Ancient Aliens: The Shiva Linga of India

By | November 27, 2022
Ancient Aliens: The Shiva Linga of India

[music playing] NARRATOR: Sirsi, India. 10 miles outside of this city,
in the southwestern state Of Karnataka, within
the river Shalmala, Is one of the country's most
popular pilgrimage sites– Sahasralinga. Hidden under these waters
for most of the year Lie stone sculptures
known as Shiva lingams. These sacred idols are
representations of the god Shiva and are
visible to thousands Of pilgrims once a year at the
festival of Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is a festival
where Shiva is worshipped For his great nature. Maha Shivaratri is usually
held in the end of February Or beginning of March. During that month, the water
level of the Shalmala river Drops down so that all the
Shiva lingas are exposed. Shiva's depicted
as the Shiva linga, As a kind of a spiritual
column, the flaming Pillar that is the cosmic
axis of the universe. Every Shiva linga that's in
worship is set into a yoni. This is a special base,
and it actually serves Kind of a utility of function. It's a spout, so
that when you pour Offerings over the
surface of the linga, They wash over the sacred body. Images of the Shiva
linga are found Throughout Southeast Asia,
even in parts of East Asia. Sometimes images of
Shiva as the lingum Also made its way into
China and into Japan. NARRATOR: The Shiva lingum first
appeared over 2,000 years ago, And there is still debate
over what this shape was Originally meant to symbolize. But ancient astronaut
theorists suggest

That the icon may
represent an incredibly Powerful technological device. Modern Hindu
scholars have theorized That the Shiva
linga stone actually Represents atomic energy. When we think about this idea
of what atomic energy can do, How it can be used for good
but it can be extraordinarily Destructive, this certainly
pertains to the mythology Of Shiva, who is
chaotic energy, who Is a force for incredible
good, but also a force For incredible destruction. NARRATOR: Is it possible that
this symbol of Shiva's power Actually represents
atomic energy? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes And suggest the proof
can be found by examining This mysterious shape. The cylindrical structure
of the Shiva linga Is similar or almost
identical to a modern-day Nuclear reactor. And the groove that
surrounds the base Represents the structures
built to dispose Of the polluted water. In ancient times,
and even today, Hindus pour water or milk on
top of Shiva linga as a ritual. Today, we pour water over
the top of a nuclear reactor To cool it. And interestingly,
most Shiva temples Are always found near water
bodies, like rivers or lakes, Just like nuclear power plants. So is it possible that Shiva
linga actually represent An ancient nuclear power plant? In the story of Shiva
and the Shiva linga, We're obviously
dealing with some kind Of a universal or cosmic power
that we didn't fully understand

Until the 20th century, with
the discovery of nuclear power And nuclear fission. When J. Robert Oppenheimer,
the father of the atomic bomb, Observed the first
atomic explosion At the Trinity
test site, he cited A line from the Baghavad Gita. "I have become death,
destroyer of worlds." That's the title of Shiva. Perhaps we should listen
and look at these stories From a new perspective. What is the description about? Could it be that Shiva
was some type of energy? We are approaching the beginning
of a new future for mankind. So in a sense, it's
the end of an era And the turning of a new page. The extraterrestrials
will come back, And it will be the most amazing
chapter in human history.