Bob Lazar and S4 Area 51 @co-vids

By | December 6, 2022
Bob Lazar and S4 Area 51  @co-vids

Since 1985 more than 15 million Americans have reportedly witnessed Unidentified flying objects but despite The seemingly overwhelming evidence Mainstream science has chosen to ignore The subject But now for the first time in history One of the greatest mysteries of this Century is unraveling a former Government scientist has come forward to Discuss the military’s classified work On extraterrestrial spacecraft When was I hired at S4 I guess early 89 And I was probably there only about six Months or so At the time that I was working there at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas there was a special projects EG And G building When I was told to go to work I drove There parked my car there and Got in a plane at the airport flew to Groom Lake Where I deplaned and waited for a bus And the bus drove me down to uh S4 The S4 facility is an area just off the Papoose lake bed dry like that And it consists of nine hangers the Hangers have sloped doors on them with a Sand texture coating Around the opposite end Of the hangers there’s the standard Entrance where you’re dropped off at go Through a security check and inside

There’s a small complex Uh there is some office space there are Several Laboratories the hangers Themselves of course and uh A few other places I didn’t have free Rain to go wherever I wanted to Everywhere I went to I was essentially Escorted so that was really all about That I saw Inside the facility what was the basic Layout were there underground levels I don’t think there were any underground Levels to it though there could have Been I I don’t think it was uh you know An extensive underground facility it Just looked like uh An installation that was butt up against A mountain and uh You know I didn’t see any evidence of Any stairs going down elevators or uh But like I said I don’t know there could Have been and I just might not have been Permitted in those areas It’s difficult to uh to really surmise How long it had been operational Everything did look fairly new uh By that I mean I don’t think this Installation was there in the early 70s Uh Nothing was worn things look fairly Freshly painted so uh you know as a Ballpark guess I would say it would it Would really surprise me if the Installation was older than

Five seven ten years something like that Allegedly obviously I I didn’t see this And I don’t know it to be fact but this Is what I was told that I was hired to Replace one of a couple people that were Killed while working on one of the Reactors from one of the crafts Apparently they for whatever reason cut Open an operating reactor and the device Exploded killing both of them The scientists that were killed there Allegedly the detonation from the Explosion was fairly large it would have Rivaled a small tactical nuke so it was Done at the Nevada test site and it was To be passed off as an unannounced Nuclear nuclear test The first desk I saw I believe it was The second or I think it was the third Time I was up there uh normally the bus Pulled around to the opposite end of the Facility which was the main entrance and That’s where we went in on this Particular occasion it pulled up to one Of the hangar doors which were normally Closed and the last one was open we came Out And I saw the disc in the hangar upon Seeing it it struck me that well this Explains all the UFO sightings not Thinking that it was an extraterrestrial Craft that this must have been some Advanced form of fighter that we’ve been Working on for years and you know people

Have just caught it being tested so on And so forth and uh it never even Occurred to me even though I was looking At an extraterrestrial vehicle that you Know this wasn’t man-made Well It probably really hit me When I got inside the craft And looked around And began to understand how the craft Was operated and finally grasped the Whole project as a whole as what we were Doing the fact that we weren’t building This thing we were trying to find out How it was made we were back engineering It Engineering is taking a finished product And finding out How the device or product was produced And essentially Determining whether or not you can Duplicate it I really didn’t think about implications Of that sort as far as emotionally Uh people have asserted that boy that Must have been the most exciting time in Your life and I that’s not the way it Was when I first got to look inside the Craft the the all I can say it’s an Ominous feeling you walk in there and uh It’s It feels as if you shouldn’t be there I Know that sounds kind of corny but it’s Real ominous

Thank you it produces a gravity wave Which is similar to the gravity wave That the Earth produces However the craft phase shifts the wave In other words it it turns the wave Not really an opposite polarity but Something to that effect Where it will work against the natural Gravity wave of the earth and it Produces lift in that effect Well the craft generates its own Gravitational field being inside that Field Essentially Doesn’t Shield you but essentially You’re in and this is a terrible way to Say it almost in a different realm Because you’re you’re now influenced Only that by that gravitational field For instance people wonder how a craft Like this can make a turn at such high Speed a 90 degree turn when they would Imagine people slamming up against the Wall or something to that effect well That really wouldn’t happen inertia Would have no effect you’re You’re in a distortion and don’t forget That gravity distorts time and space so Really nothing is going to influence you While you’re in three amplifiers The craft can operate on a single one Can lift off the ground The way in which Gets propelled

Are two different ways there’s what they Call Omicron configuration where the Craft is using one generator Or Delta configuration where it’s Utilizing all three Delta configuration Would be for space travel essentially The craft will tilt up on its side As opposed to a science fiction movie Where you see a flying saucerer moving Around the craft will tilt up on its Side Focus the three gravity generators To a single point and move through space Moving around the source of gravity is a Problem to a disc because it’s Interference essentially So what they do is they work with that Interference to their benefit they’ll Use one gravity generator to lift the Craft off the ground And as opposed to what we’re used to for Instance a plane once it’s in the air we Envision Thrust or some Force coming out the back Of it to push it forward The crafts work completely opposite of That What they do Is once they’re hovering in the air They’ll swing the gravity or two Remaining gravity generators up in front Of them and create a distortion Essentially a downhill And The Craft Rolls downhill for Infinity it’s always

Chasing a little Distortion that’s why They look goofy when they fly around at Low speed because they’re essentially And anytime you run over you know the Gravity field around the earth is not Completely constant and stable depending On the minerals and density of the earth Underneath it The gravity will vary somewhat and you Will get odd movements of The Craft so It’s low speed mode is is kind of Unstable for the most part I only witnessed one test flight up Close officially Uh that I was in just inside the hangar The test was going off probably You know Just as the sun was going down and It was a low performance test I believe there were some Pilots or test Pilots in the craft the craft must have Been retrofitted to fit them because the Seating arrangements were really not Accommodating Um They were in radio communication with The craft which is kind of surprising to Me because the gravity waves that the Craft was producing should have Distorted the radio waves also so Apparently there’s something there that I don’t understand Um The craft lifted off the ground

Virtually noiseless other than a small Corona discharge on the bottom of the Craft indicating the presence of high Voltage That dissipated at about 30 feet and it Stood there completely silently and Moved over to the left to the right and Sat back down that was the entire test However that was an extremely impressive Test Maybe to someone that really knows a Little about science or anything that That wouldn’t be a whole lot but you Have to realize this craft was about 52 Feet diameter I don’t know exactly how Much it weighed but it weighed a lot and This was quite quite a scientific feat To lift something completely silently Under control And uh you know perform a maneuver like That The craft itself was uh I assume it was Metal it was cold to the touch that’s Why I say it was metal but it was a uh Brushed aluminum actually just an Unfinished stainless steel not shiny uh Finish to it Had no seams it was at as if it was Injection molded from one Giant die I Was completely amazed I I can’t really reflect On how it made me feel but it that was Exciting Gravity is something difficult to

Explain because it’s something That we essentially don’t understand It’s just something that we can observe Not much is really known about gravity There are many theories about it but They are just mainly theories there’s Theories of gravitons which allege that They’re these are these subatomic Particles that that act Like an attractive Force like gravity That exchange between two pieces of Matter there’s also a theory that Gravity is a form of wave and Electromagnetic wave But basically gravity is a force it’s uh It’s it’s the attraction it well it’s The inherent property of matter To have gravity a mutual attraction for Each other and that’s it’s basically all That we really know Modern science current science right now Identifies one gravity it’s one force in Nature uh apparently Through research at S4 or information Gained from one of the crafts they were Researching there It appears that there are two different Forms of gravity one form works on an Atomic scale on subatomic particles Holding pieces of matter holding atoms Themselves together another works on a Larger scale the scale we’re most Familiar with uh Holding planets in orbit holding

Ourselves to the ground things of that Sort Because it produces a gravitational Field I I wouldn’t say the craft is Invisible during the day however if You’re under the craft Because of the way the gravity is being Used gravity bends time and space and it Bends light if you are looking Underneath the craft or from certain Vantage points you will actually see What’s above the craft it’s a It’s really a trick Of the way light bends under the Influence of gravity For instance we can see stars that are Behind the Sun That are blocked from our view by the Sun the reason we can see them is Because the sun is a tremendous Gravitational field and it’s bending the Light around it where we can see the Star The space-time and gravity are all Essentially interrelated They all act on one another Gravity bends space Gravity also distorts time when you vary One you essentially vary the other two Uh if you As an example if you have a massive body Say a planet or something that’s making A lot of gravity producing a lot of Gravitational waves if you will

Um it distorts space it bends space to It It also slows down time These things aren’t theories we know Them to be true We cannot artificially create this Because we can’t create gravity But This is how they’re all interrelated There are several problems traveling at The speed of light Just a couple of them are the fact that As your speed increases so does your Mass proportionally In other words the more energy you put In to go faster Begins to slow you down by the fact that It’s converted into Mass You have other problems like just Traveling at such an extreme velocity Navigational problems the fact that you Might run into little tiny micro Meteorites at speeds like this it would Undoubtedly destroy your craft there’s Just a a whole host of problems that You’re going to run into just attempting To do something like that aside from the Fact the amount of energy required to Accelerate to the speed of light is Horrendous Project sidekick was another project Going on uh with Galileo Galileo was the Project that I was involved in sidekick Dealt with any of the weapon potential

Of The Craft whether or not the craft Had A weapon in it or could it be used as a Weapon but it’s had something to do with Some sort of particle beam Uh configuration where the gravity Generator can be used as a lens to focus Focus a weapon of some sort similar to The SDI device we were working on and The The 80s but with the potential of a Focusing device using the gravity Generator Project Looking Glass dealt with the Distortion the fact that there’s a Time Distortion essentially looking back in Time and by that I do not mean looking Back years ago to see the Wagon Train Days they’re looking for distortions That are milliseconds in time and what What that was used for I I don’t know But that was just observing the time The time Distortion time dilation Phenomenon 115 is strictly an extraterrestrial Material It probably occurs naturally and Some other places Maybe other star systems You know some people not familiar with Science or chemistry say well that’s Ridiculous all the elements occur on Earth you know but that’s not true and There are elements on the periodic chart

That aren’t found on Earth I believe the Heavy ion research lab in darmstadt Germany Has reached element 112 recently so 115 Isn’t isn’t that far away and when they Synthesize that it’s not like they’re Making a a couple ounces of it they’re Talking about one or two atoms of it to Make any usable quantity of a heavy Ailment like that is virtually Impossible Element 115 Is in the top of the reactor and the Base of the reactor apparently is a Small something similar to a cyclotron It’s a particle accelerator Uh A particle is accelerated to high speed And then deflected up a small tube And it’s aimed at the 115. this Transmutes the 115. Similar to the way we we do that in a Normal particle accelerator This causes a reaction a radiation Emission that we really haven’t seen Before It produces antimatter This antimatter is guided down a tuned Tube and reacts With a gas When matter and antimatter react they Convert to 100 energy This energy is converted Heat energy is converted to electrical

Power and the reactor itself this is Done through a Thermoelectric converter And this electrical power is used to Power other subsystems on the craft Though there is no wiring you know as we Would know it also That’s almost a byproduct of the reactor The reactor also sets up a gravitational Wave from the 115 being bombarded this Gravitational wave was present at the Top of the reactor and is essentially Guided in the same way microwaves are Guided through tuned tubes and this goes To their amplifying cavities and through The projectors that are in the bottom of The craft Well that’s kind of the same reason why On neon light or fluorescent light Lights up what you’re dealing with with Is a high energy source And essentially a gas atmosphere oxygen Nitrogen and when you apply enough Energy to a gas molecule they emit Photons they emit light and I don’t Think it’s anything it’s really a Byproduct of how the craft operates when It’s emitting that much energy The gas surrounding the craft emits Light the same reason why lightning is Visible you have a huge electrical Discharge And the gas emits light in the form of Lightning bolt

If you’re going to see one of these Crafts at night operating it would Appear really as a glowing ball for uh Just a bright light in the sky from a Distance Even close up you’d see a glowing halo Around it uh this is typically what You’d see in your normal UFO sighting if You’ve heard them a lot however Keep in mind that lights in the sky are Caused by much more common things than Flying saucers It was a large craft and the one Glimpse I got of it was from the rear and it had Two huge Square exhaust with veins in Them and it was just it sounded more Like a rocket than a jet I don’t know I’d even think he did Mention that it was Liquid methane Powered but uh There again You know working on the disc technology I really could care less what was Rolling around at Area 51 but uh it it Did catch my eye Well If you want to wear the question How are my opinions changed uh I would Say considerably And before I was at S4 I was more or Less one of the uh one of the guys that Thought You know all these government conspiracy And UFO Buffs and things like that were

Complete lunatics Um I even remember before I was involved There a friend showed me a little Newspaper clipping and said John Lear Was giving a lecture who was uh touting That aliens from another world came to Earth and there’s 70 different species And I remember laughing on the phone That this guy had lost his mind and uh I was also under the impression that you Know well the government’s all for the People and they you know You know they’re out here to protect us And all that you know after the Experiences I had there Uh everything is completely turned Around you know the government Is doing everything but uh looking out For us I mean the only thing they’re Looking at is for themselves you know uh Obviously the ET craft do exist Something had to build them so there Must be aliens And since there are on the craft there There must be some sort of factory And an entire civilization somewhere and If in fact that is true and it Apparently is then there must be Others Actual crafts and Technology from Another world and that’s probably the Most important we can duplicate it if we

Can understand What a device is or how something Operates or what its physical makeup is That’s great but if we can’t duplicate It it’s useless to us So there’s really two phases to the Project going on there it’s Understanding what we’re looking at and Then once we understand it is can we Duplicate it with Earthly materials and Earthly technology and you know unless We’ve got a handle on both of them all That technology is useless to us and if It turns out we can’t do that all we Have is one single prized possession That we have to take care of and That’s it I would probably have played along for a Longer time I would like to have known a little bit More about the technology and uh Probably kept quiet if I could have Um and possibly never have said anything Yeah I almost wish I had done that you know It’s uh It’s really only caused headaches and Problems but um I believe if I was given The opportunity again to go back in time And redo it I think I pretty much would Have just shut up and gone along with The program I would have much preferred that instead Of

The Navy or whoever it was that Hand-picked a few Renegade scientists Here and there that they turn it over To some more qualified people obviously I was not the most qualified person on a Propulsion or field propulsory or Anything of that sort I was just some Guy I mean they could have picked I Could have named 10 or 12 other guys That were more qualified than me but um You know if they turned it over to the Scientific community and not just a Couple guys Here in the United States I mean you Need a large group of people in a large Lab to research what’s going on there Not a little quiet installation it’s the It’s the security itself That prevents them from getting anywhere I mean it they never do work hand in Hand you can’t have a military mind Science itself Must communicate you have to have A free exchange of ideas that’s how Things progress and when you clamp down On a security system like that where you Work In isolated groups and ideas cannot be Exchanged you don’t get anywhere and That’s that’s the problem they have Really involved in any of that stuff Anymore that’s kind of put behind me Um I have my own businesses that I work At some

Computer Graphics uh some consultation Um Other technical jobs radiation detectors And a few other things like that Um so really I just go about my life and That’s you know something that happened That was fantastic and and it’s over but It’s kind of hard to shake it loose but Eventually I will and that’ll be that I think all the surveillance and Everything stopped I don’t think Anyone’s bothering to monitor me I’ve Said everything that I know it’s been All over the place so It’s kind of a done deal as far as Whether or not there are any craft out There I believe you know they were out And gone in probably the late 89 early 90s The only thing people see now out there Are even flares or planes coming into Land but uh About it