The Devil and Don Decker: The Eerie Demonic Possession of the Rain Man | Documentary

By | March 11, 2023
The Devil and Don Decker: The Eerie Demonic Possession of the Rain Man | Documentary

On the 24th of February 1983 21 year old Donald Deco was serving sentence at the Monroe County jail for receiving stolen Goods when he received a furlough so as To attend a funeral in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Decca's grandfather had just passed away And because he was not considered a Threat to society but rather one of the Most quiet and introverted inmates at The jail he was allowed a weekend pass But Decker did not want to go no one Knew it then but he supposedly kept a Dark secret about his late grandfather And after attending the funeral that Secret came back to haunt him for Several days during which DACA is said To have entered trance-like States Levitated and even made it rain all Incidents witnessed by nine confirmed And credible eyewitnesses including four Police officers and a jail supervisor The Sensational case was first featured On the mystery documentary television Show Unsolved Mysteries ten years later Then again on Paranormal Witness in 2011 Episodes which introduced DACA to the World as rain boy and the rain man while Eyewitnesses came forward to share their Testimonies about what happened during That incredible Unforgettable and quite Possibly demonic weekend in February 1983. my name is Laura and you are Watching the Paranormal scholar

In the Unsolved Mysteries episode titled Rain boy which aired on the 10th of February 1993. Don Decker claimed that His grandfather the man he pretended to Mourn had physically abused him from the Time he was just seven years old he Claimed that no other part of the family Knew anything about what happened and it Was like good fighting evil was the man Dead Decker assumed that the evil was Gone and as such that everything would Change and change it did only not in the Way that Decker had hoped after the Funeral it is reported that the young Man was completely unnerved by the way His family glorified his grandfather's Memory and so he decided to spend the Night with family friends Bob and Jeannie Kiefer in their home at 528 Anne Street there he claimed the uneasy Feeling stirred by his grandfather's Memory returned to haunt him He described feeling a deep chill that Was all of a sudden followed by a Strange trance-like State supposedly at Almost the same time water began to drip From the living room walls not merely That the dripping is said to have Swiftly turned into rain inside the Living room while the rest of the house Remained dry The unusual occurrence prompted the Keepers to notify the landlord Ron Van y

Who arrived at their residential shortly After to assess the situation according To his account there were no pipes in The front end of the house to leak Meaning that there was basically nothing There that the water could have come From moreover upon closer inspection he Claimed that the water was not only Coming from the ceiling down but that it Could also come from the wall over or From the floor up it made it seem to him That there was no basic direction from Which the rain was coming and that it Could come from anywhere as such it was Utterly inexplicable and so puzzled Ron Telephoned his wife and then the police When officer John bojan arrived at the Scene he was just as confounded and so Brought in his partner patrolman Richard Warbert when he arrived Walbert was told Just to walk into the house without any Details when the patrolman requested Them bojan insisted that he trusts him And simply walk inside and so it was That with bojan following close behind Him Walbert walked inside the property And was immediately stunned describing What happened that day he claimed that He couldn't have got two steps inside The door before he was absolutely pelted By water and not just that as he was Standing just inside the front door he Allegedly witnessed a droplet of water Traveling horizontally passing between

Him and his partner before traveling Into the Next Room defying in short the Very laws of physics Returning to the testimony of the other Officer bojan described feeling a chill Going up his spine whilst at the scene Things he suggested were happening at The property which were Beyond even his Wildest Dreams there was he said no way Of explaining what was going on And so baffled the two officers returned To the station so as to report the Bizarre incident to the chief of police The kiefers and Don Decker also left the House walking to the pizzeria across the Street while the landlord Ron and his Wife stayed behind Strangely Ron claimed that when they Left everything else left too the rain Stopped the house was normal And so this led to Ron and his wife Considering that maybe somehow the Phenomenon had been caused by one of the Three occupants meanwhile across the Street the kiefers and Deckers sat with Pam scrafano the owner of the restaurant Who supposedly visited them earlier that Day and had seen the rain firsthand According to her Decca seemed as if he Were in a trance he would look at you She explained but not knowing you were There and so it was that she wondered if The young man was possessed a suggestion Which she immediately shared with

Jeannie Kiefer mere seconds later so her Testimony alleges there was water all Over the pizzeria too terrified she ran To retrieve a crucifix that she kept to The cash register according to the Restaurant owner the minute she put it On Deca and it touched his skin he got Burned she further claimed that Decca Was making it rain himself that he was Doing it without realizing he was doing It These events made Decca believe that Indeed the phenomena must have something To do with him after all it seemed to Follow him wherever he went when he left The house the rain stopped and then when He left the restaurant the water ceased To manifest also returning to the Kiefer's house the landlord's wife and Genie were both quick to accuse him of Having caused the incident and so it was That as the women were confronting DACA In the kitchen something all the more Incredible supposedly happened First the pots and pans over the stove Started rattling and then sensationally Decca levitated off the floor Describing what happened to him in the Unsold Mysteries episode he claimed that One second he floated and the next he Was pushed into a war by a force that Shoved all his body at once A few hours later officers bojan and Warbert returned to the house this time

Accompanied by the chief of police a man Who has been described as a hardened Skeptic and yet according to officer Bojan when the chief got to the house he Was pelted with water just as rich and I Were I got the impression that he was Put on the spot maybe a little bit Embarrassed like we expected something Out of him that he could answer there Was no way to explain what happened I Think he was put in a position where he Might have felt a little uncomfortable Even so the chief is claimed to be the Only person who witnessed the living Room Reign to deny that the cause was Paranormal instead he believed that it Was caused by a plumbing issue and so Ordered the two officers to return to Work while officer Warburton said that The chief could not provide a concrete Explanation for the incident officer Bojan claimed that he flat out denied it And that he tried to convince him that Nothing happened at all But for Belgian there was nothing that His Superior could have set on the Matter I saw it he later said and that's All there is to it And so with such a sensational incident Spurring such Sensational testimony word Of the Kiefer household strange Reign Seems to have spread among the local Police force for only the very next day Three other officers were sent to

Continue the investigation however far From conducting a conventional Examination securing the scene Collecting evidence taking samples of The liquid or even questioning Deca and The others the three policemen decided To use unorthodox methods of Investigation Supposedly they placed a paper bag over Decker's head so that he could not see They also put his hands behind his back Then one of the officers by the name of Bill Davis placed a gold cross in one of The young man's hands the religious Object so Decker claimed burnt him when Davies picked it up he noticed that it Was indeed hot but not hot enough to Burn him and so he held on to it Thereafter Dhaka is said to have Levitated again according to lieutenant John Rundle who claimed to have Witnessed it firsthand he lifted up off The ground and he flew across the room With the force as though a bus had hit Him there were three claw marks on the Side of his neck which drew blood Completely confused the officers could Not come up with a reasonable Explanation for what they had witnessed A young man thrown seemingly across the Room by unseen hands they had certainly Never seen anything like it before and So unable to stop the rain or help Decca The situation was placed into the hands

Of religious authorities According to the property's landlord on The third day of the Paranormal Activity Every Protestant Minister and Catholic Priest in Stroudsburg were contacted Only for them to refuse to intervene Finally an Evangelical preacher agreed To attempt an exorcism according to the Landlord as she started to pray Dani Went into a convulsion he started to Shake he pulled himself up into a ball And the longer she prayed he started to Relax Also in attendance the landlord's wife Claimed to have seen how decca's whole Body seemed to quiet completely down Supposedly she could also feel the house Itself take on a totally different Feeling By the time the preacher concluded her Prayers the rain stopped and the water Was gone never so the witnesses affirmed To return inside the house again as for Dawn Deca he too appeared to return to His old self And yet upon his return to jail with his Three-day furlough having expired it is Said that Decca once more found himself At the center of inexplicable happenings Put in a maximum security cell with Another inmate Decker claimed that he Thought of making it rain inside the Cell when all of a sudden Water started Coming out of the concrete floor

By now convinced that he could trigger Unexplainable things to happen he Confessed to the guard on duty that he Could control the rain it was possible He could do it the water which he saw And indeed had been triggered to attend By deccan's cellmate was conjured by Decker's design somewhat understandably The guard was skeptical of what must Have sounded like a young man's Delusional ramblings and so challenged Decker to make it rain in the warden's Office the warden Dave keenhunt was Unaware of the situation at the time he Was alone in the administration area Sitting at the desk writing a report Oddly he later claimed that he didn't Feel anything but his shirt was drooping Down when an officer entered the room And alerted him to a wet stain on his Clothing it was right about the center Of his sternum about four inches long Two inches wide according to the warden He was somehow saturated with water I was startled he claimed I was scared The officer was frightened at that Particular time and I just didn't have An explanation for why it happened and So it seemed that Decker had done as the Guard had asked In response to what was increasingly Becoming an out of control situation the Warden made a frantic call to Reverend William Blackburn pleading with him to

Help he agreed and so it was that the Warden brought a very Meek and Mild Manner Don Decker to him in a room Deca Supposedly told him that he could make It rain and the crosses placed on his Body burned Unimpressed the Reverend tried to Convince the young man to admit that it Was all a pretense it was then that According to Reverend Blackburn's Testimony deca's demeanor entirely Changed and a Sinister smell came into The room Nurses and doctors he later explained Say when you walk into a room where Someone is dying with a cancer or Something usually there's a smell you Can tell when you walk into the room I smelled a smell like that multiplied Five times at least evil foreboding Then so the Reverend claimed Deca raised His hand and rubbed his fingers together Immediately it started to rain it was so Reverend Blackburn asserted like the Devil's Reign it was a mist and he was Convinced that he was in the presence of Evil Terrified and confused he then described How he opened up the Bible and started To read to him fascinatingly so he Alleged the pages never got wet it was a Frightening thing I think I was praying More for me than him I prayed and it was Only a brief period and the rain stopped

And not only did the rain supposedly Stop but DACA also seemed to have Visibly changed similar to the change Which is said to have come over him when The Evangelical preacher prayed at the Keeper's House DACA is said to have Subsided with both men it seems sensing A feeling of peace with teary eyes Dhaka Is claimed to have thanked the reference For his help hugging him after which They prayed together in this way the Reverend was convinced that Dhaka had Been possessed and that what he had done In the room the stench and the rain Which he had caused had been spiritual But not of God recalling the events of That day Don Decker has since explained That it all ended then and there and That none of what he experienced those Few dramatic days ever happened again as For the cause of it all he was convinced It was due to his grandfather I think What had happened was his doing Decker Has stated because he abused me when I Was young he got a chance to abuse me Again attending his funeral had thus Been the trigger Years after the happenings chip Decker a Paranormal Investigator with no relation To Don and Peter Jordan analyzed the Case and were particularly impressed by The eyewitness accounts most especially The well-seasoned police officers that Were obviously rather frightened and

Shaken by this but also had the powers Of observation not merely that they Deemed the rain boy case to be by far The singularly Most Fascinating and Important case of possible demonic Infestation that they had been involved In after all a total of nine Eyewitnesses including four police Officers were willing to go on record About the incidents with them continuing To believe that Dhaka was possessed by The devil all those years later And so a sensational case indeed yet Considering how recent it is said to Have occurred dating to 1983 and the High number of named Witnesses involved It can be said to be distinctly strange That there is no physical photographic Or video evidence to sustain the claims Made furthermore when the rain boy Became the rain man years later the Story was retold with new details which Although serve to make the case even More Sinister somewhat damaged The Credibility surrounding it The popular TV show Paranormal Witness Aired there the Rain Man episode on the 12th of October 2011 reigniting interest In the case nearly three decades after The original events and some two decades After the unsold Mysteries episode Rainbow in the new version of the story We are told that Don Decker's mother Wouldn't allow him to return to his home

And that was the reason why he ended up Spending the weekend with the kiefers a Family who did not know him all too well A minor detail and not one that should Affect the story told before however This as the episode progresses reveals Itself to be but the first of many such Details that are inconsistent and raise Suspicions especially as eyewitness Accounts become more Sensational and at Times contradictory In the original telling of events we Were told that the mysterious happening Started in the living room of the house As Deca entered a trance-like state in The 2011 version we are now told it all Began as he went upstairs to wash his Hands for supper and felt the atmosphere Change when he turned to the towel to Wipe his hands all the air went out of The room like being in a vacuum with the Temperature in the bathroom becoming Very low Decker than claimed that he felt as Though he were being attacked by Something that was trying to hurt him And that when he looked toward the Window he caught a glimpse of that same Something It was a face he asserted in the episode It looked like an old man wearing a Crown I looked down and I saw three Scratches going down my arm there was Blood at the end big droplets of blood

Truly striking and no doubt memorable And yet there is no mention of this Having happened in the original version Of the events and so the story continues Meanwhile downstairs the keepers noticed That Decker was taking a little too long And so they sent one of their children To tell him that dinner was ready Confused and not wanting to startle his Hosts Deca immediately washed the blood Off his arm and joined them at the Dinner table according to Bob Kiefer Don Had a strange look on his face he seemed Pale and visibly pained and when he Reached out for something on the table Barb immediately noticed the blood marks On his wrist seeing them he allegedly Took a hold of the young man's arm and Asked what he had done to himself To this Deca supposedly replied that he Did not do it to himself and that he Swore there was something upstairs that He had seen a face in the window which Looked like the devil It was after dinner when the kefirs were Relaxing in the living room that water Began running down one of the walls upon Touch the liquid was supposedly sticky And tacky noises were heard suddenly Coming from upstairs and then the liquid Started raining in the room with strange Drops moving very fast that got heavier And heavier when Ron the landlord Arrived he and Bob checked the upstairs

Bathroom and claimed to have felt a Creepy feeling there that it was cold Damp that it did not feel natural and That something evil was up there Downstairs the rain continued at which Point Decker experienced the trance-like State described before Bob called Officer John bojan who he knew Beforehand when he arrived he described Feeling cold before even witnessing the Gravity-defying droplets And so many additional and undoubtedly Terrifying details it is certainly odd That these the horrifying reflection in The window the temperature changes the Blood the consistency of the liquid and The feeling of evil were missing from The original version of events most Especially as they if true help to Secure the assessment that what happened To Don Deca was some manner of evil Manifestation or demonic possession they Should in short have been mentioned it Is as such very difficult to tiptoe Around the glaringly obvious fact that The story that was told the second time Around was purposefully creepier and More Sensational than the original Turning for example according to the 2011 Paranormal Witness testimonies After levitating and being shoved into The wall Deca described being scratched On his arm not just three times but in The shape of a king's crown presumably

Some relation to the crown wearing old Man demon he had seen staring at him in The window Furthermore the way in which all Eyewitnesses claim to have immediately Suspected dawn of being responsible and Responsible in a demonic way even before The supposed attack on him is alarming That no one played the role of the Critical thinker or decided to collect Evidence is likewise a missed Opportunity for validation if the events Are to be confirmed as true instead There appears to have been much to Condition people both the viewer and Even quite possibly those involved at The time to expect something evil to be Going on According to Warden Keen Holt different Shifts and officers spoke of DACA and That there was a lot of fright in the Jail everyone from inmates to guards Knew what happened at the house and were Supposedly scared because there was just Something unnatural and evil about Donald Let us not forget that contrary to these Claims of predestined evil in the Original version of the story the very Same young man was regarded as one of The most quiet and introverted inmates At Monroe County Jail And so the 2011 retelling of Decker's Case brought new claims to light but no

New evidence to sustain them it also Arguably damaged the validity of all That was set before and so the case has In the years since become even more Controversial than before online Commentators who claim to have known Deca at one point or another have Alleged that he often claimed to be able To make it rain others alleged to have Been at the restaurant when Decca and The Keepers were there and saw the rain For themselves firsthand Many are as such willing to forgive some Of the later embellishments being Overall convinced as to the cases Validity and yet not everyone has been So easily convinced One of those who has assessed the case Most critically is Robert Bartholomew an American Medical sociologist author Professor research fellow with the Center for inquiry in Amherst and Honorary member of the Department of Psychological medicine at the University Of Auckland while he like everyone else Agrees that at the time of the events Deca was under extreme stress serving Jail time and experiencing the death of A relative whom he loathed and as such May have experienced trance-like States Bartholomew is more inclined to believe That such so-called trans States may be Triggered by stress and do not Necessarily denote mental illness or

Disorder additionally he has pointed out That such trance-like states are also Easily faked furthermore he noted that It is remarkable that Decca did not Receive medical attention and instead Attempts were made to exercise him if The Witnesses were so quick to assume a Demonic explanation their perceptions May have been affected by their Willingness to interpret other Naturalistic events within a Supernatural framework Summarized that a worldview which sees Demonic influence may end up seeing it In places it does not exist In this way for Bartholomew the Testimony of the chief of police at the Time Gary Roberts is highly interesting He was after all the only witness who Did not believe any of the Paranormal Claims Speaking with him Bartholomew was able To confirm that Roberts believed that The water was a natural and not Supernatural event and although he was Called to the house on two separate Occasions and not just one as we are led To believe he did not find anything Unusual Sometimes what people believe happens And what actually happens are two Different things Robert said defiantly It is also perhaps noteworthy that in a Small town where everyone knew everyone

Else the skeptical Chief Roberts was an Outsider having moved there only three Years prior for the position and Bartholomew did not stop at criticizing Eyewitness accounts in his analysis of The rain boy case he also investigated Possible natural explanations for the Alleged events intriguingly he found That according to a report on moisture Problems in manufactured homes published By the manufactured housing research Alliance Pennsylvania is at moderate to High risk for winter moisture problems With one of the most severe events being Ice damming this is caused by warm air Entering an attic that melts snow on the Outer surface of a roof resulting in an Accumulation of ice under which pools of War to form and eventually leak ice dams Are common after major snowstorms in Areas where the temperatures rise above Freezing during the day and fall below 32 Fahrenheit at night and rather Damningly for the claims of Supernatural Manifestation such conditions were Applicable in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania According to the weather records for the Nearby town of Scranton February the 11th to 28 1983 there was record Snowfall across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania East Stroudsburg University Measured one inch of snow on the 10th And 16 inches on the 11th after the Storm on the 11th clear cold weather

Settled in then between the 14th and the 25th the daytime temperatures were above Freezing by up to 20 degrees and with Three exceptions they were below Freezing at night ideal conditions for Ice damming as the snow would have Melted by day and re-frozen overnight Then on the Fateful evening of the 26th There was a mild cold snap with a Daytime high of 26 degrees and an Overnight low of 20 degrees Bartholomew's theory that this the Entirely natural phenomenon of eye Stabbing could have been the cause of The rain is further supported by Specialists in environmental design and Ice timing Patrick human of the University of Minnesota according to his Expertise it is actually common for ice Damming events to be limited to a small Portion of a house such as a single room Like in Decker's case and water running Down ceilings and walls often mixes with Resins in the wood or residue from Plaster giving the water a tacky feel Which would explain the liquid described By kefir Explaining the escalation from Ward Drips to rain within the room humans Says that symptoms beginning at the Outer edge and working in towards the Ceiling are common just as the rain First appeared in the Kiefer home the Occupants reported hearing a loud noise

From above such sounds are consistent With ice damming the popping and Cracking noises were accompanied by what Could have been a section of ice Cracking or falling off the roof Releasing the Damned water and causing The so-called indoor rain and water Seeping into the House's insulation Could have easily made the indoor Temperature several degrees cooler Another of the observations made by Those involved and so according to Bartholomew the most plausible Explanation is that Decca feigned a Trance while those around him all of Whom held deep religious beliefs Interpreted natural events within a Christian frame of reference Indeed if faced with similar happenings It can be said that most people Especially law enforcement would collect Evidence or request medical assistance For someone in a seeming trance the Eyewitnesses in decca's case however Immediately suspected him of demonic Activity when most police go to a house And cannot explain something Bartholomew States they do not assume that one of The occupants is possessed by the devil As for the rain he believes it to be Snowmelt seeping through the ceiling From the attic as a result of ice Damming in conjunction with Psychological stress and human

Imagination he likewise does not exclude Deception or deco's augmentation of an Already existing phenomenon by playing Tricks and not one to withdraw the knife After inflicting a wound Bartholomew Also does not shy away from poking holes In Decker's character Three years after the initial episode Deco was back in jail after pleading Guilty to burglary then in October 2012 Decca was arrested again and charged With arson and mail fraud Bartholomew Encourages us to ask whether or not Someone who is known for repeatedly Breaking the law can be trusted to be Ethical and truthful about a paranormal Experience and so for Bartholomew the Truth is straightforward a classic case Of social delusion fueled by a natural Phenomenon for Decker on the other hand What happened to him was caused by his Grandfather an evil man who wanted to Hurt him again For the eyewitnesses around him the rain And the strange look on the young man's Face were the work of the devil and for Us only a few things are certain not Insignificantly that with the passage of Time the accounts of rain boy have Become more and more sensational It is said that the devil is in the Details and yet in the case of the Alleged demonic possession of Donald Decker it seems as though on this

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