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UNDERSTANDING THE UNKNOWN  -  Ghosts, Creatures, UFO's and MORE!

Just realized I did that whole intro Without sound yes I’m not quite well yet Forgetting stuff we got a great show Lined up for you guys tonight and I hope You guys are ready to get entertained We’re going to be doing uh some uh news We’re gonna do the Discord question of The week I’m gonna have to edit out that Bad intro After the fact but we got uh some ghost Stories and some creepy Bigfoot stories And more we’ll see what we get to but Buckle up it’s about to get creepy give Me a couple seconds we’re gonna connect To the network and get rolling hang on To your seats Ladies and gentlemen it looks like we Are live and underway here on the Paranormal portal I gotta check and make Sure TFR is hearing us what’s going on Over there uh can you hear US Army me or Us either one but uh just got to get Some verification from the TFR chat that We are actually broadcasting on TFR live Tune in and talk stream live and IHeartRadio over there as well as on YouTube thank you Gemini appreciate it I Hope you guys are all doing great thank

You so much for joining us here on the Paranormal portal as we dive into all The streams and wonderful things that You’ve come to love from the show yeah I’m still still on the mend but today is Better getting better every day pretty Soon I’ll just be normal As normal as I get anyway but uh anyway Folks I’m not alone here tonight I am Joined of course by the big branch of my Personal family tree himself Mr Sheldon Thomas is with us so without further Ado Let’s say hello to him how you doing Sheldon I’m doing amazing as always hope Everyone at home or wherever you’re Watching the show right now is doing Amazing as well but more importantly how Are you dad doing good I I’m Not 100 I’m not even probably 75 percent But I’m getting better every day I mean I’m I’m sounding more like me which I Think is good I’m still a little pluggy And stuff but uh yeah drippy Sneezy Stuff at least stops overnight so I got That going for me Still Still clearing Out but anyway thanks for asking I Appreciate that Um but we got a lot of things to get Through tonight here on the portal as Always we’re going to get into the news Here pretty quick but we’re going to do The Discord question of the week we got Some good responses from there as well

As some other things so we’ve got a lot Of things going on Um but we are of course Broadcasting live and unrehearsed as Always and uh we’re gonna get to some Other stuff in the second hour as well Including some Bigfoot stories that Might just have you sitting on the edge Of the seat it’s like those old tractor Pull commercials you’ll pay for the old Seat but you’ll only need the edge [Laughter] That might be true uh at least to love Those promos I used to go to those truck And tractor pulls they were they were uh Pretty obnoxious and loud and and uh uh You know back in the day they were a lot Less eventful than I anticipated but I Always went with a buddy of mine so uh He loved those things so we went and Yeah you just watch uh this really Souped up drag racing looking tractor Drag a a big trailer full of weight and It’s like oh yeah you went a little Farther than last guy but it’s memories Right you got to create memories Wherever you can so we’re going to get Into all the creepy goodness that you’ve Grown to love here on the Paranormal Portal and uh A lot to go to I guess Um Can’t think of any announcements on the Front end so uh but my brain’s still not

There I’m still under the influence of a Lot of cold medicines uh so I got that Going for me before I forget Take some cold medicine or some cough Medicine before I before I uh forget so Foreign If you just cough randomly yeah I don’t Feel so good I guess it’d be probably Too much cough medicine Ah what do you do it keeps me talking That’s all I know So anyway I guess Oh Jerry Uh it doesn’t taste anything like Cherry But Um [Laughter] Let’s get to the news what do you say Sheldon uh perfect place to start all Right ladies and gentlemen and a special Thank you to all of our YouTube channel Members that really helps a bunch thank You so much for your generosity and Kindness and if you want to continue to Help the Paranormal portal in other ways You can donate if you’re looking on YouTube there’s a donate link I you know again I don’t want to put any Pressure on anybody but it’s out there It’s a possibility there’s lots of ways To support the show let people know About the show that’s the biggest way You know just let people know like the Streams comment if you’re not watching

Live and uh you know do what you can uh Everything is appreciated but uh most of All just show up we love it when you’re Here and taking part in the Conversations if you can catch us live And we love it when you leave comments When it’s not live so all right let’s Get to it time for the news Sheldon All right Laughs [Applause] [Applause] Oh hey Sounds like a newsworthy night Here on the Paranormal portal most Trusted news ladies and gentlemen and of Course bringing you the most trusted News is myself Brent Thomas your anchor And my co-anchor Sheldon Thomas as we Dive into all of the new and wonderful Stories that I managed to curate on your Behalf and hopefully they’re enjoyable Hopefully leave here knowing something You didn’t know before you got here and Uh that’s always my objective some of It’s actually paranormal but a lot of It’s just silly goofy weird uh unusual Interesting we cover it all even though This is a paranormal show primarily I Think we all have a lot of a diversified Interest so who doesn’t need some

Information Um here’s a here’s one that I thought Was kind of interesting right up leading The leading the way And let’s hope it’s not getting closer But uh this is a story from unexplained Mysteries.com uh from there Ghostbusters Our online quiz can help you find the Right bed for you whether you’re a side Sleeper a back sleep cow Ah No I don’t like that That was a different kind of black hole We got sucked right into advertiserland Uh and astronomers discover closest Known black hole to Earth I hate auto ads I love this site but I Don’t like the auto ads you move your Mouse wrong and you’re stuck you’re Stuck all right astronomers discovers Closest known black hole to Earth Uh situated in our Cosmic backyard this Newly discovered Behemoth is 10 times More massive than the sun how do you Weigh a black hole I wonder or they just Mean the size maybe the size Well that’s not a good one either Because I was just reading The other day just maybe a day or two Ago I stumbled on an article talking About black holes and they said if you If you were to fall into a supermassive Black hole you’d probably just pass Rights into wherever it goes and without

Being like squished into an atom or Something Um but if you fall in one of the smaller Ones they think it would just crush the Hell out of you and this if it’s only 10 Times the mass of the Sun this is a Small one so let’s hope it stays way the Hell away It says black holes which form when a Giant star collapses on itself at the End of its life cycle possesses a Gravitational pull so great that nothing Not even light itself can escape from it Fortunately excuse me there’s no black Holes in our own solar system or Anywhere near it thank God But as time Goes on scientists have been discovering Them a shorter and shorter distances Away from us indicating that we not Might not be quite as far away from our Nearest neighbor as we had perhaps hoped Most recently astronomers have Identified a black hole named Gaia bh1 Bh1 where did they come up with that Name black hole I know bh1 black hole One really around 1 566 light years away in a binary star System in the constellation opioccus I guess that’s how you pronounce that Yeah this might sound like a long way Away and it is but it also happens to be Half the distance of the former nearest Known black hole and there are likely to Be others much closer than this well

Yeah great oh God okay It doesn’t really inspire a lot of uh Hope does it no Oh that was a good cough uh the Discovery is also significant because The star system itself is particularly Unusual While there have been many claim Detections of systems like this almost All these discoveries have subsequently Been refuted said astrophysicists and Study lead author Kareem elbadri This is the first unambiguous detection Of a sun-like star in a wide orbit Around a stellar massive Mass black hole In our galaxy Does that mean it’s like stuck or is it Like degrading into it or what’s going On this what’s interesting here is that The black hole would have started out as A star 20 times more massive than our Sun and would have ballooned out at the End of its life consuming everything in This path Howard’s companion star is still present Therefore remains a mystery well there You go Um and it’ll remain that’s for a long Time I’m sure but very interesting There’s a black hole 1500 and some light years away Which I think is far enough that it’s Okay but I don’t know I mean it depends The speed it’s traveling you know is it

You know 15 days or is it 1500 years Well you know from what I understand the The Galaxy is actually expanding faster Than the speed of light which is weird But it is so Um maybe it’s actually getting further Away as time goes on if the Galaxy is Still expanding hopefully I don’t know About you but uh I gotta I got other Plans and getting sucked into a black Hole Sounds like some old relationships My goodness is a little hanging fruit Cough medicine just remember cough Medicine I’m sorry yeah I’d like to say To you You’re such an enabler oh my God All right coming up oh God bless it just Drag you pizza Technology I’m trying to drag a window And it’s like it’s going popping into Everything everywhere all right do I fit Here do I fit here no keep going all Right next up on the news Fest here on The Paranormal portal is uh from Unexplained mysteries.com please support The site it’s a great site they have a Lot of wonderful offerings over there Many many more than we could ever cover On these paranormal portals but I just Love this site they do an amazing job Other than that that that ad from Hell Uh it was wonderful so this has to do

With uh toot uncommon And this is from their archeology and History category what science has told Us about the mummy of Egypt’s King Tutankhamun uh I don’t know if Maybe I don’t know I was just yeah I Like that pronunciation Okay yeah I like that okay well I’ll do My best to stick with it November 9th uh 2022. his tomb’s Discovery was one of The most significant in all of Egyptology but what do we actually know About King Tut 100 years ago our understanding of Ancient Egypt changed forever when the Tomb of King 2 uncommon Tutankhamun was Found on November 4th 1922 in the valley Of Kings Born around 1305 BC Tutankhamun Only ruled Egypt for about 10 years yet His tomb was furnished with never before Never before seen riches Our fascination with mummies is Understandable gazing at the faces of a Prehistoric Egyptian king makes these Ethereal and Majestic rulers seem more Real The discovery of Tutankhamun in his Original resting place complete with all His possessions makes us feel a Connection to a Prime Evil past it Transports us back in time to the Funeral of a young king Studies of Tutankhamun’s life were are Often overshadowed by The Sensational

Rumors that surround the discovery of His tomb such as persistent Whispers of A curse But if we allow the gossip to get in the Way of seek do not common the person Will miss out his death is still a Mystery it’s difficult to find out why Someone who lived a long time ago died Well I’m betting it’s uh I you know I Thought I thought that they had found That he was poisoned possibly by maybe His uncle who wanted to take over but I don’t know if that’s for sure true I Remember hearing about that ages ago People in ancient Egypt live shoulder Shorter lives because they didn’t have The same Health Care oh really No way what But he died around 19 years old which is Even young young even for ancient Egypt Regions recent studies uh recently Studies using the ashtrays CT scans and DNA testing showed tuna common ad Malaria along with other medical Conditions such as a cleft palate he Also broke his leg just before he died Ouch this information helps us build a Picture of TuneIn Commons Health before His death it doesn’t tell us exactly how He died though except that there’s no Sign he was murdered oh okay well that’s Good put that to rest but I I I don’t Know if they would be detecting poisons I don’t know I don’t know where that

Came from but I swear to God it I swear I either heard it or dreamed it I don’t Know which but he was buried with Flowers okay cool I think we can skip That part and uh Oh really okay cool yeah wonderful Flowers all thoughtful Dude on Kam Moon’s appearance was Preserved by special techniques yeah I Think we’ve all heard about that stuff Before mummification process yeah it Preserves the corpse uh Tudor comedy Added had company on his journey Uh yes shows the coffins contained two Female What the hell is that word fotus is What’s a fodus is I don’t know what she asked for I yeah I Don’t know I don’t know if I want to Know more anyway he had other people Buried with him which is creepy but you Know he was the king so they want to Take care of him I guess Fame has not Always been kind to Tutankhamun sure Okay well anyway he died and they’re Still studying it and uh turning up some Interesting facts I guess I don’t know It sounded more interesting than it than It’s probably actually worked out to me But I I can’t read all of that because It’ll suck our whole news cycle dry in One shot so if you want to learn more go Over to unexplained mysteries.com and Look up the archeology and History

Section to find out what else they’ve Discussed about the Egypt’s King Tutankhamun Interesting stuff apparently felt I was Looking it up and it’s it’s saying that It’s it’s um It’s POTUS is plural for fetus Oh Oh that’s that’s terrible Okay that’s a lot creepier than that Can you just add like some handmaidens Buried with them and they call them Photos but now now it’s horrible Um anyway let’s go to the next one from Unexplained mysteries.com this one’s Kind of interesting for all you Game of Thrones fans Might be kind of a good take but uh it Says the house of the Dragon was Inspired by a real medieval Dynasty History Professor David Routt takes a Look at uh Real historic events which Inspired how long is this one yeah well Let me put a link in it You guys can read it at home This is uh this is your homework from The Paranormal portal news I expect uh Full reports in our Discord after you’ve Read the article and tell me what you Think I’ll read the first part it says in Three decades of teaching medieval European history I’ve noticed my Students are especially curious about

The intersection of the stories told in Class and the depictions of the Middle Ages they see in movies and television Judged by their historical accuracy Accuracy cinematic portrayals are a Mixed bag however popular fantasies and Unencumbered with the competing priority Of getting it right can in Broad Strokes Reflect the values of the medieval Society that inspires it House of the Dragon is one of those TV shows or a King lacking a male heir to his throne If it elevates his teenage daughter to Be named successor and a complex Dynastic drama ensues the storyline Reflects the real obstacles facing women Who aspired to exercise Royal Authority In medieval Society so that’s the Precursor to it um Maybe you want to learn more here’s the Link to the story if you do Um what is it I mean is it just is that The only similarities I don’t know I Haven’t read the thing I was going to Read it with you thank you Gemini Gemini Said glad you’re feeling better thanks I Appreciate it I mean I’m far from far From normal but I’m propped up by cold Medicine and a lot of tenacity I guess Um I’m really not doing awesome but I’m Not doing terrible I’m I’m I I guess I I Feel more sleepy today than I’ve felt in The whole illness so far but I think That’s just the healing Factor kicking

In after dealing with all of the all of The crap so But I appreciate the sentiments that is Beautiful So I put the link in the chats for those Who want to check out more about the House of the dragon and how it relates To actual medieval dynasties so Here’s a here’s one that I’ve been Skipping for a while because it’s just So it’s so morbid and and troubling but I guess it’s a real a real thing for Some people I mean you know here in the Here in the west we take a lot of things For granted but in other parts of the World people are still on the menu And there’s things out there that will Prey Upon people and I mean there’s Probably things here that do as well Don’t get me wrong like mountain Mountain lions and bear and and other You know apex predators like that but uh Generally speaking animals stay away From people in the west and uh you know We stay away from animals for the most Part we observe them safely from afar From our living rooms as we watch Documentaries and stuff but some people Still live in the mix and uh this is one Of those stories very troubling so if You’re sensitive you might want to mute This part I’ll wave when I’m done in Case you muted it but uh here we go I’m Starting it now and this is an article

From unexplained mysteries.com Woman is swallowed whole by a huge Python in the Indonesian jungle Now one thing about pythons it’s not Like she made it because they don’t eat Things when they’re still alive they They basically crush them they’re Constrictors uh I had a I had a boa Constrictor and and a corn snake and a California king snake and they’re all Constrictors as well and uh you know It’s kind of kind of a tragic thing Really but uh the incident serves as a Stark reminder to the danger those Enormous snakes can pose to humans and They’re finding these in in the in the Florida Panhandle as well which is Really troubling and you know that Somebody had a pet and they’re like oh Go be free thank you very much which is Now decimating Fox and other uh Populations in the swamps so Um the incidents uh here there are a few Tales uh Fates as horrific as being Eaten alive by a giant snake and while This might sound like something that Would only happen in a horror movie The Cold Truth is that a man-eating snakes Are a very real danger and a number of Unfortunate individuals have fallen Fouled to them over the years the latest Victim and grandmother in her 50s had Reportedly been heading to a rubber Plantation in the jungle of Indonesia

Indonesia’s Jambi Province when she Encountered a huge reticulated python The snake ultimately swallowed her whole Suffocating her to death inside his body No it didn’t do that you got it wrong They don’t eat things while they’re Alive they constrict them until they’re Not alive In fact the snakes are extraordinarily Sensitive to the heartbeat and once the Heart stops beating then it’ll then It’ll start to devour a person or a Thing all that that’s interesting yeah They don’t eat things that people and Things alive After she failed to return home search Parties were sent out to look for her Rescue workers eventually discovered the Python and became suspicious of its Bulging stomach Uh when it was cut open the missing Woman’s remains were found inside oh That’s so sad while it’s certainly rare To be eaten alive by a giant snake Incidents such as this can and do happen Uh the two of the other deaths attribute To pythons were reported in the same Country back in 2017 and 2018 These huge snakes are are able to open Their mouths so wide that they can Swallow animals much larger than Themselves some have been even even been Documented swallowing entire cows Suffice to say if you happen to come

Across one of these reptiles stay as far Away as possible that’s true because They can strike quite a distance and They can coil up in a hurry it’s no joke Entire cow or something like that yeah Oh absolutely I mean you think of Anna Especially like anacondas which can get 20 plus feet long uh reticulated python Can get 20 or 20 you know some feet long But uh Anaconda can get much bigger and And yeah they’ll they’ll eat anything Anything they can get a hold of I mean I Have to admit like even seeing that Picture that um Anaconda right there Well this is pretty hard to imagine that They can open their mouth that wide it’s Crazy yeah but I mean you saw you saw The snake seat Yeah and you know we didn’t feed them Live anything they were already you know Things we warmed up that were already uh Dispatched so yes because I’m not into That whole you know hey watch it kill Something and then eat yeah it’s like no Yeah I skipped that Parts I understand They have to eat and and they and they Do a service don’t get me wrong I know That all of all of these things do a Service but uh you know it’s still Pretty creepy that a person that was the The final part of their Journey was to Have that happen that would be Horrifying So my heart goes out it’s very sincerely

To the family of those of that person And that person themselves Yeah that’s just a tragic tragic ending Of a person’s life Um yeah I guess maybe it’s because we Don’t normally experience those kind of Things anymore Since we built societies and build Technologies and you know built our Walls and stuff you know the idea of Getting eaten is just so foreign to us So very very tragic story that’s why I Skipped it but I’m done now in case Anybody is muted and wants to come back I waved at the camera so just in case All right uh let me check the clock here And see how we’re doing yeah we got About a minute I kind of did more gum Running than I meant to but uh that’s Okay I want to uh maybe End on this one this is more of a more Of a picture one anyway for those of you On YouTube but it’s it’s a picture That’s been making its rounds online Sheldon I saw you posted it’s not too Long ago on your social media but uh This is a close-up image of an aunt’s Face And uh in case you wonder what an ant Looks really up close and personal That’s it and uh that is a horrifying Looking face these are not the Eyes by The way and these are I don’t believe These are the eyes on the antenna where

The antennae insert that’s just the Insertion of the antenna so uh I think Ants are basically blind like they don’t Really have functioning eyes anyway so They use you know pheromones or whatever And and uh to see with but uh there you Go that’s a face of an ant in case you Never saw that before you saw it here Those of you I’ll post it over on uh Over in a TFR for those that might want To see it because I think everybody Should know what an ant looks like That’s true All right we’re going to go to the break That’s going to end our newscast for the Night but uh buckle up we’ll be right Back the networks take a break so we Have to as well just to keep everything Synced up we’ll be right back [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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Yeah what Rachel said don’t forget that Thumbs up y’all All right hit those thumbs up we love it On YouTube and it helps us out but Welcome back everybody we are back now For the second half hour of the show as We dive into the deeper parts of the Paranormal portal and this part is a Real fun part because the we do have If you knew it or not you probably knew It by now but we have a Discord Community it is the Paranormal portal on Discord and uh as such we are always Posting questions of the week that will Correspond to live shows here on YouTube And uh and on TFR as well and it’s our Opportunity to tie in that Community With the live shows and and hopefully You know Bridge those gaps and give you Guys a more robust experience here on The Paranormal portal but Um we’re gonna get into The Discord question of the week All right those of you on TFR didn’t Hear that but it is time for the Discord Question of the week and uh hold on for A second Sheldon can you talk for just a Second please Absolutely Okay that’s one second Why am I so big So For those of you that don’t know Questions a week is something we do

Um to kind of engage the community and Everyone watching to Um To engage and to I’m I’m lost my words I lost all words Okay I’m back sorry about that Oops didn’t mean to show that I lost my Train I lost my train of thought that’s All right it was a short dream [Laughter] All right so sorry about that folks I Just had a uh important call come Through quick that I had to take in and Defer but we are going to get into the Questions of the week now and uh this is Again our Discord Community where we Pose a question dealing with the Paranormal could be about UFOs could be About Bigfoot could be about dog man Could be about any strange phenomena Ghosts whatever Um so today’s question is uh posted and We got some great responses so sheldony All set to cover some of these Yep got it all uh figured out and up on My screen so for today’s question of the Week we have Bigfoot is often credited For creating sometimes elaborate and Intricate structures from the trees and Sticks from entire logs to simple sticks People find these creations and Attribute them to the Bigfoot do you Believe Bigfoot uses these con Constructs for a purpose or

If they are in decrypted by Bigfoot We’re assuming Do you believe these structures are Simply a way for bigfoot to cope with Boredom or or another mundane reason Our first responder Eric PHA says I Think their constant state they are in a Constant state of survival and have very Little time for tribal tribal things Trivial is what I meant you’ll see at The end yeah I believe there is always a purpose but Who knows only a Sasquatch knows for Sure right that’s true yeah And then we have The brave saying I know nothing about Bigfoot I’m new to Paranormal portal as New I would say they could be making These structures in a way of teaching Juveniles territory simply as landmarks But we cannot exactly ask the reason or Ask the ask the question direct who Knows that’s a good point too I mean What if it’s just territory right Brookings that’s a good point Uh zx81v2 says depending on your point Of view A arranged pile of sticks can be related To a lot of things tribal markers yep Territory markers meeting points land Markers Position art Let alone anything spiritual or out There and again that’s a good point yeah

It doesn’t have to only be shelter yeah Right diesel says unless there is one of They’re on Buried there I would assume It is some type of landmark wow common Theme with everybody that’s great Briggs Ridge says these structures must mean Something to them we find structures Built the same way all over the country I do believe the smaller ones could be Out of boredom or teaching and that’s The thing too it really it could be out Of boardroom too and we’re just looking Really hard at something simple Rachel says I think the structures are Related to hey hold on Hold on we got a call Hey area code two six or yeah area code 360. you’re on the air Mic check One mic check two welcome to The show everyone can you guys hear me Okay yeah yeah we’re hearing you good Yeah All right well everybody interrupt the Show I was just doing my own mic check Thanks guys Thank you Thanks Ladies and gentlemen Mr West groomer Thank you all right all right get back To Rachel’s comment I’m sorry Rachel’s saying that I think her uh Destructions are related to Constellations in the sky As a marker for certain stars or

Constellations I’ve heard that upon Being discovered at times the structures Have been disassembled when Investigators return to these locations The Earth moves the stars are in Different locations the Bigfoot may have Their own constellations that are Completely different from humans but Still utilize the same Stars Apparently there are at least five stars That are the brightest in the night sky Of course viewing depends on the on the Season along with the rotation of the Earth and geographic location like for Example ancient humans there have been Many Megalithic structures some less known to The public than others which align with The Stars also I think I’ve heard that Blue Fabrics or blue plastic have been Found with the structures perhaps blue Stones as well Could be a symbolic way of acknowledging The daytime blue sky above Bigfoot seems to have a society of their Own but in some Universal ways such as Stargazing for Spiritual purposes Could they be the same as ancient Peoples were oh that’s very cool I like That that’s a good that’s a good way to Think about it yeah Ghost magnet says I have found many Structures on my property some look like A possible deer blind but on the ground

Or sometimes the vines are woven into a Hammock of sorts I would say it looks like to me it’s Part of their everyday life If they migrate they need to make a Shelter of some sort if they are hunting They might think it would be good to Have a blind They may have these blind spread Strategically located so they can people Watch They may use some type of structures as As language like we use beware of dog Signs What I’ve come to find is that the Structures I see on my land seem to be Universal from what I’ve heard from Reports So it seems like they are taught Oh Um now just just so I understand what is A blind well like a hunter’s blind where They hook they could hang up camouflage Fabric maybe or they build up you know Natural stuff around them and then they Can see out but it hides them so it’s a Hide You know or a blind it makes the animals Blind to the presence of of a hunter So yeah I think now what are your Thoughts on it I think these are great Responses and actually Rachel kind of Triggered something in me too I think Every one of you is a really fantastic

Insights and and ideas about this and I Think that’s fantastic but Rachel’s idea Really triggered me because here’s the Thing a lot of people believe That Bigfoot and uh all of its you know Alleged relatives can possibly see the IR spectrum because trail cams are Absolutely useless it might just be Because most people just hang these Trail cams right on a tree and they’re Not really as invisible as we think they Are Um to to the animals that live in this Forest all the time but it might be that They can actually see the the lights the In the IR light that is emitted from Them when they go off so it’s like these Flashes up in the forest that maybe they Check out it’s like oh yeah it’s that Thing hanging on the tree that must be a People thing but when Rachel was talking About their own constellations it Occurred to me like one of the reasons That I was so inspired to use the night Vision goggles or binoculars when I First got a hold of them was to look at The stars because when you look through The IR binoculars you see So many more stars in the night sky it’s Not even comparable like when you see Millions of stars on a clear starry Night it’s amazing but when you look Through an infrared uh like generation One night vision suddenly there’s all

Kinds of stars they make like real close Pattern like squares Square shapes where There’s a point like each Square it’s Just suddenly you can’t recognize the Normal constellations so what if they See those Stars regularly with their Normal vision and so could they have Their own ideas of what the stars are And what kind of constellations they are And that’s a very strong possibility That they’re seeing more stars in the Sky than we are because of that Sensitivity to the IR spectrum and if That is indeed true so I think that’s Fantastic and uh great thoughts about You know them possibly doing structures And and that and I think one of the Things that would be really neat and it Came up when once we had some guests on Oh I think it was when we had the Sasquatch sisters Northwest on somebody Uh in the chat asked did the did the Structure they found line up uh to the Magnetic points north south east and West and uh the person was like yeah you Know they hadn’t thought of that but They were going to check it out or or Thought that was an interesting point And it would be interesting to see when These structures are found do they seem To have those same uh points Um like when you find the tp-like Structures where these logs Placed are they placed on you know

Magnetic north and south and east and West or you know is there some kind of Correlation to that I don’t know that Anybody’s really done that but it would Be neat to see if they if they did or if Anybody has But Could they be a lot a lot more aware Of of things that are going on so uh it May be maybe so but I do think that They’re generally There’s there’s lots of thought about These things again people don’t see Bigfoot making these I don’t think I’ve Ever heard of a person witnessing the Bigfoot actually creating these Structures whatever they are but they do Appear out of nowhere out in the middle Of nowhere and in the most unlikely Places and oftentimes exhibit Feats of Strength that people just probably Wouldn’t be able to handle out in the Deep forest by themselves without like Block and tackle and chains and pulleys And stuff you know I mean these some of These are huge logs that are like Suspended in a balancing point up in the Air and some of them are are these huge Enormous tree trees like full length Tree trunks that are you know leaning up In in teepee structures and stuff and it Gets pretty intense and some of them Like the one Don found When he was called to that property

North of here it was a sapling that was Bent over in such a way as that it Didn’t break it just created an arch and Then a structure was woven on top of it It was really incredible and the point That’s that someone made in those Comments about the structures degrading After they’re discovering and discovered And that is that’s the case with the one That that we investigated was that it Was really pristine when we found it we Went and checked it out when you know uh Cindy good break our friend uh she got Up on it and was able to like bounce on It without it collapsing it was just Really robust and strong but after that Point it was checked on again and again Both Don and myself Don did checked on It several times and it just went into a Further state of disrepair every every Time it was checked after that just to a Point of rubble so maybe when people Actually end up there they leave the Scent and and then these Bigfoot avoid It but another correlation that’s come Up from a few researchers one of which Is Will Grassman he’s the first person I Ever heard mention this but he was like Thinking that when you find the tree Breaks and the tree tree leaning down to The ground so like you have a strong Coming straight up and then a tree is Broken and usually these are smaller Trees like maybe a few inches in

Diameter they’re snapped off and they’re Left just broken but the way the the the Piece that snapped points In his in his research has been Consistently towards water And so could they be markers to indicate Look water is over here if any of you Are traveling through kind of thing and Then there’s the X’s that people often Attribute as territorial markers like X For us is just a universal symbol means Do not go here you know and so maybe That correlates in a in a in these Hominids as well so it’s anybody’s guess But it’s a fascinating subject uh full Of possibilities that are amazingly Endless but but we just don’t know and So again every idea you guys put out There is brilliant and amazing and it’s And and the the consistencies I think Are what’s what are the most profound is That many of you have the same idea and I don’t think that’s just because that’s What you’ve been told it’s like it makes Sense that they’re leaving signs they Live in the forest they leave little Markers another thing that comes up Quite quite more often than ever before Is these glyphs people are finding these Weird Arrangements of sticks that seem To indicate symbols and I know that the Ayr Australian Australian yaoi research Group has found these Um I know Angelique Benham which was a

Part of Sasquatch sisters Northwest has Found them and uh and has has tried to Communicate with them using some kind of Glyph patterns or at least to identify Individuals and and herself so I I don’t Know it’s I mean it makes sense right It’s easy for us to I just think about People that aren’t in form it’s just a Broken tree or something just fell over In the forest but when you start looking Into possibilities and then you Re-examine those same things that are Broken in the forests they do seem to Have a meaning they seem to have a logic Behind them or some some kind of Indicator and maybe it’s an ancient Indicator that we used to understand or Our you know some of our forebearers Understood or the First Nations Understood but maybe that’s been lost The time or something I don’t know or Maybe they’re just not sharing it but Perhaps it was some kind of agreement Between the tribes like this is our Property here’s why we’re going to Identify it you know if you see that Don’t come in So I don’t know I think he says uh are The glyphs only found where they share Space with humans I don’t know because Again a human has to find them so is it Is it because the human was there that The glyph was left or Did the human just find a glyph that was

Left for themselves I I mean it’s it’s a Tough question to answer because You know it’s kind of a paradox of sorts Well if there wasn’t a person here would This still have meaning well not the Oz But does it have meaning to them with or Without us we don’t know So it’s it’s incredibly hard to hard to Nail something like that down but maybe Maybe it is Oh go ahead Oh I was gonna move on to a good Question if you’re finished no just a Sec I want to get to Jake uh Jake in the Future Jake just leave me leave the Comments in the in the YouTube chat if You would please because they’re easy For me to reference but uh Jake says my Answer I think they do it for many Reasons they may do it because of Boredom maybe they do it to Mark Territory or to show if they destroy Things that they are stronger than other Bigfoot that’s my portion uh that’s my Uh portion thanks Brent actually Jake Brings up a good point Because I do think that some of those Structures the really big ones they are They are kind of like bear scratches on Trees it’s like well you know one other Bear come into a territory if there’s a Bear there already they can look on the Tree where a bear scratched and see how Big it was and if they can scratch up

Higher than that then they can take over The the territory so maybe the same is True for these for some of these Structures it’s like they are Feats of Strength that’s uh openly display the Ability of of the alpha you know like Well he was able to lift that entire Tree up there and create the structure You know I’m not quite able to so I’m Going to Mosey on out of here you know So maybe like flexing yeah exactly yeah It’s time to go to the gun show look at My tree structure But it’s anybody’s guess Yeah great great ideas guys thank you so Much for sharing your thoughts and what Was your other question Rachel says isn’t there also Trident Trees that have been seen triple growth Branches on the end of a tree trunk that Have been placed in areas Um I don’t know I mean there probably is you I mean the Lord knows I I can’t recall any Specifically right now but that I’m sure If Rachel’s Rachel’s heard of that then That’s something that’s out there uh and Yeah again what does that mean who knows It’s like I don’t know it’s it’s it’s Like trying to learn a whole different Language or like hieroglyphs you know Somebody had to sort what those meant Well there’s people trying to sort with These tree structures and breaks and and

Glyphs might mean and uh it’s a great Way to start I guess through trial error You know we can maybe ascertain at least A few of them I’d love to know because If they are trying to communicate with Us it’s probably good that we know what They’re trying to communicate Because of its you know if it means hey Don’t go this way there’s a really mean One of us up here then yeah we want to Stay away but It’s hard to know Yeah true great question so everybody Thank you so much for participating in That and again these are the Discord Questions of the week and uh they will Be posted uh generally before every live Show so we’ll try to do that Um last show I was I was just way out of It and trying to yesterday’s show I just Didn’t think about oh yeah the question Because I just was lucky to be on the air Cold medicine again cold medicine just Remember I’m working on about three of My eight cylinders right now but getting Better okay so Um yeah we got about five minutes before The before the break but what do you Think Sheldon you never did answer what You thought Oh I think I’m with everybody I think They’re markers they they mean different I think they

Uh but Jake makes a good point actually Like maybe some of them I mean I think They all have meaning in some way I Think whether it’s flexing whether it’s A territory marker whether it’s a Warning I think that they all have Meaning in some way they’re I mean they Could be random they could be out of Boredom it’s true too sure but I I lean On the side of that it’s symbolism in Some way I absolutely do yeah it seems To be I mean you know we put we put Signs on our roads that tell us things And perhaps that’s their version of Signs on the roads you know it stands to Reason if you’re trying to communicate Or leave things out to help others that Might come along you know I don’t know I Don’t know did they share did they share Common travel routes maybe uh even if They are family groups and tribes if They move between territories during Seasons and I’m not saying migrating Necessarily but I do think that they Probably have a pretty wide area I think That they probably They may be in certain areas and certain Times of the year Based upon when when berries come in Season based upon one game you know is In a certain situation or you know more Plentiful as as herds move through Perhaps they follow herds but they Probably do need those markers just to

Remember all the water’s over here yeah That’s right you know so it makes sense It really does I think it’s profound and It and and also it speaks to you know The potential intelligence again because If they are smart enough to leave those Kind of indicators out that’s that’s a a Pretty a profound level of intelligence I mean for animals in general they leave Signs that I mean oftentimes just peeing On something is a sign in the animal World it’s like well yeah you know That’s my marker that’s that’s me or you Know rubbing their scent glands on trees Around their property and you know that That’s a very primitive kind of uh road Sign so it’s not a huge leap to say that These things could be leaving more Comprehensive and intricate signs to Communicate more ideas but but yeah I Think it’s profound and uh it’s not Unheard of in the animal kingdom just as It is Um I’m trying to think like again the Bear scratches are one that when a bear Gets way up on a tree and scratches just To show maybe its size maybe it doesn’t Really know what it’s doing but it just Feels compelled to do that but it really Does speak to you know an intelligence It really does So Um you know it’s just any anybody’s Right anybody’s you know anybody’s idea

Is valid again you’ll never hear us come On the show and say no this person’s way Out of line this person’s so wrong you Know Hey lurker hi Lily Pond thank you so Much thank you Millie That means the world thank you so much Um lurkin is absolutely legal here on The portal too why not But yeah thank you to everybody and Again Sheldon would you post the link Again please join the Discord if you Would if you want to get involved in These discussions as they happen I did See Jake pop over there too but uh yeah So the questions of the week again if You’re on Discord these These are the Topic areas if you’re looking for Information on a specific talk topic the Questions of the week are read under the Tutorial section which under that is Just the general chat then Bigfoot then Dogman ghost UFO extraterrestrials Cryptids musics uh music section is kind Of fun because people are posting their You know videos of things they’re Finding music videos and stuff and I’ve Actually been introduced to some pretty Cool music over there so thank you all For sharing your musical tastes as well I love music I just don’t have as much Time to search for new bands and stuff Like I used to so I’ve gotten a few Great hits over there uh just perusing

What people are posting and then there’s Strange phenomena which is kind of the Other stuff The other stuff So and uh fourth color just put in one From The Joe Rogan Experience it’s uh It’s uh Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock Uh discussion on The Joe Rogan show so Very cool Very cool stuff so check it out we’d Love to have you over there and become a Part of our Discord community of uh People and there’s always conversations Going on over there I know we’ve got a Lot of people some of them show up Regularly and contribute others just Kind of pop in from you know time to Time but we just love when you when you Jump in and introduce yourself and get Involved in the conversations and again Check these different groups because There’s so many postings of stuff I post Stuff when I find it and I know a lot of Our a lot of our active people do as Well so Um but that’s going to conclude the Question of the week All right let’s get back to its All right ladies and gentlemen we are Back at it and we’re just about to go to The hour break here so we’re going to be Right back in just a couple minutes Don’t go away lots more in the show with

Second hour coming up we got a lot more To get through so uh don’t leave us this Party’s just starting well it’s about Midway we got another hour to go so we Will expect to see you on the return You are not dismissed Everybody likes to play their games Enough They don’t understand the price I paid They don’t care Lines upon my body dripping Stars across My Heart is Take me down Look at that breaking me with kindness To you dance upon my heart foreign [Applause] [Applause]

They’re attracted to the one thing about Her that’s different from themselves Very Very is off its own illumination It is a lie that implies to life And memory of love no And Earthly pleasures Sometimes I desperately desires But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to Dance Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual Hauntings Seem to be connected with an area A house usually for guys disturbances of Fairly short duration perhaps a couple Of months politics can go on for years Oh Thank you All right we are back at it here hour Number two ladies and gentlemen our Number two yeah And a coughing fit woo I remember you gotta warn me next time You’re coughing I wish I could warn you They don’t really give me much notice Whoosh just love this kind of junk oh Yeah thank God it’s almost over Sorry

A cleansing of sorts Yeah I think so I think it’s the body’s Way of purging a lot of junk a lot of Toxins or chemicals or something I don’t Know but man I don’t have much fun when I get colds But um but they they always they always Hit me hard ah Hold on Ah there we go Try and I’m trying You’re doing great I’m trying to do great God it’s just a Pain It’s that you know it’s it’s the the Coughing that my eyes just water like I’m like I’m balling but it’s just that Part of the recovery process yes I know I’m almost you know I really do believe I’m on the tail end of this and I’m Sorry we you know like uber whining About it but it’s just so hard to Continue to talk sometimes like Yeah you know yeah But I think it’s about past there we go I think I’m through it folks thank you For your patience as I gasparate air Um we are burning through an article That we were working on for the last Couple shows We’re on number 31 and this is an Article from and this isn’t again this Isn’t a site that’s known for its Paranormal articles but

They do a good job I don’t know I I Think these I think somebody does these Articles for different sites they just Go and scrape reddits threads for Comments having to do with a certain Topic and this one is uh it’s from Excellentown.com and it’s people share Their freaky coincidences And we’re on number 31. and this is Moving to Mass There we go Feeling more human again well for me it Would be when I moved from Massachusetts To where I am from where I am now There were these two kids that lived in My now Hometown a brother and a sister The brother and sister were the same Ages as my brother and I The boy and my brother’s names both Started with a t and the girl in my Names both started with an a okay the Boy was more of an athletic type while The girl was more into art also like my Brother and I I was a girl scout in my home in my town In Massachusetts before and I joined one Of the troops where I when I got there And it was uh The Troop that the girl Had been in Three days before we moved in the two Kids were hit by a drunk driver and Didn’t make it Oh so they like It was like they filled it in WoW

Oh Mucinex Thank you Lily Photo mom photo mom would be proud of You Lily bonds Portal mom swears by Mucinex and and I’m I’m here to tell you Mucinex is a fantastic medicine but it’s It’s just Gaia fenison which is the same Thing that’s in cough syrup Um that the expectorant cough syrup so It has more to do with the dose size I Think but anyway I’m getting better don’t worry Um so yeah that’s kind of weird it’s Like the the other boy and girl Had passed on and then this boy and girl Still kind of fit the same mold moved in Hmm it’s almost like a balance you know Does that make sense Sheldon Apologize I was responding Oh okay I appreciate you responding but did did You not hear what I asked you Nope okay I was talking about balance Like so the previous boy and girl had Passed on but then this new boy and girl Fitting the almost a carbon copy in many Ways moved in and it was almost like They achieved a balance or kept a Balance by just moving there That’s strange This one is number 32 here lies dot dot Dot with the ellipses It says I was walking through the woods

One day and I stumbled across a Graveyard from the 1800s to 1900s I was walking through in the first one That I saw was a little boy who died on The same day that I was born the crazy Part was that he and I had the same First and middle name Huh Is that a huge thing well I guess it’s a it’s a Serendipity or Synchronicity of sorts I suppose but if You had the same exact name that’d be a Little creepy Um but yeah it’s I mean it’s like you Say you know what are the chances what Are the odds right yeah uh true true Enough number 33 I don’t have an answer For this one My friend and I were in a car one night Driving to see a movie and I had the Most Eerie feeling for no reason and it Just wouldn’t go away so I vocalized it To her so to have the creepiest feeling Right now I have no idea why She says me too what the hell I’ve been Feeling creeped out for the last 10 Minutes Well a couple minutes later her phone Rings unknown number she answers and no One is there so she hangs up rings again Same number picks up And my phone rings different unknown Number I get on the phone hello hello I hear my own voice saying hello on her

Cell phone We realize we’re talking to each other And get really freaked out and throw our Phones into the back seat Couple seconds later there’s a loud bang On the side of the car door like someone Threw something at the car But there are no other cars or people Around Pull over get out There’s a huge dent in the side of her Car Thoroughly creeped out for the rest of The night Understandably yeah you know it’s kind Of funny Um that’s A story it’s kind of similar Um I was talking well Tony Merkel he Shared this I think when he called in One time but I was talking to him just a a week or so Ago I did a little bit of an interview With them about some stuff that that I Experienced and that’s going to be on His podcast but He was talking about how when he was Going to reach out to dark Waters and he Didn’t have dark Water’s phone number But he was like yeah I really want to Get a hold of him and he knew that he Wanted to get a hold of him Well he’s driving along and suddenly his Phone

Is ringing so he answers it his cell Phone And he answers his phone and it’s and And there’s someone on the other end of The line and he goes hello and the guy Goes hello He said who’s this The other guy’s like well who’s this It’s like well my name is Tony uh I have The confessionals podcast and the person On the other end of the line was like Well this is dark Waters So somehow that connection was made for Them and that’s a profound event like How how do you rationalize something Like that Tony’s phone called by itself to a Number or rang I can’t remember which But in any case it just I think his Phone rang he answered it and it was Someone on the other line that had Received a call so it’s like their their Phones called each other And they both answered And they were then connected and uh you Know ended up communicating I think they Did a show together or something and Have still maintained that friendship But it’s just it’s amazing to think That things like that are possible is That Is that Providence is that just you know Things are supposed to be and if they’re Not if they’re not managed by the people

Themselves then something else steps in And say no you’re supposed to be in Touch let’s go and makes that connection So it’s just really really crazy stuff But it’s really really real This is a real phenomena how do you Explain it I don’t know yeah I mean We’ve been we’ve read stories about Um even people You know somehow talking to people on The other side that have passed on yes And you know they find out later that They passed on so right there’s assuming That even even just some of the stories Are true there seems to be some um Ability or Some chance to be able to Have those connections or have those Yeah just have those conversations up to The other side and I guess there’s Nothing saying that Uh entities from the other side can’t Make things happen too Yeah it’s it’s strange because you’d Think then That’s everyone that passed on would Would like call and say hey I’m just Fine don’t worry about me I’m good I’m Just you know hanging out we’ll be here Waiting for you When it’s your time or something you Know I mean I know I would if that’s Possible I’d be making phone calls all The time I like ordering people pizzas

Please do yeah I’ll order you a pizza Yeah um but you know I I think it would Be an incredible thing it’s much like Any kind of contact after a person that You love goes if you have some kind of Contact whether it’s a dream whether It’s a a smell whether it’s a symbol Um you know I was just I was watching on On tick tock I think it was on Tick Tock Just recently or YouTube short or Something but this family this this African-American family had taken the Ashes of of the their grandmother She had she had asked that her ashes be Cast into this Lake And so they cast her ashes from this Like I don’t know like a coffee can kind Of thing so they were casting her ashes Into the lake After the ashes hit the water Very very clearly or at least it’s a Maybe a little bit ambiguous but I think Anybody can see that the ashes spelled Out I The next Bunch made a heart And then the letter U like I love you Like she was there Another one I watched Um was a there was a clip was this Grandmother had passed or a mother had Passed and the two daughters or one of The daughters and a friend were were There and she she promised that after She passed

Passes she’ll she’ll bring a symbol of a Cardinal to them And they were outside in and this Cardinal just lands on this lady’s hand And she’s like oh oh and she kind of Brings her hand up like okay okay fly Away and when she did that the Cardinal Left her hand and landed on her shoulder And it was the promise that was kept If that is indeed factual now that could Be a fabrication of just somebody having A weird video of a cardinal being Friendly but if that was indeed true the Premise of it that’s incredibly powerful Yeah so I I think that you know those Kinds of signs and symbols and and Connections I think are pretty powerful But in this case it sounds really creepy Their phones call each other and then They get hammered on the side of their Car which actually leaves a dent That’s a pretty powerful uh presentation There Oh yeah Um God yeah um I am Pam says my recently Husband comes to me in dreams oh Beautiful yeah it is yeah Pam I’ve been I’ve been reading your posts and stuff And I think that’s incredibly powerful And I I think it’s beautiful how you’ve Sent messages Uh to him in that way and I know I know That you know I’m not thinking that they

Have Facebook in heaven but The the passion the emotion the the love That you send those messages with they Go they and they connect and I’m glad That he’s coming to you and letting you Know that he’s okay that’s a beautiful Thing incredibly beautiful and Incredibly powerful And that’s how my dad appeared to me it Was in dreams that’s and I guess that Was the way that was easiest I’ve had Actually had a a few relatives that have Passed that have come to me in dreams And uh I’m really grateful for every one Of those experiences and I really I Really do believe they’re real I think that’s that connections are Important and they they remain important We often think that our connections are Are fabricated in this existence but I Think I think we’re soul families we are Soul families that are connected long Before we got here and long after we’ll Be from Gone From Here those connections Still remain valid and strong and and Powerful into eternity so I hope so I really do yeah for sure I Really think so so another question that Was brought up and I I just I want to Bring it up before Um just in case I forget later but the Unknown brings up a really good point Just going a little bit off topic still Paranormal but okay the unknown is

Saying I wonder if Deja Vu and the Mandela effect are connected and that’s A good point it is could be are they Could be I mean both of them seem to Imply uh Another kind of experience or another Version of reality And could could Deja Vu be Could that be a hiccup in the Multiverse Like some other version of you is a Little further ahead than you are And so when you see that you’re I think That we’re still we’re still we’re still Incarnated in all these other Multiverses like it’s not like these are Different me’s in every one of these Multiverses I just think that’s our Divine Source connects us to all things And of course other other incarnations Of ourself that go through these other Different experiences or similar Experiences or maybe even mirrors of of What we’re experiencing they are still Connected to us and maybe it’s a an Issue of frequency or whatever but Perhaps there can be shared memories Perhaps that’s how the akashic records Can work is that we are connected to Those things constantly and so yeah I Mean maybe maybe it’s a hiccup through The space time that another version of Yourself did experience that before I know that Our scientists strive really hard to

Keep things rounded in Here and Now This is our three dimensions and this is Where everything has to be explained and I think that’s also the failing of our Sciences is that We don’t live in we don’t have our Reality is not just three dimensions It’s not just length with uh depth and Time for Dimensions Um it’s it’s more than that it’s you Know multiple dimensions of reality that We exist in it’s just we’re only focused On a very small part of it during our Walk in this world so yeah we probably Perceive so many right it’s just maybe That’s a bleed through Maybe maybe that the Mandela effect is Uh another part of our Consciousness Coming over to join this part of our Consciousness And that’s why we have these weird Memories like wait that’s not the way I Remember merge but maybe that’s another Another Part Of Your Consciousness that Had existed in another Incarnation and Maybe that Incarnation ended and so Maybe that part of your Consciousness Joins you in this one I don’t know I Mean there’s all kinds of ideas right so And and none of them are more valid or Vapid than any of the other ones uh you Know I and by fat but I mean like you Know ditzy or silly there there’s yeah It’s all just it’s all just relative I

Mean all of it could be very true So all we can do is just throw ideas at It Yeah hope something sticks and we find Out someday yeah well I mean that’s the Thing we’ll probably never find out uh Obviously we’ll never find out all of it Within our lifetimes but uh even in the In the culmination of all incarnations In all lifetimes I just don’t think We’re capable of learning all the things That we question it’s just there’s too Much How do you encapsulate that into an Existence And uh into into a physical existence I Mean into an energetic existence of her Infinite because we’re connected to the Infinite so yeah but anytime we’ll know For sure and as far as uh where we are Right now is um maybe after we pass That’s the only time we might know yeah Exactly and and that’ll be the cool part I’ve I’ve read books where people have Uh call found themselves in these Libraries a lot of people that have had Ndes they found themselves in these Libraries and they would talk to a Consciousness or a person or something And say all of knowledge is in here and You can access it all just think of what You want to know and it’ll come to you And it’s like the akashic records I Guess a representation of that and

People would just see you know all this Information coming to their heads and Finally they just know so much but then When they come back to their body they Weren’t allowed to keep that knowledge Oh that’s so sad It is because you think what could they Bring back how could it help but then Again You know you got to think about it in This way it’s like If you don’t have The wisdom of learning things as well as The knowledge of those things if that Isn’t coupled with the wisdom of of Earning it Then it would probably be disastrous Because it wouldn’t be tempered by Anything You know having that knowledge of you Know how to suddenly uh you know shoot The stars and and see all of the Infinite Cosmos in a you know in an Instant if we could have that knowledge I don’t think we’re prepared for it Because we’re still in such a Rudimentary State we hadn’t earned it And that’s I think the you know that one Really does have to go with the other Otherwise there would be a chaos because There would be this super conscious uh Super capable race of very barbaric Beings and and uh you know it’d probably Be comparable to trying to understand

Quantum physics while you have fully Mastered basic math yet right or or just Giving the nuclear button to a toddler You know and and just see what happens Well eventually they’re going to hit the Pretty red button you know because it’s There they have it they have it Available they don’t understand the Consequences of it though so you know That’s it gets kind of deep and I don’t Mean for this to become entirely Philosophical but these are you know These are The way my head Works welcome welcome to A glimpse of inside my head oh yeah it’s A it’s a busy place in here and not Always not always in a good way it’s Just I don’t know why these things occur To me and I feel like sometimes it’s Like God just shut up So fascinating though yeah it is I love Thinking about this stuff and that’s why I love doing the show because I get to Discuss possibilities all the time and That’s what I love is just thinking Following the thoughts where do they Lead you know what are the possibilities And that’s exciting Because it is it is like being on a trek Of discovery even though I’m you know I’m not actively constantly out Investigating or trying to measure or Quantify a lot of this stuff I do think About it all the time

And uh so there it is Um here’s the next story this is number 34 denim Never Dies This might be about the last one we get To we’ll see maybe we can get to one More before the break then we’re going To get into some Cryptid stuff Um but it says I once was attending an 80s theme party planned to dress as Marty McFly I spent a day shopping in Thrift stores in a large city and after Visiting at least 61 or at least six Rather I had everything but a denim Jacket not a single one had one crazy I Know My friends and I decided to try one more Before we gave up for the day we walk in The cashier meets us at the door and and All she says is not hello nothing is We’re having a sale on denim jackets Today And showed us two full racks of nothing But denim jackets in any every size oh My God yeah there you go there’s Serendipity for you if they’d given up They never would have completed the The Ensemble yep very cool I forgot about That I wore a denim jacket with the the Vest the the puffy winter vest over it All I think about is that puffy red vest I I forget about the denim jacket yeah I Did too I didn’t remember that he had That on underneath very cool It was a thing back in the day

Number 35 I can get this one out my Husband and I uh this one’s called That’s really neat My husband and I bought an antique clock At a flea market and it wasn’t until we Went home and looked at it more closely That we realized on the inside of the Door on the back it had our wedding date Written in pencil our anniversary is 9 22.09 9 22 24 was written on the clock Oh that’s meant to be oh It’s meant to be theirs yeah I guess so I wonder what the 24 is is it from the Future I don’t know it could be you never know One more memories from the womb I had a Faint memory of arriving home late at Nights and unloading some grocery bags With the help of one other person I was In the dark or it was dark and I don’t Remember their face but remember the Area outside of the apartments and just Inside the front door it was of a house I never lived in though and years later My mom showed me where she and my father Used to live while pregnant with me Before moving to the house I was born And raised in it was the house from that Memory it had never I had never been There before other than while in the Womb Oh wow is it possible babies are really Aware

Of what’s going on around them could They somehow share the experiences of Their mother before birth that’s Interesting Interesting very right what if Or you know I I don’t know maybe Maybe uh the baby was just really Already aware and was able to decipher The experience but to actually see it That’s pretty powerful Huh very cool memory Very very cool folks but that’s the Stuff we love here on the portal okay We’re gonna go to our last break folks And when we come back we’re going to get Into some Bigfoot reports and see what Else we can tear up before we run out of Time Um but I hope you guys are having a good Time on this journey tonight we’re gonna Head to the Cryptid Corner next so Buckle up it’s about to get creepy All right we’ll be right back [Laughter]

Thank you Oh yeah that’s the part where I talk hi Everybody How y’all doing welcome back to the Paranormal portal uh we are in our last Half hour of the show which is awesome But uh we are cruising and having a good Time I hope you guys enjoyed the journey So far as we’re driving through this This unknown unknown area known as the Portal Unknown Known as the portal and I Was gonna say something The unknown mess known as the portal I Just gotta look here I’m pulling up one More thing to go through yeah this will Work because I I thought this was Interesting let me just scroll a little Bit here I don’t want to do that one Okay that’s a Video okay

Um this one’s kind of sounds kind of Good let’s go to this one I’m gonna pull It up And Port it over as it were Oh my delay the lag I’m telling you Sheldon the leg yeah that’ll do it but Wow it’s because I got 15 things cooking Here and uh I got a tab Farm on top of That so it’s it’s always an adventure Here on the portal but I just wanted to Open one more article just because Sometimes these can go fast and Sometimes they can go slower So we’ll see how it goes tonight Excuse Me Clear My Throat excuse me when I Cough this out That’s not exactly how the classic line Goes but that’s the one I’m working with Here all right so we’re going to move to Some reports from Phantoms and Monsters.com this is lon strickler’s Site Excellence sites uh location for Lots of incredible information Dealing with the Paranormal and 40 in Topics UFOs and lots of Cryptid Encounters including research Lana is Also a prolific author and you can find Links to all his books over there on Phantoms and monsters.com as well as Link to his uh his own podcast which is Phantom and monsters radio And uh been a friend of the show for a Long time now and uh we’ve had him on a Couple times and had some great

Discussions as well I’ll have to reach Out to him again get him back on but uh Let’s get into some of these reports That he’s got posted and the first one Is coming from November 6th 2022 and This has to do with some skunk ape skunk Ape action so we’re looking at uh Probably the miaka forest in Florida or Thereabouts somewhere in Florida but Let’s get into it skunk ape tracks Photographed in Lake Wildlife Management Area Florida there’s Photos included in this I guess I can Cut a link and post it over into the TFR Chat if anybody wants to check it out Over there you’re sure welcome to And uh Hasting it there but those of you on YouTube can just go through it with me Because it’s on your screen So this is again Phantoms and Monsters.com Special thanks to Lon for letting us use These articles so as a pair of hunters We’re in Lake panasoff Wildlife Management Area in Florida Looking for new hunting locations they Observe strange activity and find a Series of skunk ape tracks Here’s the quote on October 12 2021 my Friend Larry and I were going into the Lake Pennes Jesus panasoffki That’s a weird name panasoffky Wildlife

Management Area in Florida in Florida Southwest of Ocala National Forest we’re Looking for a new hunting area in the 10 000 acre section of the forest At about 4 pm we parked a truck the Truck in the area and at the end of the Road I guess two miles in front of the Entrance we decided to backtrack down The road and cut into the woods and Swamp At the edge of the swamp about 10 Minutes in we noticed a 50-foot tree Shaking about 75 feet away and the top Broke off I just thought it was the wind and I Noticed nothing else was moving Until I noticed nothing else was moving I still don’t think too much about it we Get closer to the area we saw the signs Of feral pigs rooting everywhere and we Came back to the road and started Heading back to the truck I noticed an Old rib bone on the side of the road and Soon found a bunch of other bones spread Near the road well I decided to watch For tracks on the side of the road in The ditch I then saw Barefoot tracks everywhere in The mud it looked like it was pacing Back and forth in the ditch watching the Woods Some looked fresh and some older They weren’t huge but they were the size

Of they but they were the size of my Size 12 boot And I thought who would be out here in The bare feet in with water moccasins All over and enough mosquitoes to carry You away It freaked me out I had to take a bunch Of photos I went home and told my wife and she Kind of thought it was stupid until she Saw the photos now she doesn’t want me To go out there I think I’ll be okay Until I see one that will probably Change my attitude Yeah that’s pretty wild and this is Transcribed from The Source the round Table of knowledge by HTH And there’s a picture of course for Those of you that are looking along with Me and you can definitely see where the Toes imprinted and and the fold of the Toes between the the lead part of the Foot so that’s actually a really really Solid impression And there’s another one it’s not a big Print so it’s probably a juvenile uh I Would I would guess Um but yeah those are small feet well They are uh but he says for them yeah It’s the size of his size 12 boot so That’s still you know a size 12 boot is A big boot for a person anyway but the Foot is actually smaller than the boot But he’s saying this is the size of his

Boots so you know it’s probably a good You know six foot six and a half foot Um skunk Cape or something I don’t know I you know they get about they they Normally uh allegedly the skunk Cape Don’t really get as big as the you know The the Olympic Peninsula kind of Sasquatcher or Canadian or Alaskan Because they they get really really big But Um so you know maybe this is an average Skunk cake print really The what is it uh I forget the name of The law but there’s a biological law That says the further a species moves Towards the Equator the smaller it gets But the further it moves away from the Equator in speaking in terms of of Home Range the the further away from the Equator it is the more big and robust They get So you know it’s probably why deer in Florida are probably smaller than the Deer in um you know Minnesota and Wisconsin and in Michigan but and into Canada Yeah so I mean it’s anybody’s guess but Those are the pictures those are pretty Good Impressions there’s several of them And this one does seem to show what we Would assume is the you know the the uh The trans the mid-tarsal hinge Some people call it the break but I Think it’s supposed to be the hinge uh

But yeah that’s uh pretty good because You can see there’s a push-up in the Middle And that’s not the way our feet work So our feet Flex at the ball and their Feet Flex at the in the middle of the Foot because of the the more stringent Weight you know of the of the creature So this could be several hundred pounds Or better you never know even though It’s a smaller print and maybe maybe the Biodiversity is true for feet too I mean There’s huge people that have normal Sized feet there’s also small people That have huge feet so the feet are kind Of a rudimentary measure for the size of A Squatch but it doesn’t it doesn’t Necessarily have to be you know really When you think about it That’s a good point yeah so if there’s a You know a similar amount of Biodiversity In in humans uh if the same is true for Sasquatch and the related phenomena then Perhaps you know the foot size really Isn’t indicative of the entire size of The creature it’s just you know it’s Just a individual thing maybe some of Their feets grow bigger some of their Feets don’t grow bigger Who knows But I doubt it’s you know really really Huge just because the size wouldn’t seem To uh allow for like a eight or nine

Foot being but maybe it will Doesn’t seem likely though but that’s Just speculation on my part so let’s go To the next one this was the first one And that’s barrage of fun from Phantoms And monsters and the next one is Eerie Set of eyes watches alarmed Oklahoma Duck hunter Yeah Oftentimes I I think It stands to reason that’s oftentimes Hunters tend to be most likely to Experience these things because Obviously Hunters are going out into the Less Traveled areas in order to hunt and Uh You know I mean generally speaking People don’t go out to the hunting areas Because they don’t want to get shot uh And so people I mean when I was growing Up we always told to stay out of the Woods when it’s hunting season don’t go Into the woods because you might get Shot And so you know we never did we were Just it was kind of off limits But Um you know hunters get out there they Get out into the thick stuff they get Out into the Less Traveled stuff because They’re looking for the game they got to Follow the game so uh they’re gonna Likely go into areas where people don’t Normally go just because it’s not easy

Going but uh they might stumble onto Stuff that people don’t normally see as A result So it says an Oklahoma duck hunter is Alarmed by a Yuri set of eyes seen Across the pond from his location The movement was frightening and cannot Be explained weird account That’s interesting the following account Was forwarded to me by my friends Cam And Kyle had expanded perspectives oh I Like that show actually before long Before I did a paranormal portal I Listened to expanded perspectives quite A bit back when I lived in Minnesota I Like their show quite a well but then a Lot of it went behind a paywall but uh You know oh they still did a fantastic Show I’ve not heard any of their recent Stuff obviously because I didn’t Subscribe but I really did always enjoy Expanded perspectives real neat guys Real neat you know way of conveying the Information they were covering so they Did a really great job but so as I live In Southeastern Oklahoma and this Happened during a public land dock hunt Nearly seven years ago I’ve been an avid Outdoorsman from a Young age and this is unlike anything I’ve seen before I was hunting solo and None of my buddies were able to join I Had hunted the spot countless times Before and knew the area very very well

I it was loaded with ducks so I decided To go alone it was acceptable I arrived at this that the slough I guess Slough plenty early peppered the Pond with decoys brushed my brushed in My blind and sat down roughly 30 minutes Before shooting light This Pond stretches 80 yards wide and 200 yards long at normal water level and Is located in a densely wooded creek Bottom The side I was sitting on faced the Dense oak trees which came nearly all The way to the water My rechargeable headlamp had been slowly Dimming throughout the morning so the Battery was losing juice As I sat in the still Calm Darkness I heard faint footsteps Coming from the other side of the pond Sounded very faint noises that would be Produced by a doe or a stealthy raccoon I flashed my light across the water and A pair of eyes lit up The height of the eyes was around five Feet about a foot taller than the than The Reeds that surrounded the pond My assumption was that it was a deer no Other wildlife in the area could Possibly be that tall I kept dimming my dimming lights being Fixed on it And remained confident in my assumption That it was a deer

That is until I saw the eyes move I’ve seen deer in the headlights a Million times and know how they move and I know about their careful meticulous Maneuvers and mannerisms This set of eyes moved to the left but It didn’t it did so in a very unique and Eerie way It never diverted its eyes away from me Well they were entirely fixed across the Pond never once breaking to watch its Step or over its shoulder They felt like they were on me not above Me or to the side of me but directly at The source of the light beam When the eyes moved they did so in a Rhythmic swaying motion it would sway to The left sometimes pausing for several Seconds sometimes several minutes and Then sway Again by swaying I mean its Head would move in a vertical position And then back to the horizontal position Finally coming back to this resting Position a couple of feet from its last Position I’ll also note that it never moved in a Jarring manner An unbroken stair or sway with no abrupt Movements I probably watched this thing for over 15 minutes What frightened me the most was that it Was slowly rounding the pond in my Direction and my light was on its way

Out After this thing had made it 30 or so Yards my light spattered out uh oh That’s horrible I sat extremely still 12 gauge in my Hand and prayed earnestly for the sun to Come up I was horrified kept my eyes on The last known position Ducks soon came and I didn’t shoot I was Too scared to move for a few minutes I waited and decided to watch for the Thing to move once I shot I unloaded on some cupping Ducks cupping Ducks I don’t know what that means and Saw nothing fleeing from the scene no Movement I continued to watch for movement Throughout the morning and never once Saw or heard anything on the bank or in The woods This thing had vanished Without a Trace I looked for tracks for an hour to no Avail It’s not a crazy story nothing Grand to Us graduos Looking back what I remember what I Remember from that morning was an Overwhelming sense of being alone and an Impending sense of dread as the set of Eyes slowly moved around the pond Getting closer and closer to me And in the 10 minutes between my light Going out and the first Ducks lightning Lighting in

I was petrified in my makeshift blind Trying to keep my breathing to a minimum And listened intently For any crunch of the leaves or Twigs However once my light had gone out I never heard or saw anything I’ve talked I’ve talked about this Encounter with many of my outdoor Buddies And nobody could offer an explanation Many suggested a mountain lion but I’ve Watched videos and footage of their Movements this wasn’t it Have you guys ever heard of anything Like this any rational explanations I’d Love to hear input from the Professionals That’s by JL It says note this is an interesting Account it doesn’t seem to be An animate object or being possibly a Manifestation but then again who knows If you have suggestions please feel free To comment Yeah it’s a strange one Um never saw it it didn’t never took its Eyes off of him as it moved and that Speaks to the confidence let’s say it’s A Bigfoot that speaks to the confidence Of them to Traverse very carefully and And meticulously their their Surroundings they know their Terrain and Maybe they have just have a really wide Field of vision they don’t need to look

Around like we do we’ve got this real Tunnel vision and I think that’s a Conditioned vision Our vision is conditioned to be tunnel Vision because we focus on little Screens or or little things to the to The omission of everything around us Like we we get so intense a person can Be talking to us and and we can realize Suddenly what this person’s been talking For two minutes I have no idea what They’ve said you know we just have this Ability to focus everything out around Us and and it’s just been ingrained in Us because that’s the way our society Functions focus on the road when you’re Driving focus on your task when you’re At work with the exception of everything Else around you and so when we’re in the Wilds we carry that same habit I’m sure But perhaps these beings don’t have that Tunnel vision that we do they always see Things in a broad broad sweep You know they always can look at Something and see everything in that Field of vision around them so they Don’t need to look down and oh there’s That tree I got to step over it it knows It’s there because it can see it and so Maybe that speaks to their physical Abilities that they’ve just not been Conditioned to You know Tune in so exclusively on one small

Thing That’s just an idea as I as I’m thinking About this story but it does kind of Make sense I mean otherwise these things Be tripping everywhere like oh geez Be like Homer Simpson running through The forest but They don’t do that they Traverse this Stuff amazingly well Seven minutes left I don’t know if we Get enough time for this one or not yeah We do all right seven minutes left we Got this uh this is the last report from Phantoms and monsters recently forwarded Eyewitness Cryptid reports from various Locations Here are several brief Cryptid sightings And encounter reports recently forwarded To me there have been a variety of odd Incidents feel free to comment the Following brief accounts were recently Forwarded to me First one when I was a kid my friend and I were playing in a meadow behind his House it was fall and everywhere we Heard a crunching of footsteps Bipedal we thought initially Bears so we Wanted to see one in the wild so we so I Ran up to the top of the mound my friend Was halfway to the house scared to death Screamed at me to go with him I looked Over at the Open Meadow and nothing Absolutely nothing I heard the crunching footsteps

Approaching me closer and closer I was Completely terrified and stumped as to Where the sound was coming from my Friend is now 100 yards away from me Screaming and asking if it was a bear And I scream no it’s nothing I can’t see Anything I glanced down to the sound was nearly On top of me and there were giant Invisible feet crouching in front of me Perfectly invisible I nearly peed myself screaming and went Running towards the house We made it in in the and locked the door And got his dad 30.6 rifle geez two kids Worth of 30 odd six Yep no one believed us we were terrified There were invisible entities in the Woods this isn’t a small town called Twain hearts in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California I’m 42 now You know that’s a very distinct memory For that guy remembers that that clearly From you know so many years ago Next yeah oh sorry go ahead No I mean it’s it’s a strong memory I’d Be surprised if he forgot it to be Honest well yeah invisible feeds like I Can see the Impressions there’s no feet There I never shared this with anyone Really Keen to keep the humiliation away But I had an encounter a few years back I was hunting in a tree stand on public Land but I was deep in a thickets as the

Sun started dropping in the trees I Noticed something out of the corner of My eye just out of Clear Sight something Was slipping through the thicket yes the Area has a black has black bear but this Was no bear Looked around seven to nine feet and Moved swiftly but without issue after Losing sight for around five minutes I Heard a few whooping sounds that I’d Never heard growing up in the woods I’m Very familiar with coyotes screech owls Bobcats Etc and this was absolutely Nothing I have never I’ve never heard through my Years to this day I hate hunting there By myself and haven’t but just a few Times since due to fear of being called Names and all I’ve I’ve never gotten to Share this with my family nor have I Shared it with my friends Here is here it is firsthand take how You guys want it that’s by TG yeah I Believe you Uh this is the next one We’ve got about three minutes I don’t Know if this is a place that you want Would want me to share but I but I will It was the summer of 1978 my best Friend’s older brother worked at a local Bar in Whitney Point Upstate New York it Was called the Twin Rivers Inn That was our that was our Hub and we Loved it

Anyway one evening he finished work Around 3 A.M headed off to home in his Car after having around two beers he Lived about five miles out of town in a Very rural area of Bull Creek Road There is a dirt road even to this day Anyway about a half mile from his house He saw five of these things walking in The field very close to the road As the car got closer they all turned And looked at him glowing eyes were all That he could recall except for the Height they arranged he said from five To seven feet tall perhaps a family Group he hurried home and grabbed a Shotgun quite freaked out my friend was Watching an old TV movie at the time and Asked him what was wrong and he related His story after a while the word made Its way around Whitney points and the Town was divided as to who did and who Did not believe him but to this day he Is adamant that this happened by Js Uh we’ll get a chance to read maybe all Of this we’ll see next one I’m not sure What I saw but it was something odd and I was always wondered if it could have Been one of these I was with my Girlfriend returning to my car after a Hike it was fully dark the car was Facing the mountain maybe 20 to 30 feet From the trail in the parking lot at the Base of Mount chakura chakurua New Hampshire and we had just spent like 10

Minutes doing an outro at the beginning Of the trail as she was shooting a video And then headed to the car could have Been an interest uh been interesting to Re-watch the outro now that I’m thinking About it when I turned on the headlights Something quite tall ducked and she Freaked out and was yelling go go go go And after and after didn’t want to talk About it I was so curious and she was All set with that topic I don’t know how you can not talk about It had she no uh not freaked out I Likely would have sat there for a second To at least look Ben Rack in my brain for years thinking Of what it could have been as it Obviously followed us in parallel as we Walked to the car Dr I can probably read this one and that’s About it I totally get the not talking About it my sister-in-law I saw a Werewolf we came out on a deer ride uh Northwest Wisconsin in 1998 and saw our Worst nightmare come true we were both So freaked out by it that we never Talked about it after that night two Summers ago I was having a bonfire in Her backyard and asked her what did we See that night in the cabin without even A pause she said werewolf I’m not sure How other people have been affected by Seeing these creatures but both she and I like our beer way too much LR

And one time I was coyote hunting in Southeast Pennsylvania about 2 A.M in The morning I climbed up to an old tree Stand and been there for a few years After the first call with the Foxpro I Saw a flashlight coming about 30 yards Behind me I watched it pass right down The trail and disappeared down a hill I Figured screw it I’m leaving and I had To walk that trail uh the light that I Thought was a person walked down but There was about a foot of fresh snow and There was no tracks here at all no People Prince nothing it was creepy as Hell those lights all right guys it Wraps it up for us love you all be good Be kind be nice take care of each other Help each other out find the magic in Every day and remember to laugh as much As you can we’ll be back Wednesday Don Should be here we’ll have a live show Then good night everybody take care be Good see you next time Good night Thank you