When Demons ATTACK… SCARY Paranormal Activity On Camera @ The Devil’s Prison | This Place Is EVIL

By | May 2, 2023
When Demons ATTACK… SCARY Paranormal Activity On Camera @ The Devil's Prison | This Place Is EVIL

Can you knock this one off now Oh my God We are in the Old Washington County Jail This is where all these little offenders Were housing they were basically Terrified of everybody this is the cell Where Ron took his own life This cell is very very active but he Doesn't like when people are in his cell They came in here and these guys were Terrified of they saw an investigator Got scratched that happened to him right Down here in this cell the Paranormal Activity in here is so strong it Actually scared the police officer yeah It always startled and it surprised him It really did give the orange one a Little bit of a roll I don't want to be in here we're locking Connor in here Hello Oh what the was that Tonight we're in Upstate New York at one Of the most haunted jails in America This place is dark and the activity that Occurs here in this building is some of The most violent and most physical that I've ever encountered While investigating this building for Paranormal Activity police officers have Been scared to appoint but they've said They'll never return to this building

Okay So tonight join us as we dive deep into The hauntings of this County jail and Welcome to the Paranormal Files A federal class action lawsuit alleging Inhumane conditions at the Washington County Jail the lawsuit lists a dozen Inmates as plaintiffs and seeks to Represent all people who've been Incarcerated there the suit alleges the Jail is unsanitary and the Washington County Sheriff's Office fails to provide Adequate medical or dental care deliver Medications or offer an opportunity to Exercise Henry Brewster an attorney for The plaintiff saying the Sheriff's Office and the County Commission have a Responsibility to the inmates conditions In that jail are so abhorrent that they Violate the 14th and Eighth Amendment of The Constitution in other words the Conditions are intolerable even though We recognize that people need to be Incarcerated and held in jails they Shouldn't have to be subjected to Inhumane conditions a new video is Shining Light on alleged prison abuse It's surfaced on social media and has Caught the attention of authorities and We must warn you that some viewers may Find the following images disturbing if Hell had a description or a definition It would be solitary confinement this Sounds like elevated that you're stuck

In for 24 hours Hey uh my name is Pete Carolyn I am the Courthouse rep here in Salem New York And we are in the Old Washington County Jail uh this building was built in 1869 And at that point Salem was the county Seat for Washington County so this was The head of our County we're still a Small remote little town in the middle Of nowhere Salem is very old it was Founded in 1761 makes us one of the Oldest towns in Upstate New York at that Point we had a population of about 2500 And our population is still 2500. but the the interesting part about That was at that point in southern in The 1760s population of 2500 was Substantial there were maybe 50 000 English people here in the entire Country so we have kind of been the Center of this area for a long long time Like I said this was built in 1761 it Replaced an Old Courthouse which was Down on Main Street at the same time They built a scale way down at the far End of this Hall the jail was uh built Originally and it was log and the Prisoners here found out very quickly That if you have a log jail And you light the logs on fire the Guards will open up all the doors and Let you run out into the corn fields so They had a few jail breaks and uh they

Decided they needed to do something Better in 1904 they added a jail back There it's three levels it's basically a Modular jail made of steel and it was Made by the same folks that made Alcatraz so if you've been to Alcatraz You'll recognize ourselves we're six by Nine just like them with a metal bunk And a toilet sink combination and a Shelf we've been doing ghost hunting Here since probably about the time you Started Steve 2011. around 2008 to 2011. The way I got involved is I was just Volunteering here and the administrator Said hey can you give a tour and I said Sure I'll give it to her and uh well it Starts at 9pm and it ends at 1am what Are you signing me up for and it was the Very first ghost tour here and then I Met up with Steve on Facebook I believe From Haunted Nights and he came down and We have become friends I guess 12 years 12 years that's more than half of Dylan's life it's factual It's crazy right like we've been this Was one of the first locations that we Ever investigated back in the day Um I think it was the second for our Group at that time and Dylan was 12 when He came here the first time yeah and That's where like you know we got a Message on the page back then and said Hey do you want to check out the old Washington County jail and uh you know

I'm an 18 year old kid that just started A group and nobody's let me into places I'm like yeah I want to check out the Old jail you know what I mean we drove Here like that night to check it out and We ended up doing a bunch of Investigations here and 12 years later We we've been coming here probably five To ten times at a minimum every year Since then I mean we've probably Investigated this place more than any Other location that we ever have yeah Are you hearing noise yeah it's not like A voice Well talk to us if you want to say Something Like a very clear woman yeah Hello Okay we're in a jail that basically Housed men And the most prevalent voices we get Here are females yes that was a woman's Voice To get that upstairs And that's weird stuff that's weird Stuff we used to get females whistling And humming and stuff upstairs but we Haven't had it in a long time it just Kind of it's kind of fizzled out and Moved into every different areas of the Building but that's something that we've Experienced a lot this place changes I Mean I thought someone was like standing Right here behind us he said like we

Were in the middle of nowhere there's Nothing out here there's nobody no no no Dyson out here we're like where are These guys taking them like is this jail Going to be in the middle of the field It's more remote than the hopes that is The middle of nowhere uh so where do we Want to start you guys want to go Upstairs first or go out back go up There sure we can head up I think they Turn the lights out If I can find Alexis wow that's crazy Actually oh wow and this is the entrance Into the the original courtroom for Washington County this was the Grand Jury Room support room this was 1800s Right if I remember 1869 yeah and There's a picture of what it looked like Back then that reminds me though we were So we were here back in 2015 and we were Actually filming a pilot for a TV show We had a production company out here They flew out from California to film us Uh for a few days And so we're talking about this and We're standing outside getting ready to Film you not production company all of Us we heard the Bell on the tower Ringing There's one ring there's nothing up There there's no Bell there's no there's A bell up there but it hasn't run and

There's no rope yeah it doesn't break it Doesn't do that there's not even a tower Anymore it's just chilling up there and The only time on the ground yeah it's Like it's right in the Attic it's up in The attic yeah it's on an A-frame only Time we've heard it ring in the 12 years We've been coming here it was broad Daylight the production company was here And they about lost their mind Daniel The the producer comes running PPP make The Bell stop like okay there's nobody In the building but I'll go check I Can't make the Bell stop if I went I Went in and I went all the way upstairs And there's nobody in the building Nothing no reason but I came back and They said there's nobody up there and he Goes well but I don't make it don't let It happen again because we can't have The bell ring we're filming you know and There's nothing and we we made the Bell Stop long ago I said to him you wanted weird to Happen that's weird In 2002 they built a new jail in Washington County New York they turned This over to us for you know the grand Total of a dollar so we go to the Courthouse in a jail now we have to Maintain it this is pretty much what we Were given it's become a community Center so you'll see the art Installation downstairs you'll see a

Piano in the courtroom we are working to Make it a cool community space and this Is pretty much a typical courtroom and They are still pretty much the same Layout today We're back here in the gallery which is Where the commoners sit there's a bar And on the other side is where the Lawyers sit There is a jewelry box which is right Here This is a bar that's where the lawyers Would be Judges Bench witness stand Baylor for court recorder There's one of the two tables that were Here There was only one when we got it and The the chairs that are in there are the Actual jury box chairs so we've kind of Kept this pretty much intact we didn't Have the original chairs for the judge And the uh the seats up there or any Other chairs except for the jury box Chairs Know a lot of the times when we come up Here we do like mock trials we had one Of our other investigators sitting in The witness stand and he had a piece of Wood thrown at him one thing we seem to Get a lot of here is someone sold Another person out to kind of save Themselves so maybe we can get something Like that tonight we've had the piano Play we've seen people up in the balcony

This place is active right like so when We first started coming here like this Was the focal point this is where Everything was happening we were getting Disembodied female voices Whispering We're hearing whistles like somebody's Just kind of walking through the Courtroom the piano playing was one of The very first times we're here this Area here they actually had a stage that Was built on top of this bar right back To the wall they used it for like Community Theaters and stuff so there Was staircase here and then a stage this Whole area so this wasn't open the piano Was sitting up on the stage we had a Camera up in the balcony recording and You see us on the stage investigating And you see us walk away we're about 30 Feet away from the piano and you clear As they hear the keys in the piano play And you see us all turn around really Quick and look at it I mean we caught it On camera clear as day the piano played By itself nobody in here Um Thank you Very nice Um one of the clearest shadow figures I've ever seen was in this room when the Stage was here I was sitting in the back With one other investigator a couple of

Investigators on the balcony and we're Sitting there and I see somebody walk From the left side to the right right Across and everybody upstairs said did You guys move did you guys move Downstairs and we said no like we're Still sitting down we saw it too I mean It was clear as day somebody walked Right across here but whenever we bring Up that whole thing of selling somebody Out lying about what happened somebody Else taking the blame that's when stuff Really starts to happen in here so I Don't know what went on or what case That might be referring to that went on Here but something like that definitely Happened here and this this courtroom Can be very very active so were there Any famous murder trials that happened Here You you drove here You saw how remote we are not really I Think there were a total of three murder Trials here over the years anything Notable do you know what the cases were Not really the county doesn't even Really admit this was a jail really what Do you mean Well we've asked for lists of sheriffs We've been denied we've asked for lists Of prisoners we've been denied we've Asked for interesting court cases yes That's also been denied really any Attempt to get information from the

County and basically yeah nothing Happened here yeah it was like once they Built the new jail this place kind of They were just like it never happened You guys have it we'll give it to you For a dollar that's it we don't talk About it's not here anymore wait they Really sold this place for a dollar yep Turn it over to the town yeah uh 1998 There was a guy downstairs you heard us Talking about him before a guy named Ron Who hung himself in the way that they do In jail and they don't even admit that That happened yet but it's documented We've had the actual guards that were Here that day that found him we've had Them with us on investigations we Brought them in and they told us about It they he told us why he was in here His first name he's like I don't want to Give his last name obviously because it Was relatively recent I mean this place Closed down in the early 2000s 2003 yeah It closed down yeah it was a prison for A Yeah I mean they they don't admit it to Them that this guy took his own life but We've literally like the guy was like no I was here that day I got called in Because anytime there was a slide or Anything like that happened here they Had to call in the extra help and bring In people and he's like I came in that Day and I was one of the first guys in

Here he's like it happened I saw him I Know exactly his case I know why he was Here I know how long he was going to be Here if he knew the guy yeah in October We were here and we were doing our Yearly in October investing I mean why Why not if I see it in October Bob came In and uh oh yeah I was here that night I was one of the guards on duty it's Like oh I'll bring you my notebook yeah He's like I'll show you where I wrote Stuff down and what he does is he He journals it all yeah and he he came In he investigated us he doesn't really Believe in the Paranormal he was just Like oh it's interesting you guys are Opening up I I used to work here I want To come check it out so he came in he Was mind blown by the stuff we were Getting because we brought him down to That cell we were doing interaction with Flashlights EVPs and stuff like that and We were getting answers that were just Blowing this guy's mind because he was Like I was here like I know this guy I Was here when it happened I I'm hearing These answers and these responses on This recorder and it doesn't make sense It got him so much that the next night He was on duty he was in uniform and he Pulled up and came inside he's like yo Is anything going on again tonight like Is it still happening like yeah he was Like so caught up in what happened he

Came back while he was working the next Night was like is it still happening Here I can't believe it because this is A guy that I know I saw him when he was Alive I was here the day it happened and He's answering questions in this cell And there's nobody in there it really it Blew his mind so the Questions he would know the answer yeah That we were not us so he's not even Like oh you rigged up the voice recorder Or you rigged up whatever because you Wouldn't know that information how did You just right how did you ask this Question and on The Voice Recorder get This answer unless you were here that Day Dylan wasn't even alive when it Happened So you know what I mean like were your Parents even married yet probably not You know what I mean like but that's the Only thing like voices footsteps Shadows Down here um a lot of equipment Activated the piano playing by itself Shadow figures up in the the balcony a Ton like seeing people like you'll just See people sitting in the pews you'll See them get up you'll see him move There's nobody out there Um I mean to the point where like last Year we were at an event it was actually In October again we were all sitting Down here and I said oh Logan I said Logan's up in the balcony he went up

There earlier and that's you know he was Going to stay up there before noises I feel like I'm here guns here in this Too yeah it's like Movement movement all over like yeah Like that I literally blamed Logan like I saw a Person up there last year and I was like He went up there I know he went up there Um because he was checking something out And I was like everybody's like no he's Not up there anymore I said no he 100 is I can see him he's sitting right there That's I can see him sitting there and They're like no we're telling you we Watch him leave and he went downstairs Go check I was like all right so I went Up there I went out to this doorway here And I yelled I said Logan to see if he Was going to answer me from above me or Down he answered me he was downstairs Eating cake I mean I I argued with guests at my Event like I was that convinced that he Was up there I was like no you like I'm Glad you guys are here I hope you're Having a great time but like you're Wrong you know what I mean like that's That I'm not trying to ruin your Parental experience that's not a ghost That's Logan and they're like no that's Not Logan and I went up and I was like that's not Luke you know what I Mean like this place is crazy up here

You heard Steve say there was a stage Here I built it let's Go Peep with Another guy a guy named John and the Night we built it off site and then Transported it here and installed it the Night we did it you know we're there Were people in and out all day we had All kinds of help we just John and I Finished up it was about 11 o'clock at Night and all of a sudden we kept Hearing this radio playing in the Background high-pitched female voice it Wasn't in this room singing it's like Okay well what is it so we were picking Up we had all the tools picked up it was Like this and John says well we better Turn the radio off so we went through That door which is where the this the Judge's chamber says behind all of this We went through that door and we went Into the office which is back there it's Like huh it's not back here so we went Down the hall and into the next office Oh it's not here came back in here it's Not in here and every time we moved it Sounded like the singing was in the Next Room Foreign [Applause] [Applause] You know it wasn't in the room with us

But it was the next room we eventually Walked every room in this building Every single room including the seller We never found the singing We left with the singing still going on And it was just very lyrical High-pitched soprano And it Just a woman in here woman singing and They don't they said like they don't Hide from you here right like he's Actively looking for it and it's like All right I might move to the next room So you can't exactly find me but I'm not Gonna stop I'm still gonna do it doesn't Matter that you're acknowledging me I Know you can hear me I don't care I'm Gonna keep doing it yeah they played Cat And Mouse with us yeah literally Worth it to jail that replaced this one He showed up in a CO uniform because he Figured to be a good trigger object he Was actually scratched in the basement So severe enough that it drew blood When we get down there but I think we Moved through the chambers and we'll go Down to the the first floor there Okay This back here behind this wall would be The judge's office and right now we use It as storage so it's full of junk this Would have been like the judge's uh Boardroom where he'd come and sit and Talk to lawyers or whatever and then

There's the back staircase I always joke about this and the Lighting sucks in it but I always joke About this and say this is the one where They would push the inmates down the Stairs It's kind of steep and kind of Treacherous you know that type of stuff Actually did happen oh yeah well we're In the staircase I'm sure it did All right so we're going to take you Into the first floor of the jail again This was 1904. they built this jail Um so we'll go in this way all right so Let me go through there's a lot of Lights in here by the way that's fine so The light will be out on that cell but We're gonna take you this right quick oh Wow so it's a mirror image on both sides The same number of cells and it actually Loops all the way around so during the Day The guards would have closed this door Here to each cell block on each side the Store would be closed I have the keys so I can't actually lock some of these as Well and then they would use the outside Walkway to kind of keep an eye on the Inmates because they would not actually Lock their cells during the day they Were allowed to come out they would hang Out in this hallway but they couldn't Come out of there so the guard would use The outside in operation until 2003. so

This is where people lived until 2003. This cell here is Ron cell So if you step in here This is the cell Where Ron took his own life as you can See there's nothing to hang yourself From India yeah so what he did was tied The rope tied his bed sheet to this top Bar here and he kneeled so he just I Mean you have to be very very committed To it at that point you're not actually Hanging yourself in the normal aspect of It you're you're just suffocating Yourself at that point he he tied the Rope and he just kneeled down until he Passed out and actually passed away now This wasn't his cell his cell was Actually farther down that way but when They got ready to go outside for wreck Time everybody else went out and go to The left he came out and went to the Right and came down the farthest cell Away from everybody and all the guards He had more time and took his own life Right in the cell this cell is very very Active very interactive EVPs equipment Flashlights on and off yes or no EMF Meters millimeters that kind of stuff All goes on in here Ron typically likes To interact with people but he doesn't Like when people are in his cell so he Would rather you step outside and ask Questions like that but I have slept in Here I've slept in the cell a couple

Times and I've been woken up my Footsteps right outside the door Footsteps in the Cell by myself in here So it's a very very heavy heavy cell Because you know what happened in here And you know Um over the course of the 100 plus years Of this place in operation he's probably Not the only one you know I mean that Took his own life or had these thoughts Of taking your own life it was a county Jail so people weren't necessarily in Here you weren't getting sentenced here For life Um you wouldn't have been in here Necessarily for that long but you might Be in here for a year a couple two two Three four years from what we understand And what we know about Ron his sentence It wouldn't have been that wouldn't be The only reason that he took his own Life there had to be more to it because It wasn't a 15-year 10-year five-year Sentence he wasn't going to be in here That long but something drove him to Take his own life in this cell and we're Still not really sure why but this is One of the most intense inactive places In the building I gotta get out of here Man I can barely film me with this lens Yeah these cells are small so we have Been investigating here like I said for 12 years right and we have this theory That we've been working on for a long

Time that what if it's not always just Somebody who died and they're a ghost Now right what if there's Time Slips There's weird kind of crosses and Interactions where they can hear us or We can hear them and that's just how it Works right so well sometimes we're the Ghosts We're The Haunting we're the Residual energy we're that um one of our Friends brought it up one day she she Texted me um and said what if we killed Ron right so if you think about it As I said Ron's sentence wasn't anything Crazy it wasn't anything where he was Going to be in here forever he hadn't Even been tried yet correct so why did He take his life well if you think about It right we know he took his life that's A fact we know that's documented so we Focus on that we go to that cell Ron why Did you do this why did you kill Yourself why did you hang yourself Ron Why did you do this what if over the Last 12 years there's been some weird Time Slips right and so it's for some Reason it's back in the 1990s every once In a while and Ron is in his cell and All he hears is Ron kill yourself Ron Why did you hang yourself Ron hang Yourself Ron why did you do this and He's like what where do these voices Where are they coming from why am I Hearing this hey anybody else in here Are you guys hearing voices is this

Place haunted is this place weird are You guys hearing this and everybody else Says no what are you talking about what If we drove him to commit Just because he's hearing our voices Non-stop asking these questions because You think about a radio station if You're in between two big channels you Can hear a little bit of each song on Either side right and there's a theory That there's multiple Dimensions what if It's the same thing Dimensions kind of Bleed into each other different Timelines kind of so he gets a little Taste so everyone else while he just Hears Ron kill yourself Ron why did you Hang yourself run hang yourself run and What if that's what drove him to this And what if we have created this Haunting simply by asking questions About the haunting that we were told About it's like a weird Lube right it's Something else right exactly literally Are we the reason that we're are we the Reason that we are here investigating Did we create this ourselves without Knowing it and you think about a Residual haunting it's just an Impression of energy that's left over We've been in this building for the past 12 years we've left something yeah we've Had Heard footsteps we've heard our voices Similar to the home stuff yeah like I

Said before when you guys first got here We are now doing a lot more Investigations with other people Because we welcome in other other groups Other than Steve we we let other folks In and more often than not I have sat in Here with other groups and the name that Keeps popping up is Steve and the other Group will look at me who's Steve oh Yeah uh Haunted Nights yeah uh-huh he Yeah he comes here a lot but they know Him they're used to us now they they Recognize us that we literally don't Have spent half his life here yeah you Know I mean more than half his life he's Locked in himself locked into prison no Up on the third floor But it's just it's one of those things Where I think I'm kidding it's hard to See it it's one of those things where There's so many weird things that go on Here it's not your typical haunting it's It's never the same here you never come In here one night and get the same Activity we've had people say there's a Portal up in the balcony and that There's kids running around portal in The basement yeah so I mean which kinds Of weird weird stuff you want to check Out the basement we're gonna go there Next um that's by far the darkest part Of the building what was that that was Me lead against this by far the darkest Part of the building the other thing is

Too Talking about leaving imprints and stuff There's writing and pictures in all of The cells from the inmates still that Goes back so like that is just that's a Piece of that person that's still here These were all painted when they left so They were all white now we're starting To get writing to come back coming Through the paint See they're coming through the paint or Being added now yeah it's bizarre There's pictures and drawings and Calendars and stuff that weren't there At the first time we did this wow it's Bizarre and it's not things that we're Doing it's like counting down how many Days they have and there's not people Hanging out in no so the next three Spots we're going to bring you after Leaving the courtroom in the jail this Is where this building kind of takes its Turn it's not the typical K2 meters EVPs That kind of stuff this is where the Building gets darker we've had people Multiple people scratch in the basement We've had people had to leave events Because they've been become physically Nauseous in the basement very ill just Out of the basement the basement area Um we used to be the commissary it used To be the indoor Rec Space so that was Kind of where they were left to their Own volitions they weren't as guarded

And as monitored down there so we don't Really know exactly what went on down There and what happened Um but it's definitely where things take A darker turn in this building here and Then the third floor of the gym we're Going to bring you after but uh the Basement is one of the freakiest spots In the building and there's a lot of People that come to our events that once They do one rotation down there they Don't want to go back down there they're Done up in the corner where the shadow Figures are kind of like just watching You standing off in the distance in the Basement they will walk up to you kind Of square up to you try to intimidate You people get rushed in the basement You'll be staying there and you'll You'll just you'll feel it you'll feel Feel a presence come up to you and it's In your face it's not oh I'm kind of Something kind of came in the room it's Something came up and is within a foot Of my face so Um we're gonna head down there now and We'll see uh kind of what we can get Awesome I'm right with that introduction Damn it's a more uh artificial Rebellion Inside rec room and commissary the Outside rec room was like a fenced an Area right outside this door here that They refer to as the playpen um but this Is the inside rec room so here we go

Again inside Rec Space commissary area Was around the back Um back when one of the Hurricanes hit And what 20 14. uh this building flooded the this Basement was full of water to the Ceiling so Um they took out all the sheetrock that Was down here there was a couple of Rooms down here at that point the Commissary was down there there was a Window in it a library down here that They used for the prison because of the Water damage they took it all out but What also that did was they had to take Out the windows so these are cinder Blocked up now so when it's lights off In here you cannot see anything you Wouldn't be able to see us standing here I wouldn't be able to see him standing There and it's so dark and you'll still Have the Shadows because these tape Marks on the floor actually glow in the Dark so these are glow in the dark Pieces of tape so you can see them and You'll see them get blocked out you'll See things walk right by them you'll see Them get covered up especially by the Doorway yeah yeah you'll see people get Surrounded like the table all block out Around them we've had a professional Hockey team from Glens Falls in here They were terrified these these hockey Players were absolutely terrified

Because of what they saw in this doorway Guys that didn't believe in the Paranormal they thought it was just kind Of like oh yeah it's a gimmicky thing to Do for how Halloween for the team for Some PR and stuff we'll go check it out And they came in here and these guys Were terrified of they saw full shadow Figures walking into this room and They're like there's no Down there they just couldn't wrap their Minds around and it really freaked them Out but this area here is where our Former investigator who was the CEO was Scratched through two shirts I'll show You the picture of that it's um three Long scratches down his whole back blood Drawn to the surface it it ruined his Paranormal career he was done after that He never went to another investigation No he was done he was done after that he Was he's a big guy he's a CEO he was an Officer at that point and uh it really Really took him back and it it like it He never came back here he never did Another investigation with us he was Done so that's one thing to keep in mind We talked about doing a mock trial Upstairs about dressing up like cops all This other stuff they recognized that And they don't really like it they don't Support it I can pull out the picture Too it's one of those things that you Know it happened to him I was scratched

Upstairs in one of the cells during an Event I was sitting in front of 15 People were doing an EVP session I was Sitting across from you we're literally Just sitting there and I was like hey my Arm is really warm we turned on the Light and I had scratches right up my Arm like that and I hadn't moved Everybody was sitting around hold the Voice recorder and all of a sudden the 15 people outside the cell were inside Oh I gotta see it the actual picture That we took the night of the Investigation when our former Investigator got scratched that happened To him right down here in this cell Right over there yeah he was standing Right about here the same night that That happened we had another girl that Had come to several of our events that Were very very frequent guests at our Events Um and she got so violently ill down Here she left the event it wasn't like Oh I need to go upstairs and take a Break she's like I'm done I'm I'm an Hour into this and that we're supposed To be here until two in the morning I'm Done I don't care I'm going home I can't Handle this it's sick down here she Leaves and as she's leaving he's Bringing everybody else up and that's When he got scratched so whatever's down Here Praise on everybody young girls

Adults CEOs everybody it doesn't matter This is the same place Logan got Scratched or got slapped on the same Night we were we were standing like Right in this area A lot happened during This area yeah we were standing right in This area and all of a sudden Logan Who's one of his investigators goes you Know something's going on with my neck Can you can you take me upstairs this Guy's my size good size guy he now works At Global foundries as a smart kid can You take me upstairs so we're going Upstairs and we get to the top of the Stairs he says look at my neck and he's Got a hand print I've got I have that Picture he's got a hand print on the Side of his neck and it's like oh you Got a handprint on the side of your neck Same thing happened to Amy a female Investigator that um we worked with she Said she felt something on her neck and She had like handprints on the side and A thumb It looks like somebody came up that that Night to Amy and just it was like popped Your one like really quick just grabbed Her around the neck like you can see the Thumb over here and then the hand on This side so not only do we have Everything going on in this area and This room in particular it happens in This hallway just outside and then it The residual Haunting of guards walking

Up and down what are the loops of them Walking you'll hear them again the keys Are a huge trigger object down here we Have the original jail cell Keys these Unlock all the cells upstairs so these Are a great trigger object down here we Shake them tell them if you want them if You do this come do that and we sat in Here at one in the morning with people You know he'd say Pete you know who else Is in the building nobody and we're Just like that we're hearing footsteps Upstairs or wrestling matches there was One night it sounded like somebody was Wrestling up there yeah it was so loud We thought someone broke in we actually Had to go up and check to make sure the Doors were still alive because we were All sitting down They are right now yeah I've got the key It's his responsibility right like to Keep the jail locked down and stuff like While we're here he's in charge he's Doing that so we're sitting down there And I remember that night like it was so Loud it sounded like somebody ripped Open the front door you could hear the Door you could hear it slam and then you Hear like boots just clear as that Walking down this hallway and he's like There's somebody in here he's like we Have to go upstairs because I'm I'm Concerned yeah my my you know my Volunteer status my job is on the line

Here we have to go sit right upstairs Doors locked nobody outside nobody in The party and that's happened more than Once that's happened a number of times It's almost like whatever's down here Knows that when it was in operation it Was more of like a free-for-all down Here right like so they're not as Guarded this is their wreck space They're not as big a single guard is not Going to walk into a room full of 50 Inmates that's not worth his risk Because they could do what they wanted To do down here and they still do it Today they do whatever they want to do To whoever it doesn't matter if you're a Six foot three guy if you're a female Investigator if you're a teenage girl it Doesn't matter they attack and scratch And punch and hit everybody down here Everybody down here has had some sort of Negative experience whether it's a Physical attack an emotional attack Nausea anything like that it's happened Down here Like a voice over here you go whining Yeah it was like a woman or a kid It was high pitch that could happen a Physical attack an emotional attack Nausea anything like that it's happened Down here a physical attack an emotional Attack nausea anything like that it's Happened down here we've gotten Intelligent responses and interaction

With who we believe is a female named Elizabeth down here we haven't put Together who she is or why she's here But Elizabeth has come through so many Times very clear on demand questions Answers responses warning us you need to Get out you're not safe you need to Leave sometimes something bad is down Here something is here to hurt you I Mean It's got to the point where it's been so On Cue with odds like on-demand specific Answers to are we in danger what's going To happen is somebody down here that We're like we need to honest like we Need to pay attention to what whoever This is is telling us this is direct Responses and it's always ominous too When we can't figure out why there looks Like there's finger marks dragging down The doorway we have no idea Bees yeah We don't know what those are well that's Creepy It just kind of showed up one night Damn it's almost literally like Something or someone in like almost like It's gonna sound crazy but like in the Spirit world is like Being pulled back in here right like Something is in control and they're Getting dragged back in here it could be Inmates exactly guards Like like we said this is kind of their

Free space yes you know and this is We're under the courthouse so this is The older part of the building we do not Know what went on down here we don't Know what this was used for when it First opened the wooden jail was back There who knows what they were doing Down here especially back then you got Away with a lot more stuff as guards and Stuff back then and as prisoners to be 100 honest if you're locked in a jail Cell all day and you get maybe like an Hour of free time every day and it's This room I'd be a little pissed off too Yeah this is what you get exactly six Foot and we're not when I'm telling you What This is They had wrote library books yeah this Was a direct space sit down what are you Gonna do yeah I think there were no Weights there was nothing down here yeah Just to an empty room that's true Upstate New York you know six eight Months out of the year you're gonna be Down here you're not getting outside Rectum yeah because of snow but when I Tell you like it's dark down here Wait till it's it's dark down here I Mean this is one of the darkest places You can't see holy yeah Yeah what the hell I can't on the Floor so that's the glow in the dark Side

So the golden dark tape will have to Watch because you can't that gets Blocked out like you'll see it you'll See you see it flicker something runs by And somebody walks by it it's this is a Very very intense area in the basement Um you'll hear people walking upstairs Like right now you'll hear full can you Hear the footsteps yeah The internet But why don't we walk around real quick And then head up to third circle so out Here again this is the walkway that the Guards would have viewed if you got to Keep an eye on the Rec Space um again Because they're not going to go in there With 40 40 inmates that's not it's not Worth the risk but this is where we hear Footsteps non-stop people walking people Talking moving around out here equipment Goes off like crazy and as you're Sitting in that room you will Continuously see people stepping this Story in that doorway do one of these Step in you'll see them look at you and Then turn around and walk back out it's Non-stop in the in these doorways here It's every single doorway moving Throughout In this little room Not a lot of space then you get once a Week you're in here the other side of This wall is where the uh any sexual Offenders were housed interesting a very

Tight prison shower yeah very tight very Uh Close Quarters yeah are you in your Six best friends yep or not so good I wouldn't like to be in this one I'm in The corner yeah a little shelf though That's cool so this right here as we're Going around uh this big caged in area This was originally the women's South They would house all the women in here This was the woman's holding cell they Had funks it was kind of like a Community style thing they didn't have Separate cells they were just housing Here in the box right next to the shop So that's good think about that all the Male inmates would be marched up here Through the the stairs or through this Staircase and have to walk by the Women's cell to go to the showers naked Wow But then you're walking by the women's Showers and you can see some of the Facilities still here There is a toilet if you look there's Remnants of sheets up here that was how They made a door you can see old Newspaper clippings that they would so All this white stuff is toothpaste they Would use the toothpaste as like glue or They would dry to the back of the Newspaper cooking some pictures to hang Them up on the walls or on the lights Um that's how they should hang things And pictures you can see they would hang

Things all throughout the cells because That was their privacy they would hang a Sheet in front of the bathroom that was It bugs in here this was it they had a TV up here and there were there were Seven bunk beds in here so there were 14 People here yeah this was all solitary Here so this side and the opposite side Of this wall all Solitaire can find Themselves we were housed by yourself Locked up here this was it TVs again so What they would do is they would take Newspapers the prisoners and they would Roll them super tight and long and stick Them through the bars so they could Change the channels that's what they Were doing they would actually take Their bed sheets the guards were telling Us the ones that we've had them they Would take their bed sheets out because Again these cells were locked especially Downstairs they were taking them out During the day and tie them from that Bar to this bar and create like a Hammock and they were just lounged in a Hammock all day and watch TV prison wow Solo investigations up here where we get Locked in one of these cells and it Sounds like this place is still in Operation in here footsteps all around You full conversations it's pretty crazy You'll hear muffled talking from the Other side of the wall like the other Cells or the showers you can hear this

Constant conversation you'll hear people Moving the bugs we were up here we get Around the corner and we'll explain one Of the craziest things I've ever had And as you're going and the paint's Peeling you can see all the different Colors that this building has been over The years this is all paint that can Date back to 1904 all the way back each Layer is a different era of the the Paint so white this bluish color there's Like a green under here it just keeps Going so it's kind of cool because it's Literally like he was saying with the Pictures and the drawings coming up it's Like history is uncovering itself the More this place deteriorates and the More the paint feels you're seeing kind Of more of the past and more of the last 120 years that this place has been here Again more solitary can find themselves This is the last one right up here we're Gonna show you guys come on in This here This room very similar to the women's Holding cell over there except this is Where all the sexual offenders for house If you're charged with the sex crime you Were put here because genpop obviously Does not like sex offenders so they had To keep them separated now uh the Inmates that were up here actually were Kind of they they lived a different life So the guards told us that they were

Basically terrified of everybody all the Other inmates you know the reputation They have when they get into a jail or a Prison so when the uh the honoring mate Would come over and drop off their food It was said they would hide in the Corner because they thought it was going To be a guard coming into a guard or an Inmate that didn't like them a lot of Hurt them so the trusty inmates coming To bring them the food bring whatever it Is they would all literally huddle in Like a group back in the Quarry said They didn't shower because they didn't Want to walk out there and go to the Showers they were too scared so it Smelled terrible here at all times Because they would never go shower same Thing you can see some of their current Remnants over at the top here they hung The cart in front of the bathroom uh Again you can see the newspaper Clippings and stuff that they used for The glue on the walls too all the Pictures and all that it's really really Active space good interaction EVPs esta Sessions are fantastic in here we've Also had one of the craziest things That's ever happened to us here there Was about five of us in here one night Prior to investigation the same thing About this location it was back way back With the door closed just like I did it Wasn't a public hunt it was one of the

Back during the early days we were all Standing here it was late two three in The morning we're getting tired we're Trying to you know kind of wrap up the Investigation and I was staying right About where you are Connor and one of Our investigators were saying right About where you were and we're just Talking and said you know if there's Anybody up here we're gonna get ready to Leave can you make one noise for us as Loud as you can hello is there anybody In here and there was a cell door that Slammed so loud out there it should it Literally vibrated the worst it shook The like paint fell off the wall I've Never heard a door slam that hard in any Location at any time ever it was one of The loudest things I've ever heard it Literally vibrated the entire building It was ridiculous woke us up we're not Even sure it was on this floor It was so like I can't even fathom like How loud it was we we have it on audio Uh but like it literally it shook the Entire building it's also crazy to think Like slamming one of these doors it's Not like a door that weighs like 20 Pounds either these are these doors Weigh probably like two three hundred Pounds at least and a lot of the doors Out here slide so they're not swing Doors right so these ones are swing There's some sliding doors downstairs so

You got to put Force into it to get it To move and it's it's slammed so hard Like I can't we can't even describe you How loud it was the audio was crazy too Because it sounded like someone either Unlash something or there's like a Footstep you just kind of wind it up a Slam yeah you could hear like almost Like a click or a pop yeah and then you Could hear the door just I mean it was Ridiculous but it's a reason why we've Been coming here for 12 years there's a Reason we've been coming location 10 12 Sometimes more times a year for the last 12 years it is active it changes every Single time there's something dark here That scratches People hits people's Chokes people pushes people rushes People makes them sick but then you also Have the intelligent spirits that are Trying to look out for you and keep you Safe from whatever this is here you got Both of them here and you never know What you're going to interact with on Each area we tell these stories about What we've interacted with on H4 but it Can happen anywhere at any time each Thing so it's it's one of those places You really don't know what to expect Every time you come in here but you know Something is going to happen So the Washington County Jail I didn't Really have any like feeling about the Place because I never really heard about

The place at all Um but it also being my first jail that I was investigating at I was Really excited for it but also very on Edge because I mean jails aren't Necessarily for good people jails are Meant for Housing criminals and so I thought we Would definitely be in for a treat just Hearing the stories that uh Dylan and Steve had and I thought it was going to Be a scary night but I had no clue how Terrifying it would actually be so the Washington County Jail is an interesting Location this is a place that personally Connor and I had never heard of before Stephen Dillon told us that we needed to Go check it out shout out to those guys For showing us the place and for getting Us in but it was crazy I mean as you're About to see some of this activity that We recorded inside of that jail is Unlike anything we've ever encountered I've been doing this eight years almost 10 years it's coming up on it now and I Personally haven't seen the type of Activity that we recorded that night I Don't think ever before I mean we're Talking Poltergeist activity objects Moving by themselves door slamming Chairs sliding across floors this is Like something straight out of a horror Movie but the four of us we lived it Together and I know there are going to

Be people online that say this is but let me tell you this was Genuinely such a scary experience we Were just thinking we were going to Contact an inmate or somebody who was There in the jail in the past but we Ended up I think talking to something Much darker that never identified itself I still don't know what the hell we were Talking to but I'll let you guys make up Your minds on that so it's cold as Right now this is freezing Outside last night we were at the Saratoga County homestead I gotta say This place does give you a heavy energy Especially in the upper floors in the Basement where Connor and I have been Planning on doing alone sessions this Evening but we're joined again tonight Obviously by now you guys you're Standing kind of awkwardly far away By Stephen Dillon from Haunted Nights I Highly recommend you guys going and Checking out their channel uh Subscribing and you guys do great videos Appreciate it yeah we would have had one On the Channel with you in it but we got Robbed yeah they got robbed they lost Our Crescent video yeah but but you guys Have been here so many times we've been Investigating here for 12 years that's More than half of Bill's life my first Time coming here I was 12 years old so That's crazy we've been coming here for

The last 12 years this is a location That we've probably investigated more Than any other spot we've ever been we Keep coming back for a reason it is dark It's heavy people have been physically Scratched slapped punched hit sick I Mean it's it's non-stop in here and it Changes every time depending on where You are so we never know what to expect And that's why we keep coming back it's Like a new location every time you come Here and you warned us earlier tonight Off camera that this place can hurt you Yeah absolutely yeah like choking yeah Slapping scratching we've had so our Group here in New York that investigated Here for the last 12 years I would say Every member at some point has had some Sort of physical attack whether it's Been a scratch a slap a punch choke Something has happened to every person In this building at some time Thank you guys for joining us tonight And I got a shout out this Freezing cold shivering man over here Connor himself we're doing it yeah I think a little bit of both man I can Honestly say I'm not too excited about Doing an alone session uh where all the Sex offenders were kept so obviously Them saying that people get hurt here All the time by Spirits everybody knows My past with these locations that are Kind of more evil that I tend to get

Targeted and so uh well don't forget We're also going to lock you in with the Original jail cell keys so you will not Be able to leave even if you want to Happy That's what they say now yeah and then They leave me in there well guys without Further Ado we got this whole building To ourselves so let's get into it let's Get the inside yeah so to set up The investigation we actually placed These bouncy balls that Connor and I Stopped at a Dollar General to purchase Right before the investigation we put These balls up on the jail cells Themselves they were little Ledges that We just laid them on and we didn't think Anything of it I mean recently I had the Ping pong ball at wheatlands Plantation If you've seen that video roll down the Stairs by itself so I was thinking I Don't know what if you get three you Know and try to get something to push One of them off I thought maybe at Maximum we'd have one ball roll off of The cell at one point during the night Maybe not even on camera but yeah Needless to say the experiment worked And uh I don't know this is just this is Some really shocking footage and and the Investigation went on it just got darker And more intense We're setting up we haven't even started

Yet Use that boy for a second please so that Stops thank you Can you come over to this one on the bed You just did a second ago come right Over to this device Just touch the top of it does the same Exact thing I know you know us I'm rolling on this one over there Calibrating oh Where did the bulbs come from yeah No way so the ball drops in the leaves The Box what's going on with Sandy knife Hello Can you step to the side so it stops Playing music Can you come over here and knock one one Of these balls off the door Yep okay Yep walk to the other side knock one of Those out We're no way That's crazy what the bro I can't Actually fathom that that just work Like the minute I started rolling I just Looked at you oh my God I can't actually Believe that that just happened dude it Got closer it knocked the one on The very end off then this one off and

This one can you stop The music box stopped like they walked Over to the other side can you step away Again and can you knock this ball off This last one Step away That orange ball the last one here the Closest one to us you just knocked off The green one Step out of the hall It stops can you roll Can you roll this ball off the door Step out of the hole for a second Yo what the that blew my mind That was on command yeah Can you knock that ball off that's Closest to us you can see it rolls that Was crazy yeah let me grab this That was nuts I can't actually believe That that just happened we didn't even Finish setting up but also like those Aren't pots before we started filming Can you knock this ball off the door now I swear to God if that ball pops Right now You just did it to the green ball Yo that was I can't remember immediately Yeah can you come over here and do it to This ball now this orange ball is Sitting right here on this door just tap

It should roll the same way you just did It to the other one The first one fell too dude The first one fell too that starts going Off if it gets three in a row it's and That's what I mean it's getting closer Yeah Do you want us to back up a little bit Do you want a little more space Yeah we got about half a foot yeah all Right can you step out of the hall come To this door And roll that orange ball And this one validates every other one You know That's actually crazy because the first One fell and you were like oh maybe I Didn't set it up there good enough right The music box starts going off right After that we're like all right can you Step out of the hall walk away from it Okay knock down the green one on command That stops dude and then that ball comes Off but also before we even started Filming anything we set up these Rim Pods and I was just hanging out in this Cell by myself yeah and then out of Nowhere both the REM pods just start Going crazy Both of them and then I tried to pull The camera out and start filming and Right when I hit record they both Stopped it was literally seriously hit

The button both of them cut off like Nothing was there anymore I just can't write my mind around that That was crazy yeah I'm holding the ball Right now that was actually knocked down This one Can you do it again That's only something knocked on that That piece of wood right there oh I Heard it's all around us Ron is that you with us Ron if that's you Or Ron Maybe it's not you If it's not wrong Like down at the end of the hallway yeah Ron if it isn't you maybe it's someone Else knock that ball off right now Different stuff that's so Eerie oh my God Ron if you're in this cell Can you set off one of these devices Again So it's not wrong it's not wrong right It's someone's hanging outside yeah Yo that's so trippy that both that's Crazy that was absolutely crazy because The first one it fell and you're like oh Maybe maybe right maybe it didn't stay

Because I didn't set it up right it just Said confirmed but then as soon as it Falls the music box goes off we say all Right can you stop it's been going off Non-stop can you stop go to the side and Knock down the other one no sooner does It stop then that ball falls down crazy I watched it roll yeah you could live in The last one has it not it hasn't moved No it hasn't moved Looks like they're standing right here It's absolutely crazy the last time I Saw the music box go off like this was That Fort Mifflin when I was in The Powder Room yeah like for a minute Straight just like Non-Stop Okay so we didn't really even start the Investigation no we got thrown into it Yeah I'm gonna go reset these balls up To see if maybe maybe it's showing us That it's in a different cell right you Know they want us to focus well this Isn't Ron's cell this isn't where he was Housed his truck is life interesting his Cell was I think the third one from the The start of the cell line which is the First ball right The first ball got knocked off I said Yeah you look like you know you Were like and then you asked oh can you Knock it off did we washed that other One move yeah that was crazy and this One hasn't gone no an inch no and these These doors this place isn't tilted this

Is a steel building it's not leaning These balls that would have it it Wouldn't have sat up there if it was not Even there's no explanation right this Prison was built by the same person who Built the biggest prison The Rock most The hardest prison to break out of Because he built it solid alcatrazole God someone is standing right in here Oh I said no I'm not Okay I'm gonna reset this stuff yeah Yeah just keep rolling keep rolling oh Can you do the next one do the green one You did it a minute ago What the was that Shut up Oh this ball hasn't moved the whole time This ball hasn't moved the same two both Times and I'm setting them up the exact Same one can you do the green one again Can you do the green one again and it Knocks off can you do this orange one Get this last ball I swear to God I actually got chills Right now yeah can you do this last ball Bro I actually got like a it's Crazy now I got an idea look at Connor All my hair do you see that that's Actually crazy standing up I got an idea We got goosebumps I'm gonna set him up Yeah I heard that but what's this right I'm gonna move the orange ball I'm gonna See if it's the cells right right so if They're hanging out in this area

But they don't want to get this close Then if I put the green ball here the Green ball shouldn't move maybe the Orange one will still go or maybe They're trying to show us this isn't Ron's cell right you know this one he's Down here yeah Let's see let's set these up because we Always call this Ron's cell yeah right It's interesting too hold up before you Set them up yeah so the red and the Green have been falling I'm gonna set Them up with different emotions so this One's kind of like a shock surprise Angry this one's really pissed money Hasn't the happy one hasn't fallen this One's like confused Dying okay I'll put the orange one in The middle here Did the camera just turn off down there No no it was a paint chip I think okay And then I'll put the anchor one here Okay That's the angry one yeah consistently If the cell that you stayed in is one of These can you knock off the orange ball Now Oh this is like the most physical ship We've I think ever had can you knock off This orange ball don't you agree the Next cell down Right behind you Knock off that orange ball if one of

Those cells was yours Them not moving at all validates this Whole experience exactly By the way to start this off my name is Colin we're just here to talk with you Obviously you know these guys my name's Connor I'm new here I'd like to make contact with you if you Have anything to say Or anything you want to do Go ahead and do it They're our friends We mean you no harm Are you still here with us Yeah all the noises stopped You know I play initiative too the one Cell that has fallen every single time Is the only cell that's open on three Right huh All three are going up what Can you step away so they stop away from That last one all at the same time they Stop What the What the is going on Step back so that stops please The happy one Didn't fall again Who the was that It was like yeah it was a voice yeah the Happy one didn't fall again

Who the was that the happy one Didn't fall again Who the was that What is going on what's Happening how do You explain that the happy one is the Only one that didn't fall again they're On different doors now bro and the EMF Everything just changed right before it Knocked it off some reason like my eyes Just got like super fun teary and I have Like these like sharp pains like like Needles all over my body The same two balls on different doors Fall off the only one that doesn't fall Off is the happy emotion the angry and The whatever the other one was here like Nervous shots yeah It's not happy enough That what was that you know what I heard That I heard that you know what it looks Like Somebody choking It's literally up oh my God no Way no way all the hair on my arms are Standing up right now Can you step away from that if this is Ron should I stop Ron if this is your step away If it's somebody else and not run step Away so it stops Step away please Oh Oh dude

Are You Gonna Knock that last ball off That's the only one that hasn't fallen That's so crazy this is bizarre Bro that's actually insane like tonight Before we started I wanted to do a ball Experiment so we went to a Dollar General and just bought these balls all From the same bin it's not like we with them in any way and that's Crazy you can't explain the same two Balls falling every time on different Doors the same emotions on the faces the Happy one is the only one that has a Montage has involved and all three Rems Going off at the exact same time and Then the last one false I think this is Probably one of the wildest sessions We've ever had in this cell wall oh 100 No I'm freaked the out that's Actually crazy Wow and it's nuts that it will not touch The house will now go we didn't even Finish setting up no we've been like Trying to start this like five times but They keep just throwing us into them It's crazy I'm gonna turn this Now this one's not going though it's Just that one that's hard hits too yeah What's up Ron is that you Yo And then this one

He got closer to you Connor yeah do you Want Connor to go on that Celeron oh no This one What is going on what the is this a Full thing I don't understand there's a lot going On Ron if you want me to go into this so Can you knock off that last ball He'll do it Ron if you knock that off That's the only one you haven't touched What dude what what is going on right Now no it's going back and forth between All of them oh now that again That stops and it goes right out here And goes there right next to the ball Can you knock that ball off Knock that last ball off the door Knock it off if you want us to leave This area if you're done with us Knock that ball off We'll respect your wishes we'll leave You alone but you have to give us a Solid sign We've never even used balls once in our Video hey All right you're standing right next to That ball can you knock it out of that Door Is that ball Falls yeah I think I'm Gonna my pants oh They're both

Dude this is wild this is crazy what the is going on with this right off the Road does this happen to you frequently No no One of the last things Pete said to us For you we left is you're gonna have Something crazy happen yeah you're gonna Have something happen that has never Happened before yeah he said you guys Are gonna have something happen you're Gonna hear see or feel something that You've never experienced before dude That ball Dude those two balls doing that though That's crazy the same boss too yeah but Different doors then they sat there for Way longer than that last line that one Did not move until these things started Pinging and then that last ball Falls Anyway It's consistent I gotta have the keys I have the keys I'm really here I'm really here that one Just went off right next to you Corner Really here who's here Can you give us your name Who are we talking to One save stay safe Maybe that's a cell where they feel safe Maybe right do you feel safe with us Here because you know us Thank you

It seems like you're standing right There in front of that orange ball can You knock that one off too or do you Want us to come over there If you knock it off right now we'll know That you want us to come over there and We'll come okay Knock knock knock knock it off Can you knock it off the door Can you knock that ball off the door You've done it with all the other ones You've done great so far we appreciate You interacting with us But if you can knock this last one off It'll confirm That it's you doing it Yup you're right there Smack the door That'll make a loud noise Nice nice It's just so crazy that that's the only One that hasn't moved it doesn't make Any sense and this this makes sense for Camera because I set them up the first Two times and then I said and then he Set them up in the same balls Did that and I moved it to different Doors yeah yeah different doors Different levels different everything And then I sat there probably five Minutes especially this one this last One Concern Ed

Concerned what are you concerned about What a first session yeah this has been Nuts Hawaii for a session I bet you're way More excited to do your soul on it Thanks thanks thanks thanks Are you excited that we're gonna split Up we're not gonna be in one group yep Sure That's maxing out literally like it's Grabbing the top of it okay now that you Have all that energy listen Okay we're gonna be quiet for a second Standing dude it's leading us to that Exact ball it's not over here there's Two REM pods in here it's leading us to The one ball that won't fall off yeah You say that now those are gone Ron if that's you in the cell right here Can you set off a run pot on the bed Closest to us Yeah What the is Going on do you want someone to go on Your cell And sit with you We go both What is happening right now dude Okay you want us to listen you said that Attractive Oh attractive you're holding it and

Where are you going They're trying to raise you up right now Holy bro no it's got game Did you hear that yeah you said you want Us to be quiet and listen I see you're Standing right there and there's someone In here Can you knock like this Or like this So that right there also goes to show You It's not us moving those balls you just Smacked all of them That's not us moving that's not if Somebody bumps into the door that's That doesn't do it we're not affecting It That's so great I still can't get over There I really want to see that orange Ball move and also we're going to give You a little bit of Silent time so Yeah right there Just tell us Something making noise let us know where You are I think you're right there but Confirm it for us so the noise or by Moving that little ball off How did you die How did you die In Ron's room yes Ron we heard your story

We're sorry you felt the need to do that We want to get to know why Dude strong this might have happened to You why you made this decision Oh every time you talk this one goes off Before you're even you even had your Trial you made this decision have you Ever thought about if Ron was maybe Murdered Because it wasn't his cell Money Money motor for money why you made this Decision funny or like he did that Because like his family right couldn't Afford a trial for the trial couldn't Afford to pay for it he thought this was Like the easy way better way out for Everybody involved That's so sad Is that what happened Ron a lot of Financial influence It is So that's a very distinct The whole set money right now Money money And then all of them I have full body Chips Yeah and we haven't had the chance That's holy that's literally holding the Highest colors And it's gone I can't believe they both just said so

Can you knock that ball off if you took Your own life because of money Just push it off Again you're not gonna get in trouble For anything we find out about you Tonight we just want to know your story You've served your time Station here Okay Like this is where he lived this is Where he was stationed right right This is so strange yeah super Bizarre I can't believe those balls Though so you worked as a guard here Both of them We're talking to like three different People right now it seems like it huh Don't be fearful don't be fearful Okay We're not Sorry we're getting excited You're providing us some really good Responses It doesn't make any sense what is Going on with this dude it actually Doesn't make any sense Oh that's what yeah all of them are Going off Should we do NASA's yeah so you got said You heard us you heard us you heard us I've never seen that let's see If you're down there Can you move that ball now that we left We gave you space

Just roll it off that door You can do it Push it I'm in the shadows I'm in the shadows Yeah I can't do that because I'm over here Okay so after all those balls we're Rolling off of the cells all the REM pod The massive waves of em energy that We're entering and exiting that cell Block we decided to go take a quick Break we needed more batteries for some Of our equipment so we left a static Camera rolling in the hallway with the Third and final ball left up on the cell We were hoping that maybe the prisoner Or the energy the ghost would push the Ball off when we were out of the room And that would have been good enough for Us but immediately Upon returning to the Hallway after our short and much needed Break The activity resumed in a absolutely Astounding way okay we're gonna go back In and check Nope still there still there it's crazy Because it's just barely sitting there You know yeah just like all the other Ones Let's set the other ones up again yeah It's crazy though because this one Move to a different door and still came Off

Pushes just like that one yeah Oh that doesn't make sense what the Dude What the is happening can you do This one now Shut the up this green one right Here can you knock this one off now Oh god what the is happening bro They're all set up the exact same this One has not moved Entire thing And we walk by that thing up and down Where we just reset them how watch that Roll you can see it yeah come out and Fall down How that's so crazy All right anyways I don't understand and Right when the all the REM pods Are going on they fall again and then The red hot stop a spike in energy and Then it all as well fall and then the Red pots up yeah Okay gee that's clear Oh Yeah the moment I walked in here first Of all This one goes next can you do this one Again this green ball right here That one's going okay knock this ball Off You've done it every other time This is the most energy I think Oh Literally 80 cents

I actually don't know what to do I don't Know what to actually say this is wild Because every time I'm resetting them up I'm doing the exact same thing these are All the the same ball the happy ball has Now it doesn't matter what door it's on It hasn't moved look at this right now The moment that we the REM pods stopped Going off the ball the ball stop moving The balls hit the ground run pop stop It's not completely silent right now Every time And and it's the same order every time The first one Falls we wait we say all Right now come down here and do this one And then this one comes that's never This one first The same two same two Okay I'm gonna set these up one more Time And then I guess we'll see Switch them that's what since we switch It again sure put put the happy ball at The first floor Because that's the only one that hasn't Gone yet And then yeah do that one there and We'll do this one here I swear to God We're gonna start the Estus now before We go into our solo sessions happy Can you do the next one now Can we get the second one now

Can we just get all three of them down Whatever order you want you did the First one Can we get the other two to fall please If this is about to happen can we get This last one Can you knock off this last ball right Here You've knocked down the first two Okay I've I gotta say too I've never Experienced this level of poltergeist Activity in eight years of filming never Never one time can you knock off this Last ball A bell or a fault like a phone almost Yeah there's a payphone thing right Behind you on the wall Oh dude I feel weird man can you Please knock off this last ball You've done the other two Knock off this last one right here for Us notice the Mills aren't pinging Nothing's happening yeah One more we've all set them up again Last one Come on down Knock off this last ball here You can do it That's so wild how it only hits two Balls it's two out of three every time You know during the interview earlier I Didn't even say anything but when we Were up in the pedal room I felt like

Something grabbed my my back no I'm not Kidding you're gonna have a great time Out there I didn't I didn't want to like Make it sound cheesy yeah interview but I what was that well it's in that cell Again I want you in there for the asses If you wanted to go in there and talk to You Knock this last ball off He will go in to sell And he'll be able to talk to you But you gotta knock this last one down Push it off I mean dude am I crazy for saying that Have you seen this type of physical Thing before no that just shows you how Much energy they have though to scratch People to push people right to move These consistently you're so right it's Insane they have that much power here Okay so we're going to do an Estus Method session right now to start this Off what the I said yeah we are Which one well first one yeah it's Always the first one it's always the First one all right can you do the next One bro I just shoved that one in there Too shove your wife now yes yes I did Okay here's the red pop again okay so Now can you knock off the second one The next balls I'm I'm like actively trying to debunk This every single time I'm setting these

Up yeah I'm setting them up like even More in there Knock off the next ball Well everybody online knows the S method So We're just gonna get into it [Applause] Whoa wait Oh you hear that movement yeah there was Like a cell yep there's not like a door Sliding dude what the what literally What the is happening right now Dude this is nuts we're gonna come down Here and do like 15 minutes and this has Been like a whole investigation it's Been here for like an hour Okay then I'm gonna set that up real Quick No way how first ball first ball again What is that what is that So second of all Second Ball one more Do all three please Hit the last one knock out that last Ball You can do it You've knocked on the first two again Knock down that last ball Yeah I'm gonna go into the ashes okay All right so just ask your questions Everybody Who's been knocking the balls off the Door Get an inmate Or guard

Painting again Are You Gonna Knock that ladder Ron are you here with us No no no they're both hanging It's me it's me who are you the thing Yeah I think the thing the thing the dog Entity the thing that scratches people Those are paintings have you been trying To scare us out of here this entire time I like it I like it Do you feed off the fear You can hear how loud this is sometimes Sometimes sometimes do you feel the fear Sometimes Were you an inmate in this jail Nope Nope well we said we thought we got a Guard earlier right yeah is this the Guard Or are you from somewhere else Oh creepy little girl's Voice come over Here I don't think I will past nicer Where are you That'll make sense though like a kid Playing with the toys right Where are you make a noise You know you know Oh creepy man's voice I see you Like that I see you Where are you so where are your jails Out

You're in one of these jail cells you We're gonna do great on yourself Do you not like me It's all down there Down at the end of the hallway We're down in the basement Are you in the basement all around Everywhere Was that you knocking those balls off The The cell doors That's them Somebody else Who's doing that personally Who's doing that who's knocking the Balls off the door YouTube Is that YouTube or YouTube How many people are here with us tonight I don't know I'm gonna go here on this night I don't Know Are you stuck in the cell Do you know yo yup Yo I'm free You serve me He's free yeah free himself No I'm free and then the next one was I'm ready That's not homeless at all Alistar It's a weird name yeah What are you ready for

Especially you said what are you ready For that especially you Where are you gonna be Where are you waiting You'll see me Yeah Like sick to my stomach are you Affecting Connor You making him sick LOL Are you affecting me Give me a real answer Being kind of like light-hearted you Know Vibe's totally changed If you're so powerful If you like scaring people Do something upstairs Good luck there I've been putting all Their stuff towards you Hey what floor are you on what floor are You going to be waiting on Where are you going to be Hind you behind you Creepy I love a little Dude these are grandpa doesn't make any Sense no We have nothing For life we have nothing in here that is Sending off radio frequencies or Anything like that right I mean these Are steel doors there's nothing still Still build that you wouldn't even get Cell phone service in here anyways

Yeah you're not gonna kill us no you're Not gonna die tonight Sure That's got the chills Okay Then make sure any sense to me but it's Totally changed it's weird that's weird Maybe did that make any sense to you Yeah yeah asked us yeah everything You're saying it didn't make any sense You told us right now you're gonna we're Gonna die soon oh yeah I heard that and That was that you started working he Said we're trying to die tonight And you go sure And then you said I was like you a lot Of things directed towards him he got Nauseous I'm not feeling I'm sick we're Gonna throw up Let's not this solo session out though Yeah I'm waiting for me I'm not ready to go To the basement no that's gonna stop No offense Yeah thanks Thank you to whoever's in here yes thank You that was incredible Ron if that's You but I don't feel like it's wrong no No no I feel like this is something else He typically stays in this cell anyways So like whatever's going on out here I Called you does not have it oh Right when I said that yeah I was about

To say I feel all of a sudden a Chill bro yeah right there I feel like Initially we might have been interacting With wrong I see more likely yeah Let's go do solo soon okay I'm not excited for this no no And so they locked me in the room of Course uh was not very pumped about this I don't like being alone in locations Especially because walking around this Place and just the beginning of the Investigation all the crazy Poltergeist Activity we had I was not very thrilled About going to this and obviously I Don't think anybody would be but being Alone in that scenario is even worse And then being locked into a cell In a completely different part of the Building where nobody's attached to it I Mean I was afraid I might die Poor Connor yeah All right so to start our solo sessions Connor is going to be up here in the Full offenders room Amidst the solitary confinement cells Are you ready no I don't want to be in here at all I'm Really bad vibes about this Place but I'm doing this for you guys So you owe me if you don't like And Subscribe to this channel if I die Tonight I'm coming to hunt you okay he's Gonna he's gonna haunt everybody online

Okay see you brother I'm gonna set these Balls up in the hallway okay so we're Locking Connor in here Okay We have the original keys Yeah he's not Good luck I'm rolling all right let's get you down There Set up It's locked in Whoa My dr-60 to start playing in the case in The case Did you hear that Hello Rough this no I'm a little Freaked out it's dark down I don't want To get charged by something while you're Handcuffed yeah when you guys come up Lay that ball at the top of these stairs All right so I think You get locked in one of these pipes Down here right in the middle yeah Because this is where you guys said the Yeah thing and the evil thing is yeah Right yeah because then you can watch All the doorways too yeah If you're gonna mess with column always Down here can you set that off Touch the top of this device we're going To leave them down here handcuffed Oh well we're gonna shut up dude I don't

Know if you noticed but he has a police Badge on he's an officer Are you happy that he's gonna be Handcuffed for once And oh something's in the room already We just had that set up in the hall the Whole time and it didn't go off once Oh I have the chills bro All right so I'm gonna let Dylan Handcuff me right here Yeah yeah not going anywhere how does That feel okay not good not great all Right we'll give you this okay you guys Are going to your solo right now yep We're gonna set this up for you okay and Uh we'll go from there and kill these Lights yep we will all right I'm an MP this is one of my buddies You leave them down here handcuffed to This pipe you can't move Come mess with him now is your chance to Get your revenge on everything that an Officer has done to you he's going to be Completely left alone in the dark Yeah We'll see you in a while Okay actually though I'm gonna leave With you too You're gonna have the original keys as Well okay so we'll put those right here Next to you see if they want to come

Grab them for me here's the box is all Calibrated you're good to go enjoy okay See you guys Thank you So Stephen Dillon headed up to the Courtroom area that they love to Investigate that's the place that they Chose for the night and I was Shackled Down there with handcuffs in the Basement now if you'll remember in the Interview the basement is where Something chokes people it scratches People it will rush you it throws things It moves things it manifests as these Tall shadow figures and a lot of people Refuse to even go in the basement in a Tour group so of course I had to go down There completely by myself in the pitch Black and what made it even more Interesting is that Connor was up in the Area the South Fender Wing that is you Can't get to that part of the building Through the courthouse area you have to Go outside go up the stairs and get in There so he's isolated Stephen Dillon Were in the courtroom which is like the Basement entrance is way on the other Side of the building from the courtroom And they're up flights of stairs you Know they're way up there so we were all Very very far away from each other no Noise pollution nothing that would bleed Through but yeah I'm glad that I went And did this but in this footage you're

About to see me get I think almost the Most scared or frightened that I've ever Been in the history of me investigating This one noise that you're about to hear Was I still don't know what the it Is to this day and it's haunted me Looking back at this footage it's crazy It defies the explanation all right to Whoever's down here my name's Colin I am Currently Handcuffed to this pole I know that you like to slap attack And hurt people Down here I have a police officer's Badge on right now I'm an officer of the law so I do not understand So if you're here I am completely Helpless And you can do whatever you want to try Scare me or intimidate me or do whatever You want All right so Whoever's down here Can you give me a sign that you're down Here you can walk towards me touch any Of the lights that you see just let me Know that you're here Somebody just walked in there and there It goes Okay thank you I have some devices that I should be able to talk to you with Can you do that for me Here I am locked to the bus

I have a feeling that whatever you are You're something that was brought on by All the negativity and the evil that was Here in the past Normal ghosts or Is that a yes I was walking above me Stephen Dillon Are three fours up right now it's not Like a door yeah so we're up in the Courtroom guys we're gonna do our solo Together while they're stuck in a Different area a double we're gonna do Some Dr 60s and we're gonna do we have a Music box set up we have a millimeter we Have a ram pod set up I don't understand like that door yeah That's exactly what it sounded like All right so I think let's go towards The front because that's where it Sounded like that came from and then we Can do some dr6s up there and go right From there because we've got a lot of Crazy EVPs here over the years Probably even see the balcony too Exactly which is where we've had a lot Of shadow figures yeah We also have a What is that Hello Those sounds like people coming into the Room yeah Yeah hello It's behind us Can you make a noise again

Yeah go right into a drcc You just walk into the courtroom with us Are you on trial Do you like having visitors Hey again Tell her something's like banging on the Wall back there Are you angry That we have new people here What does that say I'm not what does that say I am innocent yeah listen literally I am innocent Do that again do that again My number Dude that looks as I am innocent are you On trial I am innocent which is what We've gotten before people got framed Yeah people set somebody else up that's Bizarre This place has been insanely active Tonight it really has great responses Um try to see who's innocent maybe let's Do another night yeah there's Yeah Okay All right to anybody in here My name is Connor And I'm here to talk to you guys tonight Is there anybody in here with me

All right You're joking All of the balls just fell in The hallway I'm running Spirit talker guys Just fell So there's five people in this building Terrifying If there's anyone in here right now can You tell me your name Why are you here I'm just here to talk to you tonight I mean you no harm I don't want you to be afraid of me I don't want to be afraid of you I'm Just here to talk Can you tell me what your name is Gloria Gloria was Obviously a female name And this is where the woman's holding Cell was Over on the other side of this wall Gloria Are you here with me right now If so can you make a noise 17. Is that how old you are Gloria Manifesting Super super dizzy where are you

Another female name Hello Isabella Gloria Again my name is Connor Don't be afraid of me I'm friendly I'm just trying to hang out with you Guys Son Please get out Why don't you want me here I don't know that the r60 is not working Hear me Who are you Poltergeist I just want you guys to know this is Probably The most afraid I've been at a location And you know that me and Khan don't Usually do alone sessions and I don't Like being alone because I mean Everybody knows that I tend to get Targeted At locations that I go to that's not Very fun so Hope you guys understand why I might not Be super energetic right now because I Am absolutely petrified I did not want to do this And also the Little Falls that we were Playing with standing behind you You're behind me right now What do you need help with Planning Planning

What are you planning I might be able to help you Again I'm friendly You don't have to be afraid of me It's also crazy I have two room pods set up in here And they were going crazy and the prison Downstairs and they haven't gone off one Time With me being up here My message I can share your message What do you want me to say I remember you Do you remember me from being in here Earlier With Pete and Stephen Dillon Did you hear that that was running up The stairs oh there's something they Just ran up these stairs next to us Were you framed did you not commit the Crime They say you did Where's the dark entity in this building Right now is it downstairs with Colin or Is it upstairs with Connor Can you say one of our names Do you mean to harm people in this Building I feel like we're being watched yeah Yeah especially up there that in the Balcony it feels like something is up There First died

It completely shut off yeah Hopefully that's a good time You Okay all right anyway Let's see Yeah I can't tell what that's saying Play that back play that back Something like I do yes I do yeah Saying at the end it says yes I guess I Do and then there's something else yeah I actually just thought I saw that door Move hello like I legitimately thought I Saw that door move I thought Colin was Like coming well he's handcuffed he Can't move And then Connor's locked in my literal First thought was oh that's Colin coming Up to let us know we're done with our Solos Hello Who's up here Make a noise Let us know that was back there That was 100 back there Can you set off one of these other Devices If you have a message you want us to Share What the was that what was that What actually what was that yeah What is that There's nothing outside no that's in This room yeah

Yeah is that something knocking on this I have no idea I just did it twice Though it was 100 in this room 100 in This room Yo I could have swore I looked up really Quick I thought someone was standing on That staircase like literally probably Two steps down so I can only see their Upper torso What Was that Colin is that Colin yelling for Us maybe actually yeah that's actually Colin hold up Hey everybody it's Colin here thank you For watching today's video hello to all The new subscribers and hello to the Rest of our beautiful wonderful spooky Family as you know every single week Here on the channel we give away a free Gift bag to one lucky viewer of the show And this week to enter the contest all You have to do is like today's video and Smash that like button and comment let's Go to jail in the comments section below I'm gonna give y'all 10 seconds to do This now ten nine eight seven six five Four three two one so go comment you can Comment multiple times it helps the Video so much and we have some really Exciting collabs coming up soon videos With exploring with Josh Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures and twin paranormal Along with some other really really Crazy investigations locations and

Evidence but anyways let's get back to Today's video thank you for listening to My little Spiel I love you guys so much And stay spooky Why do you like to scratch and hurt People Foreign What do you think of this sound They have one hand all right I'm gonna Try use this device it's a tool and if You use your voice I should be able to Hear what you have to say to me I'm sorry Okay whoever you are What are you sorry for Oh Okay looks like you're standing over There what's your name What were you here in jail for I don't think that you're a human spirit I think that you're something else Something that's been talking to us all Night what are you What happened to you All right final chance to tell me Something what do you want from me or Want from anybody who comes here I'm kind of losing some sensation in my Fingers I think it was handcuffed a Little too tight but I'm gonna end this Can you make a noise for me Okay I'm gonna listen [Applause]

[Applause] There's five of us Foreign [Applause] So there's five people in this building [Applause] [Applause] Okay so there were a lot of voices in There a lot but there was something that Sounded like Which is very freaky I'm gonna Listen to that later because obviously Handcuff is cutting off circulation in My arm Oh Did I just hear you moving around I said tr60 down there if you'd like to You can scratch me you can attack me I'm Open bait I'm a police officer right Here just let me know what you want to Do here I heard you screaming a couple Seconds ago You know I'll say it's weird It's weird because that proximity meter Hasn't gone off which means that I don't Think it's in the room anymore Let's go Oh no no no no I don't want to break my camera Thank you oh thank you God damn it Okay I gotta get up

Okay What the was that Hello Connor Dylan Steve I don't think it's in the room anymore Oh no no no no Hey guys hello is there anybody there Anybody Hello Hello Jail jail Oh my God Colin Yo Colin You okay You you just yelling to us Were you just yelling to us yes Are you okay yeah that proves you Weren't here though I could continuously edit that shot it Sounded like a chair just slid Oh It sounded like a chair slid in the Other room and fell over and I was about To go walk out and try to see if I could See it and I yelled out I thought you Guys were with me no we were still up in The courtroom we think a door opened Upstairs dude I literally thought it was You I thought I saw the door but I go oh Connor and Colin are coming to get us Our solos over there

Why are you here bro it just said jail Then the last word was jailed that's Insane right after I heard that and I Flipped the out dude I ran over That's crazy because we were hearing Super loud noises in the courtroom too We couldn't figure out what sound like Somebody was banging on like one of the Metal pipes in there literally right Before we left to I saw someone on the Stairs literally just staring at us and Then we heard you yelling and Connor is Still stuck up there yeah I have no idea we can't hear him he has No service he can't get home I just Heard probably one of the loudest noises I've heard in months to a year it Sounded like something was dragging and Then like it hit the floor Look at this my look at my wrist I just Said that handcuffed handcuffed to me This whole time I got two freaked out bro I had to quit You had to get it out yeah I had to I Was like I cannot sit here Anymore and then it said jail and the Dr60 that I did had like yeah we had um It said we saw you on trials and I'm Innocent it like was like I'm innocent Yeah And we said are you here are you gonna Harm us and it sounds like yes I am Thank you Connor

Connor Agitated And looking Oh Somebody seriously no that's what I mean What is going on I have to go check out Yeah Connor's been up there for so long too Connor Connor Fearful fearful dude It's it's obviously that first of all we Locked Conor in the cell he's on the Third floor I'm just saying he's the Only other person with us and what the is that dude that's the loudest noise those are so loud oh What is going on We gotta see who it is it's got to be Someone else And somebody's this wasn't going Off the whole goddamn time either Okay I'll come back down we left all our Stuff in the courtroom yeah I feel like I'm gonna throw up You're helping me Yeah I just want to tell your story Whoever's here with me My name's Connor what's your name Thank you

Yeah my name's Executed What happened to you Between Connor Connor No that was 100 human footsteps Or like powder wait hold up hold up hold Up Someone broke in here just be careful Connor Yeah there's no way there's actually no Way he could even get it well first of All he's locked up their second the door Day outside is locked he can't get in Here even if he somehow got out of that Jail Hello Hello Connor Connor Yo you guys just came from the phone we Came from the stairs Yeah Yeah from the Courtroom there's no way With you if there's anybody in this Building can you make another noise for Us As loud as you can Slam the door slay Michelle What the has been going on tonight From the REM pods to the balls the ball Is getting knocked off the cells like

Again the door's locked yeah you can't Get in you cannot get it show that show That one more time Literally like that door is these are Locked on the outside yeah you cannot You cannot get in that's a security Thing so like if you once that closes so Don't let it close behind us right You're not getting it yeah you literally Have to put a block you know Like it's like yeah that's all you got You can pull and once it's in there it's Closed yeah That is some crazy oh Connor Yeah Connor Connor Connor Oh my god oh whoa Come back come back Okay I just want to document that all These balls are on the floor and what is That look they're in a line right They're lined up And they were spaced out down that side Yeah Did you get that on camera If they fell off like one after The other right after y'all left dude All this shit's been happening In here like I'm about to pass Out dude I just wanted to show that before you Touched him or we just ran up here Oh my god dude

Wait what the happened bro dude I'm Hearing like all around me And then I hear this camera like shut Off it's dead then this camera Died And so I get up to like check on This Took camera and Then I hear it loud ass knock Over here And then I'm hearing like what sounds Like cell doors shaking over in The next room and I'm banging on the Door trying to get y'all to come out Here but obviously you're not around Here If I'm having a panic attack I'm like Sick to my stomach I'm about to Throw up So God damn bro I I had some crazy too Here like a chair drag we got EVPs like Shadows I saw when I thought the door Opened I was like oh Colin came to tell Us our solos over there I was like oh Wait he's handcuffed to a pipe in the Basement that can't be him I'm just glad You guys are happy I'm trying to get out Of here by the way before we came up Here we thought you came down to the uh what is it the first floor Yeah the first floor and then you Thought you were walking around I mean I could have

No We ran up there Did somebody break into the building I Steps that loud maybe one other time Here you heard me I'm banging on the Door literally what the happened This whole night bro like literally I'm Just trying to get out of here I don't know have you ever heard Footsteps like that dude that was we Literally like I was nervous coming Upstairs because I was like somebody Broke into the building and we don't Know who it is and we don't know where They are no dude you guys locked me in Here I go sit down in that chair I'm like all right let's get this start Oh also dr60 just like not working I don't know what the is going on With that but it's not recording it's Not playing Let's get used okay We've had all this yeah dude what the Hell and I had to pee really bad You didn't I just wasn't sure if there Was running water all right whatever was In me you have to stay in this room Just like this cell you're gonna be Locked in here again you're not allowed To just follow me home you're not Allowed to follow any of us I'm yet to Stay here Yeah let's balance

God damn It one night and I don't even know what Happened to you guys right now I honestly don't even know what I was Able to catch on immediately after the Guys left They locked the door they walk out of The building and I'm sitting there for Like five ten minutes And I hear the balls get knocked off of The cell that they place them in and I Just started getting this really like Tense feeling in my stomach like very Nauseous uh but also just so on edge and Then out of nowhere the static camera Dies and before we even went up to the Cell I had a full battery on that And then shortly after that my handheld Camera dies which also had a full Charged battery on it I started freaking Out because there's nobody to really Help me in this scenario because they Are in a completely separate part of the Building they can't hear me uh I am Truly alone at that point after the Cameras died I kind of start freaking out I get up I'm walking around like trying to look Out the windows but the windows are all Kind of frosted so you can't really look Out of them I start having a panic Attack never get panic attacks everybody Knows I'm very like calm guy Don't really like

Getting too excited about things that Don't need to be excited Um but I start having Just this like fear struck me Out of nowhere and I start Hyperventilating I can't breathe And then in the Next Room over I hear a Slam on the door I just want to get out Of there at this point but the worst Part about it is that I'm not able to Leave until they were done with their Session but Collins also chained to a Pipe in the basement so he can't come Get me I was truly Oh But when they came up Boy was I glad that they were there Washington County Jail I think will go down in my books as one Of the creepiest places with some of the Weirdest Poltergeist activity that we've Ever had on this channel but an awesome Place a very very spooky place that I Would recommend a lot of people to go Check out because I don't think I've Ever experienced some of the stuff that We had that night so like Connor said at The end of the day this place it doesn't Scream creepy I mean Connor and Steve And Dylan and I the the four of us we've Done some really really creepy huge Places we did Crescent that video is up On the channel now we just did the night Before we filmed this video the Saratoga

County homestead which is a massive Abandoned tuberculosis sanitarium we Were hearing footsteps at 4am running Throughout the building I mean huge Creepy the most eerie looking building You can imagine this location scared me I mean what the hell is this video I Mean how how do you even capture this Much evidence in one night it's it's Literally jaw dropping some of the Things that we captured the ball's Rolling the EMF Spikes all the dr-60 Responses the spirit talker being so on Point camera or cameras Connor's dying Um everything that happened it's just Like when I was editing this video I Could not believe the amount of That was in here and I'm sitting here Thinking like do I even include all this People are gonna say this is like too Much activity if you know what I mean I'm literally thinking maybe I should Not include some of this stuff happening Because it's already so crazy save it For another time but no it's all in this One video and I can definitely say the Washington County jail and courthouse is Haunted and uh it's a very very freaky Place so I challenge you guys if you Ever go visit that area go say hi to the People that worked there Um give Stephen Dillon a shout out and Go try to spend 15 Minutes Alone in that Basement because I spent probably 40 45

And this was at like 3 4 AM when we were Filming that and uh I wouldn't do it Again I'm good But uh from Connor and I both we love You guys we're back next week with Stephen Dillon with an incredible Episode some of the best again evidence We've ever captured at the Saratoga County homestead but yeah from here in Philly we love y'all and uh stay spooky Thanks for watching y'all Thank you Hello