The Pillay Haunting: The Chilling True Story of a Demonic Poltergeist | Documentary

By | December 10, 2022
The Pillay Haunting: The Chilling True Story of a Demonic Poltergeist | Documentary

It was an ordinary day in Southern India And at the home of the sub-magistrate For the town of nidamangalam clothes had Been laundered and left to dry in front Of the fire when one of the family's Children lying in their cradle upstairs Began to cry the women of the house Rushed to them and discovered the nearby Clothes Ablaze water was thrown onto the Garments and the Flames subsequently Smothered with it thought that they had Simply been left too close to the open Fire when they caught fire again Extinguished half burnt and still wet Draped over a chair the household was Utterly confused even the chair had been Burning shocked they could only Attribute the incident to the Carelessness of the family's daughter Who had been tasked with lighting the Fire and yet before too long it became Clear that the cause of the fiery Accident was something inexplicable and Quite possibly Sinister for other things Let of silk curtains religious paintings And even crucifixes also caught fire in The house or seemingly without Explanation and so it was feared that The happenings were the work of devils Devils who as time went by are said to Have become Bolder and more aggressive So intent on fulfilling their diabolical Purpose that in addition to causing Destruction of objects and artifacts

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Described as an honorable and Conscientious Catholic he was also the Sub-mattress trip for the town and was In charge of obtaining land Revenue Taxes for the Southeastern Indian District of tangible a serious Hard-working patriarch he had little Time for silliness and so when a series Of strange fires broke out in his home His daughter was immediately blamed this Was the 3rd of March 1920 and yet only The very next day fires were started Again pillai had not long arrived at his Office when an attendant rushed to him To inform him that several fires had Broken out simultaneously in different Places throughout the home upstairs a Piece of silk was set Ablaze while Downstairs in the kitchen curtains burst Into flames in two different places and So polite roast When he arrived it was clear that his Daughter could not have been responsible Thus fearing that an otherworldly Influence was to blame he suspended Pictures of the Sacred Heart Blessed Virgin and other Saints in the upstairs And downstairs and also Drew chalk Crosses on the walls doors and other Entrances throughout the building Horrifically all the pictures were burnt Cross marks were found rubbed out by cow Dung and a big picture of Saint Margaret Mary with a glass frame was found thrown

Down and the glass broke into pieces Though the knot which tied it in the Nail in the wall was still intact and so The pillai house seemed to be under Supernatural assault by the end of the Day despite the family reciting prayers The activity increased with the image of Saint Margaret's Mary supposedly found Torn to Pieces confused and utterly Terrified the family asked a priest to Come and bless the house that same Evening yet more prayers were said and a Medal of Saint Benedict was hung up However it was so we are told almost Immediately removed how and by what Unknown after which the happenings Intensified again At this point in the case it would be Easy to attribute the activity the fires The vandalism the movement of objects And cow dung to the hands of a mortal Trickster after all we are told via the Diary entries Mr pillai Captain later Shared with the Jesuit periodical the Month that there were several children In the home such Mischief may have Originated from them and yet if the Events which are claimed to have Followed can be believed this Explanation very quickly starts to look Less and less likely after all the day After the priest's blessing a heavy Standing crucifix made of German silver That had been placed upstairs went

Missing a short while afterwards one of The family's neighbors is said to have Come and knocked on the House's door Something he told them had fallen onto His roof incredibly when it was examined The crucifix was found on the roof of That house the next day again on the 6th Of March yet more strangeness was Alleged this time the daughter of the Kitchen was after a great slam bolted Shut from the inside and with no one in The room no amount of force applied to The door could loosen it and so one of The household servants was left with no Option but to climb over the wall the What are described as compartments in The house seemingly separated by Partitions which did not reach the Ceiling once inside the lock was able to Be released the servant also discovered The room in disarray it had been no more Than five minutes since the door closed And yet all of the chalk Crosses Re-established by the family in an act Of protection had supposedly been rubbed Out with cow dung not merely that a la Large charcoal eggs have been drawn over Each of them and so the pillai family Was deeply concerned physical phenomena Fires breakages and now doors locking on Their own all of which appear to have a Dislike of religious emblems when a Catechist from a Cathedral located some 60 miles away visited the house they

Were horrified to witness the still Until that point at least missing medal Of Saint Benedict fall through the air In front of them according to polite's Diary he was also present to witness the Mysterious incident and described how it Came from the roof of the house in a Slanting direction as if somebody threw It from the roof there was however no One there and so no reason why the Missing medal would have suddenly Manifested in that way there was equally No explanation for the vessel of milk Which was said to have been similarly Thrown on the ground from The Hearth Other than perhaps diabolical influence Incidents such as this are said to have Become commonplace within the house over The next two weeks whilst eating Together the family would be forced to Endure their food being lifted from the Table by unseen hands as Mr pillai's Written testimony alleges on one Occasion a mud vessel with cooked rice Rose High to the roof of the house and Fell down the pot itself having been Broken to Pieces deeply Disturbed Fearing for their children and terrified Of the entity that appeared to have Taken up residence in their home the Palais made the decision to temporarily Relocate to another property they hoped So Mr ply wrote that the devil might be Confined to one particular house and

That in the new house we could have Peace of mind this was not to be for According to the report published at the Time almost immediately after moving More items including two broomsticks Were supposedly set Ablaze the battle Crucifix was broken into two and thrown With great force and further objects Including the new clay Parts purchased To replace those which had been Previously destroyed was smashed and so The entity whatever it was had followed The family after this the activity can Be said to have changed and intensified Yet again dramatically and terribly it Is reported that three of the family's Children received blows at one and the Same time causing them to weep Simultaneously and so fearing for his Little ones Mr pillai on the advice of His nephew asked for help from the local Bishop the police we are told were also Invited to come to the house A specially blessed medal from the Bishop was hung in the house the police Believing police claims also recommended That he attempt to appease the Assaulting entity by leaving what is Referred to in the account as toddy a Type of fermented juice made from the Sap of palm trees around the house this Alcoholic liquid was to be poured so They explained twice daily into vassals Which would then be placed in the

Corners of the building Mr pillai Supposedly got the required drink at Once placing it in a copper vessel in One corner of the house leaving the Remainder in another vessel to be used In the evening by the time the end of The day approached however the reserve Had been lost with the malevolent Force So it seems having somehow assaulted the Vassal causing it to be split thus all Manner of things were attempted in order To shake the activity from prayers and Religious artifacts to locals Superstitious Solutions and yet nothing It seems provided relief with poly Reporting that small vassals and small Baskets were being thrown throughout the Day from one place to another a dinner a Copper vessel was supposedly snatched Away from one of the women's Hands by an Invisible force and thrown on the ground Likewise when pillai's daughter's Husband took hold of the rice vessel That was said to have been a horrific Tug of war between him and the devil the Former seizing the vessel very strongly And the latter trying with great force To snatch away the vessel meal times Then were nothing short of pandemonium And within a few short days the Pandemonium is said to have spread to All aspects of life for the family with Palai describing how once every five Minutes we may see some act or other

Done sensationally he even wrote that Bricks will be thrown inside from Outside in particular the invisible Entity has special preference for Disrupting food both the eating and Preparation of it and so as has been Reported in many similar cases of the Time including the curious incidents Surrounding Eleanor zugan and another Indian case the Puna Poltergeist or Mana Of pots and pans were lifted dropped and Smashed in the home with the women who Worked in the kitchen becoming so Frightened of the entity which stalked Them unseen that they refused to work There when one woman the Mother-in-law Of pillai's daughter attempted to clean A fish she so it was alleged received a Blow by means of a piece of wood Dreadfully such violence would soon Become irregular occurrence within the House Writing in his diary poly draws specific Attention to an evening when he watched Over the women and children in the house They were terrified being unable to Escape the madness which is said to have Manifested all around and so polite Armed was just his rosary and crucifix Encouraged them to recite the prayers of Saint Anthony he reports that even Before he closed his mouth he received a Blow on his back supposedly it caused Such swelling that it gave him pain for

About one full hour thus the presence in The house was firmly concluded to have Nurtured a hatred of religion and not Merely that it was a syncratic Multi-faith malice for whether it was Catholic prayer or Hindu mantras placed Inside vessels about the house it Responded with violence smashing the Vessels and indeed attacking the person Who recited the prayer then on the 8th Of March an entirely new dimension to The case shape my name is Raja Madam I Will not leave you these were the words That were said to have been found Written on one of the walls of the Bathroom they had it seems appeared Overnight with no corporate being Identifiable in addition to the two Short sentences that were also illegible Characters not merely that the name Roger Madame has been described as Meaning King Mischief maker almost as Soon as the inexplicable writing was Discovered people came to the house to See it amongst them was one of pillai's Office Clarks he so we are told decided To reply to the mysterious writing reply Sharp the man wrote If you don't run Away from this house I would recommend You to my goddesses for punishment and Certainly the reply was sharp the very Same day more writing is said to have Appeared I will kill the man who wrote These lines it said don't you know that

I am the king I will not leave this House whatever the residents do Terrified the clerk quickly wrote back Begging to be pardoned again a reply was Said to have been received I pardoned You I will not leave them have you got Sensed I am instigated by someone Whatever they may do I will not leave Them And so the family was now certain they Were being plagued by an agent of the Devil under guidance from the church Pillai was warned not to respond to the Diabolical writing not only that the Words should be erased from the walls of The home no good would come from leaving Them there and yet they continued to Appear more words more threats and even Demands I will not leave the residents Of this house alone unless they become Hindus one of the writings is claimed to Have said that same day in what may be Considered a physical threat to Reinforce its written ones The Entity is Purported to have lifted a big piece of Burning wood from the fire and through It with great force between police legs He was holding his son a child of only Two years in his arms at the time Horrified and yet imbued with an even Greater Faith than before pillai Recorded in his diary how he shouted Aloud to the Unseen entity offering his Own warning in return I am the child of

God he said I am ready to lose my Property wife children and all that I Possess and my life too but don't think I will ever lose my soul It was a spiritual battle then some Manner of invading Force unseen quite Possibly diabolical with the intention Of shaking the polite family's faith Those who have written about this case In the decades after its first Appearance have placed importance on the Proselytizing behavior of the alleged Poltergeist in particular in her article Poltergeist phenomena and the trickster Archetype Bridget Burke and the junked Professor in the humanities and religion Departments of Montclair State University has suggested that the Elder Married daughter of Mr pillai may have Played a part in the happenings writing That it appears as though someone is Angry about the abandonment of the Cultural religion Hinduism whilst the Case does not make clear whether or not The pillai family were originally Hindus Who converted to Christianity or how Recent such a conversion may have been It is an interesting analogy nonetheless Most especially as Burke places special Significance on the jungian concept of Catalytic exteriorization phenomena Namely that our thoughts and feelings Have such power that they can bring About an event in the real world such as

That which is reported during Poltergeist cases and so was pillai's Daughter responsible even unknowingly For all that was happening within the Home certainly such an explanation would Help to explain why the activity Followed the family after they moved to A second property when considered in This way the happenings of the 11th of March can be said to be particularly Intriguing It was the day that the priest Sanctioned and sent by the bishop was Due to come to the house to perform a Powerful blessing pillai writes that in The morning he was supervising the Cleaning of the western room with the Object that the very Reverend father Medellit might stop there for the day When he suddenly received a severe blow To his left hand as something else in The room fell down it was a metal Crucifix made of brass which was kept Inside a box in the Eastern room somehow It had been thrown at him with very Great force interestingly pillai's Daughter was in the room with him Sweeping the floor in preparation for The priest at the time And yet as fascinating as this Theory May be there are limitations to it after All we are never given an insight into The thoughts of the daughter there is Nothing to suggest that she harbored any

Sort of resentment towards her family's Faith furthermore if our thoughts are Indeed able to generate material effects Such as a metal crucifix being thrown Across the room are there limitations to This after all whilst many of the Happenings in The pillai Haunting were Of a kinetic variety object relocations Destructions and even the starting of Fires encounters with horrible dark Apparitions were reported also I Observed a shadow Mr pillai wrote in his Diary it was as high as a human being Covered with a black blanket but no Human being visible the Shadows so he Writes then went on to throw a big Wooden plate at him from the other side Of the room strangely he also reported That just at this moment the whole house Seemed to be filled with dust when the Priest accompanied by another arrived at The house prayers were said the once Broken now fixed crucifixes were blessed Medals were distributed about the house And yet more religious images were hung On the walls with the guidance of Father Medelit it was agreed that the family Would have a novena in honor of Saint Joseph A Nirvana being nine successive Days of traditional devotional ritual Comprising prayers in the home appealing To a saint for a specific purpose Invoking Saint Joseph's special Aid to Drive away the devil would be the

Purpose and it would commence that very Day so as to finish on the 19th the Feast of Saint Joseph In this way palai wrote how his home Thus became a regular prayer house both Day and night although there was a Cessation of all troubles whilst the Prayers were being said as soon as the Devotional activities ended the Mischief Would begin again with items being Thrown and disruption everywhere one Time when a man sent so we are told by a Rich and influential Christian came to Pray with the family yet another log hot And inflamed was supposedly lifted from The fire and launched across the room And indeed if the details of this case Are to be believed fire was a favorite Of the Demonic entity pillai describes How the thatch shed in the front of the Northern Veranda had to be doused in Water after catching fire and even how People's clothes would burst into flame Whilst they were wearing them how many Times I was beaten he wrote in one Despairing diary entry the children were Beaten the vessels were thrown so sacred Pictures torn and sacred medals missing God only knows the activity was so acute So sudden so terrible that the entire Family were utterly exhausted In this state of mind pillai went to bed One evening what he described happening That night was exceptional it was 3 AM

And he had just left his room for a Moment as he was returning and half Asleep he saw so he writes a female Figure standing at the entrance to the Eastern room in which I was sleeping Though there was a light burning it Appeared to me to be dark it did not Disappear and so moving to lie down in Bed he supposedly asked who are you After which the mysterious figure began To retreat without turning its back as Soon as it retracted as far as the wall It stopped within two seconds it rushed Into the room in which I was lying down And as soon as I saw it again I asked Who are you who are you to this the Figure allegedly replied my father and Then left Unsettled by this encounter pillai Relayed it to his wife who then the next Morning told the same story to their Eldest daughter when she heard it she Was shocked according to the written Reports she had before going to bed that Same night prayed to her deceased sister Specifically asking for her to help Their father with the problems that the Household was facing and so Mr pillai Wrote The Vision I saw in the night must Be that of our beloved daughter And there was more to the story which Seemed to confirm this the next time he Went to the bathroom he is said to have Found writing on the wall not from the

Previous self-described King Of Mischief But from his lost daughter my beloved Mama it read I am in the dark place if I Had been in heaven would I have left you In this condition it was signed with her Name and not merely that was supposedly Written so polia tested in her hand When he saw this he started crying and Called for his wife she we are told and All the children and maternal aunt came And saw these writings all began to weep It was a weeping house for one full hour Or more undoubtedly then the pillai Family was suffering not only were they And their possessions being attacked by Some type of angry hellish entity but Their much-loved daughter was also even From Beyond the Grave being sucked into The activity and so on the 17th of March A mere 14 days after the beginning of The activity father medalet arrived once More to bless the house he also heard Confessions and performed a Solemn Mass During which the family received Holy Communion while he was present it was Reported that nothing serious happened And all was quiet and calm before he Left he told pillai that everything Would be all right and that as the Following day was the final all day of The Novena and so the feast of Saint Joseph the family would be free of their Torment Pillai was hopeful too recording in his

Diary how if such came to pass he would Feed not less than 100 poor persons in Honor of the saint and would also Publish this great favor done to my Family both in Christian and Hindu Newspapers and Incredibly he did just That for when the 19th of March came a Final flurry of activity is said to have Occurred before one last message Appeared on the bathroom wall it told Them that the devil was gone not merely That it was also said that it would Never again appear and that it was Proceeding to trouble the person who Instigated to trouble the family and so The household was free one week later Their story appeared in the Hindu Newspapers the friend of the Hindu and The truth teller and later on in Christian Publications also In this way it can be said that Mr Pillai's narrative was not written for Profit or fame certainly the description Shared in these Publications were Directly taken and translated from his Personal diary his purpose in sharing Them being only to educate and give Thanks as such other than this there is Little more that we know about this case That said many of the names of those Involved are preserved such as father Medullet as are the titles of the Publications in which the story was Originally printed although now long

Inaccessible we can lean on the words of Past researchers including Herbert Thurston and Joseph Korean who featured The pillai Haunting in a chapter of Their 1954 book ghosts and poltergeists To in some way confirm the validity of The happenings indeed Korean affirms That a summary of the case was published In the neighborhood when the events were Still recent a Catholic Journal called The Morning Star featured the story in July 1920 and not only that was printed By Reverend Brother Joseph one of the Men who personally visited the pillai Family home early on in the happenings And was able to witness the burnt and Torn religious images and clothing Remnants for himself The perhaps best proof we have that this Case was genuine however comes from Father madalet himself after all Sometime after the case concluded the Priest was appointed Archbishop of Madras as Creon explains his grace came To England for the Emancipation Centenary and he remembered perfectly The visits he paid to the pillai family Citing a private conversation that he Had with the Archbishop Korean states That although Archbishop medullet was Not himself an eyewitness to any of the Manifestations he is able to testify to The real excitement and consternation of The whole family and the impression made

In the locality by these doings and so Something certainly seems to have taken Place in the pillai household whether This was paranormal a poltergeist a Demon the Devil Himself or something Other we cannot know even so regardless Of who or what was to blame it is clear That Mr paline knew who was to thank in His concluding remark written one month After the end of the happenings he Confirmed that he and his family were Enjoying complete peace of mind and that It was due to their patron saint and Benefactor Saint Joseph Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope that you enjoy enjoyed this video If you did please consider liking and Subscribing for more of the Paranormal Equally you might like to sign up to my Email newsletter over on to receive Notifications of all new content Straight to your email inbox and if you Cannot wait until my next video why not Watch the one suggested on screen now Until next time