'll try to sit over a little bit But anyway that's going to wrap up the News folks so let's get back to the rest Of the show we're going to do the Discord question of the week we're going To do some investigating tonight and uh Then we'll round it off with a story or Two from the Cryptid corner and by God That should be a show so lovely love What Lovely lovely lovely all right let's get Back to the rest of the show [Applause] [Applause]

Thank you All right ladies and gentlemen we are Back at the rest of the show part of the Paranormal portal because the news is Over I hope you guys don't mind the more Abbreviated news it just gets kind of Long and while it's a fun part of the Show it shouldn't be the whole show it Was never meant to be half the show and Sometimes it went into about half so I'm Chopping it off a little bit early about The half hour mark appears ago the Ghost Radar is not working you are right a lot Of other folks in chat saw at first okay Well thank you guys thanks for having my Back I'm just reading so I couldn't Watch the chat but I got it up now I'm Looking at it and uh let's see Um I guess we should go to the next part of The show Sheldon are you oh by the way Sheldon did you know That we now have a permanent URL on our Discord What we do it's true it is well we have Some amazing members of our Discord uh Kayla specifically who who uh decided to Boost the server oh yep oh my God okay Love thank you so it is now uh Discord Https Discord dot GG slash paranormal portal

We have a GG we have a GG it's uh Consistently ours now no more of the of The recyclable or the expirable tags we Have our own Discord link and so that Brings up the next part of the show Which is Scored question of the week I just got a memory uh uh dealing with Uh getting back to that comatose Patience waking up it was like oh no Bill Murray's character on Caddyshack And I don't know if you know this movie Or not but he's like yeah I made the Daily Mail Dalai Lama once and uh He looked at me and he said Unga Unga Um And what that means is On your deathbed you will receive total Consciousness So I got that going for me [Laughter] Sick line because it's like it's like a Curse it's like you're gonna be totally Conscious on your deathbed you're going To experience every bit of it And watch that movie again that was oh So funny you ever seen that movie Caddyshack Doesn't sell oh no you've got to see it It is one of the Premier Classics in all Of Cinema It truly is it was so well done and it's

Just amazing wouldn't you all agree Caddyshack come on that is it is just Such a part of it Mom Mom's messaging hi Mom good to see You out there thank you for the message Yeah hi Nina I'm just so glad our Chad Was on the ball like hey This is none All right I'm gonna put that in the Movie section just so I remember Caddyshack yep that's great Anybody saying Hell No Brent what have You done Why what's wrong with it what's wrong Caddyshare um Yeah Bill Murray's character that thing is Just hilarious Business for just for my reminder and For everyone else who wants to watch it I guess yep absolutely so all right Ladies and gentlemen we're going to get To the Discord question of the week Because well that's what time it is it's Time for the Discord question of the Week and so Um as such I don't know how many Responses we got but again let me let me Just pin the uh Discord link if any of You are not currently involved in our Discord server we have one and uh thanks To K-Love we have Uh uh what do you call it a static URL Yeah oh so nice oh Caleb thank you so

Much awesome lovely I'm going to pin That your message there we go it's Pinned to the top of the chat so uh if You want to join the Discord please Click that link if you're a Discord user And you'll be invited to join us over There so uh the question of the week Segment is a part of our Discord server Before every live show unless we have a Specially scheduled guest or something Like tomorrow Deb will be on so there Won't be a question of the week for Tomorrow night's show but this is an Opportunity to ask you guys questions About the you know some paranormal or 40 In topic just hear what you have to say So these have been amazing to me because I I just I always considered that we're all you Know our regulars are our general Audience love you too K-LOVE thank you So much Um our general audiences really Um very Kindred Spirits is the best way I can Put it it's like we're we're a Collection of individuals that are that Have these same passions and for the Most part I mean we all have different Ways of looking at these phenomena and That's what's cool about it like it's Not just oh this is what it is because That's what we believe here no we Believe that everybody's opinion of this

Stuff is valid and that's why I love This question of the week segment is Because it gives you guys a chance to Bring your ideas to the table so and and I really do appreciate all of your all Of your your your input because you guys Have put thoughts into my head that I May have never have gotten to on my own Some ideas some some Reflections that It's like wow that's really cool so Thank you so much for that and and quite Honestly maybe it was a little bit Selfish of me to do the question of the Week thing because my passion the reason That I do the Paranormal portal is Because I've had a lot of experiences and I Really want to understand this phenomena As much as it's possible to and I don't Ever think we're ever going to have the Answers like well this is what it is the End but I think we can have Understandings and and theories about it And so that's what you guys have brought To the table and and you've helped help Me to think through a lot of this stuff So and you'll continue to now uh we got A question of the week for tonight and Sheldon are you ready to read it Sheldon Oh dear looks like we've lost our Sheldon bot [Laughter] Where did he go let's see what's going

On Uh Uh I don't know what's going on Let me uh let me just take a peek here Find out what's going on Because Sheldon is not here oh what the Hell did Skype crash Skype crashed My God folks That is just insanity And this is the second time ever in the History of the show Skype has crashed on Me let me join my call Um I'm joining now okay are you here Again Sheldon Yeah my Skype crashed It it's only the second time in the History of of this show That my Skype is crashed and it's both Times oh then there's a spirit right Behind me on the Ghost Radar Ah So I'm telling everyone and then it says Everyone Wow we gotta we gotta get investigating Pretty quick here Skype crashed the Ghost Radar picks up a Figure behind me Just need that little ball to flash and This is a this is a full boat Um that's really cool wow and it said Everyone everyone hello everyone from Our visiting Spirit whoever that was uh

Making an appearance That's pretty that's pretty intense guys Um I actually got chills that's cool That's what I love about this stuff I Love doing this God Oh it just gets my blood pumping Everyone so if there is a spirit present Or or hanging out with us tonight if you Could move this little ball that I'm Pointing to and I'm gonna tap it It'll flash like that and it'll let us Know that you're here So I would appreciate if you could do That after it stops flashing just to let Us know you're here because My God we're trying to connect with you Trying to make contact so Um Sheldon is your camera on yeah your Camera's going good okay yeah I'm good All right can you make your volume go up Again it went quiet again Yes I don't know is your firewall down by The way Yeah it's not up okay good all right Okay so um I I'm just kind of flipped out about that That's wild The call board actually disconnected too Let me reconnect that but can you read Some of these responses please Yes so for today for not today's but Well yeah today's question of the week Is Friday show for ages people have

Claimed or suggested that Bigfoot and Dogman Have a very adversial relationship Adversity adversary Oh my God what did I say okay Adversarial relationship others suggest That perhaps the Bigfoot is a Handler of Dog men it is somehow dominance to them Others still have suggested that if Dogman is in an area the Bigfoot will Clear out While nobody can know for sure what do You believe about the relationship Between Bigfoot and Dogman Now first responder is just here and There 66 saying I believe that there are The original dogmen and then there are The mutate mutations The original ones will work with or Avoid the Bigfoot depending on what Types they encounter the mutations Will attack in Mass for no other reason Than to kill the Bigfoot These are the ones I believe Like to prey on humans so depending on The situation the relationship between Them could be harmonic or really bloody Very interesting next up we have Chucky Danger saying I think that it's an apex Predator both feel the same role in the Food chain the competition for the same Food must put them at odds with each Other I think if it came down to a scrap that

Squatch would dominate that fight who Knows though maybe Squatch is afraid of Dog men as we are Sasquatch aren't big Fans of our pet dogs what would change With a 200 pound plus pound upright Walking canine that thrives off here That's actually not a bad point ah okay Yeah generally speaking uh when people See a big dog man they think they're About you know the four to five hundred Pound range Um you know for the seven eight foot Tall ones and that's probably about Right Um I think I I actually Vic condiv I Think brought up a good point about how Inaccurate weight estimates are from Witnesses because well they think that You know well there's a six foot five Guy that's about 350 pounds this thing Was bigger must have been 400 pounds When it's actually like six or eight Hundred by you know math it has to do With mathematics and and densities and Stuff Um and and you'll have to refer to the Episode with Vic he explains it really Well Vic condiff of course of dog man Encounters Um well that's true like months of Density would have a factor in that too Sure yeah absolutely bone density is Muscle densities Um different kinds of muscle not the not

Our our type of muscle but you know yeah I think we have fast twitch or something I don't know what the hell we have Anyway there's different types of muscle Tissues and and these animals pound for Pound even like you know chimpanzee Chimpanzees their muscles are so much More dense and so much more strong that You know a chimpanzee being about three Or four feet tall could rip off your Arms and beat you to death with it Literally like not just figuratively Like they're that much stronger than us Even at muscle weight lifter couldn't Compete you know Okay well how how much do silverback Gorillas weigh God they're like six or Eight hundred pounds you know and They're six feet you know So Bigfoot's got to be more than that Right well yeah there's like you know a Thousand pounds 1200 pounds estimates so I mean this is this is a lot of a lot of Being Um yeah and and quite honestly we we Have there's no accurate estimates for How strong a gorilla is you know we just Can't calculate it accurately they can You know do it to a degree by making Pulling tests and stuff like that but It really I mean when you see that Gorilla in that compound in a zoo and And some kid is just standing there Beating his chest and the gorilla is

Kind of wandering around and then just Charges the glass and throws its body I Mean this is like four inch glass or Three inch glass safety glass and it Cracks that entire pain I mean that's That's like akin to driving a car into It you know I mean literally that's some Some huge glass and that thing you know It thank God it didn't shatter that Glass but I mean it did crack that pain Because that would have been lethal Shards exploding out of that thing if it Blew but oh yeah but that's you know That's an idea and that's just throwing Its mass around but that's how strong it Is that it's able to launch that 600 you Know four to six hundred pounds of Muscle in the air like a cannonball you Know and and Hammer that glass with its Fist at the same time boom so isn't that Isn't that kind of the hard part about Trying to test their their strength is That for them to want to test their Strength to way we want them to would Have to be like a life or death like Giving it right everything they got yeah And it's hard for them to put them in That scenario when I was a kid I read a Book uh just speaking of muscle Densities Um that said uh a gorilla it was Theorized back then and then that's a Long time ago but that back then that a A an adult gorilla is believed to be uh

To have the strength of eight Olympic Weightlifters You know and and Olympic weightlifters Are lifting like you know I don't know Over a thousand pounds and stuff I mean These guys are just monsters and and so It's just I mean it's literally like Super Superman kind of strength you know It's crazy Yeah and so what well how much stronger Is something that's eight ten feet tall Than this six foot thing Um but anyway uh I'll I'll let you Continue sorry I just I find that Fascinating It is fascinating absolutely But next up is K-LOVE saying I have no Clue maybe the dog man follows the smell Of Saskatchewan Sasquatch for hunting Territory I've heard that some say that they are Not friendly towards each other and keep Their distance It's about what I've heard too yeah yeah Exactly yeah I've heard I I guess I'll Say it at the end after you get through All the responses what I've heard about It As long as you remember but next up Rachel 101 saying I don't think Bigfoot And dog men necessarily have an advert Adversarial relationship nor are Dominance over Dogman like Chucky says I Think Bigfoot would dominate the fight

They're both apex predators seemingly Some or all of them have the abilities That border on the supernatural if it's Individuals who have these abilities That could put them Bigfoot in Dogman as Shamans in their tribe slash pack With special abilities come Responsibility That that's I like that saying that Would mean Um above average intelligence as well With that both Cryptids would know the Consequences of battle as it seems Neither of them travel alone mostly That would also result in a territorial War There's also outliers in any group Individual personalities who would be Rogues and behave in aggressive ways Towards either Dogman or Bigfoot Encounters or distant witnessing of Violent incidents or benign incidents Witnessed by humans should be Statistically examined to see on which Side of the scale these events occur but Nine or violence And that's that's an interesting point Too that there are layers of these Conflicts if they if they do indeed Happen as well sure sure It is it is interesting I see Androids Type and so he's he's we'll get you Android don't worry he's getting his Homework in

My dog ate it I gotta retype it uh it's Okay Android Um but it is interesting that I've heard There seems to be a cooperation between The two I've heard that they are Incredibly uh they're incredibly Territorial to each other where if they Are in the same region they have very Established boundaries and there's They're never crossed because if they Are it's an act of War I think that Generally speaking and and this is true Of animals they don't they don't necess They don't mindlessly engage in in you Know attacking or or creating conflict But it's always ruled by need Sometimes it's territorial like hey Those other that other that other crew Of of animals has a better range than Ours we need to overtake them and take It over and uh like in chimpanzees they They do attack each other's territories And stuff but but I guess with Chimpanzees sometimes it's it's it's Almost Diabolical though I mean they they Really do have like a real dark side to Them you know like they yes they do they Will go to war and and you know and and The the attacks are are absolutely Clinical You know like they are they are Organized but I'm speaking of like lions And stuff they just have established

Territories if something comes in on That territory that's like attacking Their livelihood you know something Moves in another lion pride or whatever They would try to defend it because That's how they're living there I mean The one thing about wild animals and Things subsisting naturally is that They have to protect their resources Because that really is is how they're How they're surviving otherwise they'll You know their their their family line Will die off and so but I don't think That they generally speaking most Animals don't engage Just to engage like there's always a a Severe motivating factor like like Habitat like the watering hole or the Herds in this area are so much more uh Dense and and plentiful than another Area so I think you know generally Speaking things in nature don't go out Of their way to start conflict but if it Does happen it is all out balls to the Wall I mean it's it's survival it's not About well I like your view better I Want that it's like no you've got the Better stuff we want it and we're Willing to die for it so generally Speaking they will avoid it but I've Heard from Vic condiff Speaking of Vic again that when he was On he said that's generally speaking What he has heard is that when when dog

Men move into an area Bigfoot move out Like they just get the hell out of the Way but I've heard other reports of People seeing Bigfoot and Dogman Battling and in this one this one story And I'm going to be paraphrasing it Terribly because as years ago that I Read this But this guy was in this area it was Like a a maybe a campground area or a Parking area uh maybe a rest stop Somewhere uh in the great north of Canada or somewhere and he saw this About eight foot dog man come out of the Woods and just stand on the pavement Staring back at the tree line just Panting and it was panting and panting And and and you could hear something Else coming And and then suddenly A Bigfoot came out launching itself like A nine ten foot tall Bigfoot came out Launched itself at the dog man grabbed It and basically pulled its head off and Then oh threw the head into the woods And just went You know and did this Roar now this is Allegedly something that was witnessed I Wasn't there I didn't talk to the Witness it was just one of those found Stories But is that's the truth you know I mean I I I do want to believe that between The two I want to believe that the

Bigfoot would be victorious but I guess It's because While while I think Bigfoot can be you Know extraordinarily dangerous I think That generally speaking they stick to Their own they do their own thing and They avoid us Dogman on the other hand They seem to actively engage people in Terrifying acts of of intimidation and Fear now they don't actively attack People but they do they do seem much More dangerous where you might see a Bigfoot 50 60 yards away that looks Overseas and wanders in the woods and Disappears a dog man you won't see until He's like three feet away from you and He comes out just You know with with sheer Terror like it We want you to effectively poop yourself And uh you know so and maybe it's Entertaining to them I don't know but You know it seems more animalistic in That way although it still does exhibit Restraint although let me get back to The missing 4-1-1 stuff what if some of Those are our dog man attacks of people That weren't so lucky maybe you know Maybe there's there's dogmen that or Bigfoot that are wounded and and Suddenly people become the lowest Hanging Branch you know because we're Slow we're we're awkward and it's not Hard to catch us in the woods and so

Even a wounded or lame Bigfoot could Probably you know dominate a group of People in a hurry and whereas you know They wouldn't be able to maybe chase Down a herd of of elk or or deer or Something you know so anyway I don't Know sure we're easy food we're snacks Boy Android's still typing I don't know What's going on there but I bet you he's Gonna oh my God Android we only have so Much time in our show dude Um there it is he just finished up All right Android up next saying this Question is based in in a bunch of Speculation and the answer will also be Based on a lot of speculation Unfortunately that's the best we can too Until body of each is found or or their Base habitat slash home is found so we Can observe them anyways assuming Sasquatch is biological and dog man Slash Wolfman is interdimensional or Spirit-like I personally believe I personally believe then I doubt they Rarely ever interact with each other Mainly because they both are so rare and They rarely run into each other the Second reason because I would assume They likely purposely avoid each other For the same reason lions and leopards Who live in the same Safari usually try To avoid each other Oh It's okay scroll up

There we go Um because they understand that no Matter who wins in a fight the winner Will also still be really badly wounded Which will Or event I think it meant prevent Oh prevents them from being able to hunt Or forage so I would assume they would Avoid each other for the same reason Right Also for a fun fact Gigantopithecus Oh I see the giant ring that's right the Giant orangutang that used to roam the Earth was up to 9.8 feet tall based off Fossils we have found Up to 700 pounds that's likely a low Estimate I would imagine considering a Very tiny percent of animals are Fossilized so there's likely cell eight To a thousand pound 11 to 12 foot alpha Males that likely lived and were never Fossilized or just have not found the Fossil yet So I would imagine Sasquatch to be very Similar height and weight based off Visual reports of it having orangutan Type hair and similar face and Comical Conical skull structure yep I thought so okay okay Despite that even if Dogman Wolfman is Only seven foot and 400 pounds it could Probably still gut a Sasquatch with its

Likely five plus inch claws in canines While weaker they are likely faster and Armed with several biological knives Suffering tables I was rushing no Worries Android well well done well done Well done great thoughts yeah I mean It's it is possible and then Caleb but The Harry and the Henderson's in there I I think it's I I think it's interesting Because there are accounts of people Seeing dogmen uh and then off in the Distance they see Bigfoot just sitting There watching like they're kind of Supervising and so some people have come To the conclusion that maybe Bigfoot are The handlers you know they're in charge Of the dogmen are they you know there's Some kind of cooperation like that going On and I don't know maybe there is maybe It's maybe there's both maybe there's There's uh clans of of Sasquatch that Are in cooperation and by some degree Whether in a controlling situation or or Just by cooperation situation they they Work together or uh maybe there's other Other clans that just don't like them Um maybe maybe they go at each other Um I think it was The Siege at locket Ranch Was uh from from dark Waters I think he Brought this one up and he he was Talking about this story where this this Family owned owned this Ranch I think They would see the locket Ranch it might

Have been a different one but CJ locket Ranch was uh basically people were being Surrounded by dogmen and there was a Whole crew of them and they would Regularly attack the house and you know Jump up on the roof and stomp around and Growl and intimidate and attack and and Just raising hell and uh I I don't know If it was I might be transposing two Stories here so if I am I'm sorry but if You haven't heard Siege at locket Ranch Looking up at uh at dark Waters YouTube Channel because it's really worth a Listen it's it's a fascinating and Horrifying story for sure Um but I think What's that It's dark Waters is the the gentleman He's a host that has uh a YouTube YouTube channel and following and stuff And he's been at it for a long time I Used to listen to him back in the day Too uh long around the same time I was Listening to to Wes as I was grinding Away life in a cubicle but uh Interesting interestingly enough yeah so Um while we don't know there's there's Every take out there is out there I mean There's the they hate each other they Like each other they're dogmen are the Pets the Bigfoot uh and you know Everything in between so I don't know It's kind of like people have been Saying it there's just until we're able

To observe these shirts happen in their Environment we're just never gonna know And honestly I don't expect anybody to Know I'm just curious what your thoughts Are that's why I asked the question and I may have asked a similar question in The past but I just happen to be Listening to Tony Merkel being Interviewed on a different and show that He he played on his confessionals Podcast page and it was a good interview He was being interviewed and talking About you know New Orleans and stuff but Uh but they were talking about dog man In there and the Rougarou and such and That discussion came up and I'm like Yeah I wonder what people think so That's why I decided to ask the question And see what people thought because I Don't know what to think I I really Don't and and granted none of us do I Guess I think I think that probably They're largely territorial like they Have their own places and they try to Avoid each other because again as was Brought up like anything that fights in Nature risks being wounded and if you're Wounded if you're like say you're a Family clan of Sasquatch and you're the Primary Alpha and you get wounded maybe You won't be able to provide for your Family you know you won't I mean they Don't go to the hospitals they don't Have clinics so whatever gets injured

Just has to heal the slow old-fashioned Way they don't get stitched up they Don't get antibiotics and things like That that speed healing so uh a wound Could be fatal you know so Um I mean wounds for everything can be Fatal but you know what I mean like a You know what might for us be a more Benign wound for them could be Life-altering you know so True so yeah that's that's a good point I mean plus Um their claws could be a way to cause Infection too Right yeah and what if their claws were Real septic yeah I mean we don't know we Don't know Um there were I mean that could be who Knows how how diabolical and intelligent These things are but there were there Were plenty of of old ancient tribes That would dip their weapons in like Fecal matter before going into battle Because that way if they just cut Somebody they would be you know possibly Introducing a toxic infection you know So it's either going to kill you now or In a week you know but uh you're Probably not going to fare real well if You get cut and maybe these things are Just as smart maybe they grab a pile of Poop before they go in and you know Because they're gonna they're gonna be Laying laying cuts on things

That's what um in Vietnam that's what They did as well did the Vietnamese Would um play their traps the spike Traps with um a bunch of poop and um Just a bunch of other stuff so that if You did land in it even if it just cut Your foot that's a huge infection yeah Well anyway folks this has been the Question of the week Let's get on with the rest of our show Let me do this I thought it was going to Come up automatically All right folks we're back at it here on The Paranormal portal and again the ball Is back here the little ball is right Back there by the skull next to the Glowing Moon on the table behind me Um and I figured we'd do a little bit a little Bit of talking Um again I've I've only twice had Skype Fail on me since I've been doing this Show I've had a lot of things fail but Skype has never been one of them that Just suddenly crashed for no no reason No indication just suddenly it was gone It wasn't like even an error popped up It was just like it was closed and that Certainly wasn't me Ghost Radar then you Know shows uh some kind of figure Standing maybe right here I don't know It was right be right no it was on my on My uh left side behind me and uh you Know Sheldon you weren't there Suddenly

It's like well that's strange So Um given that it's not been happening Much I think it's it's incredibly interesting Yeah it's very cool coincidence or not Coincidence or not but what I thought we Would do then is uh let's see if we can Get some uh communication going so I will tell you again I I mentioned that I've been reviewing the footage of the Davenport Hotel and I will tell you that We did the flashlight test Charles and I Down in the lobby at about 2 A.M uh in The Davenport Hotel we didn't have Exclusive access to the hotel so there's Things going on that'll have to edit out People walking by and stuff like that But but we got We got somebody talking to us because The lights were coming on right at Q and Going off when we asked and it was just Incredible but interestingly enough we Weren't getting a lot of a lot of Feedback but he and Charles and I just Started talking about things like Psychics and about spirits and about you Know Davenport in his life Mr Davenport's uh Lewis Louis Davenport who Built the hotel and the interesting Thing was this man was uh apparently a Wonderful wonderful man he and his wife But he started his whole business with a Waffle stand

And ended up making one of the most Beautiful ornate Jewel box hotels that I've ever been in it just is opulent It's beautiful Says It didn't say a word Why didn't it say it The sound is on Maybe the volume's down Gotta make sure it's all the way up here Oh shoot what did I do I did a I took a Picture of it sorry I don't know what to say no I it says Bullet B-u-l-l-e-t Oh look at this Why aren't you talking Why aren't you saying something Says we live on But why is there no sound That's unusual It has been talking Some Another thing going on yeah another Thing going on it's not It said we live on and bullet Well we're glad you live on WE that's Been kind of our journey here on the Portal and it's interesting because I Talk about how I want answers to all of This stuff and we live on comes on on Here So I'm glad to hear that of course I do Believe we do and I always have believed

We do but what do you do here are you Always here do you just visit what what Is what is this situation for you and of Course I'm speaking to the spirit or Spirits that are trying to communicate With us But what I noticed when I was Investigating with with Charles was that We didn't get a lot of activity right Away but we just started having this Dialogue between Charles and I and Suddenly the when we'd say something the Flashlight would come on like boom like It was agreeing and then we were able to Build a dialogue off of that response Like it was just sitting there listening And it was really cool and then once we Started you know going getting that Interaction happening the flashlights Were just spot on it was just incredible I'm really excited to show you guys that Video Says we make noises Do you Did you make my computer program close Did you affect my computer was that Happening yeah I'm wondering why I don't Have sound oh I have an idea it might be Going through a might be going through My Bluetooth to something else It could just be something stupid like That right let me turn off Bluetooth it Could be yeah there we go all right Maybe now we'll get some kind of actual

Words Okay I mean you're sitting there afraid Hearing noises around him it's like what Is it why is he talking in my video game Sarah yeah it was it was going to my my Bluetooth headsets which is next right Next to me Sarah we live on Sarah and bullet Okay but Sarah Sarah Connor no don't mock the Spirits you're going to end up causing Me troubles Um Sarah is are were you a former Resident of this home Did you live here Or did you live in the area We'll see if we can get Sarah to say Anything And maybe we should just be a continued Dialogue maybe we should just have a Discussion Among Us anybody in the chat What do you think is this a weird night Or what Uh again it was pretty freaky that Skype Closed that the Ghost Radar picked up Something and it said everyone Um I thought that was pretty pretty Fascinating and now this device that I'm Holding Uh is called Spirit talker and this is One we've been kind of reviewing on the Channel uh for a few weeks now and Money money Absolutely

Uh do you want to donate to the show If you do I'd really appreciate it There's a PayPal link right on your Screen or maybe you don't have screens Maybe you can see it on my screen It's uh donate PayPal dot me slash Paranormal portal Just I don't know if Spears can donate But they can they can manipulate Electronics so maybe some of these PayPal is going to be a little thin Tomorrow Rachel has a suggestion saying can you See the moon and stars that's a great Question so Spirit that's here talking To us are you able to see the moon and The stars at night oh Don't antagonize Oh I apologize if I'm coming I apologize Yeah that's I don't mean any disrespect God for to forgive me I don't mean to Antagonize you in any way we we of Course want to be respectful and kind And and thank you for the conversation But we do have questions Excuse me And and we can't see things the way you See them oh Caleb thank you so much wow Oh my God It was a premonition it was a Premonition it said money I'm not antagonizing just for the record I'm sorry if that's if I've seemed Disrespectful it's really not targeted

At you Um it's just me being stupid which is Honestly most of my life same it's okay Yeah I mean so so don't think I'm Disrespecting you I'm just being the Normal idiot that I always am But uh I would love to hear more from You I'd love to hear What do you think of all of this can you See and experience things like the night Sky the same way you did in life Can you see the moon in the stars or do Things look different for you What do you see From your perspective because we can't Understand Demonstrate I don't know how to Demonstrate Um were you formerly a person or have You never been a person are you a some Other type of intelligence And if so what type would you mind Telling us This is our opportunity to communicate With you and through this device that I'm holding hopefully you're able to Effectively communicate back with us so If there is some way you can share Some insight to your experience we would Really appreciate it because We just don't understand Oh that's a good question And if this is Sarah we're speaking to That's the only name that's come up

Sarah did you have a faith did you have A religious observation or do you have a Religious observation or faith that you Practiced in Life or currently Still practice Nationality are you yeah And Sarah what nationality we get a lot Of questions Sarah people are really Wanting to understand who we're speaking With and so any of these questions that You can answer or choose to answer we Would really appreciate This is an opportunity for us to Understand Your experience a little better Oh Victor are we speaking with a Victor now Is that who we're speaking to Is Victor are were you uh formerly Living in this home Is this where you experienced your life Or are you just stopping in So we'll keep an eye on it and see what Responses we get I gotta admit the more That we're using this and this is this Is another consideration I had was that Maybe Maybe that's the learning curve That I keep referring to Aha Good I'm glad you're happy thank you uh We certainly want you to be happy and we Certainly want to share in this Experience with you so thank you for

Being happy to be here or talking with Us we're happy to hear from you But Am I speaking with Victor is that your Name Or is that just what you want to be Called Well we'll have to wait and see Sometimes responses come quick sometimes They don't we what we don't know is Is this an energetically exhausting Thing for spirits to do is this Cumbersome and tiring or is it just take A while to formulate responses now when I was doing the EVP session with my Recorder uh live on the show I think it's really important that you Leave at least 10 seconds after every Question and I suppose it's the same for This kind of device you're asking you're Asking a lot of these of these Intelligences these spirits and maybe It's not easy to do maybe they have to Work at it but what I was mentioning Before is I think The more that I've used this Done down okay I don't know what that means Not sure what the word down is referring To if you can give me more More understanding of what that word Means or what does that relate to I Would appreciate any guidance or or Information because the word down by

Itself Just means below me Below me is dirt so well after the floor I mean I got floors here but you know Um But anyway I think that the more I've Used this the more the responses seem Relevant to Some kind of theme or discussion some of These names seem a little random but I Was being kind of cocky just being Cheeky and don't antagonize came through And I'm I'm really impressed by that Because it was very relevant to what was Going on at that moment so I think those are pretty solid hits like They they would seem to suggest That there is there is you know an Observation an active observation of me And what I'm doing as well as what this Spirit could be thinking And I think that that's very powerful so Yeah we'll keep keep tracking it but uh Again if there is a spirit here there's This little ball right here that I'm Pointing right at if you can move this Little ball a little bit or maybe just By touching it because you're energetic Could show us that you're present Or if you can appear on the Ghost Radar And make that go off to show us that Where you are in this room that would be Wonderful too oh This is dark

Strangled strangled oh no oh I hope That's not the story of your passing Whether it's Victor or Sarah or whomever I hope that that wasn't The way that you ended your life Or your life was ended for you Um Again I don't know of any any stories Or history of this house or area that Would relate to that So that doesn't make so much sense to me Personally but I don't know What is the distance like do these have To be local Spirits could they just Could they be from anywhere maybe They're wandering and because we're Having this discussion Maybe it serves as a beacon to them they Reach oh I can maybe share share Something now I'm certainly sorry if that's how you Met your end Um that's terrible To Oh We love talking well we love talking too So I I hope I hope you will continue to To share and and let us know about you We just want to understand We mean no disrespect we come only in Peace and love but we want to understand What is your experience and again Can you see the stars in the sky at Night are you able to observe those

Or The moon or or does it look completely Different for you We don't understand how you see oh Between between So maybe you see the light in the stars The stars and the moon but you see other Things more between I wonder that's interesting I you know and again part of it is is You you get these little pieces and you Try to Flesh it out into the narrative how does That relate to what I'm asking well I Could be absolutely wrong maybe they see Something different like it's between Worlds kind of thing they see a little Bit of our world and a little bit of Their world or or something to that Effect we don't know Um yeah I find it interesting That that these these That we and I don't think there's any Difference between us and these other Intelligences other than you know I'm Sure there's differences but you know What I mean whether they're they're The state of their soul I don't know They could be damaged tortured Souls They could be shattered Souls they could Be fragments of souls we just don't know But they exist energetically and I think That's We Exist energetically at our Core as well as an integrated whole

Spirit but we don't know if these are And I don't mean to sound condescending Because it's not that at all but we Don't know if these are actual Full-fledged souls and personalities are These fragments of personalities maybe Some something that was broken off of a Person if they went through a horrible Event or something just some you know How people psychologically shatter you Know maybe some of these Earthbound Spirits are are the fragments of some of That but they still retain a Consciousness abandon Were you abandoned I'm so sorry if you were abandoned that Must that must feel feel very sad Um yeah that's certainly not good nobody Wants you to be abandoned what are you Taking calls right now Um I mean we can sure Brenda is on the line Uh no she's not Oh no she is okay she just popped up now All right let's get to the call and uh We'll keep rolling on this to see what Else comes through and this is Brenda How you doing Hi I'm good how are you doing good thank You thanks for calling in good we can Hear you good hey awesome Yeah the first time I called I just Heard you talk I just joined the show I Want to go through it convention or

Something No it's fine you're you're coming Through loud and clear Okay cool hi everybody Uh I I I I have a really really really Really strong feeling that Who might be talking tonight is not a Spirit okay named Sarah Or a spirit that resided in your house Before I had this feeling that it Somebody I know oh Okay uh My heart is beating a mile a minute I'm Sorry if you start where So uh the four words at that the Spirit Box started saying tonight Um I could pretty much explain to you That almost every single phrase Or name whatever okay it is directly Related to my sister that passed March Oh okay wow I got chills everywhere Sorry I really I'm serious I'm chilled All over head to toe yeah Um what was the first word that it said Because I really tired I'm not Remembering everything the first thing It said was bullets and then Do you remember what the second one was Sheldon No I don't either but uh since I Returned it on to get the sound working It said Sarah money Don't don't Antagonize yep don't then take it guys

Oh here's another one coming Bullet relates to my sister because I Had a dog named Buster uh-huh she was Definitely afraid of big dogs he was a Bulldog Mastiff mix okay And she would She wouldn't call him buster Because she called him two names she Called him Mr Suede and she called him Bullet because he ran like he was shot Out of a bullet he was a big dog but he Had this humongous hunches like he could Look like a dog that would be a Bodybuilder sure and he helped her get Over her fear of big dogs okay so the Bullet May relate to that may not be a Uh physical bullet you know from a gun Right okay the next thing was Sarah all Right yep her name was Catherine her Name was not Sarah but my daughter's Name is Sarah oh and they were pretty Close for a long time oh that's Beautiful okay And then yeah yeah so I may just be Tired and crazy but I just could not Resist calling in because there's so Much that has happened with her Um between her and I the last two weeks Since I had to I knew and I knew people Were hearing me talking to chat so Anyways uh I also had a yard sale today And sold Most of my daughter's Sarah's wedding Stuff and last summer

That could relate to Sarah yeah because There was money involved right I didn't Make that I put into it of course it Just didn't happen right but I I mean we Helped a lot of people I made a lot of People happy oh good Um Yeah so that could be it so it's the Last time I had a yard sale her here was For her and her husband Downsized I'm sorry well no it said monk Just a second ago a monk it said monks Okay I'm not sure if that would relate To okay this is a Sarah and money and Then there was adult antagonized me yeah Don't antagonize but I thought that I Was being kind of silly If there was probably one word that Described my sister Or one phrase that's it Anthology or Settlement he was the oldest sister What did I say our settlement Oh my God okay Okay But she would say things to us like Because she was the oldest sister uh the Fourth of 11 kids and she would say Don't antagonize me leave me alone you Know he was a seriously seriously and She used words like antagonize you know And here we are like four five six seven Years ago going what does that mean you Know She was 13 when I was born wow did it

Just say something again no no it's it It's it's it's since you've been on the Phone and said forward monk in our Settlement but Um the word strangled the word strangled Did come up does that relate Actually it has oh Um her husband Um serious this is the hardest part for Me right now uh all uh words that were Said Yeah Try to strangle her oh it just said I'm Going to say I'm going to leave Oh my God it's okay Um All right Um When you know it said we live on right Yes I mean that's obviously that most Time it says One word am I correct yeah I mean it Does say it does say groups of words Sometimes yeah and it's answering it's Answering right false it sounds funny I Mean that that would probably be a Message from any Spirit Um comfort us I guess would say sure That's even though my sister was the big Sister that they're antagonize me leave Me alone and that she would be the first One to say You know uh don't worry you know we live On or you know comforting things

Oh that's sweet and then Yes unfortunately Horizon did try to Strangle her I was on my way there and Uh police were already there when I got There I helped her move out uh we helped Her with their divorce settlement oh so Unfortunately she did go back to him in These last few years before she died oh I'm so sorry Yeah but all in all he was not a good Person Um and if she's saying she was happy Yeah that relates to her because she Really really really struggled with her Mental health Mostly because of him and mostly because About 25 years ago he approved 22 electric shaft therapies on her with No one in the family knowing Um not even her son knowing his daughter Knew And it was by a psychiatrist in town That is very well known for those things Like uh doctor's group I worked for with 40 doctors would not refer To that psychiatrist anymore years ago He's not a nice guy no kidding it just Said look we're here say the least so is She saying I'm happy she is saying that As a message to let me or us know That she's happy because a week ago Monday I had a psychic reading by Mama Median Jenny can't tell me

Who I have a monthly membership thing With so once a month he does a zoom Group reading and my sister came through And she said for basically the same Thing that I'm happy the pain is gone Wow And she wasn't one that really had a lot Of physical pain sure yeah she was the Oldest of my sisters Physically in the best shape but so that Tells you anything so That there was so much in the reading That I had from her but it was basically Uh her and my mom and it was a huge Reassurance except That she told me she is with the sister That is ill and we have two other Sisters that are just younger than her Other both heavens health issues so A little bit confident you must help So it said two things now it said look We're here and then right after that you Said that she and your mom came through And they're reading so look where here Seems to apply and then you just talked About oh my God you just talked about The six sisters and she said you must Help So Oh my God because There's my mom Monday Because my mom wanted to thank me for I'm a nurse Healthcare for 35 years sure and

The last 15 years that I worked I was able to Work what's called PRN as needed Um I obviously I helped when my dad was Ill he died 2001. Um my other sisters and nurse also we Both helped my mom was still had to go In the nursing home I was I lived right Behind her I was you know I was a daily Caretaker and out all the ways and I Sister that died two years ago three Years ago with ovarian cancer she lived In California asked me if she could come Back to Indiana to die and I redecorated A room in my house for her and she died Here So my mom said to me in the reading Thank you so much for all the help that You've given everybody And my sister that just passed said I'm Watching over your sister that's sick What'd it say prepare Oh my God My sister that just died said I'm watching over this sister that's ill And it's worse than you guys think oh Wow my sister that is one of them that's Had problems my other sister and I and My husband Um one on the cruise together in March We've been trying to talk to her son Ever since because her memory is really Bad and she is was down to

89 pounds okay she's always been skinny Her nickname is Twiggy You know Twiggy 2016. that was her Nickname was because what's that the Model yeah Twiggy the model yeah Oh yeah yeah I thought it was fake yeah But yeah I I honestly Grant If there is 10 out of 10 and I I think it's my Sister trying to come through it seems Like it's so many weird things happen And today during the yard sale I was Coming back from the house after coming In to check on the dog and my phone rang And it showed up Kathleen and that's her Name oh wow okay and I ran I ran to Where my other sister was I could show Her what was showing up on my phone and The call stopped before I got there Because we have a long Driveway in the uh like two or three Acres here and so That's when I got there didn't show up And it didn't show up my call log it's Supposed to believe me and I had her I have other sister text my Husband because people were asking me About some of the stuff in the garage Sale She called in and he said no I turned Kathy's phone off in April Oh That's powerful

Yeah I I say I'm not surprised he didn't Do it the day after she died that's sure Yeah wow we had called in the ass if he Wanted us to sell our neighbor Belongings or anything he said no I Already got rid of everything oh okay And then kind of hung up so oh geez well I I hope I'm so sorry I'm not trying to Be a crappy person no but I have no love Lost for my Ex-brother-law no I don't I really doubt Yeah it's funny it said it said a bad Spirit And it says sit and listen no so Oh my God yeah yeah yeah yeah because That all makes sense yeah he is a bad Spirit yeah it's a very bad Spirit he's The guy that you know he used to be a Pastor and he thinks he knows everything And Oh and not saying that anybody that's a Pastor I mean obviously I'm not dissing That no profession at all they're you Know but He's he's disingenuous I'll say that Much yeah I know too much about him yeah Exactly wow well I think it's what did It just say dance Dance okay yep I'm not sure what that Would mean well maybe she's Uh maybe she's dancing now because he Would never dance with her or maybe She's dancing because she's well I Haven't heard that I'm sorry thank you

For listening oh thank you so much Crazy no actually I I think it's really Cool because You know I I it's funny because Deb Actually when I were talking after we Did this one night on the show and she's Like you know I it's almost like it's Responding to people in the chat and and I never really thought about that before Deb said it and now you're calling and Going hey I think I know who this is and I think that's incredibly powerful I Didn't know we were doing readings Tonight but uh apparently we got a head Start on Deb well I I have I have a really uh this last 10 Years so I really know realize how much Um Ability I have to communicate and see The signs and you know good every Psychic I've ever had a reading from They tell me and reuse these things too And you have abilities The word important just came through So oh okay that must be important yeah It must be important for you to realize That yeah It might be it might be but I I just Don't really have any desire to Be a person that you know would Be a I can tell people things I would Say Vito this is why or whatever and Yeah and it comes through and they're Like you must be psychic and I'm like

It's just a feeling I'm going with the Feeling I'm going with Vibe well that's What psychic is I mean really I don't Want to earn money from it I don't want To even do I don't want to invite Anything else in I have enough going on Yeah I think I think that's It says I'm only six I don't know who this is okay some Something came through said I'm only six Yeah Okay that might be something different Now but I I think that's incredible and I really appreciate you calling in Because that that brings a whole huge Level of Credibility to this this is why I'm Doing it on the show as I'm testing this App because I want to use it when I'm Investigating but I want I want to Believe in it you know this is the one That glitched a lot when we first you Appreciate it right yes oddly enough I Watched I watched a few shows that use It as well and one time there's glitched Out the same way and they were freaked Out they're like this never does this so I was like well maybe that was more wow It was I was just assuming maybe it Wasn't stable you know Yeah yeah exactly or maybe it's just Like a A therapy connection maybe to the other Side yeah Francis

Says Francis does that mean anything to You That's my dad's middle name oh okay yeah And he liked to be he liked to go by That because his first name was Cornelius oh Okay yeah you'd mentioned that so Apparently he decided to say hello too So it sounds like you've got a lot of People I have yeah sounds like you've Got a lot of people I have reach out to You oh and if you knew my family and if You knew my family they never stop Talking [Laughter] Average Catholic German you know yeah oh Okay this is awesome thank you so much So much Colleen because do you know the Name Bernadette yeah yes my mom wanted Me to read me that my mom wanted me to Name me Bernadette my dad said no Because people don't call her Bernie and That's a boy Wow you're bringing all kinds of Credibility hi Dad hi Kathy Cindy I'm Kevin hi Jenny that's all my poor Siblings my parents of the past my Nephew's Chris oh all my cousins I love You all thank you oh this is good whoa That's huge cleansing that is massive I Am I will sleep good tonight as long as They don't bother me and try it oh I Wake up sometime yeah what's that They're obviously with you I wake up

Sometimes Brett yeah oh they always are I wake up sometimes with them or someone Right in my face oh I think one night in The chat you were talking about it yes Yeah I do and I wake up and it's it's Not scary it's just startling and I'll Go no Sleeping yeah I do oh good for you he Said if I Hollow yeah it's great it Really is because I Yeah You know I I want to say this my mom and Dad raised 11 kids and every darn one of Us was Really good people and all of our kids Are really good people and you guys are Like a second family to me not when I Need it None of us have a house figured out to Have a party anymore well it's just um It just it just said John no too if that Means anything to you Yes it does uh uh my ex-husband was John but my dad 's grandfather with John oh okay and my Dad's grandfather came to him all the Time when he was dying all the time he Was a farmer my dad was still in bed the Bed with overall thoughts and he would Tell my dad you know I used to have that Too And it'll be okay it'll pass oh good oh Yeah that's so sweet I hope they were Talking about my ex-husband

Well I like the grandpa version better Well yeah me too thank you thank you so Much for calling in and I appreciate That a bunch thank you and and we will Uh guys we'll keep going here a little Bit I think we're gonna probably there's Lots of jobs in the chat too there's all These great jobs in the chat yeah did it Just say something again it did but it Was really dark I don't think I want to It said it said kill so I don't know What that what that means no no no Nobody's been killed in my family and Nobody has killed anybody so okay that's Somebody else we're I guess we're done I Guess we're done I guess the whole Family tree showed up for you so that's Pretty good yeah oh you know what I I Saw psychic two years ago in person I Had four of them come through wow she Said that is the first time I've had Four come through For me too apparently they're coming Through like crazy for you so [Laughter] Yeah Well thank you Brenda I appreciate you Calling in thank you so much guys have a Good night all right good night Everybody I love this chat the show Bye-bye we love you too good night Bye Wow that's incredible Well I think that's where we'll stop and

We'll do some Cryptid corner and uh Close it out but uh special thank you to Oh geez another Dark One Screams Okay okay You're not welcome this whole Darkness I Will antagonize you No we just won't we won't entertain that Anymore so nope we're gonna be cleansing The studio after this one yep time to go Yeah something else came in it's not so Happy So we won't be having that in the house That's not welcome To turn on this again I gotta turn everything back on there we Go what a powerful session though wow I Had chills I had chills just shooting Through me it's like oh my God Bernadette oh everything everything Coming up was just so relevant and it's Really neat because to me it just seemed Random But it it's like this was a an Avenue of Communication that Allegedly they took and yeah and it Reinforced so much from her her reading That she had and her own knowledge So she's I mean to compel her to come Forward and say I think I know who You're talking to it's like wow I was Taken aback like well Is that possible and then she started Naming those things I'm like oh my God

He's just getting chills like oof that's So powerful amazing and and I'm actually Really honored because I mean to be able To bring healing even through a ghost Hunting app you know to me is is special That's incredible and and it really uh Actually gives me a hell of a lot more Faith in that app that's what this has Been about is me just testing it live on The shows because you know if I'm going To be using this app when I'm Investigating I got to be able to at Least kind of believe that what I'm Getting is relevant not just a bunch of Regurgitated algorithms spitting out Random words Uh you know and so that's what's huge Wow yeah that definitely didn't seem Like an algorithm no if it was that was A hell of an algorithm and that Programmers in the wrong line of work That's true yeah they just programmed God That's really powerful though very very Cool yeah thank you again for that call That was really special and not at all What I expected I was expecting maybe The ball of The Flash but Skype crashed The spirit showed up behind my shoulder Everyone came through on the Ghost Radar And then uh you know the the the the Session that we had was really powerful So this is a oh yeah Brenda said she had A she had a strong feeling to call in

Too oh good well I'm really really glad You did for a number of reasons first of All That's really I mean it really validates The experience Because without your call-in none of That some of it might have made sense But some of it seemed kind of random And then when you called in to tie it All together with your you know the Narrative why it made sense it's like oh Man so I have a whole new respect for This app now Um that's that to me is really selling It again I've watched it used on these Shows these YouTube shows that use it And it seemed relevant to there what They were doing but To have it happen in real time right Here on a live show and again ladies and Gentlemen believe it or not but this is Completely unscripted I mean we don't Have a plan we just have an idea of what We're going to do and we do it and Whatever happens happens Um you know I came home late so there's No time to plan for anything And I'm just not that good at planning Anything if you knew me in real life You'd know that that was the case So um yeah very powerful very cool what A magical night that's that's Outstanding what's oh you love had a Great great um even more on top of that

Notice how the frequency when Brenda was On the line yeah the frequency of the Talking a lot more more pointed words Yeah so it was very directed you're Absolutely right K-LOVE good point uh What is the name of the app it is called And I'll put it up on screen here I Won't launch it again because no one's In spirit talker yeah Spirit talker yeah I'm gonna put it up on the screen so That when people are looking this is What it should look like when you Download these apps it's on uh the Android and and on iPhone so it's there It does cost a couple bucks just so you Know but you know the only reason I Actually took the plunge in and bought It was because I'd seen it being used I'm like oh that seems uncannily Accurate to what's going on again I Don't know if these shows are real Scripted or how how it works but I'm not There doing it but just in these in These unbroken lines of footage it's Bringing up relevant things to what's Going on in in those experiences so if It's if it's edited they're doing a hell Of a job because I didn't catch the Seams and I was like you know I gotta Try out this app so I got it and uh I'm Really glad I did Um it's yeah there's another one that I Want to get that's made by the same Company it's called like a music box and

It and instead of generating words you Can cue it to trigger off of things like The motion so you put your phone down And uh if it goes off then something is Uh changing the position of your phone Just a little and triggering music like It sounds like the old uh um music box Music but I wonder if I can find that Just out of curiosity I want to just see Uh it's John John what John tip Brian asks do these apps affect Your contact lists No not that I I mean I don't let Anything I download on my phone access My con contact lists I never do It's like no I'm not into that oh let's See if we can find some of your friends It's like no yeah let's not Let's not get in touch with my address Book yeah so you can spam them too no I Never let apps do that I just want to Look and see if I can find the music box Box Uh plaque I know it's like um I'm like channeling my Well Bach was a musician so I mean You're close no I was uh I was trying to Say box But my my palette wasn't cooperating Um It's gonna be it's gonna be tough I'm Gonna have to look by the manufacturer To see who who made it because it's made

By the same people that make the spirit Talker Um I just saw it demonstrated on on the Yasco channel tonight And although this looks like some pretty Cool apps too but they're music related It has nothing to do with the Paranormal Portal so Um what I want to do guys is do a quick Uh story from the Cryptid corner and uh Um this one is uh from Phantoms and I saw a wolf man North Carolina witness Recalls frightening incidents Oh again Phantoms and monsters is lon Strickler's site it's a phenomenal site Definitely check it out check out what He's doing over there because you will Find thousands of encounter reports like This you will find Lon and his team's Research efforts into different Phenomena you'll find links to lon's Podcast which is Phantoms and monsters Radio and you'll find uh listings of Lon's published Works he's a published Author his books are also available Through Phantoms and monsters as well as I'm sure Amazon so check it out there's So much to see at Phantoms and Oh my God I'm surrounded by him there's Two behind me Oh surrounded It's okay they want to talk again yeah

Well I don't I don't know if it was the Last ones Oh yeah true yeah it's like I'm not sure I want to have a discussion fellas So no it'll be uh that just for the just For the record Um I do this here and I've always told People look there's a liability to doing This stuff Um I've always held the line you never Investigate where you live and and I do Still believe that I will tell you that There are there are things That I've set up in the studio that Should act as as repellents to the Negative energies being able to stick Around there are things in my home that Are positioned as such that are supposed To ward off dark and evil spirits and Stuff um and and I'm not going to go Into my own personal Traditions or Beliefs but I will just tell you that You should utilize things that's that Are powerful to you Um and I certainly have done that and I Do uh regularly do uh things to keep the Energy down now is it still it could Have still have a risk sure it could and Uh you know I don't ever try to attempt Fate and I don't try to push or or to Antagonize even though you know you're Being a little corny tonight and and got Got chastised a little bit but you know

I I do take protection very seriously It's something I've been practicing for Years and years and years Um and then and just to give you a Little window Um I've never talked about all of my Experiences with the Paranormal and I Probably never will Um there was there was a time when I Dealt with something extraordinary dark Extraordinarily dark And it was a it was a quite a battle Um and this was long before I ever had The Paranormal portal it was but it was One of those things where I learned a Lot about protection and about purging About cleansing about energy and and all Of those things because I was actively Attacked for a long time That's all I will say about it not Because I'm not wanting to share but It's it's just such a dark part of of my Life and and not that I was a horrible Person by any measure but I was just Targeted by something for a long time And it was it was truly an agonizing Period of my life so Um I do I do very sincerely practice What I preach and I and I do it very Consciously and very actively so I'm not Saying that's you know well I can keep Anything away I'm not coming in from it Coming at it from a place of ego but After after going through that uh you

Know you it's it's it leaves a footprint On you and it and it also uh makes you Take it real real seriously so even Though I like to have fun on the shows There's there's a very serious undertone To my regard for all of this so I don't I don't do it tongue-in-cheek you know Sincerely but I like to have fun on the Shows and keep things light so I just Want to put that out there so because I Really don't Advocate people doing this In their own in their own home go Somewhere and do it and and open safely Close safely and and cleanse and you Know release and then leave and leave Whatever it was there don't let it Follow you home so Um anyway I just wanted to put that out There so back to the Cryptid corner Um this is from Saturday April 22nd 2023. It says I saw a wolf man North Carolina Witness recalls frightening incident Yeah we should have enough time all Right it says Hi Mr strickler I've Really enjoyed your Phantoms and Monsters ebooks and blog over the last Few years I just finished the most Recent book which had several dog and Little humanoid encounters Well I like reading about these Encounters because it makes me feel Better to know that there are others out There who have had encounters with

Something that they can't explain I decided that I would send you my Weirdest story which happened to me as a Child I have seen and felt strange things Since then but this encounter was both The strangest thing that has ever Happened to me and I believe a catalyst For other unusual things in my life and An interest in them Several years ago I sent this encounter To another well-known researcher but I Never heard anything back and I'm not Surprised as it was pretty odd and seems Made up but it did happen When it was I have no idea what it was I Have no idea rather when I was a little Girl my pawpaw lived in an old farmhouse In the upper end of Cleveland County North Carolina and we used to go visit Him every Saturday My dad my mom my baby brother and I Along with usually several of my dad's Brothers his sister and their assorted Children would congregate after lunch at Paw paws our cousins would play together Outside and in and out of and out in the Woods which ran behind my paw paws farm And stretched for probably 10 miles to a Dirt road Beyond which was an apple orchard and a Cattle pasture this is the early 80s in A rural area back when kids could take Off into the woods for hours and it was

Okay We would all have dinner together and I And then hang out until bedtime for us Kids When we would all head home and at that Time I just turned eight my cousin Jay Was six me and I couldn't imagine Letting the eight and six-year-old run Around in the Woods by themselves my Brother and Jay's sister were both small Toddlers barely walking the night in Question Jay and I and our little Siblings were the only kids present at Papa's he and I had spent the day Playing in the woods as usual and out in The yard where Jay was trying to trying Out his prized brand new skateboard After supper we hung out on the back Bedroom watching TV until our parents Informed us that was time to go home Well pawpaw's house had a glassed in Porch which also served as a laundry Room in the front right outside the Kitchen Well this porch because of the way the Lot was laid out and the house was built Was fairly tall and looking out the Windows gave you a panoramic and Slightly elevated view of the backyard I'd speculate that the porch windows Were about 20 feet off the ground and The backyard sloped away from the porch The backyard was lit by two large lights One which was mounted to a pole on the

Left of the yard and the other mounted To the side of Papa's shop which was to The right Well they were very bright and each lit Up a fairly large area the only really Shadowy part of the backyard was the Area where a large tree stood casting a Shadow that fell between the shop and The greenhouse which was to the far left Of the yard and it was under this tree That Jay had left his skateboard when we Stopped playing to eat supper and he and I decided that we should go out and get It while our parents were still saying Their goodbyes in the kitchen The Wolf Man was in the backyard we saw Him at the same time as soon as we Entered the porch he was man-sized and He looked exactly like a werewolf wolf From a bad B movie it had a Shaggy dark Brown wolf man head with long pointed Ears and a lighter brown muzzle his Hands were human-like as best as I can Remember although they were covered in Dark fur and he had long claws He was wearing a red and black checkered Flannel shirt and blue jeans I don't Remember anything about his feet whether He had shoes or claws but his legs were Straight like a person's Not Bent Backwards like a dog and he was walking Back and forth in the yard almost robot Like her as if he were on a track I Can't really describe it well it was

Like his legs were moving a little but Not enough to actually count as walking It was more like he was gliding but in a Very jerky way His body was a human in proportion he Would move from the edge of the light Near the greenhouse across the light of The shop stepping when he reached the End of the illuminated area turning Around in a strange jerky way and then Gliding back his eyes were red and his And glowed some like one of those laser Lights that used to tease cats uh that Color was about that level of brightness And the only time he was out of our Sight was when he passed into the Shadowed area of the tree he seemed to Be showing off for us wanting us to see Him or at least that was what it felt Like The feeling that he carried with him was An overwhelm overwhelming malevolence I felt like he knew we were there and he Could see us watching and feel that we Were afraid and he was glad Not sure if that makes sense but it was What I felt at the time dread and fear Like he was aware of us and doing what He was doing on purpose to scare us Of course we freaked out and started Screaming for our parents and of course Once they all rushed out into the under The porch only to hear us hysterical Because the wolf man was in the backyard

And they said the usual parent things About overactive imagination and too Much Scooby-Doo Because even though he was there walking Back and forth right in front of them And we could both see him none of the Adults present could I remember pointing and saying it's out There and being really frustrated Because they couldn't see it and finally My dad determined to put an end to the Nonsense nonsense announced that he was Going to go out to the yard and get Jay's skateboard from under the tree we Tried to stop him but he went anyway and At that time The Wolf Man was still Doing his strange gliding walk back and Forth when my dad opened the porch door And hit the steps that led from the Porch to the yard he triggered the Motion sensor light which was on the Corner of the porch awning lighting up The shadow tree area just before this Happened The Wolf Man had stepped into That shadow area and disappeared from View in the dark when the light came on Lighting up the tree area The Wolf Man Was just gone It was as if he had just vanished Into Thin Air as they say and we never saw Him again though we became mildly Obsessed with werewolves for a while After that and started hoarding silver In case we needed to make silver bullets

When you are a child it's pretty amazing What you can consider normal we were Scared at the time that it happened but It's like afterwards it didn't feel Completely real because it was so Bizarre and we sort of made a game out Of it a few weird things happened to us In the woods after that but nothing that Could be considered paranormal Beyond Doubt and nothing like seeing the Wolfman Years past but I always wondered about What we saw that night my cousin and I Forgot about it all together I asked him About it just for a few months and he Didn't remember it at all what are what Really brought it back to my memory was The story and Linda Godfrey's real Wolfman about a girl who saw the Hitchhiking werewolf wearing clothes Before that I'd never seen a serious Report of a canine or looping humanoid Lupine humanoid wearing clothes in in Any publication I don't often tell Anyone about the wolf man we saw because It sounds so completely crazy of course My parents and Jay's parents never for One second believe we saw anything I don't fully know the history in the Land around paw paws I know that there Were lots of catalba Indians in that Area before the Colonial times and that There are several strange formations in That part of the country that people

Claim are Indian mounds though none of Them seem to be officially recognized as Such There have been several Bigfoot Flaps in That county as well and there are black Panthers there and I've seen both black And tan Panthers as as my father and Many Hunters he knows but though they're Not in my opinion anything Supernatural Just regular animals I have no idea to this day what it was That we saw in the backyard and I find It hard to believe that it was actually A werewolf but I feel like it was Something paranormal seeing it cause me To have a lifelong interest in Cryptozoology in the 40 and phenomena I've thought a lot about it and I sort Of feel like John Keel was right when he Suggested that there was something out There that messes with us just because It can Like maybe something that wanted to be Scary and new that a stereotypical Werewolf would frighten some little kids I even wondered if it could have been Someone dressed in a costume playing a Prank but that would explain the weird Gliding and natural way it moved or the Way it was able to disappear so fast Hold on I gotta I gotta kill the network Here a sec One second one second All right let me get this off

Include the inability okay there we go All right so that's gone I'm sorry it Didn't close the show for the network But oh well Um It said I've even wondered if it could Have been someone dressed in a costume Playing a prank but that wouldn't Explain the weird gliding unnatural way That it moved or the way it was able to Disappear so fast or the fact that Apparently five adults couldn't see it Even though two kids could Just thought that this might interest You because of the novelty it sounds so Out there and frankly made up that I Doubt anyone would believe it anyway I've told maybe four people my entire Life about it including my ex-husband Who did not believe me I've never even Mentioned it to my current husband Because it's just so weird I would however be interested to know if Anyone else out there has experienced Anything similar either a werewolf type Form dressed in clothing or something That they felt was something pretending To be something that it really was not For whatever reason I feel strongly that This is what was happening I appreciate you taking the time to read This and have really enjoyed your work Good luck with your research from KH That's really interesting I I don't see

Any any responses Of anyone chiming in even lawn but I Will tell you that I've heard a handful Maybe three reports Firsthand talking to people that have Witnessed what they said was like a dog Man except it had clothes on And it's incredibly rare and it almost Sounds like a shape-shifter kind of Thing but in this case you know it Doesn't sound like it was physically There at least from the adult's Perspective but it was for the kids Which maybe is a trans-dimensional or You know something to do with their Young minds not being totally out of the Theta state yet maybe they could Perceive it more than us adults could so Very interesting but ladies and Gentlemen that's our show for tonight I Hope you guys have had a good time I Hope you've uh appreciated this foray Into the Paranormal portal and it turned Out to be a lot more paranormal than Normal Absolutely yeah What'd you think Sheldon did you have a Good time Amazing time especially with the the Highlight in my opinion was uh that Reading with that app that was amazing So wild I'm just kind of really Blown Away by that it's not the uh not the Function I would have said you know even

Guessed for an app like this to come Through and and be a voice you know of Comfort and closure for for Brenda That's just amazing I I'm just so Thrilled that she called in and ladies And gentlemen if you ever get that Compelling feeling like I really need to Call in then please do because maybe There's something you have to share that People need to hear or or that's will Help us all you know I mean don't ever Be afraid to call in uh the phone lines Are my favorite part of the shows always Have been because it's an opportunity to Talk to you and it's it's one of the Reasons I love doing the podcast so much Is I get to for an hour roughly of every Episode sometimes longer sometimes less Talk to people about what they've seen And experienced and it's just to me it's It's incredible it's like you know truly Living a dream but doing these shows is A dream too so anyway thank you all so Much for being here Sheldon thank you For making it tonight yes of course okay Anything in closing Absolutely Um if you guys want to join the Discord Community all the Great Links and chats Up in there the link is right at the top Of the chat the Paranormal Portal link otherwise Going through this once again is the Home base for the Paranormal portal

Paranormal portal.nets where you can Have you can find all the latest podcast Episodes Um if you even have a story that you Want to share with Dad for an interview You can even schedule it there uh the Youtube link more about Dad contact list Whatever you need it's all there more About that and then dance or dad they're Dead stuff everywhere It's a danorama over here at Hahaha All right folks well that's all we got Time for tonight remember Deb Varner Joins us tomorrow night to do live Readings here on the show love to have You call in and take part in that so uh Remember if you do call in early same Number that you're seeing on the screen Right now below my face that's the Number you'll call tomorrow night and Just hold the line again if you're going To call internationally and you don't Want to be on hold for an hour call in Really early like all before the show Even launches so you're right at the top End of the queue because I really feel Bad sometimes I don't realize that There's international calls until I get Down the queue and it's like oh my God 45 minutes I've been waiting and it just You know it makes me feel bad because I Know international rates can be

Horrifying so if you're if you're Calling internationally please call in Early I will do my best to move you Forward if I see it but I may not see it Because we get a full cue every time Deb Comes on so Um if if that's the case just please Call in early but uh hold the line and We'll get to you as soon as we can uh And we'll talk about more of that Tomorrow night so until then ladies and Gentlemen remember we love you all be Good be kind be nice take care of each Other help each other out find the magic In every day and remember to laugh as Much as you can and we'll be back Tomorrow night I'll be back tomorrow Night Sheldon you'll be back next Friday Again That's right is that the plan going Forward okay that's the plan you're my Friday show buddy okay all right fun day Every day all right guys love you all We'll talk to you tomorrow night until Then thank you so much for being a part Of the journey thank you to Brenda for The call thank you to Caleb for the Super Chat thank you to our members Thank you to everybody who likes and Subscribes and uh thank you to those That comments if you're not watching Live and thank you to those that share It out on social media and let other People know that this show is happening

So And thank you K Love and thanks Caleb For the donation yeah for sure all right Guys that's it for us good night Everybody we'll see you tomorrow night Until then Good night Thank you