Connor was attacked… Watch next video with caution.

By | January 9, 2023
Connor was attacked… Watch next video with caution.

Everybody so it's Monday right now I Know we were supposed to have an episode Coming out today the first part of Gettysburg our return to the city but Certain things have happened Um I've been I I don't want to call it Attacked but as you can hear in my voice Right now after filming this specific Video at a specific location I've come Down with an extremely violent sickness I've actually been in bed pretty much All day Something attacked Connor on camera In the investigation on Saturday night We both have experienced Vivid Nightmares and you'll see in the video We're going to explain everything that's Happened we had to call an investigation Cut it short because of what was Happening to us I don't feel good at all But I think that this video is important To see and it's going to highlight the Dangers of paranormal investigating and The things that you can contact Um we went into this Thinking that you know it was going to Be maybe a soldier from the Battle of Gettysburg one of the children from the History of this location we were filming Out that we were interacting with but I Was seeing things during the Estus Method session things that I can't Explain

Um every single device that we were Using was spewing out the most hateful Rhetoric the worst most violent dark Dangerous words Um Conor like I said he got attacked you Will see the footage of that coming Um and we both began to feel just very Unsafe that's why we cut the Investigation short but I'm making this Little update video to y'all to let you Guys know that we're gonna do this in a In a special way we're going to do part One of the Gettysburg series on Wednesday now give me some time to Recover and I've been editing today I'm At it tonight and at it tomorrow So that it can come out on time Wednesday and then we're gonna have the Finale where This footage that's really shocking is Going to be included Um from that second I'm hesitant to call Anything a demon obviously I still don't Believe in the traditional demons but Whatever that thing was was Um Just unexpectedly dark malicious and um Violent so that'll be out next Monday so We'll do this as a two-part Series this Week Wednesday you gotta bear with me on The weird video release schedule we've Had lately then we're finally back to The MonDay releases next Monday And this is footage that is gonna shock

You this footage that shocked me it shot Connor it shocked our tour guide Um It's just yeah it's it's an extreme Episode so if you Watch it you may be opening yourself up To whatever this is that we were we were Speaking to that night but Yeah we'll see you guys on Wednesday I Wanted to let you all know Um some of the best evidence we've ever Captured and with these videos we may Have proved the existence of something Uh something worse than a ghost If you if you get what I'm saying So yeah We will see you guys on Wednesday

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