Halloween Haunts and Happenings – Gas, Grub, and Ghosts

By | December 15, 2022
Halloween Haunts and Happenings - Gas, Grub, and Ghosts

You're about to open a window into the Life of a ghost hunter we'll show you Dark creepy roads that they Will show you haunted places but most Importantly we'll show you what happens Along the way there [Applause] Assistant Hey everybody I'm Jeff with Virginia Paranormal investigations and this is The weekend before Halloween so this is Of course one of the busiest weekends For us here at vapi and there's a few Events going on that are somewhat Overlapping so for one the hanza picosin Is happening here and it wasn't supposed To rain or anything but it's looking Windy and cloudy and uh that's not too Cool but I had to set up a display down There set up a table with some Information and some pictures and stuff On it And now we're heading out to the Lee Hall train depot and the Lee Hall train Depot is a pretty cool place it's in Newport News And the train depot had never been Investigated prior to this past August When me and the team went up there and Did an investigation we got some pretty Cool activity that was up there now of Course with time constraints and

Everything I never got a chance to put Together that video But there's going to be a public Investigation up there tonight and we're Going to be bringing people through Groups of people through about 30 Minutes per group talking about using The equipment and showing the place and It sold out 135 people I believe is the Total that are coming to that Well after that we gotta pack up and Then come down here because we're doing Our own public investigation at the Pocosan Museum and this is something That we do there every year it's also Known as The Dryden Farmhouse and we do This the coastal Museum to try to raise Money but it's a little bit of a smaller Event because the tickets max out at About 15. I think this time we pushed Them to 17 just to kind of keep the Group small so that There's more potential of experiencing Activity so we come down and we do that Then tomorrow We have ghost walks which in Yorktown Which I believe are about sold out And the hanza pocosin which we're going To be set up at which is back to the Museum actually Manning that table this Time So we're down two people at this point So it's just me and Linda that are going To be covering these events and it's

Going to be quite a hectic night but What I'd like to do is try to kind of Take you along with us and just show Some little clips and little chats about What's been going on and what happens Throughout the night so perhaps a reason To stay tuned and I'll tell you what it Is now 1650s 456 and I hadn't eaten Since lunch so there's going to be some Grub in the near future here well not The near enough future but perhaps Between the two public investigations so Like I said reason stay tuned So one thing we do is paranormal Investigators is keep the battery Companies in business So there you have it ladies and Gentlemen fifty dollars worth of Batteries at BOGO 50 off So this part of Newport News it has kind Of an old feel to it Not exactly this area right where we are Now but where we're going to Because we'll have the train depot And then there's an older house by the Train depot and I'm not talking like Civil War old I believe the train depot Was from the 1880s itself But some things that are perhaps from Around that era There's an old store across the street And also We'll see

There it is there's a train depot right Down there across the tracks and right Before it here we'll see the boxwood in Where we did an investigation at Probably about eight or ten years ago And there it is it's that big looming Building right there and that's haunted And then This is the little General Store there's An old General Store right here on the Right that's been closed down for some Time probably since like the 40s or 50s And then here we are coming up on the Train depot Okay Okay So we got our REM pod set up here Motion light And these lanterns like I say they give Off a very nice Ambience And this is the way we'll be coming Through right here And then in the station Master's office Got another Rim pod Got another motion light yes over there On that heater Yeah And there's Linda Linda I don't think You said hi yet I did not yeah are you Excited I am I'm kind of excited this is The first time we've done this a public Investigation here so um it's going to

Be kind of interesting and but we have To remember to tell the spirits before Anybody gets here to try to act up try To act a fool like make a lot of noise Freak the people out because it's a Public investigation we want them to Feel like they're getting their money's Worth even though it's just ten dollars A ticket still we want to want people to Walk away with an experience right and Speaking of Telling before the investigation I can Remember to tell the Poquoson police That we're going to be down there on the Grounds of the Museum oh well that's Right so they don't come after us like Last time that's right but Let's just take a peek around here So the Railway Express room Or Broadway Express agency this is like The baggage game room and it's set up For refreshments and stuff so Cool all right and then Outside there's a haunted caboose Got some someone's arms in the door There yeah that's the door problem That's pretty cool Yeah No he said he looked pretty good Um Oh wait But I like the lights under the Cracker Jack ETS

I said give me a hand not take one so They can see it yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah That's pretty cool huh yep So we have this round pot that's been Going off here and it's pretty Interesting because During our initial investigation and our First group through here it didn't go Off at all and it's been in the same Place And we're here In the rail Master's office So um we'll go up to station Master's Office after this first appointment and Look at the cat ball and see if Something didn't line it up and on the Second group by the last group I brought Through here there was a a red pot in There I'll show you back to you and That's what it's going on by itself so Certainly a little bit of activity Tonight but if you guys want to follow Me Chris we'll go straight through the Store here You might need to go out this way so It's hard to believe It's nine o'clock already I know Wrapping up here yeah Yeah Um anything interesting Um actually you know when we had our First investigation our preliminary Investigation here we walked away kind

Of thinking that perhaps it was a cat Spirit that was here and everything that Happened tonight sort of reinforced that We got no activity on the spare box got No responses on the Spirit box but we Got a lot of activity with the REM pod And with a little flashy cat ball thing And the res the activity that we got Wasn't in response to any questions that We were asking it was sort of random Like the cat was coming around curious About all these people and about the Equipment you know checking things out And then it would just kind of go off in The corner and sit down and relax and Wait for the next group to come in so Again kind of uh kind of an interesting Thing I think there is a camera where Was that at this was in the station Master's office That's where I got some stuff too yeah But that cat was like jumping up and Slabbing at some of these EMF detectors Too there's a few spikes on these I'm Not sure about that So now we're on our way to the second Public investigation at the picosa Museum this one's going to start at 10 30. it's going to go to 1 30 A.M So it's going to be pretty cool because We only have we capped that off in a Small amount of people 17 tonight And we get to investigate the museum and

The haunted Mars that's out behind it so Hopefully we'll get to take you along And show you a little bit about that one And what goes on there but between now And then it's 9 19. And still haven't had anything since Lunch so we got to put that second G in The title Gotta get some grub and I think what We're gonna do is actually stop at Chick-fil-A because when you're doing Something like this Where we're gonna have these people and We're gonna have to make sure they're Entertained for two hours straight It's important to watch what you eat Because the last thing I want is that Kick in the stomach that low Rumble in The bow and know that the nearest toilet Is like two hours away so I think Chick-fil-A is a pretty safe bet for This Uh but then again there's no guarantees I guess we'll have to find out All right so there we are Chick-fil-A sandwiches what do we got There yeah we got the Chick-fil-A spicy Deluxe oh yeah they're really good when We get them with pepper jack cheese on The top excellent and it's always good Covered in Buffalo sauce yeah which I'm Not gonna do in the Bronco Now that's a little iffy but um some Waffles but they do have waffle fries I

Like the waffle fries they're some of my Favorite fries around here And uh that's about it Chick-fil-A sauce Yeah Some fuel for the investigation and Hopefully not gonna send me to the Toilet no hopefully not but you never Know It sounds like Are you from Poquoson Are you happy that they moved your house Here Is this your house Is there anything in the closet Is this your house Is there a way you can ask questions You can if you put it down like or You're even holding it And you could ask Something or someone to light it up Yeah I think they're down in the backs We have some here get one I can go run and get one real quick You could or I can just record with the Camera here Who is there any like Things that were in here like any major Stories like before No they There's a woman that frequently comes up

The stairs And uh they saw her just last night But she most likely turned into we don't Know Just because of the stairs Just comes up the stairs you see her on The staircase here walking up the Staircase If you're the woman that walks up the Staircase can you light that up for us Yeah we have some things going in front Of the camera and these are natural Orbs dust That would be in here even the very fast Ones The person who lived here having In fact her granddaughter Or staying downstairs And Because it was a she was not feeling Well I suppose I believe that's what it Was The heat didn't really come up here so She slept downstairs And she heard someone banging on the Front door Yeah and called her family lived across The street and asked him if they saw Anybody and they said no one was on the Front porch because she looked out the Window I didn't see anybody So then someone started banging on the Windows and the door and there was no

One on the porch If you like to bake Light It Up You want to go downstairs This is the old store room Foreign Because it's set up like an old store Well I've been up there You know we were looking for them I Always find myself here we go let's go In here Yeah yeah all right Wrap it up here yeah So um actually the investigations on Both places we did tonight were really Actually really cool Um this one tonight it was very active Inside the house here Um the REM pod kept going off all the Time Um you know there was this app that this Guy had and of course we don't put a lot Of stock in apps but the app that this Guy had was just fire and stuff firing Out words one after the other and every Word that came out of that thing was a Direct response a direct answer to a Question that had been asked so um you Know for instance I said can you find Some way to tell us you know what your Name is and the response was how with a Question mark next to it like like how Do you want me to do it you know so it Was it was pretty cool it wasn't Spitting out words like Unholy and death

And things like that it was um very Normal words it was it was quite uncanny But then the next group came through and They had the same app nothing nothing Goes to accept yes goes to except for The one girl that was standing up there And the only thing that came out of it It said leave here And about two or three minutes later She's standing upstairs at the landing And she felt like something touched her On the back and I never saw her after That she went downstairs I didn't see Them after that either did they leave I Think she left oh they must yeah they Must love that she got freaked out I Walked into the store room and they said Do you want Jeff to leave because Everything got quiet when I walked in There and when they said that the Run Pot lit up oh yeah yeah wanted me to Leave get the hell out of here Jeff yeah Right now I'm getting the hell out of Here Yeah I mean we've only been on our feet Since about eight yeah eight this Morning Foreign Investigation last night was a pretty Good time we spent uh three hours it was A three-hour investigation at the pocosa Museum public investigation a couple People had experiences there some Interesting things happened and just a

Couple nights ago people that worked There saw the woman that goes up and Down the staircase they caught a glimpse Of her so that was pretty cool Now today spent the day translating New Testament Greek and now Saturday evening Heading out to the haunts of pocosin Which is a cool event down here in Poquoson if you ever get a chance to Come to it one year they have a maze They have hot chocolate and all just all Kinds of cool things that tell the story Of Dolly's Mammy and they have it set up For a pretty cool Halloween event it's Good for the kids and everything else But we're going to be setting up a table There I'm only gonna be there for a Short time because I have two tours down in Yorktown with The first one starting at 7 30. so we're Going to stop by the museum see how the Table's set up Check in with Linda and then get on the Road down to Yorktown So tonight I'm here at the Hansa Poquoson event at the pocosa Museum and This is an event that we do every year We come down here and set up a table and Talk to some of the people from the Local community and we get to hear a lot Of really cool stories uh cool Ghost Stories from all kinds of people from um You know everywhere like Yorktown

Newport News focusing it's just a really Cool event we have a lady over behind me That you might be able to see Um right up there is there and she tells The story of Dolly's Mammy and that's Kind of a local Legend but it actually Is a documented ghost story which is Kind of cool but um yeah maybe I'll take You over there so you can kind of hear Some of her story So not a whole lot of opportunity to Take video tonight unfortunately when I Got to the pocosa museum for the haunts Uh Linda was up grabbing some Subway and I didn't even get a chance to get the Stuff out of the box and set up the Table before people were already there Talking and asking questions and it was Pretty cool because we got to meet some People and answer some questions about Paranormal investigations and show some Pictures and stuff like that that had Some anomalies in them some kids came by And were interested in that sort of Thing but then Linda got there slept I Slipped out and went down to Yorktown And gave back-to-back tours so I had a 7 30 tour and a 9 30 tour so definitely a Long night but I was able to Stop by and get some Taco Bell On the way Out of Yorktown and this they have this

Nacho fry box Deluxe which is pretty Good because it comes with the nacho Fries and then it's also got a Steak Chalupa it's got a Dorito Loco taco and Like a three layer burrito so being that I haven't eaten since breakfast because Once again giving back giving talking For three hours now they're doing tours There's no chance to go to the bathroom Between so I don't want to gamble and Like eat something before the tours Because the biggest thing is like when You're in the middle of a tour what Happens if you gotta go to the bathroom Can't do it so there's that but yeah Right now heading back to the house and I want to tear into this Taco Bell I Think we'll maybe have a little bit of a Debrief of of the weekend because it Seems short in this video But it was really a lot really a lot of A very busy weekend And it's gonna perhaps slow down at Least event-wise after this So we made it back here to the back Porch And behind the old beat up air Conditioner that's sitting here yeah we Actually got that out of the trash Someone's throwing it out it worked so It works real good yeah it keeps it nice And cool right year round yeah because We run the AC even in the winter Is like a nuclear Factory in bed I'm

Just like sleeping with him a nuclear Factory it's pretty bad Well so Linda Uh Well I was not giving the ghost tours You were down there at the coastal Museum I was right and how about a Little debrief about the events of the Night Well um you know when we got there I had My sub like I had a Subway sub and you Know I've been eating these veggie Subs I'm not a vegetarian by any means I like Meat don't get me wrong but um the Vegetarian sub I get a little bit of oil And vinegar on it and pile it high with All these veggies and stuff and it's Really good So um I had one of those things that I'd Brought with me to the event and I Didn't really have much of a chance to Eat it like it took me about an hour I Think to eat this thing because we were So inundated with people coming up to The table and inquiring about who we Were and what we were doing and um People people telling us everybody that Came up to the table said oh you ought To come to my house and it's funny Because people in our area in our little Town it's kind of an isolated little Town a Waterman's community and these People are very superstitious like very Superstitious but they don't actually

Want you to talk a lot about ghosts and About spirits because they feel like in Doing so they're going to bring about Something you know they're going to Bring things forward and make things Happen that that are not that are calm And sleeping right now and it's a little Bit weird but um you know I got to talk To quite a few people I love doing this Hanza picosin event each year Simply because I get to talk to so many People from the local community and find Out what their ghost stories are and That's probably the best thing about What we do is hearing all of these Different ghost stories hearing what They experience in their own homes Especially when they first move into a Home and Um you know what the experience is it's Just it's really cool because it's not The typical ghost stories that you hear And you know I had this little kid come Up to me and I don't even know what his Name was but he was adorable and I could Have brought him home he was about maybe Five or six years old and he was so much More mature than his older brothers and He's sitting there asking me these Questions for about 20 or 30 minutes you Know all of these different questions And I could tell you know you can tell When you're actually telling somebody an Answer to a question they're really

Listening to you and he was just he was All into it he was enthralled he was Just like cleaning his little elbows on The table and he's just talking to me Like an adult and he was really cool you Know I told him I told him the name of The channel how to find us so hopefully He looks us up and sees this but um his Mother was standing back there dressed Like the moon you know if she had this Moon costume on and like a big round Like costume yeah she had this big round Like Moon looking thing on and um she's Just standing back there for 30 minutes Like letting him talk and his father Came up and was like oh you got a lot of Patience and but but kids like that it's Good to see it's good to see kids that Are so interested in the Paranormal and That have this mentality to be able to Talk to you like an adult about the Stuff and so I entertained them for the Whole time but um there were like lots And lots of people that came up to the Table it was very busy night and a lot Of people wanted to know what the Scariest thing that I've ever seen was Or the scariest place that I've ever Been was and of course the scariest Place I've ever been is Crawford Road Right here outside of the village York County and if you don't know anything About that you ought to look it up Crawford Road is a cool place

But um late in the evening probably About nine o'clock Um you know our daughter was running Around and she's 12 years old and she's Inside hanging out with a docent of the Whole event right because it was warm Inside the house and it was pretty Chilly outside where I was and she comes Running out and tells me that this one Kid that I had substituted taught you Know I substitute thought for a little While and this kid was a very difficult Child but he had evidently gone into the Maze they set up a maze kind of like a I guess like a haunted maze that you can Go through and people jump out at you And scream at you and Um you know people some this kid had Gone through there and slashed it with a Knife all of the plastic that they used To surround the Maze and create the maze He had slashed all of this stuff and um So there's a kid running around with a Knife the 12 year old kid running around With a knife and they decided at this Point that they needed to shut the whole Event down the police were coming you Know he'd obviously vandalized uh the The area and you know it's just I don't Understand kids nowadays why they have To do things like that and even our own Kid she was like and I don't understand That like why would you do that I'm like I don't know like kids are just some

Kids are just dumb they just do dumb Stuff and they have bad parents right This is just bad parenting so um the Police came and questioned everybody and Was trying to figure out who did it and If they could charge somebody and Um you know because the museum puts on This event they work really hard it's a Lot of older people at the Museum who Work on the board they get together and They do this they set all of this stuff Up for everybody every time and you know It just sucks that somebody comes along And vandalizes it and does something bad Like that but nonetheless they shut the Whole thing down and I went ahead and Packed up and but but really if they had Gone through the rest of the day through The rest of the evening I think I would Have had more people coming to the table I barely had a chance to eat my sub Because it was just you know constant People coming up and you don't want to Be chewing on stuff and trying to talk To people at the same time but um you Know it I eventually had a chance to eat The sub and it was a really really Interesting event probably is the best Haunts of pocosin event that we've done Yeah it seemed like a good turnout Because like I said from the from the Moment I got there and I was just Putting the stuff up on the table and People are already coming up to me yeah

And talking and I didn't get a chance to Even finish setting up a chance to put Up yeah and put stuff up yeah but it is Sad that people go down there and mess Stuff up you know like I said especially At a place like that because a lot of The stuff they they pay for it out of Pocket they put these things together It's kid friendly it's like geared Towards kids it is you know you got People that go in there and mess it up Which is really a shame and and uh it It's a problem that the system is Failing these kids by like I said Earlier by bowing down of the parents Right because way back in school instead Of accommodating be like oh you know Just let this kid do whatever they want And walk all over everyone like no You're gonna do this or you're gonna get Suspended and you're gonna get thrown Back on the parents and the parents are Going to get you straight before they Send you back to school or else you know They're going to be stuck with and once The parents get that realization like oh No we we're going to be stuck with our Kid if we don't deal with them we can't Just pass them off on someone else yeah You know then maybe then maybe they can Get the kids in order right and somebody Really crazy thing to step up and Renovate the public school system to the Extent because when I was substitute

Teaching there was this this one kid That actually did the slashing of the Plastic and all that stuff He was this kid that would come into Class and he would sit there and would Not do his work okay all the rest of the Kids are doing their work they're Sitting there you know like on their Paperwork doing their doing their Assignments and this one kid would just Screw off he would just like you know Mess around the whole entire time and Then the teacher the who I was Substituting for said well you have to Give this kid a little bit of extra time And when you take all of the kids to the Rug to sit down and read a story to them Or go over an assignment with them you Have to just kind of leave this kid in The background and let him oh whatever He wanted to do whatever they want yeah Don't teach them that there's rules and Stuff to follow right they accommodate This kid because they don't want because If they did try to force them to do Something that he didn't want to do he'd Throw a fit and as a parent I'm one of Those kids that I don't care whether you Throw a fit or not look you're going to Do what I what I tell you to do yeah you Know what I mean but evidently the Teacher and probably many teachers after Him all said okay it's easier for us to Just let him do what he wants to do

Because there's zero to try to force him To do what he doesn't want to do and um He was just one of those kids that right From the start you could tell that he Didn't have any discipline from his from His parents and um you know the school Should have enforced it because the School was one of those that like you Should have come forward and just made Him act like he should act right from The very beginning but I would have the Assistant principal the vice principal Would be in the class with me the entire Time I taught this kid and she would be Sitting right next to him and trying to Control him because she knew that if This kid was you know if he was acting Up then um you know she wasn't sure how I would act and I don't know I was told At one time that I was really good at Dealing with these problem children Which sucked for me because then you get All the problem children I get all the Problem children I would have balled This kid up and thrown him like a shot Put across the room yeah he can't really Do that no but but that's you know the Kind of attitude I had as a as a teacher And as a parent really right you know he He discipline you do what you're Supposed to do because we don't teach Kids to do what they're supposed to do Then they're not going to do what They're supposed to do and they're going

To do wrong things and they're going to Get in trouble with authority all Throughout life yeah but now somebody Down house now when the public school System you've got all these people that Are like you know oh let's oh we don't Want to get the parents upset right I Don't want to get the children oh yeah We got to make sure no one gets upset we Gotta avoid everyone gonna set so it's Ridiculous we need to be upset it is but If the Yorktown ghost walks I didn't Have anything cool Like a Knife Fight or Cops showing up or anything like that But um it was a it was a pretty good Thing I mean almost both tours were sold Out I think I only had two tickets Available so 28 people on the one tour I Think maybe like 23 or something like That plus on the second on the first Tour and between these tours the the the Two investigations that we did last Night I mean there were over 200 people Yeah that bought tickets to our ticketed Events right uh and we really appreciate That if you were someone that came out To either the Lee Hall train depot or The pocosa museum last night or you came On one of our tours tonight we really do Appreciate that right and even the People that came to the hospital the Coast and there was a lot of people that Came and and showed up and and acquired About our team yeah yeah it was great to

Have you stopping by the table and such Which is good and uh if you ever get a Chance I don't know if there'll be Another one this year usually one or two A year we do at the pocosa Museum They're the only public events that we Really do this time we took on the Lee Hall train depot because you know we Normally focus on residential Investigations but if you do get a Chance to come to that please come Because once again we do it as a Fundraiser for the pocosa museum so all The money goes to them to help preserve History and to help whatever small Amount we can contribute to that train Depot like they made 1300 plus dollars Last night just with us being there for Two or three hours yeah so it's great to Be able to raise that money history so It is a cause yes it does go to a cause It's not going in anyone's pockets it's Going to preserve these places and to Help them out yes but quite a weekend Yeah so I want to thank you all for Joining us as we kind of took you Through a brief little Clips here and There about what we did and kind of kept In in tune along the way yeah but join Us next time as now we're back to the Investigations yeah and we've got a lot Of them absolutely we need to line up Absolutely everybody so thanks for Joining us happy Halloween