Aliens have Brainwashed you

By | May 6, 2023
Aliens have Brainwashed you

What's your problem I said what's your problem How are you today sir okay how's it Going bye thank you Sir Oh God [Applause] Thank you Good evening folks and welcome to this Fine and I'm not a radiated evening Because I think I fixed the problem with The monitor Um where it's not burning my [ __ ] My skin off too early in the video maybe What if that was a long intro it was Past 15 seconds YouTube yes without Further Ado my partner in crime I'm not gonna say anything else because It's done because it's starting to get Too much what you're saying when you Introduce me to the point where I I'm I I feel uncomfortable you're not gonna Stay in the same room as me in America Are we still in the same movie we've got Separate rooms I don't know if Dave said Something about a sleeping bag just one Of them

Did he he hasn't said that to me You might want to just message him after The show I'll be fine I'm I'm rugged Hahaha [Laughter] How you do mate I'm all right I've never Right I've never understood the tops toe thing No no just if you're gonna do it just Because you do because hey I don't Really want to sleep next to somebody's Feet and like the cockpits are still in The same place yes there's still risk of Like [ __ ] to [ __ ] or cocked bomb or bump To bomb it's Well I mean it's It's probably he's probably more you Don't want hair in your face you know Of the breath That's true Probably going to breathe another man With a foot in the mouth Exactly oh Fergie she wasn't Fergie into toe Sucking Quite possibly yeah I think so yeah I'm Sure there was something that the Press Put out on that uh but speaking of foot In mouth we'll get on with the show Before we get into trouble why not I Just want to thank the brand new patreon Member uh I nearly said his name I'm not gonna do That docs Master thank you so much my

Lad appreciate it and For the for the new channel members Paul Tucker and Um the UFO man who's rejoined uh from I Appreciate you guys uh the channel Um Is not the same without you it makes it Makes it just they did but it puts out I Don't know about your nipples leave it My nipples when we get them no I'm not Even I'm not starting about Tic Tac gate And my lack of one and the fact that Someone on The Tick Tock thing I'll make A ginger Tic Tac still got one and he Even stormed off the show and doesn't Speak to anyone anymore I'd love to speak to Rich again rich in The show I like Rich clever guy yeah he Was great on the show especially the Show we did about the um Oh the thingy Institute forgot the name Yeah yeah Absolutely brilliant I might click I've Got myself into some private video just Send it to him yeah I am I've got myself I mean I'm not I'm not Saying of Astral travels or anything Like that but I've got myself into some Very odd odd situations listen to those Gateway tapes I listen to Rich snorkel actually sent Me those I'd never heard of it he sent Me the Gateway uh

Um go experiences it he sent me some Downloads of it yeah and I listened to Them when I was when I was in hospital And it was absolutely fantastic I Actually closed my eyes and I could see Purple light it was weird Really really weird uh I recommend they Might even pass out Yeah but yeah it um He didn't make me pass out unfortunately Um but yeah there he is there's the guy Paul took it in the house thank you my Friend much appreciated we look love the Love Um So tonight's show people I think from We kind of saw Um and we kind of expected it when we Interviewed uh Michael Horn a bit of a Backlash when it comes to the Believers Of the Maya case or just him and his uh Like soccer counts which is what I think It might be But with all due respect to that Community and I respect any community in In The UFO will paranormal world because You know it's it's bizarre believe what You want to believe But my worry With This field is The massive push we've seen over the Last few years when it comes to getting

Ufology in mainstream media And I know you said this a few times Lee Where's the end game what is this Leading to hmm And I also wanted to put a bit of they Live in there because okay Joe up don't Like the film Oh nice it's the concept is genius Execution not so much well if you like That cheesy 80s style low budget no no Look Hey listen look I've got they live Pop yeah look look there was something There's been some good horror movies in The 80s mate That wasn't wonderful no so Roddy Roddy Pipe is that interesting though isn't he Like he went sort of super awake like The Um like relocated his his whole family Right off to live on a mountain Somewhere and the um Yeah he Uh he had some really interesting views Towards the end of his life it would Have been interesting I wish he'd stayed Alive Well absolutely I was I was a big right If I found when I was a kid he was he Was one of my favorites Um The uh but I I would be it would have been Interesting if he'd have still been

Around Over the last couple of years I think The The They live thing although a Cheesy movie A little budget movie there was a reason He did that you know there was a reason There was a reason he did that that role And I think he would he would have very Much been a a like a a quiet conspiracy Theorist of his time I think I never knew that I thought he just I'd Fight he just got told to do a film And did the film oddly enough pro Wrestlers there's been Um Oh Conspiracies around them like the rock No no no like like conspiracy theorist I Mean uh Chris Jericho has had like flat Earthers and stuff like that on the Turkish Jericho podcast Um the he uh he AJ Styles Um in a Um like a It was one of those things they tried Doing like a talk show after Smackdown For a while I can't remember what it was Called if it wasn't called tokens Max Something went wrong Um the Uh and AJ Styles essentially came out as A flat earther AJ Styles is one of my Favorite wrestlers of all time

Um he is my son's namesake because oh I Didn't really want to call my son Alan So um what I did do was Um my uh My My name is my my son shares my middle Name and my surname Uh and I managed to and with his first Name I just don't like saying names on The internet sorry uh but his his admit That I don't like it yeah yeah his Initials are ajs to AJ Styles Um nice yeah so the uh then there was The humming Media Group of uh with Stevie Richards who I I was almost got Involved in a radio station in New York Actually with on on the same thing as That Stevie Richard was doing I remember That yeah yeah it just never it never it Never worked it would have been I I was under the impression is that the The one that you interviewed and then They offered you yeah yeah we still We're still friends on um Twitter I Might hit him up about an interview to Come on here Um the Way yeah with time zones and stuff it Would have been impossible because it Was live radio I thought it was a case Of just taking Mercy audio as a Pre-recorded show and then Pre-recording that show and then that Game played at some point on radio but

You've been a vampire yeah the chances Of Um Of me getting a slot on that which would Have Fitted with our time zone is [ __ ] not Gonna happen uh but yeah the uh Stevie Richards that people if anyone remembers The Attitude Era they might remember Steve Richards who was in in the Blue World Order in WWE uh he is like Um and out there conspiracy theorist Um they used to have a show called The Conspiracy Horsemen Um it was him Benjamin and Somebody else who I forgot Um I've forgot now But yeah yeah the there's always been That thing where like the the the Wrestlers that used to be on these Conspiracy shows would always say Obviously if you're if you're involved In like an angle in wrestling it's Called a work And um they they would always say that a Worker can see a work a mile off and That's why these guys feel that Wrestlers could see conspiracy where They where it was So you you've you've was it ever said That why Randy Piper did they live was Because of that or is that what peop Some people just believe no nobody like This some of the stuff he said you know

It was very sort of new world Order-esque I listened to to Alex Jones Sort of stuff right so yeah do you do You think Do you think there's a lot of Truth to That Film though when you look at today's Society Do you think there is like what do you I Think do I think they walk among us type Stuff Maybe not the aliens that look like Skeletons are not aliens as such but do You think there is no doubt left so why Not do you think there is a higher power In control that could possibly not be Human And when I say that I don't mean Necessarily an alien Because we go down many different routes Here on alien are they we talk about Aliens we talk about demons we talk About Paranormal in general Do you think That's like this Massive steer when it comes to the Subject of UFOs extraterrestrials Um Do you think it's leading somewhere Well Let's Reverse engineer it then where

If we take things back to Um a simpler time like pre-911 sort of Time Um when we were the The Glory Days of YouTube we were all waking up on Sunday Morning with a rotten hangover flicking Our plastic MacBooks open and uh just Watching hours of Crazy stuff from that from like the Von Hilton talking about Um like alien spaceships that were going To come to Earth in 2012 or Um David Ike walking around London showing All the Masonic symbols it's symbology Uh and Alex Jones talking about the the New World Order and the globalists that Were all coming to get us Uh that all fell Although I would say believable in a way But it was kind of still like when you'd Watch a documentary about Um Bigfoot or aliens it was like it was Believable in a sense but uh You know it's it's fair yeah Um I I think we can We can't say without a shadow of a doubt Because you can't say anything without a Shadow of a doubt but um That New World Order thing looks a lot More real now The um yeah I mean

I told you about my mate doing like Years ago like with the uh that Nibiru Thing like he's been saying stuff like This for years and I'm like oh yeah but Maybe you panicked about Nibiru Um But now the times we live in now I'm kind of on board with that there's Something definitely Brewing yeah I mean And if I don't think it's good if well If you take that whole idea of like the Globalist New World Order thing you know That that's that was the or like the Illuminati agenda or something Um that's kind of got a face now It's got a face in the world economic Forum and that that face has a website And a chairman and yearly meet at Meetups whether where all of the world's Leaders get together with all the other Important politicians and businessmen And heads of tech industries and have a Conversation about how they think the World should should be led so we've gone From Um Alex Jones screaming outside of a Hotel the Bilderberg meeting where you Go right okay what you're saying is very Interesting it's interesting these Powerful people are going to meet up in A like in a hotel lobby and talk to each Other but that's not really strange but Then now you have Klaus Schwab Uh talking about how you know it's

Within the next decade we'll we'll all Have brain implants and You know it's the the the the koofers Being a uh like a a real chance to Reshape for a for a fourth and fifth Industrial Revolution for what third Industrial Revolution whichever Industrial Revolution it would be uh Fourth Um So regardless of whether what these People want to do is real It's there is definitely like 100 Percent a group of powerful people that Would like to bend the world to their Benefit let's say Now that Go go go Doesn't necessarily mean that that's not To our benefit as well who knows maybe Maybe that maybe they're right don't Think they are but uh that that that Organization the globalists is a real Entity now it's not just the ramp Rantings of Alex Jones slamming his Fists on the table talking about how They're going to turn frogs gay The globalists are [ __ ] real Did you speaking of like when people in Power and all that did because you you Normally send me something and I've not Noticed you send it on our group Have you seen the pope disappear Yes I have seen the pope disappear what

The [ __ ] do you make of that it's [ __ ] wild like all of the other stuff Is [ __ ] wild and it's you um This is the thing in one of these things That isolation is strange but then when You link that with the Um but what what appears to be world Leaders wearing masks Of them of themselves supposedly Supposedly Um The Oh there's The strange stories you know there was There was a certain laptop that was Recovered in New York I won't say the Name of the person because I'm sure I'll Get the video flagged but something like 40 police officers that saw that Committed suit Okay that one where you do it yourself 40 yard That's weird I thought it was 12 up Until the other day and somebody smarted Me up I was like actually it's a lot Um There's so like the world is so much Stranger and darker than we can possibly Imagine Has anybody caught with an explanation For this right as like a Vanishing Pope I don't think so as the Vatican say that Because I mean I'm not being funny you Can you can you can blame NASA on a uh

Something to do with the the stream Because it's so far up Are down whichever way you want to look At it Um I just don't know how he can say that This is this is something to do with the Glitch on the camera Because he he blatantly just disappears Yeah See Right there's a there's a wider Um conversation to be had here so Obviously this was on the news network I'm not sure what news network this was On Uh I'm Pretty pretty sure that the the idea was Why they wouldn't have a longer bloody Video I have no idea because that's it That's clearly a screen in front of that Window and that's if if any of it's even Real you know do you remains who's to Say that actual frame isn't something That's been created just to do this Um So I don't know why you wouldn't have a Long frame from walking away Yeah I mean but the way that he Disappears and then the camera Cuts Suggests to me that the Um the news network was in on what they Should be doing you know they they Should have cut to a different camera

Quick quicker than they did And they messed up It's just scary to think that like What what that well it's not I see That's the thing I don't think Everybody's in and I do think mainstream Media is like to a large part part You've seen that there sponsored by Fires a video haven't you Yeah yeah that's crazy why that that Pope one though I mean that is it's old It's not it's not new it's from two Years ago but people talking about it Now like it's like brand new is there Because they've done it just only Certain people have only just picked up On it yeah I I didn't realize it had Resurfaced its head Um Yeah recently it's kind of like people Just started to talk about it but There's so much of this stuff and Somebody wonder whether the internet got Away from these people Yeah they didn't they didn't expect Um like the level of sophistication of Like civilian tools and like civilian Journalists and the not not even Civilian journalists but The the I the fact that we would get to A point so quickly we would that would Go from YouTube To like literally two morons like us Being able to set a show up and then

Stream to hundreds of thousands of People a week well that's it and maybe We are morons because you know maybe That clip of the pope is actually just Something that You know when you get so far away the Camera will glitch I I tend to not things I've never seen That ever cameras don't make people Magic No but it's the same with the NASA one When the guy Fades out and at least he Fades out at least that could be Something that's a nice at least that Was a nice blend yeah yeah but that's Just a clear like a cut But Maybe that They could turn around and go well you Know what you're right yeah he wasn't Actually there he was in the Next Room Filming it and that was because we don't Want You know we don't want any risk of uh You know The old uh So He's not actually there And that's that that's perfectly fine I Get that as well Um I do I get I I can understand why you Would need to keep the pope safe Um I'm sure there's a few people don't Want him to be about

But it's still hard in it The odd is the all these the artist and This is the yeah Uh but we are getting into the uh I know I've said it before it's like the I and I always forget the real name of The of the theory whether it's it might Be this or not but it's that whole [ __ ] hypothesis That um all these things are purposely Thrown out like they're purposely put Out Um in order to confuse people And just keep just keep a a a mild Smattering of confusion everywhere How much [ __ ] do you need to say to Realize that it [ __ ] stinks because It's different flavors of [ __ ] so You you constantly it breeds conspiracy So then if if something breeds Conspiracy it kind of backs itself up Because then you can get enough people That will will go looking for things and Before you know it they've they've Created a whole chain of events that Make this one implausible thing Plausible Do you have that um Because I had not seen that before that UFO that you showed me and Dave that's Just is he just surface from the UK yeah You'll have to find that on our little Chat mate because my um my laptop is Streaming to tick tock and

I can't get it let me get it up because That is in that's interesting what did Dave say what it was um Magic They said he said he could be red like The Red Bull Um Oh the Red Bull Display yeah Maybe All right let me I'm not sure what what they'll be doing In the middle of the M25 Or whatever it was when was this Pro When was this put out Lee I I just saw It today and thought that's really Interesting like that's I've never seen This before yeah I've never seen it I Think I've seen something like it before Oddly enough but I can't remember where Let me bring out for you guys this is Somewhere in the UK you could tell it's The UK because They sound normal Yeah because we trust them implicitly Right here we go Foreign Yes it is Shall I make it big Made it big I'll make it bigger There we go you made it slightly bigger That's not fireworks What is that

See it's Nice I'll check out Young Einstein in The back there It's an object It's a thing it probably I mean it just Seems a bit late for an air show because Normally An air show is in the like I mean but And that but that's just like a full-on Right angle goes directly up and then Straight left that's really odd nice Spiral thing is is Um As you would say someone said Pyrotechnic drones Maybe We'll bring it up again why not let's Get it up again is anybody in the chat Has anybody seen this before Or is this an is this a new one That's not fireworks It's an object sorry about that That's morning I'll tell you that that Is a really early morning and I mean Like like stupid early morning because On the way on the way for a holiday go On it's just sad did we take any drugs In that club so they've just come back From a club I hope the person driving is not have a Drink but As long as he's not still driving I'm Sure he's fine Listen he says Foreign

Yeah it's I don't know if I was Wondering that whether you could see it Properly because I can't see it properly On my monitor but the um yeah they do Spiral it's like two balls they seem to Be like spiraling each other it's really Quite strange when you see it Um in in HD Yeah Yeah they they kind of go like the Red Bull planes they go around it kind of Yeah they do that thing but then it goes Into one object I know I do they or is it just Perspective I'm not sure and they also Seem to burn out too which would suggest Some sort of firework But Dead art again The world's just full of odd Where are we Does look like it comes to to one Thing That they could just be flying together As yeah I think I I I I I don't know I'd Have to look again on something that's Like Yeah I want to know the diff I want to Know the date How do you find out about on Tick Tock When it was put out does it I think if you if follow the link to Their account and you'll be able to see Maybe maybe I'll see where where it came

Out when it came out I can't [ __ ] [ __ ] I can't follow it Because I'm saying that like a lot of The comments are from today Uh she's around alien said the flares Used on pyrotechnic skydivers And aircraft's burnout Maybe Yes skydivers but skydivers don't I Totally yeah I've seen those Stephen Gray you some Styles skydivers Um in one of his videos Um But that went straight up that's the Other thing to say it obviously it it Probably is some sort of display thing Because it's launched Yeah it did launch if it just come in From the side doing the spirally thing It would be more interesting than some Of that sort of launched from the ground And over Yeah the uh But yeah if you see them skydrivers Before the the the night divers that do The With all the flares attached to them Whatever no They they can be very much mistaken with UFOs Um Because every light in the skyline But with that one you've got that like Kind of Rocket takeoff and that's in the [ __ ] UK hmm

I take I bet there's loads like there's A Um There's some Headland where I live about Half an hour's Drive And if you sort of walk up the side of It a little bit and sits in the the Hedge if you sit in the right place The um The planes coming into land I'll head on with you And I always think there must be so many Head-on planes mistaken for something That's like because Like a plain head-on looks weird Because you can't you can't see that Yeah yeah I always think that there must Be so many people that see that and Think oh my God aliens are here Sometimes so If I'm driving past Doncaster Um Sometimes I I see planes coming to land And when you see them on this on the Side and if the Sun hits them you can't See the wings so they look like Cigar-shaped UFOs All you can see is the the fuselage That's all you can see yeah nothing else Um But that's weird that you sent sent us Today that is really [ __ ] strange and it was I think it Was powerful for the like the comments

Died four days ago so interesting Um To get back back on to our point the uh Of like the they live point and because What I was going to say is about that Like that the sort of globalist group so Being a real thing Is it gets back to that um What's real doesn't matter if these People believe something You know it's it's when we if someone Turns around and says oh like the if if I I'll I'll be dead honest there's no There's no point not being honest these Days it's uh I'm um like I said I've got No doubt left in me to to try and hide Things but I I believe there is Something akin to like a satanic cult That's Like hidden from us okay Old mystery School type cult That has its claws embedded deep into Various political parties and think Tanks and the um Like Tech especially uh That are like trying to socially move us Around And that's what where you're saying do You think there could be something That's off world Or like non-human at that point it Doesn't matter Because if a man breaks into your house And because he's his God has told him

That he needs to off you and anyone else That happens to be around you at that Point the threat's very real to you it Doesn't matter whether he's delusional Or not Because he believes it and he's acting On his beliefs So I I don't know if any of these things Are like of non-human but I 100 believe There is a section of Our population that are very influential And very powerful that believe they are Acting In Either for or Because of Something that they believe is non-human Well there must be a promise there Though you know there must be something If that's the case what's Christianity Promises Christianity promises if we if We're just good people we do everything Eternal life or whatever yeah we go to Heaven we get to sit with cherubs on Clouds and you know it's a little nice DM So yeah that's you know that's the Promise don't get me wrong I'm saying uh It it doesn't matter whether it's Whether it's real or not Um I but I also Don't believe that when you see so much Stuff which is soaked in

Um Like Magic And for one of better words And ritual And these were like look at look at the UK we are going to do a ritual tomorrow Oh yes we we are still we we are still As advanced as we are Still soaked in ceremony You know we still do these things Um And it does does that mean like the like What's going on tomorrow with the king Is that a Um is that all it is is it just a thing Where everybody dresses up we stick a Crown on somebody or is there another Meaning behind it that We've we've lost over time but they Certainly haven't It It does seem like There's been A huge influence when it comes to Um things that have happened over the Last few years things that have gone off Uh all over the world when it comes to Who you should and shouldn't like yeah And There's been so many whistleblowers that Talk about Um What's going on in the world and then

They are then I mean look at the guy That was on Joe Rogan that we you sent Me the uh the the doctor from the NHS uh Mahendra Mahendra Mahendra which you Know a lot of his stuff that that he Said has been very factual stuff And he he's his career was part of my Line his reputation everything and all Because of people that are just Bigger hmm They're you know but It helped me must stem from something That's ancient From way way back I think it's been Going on a long long time And I think when you As somebody watching this might think Well what the [ __ ] has this got to do With UFOs and aliens And my argument with that is It's right now it's being used as a tool The UFO thing has been used massively Over the last few years But I don't know where it's gonna people Keep thinking it's going to lead to some Sort of disclosion it's like you could Argue You could argue that this already Happened No uh but you you could argue that the Um The the currents at the UFO situation Went in like we always think back to That New York was it [ __ ] New York Times is it New York Times

Yeah I always say New York Post I know It's wrong when I say it you you you Well you need you neither British or American so it's fine no Um you know unless it's like the Narnia Post I don't know Um such a good name [Laughter] Um You could argue that this all stems back To the Um like Like podesta emails that Wikileaks did You know because because they have in Those as long as as well as some other Stuff in there that people should really Go have a look at involving Gates and Things not Bill Gates Gates Um The That that backed up Tom de long story About how he was dragged into it you Know and he was in contact with podesta Um And you know that was To the the beginning to the Stars Academy which is what gave us Lou Alexander which what opened the door up To everything else that's That's preceded you know especially from That Infamous Uh interview with Rogan and um Tom DeLong Uh Tom delong's dad I believe did Tommy

Longstad was he was he a CIA operative I Know he's a high ranking Freemason I Don't know about this something like That I'm sure there's something really Yeah and Tom Delong himself has the These uh he's got a really good LG on His guitar I don't know anything about Tom delong's dad though I think he might Be I'd have to I'm sure I'm sure I'm Sure are you calling Chris melon No I'm not I'm sure Um The I'm sure there's some sort of Connection military connection or CIA Connection between with Tom's alongside People in the chat is Lee talking [ __ ] Someone go and fact check me please Because of the there's there's so many Of these things where you look back like The Um but you look back through history the Uh Frank Zappa and Um Jim Morrison's parents were both in the CIA Um Elvis was out it was like an FBI Informant or something like that at some Point you know you look back at these Like famous celebrities that look like They should be Rebels and you scratched The surface a little birds anything but So I'm I'm almost convinced

Quickly while you're on the subject of Tom Delong though did you see Um that Weinstein's got up to about a Tweet I did see the one seeing Lazar that There'd been a conversation and he ought To be made sure he stayed in that as Well that if if it happens it will be Rogan Uh Weinstein and Um Lazar Yeah did you watch did you watch that Louie Have you watched slew reviews Latest uh I know I saw it I haven't had A chance to watch it so Who basically say says in in that that There's gonna have to be a response George I think George now put out Something like a a penis uh the shape to The a minute it was a Iceberg with a Penis Or something like that oh no I I saw the Uh Um that UFO chick also tweeted out this Morning I saw yeah but Joe Rogan is well aware that he must be Aware that these sweets are going around Because I'm sure he's quite in there I'm Sure Jamie looks and and says Joe this Is going on uh there is and he's Probably quite a small part of the Community that he's tweeting about this That's wanting this to happen

Jeremy Corbell definitely knows And I'm pretty sure that conversation Has happened So Even The only the only person that I think Would hold that back or do you think Jeremy might hold that back because he Knows that the film will fall apart if Bobcat holds his own against Weinstein Um I think he's kind of in a barrel now Because First of all he doesn't need to Um he doesn't need to protect that Uh That film anymore that film's made all The money it's gonna make It's now free on YouTube if you want to Go and watch it Uh if he's gonna put something else out Involved in Lazar then I would say he Needs to do that interview because Um The uh Uh If he doesn't it's going to be a cloud That hangs over it just gonna Pop this up for a second and say that Rogan like entertainment thing I take it Sort of a tongue-in-cheek thing can we Not no argue with the fact that uh Joe Rogan has probably been the best Purveyor of health facts when it has

Come to certain things over the past two Years and if you listen to them instead Of your daily government briefing I Reckon your blood's probably a little Bit healthier for it I like Rogan Um I've even got married I was saying only I've got my wife listening to Rogan now I think right can you imagine The What So let's go Because I think yeah I think I think the Names are okay now Um From McCullough We'll just go with surnames To the Obviously the guy's name Craig gray hair Beard Yeah I mean don't you Um why is his name escaping me right now When I need it where's your my brain Gone I don't know you talked about it doesn't Matter right but what what I'm trying to Say is when you look at The uh The people he's had on Over the past two years that I've got Them in bother yeah People that have been until recently

Until must got Twitter like silenced on All social media platforms and these These people With valid Um With valid opinions and in most cases Much better qualifications than the People that were being wheeled out on BBC and Fox News and see on it he's not Biased about it though because he he's Had people from like yeah Where is the where's the world without That because if it isn't for Rogan There's no other Mains there's no no Others Trying to do a similar thing no no but They haven't got the numbers that's what I mean yeah if Um if Rogan had decided not to do that I do Wonder we would be in a different Place now Um I def I like certainly without certain Um Without having better I'd say a better Balance of information Because obviously you get what the Mainstream opinion is of everything So without that other side I might have Made different decisions which I think Now would have been Drastically detrimental to my health Yeah so I I agree but and but this goes Even back to the UFO and the Lazar thing

The uh The I I I'm interested to know Why Rogan is keeping is is continuing That story Yeah So He he I don't think he's seen you say This to quite a few guests Yeah he said there's a reason and I'll Explain to you after the show yeah But I can't say this on camera and it's Something to do with something really Bad That bobblazar did Uh for for them What he what he had to do So If that's the case then what I would Suggest Joe Eric Weinstein Bob Lazar I'm sure Jeremy will have to Come Um Go for a meal first And Bob should tell that story too To Eric I'd like to know why he won't I'd like to know why that isn't um Said if that if that's the straw that Could break the camels back with Rogan Why wouldn't you just make that Like uh I mean so Rogan spoke

To Weinstein he spoke to Bob Lazar Um After speaking to Weinstein It seems like Joe Rogan still believes Bob Lazar because he spoke about Bob Bazar the other day I can't remember Which podcast it was but he mentioned Boblissat again And The same thing I'll tell you after the Show So I mean he's had a full meal with the guy I mean how was the meal last he got Drinks and all that jazz is probably a Few hours maybe maybe the same amount of Time that they had on the podcast just Speaking Frank to each other And be considers the Lazar an extremely Intelligent mum and I I suppose Lazar Is an intelligent man you know he He'll know a lot more about physics than I do but when you put him in front of a Mathematician like Einstein you know he Will be able to pick certain parts of That Story apart that he's that he's saying Unless he can back that up I mean it Would be a conversation if Lazar can Hold his own it would be a podcast it'd Be a great podcast it'd be a podcast That we wouldn't understand because they

Would they would be speaking in Terms that no I don't I know because I I Don't think um I think Joe would allow That to happen you think I don't think I Don't think I don't think Weinstein Would allow allow that to happen Weinstein's right he is great great Explaining it to the simple man yeah and He and he understands that's his job as Well you know the Um he uh A handful of people I think deserve the Term like unique thinker and I think he Is a unique thinker the way his his head Attacked problems is quite different to Lots of other people I'm a big fan of His Um I don't know I again if the I can't help feel that this is still Part of it this is still Um There is this there's an ending to this To the movie I keep saying that it feels Like we we went to bed on Uh like on the like the eve of October 2019. And we woke up and have been in a Sci-Fi Movie ever since Maybe just in purgatory Maybe maybe we all died in 2012 like That kid thinks I hope it's not perfect because he's Boring

Is it is it really You can say you can say a lot about What's going on right now you can say It's depressing you can say it's scary It's interesting it's not boring I'm just not about my life Um all right I'm not your therapist I Need one The Do you still believe bubbles are after Everything you see because you've you've You've been on You interviewed I interviewed Lou you Interviewed Lou uh you you had a lot I Want to believe Bob Bazaar of course I do because it's Great and I don't know what to think About it what I do think is is that Um I I do believe Um alien scientist And If if he doesn't believe it that gives Me Reason not to believe it because I don't I don't think you believe it No I don't know but I'm just saying like I'm I I want what I'm saying is I want To believe Bob Lazar but I do believe Alien scientists Because I don't think there's Um I don't I don't think he has any Real uh there's no there's no like

Monetary Impact for him for what he you know for His what he did with the Lazar thing you Know he was a big he was a massive Lazar Believe yeah yeah you [ __ ] love that Story yeah Um So that's I don't know that's the thing Like the Um There's very few things you know like Like you can put your like hat on and Say I believe this 100 you know Um and even if you believe something is It it's diffic you know it's difficult To believe something 100 . so I don't know I see I I can see the I can See the side where the holes in his Education have problems Um but I can also see the people that Were out that argue that If you have programs like this You would get Intelligent people that are compromised That are expendable to work on them Because Nobody had asked questions if all of a Sudden he gets [ __ ] sucked into a Black hole in the middle middle of the Anti-matter engine they go oh well we Need a new Bob Doesn't matter he owned a brothel at Some point there's going to be like he's

Not gonna come home one day and his Wife's gonna think gangsters got him Um so I can understand why you would Take people like that you know it's They're essentially scientific cannon Fodder let's just say and uh I I do know Carvel every so often does watch this Show we have had a back and forth on Email You you asked I gave you my number Jeremy you never called me Um True story yeah you asked me for my WhatsApp number Um And uh I gave him it Says let's have a call about Bob he said He said I appreciate the work you do uh this was Years ago and he said uh but you this There's a few things you need to know About the story before you carry on and I don't know if he would have told me Maybe what he told Joe Rogan I don't Know Probably not probably not I'm probably Just thinking uh too highly of myself Though Um But He um Here's the thing If he could get Bob Bazaar on that show Even if he thinks that Weinstein will

[ __ ] destroy him and and He must know I think if you if you've Worked so close to Bob Lazar I I don't think Jeremy's a fool I think He's a very intelligent man he knows What he's doing especially when it comes To this subject and selling selling it Um If he thinks Bob bazaar's lying He should still get Bob to go in front of Weinstein I don't I don't think you can do what he does if He thinks it's like I know that's one Thing I will say about Jeremy Corbell I believe he believes this story Well if you you so you think Jeremy Thinks Bob's telling the truth yeah but Like if Jeremy thinks Bob's telling the Truth then he would have asked Bob to go For a Weinstein Yeah But in the same respect I don't I I'm I'm not sure whether like this is the Thing right Do we entertain the idea that There are Lifelong actors Like there are people that are Are like born and bred into being in in A certain situation be it in politics or Entertainment That are there's so much they are Prepped just like like a royal they are Amazing people in the day job or

Lifelong actors when I go to work I'm an Actor I'm not myself no no no yeah but You weren't bred to do that what I mean By lifelong actors is so like that from From days No no They are prepped for this they are Prepped to this is going to be your job Baby yeah Um I think there's a good chance if if That's a real thing Um I think there's a good chance bubbles Are is a lifetime actor And the The seeds for what we are going through Right now have been planted decades ago Back at Roswell like the I It doesn't take too many Leaps to go and this is where if you if You want to go weird if we want to go Weird this is where you can bring the The non-human intelligence aspect into It because If we look at this as a plan that has Spread that has spread out Tens To hundreds of years maybe to to push us Into this point that we are now and Maybe it's another 10 20 30 years away From where the where the end game is for This Uh it feels like it's working on a Non-human time scale Um

That's that And that's it's some there was somewhere Someone else brought this up I can't Remember who it is to credit the the But someone's someone said the uh people Always turn around and say Uh one what you know people couldn't Work this out And you're right okay but where people Aren't doing it I'm worried if it is Like interdimensional so if all of a Sudden if if your adversary for instance Um Could see like time and space not lit Not not as like a linear pattern but can Could see into the future and past and Connect the dots as they're creating the Plan You know it's you would end up with this Sprawling narrative that feels like it Couldn't have been concocted by a person Because a person couldn't do that If I made any sense then that you did Yeah you made sense but but why why Could a person not do it Uh because you couldn't first of all People selfish given all the tools now Giving up well the tools would be being Able to tell to being able to understand What will happen 50 years down the line If there's if there's anything that People are is we are impatient we are Selfish yeah I 100 agree and when you Look at you when you look at history and

You think people are planning long term Yeah Um it doesn't feel like a human thing a Lot of long-term human things no no the Most people try and get things done in Their lifetime yo look at Elon Musk Right We we maybe maybe it's a different Rabbit Hole to go down of whether we're Going to go to Mars or not If you take everything at face value he Has took the mission to Mars As I want this to happen in my lifetime It's probably not going to happen in This lifetime But that's what he wants to do I'm Pretty sure that he said no that's the Moon moons 2025 yeah I'm sure he's Mentioned something like like 2003 Yeah it's not it won't happen Maybe it will with the Tesla bot look What happened with Japan look what Happened with that with that yeah what Would the probe they sent up oh no we've Lost it again how weird really quickly Because I definitely want to get on We'll get onto the the Elon I I want to Talk I want to talk some elong with with My with my partner in crime Um because I know you I know you I know You secretly like got a little crush It's a tiny one Um On the mosque

I want to hope he's one of the good guys That's all that's the that's like I the The secret to this is not to get black Pilled I think that's the thing and the Um Because nihilism helps nobody and I I Know people that listen to this show I Know uh that will whenever whenever Somebody's brought up like when we've When we've had like Rogan in a thumbnail Then the next thing is that someone's I Get a picture sent of me if Rogan and Anton LaVey and um Well I'm just I'm just trying to think If we have we ever done Rogan in a Thumbnail Oh I think we did in a title something Like that the uh yeah yeah yeah And um The The thing is I just don't I don't believe everybody's in on it and Even if right even if people know things This is this is the things you remember And I think this is where musk might Come into it is um I think even if people understand what's Going on and I'm sure like you're you're Talking about musk is one of the like as Far as visible rich people one of one of The richest people in the world I'm sure There are people with more money and More resources one of the visibly Richest people in the world yes yeah

Yeah Um And I'm sure that he has Information on this stuff and all things And not just Um not just like conspiracy stuff Geopolitic stuff which in itself is a is A real conspiracy but the things that we Don't know will be available to people With access same with Joe Rogan right The the amount of people he has access To He will know stuff that we simply don't Have access to Um I feel that there will be people out There that are in positions of power And authority and a great influence That might turn around and say well do You know what we we under we hear we Hear this great reset talk and we hear The agenda 2030 talk Um and we quite like 2008 We quite like 2008 And we we don't want to go along with This And I think that's that's all it could Be it it doesn't necessarily mean that They're particularly virtuous they might Be doing terrible things you know they Elon Musk might be a horrible human Being But sometimes If you if your core values align with a

Horrible person Then you've got to kind of put away put The bits you don't like aside and go Right well at least we're on the same Team here We can agree we can agree that Global Enslavement is not a good idea Do you think That the mosque knows Anything about What this is when we come to the lights In the sky because Let's let's face it you know after all These years even as Innovative that Mosquez and he is Still making solid state [ __ ] Rockets But I don't believe in spaceships so Yeah I mean well there you go But like if that is a real thing no in That case no I don't believe Bob bizarre Because Bob was ourselves spaceships I Don't believe in spaceships so yeah I Know I I don't think there's any Evidence That these things are physical craft But do you know what I'm saying if this Is a real thing if this thing exists I [ __ ] guarantee That Elon Musk would will know about it He's looking at you yeah Or at least you'll have heard better Rumors than we do Um

And you know if you think about right There Uh think about the defecting that would Happen if that was to be a thing Well you know it's the Woodlazar have done With woodlers woodlazar have duck gone To um Like George Knapp to talk behind a Camera Or would he have done a Snowden You could look at it two ways that Either you say something And because it's out there they can't [ __ ] kill you hmm Are you keep quiet and wait for the Bullet If it if it happened Because I think if you if I think I Think sort of the people that saying Well why would he come forward oh he's a Free man that's the thing like these Three months are going to do what he Wants and the would if if it was true Would he have not been like If the US government want nothing to do With them yeah and he's been working on Extraterrestrial spaceshift why wasn't He rustled up by the KGB I think I heard somewhere in there being A film rumored to be made I'm sure there's many films rumored to Be made you have to expand on Lazar On Bob Lazar

Is this like Insider talk where I'm I'm Kind of I've got to pretend that we have An email about something Is this what you were talking about me To me this afternoon No it's not about that no no okay that's A different email Did that email read like that Well I didn't read that in that email A documentary yeah documentary yeah yeah There's a documentary there's a Documentary out there people but nobody Does that we can say that there's a Documentary that's about to come out Um but no that's not a film Um It's a documentary Film I've I I've been sent the documentary Now I think have you ever think I think I've been sent here oh you watch it then I think that's a deal isn't it you get To watch it I don't get to watch it then Yeah mate It's all very very milder and Scully Isn't it Well no he said you even watch it and Don't tell me no you watch it you could You you watch it I'll I will be the Discerning All right no but I wasn't talking about The documentary and what I'm saying is I if they make a film

Even if he's [ __ ] if he goes online With Weinstein Weinstein pulls him apart Yeah and the story ends This [ __ ] amazing film there Like a movie about that guy's [ __ ] Life UFOs hmm Prostitutes You know A massive following going on the biggest Podcast in the world I don't know who Played Joe Rogan uh probably himself Um It's [ __ ] crazy it's absolutely that Guy's life is just Madness yeah And If there's any truth to him When you're on the subject of Elon Musk He must [ __ ] know about Bob Lazar but I've watched every interview with with Elon Musk when it got well I haven't watched every single interview But I've watched like lacks I've watched Uh it's been twice in Joe Rogan isn't That right Uh who what's up Elon oh yeah three Times maybe four so I know one of them was after Lazar not One mansion I I would have loved to to friends say Do you know Bob Lazarus and like see What his opinion is on that yeah I think Maybe it'd be interesting now to get him

On because because he seems to be a Um More liberal With allowing his views to be out now I Think it's I think there must be something real Quite quite liberating and being Permanently attacked because he wasn't For a while you know it's like that I I Think one of my favorite tweets when uh Everyone was going mental about musk Buying Twitter and saying how terrible It was Um I remember tweeting that the same People complaining about Elon Musk Buying Twitter are the same people that Would have bathed in his come a year ago And the um Um The But yeah so that That thing where you you There's no point in trying to like keep Aside happy because It's you never will do that that side There is a A vocal a vocal part of the internet Which I don't believe thinks for Themselves I think it's probably Aggravated by uh if not domestic or Domestic or foreign Bad actors that rile These people up and push all sorts of Crazy ideologies that way Um

Yeah yeah all of it Um which is weird as well Joe even That's that's weird because they didn't Lose anywhere near as much money as what Was being reported did they not no and The whole thing reeks of Just a [ __ ] to get people to argue with Each other again And it's you're like that that Dylan guy I don't I don't particularly like him I Don't particularly like what he's Selling but you know what Of course he's gonna do what do that if Bud Light comes to you and says we're Going to send you some country make a Tech talk we'll pay for it you're gonna Go yeah okay we'll do it well Would like want to ring always if They've decided like they they haven't Captured enough of the alien Market get In touch with us we will hook you up With some of the alien Market Um I'll drink Bud Light on the shower can't [ __ ] stand it Do you know what's nice that you don't Get you yeah I used to like proper Budweiser no I don't know but probably Would like word wise is too sweet Um but in the metal bottles that you get In the US You get them in theme parks like like Aluminum bottles of Bud Light Lime Bud Light Lime is nice

Just like a normal beer I just like oh most beers to be Perfectly honest give me an old mum my Beer even has I don't know if I should Show the logo why they might sponsor us Oh yeah there you go I don't know if he's an old guy He's a gentleman The beer Yeah um sorry [ __ ] off off on on a Tangent Um Lee our show is just it's all Tangents it is Give him a minute yeah so that's what I Was saying I think if you're going to Get permanently attacked by people then It must be quite liberating to just be Yourself it doesn't matter at that point Jeremy and it's it it's not like it's Not you can cancel Elon Musk In the same way you can't cancel Joe Rogan and yeah it's the I You could you you couldn't cancel JK Rowling Hmm I love them wizard films I love them Wizard films as well quite like that Yeah damn good game Um The The thing with with musk and Mars though So and I know we started with with them They live but you know

I said it's it's mainly we do this if You make you you make it this far you Know we could be talking about [ __ ] Aliens and next year Did you drink that vodka that vodka Uh that my good friend Tony sent me for From Australia Is upstairs in my wife's office because There's no room on here at the middle it Hangs tight Tony Because Tony changed his name no it's Not it's not Tony Um you can take that mask off as well Hangs tight the uh it's officially over Because I just read it on the BBC Six hours ago oh yeah they did Re-release the kovitz ended yeah so Technically we should be able to say Everything now because it's not here Anymore But no I've not run the Vodka Um Lee maybe at me you know what I mean Kool-Aid bro I might open the Vodka when we can't drink too much of it Because we may not catch his boss But we could have we could have a There's some alien vodka that is in this House that has been filtered through Asteroids it actually says that on the Label uh listen No I'm not Um and if there is one thing I'm not Doing it's that before we go on a [ __ ] Bizarre Adventure together

What about on the plane Oh no I I know I will have a couple of Drinks I have a drink in the airport and Stuff but I'm not drinking like [ __ ] Vodka that's been filtered through [ __ ] fairy space dust That's a bad move we'll drink it on the Bus Take the [ __ ] I'm not you're not Giving me half a bottle of vodka and Fingering me this is not what this is For I'm not like a 14 year old girl You're making me feel like a 14 year old Boy Again Um No YouTube before you before you say it Michael We're not we're not pedals it was a joke Last time you felt a 14 year old boy it Was his mouth Um Elon why do you say that you don't think He's going to go to Um that flew her straight over my head I'm I'm it's it's way over there now [Laughter] Why why do you why do you say he's not There you honestly don't think He's going to we're going to Mars Um because I don't think we went there I Don't think went to the moon in the

First place Um I'm not going full flatty that's not Where I am But there does appear to be something That stops us getting doing stuff and The pictures that come back from the Moon look [ __ ] weird and that picture What that just came back of the the new One of the new the the Earth the Moon And the Earth have you seen that Jesus [ __ ] nuggets why do they look so [ __ ] Well you know you know it's real because It looks so fake no no no I'd know if it Was real if it looked real So I I I've I've no idea like I There's something screwy happens when we Try in 2015 you'll find out I mean They're going back to the Moon We were going back to the Moon in Obama's presidency we were going back to The moon and Trump's presidency I can't Remember if we were going back to the um 2025 I was I was like like an ounce Years ago that was true no but what I Mean that that was the the next day You know the uh I think I think it's the Um I can't remember what I think it's elon's but the amazing Astronaut he was a YouTuber is actually Gonna foreign

Thanks for being a subscriber and Supplying me with the drugs I need to Buy The I think That No I think if if they if they don't go to The moon this time round People are going to start asking Questions I don't even notice I think I think we'll know this We're not going to the Moon 2025 that I I'm not having it We're gonna live stream it Well I'm sure we will yeah we can live Stream it Um We need to look for the mouse at least You know we need to look for the mouse We need to look for the mouse If anybody I don't I don't quite get That the the moon tell tells us Something that makes you think it didn't Happen I I take it you're asking what what a What about the moon footage makes me Think we didn't happen the moon footage Makes me think it didn't happen The Shadows make me think it didn't Happen You know the the the idea that we could Have so many failures on Earth of the Technology and then have a crack at

Doing something first time around Um I think the last two years have shown Us that if we If we just try and do something without Adequate testing it goes [ __ ] Horribly wrong Um I I just I don't I don't believe that on That day in history when we decided to Shoot for the Moon that it worked I also don't think he'd have a Contingency plan I can imagine that Right you do believe that there's a Content strength she believes the the Cubic just like I'm like a big like I I Buy into the cubic there was a plan And cubic may have may have done that Plan I don't know if they didn't go to The Moon I do believe Same as you that what was what my mum And dad saw on TV Was not EX I don't I I have a massive question has told us we Didn't go to the Moon Well with that little girl yeah He's also done it twice you know It was in the um Oh is it school in the UK the university Is it Cambridge or something like that They have the the big debate room in Cambridge and he did like a presentation There And uh he said to like a younger or not

Young like 19 something like that scoop School like senior school age That uh Uh they didn't go But but that's that clip when he turns Around to the uh to the to the uh Why can't we go back to the moon and he Said that's what I want to know and it's Because we didn't go there And I don't get me wrong you know people Say oh yeah well he's old and senile Yeah he is he's old and senile Just like Slow Joe and he's saying [ __ ] He shouldn't be saying And they can't take him out of parking Lot and just pop him off because I'm Sure there's too many people that are Yeah that that are friends fans of his Even that would ask too many questions If something like that was to happen But this I mean there's loads of people That have been I mean it's what the Seven Moon missions that they where They've landed on the moon Is this this quiet there's a few of them I will say this the first but if what if This is this is the thing and this is What like what GT said here and like Yeah I right I get you I get what you're Saying here GT but the thing is if one Thing looks fake then you have to call Into question everything GT skinny Bob by the way the channel Member yeah with that lovely shiny

Um ad that we just Do you believe the skinny bump footage GT no I don't think he does well good Are she maybe maybe maybe I don't know That's a good question yeah Um seven times only seven times when you Have you looked at any of the other Yeah the the the the do you think do you Think they look fake yeah I think I Think it all like it's clear it's better But it all kind of looks the same It does look the same it's all gray Um The China One is brown Which is weird But is that on a different section of The Moon Or is it because of the camera Devil's Advocate Well what I did find was interesting and This is something I I don't even know if Is is real to be perfectly honest but I Know there's an awful lot of people Putting Mars photographs Um back into Photoshop where you can Where Photoshop will tell you if that if That photo is being manipulated And will allow you to auto correct the Color manipulation out of it yeah yeah There's loads of Miles channels doing That and it's [ __ ] amazing how yeah You get the the like they it looks a bit Like Alaska It does but

How how do you so that auto correct How do you know you can trust that auto Correction to know well I take it easy That's just whatever it is just it's not It's not AI it's it's what it does is I Believe and somebody can smart me up on This is that it's contained within the Metadata of the image So if you you need an original image First yeah so you could you can't just Take a screen grab from Google and do it It needs to be original image and the It it looks at the metadata and goes oh Yeah well obviously the um It's uh You know it knows the sliders have been Moved around essentially and can pop the Sliders back to where they were before They were moved Just Ctrl Z I said this ages ago and Like Um when we got and I start this channel as a [ __ ] Mars [ __ ] Moon Um I've still got files on this little hard Drive here With tons of Mars images I mean tons if You go back through the channel You'll see all that And when this AI generated at Started to come out I I put a few Ma I I asked air to do Mars hmm

And it looked just like what we're Getting from The Rovers And I asked myself this if If AI For us now the normal human being is Generating Um Pretty much anything you want it to do Um Can you imagine what the higher-ups have When it comes to if I don't think it's Necessary It's not necessary you don't need a Artificial but what if it's been around For a long time Yeah but it feels like a needless tool Jeremy if you've got If you've got people doing it it feels It feels needless Choose AI to do that I'm not talking about the average Joe I'm talking about what if If they could make things right that's What I mean so it's but it's so we're Going down we're going down the road of Um Uh well let's face it we've we started Off with they live so we may as well go [ __ ] balls deep with this [ __ ] Um if if you're saying what the um If if they're faking images then AI is great yeah AI is great for us It's great for it's great for people With

Uh or people people like me with no Talent Uh people with Some talent and no resources And people with no Talent no resources I I take most of these boxes Um because what it allows you to do is As I used to do with the podcast it Allows you to prompt Fantastic artwork that I could never Ever reproduce because I'm not an artist Yeah we've got alien girl in an alien Girl so um we've got Sheila's aliens in The chat and yeah she literally just Look like loads of air and it's yeah Yeah amazing and it it's dead cool don't Get it wrong it's really cool Um and it's it's also going to be like The procedurally generated thing was for Um Uh for No Man's Sky yeah that was really Good for making like a vast universe and AI will be good for that too for making Video games with vast things that you You simply don't have the time to hand Craft Single images you have the time to Handcraft no and no one needs to it AI At that point is a it's more of an Obstacle because you would have to Prompt it then you would have to make Sure everything was right make sure There was nothing like you know when you Get like a city everything looks perfect

On a photograph but then one person's Got six fingers on the hand for no Apparent reason in AI so you'd have to Get someone to troll through it to make Sure Um The uh To make sure nothing like that has Happened It would be easier just to get an artist To create the images I know what you're saying I mean when You look at something like that Greenland stuff mate you know there's Been photographs put out from us I've Seen those videos similar to the Greenland one and if that one's real Right and I've never I've never been Able to Um Uh I've no I've never been able to find the Original photograph and to be perfectly Honest I've never looked that [ __ ] Deep into it Um was that one of the Hill you know the One of the hill where there's a hill and Greenland and the hill on the moon and They're the same [ __ ] place but then Again that could be somebody that took That picture of Greenland and made it Look like Mars On purpose yes yes exactly that that is And that's the thing with humans

Sometimes We want to make other people look like [ __ ] What sometimes we you know we want to Make something look at [ __ ] and you know You may have a big hatred for [ __ ] The higher-ups or whatever you you think Well they are lying And you take it too far and you fake Something because you want to show that Off Me personally I do think there's Something a little bit iffy with them With the the first footage of of Neil Going down that Do I believe we went to the moon I do do I believe there's there's more to it Than the meets the eye Absofucking lutely I suppose that my my main thing is Um I don't believe that that original Footage right that that was that I I Will I would go with that with someone Stood behind me with a gun to my head Like say make a call I would say that footage was faked the Original footage of the Moon Um I think that document documentary a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon that's that's [ __ ] hell that is Really that's crazy that's it I I I you Can you can discount some of it as much As you want I choose not to discount it

Because I don't think it's wrong Um So if you if you so if you look at those Things Um Then how can you how can you [ __ ] Believe the rest of it Well I I like to look at it on both sides of The fence you've got you've got your Your extreme like [ __ ] Earth is flat You know you all what what is it the Other that [ __ ] thing in the sky is a Hologram I mean That hologram's been there for a [ __ ] Long time that would mean to say that This is all [ __ ] AI generated and we Are just essentially just yeah I don't Believe any of that stuff I think that's Um I'll tell you for why I think the Uh simulation Theory And that we're all part of some sort of Simulated AI program it's just religion For atheists It's creationism it's creationism Because it was to say that you that if You was if you were an actual Um if you were AI Was to say you you couldn't think oh no No I'm yeah I I think you can I don't Not understand the concept I don't not Understand the concept but the uh

The thing is for thousands of years We've had religion we've and we've had Gods and we've thought of gods Um in the 20th century we've tried to Eradicate that or certain sex sex have Tried to radically eradicate that I was An atheist for most of my life Um the and what's happened in the Meantime is is someone uh Foreign Half reading the chat I'm half talking Uh Someone's extinguished religion uh Einstein said what would uh what happens If people stop believing in God when They believe in nothing and Einstein Said no they would believe in everything They believe in anything Uh or everything I think they believe in Everything Anything Anyway I think it points towards the Chaos we're in right now and there's a The definitely for for all the problems That religion has caused I think it did It did Channel things for a while Um And I think that's all simulation theory Is it's Atheists trying to find meaning And they've had to find how can you find Meaning as a [ __ ] atheist because you Know well that no that's but that's what Simulation Theory does is because it

Gives them a God because if you're a Program there's a career The difference is someone hit enter Instead of a big bang yeah that's what They've done there you know let there be Light was Like control execute I think they've created sorry they've Created they've created uh God in the most nihilistic Self-destructive way possible because They've created God while simultaneously Making us mean nothing Oh there we go It's very suspicious that NASA lost all The real footage leaving us with only a Horrible ghostly TV feed that horrible Ghostly TV feed was projected onto a Sheet uh that all the Um media people had to crowd around and Film it live So they said there was a live feed This this and I'm I'm I'm I'm not good with looking at The chat and speaking With somebody in person because I I'm Dyslexic and it just it all jumbles up But there's a few things that I've Noticed and I will say this for for Anybody I love this one Foreign Did you ever see the see the [ __ ] British astronaut so if you'd have if

You'd have uh if you'd have made that That spaceship like just outside Silverstone whether where they do all The Formula One cars and stuff Would have got [ __ ] cars that have Got to the moon and gone we've still got Half a tank left should we keep going Did you see the British uh the British Um spacesuit when they was talking about Going Well You see the British spacesuit Uh no show me oh holy [ __ ] balls it Looks like a night in a hammer Maybe that's what we needed to do But here's the thing I will say this for For anybody who's like going like See this one so where is it like this is That rubbish it was recorded and sent to Other countries where then where's the Original feed and not the feed that We've we've all seen there this is once More step for man feed So where's the original feed of it Now I I know it was it I I know the feed That we see that's why it's so grainy is Because it was a projection that other Or that TV TV Crews were literally Filming a wall I know that for facts for Real zizio Mike my biggest question as well is when You're recording the most iconic thing In history Why did Buzz not have a camera filming

Him going down the ladder you know just For for like the after Like when they get back to work yeah Why does it taking off look like quite a Mass in the [ __ ] pit But I don't understand why anybody Doesn't ask these questions if you're Into [ __ ] UFOs aliens and extra Stress aliens extra same thing Paranormal all that [ __ ] Jazz you Should be asking these questions because You're all [ __ ] Bonkers you know I I I think that's the other thing as Well and don't get me wrong I'm I'm Quite happy to be wrong I'd like to be Wrong and lots of the stuff we talk About Um But the I believe we went to the moon early I Remember well no yeah but okay but I Don't believe there's any I'm not sure what do you believe I don't believe that footage is real That we saw I believe Cuba did that Mm-hmm Just like a lot of people do uh that They think cubic did that Um but I do believe we went And I think that was the backup plan I Think we saw the backup plan And Maybe maybe they could release the Proper footage because he wouldn't match

Up with a backup plan Because he wouldn't unlocked anything Like it Because that thing's [ __ ] there and Those those rockets that they that they Did the the separation system on them It does work I'm I I I I know very Little about science and all that jazz But I've played Kerbal Space Program so For me that about what I'll do If anybody don't know what that game is It's [ __ ] insanely good Yeah I I don't know I've no I I have no reason to believe it the um Mankind mate No no well that's the route that's the That That's not good enough reason Um The Oh [ __ ] I forgot I was gonna say sorry Sorry Um No it's gone it's gone how terribly Unprofessional love me So this is not a professional film mate I wish I was not a professional I can Tell that by how like Blurry your camera Keeps going I don't know what's going on With it I got I got rid of the redness

Let me bring this up because the British ASU My God wait do you see this thing With super chat it's because we were Already there Oh Why possibly Jen Thank you so much Jen Holy weather right check these out This is what the British space suit Um If that if we if we invert gone Would have looked like Look at that thing That obviously up the top It's well have I brought the right thing Up One that's in big there I mean that's straight up a Battlestar Galactica helmet for a kid isn't it it's Also kojima's logo but just just type Video consumer in How the [ __ ] do you spell that I knew I Knew you're gonna say that and I as soon As as soon as they start saying I Thought Probably shouldn't have thrown them see What I just put death stranded Yeah it might not bring streamers logo And then I'll get out to spell his name Uh Video Kojima there we go So oh so go for Kojima production sorry That is that you're right that is the

Soon I know I'm right my um my mouse movement Noises are coming out Oh look at that thing yeah Straight up that's the same [ __ ] suit Is it is the British space suit it's Very similar My God Why he's involved He's probably involved in everything Isn't he How much that [ __ ] space suit though It looks I'm not being funny uh Guys in the us we love you and all that Jazz but the British space suit Is ten times cooler yeah it also doesn't Look like it would work I moved it you know what I'd love it is I would love so when was that made like When was it made oh God mate that was Made the [ __ ] years ago [ __ ] 40s Um it was it was I think it was before The main mission yeah literally that is A fun I haven't reckon it was made in The 16th [ __ ] Century by the looks of It I mean look at that thing This this is like it's genuine it's in The [ __ ] Museum And that was gonna be the British uh That was their spacesuit it's literally Just A [ __ ] it looks like something from If any games out there it looks like

Something from um what's it called Um Dark Souls it looks like one of the Nights it does look like yeah it could Be dark souls it could be something look At that hideo Kojima oh someone's Already been on it yeah somebody's I Thought we were the first no no that was Pretty [ __ ] obvious wasn't it yeah But that is what yeah he 100 got Inspiration off that yeah it looks like It looks like it Um I'd love I'd love to find something that Explained the uh Uh That that explains the science behind it Of the time Which means the of that suit They probably aren't dead That's what I mean I'd love to know what The because it must be written down Somewhere it was like this you you you Would have thought somebody could Um Go into that Museum and say listen want To make a documentary about that suit Can we see how it works how it would Have worked I don't I don't think it'd Be any sort of major conspiracy around It and it would probably be completely Wrong you know the I I fear if anybody Had gone to space in that suit they Probably wouldn't have worked well for

Them Um they've been trying to kill goblins And elves I'd also like to know what the science Fiction was at the time too you know we Often turn around and say that the like UFOs move with science fiction this is What we said about the Billy Myers case As well like Like I could see one of them walking off one Of them Billy Maya spaceships Um Michael harm scary guy I didn't realize We get the aftermath that we got from That I wasn't really aftermath was it was Just comments no there's been some stuff Going on Twitter I It's been a few things that I've been Tagged in I'm like That's a bit weird He made a video Um about Um Showing Richie's show and That was disingenuous wasn't it yeah Very You know I wish I wish that I'd seen That before because I know he brought That up on the show oh he made that After our show no no no he reposted it

Um yeah yeah he reposted it to back up His claims on our show Um I don't think it did back up his claims To be perfectly honest I think maybe you Know It did quite the opposite Which is Probably Gone no it's probably what Um the fact that he put something up Which Didn't Um back his claims up believing that it Backed his claims up Is probably indication of a delusional Man Well It's probably a good time to bring this Up we're gonna have a I think the video Is going to hit next week we've got um Exciting we've got our photographer Expert who who is a photographer for a Living Um Working on video editor as well yep and He's he's going through all the Maya's Photographs with the fine tooth comb There's gonna be a video out next week People so Stay tuned for that do you know what I Don't want to hate on that case but I Think there's some good come from that Case

The Billy Myers case I think that's got A lot of people thinking you know I I Don't I don't think Because I wouldn't be doing this I Wouldn't waste I don't think you you Definitely wouldn't waste your time on This you wouldn't have given up mostly Audio to come and join alien addict if You didn't think there was something to This subject if you didn't think that There was That you have And and this is this is why I want to Work this is why I wanted to work with You because I I wouldn't say I would say I had Something to there's something to the Subject do I believe that that is nuts And bolt craft With Extraterrestrials in it I I don't Believe that because I think the Um Look I I You go through the stages don't you know Like the Is it interdimensional like is it Um Is it all like is is it all like local Technology Um like the UFO thing ties into Everything essentially Like is if it's If it's the type of conspiracies I

Believe which are Like globalist New World Order sort of Things right now Then it's a tool it could be a tool uh Within balloons yeah there's a multitude Of things as well that if you like we Were saying about so maybe mystery Religions and stuff like that Um Then there's the uh the idea that there Are what we might not be the Apex Species On the planet and there is a a If not more intelligent certainly Something that has been around longer Than us that manages to escape our Detections Um you know it's and then you can go all The way down the Admiral bird route to Hollow Earth stuff and is this you know That that's so that type of thing it Wasn't just wasn't it like some Something product the other day saying That there was Again like a destruction found inside The Moon I needed to look it up yeah there was Something something posted up and uh That's the the people believed that There was some sort of structure inside The moon I believe it was coming from Credible sources as well like a Structure And it kind of came and went nobody

Really paid any attention I have not Heard this yeah no I meant I meant to Look I meant to look at that and I've Only just remembered it now because We're talking about this sort of stuff Um GT with the Super Chat Have you seen some of the videos secure Team 10 has posted uh with buildings on The moon in oh yeah I saw his a little Bit of his first video I I saw I think It was his first video he posted since It since his dad passed away Um we we've been speaking back and forth Um after that Um and um is he gonna come on soon Yes I hope so because I I I'd really Like to speak to him well I think we're Gonna I think it would be a moon debate Actually like by the sounds of the the Conversation but he's at the minute he's Not He has posted a video out and this is The one you're talking about but I don't Think he's gonna post for a while Like Um but Yeah I've seen that video Um And it is odd it is very very odd like Some of the stuff that you see GT I'm just gonna call you Bob because You are you'll always be Bob to me go Way way back on alien addicts and go to The beginning you'll see some of the

Moon stuff that I did and still to this Day I look some of it I look back and go You I was reaching I was really reaching There space mushrooms yeah Um But Some of the Moon stuff that I did Still to this day when I look at those Images and I've got all those images on My hard drive that I'd saved off the NASA website They're odd To say the least they they are I can't work them out but the thing is As well this this this there's like a Lot of them where the distance is you Can't work it out I can't work out this In this little Peapod brain anyway Um but who is on with the holy moly Sorry mate What No that is not true oh my God if that is True I'll eat my own penis life Uh if this is true if this is gonna Happen Lee go with wilder I'm I'm gonna Fact check it oh my God Trolling us I predicted there's a there's an alienic Video that is years ago actually it's About it's not that long it's about two Years ago I said that I said it'll Happen Like

Obviously that's obsolete now because if It happens it just happens now Well Lee signed up to what's gonna Happen on Rogan Um Forum you know he pays for every where Rogan just like gives him the the Lowdown how much do you pay him later is It five pound a month Uh excellent work with Joe Rogan uh Having James Fox Uh Well it says if someone says it oh no That's 20 so it's 20 20. latest would be Helpful I can't find anything if we get Lou Alexander on Joe Rogan I will be I'll be very happy with that I want to See that podcast happen Um Don't think it's gonna Foreign There's a penis and it's editable I'll Eat it Mushrooms are magic I can't see anything I can't see anything no idea what you're Talking about GT wow you got you got me Um You got me all excited there I mean I I don't think it'll happen I think it's been I think if it would Have happened if it was gonna happen it

Would have already happened I think he's Gone it's been a gun It was I think it was odd that it didn't Happen though because he went on Everything else but Rogan but do you Think Rogan would have Well the conversation has definitely Been had hasn't it No once I get Lou on Rogue yeah yeah you Know like the the car internally inside Like the the Rogan machine Um oh yeah you mean you mean it would Have been behind closed doors yeah Lou Alexander's people or whoever whoever Does his bookings and stuff like that Will have definitely tried to get him on Rogan But there's no yeah with the with the Bob thing that Lou will have asked to go On So no no I think if Lou would have asked To go on I think row row Joe would have have got Him on Unless you know something we don't I don't do forget it don't forget Logan Assistant Rogan's the same guy Rogan's The same guy that turned Donald Trump Down twice As sitting president that was a smart Decision at the time At the time I think for what Rogan was Being accused of like you're looking at What's going on in the world at the time

No it was before that it was before that Okay well before you get in power No no before the before the the coof Yeah I know but still at the time I Think he would have maybe split his Audience Uh and I'm sure that's right but this is The this is the thing the um I'm not sure he would have splited his Audience to be perfectly honest I think the uh Um It might have been a worry there though There might be any somebody might have Said listen Joe you might not want to do This one uh you've given like Is he at the time he was having Controversial people around all the time I don't the the thing about Donald Trump Is like the he Donald Trump himself is Not a controversial person I know it Sounds like a weird thing to say the Controversial thing about Donald Trump Is the fact he managed to become President of the United States Him as a person is not a controversial Person Like like in the like he's not as Controversial for instance as Um I've never had Tate on either I was Gonna say okay but what's Tay got to say I tasted a lot for himself yeah like I Mean I don't dislike Andrew Tate and I

No I don't I I enjoy a lot of the stuff He does say like his sound bites are Quite good essentially Um Andrew Tate is just another one of The I didn't know who he was until you told Me about him and then I watched some Stuff and and I said no he's not done That well a little [ __ ] Well I have no idea oh yeah it was until you Do the podcast about him yeah I was That's I still believe that's nonsense Oh yeah 100 100 Um but yeah it sounds like Andrew take More than anything he wants to be Joe Rogan you know that's that's like they He's he's definitely on the the Bro Train which I think Rogan probably drove out of the station I wouldn't say Andrew Tate wants to be Anybody other than Andrew Tate no he Does he wants to be massive influencer He wants to be a massive influencer with A massive platform Yeah I tell you to do like I mean I Think one of the Um The the best guess nothing to do with UFOs is uh Patterson This this the psychological guy What's his name thingy Patterson Peterson Peterson Peterson

I love him I think he's [ __ ] great Yeah business good he's not I mean he's He's not the man he was I don't think uh I think the the issues A lot Yeah he's he's a man that's just very Emotional Um lovely guy He took a big weight On his shoulders and he he took He took one For the team I think with He took one for the team When there was nobody else really doing It And um The First of all he's Canadian Like I have nothing against Canadians They're not no maple syrup not known for Their toughness though they're known for Their friendly not known for their Grit And I I think I think that's that's only What you're shown through [ __ ] media Name me an alpha Canadian probably the Canadian that's watching this show right Now thumbs up Just Just saying name me An alpha Canadian I will probably close the alpha alpha Comedian yeah

Probably the Canadian that's just become A channel member right he is the offer Or or the patreon That's really distasteful I don't care I've got a taste yeah I know what you say I I like was Betrayed yeah but I mean I'm sure Canadians probably Look at Alpha Canadian Sheffield Actually Who Um oh jacly on the Formula One champion 1997. uh and the reason he's an alpha Canadian is in 1997 A singular year He won the film will One World Championships Shagged Natalie Imbruglia Oh my God what a legend I'm not finished Danny Minogue My God and do you remember the the Violinist in the 90s oh [Applause] Vanessa Vanessa May yeah [ __ ] the bed [Laughter] And finished the year off by winning the Formula One World Championship That guy's testicles are massive Actually they're probably small after That Uh my only my my other favorite Um Uh masculine fact about formula one is That Jensen button in the year

Also 2001 something like that it was Like when he first sort of came in maybe Late in 2001. Can't remember uh like one of his first Years in Formula One he went through That many supermodels he was named nuts Shagger of the year I I love the fact that there was an Award for shagger of the year I'm not gonna get in a family long Discussion with you because I won't win But My dad's massively into I'll show my dad Your podcast Um He's hugely Huge wins Formula One That at some point the driver is going To be You know that there's just gonna be People shagging cars because there's Gonna be no driver No because at some point that that Driver is going to be controlling the [ __ ] drone the way things then it's Not fun No but I I I it looks to me like that's The way it's going because those things Now that the big if you look at them Back They're still [ __ ] dangerous stuff They tried Ugly enough I've uh uh I'll say a friend Of mine

Um he was the uh he is if anyone's into Watching Um this kind of kind of goes where we Are so we're kind of on topic Um if anyone's into watching video Gamers like twitch streams he is Lightning McMuffin on Twitter uh Um What's that thing called twitch Um And he is a by his professional Sim Racer uh he He's He did the motion capture for Fast and The Furious you know when it zooms in on The feet right they're his feet Um and I can't remember why I'm bringing Them up Oh yes he was right on track he was Involved in Robo race which is which was An AI program which where they were Gonna where they were making driverless Formula One cars essentially and the Whole thing was a [ __ ] catastrophe Catastrophe this was only last year year Before That we are we were nowhere near and I I'm still but it don't get me wrong it Would be easy to make Cars that will follow each other around A circuit you could probably do that you Know Teslas can drive themselves around But to do that at PACE And then it's not because it's don't

Forget murder racing is Um it's not like Your car driving you in where you live To the shops and back because first of All you're not driving that car to its Absolute limit you're not you see so a Racing car is on the limit of grip all The time and that but that means it's Not just on the limit of grip Of the same amount of grip because every Lap your tires are wearing out every lap The temperature of the track is changing So that changes grip as well so all These calculations are [ __ ] Okay but what if you so I'm not saying We won't be able to do it yeah you've Dabbled with chat chat It is 100 easier to make chat gbt write A book than it is to make you do a lap Okay For that program But what if they design something for a Vehicle they try to and it [ __ ] it Like they all crashed they all crashed Into each other I want You wouldn't know no it's just because The calculations are so crazy we just Simply don't have the computing power to Do it But that's blown me away because I Thought that the computer would have Would have outsmarted the man no you Know even at this point no you

Underestimate you underestimate how Powerful a person's mind is and body Like he takes you back to the [ __ ] UFOs yeah The it's stupid things like even the um Like when you think obviously we can get Um We can get machines to pick things up That's not what I'm saying but it's Stupid things like when you pick a when You pick a pint glass up you've probably Got the power in your hand to crush a Pint glass if you really tried you know You just like an average person of an Average I I'd make a right mess in my Hand to break it do it I wanted to Destroy a pint glass yeah it already had A crack in it though I said just that Just a calculation of enough enough Force to pick it up but not throw it Over your shoulder like enough to bring It to your face but not smack you in the Face enough not not to crush the glass Same same if you pick up like a Polystyrene cup You know in this in this with the same Body we can punch through a door or we Can pick up a feather without heart Breaking it or hold a baby Now imagine that and if racing car sense Where you've got all those g-forces and Stuff like that that's why Formula One Drivers and racing drivers are quick is Because they can feel what the car is

Doing underneath them how they feel in Their ass they feel in their hands They're feeling like when the when the Cars losing grip at the rear they can They can adjust it You know that that's dude like I said Those calculations are crazy and we do Them every day That's essentially that's like those Pilots that are flying And [ __ ] protecting everybody's [ __ ] country They do their own Maneuvers but The the drones that are out there Do you believe the drums by the way I Don't know if I've ever asked you that Question Is my partner in crime do you believe That this the stuff you see you know so We've had Lou on Um Lou reviews Lou malnes yeah Do you believe The stuff is like Chinese drones or Whatever some things have to be Drums Do You know what Do you think those ones that frame us on All that is or do you think forever's a [ __ ] actor I think machine yeah I don't think tic tac's a real thing I think that for whatever this movie is For for whatever the whatever's being Played out here look I'm a project blue Beam guy

And if I'm anything I'm [ __ ] bluebeam I know this yeah Um I yeah I think he's a sexy story isn't He you know the There was something interesting about Fraber Is that He went if you watch his and don't get Wrong this is I I could be completely Wrong here but one thing is definitely True Is when you watch his um Uh His interviews He goes from being well this could just Be camera shy as well He ends up really [ __ ] enjoying Talking about this Later worries he it is uncontrollably Happy about it yeah grinning And I can't help feel That's not just being comfortable on Camera I think part of it's being Comfortable on camera I think the other part of it is though Is it called blackest Delight Where people are uncontrollably happy Because they're fooling somebody And they know they're getting away with It and the other person is lapping up I think there was a good I have a guess On and you will have done that you'll Have had guests on before that you that

They do that you can you can tell yeah I know I know what you're saying yeah That's the vibe I get from fraber the Vibe I get from fraber is he is Unbelievably happy That somebody's listening to it and that They are buying it And that's the weird thing so don't get That from Lazar that's the strange thing About this art no I don't maybe he's Just better at it Really good at lying but he's probably Not got the scientific well the way Um Jeremy and Lou I mean Lou Lou doesn't know cheapest to Like thank you thank you Mr eon Jeepers Delight it's called good man I am Genuinely I I don't think The one Second That Anybody that interviews Lazar Thinks he's lying Just like when you're looking at fravor I I don't think people think he's lying But at the same time there's something Very very Um I know it's like there's a boast there There's a big But is that just But is that just personality is that

Just personality because you've you've Also got dietrichs that backs it up the You know the lady the lady yeah yeah but Where is she you're like why isn't she She's she's been she has been on Interviews no no I know she's been on Interviews but why not why not as many As forever Why is he in favor I don't know my favor is in favor Guy always cry And the radar guy Oh yeah the young young guy no he's not Young he's [ __ ] You yeah no you're talking about what's Your name what's the radar guy people Okay I think of his [ __ ] name we Spoke me we used to speak about him with Goof on when yeah give him some Radar Love Before I hated us Um he doesn't hate this he still [ __ ] Loves us he watches sorry goof on watch The show every week Of course he does he wants to know I Have not barred you in the chat by the Way I can really joke Please unblock me on Twitter you [ __ ] He's blocked me on Twitter he's blocked Me on his on his chats as well like Seriously but he hasn't blocked me on His you on his chat because I I Commented on it the other day saying why You wrote me on Twitter because I don't Want to fall out with anybody

That's not that I'm just I'm just like I Think anybody blocks somebody is a [ __ ] So right yeah I think you're a massive [ __ ] vagina Don't block me let I would let you chime My chat You know Um who's who's the guy who are we Talking about who's Kevin Day [ __ ] Kevin Day there you go Kevin Day yeah Kevin Day why is he a [ __ ] nervous Wreck From seeing a [ __ ] couple of UFOs on A [ __ ] radar I mean is it because that's his job is He the the fear Merchant of it I don't Think so now because he generally looks Like if he's Um and Kevin I'm sorry I'd love to I'd Love to interview you and have a beer With you I do yeah One too many He he looks like a [ __ ] nervous wreck The guy doesn't look well And he's talking about this subject and That was the guy who had a [ __ ] very Important [ __ ] job It just doesn't kind of add up that You'd get I mean what could have put I've watched his interviews there's Nothing that he says in that interview That would say

Because of this I am now this guy who's Who are I'm sorry if I'm speaking out of term Here but looks like his life's gone Through [ __ ] [ __ ] Because of this because he had a [ __ ] Fantastic [ __ ] job I guarantee that Oh sorry I know you talk about now yeah Yeah I guarantee him he made a shitload Of money doing that [ __ ] radar one of my mates [ __ ] Fixed planes I know how much money he's On he's on quite wait well not to start Off with but to get the radar job Yeah because he want my my mate who's Who's in the RAF he fixed his Planes he Applied for a job in the tower control Looking air traffic control that is He didn't pass the [ __ ] the bar for That and he was gutted because it was [ __ ] great money but not only that You know it's it's a big responsibility But He's [ __ ] pretty switched on with Great money comes great responsibility Cleft clever guy And he's got I would say I would say He's his emotion is 0.1 he's not an emotional guy That's all hmm It's his Planes for a living now but he Wanted to do the radar job in normal in Air traffic control for the RAF Didn't get that job

Because of the test they did it was Something to do with the psychological Tests why the [ __ ] Did Kevin Day Do that job See a few UFOs on the radar and then Have the nervous breakdown because they Seem to have that's the cut I would love To have that conversation with you so is He was he on the the ship the Um yeah yeah I mean unless there's more to that than We Than we know but again it's But what could you see on radar that Makes you [ __ ] go Wasn't he Yeah what but I mean I I I I I unless So so yeah but obviously he would have He would have spoke to other people on The ship that would have been happening Maybe maybe one of them got like probed On deck in front of everybody else Force feel around them got probed watch Me do this look me in the eyes while I Probe your crewmate with the force field Yeah So only the alien could Attention no no force field so that so No one could get to him and to stop him Right just like watch me that's because What we don't know about grazes they are Like they're they're massively Randy Little sods with you yeah yeah they're

They're really into BDSM Um By the way at the alien addict gray Um it's non-binary so don't worry about It it's not gonna [ __ ] you It's just it's just it doesn't care Good job Um Um Yeah I don't know but like I said I mean If If you are I mean maybe he was at that position Anyway maybe he was having issues maybe There's issues you don't know where his Personal life was like it could have Been like the straw that broke the Camel's back It was you know can you imagine right Let's say you're not happy you think Your wife's having fat not saying his Wife is having Affair by the way I'm Just creating a fictitious situation his Wife's having an affair he kind of knows About it he's away a lot so he Understands because she gets lonely Everyone gets lonely but he doesn't want Another command corner he just want Another man without her kids can call Dad so that's all on his on his head as Well he wakes up for another day's work On the ship sat in front of his radar Thing and my life's [ __ ] awful my Wife's getting pounded at home my kids

Are going to walk come home and High-five him because although although I hate him because he's pounding my wife He's dead cool he's got a really cool Job he's got a nice girl Um massive dick massive massive dick And um the next thing is you have swarms Of triangular [ __ ] pyramids uh around Your ship and you just go do you know What that's enough I [ __ ] check out I've checked out of this this is like This is the straw the straw is an alien Invasion I can handle my wife getting Pummeled by alrico but I can't handle This Maybe maybe mate yeah see I just painted You a picture with my words if we get Him on can you ask him Can you ask him can you ask him in Exactly that much exactly that way yeah Is it was this let me weave you a tail Do you know what I mean though I mean How does woman go from being a radar guy It must be more to it there must be more That's gone off in that guy's life to be Nervous right some people some people Their moment is like their pet dies and They go [ __ ] postal I get that with some people if you've Only got a pet and you've got nothing Else in your life then I get that yeah But right if everything if everything is Legit with that [ __ ] story it's not a Pet dying it's a [ __ ] alien invasion

Unless you know something that we don't Oh he's not saying oh he was already Having a bad day and then the aliens Turned up and he got fired And fingered [ __ ] fired and fingered in the same Day by the name Alien Jesus Christ On that note we've gone for what two Hours 20 minutes We can keep it for another six or seven Minutes the kids to round it off to a Nice holiday [ __ ] yeah it was round This [ __ ] up but um yeah I just I I really want to know If If these stories are real first of all Or or is it next level Dodie stuff Although Do you believe Dodie now that he's Talking like okay In Korea go in Korea Gangria sounds so painful Um ganga [ __ ] rare Jesus But um yeah that's that's what I think It is I think it's like next level rich Dirty [ __ ] that's gone on And Because that right that's the other Thing to think about like Dodie was the Guy that sent the guy [ __ ] crazy Wasn't he yep He fought So he was if I was listening on that was It an army base but he was listening to

[ __ ] UFOs yeah What was going on with the aliens and All that jazz yeah Um So now I mean when was that was that in The 80s I'll be honest with you if I give you a Time frame I'll be lying a lot like a [ __ ] right I I don't know Um But you've got to think that these These propaganda techniques And [ __ ] do we know about Propaganda over the last few years Um I've got more more sophisticated they Are now multi-faceted because the You have so many more like In tentacles with the internet you know There's so many more Avenues you can Stream information from you say Tentacles or testicles both uh you can Stream information for like conflicting Information into different Um Well like to different Outlets you can Play outlets off against each other like The the like the 5D chess that must go On when it comes to disinformation and Propaganda now is [ __ ] unreal Um Yeah so Think about how sophisticated that is Now Like 40 years on or whatever whatever it

Is Do you Do you actually know how gray got dope See the thing is with Greer and I know We've gone on many tangents with this This podcast tonight podcast what do you Calmly live live stream Do you still call them podcasts yeah It's a cool name yeah g How do you think Because it's got to be some sort of There's got to be something to Greer to Get a guy like Dodie To kind of come and speak out Foreign As much as everybody wants to hate on The guy And and don't don't get me wrong no Because he's still doing his job Yeah but I just I just think there is As much as Like we know Steve And well Steve don't hate anybody I know You don't go on with goof on but Yeah I don't think he hates Stephen Greer but what he will say is Steven's Grifter Stevens is is that snake oil Salesman yeah oh that's fair There must have been something though With Greer Some good When he's getting people like Dodie to Come And like tell the story he has to have

Something there there has to be some Sort of level to he's if he And I was a massive I'll be honest with You I was a massive I'm not gonna lie Ollie I have no [ __ ] idea what you're Talking about Right I was a massive gray fan and a lot Of trust in Greer Um back in the early UFO days when I Said everybody did this Um me probably for too long so I I Probably even trusted Greer Three or four years back Still And then I I saw some stuff that was in the Documentary I I like I I put a video I I Got the documentary early like okay Two documentaries ago you've got one Where he cried at the end Nothing has done before that it might Know it was it was that one it was the One in in the room the Big White Room Not the two the two-hour advert for the Two-hour advert for a zap So I got that early And I believe I put a well-produced Documentary I bought a UFO clip out Earlier on alien addict and I was like What the [ __ ] is this this is amazing And then Osvaldo Franco actually debunked it

Who How what did he say He said it's skydivers and I went and he Showed me the full video and it was Skydivers they'd use this same [ __ ] Clip and they cut it And I'm like that's the same thing That's the same doctor it's the same Documentary he used a [ __ ] dancing Alien that was like a cactus or Something like that It's just how do you go from being UFO Hero to [ __ ] I'm not even gonna make it rhyme a Buffoon Because he's just making money he's Making he's making he's just making Money now Um I I find it a [ __ ] crying shame I Really do because I think I think the Red flag with Greer with me would or Will always be and it was at the time I Remember Um Uh The The conversation I had with somebody When I first heard about Stephen Greer And the disclosure projects and they Just kept returning to us it's it's Funny how some people Um it's obviously the way that they're

Addressed all the time he was always Addressed as Dr Stephen Greer Dr Stephen Greer Dr Stephen Greer yeah and it was Dr Stephen Curry who's trouble aliens Dr Stephen green was taught by spaceships Dr Stephen green was talking about space And then you find out he's a [ __ ] ER doctor they go oh hang on a second So that was the first thing with me Because I thought right well you're you The doctor part of your name and he's a Doctor don't get me wrong Disingenuously Because if you if you have somebody Standing in front of you talking about Space and UFOs and aliens and they say They're a doctor you are going to think They're a physicist or a [ __ ] Astrobiologist or at least something That doesn't involve treating broken Bones Don't you find it weird that like him And Alexander like [ __ ] Like pulling out the dicks the who's Who's got the biggest [ __ ] like it like I don't Yeah but but they're perfect for each Other like I think they play off each Other because they know it eat each one Backs Do you know for the do you know the Lawyer situation do you know about the Lawyer situation you know you know Danish

No he sounds like he disappears though If you say his name Yeah he's he was he works with Greer for A long time Um is uh he's a lawyer and he does a lot With the UFO community He's [ __ ] Lou Alexander's lawyer now And he he worked for such a long time Now if somebody who doesn't know Anything about this you you freaking Fantastic to ask this question Does that not sound weird to you that Gray is like somebody who he worked with For years who has been in videos with Stephen Greer All of a sudden Lowell is uno call Stephen gray a Terrorist Shouldn't have said that word on YouTube But We're here now Then Ishien Is on Lu Alexander's lawyer You don't know anything that says as an Outsider how does that look to you Sorry Steps again so Danny Sheen so we're Going from disclosure project so damage Danny Sheen was involved in the Disclosure project with Stephen Greer Right from the beginning we're talking Pre-911 right And they have been friends I think

They're still friends I believe Here now Is Lou Alexander's Lawyer Would you not consider that In I mean by UK standards I don't know About anywhere else but would you not Consider that a conflict of interest I'd Want to know I'd want to know Danny's Background because he's a lawyer no no But but I I want to know more about that [ __ ] because Oh I'm gonna sound crazy again aren't I Um I wonder whether it was some sort of Handler Okay This is why I'm asking you because you Because you no no that's what I'm saying I'd wonder why I'd wonder if it was some Sort of Handler that handles assets Government assets to keep them in check In the same way as the uh you have that Personal trainer in Hollywood don't you That essentially told Kanye West We're gonna drug you and stick you back In hospital if you don't [ __ ] wind Your neck in [ __ ] And he's Being involved with a lot of celebrities That appear to be but I'll say a part of MK ultra's [ __ ] mind control programs You said you'd do a show on that

I I've I I'd love to I'd love somebody Else to come on as well that's properly Researched it you know We'd have to do a month of it mate yeah Um But yeah I would wonder I wonder whether he was he was something Like that whether there was so there was There was a deeper job that for him than Just being a A lawyer at that point because that That's weird that's a weird connection To happen Well that's the last factual information That yeah yeah Gray is really good friend Danny Sheehan Is now Lou Alexander's lawyer I mean That Find that fascinating that they all go Around in this kind of circle and it's I think we're being played by all I Really do I think I think we are I I've said it all along there is a Vested interest Um There is a vested interest in Uh The the the UFO community and the Population in like wider population in General there is a vested interest in to Make them believe That there is a possibility Uh

That the uh that there is Extraterrestrials I don't know why I don't know why that's A thing but that I I think it's it's an Undeniable fact That there are I would say I don't want To say governmentally governmental Because I think these decisions are made By The people that buy and sell politicians I think it's decisions made above Government Uh But I think it's undeniable it's an Undeniable fact that the it's all Tongue-in-cheek isn't it It's like oh well that thing well it Could be Yeah It could be aliens yeah Um and even even down to see I think There's been so much priming for this Even down to like your uh Ancient Aliens Which is being a a like an unbelievable Did you enjoy that show to start off With I I enjoy it now if it comes on don't [ __ ] believe any a word that's on it Bro I'll watch it you know I I like the Avengers I don't believe it Um but like the it was the perfect Primer for what's come now you know and It's it's kind of unrelated do you think It's molded

Sort of this community I think it's Mo it's it's molded pop Culture like you remember the crazy hair Is a meme But that's literally what the that That's what like the The um The state line is now The guy got up there for a White House Press Conference and basically said I'm Not saying it's aliens but it's aliens Yeah so how Wild is that how Wild is That that guy that Meme that was Generated ends up being the de facto [ __ ] party line What what do you think just quickly Before we we disappear and we talk about The Sunday show that you're not going to Be on Um good about that I [ __ ] love doing The Sunday shows as well but gonna he's All right they've got to say with a 70 Year old man we're gonna we've got a Beast in line literally a beast Still doing a Sunday show people You'll have to wait and see oh God if You've got like two viewers my head is Going to go through the roof Two viewers yeah For the Sunday show yeah Even if if no one turns up because I'm Not there I was just gonna say everyone will come And watch it now just to make me feel

Bad but um but it's like oh yeah I love Alien like just like it used to be Before the fat ginger guy Um Sorry you were gonna say before we wrap It up The philosophy train so far now you've Ever asked me a question I think you were going to ask me what I Thought was gonna happen On what Like The end of the movie because I was Talking about the uh oh yeah yeah yeah Yeah is that what you're gonna ask me Put your finger on that trigger I think it's Um I think it's bluebeam I think the We have I think we have a turmoil that we're Gonna go through Um That's kind of unrelated to UFOs but I'm Not going to say it here Um I think there are vested interest that With what The population that is left they will They're going to want to control and to Finagle into their What how they think Society should be Run and I think they're going to do it With a new religion and they're going to

Do it by Probably something along the lines of Ancient Aliens And that's how we'll you will bring in This one world religion one world Government one world order The thing with blue been what people Don't seem to realize it doesn't have to Be the word blue beam doesn't I know you Think when you think bluebeam it's like [ __ ] lace [ __ ] glycerin lights in The background that will shine upon us And [ __ ] predict And project [ __ ] god or whatever on Mankind But when I think of bluebeam and I think This is probably the same for you Lee Bluebeam is an idea That you can you can predict you can you Can project an idea on mankind Uh yeah yeah it could be Um I still I I had the idea that the we've Also been primed for the nuclear Deterrent Near that [ __ ] alarm that went off the other Day but no but we've been primed that uh UFOs have been zapping around Like stop and launch codes and stuff Like that and like stopping nuclear Missiles working like for decades as Long as they stop I don't care Um

Not if what comes worse is that is worse Than a blast no It's not How do you know I don't know there's nothing worse than A blast It'd probably probably help But worry about enslavement Well yeah I suppose a blast would be Fast You know in the water the the uh but if You're talking like like full Global Control That's pretty grim Which kind of seems like If you look If you really with without speaking too Much in code but if if you if you Connect the dots people Foreign Something a little bit iffy If you haven't waited already I think we've been We've gone through Um We've gone through such an interesting Time In the last three years four years And um Or over sorry not forty house but it's Been three years but over four years if You have no remains it's crossed for Calendar calendar years I don't think it's an accident I don't

Think it's an accident when this stuff Started to explode was when we were all Locked in our houses At you know it's and again maybe it's Chaos maybe it is but there is something Where it's so This organization to chaos it's an Ominous feeling there is an ominous Feeling around this stuff Um Is it you know the uh are we like oh are We like the biblical end times is this The Like the the the great deception You know have people already took the Mark I hope not you know I want to be an old Granddad Talking about UFOs I think that's you Know what I think that is something Genuinely that people need to get used To is the fact that the we've Uh Regardless of what your level is Of rabbit hole digging when it comes to The couth Into the whatever this UFO stuff is now Um And even even if you are you are full-on Like I love the BBC like I am [ __ ] Roosted boosted and ready to go E You must say that In 2018 we thought

We were pretty much going to be able to Ride our lives out the same way our Parents have ridden their lives out and We will get to watch our children ride Their lives out before we finish ours And they continue into the future the Idea that our next 30 Years Can be the same as the last Is that's A conspiracy theory That's a [ __ ] wild conspiracy theory That's because it's just that's not the Way the future's moving we are we are Going Into Uncharted [ __ ] up deep Waters And it could be [ __ ] a still don't Get me wrong either or like all this This could be enough to Like Shake people up to Corruption of Power and Listening to the uh Rogan's podcast with Uh Asim uh at the Maybe it shakes up how we look at the Pharmaceutical industry and we can move Back towards maybe more Positive Health based things and uh who Am I to know about a [ __ ] positive Health I'm [ __ ] overweight drummer Like in the UK it's not it's not like I'm I'm out there like living the [ __ ] Rogan lifestyle But um

Maybe this is like a turning point it Doesn't we don't necessarily have to go The wrong way with it and I will always Say this when it comes in even if Everything we think about the Waf is Right and the agenda 2030 stuff and Things like that You have to remember if they were as Powerful as they want you to believe They are we wouldn't be having these Conversations to deal would already be Done it would be finished The the thing is we have A massive amount of power Because if we didn't have a massive Amount of power these entities and by Entities I do just mean like people not Like whatever group Um The uh They wouldn't be so scared they wouldn't Be so scared they wouldn't be trying to Pass hate crime laws that uh like limit Freedoms of speech they wouldn't be Trying to clamp down and protest Now by Using Bad actors and [ __ ] useful Idiots in these climate Um uh climate chaos [ __ ] people like It's just stop oil and Extinction Rebellion and stuff like that just Useful idiots that have been terrorized Into thinking they're saving the planet Uh they wouldn't need these mechanisms If there wasn't

A not not even not even just good chance I would say probable chance that we can Just stop this Because like I say it would just it Would all be over it would be done I wish it would be done No you don't want no you don't want to Be done No I mean I mean for the good yeah Yeah Happy Days yeah But on that note people Um it's my TED Talk To listen to ladies Ted Talk Um And um we've got a show Sunday Lee won't Lee won't be um the host I'm sorry it's Gonna be an awesome show though I'm just Gonna make Dave I think Dave's going to Be the host I think Dave's actually Going to be the host in fact I might Even suggest that to Dave he can [ __ ] Say welcome to the [ __ ] show [ __ ] Um tune in because we will be talking About strangers now you can take that Whichever way you want it's going to be Definitely paranormal Um so Tune in it's gonna be 9 p.m uh GMT time Uh 4 P.M Eastern And I want to thank everybody who's in The chat tonight Um You've all been excellent

And uh yeah just um Keep spreading the word alien addict It is a thing you are an abate And we and we're we're a pair And we're going to America In in just over a month And my passport should be here in about A month Guys thank you good night God bless mind The bugs though bye we are alien addicts And we love you you know what You've been amazing check out the merch It is in the description Wait wait what you found my guy with the Late arrival Good evening mate welcome to the show I'm sorry wait wait we've done three Hours I'm sorry we're like we we tried To wait for you Now let's let's do another three No every comment adds to the algorithm That's it oh speaking of comments people If you've liked the show and you want to Check back tomorrow Watch it again leave a comment it helps The algorithm out That's the merch it's beautiful it's Sexy but not as sexy as Lee's one which Is kind of gonna we're gonna phase out At some point because Lee's he he's he's Gone and taking that alien pill We could always just Leave it place the logo in the middle Oh yeah

I mean the thumbnail for tonight's show Well that brain looks so juicy doesn't It it does it's a real brain so fresh I've got a real brain for that yeah But I'm a little bit when I was making That thumbnail tonight my little boy not Tonight sorry the other day well I'm Just like looking there and I've Just Seen looking at screen going And I went What's up and he's like Is that a brain Yeah it's like okay cool Seven years old Right folks We'll see you Sunday thank you Ciao's Thank you [Applause]