Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – scientific research: Dr. Paul E. Tyler’s interest in UAP

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I was recently re-reading Jacques Vallee’s book “Forbidden Science: Volume Four.” I came across the name of Dr. Paul E. Tyler, in relation to Tyler’s interest in the medical effects of UAP on humans. This set me off researching more on Tyler’s UAP work. The following, is what I found.


“When Dr. Tyler was stationed in McMurdo, a small Antarctic station, in 1961-1962, he witnessed an inpressive UFO incident which was never explained. It was a saturday night in June. Most of the staff on base were occupied watching B-grade movies, a double feature. The radar operator was watching released weather balloons to see the direction they would go in for aiming the radar when he yelled for everyone to come out. There were three little lights going across the sky below the Aurora Australis. In Antarctica at that time of the year no planes could fly there – their engines would freeze up. The lights were seen on radar and visually. The scientists ( a joint US-New Zealand team) were there studying the aurora with a camera. They took photos in which the objects appeared as streaks.

This was an excellent sighting and it was duely reported. Has anyone heard of it? Did it appear in Project Bluebook? Dr Tyler’s interest in UFOs was stimulated by the incident…”

The details of this incident from 1961-1962, observed by Dr. Tyler, rang some bells. I turned to the NICAP website, and in particular, two 1962 Antarctice observations that are documented on the website. I found none from 1961.

1. Thursday 7 June 1962 Hallett Station, Antarctica

“At 0105Z, a brilliant white light, approximately 20 times brighter than first magnitude stars, was seen at 250 degrees (true) azimuth, and 30 degrees’ elevation. Over 5 minutes it remained stationary and was viewed both with binoculars and the naked eye. It appeared circular. It was a dazzling gold color, and seen between two mountain peaks. The sun at the time was below the horizon. After 5 minutes it moved in a southerly direction and was lost to view behind a peak. PBB concluded it was Jupiter.”

2. Saturday 7 July 1962 1115Z Hallett Station, Antarctica.

“According to a radiogram signed by Claud Taylor, base commander, an object appeared over the region, crossing in 3 to 4 minutes the horizon in a S-N direction. That object showed three different parts sharply separated, one of them more luminous than the two others. A kind of ‘grey shape’ could be seen around the three bright parts, which the observers interpreted a to be a ‘possible condensation trail.’ When the object was N of the base it emitted a sudden flash of light, without any change in orbit or shape. No sound was heard.

The report also states that the object appeared to be well inside the atmosphere and certainly below the level of the austral aurora.

The most important part of the Hallett base observation was that the object’s passage was registered by a special photographic instrument called “all sky camera,” used for the study of polar aurora. The instrument has a semispherical mirror which makes possible photographs of the sky at frequent intervals. According to information released by the New Zealand Scientific and Industrial Research Department, the color photos obtained confirmed the visual observations of the UAO. One of the photos of long exposure, showed a luminous trail crossing the whole sky.

According to Dr. M. Gadsen, a scientist who was at Hallett base, the nature of the object could not be established because it was not a meteor and there was no information on the fall of a satellite in that region on that occasion.”


1. The account of Dr. Tyler’s 1961-1962 observation at the beginning of this post, was taken from a summary of a talk which Dr. Tyler gave to the New Mexico state branch of MUFON, in October 1993.

2. Unless there was an Antarctica base sighting reported, other than the ones on 7 June 1962 and 7 July 1962, as described on the NICAP website; the 7 July 1962 NICAP described event, seems to best match the information given by Dr Tyler in his 1993 talk, some 31 years after the incident. The location would then seem to be Hallett station and not McMurdo base. 

3. Was Dr. Tyler stationed at Hallett Station in 1962? A Google search located a page which stated that the Tyler Glacier, near Hallett Station was “…named by the US ACAN for Lt. Paul E. Tyler, MC USN OIC Hallett Station, winter party 1962.” Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is defined as the calendar months June, July and August.

4. Thanks to Melbourne researcher Paul Dean, who supplied a PDF copy of the relevant project Blue Book file on the 7 July 1962 event, I confirmed the details in the NICAP summary. There was also a statement that one of the indivduals who observed the phenomenon was “OINC” which I interpret as Office In Naval Charge” i.e. Tyler.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Scientific Research Dr Paul E Tyler S Interest In Uap | General Paranormal

5.  If the Saturday 7 July 1962 NICAP listed event, was observed by Dr. Tyler, and started off his UFO interest, was the sighting in fact a UFO or something else? Researcher Brad Sparks on the NICAP website suggested that it may have been an observation of the re-entery of CIA-NRO spy satellite KH-45 Corona-M, launch M-6 designated 1962 Alpha Beta or 1962-026A.

In addition, Ted Molczan, a Canadian amateur satellite observer, has compiled a list titled “Visually Observed Natural Re-entry of Earth Satellites.” This list details a 7 July 1962, 1115Z time, re-entry for 1962-026A Corona 9037, sighted from Antarctica Hallett Station located at 72 degrees 19 minutes 07 seconds South latitude and longitude 170 degrees 12 minutes 38 seconds East. He provides extensive references to the sighting.

It would certainly seem, that based on re-entry data about a spy satellite which wasn’t known at the time, that the sighting was of a satellite re-entry. Ironic that an IFO started off “Dr Tyler’s interest in UFOs was understandably stimulated by this incident.”

Professional career – 1973 – 1979

As far back as 1973, Tyler was publishing work on biological effects. That year his “Overview of the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation” appeared in the March issue of IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems. In 1975,  Tyler was publishing work in the field of nonionizing radiation. In that year, he was editor of the book “Biological Effects of Nonionizing Radiation” a collection of papers presented at a conference held 12-15 February 1974 by the New York Academy of Sciences.” He wrote reviews of books on this topic; e.g. in 1978.  I also located a July 1979 letter Tyler wrote to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at which point Tyler was at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute. 

1980 – the Cash/Landrum case

In his 2011 book “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities” John B. Alexander wrote about the investigations conducted by Lt. Col. George Sarran into the Cash/Landrum incident. 

“George carried the investigation a step further asking for consultation from me, and two military medical doctors, U.S. Navy Captain Paul Tyler and Air Force Major Richard Niemtzow, both of whom specialized in radiation. Paul and I had worked together for several years in my interagency projects at INSCOM…”

In a 1994 publication of the New Mexico branch of MUFON, a summary appeared of a 1993 talk by Tyler. Included in the summary was:

“He personally investigated the Cash Landrum in which UFO witnesses were burned by some kind of radiation. He studied the hospital records and concluded that it wasn’t microwaves but had to be some sort of ionising radiation. What was it? Nothing that we have or had at the time.” 

1985 – The Advanced Theoretical Physics group

In footnotes to “Forbidden Science:Volume Four” Vallee, in writing about the alleged participants in John B. Alexander’s ATP group, wrote, “Radiologist Paul Tyler.”

In a March 2019 article on the Blue Blurry Lines blog, Curt Collins, in writing about John B. Alexander stated:

“One of these friends was Dr. Paul E. Tyler (1930-2013), a captain in the US Navy, and medical consultant on the government’s remote viewing program. This circle of associates was valuable when Alexander put together the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group. The primary purpose of this group was to determine if there was a hidden UFO government agency, but their findings were negative. The team also studied a few UFO cases, and the Cash Landrum incident was one of particular interest.”

6 December 1987 – Vallee

Talking about Richard Niemtzov and French Doctor Canonne who was interested in the physical effects of microwaves on human tissues. “Paul Tyler, a retired Navy medical expert, was mentioned.”

[Vallee: Forbidden Science V4. p.306]

7 January 1990 – Vallee

Richard Niemtzow, speaking of Rima Laibow’s TREAT conference, and the participants who attended. “…physicians like Paul Tyler, but no expert in treating the medical effects of UFOs…”

[Vallee: Forbidden Science V4. p.20]

5 May 1990 – Vallee

Vallee was attending a meeting of John B. Alexander’s Advance Theoretical Physics Working Group. Ron Blackburn of Lockheed’s Skunkworks spoke. “…he worked with a scientist named Paul Tyler who encouraged him to investigate UFOs from the point of view of ‘energy, consciousness, and form – where form is negotiable…'”

[Vallee: Forbidden Science V4. p 35.]

1992 – MUFON Conference

The summary of Tyler’s talk at the 20 October 1993 meeting of MUFON New Mexico noted that Tyler was the Master of Ceremonies at the 1992 International MUFON Conference. However, a check of my digital copy of the MUFON Journal for August 1992, which contained an extensive report on that conference, contained no mention of who was MC, and no reference to Tyler’s name. 

1993 – a MUFON talk

Tyler gave a talk to the New Mexico branch of MUFON, a summary of which talk is to be found in a publication of the branch. I have already extracted details of part of the talk in sections above, and here will document some dot points arising from the speech’s summary:

* Tyler spent 39 years in the U.S. military – Army and navy

* Tyler was a consultant for the CIA and other U.S. agencies

* “There were always people who were unofficially interested in UFOs…Was someone really looking at this? No one knew.”

* At one stage Tyler was Head of Medicine for the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. He ran the program on EM radiation

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Scientific Research Dr Paul E Tyler S Interest In Uap | General Paranormal

* Does the U.S. government keep secrets? Yes, but not very well

* Studied alternative medicine

* Dr. Tyler’s group looked at Project Blue Book cases

* “In every agency,” said Dr. Tyler “I ran into people interested in UFOs. But it wasn’t their job and there was no money to look into it, so tidbits got filed into personal file cabinets.”

* Dr. Tyler feels [UFOs] are “…probably [guided by] intelligent beings capable of doing things that we can’t.”

* Will we ever know about UFOs? Dr. Tyler advises “Let’s keep looking.”

1993 -TREAT talk

According to the NM MUFON summary of his 20 October 1993 speech, Tyler was a speaker at the 1993 TREAT conference. In an earlier blog post, I had noted that the TREAT VI conference, “Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma” was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

8 January 1995 – Vallee

“And Paul Tyler, director of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, wrote in 1986 of a technique ‘to disrupt the electrical signal in cardiac muscle,’ producing ‘complete asystole with a resultant fatal outcome.'”

[Vallee: Forbidden Science V4. p 220.]


In a June 1986 book titled “Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” edited by Lt. Col. David J. Dean (USAF), Tyler wrote a chapter entitled “The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict.” In that chapter appeared “The results of many studies that have been published in the last few years indicate that specific biological effects can be achieved by controlling the various parameters of the electromagnetic (EM) field.”

Post 1995

I was unable to locate any references in the UAP literature, to the UAP interest of Tyler, post 1995. He would have been 65 years of age at that point. I would welcome hearing from blog readers who may be able to supply information on Tyler’s interests post 1995. 

Tyler’s passing

According to an obituary notice for Wynell June Baxter Tyler, age 86, Wynell married Dr. Paul E. Tyler MD USN on March 17, 1957. She passed away on 20 October 2021. Proceeding her in death, was her husband. A Blue Blurry Lines blog article cited the year of Tyler’s birth as 1930 and the year of his passing as 2013. 


1. Thanks to Curt Collins for his work on the Cash/Landrum case. His work on this, may be found at his Blue Blurry Lines blog. 

2. Thanks to Melbourne researcher Paul Dean, for a PDF copy of the relevant Blue Book file on the 7 July 1962 Hallett Station sighting. 

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