UFOLOGY Why Do We Still Love It?

By | November 5, 2022
UFOLOGY Why Do We Still Love It?

Foreign Just stopped the car Um to go And see what that was I think It was a balloon In all honesty but it was flying past me And it looked like one of those Bass Robot guys Um you know like the Storm Trooper blue It looked like that but it went Move really fast no idea Probably balloon Oh Ollie just sent me a video a few Weeks ago of a balloon it was so bad we Didn’t share it on third phase of moon And you know I said it was a balloon Well why are you sending it to me then Because because we’re friends on Facebook so I just sent you a literally Balloon videos I didn’t ask you to put in your channel Did I oh yeah why are you wasting my Time like a lot of people wasting my Time with videos Don’t come around here with your big Bollocks right I sent you that just as If just as like friendship right the Fact that you wanted me to put it up my Surface Did I say tube like Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this fine and big bollocks

Evening I think nothing YouTube picks up on big Bollocks anyway but uh yes it’s here I’ve I’ve made a piece of merch just for Christmas Because Of Blake and Brent Because I told him not to come round With these big bollocks And Yeah it’s there so for a limited time Only head on over the description is Below speaking of big bollocks Lee Hi How [ __ ] loud is that audio that was Awful right I had to turn it down yeah yeah I did I Was like [ __ ] it broke my head it broke Oh God Jesus how you doing my man I’m good did You know what I I’d forgotten how [ __ ] Um Like pompous and aggressive Blake got About that [ __ ] balloon video You sent me an image of a balloon I said In the actual video while I’m filming it I think it’s a blue he was probably Thinking [ __ ] me that’s a good fake if He starts putting those on his channels We’re [ __ ] And I still don’t know what that was

Well I think it’s a drone and it looks Like a drone I I was just a long thing but it just Moved it was quite fast for a bloom but It could have well been a balloon I Thought I debunked myself oh thank you Very much Lisa Bowden for the three Dollar Super Chat I appreciate it and That is one drinking star Yes it is a strong start Lee A sunlight Sean Connery there and she Sent me a lemon All I need is a gin with her Lee Lee Lee what are we doing to the I Feel like Um between us like a bunch of little [ __ ] that are just like Adding so much drama to to the field now I didn’t get it I didn’t talk about [ __ ] space man so you know exactly Yeah exactly But I mean Are you still into this Jets as much as You were You know what right I had this Conversation with somebody Um The other day and I I can’t remember What we were talking about but we ended Up talking about conspiracies and stuff Like that And um They said I can’t remember what came up It was something I wasn’t into anyway

And um Uh someone was telling us but you do Like loads of conspiracy stuff and they Start talking about aliens And I said well so do you know like the Really weird thing is I said since I started like um being Friends with Ollie and doing like alien Addict show and uh rich and speaking to People like Um third phase of moon and stuff people There’s people like that Um I thought because I came in as a Believer in These things had aliens in them that’s When we first did our interview like it Was I I think when you first came on Mercy audio it must have been Around when like the gimbal dropped or Something like that you know that must Have been that that first video it was About that sort of time yeah yeah and um Yeah I had to get you won’t because UFO Jesus said no Um but he but you asked Jesus first You’ve got to ask Jesus Um But I thought especially when when I Started coming on this show regularly And speaking to other people regularly Um I thought I would um I would get More um

Yeah I thought that I thought someone Would have come forward you know like I’m one of your shows or something and Like dropped a video that I’d never seen Before you know and or something you Know like the a nugget of [ __ ] Information somewhere that’s just Tremendous But like the the more the more of being Like here Is uh sorry the the less evidence there Is of anything It’s weird Yeah I mean I’m Thank you Lisa again for for another Super sticker I appreciate it Um Loving the lemons Um is that what a lemon I thinkly the prob the problem is I think the problems us and I don’t mean Alien updates the Goof ones the Truth Seekers security intense third Phase of the moon I just mean the the Whole community Everybody wants Everybody wants you to believe their Story Oh and I think what I mean by that so I When you speak it to somebody that’s That thinks they’ve seen something in The sky or Thinks somebody’s told them a story and

It’s been passed down They they will hold on to that like You know it’s solid gold they will not Let it go And What happens with the with the field is That people will then get manipulated Into that same bit bit of What’s that same bit of grabbing hold of The gold and they’ll want to keep hold Of it It’s it’s almost it’s magical Because it is because there are no elves And Orcs And well maybe there are you Know now I’m starting to believe that Maybe it’s all the same thing But there’s no well maybe there are Fairies You know what I mean there’s no Santa Claus But there is Aliens there’s definitely a Santa Claus Just in case there’s any children happen To watch this live stream there’s Definitely a Santa Claus you’re great Just to yeah look nobody cares about That on YouTube There is definitely Christmas and go buy Yourself a t-shirt for Christmas Alien addict debunks Christmas not being Part of that No but as an adult That’s what you can hold on to you can Hold on to ufology but you you lost

Everything else as a kid all of it Kind of it’s like it’s I know um I know You still get slight side eye When talking about Um UFOs and aliens and stuff from like A good portion of people I’m not sure if It’s a majority but it’s definitely a Portion of people Um but it is the most socially Acceptable Conspiracy theory You know like if you want to talk about A ridiculed conspiracy theory yeah we Just did a podcast Um the other day with orphan red and we Talked about Flat Earth like among other Things for like four hours you can’t Rock around talk about Flat Earth and Expect people not to laugh at you And I I really did try and Politely Um probe You know You know I mean on the Flat Earth and Try to kind of like Not make a fool of or anything like that But I try to Get her to make mistakes and she didn’t Make any mistakes because she she wasn’t Like your normal flyer foreign That was one of the reasons I thought That show was really interesting if Anyone wants to go and listen to the First half of that uh the first half of

It is on Mercy audio right now the Second half of it will be going up on It’ll either be this weekend or this Coming Wednesday it depends how shows Work out because we’re gonna um We’ve got an alien addict to do next Thursday haven’t we we have indeed so That’s that that two-part it might sort Me out chronologically Um But yeah the first the first half of That interview is up on Mercy audio now So you can find that on all podcast apps That’s there waiting for you Um but she believed in Aliens Well I don’t mean to be perfectly honest Like I mean I’m not a flat earther but I Think aliens make more sense on Flat Earth than they do on a globe Earth How because the concludes the idea of Extra land isn’t it this idea of extra Land and extra civilizations because Essentially well I mean let’s be Perfectly honest they’re not aliens Coming from space No Because we’re we’re trapped in the uh Well it just means that the uh Essentially like if you Um I mean there’s no there’s no evidence of Any of this so you just it’s just a [ __ ] mind exercise at this point But if you’re

If if you believe that there’s other Land beyond the poles If you believe that there’s maybe Um Often thought there was or suggested That one of the one of the possibilities Not thought that she didn’t think there Was it was just one of the theories that She had Um that there would be extra pools so The disc that We live on there’d be like many of those Dotted around like an ice plane which Goes on for [ __ ] Infinity a bit like Space bus Um but the idea would be that Essentially all you need what you need To do there is is make really good Conventional aircraft Because you’re staying within atmosphere You know you’re just you you would be Pond hopping rather than Galaxy hopping So in that respect if you can If you can allow yourself to entertain Those ideas then the idea that there Could be different civilizations which Which have evolved differently with Different creatures on them it would be Easier to Pond hop than Galaxy hop You see I I get flat earthers I I really Do and I’ve said that you do I I do I I Get that I know we we all know we all Know I am not a closet flat earther yeah You know I just like I I I like to

Dabble in the subjects and I I really Enjoyed the conversation uh with uh Often red But what I was going to say is Phillip Schofield was happily married as well For a while He interviewed forever he was well in The closet did you see the interview I Did he’s like I mean like the he’s a [ __ ] [ __ ] that Guy anyway Phillip Schofield [ __ ] Um Do you know what I mean though late I I Get them I completely get why you Wouldn’t trust What’s been told up in space For the very little that we see I’ve Read Eric de Bay’s book I can’t remember What it’s called Um I’ve read Or some sorry I know it didn’t start off as we could Start off with YouTube clips didn’t it But then it was it was eventually put Into a book which was Mark Sargent’s Flat Earth Clues I’ve read that Um I just don’t want that guy down as the Leader of anything though Mark Sergeant I like him I think he’d be a nice guy Yeah I think if you if you just want to Interview him I’d love to interview him Yeah yeah but I I do I just think he

Would be he seemed he comes across as Being Um It just comes across as a nice bloke but Um yeah not a leader that’s what I’m Saying Yeah well he’s [ __ ] that’s what it’s What the internet makes itself isn’t it But what I see what I think Flat Earth Is is a collection of other conspiracies It’s a collection of Different odd things like the fact you Can take infrared photographs further Than you probably should be able to like There is I I would say Depending on which footage you’re Looking at a hundred percent certainty At least some of what we see from the ISS is faked Like there is a like some of those Videos are 100 Interviewed with yeah and that doesn’t I’m not I’m not saying the ISS isn’t up There it’s not what I’m saying what I’m Saying is there is definite [ __ ] Going on there and that could just be do It just be something to do with National Security wouldn’t it make sense that if There was something going on up there That what we’ve seen down here was a Sanitized version of it Surely that makes sense And so what I think Flat Earth is it’s

It’s kind of these things Yeah and then and then someone’s going Oh no no not even just that it’s like And someone’s going up with the [ __ ] Moon land we didn’t go to the Moon their [ __ ] Isis is fake and then this and That we can see further and what’s grown Out of that is The Flat Earth theory so I’m not sure if It’s just like a you know how to People going about like the unified Um conspiracy theory that there’s There’s a grand conspiracy theory that Just bubbles everything from Bigfoot to UFOs to Hollow Earth I think that’s kind of what Flat Earth Is it’s took on all these other Conspiracy theories and just Coupled them together and that’s the Answer that’s come out This I mean there’s one thing with With UFOs There is evidence of UFOs There’s there’s no I would say there’s no life is there yes There’s definitely you’ve seen one Yourself No I’ve seen a light in the sky A UFO I’ll see UFOs an unidentified find Out Unidentified to me though who knows [ __ ] All about things in the sky what about All the paintings forget the pictures All the old paintings that draw the same

Weird dragon there’s pain with dragons In them Because it was probably dragons oh No there probably was maybe but there’s Paintings with Batman in I mean think about it let’s just just Stop on dragons there for a second I’m I’m so happy I haven’t got the laptop Open because I’ve been getting destroyed In your comment section right now I can’t read See uh Shogun said me me and Lee agree On something there you go nice okay I Don’t know what the earlier comments Were they’ll probably know it’s like [ __ ] burning I’ll be open your laptop you’re supposed To help me out in the comments I’m talking to them and I usually I do That where you talk to other people Um I mean Yeah pictures of dragons so those Pictures of dragons before We found dinosaur bones Hmm This conspiracy in that as well I know there is a lot of people I I was I was watching a thing the other day and It was if you take all the other stuff Out of it once when someone turns around And says that we started finding Dinosaur bones all over the world at the Same time

And um how was the no dinosaurs found Before that It’s great it’s quite strange Find them No because I’ve never found a fossil What you ever found a fossil yeah But um never found a dinosaur bone No no but you talk about like Well-settled areas you know that have Been dug and built upon you know these It wasn’t like well West days and all of A sudden they like they dug 100 foot and Found a bone they were finding they Found things that like reasonably low Depths That you would have thought you know Would have been would have been sort of Scraped up beforehand I don’t know not biologist see the the Thing that when it comes to Ancient Aliens and people saying that they They’ve been around ever since like the Dinosaurs and maybe they wiped the Dinosaurs out that sort of thing I just Like Why would Why To create us You can’t you couldn’t go and make Because realistically right apart from Brains And the fact we had to evolve in some Fashion as well

Um We were pretty [ __ ] useless If you stick us on our own we’re [ __ ] we Need tools If you give us tools and time to prepare We can pretty much [ __ ] anything up Given enough time You know you like you can we destroy Things yeah yeah but but if he throws in At the deep end creators and send us on Our way With [ __ ] like bus size lizards going Around we’re not lasting very long So I I Don’t think um I don’t think man and Dinosaur would have mixed very well I Don’t think that it makes well it’s well Mind you that I mean we we have fossils In mud don’t we have which look like People tracking dinosaurs I think that’s [ __ ] wild that picture Um Well there is [ __ ] artwork isn’t There from wait I don’t know I’m gonna Say the I’m not even going to say what century Is because I can’t [ __ ] remember but It’s like a war Uh War piece and if you look down into The valley of the war piece it has People riding like Um Brachiosaurus yeah It was on musty audio we were talking About it Dino Riders history’s history

Is a mystery like there’s The the idea that We Right now know What’s going on in our universe or our Planet in our oceans in our timeline That we know this to like 100 certain or Even [ __ ] 20 certainty is nothing More than like human arrogance with Just the Like the hubris to say we’re clever Yesterday yesterday people were stupid Now we’re clever today And we don’t think for a split second That tomorrow those people might think We’re stupid today Was it was it on your show that you were Talking about Those buildings that have Um underground Parts where the windows Yeah that’s I I I’m constantly dipping In and out of that I I it takes me a While to Research things to the point where I Feel like I can talk on them I don’t Think I can talk very well on mudflood Stuff now Um I don’t think so the Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Oh [ __ ] I’d rather get my science from Mike to grassy Tyson Um thank you thank you Jennifer Uh he’s uh he I don’t know I like I was

Again because if because we did the Um that show with orphan red and because Google is dead creepy all I’ve been Getting in my suggestions for Um YouTube videos at the minute is Eric Dubai so I’ve watched a few of those While I’ve been having coffee in the Afternoon Um I mean Lee I don’t know about you but I’m not clever enough to explain the Flight paths Of uh no I mean if you look at it please It’s it’s pretty simple if you if you if You transpose The flight paths from Uh from country to Country on globe map And you transpose them on a flat Earth Map they seem to be straight lines on The Flat Earth Map but on the globe one They’re like [ __ ] zigzagging all over The place to [ __ ] refuel and it looks Like how why are we doing this and There’s even there’s reports I can’t Remember which one it was see I I Haven’t dabbled that much into flight Like so you’re telling me you’ve you’ve Looked at these flight paths because I’ve done I’ve done two I’ve done two Podcasts already with two different flat Earthers But that’s for me like orphan red was my Trilogy of flat earthers the uh there Was Um

Yeah the two there was 007 before that [ __ ] wanker and um then there was Um My friend righty who I had a great Podcast with but obviously like Especially the one with writing I wanted To go in I didn’t want to sit there for Two hours Being explained to about something I Want to have a reasonable knowledge Before he walked in so yeah I did [ __ ] loads of research into Flat Earth Uh I don’t know because this the thing Is yeah just hold just holds so what Jennifer’s saying this so if you if you Spread out the globe yeah no if you you Know it’s just like spread it out but Put it on the disc you know the as a Muffle Right a distant map I think it’s called As a muffled projection come over at School Um they’re straight lines but what I’ll Caveat that with is it’s always the one The ones that flat earthers bring up are The flat are the straight lines one ones I have no [ __ ] idea if all of the Flight paths work like that So again it’s it could just be the fact That it’s people trying a Um either prove their point or con People essentially into believing what They believe or what they want you to

Believe but there is definitely flight Paths that seem to make more sense on The as a muffled equidistant map I hope That’s where it’s called more than Equidistant map that is a mouthful I Think that’s what it is yeah The uh but um Yeah but there’s definitely one I hope You’re saying it wrong and we’re gonna Get loads of Flat Earth comments going It’s It’s pronounced I think I I think they give me a break On this one because I’m kind of For someone that doesn’t believe in Flat Earth I’m Fighting the corner here yeah Um So yeah I don’t I don’t know if anyone’s Disproven them but there are definitely Ones that that work but there’s Definitely flight paths that work better On the Flat Earth projection they do on The what we look at as the globe right Now I need to get some Flat Earth on I really do I think you should get off In red on I think you should be great in Your channel I think the way I think What I want to do I’d want to get the Two NASA guys on With her With her with your mate um Righty that’d be absolute cracker

Right he’s desperate like I when I said There was a there was a chance of Getting him on on with a guy that were Finaster that was uh worked on the ISS He was [ __ ] more than down for it and That that [ __ ] would be ready What’s going on See I don’t know I mean those two NASA guys The nice guys So that’s that was weirdly it was wasn’t It And I have a I’ve met Arthur red I’ve Listened to your podcast with variety And that they seem like an a nice lady And a nice guy I think you know it would Be nice to actually see And and be a part of a podcast Whatever Video live stream where Two non-flat earthers can actually get On with two flat Earth as it just Discuss it you know here’s the reason Why I don’t believe you’re mad it’s Possible what was his name the the guy That was the NASA guy that was on Was his name Dave as well James James I Don’t think he’d do it You don’t no What about because um What’s his name Max I don’t know not sure but um Like I’m I’m only going off the Uh the stone wall Answer I got when I said about the the

ISS footage that looked like sketch I mean let’s be honest that will blow Um you know Have the the whole third phase Yeah we’ll be gone Yeah that’s what that’s that’s the die I Think of the Dust is settled dust Did you see the dog toy by the way I did see the dog toy yeah Rich if you want if you’re watching Because we we’ve been here in the Comments before yeah it’s a dog toy it’s 100 dark tie Um But you don’t know what planet the dog Toy was from Oh [ __ ] Dropped my son’s pencils Never mind As long as they’re not broken yeah you Don’t know but you I mean Rich said to me cat proves it’s a dog’s Eye Can’t prove he’s the dog say but if he Looks like a dog toy smells like a dog Toy it’s possibly a dog toy Also it’s the same it was the same house For anybody who’s in the chat that might Know not know what I’m talking about I’m Talking about the reflection we found Out Which I couldn’t be bothered to do a Video of but we found out that there was A video uh a few days earlier in the

Same house I think it was a day earlier Um in the day With the same guy who’s talking in the Background of the Reflection from third Phase of moon He’s presenting his finding to Blake Which was a picture of what looks like a Dog toy and then the camera pans down And you can see this dog toy And I just said to Rich I’m pretty sure That Blake and Brent Are leaving Easter eggs I think that some sort of Genies a bit If it’s a bit great like that’s that’d Be [ __ ] hilarious Well like in 10 years time this is what We did I don’t I don’t think it’s a bit Because I don’t think they’re that good Acting I don’t know have you seen the movies So clips Um Yeah [ __ ] that anyway I’m not Kind of Yeah over it You came around How long now is it how long have we been Doing this Two years Three years maybe nearly nearly three But it’s been what was it did we start Doing this before the Great Plague I I think we may have just met when it Also died yeah when it was bubbling up I

I think um oh no yeah of course because I think I got you on on Mercy audio When the it it dropped through lockdown Because there was a thing was it was it A New York Post article and you was it a Post article that came out through Lockdown Yeah because it was there was definitely Some at that time where I was because I Hadn’t really done any Skype interviews With people at that that time so that The only reason I’d have been ready and Set up to do Skype and to be perfectly Honest think about where because I can’t Remember doing it but I remember how my Studio was set up at the time and I’d Moved my studio around away from being Because this room used to be more like Um Or you think of a podcast Studio because I used to have lots of people around Like doing podcasts with me so yeah Well yeah that’s what I’m sat in front Of but this is now in front of the Window and it’s just set up for like one Person to do stuff on because I do so Much stuff online Um So yeah and I had it in a Solo Studio Setup so it must have been it must have Been one nobody was coming around But like when when you first started Interviewing me you’re asking I think I Was well on the bandwagon with ttsa

Yes yeah yeah I I I would I would like To find you’ll have to send me that First interview I have to put on an Alien addict because oh yeah absolutely I’ll play some clips because I’m pretty Sure That I’m Like I won’t say balls deep in ttsa but Um I think I’m a fan yeah well I think I Think we were both there on that because I even at the time I think we definitely Had the discussion of The early buy-in was like a hundred Dollars wasn’t it you could you the Lowest what the lowest you could go in Was 100 yes and my and my point was it Was worth the Gamble Because nothing will probably come out Of it but even a hundred dollars if the Technology that comes out of it defies [ __ ] gravity Then that hundred dollars is [ __ ] Bitcoin to the Moon you know early days Did you ever Look and think I trust this I don’t know It depends because I I for me ttsa the Wheels fell off that with the Rogan Interview with Tom Delong why are you Just thought This is [ __ ] oh that is that for me

That destroyed it that that it destroyed The Run destroyed the long head and his Position within that company Um and then like then there was always That like the I keep meaning to read secret machines I I keep me you should you should as if I mean if you can read For anybody in the chat that can read I’ll be perfectly honest I’ll probably Listen to it rather than read it but It’s an audio version I need to listen To that of course it’s been audiovisual Audible’s got [ __ ] everything now Audible’s amazing Um please sponsor our show Uh there’s people saying Osvaldo Frank I Mean Osvaldo Franco as much as I feel bad for us because I feel bad for Us He he’s got so much faith in Look I look I know I had my little spat With him on here which is I think was That was the last time he was on Um but like that that doesn’t that Didn’t come from a point of malice that Just came from a point being sick of Having my [ __ ] time wasted and you Know it’s the everything else you buy us Oh you mean those okay yeah yeah no buy Us because every time he came on your Show you would sit here he would Dominate a conversation he would say Absolutely nothing apart from just wait

I’ve seen stuff you just wait just wait Just two more months two months is just Around the corner Um The corner never came but he was Repeating what you know a lot of what UFO Twitter and Instagram and what have You we’re all saying oh yeah Reddit Posts it’s about PTSA it’s [ __ ] Um You know the I can’t you can’t even say It’s still on YouTube can you like the The the letter Anonymous oh yeah yeah it’s it’s the Same it’s the same thing with [ __ ] That yo it’s trust the plan the Patriots Are in control you know every single Everything that happens can be drawn Back to that and not what it is is it’s Just a complete and utter Um Belief In a system that’s been given to you Yeah You’re believing it with almost like Religious [ __ ] Um I’ve lost the words Guster religious Guster will go with but It’s not don’t look at me for the words I want to go back to what you what you Touched on there because We we were both like you were a massive Rogan fan more than I am yeah do you

Know what genuinely I think Rogan is the Uh the only person where I’ve kind of And I’ll be perfectly honest I’m a [ __ ] Super Fan Um well I I love Rogan but yeah yeah He’s the only one that I’ve kind of Invested into and I don’t think if You’re one of those people that sort of Like Like invested in yourself or you go oh [ __ ] like I like you I don’t think You’re lying to me I think what you’re doing is a good Thing that’s better best for kind of Everybody Um I don’t feel let down you know there’s So many so many people that get into Positions like that I know certain People felt let down when he went over Spotify I don’t feel like don’t wait for Spotify still got a great podcast Um he he’s remarkably consistent You know remarkably consistency I mean no no because it’s the same Because people be talking about no no he Backtracks all the time yeah because he Changes his mind and he’s honest enough To admit to to say he’s changed his mind Change my mind all the time I [ __ ] Changed my mind instantly when I met When I saw your face before I thought I’m looking forward to this so your face Up no I’m not

Um but yeah like I I change my mind all the time because We’re [ __ ] people you know it’s the The way I’ve always looked at the world Is that any any moment Any person you meet has the ability to Completely change your opinion on like The world If you just meet that one person that’s Com that’s so switched on That you got a [ __ ] I hadn’t thought About something that way And then you go away and you chew and You think about it some more three Months down the line you don’t realize That that 30 second chat you had with Somebody’s completely changed you as a Person and it’s just took time to grow Back to that That’s that clip That Tom Delong put upon Rogan That changed a lot of people’s minds About ttsa hmm oh yeah just that one Little thing Made so many people just go Hang about he’s just showing a fake UFO Yeah On the biggest podcast yeah You know he he could have gone on there And just not showing anything Not give it any evidence for anything And what’s up that show yep Fine

But he had to just Show that video Um and I I think we’ve discussed this on Your podcast Um I think that’s why Lou took over completely Um I do I think I think I think the wheels came Off all that because Um I don’t know what’s going on But I do think that there is a vested Interest in The US Government right now And I will say US Government because it Doesn’t really happen over here you know We’re in the UK we’re not really on Board with it even that um regardless of Whatever you think of the Calvin uh Photograph You know that that came and went came And disappeared did you even see on BBC News no I don’t watch BBC News uh well I I don’t watch the news anymore I I don’t Have live television going to the house Anymore Um but the uh When you think that that has been part Of British folklore now for Rendell shim as well yeah yeah how many How many people in the UK know about the Rendition Forest incident

Would you see more Americans know about The Rental renderson Forest incident Than the British yeah than the British Yeah yeah So on Yeah it is really odd and do you know What the funny thing is about rendlesham Is it’s a better story than Roswell Because there’s some there’s some like Recorded [ __ ] documentation about it Not just hearsay you know the the Volume monumentally You’ve got a monument for it but more And more importantly we’ve got a [ __ ] Audio tape of them looking at the thing That’s crazy Yeah could it be fake of course it could Be fake it could be could just be Complete nonsense but it’s still there And what have we got from Roswell a guy Holding up some foil But yeah Um Tom DeLong Folks up on that show And I I think the plan was to have Lou All along I think Lou was already a Thing anyway yeah he was uh but I think Lou’s job His job load increased it doubled Tripled when he made that mistake Because not only did Tom I don’t think Tom DeLonge could be The the face of it anymore he had to

Step out of that Where’s before he was the face I think It was being set up for Hillary Clinton I think the The contact that her Camp was podesta uh Was having with Tom DeLonge Um I don’t I don’t believe for a split Second those people thought Donald Trump Could win a win an election and I’m not Not getting into a big politics thing Here with the US politics it’s not it’s Kind of it’s not what this what this is Shows here for Um But what’s going on now Is in like the UAP thing which I mean The first time we hear about uh Was it was it you at UAP that she put Out on It was that Hillary put out yeah she was Only Jimmy Kimmel or something like that And she also was the was the first time I heard someone talk about EBS as well As extraterrestrial biological entities Um What what we’re doing now I think is a Watered down version of what they wanted To do with Hillary as president That’s kind of why it feels like it’s Flapping about doing nothing for what [ __ ] ends you know I’m I’m I’m much More ready to believe That we are on the cusp of a project

Blue beam situation that I am that we Are on the cusp of I don’t think Disclosure I don’t think the world’s Prepped for that enough if that was if That’s where it spoke if that’s what’s Supposed to happen a project blue bin Other than America I don’t think Anywhere else is is You know I’m I suppose it only takes America you know he no no I think I think what you’re because we’ve Definitely covered it in the UK which is Covered in a different way so it’s in The it’s in the zeitgeist I think that’s There’s a certain amount of it as well Where It people kind of find out about these Things through osmosis even if they’re Not into him like my dad for instance Has seen the doctor the doctor no the Fraber Um interview Because I showed him clips of it so I Was like look before yeah The same interview Um So you don’t read I’ve had conversations With my friends that aren’t really into Conspiracy theories about about this Sort of thing Um I mean my friend Ben will be listening To this book this show when we put it

Out like he he listens to both Mercy Audios and Um like the uh mostly audio and alien Addict shows when he goes up he he was Never a guy for listening to this sort Of stuff until I thought I started doing Them So You don’t need Um You you don’t need It on the front page of the times all The time it just needs to like trickle Through Society And then when something does turn up in The sky you go [ __ ] I I’ve I still stand By this that at some point something’s Going to happen and the conspiracy Theorists will be the people that say That’s not an alien And then you’re gonna get this the same Me and you will be saying there’s no Alien yeah and the same people that Ridicule people for believing in Conspiracy uh conspiracy theories we go [ __ ] come on bro you can see it’s [ __ ] there it’s [ __ ] spaceships [ __ ] aliens in it I honestly don’t Hologram and the government are trying To bum us I’m just gonna just gonna Quickly touch on this but I honestly don’t know how anybody with Technology that’s about now could say

Anything’s real Oh no absolutely yeah absolutely you Know because the the the The technology that’s in the hands of Civilians will be nothing compared to What’s in the hands of the military and What we can do with uh AI Jennifer Ghost Tech paranormal did do an Investigation in randerson Forest at Rendlesham Forest uh it is an amazing Watch they are coming on Thursday easily yep Thursday next Thursday 9 00 p.m live we Are going to have the full team uh from Ghost Tech paranormal along with Lee and Black star paranormal Um I mean yeah Um It’s supposed to be musty audio show but Lee kindly said You [ __ ] hijacked me Yes it’s okay he’s still gonna be our Show anyway you’ve given me the Opportunity to move my show to Sunday so I’m quite happy if you start doing Sunday nights to be honest But yeah thank you for that Jennifer That yeah the good guys go step Paranormal and uh I I speak to Jeff Quite often Great guy I’m gonna be staying in a Haunted house at some point I was Supposed to do it last year never Happened doubt it’s gonna happen this Year uh but just with all the oh can I

Come it’s the most haunted house Apparently in England uh yeah it’s not Far from well on my own okay So I live in the Leeds area and it’s a House for East Drive In Forgot the town but It’s Apparently yeah yeah A bad house in the middle sure what’s Gonna happen to you Sure what’s gonna happen Gonna get lots of views loads of views You’re gonna get loads of views nothing Yeah I can’t believe I still find this [ __ ] amazing the fact that I do Nothing but talk about conspiracies I do Nothing about the apart I like and come On they go on this show and talk about Aliens and I’ve turned into a massive Skeptic this isn’t what me too but me Too yes like [ __ ] wild see this is What happens though I think all you guys You lovely subscribers that put the Thumbs up and click the bell and all That jazz that you all turn into uh Skeptics thank you so much Jennifer I Appreciate the super chat Um and Heather birdie Hey you’re the best alien addict And that’s you as well she means you as Well daily you’re in the Flying Saucer Thank you I’m not I’m not taking um I’m not I’m

Not taking Like credit through some somebody else And you’re only the best dealing addict Because there is only one Like the Highlander [Laughter] I loved that first film even though the Acting is terrible but it’s a bloody Good film yeah I love the music Queen all the way Through it’s brilliant I [ __ ] hate Queen oh [ __ ] you oh I do hate it Something wrong with you Oh you’re a drummer as well How can a drummer hate Queen Because it all sounds like musicals I Don’t like musicals Yeah Yeah I’ll give you that a little bit Maybe yeah so I’ve got a big problem With musical I don’t like Rocky Horror Picture so either people [ __ ] hate me For that yeah there you go well there You go Lee I will send Lee that well I’ll send Lee I will send you one pound Forty at that super chat I I’ll just I I’ll um I’ll just build them up and you Can send me a t-shirt I’ll build them up like coupons what What sort of t-shirt like uh Like a Like exactly like that one You could have a mug as well to to go With it Lee can I can you have those

T-shirts in Black because black is Slimming yeah any color There’s lots of colors I just put orange I I wouldn’t wear an orange because I Like orange I’m an orange man orange Oranges for a smaller man but the um I think those shirts would look really Good in orange Anyway I need to stop doing this because Somebody’s got somebody I’ll make a Video going all he ever does is talks About His merchandise I don’t oh What was that I just talk about my merchandise all Right okay You know I don’t even I’m not even Mentioned it’s linked in the description You know To be fair this is the best uh self-out Self advertisement you’ve done so far Usually you only advertise your stuff at The end but everywhere else is gone It’s coming up to Christmas yeah Nothing nothing said he doesn’t spend His money His money already know I spend it all it All goes back into the show people Remember children nothing says Merry Christmas like a t-shirt with an alien On the front of it that could probably Get all these in problems for ripping Off a xenom off would you know so ah

Well that my xenome off that one is it That’s hand drawn I know It’s heavily heavily inspired as well Definitely heavily inspired I mean I’m a Massive xenomorph fan love them wouldn’t Have one as a pet best alien One No no no no no but is it as far as Movies go xenomorph best alien Oh yeah by far the design it well it’s It’s nice it’s a demon let’s face it That is what a demon looks like yeah Yeah uh nightmare wasn’t it Is it Ridley Scott Yeah yeah whoever wrote it really Stopped was the director wasn’t he of The of the second it was hitchhager Right Geiger he uh he had a nightmare That he drew Cox and vaginas and he Turned them into like alien looking Things and somebody’s so that see so We’re gonna get back onto the UFOs People but I will educate you people on Alien so the first alien Um and I think you can find it somewhere It looks [ __ ] just like if you look at The first Predator film if you look at The first Predator it doesn’t look That’s hilarious As well yeah yeah it had been good Though Um but the actual first alien It’s nothing like the xenomorph that you See today

It I think it was uh he found Um they found Geiger’s work and they’re Like this is the guy that needs to do This Uh and yeah he he uh put his uh His um Magic To the films and uh Long live the alien probably the most Famous alien in all of history other Than the alien gray that we all know and Love but yeah But the The people that we’ve seen show up over The last few years Lee the the delongs That lose uh Jim semivan Um what’s his name the Chris melon Um Hal put off all highly highly Untrustworthy people They’ve they’ve been I mean some of them Have been around for years but you’ve Never really No no when you live but when you look at Them in interviews especially mallet They come across as highly untrustworthy Well I wouldn’t trust them but I Wouldn’t trust anybody in this field I know what you mean it just if so if Someone’s willing to tell you that the Lights that people take pictures of in The sky are alien races traveling Billions of miles to get here just to Like sniff around not do anything Um then you should always treat that With the [ __ ] touch of skepticism I’d

Have thought Thank you This is what I don’t get is How how long are they going to be able To do this for until it just falls apart Is he just get as much out of it as you Can and get as much money out of as you Can and then we’ll just slowly disappear You think that’s what it’s going to be For these people Maybe Because Korea’s not gone anywhere No no but he’s he’s less prominent than He was Yeah I agreed yeah would you put would You put Greer you were on for the show That we when we had the stew on it was In who’s kindly moderating for me in in In the uh I’m looking forward to Watching this documentary he was talking About in your last show I wish I could Have made that but I was out I was doing Something Um But uh Dude yeah Greer would you put him in the Same category as you lose and yeah Melons No Because Gray is more successful at his grift And they wasn’t doing it probably far For finance for financial yeah but That’s the thing lose

Um Louie is part of the establishment you Know he’s he’s part of the team yeah but He’s doing it for country for for Whatever I don’t know for whatever Reason he’s doing it he’s being involved In it in the first place Um Ah I don’t think Greer I don’t think Gray’s intentions have Always been what they are now because You don’t do that like the uh National Press Club thing you did You don’t do something like that I think That probably destroyed him you know Like if if you think of that like can You imagine I I remember Um where we were talking to only be Squid and once right Rather be squid and I remember We were talking about Lou getting in Touch with it it’s literally the other One’s Lou isn’t he from the celebrity Review Yeah Yeah but and I I said like of course You’re gonna get wrapped into that Because like Louis Alexander turns up to Your work to speak to you Like for one minute you’re doing your Day-to-day job the next minute you’re in The [ __ ] X-Files

That’s as good as the Smoking Man turn Enough to speak to you like at work you Know I’m come with me little boy I’m Gonna take you on a journey that’s Exactly the feeling you would get if That happened Um and He Got Fingered too no um But the The thing with the national press club Would be imagine setting that up and Setting all those people up with all Those testimonies and on the uh on the Build of that Greer must have been Thinking I’m gonna do it I’m gonna [ __ ] break this open I’m Gonna Be Remembered throughout [ __ ] history as Being the guy that made the [ __ ] United States of America take notice of UFOs I’m gonna bring disclosure and That’s what I thought he thought he was Bringing with that and [ __ ] nothing Happened Less than nothing well something which I Don’t want to say the words on the show Because we’ve already we’ve already got A week we’re gonna already gonna have a Wikipedia for Flat Earth they’ll have a Wikipedia for alien abduction I don’t Want to get a Wikipedia for uh Something that ends with 11 and starts With nine Happened just after Yeah oh yeah yeah Um but that’s

I think maybe he His intentions were in the right place To start with And then he realized that he could just Make some money from it You know Three thousand dollars to go and sit in A [ __ ] field with him and look at the Sky A subscription app on your own it’s not A subscription sorry is it you don’t you Don’t pay a subscription to C5 but it’s I can’t be bothered looking for it did You watch Kurt jamun uh what the [ __ ] is That is that the one with um uh Robin Williams where they’re playing a board Game Forgot the name of it something of it Anyway something in the channel no it Great interview he had Greer on And it literally ripped him a new [ __ ] Like that at some points of that Interview gray Grace back was really put Against the wall he did not like the Questions being asked I wonder if gray was I wonder if Gray’s Upset he [ __ ] it with Rogan Did he go on twice or just once on Rogan Just once and he was going to go on a Second time but he wouldn’t go on unless Rogan paid him And and Rogan said that on the show

Rogan said that on one of his episodes It was it was during the time like when He’d uh I think it was just before it Was either just before Bob Bazaar was Aren’t or just after Bob Lazar but it Was in that moment you know where Rogan Was just starting to dip his toe into The thing someone on on his podcast Brought up Steven Greer and he said yeah He said I’ve had I’ve had Stephen on and Then there was something he said yeah he Was going to come on again Murray what a paid he said don’t pay Guests come on He says a lot about the person when you Want in You know you you’ve been invited on the Big one of the the pure arrogance like It’s pure arrogance I mean making makes me wonder how much He gets paid to do documentaries do you Think Jake Paul paid him to go on his Show I mean did you see him on Jake Paul’s no I don’t watch him propulsive I don’t watch Jake Paul but no no I like Jake Paul I watch now and again if There’s someone I’m interested in oh Yeah you’ve got a Maverick t-shirt Aren’t you I forgot about that have I Yeah I’d wear a team it’s quite good Merged that to be fair it looks nice I I Like the guy I tell you what I’m a big Fan of him going into professional

Wrestling as well I love the WWE and uh Yeah I’m looking forward to watching him Fight Roman Reigns tomorrow at Crown Jewel I think he’d be good in wrestling yes Very he’s a very dramatic person but He’s also very athletic as well so he’s He’s adapting well he doesn’t see much Of his brother dear Jake Paul knocked out Um but his name was it Silva the UFC Fighter EX UFC fighter maybe I don’t see A lot of him It’s the age he’s not my it’s not my era Or all that hmm weird YouTube Um you don’t like fighting do you really And I don’t mind a bit of fighting I Like I like watching boxing I like watching a bit of boxing now and Again but I I don’t like I don’t like so For me somebody who’s just come out so Some music it was a like big YouTuber That does pranks and stuff like that and Then all of a sudden goes into boxing I’ve never kind of been Interested to look because I just think The guy on the bottom fire I think Logan And Jake are um are two very different Animals like Logan’s an Entertainer that’s why he’s There for the he was softballed with Um Floyd Mayweather

That was it was it was there for a show You know that’s what that’s what I was There for I enjoy I paid for it I Watched it I should enjoy it yeah yeah it’s the Same as I enjoyed the I tell you what I Would [ __ ] pay for to watch Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather again Tomorrow as well that was another Fantastic entertainment event Um But Jake Paul’s a better boxer he’s a Better fighter than people give him Credit for and I’m not saying he’s like The greatest boxer in the world by any Stretch imagination But like that like can crack you know When he’s when you see him get a clean Punch and knock somebody out And um he’s he gets undue pressure Because he’s a YouTuber Right and the training that guy must Have put in to [ __ ] do what he’s Doing must be unbelievable but this is Not UFO did you see the um did you ever See see the the offer that Rich Giordano read to Lou for the box I Did yes I did who do you think would win Did you hear that rich if you’re Watching Lewis killed people there is no No doubt in my mind that through you Can’t say that no no no through his job You I’m I’m I’m I’m sure you can say Somebody in the military has probably

Killed someone or something that has Happened that they’ve been being Involved in has led to the deaths of Other people that’s the job of being in The military Is to end other people Well Okay without you put it that way yeah I Don’t I don’t mean Running around like covertly remarkable People lose quite Well Stocking short and I think rich is quite Tall He’s got a bit of reach on him rich is Working out now yeah But you think Lou would have just done One of his maneuvers Okay mate thank you I’ve just realized Well you’ve got the same hat as me Yeah let’s just get the But underneath The Gruber oh yeah yeah yeah no it did Look red for a second in that light so We’re just talking now who do you think Would win in a fight between uh Rich Giordano and Lou Alexander Yeah Tricky one Hate to see this One He’s [ __ ] like He’s trapped yeah tell you what I’m Gonna do take what I’m gonna do while

You got voice to discuss it I’m gonna Put a poll up Entice rich Continue Oh well they would [ __ ] murder him Yeah that’s what I think yeah yeah I would be in Rich’s corner I would be In Richard’s Corner all day long yeah Wiping the blood off his face I would Tell you what I’ve been ready I would be cheering no no like he he Made his bed Um I would be cheering a mum but I Wouldn’t be betting on him These days they’ve changed it If you changed it Don’t change it YouTube Oh YouTube’s changed a lot but they’re Up this week Have they censored polls now Probably Depends what type of poll you’re talking About Yeah that went that was really bad it Was even for me So I So stu Um well I’m working out a poll and as You do so um so Stu switch that off Caroline sorry that was me I would just I was just saying to Lee about you Making the uh the gray documentary have You um Have you done anything else with it yeah

I have an interview I lined up with Billy Gibbons Retail I don’t know who Billy Gibbons is he’s The guy that supposedly Greer went into A secret base with Um and got to check out what was it Like UFO technology and Advanced Medical Stuff that they were able to kill horms And Oh God knows what else Beats from ZZ Top Originally well he still is Right okay Um but yeah Um I’ve contacted these manager on his Publicist and We have a tentative date and place for As a zoom conversation Um Would you agree with that that he Started off in an um You know with better intentions than They ended up with Yeah I mean I don’t know at what point He Stopped being a Trauma doctor Like like full-time I assume he was Still working as a doctor when he did The Press Club thing in 2001 but once he Went full time with the UFO stuff And then obviously becomes a job a Business you know a way of making money

And when you put money in the mix It just totally complicates the hell out Of things and obviously can distort your View So you’re going to start seeing things Potentially that are in my view that all Right I’m going to be true not true or Whatever Um Just so you can get some bucks I mean It’s charging ridiculous amounts of Money for these C5 events now three Thousand dollars a crack isn’t it Depending on what ones you go to the Summer size ten thousand dollars wow per Person Um I think the seminars are like 3K But um if you want to go like to police Um in Angus Virginia and I think it’s 10K he’s charging It’s important money a religion that Okay yeah these strange quality Religions where it’s like oh you can Come in and I will listen to it and you Can come out with us but I mean celery Yeah I mean I’m still doing a lot of Like God I haven’t even Sort of Touch that drop in terms of the amount Of Research I’m doing on it and I’m just Taking what I can when I’ve done in Terms of like talking to people and Things like that um as I said to ollie

Last week I’ve got a link Um into his Camp I’ve got one of these staff who are Working for him is starting to get me a Bit of behind the scenes information Actually create legit and good from what I’ve had from them so far Um does nothing being ultimately bad if I’m being honest but that’s within the Bones of You know the guy charges between three And ten grand for ce5 and I don’t know What they’re getting out of it Um I mean it must be difficult to do With a contact weekend you’re charging Somebody that level of money And you want to get you know you want to Give them some kind of result it’s Almost like You know It’s bordering on you like going to Disneyland or Disney World and you know Not getting to see Pirates of the Caribbean or the fireworks display or Something like that I don’t know I think it would be like a really big Band or a really famous comic That as soon as you get to that the Level where gree is at People are so happy to go and do it that They’ll probably make their own thing up In their head because you’ve got two Things there you go if if you’re Spending 10 grand to go and do a Stephen

Greer thing then you’re already one of The team you already believe what’s Going on Yeah and you then you’ve also got that Investment that you’ve made so at that Point you’re you’re a religious subject Because if you walk out going ah I’ve Just wasted 10 grand Justify in your mind yeah I mean Um it’s so tricky I mean when it’s a Similar Linda I keep going back to did It last week as well Linda Moulton how I Mean she’s just another Drifter as well You know I think she started her with Really good intentions and very good Journalistic models but if she’s gone She’s in her 80s now you know it’s Clearly just that we are making money so The more stories she can spend and go on About are you know Spartan one and Spartan two Um Contacts and all that kind of stuff To these people I mean it’s the same With what’s what’s her name Um The The demonologist woman Oh oh you’ve lost me who’s that I can’t think of her name someone is Someone in the chat tell me she was Involved with the doll with the with the Is it Raggedy Ann doll Yeah it’s not the couple that yes yeah

Yeah horror house right I I don’t know What they’re called but I know who You’re talking about you run about yeah In the rain Warren Lorraine Warren yeah Yeah she’s she’s exactly the same now You know it’s just you like she she I Think she popped up on [ __ ] Um Oh The Skinwalker Ranch for an episode Yeah watched any of that series at all I Because struggle with skinwalk because I Think it’s a lot of crap I struggle with Anything that the History Channel or National Geographic type thing do you Know any of any of those things I don’t But It’s if you want to try and take take This thing slightly more seriously That’s it’s they’re not for you you know They’re there for There for people just to watch and yeah Get wrapped I mean another guy who I Know cambians got something about is um David Adair You ever heard any other stuff Not really not He’s like he’s he’s the one that Um God he spent some yards with us he Supposedly stayed with Neil Armstrong’s Mother And when he was a wee boy he was there When the 69 you know Apollo Landing Happened and he was in the house at the

Time Which is a dangerous thing to lie about Because there’s probably news footage of That or at least photographs of who all Was there well That was happening Um he has been taken to Area 51 and he’s Also built Fusion Reactors that are only like very small What else is it done he supposedly got Some Saudi Arabian or Middle Eastern Sheikh who wants to let him create a Space program to the tune of about three Trillion that’s trillion with a t Um dollars and Is can being pointed out and has shown You know why is it going in doing you Know uh UFO conference for a few hundred Bucks If he’s getting all for trillions Dollars they couldn’t set up you know Space Program to go back to the moon It’s a bit crazy well that’s like um so So Greg got offered what did he say he Got offered two billion when it’s due to To be to just drop it Stay quiet yeah If somebody offered me two billion To not do alien addict ever again 2 billion now thank you the amount of Equipment you know help men out there That cost a hell of a lot less than two Billion and they keep

Take them out cut his brake light yeah I Mean that’s it that’s it I mean Not don’t know any help man I mean to me It’s a very stupid lie Yeah it’s a very stupid that’s what yeah But that messes up no no I don’t think It does because it’s so [ __ ] crazy Yeah so if he turned around and said Someone offered me a hundred million to Stop talking about this you go [ __ ] off But then if someone’s if someone turns Around says someone offered me two Gazillion dollars Then you just go oh that’s [ __ ] crazy And it’s easier to believe that because It’s mental than it is to believe Something that’s obviously yeah so Extreme that you’re Liable to probably believe I don’t know Yeah I just I’m a bit like you guys I’ve Become not cynical but definitely way More skeptical in the last year or so Um than ever before especially when you Start researching people and quite Easily debunk all of what they say You know that’s because I mean you could Literally Make documentaries about this of you Know my dog in the background so half a Dozen Um top UFO guys like Dolan mom Howe Um and all these little obviously I can’t make the guy’s name but Alexander has documented

And for area 503 money yeah money that’s The guy so I mean yeah you could Literally do documentaries and all these People for the rest of your days and Still not be finished there’s just that Much [ __ ] about I mean it’s like It’s quite funny talking about the Flat Earth thing because for a while there I Kind of watched all that stuff and got Into not from the point of your Believing in it but just Bit of sheer curiosity of what the hell Are these guys talking about did you Enjoy it did you enjoy watching it I thought some of it was entertaining Because I mean the thing that got me Into it was I’m gonna have to go and let This dog go in a second she’s whining Um the thing that got me into it was Um that documentary that was on Netflix I think it’s still on Netflix Beyond The Curve yeah And all the sort of folks that are Involved with that and you just think Are these folks for real I was doing photographs years ago in South Africa and I got offered a flight And uh a lightning Back seat you know taken up right hold That thought I’ll go let this dog out Um I’ll tell you the story in a second Or two she’s unreal make him a sec Um We’re back on the Flat Earth I’m

Definitely gonna get a Wikipedia Hahaha I don’t care I don’t even think it does Anything What the Wikipedia little Thing underneath your video You know it says um Factual information about ah I don’t I I Feel I feel if you’re gonna get De-ranked PPD ranked by now because they Were a quick piss but you just told me I’m just talking about the back door I’ve just I’ve got this terrible Terrible feeling you just snapped your Dog’s neck and came back Laughs No she stay at the back door it’s like Through the back door and just came by Now I am yeah Foreign But yeah I’m not gonna offered a flight And I get taken up to over 60 000 feet And you can see the curvature there Quite easily Um at that height Yeah you can you can I I thought you Have to be over 100 it’s a dramatic Curve it’s not like you know you see it Through like a GoPro as a complete yeah Yeah definitely see the girl I mean We’ve got an island just about I don’t Know 30 miles south of us called Hills Of Craig And it’s where they get the granite for

Making curling Stones a lot of the Olympic teams still get their Granite From that even though the Quarry is not Really in use any longer And the flat orthos have kind of gripped Onto this island and as a way of proving That the Earth’s flat because of taking Measurements but You know if you see wheels are Craig From like where I stay In the sort of middle part of the Usher On the west coast of Scotland and then You go down to Garvin which is the Closest town you just have to get a boat Across from there You can see more of the island once you Get the garden you can from up here and If you got North to Larks which is Further up the coast you can still see The hills of creating it’s a lot smaller The reason for this is because obviously You can See due to the curvature of the earth You know and we’ve got Dale avadon I’ve Got 28 miles across the water You can’t see Waiting beer or any of the Little Villages and towns along the edge At all in the same way that when you’re Overaring you can’t see where I come From That’s because of the curvature of the Earth so it doesn’t you don’t need to be A rocket scientist to debunk this stuff

Yeah it’s Common Sense there’s quite a Lot of stuff for the Isle of Man they Use measurements the Isle of Man from Like Douglas to Holly head and stuff Like that where I eat them But I don’t [ __ ] know to be perfectly Honest I don’t I don’t think it’s flat I Think some of the Um Infrared it would make sense from a Physics point of view it makes sense but It’s flat no Because the father out to the age that You get the grease or the gravity is Um A centrifugal basis from what I remember And you could effectively if it was flat And there was an edge you could Deflectively stand on the edge And not fall off If it was flat It would have to remove that would have To move in there wouldn’t it Well supposedly even though it’s flat Does it not still rotate do they not say That no no it’s it’s like flat Stationary No space space isn’t it cool yeah I’m Not going to make a very good flight or Sort of afraid I mean how did you justify the Sun and The Moon and eclipses and stuff then Um sun and the moon are local same size

And like within within our atmosphere Okay I I asked Did I ask often plant this Come over red often red it was a long Show that’s why you’ve done it in two Parts Um But I did a video and it was like uh it Wasn’t a flat of debunk but I did Something quite Think about Four years ago where I Pulled the Flat Earth globe thing up and At globe And I I was asking the question how do You explain The fact that the sun disappears because On a on a flat Earth model surely if It’s light you that some would never You’d always see it Because the model for them Again That’s that’s The video Queen Concord used to be about and they Used to chase the sun Um And you would see like you know they Would follow and you you would see like The Terminator where it obviously goes From night to dark they used to chase it Around you know America Microsoft flight Simulator yeah I mean it just doesn’t

Make sense it’s the same way I mean they go on about like flights From I don’t know like Australia to whatever And or like South America Peru to Australia and you see it can’t be done And there’s plenty of flights you can Get maybe one a week or something but You can get a flight you know They talk I mean I can see where I do Somebody without any kind of basic Knowledge of geography and physics and Just general understanding of how the Planet Works instead of pure education If they go on to YouTube and they type They come across the AWS video Um or Mark Sergeant Ziller guy he was The one that was that documentary Um I can understand How they can be suckered into it Because his stuff is very convincing Unless you debate Especially so yeah yeah I mean he’s got He’s a good Storyteller but in his Videos are relatively well done but you Know you have to be somebody with a poor Education because anyone was a modicum Of a high school education it’s got to Be able to see through that and think Well she’s a little rubbish Think the um the other part of it as Well and this goes for all conspiracy Conspiracies really and Um

Even like some of the some of the Conspiracies I believe as well I’m not Infallible to it It’s Enticing to To follow something where someone turned Around to write you see all these people That have studied for years Like they’re wrong and they’ve just been Learning nonsense And you can have more information than They have learned with hundreds of years Of studying over of collective studying Uh if you just watched this YouTube Video for two hours And you will know more than those people I think that’s quite addictive I think also it’s Um Almost uh Not cold that’s the wrong thing is that Your dog doing the Lord of the Dance Yeah that’s what’s happening across the Wooden floor I’d left it up by Brie my name she was a Ton He’s in Um can I just can I can I just ask this Because me and Lee was was talking about And we’ve we’ve always Kind of Sent we’ve sent each of the videos and We’ve asked Asked the question

Do you trust what NASA’s showing On the ISS No Have you have you seen some of the Videos I’ve seen with people Disappearing I don’t know about that but Um the internal stuff when they do like Lives for schools and stuff like that That’s fine Um the external stuff I have actually Been watching like lives and something I’m asking this is a as a video guy as Well because I know you know video Yeah the The I know for a fact there’s a delay in The feed Um Does that think at least a three year Three and a half minute delay so they Get to you know have a glance at it Before we get to see it Um But yeah I wouldn’t trust that no no There’s there’s two really good ones That um I showed him a friend who’s who works Like he does Photoshop and things like This for a living and he’s not a Conspiracy theorist And um the two the two I always show People that if if I thought if I knew we Were going to talk about this I’d have Found them today

But there’s one with a astronaut going Down the tube and then it goes right uh Down like Through another hatch but unfortunately If if we say that’s the hatch as he’s Coming towards the hatch to go behind it He starts disappearing here I’ve never seen that one and it’s he Disappears it’s like I mean I’ve got Very [ __ ] limited knowledge about This stuff but I understand about Masking and things like that and it’s Clear that the mask just wasn’t aligned With where the solid object was supposed To be not that I’m stacking up from NASA But some of the experiments they do have On board sometimes have a classified Nature to them oh no It could not be the masked off something I I want like this and this has always Been my thing of where I’m not because That’s that’s my thing with flat Earth Theory I think it might just be a Unified theory that’s come up with the Wrong answer for a few of these Different things Um And it would make total sense that if There was classified stuff that some of The stuff we see is a sanitized version Of what’s going what’s going on up there The other interesting one I I saw is one Where the the feed fails but if you Watch the

Um it’s only the astronauts that start To Warp The background stays still and clear And it’s only the astronauts that start To break down no I mean we’re so Actually looking at it I couldn’t Honestly see oh yeah no no I’d love to see it I mean God sent me a Link through Twitter too because I know Yeah well I’ll find out But in terms of external stuff and that They definitely block stuff off Uh I’m just I was speaking speaking into a Microphone on mute and Um I’m just I would just saying then Um I’ve tried to get something up to Show you still but It’s all been taken off YouTube It’s gone oh yeah you’ve got to go look On Um rumble or Odyssey why but that here’s the thing If it’s if it’s if it’s [ __ ] And it’s just people Uh Jumping the gun and not understanding The how the technology works up there And not understanding the delay in Signal S Technologies why can you not find Anything on YouTube why is it all gone I have no answer to I mean there are Loads of it

I mean those I mean I’ve used full Too Short since The early 90s and I’ve used the Professionally since version three so That’s a long time and I’ve also just That I’m on curiosity going through some Of the Apollo lunar stuff And you can clearly see a lot of its Photoshopped you can see like the stuff That was done years ago I don’t know if They’ve improved it now but you can see The Clone marks and those ways of Detecting pixel manipulation and that So they’ve definitely cloned stuff out And changed things on a lot of their Orbital orbital Like Um images So I don’t know what they’re hiding Do you think that’s just a case of I Mean there’s obviously some [ __ ] Going on with it do you think it’s just A case of Doing something today and not worrying About tomorrow it’s in the same way as The uh oh Because I don’t believe that these People don’t realize that whatever They’re using to do that we will have Better consumer versions down the road That can then look back on what they’ve Already done I don’t think for a minute When well just taking it from my own Point of view I mean when I was using

Photoshop 3 Like negative scanners but an absolute Fortune I mean the first negative Scanner I got this is before digital Cameras Um it was a Polaroid and it set me back Two and a half Grand And prior to that there were 10 grand Like two or three years before And now You can pick up better scanning Technology on a printer for 50 Quid and Tesco You know all you know comes down to Um the consumer level at some point so Um I don’t think for a minute I never Thought for a minute when I was using Photoshop 3 and I’m thinking back to When I’ve worked in impacts in Nottingham and did sports stuff and that Never thought for a minute that even Digital cameras are the best thing and I Mean the first digital camera I was Introduced to was on Nikon Um Kodak hybrid camera And the only way I can describe it you Can probably Google it is You had a big huge bag strapped to your Waist around your shoulder and inside That was the hard disk drive and a small Like literally 200 pixel by whatever Many pixels LCD screen and that was your Storage device and the thing was bigger Than a VHS video recorder and three

Times the weight and there was a big Sort of kettle curly cord thing come off The Nikon D3 and Um I used that I mean I tested that out For Nikon and Kodak as a student back in The day we all got a short answer And we thought this thing was amazing But there was no way apart from floppy Disks of getting the images off and they Were absolutely tiny and then the Sony Mavica wasn’t long after that where you Could put a floppy disk into the the Digital camera but again the quality was Just like 480 pixels and it wasn’t until The Fuji S1 Pro came out which was about A thousand pounds Um and it was three megapixels Interpolated six megapixels and then the One that really sort of broke the mold Was the Canon EOS 10d which was out sort Of early 2002 2003 and it was 12 megapixels yeah 12 megapixels and Then it all can snowball from there but At no point did I think oh I’m going to Be able to take better pictures with my Phone You know it just doesn’t go into your Head yeah yeah Um So yeah if somebody Researches and digs deep enough in that Archive because there’s thousands of Images

Um they definitely come across stuff That looks a bit dodgy you can easily I Mean those sites now that you can put Images up into and it analyzes it for You and tells you what pixels have been Manipulated and what are genuine pixels And all that kind of stuff and it breaks It all down Um for debunking things I mean yeah but no NASA’s definitely Played with stuff there’s no doubt about It it’s just interesting But the man hours that must have been Put in you know it’s we we obviously if The heard of the stories of uh is it What’s his name McKinnon Gary McKinnon Either this guy that got done for Hacking yeah uh hack NASA didn’t he back In the early 2000s late 90s early 2000s Something like that oddly enough I think It was Teresa that really actually Hacked them all he did was do a Peril Script for passwords yeah making Passwords yeah the uh well I think the Ones he went on to as well was it was as Good as having Um like your passwords admin and Password yeah yeah uh but I think it was Theresa May it was the Home Secretary at The time and she stopped on getting Extradited because the US wanted to Extra item to Oh yeah But um

He uh he said he saw something like Which was like partially doctored or you Know it’s or or like pre-fucking Fiddled with essentially the source of From top down didn’t he I’m not sure if Where JPL is saturated But the joint jet propulsion laboratory There is a building off of those Buildings that supposedly used to be not Now but used to be full of computers and People sitting there Retouching images some of it Legitimately you know because Wherever you think of like Um Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s Um ability to take photos you’ve got to Remember it was a Hasselblad camera With one lens it’s a fixed Focus And they had a big butt naked effect of The press and I think they could alter The aperture they want to like it and Letting to that point but unless they Were standing the correct distance away For all the hundreds of shots that they Actually took was many were out of focus Or badly composed you know and a lot of This I think 100 of it was shot in Slight film E6 I can’t remember I can’t Remember because there wasn’t there an Um They took a surprisingly little amount Of photographs though didn’t they they Didn’t have a whole host of film with Them yeah I think it was later missions

That took a lot more yeah yeah I mean You got to remember they were on the London but for what was it between four And six hours yeah or something you know I don’t I don’t think they took an awful Lot I think Um would you call it Mike Collins took More images Orbiting them in the needed are you a Moon guy do you think right do you think We went to the moon oh we definitely Went to the moon definitely but I will Say that’s the defeat some of the photos Not so sure I think for PR purposes and Specially to Robert and the Soviets Noises I think there’s a few of the Photos have been faked I I don’t think the Moonlight uh like I Don’t think the mainland footage was Real I don’t know if I’ve been to the Moon but I don’t I don’t think that was Real I think we’ve definitely been to The Moon because you can effectively I Mean there are you know photos out there Now where you can see like the orbiters And the the the the the Landers are Still in place and yeah obviously we do Measurements whereby we fight our laser At the Min to measure the distance each Year And those reflectors that reflect the The laser beam back and that stuff had To have been put there the only thing About I’d say about that is I believe

That we’ve all we’ve also done that Without the reflectors just off the moon Surface back to the Earth Could have done better yeah as Technology moves forward but did they Fix some of the photos yes I think they Did yeah it’s the the video I don’t the One small step for man I think that was Filmed somewhere on a sound stage The problem with that is see when he Says there’s one small step from one Giant leap from mankind yeah he’s Actually miss hurt He actually says supposedly it’s one Small step for a man but you don’t hear The ah And the other thing is when you see him Jumping off down That’s not when that was actually said Um He was Lord That big leap that you see is not when That was said It was said later yeah There’s still like a party line so I Mean he jumped in from that ladder he Still lands on like a platform or pad or Part of the the Lander And then he steps off from that and That’s the point where he makes that Famous speech so that manipulated yeah From the world you’ve also got to Remember that the signal was sent via

The lunar lander Eagle rubber was called Up to The I think there was a satellite or Something they had orbiting because it Wasn’t just makes Ship because that was obviously you know Going around there yeah They’ve been uh Hillary Um and then it was sent back to Australia I think Somewhere on a stereo and then it was Then transferred To the U.S So I’m in the delay at that point was Quite significant and also the cameras That you actually see the footage They were filming a television At the At Nasa at Houston or forever so it’s Quite a degraded image from even the Original Electronic thing but the thing is they Couldn’t of possibly or Faked it Um At all because To fake it Let me get this right There’s a term we use over cranking Which is basically slow what you call Slow motion now They didn’t have enough video Memory to be able to do it the most it Could do in terms of capturing slow Motion back in those days in the 60s was

Like 10 or 20 seconds for like Sportscasts Are you talking about the when they’re Jumping on the moon Yeah so to get to get that sort of Bounce Bounce Bounce if they were faking It okay The we’d have to over crank it so it Would need to be Standard Um at that point Television would be 30 frames a second So we need to go up to 60 frames a Second and If you are shooting on film you would Literally need thousands and thousands And thousands of feet of foam it would All have to be Um dot registered you’d have to be no Scratches you’d have to the amount of Things they would have to do to get that Footage perfect is just beyond the peel They just wouldn’t be able to fake it And there was never enough hard drive The biggest hard drives I think could Record about 30 seconds at that point Yeah yeah that’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard from for that to be Legitimate I think no it’s definitely Definitely win But when it comes to the Stills I’m not So sure can I it’s because you can ask This so I get

How bad that like that live footage Would have been But they did have better cameras on Board Am I right they had better cameras on Board because 16 millimeter we’ve seen them filming on On so When Neil’s going down the ladder I’m just wondering like for that The the greatest moment In the history of humans probably you Know in the Why didn’t Buzz Aldrin Film Neil going down the ladder with the Good camera That had come off the land or at an Angle that was made that to be captured I can’t have been getting his spacesuit On It would have been he was 20 minutes Later he would have been still prepping His flowers in his boots and stuff Wouldn’t wouldn’t they um get his Spacesuit on though if if It’s depressurized they’ll both have to Put the spacesuit on together so I was Going to say I thought they had a little bit of a I I Doubt it I’ve been in that thing have You right my mum and dad took me when I Was 10 years old and right Cells of the interior of the Lander but

I’ve never It doesn’t have multiple rooms well I Thought it high I I’m not seeing Multiple rooms but I thought there was Like an internet They would have both had the spacesuits On sorry and so so for me the most Frustrating thing about that Amazing moment is why we never got I mean did they not think to do it or Did they just forget to do it because They had the cameras An early video camera the capture that I Think Kodak made it Um they captured that feed and it was Pretty poor but it was a lot better in Reality than what you saw in the Television because What you saw in television was you know Through it was like sub generation It was literally a crappy camera filming A TV screen that was crappy and then You’re getting that projected back to You know it’s like um yeah I completely Some somewhere I mean they supposedly Lost all the footage at one point but I Think they actually found it again Um but you can go on no they’re recorded Over they recorded over at the same film Yeah but have they not but I was led to Believe that they’d found they’d got a Hold of I think that’s something There was

I I was didn’t somebody find a load of Moon stuff in their basement Something like that yeah but I don’t Think any of that’s ever come out I Think it was because because Um somebody found this that I’ve found All this Moon stuff in my basement and It was immediately confiscated from them Also Coat ball yeah I thought this was during The first day Apollo 11. it was there Was loads of people said they saw it Online on the live feed yeah in Australia because what they were doing There is when The Lakewood yeah yep yep back lights Went out Um The when the Australians got the feed They got it before the Americans And supposedly a woman uh some old lady Who was near the the desk that they Actually did the broadcast she got to See this coke bottle in shot And then it was removed by the time it Got out there the American broadcast it Was where I’ve just heard the story of Not actually seen it I mean I ordered a Coke but I’ll do in Space This is supposedly like if you believe That Stanley Kubrick you know filmed it All in our soundstage area 51. you know Somebody about like Game of Thrones for

The coffee cup was left in the Great Hall You know somebody left a coke bottle Next to one of the lunar rocks or Something Yeah if you can’t tell uh Let’s do it I’m a big cubic fan hmm Um Have you ever seen the Yeah Yeah the wallpaper Of course looked at that I’m too busy Focusing on you I’m I’m busy working on A Stanley Kubrick inspired sleeve on my Arm as well I’m a big Kubrick I’m a big Big Kubrick fan from the way you film Stuff and that I went and zoys Um exhibition all the equipment he used And the lenses and that it is important Great so you don’t think he had anything To do with it yeah yeah do you think he Had conversations You think there could have been a backup Plan Have you seen the footage right of the Um Like the training exercises The spacecraft no no inside the the There’s there’s footage of them doing Training exercises inside a sound stage With a lunar lander on a fake service Yeah Now it’s hot It’s [ __ ] James Bond movie no no no

It’s it’s the same situation yeah no no But it’s it’s a similar thing but by [ __ ] if that doesn’t half look like the Real footage I mean Also isn’t the there’s uh It’s all the stoves I can’t believe you But I know they wouldn’t be been able to Fake the video feed What if they had better technology It just was not because everything The the Researched and that came out of Rochester in New York and Kodak Kodak Where how long did it come out Afterwards What’s that the the ability to be able To do stuff like that sort of frames Slow motion how long how many years not Until all I would think at least the mid 70s Right and how we what do we say Good I could I mean I was born at 74 the Last lunar mission was 72 it would have Been 76 77 78 Where was there was was there I’m trying To think What year did because the moon night at 1960s Munich you know when the one where They had the the Munich Olympics what Year was that No idea Whatever Munich was for the shooting the Terrorist attack was that was I think

The first Olympics that they had decent Slow mo I think I think all I’m doing Here and and you you as well The Devil’s Advocate I mean we always say that 1972 Was the Munich Olympics was it right That will that would still corroborate With the last mission then the ginsen One 72 I think I think when they first Had like reasonable slow-mo and but the Machines that they still used were huge They filled a room And they still couldn’t capture maybe Again a minute’s worth of slo-mo so You’re only talking you’re only talking Three years Yeah so yeah so so so if we’ve gone from I I would 100 believe That if the U.S government wanted to Fake a moon landing and wanted to fake Slo-mo on it I could 100 believe that Their technology was three years ahead Of what we were using to film the Olympics That doesn’t seem a stretch the problem We’ve got now the military is 10 years Ahead now I would say the military is a lot but Darker and stuff that are way more than 10 years ahead okay so they go so I mean they were using email you know Way before email became a thing yeah Um was it like [ __ ] 60s or something Crazy like that yeah My mom was using email in 1984.

Well she worked it the Hannah Reese Structure Institute which is a deity Sort of research place up in Scotland It’s now a set of apartments and houses Around it but Um they were the people that provided The DNA and the genetic material from Dolly the sheep Back in the day they didn’t do the Actual cloning but they provided the Genetic material with the actual Dolly The sheep genetics the most [ __ ] Pointless thing in the world ever if You’re gonna close an animal a clothing Animal don’t clone the animals that are [ __ ] identical to each other I know I know Um it’s very I’m digressing but what I’m Saying is like like she used email back In the 80s They used to use it and contact the Different universities and stuff like That So I mean It’s all been around for a long time but Get back to what you’re saying about Like could they I still don’t think they could affect it Three years if if the if the time Difference would have been something Like that yeah we saw slow-mo turn up in Like the mid 80s or something like that I’d have maybe gone okay but three years

I feel I will I will say this The the explanation that you’ve made to Do is is it looked like Lee said it’s The best it’s the best one I’ve ever Heard ahead yeah yeah So but thanks Because looking at it from a Photographer and a filmmaker’s point of View I mean it’s thousands and thousands Of feet if you’re going to shoot it on Film Um and to get it that smooth But even the likes of the way the dust Interacts and stuff like that that’s so Difficult to fake Because you’re looking like the way the Kick up dust and the regular stuff of The surface like It just doesn’t It wouldn’t work with that I think She’ll even in a vacuum but that doesn’t That depend on how what the density of The Dust was because if it might not Work with Um If you think about dust now as in like Just if we have like a dry surface like Mud But depending on what you were using if You were using something which was maybe I suppose baby powder is the first thing That comes into my into my mind yeah Yeah because it’s got that sort of wet Heaviness to it and it’ll it would it

Would essentially kick up like a like a Rooster tail sort of thing if you were To drive over it Yeah I I think material I mean even like So You’ve got to remember those arrows and Arrows and arrows of footage and I think It’s the I think it’s the final mission Of 72 when they’re asking about with the Lunar rover Um there’s one of the astronauts Falls Over but he also falls over and then Tries to get back up and falls over onto His Life support backpack yeah at the same Time he couldn’t do that If it was faked because they would have To be supported with some kind of wire System and the wireless there’s the Video of one of them falling over which Very much looks like it looks like he’s Been pulled up by a pulley I’m not disagreement you’ve seen that One but I’ve also seen that southern Whereby Falls over and then he’s getting Back up he falls over and turns at the Same time you just couldn’t fake that You know you would see the wires Gripping into the spaceship Maybe I’m not sure I mean you could have If it was it depends where your wires Would be attached I would I would think They would be on like a gyroy sort of Thing but from the sides

There would need to be somewhere where The center the center of gravity is Balanced and that’s another thing to Take into consideration like even if They’re faking it you know spacesuits in Like You know even the space helmet weighs Quite a weight If you don’t if you don’t have to take Them into space it wouldn’t have to be Like it wouldn’t have to be heavy yeah It could be it could be made out of Polish diary you would just you would Just have something you’d have to have Something that looked like what you were Sending into space with what the only One that will get me is if it was if the Reason to fight the moon landing was uh Space Race with Russia and if you can’t Make it you fake it type situation Um yeah I mean they did that with like The Star Wars I mean everybody thinks That you know Reagan’s Administration Created the lasers in space and the 80s No he didn’t yeah defeated it was all Like a propaganda you know Bluff and it Bankrupted the Russians because they Obviously Um went a lot of money and effort into Trying to copy them and you know That’s the only thing I don’t get now is Why that why there hasn’t been a Russian Leaker you know if if the US faked going To the Moon why why it hasn’t

Because They are corroborated Russian sauce yeah Joe Jeremy not not just some guy that’s Got a YouTube channel Yeah Um so that’s that guy’s still alive who Could easily see the Americans fix it There’s plenty of guys still in Russia Um Yeah I said they didn’t go that was Weird that was a weird one but the thing Is I mean he’s an old man no you just Don’t know he’s an old man you know if That’s dementia that was the little girl Wasn’t it she asked him a question he Said yeah I said why haven’t we been back to the Moon he said that that’s what I want to Know he said and that’s it but the thing Is because we didn’t go there Like see when you actually watch the Press conference the first big press Conference that wants to come out a Quarantine They all look miserable yeah you would Think if you know they’ve done what They’ve done they would be a little bit Happier about it or tired do you remain Like even if there’s something like you Just [ __ ] worn out what have we done You know even you could use the excuse That Um you know all of a sudden they’ve got Gravity to deal with again but they

Don’t seem tired they don’t seem like They’ve just done the most incredible Thing that he that any human well did That effectively have the guts of a Month and said you know quarantine there Was the initial like tight quarantine Like in a little Caravan thing and then They they opened them up into a larger Yeah Hospital area where they were I Wouldn’t say how long was how long Afterwards was that press conference It was at least a month I think yeah so We’ve had a month if so To play Devil’s Advocate as a yeah if You have a month of just being in Quarantine on your own or whatever you Might be a little [ __ ] off Like maybe yeah but that would make Surely that would make you more more Um euphoric to come out and go what we Just did I can’t wait to tell you about It uh the one for me is the stars is When one of the oh it’s Patrick Moore Isn’t that I think Patrick Moore asks Them about Um what they could see in the sky Because their whole idea of being on the Moon was you’ve got no atmosphere around We should be able to see [ __ ] right Now Superstars yeah they’ll not be Recorded I mean that’s one thing that Does annoy me about The Stills and stuff Like that they’re really exposing for The astronauts

Um but but when they asked the assets Didn’t they that’s that’s yeah that’s What I’m getting but that being said it Really depends on where the sun was Because you’ve got to remember as well As the fact that there’s no ass Atmosphere for looking at stars there’s Also a no atmosphere for the sun being There which means you they’re getting Full on you know irradiated that’s why They had gold yeah but visors it’s not Necessarily that they didn’t see stars It was the fact that none of them knew How to answer the question Yeah because it because it was that one Of the a common which one was asked About the stars but he fumbled over it Then someone else put it in it I Remember the clip yeah yeah and it was It was okay to me it felt like Somebody hadn’t done like somebody Hadn’t done that in the debrief Uh you know I’m sure in my head because I don’t I don’t think uh at least I Don’t think they went to the moon and I Don’t think that what we serve them go Into the moon was real I think if there Was a um a debrief period They would have been getting told like This is what you say this is how we Treat this these are probable questions You’re going to ask and I don’t think Anybody Uh anybody thought somebody was going to

Ask about stars so at that point they Were just [ __ ] riff it they didn’t Know what to say yeah I don’t know I Mean I mean the the other thing which Keeps up in every other Um UFO documentary where Apollos Mentioned which is the supposedly the Cut their feet for two two and a half Minutes spoke to them through the Medical Channel or whatever and said you Know those UFOs on the edge of the Creator Yep Who knows that’s wild well you see that Was always my thing of I I wonder Whether it was cut out because there was Something up there or I’m gonna go and Shut the back door give me my guys okay Because I’m freezing myself here Um I just did a big burp sorry Gee Would you say that You’re definitely in the We we didn’t go or we went But what you saw was I don’t know enough About the other Moon missions so let me Put that straight for a kickoff yeah What all I believe is Is that the first moon mission I I don’t know who went at all I don’t Know that’s that but I just whatever we What we saw like the photographs and Video I don’t think are real

She don’t think You don’t think they went oh yeah it’s You’re the other good one the other good One is the video of the uh of the Lander Taken off that is straight out of a [ __ ] sci-fi film Dude the way the way it lifts up the Like they’re all the colored like Rainbowy particles that come off it it’s Like something from [ __ ] Doctor Who YouTube channel thanks for the super Channel I’ll I’ll go check it out now What’s he been doing I don’t know I’m gonna find out Um Oh no it’s not is it’s tomorrow it’s the Fourth isn’t it I thought it was the Fifth today I was going to say show you The main Guy Fawkes Um This is a Gary Funk oh yeah Was Curry been up to Chinese American guys it’s him Gary Fong Were talking about I mean yeah I’ve got Gary Fong’s YouTube Channel here It seems to be all about the moon people Oh is it yeah Well he switched plus because he used to And for photographic gear unless it’s a Different Gary form I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of Gary Thongs Probably loads of Gabby Fox although I’m

Curious now yeah me too Well done Matt uh whoever that guy was He’s just completely [ __ ] uh derailer Derailed anything Gary phone yeah the lights here 173k I’ve got yeah that’s him Yeah I know Gary funk That is a shadow band guy right there if He’s got 173k he uploaded a video three Weeks ago and got 419 views oh his Moon Video though he’s got 245 it’s 45 000 so Don’t worry too much what’s been got I Haven’t followed Gary in like quite a Few years nice yeah but no but look at His recent videos The Views are nothing right there he is Oh yeah he’s done an expert analysis Analysis on the the Hasselblad camera So what the hell is he gonna have a Guy he’s a bit of a character because He Used to be a wedding photographer back In the 80s and 90s and he’s the guy that Charged Well it was all built but he support Proportedly charged like a million Dollars for shooting a wedding that’s How he got like famous And he then Quit his wedding business do you know Everybody yeah I’m pretty well on one of You take too much you know it is Interesting so sorry to put in it’s just Because it’s just because I’m looking at

It here what is interesting is that um Looking at this guys the guys videos He’s done a series which I really want To watch Um a CIA document about project Stargate I wanna I wanna have a look at that uh And I’ve got like 59 000 views that that Did well and then everything else was Like around 2017 29 Um Uh one like talk about Magic Eye and Stuff and then you’ll give the guy he’s He’s due he was into like blogging and Doing a Blog before anybody else but and He bought a injection molding company And made this product called the light Sphere which was a little plastic Tupperware thing that you put on top of A flash strobe and it kind of scattered And soft and Delight a little bit it was A little [ __ ] but it did what it did but I mean it made them extremely rich what What I found interesting about his views Is that he’s done this Moon photographs Expert expert analysis which had 245 000 Views three months ago and like Literally after that his views haven’t Got over now 869 sorry 869 views on the SEC on the What the video after that 912 after that 1900 on the one after That 419 after that after doing them That big moon photographs one his views Have been in the [ __ ] bin that’s

Weird He’s obviously gotten viral with fat Women photographs video Yeah that’s gone viral but like even if You look like the month before that he Was still kicking up 76 000 29 59 000. I’ll tell you something from what I Remember he’s lost a lot of viewers Because I’m pretty sure he was at least A half a million views Um subscribers wow yeah sorry Subscribers Um but I mean he had the most Beautiful it’s Kelowna in British Columbia Marine’s saying that on the the West coast of Canada And he had the most beautiful Log Cabin ranch house thing The South The View I mean if you actually flip Down some of his videos You’ll see and His wife Um and The house burned down It get absolutely taught in a fire and He had to rebuild and it was at that Point I stopped sort of falling but I Mean I’ve I think Quite a few conversations with him so His house got burned down and yeah like Multi-million pound house and then you Decided to unsubscribe No what it was was um he everybody was About his new house that he was built And it just get boring and I just

Stopped falling or after a while The thing is when I Um I sold all my Sony camera gear Um Because when no When the iPhone 8 came out and I went Exclusively photographing and filming on The iPhone so that was quite early to Sort of meet like jump compared to other People But there’s no it’s quite common even For quite a lot of professionals to be Using just the iPhone But oh my God I’m just looking through Stuff here He’s written scripts and everything for Hollywood he’s got like an agent and Stuff He’s uh he’s a quirky quirky guy but I Mean I have to get take my hat off to Him he’s as successful as get out I mean He’s a multi multi-millionaire Um beautiful family as well And there you go thanks whoever that was That the real the conversation Look at that tomorrow I haven’t heard Gary’s name in God years Now There you go see he must have done that I don’t want to risk playing it Um but he must have said the same thing Might have to your views Yeah probably not Gary’s copyright Strike probably just the uh the

Algorithm I mean I don’t know what They’re gonna do with this video I think They’re gonna get really confused should We put a Wikipedia of uh Flat Earth Should we put a Wikipedia let’s just Give him them all The AI robots are gonna freak out and go Oh I don’t know I don’t know what to do What can we talk about next that will Also get our What was that good idea like yeah he was Talking about on Twitter what’s smart What was that group of people Kanye was Talking about let’s talk about that yeah [Laughter] Oh good doing well or we could see the Titanic never sank it was the Olympic Oh dear me Um so so so stu Um me we started the conversation of Tonight ufology you you when you had Four beers the apology why do we still Love it so why do you see why are you Still in it Why am I still and I’ve only just got Into it no I I mean as a just Not you you know you’re only just kind Of getting into it yourself yeah I mean I’ve been doing it but but I mean it’s Nobody called become more of a Professional interest than before Um so forget the professional interest I Think it’s because it’s entertaining There is always that slight you know

Dangle of the car that we are not the Only we can’t be the only people in the In the universe whether or not I mean I’ve got my own beliefs that you could Go down the rabbit hole of I personally Think a lot of this stuff and I’m Talking about like the small percentage Of sites satings and stuff like that I Think Like they’re coming from under the water More into Usos than UFOs I can Think about that Stu sorry We’re allowed to talk about what’s what May be upcoming at some point on the Show Which one are we talking about you’ve Lost me A conversation about Usos we were meant To be doing a show on that aren’t we Yeah see I believe in that War I mean The thing is it’s only I mean the the Figure that people bind about is only Five percent of the ocean’s been Explored it’s a lot more than that has Been surveyed but there is only sort of A good nine to ten percent of the World’s oceans have been really you know Explored in depth that’s a vast amount Of London that’s covered by water where Whole civilizations could be down there And you just have no clue It’s not just that either it’s you’ve Got to take into account the water that

Like could be deeper than the ocean or Within within the years we talk about Definitely hidden oceans underneath Um but the thing is I mean the The cross you know the outer mantle the Inner mantle and then the core how do They know this well they’ve you know Used Doppler radar or whatever and Sample that it’s all just guessing yeah Yeah it’s utter guesswork yeah you have No clue what is I mean does a woman Um are quite a reputable scientist came Up as quite a A published paper saying that she Reckoned there was not an iron core at The center of the Earth but a very small Black hole And she’s put data against it and she Published it and it’s getting pure Reviewed I can’t remember her name it Came across a couple of years ago when The pandemic First Step but um Like who knows because we’ve got no real Proof no so yeah that could be whole Oceans I mean I’m not jumping down the Whole you know outbreak burden You know hole in Antarctica and there’s A whole other civilization underneath I’m not talking about that but but Yeah sorry but it’s it’s like the uh Yeah because yeah I’m not going down the Admiral bird thing as well but why not Why couldn’t it be a thing yeah if you If if we’ve grown stuff on the outside

If there’s holes inside why why couldn’t There be more I mean you’ve only got to Look at like octopus octopuses Cephalopods you know all that kind of Thing I won’t eat them anymore I will Not eat octopus anymore why because They’re like aliens I used to love it octopus I used to be My one of my favorite foods when I went I was supposed to squid yeah I like Acrylic I like sweet I do like squid I Do like this no I’ve had octopus I Prefer because it is much nicer than Squid yeah it is cooked right I won’t eat that thing anymore Is that because the Japanese eat it live No that’s because I watched videos about The octopus and so how intelligent that Thing is and I thought very intelligent Or something I’m gonna tell you some [ __ ] about pigs if you don’t want to eat Octopus Don’t come with the organ Because I heard that [Laughter] What’s that people Orgasms for 20 minutes supposedly One of the things that I mean who’s the Guy that found that out that’s what I Want to know who is there with a Stopwatch Well hopefully he wasn’t just counting Because he was getting pounded by it Um maybe it was David Cameron maybe he

Counted yeah Um that’s right The uh You [ __ ] mate this is welcome to the Last alienic show we might as well go All in All in and um One of the things I found one of the Things I found interesting as I’ve grown Up especially being like uh like a a [ __ ] honest conspiracy theorist I Suppose Um Is I always think back to school I Always think about being shown the cut Out of the Earth with the core and the Mantle and stuff yeah I remember that From geography being taught that is a Hundred percent fact is it like the we Are 100 sure of this this is what the Inside of the Earth’s like and the other One actually because I used to get I used to get into trouble A lot of school because my mum was a Scientist so I was always taught the scientific Method and be skeptical and all that Kind of stuff and I used to question my Geography teacher constantly Mr Anderson Was his name my wife’s probably watching Us laughing up the stairs because she Had him as well because she was the year Above me in school And the guy was an idea

And he smelled really badly but this Stuff he used to come away with things Like you know the 100 correct that we Definitely have you know a core Elemental utter mantle and all that kind Of stuff my crust yeah you used to talk That that was gospel and it was it’s not Yeah no but but the same is like the the Other one I always find weird is just How much I reckon I did [ __ ] more About Egypt egyptology but in any other Period of History I found it really Weird how that it that I don’t know if It still is because I’m not a school kid But how heavy that was on the syllabus When I was when I was there and again we Got textbooks other than pulling big Stones with [ __ ] hundreds of slaves Up wooden sleds they still teach that my Kids went to the wild Museum And the High dolls of egyptology stuff They’re examples of hieroglyphics and Stuff like that and it’s the same [ __ ] it’s maybe slightly less so Because again I I was there as like an Adult you know Um parent helper and I was standing next To one of the primary teachers saying You’re telling me that ten thousand Slaves slaves did that in 20 years Yeah just like that Oh so even the one the one that really Blew my mind which I still think will go

Down is unless I get told something Equally as [ __ ] mind-blowing was that The um the death of Cleopatra was closer To the release of the first iPhone than It was to the building of the pyramids They were old as [ __ ] when Cleopatra was Around You know they’ve been arrested I mean She was only like 2 000 or less than two Thousand years oh I I know I know but You always just think of you you think Of that whole chip thing as being like Yeah as being like one what else can we Talk about it’s totally trash the Channel for other night Kanye things [Laughter] That’s a conversation which is not home Is it all he disappears into the Distance yeah I watched him on uh LAX Friedman Um there’s no way to wreck your career But I just find it really weird that all These people that care so much about People’s mental health don’t care until It’s the famous black guy That guy’s clearly clearly got mental Health problems but you know it’s for What whatever it is There was times because I watched lucky Streaming podcast as well there was Times when Lex was speaking to him and I Thought Lex was [ __ ] amazing he was Respected that usually because I’m Rogan

A lot yes yeah yeah Right yeah respectful Listened when he was essentially Listening to [ __ ] ridiculous ramblins And there were times Kanye West was like It was like a child was talking And I don’t know whether that’s a Mixture of someone that’s just been Medicated too much I don’t know whether It’s a mixture of somebody that’s got Like some sort of severe Uh mental issue so difficult to listen To right or it’s yeah it’s never a light Can you as a person and I’ve never liked His music you know I love Jay-Z I love Eminem I love that whole era of hip-hop And that but can you stuff You know with Jimmy Fox and all that Kind of stuff and the later stuff I just Don’t get it yeah I like I I’m not huge On any of that but I like some of it Bits and Bobs but the um I think the other one is is when you’ve Got someone that’s so wealthy So Um So like so culturally culturally Relevant and culturally important All you’re going to get is people that If you speak to them they’re gonna oh my God speak more can you just just tell me What you think and I will believe it and I think you can just make sense Who’s coming out of his mouth yes it’s

Interesting difficult to listen to it’s Difficult honestly it’s a unique I mean Is that still kind of the backlash of Him getting divorced and that If you can listen to if you can listen To it and make head a tale of it I Couldn’t I was I mean I was I was I was Tying in the kitchen doing stuff around The house at the time I was listed in The background and I mean I’ll I’ll give uh last Friedman his his Jews he He held the conversation which I don’t Know how he understood the conversation No I don’t know but he held it was the Worst Rogan podcast like he Lex Freeman Did a better job of doing getting Dragging an interview out of Kanye West And Joe Rogan did Rogan’s rogans I love Listening to Rogan not just for the uf4 Stuff I do like listening to Um all his podcasts but Rogan as an Interviewer when something like that Happens it just falls apart you can’t Maintain A conversation if it goes down that kind Of Route whereas Friedman’s I think I’ve Got a lot more so book smarts a boom Yeah yeah yeah and whereas Rogan’s very Much Street smarts you know yeah I think I I mean I find them entertaining and All that but I’ve seen quite a few of His podcasts whereby it’s kind of gone

Downhill rapidly if the guest isn’t Holding their own Um Yeah I think that’s fair Just like us tonight No idea there you go there you go that’s A good day that’s a good day Well it’s literally wait it’s two and a Half hours oh I’ve only been here for an hour I’ve Just I’ve just realized I’m thinking What is going on with the views hear the Views and I thought it was used to [ __ ] Stu joined it just all [ __ ] Off base not it’s because Rich went live Yeah because he’s got a time difference At the moment yeah because these Daylight savings isn’t until this Weekend or next weekend does it not yeah So rich was meant to be coming on Tonight So for everybody out there me and Rich Have not fallen out Um he was in the chat for a while yeah And um He said to me tonight I said are you Go in an hour Later I said no I’m thinking what’s he talking about If I just Slept or something and it’s like You’re in an hour later and I said no I’m not and then I’m thinking oh clock We had a concert about but I thought it

I honestly thought that that share Happened everywhere Far from it that would be so much easier Those parts of America like different States where the clocks Won’t Go Back Time was like Florida he’s in Florida so They’ll be like the West Coast guys I’ll Not go back for another week after that Or something It should be on the same time it should Yeah Daylight savings time was great during a Growing Society but no we don’t need it Now Anyway boys I am Stu little I you are not in the Description because I didn’t know what’s Going on However I was coming on I was just Happily moderating the channel I will ask you to the description who is Making a fantastic documentary Um it’s all about about Stephen Greer But you know what they say if you do it Slowly it’ll be more enjoyable In that right ladies I I I will take That I thought the same was if you do it Slowly they won’t wake up Hey girlie that’s your cue and what’s Going on next for you my friend Um there’ll be the second part of the Interview with orphan red about the Flat Earth one I like you have to when when

You left and David Dave left it was just The two of us like we went [ __ ] deep On stuff Deep on stuff that will get you banned On YouTube Um which I might as well talk about now Because you I mean you’re going to be Demonetized anyway Um Oh [ __ ] Knee-deep Um and um So that will be up this week probably Wednesday Um the second half of that podcast wait Till this is the second half of that Because I I left because I was I’m gonna Have to watch the first one I’ll listen To the first half now it’s good it was Good good I enjoyed it we’ve got uh you Myself and Dave have Um Uh hidden under Valley coming on the Podcast on Sunday that’s gonna be really Good He’s I think he’s another he’s another Person I want to speak to about stuff That he can’t say on YouTube as well so Yeah that’ll be nice I’ll enjoy that Um so yeah just go and subscribe to my Podcast or I’ll tell your mum that you Weed on a cat All right other people good night God Bless mind the bugs don’t biting all

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Something out I will Design you Something right people good night God Bless playing the books though but I am Alienated this is I am Stu little Ali we’ll see audio ciao tune in Next Friday 10 P.M GMT but what time would it be East and If there’s been a time It’s even gonna be nine or ten nine or Ten I don’t know Anyway hey Ollie hook it up Ali what’s The difference what’s the difference Between a baby and a bag of cocaine I don’t know Eric Clapton would never Let her back a bag of cocaine fall out Of a window Oh my God okay ready for that Wikipedia