Spirits Came To Warn Her Of Some things! MUST SEE!! #Paranormal #Ghost #Hauntings

By | April 20, 2023
Spirits Came To Warn Her Of Some things!  MUST SEE!!  #Paranormal #Ghost  #Hauntings

Thank you Hello there this is Patty and I'm here At Cece's house right now and we're About to do a Spirit Box session on the Outside of her home so let me explain What's going on so last night we filmed At a home we did a home investigation Where there was some Poltergeist Activity and while we were there uh it Went really well actually but while we No it was wasn't while we were there it Was once we left there and went to a Second location is when all of a sudden Her Um alerts for her outdoor camera started Going off like crazy on her phone so she Looked at the alerts And notice a giant orb On the outside of her uh camera just Going by there were several clips that Were made due to this orb activity now She had this kind of activity in the Past but it had went away So we don't know if it's got something To do with uh Uh the investigation we were doing last Night her communicating and making me You know we don't know if it lured Something back here to her house but I'll let her explain a little bit more

And she's also going to turn the Spirit Box on so she can try to see uh Who who it is so yeah if y'all remember We investigated uh my house before from All the orbs that was showing up and it Ended up being my daughter and Wilbur Show up Uh and I don't know if y'all remember That video uh but I was just the ball of Boohoo and and uh but it just seems so Weird that after we did that Investigation last night Not 10 minutes we left that location at 9 30 P.M And the orb started showing up on my Camera which is right there at 9 48 pm There was nothing on there before And it didn't stop okay so once I Started noticing it we actually turned It on Live Patty and I and it went Across the camera while we were live and I yelled into the camera to go away Not one more did we get yep it stopped After she yelled on the camera and we Have copies of those clips even the one With her yelling go away yep Um so I'll be adding those to this this Video so that you can see those clips Yeah yeah I sent you a couple of the Orbs uh that was going by and then I Still have to send you the one where I Yelled go yes yes But we figured I don't know if maybe my daughter and

Wilbur are trying to give me a warning On something but ever since Patty and I Investigated here we haven't had one orb Show up and that's been at least a year Until last night yep So that's just a little too It is a little too strange for it to Show up now yeah so I figured maybe we Could run the voice box maybe Wilbur or Christina would come through a little Bit and maybe Uh Tell me what was going on yeah [Applause] [Laughter] Can you tell us who's here You hear it it's not your Uh yeah speaker Foreign On here That sounds more normal yes Okay This isn't loud at all Can you tell us who was here on the uh Showing up as an orb last night please [Laughter] I think so We would use my speaker but it's at the Location we're getting ready to head to We just came here for a few minutes Were you trying to give me a warning About something What Just let me know you were looking over

Me Foreign There's some good stuff coming through Oh no my camera battery is about to die Wilbur Christina here Laughs A green lizard down there Well if you're checking on me I thank You I love you [Laughter] Wow [Laughter] Okay so we're going to be continuing This now it's the next day my battery Died when I was here yesterday but we Were in between uh locations we were Just coming here Uh to take a break and get something to Eat and feed the piggies so my camera Battery died yesterday just as we got Started we went back to Jasper jail and And did our little overnight and we're Back here now at her house now last Night she had another orb show up it Actually showed up a few times didn't it Yeah it started about 9 30. It's at 9 30 9 20 P.M And the last one was at 6 56 this morning jeez That's crazy myself soon pretty much Throughout the entire night Um

Which I sent you a couple Clips yeah you Can put in there I'm going to add those Clips to the video but that's the on her Blank camera that she has over the back Door here Um it was showing up several times So and it has n't showed up any So I need to know if they're warning me About something I'm just saying hi yeah you know right Something yep Okay well let's ask All right I might want to pull your antenna up a Little bit oh yeah And then do you got do you Do you know how to turn it on oh no okay You just push that button right there Okay and this is the up and down [Laughter] YouTube All right so there's the orbs on my Camera again Christina I'm sorry I'm guarding I think it said I'm guarding guarding Bombarding me protecting me watching Over me Tell me the name of who's here please Three people Management

Real people or maybe Or maybe Are you needing to tell me something Joe That just said Joe Patty It just said Joe Are you confirming that Joe is here If you're trying to warn me about Something please let me know Hey hey Who was showing up on my doorstep every Night [Laughter] Talking about people again something About watching and people Is she in danger You're not in danger I Love you Why'd you wait a year to show back up Well we can't be doing this every night You can't follow me home either no you Need to go back to where you came from Unless you're Christina and Wilbur She's naming off all our pigs now that

Have passed oh So what kind of message are you trying To get to CC I feel like you're trying To tell her something Can you try to be very clear and Specific I can't wait to hear that hear that back Me too Can you please stay away from our camera At night I appreciate if you're watching over me But you gotta stop with the camera okay Can't wait to hear some of this back wow Okay we're gonna turn this off okay Okay thank you It does that to me too As soon as you try to talk something Comes through Yeah They're very talkative all right I'm Gonna go thank you for talking Yeah something's coming through they're Coming through very active it's the same Two voices it is the Deep in here But I mean can you is there any way that You can talk to them I'm not a medium I I don't I've never been able to ask them Something in them answer me like that Like a medium can they can carry on a

Whole conversation I never know when something's gonna come Through I can just be at like our Location and then all of a sudden They'll show me a picture on the wall And then I'll be like oh boy here we go So that's why like the other day and he The the the wall is blue okay you tell Them on here To come through or show you a a evasion Or something well I mean I'm sure that They get that they could do that but They just don't I like it it doesn't Happen all the time it just happens like At certain locations but maybe they Don't know that they could do that I Don't I don't know but I don't want it To happen all the time Yeah you want to be able to turn it off And then turn it back on again and I Turned it off when I got before bed last Night I had to go through and do my Meditation and turn off the chakras Where they can't talk to me anymore Before I go to a location I always do The meditation to open it up to let them Come and talk to me so she's a Channeler No I don't I don't want to be here and then Somebody start coming through to me I don't care if I'm at a grocery store And they start coming through to me Because I'm going to try to find Somebody something's resonating with

Because they're not going to leave me Alone until I say it Yep so she's dad I don't think that home Is my safe place I don't want to be Bothered here I don't I don't want him to come to me Here because I gotta I don't know how Many times she would have died and Sneaked in here you know and I would Look through that way because I could See better that one across all the way Across And I thought well maybe they can see me Through there They'll always come from there but I Never did see a thing Yeah sometimes you don't all the way up Till five o'clock this morning Yeah sometimes you just can't see it With your own eyes yeah and you can see It started You see it started at 9 20. See it was all the way well here's a cup A little break but then it started back Up again at 2 26 in the morning And then another break and then the last One was at 6 56 A.M Yeah and I was up at that time to look It out here Hmm I don't know I don't it's I mean and It's not it's not a bad orb it's just it It goes and it sits there yeah looks at You

Like this and it's not a bug there's no Way that is a bug the bugs will be in There yeah you'll see the bugs and Spiders yeah but it just sits there and The way it moves so slowly like that That's the way orbs move they they move Like that Right Right yeah that's definitely not a bug The thing is even if it was a bug It hasn't been there for a year I know And all of a sudden yeah when I was Channeling so much the other night We left there at 9 30 p.m and at 9 38 it Started yep I know And we didn't come here after we went to The Jasper jail why would it come here Unless it was mine just let me hey I'm Watching over you yeah You know what I'm saying could be could Be Wilbur and Christina or whatever Showing themselves to say hey I'm I'm Here watching over you yeah Could be that's all I need to know just Just let me know I have a feeling that's What it is and hopefully when I watch This back and I listen to the EVPs that We just got I hopefully you'll have some Answers you know hopefully it'll tell us Wilbur I don't care because sometimes I Come out the door When we were on video yep And she even said Grandma remember and I

Was just a boohoo oh I know whoever came Through and Yep I did that video last year if any of You haven't watched it go watch it it's On my channel I'll try to put the link Of that video in the description of this Video so that you can go back and watch It I know I know and it's been about it's Been about a year and then how Coincidental The night that all that channeling You're on the same time after we left There yeah It was like like you said letting you Know I was with you I'm watching over You nothing's gonna hurt you it seems Like to me that's what it seems like to Me too I try not to channel here at my House yeah my home I don't want to do it Here yeah I know Hmm Well but if it did say Joe you that's Why I was like y'all you have to go you Can't be here I don't want you at my Home you need to go back to where yeah I don't want him to follow me home Because he ain't gonna leave me alone no Now that he's got your attention He's he knows he can communicate Yeah because he's stubborn Excuse me excuse me what happened she's Chewing the wood oh don't do that So with all due respect Joe

Um please just don't hang around here And hang around CeCe we will be getting Together with your family again soon and Then you can do it at that time I will Let you and you're able To yeah You can't do this to me when I'm don't When I'm not with them Yeah because he was in her head quite a Bit after we left that house and it was Hard for her to focus on the Investigation at the Jasper jail yeah And it exhausted me yeah and I was more Ready to sleep yep and I've had a Headache since yep I have literally had A headache when I woke up the next Morning My head's been pounding mm-hmm But that was so much stuff coming I know I know Can't wait for you guys to see that well Actually you will see that video before This one so if you're seeing this one First go back and watch it Uh the title of it will say something About Poltergeist activity so you'll Know which video it is All right well thank you so much for Watching Hopefully you get some uh answers after You see this video Peace and chicken grease Thank you