The Ripperston Farm Extraterrestrials | Documentary

By | April 30, 2023
The Ripperston Farm Extraterrestrials | Documentary

The Combs were an ordinary family Responsible for a herd of dairy cows Living on a coastal Cliff Top Farm in Southwest Wales they father Billy mother Pauline and their five children prided Themselves on having the down-to-earth Basic values of farming folk there was Nothing strange or particularly exciting About their life that was until one day In January 1977 when Pauline Combs Witnessed a bright and fiery light from Her kitchen window it was about a Quarter of a mile away and hovered oddly Over the field nearest the cliff Edge Swaying back and forth in the sky gently And like a pendulum it was undoubtedly Peculiar a giant ball of fluorescent Light with a tale of flame stretching Out behind it Transfixed by the site before Pauline Knew it the light fell slowly at first Then faster from the sky and down onto The coastal path horrified that Something had just crashed she sent her Husband out to investigate he however Found nothing and so returned to The Farmhouse dismissing the incident the Very next day numerous unmarked army Trucks soldiers and camouflage uniforms And about 50 frogmen arrived at the farm Wanting to investigate the coastal path Near to where Pauline had seen the light Drop from the sky When asked what they were doing they

Simply told the family that they were There to rebuild the coastal path after A landslide when he tried to see what They were really doing Billy so he Alleged was prevented from getting any Closer despite the military personnel Being on his land Such marked the beginning of a strange Year for the Coombs family and indeed The Wider Community around their Farm Four Southwest Wales according to their Testimonies and local reports collated At the time was visited by something Otherworldly in 1977 lights in the sky Strange aircraft and even tall men Helmeted and dressed in silver suits it Was an invasion of sorts with the Invaders those suited figures who Stalked the fields of ripperston farm Feared to have come from the Stars my Name is Laura and you are watching the Paranormal scholar The details of the ripperston farm case Of alleged extraterrestrial interaction Are in short phenomenal it is rare to Encounter a story that was not merely Well documented at the time with the Testimonies of the family being recorded By multiple researchers but is also Supported by wider testimonies from the Area after all there are scores of Reports of unidentified flying objects As well as descriptions of tall Spacesuit wearing humanoids dating from

The time not only within the area of West Wales but right across the United Kingdom with the reputable journal the Flying Saucer review even going so far As to describe 1977 as the year of the Great United Kingdom wave So captivated by this case was I during My research that I actually made the Journey to pembrokeshire specifically The coastal path of Saint Wright's Bay Close to where Pauline and her family as Well as many others are said to have Witnessed both unexplained craft and Figures and so if you would like to see Some of what I got up to there I invite You to click through to my recently Launched second Channel Laura routing After this to watch that video before Then however let us examine the details Of this tremendous series of events After Pauline sighting of the giant ball Of fluorescent light which fell from the Sky on the 14th of January the Combs Family did all that they could to Dismiss the incident as ever there was Work to be done on the farm meaning There was no place for strangeness or Silliness even so the appearance of a Vast number of military personnel on the Coastal path of Saint Brides the next Day was unsettling and in the words of The Down to Earth Dairy Man Billy damn Strange what is more over the next few Weeks further strangeness is said to

Have haunted the family in particular The household supposedly suffered many Electrical problems fuses in farm Machinery including milking machines Repeatedly blue dozens of light bulbs Exploded sometimes immediately after They were put in and impressively two Television sets overloaded in the space Of two weeks resulting in all their Wiring being burned out Five different repairmen were called to The farm but the cause was a mystery With the TVs being unable to be fixed Consequently the Combs family got into Somewhat of a habit of having repairmen And electricians come to Riverstone farm So as to attempt to fix their appliances And confirm that their electrical wiring Was safe according to The Uninvited a Book first published by Clive Harold Stutter in 1979 after interviewing the Family so as to preserve their Experiences none of the trades people Called to the farm were able to offer Any sort of insight into why the Malfunctions were happening the Possibility of rewiring the whole house Was floated about but more it seems in An act of desperation than anything that Would have actually resolved the issues For indeed while small televisions Continued to overload the Family's car Most certainly not wired into the rest Of the house also suffered electrical

Problems Only a few weeks after the initial Incident Pauline was driving along with Three of her children close to little Haven and the final three-mile stretch Of gloomy Country Lane that would take Them home to ripperston farm it was Night and it was against the black of The sky that a ten-year-old Kieran one Of the Coombs Sons saw a peculiar light Speed out of the darkness The light was supposedly a fiery orange Globe about the size of a football Around 100 yards away and no more than 12 feet off the road moving quickly it Looked to be traveling towards them as If it were about to collide with the car Terrified with her children Kieran and His eight-year-old twin sisters Leanne And Joanne screaming in the passenger Seats Pauline put her foot down so as to Accelerate under the seemingly falling Object And yet it never hit them the ball of Light so as described in The Uninvited Sped over them shortly dazzling her and Lighting the car up as it did Watching through the back window of the Car Kieran then saw it stop and Bizarrely changed Direction so as to Follow the vehicle hedgehopping Alongside the car for more than a mile Pauline was able to see it out of the Driver's side window with it maintaining

Both speed and direction with the car it Was said to have been like a gleaming Orange football dazzling bright with a White torch-like beam of light shining Down from underneath it As the by now horrified family Approached the farm the car's headlights Are said to have started to dullen and Ultimately fail followed by the engine Itself cutting out when this happened The orange light moved over the top of The car Illuminating the entire vehicle With home in sight Pauline and her Children abandoned the car and ran to The house screaming for Billy and their Oldest son Clinton to help them Rushing outside to investigate they are Said to have found the car bathed in a Ray of white light emanating from the Orange globe of light that hung Motionless over it it then supposedly Moved off and vanished over the house And in the direction of the cliff Edge Speaking to the Western Telegraph about The happening on the 14th of April that Same year Pauline described how she and Her family were all very frightened Especially the children who were in Tears And so it was that the light Pauline Combs had first seen falling from the Sky over the coastal path in January was Now active seemingly on the roads around The family's Farm before too long it

Became clear to the family that these Events were not merely Sinister but had No intention of stopping after all According to several incidents described In Clive Harold stutters The Uninvited There was something inside of the kums's House In one example on the days the Television sets overloaded and broke one Of the family's daughters Leanne is said To have been Disturbed on both occasions By a giant shadowy figure waking her in The night before drifting noiselessly Out of the room across the landing From there it went into her parents Bedroom when she later told this to her Father Billy told her what she had seen Was not real and just a dream and that She should stop scaring her siblings And yet there was plenty of other Incidents to do the scaring for her with Even Clinton her oldest brother and so We are led to believe a sober sensible And hard-working young man reporting Hearing strange noises in The Farmhouse Including those which sounded like a Generator just outside of the window Whilst he was having a bath The low pitch humming supposedly came Through the closed window and filled the Room around him causing him to jump out Of the bath and flee in fear before too Long the entire family was on edge not Merely that they were experiencing

Behavioral changes also Billy usually Cheerful was often irritated and Impatient the children were becoming More and more withdrawn even the Family's dog a black labrador called Blackie was acting differently such Reached a peak in the spring of 1977 When one night around midnight as Pauline and Billy were watching a film Together in the living room the animal Became Restless according to the Narrative presented in the 1979 book The Uninvited and also via Pauline's December 1977 interview with BBC news Reporter David Allen Billy had fallen Asleep whilst watching the film Pauline Continued to watch alone but struggled To pay attention to the television on Account of first their dog's behavior And second the appearance of Lights akin To car headlights outside the window Seemingly coming down their driveway There was no sound associated with the Lights with them simply stopping some Distance away not coming any closer to The house Such caused a constant flickering in the Window Given the time of day and the rural Location of the farm Pauline could not Understand why there would be lights Outside the house Regardless she chose to ignore them and Try to watch the film to its end close

To 1am Billy is said to have awoken upon Catching sight of the window he was Horrified Far from that simply being the lights Pauline had previously seen there was Allegedly a towering humanoid figure Standing in the window so much bigger Than a man the figure is said to have Been about seven feet tall and the width Of the window which is three feet wide Such an intimidating size meant that Neither Billy nor Pauline could see the Top of the figure with only the bottom Of its head visible to them it was Wearing a helmet its visor presenting a Blacked out face as for the rest of it Its body possibly suited was said to be Silver and glowing Pauline was Instructed to run upstairs to check on The children meanwhile Billy scrambled For the telephone watching in horror as The otherworldly being moved so as to Press an outstretched gloved hand Against the window its Palm to the glass The lights in the house then began to Flicker as did the television with even The windowpane at itself supposedly Vibrating all the while the family's dog Is said to have crouched in the corner Howling in absolute instinctual Terror Teeth bad all Billy could do was watch Disbelieving and paralyzed with fear Willing first his neighbor and then the Police to pick up the phone

By the time the neighboring farmer and Two young broadhaven constables arrived The figure was gone the only traces of The silver-suited man to be found were Giant footprints in the flower bed as Well as the scorched remnants of a rose Bush beside the window proving seemingly That whatever had been standing there Had not only been enormous but also Capable of killing the plant merely by Standing in close proximity to it Speaking to the BBC later in the year Pauline affirmed that the appearance of The figure at the family's window was Undoubtedly the most terrifying Experience of it all Unfortunately for the Combs this would Not be the only time that they saw a Silver-suited figure on their Farm After the window sighting the twins Leanne and Joan are said to have rushed Into the house reporting to have seen Someone dressed in silver very tall with A helmet and a blacked out face at the Bottom of one of the Farm's Fields they Had been playing together outside when They saw the figure floating supposedly Across the ground towards them and Through the Hedge Terrified the girls followed the figure Into the next field only to witness an Enormous silver saucer thing with lights And windows all around it and a kind of Ladder coming from a door it is implied

That the helmet wearing humanoid left Via this ship which the Combs twins Observed rising from the ground before Joining a bigger saucer in the sky Together the two unidentified ships are Said to have flown away very fast and Without any noise across the field and Towards the cliff Edge allegedly despite Being said to have floated yet more Giant footsteps were discovered observed By Pauline and others with there being Two normal human Paces between each Oversized print A scorched circle of grass at least 50 Feet in diameter was also discovered Where the ship was claimed to have stood Later that same day Pauline apparently Saw the figure again from a window in The house described in The Uninvited it Is said to have lurked just beyond the Illuminated part of the lawn in the dark Of the driveway again tall silver Luminous it was unmistakable as the same Figure as the others which had been seen Around the farm Glowing eerily in the dark Pauline Claimed that it floated slowly up the Drive and passed the house with its arms Rigidly at its sides she watched it for A brief moment after which it Disappeared into the dark eerily the Next morning Pauline is said to have Woken to find her arm inflamed swollen And irritated and difficult to move not

Only that she had woken late something Highly uncharacteristic for the young Farmer's wife being overwhelmed by Feelings of fatigue when her family saw Her injury her daughter Leanne spoke of How she had supposedly once again seen Something strange wandering The Farmhouse at night Similar to the giant shadowy figure Which had Disturbed her at the start of The year she claimed to have seen a Silver hand drift through the door and Into her mother's bedroom her father Billy had been tending to a heifer that Night and so little Leanne had been Sleeping in bed with her mother The disembodied silver hand reportedly Drifted over to Pauline and touched her Arm such was so the girl claimed the Cause of her mother's injury Said that it took three weeks for Pauline's arm to heal without a doubt These claims are Sensational the Frequent appearance of humanoids is one Thing their ability to enter the Combs Family home and cause injury to them is Another and yet they the Combs were not The only people in the area to report Encounters with such entities incredibly And most certainly chillingly reports From the time in Publications including Flying Saucer review proved that they Were not alone in their claims for Example in an Edition published in June

1977 the journal details how on the 17th Of March on the northeast side of Saint Brides Bay a 17 year old Stephen Taylor Saw a tall male figure standing by a Farm gate the figure was so the young Man reported wearing a sort of Semi-transparent suit upon being spotted The strange humanoid is then said to Have approached Taylor thoroughly Terrifying him and causing him to flee Earlier that same night Taylor had Supposedly seen a strange light in the Sky a pear drop shape of glowing orange Somewhat reminiscent of that which Pauline spotted earlier that year in January Then again this time in an addition Published in August there was a highly Detailed interview with Rosa Grenville The owner of the Haven Fort Hotel who Claimed to have observed two long-legged Figures standing besides a UFO in the Field beside her home It was around two in the morning on the 19th of April 1977 and the Figures were Said to have been six and a half or Seven foot tall and dressed head to toe In a sort of white plasticated suit they Saw the hotel owner explained to her Interviewers had longish arms because They seemed to be measuring something Outside of the craft watching via a pair Of binoculars from her window Granville Saw them climb the bank side turning

Round and observing unsettlingly the Figures were said to have had no Features at all both simply possessed a Blank face no eyes no mouths nothing When they were finished they returned to The craft which lifted and shot off into The night sky and across the bay It is unclear for how long the hotel Owner observed the strange scene however One intriguing and undoubtedly Unsettling detail is that both her Bedside radio plugged into the mains Power and her mechanical bedside clock Stopped running on the night of the Encounter the time at which they stopped Was 3 30 a.m even one of Pauline Combs Young family members her 11 year old Nephew Mark Marston is said to have seen A silver-suited helmet-wearing figure Who drifted through a closed farm gate The boy was left terrified and was most Certainly according to his parents not One to make up stories he had after all Screamed and cried all the way home And so adults and children alike seem to Have witnessed odd humanoids with Perhaps the most famous of the related Sightings being those which came from The nearby broadhaven school early on in The year on Friday the 4th of February Some 15 school children are said to have Observed not merely a UFO which Supposedly landed near that school but Also at least one man come from it

Wearing a silver suit and being Generally very scary According to a nine-year-old Jeremy Passmore we felt very scared one of his Friends another nine-year-old called David George wanted someone to go to the Toilet with him afterwards out of fear With another boy again Tudor Owen Lloyd Jones aged 10 nearly crying because he Was so scared that he was going to be Disintegrated another child again is Claimed to have been so fear gripped That he injured his leg after he fell Whilst running away One would think that the boys had truly Seen something strange in order to Warrant such a hysterical response thus It is clear that the Coombs family were Not the only ones within the saint Brides Bay Area to experience the Strange and quite possibly otherworldly That year indeed a rich tapestry of Related testimonies are easily uncovered When one knows where to look with it Being quite impossible to document all That happened in 1977 within a single Video Even when focusing on the Coombs Themselves it is difficult to surmise Just how much the family experienced Over the course of the year for by December and the ultimate conclusion of The phenomena they had endured all Manner of electrical anomalies at the Farm several encounters both distant and

Close with strange seemingly Extraterrestrial silver suited figures Abundant sightings of ships and lights In the sky large circular squash watch Marks in their fields bumps and bangs Throughout the house and inexplicable Behavioral changes within the family It is even claimed that the Coombs were Forced to put their dog to sleep after He was driven insane by what he had seen At the window of the house his behavior So the author of The Uninvited relayed Became progressively more erratic and Unpredictable after the shocking Nighttime incident with him running in Circles snarling and Howling each night Looking to where the figure had been the Animal was so we are told destroyed by The otherworldly sighting and Blackie Was not the only animal on the farm to Be affected it is also recorded that the Coombs livelihood that herd of dairy Cows suffered with them the entire herd Being somehow teleported on and off the Farm by mysterious lights No doubt this is a highly dubious claim And yet many including the naturally Skeptic Billy as well as other farmers In the area who found the relocated cows Rampaging through their fences and Fields attested to the at one point Irritatingly frequent happening No amount of locks or chains could so it Is reported keep the bovine in that Barn

They would be found elsewhere Transported within a matter of seconds Even after Billy had just rounded them Up and returned them from a previous Teleportation during one tragic Occurrence on the 10th of September 1977 And allegedly teleported cow died after Becoming entangled in an electric fence Chillingly the stakes of the case are Said to have risen even further with the Arrival of strange men at ripperston Farm recorded in Clive Harold stutters The Uninvited the Combs family spoke of The day Pauline returned home to find Her and Billy's eldest son Clinton Cowering inside the house White as a sheet and looking badly Shaken he was reluctant to open the door For his mother with the safety chain Engaged apparently so Clinton explained Two men had arrived at the farm they had Only just left and yet Pauline had not Passed anyone on the driveway explaining Further the unsettled young man Supposedly told his mother that the men Weren't really men they had not been so He stated human Said to have pulled up to the farmhouse In an enormous silver car one had stayed In the vehicle while the other Approached the house Clinton had been Able to see both and they were eerily Identical both with dark colored suits On both very tall and thin both with

Dark slicked back hair and abnormally Large foreheads the one who walked up to The house so Clinton explained glided Rather than walked he had hardly been Moving his arms and looked according to The terrified young man entirely wrong It was like an illusion he said Locking the doors to the house Clinton Had retreated upstairs and continued to Watch the odd visitor from the window The dark suited figure had then tried to Open the front and then the back door to The house Unable to gain access he had then Watched by Clinton from upstairs Proceeded to the little cottage adjacent To the farmhouse This building was rented by a lady Called Carol who had aside from reading The local news coverage related to The Happenings being largely disconnected From the otherworldly events at Ripperston Farm That was until that moment explaining What she had experienced to Pauline Carol explained that the man who arrived So she said in the fabulous looking car Had been looking for her for Pauline Supposedly speaking to Carol in a very Flat expressionless voice the man in Black had asked when Pauline was Expected to arrive home Carol had simply stated that she didn't Know I didn't trust him she is recorded

As having said in stutter's book after All the man is said to have really Frightened her not only had he seemingly Manifested at the lady's side startling Her he had also looked strange with a Really high forehead glazed unblinking Eyes and skin that appeared to be wax Like plastic somehow absolutely smooth Shiny looking After telling him that Pauline was not Home the man had left with him as Carol Turned to enter her Cottage simply Disappearing from sight bizarrely later That same day Rosa Grenville the owner Of the Haven Fort Hotel who claimed to Have witnessed strange suited figures on The grass outside her house only a few Months earlier was likewise visited by Dark suited men the same as Pauline Combs she had not been home at the time Meaning that her daughter had been alone When they arrived one stayed in the car One approached the house he was looking For Rosa did the daughter know when her Mother might be home thoroughly Frightened the daughter had expressed to Her mother that there had been something Fundamentally wrong with the visitors The same as Clinton Combs she had been Convinced that the men with their large Foreheads waxy skin and piercing eyes Had not been human When Rosa later contacted their Member Of Parliament about the matter he who

Subsequently made inquiries with the Local RAF base and the ministry of Defense was unable to find any records To suggest anything unusual had happened In the area and so the Combs the Granville's and others who lived Within Reach of the saint Brides By A Coastal Path continued to live in fear of the Lights the figures and now the Otherworldly Men In Black who seem to be Stalking the area then on the 12th of November 1977 the case is said to have Reached a tremendous Peak driving home Pauline her eldest daughter Tina and her Parents are said to have witnessed an Enormous silver disc just hanging in the Sky quite motionless the sun reflecting Slightly from its burnished surface Making it Shine they were close to the Farm and watched The Peculiar objects Sway like a pendulum in the sky above Them after which it flew away towards The cliff Edge it then to the family Claimed plunged down towards the outcrop Of rocks just beyond the cliff Pauline and her family braced for an Explosion but none came and so she along With all five of her children hurried to The coastal path so as to investigate Looking out over the sea their attention Was drawn to stack rocks the rocky Outcrop which the silver disc had Seemingly flown in the direction of There so they sensationally claimed they

Observed a tall silver-suited figure Standing on the Rocks shrouded in Shadow Standing higher up on the Rock was a Second figure As Pauline and Clinton looked more Closely they realized that the shadow Was actually no Shadow at all but so They alleged it doorway When the second silver-suited figure Moved out of the Shadow it somehow moved Thinning out until it disappeared in its Place so is recorded in the book on the Case was a perfectly flat metal looking Surface glinting slightly in the Sun Incredibly it appeared to be some manner Of sliding door built into the surface Of the rock below was Darkness Presumably the enormous silver disc had Entered the rock via this door Suggesting the existence of some manner Of aircraft Hangar or base hidden within Stack rocks utterly bewildered an Increasingly terrified as to why all of This was happening only a short distance From their home the Combs could do Nothing other than walk back to the Farmhouse For the next few weeks the activity Continued the family's cows were Repeatedly teleported from their barn And passages and yet more figures and Strange lights were seen the Coombs Feared that the beings responsible Whoever or whatever they were was

Studying not merely the cows but them as Well and that they were powerless to Prevent any of it on the morning of the 18th of December Pauline even awoke to Find a puncture-like blemish on her Forearm that night she supposedly Experienced an odd dream that seemed to Suggest she had been transported to some Other place a bed in some sort of domed Room with an enormous screen on one wall And different colored flashing lights With the subsequent Mark highly Suggestive of an abduction experience The very next day the activity which had Started 11 months before came to an Driving home in the dark after visiting Pauline's parents the Combs were shocked To see an enormous ball of bright orange Light with all the size and Brilliance Of the sun suspended motionless over the Cowsheds just like the other lights they Had seen it swayed from side to side Like a luminous pendulum was it about to Abduct the cows was this the light Responsible for their teleportations However before they were able to find Out the answer to their questions the Light with frightening suddenness Streaked off up and away from them Diminishing in size as it went until it Was barely as big as a distant planet And so they The Uninvited visitors who Had first arrived at Riverstone in January were gone

After that so we are led to believe the Family never saw nor encountered Anything unusual at the farm again Truly the case of ripperston farm is Exceptional not merely because of the Detailed testimonies of the Coombs Family but because of the wider network Of statements from others such as Rosa Granville from The Haven Fort hotel and The children of the broadhaven school Speaking of the reliability of the Family's statements researcher and Author Clive Harold stutter who we must Thank for having traveled to meet the Family so as to safeguard that stories For future Generations in his book was Convinced of their genuineness at first Reticent and reluctant to engage with The Press Billy and Pauline were Frightened of all that they had Experienced but given its repeated and Extensive nature felt as though they Were obligated to share that story after All as stutter points out there were so Very many similar sightings in the area That in May 1977 a Ministry of Defense Spokesman was forced to release a Statement to the British press admitting That they had indeed received reports of Sightings of unexplained objects in the West Wales area and the people who have Reported these sightings are genuinely Sincere people genuinely concerned we so The spokesman confirmed investigate

Every report on this assumption and we Do not discount the possibility of Intelligent life in outer space Such can be said to be quite an out of Character and quite possibly even Embarrassing statement for a military Department to make they knew there were Sightings and as far as they were Willing to admit they were not Responsible for them and were presumably Powerless against them And certainly from what we are led to Believe via the combs's testimonies the Military was very much interested in What was going on in and around the Saint Brides Bay Area with Billy Combs Even stating that he had been ushered Off his own land by Army personnel and Naval Frogman after Pauline Saw The Light fall from the sky and onto the Coastal path in January they had arrived The very next day and wanted first dibs So it seemed on whatever had fallen from The sky and yet pursuing this lead Clive Harold stutter was unable to uncover Anything of significance with the under Secretary for the mod writing to say That they had no record of any unusual Activity in the area This was in spite of the claim made by One of the combs's neighbors that after Her sighting an officer from the nearby Now defunct broady RAF base had not Merely interviewed her but also asked to

Keep their conversation secret and so The possibility of military involvement Either in researching the unidentified Objects or being responsible for them Directly must be considered after all According to Rosa Granville of the Haven Fort hotel when she saw the oval object And suited figures on the grass outside Her home early one April morning they Were close to so it is described in a Flying saucer review article an unusual Concrete structure belonging to the Ministry of Defense whose purpose we are Still investigating through Parliamentary channels It is unclear if the journal's Researchers were able to ascertain this Information but it is interesting to Note nonetheless Undoubtedly there was a strong military Presence in the area at the time of the Sightings and Encounters in the opening Chapter of The Uninvited we are regaled With a long list of military Installations including a tank range a Submarine tracking station and a Missile Range within a 20-mile radius of Ripperston farm and yet we are equally Assured that Pauline Combs not to Mention others within the area were Quite used to seeing every conceivable Sort of light in the sky everything from Flares to fighter jets and missiles but Never anything like this

She would not she was certain be so Easily confused unless of course the Things that she and other Witnesses has Seen in the sky was some manner of new And secretive military project which Would naturally explain the mod's Reluctance to admit the existence of any Records In this way the subsequent drama Surrounding accusations of trickery can Be said to become all the more Intriguing in the early 1980s debunkers Including strikingly RAF police stated That hoxters dressed in silverlined Asbestos suits were responsible for the Sightings of supposed Spacemen at Ripperston Farm broadhaven school and The Haven Fort Hotel they had so Researchers including Hillary Evans Claimed borrowed the suits from local Oil refinery workers for a fancy dress Evening in broadhaven shortly after the Children's sighting subsequently going On some manner of Rampage throughout the Area trudging across Acres of empty Farmland so as to frighten anyone they Came across it is even said that in 1996 A BBC presenter was able to track down One of these tricksters for a radio 4 Documentary on the west Wales UFO flap Another a local man called Glenn Edwards A even confessed to having had to have Jumped into a hedge after a lady who Later called the police aimed a shotgun

At him after he came into her garden so As to frighten her and yet whilst these Claims and confessions might most Certainly be true in some cases they do Not explain the other phenomena alleged In connection with the silver-suited Humanoid sightings for example the Rattling of the windows and electrical Anomalies experienced by the Coombs when They observed their seven foot tall Visitor at their downstairs window Surely this was something more than a Prankster in a suit moreover regardless Of how convincingly terrifying such a Suited Hoster might be I am quite Certain they would not be able to Relocate 100 cows in a matter of seconds Neither would they be capable of Appearing as a disembodied hand Scuttling across the bedroom of Pauline Combs nor of course able to present Themselves many feet off the ground as An enormous and illuminated silver disc In the night sky then critically the So-called debunkers claimed that the Suits were borrowed after the schoolboys Saw their Spaceman suggesting the suit Borrowing if even true was a reaction to The earlier sighting and not the cause Further skeptical considerations which Could help to explain at least in part Some of the 1977 sightings for example Those of the broadhaven school children Might be found in the pop culture of the

Time specifically episodes of the Television program Doctor Who Undoubtedly a cultural phenomenon even Today in the 1970s Doctor Who was even More so with its episodes attracting in Excess of 12 million viewers by Comparison recent episodes with the UK Possessing a larger population now Attract on average a mere three to four Million on the 29th of January 1977 only A few days before the school children Sighting on the 4th of February part one Of the robots of death episodes was Released might it be that the children Who were aged between 9 and 11 were left Terrified as was common by this Doctor Who episode leading them to think that They saw either as a misidentification Of something else or as part of a game Of make-believe a silver-suited robot Man in the field outside their school it Is worth considering and yet again all Of this as convincing as it might sound To the skeptically minded on its own Does little to explain the wider Phenomena reported throughout the year And such simple explanations can be said To look less and less convincing the More one considers The Wider phenomena Most striking is how when wander's wider Research it becomes clear that all of This was by no means limited to Southwest Wales only early the very next Year with the sighting dating to the 2nd

Of January 1978 the British UFO research Association reported how a human-like Figure some six to seven feet tall Dressed in a pure white one-piece suit And helmet was spotted by four men on The outskirts of Liverpool very similar To those reported by the Combs the Humanoid's arms were said to have hung Motionless at its sides before beginning To walk towards the car in which the Terrified men sat after fleeing in fear The police were involved with them Confirming that none of the Witnesses Were intoxicated and that no trace of The odd humanoid could be found given That rainford weather figure was cited Is some 200 miles from Saint Brides it Is highly unlikely that Glenn Edwards And his suit borrowing bodies were Responsible for this sighting and then Of course there is the infamous case of All colors Sam the bizarre Sandown Clown Again suited and helmeted said to have Been encountered by two children on the Isle of Wight in 1973. looking further Into the future one can even draw Similarities between what the Coombs Family claimed to have experienced at Their farm with that which the Andrews Family experienced at theirs in the 1980s when they were stalked by lights And figures which they ominously Referred to as the Watchers Of course none of this is to say that

What the Combs or indeed anyone else saw Was extraterrestrial in nature there is Not enough evidence to get anywhere Close to saying that rather these points Are made to Showcase how simple Explanations here the accusation of Asbestos suit trickery are equally Limited in terms of dismissing what are Undoubtedly complex and unusual Happenings It should also be clear that all these Similar testimonies being one big Coincidence the blank checks are favored By obstinately closed-minded Disbelievers and material Fundamentalists just doesn't work in This case there is simply too much too Much even to be covered and considered In this video something unusual whatever It may have been happened in the area Around Saint Brides Bay in 1977 and so I Shall End by inviting you to reflect Upon it for yourselves and to draw your Own conclusions as to what the Combs and The granville's and the school children Of broadhaven school and all the others Combine saw encountered and experienced In 1977. Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope you enjoyed this video if you did And would like to learn more about this Complex and fascinating case I recently Visited Pembroke shoes Saint Brides Bay For myself with my on the ground

Exploration either available for you to Watch now on my second Channel Laura Ralton or about to Premiere very soon I Hope to see you there and of course here For the next one thank you again until Next time Foreign