Ancient Aliens: Pandora’s Box of Demons

By | November 19, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Pandora's Box of Demons

NARRATOR: The idea of
otherworldly agents Of good and evil
influencing humans Exists in nearly every
culture throughout the world. Philosophers, religious
scholars, and psychologists Have long debated not only
the existence of but also The nature of these forces. JONATHAN YOUNG: Whether
we think of light and dark Forces in metaphysical terms– That is out there somewhere–
or psychological terms, There are light and dark forces
of some kind, and respecting That is important. ROBERT CARGILL: The
majority of humans On Earth and throughout
history believe That otherworldly beings
are actually agents. They're doing things in this
world either directly to us Or indirectly and that they
too are experiencing a battle Or a struggle and using
us as humans as agents, As proxies, if you will,
to fight this battle. I think when you look at
all the evidence of the UFO And the ancient-astronaut
evidence, You're going to find behind this
the entities that were accused Of causing the darkness,
the war of the suffering, All of that, were, by and large,
extraterrestrial entities. They called them the gods in
Mesopotamia, also in Egypt, And then that morphed into
angels and forces of Satan. Today, we call them
extraterrestrials, But it's really the same thing. NARRATOR: Mount
Helicon, central Greece. At the base of this mountain,
sixth century BC poet Hesiod Claimed to have made
contact with the nine muses, Immortal daughters
of the god Zeus Said to impart knowledge
and art to humans. Hesiod composed poems under
the guidance of these muses, Including what many
consider his most

Important work, the "Theogony,"
and the infamous story Of Pandora's Box. When the titan Prometheus
stole fire from the gods And gave it to humans,
Zeus wasn't happy about it, And Zeus wanted revenge. So what he did was
he commissioned Hephaestus to create
Pandora, the first woman. So he gave Pandora a
pithos, a jar that contained All of the evils of the world. RICHARD RADER: We call it a
box, but in Greek it's a jar. And she's told, don't open this. And, of course, she opens it up. And so all these evils are
released into the world. These evil forces are
sometimes embodied by demons. Sometimes those demons are gods. Sometimes they are a hybrid
mix of monsters and gods, But they are the forces of
negative advance in the world. Zeus wanted to counterbalance
the fact that they have These good things that had been
unfairly, in Zeus' opinion, Given to humans. So it's an explanation that
lays the existence of evil At the responsibility of
the deities, of the gods. NARRATOR: Might the
story of Pandora's Box Be describing the release of
negative beings upon the Earth By extraterrestrials, as
ancient-astronaut theorists Propose? If we look into some
of the Eastern legends, We come across beings like the
jinn who could, on occasion, Provide goodness and help
and on other occasions Were like demons
and could provide All kinds of evil and
all kinds of temptation. The jinn are really of
some alternative world, But they're able to
pass through gateways And come into our
world to influence us.

possible that humans Were not only the creation
of extraterrestrial beings But also, when
deliberately fashioned, To possess attributes
of both good and evil? And if so, are the
forces of light And dark in an epic struggle to
influence the path of mankind? The gods fashioned the
body as a sort of prison That would trap
the divine sparks Or souls of the light
beings in a human form. One begins to wonder if this
dualistic or hybrid aspect Of humanity is
sort of like a game To these extraterrestrial gods. Let's conflict these humans. Let's put them on this planet,
and let's see what happens. Humans are, essentially,
hybrid beings. We are conflicted beings. Part of us is immaterial and
light, and the other part of us Is material and dark. And it's that constant conflict
between us that rules our lives And defines our civilization.