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Thank you Foreign Wow ladies and gentlemen it is Saturday Nights and it's time for the Saturday Version of the Paranormal portal so hope You guys are doing great thank you so Much everybody for being here as always It's An outstanding pleasure to turn on the Lights and you all are just coming in The door just like where everybody knows Your name Cheers all right so uh we got a lot of Things going on tonight but before I go Any further let me welcome to the show My one and only biggest branch of my Personal family tree of course I'm Talking about Mr Sheldon Thomas how you Doing buddy I'm doing great and don't worry everyone I made some mistakes but we're rolling With it tonight Go right at the elephant in the room Right oh yeah we're tackling we're not Pretending like it's not here it's here Yeah do you want to share what happened Well I was trimming my hair that was the

Intention at least and I took the guard Off of the shaver because I wanted to Clean and get the hair out of there so It cuts fine and uh I forgot to put the Sheer back on it went right at it so I Had this big long streak of short hair So uh I decided you know what we're Rolling with this look now so here we Are you just trenched it right down the Center huh that's right there's no way I Could roll with it that way there's no Gluing it back on well there you have it I think it looks nice for what it's Worth I mean it does look good You know you're one of those guys that Can do that I mean some guys have weird Shaped heads and stuff it's like yeah You know let it grow back let it go back But uh yeah it's looking good and Barbara Morris says the same thing Looking good Sheldon and uh thank you Thank you wanderwoman says Sheldon baby What There's no bearded babies though is There I don't know I look too good to be a Baby oh there you go there you go way to Roll buddy how you doing father Mike how You doing Wonder Woman sugar britches Elaine John temperine is in here Chucky Danger Barbara Mora Um Um Megan's here how you doing Megan Thanks for coming in hey again it's nice

To meet you if I haven't met you before The names I I think that's a new name But it might not be but if it is welcome Glad you found it and uh thank you for Tuning in and being a part of the Journey as always Chucky danger good to See you Chucky's been tearing up the Tearing up the Discord man he's always Putting links like crazy up in there and Some great information so I appreciate It uh he and Maggie are probably the Most active people over there but uh Thank you guys for that and thank you to All of our people Mystic shepherdist Just came in how you doing looks good Sheldon no worries she says so there you Go to here you've got unanimous crowd Approval Deb how you doing good to see You Deb our very own Deborah Varner Psychic of the Paranormal portal I gotta Get her back on and do some readings Again my God it's about we're about do So uh John says hey Don [Laughter] He says now you do look like a Sherman Oh No Just info Chairman Sheldon is all the same so yeah Yeah it's nice to have you know that That overall you know encouragement I Guess we've got a great group of people On these live shows and I mean there's a Lot of shows have trolls and people that Are just there to just I don't know just

Be be contrary but we've just got a Whole crowd of amazing people so thank You all Um we got a lot to get to today as Always We're Not Gonna I didn't join the Network tonight we're just gonna Roll Commercial free because I don't know It's it's I'm just gonna try it out and See what happens here but we're Definitely uh we're definitely gonna be Commercial free uh making a dead run to The end and just like on Wednesday Nights so We won't have those interruptions And we'll see how that goes commercial Free yay yeah I didn't know I you know I I guess I should probably ask you guys How do you guys feel about those Commercials do you prefer the shows that Just go straight through with no break Or do you mind the commercials do you Find them good to help you know give you A break or or what do you feel like you Guys will have to let me know if you Like commercials just type commercials In chat if you like commercial free just Type commercial free and let me know I'm Just kind of doing a a quick uh poll Here in the live chat to see what you Guys think because you guys are the ones That are here for it you're the ones That are dealing with these things so if Uh commercial freeze what you prefer Then uh you don't have to make some

Changes because I want to uh whatever Either or commercials Rachel likes the Commercials I like music breaks good Wonder Woman Okay good to know Um no I I actually get nothing from the Commercial breaks at all that's that's a Network thing has nothing to do with me So I'm not getting any kind of Revenue Or anything from those so I just do it Because it's part about being connected To the network so it doesn't it doesn't Benefit me in any way Um so I'm just curious about you guys Yeah the music is great Barbara Morris Says thank you I appreciate that Barbara Um we all need smoke and pee break okay So it looks like commercials are kind of Winning so far okay wow all right I Didn't expect that but uh that's that's Good news uh you know we'll we'll Definitely be doing them music is the Highlight of the day hey wait Chucky What I mean the music is good and all But come on the Highlight It's the best part of the shows All right I've been here a long time but I missed the pot I haven't missed the Podcast okay good thank you Dawson I Appreciate that well I you know just uh Let me know if you if you have an Opinion thank you to those who have Rendered opinion uh commercials have Sold glow opal

I was not from wasn't that from Coming To America Soul glow the the Jerry curl Stuff I think maybe anyway I don't know I Might be totally wrong there but I'll Tell you what you're too young I'm too young to know what you're Talking about probably a movie with Eddie Eddie Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall where they they played many Characters throughout it but he was a African prince that came to find a bride In America or whatever or so oh yeah it Was a really good movie really really Well done and they did a sequel to it More recently which I didn't think was As good or nearly even close to as good But yeah you know oh that was Afro Sheen Oh sorry I don't know I don't know it's An awesome movie yeah it is all right so This is the Paranormal portal though so Uh let's uh dive into some paranormal Goodness as you've grown to love here on The show let's go do some news are you Ready Sheldon always always ready here We go hang on we're going in [Applause] [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the Paranormal portal news desk as we Cover all the news of the day that I've Managed to curate on your behalf and uh

Hopefully it's good and interesting and Fun and and uh if if you don't learn Much at least maybe you'll learn Something you didn't know when you came Before you came so that's my objective This one's a weird one the first one off The bat and I haven't heard much of this Story I've seen mumblings of it here and There but I never really looked into it But it has to do with a missing person Case uh and which is absolutely horrible And tragic and and terrifying and scary And and uh you know my heart goes out to The family of this person but I don't Know what exactly is going on with it so I guess we'll both be learning this one Together what's funny exactly Taco violator says Hey look it's a Better looking Brent All right so anyway I'll move back to The next all right let's let's uh October you might get banned All right Nicole bully mystery endures As police find no trace of her in the River And this is from unexplained please support their site It's an amazing site I love it and I Can't speak highly enough of this site So please head over there and support it Because there's tons more than we ever Cover on these shows so the 45 year Old's mysterious disappearance remains a Total Enigma as it looks doubtful that

She actually fell into the river now Entering its second week the search for The missing woman remains ongoing with Police officers and Diving experts Having so far failed to find a single Piece of evidence to explain her Disappearance The 45 year old who Hills from Inskip in Lancashire England had dropped her Children off at school in the morning of Friday January 27th before before Heading out to take her dog for a walk She sent an email to her boss at around 8 53 a.m and then logged into onto a Microsoft teams call at 901 which ended At 9 30. concerns were quickly raised However when her phone was found Abandoned on a bench near the river wire I guess that's why our w-y-r-e still Connected to the call Police officers had initially suggested That she had fallen in the river but now In renewed search of the Water by an Expert diving team has found absolutely No trace of her whatsoever The search has now shifted further Downstream to the bay where the river Meets the sea some experts have Indicated that the river being slow Moving and relatively shallow would be An unlikely to have swept her all the Way to the ocean and that if she had Fallen in she would have already been Discovered

Extensive searching uh you know as uh Hold on Extensive searching you know as you're Probably aware has gone on in that River Said nikola's partner Paul Ansel Ansel And uh the fact that the divers and Underwater rescue team and all that were In the river on the day and thankfully Found absolutely nothing in the part Where you would have to presume as her Last known location Personally I'm 100 convinced it's not The river that's my opinion Where is she then was she abducted or And I don't mean extraterrestrial I mean Did somebody grab this woman and drag Her away and I mean she had her dog with Her right So I don't know it's it's very strange Case Um again my heart absolutely goes out to Her family and loved ones and I I hope Somehow she can be found okay but you Know I don't know it's been what they Say a week Second entering the second week so That's absolutely terrifying I don't Know it's not looking good for her Return but um you know I can still pray I guess so I don't know you be the judge I I you know those kind of things are Absolutely nothing short of a nightmare That that's somebody would take it upon Themselves to just absolutely you know

Do something to somebody in such a in Such a way I don't know I don't know how To even put it into words there's just Such an illness in some people and so Broken and and so absolutely devoid of Of human decency so I don't know what to Think but it's kind of a tragic story But it is it is an important story I Guess but so anytime you guys are out There be careful because there's there's People like this all over the world Unfortunately So uh let's go on to the next article on Our news Fest of fun here and uh Um and again a message at the same time All right here we go the next one up on Our news Fest of fun is also from Unexplained And this is uh This is kind of a hot one uh it's been Going around lately people are Speculating an awful lot it says U.S Fire The US fighter jet shoots down Unidentified object over Alaska now I Don't know if it's an unidentified Object I thought I'd heard that they Shot a balloon down another balloon from China down up there but I don't know it Says the mysterious object was Reportedly smaller than the Chinese Balloon that was shot down last week Efforts are currently underway to Determine the nature of an unknown high

Altitude object that was spotted and Then subsequently shot down by a U.S Fighter jet over the state of Alaska on Friday according to Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder the object Had been traveling in an altitude of Around 40 000 feet the same altitude as Jetliners and was deemed to be a risk to Civilian traffic It was ultimately down by an F-22 Raptor Which fired a single Aim-9x Sidewinder missile and officials Are currently in the process of Retrieving and investigating the debris So Whatever they shot down it says as Things stand there's not much we know About the object other than that it was Around the size of a car and was Cylindrical and silverish gray the Object was about the size of a small car So not similar in size or shape to the High Altitude surveillance balloon that Was taken down off the coast of South Carolina on February 4th said Ryder when Asked if it was if it was balloonish he Said all I can say is it wasn't flying With any sort of propulsion so if that Is balloon-like well we just don't have Enough at this point with any luck we Should we should hear more about the Situation in the coming week Well what if it was a UFO I mean that's Kind of an ambiguous statement right

Sheldon That's a I mean let's just say let's Just say it was UFO okay that is a Horrible idea in my opinion to shoot Them down I think so Well yeah yeah you don't know if it's uh If it's a advanced probe for the Invading Armada or something or if you Know what it is but yeah that's that's Weird Uh yeah Well whatever it is it's no longer up There I you know if it was aliens then You know just move Out there and just eat a missile you Know if they're so Advanced it could Have you should have probably seen that Coming Um you know that's what I'm wondering Too is like the advanced technology that They have yeah they just sat there and Took it yeah they just sat there and ate It like nope Just like Wiley Coyote you know oh here Comes boom I don't know whatever the Case something was shot down it was Cylindrical and didn't have any means of Propulsion that does sound like one of Those Tic Tac things but I don't know Cylindrical no means of propulsion so it Was just floating was it just stationary Was it was it drifting with the wind a Lot of questions I guess you'd think

They would probably maybe Identify it to some degree before they Start lobbing missiles at it but I don't Know I guess it's not supposed to be up There so they take that stuff kind of Serious at least now they do last one They waited till it drifted over the Entire Continental USA and then decided To shoot it over the ocean on the on the Atlantic it's like really oh yeah they Yeah they let God they just let it roll It's like really that was that was your Your hot button right there oh they made It over over the East Coast let's take It down Well at any rate something was shot down What was it we don't know could it have Been a UFO maybe it doesn't sound like It was a balloon so whatever it was it Was quite a bit different from the Balloon Whereas from who sent it we don't know But that's that's that part of the news Let's get to the next part see what else We can find here Sheldon [Laughter] This one's a chupacabra news actually And uh I don't know The headline kind of says it all but you Be the judge we'll see what the article Actually says this is from the world of Bazaar on The Unexplained Miss Dash Intoxicated woman calls police to report

Chupacabra in Michigan Well sure I guess that could be there Why not right There's intoxicated it's the key I know Stupid camera in my yard yeah it's just A funny yeah It's just a squirrel ma'am It's from Midland County believe that The elusive Cryptid was skulking around Outside of her home The bizarre incident occurred February 1st at around 9 45 PM when the woman Dialed 9-1-1 to report that she had seen A chupacabra along with the capybara Outside of her apartment oh so we're Probably traveling together Those are those those are the big rap Things aren't they the copybara they're Like they look like huge oversized rats Yeah from South America The actual recording of the Midland County Center Dispatch at the time has Since been posted online I'll bet it is They're going to get some mileage out of That one she's reported an animal out Back the dispatcher can be heard saying She believes possibly it could be a Chupacabra what's the animal an officer Has some guy just but I'm interrupting My break for this a chupacabra sir she Described it the dispatcher replies There's been a high amount of sightings Of those in that area Lately by the way The officer notes in this case however

Upon arriving to the woman's home Officers were quickly able to determine That there was no such creature at the Premises and that the woman's Intoxicated state may have had something To do with the call She honestly somehow believed those Animals may have been there said Sheriff Myron green well there you go you want To hear the call Yeah I kind of I think I do too we're Going to listen to the call folks they Were nice enough to include the the Actual phone call from M live Central 5147 he got the call Really Would you Village Apartments In my contact about April Questions to report analog Max you Believe it's a possible vehicle Chupacabra Okay Can you go again what's the animal Hey jupa conferencer she described 21 47. There's been a high amount of sightings For those in that area Lately by the way There you go You can just hear the Dead Silence the Guy going oh my God he didn't even Answer for a while he's like oh God He knew he was like oh no he's like no No this again this kind of junk oh my God and I'll bet you it was probably

Like one of those you know 1 30 a.m Calls too you know so I guess it was 9 45 p.m so yeah she was already pretty Thick into the sauce at this point so It's And it was a chupacabra and a capybara So They were hanging out together probably Uh Probably uh I don't know I don't wanna I Don't wanna I don't want to make this go Any further downhill than it is so I mean Note of in this story is that What go ahead okay I can't wait for you To surmise this I can okay there's an important detail Here all right please go ahead the Officer did say that there have been a Lot of calls about that in the area a Lot of sightings yeah I think it might Be more of a statement to the local Populist oh then it is actual Cryptid Sightings is I think where he was going With this like oh yeah that area okay Yes Along with pink elephants and other Things I could be wrong but that was my Take is anyway because there's been a Lot of sightings and things like that Down there you know meaning it's Probably not the the staple community That you're excited to go to Um I'll just leave it there I don't know

He saw the officer sounded excited I love that I love the big pause it's Just like Just you could just hear them almost Mentally exhaling like oh God I need a New job The wrong line of work God so that means That that long dead pause was awesome That was comedic gold because you can Just hear his frustration like Oh you can't do it on the radio because You know it's an official Channel but You know that guy was thinking Folks chupacabras and Capybaras getting Together Making copy cobras maybe I don't know Colleen Bowman asks Brent do you believe In any of this just wondering any of What I'm assuming chupacabra yeah I believe That there's something to these I think There's something to every one of these These kind of sightings for sure but I Think I think that you have to You have to stay grounded with this Stuff because otherwise you're going to Be out in the ethers with a lot of it And and there's so many Fantastical I Don't want to say Bizarre but unusual ideas about what These things are and not that they're Not that that that they couldn't be Right but I just think that you start with getting

An acknowledgment of these things being Out there And then after that then we find out About them there are so many people out There that are so sure that they Understand the complete nature of all These unknown beings and I think that's Where it gets real convoluted and Confusing Um Could they be this could they be this Could they be this could they be us and And quite honestly they could be any of Them we just don't know but but I think The I guess the things that I struggle With the most is that there's not a real High bar In a lot of these fields for what we Call evidence You know that that's pretty much anybody Can take a picture of anything and and There will be people saying oh there's There's six Sasquatch in that in that Photo and I I maybe it's just me but I can't see It and and for me you know I really Believe that evidence should look like Evidence Like if you can't look at something and Go oh absolutely that's something then It it's probably not going to stand on Its own legs and there's going to be It's going to be easy to detract which I Think affects the whole community

It affects the whole community of people That are enthusiastic about other stuff I believe in most everything that we Cover on this show I don't believe in everyone's account Um of of what they claim but that's just Because there's some things I can't get My head around that doesn't mean that I'm right and they're wrong I'm just Saying that there is there is a there's A barrier for me that's that things Have to go beyond in order for me to Fully subscribe to what I'm hearing or What I'm reading or what I'm seeing and So I know that there's there's a lot of People out there working really hard to Make hoaxes to make make fools out of People that are enthusiastic about this Stuff I I think that a lot of the you Know so maybe a good percentage of of The proof photos out there Are probably perpetuated by people Trying to make the communities look Stupid and I think that doesn't help any Of us you know that they're like oh I Was out in and I heard this stick crack And I turned and took the picture and I Think I see a Bigfoot in there what do You think and then there will be a crowd Of people going oh yeah there's four of Them and I can see them here and here And here and you know and and it's we Just don't know and my my fear is that I Am very passionate about this stuff I

Really and truly am but I really think That you have to look get the stuff Through the eyes of the Skeptics as much As we can because if what we're Presenting as evidence of these of these Phenomena doesn't stand on its own it Just makes it look ridiculous and you May be right those of you that believe That there are you know six Sasquatch in A picture of of a of a forest you may be Right but can you prove that and can you Make that really clear to other people Looking at that evidence and if you Can't you know you're welcome to your Beliefs but that I guess that's where Where my my barriers are and it's not That I'm trying to detract from this Stuff at all but I think we have to be At this point where where there's so Many people putting a lot of Blood Sweat And Tears into Research into Discovery Into looking for Clues substantiating it For the populations at large because a Lot of people believe that these Cryptids are out there I'm among them And I think that people have the right To know I I agree completely Carrie Arnold whose position was look if people Are going to go out camping they should Know they should have right to Information to know that there might be An eight nine ten foot uh creature out There that might not be happy to see him You know or a dog man or you know or

Whatever a Bigfoot dog man any you know Insert the Cryptid here but Um right right now there's just so many Splinters of of you know of these ideas And and it's and it's kind of hard to Keep up with and so some of it is Comical some of it is on you know and And I don't mean that in a degrading way But but I have a filter too I have I Have uh um I have a logical threshold as Well and I think most of us do most of Us do but there are some people out There that have this confirmation bias Where well that's one that one that one That one that one that one and I and I Don't think that that serves to move the Fields ahead for you know the population At large because people do have a right To know they're there but you know You've got to show them Proof that they can look at identify and Go oh man you know so that's the tough Parts there's there's the hoaxers There's uh the people with absolute Blind confirmation bias and uh and they May be right I'm not degrading it from Them but but I have a higher threshold Than that so that's my point I I don't Mean to ever degrade people's ideas and Beliefs but I I do think that we have to Scrutinize this stuff we have to take it Seriously if we want other people to Take it seriously or if we want the if We want the communities at large to uh

At least accept the fact that these Things might be out there there are These things do present a very real Danger I I really think so I don't mean That they're that they're intrinsically Dangerous but we just don't know Anything about them and so it would be Good for families to know when they're Going out camping that they might be Camping with with other things than Squirrels and rabbits and raccoons and Coyotes you know that there might Something much much bigger out there That might be hungry you know I mean Just to put it bluntly so I'm kind of spider webbing on this and I'm sorry but but you know I just want To address that very clearly yes I Believe in all of this But I also believe that there is there Is also it's also important to Scrutinize these things really carefully Because we we don't want to make a Mockery of ourselves and our and our Passion that's my point so I hope that Makes sense for you Um does that make sense to you Sheldon I Think that was very well said Um very well articulated to oh thanks um So in a sense you You're open-minded to anything it's just There there are some things to just not Enough evidence for just in general out There sure yeah I mean I I have no doubt

I guess the one thing I've learned since Doing this show is that there there's There's maybe no limit on what could be Out there like literally and and and That that that means that there's a lot We don't know But we really don't know and and I I'm Really cautious about those people that Believe that they have these behavioral Profiles on these on these beings Because we really don't know and maybe They're right maybe they're not right I Don't know but I just think it's it's Important to be cautious so Yeah anyway that's stated that's my take On it so uh but uh yeah I don't know Could be anything But that's my opinion for what it's Worth and it's just my opinion again uh I have a microphone my it doesn't make My opinion any more valid than any of Yours you know of course but just some Thoughts so let's continue on our news Fest and get to the last few articles That got pulled up here and then we'll Carry on with other of the Paranormal Wonder that we love All right Um this one's kind of terrifying I think There's a video included with this too But I'm not sure because I haven't I Never pre-read these so I'm reading it With the first for the first time with You uh this is from unexplainedash woman narrowly escapes Death as boulder crashes through her House Dear God wow Um this is uh Caroline Sasaki was mere inches from certain Death when a huge Rock came crashing Into her home at the weekend The incredible near-miss occurred at Around midnight on Saturday when Sasaki Had been on her way to sit down and Watch some TV As she walked towards the couch a Massive Boulder suddenly came crashing Through the wall rolled just a few Inches in front of her and then smashed Through another wall into an adjoining Room what's more the entire thing was Captured on security camera see below We're gonna see a pillow I heard the Loud boom and apparently the boulder Passed right in front of me which I Didn't know I didn't see it she said in It during an interview with CNN All I heard was the boom and then Somebody asked me if I was okay Fortunately nobody was hurt but the House which her family had just moved Into was badly damaged and will require Some extensive repair work local Authorities are now undergoing an Investigation to determine how this Could have happened Well I imagine if you live next to a

Hill and there's Boulders on it Sometimes yeah they sometimes just go Downhill ah it could have been pushed I Guess yeah there's somebody trying to Collect some insurance money she should Be watching TV about now All right oh The Walking Dead comes out She's gonna be on the couch here we go No just kidding all right let's check Out this video and see for ourselves This comes from the telegraph on their YouTube channel so Oh my God Oh my God Look at that Wow That is Hulk smash right Some player would cause the holder Literally one second earlier she started Walking over there just one side yeah Look at how fast Hey let me go way back Yeah she was just about there too Oh my God Wow wow it just it tears to the house Like paper yeah it's funny it even stops That's I don't know how much a boulder Like that was I'm bad that's well over a thousand Pounds of Boulder Oh yeah oh that's it's almost as big as

She is yeah that's a huge huge thing wow So there you have it folks good news is Nobody was hurt the bad news is She's probably not gonna go watch TV I Mean whatever I mean when you have that close of a Call would you even say that's divine Intervention yeah absolutely I mean just Second uh literally a second Was the difference between her being Pudding and her just standing there Watching a rock roll through her house You know yeah Because that would have been game over For her the speed and power that thing Came in there's no way she would have Offered no resistance to that kind of Mass no no none interestingly enough the Couch actually did pretty well Yeah you know I just got to scrape that A little bit of a fabric tear there on The corner otherwise they're good to go The TV's still on hell it's a good night Yep it's got good wiring they're they're Still up and running really yeah yeah That's uh that's some craftsmanship There good positioning wow how about That That's not what you see every day folks And thank God but what made the boulder Roll I don't know where was this again what Did this happen It doesn't does it really say where

Woman crosses Boulder through her house I'm just looking for where this is Trinity Says when Um but it's really not Telling us where it was Um oh well oh what no there's no there's No where it's just the wind we know when It happened we knew what happened we Just don't know where it happened So interesting yeah that's an unusual Omission oh yeah well there you have Been the town the state did it say in The video I wanna I'm gonna watch it again I'm Just kind of curious yeah a woman avoids Being crushed through her house Maybe they didn't want the credit You know it's just not given any Information whatsoever as far as where It is that's that's kind of curious I'm Just wondering like is it a spring thaw You know that the ground is softening up After the frost and you know it does Boulder just kind of let go because it's All wet and moist and slippery now or oh You know what I mean North or South Basically yeah and it's from the UK Though the so I guess it Might be over there weird Very weird Okay UK news folks Um yeah I'm just glad she's okay glad Everybody was okay there that's just you Know you can fix a house

You can't you can't fix a body uh to a Certain point Uh after a certain point I should say What I don't know I don't know no maybe it's Their long-lost pet rock just coming up Oh he grew up You left me on that beach yeah That's just weird is that your joke No that was the unknowns oh the unknown Rocky yeah whatever all right so uh Let's go to the next one kind of a Longer news cycle tonight sorry but uh We've been talking an awful lot so ah Sorry I was kind of breathing in and not I don't know I was like yeah I was like Stuck I was breathing and talking at the Same time I was like Ah that's not Working Um I'm okay now uh it's the new Rocky Movie Laughs The corpse of Rocky comes rolling Unexplained Ash Mysteries Mysteries com Brings us doubts raised over alleged Bigfoot spotted on Google Earth this is From January 30th I didn't see this one Before so I pulled it up for tonight There's the alleged image For those of you that can see only you Can see we're only on YouTube tonight so Um the image of an alleged Bigfoot found On Google's satellite mapping service Has been dividing opinion this week the

Snapshot snapshot which was originally Posted on Reddit appears to show a large Humanoid figure walking around the Colorado Wilderness but despite claims That it represents evidence of Bigfoot Doubts have been cast over whether this Is even a picture of a creature at all Yeah it could be I don't know if it's a Full up and down you I don't think you'd Be able to see the legs like that yeah You might be sunbathing they might be Laying out Um and let's see it's is it a bear is a Puddle a hiker without gear the original Caption reads impossible to say for Certain but the darker areas of the Subject align with the shadows of other Objects nearby measuring around seven to Seven and a half feet appears hunched Over subject does not appear on other Satellite images from different years Which might imply the subject is mobile Or not a stationary object the precise Coordinates are believed to be and then There's the coordinates but is this Really a Bigfoot or just something else Going on perhaps the biggest issue with This picture is that considering that it Has been taken from directly above the Angle seems to be wrong how is it that We can see its supposed arms also if This was an animal it would be enormous Much larger than seven and a half feet An individual personal and typical

Appear as little more than a small Blurry dot on Google Maps in all Likelihood this is simply a body of Water that happens to resemble the shape Of a Bigfoot I don't know I don't know about that I mean if it's heading uphill it would Be leaning right so it could be I don't Know if this is an incline or flat Surface what we're looking at but I Don't know It's I I don't know it could be anything Again it's a blob Squatch for all Intents and purposes but it does seem to Have a humanoid shape to it so and if It's much bigger than a person that kind Of lines up you know we just need more Pixels we do we need better images Apparently you know there's there's Satellites that can read a dime from Space so I don't know whether maybe Google should get some of those Then we could just zoom away in and just See what the hell's going on but I don't Know I mean it could be why not what I Mean they're not going to know if a Satellite's going over for God's sakes So true it stands to reason that if They're out there they would be captured Every so often I mean the law of Averages right if they're moving around They're gonna get caught by something Hell they get seen crossing the road all

The time so why not from a Google Earth I mean that's possible I don't know I don't buy the whole body Of water thing like uh some kind of Melty water but and it doesn't seem to Match the color of the foliage You know the tree or it's not enough Information yeah it's just nothing I Mean speculative at best but could it be Sure it could be could be the real thing All right and then I got two more Uh actually I got one more I don't want To read the other one just has to do With Jupiter having more moons than Saturn now so they verified it has more So I don't know it's not really that Newsworthy it's interesting but this one I thought was kind of neat because I I Know I've been reading in our Discord People talking about you know that's Maybe maybe if Bigfoot is sensitive to Ultraviolet light and can see the Ultraviolet spectrum that maybe it would Catch High glow from people and and you Know our bodies Our Clothes things like That even in darkness and so I thought That was interesting but here's an Article I thought would be kind of fun To cover on the show because it kind of Addresses uh a different phenomena but I Think one that's been known for quite a While this is from the archives on Unexplained humans glow Invisible light

Put it up on screen wait what from July 26 2009 Japanese scientists have used Incredibly sensitive cameras to capture The extremely faint glow being given off By a person of Human by a number of Human volunteers they found that the Intensity of the glow is linked to our Internal body clocks the human body Literally glows emitting a visible light In extremely small quantities at levels That rise and fall with the day Scientists now reveal well there you go So what if there were animals that could See that extraordinarily faint light and Uh could see us like we'd stick out like A shiny object you know Oh God there'd be no hiding oh my God And even if you were in camo right Because camo is is a human Fabric and It's going to have other things that may Reflect ultraviolet or you know glow Differently in in that ultraviolet light So I don't know it's an interesting idea You be the judge again I don't know but They they seem to have no problem seen In the dark whatever these Bigfoot and Other Cryptids are they seem to be well Adapted to being out at nights and they Have no vision problems whatsoever so Maybe if we do give off light we're just Like glowing things walking through the Forest So food for thought anyway uh there's Not a lot more to it there's not a lot

More to the article other than that That's just it so Um but um do you still have the article Of the Bigfoot unsettling Um no but I can get it why Um unknown wants the link okay hold on Let's get it let me get it I'll pull it Up here in a sec where was it it was I gotta find it here it is all right let Me get a link I will put a link in the chat for you Unknown you can check it out All right Here is the link If you'd like to check that out And you can see for yourself yeah There's not a lot to go on there I mean I'm sure if you zoom up too much it's Just going to be a pixelated mess but There it is so ladies and gentlemen This concludes our newscast for tonight Let's get back to the rest of the show Sheldon you ready Absolutely let's do it [Applause] [Applause] All righty You know what it is Sheldon It's time we're back All right welcome back to the rest of The show here as we dive into yet more

Of the incredible entertainment that you Uh have come to love Um Shelton you weren't here last night Were you no you were not here as I was Alone doing the show I want to show you This So far Sheldon we've got Two Pieces of artwork that were sent in Oh this is the latest piece This is from uh RB Mora Barbara Mora and She sent this in it's a ceramic clay Bigfoot foot which is awesome oh that's Beautiful actually right oh my God it's Gorgeous and uh yeah I mean it's just Gorgeous very very cool and I gotta pull up one more hold on I'm gonna back here keep it safe until I Get it framed Because I gotta get it framed oh yeah I Gotta get all the stuff that gets sent In framed or mounted somehow but Wait till you see this one This one's beautiful as well and this is By Carol matzinger sent this in I gotta be careful how I hold it all Right oh okay Isn't that awesome I can't see it a Bigfoot leaning on a Fence Oh my God isn't that beautiful oh my God That's so well done yeah it's gorgeous Let me turn it a little Wow great work yeah oh my God so two

Pieces have been sent in so far and Ladies and gentlemen if you want to be Among those whose artists featured on The walls of the Paranormal portal then Please Go to And look at the bottom of the page and You'll see a PO Box Address there for paranormal portal and You can send it and uh it would be great I'll feature it on the shows and and uh Yeah you guys just amazing oh there was One other one I wanted to also show and I guess I can Do that now let me close all right This one was sent by email and it's just A it's an email link but let me pull it Up here uh quickly I gotta find out which one it is here it Is you give me he sent me two of them And it's artwork by Dave Henry And the first one he sent in is uh so The artwork this is the sighting of a Blonde haired Bigfoot in November 2018 In North Georgia the second sighting of The night as previously Ginger Lockwood And I shared an incredible sighting of a Shadow that was like a Salvador Dali Painting morphed into a black Transparent figure and uh here's the the Accompanying sketch I'll put it up on Screen and there it is just a beautiful Beautiful job yeah that's by Dave Henry And he also sent one more oh Isn't that

Cool Extremely look at and the you know you Hear about the wide noses so often and This is what they mean the wide hooded Noses so very much like that oversized Eyes and the wide mouth that's real Commonly reported a really oversized Mouth so that's uh really incredible That's by Dave Henry and then Let me get the other one up that he that He also sent and this is the next one This one and this one's also really Beautiful and there's not much Explanation for this one but look at That not gorgeous Hold on waiting waiting Oh there it is wow That's something Oh my God so I don't know God we get we Have some artists right in the chats Yeah you guys are you guys are totally Representing and again this isn't an art Contest so I don't want you to feel like Well I can't draw that good you know I Just again I would just love to have Things representing all of you up on This up on the walls here in the studio So thank you Dave Henry for sending Those in I'll try to get them printed Off I don't have any ink in my printer So I'm gonna have to figure out how to Get these printed Um but yeah I'm gonna take the other one In Photoshop and try to try to uh clean

Up that shadow from the from the cell Phone but beautiful stuff uh all three Of you thank you so much and uh keep Them coming I I would rather excuse me Just everything's clearing out ugh it's Just a mucus mess it's disgusting but um What was I going to say I'd rather I Would rather it was things sent in Because uh logistically it's it's you Know I mean it's easier for me to go to The post office than it is for me to go Get the ink and go to the store and get The special paper printed out and then You know go through all that Um yeah I will I will if that's the only Option you have available but but uh It's just neat to have things that you Guys crafted and sent it in Um but in any case I'm I'm the beggar I Can't be the Chooser so however you end Up getting it here I would prefer it was By the post office box but uh you know Whatever whatever Endeavor you're able To accomplish is great There's a lot of talent in the Paranormal portal chat yeah there is the Unknown you're right yeah yep Dave Henry Signed your work Barbara Morris says Yeah yeah absolutely yeah yep because I I probably will have to write it on There um after I print it just so I know Who who was that submitted it so Everything else has been signed which is Really cool but

Um what should we do now oh yeah I know What we should do now Sheldon I think I do too you think you do I Think I do I think you probably do too All right yeah so here we go folks we're Gonna do All right folks we're gonna do the Discord question of the week uh it is Time for tonight's question uh very few There's a lot less responses to this one But still great responses and I Appreciate all of you guys taking the Time to do that I did put it up last Night and this is actually Maggie's Question and I appreciate that a bunch Because I'm usually sitting here Scratching my head for about 20 minutes Or so going what should I ask how you Know what what is it what is it I'm Curious about and and a million things Go through my mind and I'm like well is That too much like another one I've Already asked her so I got this whole Laundry list of things going through my Head but when you guys ask a question It's real easy so thank you Maggie and If any of you have questions you'd like To have asked in the question of the Week by all means email it to me Paranormalportalradio I would Appreciate it it helps me out a ton so Um and and I've had other questions come But I I I've got to get better about Putting them in one place because then

They get lost in the shuffle Um so tonight's question is uh from Maggie and uh Shelton did you put a link Out there already Oh I shall Sheldon's going to put a link if you Want to be a part of our Discord Community we'd love to have you over There as well Discord is is really not a Difficult program it's just maybe Unusual for some of you but once you Realize where things are and how to Navigate it it's really easy so it just Takes a few minutes of getting used to It so Um yeah oh yeah no one says I'm working On something for you guys too for your Picture artwork from people I'm almost Finished you'll have uh you'll you'll You'll every new picture you can put it In the video and use is an opening oh Cool very cool The unknown has done several things for The show you may have seen his work in Things like this Or this So back to the question of the week I forgot to turn that off Such talents that we have yeah we got so Many brilliant uh brilliant people here And all of you are wonderful and if your Talents aren't artistic then you know by

All means uh you know anything that that You represents the show or or you feel Is uh representing Something you'd like hung up on the Walls if it's something you can't make Then you know find something I mean Don't don't go out and spend money or Anything that's not this the nature of It but if you if you just I don't I Don't know I can't think of anything Else if you knit knit something if you Crochet if you if you needle point if You you know anything uh finger paint Well I don't care you know whatever it Could be encrypted it could be Sheldon It could be me could be Dawn could be uh The logo I don't care just things like That that would be fun Um all right here we go so uh special Thanks of course to the unknown for Putting those together we've been using Them for a long time on the show so Um let's go to the question of the week You did the link right Sheldon I did Okay so Sheldon posted a link in there If anybody wants to join the Discord you Just click that link if you have Discord And it should bring you right there and Bring you right into our Discord Community so let's uh let's do that Sheldon what's the question today All right so question from Maggie is do People think there is a connection Between waterways and or granite rocks

And Sasquatch Dogman sightings if there Is a connection why might this be First responder is cashew gezong type Gazuntite yeah gazoon type in terms of Waterways it makes sense to me because Humans would do the same and other Animals always know where they can get Water There are also sources of food Um and in near water granite rocks this Would probably be would vary around the Country it would seem like mountainous Areas have granite and rivers at least In the western states the national parks Have mountains and rivers Broad expanses of wilderness are most Likely territories to be uh Sustainable environments that's my guess Anyway excellent question yeah yeah Makes sense to me absolutely uh next up Chucky danger says water and granite are Good conductors for Natural Earth and Residence energy most likely the energy Is the reason for the increased Sightings in these areas that's a good Point too Uh zx81 V2 says quartz crystal High Concentration in Granite is best Piezoelectrics piezoelectrics yeah ESO Electrics okay energy equals vibration Equals frequency equals energy we can't Feel it animals can magnetic field Magnetic fields interact yep another Good comment uh Rachel 101 says the

Connection to Granite if we're talking About the Boulder Fields could be practical small Rodents would nest Within the spaces between the boulders And provide quick simple snacks for Bigfoot in dogmen also on the Paranormal Aspect Granite is a type of Bedrock it's Coarse quartz and feldspar it could hold Absorb and release an energy frequency That these Cryptids may be drawn to like Humans are drawn to the sound of a Waterfall There could be a type of calming effect That it has upon them Like a spa for humans waterways also Have perhaps practical and paranormal Effects flowing water produces energy And these energies could be spiritual It's a Bigfoot to talk man if they have A canine sensitivity it could have that Same spot-like calming effect that I Mentioned with granite It also could charge up the Charge up the stranger Cryptids or Haunting to converge upon these areas Good points yeah uh Shepard shepherdis Says I'm starting to believe that water Is some sort of spiritual conductor and I do think that Dogman slash big wood Are physical when they want to be But they are unabled they are able to Utilize the spiritual realm at will Somehow so if both of these things are

True it would make sense why water would Be a core a corridor portal well that's Good okay John Stevenson says yes there Is because it's a natural place where Things come to drink plus it's easier For them to hunt For them there To Safe their energy yeah to save their Energy yeah oh yeah yeah it saves your Energy yep I mean all extremely good Points I mean I think it I think it Makes sense you're always have your Source of water with you as far as like Waterways you'll never have to worry About that plus Um it will be easier to catch prey that Way too even in a logical sense Survivability sense right so that makes Sense to me absolutely and then you have On top of that The energy aspect to the spiritual sense Of those of those things so right I mean Who knows but it it all makes sense to Me what do you think Dad oh well the the Late and wonderful Linda Godfrey had Noticed a correlation to waterways and The trafficking of of Cryptids uh Specifically augmented and Bigfoot and Uh why that is those are a great points You guys are bringing up so Um First and foremost watering holes are Are great predation points because Wherever water is things have to come

Drink which was also mentioned in there And that's an excellent point I mean you Look at uh you know in the in the the Saharas of Africa when the droughts are On and stuff I mean everything gathers Around the watering holes the Predators The prey everything because everything Needs water so Um I think it's possible that They use them to navigate Waterways don't change they're the Pretty much the Shane the same so Um you know we use we use streets to Navigate when we're going places we know We got to go to this street turn this Direction go to this another Street turn A different direction and then you know What we're looking for is near there so I think it's very possible that Waterways are just the natural roadways Of of the natural world Um it's also a way to travel without Having to blow through brush after brush After brush I think it could be as Simple as it's the path of least Resistance much like uh Power Line Cutouts in forests are often trafficked By Bigfoot and other things people often See them if they're seen there's very Commonly in these cutouts that the power Company put in for their power lines and So I mean if you're if you're a huge Being The you imagine the energy you'd have to

Expendable to bust through thick and Thick forest all the time well you're Probably going to gravitate towards Places that are easier to navigate like Logging roads excuse me power line Cutouts waterways where you can walk Unimpeded for distances and probably Cover ground a little more aggressively Not to mention there's water there now There is definitely a a connection with A lot of Bigfoot's concentrations of of Sightings and waterways they seem to Stick near waterways that's where people Are most commonly seeing them so Um I guess there's something about water There's also been studies to show that High rainfall areas seem to have much More robust populations of Bigfoot in Them seem to Um so perhaps there's something with Being so big and and having such mass That maybe it's easier to survive in a Rainy or wet environment and and if it's Not raining go to the water Um You know there's any number of Possibilities and probabilities now I Will say the the ideas behind the Granite and you know Sandstone is very Much similar with the quartz content and Uh water and and granite together uh and Sandstone together does produce an Energetic charge to some degree so Perhaps there is uh more of a

What do I want to say a magnetic reason For it like you know that's something They prefer there's some people that Have speculated that Bigfoot are found Very commonly around areas of high Quartz content and even I've now just to Put it out there I don't necessarily Subscribe to this in fact I I pretty Much don't but some people think they Eat the granites because it helps them Do the supernatural stuff or not the Granite but the the quartz and and I Don't know what to do with that that's Another one of those claims out there That's I don't know how people have Merit for that Um it's just a bizarre thing because I Don't think anything could eat Stone you Know and and granted is certainly as Hard as any stone or most Stones so I Don't think that these Bigfoot are Chewing up pieces of quartz in order to You know do the do the Kung Fu that they Do so Um I think that's one of those bizarre Claims but it's out there I'm sharing it With you guys because this is a Discussion but I think that yeah I think These points you guys bring up are are Excellent and yeah there does seem to be A connection with waterways and these Cryptids both Bigfoot and dogmen and Possibly others uh and it could be as Simple as hey they have to have water

They need a water source makes life Easier or could be that's easy to Navigate because the waterways don't Change you know buildings go up and go Down you know roads change you know our Our our constructions change all the Time but the waterways are the same Pretty much pretty much consistently you Thought but after flooding that can Change but anyway Um yeah great points I think I think These are all on on point and great Great thoughts yeah I think you guys are Right all of you I don't think there's There's anything any bad idea here these Are all wonderful but yeah uh predation Um Pathfinding least resistance resource All of those are great great ideas now Granted in and of itself I don't know if You know of course the boulder Fields Like uh Uh Rachel was mentioning is uh you know A lot of times and this comes up in the Missing 4-1-1 stuff a lot is that people Are often found you know broken on Boulder Fields you know like as if they Were thrown a great distance to crash Onto the boulders and uh it does it does Come up a little too often and and it Seems like uh that's a great way to Dispatch people and they know it I don't Know but Um you know again that's speculative as

Well so uh very interesting and I like Rachel's idea of of the of the smaller Critters and stuff sure be a great way To find field mice moles voles you know Things like that that might be up higher And in elevation uh and other you know Chipmunks you name it would probably be Living in rats and mice uh in those Boulder Fields so it's a great place to Find a snack so yeah great ideas Everybody so um this is why I love this Because you know again you guys are Amazingly in tune with all of this Oftentimes don't think I need to say Much because you guys are you're already In the know and a lot of this stuff Um and it's amazing very cool That's the beauty of communities Like-minded people coming together Gives me chills Um so yeah great great thoughts and Thank you everybody for participating I Know there weren't as many responses This time but it was it was just the the Quality of the responses was absolutely Top-notch so thank you guys so much for That and for sharing your thoughts and Uh the questions of the week will always Come out before the live show so if You're uh becoming a member of our our Discord then watch every Wednesday Friday Saturday for these questions to Pop up the only the only uh caveat would Be if if I have guests on if for some

Reason I've scheduled a guest to appear On the Wednesday Friday Saturday show There won't be a question of the week But other than that Keep watch they're going to be out there So ladies and gentlemen this has been The question of the week Boom there's something There it is Um we have a question really interesting Question from Chad Um from hag chick uh says hey Brett and Sheldon thoughts on Nikola Tesla like You know on the things that don't really Get talked about enough Oh um well I think Nikola Tesla is a was I mean obviously incredible I've I've Done a show actually with Pharmacy seeds Network uh Farm who's one of our Regulars here he's uh incredibly Knowledgeable person and we did a Nikola Tesla show Um I'm not I'm not the most Uh educated as far as Nikola Tesla but I Do think I I wonder he says if you want To understand the nature of the universe Think of frequency and and frequency Vibration and and was there a third one Maybe it was just frequency and Vibration I think uh that to me is Incredible because it talks about uh you Know I think that everything that we we See feel here in touch is within our Frequency range but I think that there's

Things that exist outside of that and I Think maybe that's what Nikola Tesla was Talking about that's you know perhaps Whole worlds exist around us and if we Want to open up our awareness to those Things and and see and understand that Maybe we have to learn to look in terms Of frequency and vibration uh the 369 Thing I think is incredible I I think Nikola Tesla was just he was I I don't Know almost like a godsend like he was He was one of those people that was sent To this earth in order to raise raise Our our level to level us up because he You know in a short a short very Frustrating life I mean he lived a long Time but he had he had so many problems Dealing with uh you know both Edison and JP Morgan and a whole bunch of other People that were basically taking Advantage of him in every way possible And uh you know also trying to muddy his Name uh of course he's the inventor of The AC AC current that we use uh here in The in the states and uh he he he Actually uh actually came up with the Whole radio wave thing that became radio Uh even though I think it was Bernoulli Was credited with uh with the patent for That for a long long time but I think That's more recently been awarded to Tesla now uh even posthumously I mean The guy was a prodigy there's just not Even a genius he was a prodigy he was

Just so far ahead of everything and I Just wish there was a way to know Everything that he wrote down everything That he experimented on but Unfortunately after his passing The feds moved in and confiscated nearly Everything and and it just kind of Disappeared from reality for us Unfortunately but you know that that man He had it all sorted out And and this is back in that you know The turn of the of the 20th century he Was that far ahead of the game so what Could he have brought us Where could he have brought us all If he If he had been allowed to work unimpeded And supported and allowed to just run And and bring it all to the to the you Know to the consciousness of us all that Man could have changed he did change the World in the little bit that he was uh Able to bring to you know to fruition But well how much more did that man know I mean that's the part that just boggles My mind So I think he's an interesting character He uh had ideas that he was talking with Aliens and and stuff and and given his Genius I wouldn't doubt it I wouldn't Doubt the guy was probably talking hell He could have been alien for all we know You know I mean he could have been a Plant you know uh an alien plant to help Us move forward much like

Perhaps the the you know with the Ancient astronaut theory they came to Help push us forward maybe Tesla was one Of the modern day people you know modern Day figures like that I mean it's just Hard to understand how he was so far Ahead of everyone like nobody was even Close so I don't know it just you know Much like a da Vinci and back in the day He was way ahead of his game and and It's like there's these figures that are Introduced at key points in our Development and it almost seems like It's some grand plan whether it's divine Or otherworldly I don't know but uh he Was definitely one of those figures so Nikola Tesla to me is is a fascinating Character and if if we could only know What that man could have brought to the Table I don't know it would have the World would be entirely even more Entirely different than what he was able To do in in what he was able to bring Forward Oh I'm sure of it yeah free energy Absolutely I have no doubt that he had Free energy sorted out I have no doubt That uh you know he would have he would Have done amazing things Was he the one who um invented that That powering machine device that uh Worked off of the Earth's magnetic Um yeah that was that was him his idea Was that we were surrounded by a

Plentiful inexhaustible free energy and That we just had to use specific Techniques to tap into it in fact There's legendary uh claims that maybe He was responsible somehow for the Tunguska explosion in Siberia In the 1920 with his experiments like he Might have which was basically the Equivalent of a nuclear bomb going off Up in Siberia and which nobody knows why I mean it just kind of happened and Flattened uh you know miles of forest so Whatever it was yeah so who knows if That's true or not but uh you know he Was around at that time and he was doing Some pretty crazy stuff but I I mean Crazy in that uh you know Whatever the case uh I would totally Agree Brent Virgil and I went to the end Went to the end Uh oh okay cool yeah Yes Tesla oh did he did he die broke is that True yeah he did he was he was basically Died alone and broke and uh yeah oh yep It's just I mean he he had a whole bunch Of people conspiring against him because He was trying to bring free energy he Was trying to bring wireless energy so There wouldn't need to be you know these Ugly wires strewn all over that you Would just have a station that would Receive your energy from another station That produced it and it would be

Transmitted wirelessly so It's always always makes me wonder how Much is being held back just by greed Ding ding ding that's the big problem And that's a big question we Unfortunately are a society that is that Is dictated by by our business overlords I mean we are we're we are we are a Global community of people being Controlled by very very specific Financial interests you know there's no Question Um Hopefully someday that'll change Hopefully we'll all get to a different Page and and grow together but at least For now that's the way things are Rolling So yeah pretty pretty wild stuff but Thanks for the question that's that's in A in a nut nutshell that's what I can Say about Tesla Um I'm again I'm not the most Well-researched Tesla uh Enthusiast but I I have nothing but respect for the guy And and I I absolutely mourn the fact That you know he could have brought so Much more uh and and had so much more to Give but wasn't given the opportunity And that's tragic you know but I I think It's a shame that he he died broken Alone like doing that much work with the World bringing the world that much Closer yeah to just advancing it and

That's that's how he was thanked you Know it's like it's disgusting yep Exactly so Maybe someday some of those uh papers And stuff will see the light of the day But I don't expect it'll be any time Within our our lifetime so Yep greed always does it yeah you're Right d that's for sure So Um let's see let's get to where we have It's already 8 18 can you believe that At this point I I can't be surprised It's it's always a blink yeah it really Is it goes so quickly folks but uh I Assume that's because we just have a Good quality show going and that's why That's what I'm going with anyway All right let me do this I gotta shrink This back down And we'll go to I think we'll just go right into some Creatures encrypted stuff and then if we Got some time at the end we'll do some Ghostly stuff How's that sound Um sounds good to me there's a whole Series of articles I have pulled up and Have had pulled up for quite a while From our good friend Lon strickler Phantoms and again I really Encourage you guys to go over there Check it out Phantoms and monsters is uh Just a pillar of the of the fordian

Community for a long time they do Research they do reports from Experiencers Um just a great repository of of Phenomenal information and uh Lon has Published a number of books which you Can find all linked on Phantoms and as well as his podcast Phantom and Phantoms and monsters Podcast which I encourage you to check Out he's uh working hard on that in fact I I don't know if he airs at the same Time as we do I think it's a little bit Earlier but uh on Fridays I think years Is Phantoms and Monsters uh podcast but You know he does a great job so Um the article that we're gonna go into What were you gonna say Sheldon I just Said I was Green Yeah so the article we're going to go Into is uh more of a missing time one Unexplained three hours of missing time After encounter with three large orbs so This is more ufoe Potentially uh not that orbs have to be UFOs or Spirit orbs there's uh other Orbs that seem to be Cryptid related uh There's lots of different different Types of orbs reported but uh generally When it accompanies missing time I would Assume it's more ufoe but let's see what It says Um a Texas man with his friend and Girlfriend was at a nearby lake at night

They began to observe a series of large Orbs over a short period of time even Though they later noticed three hours of Missing time Uh I'm currently living with my retired Cousin in Cedar Park Texas this is the Area where I have had some very weird Experiences in and around Muir Lake I Love the fish and take pictures of Wildlife and whatnot I'd always been an Avid Hunter and fishermen my dad taught Me at a young age how to shoot a gun and To be safe with a firearm I was not even Seven years old shooting dove with a 20 Gauge pump Winchester shotgun I've seen Black panthers in Mississippi and I've Seen big black wolves in Texas My experience happened right around the Corner from where I'm living They're working on a million dollar park For a year now which is based around Mirror Lake where I fish this little Lake was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 50s Anyway about nine o'clock at night last Year I was it was late September or Early October I asked my cousin Tony and His girlfriend if they wanted to go Fishing he responded so you want to find The bogeyman snickered snickered back at Me I said yeah sure so we got into his Van and went to the other side of the Dam There's a nice little place to fish and

We got there sat in the van for a minute Or two just talking And I got our gear and walked back to The water Walk to the back of the water his Girlfriend was still getting stuff out Of the van I asked Tony if he had any Extra Hooks and weights in his tackle Box and he obliged When he flipped open his top his latch On his Tackle Box rolled over and down The edge of the water So I'm trying to get my phone light on So he can see he was gathering his stuff And I happened to notice a bright light By the road it seemed like it was Hovering about eight feet off the ground And I said look at that Tony He said that's just a street light and I Said no it's not because it started Descending and zigzagging back and forth By that time the girlfriend was walking Back to the van from the van and telling Me to shut my phone light off She said that someone was asking her if She had a cigarette she thinks that There were some homeless people coming In and setting up camp and I yelled out Can I help you At this point there were no signs of This light that I saw And where we were there were only two Street lights that are visible It's fairly warm that night no wind or

Rain and pretty much clear But there was just enough light coming Off the street light so you can still Make out things When I was walking back to the front of The van Tony with a machete in one hand And his girlfriend with his girlfriend And I noticed the same light in the Woods was on the other side of us about 50 feet away I know these Woods like the back of my Hand and if anybody's walking through There I would have heard their feet Crunching on the dry leaves I said look there it is again This bright orb was probably eight feet Off the ground and the size of a Volleyball but in the middle of it Looked like a watery Shimmer and the Outside was like a Halo All of a sudden I see two more appear on Either side of this one Which was about a foot below the other One Which in contrast makes the other two Approximately seven feet off the ground They were still believing that it was Homeless people and I called out can I Help you Of course no response again We're all just standing in front of the Van there's nothing making a sound Then suddenly this air pump went off From a paint

Went off from a paint and body shop That's 150 yards or more from us It scared the crap out of us we're still Standing in front of the van staring at These bright glowing orbs when the two That were still hovering at seven feet Go from the size of a basketball to the Size of a marble then they vanish and The other one finally disappears At this point I realize I still have my Phone in my hand the whole time during This event and I did not think about Taking a picture or a video of it After the lights were gone I turned to Tony and told them that I was ready to Go back to the house I just remember getting into his van and Sitting down in the back seat I know for A fact that this entire event could not Have been over an hour because we just We just live around the corner from Where this incident occurred we left at 9 00 pm and when we looked at the clock We got back and it was going on 12 Midnight We didn't even throw a line in the water Wow That's crazy oh No strange account the incident seems to Last for a short period of time but when They returned to the nearby house three Hours had passed since they had left to Go fishing was it an abduction or Distortion of time your thoughts

Yeah it's hard to say the the weird Sounds more like a distortion because It's not like oh we were here and then All of a sudden we're over here it was Just like they were experiencing this And boom it was like three hours yeah it Kind of does that's a strange one And the size size of the orbs is Interesting too because it sounds more Like Sidewalk size wise like what I would Expect to be some of those nature orbs That people people encounter in the Forest but it could you know I guess it Could be anything could be uh UFO could Be something else I don't know Very strange But whatever the case It sure interrupted they're fishing All right next one is uh kind of a Fitting story it's a portal Traveler Woman recalls bizarre series of events From January 31st of 2023 newer story So let's see what this one says the Bizarre account of a woman who took care Of an elderly man next door after the Man passed away she had an experience That suggests that the man may have been A portal Traveler He says I recently received the Following account Many years ago in 1998 I believe it was And yes this is true I live next door to This elderly man who was in a wheelchair

I lived in an apartment and he lived in This house When we became friends and I always Checked on him to see how he was doing He had injured injured his leg and Because I was in the medical field he Asked if I could do wound care for him And I was glad to help out One evening he told me that he had an Appointment with his doctor and asked me To call him to wake him up before I went To work I did and he was getting ready To go to his appointments when I got Home from work that evening I called him To see how his visit went There was no answer All the lights were out at his house and It was getting late Around 8 PM I walked over there to see If he may have fallen his sliding door Was open and his dog Sophie was there But He wasn't I looked around to see if if he had an Address book or anything but no there Was nothing I left a note giving my phone number and That I'm a neighbor and I'm concerned Next day I got a call and it was a Family member he had a horrific stroke At the doctor's office and he was in the Hospital and wasn't expected to make it Several days later he passed away A few years later my youngest daughter

And I moved to New York we packed all of Our stuff in an ABF moving van and let Them haul it and I drove us out to New York The very first day I didn't feel good I'd caught a cold The next day I was so tired and feeling Sick that I decided to pull over to rest I found a motel right off the highway The neighbor friend who had passed away Had told me what he did for a living for Many years and that he would drive cars Across the country for owners and Dealerships he made decent money doing So Well I rented a nice motel room with my Youngest daughter and I took a good nap That evening I went outside and met a Man staying in the Next Room And he looked just like my neighbor who Had died Only much younger like in his 20s We got to chatting a bit and he said That he drove cars for a living I just couldn't keep my eyes off his Face He looks so much like my neighbor Then at some point in the conversation He told me about a scar he had on his Leg and by golly it was in the exact Spot where my neighbor had me do wound Care for him and this young man spoke About missing his little girl while on The road away from home

My neighbor also had a daughter albeit An adult I still think about my neighbor once in A while and wonder about this young man At the motel Coincidence I don't know Sheldon what do you think That's so interesting right I mean what Are the odds he would look exactly like The neighbor have an exact scar where She did wound care Uh I I mean I have to go with Wonder Woman's um answer which is a Time Warp Of some sort right but that's crazy what If what if I'm just gonna put that out there what If it was the same guy and maybe he Never did go to the doctor Maybe he just did go back to the Mothership or something else and then Decided he wanted to see her again And so he did what if What do you think that would that would Be another explanation I mean because She didn't know I mean she just got the Reports that the guy died she got the Report from a family member that he had A stroke and wasn't expected to make it Um I don't know that is a curious one Like is is it a doppelganger or is that The same guy but he's just got a new Skin or something you know Oh I I don't have an answer I don't know

Time warmth it's I mean That would be another explanation Um right I don't know these are kind of The head scratcher ones and and again It's uh it's you know you gotta you Gotta believe the story or not there's No I mean we can't we can't substantiate Any of it but you know I know lawn does His does background on these things so If it's on his site at least it's been Vetted to some degree Um He doesn't have any comments after it so I I don't know what he thought but maybe He probably was thinking the same as us Like I don't even know what to make this Yeah but I I guess what I'm thinking is Is it's just you know Something otherworldly you know I I Don't know I mean what are the odds you You'd be doing the exact same job the Old guy said he did he would have a Daughter that he missed which the old Guy did have a scar in the same place Where she was dressing a wound Like he had and uh she never actually Saw the guy being dead So but it's so weird because he he was Older Before yeah but then but then he was Younger right and then had an adult Daughter Yes It's it's opposite of what you'd

Logically think like right as if maybe She's the one that traveled maybe she Traveled back to an earlier time Oh yeah just for like just for that Moment or that time yeah just like for That one instant she was suddenly back And at the sting at the same place he Happened to have stayed and she Communicated with him maybe maybe it was More Divine in nature I don't know Except except he's younger but then he Has the scar that the his older man self Had which is so right that's your point Yep that's a good point so I don't know It's a opposite everything's opposite What should logically follow even if it Was a time traveler story yeah because His younger self shouldn't have that Wound right yeah yeah yeah that's Strange That's a mind melter Is Well it's a good story though very good It's a great no it's a great story yeah It really is I actually It makes me think it makes me think a Lot Yeah Barbara Moore says son with a Birthmark yeah I mean yeah what if it Was his offspring or something I guess That's another point but I don't know Very strange Very strange But I like that story a lot because I

Love those stories that really make your Head spin and and they make you look at Reality like so much more difference Than our normal Viewpoint of reality It's like In our experience of reality there's Time and in time things that were are Locked in their place and the things That are are in this fluid State and Things that are to come are nebulous There's no real form to it but in this Case you know it's it's like you said It's backwards So it's it's almost like Benjamin Button Right Yeah yeah it's reverse yeah it's reverse Aging or something going on that's very Strange so but very cool you said it was Much younger I don't know if she doesn't Really attribute an age to what much Younger is Um yeah like in his 20s I guess so I Don't know how old he was earlier she Just says an older neighbor but so it's You know she should have asked questions Even if it sounded crazy at that in that Case even if I was in that string I Would have to ask questions I would have To would you would you even if even if It sounded crazy like if it looks Exactly like the person same scar same Story same this it's like okay I have Maybe maybe you're right maybe maybe That's the difference is if you if you

Just address the elephant in the room Like this is the guy this has got to be The guy Like like just go oh it's good to see You again glad you're doing okay you Know just see what the guy would go you Know how would he react or would he just Kind of give her a Sly grin you know Like uh yeah you got it Yeah or if it's like good to see you too And it's like okay all right yeah it's Like boom yeah okay I understand yeah Maybe maybe that would have been the Right call it's hard to say but it's a Great story I like these stories All right we're gonna go to the next one From Phantoms and monsters this is a Newer one from February 10th and this One just came up I was like oh I was Thinking of of the movie Anaconda Actually but it's reports of a 50 plus Foot long anaconda encountered on the Black River of Florida folks That's absolutely frightening Um okay so here's the thing I know Anacondas are are indeterminate growth But I think the growth generally stops In around the 20 some foot range at Least that's the biggest people of of Recorded Um the but there are reports of bigger Much bigger even 80 feet snake that was Taken uh by a World War II Colonel on Their flight back from Africa over the

Congo he took some photos of it and Apparently when they got the helicopter Low enough the thing actually reared up Like trying to bite the helicopter it Was that big so Um buddy there are photos out there if You want to look for them and it's an Incredible story but this is a 50 plus Foot long anaconda encountered in Black River Florida I've received two separate emails in the Past several months in reference to a Cryptid snake seen in Black Creek which Is south of Jackson Florida in the area Of Camp chawana chawan chawan wow Park The most descriptive email is below Hello I am I was not a witness to this Event it was from my friend who was Visiting Florida in 2018. he was in a Small canoe on Black Creek not far from Where it empties into the St John's River south of Jacksonville Florida he Was moving Downstream in a shallow area And as he looked around he saw a head on The surface in the distance about 30 Yards away It was an alligator but it wasn't Looking at him Then suddenly a huge head launches at The alligator and wraps itself around it It started suffocating the alligator and He literally watched it swallowed the Alligator hole the creature looked like An anaconda except it was longer than 50

Feet He set about 50 plus feet and very thick He said that it happened so quickly he Barely had time to react and paddle away From the Carnage He had not gone back he had has not gone Back to the area since No One Believes Him he studied it more and now he thinks It was a titanoboa Cora Cora jonisis the Longest snake ever found is a species it Existed in the paleocene epoch Do you believe that this is possible Wow and there's a map The other email that I received was Brief but mentioned a similar huge dark Modeled snake seen in the Black River in The area of Camp chawan Maul Chowan wow Park There's a massive invasive snake problem Mostly southeast Asia python species Throughout Florida mostly in the Everglades but as far as a relic Anaconda species inhabiting a specific Location this is unique Yikes I hope that's not real God 50 feet 50 Feet I mean to do nuts that's that's Like a snake that would be bigger and Round than you you know it would be Bigger and round than me I mean that's That's the kind that would be like I don't like this something I don't even Know if you can see this on screen but It would be it would be something like

This around You know and that's freaking scary That's terrible That is terrifying I mean what do you do like uh there's Nothing that could eat a Sasquatch That could literally eat the Sasquatch Yeah I mean yeah if it's I mean that Would be overpowering I know but you Know what I mean yeah I mean God that's A that's frightening Um there are reports of these oversized Creatures that are terrestrial creatures But they're just way way bigger I've Heard many reports of huge spiders like The size of small dogs running around Um not not like chihuahua dogs like like A beagle size thing running around and Some even bigger uh in like south or Central America and I God I don't know I I just hope those aren't real because my God you know it's the thing with things Like that like it was Sasquatch and Dogman they seem to operate on a higher Intelligence and so they're they're Discerning they're Discerning but but a Thing like a huge spider or a huge snake It's just like you know it's like yeah I Can eat that I can fit that and that's The only thought it's like if it's too Big they won't attack it but if it's not Too big they'll attack it if they're Hungry I mean that's the only barometer Going on you know everything else is

Fair game so God that's frightening You would I mean I don't know even for 50-foot snake that big I don't even know If there's anything a human could do Even with a knife like maybe but it Might not matter no because it would Just it would Ragdoll you I mean it Would just overpower as soon as it Clamped onto you like on your head And and it would just be coils right There I mean you could flail around and Maybe hit something but generally they They take things by the head you know so You're already Probably suffocating even before it's Coiling because you know it's covering Your mouth and everything I mean it's Just oh what a horrible horrible plus as Humans we're not the strongest most Durable creatures out there so we'd be Crushed yeah it wouldn't even be like Suffocating it'd be crushed yeah yeah I Used to have I used to have a I used to Have a boa constrictor and even when she Was small like she was three feet long I Would feed her these you know I would Only I would only feed frozen food like And warm it up I wouldn't feed live I Only did that a few times and that was Just heartbreaking I couldn't do it so I'd buy the frozen food and uh Um I will tell you that I was feeding Her like large mice And and that's what we would be like in

In comparison to a 50-foot snake we'd be Like a large Mouse and it would be all These other feet of muscle but when she Squeezed it she would squeeze it so much That and I don't mean to be graphic and Gross but this is true she was so strong That she would basically explode the Mouse And then go go ahead and eat it I mean If she was just way too strong and so I Knew I had to move up to a bigger food Size I was like well that's too small so I had to go to to the Frozen rats Instead so Imagine oh I was a mad I was imagining That I was imagining like as if a human In that case yeah yeah I would it would Just it would just be a mess so no we Wouldn't do anything except die very Quickly so which I guess is the small The small mercy of the thing like you Wouldn't suffer long It's just that long not long so um but Yeah I hope those I really hope those Aren't real because the idea that There's like super Predators out there And especially if they're bugs you know Like insects like well arachnids like a Spider it's like that doesn't care who You are it doesn't care anything about You it's just like yeah I can eat you You know it's yeah it's it's literally a Psychopath but it's needed to for it to Be well yeah I mean they do they do have

The role and they have their role in the Ecosystem and all that and wonderful but Yeah I don't know Yeah the whole thing of being on the Food chain is just a real real sobering Thought I know us in our comfortable lives we That is such an alien idea to us oh Absolutely yeah it's just so foreign but Yeah there you go folks therefore Terrifying news I don't know there's Only two reports apparently of it but God I'll be I'll be watching that one Closely I mean I'm not surprised though That if that if it is the case I mean Think I I feel like I read something About that animals are good animals Insects everything's getting bigger and Bigger oh really like even when you when You're talking about rats when you're Talking about certain insects as well I Don't remember what they used the Example but sure like like when you Think of rats they're getting as big as Like small dogs at this point well there Was always I mean I remember hearing Stories from the Wakota area of people Seeing Rats the size of uh seeing rats About the size of a of a house cat Really oh yeah even way back when I was A small child yeah there were stories Like that going around Um my great aunt had one in her yard she Sat there and watched it and it was as

Big as like a cat but it was a rat what So yep true story as far as I know I Mean it's a family story but uh I don't Know portal moms here she could probably Core operate that better than me but Yeah Um I don't know portal mom if you're There do you remember that on Bertha Seeing the big big Ratner yard I don't Know it's one of those small details but It's stuck out in my head and I kept it Kept it in my head all these years so All right here's the next story from Phantoms and monsters and uh this is Yellow-eyed goat man and goat man's one We don't hear a lot about but it is Another Cryptid that's allegedly out There yellow-eyed goat man attacked Commuter bus near Puerto Puerto Alegre Brazil So this is down in Brazil I didn't know Goat man were down in Brazil that's very Interesting I've heard of Goatman Reports out of the south of the U.S you Know Um Alabama areas and such uh Georgia uh Etc but I I didn't know that they were Also allegedly possibly in South America Maybe that's where they all went who Knows a commuter bus near Puerto Allegra Brazil was attacked by an unknown Humanoid in the later 1980s a witness Described it as a naked yellow-eyed goat Man the media covered the event that's

The other thing about about the Hispanic Countries their media will cover UFOs Their media will cover Cryptids and Chupacabra and stuff ours ours does it As a joke but yeah but their media has Always been real real forthcoming about That stuff down there this happened Between 1986 and 1989 my uncles and Cousins lived in uh Lami or yeah I think Islami an area in the extreme South of Porto Alegre Brazil my uncle now Deceased had a small borteco Brazilian Restaurant in that region and at the Time the nearest neighbor was more than A kilometer away Pasture and a Centenary trees predominated the Landscape to serve the region and there Were two buses in the morning and two More in the early evening At the time there were rumors that a Very large animal with the body of a man In the head of an animal had been seen Nearby and it was said that it attacked Both animals and people Several people claimed to have been Attacked by this monster and luckily Escaped others swore they had lost an ox Or to to the creature My aunts very skeptical and dedicated to Her children and day-to-day chores did Not like to pay attention to these Inventions of the people as she said However one day her disbelief was put to

The test She and one of my cousins were returning Home by bus already in the dark of Nights less than 10 people were on the Bus when in a certain part of the Journey something very large came out of The Bush and hit the right side of the Bus And returned to the brush or the bush The crash caused the driver perhaps out Of out of fright to lose control and Break sharply stopping partially in a Ditch Despite the scare there were no injuries But people were very scared to the by That events the driver got very Irritated and left the bus mumbling and Cursing going to check the damage and at The same time calling for help being in The dark and still a long way from home Everyone stayed in their places a few Minutes later after the driver left Everyone heard a strange grunt Which could not be from an animal or a Human being according to the witnesses People panicked and started crowding Right next to the conductor's chair Silence took over the people everyone Was attentive in all to all the external Sounds when without warning a new knock Was given on the same side of the bus Everyone got up and ran to the other Side of the bus not a valid menu option What the hell

What the hell's that again I don't know Where that sound is coming from it just Is very intermittent but something's Deciding that I'm doing I'm not doing Anything other than moving my mouse Well All right so it says everyone got up and Ran to the other side of the bus uh some Of the people began to cry and pray one Lady became out of control and my aunt Very afraid remained to protect her son At that moment the bus began to be Violently shaken as if something or some Someone or something was shaking the Vehicle from side to side The Dread grew As the bus rocked and it looked like it Would be overturned at any moments Looking Through the Windows you could See a large figure outside but you Couldn't tell what it was Without the slightest warning everything Stopped and whatever was causing it Started to make its way towards the Front of the bus where the door was open At that moment my aunt was so terrified That she wanted to die and not see what Was attacking them even before the Creature entered the bus it was possible To smell a terrible rotten unbearable Smell Everyone fled to the back of the bus and Huddled in a corner which made them look Like a single shapeless mass of people Huddled together

Those who had the courage to look swear To have seen a large naked man with dark Skin a huge goat's head with huge horns And yellow eyes who ran to the turnstile And stopped He spent a few seconds straining and Huffing angrily before turning around Getting off the bus and disappearing Into the bushes Unbridled crying took over people people Were in shock totally terrified A few long minutes passed when another Bus pulled alongside this one another Driver who was called to help he managed The bus he helped the damage bus was Informed of what had happened and left To find the first driver who had not yet Returned luckily he was walking along The side of the road returning from the Place he called the bus company The military Brigade was activated and Ambulance's experts radio and television Came and the case was covered for a few Months with newspaper articles and Interviews with the victims Search parties search for the creature's Tracks but they were never found Several theories were formulated about What could have attacked the bus but Nothing is proven apart from some dead Animals which were attributed to the Creature nothing else happened Nowadays that region is populated and Very different from the time when these

Events occurred leaving the mystery of The creature that attacked the bus lost And without explanation Wow Gold man Sounds like a like a real bastard Doesn't he Just you're just angry just just a foul Goat guy throwing a horrible smelling Apparently horrible smelling and yeah Just throw them uh throw them a can or Something don't go it's like the two on Cans something like that they'll eat Anything I thought it heard they might Yeah we were gonna get to this one but I Don't think we have time because we're Down to the few minutes of a remaining Show Sheldon Of course we are it's just a blink it's A blink here on the portal folks the Time goes quick but we'll get to the Next stories uh on the next show as There's always another portal episode Coming up just wait Wednesday Friday Saturday 7 P.M Pacific Time 10 p.m Eastern Time right here on YouTube you Can find us so again since we did the Survey uh I think I think you guys are Pretty okay with commercials at least Those of you who are chatting so I won't Worry about it so much but I gave us a Commercial free night just because I Wanted to see what you guys preferred so Do you prefer the brakes do you prefer

The commercials and if you're watching This one it's not live let me know in The comments what you think now here's One thing I do notice that I'm not Noticing tonight And generally it is that I have a I have a graph that appears on My screen over here on this side that Shows me what's going on how many people Are here uh and uh it shows in a bar Graph a graph and what I would notice on The nights with commercials is the Population doing this commercial Diving after commercial doing this Commercial diving so so I was like well It's affecting people to some degree Uh I love no commercials unless made by Paranormal portal family members thanks Unknown I appreciate it well the Commercials you guys watch is not I mean It's not a commercial it's just video Things that I threw together years ago With my music Um just to keep you entertained so you Didn't have to listen to commercials but Um apparently uh they're they're pretty Played out I mean they're they're Certainly old commercials now and They're old breaks now but Um I don't know we can we can entertain The idea of just doing Friday nights With commercials Saturday nights without Much like Wednesday nights I think I I Think it's it keeps things much more

Uh consistent is what I want to say but Yeah let me know you know yeah I mean The interruptions kind of suck because Sometimes it'll be in a in a a great Story it's like oh shoot there's the Break well cut it and we'll come back to It and it does interrupt the flow of Some stories from time to time too so Um I don't know we'll Tory with the idea But I am curious about your feedback on That do you like commercial breaks do You like the flat out shows all the way To the Finish let me know in the Comments if you would I'd appreciate it Because you know I'm just your feedback Is important now remember the Discord is Out there remember also that we do have A podcast it's an audio only podcast and There's a huge following to the podcast Which is really really cool all around The world uh so if you haven't checked Out the Paranormal portal podcast please Do Um it's doing incredibly well and uh Just getting so much support and Wonderful people Checking it out and referring other People to it but you can find our Podcast which is Audio Only On all the major platforms and I'm Talking iTunes I Heart Radio Spotify Google play Pandora Stitcher cast box And and a gajillion other other Platforms but you can check it out and

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