Ancient Aliens: Human-Alien Hybrids

By | November 6, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Human-Alien Hybrids

Palisades, California, July 17, 2015, 5:00 PM. Police are alerted that
inside an abandoned SUV parked on a residential
street is a dead body. The badly decomposed corpse is
sent to the coroner's office So that identification of
the victim can be made. Although foul play
is not suspected, As police continue
to investigate, The case takes a bizarre turn. The body is identified
by his fiancee As 60-year-old
Jeffrey Alan Lash. Los Angeles police find more
than 1,200 guns and seven tons Of ammunition, along with
numerous militarized vehicles And $230,000 in cash
inside of his home. His fiancee reports
that Lash had Proclaimed to be an
alien hybrid secretly Working for the government. But it's the weirdest story
I think I've ever heard. His girlfriend, and she seems
to be pretty normal and legit, Claims that he's
an alien hybrid, That he was placed
on this planet To do something specifically. Nothing adds up about his case. Nothing. NARRATOR: When
examining the body, The coroner's office could
not find any fingerprints, Even though fingerprints are the
last skin tissue to decompose. Lash apparently
had no fingerprints. His fiance believed that
he was an alien hybrid. And we have to wonder
who this guy was. Was he really an alien
hybrid as he said? Why did he have
all these weapons? Within the UFO
research community, There's been a great deal of
controversy surrounding Lash's

Story because there's
been a suggestion That his father, Jeffrey
Lash, may have worked On the Roswell incident crash. That's to say he was a scientist
who may have been brought In to study the wreckage. And so for that
reason, the story's Been elevated to an
even bigger level That there was some
sort of infiltration Of society going on. DAVID CHILDRESS: A number
of people who have claimed That they had been abducted
by extraterrestrials Also claim that they've
witnessed what they Say are alien human hybrids. And this would indicate that
the extraterrestrials have A program of manipulating
people and their DNA To genetically
alter us slightly. And perhaps, this has been
going on for thousands of years. And that even as we are
today, we've been manipulated Subtly by extraterrestrials. And this is still going on. NARRATOR: Is it possible
that there are already Aliens living among us
and that our governments Are fully aware of this? Could this be the
culmination of years Of extraterrestrial abductions? DAVID WHITEHEAD:
Our decisions here As a species could
very well be affecting These other civilizations. So they may be in
a sense intervening On their own behalf. They might not really care
about whether we make it or not. LINDA MOULTON HOWE: If invasion
and takeover of the planet Were the goal of
these extraterrestrial Biological entities,
they are so advanced,

It could be done easily. Therefore, invasion and
takeover of the world Cannot be their goal. And if that is not the
goal, then what is the goal? What is the alien agenda? DAVID CHILDRESS: You have
sort of dichotomy of, Are we being invaded by terrible
extraterrestrials who are Trying to take over our planet? Or are the extraterrestrials
really trying to help us And that this has
been an ongoing thing For many thousands of years? I think these
abduction stories Are all part of a
larger plan, a plan Going on for a very long time. This, what we are
experiencing now, Is the next step where we are
now learning that we are not Alone and that
they soon will come Back because that is what they
promised in the ancient texts.