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African Religion and Practices

Those who do not know whence they came cannot know or imagine where they go from here. Religion is a very good concept in the hands of good people, but also very dangerous in the hands of bad people.

What Does a Court Reporter Training Program Entail?

When first thinking about the career of a court reporter, few people are aware of the training involved and where to find schools that run these training programs. Although it is not a widely known career – a court reporter earns reasonably high wages and the job market is healthy and has remained so for the past decade. If you would are considering this career, specialized training is required before you can apply for an entry level position.

Marketing For Schools – How To Build Your School’s Image

All schools seek to gain and maintain a great reputation. With that reputation comes willing students, active and engaged staff, supportive parents and funding. Such reputations are not built, or maintained, by accident. Welcome to the world of Marketing For Schools. Read on to find out how to plan for your school to become a winner….

Mental Health, Continuing Education, and the X-Men

As an expert in mental health, continuing education standards of the X-men was a priority for the good professor. Read on to learn more about this subject.

What Interfaith Law Enforcement Chaplains Have In Common With Law Enforcement Officers

Learning to understand the Law Enforcement culture and the unique pressures that officers experience day-to-day is an important part of being an Interfaith Law Enforcement Chaplain. At first it may seem that the culture of Law Enforcement and that of Faith Communities have very little in common. However, members of the clergy may have more in common with Law Enforcement Officers than what is immediately obvious. These similarities provide the foundation upon which to build a relationship of understanding and trust.

Nurture or Nature?

When we think of the brain, many of us imagine this elegant, fine tuned machine with electrical currents firing rapidly as our senses take in and process thousands of pieces of information. Not so much.

The Elizabethan Era – A Is for Armada

A is for Armada, the first article in an A to Z at the Elizabethan Era in England. A factual, but sometimes, light-hearted look at the era of Queen Elizabeth I as we move along the alphabet with each successive article.. There were many major events, customs and people that made this era such important part in English history. During this series of articles I will be looking at a some of the most influential of these.

Akhenaton The Pharaoh That Egyptians Tried To Forget

While the Pharaoh Amenhoteph IV might not have been given the recognition he deserves by the generations of Egyptians after him, modern history did. His idea about religion and god makes him stand out from all the other rulers before and after him. In the end Egypt as a nation soon forgot him as his physical legacy was deleted by his own son.

Egyptian Mythology Or Spiritual Reality – Did Egyptians See Them As The Same Thing?

Are there still people praying for the sun to be released from the dragon’s mouth and is it still working? In hindsight it is easy to laugh at the earlier beliefs, yet even today some people believe the starry patterns have an effect on our lives. Many people read their horoscopes on a daily basis. For the Egyptians their religious beliefs were real and not definitely not mythological.

Egypt and Astronomy: 3 Prominent Connecting Examples

We may never know to what level the ancient Egyptians really wanted to copy the movement and position of stars into their construction of temples. What we do know is that certain statues were positioned so that the sun would enter deep into temples to light up the faces of godlike figures only on certain specially selected days of the year. This ability to work out the position of the sun on that specific day points to an understanding of Astronomy by the ancient Egyptians.

Egypt, 3 Most Famous Egyptian Artefacts

Egypt is a country with many surprises and the more sand they can remove the more the surprises they will recover. But it will have to be something extraordinary to top those we are familiar with. Three of these, the Pyramids at Giza, the discovery of the mummy of King Tut and the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings are certainly on the top of the list for collectors and tourist.

With All Due Respect, Some Teachers Text Message in the Classroom Too

The other day I was at Starbucks I was talking to a former school teacher from Manhattan Beach California. We discussed some of the challenges with kids and all their technology, specifically the reality that they were constantly text messaging, and wasting their time doing nonsensical things.

Assess Your Strength and Weaknesses With RTO Training and Consulting

The economic climate might be experiencing a bit of downtime these days but it will not necessarily mean that you’ll have to get hold of the right qualifications for a difficult and stressful job in order to be satisfied. With the vast amount of resources as well as the variety of potential careers which you can sign up for today, it would definitely be better if you take the time to analyse yourself, learn about your inherent strengths and weaknesses and discover the ideal job which will focus on tasks which make full use of your skills and abilities, while at the same time providing a sense of fulfillment and security that you can only get from a career that you are fond of and excited about.

Finding The Best Way Into The Nursing Field

These days, many people are looking into nursing school, and for good reason. Considering that jobs are becoming more scarce with each passing day, people are looking for an industry that offers the kind of stability that workers a couple generations ago used to take for granted.

Online Or Traditional? Which Licensed Practical Nursing Program Is Best For Me?

Going to nursing school has always been a popular career choice, but these days it’s even more so. There are several reasons for this. First, most of the developed world is going through an economic downturn.