Evil Alien Civilizations Lurking In The Milky Way Galaxy Are Monitoring Earth! – Scientist

By | December 25, 2022
Evil Alien Civilizations Lurking In The Milky Way Galaxy Are Monitoring Earth! - Scientist

Foreign Things first we are not the center of the universe 
today we can say that out loud without being   Sentenced to death which was the norm a few 
centuries ago when Galileo voiced his doubts   About the Earth revolving around the Sun and 
not vice versa he was put on a trial and later   House arrest by the Vatican he was persecuted for 
believing that the world doesn't revolve around   Us but we have come a long way since and science 
truly has humbled us most of us we now know that   There are thousands of planets outside of our 
solar system and trillions in our galaxy itself   Scientists estimate that there may be tens 
of billions of solar systems in our galaxy   Perhaps even as many as 100 billion makes 
one wonder if there are Advanced alien   Civilizations out there who also believe that 
they are the center of the universe unlikely   If anything there are civilizations 
out there who are just like us evil   Greedy and willing to seek out and Destroy 
what's different from us oh orbit Beyond the blue we know that there are more than 
four thousand exoplanets in our galaxy many of   Them the size of the Earth we also know that the 
building blocks of life including water energy and   Elements associated with life are in existence 
throughout the solar system and the cosmos but   What we do not know is how readily Life Begins 
is it a common occurrence or a rare one or how   Long does it last for and if we were to start 
conjecturing on the existence of intelligent   Life curiosity compounds this LEDs us to one of 
the most famous and hotly debated questions of   All time where is everybody the question first 
posed by physicist Enrico Fermi during a casual   Lunch meeting in 1950 has led to Decades of 
debate in what is known as the Fermi paradox   The idea goes something like this given that 
our solar system is relatively young roughly   Only about 4.5 billion years old compared to the 
rest of the universe which is about 13.8 billion   Years old and that Interstellar travel might be 
achievable in time the chances of Earth already   Having been visited by aliens is rather High alien 
civilizations have had plenty of time to rise up   Come to Earth and even spread Fermi believed that 
any civilization with a modest amount of Rocket   Technology has the power to colonize the entire 
galaxy Fermi died in 1954 leaving behind the   Legacy of the Fermi Paradox for others to decipher 
if at all the possibility that aliens exist is   True the reason we have been unable to find them 
is perhaps that they have no desire to communicate   With us or even visit our perhaps we as a race 
are not interesting enough for them else perhaps   They are simply observing us and keeping Silent 
not wishing to risk contact with their Cosmic   Neighbors in the fear of starting a potential War 
but let's assume that there were aliens interested   In finding us and curiosity got the better 
of them how would they spot us just like our   Earth which goes around the Sun there might be 
other planets with civilizations using the same   Technique a paper published in 2016 talked about 
82 Stars which would have the right view of the  

Earth making it recognizable from the cosmos the 
inhabitants could be watching Earth and maybe even   Thinking of communicating with us the research 
was thus conducted on a local Cosmic neighborhood   Within 300 light years of the sun which contains 
more than 300 000 stars from these it was seen   That 1700 stars were in a position to have 
observed Earth within the last five thousand years   Any one of them could have had life and if so 
they may have known of Earth and the intelligent   Life it Harbors there were 46 stars that could 
see Earth transiting the sun while also being   Near enough to detect radio waves yet it is 
impossible to say for sure if any of these have   Intelligent life like ours seti or the search for 
extraterrestrial intelligence is a field that has   Been listening for possible messages from Alien 
technological beings since the middle of the 20th   Century in 1977 a strange signal consisting of 
a minute long burst of radio energy was detected   It bled briefly through a radio telescope and 
lasted for 72 seconds the signal contained an   Alphanumeric code and was dubbed the wow signal 
50 years later researchers believed that they know   The source of this so-called alien broadcaster 
sun-like star 1800 light years from Earth in the   Constellation known as Sagittarius according 
to Alberto Caballero an amateur astronomer   This signal is the closest sign to indicate the 
presence of extraterrestrial life since the time   Our search for life beyond our planet began 
more than six decades ago in a paper that he   Published he claims that there are at least four 
alien civilizations in the Milky Way that could   Attack our planet his research though is more of 
a thought experiment he says that his research is   Meant to warn other scientists of a possible 
attack and put a number to the civilizations   That could respond to the messages sent out by 
humans he based his thinking and research on the   Number of invasions that have happened on Earth 
including the wow signal and then use the data   To estimate the number of exoplanets in the 
Milky Way having concluded that there could   Be four likely enemies he has asked scientists to 
be cautious in their enthusiasm to send messages   To extraterrestrial beings as it might instigate 
an alien invasion while this is a scary scenario   The odds of an alien invasion annihilating Earth 
are as many as being hit by a killer asteroid   And getting destroyed Alberto Caballero has also 
stressed that such events if they were to occur   Would take place about once in a 100 million 
years so I guess we are safe for a long long   Time according to his study there may be only 
one Auto hostile extraterrestrial civilizations   In the Milky Way that may have also mastered 
Interstellar travel moreover with advances in   Science and technology the incidences of societies 
be it you human or alien indulging in Warfare is   Significantly lower on the whole however sending 
messages to other worlds beyond our planet and not   Of our knowing can be risky we're definitely not 
ready for an Intergalactic war from The Majestic   View of The Pillars of Creation to detecting 
chemical compositions of exoplanets and from   Stunning images of nebulas to finding the most 
distant galaxy in the universe Webb has proved  

That the 10 billion dollars and the countless 
launch delays were all worth it and while it   Is in covering the universe like never before 
it has also taken some stunning images of the   Celestial bodies of our Solar System Jupiter 
Neptune Mars and now the only place in the   Solar system After Earth that has rivers and 
oceans and clouds Saturn's largest moon Titan   Webb will look at every aspect of cosmic history 
from the inner workings of the solar system to the   Farthest detectable galaxies in the early Cosmos 
and everything in between so let's see if the web   Telescope is able to detect any signs of alien 
life during its lifetime what do you guys think Oh    Beyond the blue