Octagon Hall Overnight PT 4! We Felt Surrounded! #paranormal #ghosts #haunted

By | October 30, 2022
Octagon Hall Overnight PT 4!  We Felt Surrounded!     #paranormal #ghosts #haunted

Foreign Okay Like everything is going on here Maybe we’ve finally got them What we got we got this one over here Yeah All right so here we are in the funeral Or the men’s parlor Um Learned something interesting today Um So the men would have their parlor and Women they would come in here and they Would drink and smoke and women would go Into their their parlor yeah but when Funerals happened they would happen in This room why does that thing still Going egg Down So that’s where the word Funeral Parlor Came from was the combination of this So back here again at octagon Hall uh This is going to be our last session for The night For the morning yes almost morning it’s Been a it’s been an event So Look y’all haven’t shot out for many Things this far Um whoever’s in here can you make a Noise Come touch uh one of these devices you

Got the cat ball as you see the ball if You touch it it glows You can come over here touch my meter Make it go off You can do basically anything you want To can you please make a noise Fluctuating on the video Don’t tell me y’all are 3 30 to 5 O’clock only It’s quitting time after that I want to thank you for allowing us to Come into your home And you’ve been communicating with us Most of the night and I appreciate that But if we can get you to come forward Again And answers some more questions Before we leave that would be great If you want to touch this cat ball right Here you can That will light up You touch this right here Just like this And we got something right over here as Well That will light up if you come close to It And you know what I even have a gift for you Got you a cigar all right All you have to do is come over here And take what is rightfully yours this Cigar on top of the house I mean we understand

You all have been very gracious hosts Um he’s here I just heard that was mine was that Yours did you hit it by accident no one Don’t I heard the car horn No it was a notification Why would it do that Uh somebody something I don’t know any Of you [Laughter] Look well obviously it’s happening for a Reason It was probably huge Oh stop it Ryan love it geez [Laughter] What’s in here the mistress it does Sound like a horse That’s what I heard that sounds like huh Well Thank you so my keys are out in the car So that’s the case see we’re coaching it Back okay so can you come in here and Sit with us talk with us Let us know you’re in here some way Somehow Is Mary Elizabeth around I don’t think we properly Introduced ourselves in this room my Name is Brian John My name is Adam My name is Patty Laura And my name is Vicki We’re here to learn from you

We’ve been told a lot of stories about How you guys are still here and people See you hear you Catch you on camera So We’re fascinated with the story all These stories that we hear And we came a long ways well Brian and I Did We came a long ways he came From Canada and I came from Florida just So that we could interact with you guys And meet you And another thing also I didn’t say like I have in every other On top of the the ball and The meter There’s also a little device with an Orange light right here that you can Speak into That we can go back or we will go back And we will review and we’ll see you Know we should be able to hear you So I guess I want to start off Um any anybody in here please make a Sound make a noise Touch one of these devices Do what you can The layers moving Foreign ER is moving and you know what this Light is going off on the side where it Was you’re doing a good job can you

Really grab that meter Hope the camera’s picking you up Oh that’s awesome Awesome thank you so much Okay Are you If you’re a male can you make that meter Do that noise again please We know this Room Was mainly for the men Is it okay if the women sit in here too If it’s not okay Make that noise again Please If it is okay Can you make that noise please Are there a lot of spirits in this room You can touch it yeah what’s going on You touch us touch uh the device and let Us know As you Now realize it’s not going to hurt you Just lets us know that you’re you’re With us And you’re willing to answer our Questions Is it okay that we’re in this room Do you want us to leave this room The EM is fluctuating from a flat line To 0.3 milligaus some things interfering With it And it’s only when we ask these Questions

Would you please come close to this Device again So I can confirm that your presence is What is manipulating this device Does it bother you When people come through this house all The time Do you get angry Oh wow 3.3 Wow 0.5.6 3.2 2.8 2.4 216. So I was holding that at 1.7 so okay Could you please stop for a second That’s up to 7.97 oh my God This is the most so they don’t like it They’re getting tired of it so I want to Confirm our presence here Is making You angry if it is making you angry will You Make those numbers go back up again And also Make it go off again Doesn’t I’m going to ask you again Just to confirm Does it bother you when people come Through this house all the time It’s 0.6 2.0 1.9 yeah Can you please do what you did

Just before I got this camera if it does Make you angry so we can share this With Bear Because Bear May not know that this bothers you and The last thing we want to do is make you Angry So could you please Do that one more time This is out of respect for you When you were sitting in this room Were you guys playing cards Or were you just smoking and Talking Were you talking business Or was it pleasure Did you get angry and leave Or if you’re still here with us can you Touch us please Did you like smoking cigars Touch the box if you did 9.7 9.7 holy crap So he did you did like smoking cigars Adam brought you a cigar would you like To smoke it If you would like to smoke the cigar can You make That note that Device go off again please Are you standing or sitting beside us Right now in this room Thank you

Okay can we set this one down as well on The floor yeah Have we been respectful to your house And your family And you 2.6 So that is is that a yes or a no if it’s A no Can you make the device go off and make The noise again Okay now if that is a yes Can you make the noise Make the device Go off again Are we disrespecting you right now by Sitting in here and continuing to ask These questions 4.3 1.3 So we are disrespecting you by sitting In here Do you want us to leave Do you want us to leave this room Oh boy [Applause] Okay can you stop please Okay I want to confirm if you want us to Leave this room can you make it make That noise again We don’t understand What you mean when you do these things We’re hoping that the sound will Represent a yes So Do you want us to leave Foreign

Are there more than five Spirits in this Room right now Touch the box and let us know Is it a under five 300 o’clock So it’s just you Seeing stuff out in the corner of my Eyes are you yeah like over there and Everything I’m hearing stuff so you’re By yourself That’s crazy This thing’s not fluctuated like this All night all right yeah yeah I guess so We’ve been mostly getting the sound yeah Just the sound had some function keeps On going up and down yeah I had my camera in here while we left to Go get something to eat earlier that was Rolling the whole time I was gone yeah In this room so I’m hoping that we Caught something there too So Did you own this house were you one of The owners If you were make those numbers go up Again Thank you 3.3 to 3.5 Is your name is your last name Caldwell If it is can you make those numbers go Up please or make the noise Yeah so Are you the family that bought it after The Caldwell Family Or the owner after the caldwells

You got to be somewhere because the Caldwell’s built this I would like you to do me a favor Will you please Say your name into this Device that I’m pointing at If you spoke your name into that device Can you make those numbers go up again Were you a soldier Are you able to leave this home And then come back in Did you die here on this property Are you still here Putting this on my breath brought Himself some disco by there and I Thought it was your breath no that’s What I was looking at [Applause] You want us out of your hair We would like answers can you compromise With us please If you didn’t have any hair like this Guy Can you make the numbers go up Were the children allowed in here Did they have to stay out of this room Did they have to stay out of this room Um Do you wish that you were still Alive and enjoying this home Do you miss it If you do Make it go off If you think by not answering these

Questions we’re going to shut up I hate To break it to you I’m not trying to be Rude but we’re not going to we can Actually amp it up a little bit with a Spirit Box Um Which maybe we should be able to hear Your voice Through that and you can Just want to say when or say watch what Just stop Has gone on for a little bit now yeah Just stopped Like are you still with us right now If you are touch the Box make the sound Go off I think they reach a point but it was Like all right I’ve had enough Are you done talking with us Are you done answering our questions Let me see the Is supposed to make the Uh sorry Just because they’ve gone And if they’re happy It looks like a little oh that was my Phone yeah are you happy being over There on the other side Are you at peace are you happy 0.3 0.50 Let me see even though the airplane Mode’s on Okay 1.8

Sorry Did you run off to the basement like a Little girl There we go big guns are coming out now Here we go Oh what’s that Whoa So you did was that her phone no That’s this what um so you’re still here What was the question I asked all right Look at the camera guys Right thank you uh so I’m sorry to kill Me Just press the button again So you didn’t run off to the basement Like a little girl Thank you Can you tell me about the girl who died In this house Okay Thank you what was the question I asked And it went on no I said certainly did You run off to the basement like a Little girl and you said uh-oh And uh went off yeah [Applause] His chairs I think I’ve ever said what’s That [Laughter] It is daylight we did it guys we stayed All night long yeah it was moving in Front of my camera like it went this way And then back that way really did you

Just come in here and then start to Turn back around Can you physically hurt me Oh Lord I don’t know no I’m just asking If it’s possible I’m not asking him to Physically hurt me wow that’s kind of an Invitation okay is it possible for you To physically hurt me well that’s kind Of an invitation you’re just using Different words no I’m just asking okay So it’s morning and we’re getting ready To leave And uh we’re gonna take a walk out here Real quick and check out The Summer Kitchen It was built 1847 and rebuilt in 2007. Some kitchen What you cooking Yeah let’s go in Check it out You say cobweb I’m backing up a little Bit oh Make sure there’s no spiders This is so cool On the floor Beautiful sunrise too Yeah look at the sunrise Absolutely beautiful wow rising to the East and the direct east of that window Remember the Masonic window mm-hmm I need to take a picture of that sunrise [Applause] Okay I took a picture of that beautiful Sunrise out there

This is so cool So it looks like most of this is the Original and I think what’s newer is the Roof Built in 2007 but the fireplace and Everything else about the place looks Like the original Oh look at all these old Old little things here Okay gonna take a walk [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Back there Look at this property this is beautiful Foreign I think that’s Mary Elizabeth right here Oh wow yep It’s very sad this is so sad this is Where Mary Elizabeth was buried At least we think Pretty sure because he did point this Way and say she was buried here When we got here yesterday That she was buried over this way so I’m Assuming this is the spot 11 years old Rest in peace Mary Thank you [Applause] Well hello hi Hi there pretty doggies It’s okay Like herding dogs

Hurting the Sheep there’s all the Sheep Out there Hey there Okay it’s okay it’s okay That’s enough Slave Cemetery Oh wow soldiers The Caldwell slave Cemetery The cemetery was started in the early 1850s as a permanent revert aerial site For the slaves of Andrew Jackson Caldwell And used by their families until Sometime after the war between The states After emancipation and night of 1866 Many of the former slaves remained And assisted the Caldwell’s family after His death in 1866 from typhoid typhoid Fever Many of the slaves took the Caldwell Surname Until the individual Married Or left to find employment where jobs Were more plentiful some of their Ancestors and children are inherited At this site Or no inherited And turned at this site It’s a few pictures right here Oh Unknown Soldier Morgan’s Men

On a Morgan’s men 1864. Wow 1864 and 1865. Over a hundred and Hundred and something years ago wow No oh Let’s go Oh yeah God that is Huh Surprised it’s still standing it was Half dead Foreign With Inside that house could be buried right Out here Says Looks like it says Joe or Something like that Foreign It’s called a bald cypress And it stinks out here really bad it Smells like goats Yeah You can smell The goats or sheep Foreign Believes that many slaves death was Um Bye-bye Bye bye doggies

There’s the barn Foreign

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