ENCOUNTERING COLD SPOTS – Ghosts, Creatures, UFO’s and MORE!

By | November 12, 2022
ENCOUNTERING COLD SPOTS  -  Ghosts, Creatures, UFO's and MORE!

Thank you Oh My God Wow ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Paranormal portal it’s Friday night God I hope I did the intro part right I’m just so I’m so drugged out on on uh Robitussin and all kinds of other Antihistamines and decongestants and Inhalers and all kinds of stuff but I Couldn’t stay away any longer I just Couldn’t do it so I’m back in the saddle Tonight I’m gonna bring you the best Damn show I know how and uh I don’t know What that means right now but but I’m Gonna do the best I can unfortunately we Didn’t get a chance I we I didn’t get a Chance or didn’t remember uh in my fog To do a question of the week so we’re Going to be skipping that tonight but We’ll get to it tomorrow night Um so I hope that’s okay uh was Was that note you chewing no no no that Wasn’t me chewing Jake that although it Sounds like me chewing it sounds like

Anybody chewing but uh no that’s just a Sound effect on there so um yeah we got A lot of show to bring you and uh I’m Like I said I’m gonna do the best I can I don’t know this is my first run at uh Using a microphone for just about a week Now uh just one day shiveo of seven days But I’ll tell you this has been a really Weird virus it’s like generally speaking When I get sick I get like a head cold Sneezy coffee you know sneezing uh runny Nose just incredible and then it goes to My throat and then it goes to my lungs But this This one went in Reverse it started in My lungs I lost my voice for several Days I sounded like a cross between Darth Vader and The Godfather as I Posted on social media and uh got my Ears ring and who’s thinking about who’s Talking about me Um As not much as my headphones but Um after that that loosened up but then All of a sudden now it’s in my head and I’m this drippy Sneezy mess so I’m like On a antihistamines and uh decongestants And cough medicine just to continue to Try to loosen that crap up uh yes Mom Mucinex If you’re out there watching Um but yeah I’m I’m just gonna give it a Whirl tonight because I love doing the Shows it’s hard for me not to to not do

These because this is such a big point a High point in my life so uh please be Patient with me tonight uh I’m literally Working through a menthol fog right now But I’m feeling better uh thank you for All the well wishes and all of the uh Health advice and home remedies I do Really really appreciate that that means A ton and it really helped me feel a lot Better right off the bat just knowing That so many of you guys care so thank You so much for that uh that really is Amazing uh who says just here and there It’s probably some form of covid would Be here What do you mean my luck what is my luck Do I got bad luck and don’t even know it I’m I’m a happy guy but uh you never Know I mean if it is I I don’t I never Have really felt Excuse me I never really have felt sick This whole time I felt tired I felt uh Fatigued but I never really felt sick Except the very first day when it all Hit it all when it first hit even before My lung stuff I remember sitting here it Was on last Saturday’s show And I was just in so much pain my back Was hurting all all down my back mostly In my lower back it was just burning Ending my knees and then my ankles I was Like my God I’m I’m falling apart and it Was after that that I really started Getting sick so I don’t know you know

God only knows I’m not a doctor I’m not Fit to prescribe myself or to diagnose Myself but I’ve been uh you know taking A lot of supplements and a lot of uh a Lot of uh over-the-counter medicines and It’s it’s keeping it that bit you know I Mean manageable I’m not terrible Um like I said the lungs I have a voice Again which is really cool because I got A lot of things to do with my voice in The next few days as I rush to finish up Other projects so uh you know the return Of my voice is huge so I don’t mean to Belabor this point I know you guys Didn’t tune in for the health watch the Brent Thomas Health wash but uh you know It’s just it’s the way it is uh you Never got sick until 2020 now you got Sick 5 times I hope things are okay hope You take care of yourself brother you Know Android I I got to tell you there’s Times if you look through the archives Where I’m doing shows when I sound like Darth Vader so I got I generally get Sick about once a year but I gotta tell You last year or this maybe it was this Year I don’t know I’ve gotten sick a lot Of times in a row since this whole covet Thing came out And maybe I’ve had it I don’t know Um my my doctor at one point thought I Did and uh I did the home test zone it All came out negative so I don’t know I Mean what do I know but I’m still here

I’m still kicking I’m not going anywhere I’m just uh it just slows me down Um I I honest to God here’s my personal My personal feelings I think and this is Going to get a little esoteric so Forgive me but I think that our There’s a purpose for us to get Illnesses and and sometimes it’s because We got to slow down and it can be from Just fatigue from going so far out over And over and over and maybe it’s our Body saying nope you’re gonna rest and That can be it but I think it’s also It’s also a cleansing thing like this Drippy Sneezy crap I think it really Does cleanse us and I think that there Is a a purpose to it uh that maybe we Don’t understand yet we just think oh God I got a cold this sucks no it stops Everything but maybe that cold is doing Some really important things to your Body purging toxins purging stuff out of Our system and that’s why you get like Five pounds of mucus out of your nose Every hour I don’t know I Marvel at the Amount of mucus the nose can make it’s Just freaking incredible and it’s like Water it’s like oh my God I I’ve I mean I’m not going to go into details but I’ve expelled all kinds of of things out Of my body since I’ve been sick and it’s Like wow I think it is cleansing so I Think it’s probably in the big picture It’s probably good for us it just sucks

Going through it so I don’t know take it Or leave it I could be absolutely wrong But that’s my own personal opinion I I Know that there have been some studies That show that certain cold viruses can Attack cancer cells and uh destroy them So maybe hey maybe it’s a really good Thing I’m just saying Who knows I don’t pretend to know enough To be a doctor but I play one on my show All right so we got a lot to get to Um we’re not going to be connected to The network tonight the Network’s not Working so there’ll be no planned Commercial breaks I might need some Anyway so I apologize if I got to take a Commercial break but it’s because I’m Going to have to clear my orifices every Once in a while I’m just giving you an Early warning because and God knows There’s that’s something you don’t want To see or hear so uh commercial break is A small Mercy believe me so let’s get to It Um I guess that’s everything right up Front There’s going to be a lot of that too But I think the talking will be good for Me too it’ll be therapeutic and uh help Me clean out Uh The nose is a parallel portal you’re Right David it sure is man I’ve blown

Some paranormal things out of my head That I can’t believe are in there so um But It’s it’s just a cold in Reverse I don’t Know why it’s just a weird one but I’m Doing better thank you again for all the Love and support and caring that means The world so let’s get to it uh we’ll Start I guess with some news because I Love the news and it’s just me and you Tonight there’s no co-host with me so uh Sheldon should be here tomorrow night uh Don was ready to go last Wednesday but I Wasn’t so my apologies for having a bow Out on Wednesday nights I just There was no way I was really sorry I Was only really really low When I could talk another Town so sometimes I had no voices other Times I sounded like Satan I don’t know So all right let’s get to the news what Do you think you ready Me too let’s do it All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the Paranormal portal news desk as I Uh transition to this side of the desk It’s the same side it’s just a different Background but uh I don’t know it’s kind Of fun kind of fun to pretend this is a Much bigger production than it actually Is so um we are gonna get at it here hi Lars good to see you wow wow why Wow

What happened Because I’m here I told you I was going To be on Discord but again uh apologies For not doing the Discord question of The week ah let’s get to some news Though we gotta I’ve got a bunch to get You and uh I guess there’s several Several articles one of the bonuses of Uh taking nights off of doing the live Shows is that there’s a whole bunch of News to cover on the next one you do and By God here’s the first one and I think This is a case of Uh hyping up one aspect of a story to Make it sound really Sensational I don’t Think it’s it’s what what we what it Pretends to be but let’s get into it and See what you guys think and this is Coming from unexplained mysteries.com And this is an article 11 school Children pass out after Ouija board session in Colombia and uh Definitely check out unexplained Mysteries.com and they got this this new Book that they published The Weird News Uh by TK Randall and if you like the News we cover here on the show you’re Going to love this whole book because It’s it’s full of this kind of weirdness And wonder that we like to cover on the Portal so this is a story of coming out Of Columbia about some kids using a Ouija board in school I think I think it’s in school but maybe

Not maybe it was after school but anyway Who’s supervising these kids It’s from November 11 2022 According to reports the youngsters were Found unconscious and suffering from Various physical ailments the unnerving Incident occurred at the agricultural Technical Institute of haito Colombia Where shocked teachers discovered the Unresponsive pupils collapsed in a Corridor Oof reportedly suffering from symptoms Ranging from muscle spasms to severe Vomiting that were taken to them Manuela Beltram Hospital in the city’s Socorro District to receive treatment It’s going to be tough to read these Things tonight just so you know I’m kind Of already suck an air but anyway let’s Keep going what made the case Particularly unusual was the claim that The children who had been aged between 13 and 17 had ended up in the state After playing around With a Ouija board Yeah supervision’s important Ah the children were passed out at the Time they were found and were short of Breath and thick drool was coming out of Their mouths said the city’s mayor Jose Pablo toloza Rondon It’s not ruled out that it was the Ouija Board that’s part of the investigation I Love I love Hispanic countries because

They don’t just they don’t just dismiss That and and granted I I think this is Probably something else but anyway Medics on the other hand suggested that Contaminated food or water might be to Blame we went to El Jato and found 11 Patients between 13 and 17 years old With vomiting abdominal pain and muscle Spasms at emergency medical coordinator Juan Pablo Vargas no Guerra Everybody has four names in this story That’s amazing we did not find Psychological alteration of the children Taking into account that it was said That it would have been from playing With a Ouija board the medical report Says it was due to food poisoning and Investigator into the incident an Investigation into the incident remains Ongoing yeah I think they probably ate Something that uh was not edible or and I I don’t know I don’t know if it was Food poisoning or if they just were Goofing around with other stuff but in Any case yeah they it sounds like they Got into something because my God what Did they you know to get all was 11 Children Um that would be pretty unprecedented Even for a Ouija board to affect all 11 Children unless they were summoning the Devil or something but uh yeah that’s Pretty weird pretty weird but probably Just food poisoning and the fact that

They were playing the Ouija board was More incidental but still I I don’t know Let’s watch the kids closely shall we Let’s watch my breathing closely my God All right so that’s the first story up On the the news Fest for tonight let’s Get to the next one Again we don’t have to worry about Breaks so we can take as long as we want This could be a two-hour newscast There we go so Um the next one up on the deck is from Unexplained mysteries.com once again who Brings us a story Of more weirdness that we love and this Is this one’s kind of disturbing So You know the Oculus is kind of like the Biggest virtual reality headset ever to Exist and and rightly so they they Really did a hell of a job when they Rolled it out and and uh made it Affordable and accessible to a pretty Broad audience and uh they’re pretty Fantastic things I played it myself so Um here’s one that’s nothing short of Really creepy and disturbing but you be The judge According to the story here And this story is from unexplained Mysteries.com Oculus founder builds VR headset That kills the wearer if they die in Game

What the hell would you do that for That is so freaking creepy I mean good God really is it a proof of concept is This going to be a new reality show Weird all right it says Palmer lucky the Man who kick-started the modern VR scene Has built a headset with a rather unique And deadly twist Virtual reality headsets such as psvr And Facebook’s Mata Quest 2 can Transport you into Virtual Worlds that Make you feel as though you’re actually There but now one man has taken things One step further to the point where a Lethal encounter in game could mean more Than just a game over screen Palmer luckily lucky who developed the Original Oculus Rift headset before the Firm was acquired by Facebook has Developed a new headset that literally Terminates the wearer if they die in Game Oh my God that’s so creepy that’s like Would you like to play a game Got the voice for it now The device is equipped with this A set of explosive charges which Detonate when the screen flashes red at A particular frequency essentially Destroying the wearer’s brain and Killing them instantly The idea pays homage to a similar device In the sword art online manga series

Are you serious The idea of dying of of tying your real Life to the virtual Avatar has always Fascinated me you instantly raise the Stakes to the maximum level and force People to fundamentally rethink how they Interact in the virtual world and the Players inside it lucky wrote pumped up Graphics might make the game look more Real but the only threat of serious Consequences that can make a game feel Real to you and every other person in The game so far lucky has not been brave Enough to actually try his new headset On because the mechanism is too volatile And at the moment he doesn’t have a game Worthy of the concept to play on it well Who the hell is going to volunteer for That one Good Lord that’s just about that’s like That’s a 10 on the stupid meter Jesus At this point it’s just a piece of Office art you’ve got explosives as Office art the hell is wrong with you Uh a thought-provoking reminder of Unexplored avenues and game design he Wrote no you’re you’re in you’re this is A thought-provoking example of therapy Needed What the hell is wrong with this guy Wow unbelievable I’m shudder to think how uh You know some idiots out there is going To go yeah it’s a great idea

I mean it’s gonna be another tide pod Challenge oh yeah we’re gonna finish oh My God this is so stupid I I I I didn’t Almost even share it because of how how Absolutely brain vacuous that is it’s Just it’s such a a a namely stupid idea Oh God yeah some things people just Yeah it’s another example of can we Build it sure should we no No you shouldn’t Freaking idiots I I just I can’t imagine Ah anyway let’s continue on find Something a little more interesting to Talk about and this is kind of perfect Because I was wondering how to do these I got several stories here that actually Include video clips and I was like well How do we show those when we’re you know On the other network and stuff I gotta Reload this because it’s actually got an Ad that kind of froze on it so hold on One second while I reload this There we go all right it is reloaded and Uh this is coming from unexplained Mysteries.com Paranormal Investigator films ghost During a trip to abandoned Mill Wow well let’s we’re gonna check that Out of course because this is the Paranormal portal news and by God that’s Paranormal news An eerie shape moving across a doorway Was recently caught on camera by Andy

Pollard at an Old Mill in Derbyshire England Pollard who goes by the name Yorkshire Ghost guy on YouTube has been carrying Out a solo investigation of an abandoned Mill in Matlock Derbyshire uh during the Weekend Wow Brave guy doing it alone I don’t Know if that’s a good idea though I Really don’t Advocate that I think that You know it certainly cranks up the the Suspense but it’s also freaking Dangerous You know and not just because the spirit Might hurt you which is possible but Just because generally speaking Paranormal places are not they’re not The safest places if you’re doing ghost Investigations because they’re usually Decommissioned buildings or areas that Are you know basically unsafe so I don’t Recommend that uh at one point he placed His camera down to film himself walking Through an old doorway and it Inadvertently picked up something else That he was not expecting It wasn’t until he reviewed the footage At home that he realized that what he Had captured and Eerie mist-like anomaly Passing in front of the brick wall to The right of the frame I have an interest in the Paranormal and Go out on occasion to investigate Locations in and around Yorkshire he

Said I venture out to Matlock Derbyshire And I think I’ve caught what appears to Be some sort of apparition on camera Being alone always makes me feel a Little nervous I did a little I did feel A little uneasy and actually commented In the full length video I was getting a Lot of electronic K2 light responses From the doorway Portal Not sure who or what it could be but did Pollard really capture evidence of the Paranormal or is there a conventional Explanation it could be argued that his Movements past the wall just seconds Before could have something to do with It perhaps the Mist was simply his Breath in the cold night air You can check out the footage of Yourself for yourself below what do you Think well that’s what we’re going to do Let’s check it out and uh we’ll go ahead And do that let’s kill the sound though Because I can’t always account for what People say I don’t want to start Broadcasting cuss words Um here it is image captured 6 11 22 so It’s from June Possible figure moves through the Doorway Okay there he goes There it goes yeah I don’t know I don’t Know I I it could actually be an exhale But it could be something more slow down

Further all right let’s see what he Slowed it down to Yep there’s him stepping even slower I don’t know maybe his breath would be Higher because it’s hot air hot air Rises right Especially if the air is cold let’s take A look at that again Possible figure moves through the Doorway I wouldn’t expect his air to drop down Unless he was breathing super cold air So I think he may actually have caught Something here that’s pretty good Um Yeah I mean the camera angle is way Lower than his head so if it was hot air He was breathing out that was steaming Up that would continue to rise not not Shrink down and certainly not that Quickly so I think he’s got something There I think that really could be Something oops did not mean to do that Uh or that but yeah I think I think it’s It’s potentially a good capture again Anytime you paranormal investigate for Ghosts and stuff and for Bigfoot or Anything else for that matter I mean It’s it’s literally like trying to catch Lightning in a bottle to catch anything It’s a good night if you get a good one Good EVP like a Class A EVP that’s an Awesome night and that’s just seconds of Capturing that versus hours of being

There looking around trying to find Anomalies and stuff so my hat goes off To anybody that goes out to these places And tries to find stuff because honestly It’s only people like you and me and and This person that are going to be out There doing it there isn’t a lot of Universities and Sciences digging into This stuff so if they’re going to Capture stuff that are that is truly Anomalous it’s going to be Guys like this you know so good on him Good job I think it’s it’s a compelling Possible capture I can’t say for sure I Mean Maybe you had gas and and uh let one Roar I did Kill the sound so we don’t Know and that would account for the Lower angle of it but I’m just being Stupid it’s a cold medicine you gotta Understand it’s cold medicine no matter How stupid I am tonight just blame it on The cold medicine please It’s got to be it it’s got to be the Cold medicine so interesting interesting Uh take I think it might be a good Capture I really do Um at least it’s possible is it Convincing in and of itself no but is it Possible yeah absolutely Okay let’s go to the next one and uh This is also from unexplained Mysteries.com great site love this site It is the greatest news that I found

All right this comes out of uh uh Archeology and and such and it it’s Potentially a great discovery out of Egypt And this is from November 8th uh 2022 And this is 4 800 foot Miracle tunnel Found in Egypt could lead to Cleopatra’s Tomb Wow that’s cool All right archaeologists have Unearthed One of the most important discoveries of Recent years a huge tunnel beneath a Temple in Egypt Situated 43 feet beneath the top Osiris Magna temple in Egypt’s Alexandria Region the enormous tunnel is six feet High stretches for 4 800 feet and has Been described by experts as a geometric Miracle Most interesting of all however is the Possibility that this tunnel might lead To the final resting place of Queen Cleopatra which if true would be one of The greatest archaeological discoveries Of all time Archaeologists had long suspected that She might be buried beneath the temple Cleopatra negotiated with Octavian to Allow her to bury Mark Anthony in Egypt Archaeologist Kathleen Martinez told National Geographic She wanted to be buried with him because She wanted to reenact the legend of Isis And Osiris so the true meaning of the of

The cult of Osiris is that it grants Immortality After their deaths the gods would allow Cleopatra to live with Anthony and Another form of existence they would Have eternal life together The tunnel has already yielded a number Of smaller artifacts such as Pottery Found beneath mud sediment and coins Bearing the face of Cleopatra herself Wow that’s cool If for Tomb it really is hidden Somewhere beneath the Subterranean Passage it might not be long before it’s Actually found And there’s some images and it is that’s Pretty amazing Um it’s you know the amazing part is if It’s 4 800 feet long 43 feet beneath the Surface or beneath the temple That’s a hell of an engineering Marvel For these ancient people to have done With copper or bronze tools I mean That’s just amazing So interestingly I don’t know well I Guess we’ll have to wait and see could Cleopatra’s tune be discovered experts Find Miracle tunnel Um yep There you go it’s possible You can follow the LBC on Twitter I Guess for more information if there is Any more but um yeah maybe they found it Or found the the pathway to it

But yeah that’s incredible the ancient People were just amazing I don’t know How they did it just such tenacity Because it’s not like they had oh let’s Just trench this out with the big Trenching truck and then we’ll pour you Know the concrete on the sides or Whatever I mean these guys were crafting This stuff by hand That is nothing short of amazing The ancient people were no joke at all In fact cut from a different metal from Us I’m sure All right let’s go to the next one and This is another one from unexplained Mysteries.com Um I don’t know that’s the this is maybe A lot to do of nothing I don’t know Could be something could be uh Concerning but unexplained mysteries.com Reports China’s top secret space plane Is released an unknown object into orbit Hmm I’m sure we’ve I’m sure we’ve released a Bunch of unknown objects into orbit too But I guess we’re willing to talk about Them doing it so Um the vehicle which remains shrouded in Mystery let me close that out on the Other one uh the vehicle which remains Shouted in mystery has been described as A reusable experimental spacecraft not a Lot is known about Chinese China’s Enigmatic space plane which launched uh

On another highly secretive Mr top a Long march 2f rocket from Of the Gobi desert uh in the Gobi desert Back in August 4th Uh the U.S space Force’s 18th space Defense Squadron which has been keeping A close eye on its activities reported That the vehicle had changed its orbit Around two weeks ago and furthermore it Now seems as though the space plane has Released something a mysterious object Of unknown purpose leading to much Speculation over what it is up to It remains unclear exactly what the Object was deployed but based on the Data it could have been any time between October 24th and October 31st that’s a Pretty big window All we know is that the object whatever It is remains in very close proximity to The spacecraft Some have speculated it could be some Sort of monitoring satellite or test Payload While others believe it’s likely To be a service module then again it Could also be something else entirely The mission is perhaps similar to those Carried out by the X-37B a secretive Space plane originally developed by NASA Before being handed over to the U.S Department of Defense The activities of both spacecraft remain Highly confidential with their Respective government’s declining to

Divulge the nature of other activities Of their activities for all we know both Vehicles have been tasked with spying on Each other Yeah I think that’s pretty safe to say I Don’t know I guess it’s kind of the currency of the Of the World Knowledge right so whatever It is I guess they did it so you know China’s China’s job doing their thing I don’t know how to feel about it but You know again I don’t claim to be the Most worldly uh informed person so I’m Not uh up in arms about China being in Space it’s like well they probably have A right to do it too but Again what do I know All right next one up This is from unexplained mysteries.com Scientists are working on a new official Alien contact protocol Whoops yay Okay Good good job yeah let’s let’s make Pamphlets and and and uh and and binders To tell us what to do Yeah I think contact’s already going on Folks so I love that they blow tax Dollars on this stuff but we’re going to Make an alien contact protocol well good For you meanwhile Livestock are being carved up people are Getting sucked out of their windows and Uh you guys go ahead and have committees

That’ll help These guys are just amazing Amazingly the uh I don’t know I don’t know what to say Okay I have another committee I’m sure That’ll help that’s that’s great give us And give us a new logo that’ll that’ll Work All right your tax dollars will work Folks All right and if an intelligent extra Dimensional extraterrestrial rather race Suddenly sent us a message what exactly Would the human race say in response Hi Nice to nice to meet you I’m just gonna Go out on a limb here that’s what I Would say Uh many books and films have dabbled to The idea of aliens making some sort of Formal first Contact but while these Often depict a response from a United Representative on behalf of the people Of the Earth in the real world it’s hard To imagine everyone agreeing on what to Do in such a scenario now in A Renewed Effort to tackle the issue a group of Scientists and policy experts have been Working on establishing an official Alien contact protocol to be used in Such a situation According to John Elias a computer Scientist and coordinator of the new Seti detection Hub and the University of

Saint Andrews in Scotland the Endeavor Will go beyond thinking about the impact On Humanity Science fiction is Awash with Explorations of the impact on social on Human society following discovery of and Even encounters with life or Intelligence elsewhere he said The last time anyone attempted to Establish contact protocol was back in 1989 when seti established an importance Of sharing information and discoveries With other countries Will we ever get a message from ET we Don’t know said Elliott we also don’t Know when this is going to happen Elliot continued Sorry I gotta narrate it stupidly Because it’s just so much fluff but we Do know that we cannot afford to be Ill-prepared scientifically socially and Politically rudderless For an event that could turn into Reality as early as tomorrow Given the difficulty difficulty human Humanity no we’re not doing that we’re Not doing a phone call thank you given The difficulty Humanity seems to have in Agreeing about anything finding a way to Represent everyone’s interest when Communicating with alien visitors will Certainly be no easy task Yeah we need another committee for sure Let’s throw a billion dollars at it

Because we want to be ready With our binder of love Foreign Official letterhead it’s real I don’t know I I don’t I don’t know it’s just why you Know these people spent decades scoffing At people who had had experiences Asking pleading for help from some Official body to take them seriously And they wouldn’t even bat an eye And now all of a sudden it’s committees And and uh you know councils and and new Acronyms and and letterhead and logos And it’s like come on Just I am feeling better Hoggle thank you so Much It’s the cold medicine talking but I’m Still feeling better hold up Oh so anyway I don’t know I I you know I Don’t mean to cast aspersions I guess Something is better than nothing but my God Um you know official acknowledgment on Some level is good but the whole let’s Have a task force let’s put together a Committee let’s discuss you know every Any infinitesimal and I worked in Governments uh to a degree so I you know I know how wasteful and stupid this Stuff is hold on Okay Sorry about that

It’s because I narrated that the stove So stupidly Ah it just tickles holy God All right yeah that was my brilliant Idea what time is it I’m gonna do I’m Gonna give myself just a minute break Here so hold on [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] One two three Yes All right I can breathe again It’s my own fault I narrated that story So stupidly but it just drives me nuts When they when they feel like they get a You know these committees and and these These forums and these think tanks and Stuff are just going to reinvent stuff And and it’s I don’t know I guess it’s Bureaucracy at the end of the day and And these beings are making themselves Known to who they choose they’re not Landing on the White House lawn they’re You know they’re visiting who they want

To and uh you know unless you’re gonna Hand that out in a broad mailing list to Everybody it’s not going to matter much Unless you know unless they’re talking About hey we’re going to respond to a Signal well you know I don’t know again It’s just fluff if they’re interested in Us they’re probably already here they’re Already looking at us they already see What we’re about they know what we can Do they know what we can’t do and and uh Your committees probably aren’t going to Do anything other than just waste money So Just Do your jobs All right so um there’s one more story Left on the newscast let me get back to The news background here there we go and Then we’ll be done with news sorry I had A coughing fit I had to I had to take a Break because I was just the Itchy Tickly stuff you know but anyway enough Wine and so the last story of the Night Comes again from an unexplained Dash Mysteries.com this is small Humanoid-like creature captured on trail Camera in Australia And that is that is interesting now any Of our Aussie Aussie listeners Um if you’re in the chat what are those Little ones called of course the big Ones are the owies but I can’t I always Forget the little ones is it junjadis or

Or is it something else I I know in in Uh the clock Clocky walk tribe there’s The you know Is the big one and the little one are Called buckwas But In Australia I know they have a Different name for it so if any of you From Australia can help me out with that I appreciate it I always forget it’s my Dyslexia for names so for me to remember Her name is huge So I’ll be watching the chat uh well Pakwaji is of course another little one You’re right Dan Donald I appreciate That Um but I’m talking specifically about The ones in Australia they got uh Junjadi okay thank you Maggie I Appreciate it June Judy all right so is This a ginger D well let’s check it out It’s uh from November 6th so it’s pretty Darn new Uh motion activated trail cameras picked Up what appears to be a small humanoid Creature peering out of the darkness the Footage which was recorded in October 21st near Sydney Australia by an outdoor Wildlife camera with night vision was Recently sent to YouTuber Mr mbb 333 for Analysis it shows something unusual in The bottom left-hand Corner a small Humanoid-like creature peering out of The foliage with its two eyes shining in

The darkness as it moves its head from Side to side The motion seems to have been Responsible for activating the motion Sensor of the camera Of course given the low resolution and Darkness it’s very difficult to discern Exactly what the creature is there’s Even the possibility it is simply an Animal such as an opossum or a possum Sorry a possum or possum that has been Illuminated in such a way as to give it The appearance of a small humanoid I don’t know any possum that looked like That That said it’s certainly an interesting And creepy video and with uh and a Definitive explanation remains elusive You can check out the footage yourself Below skip to one minute 56 for the Analysis Um yeah I guess we’ll check that out Since we’re not on the on the network What’s going on All right Um All right so thank you Rachel appreciate The prompt response if someone’s being Inappropriate by God All right so this is a spooky humanoid Light creature activates trail camera it Looked like a small humanoid uh human uh Again I’m gonna kind of kill the volume Here because

I mean we’re kind of winging this but Let’s take a look I’m going to switch to A different camera Here so we get a better view of it if it Loads all right let’s shoot ahead a Little bit a little background blah blah Blah where it is Um where is it would say 156 I guess we’re almost there There it is there’s the eyes ads There it is watch here Okay we’re gonna watch there See what they catch Okay looking in the bottom left corner Yep thanks for the extra circling Oh okay that was a that was a blink it Looked like a blink But it’s blinking its eyes differently That’s no possum I don’t think That is strange Huh Again it’s it’s kind of ambiguous okay So they they They brightened it up quite a bit so we Can see the detail a little better but That’s very interesting I don’t know what we’re looking at for Sure I wish I do a daytime shot of the Same angle so we can see is this I mean It could be a possum if it’s up on a Tree looking down here it is again but That that’s a leaf so that’s not a hand That’s just a leaf blown out on this Bush here oh

The proper person is probably saying That too is it just peeking around the Tree is that what’s going on Maybe And what is this up here I mean I I Think that’s a lens flare of some kind But That is curious it does look like it’s On front of the tree and even has a Shadow Behind it so I don’t know It does look to be blinking though But could that just be a long snout That’s more of a more of an up and down Angle or is that a chin we just don’t Know I mean it doesn’t look like any animal I Can I can identify but I’m not familiar With all the Australian fauna either so Um it is a very curious capture could it Be a junior d Maybe There’s another one So this is from October 21st yeah it is A curious capture again these these Flares are probably uh A byproduct of the hot hotness of these These things here I don’t think these Are an anomaly of the same as this Because they are moving in unison but This is moving independence of of those Flares so It’s not just a hot spot from the camera So I don’t know what The Narrative of This is I haven’t watched the video

Before right now with you So I don’t know you guys be the judge But That is pretty curious does look to be Looking around it almost looks like a Mask like a like this a big head and This is a mask on the front of it but You know who knows And and those could very well just be Legitimate eyes looking through it but It almost looks like a nose here and Then and then a mouth-like thing here But again it’s it’s it’s nothing is Distinctly clear In any of this but It certainly is anomalous and and could Be a number of things I don’t think it’s Definitive on its own as it as it exists But It did a nice job of brightening it up So you can really see a lot more of the Detail of what we’re looking at but Um yeah they did a good job breaking it Down from you know several Several filters over it to help bring The I don’t think these are anything other Than possibly hot spots from the from The lights hitting a web strand could be I guess maybe But I think it’s it’s maybe something to Do with the bright light being this is The hottest thing in the picture hot by Hot I mean the most white and this is in

The night vision uh view so this is the Iara really Illuminating the hell out of That first tree this small little Sapling and uh probably creating those Lens flares But that part’s I don’t know this is Very different it definitely is moving So it’s definitely appears to be moving Independent of the wind and the breeze And stuff like it’s turning its head That’s a pretty good still that does Look like a nose that does look like a Little mouth and that does look like a Little chin under it so could very well Be Um That’s a very intriguing capture folks But you be the judge Um if anyone wants to look at this Closer I’ll put links to this article in The YouTube chat you can check it out Yourself But yeah they’re fast forwarding it now To show the head turning Or or rotation of some kind whatever it Is it appears to be ahead Looks like a little mini gray alien or Something almost doesn’t it Whatever it is ease You know and again the the eyes are not Luminescent of the in and of themselves But they are they are something So that it would be reflecting the IR Light from the camera which is not

Uncommon I mean many animals reflect IR Light so that in and of itself isn’t an Anomaly but the fact that it was moving And turning its head and appear to be Blinking even is is a pretty good Curiosity so whatever it is I don’t know But that really does look like a nose You know it looks like the bridge of a Nose with two eyes on either side maybe Even offset off the side of the head a Little bit And then what might be a mouth here and A chin underneath it but it’s anybody’s Guess it’s it’s not really high quality But very very interesting nonetheless And uh let me get a link to this and I’ll put it in the chat so you guys can Look at it for yourself see what you Think Uh I’m not any kind of experts but I Look at a lot of this stuff a lot a lot Of this stuff and could it be sure could It be something much more mundane sure I Don’t know much about Australian Wildlife outside of the the big ones Like kangaroo wallaby and uh dingoes and Uh you know the the occasional yaoi but Other than that and Crocs that’s about All I know and they’re amazing number of Spiders and brown snakes Um so Believe what you will this isn’t uh this Isn’t a show to convince you of anything But uh some good good captures and uh

Check it out see what you think is it’s Possibly a ginger D is it possibly Something else some kind of little People is it an alien I don’t know you Be the judge but there you have it this Has been a presentation of the Paranormal portal news So I hope you feel like you’re a little Better informed than you were before you Got here it was kind of a longer News Segment but that’s what my cold is doing So I’m doing the best I can all right let’s Get back to the rest of the show [Applause] [Applause] Ah ah ghost Megan’s got a cold too man I’m sorry to hear that sorry to hear That and Maggie says it could just be a Bow gun to be honest I don’t know I’m Gonna look that up now I got to see what A bow gun is what is an Australian Bogan Uh that’s uncouth or uncultured person Usually Uncultured person uh that’s a slang word I guess Um is it an are you sure it’s called the Bogan uh because because it’s coming up As uh an uncouth or uncultured person Hell I could be a Bogan uh with that

With that definition so Um is there another name for it Maggie Let me know Laughs Oh yeah Hoggle just got over covet yeah I’m glad you’re doing better that’s a Person LOL All right All right you got me thank you for that I’m a Bogan too I think All right folks so that was the news Hope you enjoyed it thank you so much And again there’s no question of the Week but I will tell you that uh our Discord channel is always got some some Great things hopping over there and I’m Gonna put a link how you can join it Because we’d love to have you become a Part of of our Discord community of the Paranormal portal portal And uh here it is There’s the Discord community and uh Love to see you become a part of it We’ve got a good number of people that Are regularly contributing Maggie’s one Of them Android’s another uh as is Rachel and fourth color and uh ZX uh Zx81 V2 those are the big one Lars has Been pretty busy over there too thank You Lars for your activity and our Discord but there’s several categories To choose from uh of paranormal stuff And I’ll drag it over to the screen and Put it up so you can see the layout of

The Discord Because we love some Discord here on the Paranormal portal And let me stretch this out a little bit There we go I’ll put it up on screen so You can see our Discord Community is Right there and it’s a great place over Here on the after you join if you follow The link that I clicked and you have an Account then uh then by all means please Join and and this is what you’ll see There’s a welcome section up here And on the left side not over here these Are different Discord channels so you Know I could like check out Yahweh Central or believe podcast or the Kev Baker show Discord is still being run by Uh zx81 V2 which is really cool and There’s The Fringe FM that’s Joe Roop Over there so some great people great Channels are available out there you can Probably you know not only the portal But there’s I’m sure there’s groups that You’d be interested in being coming a Part of but this is it’s like having Chat available 24 7. you know for groups You’re interested in so Discord is Pretty awesome and there’s there’s other Types of Discord like apps out there I’m Not saying you have to use Discord but That’s the only one we have a channel For personally but Um if you check it out there’s the news Uh donations if you know want to know

How to donate to the show you can check Out there Um rules of the Discord of course There’s admin in the mods section uh Then there’s the Discord tutorial which Was a suggestion we got I think it was From cashew that suggested that so we we Put one up there questions of the week Which is where usually we would be Posting uh our questions like this and Then people respond to but uh I didn’t Post one for tonight so unfortunately There won’t that won’t be a discussion We’ll be having tonight but I’ll post One after the show or later yet I’ve got To actually do an interview Following The show here with a gentleman from Australia for the podcast but um Uh there’s a general section this is Just where when you join you become you Know it says hey you’re here and so we Can talk to you but you can see like all These uh amazing videos and topics that People are posting about Bigfoot’s uh Videos and such there’s dog man Uh werewolves Dogman stuff which is Really cool there’s so much of this Ghosts uh there’s some great ghost Videos posted here in discussions UFO uh Extraterrestrial Uh encounters are here which could Include UFO stuff as well obviously Cryptids which is other things that Aren’t either Bigfoot or dog man and

Then there’s even a music section where People talk about their favorite music Or post songs that they find I think That’s a cool section too and then There’s a strange phenomena Which is the other stuff that doesn’t Fit anywhere else but it’s definitely Weird and odd and and uh fantastic so There’s all kinds of things to choose From even voice channels if you’re a Member of the Discord you can always use The voice channels if you guys want to Chat in person you can do that through Through a microphone and whatever but I Don’t know what this is inactive I’m not Sure but I’ve never used it so I don’t Know uh Showtime is another one that’s There Sheldon built all of this for us Ladies and gentlemen so a special thanks To Sheldon Thomas for putting this Together for all of us here so it’s There if you want to check it out That’s an option for you so I got a Bunch more stuff to get to tonight I Think my voice is doing okay all things Considered so I’m gonna have to clear my Throat a bunch and probably cough every Once in a while so just bear with me but It’s just that time of year I guess it’s You know it is it’s winter I’m just not A winter Soul I’m a spring summer kind Of guy really I’m I love fall too don’t Get me wrong but man winter came in like A screaming banshee this year it just

Really spanked me But I can’t change the weather Not regularly anyway All right so Um let’s get to some more of the Paranormal fun that you love here on the Show one of the things I wanted to do Right now was a video that’s going to be Or maybe it is by now I know Wes was Talking about it for uh last week uh Last Wednesday and he said he was going To be making an episode of Sasquatch Chronicles about this but I would love To feature this uh this video of his Kind of teaser about it so we’re going To check that out now and that’s one of The perks I guess of uh you know not Being on the network because I can’t do Videos there so let’s check out this First we’re going to go to Where is it I gotta find it I don’t use It as much anymore Not that uh I don’t love to but it’s Time for the girmer files Um what time is it now hold on sorry Um An hour Okay I gotta had it got a message for That interview that’s coming up in uh Just a little bit but uh this is the Girmer files this is of course our good Friend Mr weskerman of Sasquatch Chronicles and he put together this

Teaser video of uh of a A Upcoming episode so let’s get to that Now Wow man one of this is probably the Craziest thing that I’ve ever Investigated uh I started an Organization Group whatever called Pursue paranormal unit for the research And study of unexplained events and my Goal was to get other people involved And if I couldn’t go out then I would Call them in and that that works Sometimes I generally tend to work with One or two other people and they go with Me to some of this stuff this particular Thing I just went by myself uh I was Walking through the living room my wife Had the TV on and this report came on About this these strange things that was Going on in Kentucky and the sheriff the Chief of police uh went to investigate And he just point blank said I think it Was a Bigfoot so something came through Here and and did all this destruction And I thought well I don’t know what He’s talking about I’m looking this up I’m going to go and I was within a week I was there on this site so it took me a Little bit of time to find this area but I found it I rolled in And it’s it’s a very small community Probably five or six houses And a pond

I go all the way to the end of the road And I come back and there’s a young man Mowing a yard working on his lawnmower And I go up and I say hey I’m I’m here To investigate the report that was that The sheriff gave Could you tell me about it he said well That guy over there we need to talk to Him so I went over to the house knocked On the door and he was eating his lunch And told him who I was what I was doing He said yeah I’ll tell you about it and He took me outside and he showed me the Pond And he said A week ago there were three Horses over there Now you got to remember this this house Sits right close to the pond I mean you Could take a baseball if you could stand On the corner of the house and easily Hit the pond by throwing a baseball it’s That close And he said A week ago there were three Horses here I wake up the community wakes up all Three horses are dead one looks as if It’s been thrown across the pond because There was a a wire fence that went right Through the middle of the pond the Horses couldn’t get over there because Of the way the pond is situated and Everything so there’s no way that horse Could have been over there it looked Like something threw it over there so we

Went around to the front of the pond There was a dog pen right there the dog Would come out and look at me with these Walt Disney eyes just like you know I’m So afraid and he said this used to be The community Watchdog nobody came in Here no car no person no one on a Bicycle without that dog going crazy This dog never barked the entire time Whatever happened happened while I was There it never it never made a sound Whatever happened there in front of it Scared it so badly it was afraid to bark And it was afraid to come out of its House when he said these three horses The only the only problems with they’re Only uh wounds on these things were in The neck and it said it it didn’t look Like scratches it didn’t look like big Talons had had raked it like a cougar or Or whatever he said it just looked like Something just dug into the throats of These things and just ripped out they Were all three dead none of them made Any noise while this was going on again He would have heard it if if he slept Right there at that corner of the house No noise After it left that area it crossed the Street and went down into the next Little Valley where this other house was This guy had a dog by this time Everybody’s come out to talk to me They’re saying we we can’t get any

Information on this if you want to help Us man we’d appreciate it so I’m talking These five or six people He showed me where his dog was now in The South we have what’s called Running Chains where you have a chain between Two trees The dog’s collar is on a chain and that Chain is hooked up to that that tree That runs between the two trees now the Dog can just run back and forth and do Whatever it wants to do well this dog he Said it was about 150 pound dog Something grabbed it by the back legs And pulled it against that chain so hard That it popped its head through the Collar he showed me the collar the Collar was it was just full of hair Where it just shaved everything off the Neck Then the thing throws it down a gully And he said he he pulled the dog up he Couldn’t find any blood on this thing Except on it on one of its claws and he Said I don’t think it was a wound on the Dog I think the dog actually scratched Whatever was attacking it I said did you where’s the dog he said Well we buried it with the horses Wow That’s crazy This has been a presentation of the Girmer files What an incredibly creepy story yeah

That’s that’s nightmarish Um There there are accounts of of dogs Becoming victim to uh what are believed To be Bigfoot so of course maybe Dogman As well uh it’s anybody’s guess but I Don’t think mostly most commonly people Are are witness to this happening in Real time but um just in this case what Could drag a dog out of its lead you Know and basically he’s talking about a Cable that’s run we use them in Minnesota a lot too just and I’m sure Everywhere but cables are run between Two trees and then you have a a pulley And which has a cable connected that the Dog can run around have some room to Move if they’re outside for extended Periods of time but you don’t want to Let them run free because they might run Off so Um whatever it was grab the dog and Pulled so hard that this tight collar Just shaved hair off you know and that’s A hell of a lot of force Um I I don’t know what’s on the human Scale could do that I don’t know But something extraordinarily strong and Then to throw it down a gully on top of That so whatever the case was uh you Know it’s certainly a heartbreaker that Somebody lost their their animal like That but um you know the the classic 9-1-1 call that everyone’s familiar with

It’s used on Wes’s intro the guy calling About the you know the guy six foot nine I don’t know he’s looking right at me You know the the call out of Washington State what a lot of people don’t know is That there was more than one call made From that residence and the guy said Um that’s I think he references the fact That his dog was killed last night uh on That 9-1-1 call but there was a 9-1-1 Call where he was outside and saw his Dog was thrown like 20 feet of the in The air 20 feet in the air over his Fence and landed in his yard dead Uh and this was like a German Shepherd Or something like that so Um that guy witnessed that that had Happened and then the bigfoot was right There in his yard the very next night Now I don’t know if they don’t like the Alarm barking they don’t like the fact That they can’t sneak up on dogs dogs Can hear them and smell them a mile away They just know they’re there they can Maybe sense them I don’t know dogs Generally surprisingly even aggressive Dogs become extraordinarily timid When when there’s a Bigfoot around and Is that some genetic memory that’s in Dogs about stay away from those things They’ll you know they’ll turn you into a Lunch or they’ll they’ll kill you Um you know I mean dogs just don’t seem To have a a response to that other than

Fear and that’s a that’s a primordial Kind of fear So for whatever reason dogs do become Targets quite Quite commonly not not super commonly of It once while you hear the stories of People seeing their dogs playing with One of them you know so it can it can go The other direction too maybe it has to Do with which one if it’s an alpha They’ll just get rid of the dog maybe if It’s a younger curious one they’ll play With it because they see people playing With them who knows but I don’t pretend To know I’m not meaning to speak from Any kind of authority but I do read Thousands of stories I’ve read thousands Of stories and accounts and Herod Witnesses and and uh you know both as a Fan and as a person that has a show and There’s two sides to these things I know Some people don’t like to admit it and I You know I’d love to think that they Were just the peaceful Forest Giants but There’s plenty of uh plenty of evidence To the contrary at least and so I Attribute that to biodiversity like they Have they have as much diversity as we Do both in appearance And in Behavior Maybe there’s some pretty you know lower Functioning lower vibrating ones that Are much more primal And maybe there are more evolved ones

That are much more Peaceful and and that’s why you got to Be careful I just don’t you don’t know Which one you’re getting when you see it It’s like Is this one of the good ones or the ones That want to rip my lips off you know so Do you know where that took place is Somewhere in the I think near the Pacific uh or near near the Olympic Peninsula I think but I would have to Ask Wes for any clarification on where That’s 9-1-1 call actually came from I Know that he actually uh has a lot more More knowledge about it than I do so I I Don’t know I I just know it was Washington State So um but very very scary googly are Supposed to be more aggressive than that That like that like in that clip yeah There’s there’s that possibility too is There so much biodiversity that there’s Actually different tribes of these Things You know I know that of course the old The old types one two three four you Know the the googly or the the creature Depicted in the Beast of seven shoots Photo is believed to be a good way with More of a baboon type snout Um or but you know it’s just we don’t Know we don’t know much of anything but We have a lot of ideas floating around And whatever you believe in I guess so

Did you know that David plytus has a Case uh class called Bigfoot 101. I Didn’t know that It doesn’t surprise me I know David Plightus is pretty uh pretty industrious Guy and and he he was uh I think for a Long time a BFRO investigator as well So um if not BFRO then another one but I Know he worked a lot with the the First Nations tribe over there by where where He is located so Um well at least where he was located I Don’t know where he is now but Um yeah it doesn’t surprise me that’s That he would he would have a lot of Resources and a lot of reference to pull Uh together some kind of informational Class and and you know maybe he’s Putting something new on the table I Don’t know I haven’t watched it I Haven’t participated in the in its um Again I’m kind of of the opinion that You know Everybody has ideas but until Until there’s there’s an absolutely Comprehensive study behaviorally Socially Um Environmentally on these things than we Just don’t know there’s a lot of ideas People put together you know studies and And they put together ratnat studies but They put together these Ideas and they encapsulate them and this

Is my theories and maybe they’re right Maybe they’re wrong until we know we Don’t know so I don’t know I I mean good Luck good for him it’s on YouTube okay Well that’s fantastic you know I mean it May be worth a mention if you could uh Ghost Megan if if you could uh link it In the Bigfoot group that’d be fantastic On on Discord that would be that’d be Fantastic to check it out Um yeah I think it’s you know he may be Onto something of course again he’s he’s Got a lot of first-hand Knowledge from Researching for years but he’s also got A lot of First Nation Knowledge from Being affiliated with the tribes so I think that’s fantastic Um and I’m you know I don’t I don’t Really know David Pilates real well I Have met him and and he seems like a Nice enough guy but but uh yeah I mean He’s certainly done some great things on The missing 4-1-1 stuff So Um he seems to be a very thorough Individual Very good at what he does so But yeah I think it’s a good resource For sure so next up we’re gonna start Tackling an article that we kind of Started uh we got to about number 19 and This is an article from Excellentown.com which is not really a Paranormal site and I like these kind of

Uh articles because basically excuse me Basically these articles are Aggregates Of Reddit threads and so these these People crawl through these Reddit Threads and scrape comments scrape People’s uh responses to different Questions and they cover a lot of great Paranormal ground so Um you know I I think I think these These shorter responsive things kind of Like our questions of the week I love I Love those because it kind of Encapsulates your guys’s ideas into in a Little bite-sized portions and we can All share thoughts but these are People’s experiences so excellentown.com People People share freaky coincidences and We’re on number 19 I guess it looks like I think Maybe we’re on 20. I might be rereading One but it’s been since last Saturday so What the heck Let’s Do It Um let me drag myself over here for now All right so this is uh the one the one We’re reading is number 19 a cat’s love And this is interesting I like stories Like this and just a just to foreshadow It a little bit I did I did read a Little bit ahead and this one is is Having to do with a person that lost a Loved pet and some strange activity they Noticed uh right after that so I love

The idea that our pets stick around I Think it’s it’s fantastic they are very Much a part of our hearts and our lives And you know they’re important to us They are fur babies you know a lot of People who refer to their pets as fur Babies well they are distinct parts of Our family and when we lose them it Hurts you know terribly and so I like The idea that maybe they’re sticking Around us maybe they’re with us but just In a different fashion so this one is uh Just returned from doing from dog Sitting at a friend’s house it was the First time I’d done so since my cat Passed away a month ago little things Like seeing a can of cat food had had me Missing him since he’d always loved Coming along to his to his this friend’s House I kept a spare can there Well as I passed by the place in my Apartment where his ashes are currently Kept I muttered never thought I’d miss Be peeing alone Yeah sometimes the cats try to follow It’s like I’m not a big proponent of That it’s like nope I’m not gonna watch You pee you don’t sit and watch me pee Went to the bathroom and shut the door Behind me Midstream the door opens I Look down expecting to see my dog but he Was asleep on the living room floor I’ve shut that door a million times Before and I know the nudge that he or

The cat would pull when I was in the Bathroom it had opened just wide enough To let a cat in but no cat Maybe it’s simply the whole pet grief Thing I just found it very odd Particularly as I don’t believe in an Afterlife of any sort Well maybe that’s maybe that’s your Answer lady or sir whoever the hell Wrote it but I don’t have an uh I can’t Attribute it to anybody Um but I think there is an afterlife Obviously so this one’s number 20 Coincidence or urban legend I went on a camping trip alone had a Great hike and set up in the middle of Nowhere but with nobody in sight I hadn’t run into someone else in hours And I made a fire ate dinner got into my Uh tents and went to bed All sounds normal right well I’d been Taking some pictures with a disposable Camera but I had about six photos left And I decided to save those for the trip Home I placed all my valuables under my Pillow and went to bed The next day I packed up the tent went Home The next week I went to develop the Camera and I realized all the photos Were used so I assumed I just counted Incorrectly When I got the photos back the last six

Photos were pictures of me sleeping oh That’s not creepy at all I had not seen anyone else at all also If someone had did it they would have Needed to open the tent get the camera From under my head and take six pictures Of me sleeping without me waking up and I’m a very light sleeper Yeah that’s That’s one of those stories that Uh it sounds really phenomenally weird And odd but it’s almost one of those That you think is that a real story that One raises red flags for me Because you know I’m I’m all for Paranormal things happening I think That’s really incredible things can Happen and do happen but Is that all of that possible maybe I Don’t know but it’s certainly raises Some questions if you’re a very light Sleeper the camera would still have to Click you’d still have to wind it and Those things are obnoxious like this is You know they when they disposable Cameras if you ever use them they’re Extraordinarily obnoxious sounding They’re like You know that when you take a picture It’s that And and then it’s like As the gear is grinding the film to the Next frame so it’s not like they’re uh Subtle in any way so if this person is

Truly a light sleeper you’d have to wake Up I don’t know just my thoughts But who knows unless they just defied All the laws of physics and imposed Pictures on the undeveloped film Number 21 that’s pretty rude Uh when my mom was pregnant with me an Old woman came up to her and told her She was pregnant and poked her in the Stomach My mom was only about two weeks along And she nor anyone else knew for a while And she wasn’t even trying to get Pregnant My mom was fairly thin at this time and Didn’t have a a baby bum Well there’s definitely psychics Obviously people see more than they know Or more than most people so That doesn’t surprise me a whole bunch This when I moved to a new city far away To start a new job I met a guy on a Dating app and we instantly hit it off We dated and were completely Inseparable Even getting matching tattoos that’s a Commitment after a year or so he asked Me to move in The day I’m moving in his wife came home Eight months pregnant there were Absolutely no signs he was ever married Now this is a dick The insane part is that I had grown up With her and her sister in a very small

Town far away I’d stayed the night at Her house growing up and everything Ah That’s that’s wretched That’s not paranormal that’s just I don’t know parasocial Psychotic what’s wrong with that guy What a dick Ugh Number 23 send me a sign My best friend died from Colvin oh That’s I’m so sorry we’d promised that Whoever went first would report back to Prove that there is life beyond As background to what follows I edit Transcripts for court reporters and Primarily do civil work Last month right around what you would What would have been her birthday I got A rare treat of a criminal job working On an appeal in a murder case She and I had followed closely the Murder happened on her birthday a few Years prior weird that all the murder Cases in the U.S weird that of all the Murder cases in the U.S right now that’s The one that lands on my desk even Weirder There was a stenographic typo throughout The job on the job that translated into Her uncommon name Oh that’s weird That’s a bunch of synchronicities right There Good signs

Oh babies waiting just for you the doll Heads I used to own a china doll with a broken Off missing hand During the day trip I found a hand on The ground which looked to be the same Size and material of the doll I had at Home So I took it home with me I couldn’t believe my eyes when it fit Into the broken arm like two pieces of a Jigsaw Wow what are the odds of that That’s creepy Hmm What are the odds that you would own a Doll a china doll Be driving around during a day trip find A hand On the ground and bring it home and it Fits perfectly it is the missing hand Oof My cats keep stepping on those so They’re getting a little more sensitive The pad of sound effect buttons That is creepy weird Oh that’s a creepy picture So this one is small world uh I was on My way to a Halloween party fairly drunk When a fight broke out and I ended up Getting oh geez stabbed at the time I Was in shock and didn’t realize I was Stabbed so I went to the party anyway oh

My God a man there told me he could see My muscle sticking out of my side and to Call 9-1-1 a few weeks ago I went to get A tattoo of a knife under my scar and After some conversation we realized that The tattoo artist was the guy from the Party I live in a fairly large city so I was Completely mind blown Yeah that’s kind of wild The guy that saved her life maybe saved Her life And or him I don’t know which is the Case but yikes Would be the tattoo artist to make the Knife Family history dark family history I was Driving for Uber after getting laid off So this may not be paranormal not all of These are paranormal but they’re Definitely weird I was driving for Uber After getting laid off a few years ago Picked up a white woman and randomly Based uh based on her name which was the Same as my grandmother’s we started Talking about our families Long story short it turns out that she Was the descendant of my ancestors Owners in South Carolina she was a very Nice lady and was absolutely horrified It was definitely surreal and she left Me a huge tip Reparations I guess wow Wow that’d be that’s pretty pretty

Bizarre I guess it would kind of close the Circle on that a little bit It’s kind of neat that so far after the Fact that people were able to come Together and you know Be kind I don’t know I don’t know things like that I think Are kind of beautiful I I I I know There’s a lot of angry people right now But I think that’s Maybe maybe there are ways to heal and That’s a really cool healing moment I Think This one’s one thing after another I was taking some pictures at a Graveyard and it was it was for a class So my friends were there modeling for me How do you model in a graveyard [Laughter] Uh anyways I asked one of my friends to Try to look like she was crying while I Adjust my camera when I go to take her Picture I see she’s doing a great job she’s Sobbing up and crying I take a couple of pictures before Realizing that she’s looking at this big Family grave with the exact names and Last names as her relatives There was her dad’s name mom’s sister And brother exact name with exact last Name Her family lives on another state and

They are all alive So that was spooky but later on we’re All in the car we are listening to some Music one of us had on a USB and we’re Listening to a song for like the third Time when the song goes off and a Horrible voice says Get back from where you came from And the song continues where it left off We were so creeped out we had to stop And catch our breath to this day I still Don’t know what it was maybe Interference from another radio no idea But it was creepy Yeah that’s that’s strange What are the odds she would be posing on A a grave site that actually mirrored Her own names Of her family’s and loved ones Number 28 lucky guess Full House picture I was nearing Christmas and one day when I came home from school my mom asked me To guess who we got a Christmas card From Without hesitation I said from the People who ran the little Motel on our Summer trip to Michigan She was speechless I was right and I was Speechless too Wow kids Are in tune they’re in that Theta stage I don’t know how old she was Came home from school maybe she’s not in Theta anymore but still sensitive number

29 another lucky guess My friend had told me that I would find Out within three weeks that I was Pregnant and it would be a boy Well thank you very much Weeks later to the day I found out I was Pregnant I didn’t find out that I was Having a boy until three days before I Had him and my friend called me a month And a half before I had my son to tell Me that I would have him on the 20th Sure enough after 36 hours of Labor I Had my son on November 20th wow 36 hours Oof I always thought it was kind of Creepy that she got it right well I Don’t know Is that really creepy I don’t know I think that’s kind of cool A blast from the past is next my my Sister and I have a good friend that we Met around 2003-204 and we were all Living in the same city but we grew up In difference we are living in the same City but grew up in different cities Um it says a few years later she met our Immigrant mother who was a seamstress And one day she was with her own mother Talking about us when and where we were From and our mother or her mom’s and our Mother and her mom suddenly said that’s Funny I got married in that City and I Remember I had a foreign lady make my Wedding dress for me a few days later my Sister was was sorting out through our

Old family photos and found a picture of A couple that she didn’t recognize on Their wedding day from around the late 70s early 80s The bride in our picture was our Friend’s mother oh cool Yep full circle Very cool Is that it no there’s more but I’ll tell You what that’s where we’re gonna stop This article because I got a few more Things I want to get to before we’re out Of time and it’s more From Sasquatch Chronicles So I’m going to bring you a few from the Sasquatch Chronicles blog Where it’s always sunny And uh this is a few listener emails That Wes received and posted on this on His site And then if we got some time left we’ll Visit some uh report or two from Non-stricklers Phantoms and monsters so We’re good night ghost I’m jealous ghost Leaving ghost leaving Uh meds are kicking in so late night all Right good night ghost magnet thanks for Stopping in Um this is from Sasquatch Chronicles Blog ladies and gentlemen do check out The Sasquatch Chronicles blog Because it’s home not only to Sasquatch Chronicles the podcast but so much more So check it out

Sasquatch chronicles.com All right from the blog November 8th I Heard this loud deep gutter whoop a Listener writes back in July 2018. Uh I had an encounter that but not a Sighting It’s a short story but interesting my Girlfriend and I were splitting up and She was she was cheating on me he had to Put that down she was cheating on me and Felt down uh and I’ve and felt down in a Certain way that night I don’t know what that means but okay I Decided to go for a drive down a heavily Wooded Road about 10 miles long called Tumbling run Uh it’s where we get our drinking water In Pottsville Pennsylvania At the last pull-off I decided to pull Over and take a short hike up this path And this is State game land and is used By hunters it was about 9 p.m and not Quite that dark yet I got out of the Truck and noticed what an eerie night There wasn’t no traffic at all going Going by during this encounter lasting About 30 to 40 minutes I headed down the trail and in 75 yards There’s a stream I had to cross which Had rocks for stepping on I crossed and proceeded up the trail in About another 75 yards I encountered a Large logged across Well as I stepped over that’s when I

Heard this most loud deep guttural whoop Whoop It had to be only 100 feet away or less I froze I kind of went into some kind of shock And all I could think of is my God They’re real They’re real and right here in Pennsylvania Prior to this I was interested and Fascinated about bigfoots did a lot of Research online and YouTube but now I Know they are definitely real The thing is I wasn’t frightened at all But felt actually this calm feeling over Me and forgetting about my girlfriend Troubles I proceeded up The Path another 70 yards or so trying to get a view of This creature but I could not Something told me not to go in the Direction I heard the whoop and then Decided perhaps time to leave I headed back to the truck and heard Nothing else so no traffic which is odd Very odd I headed home and sat at the Kitchen table just thinking about what The hell happened for about two hours Not talking to anyone I decided I go back and explore for Proof but didn’t go often Well I did get the proof I needed this Year which is four years later and I Know there’s it’s they’re still there I got several photos of footprints and I

Sent the photos of the last of the two Best ones one in Spring and a juvenile Print in August and I got to tell you The photos don’t do it justice at all as In person I I also saw weird tree structures in The area and so that’s my short but Hopefully interesting story The sound of that whoop was enough for Me to believe 100 because I can’t begin To explain just how loud deep and so Amazing it was I never heard anything in my life like That it’s hard to explain and it wasn’t An aggressive whoop but a sound almost Of curiosity I think it was just like hey I’m here Don’t come over here please Oh that’s that’s wild very cool very Cool story Oh Usually you’re thinking that you know Like in the uh intro to Sasquatch Chronicles that’s a sound clip from the BFRO those whoops or I don’t know if It’s from the BFRO but the BFRO hosts Those sound files on their on their Website so you can check them out there And some other sounds as well But you know it’s not It’s not one of those stories that’s Real thick on evidence but It was enough to convince this guy They’re real

And and it’s like like the one encounter I’ve had like uh you know I I can say I Honestly believe there was a Bigfoot Behind me I didn’t see it but it was the Low growl And that doesn’t even do it justice but It was just like And it shook me And it was just a sound but it was the Most intense intimidating sound of that I’ve ever heard in my life Really really creepy So very cool very cool story Uh let’s go to the next one which is Another one from Sasquatch Chronicles Blog it’s from November 10th it’s For an Upcoming show it looked like a little Monkey Again you know the diminutive creatures There’s the the albana witch I think which is over in the east coast There’s some crazy feral monkey looking Things that attack cars and stuff they Don’t you don’t hear reports of them Often they’re very very rare but Surprising So it’s going to be an upcoming show but It’s uh it might be a live show now but A listener writes when I was a teenager My family moved to South Carolina we Lived outside of a small rural town in The northern Central Savannah River area The house we lived in was an old Farmhouse on about 80 acres it hadn’t

Been farmed in long time but you could Still make out where the fields were He was surrounded by hunting club lands And paper company tree areas The woods were never really that was They were never really sat well with me At night I almost always felt like Something was watching me More so during the fall and winter I’d Grow up growing up camping and started Hunting when we moved out there I never Really had any issues with feeling Unsafe in the woods except there Even if I was carrying a shotgun a rifle I was uneasy I would tell myself that it was all in My head and try and Shake It Off While one year I was around 16 I think My dad and I were out walking the Property checking in on some food plots That he’d planted we were walking back From the back 40 along an old fence line Talking when we heard this guttural Roaring sound that lasted what seemed Like forever We both instantly stopped and froze We were down in a in a bottom surrounded By Hills The sound appeared like it was coming From behind and above us The hairs on the back of my neck and Head shot up stood up Even though we were both carrying 12 Gauges with Buckshot I didn’t feel safe

We turned to each other and asked if you Heard that We both nodded and continued back to the House We asked my mom if she heard anything And she said no but the dog started Barking 20 to 30 minutes before we got Back It was about 20 to 30 minutes for us to Get back to the house I had never heard anything like that Before until later that Year my brother And I were watching a show on the skunk Ape and they played a scream and it Sounded just like what I had heard I never heard anything like that but the Feeling never left A few months later my dad was reading uh Reading out in the garage and he said he Was reading and had the feeling of Something watching him he looked up in a Shadow of a tree in the old fence line And saw a silhouette leaning out and Staring at him It was about 15 feet away he said it Looked like it was hairy and around four To five feet tall He stared at it and it stared back not Making any noise he didn’t move he just Looked It would just lean out look for a while And then go back behind the tree then Lean out and look some more He said this went on for about 30

Minutes and then just stopped A few months after that my aunt was Visiting late one night around 12 or 1 She told us that she went out back to Have a smoke and she was out there A small around two to three foot biped Free animal walked out from behind the Pump house and stared at her She said it looked kind of like a little Monkey dark hair and skin it just stared Didn’t make any noise Well she stood there kind of stunned and After a couple of minutes It walked back into the woods Over the years I’d have a couple of Scares when I was home alone I’d be Watching TV or working on something and Banging would happen like banging on an Exterior walls It would startle me a bit and I’d go Check and see if the dogs had knocked Something over and I’d find them barking With nothing out of the place These things would happen over two to Three years and then it just stopped Once the Paper Company cleared their Trees out I never really was really a believer of Sasquatch but after I connected that Sound with the howl I heard on that show And the calls I’ve heard you guys play I I know that it’s real When I hear those howls it still gives Me goosebumps

Wow Yeah I mean could it be juvenile sure Could be a little one they start out Little just like we do But you know could it be something else Entirely Maybe But if it’s the same kind of sounds and Stuff that are attributed to Sasquatch Then it sounds like a littler one Maybe like get over here quit bugging The people [Laughter] Maybe you never know all right one more From Sasquatch Chronicles I gotta watch The time here okay All right we got about 15 minutes left And this is from November 11th The creature jumped over the fence A listener writes my sighting takes Place in the early 80s in the small city Of Brunswick Ohio The city has since grown into a grown And the wooded area behind my childhood Home has been built up It was late in the nights and I woke to See a large figure in the front of my Bedroom window My curtains were closed all I saw was The silhouette The Head and Shoulders filled the whole Window It stood as facing me as if trying to See in The top of the window measured seven

Feet from the ground and the car came Down the street and the figure went Around the side of the house My two friends that are brothers were Staying up late and saw the creature Jumped over the fence that separated our Properties They then saw it run into the wooded Area of their property There were other signs that we observed Through The Years one of which was dark Hairs found in the trees at least five Feet off the ground grown-ups always Dismiss it as a dog Uh dog hair carried by the birds making Nests We would sleep out in a fort and Sometimes a stick would hit the side Yeah I mean it could be Yeah I don’t know if everything is Sasquatch like every weird noise it Might be It’s obviously very easy if you’ve seen Something in your area to assume that Everything that kind of jumps out at you Is is something else like a Sasquatch But Trees do lose sticks all the time they Do fall and they sometimes hit stuff on Their way down that’s not necessarily Proof but you know seeing a big Silhouette in your window is certainly Uh unnerving but again Big Silhouettes can happen just from

Little things being far away from the Window with there’s a light behind them So I don’t know it’s hard to say but Interesting and I’m not saying it’s not Legitimate it’s Very good very well could be but Weird stuff all the same so Uh thank you Wes Kerman letting us use The Sasquatch Chronicles blog site And Farms of material off of there I think those are great stories and and It’s really cool I and you know I love Visiting the blog because again West Gets so many emails from so many people All the time And if he was going to make episodes of Every one of them there’d be like five Times or ten times the number of shows That he has in this catalog but you know It’s he’s he does a hell of a job and He’s always working but there all of Those other emails he does post they’re Out there on the Forum so you can check Those out for yourself head over to Sasquatch chronicles.com and read the Blog he’s always posting stuff over There so it’s a great source of a lot of Fantastic information All right now oh where are you kitty oh My little kitty wants to go out well He’ll only have to wait a few minutes so Because we’re getting to the tail end of The show we got about I don’t know 10

Minutes left so let me find something I Can read in about 10 minutes for you Guys I think both cats are playing under The door Anubis is outside the rooms Pikachu is Inside the studio so I think they’re Playing pause under the door Yeah they certainly are All right there’s another Sasquatch Story we’re going to read and this one’s Coming from I think we’re going to read Let me look at how long it is yeah we Can read this this is coming from Phantoms and monsters.com this is lawn Strickler’s site and it’s a great site As well I encourage you to check it out And support what he’s doing over there Uh Phantoms and Monsters has long been a Pillar of the of the Paranormal and and 40 in communities so there’s great stuff Over there and some research that he and A network of people are doing Across the Nation researching dog man bigfoots uh Winged Cryptids like the Mothman and Such so there’s lots going on over there Check it out that’s uh lon’s also an Accomplished author and host of his own Podcast which is called Phantoms and Monsters radio So you can find links to that on his Sites at phantomsandmonsters.com So the article we’re going to talk about Right now is yellow eyed Sasquatch Pushes and rocks car while occupants

Were all inside asleep Yeah that’s quite a nanny He’s just rocking him to sleep Um it says two young men were a cross Country on a cross-country road trip one Night while stopped along the dark Oregon road to sleep They were awakened by something pushing And moving the car Back in June 2000 is when my encounter Took place one year out of high school My buddy and I were driving around the Country and we spent the entire month of June driving and camping our way all Over the country all the way from the East coast to the West Making a huge circle around the country Halfway through the trip somewhere in Oregon I decided to just pull off the road one Night and sleep until morning No point in trying to set up a camp in The rain and the dark on some desolate Road My buddy didn’t feel like driving at That point we parked not far off the Side of the road again we’re in the Middle of nowhere in Oregon no GPS no Cell phones we have an atlas with us and That my father used to use as a truck Driver This was how we navigated Anyway within minutes we’re both passed Out for a good couple of hours

When the car suddenly shakes We both wake up wondering what the hell It just shook the car We figured it was probably a gust of Winds since it was such bad weather well Less than five minutes later the whole Back end of the car got pushed about six Feet in One Direction We both spun around and saw nothing but Black out the window It was Pitch Black where where we were I immediately switched on the headlights And started the car still nothing to be Seen Well at this point I’m fully awake I remember this next part like it Happened five minutes ago As I looked over at my buddy to tell him We were out of there I could see that Something was next to his window It was something huge I tried to speak but nothing came out My buddy was looking at me and as I was Staring out his window in shock and fear I couldn’t move I was frozen He then turned to see what I was looking At then at that moment Two giant yellow eyes appeared They weren’t right next to the car but They were a short distance away We were both frozen stiff It was at that point the car got rocked Again This time side to side

It was enough to snap me out of whatever Trance I was in I slammed the car into drive and floored It I remember almost losing control of the Car as we hit the wet Road My buddy was shaking so bad I had hard time steering I drove until Daybreak without taking my Eyes off the road After that night we cut our trip short We both knew what we saw From what we can figure that thing was Crouched down staring at us with its Hands still on top of the car After it knew we both could see its eyes It gave the car one last shove Just like to screw with us We did not Camp another night as we Stayed in hotels the next few nights Until we got home Until this day I did not camp in remote areas Whatever that thing was made it very Clear We’re not welcome And that was transcribed from the facts By how to hunt Steve isdall’s site Yeah that’s pretty uh pretty intense And it gives you an idea of of the Absolute strength of these things to Actually move a car that’s parked are You serious I mean it’s in park the Wheels don’t just roll

Because the transmission is engaged to Hold it in place Are you okay little boy Yeah you’ll be okay He’s crying you must out but he’s almost There Because that’s going to about wrap up Our journey for tonight but special Thanks to Lon for letting us use his Site as well great material over there Check it out Phantoms and monsters.com That’s the The beauty of the shows And uh I don’t know about you guys but Uh I’m ready to rest my voice I actually Got to go to uh an interview right after This Which will be You know another hour anyway so Lots of night left but I hope you guys Enjoyed the journey tonight thanks for Sticking with me and uh dealing with my Uh challenge speaking It’s uh been a been a good run it was Good I think it’s therapeutic as well I Feel like I’m breathing better now that I’ve been speaking and reading and stuff That helps so it’s kind of kind of the Healing thanks so much for the show feel Better I do feel better thank you Maggie I I want you all to know that even Though I sound like my voice is kind of Hamburger I really don’t feel sick I just

Am You know usually when I get colds I’m Just in a fog and I just you know it’s Probably the mostly the cold medicine Like I feel the cold medicine but you Know for the most part I just feel a Little lethargic and that’s about it so It’s not been a bad illness by any Measure but the only thing that was Concerning was that it started in my Lungs it’s like what the hell that was a First for me every time I’ve been sick It always starts in my nose and then Works its way to my lungs and then I get Used to getting pneumonia I got Pneumonia several times in a row but That was years ago but That’s just part of the deal I guess but We’re doing good thank you for all the Love and support and thank you all for Being here with me as we drive through The Paranormal portal once again so Um I’ll be back tomorrow night with Sheldon and uh it’ll be nice because it Always helps when there’s someone else Talking as well so But I hope this was an enjoyable Experience I hope you had a good time With me tonight and uh thank you all for The love and support and for always Showing up when I turn on the lights That really does mean the world if you Want to support the show PayPal links on The screen below over here it really

Does help a ton I know think times are Tough for everybody there’s lots of ways To help being a channel member on YouTube helps paying donating via PayPal Or Super Chat helps but just sharing the Shows letting people know about the Paranormal portal helps a ton if you Like this like the streams that helps a Ton if you leave comments when you’re Watching shows that aren’t live that Helps a ton so there’s all kinds of ways To contribute so if monetarily isn’t an Option then please you know I encourage You to try to let people know that we’re Out here yeah it’s that’s always a big Thing and and I I just love doing these Shows so it’s exciting to see new people Show up to watch them So anyway guys that’s all I got for you I’m out of gas and I gotta save what I Got left for the next interview for the Podcast and uh so remember I love you All be good be kind be nice take care of Each other help each other out find the Magic in every day and remember to laugh As much as you can check out the podcast It’s on all the major platforms check it Out on Spotify I Hearts Stitcher Pandora Spotify iTunes wherever you listen to Podcasts those are entirely different Shows than what you’re seeing here so if You want to check those out usually they Are once in a while we take YouTube Episodes and Port them over but yeah

They’re a lot of fun so we release new Episodes on Mondays so watch for it but I hope you have a great night and I will Be back tomorrow night with Sheldon Thomas and we’ll do our best to Entertain you then so love you all take Care have a good night and I’ll talk to You soon Good night everybody