Logan Paul offered 100K for the best UFO evidence.

By | April 30, 2023
Logan Paul offered 100K for the best UFO evidence.

Right at that time I'm going on the Impulsive podcast with with Logan Paul And I tell Logan Paul the story and he Has exactly the same response you have And I don't blame you okay I'm not here To convince anybody of anything I'm just Telling you what I saw It was very impressive when I saw very Impressive if it was a fake my God that Was well done [Applause] Hello everybody how are you doing uh It's Sunday again it's time for more Stuff uh before we start with that stuff We want money for uh for t-shirts coming By the T-shirt so not that ah I'm just Gonna bring people in now [ __ ] Ollie fix That Thank you Um I just [ __ ] blew it didn't I well how Did you blow it Because that thing came up I was like I Was looking for the T-shirt thing and Then accidentally hit Sasha Baron Cohen I had already gone past it This is the mediocrity guys walking by The merch

Um Jen Jen genuinely because we'd spend Uh more time I think than most other People like looking at the chat and we Aren't asking you to give us money just So we read comments out it will be very Nice if some of you do some super chats Just to help the channel out Oh I'll spread the word on you know if You're watching on Tick Tock if you're Watching come over to YouTube get some Thumbs up on this bad boy you know share Out social media I get it it's hard time people but Share is free a thumbs up is free and if You don't like it put a thumbs down I Think even that helps see because we Don't work at Super chats it means we Can pull [ __ ] gems up like this That's because we don't you know have a Lot of people in chat I mean that helps So yeah Fine I mean I I think the chat's small But perfectly full Beautiful yeah that's what they all say To the small chats and how is everybody Have we all had a good week we all had a Good weekend nothing weird happened no No not a few stalkers It's the normal just a normal weekend When being part of a [ __ ] UFO Channel I suppose This is the weirdest part of my weekend Yeah I'd like to say second week Um are you on the Guinness again Lee I

Can't stop drinking Guinness at the Minute it's like a dinner it is it's Just like I think it's because I was Doing like a bottle of wine maybe like a Bottle of wine and four cans of lager When we were doing shows and I was going To bed hammered and um I've realized I Can just kind of quietly drink four cans Of Guinness while we do a show uh yeah It's it feels it feels more polite and I Don't wake up the next morning [ __ ] Dying yeah I've kind of like wine on the show I'm not good with it because then I want A beer after I've had a wine so I could Just have a couple of cans these are Very low alcoholic so it does nothing It's nice Just gives me a little bit of a you know A nipple on that's it yeah it just stops The [ __ ] it stops the handshake Yeah A little bleeding still there but yeah Like that the piss and blood of it Happens now and again Um I take I I know I'm not gonna I'm not Gonna say I'm not gonna pretend I don't Know that he's both watched this but He's both watched uh the fox interview On Rogan yeah yep yep it's good I Enjoyed that I enjoyed the whole podcast I know Dave you're not I I'd say you're Not taken by Mr Fox I'm not taken by him

But I I appreciate what he does yeah Um I uh I have questions about some of The people he [ __ ] trusts Um you know the uh there was a few Clangers of names dropped in there you Know when you start dropping proudly Dropped proudly proudly dropping the Clinton and proudly dropping a pedesta Yeah Um maybe he doesn't lock down those Conspiracy rabbit holes you know where He makes [ __ ] UFO documents that's Very true Yeah how do you not know you're cute You're in this world man yeah if he was Um if he was on talking about his uh National Geographic documentary that He'd made about zebras I'd agree with You and say yeah maybe maybe he doesn't Know mind you I suppose there's enough There's enough uh ties between Africa And uh the Clinton foundation so maybe He would know children just the chair Just the children but um Yeah it that was the only the only Glaring thing to me but one thing I Would say about it is that he he [ __ ] Means it doesn't he Well yeah I mean I've literally just Finished watching the the documentary Um I haven't gone around to work Probably I wanted to but the weekend It's fun it's fantastic it really is Good it is a lot of reading in it for me

Being like as dyslexic as this kind of Beer Oliver did you [ __ ] up and buy a Book instead of a DVD It's because all the witnesses Don't speak English you know the Brazilian how very rude of them This is why we shouldn't have let the Empire go the the thing the thing is I Know you we definitely want to speak About the the Logan Paul thing but that That case I when I first heard he was Gonna do that documentary on this Crashed UFO In Brazil I thought oh my God Credibility out of the window that's What I thought Um But they did a good job Really good job I mean he must have done a good job of It because it's it seems to be the only Reason London himself a Rogan the Rogan Show was because of that documentary you Know it's it's not like Um It's it's not like he hasn't been about You know for a while Uh but it definitely though like Obviously what the the um this show is I Do think the most interesting part of uh Of that whole documentary was when the Guy was talking about this Unseen UFO footage which very much Sounded like a

Um A fan footage film I'm Just gonna say like can I can I kind of I've put up a little clip just yeah to To say kind of gives uh anybody who Doesn't know we're talking about with This videotape that is out there I think he's from the 90s Um but yeah he videotapes A disc That was so low you could have hit it With a rock And I'm looking at this thing And I'm like That's what all the witnesses have tried To describe that's like if you could Imagine The skin on The Craft Glowing like phosphorus on a beach That's what it looked like like the skin Was alive and it had like um like a Yellowy orange color to it but you could Clearly see it was a disc I mean it was Not an orb it was a disc but the metal Lit up like it was alive I I'd never see Anything like it And that that was the the be before that Those two guys were hiding in the back Of their car Yeah it's uh I meant to to go back and Look at this uh to look at the film Because if that very much reminds me Have you ever seen a film called Area 51 It's it's like yeah it's a found it's a

Found footage film about people that get Abducted about because and it's even the Way he talks about it like he said Because that that film starts with these Two guys road tripping uh and they go They they want to go to Area 51 and they Get abducted and like yes stuff happens I know which one you mean yeah pretty Much not all of them yeah and there was A little bit of me wondering like if I Go back and watch that Has he has he been filled by a bit of That film I'll have to re-watch it can you imagine I I have a look on have a look on uh YouTube and just see if you can pull up The um the trailer Maybe we could watch the trailer yeah Because I'm I'm I take it if you know if You're going to try and sell a film You're probably going to show the Abduction part yeah so yeah I did it but I mean it's It's a it's a conspiracy theorist wet Dream isn't it it's the alien autopsy All over again some guy has this unseen Footage that lives in a trailer in the Middle of nowhere that won't sell it Um I mean My thing was he he said he tried to buy It for 30 grand he said hello Paul tried To do it for us for 100 grand I still Feel no that let's not forget that uh Logan managed to make money out of being

Conned with Pokemon cards and he still Made money out of that the fact he was Conned buying Pokemon cards Uh Surely Logan Paul going to a trailer and Offering a guy a million Would make enough money for that to make Money even if it ended up being nothing Else he could redo a documentary you Know the Flat Earth documentary he did Yeah he could have turned that into a Documentary I think the thing is though Like if this guy's living in a trailer Depending on what he has in the middle Of nowhere not knocking on anyone living In a trailer but it's kind of This Guy's In the middle of the desert yeah a Little bit uh the guy's living in the Desert right in a trailer a hundred Thousand dollars a million dollars 10 Million but you're talking ridiculous But he's not gonna tell he's not gonna Sell the thing I think we should take Away is that Logan Paul has a hidden Camera he snuck in there with and I Think this is a lot about him you just Carry you carry a hidden camera around Like Like the bathrooms or what what are you Doing you know That's the guy Chuck Clark Well he's like someone who's live in the Desert he does He's not Anonymous anymore can you

Imagine the [ __ ] crazy people that Are gonna end up going to his house or Already do oh there's enough crazy People in YouTube chat rooms dude They're gonna get along perfectly They'll be just fine they're his people I think that's that's fair Um A boy I mean is it legal can you do that can You uh I I do have a 30 second clip that He do I think he says something about he Doesn't think it was legal bring it up Was the gonna reveal this for the first Time Logan Paul has got a button camera On his on his dress on his clothes So Logan Paul's like all right well this Guy doesn't want to you know he's gonna Die with it so let's get you know let's Get this thing on camera so Logan's like Well let me see it at least So Logan like looks at it with this Thing and oh could you show it to me Again gets another angle gets another Angle And uh and then he leaves So Logan's like I don't know if I want to go public I Mean I I don't really own the video I I Don't know I it seems like a bit of a Gray Zone You think he might get sued Well he's made he's made an illegal copy Of somebody else's property yeah yeah

Going into a movie theater yeah the only Gray might be that he that it isn't he Didn't shoot the video in the you know It tends to be the people that shoot Video that own the the right to things It's a copy of a copy yeah and he's Um Let's just say I reckon Logan Paul has Got reasonable lawyers That if he needed to finagle his way Around somewhere something he could Probably do it Yeah I mean again I feel like we should Focus on why you have a button camera But Um He's a he's the thing though like I I can imagine Logan Paul will have Shown his boys Yeah you know and how many of them might Go Gotta get my phone out I'm gonna film up Hmm You know maybe it'll get leaked by Somebody else Oh no I think this is as far as If I was a conspiracy theorist Um I would You almost feel that life should come With captions now and again and as soon As that Guy brought this uh Um brought this story up with of Logan Paul it's like Logan Paul has entered

The chat when it comes to UFOs it's it's [ __ ] perfect isn't it it's like a Perfect setup to like to Hype the Um The the mainstream New Media type Like way this is being pushed forward uh Moody [ __ ] absolutely smashed in the Comment here this I hadn't even thought Of this it's great uh also if I was Gonna fake uh something these days a Secret camera uh footage of a real video Might be one method it would allow you To lower the quality and hide Imperfections that absolutely that's Absolutely good shout yeah yeah Um I mean I if we can't have real aliens Let's have Let's have massive hoaxes please I'm just I'm just in there for making Life interesting yeah why not it's you Know can you imagine that when I I have A feeling it's going to come out I mean There's there's some noise on Twitter at The minute that then it is going to come Out so when someone Twitter messaged me On Twitter today saying that they'd Already seen a video that that was like This on Twitter but that they can't find Anymore it's probably just somebody Talking nonsense but I found it Interesting But what but if that comes out that's Gonna be a [ __ ] talking point Yeah it's at least two shows

[ __ ] carried away oh no because then You get you're going to get there even If this thing looks spectacular this Thing could like look like the best Thing is sliced bread yeah I think we Should make ourselves early come out of The gate early you know let's say it's Fake Yeah It was in that point to the death Why not 50 50. Um we'll just accuse everybody of being In on it it's just it's blue beam yeah Um But it is interesting what he said Yeah of course it is like the thing Being alive I mean you know that So he said he says like he said it it Glowed like it was alive I there's not a Lot of things that are alive that glow You know Jellyfish go into the sea dug really Deep it happens all the time but Lightning bugs man fireflies Oh I suppose so yeah when you guys come Out you're gonna see a bunch of them we Have them Everywhere man my kids run around catch Them put them in jars Smoosh them put them on their faces Nice this is the do the faces glow yeah For a little bit dead bug [ __ ] that's Cool [Laughter]

Yeah right but it It just it does make you wonder doesn't It the It's I've always had these that like Thoughts you remember Joseph fritzel No no he was the guy in Germany that um Had a secret family in the in his Basement and he had children with his Daughter that he kept captive underneath His house oh my God and uh it makes Sense you know who this guy is okay yeah The he'd kept his daughter under there Like I mean the kids were like I do Remember this yeah like young children When they all escaped And ever since then it kind of made me Think I wonder how many people are Getting fritzeled right now How many people are getting flips or All over the place Um we did not stay on the UFO top no no No hang on hang on Oh he's getting back the point to this Day yeah it's just I don't know he has Goals obviously Oh Just I just thought I'd throw a little Bit in before we did talk about the Things but yeah so that that makes me Wonderful I wonder how many How much footage is out there you know Just sat in somebody's basement is like Is the Smoking Gun just sat in Somebody's house right now

That's your analogy yeah your analogy is The guy who's like kept people in the Basement and raped them to make children With them with a UFO tape and a closet Yep I like it yeah I mean I gotta be honest It works it works for this show Our people get it they get it our people Definitely get it So it will be clipped and tomorrow will Be on somebody else's Channel saying I Keep people in my basement oh yeah yeah That's what it that's what that's what It'll be I told you they were nonsense [Laughter] Who doesn't keep people in the basement Why else do you have a basement what do You I know that we used to call photos We call them sellers yeah sellers yeah We have sellers we have root sellers we Have basements speaking of sellers all Super chats are greatly received Um But yeah like it could be out there that There could be Like I'm sure a real the real alien autopsy Film something like that you know it's There's there's obviously stuff but I I Wonder I wonder how much because you know we Are we are entering this This era where if it can be shared it Will be shared

Um So you just have to uh You just have to wonder how long how Long these things will stay stay hidden For when people are so used to sharing Everything else they do well that's the Thing is now this guy's name's out there So he's Uh Rihanna Alba I think it is how do you Know Elizabeth fritzel had a fry up for Breakfast she has some daddy's sauce on Her chin Fantastic pretty good Pretty good I told you our family people watching This show And that's why we're never going Mainstream guys Any dreams of that Dash Do you want to start a cold we got a Shot I think If a guy with one arm and a string Can start a cult weekend oh dude you Have no idea man I that that is one Thing that I know if I started a cult I'd be an amazing cult leader you know How you'd be an amazing cult leader just Don't sleep with everyone's wife Not everybody's not everybody's right That's where they mess up it's very Simple very simple

But then if you're not doing that with The point of having a cult If If this video comes out I think it'll Come out this year But I think if this video comes out it Will be no matter how good it looks I think it'll be a big deal You mean the the fake video because if It's obviously if if it's a fake video Yeah yeah but I think The fox to have seen it and explain it The way he did I think Because he's he he's he's talking about Now after after that everything we've Seen CGI on the internet he's talking About it now but looking amazing I'd love to see it I'd love to see it Like uh the where's the lady in Canada The Dorothy ISAT Isaac Um she has the the movie they made about Her capturing the light or she catches The anomalies on her camera of the light Moving around and making pictures and Spent like seeing things in it Dude she was doing that for 20 years Before anybody like Paid any attention so like what Lee was Saying about how many things are just Laying around probably a lot yeah it Could easily somebody film something

Amazing and everyone's just like ah it Could be anything Because they get freaked out and walk Away it's kind of like that what is it The phenomenon I shared with you guys in Our little private chat thing uh and They're all this is natural phenomenon This is a natural phenomenon the light In the sky searching around and you look Okay it's natural how is this caused Naturally oh no one knows no one no one Has any idea but it's definitely a Natural [ __ ] what I don't think that's how this works I'll uh I'll just stick this on Because this is the This is the trailer for that movie And I I haven't watched this I just did Wonder if there was something If there was something in it that Maybe this is similar maybe the dude who Made the movie saw the video as well Obviously people have seen this video I I just yeah I mean it's it's not above The this is the thing it's a found Footage film about two people that go on A road trip to area 51. the reason there Is a uh a a fan footage film about guys Going on a road trip to Area 51 is Because there's probably been quite a Few people gone on road trips to Area 51 So there's no uh You know it's not beyond the Realms of Possibility that two people could have

Done it and if something could have Happened But uh I I just I I know I remember watching This film And I can't help think that there was a Scene in this film that reminded me of What they were to what the guy was Talking about It but it was a bloom house production As well I like blue mouth stuff I mean it'd be a clever way to uh Get some people to watch you film you Know you plan Um well this came out in 2015. Yeah but the Collector's Editions coming Out this year so Or the sequel But um Maybe there isn't maybe they just got Inside I do remember this but I can't Remember I like that I do remember this But I can't remember that was pretty Alive hmm Like that I'll watch this again I love fan footage films and if you and If you're gonna stick aliens in them as Well I am I'm double that you're on all About it yeah But um Well kids toys make it extra creepy But I tell you what like if I mean Logan Paul is literally his his

Whole uh Um His whole self is there for uh promotion Isn't it and His his life is creating content it's Not just like his job his his entire Life is see that there this is the scene I think is is the same as When the guy ripped out of his car yeah Did they say that though they didn't see Anyone no no no but they were it yeah I'm just wondering whether whether what Leaded up leaded that's not rightly Whether what led up to to that was Something similar but Probably not anyway it's even if it's uh That was advertised in our live show There on that middle screen I don't know If you noticed that Was that nice yeah nice you are that's Good Um I think uh I think anyone in this chat Probably probably quite enjoyed that Film anyway even if it even if it was on If it wasn't relevant to what we're Talking about There you go that's a bit of support From the creators of the film what is Area 51 Yeah Just plain old Area 51 that's what he's Got obviously got this area When you've just played you've just had

It up the trailer what's it called I Can't remember A51 there you go people I think it was just called Area 51 I saw The title is today 51 but it said some Other stuff after it I I just I don't think that Bitter footage would be from a film I Mean cheese is Christ that would really Make James Fox look silly if this guy This Um This guy's got a VHS tape with just some Pro just some B-roll footage or wherever of the from Someone else's film oh yeah I mean that way yeah that would be quite Depressive depressing wouldn't it A little bit funny I hope it gets Released man I look forward to being Able to see it it could be awesome Yeah again I still think we should pick You know our stance on it early very Early yeah and then never watch it never Watch it I will I I will say this though I know YouTube's not watched it but the film That he that he's done is That has some really good UFO footage in There Again it's called moment of contact Moment of contact Um

And it is all about Um basically these crashed UFO in Brazil Um and a an alien creature and ends up In a hospice one guy ends up taking this Alien creature uh picks it up he gets Really ill because he dies doesn't he he Dies yeah yeah there's a there's an Interview with his wife Like and it shows an old interview with His wife It shows real interviews from real People all these people are speaking Um Brazilian so that's the only bit that I I kind of wish they'd had a that's the My only criticism for that is for people Who dyslexia like me I struggle to keep Up with the subtitles I would have liked If if it had been like uh sucker up Buttercup the world's not made for you Oh you know exactly just wanted somebody To talk over them you know Selfish no but I still I've still really Enjoyed it it was Very well done you could see that these Were real people There's one moment when uh one of the Guys is taken he takes James up to where The crash site was and where he saw Uh Basically these dead aliens and he is You can see it was genuine tears in his Eyes he got really emotional about it Um

I mean we were saying this before the Show but the main thing that stuck out For me with that is the smell that they Described this creature having Which was like an ammonia Um Um what's the other what did I say it Was Dave sulfur sulfur yeah ammonium Sulfur that's what something else which Is like if you still if if you look back Through like folklore there's something Else that smells like that as well Yeah Well demons demons I wasn't going to say that you boys have Not seen the pictures What what the artist drew When the when the girls described this Creature it was three little girls that And and this have you ever can you pull A picture above it yeah yeah I've got it I've got it but these these three little Girls uh I think they must have been About 12 year old at the time that now I Think like near our age now Um because it was 35 in the night yeah But they're about that they maybe a Little bit older I don't know Um But they Describe this thing as having oily skin Real oily skin [ __ ] red eyes and it Had like horn things on its head sounds Super friendly

And that's something you want to help Out this but they did say they felt that This thing felt scared but this is what When they describe this thing to the Artist that Drew what they because they All Drew pictures of it and then the Artist said is that what you may have Seen and they said yes this is it Super friendly hang out with that guy But the guy this thing was like actually Got into the streets and this I think The soldier or what I think it was Soldier guy that got hold of this thing By the time he got to the hospital he Was really [ __ ] ill and he he died From there's an in there's an interview With his wife So when you've got all these people all Speaking about this case because I Thought this case when I heard like I Said when I heard that that he that James Fox was gonna do this documentary I thought This is just gonna be a really shitty Documentary that's got nothing to back It up it's just like it's gonna be like Some vote law and all that sort of stuff There's loads of people telling their Story in this now whether it's paid Every single one of these and then a Crazy good actors I don't think yeah I think this this is The thing they were holding signs up in The street

With a translation that well Brazil Brazilian writing asking is does anybody Know about this case for people to this Was in the city people to come and Approach them and speak about it Um But yeah really good work but that thing Looks weird Yeah it looks friendly Nothing nefarious about that and he Smells like sulfur you say Fine everything's fine give him a lift Call an Uber bring them in for the Evening Poor fella I would like to know at what Point you see that thing in the street You go I'm just gonna pick that up and Take it to the hospital that's what I'm Thinking I'm gonna help this thing what The hell man no you guys first bro if if I went anywhere near it I would Instantly think I'm gonna hit this with A piece of wood until it stops making Noise You know what you should see the brush Guard I have on my truck for situations Exactly like this welded plate steel Reinforced Wouldn't even know wouldn't even know Man nothing left okay I'll scrape what's Left and we'll send it off right be Analyzed if we are going down the alien Route and like this thing crashes oh are We and well no we're not but

If it was something that wasn't supposed To be on this Earth and It skins all oily or whatever you know Maybe To tell you Yeah maybe that's maybe that the problem Is that it this kind of like Atmosphere just It its skin didn't like it and that's Why it went all oily and Even though it's just like [ __ ] demon a greasy little demon that Needs a ship Maybe I don't know Maybe they're not ships if if they are Demons babe they're not ships maybe They're just things Things things that they live around in Please please please carry on Mr Oliver Oh yeah please you want me to elaborate On things yeah this is awesome foreign I don't know who's to say that demons Don't need vessels Yes Don't need UFOs Who's to say that you know we've been Calling We've been calling demons that like Demons for thousands of years but They've just been aliens I don't get what you're saying to throw A ladder into the hole and try and pull You back out of it what you mean is is These things that uh

That we see as ships or like lights in The sky maybe that If obviously there's lots of ifs going On here if um if demons actually have to Cut about the place about our astral Product plane maybe how they visually Look doing that is something akin to a Light in the sky Well yeah but there is a there's a Science fiction book that describes Aliens coming out of a craft but when These aliens come out they have horns Wings hooves And they basically look like the [ __ ] Devil yeah that's the [ __ ] book Called days Is it the end of some end of something a Childhood's end I think that's it child's child yes yes It's written by uh Come on chat where are you at I don't know where I said but it's it's A great I I I didn't read it I listen I Listened to the audio book of that it's [ __ ] brilliant and it is they made a They made a made for TV movie they did And it was quite good when he got Guessed I think yeah Yeah but yeah in the movie he gets out Of the of the UFO And reveals himself for the first time To the human race Arthur C Clarke yeah and it's the [ __ ] devil

Well they look like it so they're aliens That's a really good one too uh they They're like helping mankind bring peace And prosperity and they explain that Like the next round of children born are Going to extend into the the universe's Consciousness and they're there to Witness it and they work for it because They themselves can't Ascend and the Reason we've always depicted Devils to Look like them because we always knew in The back of our Consciousness that they Would be the harbingers of this Yeah yeah yeah it was uh it's it's a Great book it's very interesting yeah I Can't remember Yeah pull it up late like classic devil Too like the wings horns Hooves yep yeah Yeah yeah Childhood child childhood ends that's What it's called isn't it yeah and I end Up sticking all the kids in basically Like one Island Yep on an island you say that's that's From the TV series on an island That's [ __ ] wild in it looks like Yeah Hardly enough it looks like he's uh he's Like he's presenting the [ __ ] Music Awards That could very easily be the beginning To any current music artists live Performance at the VMAs for the past 20 Years man absolutely

But yeah this this that reminded me of That story you know what I think is Interesting about the Joe Rogan Interview with Fox is that they didn't Show this picture and they were very Beaten around the bush they just said That it stunk They left out the sulfur they left out All that kind of stuff you know what I Mean it was purposeful It does seem nice why I didn't watch I I Just listened to it so I didn't say did They not bring that picture up of the That's weird in it If you got a [ __ ] drawing no it's not Like I mean the fact that Jamie pull That up is a meme Yeah it's not like you know it's not Like it's unknown for him to have a Visual element to his show Yeah I mean maybe they didn't want to do That bit like James says listen don't I Don't want you to I don't want it being Seen because I want You to watch the movie I don't know if You'd have done that no you wouldn't do That on rookie you won't you'd you're on Such a big uh yeah yeah you want to Paint your narrative yeah you want to You want to control how your narrative Is released and you want it to be the Way you want it to be Don't you think Sorry go on no we're just gonna say what

Back to what you're saying about it Being odd that they didn't describe what The smell was Why do you because she said that Dave Like a lot of Um when they described this smell they Never tell you what it smells like and I Yeah I I've heard sulfur very few times When people say this thing stunk and When they're talking about demons or Whatever a paranormal experience some People explain sulfur not so much Um It the urine smell but Sulfur is it makes sense they're always Called unclean like unclean spirits Unclean things s Lee down in the Comments speak in my language That's in science yeah all right yeah Mirror Mirror Satan on the wall Yeah man it's I I you know it's I think It's the same reason like in the Jeremy Corbell when they were doing the things They were talking about it like that was It the skin walker hunt for the skin Walker And at the the end of the movie they're Like blanking out what they're saying It's like no I don't want to say that I Don't want to address that because The the people that seem to be on that Side of the fence they they talk about There's a movement of people who think These things are evil they want nothing

To do with it because their fundamental Belief systems and they're the ones that They're Those who want the Freedom of Information All That Jazz Blame those on the religious side for Holding it back keeping it from the Public and and like you know whether That's true or not I have no idea I'm Not involved in that I don't I don't Know anyone Um But I think that could easily be part of It like if you're looking into UFOs and Stuff and that's the description you get Oh and it smelled like sulfur and you're The fox guy and you're going on Rogan You don't bring that up because it's Gonna freak people out But at the same time you should bring That up because you're going to drive a Lot of people to see it yeah right yeah So it's It's Curious whatever reason They leave it out it's intentional right Yeah I get it It's So murky these days isn't it like the The whole I I you know I thought it's it's Taken conspiracy theory away From um From just morons like us on a on YouTube Talking about it and like pushing it

Into a more Like mainstream but still kind of wild West area like podcasts and stuff you Know it's I I thought it would help it I thought It would make it better But um It it feels like there's less to trust Now than there ever has been Yeah It used to be the Used to be just like a loaded like a Load of alternate voices like from Ike To Um to Jones to Um who's your man that does the Excellent stuff if in Japan Um What kind of stuff Oh with the Goldfish and the darts no um Yeah hang about we've got a danger ping Pong ball or the chain we've got a guy In Japan doing excellent stuff with the Goldfish No the um Oh Corbett the Corbett report Um So you you kind of like he's he's always Been kind of quite measured and like You've got dark journalists as well uh But you had these people that you could Just kind of you picked your poison with Them But now the uh the mainstream

Is kind of got involved as well it seems To it it seems to have took over even The The Fringe you know like where Instead of instead of Us coming around Doing this podcast now we're talking About Joe Rogan right and we we talk About Joe Rogan as if he's the uh yeah Everyone listen to this or no I'm a big Fan but we talk about Joe Rogan like It's still Independent Media the JRE is Essentially the biggest [ __ ] Media Company in the [ __ ] world yeah Yeah So we're not talking about Independent Media really The uh Yeah I I don't know it just made it just Seems to have made it all so much more Muddy where where I thought broadening The conversation out would have would Have made it better I don't know I spoke with a really good Mate of mine uh last night I went to the Pub not seen him in a bit and we got Talking about the channel Different different friend great guy Look he likes watching the show so if You're watching don't take offense to This Base he said to me um When I was talking about Joe Rogan he Says I don't like him I mean why is that I said what do you like about it you Watch it and he went because he would

Like Joe Rogan I know he would and he Went and he said don't like with the Media I've heard so much stuff about About him Um and it I just find that because I the Only people you all are friends that Don't the the you you like think of Great people and you think are Brainwashed by [ __ ] media Scratch [Laughter] I mean I have a family members and I Still say the I don't I mean maybe maybe I am like maybe my Idea of like this [ __ ] This the semi breakout of Uh mainstream media I did when I stopped Watching live television I I don't read Newspapers anymore I don't um I don't I Don't watch the news Um So maybe that was maybe My last The last foothold I had of Sanity that I Let go of so so maybe it's worked the Other way around and now I am just [ __ ] mental Um but I don't think so and I I struggle Going down the whole you know the where You get people that use take different Words and mix them up so so you've got Televisions or people like television to Talk that that way and then you've got

The other people that say the uh Television is broadcasting us in a Certain Hertz range which affects people As they're watching it Um Now whether it's exposure to Narratives that I've just escaped now Because I because I essentially only I Only engage with it on social media and I don't sit watching television for Hours and hours and hours Um or whether it is something to do with Like the physical act of watching Television Makes you more susceptible to this [ __ ] I'm I'm not sure but there is Definitely a There's been a change in the way I look At things and react to things Since I stopped watching television I get that 100 percent Yeah yeah that I haven't watched it for Years yeah man yeah neither have I like So in our house we haven't had Like TV like cable TV yeah any kind for We don't pay 16 years nothing yeah oh Yes I mean we it's always been the Internet or what we want her to watch You know and uh I've always been a bit Of a news hound but I always pulled it From different things and I learned Really early on uh and stuff that I used To be involved in and uh whatever way

You feel when you read that they want You to feel that way Like the person who wrote it wrote it With this intent it was crafted it was Crafted to elicit an emotional response From you that's all of it I love that Like you're talking about you know Rogan And all these people that are breaking Out on their own Independent News Platforms like state-sponsored and Government ran and controlled media is Dead they're losing they're losing dude Vice news shut down look at good yeah That's right Vice used to be ace Vice Awesome Vice was the one that turned Around to one of to one of their Journalists and said oh what you want to Go off and do drugs with um with McAfee For uh for a month and see how his brain Works off you go have fun go and write a Story about it and like a shot yeah Don't die and now it's ah it it it's Just Gender ideology and intersectional [ __ ] What it was just [ __ ] just divisive [ __ ] Um So yeah no it was it was a shame what Happened device look at Fox News Like Fox News just kid just killed Itself he like can you can you imagine I I know I don't I don't watch television I I whenever I watch Tucker Clips or Took a castle I did quite like took a

Class and I I think he he seems I like It interesting I don't I'm not going to Say trustworthy but at least interesting And that's not yeah Did you see his comments on building Seven from 9 11. I did yeah I was like All right all right I can start watching This guy all right we're on we're on to Something here let's see where this goes Yeah yeah Um well He was also he did a When he makes his own thing Wow yeah I'll be big it's gonna be fun Good times 53 million views didn't it uh his uh Yeah and that was it's obviously had More now that was the last time I Checked I had 53 million views his Little I sort of amount of thing dude I I think I think he's probably already Talked to Elon I think his Network news Channel is going to be hosted solely on Twitter The shows will be on Twitter live stream Article everything will be through and On Twitter maybe maybe Rumble Maybe probably Twitter though because That's what Twitter's setting itself up To rumble's great grand rumble's got a Lot of bugs man Yeah I find that Dave I think you'll Find Elon Musk will buy Rumble and Integrate it into Twitter

Yeah yeah that would be awesome and then Yeah yeah then we can get rid of the you Know bastard that we're on right now Yeah I'm glad you didn't say it Dave and then Follow it up with bastards Yeah you know uh just I think the Day's Coming like that's the I I think the the Tube stays a numbered like I hope so I Mean it's good to meet your parents I Think I would love to fall back in love with Them though you know I'd like dude I Want meta to fail I want Instagram and Facebook to fail so bad Um Twitter now that elon's taking it Over is is somewhat acceptable Um Tick Tock can be interesting uh but I Find that it's mostly not Um when you find alien that it's on There You're on there yeah you could be Watching you can be watching it right Now live right now it's live oh those Poor people how many people we got Watching on there right now Uh I can't say one probably you know None this is 5 000 followers though Yeah so when modern militia was live we Did a live stream on Tick Tock at a gun Show And I think we peaked at like 15 000 People just sitting there watching I'm Like what the hell's going on look we're

Not even doing anything we're eating a Burger man yeah that's that when we ate Lunch is when we had the most people Watching which really freaked me out Because you know what they were doing Yeah you know what they were doing do I Find the weird thing about Tick Tock is It seems to be that the the more effort You try and put into making content is The the worse it does yep you know it's It's like it's the tick tocks that do Really well are the ones that are badly Green screen that you know the music's a Bit too high and you can hardly hear Things yeah it's yeah it's really Strange Um it's just it's a strange old platform If you are watching on Tick Tock now Come subscribe to the YouTube channel Yeah Twitter and the Twitter accounts Uh the the fun thing I found about Tick Tock is it doesn't do real good if you Start talking [ __ ] about China No no they hate that they tend to yeah Yeah oh well But back to the aliens and Logan Paul I Hope he does have it I hope he does Release it I hope somebody does I'd love To see it uh because we all know it's Fake right going in And we're not going to watch it because Of that Foreign I really feel like we should all just

Pick a side early what do you what do You think to to him saying It was alive though What the ship appeared what do you think What do you think is the idea of ships Being alive oh yeah I think that's Totally possible yeah uh there's a Really I think it's a very interesting Movie uh have you seen the movie nope Yes I have not seen it yet no nope That's interesting nope I have a problem With nope I had a problem with nope it Was because I was really looking forward To it because what's the what's the Director's name oh he's the guy yeah Yeah he did us and get out now us I [ __ ] love us I love getting out the Guy's a [ __ ] genius so I I so I Thought oh wait this is going to be a [ __ ] sci-fi film that he's making Amazing I'm in and he basically just Made a A straight sci-fi sci-fi movie with a Cool ship in it yes Right yeah and it's not even a ship That's the yeah say Dave what I've not Watched it yet [Laughter] For you [ __ ] well I'm a cover maze I've got Headphones on I know I I wasn't gonna Say anything it was more comical It's not real just like all UFO videos Yes especially the one

The Leviathan anybody remember watching Farscape Yes I remember that I love Farscape yeah Yeah the Leviathan was a living ship Wasn't it yeah And so was do you remember Babylon 5 yes Yes do you remember warlon ships and the Shadow ships yeah yeah they would they Were living yeah Um I mean my dad want to like uh Unfortunately my my now dead uncle Um he had a son and uh Uh he wasn't sure what to call his his Son and do you remember uh rigel the Little alien that was in it yeah the Little like the little green guy yeah The prince King Thief Uh me and my dad were so committed to The bit when it came to this that we Nearly got my uncle Roddy to call his Son Rachel that had never seen Farscape So that after it was done we could show Him right and say are you named Justin After that That's great It was so close so close yeah and I was Like that was that was an interesting Show I like foreskin right I like that Blue chick I liked any bird that's blue I mean like I like women but you know You can like birds I guess whatever Yeah Like she is being like little Smurfette Yeah oh no she's trans she's trans girl

Who she is because you know she's the Only female Smurf isn't she no gargamill Creator she's not a natural Smurf that's Right yeah yeah he created her and she Was evil but then she's a honey goodness Of the Smurfs yeah Smith I don't have to Answer that [Laughter] Just enough just like a normal person Everybody likes them this much we're Gonna walk we're gonna walk in that room That Dave's got there with them cool Posters what we don't know on the other Side is fine we can Smurfs everywhere No I actually remember that a whole line From uh Donnie Darko because they were Talking about the Smurfs and Donnie Darko and he pops off with that I can't Be real and I look up oh no it's Absolutely real yeah absolutely I love That film it's interesting it's Interesting concept of a film yeah the Hottest uh Drew Barrymore has ever been Yeah she's hiding that apart from ET [ __ ] off Steven Spielberg he'd agree Um clip that that that that crap that That crap that that craft though in uh Donnie Darko that's the the airplane Engine There is a bit where it's just going Through the sky and they do make it out To be a craft a cylinder craft And in that um

In the James Fox movie There's this there's a still drawing That shows this thing that's crashed Yeah and it looks just like that it Looks just like that airplane engine Maybe he really likes movies Maybe not that well that's what that's Piecing together obscure things and you Know that's when the artist did like Years ago you know before he was even There but Yeah I mean I'm all up for UFOs being airplane Engines Why not Why not why not it would be interesting If they're alive that would be I don't know man there's a you know Just something natural on the earth that Is That's and see that's the thing is you You're I've found anyway at least we Want to listen to these things people Are super careful Excuse me to uh talk about That these things aren't necessarily Extraterrestrial they curve their words To make sure it's you know what I mean Yeah it's unknown it's so it's it's Extra it's from another planet well I Didn't say that what I said it Well if you don't know then that is Technically still a possibility you know You wouldn't need to correct them and

Shut it down and you know curve the Conversation yeah so no [ __ ] Knows that's that's the thing this was Or maybe they do know maybe somebody has An idea the person that would consider Consider himself and it's not even a [ __ ] real [ __ ] word uh the person That thinks they know the most about you If you ufology yeah Or is the best ufologist Doesn't know [ __ ] yeah because ufology Isn't even a real thing if they don't no But they don't know [ __ ] about what they Are and if they do Then they're definitely they're Definitely not putting [ __ ] on YouTube Yeah Yeah you know I also always wonder how Much the government really does or Doesn't know Because if it is interdimensional or Extraterrestrial craft or beans Like it'd be kind of like taking a Broken cell phone back too 1522. you know what I mean they got it Maybe they can get the light to come on They know nothing else about it like That's it's just so unbelievably Beyond Them It's another thing as well if you take If you if you start talking living ships As well oh yeah you're talking about Something then you're [ __ ] yeah yeah And then that's oh okay that's great so

This whole thing about oh you know it's The Roswell crashed then we got like Fiber optics and mobile phones and like Microwave popcorn Um That's [ __ ] that whole idea because You're not re you're not reverse Engineering a whale I've never agreed that I think humans Are we're very creative and like fiber Optics you can see the progression of Technology that led them same thing with Mobile phones saying that like all of These things it came from somewhere People are brilliant people could do Brilliant things It's the same with a lot of people People turn around say well you know They had like Star Trek Community case How could you think of that think of Star Trek communicators because you Still have [ __ ] walkie-talkies all They did was shrink walkie-talkies made Them better yeah they made them better Yeah there's not really when you think Of Um When you think of sci-fi technology There's nothing really that's been sort Of sci-fi technology that was like Really out there in like the 60s and 70s That we have now which Is really weird you know there's nothing It's not it

Yeah we haven't even cracked [ __ ] Hoverboards so you know You've got the that really weird within That'll float around on super cooled Magnets but it's not zero gravity is it Come on I do like the the sound of them being Like some sort of natural I mean it's Not as I suppose it's not as cool as Aliens for aliens up in the sky but Is it not what if it's a creature that Has been here for [ __ ] ever and it it Can move its stupid speeds and it it Like a [ __ ] giant [ __ ] jellyfish In the sky that sounds odd I know but Look at a jellyfish it looks a bit like A UFO would you guys did you guys not Like get into rods at some point I feel Like everybody had everyone has that Thing especially like around the early 2000s where rods yeah what do you mean Get into they get into you or no I'm talking about Rodding No no it's not it's not like a it's not Like a thing you do Yeah No there's a document Ary in the early 2000s again Wild West YouTube Days of These cave divers and when they were Doing like a base jumping into this I Comment whether they were jumping into Water or they were like bass jumping Into it either way they were filming Themselves going down when they looked

Past at the film they've seen these Things look like floating around them And when they slowed super slow mode the Uh oh yeah yeah yeah There was like like these small tiny Animals which which had like wrinkly Ripley wings Um and I still it's still really weird It's a new species well it's it's still Not really being identified they said it Was bugs and it was the frame rate that Made it look that way but it looked like Little rods with wings like like a a Continuous Wing yeah Super weird Yeah I don't feel like it was ever I don't I don't feel like it was Explained well enough maybe it's been Explained well enough now you know maybe With uh someone went to the same place With what like the ultra slow-mo cameras We have now and did just take pictures Of bugs flying around yeah but it yeah But it was super interesting and the But just but what what I found was Interesting about that was because they They thought the the reason we couldn't See these things is because they like Their idle speed was like the speed of Sound and then there was Um obviously as Most Conspiracy theorist Theory UFO things Bigfoot things I had they had experts

That were well more than happy to jump Into the arena and Show that these things could have Traveled at like Mach 70 Um if if they wanted to which so you Don't know at that point are you just Hiring a couple of doctors and said look We we make documentary we could really Do with these results if you can work Out a way to make these results sound Sound credible that'd be handy Um yeah But uh just the idea that something was Out there that was moving at incredible Speeds that was small and that's just Why we'd never seen them before it was Just because the like they moved so fast And they're so small they just don't Really That they don't really interfere with us It's I mean look like giant squids I Mean that we had a myth of the giant Smith giant Smith giant squid for [ __ ] years and now yeah Because because we yeah there's been Myths of giant squids but the myths of The giant squids were were like taken Down [ __ ] galleons We haven't found we haven't seen the Size of some of them [ __ ] we Haven't we haven't found a kraken I'll beg to differ have you seen the Scales on some whales yes yeah but we

Haven't found one that's right no but Some of the scars we haven't found it But we've seen some of the scars which Would suggest that they are [ __ ] There are bigger ones than what we found Oh sure the ocean is massive yeah I'm Sure I'm sure it's massive you know what Else is interesting is Antarctica Yeah yeah those things live there yeah Since nobody can go there ten [ __ ] Leagues Under the [ __ ] sea yeah Yeah that's the only thing all world Powers can agree on you said there's no No evidence of Gallagher Gallagher Okay no God get me take it down by a Giant squid You say there's no evidence of Giant squids taking down galleons But this [ __ ] drawings through time Oh no I didn't say there was an Evidence Of it I was just saying we I'm not Saying we've found giant squid yeah but They're not giant squid a kraken would Be a giant squid yeah we found really [ __ ] big squids There are drawings from people warning On so the only reason I can think that Things would have been put on a map yeah Like maps of the time which were um But the most actual at least what we Believe in our like our current Time right recorded timeline Um The most detailed maps that Sailors were

Using To go off and explore Uncharted worlds And um on those Maps they'd have like Mermaids and [ __ ] giant squids and Other monsters of the like Yeah and you'd go like that's like me Having a map of the M25 and sticking a Minotaur in a service station it makes No [ __ ] sense it doesn't in because If you think about it back in the day so Now whatever the way we do it is we get As mobile phones or we we put it on the On the news or we put it out on YouTube Whatever Netflix we make documentaries Back then all they could do was [ __ ] Create stuff and put it on a pot put it On a wall put it on a piece of [ __ ] Car that was your Tick Tock that part Was your exactly that was your YouTube Show So maybe maybe some of those things that You're looking at and is going some guy Really creates some [ __ ] them up some Really [ __ ] up heart back then you Know put a monster on that piece of Pottery Uh and a guy riding on the back of it Just for fun they're just like you know Like you just a little bit of creative License that's all it was back then you Know some some [ __ ] high upset I want some pots I Want some dinosaurs one some creatures Feel on next that they should look like

This uh what one that's chasing it and Wanting to eat it whatever Why I I I I it's people back then they Drew things for a reason You know maybe that reason was because It's [ __ ] seeing them maybe maybe I You know before we go I got to Acknowledge uh footy gangster Smurfs Smurfs with elf ears that's so hot I think it's Quality quality comment There I don't have to explain myself [Laughter] Um Yeah it's weird I think there's lots of weird things Like that and it seems to be um If Again it's funny isn't it that the more The more communication we have you would Think there would be It would be easier to answer questions But it's just it's just raised more I I was again I was watching the other day I was watching this documentary about The whole titaria thing and But baffles me that you know especially Especially now when you when you start Looking at like old buildings you know Like old Cathedrals and stuff like that And then suddenly you think [ __ ] me Right we we did this with chisels Seems very [ __ ] hot Seems very hard work I I think there's lots of evidence

Around the planet that there has been Incredibly Advanced past civilizations More than just one more than just one Round and more than once they've been Knocked back for somehow some reason Um kind of makes you wonder when our Time's gonna come and if anything we've Ever made it's gonna last as long as Their stuff has Well I mean The I mean it That's really interesting because it Just shows that we think of ourselves as Being at such a height of technological Height Um A global cataclysm would right you say Probably wash Just washes away yeah we we would be What we would be one of the Forgotten Civilizations while the remains of the Pyramids would still be there yes I mean With the ISS UE oh that'd come down in no time Without without Telemetry from the Ground tracking support like it would be A few months that things down without Somebody tossing the helium balloons up I hope that helps too uh Yeah I mean like uh like a super volcano That's it man That's you're you're knocking you know 99 of everyone not only that our Logistics supply chain everything is

We're more fragile now than we've ever Been we are not robust we're fragile uh We've specialized in everything which is Great creates an abundance when Everything works [Laughter] For audio listeners Connor Bradley Chimed in with the I feel like I should Give him a super chat for this uh Billy Myers Ray Gun is the only thing that can Defend against the jelly the jellyfish But a Peter lost it You win the show Um Never come here again I don't like it When people are funnier than me Which is most of the chat every I mean Yeah but it's it's what I like hanging Out with dolly yeah that makes sense Can I Lee do you mind if I if I put up Another clip Why are you asking me like I hey I can Stop here Yeah he is he's gotta ask permission He's a Powerball so Logan Paul he's like I wanna I wanna go to this guy's house I said hey I got the guys got the Information Logan's like this is all Behind the scenes so Logan Paul Takes uh I put him in touch with this Guy and this guy lives in the middle of Nowhere I mean it was like Logan Paul Takes a Mercedes with a bunch of guys

And a hundred thousand dollars in cash a Big brick And he goes out to this guy's house in The middle of the desert and Logan calls Me in the middle of nowhere and he's Like are you sure your contact's legit Dude my phone doesn't work I'm in the Middle of nowhere I got 100K cash in my Pocket and I can't find this guy I said No I'm sure he's good you know and uh So Logan goes in there and meets Chuck Clark and Chuck Clark's like yeah I got The tape right here And so he says I'll give you 100 grand For it and the guy says no way You said this in the chat I think it was I think it was you Lee in our private Chat Logan Paul what is 100 Grand Worth to Logan Paul how much is that how much is It like 10 quid That's a Pokemon card yeah it's not even The it's not even his most expensive Pokemon card it's not it's definitely Not one of his fake ones Um what I did think was that when if you If you play that back just where he said Uh I've got to go to this guy's house Just listening to just play that again Just the beginning according to where he Says I've got to go to this guy's house She's not just play again okay just just The first like 10 seconds So Logan Paul he's like I wanna I wanna

Go to this guy's house I said I got the guys got the Information Logan See the way he says I'm gonna go to this Guy's house if you just stick brother at The end of that I I feel that maybe James Fox got mixed up with Hulk Hogan And Logan Paul because his Logan Paul Impression very much Um But yeah that's the thing I just I'll Give you 100 grand for it I'll give you I've got 100 Grand here I no okay I'll Give you a million That's it He lives in a trailer in the desert he Doesn't care about money I know come the [ __ ] on A million dollars if somebody offers you A million dollars for something he lives In a trailer in the desert but what a Thousand dollars is a million dollars Hmm It is what it is man This is what it is There are some people like that they Don't they don't care about money you're Not gonna You know he should have brought a goat Or a really good looking sheep And I tell you what will be a good Listen uh I I don't know what his Schedule is but the the James Fox Podcast was out on Friday was it it was

Like the last Rogan of the week wasn't It yeah Um the next Logan Paul podcast Probably oh yeah listen I don't think I'd want to sit through the whole thing I'll just listen I quite like this I quite like Logan Paul Really what about him just dreamy eyes Or Ripley muscles he's got a hell of a Jawline I gotta give him that yeah the Uh I also think you feel safe like when He put his arms around you Yeah he seems like a snuggler he seems Like yeah I think so yeah he's a hell of An athlete hell he's an athlete yeah Yeah oh I I think he's gonna speak about It you think he should mention it yeah [Laughter] You think he's not gonna talk about The Joe Rogan Experience Santa mentioning His show yes yes The fourth or fifth Most famous person in the world Is mentioned by maybe top two famous People in the world when he's speaking To a documentary filmmaker about UFOs Saying that this guy might have foot Might have seen footage of the most real Footage of like an alien abduction Everybody but if he didn't want any Pressure he wouldn't have gone there

With a hundred grand to try and buy the Table though because he's oh because He's been accused of have like because He's not been accused of because uh fox Said that he had a uh button cam on There yeah No but if he really doesn't want to Get any pressure on the back of this Like Dave was saying to us early are you Saying that Logan Paul At the minute Logan Paul is at this Point when it comes to UFOs is going to Become bashful No no I I I can't [ __ ] it I'm talking Look can we acknowledge the fact that as Much as we all enjoy doing doing this Show and we all enjoy coming on and talk About talking about UFOs it is not a Serious subject You know there are much more serious Things that happen in this world than Spaceman yeah and Logan Paul did that I Mean he he went to what the suicide Force in Japan if he's willing to air That yes What the hell is he flinching for at This point he's been outed he's got it He's got to talk about it it's got like What do you what do you you showed Someday what if he plays it come on I Hope he does I hope he does and then I'll watch so it's someone else plays That [ __ ] I Himself

Yeah he has to if he has it like he's Been outed that he has it everyone's Going to be due to you have to do this And if he does it that will be the Biggest podcast in the history of the World Well let's let's put it this way right The um your Logan Paul You've filmed this Um this thing You decide to play it what's the worst That can happen to you somebody's gonna See you you're going to get sued for Damages which means realistically you're Gonna have to pay this guy what he Probably should have had in the first Place because it was his footage you Made a good point does he even have a Right to sue because it's the other Guy's footage yeah You know they haven't come forward which Is very weird the thing is he's not the This uh this Clark guy was giving it to By these two guys that's that's for me So he's he's second yeah it's Where these two guys I'm probably dead Did you just put up the picture of the Thing with the red eyes do you think That's gonna let someone go That makes you think it's forgiving and Merciful no no no no no they paid a Price yeah I'm gonna [ __ ] you so because What happened to my body in Brazil yeah

I think he's got a hate on hmm Yeah I See I can't help and again like I like The Rogan stuff I like to think that There isn't some sort of overarching Thing here but it does seem to be that A lot of this UFO stuff Has to comes through the JRE before Other stuff drops out The Joe Rogan Experience appears to be The Mac the hype machine For this It's definitely a Clearinghouse of sorts Hmm yeah I mean I mean he has the Biggest he has the biggest reach like Obviously this guy's already had his Move yeah he's had that that's how he Got the attention Um I still believe right so sorry and Just I still believe that the uh if There is some sort of disclosure event Or something that leads to Um Like to the end of this movie the movie We're in because I'm not sure if Anything comes out it's actually going To be like factually correct I think There's there's but there is we seem to Be being primed for something I think It's going to come through Joe Rogan who Else is going to do it James Fox Says himself on um uh Michael Hong could do it Um The Who uh who's who would give like

Disclosure you know as he said he said Is it going to be going to be through The United Nations well [ __ ] most People don't trust the United Nations Well lots of people don't trust you know United Nations uh most people hate their [ __ ] politicians so that's not gonna Work if especially if it was in the US If [ __ ] Biden does it uh every [ __ ] trumpet is gonna think that it's That Biden's [ __ ] yeah but Biden and His pedo aliens is going to be the thing Uh if Trump if Trump Yeah if Trump um if Trump brings it out It's going to be like oh yeah aliens and Maggot and no we we can't trust it we Can't trust the magger aliens Um But if it was to if it was to come Through A show like Joe Rogan Experience I could Kind of see it But then how many people would just turn Around and say this is a bunch of [ __ ] Because are on that side Because you've got to go for the biggest Audience you can find more people watch Joe Rogan than watch Fox News more People watch Joe Rogan watch CNN more But more importantly the people that Watch Rogue and Trust Rogan Many do yeah yeah We live in we live in very strange times Well it's we are in a

We're in a crossover period period of Media and Everyone seems to think that that's a Good thing I I don't know if it's a good Thing or not you know the because you Might just end up with I mean [ __ ] it heaven forbid if people Like us become the news It's definitely starting to cult then Yeah Oh yeah but is that a good thing are They No exactly I don't know many hours from here but This is like as I I take it both of you Guys seen the Um seen the film Um idiocracy yes You know many times that is the I think most probable dystopian future That we can look forward to dude we're Already starting to live in that yeah You want to hear something hilarious It's a it's a kind of an idiocracy fact I just heard it the other day I couldn't Believe it and it's true So they were doing that film was really Done on a pretty tight budget And they wanted to put shoes on everyone That looks like stupid people's shoes But the the again that's why their Clothes all kind of look the way like They just didn't have a budget yet and Um

So they the production designer whatever Uh found this company that was just a Startup at that time making these shoes They hadn't even started selling them Yet and they bought a whole bunch of Them in like orange because they're like This is ridiculous and uh my judge is Like what if this shoe really catches on And becomes like a big deal and she's The ladies dude it's like oh no this is This is stupid like this isn't going Anywhere those shoes were Crocs If you watch the movie everybody's Wearing Crocs that's incredible Dave do You own a pair of Crocs oh I own several Oh my kids have my white as a few yeah My kids have Crocs yeah dude I live in The south man you yeah Crocs are great But they're uncomfortable What maybe where you live where it's Winter all the time no I bought them in [ __ ] Florida Oh you got crap like so there's knockoff Crocs the real I put real Crocs I bought Them in Disneyland I played like five Times the price for them Oh you might have bought Disney Crux Then uh no I I like mine I got memory Foam Crocs Yeah I'm not fine not fat What size are your feet 12. I don't know Mine are too big for you it's like you Try mine when you come out Having your feet

13. get [ __ ] I've never I've never spoke to anyone With bigger feet than me Oh hi welcome welcome to alien addict People we start off we start off with Aliens You're a us-12 What sorry Us-13 yeah yeah it's true I think I Think I've got bigger feet than you oh That may be true we'll soon find out See we are the news now On what really matters Um Well then good maybe you can try and Squeeze into a pair U.S men's Men Wait men's shoes no I don't wear men's Ollie tell us about your dream Oh my God no I I I I think if it's if I Think if I spoke about a dream I think We'd just get demonetized for me Speaking about the dream it's at the end Of the show no we don't know okay yeah Nobody's even watched it anymore I I'm saying sized okay then you try when You come out you'll love them Definitely We'll do two docking it'll be fun in two Months mainly going to the states to Stay with Dave we will be doing a live Show where we we will be measuring Lee And Dave's feet to see who has the

Biggest foot no that's for only fans Content you gotta pay to see our feet That's how that's gonna be I'm only a size 10. I feel like the little guy here Well Foreign Us Yeah that's the best property average Dave come on yeah I got a buddy who Wears the average at least I have a Friend who wears an eight in men's How tall are you Quite tall not as tall as you how tall Above is the same size I haven't I've Never measured myself I've never I've Never been measured you don't know how Tall you are yeah you're like you're Like a fat guy saying oh no I don't know How much I weigh you know how much you Weigh yeah I'm taller than quite a few people but I Would say about average height quite a Few church people do you mean quite a Few people in your house like like a Seven year old seven-year-old my wife There's some like she's my wife is like Smurf So is mine it's my major I think Dave saw me you six three yeah Yeah I'm six two It's a really [ __ ] depressing Dream I Dreamed we got [ __ ] nuked

Yeah it's got nothing to do with Dave Talking to you three miles from my house Yeah He honestly was absolutely I had such a [ __ ] three miles from your house Three Mile Island I was with my dad in town in this dream And like I think no I never go shopping with my Dad You know that's just not a thing he Would do this is a weird dream right There with my dad in the local town and Then all of a sudden people are just Like panicking And like I said what's going on it's Like apparently a nuclear bomb it's been Dropped and I'm like running home Because I don't have my car with me for Some reason so I'm running home and as I'm running home I there's this the weird like Noise in the air of I can't explain you Were like a staticky sound in the air And The this [ __ ] weird mist Um looking for this mess I'm coming over This hill there is this it's like the Sun is blinding me it's like Where it's gone off because you can see Miles and miles away which in reality The hill that that I was in that dream You can't see [ __ ] anyway because There's houses and stuff but for some

Reason there is a nuclear explosion like Well I'm just looking to the sky and Literally it was [ __ ] lit up a weird Glow which is probably a little bit like My lights Well honestly I woke up and I was Probably one of the [ __ ] worst dreams I've ever had because it was just so [ __ ] real Subtle programming I've been doing Don't worry when you come out Ollie We're gonna finish this MK Ultra Experiment Absolutely terrified that's what that's What Dave's like CIA job is is that one Day you're gonna wake up in the basement You didn't realize you had no because Not with the family but making a small Glow-yield family I have been thinking about that dream All [ __ ] day all day like absolutely Scared the living [ __ ] out of me like Just thinking that I want to get all I Wanted to do is get to my my my my wife And kids that would hit and hit like wow Yeah very Um Yeah nice honestly you got blown in your Dream though On a fun note uh America sent uh part of Their nuclear detection task force to Ukraine and they've been putting uh Monitors all over Ukraine What for

That's a great question it's a valid Question excellent question Is there a theory I could I I don't oh There's several This is the point where we get Demonetized Yeah if I answer those questions no no Because I mean maybe more than that I Would we need to point out that we are Talking in support of the Ukraine Because there is literally no other Um opinion you can have on YouTube yeah So so this conversation is it is with The full hope support with the people of Ukraine no no Sure so tell me tell me to tell me the Tell me the the outcomes the the the Theories Of what of what of what they would be For What would be for Those the senses What sensors tell me why the befucking The nucleus senses in the Ukraine There's nuclear centers in the Ukraine Awesome I've heard of this cave probably What If I'm not sure I'm following what you're Saying I said are we speaking the same Language let's go back to the food size That thing is where we left off Hopefully the aliens will stop a nuclear Attack

This does Yeah can you put up the picture of that Alien again we're one hour 33 into this He looks like a hero Yeah he's gonna come to our yeah that Guy he's he's the one pulling us I might as well uh crack open another Guinness And crack open my uh my thought I had The other day So I was thinking about Project Blue beam You know because it's a normal thing to Do and it's what everybody just thinks About on a Friday afternoon better Smurfette yeah and um I was thinking that we we constantly Talk about project bluebeam like it's It's always like the fake Alien Invasion Yeah But They're not we're not only primed for a Favor a fake Alien Invasion are we We're primed for a fake alien Intervention too So what if there was a certain conflict That was happening in in the world That was about to go nuclear That was interfered with by said blue Beam aliens You're terrifying me right now yeah but That seems to be if if I was gonna if Bluebeam was real and if I was gonna Fake

Like the some sort of because that's the Thing like the whole blue beam thing was To usher in like a new religion type Thing wasn't it Uh So If I want to Implement this one world government with A one world religion and I was going to Use a fake Alien Invasion to do it An intervention you don't need to blow Anything up if anything the lack of Blowing things up Is the evidence What you really need is a Tactical Nuclear launch like a proper One that is intercepted mid-air by UFO Caught on camera yeah and then we start Receiving messages that only the Government is getting about how Benevolent they are yeah and what they Expect from us and that they what they Want these good things and they're going To help us if we start doing these Things we just we just want you to be Part of the galactic Brothers all they Want us to do is get on our knees and Worship them that's yeah just that's it Just not asking online It's like dude glad guys look last Year's all took one they we're just Asking you stick two two and open your Mouth I am not touching it

Well that's because he didn't touch the Right spot But it just seemed I don't know it's that genuinely I I Actually think that's plausible it's That deplausible scenario for where we Are because I still I I know that the The Congress thing was a bit of a Nothing Burger Um but this is the thing I'm not I've Always said this I'm not I'm not really A Um I'm not really a UFO guy I am a rabbit Conspiracy theorist however That's why the as far as Congress goes Dude everything involved in that will Always be nothing Burgers because you Got people like sawwell who's on there And he was banging Fang Fang an actual Chinese spy who's banging anyone they Told her to he's legitimately doing that And then you had Feinstein who had a Chinese spy's a personal assistant like Yeah you don't you don't trust these People with anything dude they're They're animals they're animals they're They're trying to win these popularity Contests by lying their asses off to Anyone and everyone and unfortunately There's enough low IQ people who are Like oh he's telling the truth yeah You're gonna give him this time my vote Matters yes yeah nothing you do matters

You know Well this was this is this is the thing Wasn't it I I and I haven't looked into This yet and I really want to because I Kind of don't want it to be real Um you might might have heard more about This Dave was the um Like Kennedy uh running right uh going Forward has he he's got to be nominated Is that how the system works in the US Yeah nomination so he has to run as a Democratic candidate and he has to Primary Um Biden uh which would be unusual for Him to get the vote yeah Um because typically the incumbent gets It like yeah yeah he'd have to like Unseat a sitting president And there's going to be no no Uh debates like there's none that's Already a known thing Um there's gonna be no debates at all so So will there be no debates like Presidential debates even in like the I mean I I don't see how they could get Away with not doing it but I could Definitely see them just not doing it Like what do you mean you mean all the Dude they can't put them up there again Yeah he didn't do good last time he did He's gonna do terrible now There's a guy out there that does deep Fake or deep voice fakes Of Barack Obama

Um Donald Trump in the back seat Uh Bush and Bill Clinton but they're but They're in a group chat playing Call of Duty It's the funniest thing you've ever [ __ ] seen it's so good whoever's Doing it is just a straight up genius It's brilliant I've I've heard the ones Where they're in a car ride together It's hilarious yeah fighting shit's on The back seat and sliding around in it Still always out of it uh yeah I mean he We're just we're kind of globally we're In a bad place I think we're in a bad Place everywhere Um And they keep having up these aunties They keep having to raise this bar they Keep having to instill this fear so it Would be interesting you could easily Bring in an outside like the moment the Moment mainstream media goes UFOs are Here you know our government's only like This is all fake this is all [ __ ] Yeah yeah it's like 100 that's what I Did yeah I was much more into the uh Into the UFO thing I mean like I've said Before that time I became friends Because I really disagree with both of You right there well yeah We will say it's all fake We are a minority we are oh yeah yeah It's the same yeah small [ __ ] change Well here's the thing though if that Hits mainstream media yeah everyone will

Be on board Every [ __ ] will be on I think The independent creators will will Switch quickly when they realize Um if you see disclosure yeah Disclosure is the worst thing that can Happen for third phase of moon for Goof On for Um UFO Jesus for any of them anyone for Maybe not us because we kind of flirt With other things Um If if you float with the devil but They're finished Yeah the day of disclosure all those Channels are finished because they don't Matter anymore You basically All that would happen on the day of Disclosure though is other YouTube Channels with twitch the big YouTube Channels would switch to whatever has Happened And that's not what Their audience is There for so but like it's like third Phase and this is that's all they'll Care about that's all the [ __ ] world Will care about no but this isn't this Isn't me picking on third phase this is It's not it's not why I'm bringing them Up and bring them up because they've got A big audience Uh their deal Is putting videos up that people think

Might be UFOs The only reason it's important is Because we don't know if they're real or Not so if all of a sudden we know UFOs UFOs are real They're out of a job It's it's pointing properly if your Things have the job Mr Squatch there was a thing fingers Heart I should do it for me man yeah I know What you're saying I know he's saying Like yeah the the it's over Ufology is over at that point because It's because it stops or like the Because essentially ufolio of ufology is A study of pseudoscience essentially Because it's not real you know it's just It's just opinions about stuff that Might be there there don't get me wrong There are people like alien scientists Out there that are genuine scientists That are looking into UFOs do you know What they call themselves [ __ ] Scientists not UFOs exactly You know what I think would happen if The government announced that Um all these channels because I don't Think we'll ever see them we're not Going to have anything so all these Channels who base this right like Whatever they're all going to start Talking to their insiders Insider Information on what they look like and

What they want the government's not Telling us like that's the tact it'll be Like us poor fools in the wilderness Like you're idiots you're idiots this Isn't real it's nothing it's fake They're pulling the wool over your eyes Man Three years Look what you couldn't couldn't say on YouTube yeah or other platform dude look How many people marched in step with That yeah so imagine this happens yeah And what we're not allowed to say So we might be the ones that are going There's something a bit wrong with this And oh Next thing you know is this show is in [ __ ] like it's [ __ ] Deep Web you Know you've you're [ __ ] you're you're Listening to knows through a [ __ ] Onion Browser at that point Should use them on your phones anyway I use VPN Yeah Feet It's not enough But uh yeah it I I just wouldn't like I could see that I could see a lot of things coming out Of that man Um but I've Spent a lot of time being that kind of Crazy paranoid person you know when Paranoia was a professional benefit

Um And the think outlandish things is a is A professional benefit Um do you believe that We're gonna get that that's that's a Good possibility of it happening Dave What you mean yeah absolutely no no That we're gonna get that like If something does happen that we're Going to get that false flag alien alien Savior or whatever this movie has to go Somewhere it has to go somewhere There are resources this is it's not an Accident it's not organic there are Resources and it it feels like this is Planned yeah that's what I was going to Say is like so ask yourself this Question Ollie sit back take a breath And think is that plausible Yeah Yeah it is Even if there is no no doubt anymore Yeah even if there is no alien or Whatever or trans-dimensional whatever Uh It's just it's a hell of a play Um And there's also a It's like putting clothes in classrooms We know that Um we can affect Uh physical matter by observing it we've Proven that that is that that is a [ __ ] thing

Um so we can we we can we can affect Essentially affect the physical reality Around us by thought Um I've I even even before I was kind of Doing stuff like this I've always had This thing with sport Where Um in general Even even when things should kind of be A whitewash stuff happens in sport You know it has something happens in Sport to make it interesting and there's Also been those things I I always Noticed it more maybe because like I [ __ ] hate football this probably Comes as a great surprise to anyone from America or someone else that just thinks That if you happen to live within the British house you must like football bro Yeah I'm not kidding both my boys play Football they love it and I'm not I'm Not sorry football right boring But the um I always used to go to the Pub with my friends on Saturday Afternoon and watch football or [ __ ] Day Mr Tucker Oh I wish you a Carson uh thank you Maybe it is yeah Hit him Ollie you can hit him with your New thing no no we need to call him uh No no no we've got a new thing hit him Thank you Do some nice for us we're gonna start

Giving you that thank you Tucker what a Ledge mate yeah yeah what a ledge that's Right it really does support the channel How do you feel about Smurfs Tucker You know what There's I'm gonna make a Smurf [ __ ] Tic Tac all right just She's Gotta she's Gotta have like a you know Smaller chest big booty kind of a [ __ ] Look on her face you've also promised me One of those Tic Tacs For a while now I'm gonna promise you on the T-shirt no You want a Lee one bring you bring the Tic Tacs back up Oh you bring the Tic Tacs back up That one and the end with the [ __ ] Shades in the beard you should not fight You told me was based on Rich northward Tape yeah but uh he Ali told me that's Based on Rich northward all of a sudden Lisa [ __ ] [ __ ] I thought you were The clown I miss Rich Norful I liked him Look I'm this is not hate towards Rich Northward northward this is a like we've Heard a merger Lee this is your channel Too Ridge Northwood gets a [ __ ] Tic Tac and I don't well it was just just a Beard you [ __ ] you told me that was Based on Rich northward those words come Out of your mouth you lying [ __ ] And am I the lips I think this is I was I that's an inspiration You are the lips Dave

[Laughter] I got good lips you have good good lips Thank you so much Paul Tucker Legend you Mean Carlson Tucker Carlson they be Tadpole holding lips Um [Laughter] Got me through High School Um Where were we it's before False flag alien invasions Interrupted us with this generosity Um Dave's getting naked I absolutely don't Know right now this is the other new Thing we've got for you if you've become A channel member Um One day I'll forget to turn his [ __ ] Cam off There's two little naked dance I had something good to say as well About Logan Paul no it was about fake Alien invasions Oh sorry yeah so this was to my sport Wasn't I so the uh When I used to watch football with my Friends and I [ __ ] hate doing I was Like literally we used to watch every [ __ ] every football game on Saturday And I didn't mind because at least I was Getting drunk but I was kind of same as Me but I do and I knew if I could just Hold myself through the football then

We'd move pubs then I could play pool I Like playing pool And um the uh the thing was so when it Was bored in there I feel And I know nothing about football so it Wasn't like I was reading the play You could tell when something was going To happen and when something wasn't Gonna happen and it makes always makes Me wonder whether when people watching Football just crazy stuff happened like Like what happened in the um last race Of the uh Formula One in 2021 crazy end Is it because so many people are Watching and so many people's intents For different things are being forced Into reality that make these crazy Things happen Oh hit the [ __ ] button Ali thank you UFO thank you UFO man how do you feel About smurface I feel like me more the different ones Yeah well I mean it's a pilot these guys Are just these guys have got in early Doors thank you very much beautiful Yeah maybe you know UFO man you're awesome Yeah that is a good name well UFO man The UFO it's a little sexist well sexist Gotta say yeah he's a little sexist mate Come on People's gonna let Lee's comment about White Washington we should check we Should change the uh we should change

The channel into like UFO themselves No let's not do that God let's not do that Oh no Yes The uh David you've got an alien on your cup Jesus [ __ ] UFO man I hope you're okay Thank you thank you I hope you're all right mate yeah I Guess he's obviously alive that's a [ __ ] win there buddy are you out of Hospital now Take it easy thinking about Smurf that's Dangerous for everybody Yeah man I And that was on the verge of a heart Attack and it's the most it wasn't a Heart attack I can't imagine what a heart attack must [ __ ] feel like From what I had like and that was just Like Crumbs compared to it that's what like Yeah there was they were the the unit That I got put in loads of people that Had heart attacks and They they all got out and they were all Fine like in the dots of a [ __ ] ace But they said it was the most [ __ ] Scariest thing they've ever had so my First go out to you brother Um off subject but on Hearts uh I was Once taken to hospital

When I was 20 with a suspected heart Attack And uh it was because I tried I was Trying to stop smoking so I had the uh I Was on nicotine patches And apparently there was something in That nicotine patch that did not agree With Lee and it just [ __ ] me right Over and I remember it was oh it was Probably about 98 99 something like that Um I remember the reason I remember it Was that that time was because it was Slap bang in the middle of Schumacher's Dominance of Formula One And uh the I hated Michael Schumacher And I remember clapsing In in my dad's house and my dad ringing The hospital up to say look is it Quicker for me to drive him there or is It quicker to send an ambulance And all I could think of was because Schumacher was crossing the finish line And like punching the air winning a race And I didn't think about my mum I didn't Think about my friends I thought I can't Believe I'm gonna die and the last thing I see is Michael Schumacher winning a Formula One race Wow that was So yeah that's where my priorities were It is Like that like the dream that I told you About earlier like

And and new you know when you know it's A dream and you do know it's a dream but For some reason you you just you think Well I'm gonna live this out That was [ __ ] terrifying To the point where I thought All day about people dying Let's face it it's because of what's Going on in the world right now and Like For some reason I don't I I have I've told you guys this and I think I've Mentioned on the on the show I've always Always consider myself like a Non-believer in any sort of [ __ ] god Or anything like that I thought I was Full-blown atheist and like that's Mostly science most sensible people that Think they're an atheist should be Agnostic There's no because you know I I I think There's something so [ __ ] nihilist About being a an atheist yeah I do now Yeah oh yeah I'm not saying just towards You I'm just saying like even people Listen to this Because the the Heather bird is an Atheist and she's a good friend of the Channel Why why would you why right I understand I understand you not believing in it but There is something so feminine about Being an atheist it's like you but you

Not only do not believe it's on religion Yeah non-religion yeah not only do you Not believe in it you don't want it to Be real you want nothingness you want to Die and rot and be eaten up my worms no That wasn't the case for me yeah it's Not what I wanted no no that's what no That that's what I'm saying but that's What I'm saying most people should say Most people should be agnostic like I Kind of don't believe in God but I kind Of want it to be real because Realistically that's what any sane Person would like I think if you talk to a lot of people When you find and I think a lot of General people have Gnostic beliefs like They believe in God they don't think you Know any more about it than they do and There's really nothing they can know or No and so they're just kind of moving Forward with it we're most atheist like True blue atheists are out there Converting I mean they're out there They're out there on the street corners Trying to turn Souls like that's what They're there for I mean I think for every person that Moans about getting a a knock on the Door from the uh [ __ ] name door-to-door religious Service like you know of your choice Um I still see

Uh I still I I still see more Venom coming from the Non-believer side towards the Believers Jeremy like the the when you get people When you get the people that are so Called trying to convert people to Religion I I kind of at least think there's some Good there you know it's the the idea of One of wanting to spread their beliefs Some the the fear that I've met along Along the way that They'll know Yeah but oh yeah well yeah but the um It's the The thing I don't like about atheism is It They're trying to rip your beliefs away From you Yeah And that's it who wants to walk up to a Kid and like Say oh you just lost your tooth are you Gonna go to Tooth Fairy [ __ ] no no You're not because the Tooth Fairy died In your dreams Here's the thing though like when it Comes to to beliefs of God and believes Of just science and everything it just Happened it's just It's just by chance that we're here you Know you live you die You get recycled into the Earth as

[ __ ] whatever compost Foreign This is what it is And you'll go here if you're good blah Blah blah blah I think there is as much Ridiculous As your [ __ ] hardcore atheist that Says there's nothing else other than Science Because this this there is no proof Either way other than what we've done Over the last [ __ ] 100 not years when we try to I would say We've tried to disprove God But We we've done scientists have gone on a Journey where they're trying to discover What there is then there's some looking For the good particle and all that jazz But nobody's found it there is no Evidence either way so you know that I I Don't think if you've got no evidence Here you've got no evidence here and you Need to meet up in the middle Um In the middle have a sensible discussion About it I still find it [ __ ] wild That um you have But We have two important days In our lives The day we're born because we become Real Or say we're conceived I'm one of them

Um And then the day we die because we end Like whatever's goes on in this first Bit in the middle no no I'm just saying Whatever goes on in the fleshy bit the Fleshy bit's over so those within goes Away yeah within what we experience Right now we have two really important Days and then some other stuff happens In between them Uh I find it insane The lack of public research That goes into the end life after death That should be better than a few Netflix Shows but that should be if you you want To talk about problems that reunite that Unite the world yeah like a problem [ __ ] death There's a problem Like what what [ __ ] happens after That bit And I've no doubt that there is Extensive research that goes into it That we don't find out about So when you guys come out Um I want to get it he's going to kill You We can test this you guys ever heard of Waterboarding Um That sounds fun Should I bring shorts Bring whatever you want I'll bring Lube Yeah that won't be necessary blood is

Lubed Um Just make sure you say thank you sir man I have another one There's no safety word [Laughter] Don't be a [ __ ] man up Go for the ride uh there's no backing Out uh yes I got some places first to Check out like the the big place I'd Like us to go to we may or may not get I Don't know uh they've been filming a lot Of stuff there so We'll see Um but I have other things that are Guaranteed that will be just as fun Um And then we'll still have the Opportunity to look out over the Mountain in the sky but so you know as Far as the life and death the one place We go to is here in town um It's where they used to keep all the Bodies it was the old Funeral Home slash Mortuary that then got converted to a Uh business front When they move the mortuary funeral home From downtown I'm gonna [ __ ] myself huh oh probably Yeah yeah but that's just that's from The rectal stuff man and it's gonna Happen all right let's call it a purge Or a cleanse whatever you have to Justify I'm stretching stretching

Oh I like it that's that's preferredly No no no no no I'm not willing to joke I'm not willing to joke about [ __ ] Myself on holiday I'm gonna share I'm Gonna I'm gonna overshare [Laughter] I went through a phase of four holidays Four holidays I [ __ ] myself and I Remember going boarding the plane on the Fifth Fifth holiday thinking if I do This one more time and don't break the Cycle I'm gonna be oh do you know Lee What Lee that shits himself when he goes On holiday That'll probably open here thankfully I Broke the cycle the curse is over so now We're getting restarted it's not a trend It was a phase That is something my dad used to discuss With me all the time because me and my Daddy have life after death discussions And all that jazz because my I think my Dad like my dad don't believe in Anything I eat but that is a question he Used to say to me When he was walking the dog He used to say what are we before we Were born He always used to like like [ __ ] with my brain when it came to to I Don't know what I was before I was born But I know I still had a big dick I mean all you and your dad are Interesting and unique Dad they honestly

Had a weird relationship very Dynamic There's a lot of ins and outs here But like Mommy Oliver Well Ollie wasn't enough I think We should do it do a [ __ ] show On [ __ ] Um atheists versus Believers because I'm Neither But that's a terrible idea A lot of people have tried it it just Doesn't play that we can fix it yeah no We'll sort it here yeah what we should Do is we should get people from like of Different colors and ethnicities and Religions we should bring all them Together we can fix that too yeah Imagine that you're matching like a full Like like fill it up with different Religions so they all just [ __ ] Arguing like who's God's best yeah yeah That's how most wars were started Send me a little YouTube One [Laughter] Yeah you know you know who else had it I Said Common Ground you know you know I Think someone else had an idea uh maybe Maybe I mean it was a little different They wanted to approach it from an Artistic point of view it was in France Uh they made a couple cartoons I don't Know if you guys heard about it didn't Go well uh it's best just to like There's what is it the bar etiquette

Certain things you don't talk about Politics religion Isn't it strange though because we at The end of the day We are all exactly the [ __ ] same We all believe Our [ __ ] brains Believe in different things we think Different things do they Well I I can't imagine animals being Like us And other animals I mean there yeah no We see this is the thing I think we're Like we're special and it's like you can Even drag this back into the UFO realm With the Fermi Paradox I mean we're Constantly told by science that we're Like life should be abundant and the Universe should be teeming with [ __ ] Aliens and things zipping about and Stuff like that We are yet to [ __ ] find any of it Which means one of two things either We're Alone Yeah or there it's all out there and They just don't want to talk to us yeah Even just the even just the idea that um Space itself Doesn't Harbor alien life Yeah yeah there's not life existing so So we're led to believe we don't know Yeah I I always [ __ ] space whales Something like that you know the maybe

Maybe I'm completely wrong maybe the What I I should be thinking is is are Like planets and star systems and things Like that are are they all life you know Is is the planet itself the space whale I agree with Mr Reckless Ryan Absolutely Yeah space whale space jellyfish but This is the thing on what I find funny Is is that you you can't find a Sculpture That hasn't resulted to religion Correct So yeah this is built to believe yeah Yeah And I I don't I mean maybe Or maybe We're not necessarily built to or Conditioned we're conditioned over time Because Something's Happened but Yeah when people when people discover Different countries they never came Across uh somebody who didn't worship Something yeah we did there was no way There was no there was no atheist tribe Out there you know there was there were No tribe that just goes oh we just get Along with things yeah Yeah and uh it looks like the myth of Socialism it just doesn't work which Means who do you worship Who do you look up to yeah what you mean You should be that

Hey Mom Yeah you do guess look up you mean like To a tree it's taller than I am you just Reminded me did you ever see the the bit About uh For it was it when Eddie Izard was Hilarious as the uh I like how you Phrase them Yeah he was uh he was when America was Discovered and they landed on the beach And they said no no this is our country He said did you have a flag we have a Flag stamps in the ground oh well no Flag no country I [ __ ] love Daddy inside Batman So I think what's I think what's partly The most important thing is Ollie Wonder Lee and I get in Tic Tacs Well Dave you cut your head over about to Make you one I gotta keep changing it up man you know You know otherwise the feds You know those drawings get a little More accurate each time Well if people support the channel more Share it out to social media that's the Main thing to do maybe we can have a [ __ ] Tic-Tac [ __ ] bubble head Foreign [Laughter] And to be fair The audience has stayed so they get it They love it that the Sunday should have

Hyped them on who wants to come on and Talk to us we should do a live coach Right now [ __ ] We got Same-sex porn Was it like something good or it was Interesting Exponentially if you want to be specific That matters you know what that is That's Equity okay Diversity we can get behind that or they Definitely got behind that Whoever Senate was definitely behind Okay Layfield if you're up for it next Sunday No we can do it right now somebody would Want to talk right I think maybe right next Sunday if Anyone out there wants to do a call in But we need to do a deal we need to be We need to be civil about this no Nakedness I want Um Microphone I want you to specify in the Chat that you go into come on And C-o-m-e-o-n yeah and um I need a you to Be sat in front of your webcam because We because we can just bring it down the Bottom can't we you don't have to wear Pants that's fine it doesn't even have To come into the chat I'm not wearing Pants just with like we'll we'll have That you need something written that we

Can see on the camera with like high Alien addict And then we'll know you're a [ __ ] Real person sat behind a camera Or and then if you then if you do if you Do shoot if you do choose to pawn pawn Bomb the [ __ ] show at least you've Outed your face before we do it Yeah we like to keep those pictures Personally but that seems that seems Like a good way of doing it doesn't it You know if you legitimately want to Come on the show just to chat just to Chat to us we will we can vet it that Way you guys got to have more faith in Our audience if our audience is there at This point no we have 12 minutes For that one we did we did have faith we Did have faith was it two hours and 13 Minutes no no but it didn't go well like The faith it sounded like it went pretty Well actually Faith was misplaced I've realized why it went wrong I've Realized I put the link On only fans no I put the link on Twitter and I put hashtag UFO Twitter oh That's a terrible idea yeah did you Really yeah I think I did yeah I'm Telling you I'll tell you we should test It test it what do you want me on Involved in this [ __ ] show I'd have Never let that happen on my watch Of course that's something I do I'm Telling you you should throw it in the

Chat right now there's somebody there Who'd be down why not Right if if you're real Let's test it And you want to come on and have a chat For how long we're gonna go for Lee I Didn't mean now yeah now let's test it Up I have to prove that these people That listen or follow us right now 62 of Them okay make this down the drawer Quickest on the drawer into the show If it all goes wrong we can pull it down And clip it out it's fine we've still Gotta show Oh you put it on there he did it Dave he Did it look at him [Laughter] Why you just Why would you do you're taking advantage Of me because I've drunk four cans of Beer Oh never listen to me I'm gonna go for a wee but if you do Come on come on All along he's just going away to do it I was trying to think if I could do it For my phone I won't be a minute He overcome real person what no Look at that I am so drunk and I'm good it's so Sucked How are you doing I just keep your penis In your pants and we'll be fine [ __ ] Laughs

I'm gonna piss myself I went so well [Laughter] Oh please someone else come on that was Awesome he just missed me Oh [ __ ] Alice microphone didn't I hear Me urinate no no no no nobody can hear a Dick dead We're not [ __ ] superheroes Your mic's not that good You can still see your name still see Your name That was really a bad idea No it's fine How are you doing mate thank you thank You for coming on Oh is that is that is that an alien T-shirt you got on there oh it's uh yeah Oh yes mate yeah [ __ ] dressed for the Occasion and everything thank you for Sure Ollie owes you an apology because he's Staring at your chest Ollie stops Sexually harassment Mr knuckles Yeah This one I'm here unique Oh you if you turn the Um are we coming out of your screen As well Probably Common common [ __ ] accident with this [ __ ] Yeah yeah We got one at a 64.62 that's awesome

Well the thing is mate like not Everybody like some people just want to Chill out with a beer or a coffee a Whiskey or a whiskey yeah yeah well That's still good we can join more People and footy is laughing his or her Ass off one on footy How you doing Ian you're all right mate I'm doing good um a few sheets to the Wind already good for you man I'm gonna Listen to you guys at 1.5 10 speed so When you were walking talking slow I was Like you guys are pissed but no that's Not what's happening yeah we just talk Slow yeah yeah that's that's just us I Mean we talk slow because we are slow So so what what brings you to to UFO Channels then it's a great question Um a link from my friend so I used to Think about 2018. forgive me Dave but Most of this UFO stuff was um rednecks Wanting their bums fiddled with oh no We're very we're very Pro that no I'm I'm out I mean come on man like no no I'm on that side of the team But stuff is The Right Stuff banana so Flavor come out and I thought actually There's a bit more you've got to pay Attention to right and then you dig into Lazar and I get the whole thing was I Know it feels so cool we're going Through with that but um it's all good Stuff How long have you been into it for

A little bit five years was that 2018 Yeah 2017. There's something yeah And nobody believes me none of my Friends think I'm sensible they all Think about I'm Fiddler Amazing Ian it's not a thing in the UK Is it like UFOs like if you talk to the Average Joe when you're in the pub about A UFO and they do they'll literally will Look at you like you're nuts have you Guys heard of pintarch and wheels No that's worth a week Google let me uh Delve into YouTubers are various like a Rainbow room but nobody talks about it And there's about seven good videos on YouTube where was that deep dive so Suppose The silent h hold on Some people in the chat are blown away That the link is real Yeah you know CIA shows It's like that easy we'll we'll if Somebody else comes in we'll wait a Little bit just to make sure there's not A repeat like there were before we've Got a new one but just check it Lee Before we bring it in like Oh yeah yeah so uh I can give it a Spelling if you want but it's not it's Not like a Rick Roll or something worse To you guys Do me a favor Dan Mill oh yes Dan Mill Stan Mill

Hmm Is is Dan safe I think Dan Dan hold your Lighter up wave it wait wait show me Your reel Yep yep he's safe he's safe he's good It's good it's good bring him up Into the pitch Blackness all right And now he's gonna put the lighter on His knobs out [Laughter] Foreign UFO weirdness What got me into it oh yeah I I saw UFO many years ago man uh I come a lot of time to do the live show Thing like what we're doing now we got Disrupted by some clowns but I'll try to Explain last time Oh God yes you were mate do you remember Yes I do that's when that's when the Penis came out yeah I remember So uh yeah man uh yeah I was um I was Driving home from work on from Manchester Um this was I think about 2010 or summer ish after I could give You dates if you really need it but I'll Have to check in your workplace when I When I finished and started Etc but Yeah I've seen a a bright light Um I thought it would um A helicopter professional with like Search rescue type thing because I was On the you know the Mars on the the mc2

On the web yeah yeah And literally we just sat there for ages Flashing just just sparkling away That's a bit bright Driving away it's in you know 90 down Motorway and all of a sudden it just Absolutely hit the fastest thing I've Ever seen him alive he just vanished Down to the ground like Beyond you could See the silhouette of the hills you know In the in the background we were dark at The time sorry we lay on as well you Know Um and literally it just it just Vanished like Is lack of I don't know as fast as I Anything you can think of John Wayne not Many of them go down I always remember afterwards when I Started to get into YouTube and stuff Like I remember seeing that in Jerusalem One you know but Um Yeah I think that I may I Dan I I used To believe that one but I think that has Been proved that was so well done though Because that they did that from so many Different angles as well yeah I agree Mate yeah it just reminded me of that it Pretty much exactly identical to that Mate but it rather than going up in this Guy it it went downwards and I thought Wow even if it lacks a lot even if that Were a helicopter

Gravity won't even take it that fast I Mean there's nothing what could just Make it from sat there perfectly still For so long You know for that for that minute I'm Sorry just sat there and it just went it Was gone it was like this instant And and that was that was years ago and Then obviously Equipment job got myself employed got a Shop and a lot I'm sad again start Watching YouTube and you know as you go Yeah I've seen other things as well since Then but that's that's the one what Really hits me it's like I've never seen Anything like my life just like I've Seen so much it's There's nothing It's unreal I mean I wish I wish I even Had it like a camera on the car at the Time but it was it were years ago I Might not mine You must you dispute near kind of leads Area then because like yeah I live in There I know I know yeah no we've had it We've had a discussion yeah like do you Do you remember quite a few years back When It was there was like something went out On the local news but there was like a Weird red blow all over the Leeds area And nobody knew where it was yes I do Bro and that was about I think that was

About was it about seven years ago Because I was working in Leeds at the Time And I'm like there was and I remember Coming out of a shopping center Yeah and just walking outside to my car And then the car all the sky was [ __ ] Little red this was in the evening And it was like it wasn't You know when you see red clouds and They're just like loads of times we see That over here where you just look out On a night and you'll see like a red Sunset that's going down that really but This was like I can't explain it it was A foggy it was a foggy like kind of day And then everything was read over leads Yeah [ __ ] bright red it felt like That Armageddon would come and run it it Was weird and like it was that the Um there was like a Sahara dust storm Thing no it wasn't it I know which one You I was in London when that happened I remember that that was weird as well This was totally different it was it was It was like a there was a weird Haze Like almost like a fog But You when you looked out to the distance You would see just red at one side it Wasn't so if you looked at the other Side Where this where the sun was There was literally like

A bit a bright Sun but this was from the Other side and it was just red like like A some sort of like it was reflecting Off something and it was just all over Leeds and loads of people spoke off the Dough Molly Okay yeah No but it was it was odd as hell really Awesome yeah I still think the the Weirdest Um like UFO thing Oh Would it be me I don't know Um Would have been the the airport one at Christmas time what 2000 would have been like 2017 as well Wouldn't it it's around 2016 2017 when Um the was it Gatwick that was shut down Because if they said they said it was Drones they said there was like there Was a drone that was that was fine but Like so it was a Gatwick I think it was Gatwick yeah so like one Of the biggest airports in the world Like all fights completely grounded Because there was this this thing and There was there was a video that came Out that someone took from the uh from The thing which showed like a light In the sky that was going up and down Uh they ended up saying it was people That were never caught

That it was multiple drones being used So but even back back then you were Saying like even like drones you could Buy You're getting like 30 minutes flight Time like these [ __ ] and They're expensive as well so you would Have needed a fleet because like this Was 48 hours they couldn't shoot them Down either you know the I remember Seeing the like videos of the of people On the trailers you know with rifles Because they were going to try and shoot These things out of the sky Um I just like that I I I it it reminded me Of the O'Hare Airport incident That was interesting yeah Uh but you did that that was that was The weird thing that like that was for a Few hours there wasn't it that's the Crazy thing about the Gatwick one is You're talking like 48 hours this was Happening for Really weird I mean I don't know I don't think Because I think you'd have caught the People because you'd have had to have Right so what let's go No conspiracies There's a drone over like flying around In here like in airspace above a Um airport yeah would so could this Possibility of taking out an aircraft

Yes so for but for some unknown Godly Reason we can't shoot the [ __ ] thing Yeah I was like we do for some reason we Can't get like a trained sniper to just [ __ ] Unbelievably difficult shot by the way No no no I'm sure I'm sure but like this But you we have infinite amount of time Here you know it's because we need to Get this this problem sorted so but we Can't shoot it down anyway so that's not Happening So there's a way they take down drones Is they do signal Interruption is they Just Jam the frequencies yeah and it Either immediately comes down or returns To home right so now he's the other Thing so if we uh if we can't shoot it Down so we've that this is something we Can't do and we can't jam it for some Reason then why can't we follow it Because at some point because this one For 48 hours you're not you haven't got A drone up one drone up doing that for 48 hours So you follow the [ __ ] back to where It's going to get charged up Um so so what was happening how how Didn't we at least find out who was Doing it that whole whole thing I think Might be the most interesting British UFO case of all time which was just Quietly explained away and no one talks About anymore that's more that's more

Interesting than [ __ ] rendlesham Because rendersham is rendersham is a Tape recording and a lot of stories this Was on the news this was on the news Because the whole of the [ __ ] UK knew That our International one of our International airports was out of Commission for two days I think I think I think the renderson Case though there there is footage Allegedly yeah that they they took Pictures and photos I'm sure they did no one's saying it no One's yeah I mean tactile stuff we've Got yeah I I think it's interesting how Many people don't want to believe Anything you know what I mean like if You give them a mildly plug look at that Look at the the natural phenomenon Though whatever that thing is called the Sun flare or whatever at the top it Looks like a stock looks like some kind Of Spotlight at the top being shown Around the sky like this is a natural Phenomenon cool how does it cost that's Very interesting that light would Refract like that oh well we don't know But you said it was natural oh yeah it's Definitely natural we believe it could Be like a lot of things okay so I mean You've tested right oh no no we don't Know And everyone's like oh it's natural man You're making a big deal about nothing

They just said it was they didn't give Any kind of plausible like how any of This works oh no it's totally natural It's swamp gas it's fine everyone's like Oh it's you're crazy it's clearly swamp Gas they're right and all the NPCs just Go back to their lives What's that people are just easily LED Yeah yeah Do you want to know like obviously I'll Be careful about this I read something [ __ ] hilarious the other day And um it was a a like a H whatever what's the [ __ ] Not the NHS the um Medicaid Medicare no it's it's in the UK It's like learning like Life's like CPR and stuff like that Anyway anyway whatever this entity is With it like in the UK that I can't Think of There was a um Like a promotional tweet I saw And uh the Marshall tweet was like how To do CPR and give chest compressions to People in the event of cardiac arrest And the reason for this like thing of Like so you can come to these drop-in Centers and we'll teach you how to do it And the reason for it was they had at The bottom 98 of people will see Somebody going into cardiac arrest in Their lifetime I read that and thought Since [ __ ] when right since [ __ ]

When but the uh but you can this sort of Thing and obviously we're we've got to Be careful about what we say Um But you can quite easily that this whole Scenario will be will be uh Um will be explained Away by well [ __ ] Might heat up maybe the planet's heating Up maybe maybe you just had too much Coffee Maybe having too many cold showers that Was my favorite one my favorite one I'm Not having enough cold showers no my Favorite one was do I have cold showers You could have a heart attack But yeah I just When you talk about like crazy things People just believe or look at [ __ ] weird Since John's ambulance thank you Ben Jones thank you very much What what happened I didn't see that no That was here someone put in the Comments what what I was wanting to say St John's ambulance yeah I had had much Of Saint John's in a long time Foreign Deaths now Then yeah then in the height of the Thing yeah there is more access to death Right now for some crazy I believe it's Something to do with Coach hours Hmm

I think I just I don't want to obviously Yeah yeah yeah no yeah We don't want big ice bath getting on us I live near the airport so you're Occasionally I hear a lot of [ __ ] Noise as well land's going by literally All my head so it's like okay So if you can hear a lot of noise I Apologize No no worries I wonder what happened to Our to uh Ian I think it's ducked yeah Put at the uh YouTube the video it might It might just popped in sale though he Did an excellent job with that it's okay We'll dock some later Welcome back Oh we've got 61 hours oh I'll jump in Mr Taylor I don't know an angel split back Out I thought oh Mommy now I've put the link out for people to join If they want to join You should throw the link out again only I mean it might be too far up in the Chat now oh wrong wrong way there we go That was what I was trying to do Good man Dude I laughed so hard it was awesome Don't worry not enough people watch this Show for it to matter too I know but to be fair the small amount Of people that do what is this show are [ __ ] crazy at the end of the show at The end of the show only the really Crazy people are still here that's the

Worst time to put your name Years ago when they used to be like in The kitchen with his mate I'm getting Pissed yeah honestly I swear to God mate I have never howled so much in my life Sometimes so much [ __ ] you were coming Out with and I that's what made me Subscribe our [ __ ] absolutely Laughing my locks off yeah that's uh That's that's my best mate stew and yeah In the in the UK it's my best bet in the UK yeah yeah [ __ ] It's good luck he's a good luck no I Need to get mum often Um he's gonna he he's gone down loads of Rabbit holes though mate he won't mind Me saying this because he may catch up On this show but yeah I I had to uh I Had to have a word with him uh back in Do you remember when 2012 was it was it 20 2012 when the uh the Mayan calendar Thing yep yeah yeah Just for a split second can you imagine The position you're in when your mate Which has a YouTube channel has to go They have a YouTube channel YouTube channel listen the [ __ ] you're Getting into is way too out there man This is me talking 2012 though I didn't have a YouTube Channel and like my best mate We we did a 20 2012 drink like we had Drinks all around here and it was just Like a little bit of a fun with that fun

Turning into like [ __ ] we're gonna die and he was that man That was like he said too much to drink I'm gonna [ __ ] die I've just had kids He'll laugh about if he watches it but Yeah like he watched a lot of Conspiracies on the Mayan prophecies I Thought there was something there I Wasn't lonely did you know Um oh I think it was when Muse put black holes And Revelations out yeah because like if If you listen to music is that my last Good album Ah you know what I used to think that Apart from the fact that that um Tries to sound like [ __ ] Queen too Much yeah all these guitar wise a bad Thing Um I don't like Queen but the um He's a big one big conspiracy you're not My queen I feel like you were just Glossing over there Ollie and I look at each other in the Kitchen I don't like musicals that's the thing And I know it's odd because I'm a Musician but I don't like music gay man Yes it's a musical and I just did but That's the thing and most Queen songs Sound like it could be from musicals That's why it doesn't work for me Um

Yeah so the uh Dan a massive homophone Um that makes way more sense But um Yeah he's a massive conspiracy theorist And like Matt Bellamy like like started Prepping because of the research he was Putting into the album like apparently Got himself really yeah he got himself In a bad way about 2012. Me is one of those bands same as Nine Inch Nails like when you listen to some Of the stuff especially there's like Some of the songs on hesitation marks uh Certain bands you listen to and maybe It's me just me reading too much into it Uh you go oh you've you've heard Something haven't you you've you've got To that [ __ ] point within the Industry where someone said well Check this out Yeah I'm obviously a tour released their last Album yeah did you listen to it Um no I will have listened to parts of It but I've never I've never been like a Huge like tour guy but I'm really Interesting lyrics The other interesting one I found was Did you hear Um Oh who [ __ ] was it I think it was bringing me the horizon They they put a song out in in lockdown

Um Parasite Eve that was it that's got Some [ __ ] interest and lyrics and Especially like I mean I've I I did bit with bands that you know I Was never signed by anyone but we we Were all right Brian and I I've Got Friends which are signed in different Bands yeah yeah And it's you you don't just knock a song Out like that You know you do it It doesn't just appear and that fits Something like that fitted a situation So well it was You know weird Yeah They honestly had really interest me Listen to the last album the release Literally just before I think it was 19. yeah I will Whenever two little one Of those bands that whenever I've Um whenever whenever I hear two stuff I Go oh I really like that it's like the There's certain bands that escape you Like Deftones are another one Lee should Love the Deftones but they've just kind Of escaped me over the years whereas I I Should listen to two just because I'm a [ __ ] drummer and Danny care is [ __ ] amazing world yeah so it's it's Definitely it's definitely something Like I I should but yeah I'll listen I'll listen to that like that album Definitely done

You know you live next to an airport Yeah How often does the airport get shut down And not spoken about because I've heard That sometimes airports go down for Quite some time but it just doesn't hit It doesn't hit the media but Like one of my mates in Scotland told me Like about sometimes the airport around His place and he he's he's in the RAF Like that they can keep things quiet But even even though like passengers Will be aware of it and stuff like that That's like playing still like planes That did being delayed but in in reality Nothing's [ __ ] taken off for a long Time Um I've never really thought about it Because it always generally when I made It it seems to be busy at all the time It's always constant yeah Um Okay Yeah But yeah but I have to be fair I have Seen a few things coming over this world Which you won't expect Near an airport if you're not mean It could be a satellites but You know Oh you mean just lights going Over yeah yeah just because uh just Weird lights that's in a little bit

Strange I remember you know I think not Not a wow factor yeah I appreciate you Said satellites because like there's so Many people they'll just say yeah I've Seen like in in the sky in this [ __ ] It I think it's an alien and they don't They'll never say satellite oh yeah I'm Realistically you know the stuff is Unbelievable and there's like support Yeah it could be that could be this not Mine Because you can tell obviously when You're looking high up in the sky when It's clear just you can tell things what Really like not in the atmosphere and What things you know what traveling in The sense you know yeah You know it and I saw a little little Blimp Traveling but rather than just going in A straight line you're like blinking on And off but it would go in like it as The exact way almost Which will bizarre They just just an old thing to say Rather than going to straight line it Was like going it was blinking one way Then going zigzag and blink then but it Will obviously quite it were very high Up you could tell it with my other way Very very far up And I think Lee sorry didn't you see a Zigzagging UFO no Certainly if the film or something it

Was Oh no yeah it looks stationary from Where I was yeah It seems to be like different colors it Was like it's no that's I I've seen There was another woman took similar Pictures of it didn't it was something That I do like three of this thing Before it disappeared and um But when I It looked multi-colored it was odd yeah It was it was strange enough for me to Like because I saw it coming home at Work I was walking home from the pub and Um it was it was strange enough for me To like get home quicker and get my Camera out and luckily it was still in The sky and we've took a couple pictures Of it So uh I think it's I think I saw in the Chat Mr Squatch he said he was gonna Interview he didn't want his real name To pop up just change it you have the Opportunity to put anything you want or You could put any name on stranger I love the I love that you did that Uh just a reminder of that do you Remember the uh the white Royals Incident No what's that You remember you mean when I was when I Um filmed that UFO yeah Yeah yeah I saw that UFO

All right when I was on York Road Driving towards which is like The direction of the white rose so I Mean it's like if you obviously yeah I Was trying I was I it's a terrible Shopping center I I remember and Literally I went everywhere I was over In Um Yeah kill him back I I put that out I think literally as I'd filmed it just after as a short I Think it did and Um the It was Weird because I'm a broad daylight red Op nice right absolutely yeah I was Having a paint outside I was on a pie Like the only Pub that that place has You know our driving towards the center From Um the top and Elite and I saw that And I and I remember messing a prep Sean I even emailed your messaging years ago About when it happened here but the Thing is We had a discrepancy with a date because I think it was was it a sad day a lot Mate I can't remember he probably would Have been if we've ever been in the Shopping center yeah I think it was on Saturday but I think used as I thought This Saturday and it was like a certain Day and I saw the exact same thing over

Over that direction This Saturday the diff the Saturday Afterwards but we could have been Mistaken dates but I just it's someone What I always remember because of like Why would that that's such a bright Light like a star in the middle of a Broad daylight and life I could see it But because I won on the uh on York Road Which is like a dual garage where you Catch pull over and You know just take pictures whatever you Don't you know you you trapped in onto Your courage where you're not going so I Couldn't pull over and start recording Off that pictures but I remember seeing That there and then literally a day Later or whatever you posted it what You'd see and I'm like [ __ ] um can You sing it he's there he's been working Right white Ross and recording it So anyway yeah I mean I don't know what It was just he was just yeah a blinking Light it's still up on the channel Somewhere yeah but I'm just having a Pain I'm filming it and going what the [ __ ] is that and then uh Poll out there channel did a nine hour Debunk Uh and came up with a panda balloon bear Like he said it was an escaped like a Mile and Milo balloon uh Panda Ages though I saw it I would I would Drive in footage and it did not move I

Saw it it was sat there for ages and Obviously the occasional go behind some Trees or some buildings that it Disappeared because I couldn't see it Then when I got back on went clear I Could see it there and all of a sudden It disappeared just vanished And obviously I'm driving down a dual Carriageway from Top Ender leads back Into leads to set towardsley City Center Which is In the direction of where White Rose is If you you know if you continue possibly Center you're gonna hit you're going to Come eventually come to White Ross where You were up there you're not mine yeah I Like I I crossed that area where every Time I'm driving like home so I always Go past that that leads area yeah what's Up Mr Squatch There's no Mr Scorchers me Yeah What an absolute thing We've got the real message Twin swatches Every day The real Mr squatches only just come on Says he's like who the hell is this yeah That was the motivation All right the real Mr sludge I'm Spartacus 31 Squatch I don't know if there's two Ollie I know you can't read but there's

Clearly two hello Have you guys watched the professor Simon or I can't remember the phenomenal Phenomenon radio they're looking at Rendersham they can join bottles on Professor Simon is he's the he's the guy With yeah he's brilliant I love him so He's repeating the same show that Phenomenon and radio are doing they're Looking at rendition they've got Jordan Bottles on it not seeing much because he Can't but he's letting them ask and Figure out some of the questions And it's fascinating so We're worth a watch I think the Underlying Theory they're not saying is It's basically linked with radar so the Foo Fighters It's linked with plasma And I think we're trying to figure out What the what the sign says if you crank Up your RF frequencies or whatever your Radar frequencies and what happens to The atmosphere and there's something in That area that also goes wrong And so I think that's all linked So Professor Simons me me and Me and the professor I think it I think It lives in France doesn't he yes yeah Yeah We're in conversation in email back and Forth over the you know when the Um Are the Calvin UFO was peaking again I

Remember this yeah yeah I think we Win back and forth and he almost came on The channel but he's quite Reserved when it comes to coming on a Live show but I've asked him a few times If he would consider coming on he's in He's he he the last time we spoke he Said the the you know down the line he May come on so that I'd love to get that Guy on his investigation which took Probably eight months was brilliant they Probably did about 10 videos on it and They didn't used to work for the BBC he Was uh I think an editor for BBC but he Knew um what's the name of the the Journalist David something that that got The photo yes but he got a lot of the Background information Um one of the brilliant ideas was it was Actually a reflection of a rock on our On a lake and you know got these people Going to the various places and taking Pictures and stuff it was really Fascinating but the end answer if you Don't want if you don't want a spoiler Look Away Now is it's probably uh radar Um what do you call antenna or something To bench reader off so you can Um calibrate your own Um Read our equipment and that's why the Harrier is in the picture yeah have I It's it's that's it's definitely Interesting I I saw the um

Like The Rock in the water what a theory I don't I was like you you we uh I don't Know don't know whereabouts you are in Scotland but the Uh I'm I'm guessing are you already been Tracing my IP address tracing your Accent from Scotland yeah but like the First thing I noticed with being from The Isle of Man and like going up to the Mountains is when you get a particularly Missed heavy day I can I like people were saying oh you Wouldn't be able to see something in the Sky and it'd be that Misty and I I can Totally see a scenario like up on our Mountains where you would get that sort Of Hill fog but you would still see Things see something that was in the sky As well but you wouldn't see the Background of it Um I just find it interesting that it's If it was if it was a radar thing or if It was a rock in a pond I don't think it Would have I don't think the story would have Lasted as long as it did I mean nobody really knows about it Other than us I did I think so yeah over The years you've had you've had the um Like the the uh Oh like the artist impression that came Out of it you know the and you are I Think it's been fairly steady that

There's been reminders of that case Do you know the fun and fact Um about the picture is that was the Inspiration for the X-Files further I Want to believe poster because it was in The game I thought it was Billy Myers UFO though Yeah it's really really my picture yeah It's Billy miles but the idea that it Was on the wall behind the FBI oh yeah Yeah because it was because it was on uh Nick Pope's [ __ ] I think before like Pope hanky inherited yeah yeah and then They get taken down after The real Mr squash are you do are you do You know do you do you guys over there Did you see the Caravan case when that Came out Yes Was it was it a big deal like because The US is all over you I mean I mean it Was in the UK the US is all over UFOs Was it was it we've made a big deal of It wasn't made a big deal here I mean Not from my perspective But I kind of drift in and out of the UFO Game as far I'm just an observer from The outside I don't really care about UFOs but I enjoy the spectacle Uh so I was gonna ask you what what Bring you here I love this I mean you know so you know I found you through Steve cambian

So that's so that's that's how I came to The show And then you know I grew a great Disliking a goof on through Stevie [Laughter] So so the trick is we don't fall out With Steve Canby and otherwise we're [ __ ] no you're Not I'm gonna hate for rich man I've got To hate for for Stephen I I I like them Both just Rich fell out with me you know Yeah He's just he's just difficult at best I Mean he's He really is a sour human being I mean Really just to watch his show every Night it's like I feel sorry for the people to give me Money I mean because I just don't get it but Hey each time Yeah I wish him the best me and Everybody's got their place yeah I think We determined not everything's for not Everyone when I was reading the comments About Smurfette so I'm kind of out there on my own I guess All right you know yeah you're right I'm used to it it's fine very Comfortable with it So at Squatch one Swatch Texas what um What brought you into like See I just considered the UFOs and stuff Like it's a conspiracy field I I always

Think if you if you like UFOs you Probably think the world's run by International lizards like I do so what What brought you in You know I've seen some weird [ __ ] I Mean in my life Um I've been in the uh Solid Waste industry For 34 years so I spent a lot of my life Being able to work for the government What you work for the government Uh no I work for private companies Um But um just seeing a lot of weird stuff In the sky over the course of My Life Um yeah I've seen I've seen probably More sunrises than most human beings do Just because of the sheer nature of what I've done as an adult So That's interesting so uh Mr Squatch it's All about the Squatch how'd you get that Had that happen For the Squatch no actually no actually So started the whole you know Twitter Thing you know Bigfoot I found it remarkable that I started Getting invited to you know conventions And conferences and stuff Like I mean like hey would you like to you Know be one of the Dude I'm not I'm not a real person I'm a Bigfoot I'm

But there's a couple definitely gone I I Did I went to two of them Yes so you know I met met um you know Net Bobo and um cliff berrickson a Couple of times Those are two two very interesting Humans I would have if I were in your Shoes I would have been tempted to come Up with some very over sexualized Sasquatch encounter like ridiculous so Everyone listening would be Uncomfortable okay I'll definitely be a Guest speaker yeah that was that was I Was deep dick by a Sasquatch So Mr Squatch isn't into Sasquatch He shaved That's awesome this is awesome dude That's something I would have I would Have totally done something I'm just a Bigfoot troll I mean yeah I get that It's fun sometimes yeah I mean who's the Dogs Master I've just been for a Wii and Again Bigfoot Travel channel will actually put my name In there and tweet with the show with Ronnie and with everybody else Because I it's like all right I'm just a Dummy from Texas I mean What are you gonna do well we won't hold The Texas thing against you I actually Have a Chicago one by birth but oh no Let's go back to the Texas thing I know Let's not let's not we got one guy doxed Himself don't do two yeah that's all

Right Then I was I I had actually tweeted and Said I was hurt that I wasn't invited to Your Bigfoot show and Squatcher Yeah the Bigfoot the Bigfoot show was Really interesting I love them guys them guys are great They're great yeah yeah yeah yes Paranormal paranormal Highway has got a Show Probably in the next couple of hours Actually so yeah after this go check him Out he's Good luck but yeah you see is is it's Not just like a Like it you make it He's a fake sasquatcher no no let's let Ollie figure out for himself Relate to the party So you see you're not you're not into The scotch no not really I I I I enjoy It I I find it fascinating I enjoy the People I mean you go to a Bigfoot Conference you go to a paranormal Conference Um it is it is fascinating yeah I used to my friend and I used to do I See the [ __ ] show in box now and Again She's like it's like a carnival those People just travel it is oh it is it is

It's the greatest show on Earth when you Get inside you know some of that little Inner workings of that paranormal world Oh yeah it's fairly fascinating I love It not be on the inside of it oh I love It like if you get like a VIP ticket and Walk around with it you're treated like A god there oh yeah it's [ __ ] it's Like I paid literally 30 more dollars Than any other person here At your lunch table Uh it's one of the best ones in Kentucky I mean oh yeah in Lexington there's a Good one in Knoxville I'm not married to my sister I'm not Allowed in Kentucky wow I'm married to a Cousin Maybe there's a synchronicity going on Is there a [ __ ] some sort of Convention going on while we're there Probably but this is the thing you guys From the UK do not get about America It's gonna seem like on a map that we Can oh we'll just drive there let's see Like to drive from one end of my state To the other it's like four and a half Five hours yeah yeah that's fine No no no no no because me and all the Aren't gonna drive us anywhere you're Going to drive us somewhere So like Knoxville's had uh Alien fests And things like that Um and things I've done and I've Traveled with some others but I agree

With you it is a freak Show yeah it's a Freak Show and it's just like man what The hell's I used to like to go to the Muffon get-togethers Um if you've never been to one of those I went to one I went to one UFO Conference in Eureka Springs Um With Linda Moulton Howe and that whole World in Arkansas and her whole crew Whoa boy yeah yeah that was a Stranger In a Strange Land To my house I was so [ __ ] weird she's So weird I went to a local muffon Greek Greet up and a guy who clearly was Schizophrenic got up there and went on a Rant about how he was on a time Traveling bicycle and Jesus knocked him Off his bike with microwaves No it was [ __ ] amazing dude and like I'm summarizing an hour-long story Uh and you could see like the people Hosting it were visibly uncomfortable And the guys I was with were rolling Because we're strapped I don't give a [ __ ] I don't care how crazy he is this Is this is playing out on my end buddy And he got on a bicycle and left after He got done telling a story Like an hour 15 minutes you'd have think He'd have learned from the Jesus Incident it'd be like now I'm getting a Car this time nah man he he All right

Yeah you know from Christmas I was my best present ever I might imagine that like made some Great hats out of that yeah we [ __ ] You kicked off your bike obviously in Bethlehem so you got so you got [ __ ] All that stuff You [ __ ] limping you saw shaking your Fist down the road and you were supposed To turn the other cheeky [ __ ] he was In Hollywood Yes I told you it was an hour and 15 Minutes I'm giving you a a snapshot dude I've got books there from people who Self-publish their own books and paid on Print this one guy has a book it's three Pages it is one run on sentence That Um made you feel like you could write Publish your own book Yeah A little bit Yeah like like so when I That's an entirely different name that I Don't even talk about here but I am so Like this is the hilarious thing it's my First book I didn't think it would do Well and a couple million Pages later I Was like oh wow people actually like my Book so I remember the one that I added A little bit to do with without Mentioning the bread and the second book Uh debuted number one on Amazon's Political fiction [ __ ] it really is this easy

And I gotta write book three and I'll Get to it at some point Well if you've already had input from a Listener haven't you yeah yeah she'll Listen to this later Uh but guys but with three we're three Hours in now oh [ __ ] the bed yeah I Think it's I think it's time to [ __ ] Whole rug on this [ __ ] pull out Um Thank you how many kids as I got Mr Squatch thank you for coming on the Show thank you for having me Ducks Master thank you thank you for Doxing yourself and giving me the Funniest Funniest moment I've had doing a podcast Probably Probably ever yeah I've got to go and give some uh some Account Details to in a minute so if you Don't mind I've got to go no it's okay Mate yeah it's good it's good I'm gonna I'm gonna drop people out any anywhere Now as we as we finish so thank you very Much mate thanks for coming on yeah and Dan wherever you went Yeah thank you Mr Scotch uh He's gone And uh I was gonna say goodbye to him [ __ ] Ellie just disappeared he's been Abducted and I think that when That went better than expected she

Didn't put it on Twitter Yeah Well definitely do that again I think Next Sunday we can do that maybe an hour In an hour and a half in we can do that We can do the last we can do the last Half an hour with people I think it's Good we need like a code though when They come on like in the bottom like They've got like like go I don't know Just like put it put two put one finger Up two fingers up Are you real Okay good how about we just invite People in and they say something like I Haven't had the death [Laughter] Right at that time I'm going on the Impulsive podcast Okay thanks [Applause] You know everybody makes mistakes There's shots and there's cream right It'll be fine I wouldn't worry about it Too much Lee You don't get cream for those shots