SASQUATCH SISTERS NW – The Quest for Proof!

By | November 5, 2022
SASQUATCH SISTERS NW  -  The Quest for Proof!

Hey everybody we got a great show for You guys tonight we are bringing on the Sasquatch sisters Northwest to talk to You about all their experiences research And everything Sasquatch here on the Show tonight so buckle up it’s about to Get good Thank you Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Paranormal portal it’s Friday night and We’ve got an epic night in store for you Guys joining me on this epic journey of The Paranormal portal tonight is the Sasquatch sisters Northwest And all four of them are with us tonight We got Cindy good break is joining us Angelique Benham is here as well Deanna Montana is here and uh Tanya Marie is Here so uh great to see you guys let me Get you on screen so everybody can Appreciate The Sasquatch sisters Northwest hi guys

How you all doing Great good good to see you guys glad you Made it Cindy I was a little worried About you there for a while Yeah I had to go across the border Welcome back glad you made it for the Show and uh I know that’s that’s you Know we’ve got a lot to get through Tonight and uh we’re gonna do our best To get to the meat and potatoes of all Of this but Um I guess I’m sorry Yeah she’s here she’s sitting right here On the same screen next to you on my Screen so you’re all here looks like Everybody’s present and accounted for so We’re good shape Um I just want to take a second to go Around and introduce all of you Um Cindy why don’t you start and just Tell us a little bit about about you and About this journey and and how this all Started in just a couple minutes if you Would Well you already know me I’ve been on Your show a couple of times and I mean uh it was time to form a team and It was Um Angelique Broadway because she lives Here but she’ll tell you more about that Later Um we’ve experienced a lot of the same Things and

You know it just dawned on me one day Because um I was in Texas when I had this idea I Actually Woke up and it was like a planting like A very strong prompt and I just woke up And uh so my husband I’m gonna inform a female research team And then there you are right okay So Yeah it was just supposed to happen I Don’t know and you pulled together an Incredible group of people I’ve met you All and and Deanna of course you’ve been A long time friend of the show and uh It’s good to see you here as part of the Sasquatch sisters Northwest so how did You get plugged into all this Cindy invited me to be part of her group Yeah I was like well no Yeah It’s just an interesting Interesting subject yeah yeah I haven’t Had any sightings though But you guys What was that You had a a strange Encounter of some Type I kind of can’t chalk it up to a Bigfoot Encounter sure but some not yet Something happened yeah and and you’re Right I mean I don’t think there’s Anywhere where these things aren’t Um so I think it’s really cool

Um Angelique I know you and I have Talked a little bit about and I’ve heard About your experience which is Incredibly profound as well Um Obviously that was the the impedance for Your journey and we’ll get into exactly What you experienced later but Um how did it come about for you to join A team Well Cindy and I lived on opposite sides Of the same mountain And we were friends already we’d been Friends for years and we just kept we’d Run into each other in town or something And we’d start talking about the Experiences we were having and It wasn’t very long before we were Comparing notes and realizing that we Were dealing with the same Clan and When she got a hold of me it was Actually just this spring and I had I Would contact her and tell her the Experiences I was having she would Contact me tell me about it and pretty Soon we went Um she got a hold of me and said you Know I’m going to start a a team of Researchers and I think you should join Me on it and I said you bet let’s do it Because it’s time that we take this one Step further we’re not just experiencers Now we’re Um we’re actually researchers and it got

To the point where it fell into place And now we’re Growing by Leaps and Bounds it’s it’s Exciting Yeah absolutely and of course Tanya You’re a part of the team as well and You bring a unique skill set to the team Uh do you want to talk a little bit About that I do so my background is Probably more in the Paranormal I worked In a hospital setting for nearly 15 Years in the form of organ donation so I Started to experience a lot of uh Communication from the other side and Started to develop my uh mediumship Abilities and then uh when I moved from Florida I came out here to North Idaho And I started to plug into the Extraterrestrial community and then that Kind of led me into the Sasquatch Community and I started to attend some Events that Kelly lisperitus had put on In North Kettle Falls Washington area And then somehow that connected me to Cindy uh you know of course through Social media and she reached out to me I Was doing some uh land clearings Basically Earthbound Spirit kind of Stuff that I had been doing for many Years and she asked me to come out to Her Lane you know all to her land and Check it out and there’s definitely a Lot of activity going on out there on Cindy’s land which I’m sure we’ll be

Talking about tonight but uh so yeah I Bring in a I haven’t had any Sasquatch Experiences but I’ve definitely had Extraterrestrial and of course uh Paranormal experiences so I I do bring a Little bit of a different uh tone to the Group you know it’s it’s really I really Think it’s a great uh a great robust Group you guys have because I I do think That every one of you guys are bringing Something unique to the group and as a Whole that’s that certainly strengthens Your your purpose and Mission but it is Funny that a lot of people do report Very paranormal-ish kind of activity Around Sasquatch sightings like failing Equipment batteries draining things just Being weird that weird uh feels like That high EMF kind of you know creepy Feelings uh so there does seem to be at Least some bleed through be between the Phenomena Absolutely and I know Angelique and Cindy just recently had an experience Where they actually got sick when they Were in the presence of a structure and Uh so yeah I I firmly believe in that I’ve been out to uh the ranch is seti Ranch I don’t know if you’re familiar With that or not Brent over in uh uh Washington and uh there’s a lot of Activity with Sasquatch and orange orbs And so that was some of the experiences That I had actually had and I had spoken

To several people who’ve been to that Ranch too so yeah there’s there seems to Be a correlation between Paranormal Activity and Sasquatch and I know that Our team most of the members of our team Have experienced that to some extent Right no no Cindy I’ve been to your Property Don and I came out and uh yeah I can certainly vouch for the fact that There’s something sideways over there Um and uh you know not not I’m not Ripping on your property but it Certainly feels like you’re kind of in a Different place when you’re when you’re There I remember we heard growling we Heard like some weird noises when we Were there Um so Don has some of it on camera I’m Not sure what’s happened to that yet but Uh we’ll try to get it up on the channel At some point but yeah can you talk a Little bit about your property Cindy Where is Don anyway oh yeah this is Friday nights he’s usually here on Saturday or on Wednesday nights so He’s got a busy schedule I already know a lot about me but what I Wanted to say about this was that um Angelique was like first you know like And then I thought it was going to be Just me and her but then I kept like Waking up and Diana kept popping into my Head and then I had gone when I was down There last winter in Texas at our Ranch

In East Texas Um Family Restaurant mine I went to the Big Thicket because I I told you that’s Where I had a really bad experience and So some friends the Southeast Texas book But took me back to that area so I could Like face my fears again I was Absolutely terrified before going to Um Dead End Road Um that I went and then it was like Nothing and I felt so stupid but hey That’s what had to happen To close out chapters Um but then when I got back to my ird I Was just like really unsettled and I Kept thinking of Diana I kept thinking Of Diana and when I was at Boykin Springs which is in the Big Ticket Um I kept thinking of Deanna Diana Diana And I was like so Um our we each have skills that I didn’t Even know Until they came to me Um and I had Kind of Known like Diana you know I I didn’t Know too much about her but I just know Like basically like then it was telling Me we wanted yeah that we went together I thought of her when I was and the big Ticket and I was like car wash touch me Into my head Sure Um just hold on a sec I’m going to

Reconnect the network because it’s There’s some noisy stuff coming from That line so just give me a sec while I While I redo this I don’t know why it’s so noisy but Sometimes it’s just noisy technology We’ve got some storms oh yeah I know Yeah I’m sure that’s true but uh we’ve Had a we’ve had a whole technology night Tonight Just in preparation for the show but I’m Here to tell you ladies and gentlemen uh Three of the of the four uh Sasquatch Sisters didn’t know know how to connect To us tonight but we had a little boot Camp beforehand and they’re all doing Marvelous so and thank you guys for Being willing to do that Yep you guys all passed with flying Colors I’m sorry Yes please I just wanted to emphasize on that I Didn’t know anything past like Angelique And so so it was like okay so I I asked Gianna and it was kind of weird but she Just like okay so that prompting that Urging feeling went away Move ahead later Um so we also we got together when I Returned back to North Idaho Um first Um and we got together but there was Something missing and you know because I

Lived here on my property There was a like some structures I Wasn’t sure because I’ve gone and then Um there was just like a lot of Contention and like I can walk outside Especially to the right side to back Which you already know about Professional hair So I had been following Jessica Jones And Tanya and I just found them All right somebody with remote viewing Experiences and so I had been reaching Out to Jessica Jones you know to anybody Like can somebody like remote do my Property So that was when I realized She’s close to Estonia So I invited her over and then You’re gonna hear about the crazy stuff That’s been going down Um on this property so um and I will let Them tell you how much Sure sure Let them tell you so that’s how the team Came together Um Tanya can do my property and she can Probably tell you the story of what Happened when she got here and now she’s A part of the part of the team and it’s Complete and I literally could feel like Like a whole circle in my head just like It’s like it’s locked in we’re done Until they tell me something else I Don’t know but I will let them

Tonya did When she was coming over here to my House and Okay So basically Cindy asked me to come over Just to because I I feel energy I can Tune into energy and I know Brent you Probably could feel that too when you Were at her house you can just sense There’s an energy there right so the Moment I walked on her property I had Goosebumps just covering my entire body And I think each and every one of us on The team can probably say that we felt The same we don’t didn’t really know What the presence was but we could feel It and sense it so with my clear Audience which is basically my my Hearing I hear things you know in other You know frequencies I started to really Pick up on a lot of heavy Spirit energy In the area and so I kind of just went Around the land and we had invited my Friend Dawn out who does uh land Clearings with me and we use sound to do This and so we had walked her entire Property and cleansed the land very Similar to what the natives would do uh You know back when they would cleanse The land and or create you know a sacred Site we went through Cindy’s entire Property and she showed me all the Different structures which are pretty Pretty elaborate I mean she’s got

Several structures on her property we Had I had taken pictures of some of them And this was like a two-day process I Had gone out there on my own the first Day and then the second day is when we Actually started to clear the land well When we were walking around the property That first day uh we took some photos of Some of the structures I I actually Tuned in that there’s an Indian burial Ground there as well in the back right Of the property kind of back towards the Neighbor on her on the right of her Property and uh we went back and kind of Cleared that area and then we went home That night feeling good I mean I I went Home feeling good that night and I felt Like we cleared some things there well The next morning Cindy calls me and says You aren’t going to believe this and Like what she’s like well first of all I Walk out my front door and there’s white Feathers all over the place you know Outside my door right Cindy and she’s Like what what’s this Chicken Something happened well then as Angelique shows up later on and she’s Like wait a second this tree structure Looks like it’s been moved it looks Different so we immediately recognized That one of the tree structures had been Moved or deconstructed and moved to over Where the Indian burial ground was well

As we’re walking around the property we Also notice that there is what appears To be a labyrinth a labyrinth was Created like a spiral of sticks and Rocks had been created in a certain area Of her property and that was not there The day before we had actually done the Land clearing so over the course of the Evening her property was quite busy After we had done some clearing to it And so it we had some visual kind of Proof that some things had transpired Over the night and I’m sure Angelique You could probably try I’m in on some of The things that happen too you know During those two days that we were there Well we also had the tree peekers too so Because while you and Don were running The sound bowls and I think uh one of You was smudging me was it you Tanya That I’d asked to smudge me and while You were smudging me Um I caught a movement out of the corner Of my eye out in the woods and looked Over and there were three of them that Were doing the whole tree peeking thing And Um I don’t know who all saw him but I Know I did and I was like oh there they Are yeah they liked they really really Loved the sound Um the the uh the Tibetan uh bowls that You use whenever you bring those out It’s like they they come out with this

Wonder of what are you doing and that’s When they start showing themselves and It’s really interesting to see the the Reactions that you get Wow That’s that’s really interesting too Because I you know I know that from all From all Evidence that I’ve heard they’re they’re An incredibly curious being I mean they They seem absolutely intrigued by what We’re doing and whenever you bring out Something new that they’re not Interested it really does seem to get Their attention you know and and so Singing bulls I think is an excellent Idea just just in the fact that I’m sure They’ve never heard the tone before but Maybe they can appreciate the the Resonance of it as well uh because they Do seem to have uh sound as a tool for Them so maybe maybe they key in onto That and are like wow What is that But what happened Tanya the first day When you were there I was Because actually we came out later that Afternoon and she also came back the Next day with John we were all like limp Dolls I was just like I looked drunk I mean I was just like Just like and then I mean we were all I Was I was just totally out of it

I think what happened Brent is that when I cleared the land I cleared Cindy too I Think she had a lot of Earthbound Spirit Attachments very similar to when you go Into a paranormal site oftentimes they Can attach to people and I feel that Cindy living on that land she had a lot Of attachments and when I cleared that We both had an emotional moment it was Almost like this surge of spirit energy Left her property and then there was a Sadness over it of whatever was there Was left there was kind of sad to see Them go but also kind of happy to see Them cross over you know to the light And so I think when we cleared her Land We cleared Cindy too and it was very Obvious because Angelique and I were Like what is wrong with you she appeared To be very kind of disoriented she was Stuttering couldn’t talk very well and So I kind of asked her to call her her Spirit back into her body because it was Like a part of her had left when those Earthbound Spirits left and oftentimes That can happen when someone is actually Living on the land in an area where There is a lot of Paranormal Activity Sure you get attuned to it I suppose Yeah and it becomes part of part of your Balance yeah and that’s really cool you Know I think that’s very profound and And to have the tree peaking at the same Time I think is is incredible like

That’s a lot of different things Coalescing in one area so that’s pretty Profound wow Indiana we’re using it for all this too Uh not in detail okay I gotcha yeah yeah Deanna wasn’t there that day but she Showed up a few weeks later You got in and you know had some Experiences too on you know just us Being out and about that day we hiked And sure and Diana did have we did have Some experiences as a team Yeah the whole the whole re you know the Whole fact that they named the mountain Hoodoo it’s like wait a minute somebody Knows something there it it’s the hoodoo Hoodie and that’s a story that we could Share with you sure yeah please do love To hear it Unless maybe share that story when we We went up on the mountain on day two And um it was Angelique Tonya John and Me And um John had her [ __ ] out and Angela we Were like eight miles up Almost to the top of hoodoo Um And we stopped at this location for a Reason and then y’all Hiked up the hill right Angelique and Then Angela can tell you what happened Then Because John had her sound bow going and

Again All that Angelique type because that was Amazing and then I want you all to talk About Um when we went further up north as a Team that stuff we found because that’s Pretty amazing Foreign Had up on hoodoo when Tanya and and Don Were running the sound bowls was Don With us at that time when you and I Hiked up Tanya okay we hiked up the hill Because we had seen a small structure Actually and I can’t say small it was Just not super elaborate it was a big Structure but we had parked on the side Of the road and hiked up an embankment And when we got up there Dawn was standing down at the road Running the sound bowl and us us girls Tanya and I up there in the woods Started hearing what was it was it a Knock at first yep yeah we started Hearing tree knocks and then I think you Did a whoop or something and it Responded by doing a whoop back and of Course our hair on our arms is standing Straight up and then Um I happen to look down and realized that In the pine needles There was Prince that looked like they were about This big which I would say probably 17

Inches long maybe a little bit bigger But they had probably a good five foot Space between each of them and they went Up the hill and I remember I looked down At Tanya and I’m like There’s prints right here oh my gosh and So yeah that was pretty exciting but Um we didn’t follow him up too far Because we knew that we had One of them was there responding to us And so as Don was running the music the The sound bowls it was like They came alive it was like the woods Came alive like there was It just brings out Um like you said a curiosity and it uh Great success and it was pretty uh it Was pretty amazing and I’ll let you Tanya talk about Um the next time yeah and I want to also Talk about so Angelique when she goes Out and about and she works with this Particular clan of Sasquatch she leaves What are called glyphs and she she makes Them in the shape of an A so she’ll take Three sticks and make them in the shape Of an a well the second day that we had Uh cleared Cindy’s land in on the edge Of that Labyrinth that they created they Had actually left an a glyph on the on The land as well and so the funny thing Is she had told me that a day or two Before and when I saw that uh Labyrinth I did not even recognize the glyph and

Then Angelique showed up and said oh my Gosh there’s my glyph and so it was Almost like it was meant for her to see Because I had completely overlooked it And she immediately saw it so they were Communicating with us in a way that we You know each and every one of us could Kind of tune into and so in that Particular tree structure that we found On hoodoo Mountain it almost looked like A door didn’t Angelique it was like two Huge uh trees with one tree broken on The top of it and there’s a picture we Have a picture of Angelique standing Under it and it’s it’s just huge it’s You know it goes I mean at least 20 feet Tall I’d say in the air how tall that That thing was and so then we uh decided To go up to Granite Falls which is up Near priest you know and uh so we as a Group this is when Diana’s in town we as A group decide to go on a hike and this Area is uh just full of granite it’s It’s got waterfalls it’s got these Beautiful cedar trees and it’s just a Gorgeous gorgeous area and so we go on This amazing hike it’s in like the mid 70s we’re having the you know we’re Having a great time and you know we’re We’re uh we’re doing whoops along the Way and we’re leaving glyphs and you Know we’re having a fun time and then we Get back you know almost back to the car And uh Diana and Cindy head back to the

Car well Angelique says to me hey let’s Walk up the trail just a little bit Further to see if we can find that glyph That we left to see if anything has you Know been changed well as we walk you Know Cindy and Diana head back to the Car and Angelique and I start walking up This Trail well we’re walking and we’re Walking and we’re walking and then we’re Like where is this Cliff like we could Not find it we just felt like we were Walking for a while and then we realized There’s a huge tree crossed over the Path that was not there before and we Had to physically walk under the tree Well then as we kept walking we started To feel this overwhelming sense of being Watched and it was just this weird Feeling we kind of stood there and we Felt like there were eyes on us and we Both were like all right it’s time for Us to head back to the car so we just Kind of uh walked back walked back under The tree and headed back to the car and We shared our story you know with Cindy And Diana and then we all jump in the Car and we’re heading back into Blanchard and Cindy screen you know We’re all in the in the Jeep and Cindy Screamed slow down there’s a tree Structure And so Angelique backs up and we’re just Thinking what you know well we get out Of the car and this is a massive tree

Structure right on the side of the road I mean this was one of the most obvious Tree structures and Cindy saw it you Know first and so we get out of the car I had my sound Bowl Angelique and I of Course hike up in you know into the Structure I’ve got my bowl I’m standing In there and we look down and we’re Starting to see these blue That appear to be berries these blue Psychedelic looking kind of sapphire Looking berries and all of us commented On them we’re like what the heck are Those you know so we uh you know we’re Standing there Angelique and I are Standing in there and Deanna and Cindy Are over on the other side investigating Seeing what they find and uh during this Time Angelique and I are starting to get Goosebumps like nobody’s business right Angelique we are feeling it it’s like Something’s here they’re picking up on The sound Bowl something’s tuning in Well I was on one side of the structure She was on the other and I had like a Pine cone kind of poop you know right Next to my and I I turned around I’m Like was that Cindy and Diana you know Are they throwing stuff and they’re like No we’re way over here you know so then I think Angelique did we find a track in In that structure do you remember I I don’t remember there being a track In that area but I do remember you

Getting hit with a really powerful Emotion like almost like infrasound or Or sorry I did it hard it did and I kind Of hunched over because I started to get Emotional and that’s when I was like Okay something there’s a presence here There’s something here well then you Know some time goes on and I’m watching One of Jessica Jones’s show she’s got Someone who does Sasquatch research over On the east coast and he starts talking About these blue berries that look like Marbles and I’m like no way and they’re Recognizing these around tree structures And so I you know I talked to Cindy and Angelique and Tiana I’m like you guys I Think we saw these berries or these Marbles or you know whatever they are But uh this tree structure was pretty Profound I mean I feel like you know Cindy’s got some amazing ones on her Land but this one these were huge trees Uh they were not Fallen they were Obviously picked up and placed uh some Of them were bent you know into place And when we were in that structure we Kept communicating with whatever was There saying we’re we’re not here to Cause harm we’re cleansing the space you Know you know we were just really Sending more of a loving energy out than A more of a threatening energy and I Think that’s what why I received that Emotional kind of uh wave I I don’t even

Know how to explain it but it came over Me at Cindy’s property too when I Cleared those Spirits so I think when we Incorporate the sound you know with the The tree structures there’s something to Be said there for sure It really does yeah of those berries did We No we did not Go back to that structure yeah it’d be Interesting to know what those are Because if there’s if they’re commonly Found or at least there’s there’s a There’s a correlation between these Weird bluish berries being found in These structures even across the nation Which is which is really profound Because of course the you know the plant Life out here is not usually consistent Across the Nation there’s there’s Variations so Um it’s very interesting that they both Uh both of you guys experience that And it just caught her eye because it Was this beautiful sapphire blue color It was something and Angelique is very Um Knowledgeable and berries in plants and Whatnot as we hike she kind of shares With us what things are but she looked At those and she said I’m not real sure What those what those are and I didn’t Really put two and two together until I Watched Jessica’s show and uh I’d have

To go back and look to see who that Researcher was but it was really funny That he had mentioned the same thing That we had seen right yeah Oh we can’t hear you Cindy can’t hear You Cindy talk louder Yeah there’s just a blowing noise coming Through a rumbling noise I think it might be from yours Tanya you Think yeah there’s a like a yeah the Wind is really amping up here I’m sorry Oh no that’s okay Can you hear me myself There you go okay go ahead Cindy Can you hear me yes Okay So Um so when I’m picking huckleberries I’ve seen these berries before and I’ve Taken pictures of them but I and I’ve Asked people what are these berries so I Don’t know because they’re not Oregon Grape so I have no idea what What what’s going on Yeah I’d be interesting to see a picture Of them uh just because it sounds so Unique and I’m I’m no botanist by any Measure either but I find that very Interesting that there’s that there’s a Similarity you know even across the Country like perhaps maybe it’s just the Color that there’s something about that Color that or or whatever an energetic Thing because I often wonder about these

Tree structures it’s like what are they Really because they’re obviously not Something these things are living in but They they put them up like monuments of Some kind and it is really curious what Are they doing what are they Communicating by this or is this a Special place to them is that one Locations very special to them and so They erect these huge structures around It to as a as a mark of being sacred I Don’t you know I mean it’s just me Throwing ideas at it but there is a I Mean that’s something that’s across the Board across the world people report These structures in in correlation with These beings things and and you got to Wonder what are they doing what is it For Well a lot of the times they are Um By like a game channel or something Significant like that Um another thing patterns pattern that We have seen is Um we’ll find breaks like at least 16 to 20 Feet high And Um We’ll see these breaks and Sorry almost my dog And it’ll lead us to um like something

Bigger and Well You have to hear about what happened to This structure that we found and funny And Um Angelique had something really crazy Happen sure You want to tell the story Angelique or You want me to start it you you go ahead Okay so we uh this is this is in the Hoodoo Valley right wasn’t it Anjali Because I was kind of riding along with You and she took me to an area that she Has been a she had taken Cindy to before Because they had found this very unique Structure it almost looked like a tree Had been split down the middle and Turned into a tea and I was watching Jessica Jones again she had Jeremiah on There and Jeremiah lives in the Adirondacks and he was actually talking About seeing these structures as well It’s not a lightning strike it actually Just looks like something split the tree Down the middle and then the two sides Make a t and so Angelique we had parked And Angelique is like okay let’s walk Right into here we’ll be able to see This tree structure it’s not far at all Well as we’re walking to the structure We start seeing these huge bones huge They had to have been moose something Elk something big well the thing is is They didn’t appear to be nod on or

Chewed they actually appeared to be Sucked on almost like a human would suck On a chicken wing like just to really Get the meat off of it it was much more Uh nothing bitten because we had Actually seen them and we started to Follow these bones and uh they kind of Led us to the tree structure and so Angelique and I are walking around the Structure and at this point I can see Her Jeep she has a bright red Jeep and I Can still see the Jeep well as we’re Walking around we’re kind of just Investigating looking for things and Then we can we continue to walk and this Is not far at all from where we parked And uh I made the comment this is when I Didn’t see the Jeep for a minute I made The comment wow these Woods are so dense You could really get turned around in Here and she goes oh no we’re just right Over here well I’m following Angelique And we’re seeing these bones huge bones And before you know it we cannot find The Jeep like we are kind of in this Area and angelique’s like all right Let’s keep walking this way because the Road is just up here your car should be Right here well we end up finding a dirt Road and we walk up a little bit further And she’s like your car should be right Here while we get up there and my car is Not there because I had followed her Parked my car at the front entrance and

Then rode in with her because it was uh Rougher terrain and her Jeep could get In there sure well we get to this road And my car is not there and we continue To walk just a little bit further and we Find this Meadow that we had not passed And we’re like where the heck did this Meadow come from all right so we’re kind Of it’s about four-ish in the afternoon It doesn’t get dark here until you know At this time of year it was probably 8 30 9 o’clock you know when it got dark So I’m like all right we’ve got some Time to find the car here well at this Point we didn’t have our backpack we Didn’t have our gun we didn’t have our Bear spray nothing because we thought we Were just gonna walk you know maybe 30 Yards to see this tree structure well we End up lost we literally end up lost And so we we take this road and we get To like a fork in it and angelique’s Well we can either go right or left she Goes let’s let’s go left and see if that Takes us back to the Jeep and so we keep Walking and walking and at this point I’m not really panicked but I’m thinking Wow these Woods are starting to look Very familiar I almost feel like we’re Walking in a circle you know a little Bit so we keep walking and then boom we See the red Jeep and I’m like oh thank Goodness well we had left the windows Down and we had food in the Jeep well we

Get back and we check everything out Everything looks fine you know we get we Get back in the car and we decide to Kind of go investigate while we look at The clock and what do the clocks say Angelique like we had been gone for at Least I’d say 30 minutes at least what Did the clock say how long did it say We’d been gone oh no we had been you and We had been gone I think for a couple Hours is what it is what it because it Took us a long time at first to Investigate everything to even get to The tree and then from the tree We were looking at the Mounds and Following the trail back and then when We got back to the Jeep What was it 29 minutes yeah that was Yeah so it was 30 minutes it said we Were gone but we had walked a distance Like oh my gosh and when we got back in The Jeep to go find the meadow it was at Least a mile at least a mile away and we Were walking through very dense brush I Mean it wasn’t like oh this is an open Field and we’re walking in a mile I mean We were this is heavy thick brush that We’re walking through that we had Covered a mile and then got lost and Then found our way back in supposedly 30 Minutes wow and so Angelique reached out To Nick Valente who does a lot of this You know research and he what did he Tell you Angelique

Well he had told me that he thought that It was quite possibly we had gone in to Uh the back door of a portal instead of Going in and losing time and only Seeming like we were there for a few Minutes but taking hours we actually Come in backwards where we had literally Spent hours and only a half hour had Gone by and I want to Um after this happened the next I think The very next weekend my son who was Um he was in the military and Um he was very intrigued by it said mom You’re taking me to this place and I Told him I said you know if you and I Are going to go there we’re gonna play It smart this time we’re taking weapons We’re taking a bug out bag with survival Gear and we’re gonna tape off to the Trees So we brought very bright uh logging Tape and tied it to the trees and so Every couple yards we’d stop turn around Make sure we could see the tape on the Tree behind us and then we’d tie off Again and we did that so that basically We wouldn’t get lost we could always Turn around follow the tape back and we Followed the identical Trail into the Tree we followed the identical trail That Tanya and I had taken Back around and we spent three hours my Son and I had spent three hours Following the identical Trail and we

Were literally looking at our Footprints We were following Tanya and I’s Footprints wow and it went right back to The Jeep we did not get lost that time And then I you know loaded him back up Into the Jeep and I said I now I want You to see where we came out by the Meadow and I had to literally go all the Way around and Um this is like only a 10 acre parcel Okay so it was like just a a small stand Of trees But it was a mile in the opposite Direction where we found the tracks Where Tanya and I had walked down the Road from the meadow and my son looked At me and he’s like Mom I don’t know how You did that that he said you walked Over a mile in the wrong direction and Then you had to walk over a mile or so To get back to the Jeep and it only took A half an hour for Tanya and I but for My son and I it took over three hours Wow Yeah that’s great So that is lost time and You did a story Angelique on a First-hand account of the Rancher Remember Yeah he has he had also lost time What’s funny is that It was on the other side of the mountain Where this Rancher who contacted me he Worked out this Ranch for like three

Years and he had a lost time incident And Uh that was a that was a crazy incident Him and his family experienced um About this Ranch they uh same thing he Entered for us to track these swatches When he came out on the other side a Whole day had passed but His time was like maybe half an hour From the point of entry that he went When it went on to Inland paperland then It went So yeah so there’s lost time here and This happened to another woman but I Don’t know her story she won’t talk to Me She just said she had the same thing Happen on She’s a neighbor of this Ranch where This happened and so yeah it’s crazy no We’re experiencing a lost time now And getting lost in the middle of Nowhere where you should be able to just Turn around and see your vehicle right You know I cover those kind of stories Quite often on the portal and I find Those fascinating because it is almost Like there are as you guys suggested Portals that appear and I don’t know if It’s possibly a natural rhythm of our Reality or you know the fact of the the Whole the whole Multiverse idea and Maybe sometimes those those realities Bump into each other and create these

Openings that that people stumble into But I find those stories really Fascinating Um I’ve experienced something like that Myself but it was more of a space Anomaly like suddenly I was way Different point on the road during a Blizzard than I should have been I Should have had to go through this curvy Part that was very dangerous and I was Very nervous about it and the next thing I know I’m seeing the sign for the town Coming and it’s like wait I shouldn’t be Here and I didn’t feel anything when it Happened to me and I was always uh Amazed by that but maybe it is just a a Seamless experience but perhaps there’s These little Rifts that appear that Change Space time our perceptions or something But it’s it’s a you know phenomena that Comes up surprisingly often I think Perhaps a lot more people have Experienced it but they just don’t know What to say about it or or who to say Anything about it to so but I think There’s a there’s a that’s a very Natural part of our world I believe I I Don’t know but perhaps these these Forest beings know about them and know How to navigate them you know maybe it’s Part of their basically like their Subway system they know how to get all Over the place because they know where

These little openings will appear and When and and they just can can navigate That and we just stumble into them once In a while So I was very curious I I had something Happen to me personally that made me a Firm believer that these portals move That they don’t stay in the same place Um and this happened years ago Um I was living up in the Colville National forest and I lived literally my Yard was surrounded by Colville national Forest and a lot of granite big big huge Boulders huge Boulder Field and my kids Had all gone on the they were all at School and I had gotten off early from Work and I decided to go hiking up on The mountain because I literally lived At the base of the mountain And I hyped up to this Meadow Because during the the late fall and the Early winter and the very first snows There was a herd of elk that would Always pass across the side of the Mountain where I lived and so every year I would go up and I would look for those Tracks for the elk and I would sit and I Would hide in the in the you know bushes Or whatever and I would just watch The Herd the whole time and there was always This enormous Enormous bowl there would be a couple Other satellite Bulls that’d be with him But there was always this enormous bull

Along with the cows and every year I’d Go up and sneak up there and he would Have made it and I would have been kind Of rejoicing going yay he lived another Year to you know carry on his DNA you Know yeah well um I went up there and it was a beautiful Sunshiny afternoon absolutely beautiful Clear it was probably in the early 70s It was late fall and I knew that that Herd was coming in I knew that they were Getting ready to come through so I Wanted to get uh I wanted to get up There and look for the tracks well Surrounded by you know a Boulder Field Up on the mountain and then this Beautiful little probably I would say Maybe a two Acre Meadow at best it was a Pretty small one and then trees all the Way around it real thick trees and I Would go up there and look for the the Herd to cross across that Meadow because They’d leave their tracks well in the Center of that Meadow was a fallen log And it had been there for years and Years it was rotten but it still had a Good butt on it and so I’d go up there And um Just sometimes if it wasn’t if I wasn’t Hunting or anything I’d go up there and Just kind of hang out in the meadow Because it was just a peaceful happy Place for me to be And uh I went up there one afternoon and

I sat down on the end of the log I was Right on the butt end of it um and uh Just sitting there and watching the Birds and just Enjoying life okay and um All of a sudden I started getting a Feeling like uh oh something’s not right And you know I try to listen to that the Hair comes up whatever you listen And uh I was watching a flock of Chickadees that were gathering you know It was early fall so the birds were Starting to gather and collect and then All of a sudden the whole flat a whole Flock of birds just was gone and I went Uh oh something something’s not right That’s a sign you look for And I heard just a real slight Rustling behind me and I didn’t want to Like look really fast you know so I just Kind of like slowly turned my head And there was that bull that big bull And I’m sitting there on out in the open On the log going There he is he’s right there oh my gosh And I was so excited but then at the Same time I started going uh-oh Uh I’m out in the open and if this guy Wants to spar I’ve got nothing to be a Woman to hide behind I’ve got I’m I’m a Goner you know yeah so I’m just sitting There on the log and I watched him out Of the corner of my eye he walked up to The end of the tree the end of the log

At the far end And he did something That completely blew my mind because I Had no clue that these things exist But He bent down he kind of sniffed the Ground and he looked over at me and I Remember thinking uh-oh I got nothing to protect me so Whoops but Um he looked over at me and then he Jumped And he shouldn’t have had to jump I mean The grass was only at best this High I Mean it was all had been trampled down Eaten whatever it was a it was a Clean Meadow with hardly anything in it it was Wide open And Um he jumped and when he jumped He dissipated he just went nose to rump In nothingness And I sat there going Did I just see that am I hallucinating And I sat there for a few minutes and Just kind of like what the heck just Happened to me because I had never heard Of this before so I got up and I went Over and I looked for his tracks and his Tracks came out of the woods and they Went up to the the base of that tree And then they ended there was no tracks On the other side of that tree and I I

Remember just kind of going home going Whoa I I don’t know if I smell if maybe Somebody was growing something in the Bushes that made me hallucinate I went Home just going uh glitch in The Matrix Oh my gosh and I went and I looked and finally it was a Couple weeks later I came back to that area and I spotted That herd of the elk and that bowl was Not with them the bull was never with Them again and as far as I know I didn’t Know anybody had ever harvested that Bowl so there wasn’t anybody around that Went I took him last hunting season Right He’s gone and yet I had been in that Meadow a million times I promise you I’d Stepped in that same spot and there was Nothing there there was nothing there Right I don’t know that’s incredibly profound You know we hear stories about it and People experiencing passing through Something like uh even to the point of Like walking on a well-known Forest path And suddenly they’re in a jungle instead Of a forest or they’re in a grassy field And it’s night instead of broad daylight In the in the woods and then they Backtrack and they’re back where they go And they and then it’s not an issue Anymore whatever it was just disappeared Like they can continue on and it’s

Normal again but you know I mean it Sounds like you you witnessed something Passing through one of those now the Interesting part is it seems like the Elk was aware of it right like it knew Where to go Yeah he it was like he walked over to The base He sniffed the ground looked at me and He jumped and he shouldn’t have had to Jump I mean he should have literally Just stepped right over because it was The far end the top part of the tree it Was rotten it was probably only that High sure I mean he should have just Walked right over the top of it and kept Going but he jumped and it and it was Like uh it was like watching an elk you Know go over a farmer’s fence I mean he Literally jumped into the air and then It was the way the only way that I can Really describe it I couldn’t see anything there wasn’t Like a uh it wasn’t like you could see Shimmering or anything I hear people Talk about that well I didn’t see that It was just like he was there he jumped And He just Was gone was gone and It’s like like he looked over at you and Said hey watch this Look what I can do I’ve seen that same thing happen here on

My property and I this dog is bugging me Um I have seen that happen on my property But what I have to do is I have to get My camera And I so first off I’ll feel something okay So I will feel something and then I will Go okay get my phone and I’ll start Panning and then this one day in front Of my property Um like to the other complete side of my Property where Gunner was barking at my Lab and where he was roared at y’all Have her that recording Um I was In that area I guess and there’s this Bush that the Moose love and I’ve got it All over the back of my property and in In the front yard like in the corner And star my Malamute you all have seen Star She was going through this plant And I stopped my phone and I could see It I could see the outline of it looks Like a like a Sasquatch Sitting down like the back part of it And I was like I can see you I felt kind Of like you know duh and star was going In and out just like She went in like three or four times I Was just like and then I got up and I Just took like two strides and I couldn’t see it anymore and in my

Video I can see it Now of course this video is not Something I can just show everyone sure And this is where this is where the Where it gets complicated because this Is where the division of in the Community of what people believe as Everybody knows of only physical beings That you can see like flesh and blood I Just hate to use those terms because They are flesh and blood but they are Also other or something else and Um So that’s you know I’ve seen it on other Occasions I’ve I’ve taken pictures and Other people have seen them Um where there’s just things in the Woods in the trees I’ve got a family photo uh there’s a Wolf above my head and they’ve seen it I Mean why is the wolf above my head so It’s not just the Sasquatches it’s other Stuff And um You know that was When I accepted the fact that it’s more Because I tried to keep everything Separated like the Paranormal Like you know I’ve told you all when I’ve gotten audios I’ve got like Enchanting I’ve gotten like Just other sounds And I would be like okay I I don’t I Don’t want to have anything to do with

That but then when you start hearing Like my name being called and then other Stuff other phenomena that you just Can’t explain I mean I this was You know I mean we all just like woke up I woke up really quick and The more that I accepted that things Just kind of fell into place and then I Had other people contacting me hey I see That in your photo and I would be like Really and then I had another photo of a Like a transparent Sasquatch like walking away and Kelly Um Kelly Um what’s her last name last bride it’s Not last brightest anymore Isn’t Ellie rainbow butterfly I guess is What she goes by now but yeah He could see stuff in these photos I was Showing her other people were seeing it Before I had even matured to that step But these are like steps and I fought it For so long I mean I am just blown away uh you know like How Tanya came into the picture and she Just like You know it was like that missing puzzle And It’s I mean it’s we’ve come so far in The couple of short months that we have Been together the things we’ve Experienced

Yeah Well I mean it’s kind of again it’s a Really cool combination of people Bringing their unique and individual Tools to the collective and I think that That’s really what helps also uh in in Just terms of the gender I’ve heard that There are many times all female teams Will have more likelihood of making Contact or at least getting closer to These beings than male teams will and Maybe it’s the whole testosterone thing I don’t know I mean I it could be an Energetic thing Um but that certainly has come up many Times that I’ve heard so I think it’s a It’s a great thing and I and I’d like to See more all women teams out there I Know there are several but it is an Interesting that they seem to be Cognizant of the fact that you know There’s men and there’s women and and They seem to be gravitating more towards Towards females in many cases at least In some cases I can’t speak Authoritatively on that but at least Anecdotally that comes up But what’s funny is you know trying to Keep everything separate like I said and Then here comes the UFO phenomena Because Our other friend Don Um who was over that day she’s she knows A lot about that and so so does Tanya

And what’s hilarious is that Um my friend might like one of my best Friends she’s you know not interested Well she she’s into kind of like all of It well she is calling me up one day Kathy my friend she’s like oh my God I Have this app and we have to do it I’m Like what what what what is it anyway And then Here Comes Tawny on the picture And Dawn and then Tony and then I’m Meeting it’s like we’re all connecting And then Kathy meets Dawn and they’re Like oh click click They’re all like talking and then Um And then Kathy wants to have the Experience so here comes Tanya with oh I Know how to do that and that was a crazy Other night that Tony will have to tell you about that I It’s just it’s insane how everything all These phenomena are connecting together It’s just it’s so funny but you have to Hear about what happens Yeah so so Brent basically what we we Did is the ce5 protocol so Stephen Greer’s Close Encounters of the fifth Kind protocol are you familiar with that Yeah I am yep okay so we thought since There’s a lot of activity out at Bayview Like Ponderay there’s a supposed alien Base we thought that’d be the best place To go to for that right so we get our Little group together and we go out

There it was a full moon you know better Make it exciting we’ll do it on the Night of a full moon and the weather was Beautiful and so Kathy had the app and Basically the app it plays these Different tones similar to sound Bulls Uh different frequencies and different Tones and uh then we meditate and we Actually make connection with beings and After we meditated if you could have Seen Cindy and angelique’s face this was Their first experience with seeing a Ship or a craft you know I this isn’t my First rodeo I I’ve seen them they Actually show up sometimes out front you Know for me and I think once you Communicate with them and connect with Them they’re more apt to show up similar To Sasquatch see I don’t have as many Sasquatch experiences but Angelique and Cindy do where now I I bring in the X Extraterrestrial you know aspect and so To see their faces they could not Believe the interaction that this craft Was having with us like it was powering Up and then it would power down and then They tell it to power up again and it Would power up again and then it would Power down well the irony of this is the Moment we had this craft experience Which lasted for a good couple of Minutes I’d say two Chemtrails were Right above our head and then it got Cloudy

I mean I’m like really like you know so It was kind of funny it was like we had This really amazing experience and then Uh you know an airplane flies over and Then it just clouds up this beautiful Clear sky right over Lake Ponderay but It was really fun and we’ll definitely Do it again uh and it’s something that Uh I think as a group The more we do it We’ll probably connect with certain Beings and that’s what I’ve been doing With my team uh when we go over to uh You know Mount Adams I have a friend who Owns some property over there and uh we Do this regularly and we have several Craft you know that show up cigar shaped And and triangular and it’s it’s really Fascinating it’s interesting that you Said Bayview because that’s just south Of me right on uh Lake Coeur d’Alene or Lake lake pondera yeah so my I actually Had my first flying sauce experience on The North End of the lake off of uh up In the mountains there called Trout Creek Road and it was an actual saucer Sitting above a tree watching me and I Could only see it using infrared Binoculars using generation one infrared Binoculars I couldn’t see it with my own Eyes but when I put up the binoculars it Was sitting they were just hovering Flashing lights but I couldn’t see it When I lowered them and I raised lower It was there when I looked through the

Infrared when I when I used my own eyes I couldn’t see it and I was like oh my God you know so that was right here yeah Yeah this area for extraterrestrial Activity is is uh pretty pretty popular And I think Spokane in itself if you Watch you the show UFO witness they’ve Actually done two episodes out here one At Priest Lake uh and one at Lake Ponderay so there’s definitely a lot of Uh extraterrestrial activity and you Question there’s a lot of activity Around military bases so you always Wonder if if there’s a correlation with That too well sure the Navy base is down There or the Old Navy base I don’t know If it’s still active but yeah Oh yeah that’s right Um it’s very very small and um I was Actually eating there a couple of Summers ago with another friend of mine And this uh at the the floating Restaurant well just you know down the Corner is the military is the little Thing where it says something about the UFO thing well what was so funny is was Not funny but we’re you know this guy Had his Um what’s it called a drone sure and he Would sign it and I’m not throwing it so He had this drone and it was a very Expensive drone well he comes you know We see it fun and we’re like Dude you shouldn’t be flying it in that

Area and then the next thing you know it Goes down right now he come running to The restaurant because it flew and my uh My friend Wendy she’s like she I was She’s like did you see that I was like No this guy goes my dream My friend Wendy goes what happened to it I think it went down into the water he’s Like Shoot are you sure and she’s like well Dude you shouldn’t have been flying it Over the Navy thing and it was like Something intercepted and it just went It just went into the water oh no and he Never found it well well while we were There eating lunch I was like I’m like Yeah that’s creepy I you know I know now Let me ask you guys do you think there’s I of course there are those people that Believe that there is directly a Correlation between Bigfoot and UFOs That maybe they come from out outside of Our world what do you guys think do you Have an opinion I mean I I Seen the correlation myself with Which and UFOs but you know it’s it’s Really hard to say you know the question Is is you know are all Sasquatch flesh And blood or are you know are they Inter-dimensional are do they shift Based off of frequency you know and if They are interdimensional then of course

You’d probably could suggest that they Are connected with uh you know Extraterrestrials are they Extraterrestrial I mean I don’t know There’s so many questions behind it sure And uh you know I I wish I knew because It’s really fun and exciting but I think That’s part of the excitement is is Trying to figure it out for ourselves Right absolutely yeah and in some Instances I think Um Possibly and because I I I mean myself I Have that encounter like I said Um I came out one morning and let the dogs Out it was 5 58 a.m February is still Dark and I saw you can see the the Truckers they’re logging and I saw Lights but this one flew around and I Thought oh my gosh and I grabbed my Phone which was sitting right there and I turned off all the lights And I closed the front door and my dog Star Started you know growling a little bit Which Malamutes don’t growl they go woof Woof or they’ll make their you know Noises that she was like she was Growling I was like I thought that was Weird and so I’m trying to film this Flying object or whatever it is and then All of a sudden Um there’s pine cones being thrown at me

And and I have it on my video Um you can hear the pine comes coming And I had just raked the whole freaking Driveway of pine cones and I and I when I realized What could possibly be throwing pine Cones at me Um I thought why are you it’s like they Didn’t want me to be outside but it was Funny because they’re throwing pine Cones at me and then one hits the truck My truck my new truck and I am like oh No I I know y’all are gonna be doing That and then they break they like had Absolute fit and they broke a branch and Then I was like I I don’t know what this Is about and I went inside and then Later like around 7 15 a.m when it was Just getting light out I walked outside From my back door and I walked around The side of the house And I could see where my truck is No pine cones over here but there’s a Whole bunch on the side that had been Thrown So They obviously threw them just on that Side of the truck and I thought well What in the heck is like why are y’all Throwing pine cones on at me but so that Was at 5 50 but at 2 20 a.m three hours Prior Me and my husband Heard

Um like From inside the house and we both woke Up and sat up and he was like what in The hell is that is that the dogs I Looked down and all three of them were Asleep And then he was like well I don’t know if I can’t see it I can’t Shoot it so I’m going back to bed I’m Like well that’s just great so I run Into the living room to check on Ace Because he’s gone into the living room And he’s laid down and nothing and I’m Like So it was it was probably them I I don’t Know what that was about I don’t Understand it but you know the the Rancher they dealt with UFOs Um Who knows and I know Angelique has had Some stuff happen to her too Well I know that one of the things that I did was I jumped down a rabbit hole When I started researching the hoodoo Area And uh part of The I guess What makes it hoodoo is that there has Been sightings of UFOs in this area Since the the days of the Trappers even And they didn’t really know how or what They were at that time and didn’t really Know how to describe it and So

Um for myself knowing that these beings Exist Um I think it’s all correlated how I Don’t know but it does seem to be that Wherever you find one you seem to find The other whether or not there are Together or a part of the same beings I Don’t know right but it there does seem To to definitely be in the areas where There’s Um Sasquatch sightings there also seems To be sightings of orbs and UFOs and High strangeness and Mysteries that People can’t explain and that has been Going on for a very long time since Before we even knew about aircrafts I Mean I I jumped down a rabbit hole They’re the Genealogy section in the Coeur d’Alene Library and found you know where some of These things and these sightings came About In newspaper clippings and things like That where people were talking about it Long before there was even Vehicles so Um yeah I think it could quite possibly Be Um could quite possibly be but then at The same time you just don’t know that’s It we’re just barely scratching the Surface and I think that Um with the beginning of the internet And um YouTube especially and being able To listen to other people tell their

Encounters and their stories and stuff If you sit down and really write down The information that each person tells In their in their encounters and in Their experiences you’re gonna find that We can glean a lot of information from Each other because I don’t think we’re Being allowed to know this stuff from The powers that be and I’m not gonna go Into politics but you can take it from There Yeah of course I mean you know it Occurred to me as well that you know There are histories that allege in the First Nations that there was active Trading between them and these Forest People and so perhaps if these if these Extraterrestrials have been around for As long as you know we believe they have Been which is probably for centuries or Millennia then maybe they have a Relationship with them too I mean could They be on good terms could they be Trading amongst themselves I mean it who Who knows it’s hard to say but yeah It is yeah and I think as humans we’re All out trying to prove something or try To kill them or NAB one and you know so I’m sure you know that they’re like you Know stay away from them or they can Kind of sense Our intention and I do I Feel like there’s a correlation with Sacred sites as well like uh Crystal Crystal Springs uh the pyramid and

Chewelah there’s an ancient pyramid in Chewelah that uh I’ve been to several Times and wow the energy is very Powerful there I know Kelly has been There and has had several Sasquatch Experiences there uh I’ve had when I First moved here I actually had three Different people my hairdresser I was Getting a massage and then some random At the grocery store told me all three Of them differently randomly told me That they saw crafts that followed them On Route 2 going out of Spokane Um like towards you know towards Seattle It could take Route 2 towards is it the Coalville National or is it Colville no Yeah so route two anyway there’s a huge Triangular craft that follows cars you Know out there now the question is is That a real extraterrestrial crafter is That a government you know craft but I Just thought that was very kind of Synchronistic that I had three different People that didn’t even know each other Randomly mentioned to me that they had Been followed on Route 2. once they get Out more into the deserted areas At night or in the day or did they say Two of them were at night and one was in The day wow one of them she said she Lived out there there’s a small little Town out there and she would drive back And forth from Spokane so it wasn’t one Time that it happened she said it

Happened at least five times she said it Was very common and it would just get Real low and she said it was kind of Scary because you couldn’t hear it but You could see the lights and it was Obviously a triangular craft and my Friend Edward who actually experienced That he he found a photo that looks very Similar to what he experienced when he Was out there on route 2. and he’s one Of the ones that does the ce5 with us as Well Tanya Route two that was where I was living When I found the elf that disappeared it Was really I weighed to in the Colville National Forest there you go see there’s Something going on there and we know With the national forest with David Pilates and all the missing people you Know there’s there’s just a lot of high Strangeness on known activity that I Think happens and and we’re surrounded Here in North Idaho uh Eastern Washington with national forests yeah Um I wanted to you know since we’re Talking about UFOs and I don’t know Justin was he was still Little but we were outside we were at The end of my driveway where I got a Crazy audio not there I mean it was Probably from the the base of the Mountain that 38th second moan that I Have but

Um we’re standing out there because We’re looking at this weird bird that Was up in the tree and I was thinking What is that that’s not an owl so we Were looking and all of a sudden we hear Like this Like this worry like a foreign noise and We both look up and there is this drone That back then drones weren’t really Around or like they were just like those You know like but maybe a hundred Dollars now because you know back then It might have soaked like 400 because it Was like so new but like we look up and We see like this drone but it’s not Anywhere like what my neighbor saw so my Neighbor lives like 20 acres well I Don’t know maybe a Half a mile away She came out one day and she saw a huge Cigar shaped Drone and it was down low enough like at The top of the trees and it wasn’t a UFO Because I asked her I was like well how Do you know if it’s not a UFO and she Was like you know Laura she’s pretty Blunt she said I’m not a dumbass I know What a UFO looks like and she’s I was Like sorry she’s like it was a freaking Drone and it just like powered up like How we saw would see the UFOs it just Went And she was like I have no idea but her Animals were going just making a lot of

Noise and I was like what the heck and I Told her that we saw a smaller drone Like flying across the street and it Flew above me and just and it flew Across the street I was like what was That just did you see that he was like Yeah look like a little he was still Little so his description of it was it Looked like a like an airplane or Something I was like That is so weird because it was It was Kind of Like really really fast and and the gray Color of it it was like Just weird kind of like I’ve never seen a gray color that and it Was so fast that I just like looked at It and then it flew across the street to That property over there that goes down Where I’ve had Sasquatches you know Sleep across the street and I don’t care and they would like or Whatever was asleep over there in the Down in the the hollers down there Because it goes down the property across The street and then it goes up the Mountain so who knows what that was I Mean this place this whole area is just Crazy like yeah people have Committed Suicide for no reason and You know like Angelique told you and Some of the research that she discovered And I’ve had you know there was 10 acres

That there was an easement argument over And then The owner of the easement said this is My road but this easement led up to Other cabins up there so she shut the Easement down well guess what that made Those cabins landlocked because the Other way that that road that we go up The mountain y’all okay so if you go up There’s another way to come back down But these cabins up there this house has Allowed them access But then that house was sold a new owner Came in she blocked the easement she Proved that she was right This guy Bulldozes past her The easement and he’s like screw you I’m Gonna I’m going up there He ends up killing himself Oh dear God Um For no reason Nobody knows that’s where the Disembodied Spirits or the Earthbound Spirits they kind of can take over a Person’s body you know I don’t know That’s just my thoughts about around it Well there was somebody from I think it Was like If I remember correctly reading it was Somebody and I think the 60s Don’t quote me on that but it was a Young man who was happy life was going

Good for him he just got a good job he’s Got a Pretty girlfriend and life was be happy For him and they decided to go for a Drive up Voodoo and Um from what I remember in the story Like I said please don’t quote me on it But it was like he just looked over and Just walked off and killed himself and There was nothing to cause it it was Almost like he went into a trance and That’s um one of the things that they’ve Said is that a lot of these people who Have committed suicide have almost gone Into almost like a trance right before They do it where there’s just no reason For it and that’s one of the things that Was written in these old Um these old uh history books was that That was one of the anomalies that Happens up in the hoodoo area so and Um quick story I I know I’ve told the Story before but I don’t think I’ve you Know it’s sometimes it’s hard for me to Tell the story but I’m okay today Um like when we were in Yakima I Told one about the pet cemetery but I Didn’t tell this story I I don’t think Because I was just really emotional that day When we were on stage and so I knew I Couldn’t talk about this but I can talk About it now Um

So in May of 2020 Like May 23rd um So okay so I’m just gonna tell y’all so Me and my older son he’s kind of kicked Us out of his life and it’s long dumb Story and it still was not resolved and It’s killed me And um 2020 I was home alone Ron had to go uh Left to Texas because his dad was very Sick and he was on a ventilator actually It was pretty bad so there was a lot of Stuff going on and um I remember I was In bed and we had just gotten in this Horrible argument and he did what I Thought he would never do and he just Like totally just like blocked me and I Just couldn’t believe it and I I mean if You want to talk about bottom of the Barrel Crying sure you know break down whatever You want to call it that was a bad day And I remember Stopping and thinking I I this pain is This pain has got to go away Um I’m an Empower so that doesn’t help Um and I remember thinking I will do Whatever it takes to get rid of this Paint I mean I was I literally was Crying so much and then my younger son Came home from work and at this time He’s 17. and so he walked in he found me And he found out what happened and so You know so now he’s mad and

You know I am like oh my God I was mad At myself for um letting him find me That upset And um then I assured him I’m okay but I Remember going to bed And I was thinking this is why people Commit suicide they can’t take the pain And I remember Making a joke out of it thinking Even if I wanted to kill myself I Probably would do something stupid like I would be like still alive out in the Backwoods because I would be like you Know I probably wouldn’t do it right and I was just laughing about it because my Nephew Um he overdosed And so I to me that you know suicide is Not a joke I would never do it but I’ll Tell you what I was in a lot of pain and I fell asleep that night and at 2 20 A.M At night is when the female walked up to My window And I could Feel her like screaming at me I call you Crazy are you insane because right Underneath the window was my my AK and It was it’s it’s it was loaded and I was Like she was like reading my intentions I wanted the pain to go away and I said Oh I’m okay and then in my head I was Telling her I would never do that And then I felt like those Peace like a promise and I was gonna get

Up To go get something but Um I went back to sleep and I slept all Night till 9 A.M so She knew what my what was going through My head she knew my pain and They know these things they can They can understand they can see things We’ve done when we’ve messed up and I Mean it’s it’s a total circus like you Know all the time here you know like Sure I can hear him screaming sometimes And I’ve learned to go outside and Acknowledge them and then they’ll stop This one night they didn’t stop they Kept going off and off and off and they Were trying to tell me my dogs had taken Off my two little Crappy dogs went over the fence and they Kept going and then We found them like 24 hours later but They were going off all night and I went Outside and I was like okay I hear you But they kept going and going and going And that’s the only thing I can think of That next day one of the dog’s collars Was like taken off off of him and it was Like right there for me to find in front Of the The sliding glass door like they took it Off and didn’t like them wearing these Shock collars so I mean hmm I think that they are they are uh you

Know I mean even even dogs uh like Caesar The Dog Whisperer guy he talks About how If you have an agitated dog it’s because It’s cueing off the energy of the owner And uh if you have a calm dog you’ve got A calm owner and and and so if a dog can Mirror our emotions so absolutely it’s Not a lot to think that other things out In in our natural world can as well in Fact they’re probably much more depth at It than we are because they don’t have All the garbage we have to deal with you Know they are just connected and in tune With their environment so you know when Something comes in that’s all distraught And stuff I’m sure if you know as far as Empathy goes you know and there are Empaths that are people and you’re you Know you guys I’m sure are well aware of It all of you listening but Um these things must be Amplified by 10 Or better you know I mean they should They just can feel that you know a Person is there and they can also feel I Think they can feel what that person’s All about you know whether it’s a good Person over whether it’s an evil person Or whether it’s a you know a horrible Person whatever so I believe that Oh my God I said actually coming out Tomorrow maybe And they’re just like going crazy like I see them in my just they’re all like

I think too you know Cindy and I I don’t Know if Angelique does or not but we I’ve experienced the Mind speak Um I have a kind of a crazy story it Involves uh losing track of time and uh We are just really weird chain of events So I was following my friends uh driving Over to Mount Adams one weekend and they Were in front of me on the expressway And somehow I had gotten lost I I had Gotten I had gone South near Yakima when I really needed to go north and they Ended up getting to the ranch and Somehow I had gotten lost in the Yakima Reservation and so here we are again in Another sacred land and you know I I’m Driving through this area all by myself And something hits me like a ton of Bricks and I’m sobbing my eyes out just Crying I had so hard I had to pull over I couldn’t handle it it was really Intense so I get out of my car I’m the Only one there and I had flip-flops on And I go and I stand like on the side of The road in the grass and I take my Shoes off and I begin to realize that This is a common trait of people going Missing as they take their shoes off at Least that’s what David polite says but I take my shoes off and I start chanting I I this stuff is coming through me and I felt like I was in a trance very Similar to what Angelique was talking About and I had this uh information

Coming through me but it didn’t feel Scary it didn’t feel like I was um being Attacked it felt more loving and Compassionate I don’t really know how to Explain it but I felt emotional it was Like I was maybe picking up on the Energy of the land or a being there or Something I don’t really know but so I Don’t really know how long that lasted I Just know that I you know was barefoot Standing on the side of the road no cars Past me I was there by myself well then I get back I finally come to it I get Back in my car and I kind of just sit There for a minute like what the heck Just happened to me like this was really Intense and so I get back in my car and I I plug into my GPS when my GPS starts Working because I’m kind of in an area Where there’s not a lot of cell service And I start heading to the location Where my friends are well once I get to A place for their service I see like 10 Phone calls and it’s my friends they’re Like Where the heck are you they’re leaving Me messages they’re leaving me texts Where the heck are you and I’m like no Big deal guys I just I I got lost I came Up through the reservation and I’m on my Way I’ll be there in 20 you know 20-ish Minutes and they’re like I get there and They’re in a they’re in a panic you know This is Dawn this is my friend Dawn and

Jay they’re in a panic and I’m like what Is your you know what’s the problem you Guys they’re like where did you go You’ve been gone for three and a half Hours well I thought I was only gone for 30 minutes like I I literally thought I Had gone off track for about 30 minutes And so I had lost a significant amount Of time I had been put into trance now Was I was I abducted I don’t I don’t Know I really don’t know the answer to That question but that night I had had a Very profound mind-speak Sasquatch Experience that this is really the only Sasquatch experience that I’ve had that Really rattled me kind of to my core and So we were staying in a yurt the three Of of us and I was up on the top and That morning around it was probably About 3 30ish 4 o’clock I had been woken Up I had been woken up very strongly and Said go out to the meadow go out to the Meadow and I’m like okay so we were Staying in in these these Yurts on the On the edge of a meadow and it’s Pitch Black it’s pitch dark and I’m thinking Okay so I get my clothes on my friends Thought I was just going out to go use The restroom because there wasn’t a Restroom in the year you had to go out To the outhouse So it’s like 3 30 4 o’clock and I I find My way out to the meadow and there’s a Like a bench that someone had made out

There with logs And so I find myself sitting I sit down On this bench it’s pitch black I can’t See anything I don’t hear anything I’m Just out out in the woods by myself in a Meadow And so I sit down on this log and I feel This powerful hands lay on the backs of My on my shoulders huge I felt like the Thumb went down to my mid back and the Tops of the fingers came down past my Chest like this huge hands and I just Wept it was like holy cow whatever this Energy is that just basically embraced Me was one of the most profound energies And all I could hear in my head was it’s Time to let it go you don’t need to hold On to this anymore and it was like just Sobbing I mean I cried and I cried and I Cried well during this time I had closed My eyes like I had just closed my eyes And when I Finally came to I opened up my eyes and It was light like it was the sun was out It was bright and about 20 feet in front Of me was a deer and it was staring at Me dead on in my eyes and immediately I Felt Sasquatch I felt Sasquatch presence So when Angelique was sharing that story About the elk I’m curious if that was Actually Sasquatch that was presenting Themselves in the form of an animal Because this I’ve heard many stories About this that they can present

Themselves in a way that we feel Unthreatened by or we feel comforted by And I was absolutely experienced mind Speak and I know Barry Littleton I don’t Know if you guys know him but he has Also been to the same location and he Experienced a very similar experience That I had with the Mind speak and the Sasquatch where we were guided out into This particular Meadow and then he woke Up and he saw an animal there as well And so it’s like there’s just this Commonality with it that if we I opened My eyes and there’s a huge 10 foot Sasquatch standing there I probably Would have freaked out but I opened my Eyes and I see a harmless deer I’m in Much more of a you know calming place so I don’t know there’s there’s that as Well you know there’s that there’s the Talk about them cloaking but then There’s also the talk about them Shape-shifting you know as well and so I Can’t 100 say that that was a Sasquatch But I can definitely say I I felt it and That night I actually had a dream it was Really funny we were in the yurt and I Had a dream and I was kicking and Screaming in my bed and my friends had To wake me up they were like what are You’re screaming at the top of your Lungs our name like in your sleep you Know when you’re sleeping and you’re Trying to yell and you can’t well in my

Dream I had the most Vivid dream that a Sasquatch was holding me up in the air Similar to like Simba on The Lion King It was holding me in the air and I Looked like a toddler I mean it was and It was laughing it was holding me and I’m kicking and I’m trying to get my Friend’s attention they’re on the trail In front of me and they they’re just Chatting amongst one another and they Would not turn around I was trying to Get their attention so they could turn Around to see that a Sasquatch was Holding me you know in the air and in my Dream this was so intensely Vivid that I Was screaming you know in my dream that My friends had to wake me up they were Like what is going on I’m like and the Moment I woke up I’m just You know I mean it was like I was in you Know in your you have a dream that’s so Powerful sure and then you wake up from It and you’re like okay was that a dream Or was that not a dream and so they kind Of lived those two days with me and They’re like I don’t know what the heck Just happened to you you get lost you Lose time you have this weird mind speak Thing you have a strange dream you know So that it was like two days of just Really weird high strangeness that I Went through and I don’t know how to Explain any of it I just know that I Went through some weird stuff that

Involved Sasquatch and I think Extraterrestrials can I ask you though About the about the Mind speak because I’ve Heard lots of people claim mind Speak and it sounds like you those that Experience it are very clear that it’s Not it’s not just a an imagination thing Like it’s very distinct uh a very Distinct experience like it’s not like Just having a thought of a voice or Something that’s very powerful how did It feel for you It was it woke me up out of sleep it was Like go to the meadow it was almost like Um what did they talk it’s called the God Voice or whatever they you know the CIA would use it and they would mess With people’s minds and you know it’s Like a voice in your head and it wasn’t Like it was my intuition it wasn’t like I was like oh you know this subtle voice It was a Go do this and I was like okay you know And I kind of just followed that and Then for me it was more like a healing Experience you know when I experienced It but Barry the way Barry talks about It he said it was very similar it was Just this sequence of coincidences that Happen that you can’t explain you know And you’re just like what was that was That a Sasquatch was that Extraterrestrial I mean it’s kind of Hard when you get around Mount Adams

There’s so much activity in that area That you can’t really you can’t really Tell what it is that is communicating With you and is it telepathy you know Being highly um I can communicate with With a spirit realm you know so why Can’t I communicate with uh Extraterrestrials or other beings you Know so is mind speak just to form a Telepathy I don’t know I think it is but It seems the the the people that again That experience it is like it it you Like you can’t ignore it it’s not like Just a subtle thing it’s like boom even Less Stroud had had an experience with Mindspeak and uh you know he was Absolutely convinced that it was a very Real phenomena and that he was Communicating with them or at least they Were communicating with him but he said It was just such a profoundly powerful Experience there was no ignoring it and So I was very curious about that because I haven’t experienced it but I I wonder What is that like and and how neat is That if that is the case that you know Maybe they don’t share a language with Us outside of mimicking but maybe they Can through uh telepathic means or Through maybe it’s a just an extreme Form of empathy that they’re able to Communicate empathetic thought to people I don’t know you know it’s it’s hard to Hard to understand the mechanics of it

But uh that you know it does come up a Lot so I mean it’s it’s very much a Phenomena people experience we do have a Question from our chat it’s from one of Our mods says does the geological Landscape of the property in the high Strangeness have lots lots of quartz or An underground streams or Springs and That comes up a lot in paranormal Investigations of course courts content And soils is a real magnifier for uh for Paranormal energies as our streams Whether on the surface or under Underground so do you guys know of uh of These areas is there lots of of these Traits Well we are actually on a major aquifer Okay and also Um A couple of years ago as you know I um when my When Tanya is talking about how we’re Affected by behaviors or Whatever connections they’re trying to Make with us Um When my younger son was like you know Coming into his teenage years you know How we all have issues with our Teenagers and things like that sure Um I came to you To your show and I’ve had three I had Three people help me like read like Remote View and

They told me that stop they told me that Um there was things attacking the or Trying to attach themselves to like the Young people here in the area because They are they have such this energy About them and that the water Um is so like a dog man is a water Spirit so they said there’s dog men in Your area and they relate to the water I’m like That’s CR I’ve okay and then they said That they had to clean the waterways so It took three of them They went to Spirit Lake And they said that there was two portals In Spirit Lake And I’ll have to tell you that story Angelique I don’t know if I did or not But there is one huge portal and there Was another smaller portal And they said that was a mean Portal or area of Beings Coming in excuse me and they said it was Ancient And they said that it was a problem and I was like and they said and that’s why The town of Spirit Lake has so many Problems like with the city council it’s Actually kind of funny they were saying It’s just an area but it’s not just Spirit Lake it’s like the whole area of Whatever this is that’s going on this Phenomena and so this one day they were

Giving me this reading about my life and My son and you know and they said that They were going to do a cleaning and That they were going to like Um smudge him from afar I guess if you Want to say and um They discovered the two portals and so And I’m like What you know this is before I was on my Way to being on board of the Paranormal Of everything try you know trying to Accept it and all of that and they’re Telling me that they had to two of them Lifted the portals uh in the air so the Whole time I’m trying to think okay But I found it very interesting and I Totally believed them and I wasn’t even Totally on board yet yet with it they Had to clean the water Um they didn’t get Like northwest southeast whatever they Didn’t get all of the water because Um The guy who was cleaning the water Um his hand got burned yeah his hand got Burned and so he didn’t they didn’t get To complete what they were doing but They did enough of cleaning up of the Area and after that Um they kind of kept in contact with me And they did remote viewing of the area Not just my property of the area and They kind of kept in touch with me for a While and I I almost stopped researching

All together because I thought I was Doing something wrong you know am I Inviting these anomalies you know this Phenomena into my family and because I Had told Deborah I had when I call you a Show when she’s on and I said is it me Do I need to stop researching and she Was no and I I was just blown away by What they found here in the area so this Is not the first instance you know of The land clearing this is this goes you This goes was back I’ve dealt with other People and that’s what they found and Then Um Me and Aunt and Angelique went to this Location because I found a structure and Then she had told me about their lost Time getting lost and so she’s like I Have to come see it so she came over the Next day and we drove to this state land And it’s not far from my house She’s just gonna have to tell you what Happened because it was unbelievable Are you talking about where we’re gonna Go tomorrow Oh [ __ ] Yeah or shoot did you say shoot yeah I Said shoot okay go ahead Um yeah no uh Cindy and I went Not too far from her place Um we found a very thick ER than what Tanya and I had gone Through and gotten lost in it it was

Just as thick as the fur on a dog’s back I mean Lodgepole trees that were So straight and so thick and dense that You really couldn’t see too far from Where I mean you you couldn’t walk in You’d have to go in sideways through Some of the trees and we found a game Trail in it and we just followed the Game Trail and it was an enormous game Trail we’re talking one that’s bigger Than an elk so I mean I could almost Driven my Jeep down it that’s how wide This game Trail was And as we made our way down these game Trails we started coming across these Structures and You know when you’re in a thick stand of Trees and there’s no windfall there’s no Snow load they’re all perfectly straight And upright and Then all of the sudden this game Trail Leads to an area where there’s These very elaborate structures that Um For quite I I can’t explain any other Way than they seem to be basically Lodges they were a lot of the trees had Been ripped up Lodge poul trees this big Round had been ripped out of the ground Brute system left in the ground they Were just torn off and then brought over To the area where the structure was and Weaved into the structures and until They literally created

Like bedrooms and if you followed the Game trails in They would literally go in and you would Find beds in these structures now Whether or not In the very beginning they started off As a snow load could quite possibly have Been but They didn’t end that way they were being Utilized and as we were making our way Around down this game Trail we were Coming across a lodge here and then we Come across a lodge here and we and it Was almost like I I looked at Cindy and I told her I Said I feel like we’re in a village like This is this is like somebody’s home and Then you go down the pathway and there’s Somebody else’s home and then it opened Up to this absolutely Enormous structure that Was bigger than the house that I just Moved from that was uh almost 1500 Square feet it was Two stories high And so intricately woven together That I I told Cindy I said this is the Long house this is the long house this Is where if if it was a native Village This this would have been where the Elders would have met to have their to Have their meetings and discuss what Needed to be done for the people And it was quite obviously being

Utilized as a multiple Um I guess many beings were staying in this Um I was the dumb one I really was I I Without even thinking and and still kind Of going what are what are we looking at I crawled in because I wanted to see What it looked like from the inside and That was it was wrong of me it was Disrespectful it was wrong I was Entering somebody else’s house and I Need to go back tomorrow and apologize So did I I got really sick why didn’t You talk about how sick you both got Yeah the very perfectly fine and for the First time okay so I had covid earlier This year This did not covet did not affect me Like what happened to me This and it’s been a few weeks now I Have literally felt like I had some kind Of a poisoning I spent three days Vomiting Um it’s literally drinking just so I Would have something to vomit that was How bad it was and I told Cindy I said I Feel like I got radiation poisoning is What it felt like And I um I told her and I talked to several of The elders from the tribe and said this Is what happened I did something Disrespectful what do I do and they said

You need to go back you need to give a Tobacco offering you need to apologize And possibly to leave an offering of Some kind like food or something but Just let them know that you didn’t Intentionally mean to infiltrate their Home and that’s what we’re gonna do Tomorrow because quite frankly I am Still sick and and it’s it has been for What three weeks now at least four weeks Almost a month Yeah so um The first time okay so this Trail I took Um I’ve I’ve written that channel many Times with my eight my four-wheeler and My horse and She’s gone There she is Sorry so I’ve you know I’ve Ridden in these Trails so many times and That one side of state land the other is Private land okay Now I have never liked these trails and when I take my four-wheeler and I’m coming Down like the Power Line Road I will Like literally like to ride like this And like look or I’ll go in the middle Of this area and I would be like hurry Up well this one day I said I’m gonna Take that trail because I took it with My husband on Horseback many years ago

But this one day I was on my four-wheeler which was a Couple weeks ago and I was going through There and I saw this like she said this Structure and I thought that’s kind of Weird so I Sorry I’m drinking that it’s giving me Heartburn so I got down from my Four-wheeler and I left it running and I Was creeped out like right away like I Was regretting even because I was Halfway through this area thank God it Was not that long and I saw this Structure and I was like that is insane Huh that was only one of the little ones The bigger one was way down there and Then I I noticed the game Trail so then I hopped on the four wheel and I went Straight out and I kept looking back I Was like oh my God where’s Scott Carpenter when you need him you know Like by putting a a video in the back And let it play when I’m going I mean I’m telling you I felt like something Was doing this to me the whole time like It was just gonna like just catch me Until I got out of it that’s how creeped Out I was and then I called Angelique And I told her what I found and she came Out the next day And that is when what she’s talking About what happened And because of her lot because of Y’all’s lost time she was tying like

Ribbons remember we kept going like At First I was like like what it’s like It’s just we’re just we can’t get lost It’s like we’re going right there but Let me tell you what the further we went In I was starting to get like Okay I know I came back from that way Then you turn around and then and then You’re like wait a minute because it’s So dense all you have is this game Trail Everywhere you look there’s nothing but Straight trees unless it’s specifically Something by nature or This straw this Hut that we were next to And When me and Angelique had gone back that Next day like she said I even crawled Into one of the homes and I stood up in There and there’s photos of me remember Those photos you took of me standing There like that And do you know what in one of those Photos there is a big Sasquatch or Something standing above me and it’s Looking down and it’s doing this Looking down and it’s in the photo and Then there’s like a younger one Um and I think I don’t know if Robin McRae thought I showed it to someone Else and they’re like oh yeah I can see It here I did not tell them Where to look they could see it like Maybe nine feet tall because I’m like Barely five two so it was towering over

Me but of course I didn’t know that Until I got home Um And then the next day we had to leave For like Yakima oh no no we still had a Week left so the next day Angelique is Getting sick and she’s calling me and I’m like I am so sick too but I have Vertigo luck all the time it’s kind of Like when you you know you’re sick You’re gonna throw up but we were like This All the way to the Yakima Bigfoot con Event because we were speakers there and Tanya is telling us go outside and Ground go do this And we just I knew it was it was Energetic it was frequency it wasn’t Physical it was frequency and to answer The moderator’s question about the Courts we live in the Gem State Idaho so It’s basically like we’re sitting on a Crystal bed so there’s so many mining Areas in here and so it’s like we’re on Our own personal orgone and so of course There’s these little pockets of energy And I think when they went and found This structure there’s some sort of a Pocket of energy there that they may Have picked up and so that’s why I was Kind of telling them to clear their Energy right because I think it’s it’s More frequency based yeah there’s Another uh another question from the

Chat it says do the structures appear to Line up with any particular uh Constellation or stars in the night sky Could the could be Bigfoot sees their Own type of constellations in the night Sky That’s a good question we may have to Research that ladies So we’re going back tomorrow because Like Angelique said I’ve okay so I have been back there with My dogs but I didn’t go into the woods I Just walked straight through the Logging Road Um and I was creeped out that I knew What I was doing well I mean I knew that I had made the conscious decision Decision to go down this trail and I was Apologizing left and right but I I don’t Think You know it’s going to take both of us To go back because something we haven’t Um touched on here is how we how we Research what are our goals and what are Our standards so obviously we um I don’t know if this is a Native American thing because I’m Native American you know so are you Um each of you Um I’m not sure about Diana’s but that’s Not what our motto like oh we’re Native Americans so this is how we’re gonna It’s not but we all have family mem you Know we all like have we’re empaths and

We have it’s almost like our ancestors Are trying to come through to us to Perfect and hone our Um our gifts I guess because I’m Noticing especially with you Angelique You know how that you have come so far In just a couple of weeks I’ve noticed Like you would say well what is that What now you’re saying oh my gosh this This happened to me like I saw this like When you were in Priest Lake and you saw A grandmother a rock right Mm-hmm Yes oh so we’re not trying to prove that They exist we know they exist we try to Operate on a respectful level and we Didn’t we we didn’t do that when we Found this area and so tomorrow me and Her the goal is that we’re going to go Out there and do that Good and Angelique knows more about that because Than I do so sure Sure well one of the things that we Really have come together and have Learned as a team not just from each Other but from learning from these Beings is that they’re open to they’re Open to teach you Um there are many many Clans many many Tribes of these beings Um that live and have lived in the Wilderness for probably thousands and Thousands of years but

When it comes to Modern Man encroaching Upon their territory You don’t know what they have Experienced from us so you don’t know if You’re going to come across a person a Forest person who has been shot at Because there’s been many that have been Shot you don’t know if you’re coming Across one that is angry because it’s Territory historic territory has been Taken away you don’t know the only thing You can do is Is Very carefully present yourself when you Have an encounter with these beings in a Way that gives them the respect that’s Due them as if you’re coming in contact With a stranger who you accidentally Stepped in their house you’re driving Walking down the street you open the Door thinking it’s your house because it Looks identical to the one next door and It turns out you’re walking in on Somebody else’s home the first thing you Do is step back and whoops I’m sorry Oops I you know I didn’t mean to I’m Sorry I’m gonna leave now carefully and Hopefully that person hasn’t had PTSD And decides to shoot you right you know You just don’t know and so anytime that We come out in the wilderness what we Want to do is not to prove that they Exist Because for the thousands of people who

Have had encounters with them Um and more each day I’m finding out You don’t have to prove to them what Happened they know you know that you Know that you know it’s just now you Have to live your life in a different Way knowing that something exists that You didn’t know existed before sure so Our goal is to be able to learn how to Communicate with them in a way that is Respectful honorable and is able to Hopefully establish a relationship well Enough that we can Teach and educate other people before They go out in the wilderness Of what to expect what to do and what Not to do to prevent anyone from either Side being hurt and it’s it it’s Something that I feel very passionate About I feel that I’ve been called to do And I’ve had Um basically I guess for no other way to Explain it the blessing of the forest People to be able to speak on their Behalf And when we are out to like for example Um when me and Angelique went out to This the area where Tanya and her had You know when Tanya went back with her At that one area of the tree that was Peeled down Um and where they had their lost time Um Um we and like they were talking about

They thought you know there was bones There we is this a feeding area there Was no heads so there was a theory about That Um Possibly being a poacher but the thing Is is that we didn’t take any evidence And like when that tree was Um it’s probably 16 feet high Um at the bottom of where it was peeled Like because while I was standing Underneath it it was probably peel from So high up that even the bottom part of The tree was still so high there was Like wispy hair hanging from there we Took nothing And there’s a reason why we didn’t take Anything sure Yeah yeah no I think that’s important That’s that’s very important Um unfortunately we’re about out of time For tonight but uh obviously we’ve got a Lot more to discuss so uh you guys will Have to come back again and we’ll we’ll Do some more digging into this and to Follow up on what you guys find out After you’re you know your continued Investigations and such but uh I just Want to thank you all for being here I Know Deanna had to cut out because she Just was uh you know she’s wasn’t Sitting in a good place and not Comfortable so she had to bow out but uh But thank you all for being here and and

Taking the time to introduce yourselves To us can you let everybody know Whomever of you want to how to stay in Touch with what you guys are doing how To get in touch with you if if anybody Wants to correspond with what you guys Are doing Well I’m on Facebook under Cindy Ann Bueno good break and there on Facebook Under their names Tanya well Or just go straight to our Facebook page The Sasquatch sisters Northwest that’s Probably the best way to communicate With us and send us an email to uh Sasquatch sisters is it Northwest Yeah Sasquatch sisters Northwest and we also have a YouTube Channel so if there’s anyone who would Like to share their true encounter from The Inland Northwest which would be the Eastern the northeastern part of Washington state across the panhandle of North Idaho over into the Western the Northwestern part of Montana we would Love to share your story and Um check in with us we try to post on Our Facebook page at least every other Day at at least so please get a hold of Us we would love to hear from you now The email address was at Sasquatch Sisters NW Northwest it’s long but It’s worth the effort by God yes all

Right well thank you guys so much for Being here um oh I’m sorry Cindy were You gonna say something Oh Nothing um I just said that it’s a long But just type it out and you’ll Find us all right very good now if you Three would just stick around I’m gonna Close up the show and then we’ll chat a Little bit after the show if you got a Minute Um but ladies and gentlemen thank you so Much for joining us here on the Paranormal portal I appreciate you being Here and thank you all so much for the Comments those of you that uh have been Along with us oh I better put that back Do that again Angelique Her Bigfoot all right so Um we’ll uh be back tomorrow night Sheldon will be joining me we’ll get Into the Saturday show but thank you all For being a part of the journey remember We love you all be good be kind be nice Take care of each other help each other Out find the magic in every day and Remember to laugh as much as you can We’ll be back tomorrow night we’ll see You there right at 7 p.m Pacific Time Right here on YouTube so until then be Good Oh my gosh