History and Haunts of the Lee Hall Train Depot – VAPI

By | March 11, 2023
History and Haunts of the Lee Hall Train Depot - VAPI

Lee Hall Depot was built between 1881 And 18 well actually it was finished in 1881 in time for the um Centennial of The Revolutionary War in the Viet in the Revolutionary War Centennial in Yorktown There was a dummy track that was laid From here to Yorktown that was used for That celebration in Yorktown so Passengers came through here on their Way to Yorktown in 1881 but soon after That track was dismantled but Lee Hall Depot has been here ever since of course The railroad first came through this Area for coal to get the coal down to The Port of Newport News and then on off Loaded onto ships for transportation all Over the world but then passenger travel Of course soon followed And really the station remained active From 1881 all the way through the 20th Century World War one saw a huge influx Of passengers and as well as a World War II just because this is the closest was The closest station to what was then Camp Eustis and so numerous civilians And soldiers passed through here during Both Wars Lee haldipo was also used for Shipping Goods back in the day before up Before UPS and FedEx the depot would Have received packages and sent out Packages so anytime you received a Package or had something to send out you Would have come to the depot to get that Everything from live animals such as

Chickens Um and kittens and everything else Apples produce we have an exhibit Actually that shows a number of things That were shipped in and out of the Station the station itself is a simple Country station it is located in the Furthest region for the northernest Region of what was then Warwick County Before the City of Newport News was Incorporated in the mid 20th century This area was known as Warwick County at One time there were several stations in Warwick County all the way down to the Main station in Newport News again rail Was before the era of the automobile Rail was really the one of the only ways To travel convenient ways to travel to Get from point A to point B before Everyone owned automobiles the Lee Hall Village actually sprang up around the Depot after the depot was built there Was a general store here In the post office Gas station I think there was even a Small car dealership here several small Factories so it really was a bustling Place by the early 20th century it was Called Lee Hall village after Lee Hall Mansion just down the road so this was a Bustling Crossroads until about the 1950s when of course by then the Automobile had become more common people More people could afford to buy the

Automobile rail travel was less popular The station itself stopped serving Passengers in 1970. I think for several Years afterwards one could if one had a Ticket they could still come to the Station not enter the station but still Come to the station and kind of flag Down the Amtrak and aboard the train but The station itself was closed by that Point Um the station was originally located on The other side of the railroad tracks From where it is positioned now and when The City of Newport News acquired the Station the cxx which was the huge Freight railroad that owned a station by Then they Um just said that if the city wanted to Preserve the building that had to be Moved further away from the active Rail Lines and so the building was moved in 2009 to Across The Tracks to the Location where it is now And one other thing is this station is Unusual that there's an apartment Upstairs someone actually lived here a Station master and his wife lived here For several years in the 20th century And a lot of people probably lived here As well Um but most importantly the station Master who was ever was serving as the Station Master of the time because this Was a rural area when the station was

Built so um the CNO railroad the company That built the station thought that in Order to attract a station Master they'd Better have lodging and a home for the Station Master to stay in and so today We do have the apartment upstairs Accessible it's furnished as a 1940s Apartment would have been furnished back In the day Um the station itself it follows the Standard CNO we are road construction Patterns we have some of the several the Original stoves that would have been Used to heat the building with Coal-fired stoves we also have Um tried to match the original paint Colors the yellow exterior and the green Interior and then today we do just have Kind of what the average person would See when they came into the station as Far as the telegraph office the station Master's office the railroad Express Office which would have been the Shipping office the freight room where Freight would have been stored either Coming in or leaving as well as the Ticket office of course and the waiting Rooms or what some of the rooms people Can see when they come into the into the Building today So this area that we're in it's a Historically haunted area right across The street we have the boxwood in which Is very haunted right down the street we

Have Lee Hall Lee Hall Mansion which has Several ghost stores associated with it Now as far as a train depot a place like This I remember years ago probably about Seven years ago we did an investigation Across the street and I heard say of Some strange things that would happen at The train station that they'd see at Night that visitors to the boxwood Inn Would see at night sometimes would be Lights coming on or the chatter of People it would sound like there was a Crowd over here and it would be just a Vacant building This is the kind of place that would Hold a lot of energy You you see it's been here through World War One World War II so we have several People coming through soldiers coming Through we have people saying goodbye to Their loved ones so this was a place Where there was a lot of emotion and at The very least it would make sense that There's some residual activity here now No one has investigated this place Before so we don't know if the spirits That potentially linger here are Intelligent or they are residual but Tonight we're here to investigate this Place for the first time ever and find Out what answers we may get from Beyond Anytime we come into a place like this Where nobody else is investigated and Certainly and if it's the first time

I've ever been into the place I'd like To go and sort of do a walk around I Like to get a feel for the place a feel For the energy in a place after doing This investigations for so many years You sort of get this feel for what feels Different in one room than it does in Another and I have to say that you know This room in particular is one that felt A little bit different than the room That we walked into I'm going to walk Around get a feel for the place Foreign Despite the fact that it's the emptiest One it has a lot of movement I feel like Large amounts of people crowded in here And a lot of movement here more so than I did in the um in the first room that We walked into where where the door is Set up Pretty Look how cute it is It is a little privy I thought I had a Small bathroom talking about this window Here though I think that's why the shade Is there so you can pull down the shade The regular bathrooms are actually So I'm not real sure whether What I'm feeling has to do with the Corridor here But the second that I start walking up This Corridor I start to get that sort Of dizzy feeling that Um that feeling like that I get usually

When something is around in this room in Particular uh has that that heavy Feeling to it not an intense feeling Like I felt in some places but certainly A significant amount enough for me to Say okay this this room here feels very Different than some of the rest of them Yeah That feeling goes away the second that I Come in here And walk up that ramp This is obviously Pargo Things are being shipped out So this room here doesn't have the room Like the feel of a lot of people it has A A feel of maybe one individual that Worked here for a long period of time Maybe a couple but there was one older Man it feels like that worked here in Particular Yeah I love these floors I left the floor has settled and the Stairs are all wonky Children my children running up and down This hallway Well that's certainly a small Area I mean It's much smaller than you would think Of as a as a modern apartment would be But it's it's cozy I kind of like it it Doesn't have a bad feeling really Nothing in here has a bad feeling but

There's definitely more of a feeling of Of being lived in up here than there was Downstairs Um downstairs it was just all this Movement but Here it's a little more a little more Cozy So we're going to be walking through Here doing a baseline sweep and I'm Going to be using two pieces of Equipment here to compare one is the Tri-field meter the other one is the K2 Meter both of them measure Electromagnetic fields now I got to Point out that right at the beginning Here They're already lit up this is at an Eight Okay and this is barely lit up Which is strange because usually the K2 Meter lights up more it seems to be more Sensitive but as we're going back here Let's see if we can pinpoint this nine These pot lights the recessed lighting And the ceiling give off a lot of bmfs Could potentially be that But what's significant about this there Were a 10 11. 12. So three milligauss it measures in Milligoss three is what a refrigerator Will typically give off Anything Theory or above is is Significant in that theoretically it can

Give Spirits the energy that they need To manifest so theoretically speaking a Location like this with this high of a Field this room would be a perfect place For them to manifest Let's go through and see if Stay this high Okay well that's going on to you right There Thank you Once again spiking up a little bit Coming on the doorway here Steadily climbing on this way Oh now it's coming back in Is that right in here It's like a 9.0 Could it maybe have to do with the Things that are up in the ceiling there It looks like a smoke detector and Smoke detector wouldn't give that off no But a couple of other odd little things Lights and things up there Could be That says charge I don't know what that Is So right now the tri-field meter is at a 7.4 milligoss as I go down Starts to pick up more and more As you get down to the bottom and just To show the lights aren't when we turn The lights off it's still doing that And then as you go back up it picks back Up again When it gets all the way down to it 12.

The field at its height is down low yep There we go down low and up high That's the feel And it is significant in the middle but It's especially strong down low and up High All right so we're going upstairs here To see what it looks like up above Where we got the ratings downstairs and It's interesting because right here Here's where it should be going crazy And it's not But I have an idea if you take your K2 Unit put it up against the store See if it lights up It does and that's where that we were Getting that rating So I wonder what's on the other side That door goes outside What about right here I think right here would have to be Above where we got that wouldn't it Oh you see that and we'll jump up to 17. What's pretty cool is I don't know if You can hear it because of the mic that I'm talking through we got a train going By right now And you wonder what kind of activity That might stir up because railroad Tracks they're believed to be a conduit Of Paranormal Activity Plus with any visitors that might be Here waiting for the train perhaps they Get up from their seats thinking it's

Coming into the station Who knows But we finished up our Baseline sweep And we definitely have some significant Levels in the front part of the building Perhaps the perfect place for spirits to Manifest for them to have the energy They need to communicate with us there Was one interesting thing to note When I was upstairs going down the Hallway I got one stray Spike on the K2 Meter was there for a moment and then it Was gone So I moved the K2 meter over a little Bit it spiked one more time and it was Gone And these are the kind of things that we Look for because sometimes when you see Stray EMF Fields it's coming from a Wireless router a Wi-Fi router or Something like that now we definitely Have to inquire to see if there's any Thing of that sort in that area but that Was it I got the camera I said watch This and once I started recording I Couldn't get it again So it was like there was something that Was there it moved and then it was gone And it's interesting to note these Because it's not a steady field a Constant steady field is most likely From natural elements like the air Conditioner or refrigerator appliances Whatever's going but when you get one

That's there and then gone and then it Seems to move that's questionable So far I think this is an amazing place There's so much history here every time We're looking around trying to find a Spike in the EMF detector I'm having to Stop and look and read up on the history Of this place it's probably one of the Coolest places that we've been to as far As history goes living in Hampton All My Life coming over here to Newport News And constantly seeing this historic Building it's really awesome to be able To come in and actually do an Investigation at the place that you've Always driven past so it's kind of cool To be able to check out a really neat Local history place yeah this thing is Just pinged out all the way like you Said so Probably not even be able to Use that to put it up here maybe yeah What's that motion it's uh Yes or no Okay yeah it's one of those So we're gonna set up right here in the Main waiting area uh as you mentioned Back in Back before Desegregation this waiting room was Segregated so this was the African-American side the other side was For the whites so what we're going to do Is we're going to set up here and and

Like I said this is a place where a lot Of voices could still Linger on a lot of Emotions were were shared here a lot of People said goodbye to their loved ones Perhaps for the last time We have a rem pod here in the middle of The floor and the REM pot it gives off Electromagnetic field so if anything Comes near and breaks that field the Light will change color and the pitch Will change the closer it gets we can Also adjust the sensitivity on that We have here we have the digital voice Recorder going and what we're doing is We're going to try to get a solid EVP And an EVP is something that's cool Because In my opinion it's not really disputable If you hear a voice that comes through On this recorder when no one in this Room says anything you got some pretty Solid evidence so that's what we're Going to be looking for at first and Will you just want to kind of describe That device that you have right there So this device right here this is a Thing from go stop so what it does once It gets settled in you can basically Come close to either side just like a Rem pod except you can get more than one Response you can get uh a yes or no so For instance if I bring my hand close to That side I'll turn red or man close to That side it'll turn green so if I ask

Um Um how Have you ever lived here were you a Family member that lived here yes for Green or red for now We can ask very specific historical Questions to the people that may have Lived here or the people that may have Come through here and try to figure out More exactly who it is that we're Speaking with When we do this portion right here we're Going to turn the lights up And the reason that is is because we Want this place like it is when any Potential activity happens and if people Were seeing figures in here and seeing The lights turn on this was in the Middle of the night this was a time when Lights would have been off so we just Want to kind of recreate that setting So let's go into blackout mode and do The CVP session Okay one thing we're going to do is say Our names when we start off if anyone Talks make sure you talk in a normal Voice or tag your whisper I'm Jeff I'm Linda and I will And aside from the three of us We'd like to know if there's anybody Else here with us before we get an Answer from you let me tell you why We're here We're here because

We want to know if there's anything we Can do to help you if there's anything Particular that you're looking for or Any message that you have that you want To get across and perhaps you've never Had the opportunity to do that we're Here to listen So you can touch any of those devices on The floor and the lights will change Color you can test it out if you want to Or you can just try talking to us My name is Will What is your name Where are you traveling to Do you work for CNN What was that that was this thing just Popped The bench Why don't you ask that question again a Little just one more time Do you work for CNO It's a strange It's like A spiderwicky kind of feel or like Somebody touching it very very gently Right here Why are you touching Linda's arm We can't see you So you'd have to describe yourself are You a man So we've come into the station master And Telegraph office and in here you can See some of the equipment set up Um kind of a kind of a cool place they

Have some displays that talk about what The people would have done in their jobs And so we brought the digital voice Recorder in here and I have one sitting Over on the chair this little small Chair over here and will has his set Over here and we've also brought the REM Pod that you can see on the floor over There and we have one of those little Light up balls that's actually a cat toy But they use them for ghost hunting so We're going to see if we can get any Activity on that because some people Seem seem to like that thing the spirit Seemed to like to mess with it and make It light up and certainly the REM pod We're interested in getting some sort of Activity on that as well All right so we got this cat ball on the Floor here and it's just the slightest Tap will make it kind of light up like That Come and Get It chassis I would like to send a telegraph is There anybody here that might be able to Help me do that Be in the truck going by outside And a bird yes Some sort of noise in the other part of The building Did you just move your feet So I mean not not making noise moving my Feet It sounded like there's something over

In your direction I heard it from there down the hallway Oh it could have been because the Hallway's right to my left so coming out Of there it would have been the same Same direction but it sounded like it Was in the freight room kind of like a It's far away like a like a rust like a Footstep kind of yeah That had to be me right is it that Sensitive I don't know there's no way Yeah I mean I didn't we can try it again Let's see so No Like I can jump up and down And that thing's not going off so Yeah that's something yeah besides you There it goes again look at that Moving All right So if you like lights This thing with the red light on it if You touch that You can use that to talk to us You can use it to tell us yes or no to Questions Maybe let us know if there's somebody That you have a message for Can I talk to the station manager Or the station master What's his name Can you go near that red light You may have seen if you go near the red

Light The light will change colors And the tone will change Can you try doing that for us I'm walking I'm gonna step back into This area because there are some strange Sounds coming out of here And I want to determine if it's Something coming from outside or it's Actually something in here Did you work in this office I see it Maybe you'd like to use that cat ball to Communicate with us Would you like to do that If the answer is yes Then make the cat fall light up again And the answer is no then you can leave It alone Are you willing to communicate with us Talk to us The answer is yes Together Thank you very much So when we get a possible response like That we just want to ask a clarifying Question Wow So it's seeming to go off at random This is a good opportunity though here Comes the train Is that your train Is that what you're waiting for It's a short train that was a short

Train I wonder if it was like Amtrak or Something Are you a male There goes again I'm going to ask that question again Because it was a while before you before The ball lit up are you a male Are you a female I want to ask confirmation question Because it's a chance That was a voice in the other room Maybe it is a ghost cat Maybe Or it could be a child That could be you know because children Would run around they wouldn't pay Attention to answering their questions Are you a boy Here in the station Master's office We've been getting some activity from This little light up ball that's Actually actually the cat toy but it's Been very random it hasn't been really In response to any questions that we've Asked it seems to go off at random time So what we did was we brought in the Other cat ball because we've seen before Cats Spirits left behind in places and It seemed like a fairly common practice To have cats in a train station like This so we've brought in this cat ball We're going to set this one down and see If we can get anything to move this and Set off the little bell inside instead

Of lighting it up lighting up this one Over here All right We got another ball for you to play with If you hit the other ball it'll Make a little sound The other ball Has a bell in it Can you hit that ball and make the Bell Right I think I'm gonna take that REM pot and Set it closer to the balls okay all Right Let's set it right up against there See if anything is actually coming close To the balls Watch that thing not light up now it's Lighting up But what's strange it doesn't look like It's moving no Is there a setting to uh change That it lights up on its own now I just Got one button on the top to turn it on And it seems so Random I would think That if it was uh A low battery or something like the Battery was dying That it wouldn't happen quite so Randomly or wouldn't be that bright yeah Or there would be you know shorter Periods of time in between it lighting Up Other than the light up ball can you Make a noise for us

Matter of fact could you repeat this Noise Foreign Do it one more time We're going to knock three times Can you knock three times back Hurt twice on the pipe So the cat ball is lighting up again but It seemed to be more random it wasn't Necessarily responding to any of the Questions that we had asked no noises Were made as far as we know there was no Voices on The Voice Recorder as of yet But next we're going to move into the Freight room see if we can get any sort Of responses in there Thank you I'll just rolled that thing down Chassis My name is Will I'm Linda I'm Jeff Linda said that She felt like there was somebody here And that you Perhaps worked here for a long time We'd like to know about your experiences Here what's it like working in the Freight room What's that sound It's every so often it sounds like a Single drum Yeah that's exactly that's a good yeah That's a good analogy If you worked here for many years I

Would imagine if you would have a lot of Stories What was the funniest thing that ever Happened to you Either during your time or before yours Were there ever any accidents here So you got hurt and how You do that again to let us know it was You Touch the bright red light It's just There you go That's it Seem to be responding here asking a Question So what year do you think it is do you Think it's some year in the 1900s If the answer is yes try that again Touch the red light Okay is it Sometime in the 1800s The answer is yes touch the red light Come here in the 18th 1800 I'll take that as a mess So every once in a while lights will Come in from the outside almost like It's going to do it now the light will Kind of go across the door right over Here It's only happened once But the one time it happened So it looked like a top hat like and the Shadow up against the wall but the Lights gone by numerous times and it

Hasn't done it again since Some interesting things in the freight Room there the REM pod for the first Time during this investigation it went Off The cat ball however did not go off once So what's interesting is the cap ball Was going off in here and the REM pod Was going off in there now at first it Seemed like the REM pod may have been Giving intelligent responses as when Linda would ask various dates it would Seem to respond and to her question but When that starts happening you Definitely want to ask a confirming Question so she got to the point where She said did you do you believe it's Between 1800 and 1825 and it lit up so Linda Went and asked a confirming question she Said do you believe it's between 18 26 And 1849 and sure enough it lit up so Obviously it can't believe it's both of Those dates so it seemed like and then After that it went off a couple more Times just seemed it random Couple possibilities Perhaps there's a child spirit That's just liking how it lights up Maybe we'll get some voices on the Recorder the other possibility is it is A cat in there but why would the cat not Play with these I can't imagine the cat Would go over and mess with this so I'm

Not leaning towards that as far as the Freight room was concerned We're going to go ahead and we're going To go upstairs and upstairs is an Interesting place because Linda Initially got an impression of a child Up there And I also when I was up there with the K2 meter it was a place where there were A couple just random spikes that were There and then not again so we're gonna Go up there take the REM pod maybe the Cat balls and see what we can get So what we could do here is uh we could Have one person down this end of the Hallway one person down the far end of The hallway and then one person just Right inside this doorway here perhaps Okay and see if we're gonna communicate All right I'm Jeff and I'm Linda I'm Will and we hope it's okay with you we Came up here We know that this is your place If you're not okay with us being here at Any point You can let us know Let's start with that red light that's In the middle of the floor If you would like us to leave Can you go near that red light touch it And it will turn green And we'll get out of here Okay if you would like us to stay How about going near that red light

Touching it make it turn green give us The green light to stay We know that Some German pows were brought through This station during the war Will might be able to Talk a little German and See if any of them are here What do you say will Uh because of will That means my name is Will By size Or is je m'appelle will What is your name By your license here just lit up Yes Silverine on the left side yes so that Triangle if you touch the left side of It it'll turn green I'll wait for it to go back to neutral So that light that was just green now It's blue Could you touch That same side again make it turn green The Kaiser will Or the je Motel will French or German My name is Will And you touch that device for me again Or I have an idea That same side that you just touched Inside that's green let's consider that Yes The other side is red let's consider

That no So if I ask you a question and the Answer is yes I would like for you to Touch the green side the answer is no I Would like for you to touch the red side So are we speaking to someone that used To live upstairs in here Well if you if you don't want to talk to Us Touch it for me again we will leave We'll leave you alone It won't bother you again I'm a Chappelle Jeff Foreign If you could light that light up for me We can talk to you and we can find out What you want we can either help you Or you know we can leave if that's Really what you want if you don't need Help maybe you don't need help Do you know anybody here who does need Some help That's Francis is a little broken I really find it fascinating that in Every room we've gone into in this in This place there's been something that's Happened Um but but it's always different devices And of course when we went upstairs then We had Will's device the little triangle Thing going off it went off once up There and it was just kind of random and It did it that one time and then it Stopped we couldn't get it to happen

Again but with all this light up Activity that makes us of course wonder What we've got on on the digital voice Recorder so interesting place upstairs We do believe that there is something up There maybe it's a little more shy than The ones who were down here but who Knows so down here in this room we had The cat's way lighting up we're going to The freight room where the REM pod Lighting up go upstairs and this began Lighting up on one side but only did it One time so in each room we've had a Different device lighting up and it Seems to be it would just kind of test It to see what it was what it was doing But then really answer intelligently to What we were asking This particular device to separate it From the rim pod it's actually very Similar You have to physically break the field Around it in order for it to set it off A bug won't do it change in air Temperature or weather or anything like That won't do it you have to physically Be close to it and the setting that I Had it had to have been right here in Order for it to light up green like it Did so something came across this don't Know what it was but it only did it the One time so hopefully we can be able to Look back at the voice recorder see if Maybe we got a response

So a lot of the equipment did go off in Various rooms And what's interesting is an Investigation like this we could leave And go over the audio and get nothing or We could go over the audio and find that Someone's been talking to us the whole Time in which case we may have to come Back and see if we can give a response To those answers or to whatever is said On the tapes now there's a few Possibilities here that could come Through as I said there was a lot of Activity here with people especially With the war with people saying goodbye To their loved ones there were pows that Were brought through here German pows Even though the train station was built Post-civil War there was Civil War Activity very close to here and quite Probably troop movements that came right Through where this train station is now Standing so we could even get voices From Spirits that were here before the Station was built a lot of times I Always tell people that sometimes a new House can be built and it'll be haunted And people wonder why like how could a New house be haunted and it's because of Something that happened on the land Before so Spirits are not just attached To a location to a specific building but Sometimes to a land so numerous things We could get the fun part is going

Through all that audio and listening for Any possible sounds any possible Anomalies that came through that weren't Tagged Time for the evidence reveal Foreign