A WORLD OF CRYPTIDS – Cryptids, News, Discord Question and MORE!

By | October 29, 2022
A WORLD OF CRYPTIDS  -  Cryptids, News, Discord Question and MORE!

Foreign Host Brent Thomas welcome to the Paranormal portal as we dive into Another fun-filled night of paranormal Intriguing Entertainment Tonight we’re Going to be diving into some Cryptids From all over the world in some lesser Known Cryptids so it’s gonna be an Epic Journey hopefully a little bit of an Education all this plus the news and the Discord question of the week and a whole Bunch more so hope you guys are ready It’s about to get spooky all right give Me a couple minutes we’re going to Connect to the network and get this ball Rolling we’ll be right back Oh My God Be quiet Everybody how you guys doing I gotta see

If I remember how to do all this Paranormal portal stuff going live and Stuff it’s been a while it’s been about A week almost a week uh we’re one day Short of a week since the last live Stream now last Wednesday I do apologize Just had family stuff pop up and I was Like well Sometimes Mrs portal has other plans Than Mr portal and uh and uh you know I Just gotta gotta take care of business So I do apologize for the short notice And for those of you that are wondering What the hell happened on Wednesday well That’s what happened I just uh it was uh Just a Minion’s best friend had a Birthday party and he invited him and it Was just him he was the only friend Invited so I was like oh that’s pretty Cool and uh sometimes you know you gotta Make those things work because he can’t Drive you know so I had to take care of It and it was it was a blast we had a Lot of fun but I do apologize for the Short notice on Wednesday’s live stream It wasn’t intentional I just didn’t have Much notice to give you guys so uh I I Hope you you always check the social Media and of course check the uh Paranormalportal.net that’s our new web Page for the Paranormal portal has links To everything for Instagram Tick Tock uh Twitter Facebook Um something else I don’t know there’s I

I take care of somebody’s social medias I don’t know where the hell I am but I’m Everywhere that we are it’s on Paranormalportal.net so check that out And uh hopefully uh you know it’ll be a Good place to see what the heck’s going On I even got a countdown timer for the Next live stream on YouTube so if plans Change I’m gonna update that first and Then uh you know you can see wait that’s Way more days than that’s supposed to be The next one so then just check the Social media Um for updates on that and you know That’s the best I can do for now but I Apologize guys but anyway we got a big Show lined up for you guys tonight well I do because it’s just you and me it’s Back to that that comfortable Friday Night thing there will not be a live Show tomorrow nights just so you know Because I am joining uh my good friend Charles Howard Johnson and we are doing A paranormal investigation tomorrow Night at a haunted Pub a bar so it’s Gonna be good uh I’m really excited for That and special thanks to Charles for Inviting me along uh once again I’m Gonna try to stream from there uh so be Ready for a late impromptu stream right Here on the YouTube channel for those of You that watch on YouTube for those of You on TFR it’ll just be a I’m sure some Kind of rerun going on there but there’s

Thousands of or over a thousand two Hundred uh shows uh somewhere around There I don’t know how many are in TFR But there’s a lot so you’ll have a Paranormal portal but maybe not the you Know not the live investigation one but Those of you on YouTube uh you can check It out youtube.com paranormalportal and Uh you can see when I go live I don’t Know how much of it I’m going to be able To actually live stream depends on the On the connection I’ve not been there Before but I will be bringing that to You live so watch for the impromptu live Stream tomorrow night uh roughly 10 11 p.m uh Pacific time so whatever That means for your time zone check it Out Um but that’s going to be a good time I’m really looking forward to it Um good to see all you guys coming in Thank you so much and uh we got a bunch Of things to get through tonight Um as always I’m just so glad to be back In the seat here this is you know I’ll Tell you what and this is not paranormal But it just gives you an idea of of how Much I enjoy doing these shows like the Temperatures going around going down and It’s getting chilly here and I’ve been Chilly for days I just you know I don’t Do well with the cold weather anymore my Body doesn’t handle it real well so I’ve Been chilly but I’ll tell you what

Leading up to the show tonight I’m Actually like starting to sweat because It’s just like the energy is so big for Me personally and that’s you know Because I’m excited to do it I’m excited To get together with you guys and talk About all this weird stuff so tonight We’re going to be getting into some Cryptids from around the world and some Less external encrypteds there’s 47 a List of 47 Cryptids that you may not Have heard of that we’re going to go Through if we have some more time we’re Going to get to possibly some uh Celebrities that have had near-death Experiences that I got a list of to go Through as well and Maybe some uh Phantoms and Monsters uh One or two of those we’ll see what we Get time for but first of all we’re Going to be heading to the news but Before we do that I just want to take a Moment and talk to you about this this Of course being the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup coming up next year in Spokane Valley Washington if you can be In the area I’d love to see you because I’m going to be there I’m going to be The emcee for the event but as you can See on this promotion poster there’s a Lot of things going on Dr Jeff Meldrum Cliff barrickman is going to be there Ken Gerhard who’s a wonderful guy just I’ve had the pleasure of of knowing him

For a few years now at different Conferences and just the most Down-to-earth guy you’ll ever meet just A great guy Michael Freeman who’s been Really making the rounds Lady Of course His dad is Paul Freeman of the Freeman Footage and Michael’s got a lot of In-depth knowledge himself you can catch Him on shows all over the place this is A new guy for me I hadn’t heard of him But his name is Michael Thompson and He’s a he he’s from Alaska and he’s a Researcher up there and and he’ll be Talking and presenting there and there’s My buddy I’m going investigating with Tomorrow that’s Charles Howard Johnson And he’s also a Bigfoot researcher so He’s going to be presenting there as Well and again I’m going to be I’m Seeing the deal but uh if for more Information uh you can go to uh ex Northwest.com and uh get your tickets in Advance if you can make it uh I’m going To be there Don is probably going to be There as well as maybe Sheldon if we can Make it work so that’ll be next June 17th 2023. you got a little bit of time To plan so nothing nothing you got to Rush out and do right away but I would Uh definitely there is limited seating So if you’re gonna go definitely buy Your tickets in advance because I don’t Know how many seats but it’s a smaller Venue so we’ll see you there but special

Uh thanks to extreme Expeditions for Putting this on that’s going to be a Blast I’m really looking forward to it So that is that ladies and gentlemen now Um what I want to do Is I’m going to take you into uh the Realm of learning and knowledge known as The news I hope you’re ready here we go [Applause] [Applause] A little bit of laughter on the news a Little bit of Happy And a whole lot of excitement [Applause] The most trusted news ladies and Gentlemen all right All right ladies and gentlemen I’ll be Your anchor here at the Paranormal Portal news desk and this is of our Newscast which is a part of every show And uh this is where I I curate several Different articles uh for your uh Enjoyment actually I got another one I Gotta pull up because I just remembered It I gotta find it quick Um it’s just been a I gotta tell you Guys I’ve just been having a rat race Lately Um

Uh let’s oh that’s cool yeah okay let me Pull this up because I’m gonna oh I’m Gonna open this article last Um it’s one that was sent to me and I And I thought it was great from Rachel Our our wonderful mod in the YouTube There Um so the first article up for bat is Coming from unexplained mysteries.com Phenomenal site please check them out Please support what they’re doing over There again that’s unexplained Dash Mysteries.com the dash is the symbol not The words so just in case there’s any Confusion there uh it’s just a symbol so The first article up is coming from Unexplained mysteries.com Enfield Polterge Poltergeist photographer Remains perplexed 45 years on And if you’re not familiar with the Enfield Poltergeist haunting it’s uh Apparently one of the most profound Hauntings that was documented by a Parapsychologist and his research team And uh he’s absolutely convinced that This was a very legitimate phenomenon Now there was some pictures captured That I know have been questionable Um that shows like uh what what is Claimed to be a little girl being picked Up and and tossed but in the picture it Kind of looks like she just jumped off The bed or something but you know like She’s in midair but if it’s legitimate

It’s pretty powerful stuff So Um this article is Graham Morris was the Main was the man who captured Photographic evidence during the Infamous Poltergeist case The there are a few paranormal cases as Widely debated as the Enfield Poltergeist a Spate of chilling Paranormal incidents that occurred from 1977 to 1979 which is extraordinarily Long really in a poltergeist case They’re the phenomena is usually very Short-lived just a matter of months but At the home of mother of four Peggy Hodgson in Enfield London Over the course of 18 months The Unexplained disturbances occurring at The house escalated from items of Furniture being shaken to objects being Thrown around loud knocking sounds and Most terrifyingly of all the alleged Possession of eleven-year-old Janet one Of hodgson’s four children Several people including multiple police Officers witnessed these events notably Researcher oh God Notably researcher Maurice gross of the Society for psychical research spent Significant amounts of time observing And recording the Poltergeist activity At the house photographer Graham Morris Was also tasked with capturing Photographic evidence of the phenomena

The this call came in from the family They were spooked out by the whole thing Morris told Metro well I went in I saw Things happen and it convinced me there Was something happening in the house so I stayed on I was there for three months For for months after that I don’t know If it was three I don’t know where three Came from there maybe it was three Months uh it was I was convinced that Something was happening and then I Stayed on night after night and all Sorts of things happened chairs moved Cupboards open drawers opened beds Turned all sorts of things so it Convinced me there was something Happening I was convinced that something was Happening in that house and and was Convinced that the children or uh or no One was behind it no one was doing it Unlike many however by the time the he Had left the house for the final time he Did not believe that these occurrence Were the work of a ghost instead he Attributed them to something purely Scientific but admits that even today 45 Years on he still can’t explain what Took place one day we’ll find out Says The Conjuring 2 the infield Poltergeist uh BBC but I will uh put a Link to this if anybody wants to watch The included video you can certainly do That I’ll put it in TFR and in the in

The YouTube chat you guys can check it Out Um at your at your leisure hopefully After the hopefully after the show but Uh yeah don’t don’t check it out now It’ll keep till later but there’s the Link for that if you don’t guys want to See what’s uh what the video talks about It really was apparently a profound case Um again Poltergeist cases generally Last just for a couple months or a month Or can it even be weeks or days Sometimes but for the last two years is Is pretty unprecedented Hello Natalie good to see you um very Good all right and and Natalie you got It right the at sign with paranormal Photos great way to get my attention if Anything’s going to Um sometimes sometimes they get real Tunnel vision here but I’m doing my best I’ll do my best to keep an eye on it Especially when it’s just me All right so that was the first article Up for bat here on the news Fest tonight The next one of course comes from Unexplained mysteries.com and this is Also another one that’s a little bit to Do with UFOs but not what you might Think And this one is of course Yeah from unexplained mysteries.com this NASA built Flying Saucer is real but is Not what you think

And uh that’s by TK Randall October 27th So brand new NASA is preparing to test One of its latest creations and it could Very well spark a Spate of UFO sightings It might have the appearance of Something you’d see in the 1950s science Fiction B movie but this intriguing Saucer-shaped disc is in fact a new type Of inflatable heat shield that could one Day be the key to landing on Mars uh Humans on Mars known as the Hypersonic Inflatable aerodynamic decelerator Really that’s how they came up with heid Okay the shield which has been been in Development for several years consists Of a number of high strength balloons That have been designed to withstand the Temp extreme temperatures experienced During atmospheric re-entry next month It will launch from Vandenberg space Force base in California aboard the Ula Atlas V 401 rocket on a test mission Known as Loft did The low earth orbit flight test of an Inflatable diesel Do they give this out to a lot to like Elementary schools to come up with During which it will expand to over six Meters in diameter what makes the Hyatt Particularly useful is its ability to Slow down large heavy objects in Addition to protecting them during Re-entry enabling for exist in instance Large vehicles to land on other worlds

Such a function could be critical in the Future when much larger and heavier Spacecraft will be needed to land Habitation modules supplies and Equipment on Mars since high ad Technology is larger than the Traditional aeroshells it creates more Drag and starts to the deceleration Process in the upper reaches of the Atmosphere allowing not only heavier Payloads but also landing at higher Altitudes NASA wrote in a statement the Atmosphere of Mars is much less dense Than that of Earth and provides an Extreme Challenge for aerodynamic Deceleration The atmosphere is thick enough to Provide some drag but too thin to Decelerate the spacecraft as quickly as It would in Earth’s atmosphere well There you go so they had to make a Flying saucer or is a plausible Deniability No you did not see a saucer you saw Hayad [Laughter] Sounds absolutely spookier than UFO to Be honest with you but I don’t know what To make of it folks I just work here That’s some news for you so if you see a Saucer you might be seeing hiad all Right next up on the news Festival here On the portal is from unexplained Mysteries.com

This is uh chilling UFO encounter left Elderly man Frozen to the ground Yikes that’s not a good encounter by TK Randall October 27 2022 Jerry Woodcock I’m sorry I’m such a child sorry forgive Me Encountered something potentially out of This world one Summer Afternoon four Years ago the 89 year old retired fish Tackle shop owner who lived in Clifton England had been returning to his home At 5 30 PM following a fishing trip when He spotted something in the sky overhead What I saw was a big orange ball about As big as two airliners followed by two More gray objects he recalled it came From the west and went towards the east It was Unreal I was frozen to the ground It was so vivid the clouds were at Medium Heights and it was just above Them and it was absolutely round there Was no noise just moving they were not Of this world Woodcock Woodcock hopes that speaking Out about this sighting will encourage Other witnesses to come forward I’ve Seen something that probably no one else Has seen he said and it proves without a Doubt that they aliens are out there People think it’s a load of rubbish but It’s not they’re definitely there According to his son the experience has Had a profound effect on him

It was an unusual thing when that he That he saw and he can’t let it go he Said every so often he’ll mention it he Watches UFO documentary since he saw That and he realized that there are UFOs Out there I believe him and I believe There are objects that we don’t know What they are So there you go elderly Clifton manners Were called being frozen to the ground Now it sounds literal but I think he’s Just you know I don’t think he was Actually Frozen which is good because People don’t do very well being frozen To anything So good for him Um what a what an experience though That’s pretty profound and incredible But they’re out there folks I I’ve I’ve Seen them I believe they’re there Um well I know they’re there but I wish Everybody would see one then it would Just be a foregone conclusion it’s like Yeah they’re there now what so rather Than rather than debating the existence Possibility it would be nice if we could Just move into yeah they’re here we know They’re here so now what And we can move the ball forward a Little bit so we don’t get don’t get Wrapped up in the whether it is or isn’t Arguments Um I think it’s far too much to be Delusion is far too much to be

Misunderstood stars or clouds or Atmospheric events or you know all this Other BS that they throw at these things I think there’s an absolute phenomena Even so much so that the Navy doesn’t Know what the hell they’ve been dealing With so and who knows how far back that Goes actually but the little bit that we Do know I mean it’s a pretty powerful Admission there’s something out there Okay let’s go to the next one Uh this is from unexplained Mysteries.com astronauts scientists and Engineers now join NASA’s new UFO study What did they start with secretaries I Mean Why is that an announcement of course They should be on it if they’re in there So well we started with the janitors and We’re working up to uh actual scientists Now Um wow okay I I don’t know why that’s news but okay So the space agency has revealed the Names of the people will be honest Independent UFO investigation team back In June NASA announced it would be Launching a new study which will focus On analyzing existing astronomical data For anomalies that cannot be Scientifically explained Now at last the study has finally begun In NASA since revealed more details Including the identities of 16

Individuals who will be undertaking the Research Exploring the unknown in space and the Atmosphere is at the heart of who we are At NASA That just sounds so so cheesy said Thomas Zerbukin associate administrator of the Agency’s science mission directorate Uh understanding the data we have Surrounding unidentified aerial Phenomena is critical to helping us draw To Scientific conclusions about what is Happening in our skies data is the Language of scientists and makes the Unexplainable explainable oh it’s like a Superpower gave me chills the study Which will last nine months will According to the press release lay the Groundwork for future study and the Nature of uaps for NASA and other Organizations The findings whatever they may be will Be made available to the public Midway Through 2023 I’m not going to hold my breath on Anything because I don’t believe they’re Gonna they’re not gonna lay out anything Groundbreaking they’re going oh yeah we Watch this and we don’t know really what It is okay thank you for that millions Of dollars worth of study I mean it’s just it’s another cash grab Really I I don’t know I mean NASA had

Plenty of opportunities in the last uh Several decades to get on board with This and now all of a sudden it’s Important come on uh I don’t know I mean I’m not trying to be negative about it It’s I mean it’s good finally that it’s Getting some credibility and getting Some attention but really Why why why were there people poo poo in This for so many decades then if this is Suddenly a real possibility I don’t know I don’t like the double Standard that that to me is is Irritating I think But maybe it’s just me I don’t know Maybe it is maybe it’s a wonderful thing They’re doing this but for whatever Reason I don’t know you be the judge so Let’s go to the next article upper bat On the show tonight and this is also From unexplained mysteries.com we’ve got One more after this what am I doing for Time four minutes we might just have This one oops didn’t mean to go full Screen there let’s drag this over and Get a red well I still got moments all Right this is from unexplained Mysteries.com this one’s a ghost story Which I think we can all appreciate Coming up to Halloween especially but Halloween’s all year round on the portal So whatever Tales of a ghostly nerst haunt England’s

Gunthorpe hospital I know if that’s Sunthorpe or schoonthorp by TK Randall October 23 2022 And it says over the years there have Been numerous Tales of a benevolent Spirit that is said to heal the sick From the other side that’s cool that’s Good haunting for years paranormal Investigators venturing into abandoned Asylums and other such places have Reported encounters with the ghosts of Those who once resided there but what is Perhaps not quite as well known as the Fact that there have also been stories Of ghostly figures lurking in the Shadows of modern day hospitals that are Still up and running One compelling example of This concerns Alleged ghost of a nurse who is said to Haunt the wards and corridors of Schoonthorpe Hospital in England Characterized by her sweet smelling Perfume and long skirt this benevolent Her Apparition has been seen multiple Times by several people and in Particular members of Staff over the Last 20 years The Story Goes that the Nurse appears when she is needed to help The sick and there have even been Tales Of patients recovering after she had Paid them a visit that’s really cool Workers maintain that her appearance is Foreshadowed by the overwhelming smell Of her perfume

The hell is that picture it’s are you Serious what the hell what’s this the Majority of these experience happen in Old buildings with a tremendous sense of History uh and people are aware of this Said psychologist Richard Wiseman Hospitals are inherently places Associated with death Oh really Uh nurses in particular have to cope With life and death on a daily basis Very true at some level there is need to Believe in ghosts and an afterlife as a Way of saying death is not final as a Comfort I think it’s just not final it’s not Necessarily a comfort it’s just not Final Hospital officials meanwhile have denied Any knowledge of the stories sure they Have we are more concerned with helping The living said a spokesman spokesperson Wow so they just oh we don’t know none About it we’re just here to help the Living Yeah it’s uh that’s pretty political Response I guess but there you have it Folks uh what are we doing we got one Minute yeah that’s about enough of the News I think I don’t think I got time to Give you anything more there’s only one More anyway it was from the archive so Hit it on the next one for sure but this Has been a presentation of the

Paranormal portal news back to the show On the first break ladies and gentlemen We’ve got a little treat so hold on [Applause] Folks uh we’re gonna be heading to break Pretty quick here however I just wanted To take a moment and let you guys know Uh my good friend Tony Merkel of the Confessionals podcast reached out to me And said hey We’ve got to let people know that their Expedition dog man video is now Available on Amazon Prime and if you Haven’t seen it Definitely go over to Amazon Prime if You’re a Prime member Prime video is Where you can find it Expedition dog man By Merkle media and check it out uh it’s A fantastic show I’ve I’ve seen it and It’s very well done and I would Encourage you if you check it out leave A review leave them a good review help Them out it helps the algorithm and We’re all about helping our friends here On the show so those of you here on YouTube you’ll be watching it in just a Moment [Laughter] I disconnected the network so that you

And I can sit back and watch this Incredible trailer And we’ll be right back in just a couple About a minute and a half This dog man has killed my dog it’s just Me and the monster I ain’t got nobody in The world that could save me because There’s no way that he’s alive after That as soon as I entered Kentucky I realized how rural this area was Episode 335 dog versus dog man on the Professionals podcast I assembled a team Together to come down here and look for The dog man Even just when you’re in the woods at Night there’s always that that part of Your brain that’s populating The dark with the monsters Whether they’re there or not and So that’s going on plus all these Stories plus we had an encounter here The day before this And then it continues to run on after me I mean through him through the woods and I seen this body flying There there’s just no way I guess you give them the basics and Then they kind of learn from actually Doing it What was that This did you see the tree yeah The whole tree fell down yeah There you got it folks so head over to Amazon Prime check it out Prime video

And uh check it out Um definitely give a good review help Our brother out he’s trying to to Promote the show and and uh you know get The word out there so I’m I’m really Pleased to help do that here on the Paranormal portal so Um additionally for those of you on YouTube that’s one of the projects that I’ve been working on on the side I’m Working on several other projects that’s Why I’ve been so incredibly busy lately Um some of them are video projects for The show and channel and others are side Projects that I’m involved with and uh It’s just been a rat race so uh you know I for any of you that are reaching out To me I’m apologizing right now for not Getting right back to you but I’m just Stretched really really thin now so I Appreciate your patience and Understanding Um but I’m just going five different Directions and that’s it’s it I mean It’s good I’m not complaining at all but I just want you guys to understand that As you know as I get busy in these Things I may not be as responsive and It’s not because I don’t care and don’t Want to talk or or message or whatever But I just can’t uh I don’t have enough Time so Um doing the best I can but I’ll I will Respond to everybody as soon as I can so

Just hang tight if you’ve sent me Messages or emails or whatever Um I will do that when we get back with The network we’re going to get into our Our Discord question of the week wow Look at that my lower thirds oh there it Comes in it’s kind of lagging I don’t Know what’s going on but I think my Computer is tired of me I’ve been Wearing it out lately doing all these Things but I also get a narration gig I’m went up too that I’m going to be Narrating part three of the third Installment of the Walking With The Wild Man series from Irish Bigfoot research Organization I’m going to start Doing the narration for that next week As well on top of the other things that I’m doing so uh I will be there will be A live show on Wednesday though so there Won’t be one tomorrow night but there Will be on Wednesday so I’m going to Connect the network and we’ll get back Right at it here’s just hold on This is kind of tricky no I guess it’s Not not tricky at all Maybe It’s Tricky what the hell is going On No it’s coming okay Hopefully [Laughter] Hopefully it’s gonna connect I don’t Know what’s going on here Waiting to hear it

Let’s try it again I’ll try it again Folks in the spirit of I don’t know what’s going on my Computer’s all doggy now Must be merkel’s trailer [Laughter] Just kidding Tony If you’re out there listening Man Oh it’s being particular as hell Okay remove All right let me just reconnect all this This is bugging me now I’m going to reconnect everything so Just hold on a sec ladies and gentlemen We’ll get back at it here in a second uh Let’s see start call I guess okay there We go Start call Waiting for others to join Ring the group I don’t know if that works maybe I did It wrong I don’t like updates on these things man I I know how to use things I know how to Use them and then they they change Things Okay here we go I think we’re live now I hope we’re live Let me uh just make sure can you hear me On TFR are you hearing me over there bam Gemini let me know unless you’re over in The TFR chat we’re going to get into the Discord question of the week next and uh

This is a fun a fun addition to what We’ve been doing here on the portal and I’m just really thrilled about it Because it gives us the opportunity to Ask questions of our Discord community And then discuss them on the live shows And those of you in chats you can Respond as well I’ll do my best to get To your responses but if you do respond And chat with any answers on this uh Please put the at paranormal portal or Put it in all caps or some other way That I can tell but uh bam and Gemini if You could let me know are you hearing me Because that would help looks like we’re All connected though so I think we’re Live on TFR and the networks over there Are we live Question mark let’s see Waiting for someone to respond yes Gemini says we are thank you Gemini Appreciate it okay so let’s get to it Folks we’re gonna get to the Discord Question of the week and uh this is Actually a carryover from uh last Saturday because I didn’t have any I Didn’t put it up in any time at all so It didn’t have much time for response I Only put it up like an hour before the Show because I had a cancellation so Let’s get to it now go to the Discord Question of the week Foreign Ladies and gentlemen this is the Discord

Question of the week here on the Paranormal portal let me see where are We here we are Um okay is this the one that I did is That right I thought we oh here it is Question of the week for Saturday show But it’s actually for Friday show Tonight because I didn’t do a show on on Uh on Wednesday due to the to the the Other family plan that I had so question Of the week by Android Purity there are Many different Explanations of what a wendigo is What do you believe a wendigo is So that was a question thank you Android For that and we’ll get to it Um Android put a lot of links in his Response but we’re not going to be able To get to those but if you’re a member Of the Discord you can check out his Links as well Um and for any of you that want to be Members of the Discord I suppose I Should do this I’d be remiss if I didn’t Do this Let me uh let me invite you guys Anybody that wants to join you can do so I’ll put it in the YouTube chat uh here And you can join our Discord Community Oops what the hell did I do I think that’s right Yeah it is it looks I didn’t think I Clicked the right button there you go uh There’s the Discord link but

Um okay so Rachel had responded and I Think she was the only response by the Saturday show but I’ll reread what she Said I think the I think that the true Wendigo is the supernatural spirit and Evil force that has possessed people for Ands resulting in myth and Legend the Creature that has been depicted in Horror Arts is Artistic rendition and There may be these creatures who will Manifest as these deer skull creatures They might take on that form as it is Terrifying but I’m not all that I’m not Calling that uh I’m not calling those tulpas tulpa is a Thought form being brought into Existence from a human thought energy They may look like a deer wind ego but Other creatures may use the dear wind Ego image they are appearing as these Malevolent creatures either the either Through thought imagery implanted in the Mind of the witness or actually changing Excuse me physical appearance That’s a great Point good point Thank You again Rachel for that Um I forgot to read Rachel’s news story I’ll get to it anyway because it’s a Good story we’ll get to it right after This uh Eric PHA two different types of Windigo one hungry spirits and two white Human eating white white human eating Sasquatch oh a white human eating Sasquatch okay at least from everything

I’ve read and watched yeah I’ve heard Some of those descriptions too Um the windigo from zx81 V2 the windigo Is uh you ought to talk to Luna and Dani And KBS oh native Aussies yeah I Probably should Um yeah I’ll have to reach out to them See if they have some input on that from Batman from my understanding a wendigo Is a self-cursed individual that is uh Has gone over to eating the Flesh of Their enemies to in order to absorb Their power and eventually this Progresses to any any seizing upon the Chance for cannibalism enemy or Otherwise they go mad and because they No longer recognize as humans this could Be the result of prion mad cow disease Or from being shunned and isolated from The tribe resulting in no normal human Social contact anger resentment and Madness I believe there is something to The Tails along the uh along the line of The of the whale of the Banshee where if You hear the screams of the wendigo Someone or you is going to die Yeah the scream of the windigo is a Tough one because what does that sound Like I mean it’s I’ve heard of Bigfoot Screams I’ve heard of dog man screams I’ve I don’t know what any of those Actually sound like so if I hear a Scream in the forest I don’t know which it is that’s the

Tough part but you’re you know you’re That’s a great point Batman thank you Within says I think the windigo may have Been a Native American person who was Capable of shape-shifting I guess like a Skinwalker they probably made someone Really mad and were cursed to always Look uh all rotted and to be foul Smelling kind of like the the spleen on The movie Mystery Men huh that’s an Interesting thought yeah thank you Within Zx81 V2 skin walker yep Yeah that that reference is very similar To a skinwalker but maybe it’s a similar Phenomenon that’s that’s a good point Um who’s this oh Sheldon uh yeah he just Said we’re keeping the question up Uh so Android Purity says so first of All I do not believe it is a physical Being but instead a non-human spiritual Being uh so therefore not technically a Cryptid I guess that could technically Classify as an elemental Spirit anyways Hollywood and pop culture is totally Messed up how we how the Native Americans originally described these From everything I have read That’s not a Pop culture source then it’s described As a tall white emaciated humanoid Figure instead of something with uh fur And deer head and other random animal Body parts put together like some Rocky Mountain Frankenstein there are sources

For this all this polymatiated white Humanoid being the actual physical Appearance of this entity yeah and There’s the links that I was talking About particularly this this quote from The article Brady desanti a professional a professor Of religious studies at the University Of Nebraska notes that the windigo of Pop Culture often gets gets most Everything about the windy go wrong Including the descriptions of Native Americans and the First Nations Communities according to most Native American legends the physical form of Wendigo is often said to be human-like Over time it becomes a giant in some Stories the windigos has a heart of ice And is so hungry for flesh that it chews Its lips off conversely when the windigo Appears in North American pop culture it Is usually like into a werewolf vampire Yeti or some other combination thereof It is really uh unfortunate Hollywood Vastly changed the physical description Of what Native Americans reported seems Almost disrespectful Hollywood that uh Hollywood that since it is directly Related to the Native American culture Um I would just add in there that Hollywood does that to everything the Vampire Legends ghosts uh every every Part of the Paranormal is hollywoodized And and is either absolutely grossly

Exaggerated or just absolutely Fabricated there’s Hollywood’s not known For staying with the actual uh truth of These Legends uh so it’s not unique to The windigo but that’s a good point yeah Here’s another reference describing the Wendigo as a tall imacientated white Humanoid with a great illustration based Off of what the Algonquin Native Americans uh tribe described it like And there is the for those of you on YouTube you can see this picture I guess I could put the put the link Uh copy link I don’t know if that’s a Copy to the actual article or not let me Do this I don’t know if this whole thing is a Link or not I guess just go to Monster.fandom.com wiki slash Wendigo uh And there’s a picture and that is gross I mean if I saw that in the forest it Does kind of remind me of those the White crawlers that people report Um ghouls rakes whatever it’s very very Similar in description to the the Wendigo in its physical form Um that’s really creepy also there’s a Pop-up culture Hollywood show that Actually got the description correct Based on what the natives reported in That episode of Supernatural right when They killed it they gave a glimpse of This giant powerful white humanoid Beaten figure burning

And uh yeah that’s that’s not bad I Guess here’s another great illustration From uh Reddit artist Danny in Gracia Arts based off of Native American Descriptions Yeah it really does kind of come off Like the rake Um to be honest with you Anyways so this brings me to my Conclusion to Android I love it you Write you write me dissertations So it is Elemental Spirits uh that when It manifests looks like a tall white Emaciated humanoid figure however since Uh there has also been reports of skinny White humanoid figures that are called The rake or ghoul yeah there you go uh Then I’m going to connect the dots to Draw a conclusion that people are seeing Them same thing and just giving up Different names yeah that’s probably and I agree with you I do agree that’s a Good point and I honestly didn’t Pre-read this I always hired everything To know so you guys know that I see that You wrote something I don’t always read It right away so I am reading this cold Is it coincidence that two ancient Cultures described a very similar thing That had zero contact with each other I Don’t think so to me that is so much Coincidence to be uh A coincidence you would be you won’t be Disappointed with the lack of response

This time around yeah well it was my Fault because I only posted it with like An hour before the live show and that’s Um that’s tough I mean not everybody Lives on Discord so Um that’s kind of the breaks of it also Those mystery the experiences or the Responses to the question of from Sunday And the 23rd too yeah thank you I Appreciate that uh Lake fairy Preparedness uh says my husband studied The windigo pretty creepy stuff I Believe it was witchcraft from the start Could be it could be very similar to the To a curse or something Um and sometimes curses can corrupt a Person and create a malevolent entity Out of them but also they can sometimes Summon things that take on a life of Their own so we don’t know which but Yeah maybe it did start from some sort Of ritualistic magic of some kind I Don’t know I don’t pretend to know but I Really appreciate all the responses did Any of you you in the chat on YouTube Have any response Um Okay Yeah I’m just looking to see if there’s Any any responses Old Native American Legend yeah Chris You’re right It is an old Native American Legend but In my opinion and maybe it’s maybe it’s

Romantic thinking but I really think That These Legends have a starting point they Have some basis to begin and is it an Actual encounter with something that the People needed to try to describe And they they gave it a name and so it Starts somewhere with something is it Just the Whimsical fancies of our first Nations friends and ancestors I don’t Know I don’t think so I think there’s a Basis for this because unfortunately These these sightings uh while they are Extraordinarily rare are still occurring Of people seeing something that doesn’t Make sense and it’s not a Bigfoot it’s Not a dog man it’s something else Then it looks like a tall emaciated Creature of some kind now the wendigo is Is usually I think regarded as an as a a Possessing Spirit almost a demon if you Will and it and it corrupts the person That possesses causes them to hunger and To eat flesh and to just be Corrupt in every way and uh maybe that Destroys the soul of them maybe they Feed off of the Soul as it’s corrupting I don’t know it’s all creepy creepy Stuff but anyway this has been a Presentation of the question of the week Thank you to everybody that participated I appreciate it Foreign Guys that was the question of the week

Segment we’re going to do those before Every live show Um we already got another question that Was sent to us uh that I think is a Great question uh and we’ll we’ll get to That next Wednesday I’ll post it Sometime in the next few days give us Lots of time to get some responses some Of them are going to go up really quick Like after a Friday show boom it’s going To be one up for Saturday’s show now if You have a question that you’d like to Ask to our our Reddit Com or our Discord Community then by all means please email It to me or message it to me and you can Email Paranormalportalradio gmail.com or you Can email Brent at Paranormalportal.net whatever’s easier I Don’t care I check them both so uh if You want to send me an email about it And uh ask that I post it then that’s Wonderful but we do have one for the Next one but we got two more questions In the following week here that we’re Going to need some questions for so if You have an idea of something you’ve Been curious about Then we can post it so thank you Everybody that participated and thank You for all of you guys that are Involved in the Reddit Community or the Discord Community you guys are amazing I Mean Post in videos posting links

Posting articles posting so many things Now speaking of an article Uh let me get it here there it is I Gotta pull this up on the on the screen Here for you this is one that I thought It was hilarious and this is from Rachel I was going to put it on the news but I Forgot so here it is funny grandma has Ouija boards with the message let’s keep In touch handed out at her funeral That’s awesome good for her I guess it’s Good to have a sense of humor right you Received this at my grandma’s funeral What an icon And it’s a car let’s keep in touch Yeah it says while while funerals let me Blow this up oh my God it’s like micro Print I got my eyes I think are just getting Worse and worse yeah I’m Gonna Save My Creativity for now thank you while Funerals are most solemn and sad Occasions some people find comfort in Remembering happy things about the loved One they are mourning now Maybe they had a heart of gold or an Amazing sense of humor The one funny grandma was a step ahead Of her family and her friends when she And made sure everyone had a good laugh At her wake Jody Marie Perryman an 81 year old woman From Breckenridge Texas had cards Printed with the message let’s keep in

Touch and on it a picture of her given The middle finger and a paper Ouija Board handed out at her funeral Not only did she get the last laugh but She also instantly became an internet Icon Pennymun are perimen rather who who had Had felt her death declining or her Health declining by the end of one Summer uh sadly passed away from cancer On October 12th and she had chosen Palliative care instead of a surgery That she may have never recovered from In August she announced on Facebook that Every attendee of her funeral would be Gifted their very own Ouija board but no One took her seriously at the memorial The people in attendance received some Mysterious envelopes labeled from Jody Grace Perryman Uh her 20 year old granddaughter was Bewildered and asked herself what on Earth is this When the envelopes were open the Mourners burst into laughter and Everyone was dying laughing it was Hilarious she said because that was so Her Gracie took to Twitter to share her Beloved Grandma’s funny card and it Didn’t take long until it became viral Good for her uh to date it has earned 733 000 likes and has been retweeted 76 000 times on top of that people have

Shared their admiration for this Grandma’s sense of humor Jody is a Legend replied one user and another said She should be on the Mount Rushmore of Grandmothers Berryman’s playfulness may have taken The Internet by storm but her family Knew this side of her personal Personality very well Her obituary reads she had a quick wit And a clever sense of humor which kept Everyone who knew her on her toes it was Rare to win a battle of wits with her And she was also very creative and loved Playing video games and board games ah She seems like an awesome person While while Perryman may be gone she’ll Live in the hearts of her loved ones and Their and her new Legion of fans besides Now we all know how to reach out to her There it is That is really cool wow I mean It did again I wouldn’t wouldn’t Encourage people to play with Ouija Boards if you don’t know what you’re Doing but what an awesome way to just You know embrace the last days of your Life what what a neat thing it’s like I Guess it’s an inevitable Journey we’re All gonna take but to be able to face it With such humor and and Grace and fun I Think is awesome and plus it helps the Morning process so much It’s like how can you really be all sad

And crying when you got a picture of her Flipping you off right so uh very very Cool story and uh what a neat woman what A really neat woman so thank you Rachel For sending that to me I do appreciate It that is just awesome that is perfect All right so I can diminish that or Minimize that I’ve got people calling me why would People call me now hold on gotta call I think I’m better oof getting a little Dry the dry heat I don’t like furnace heat very well it Doesn’t agree with me I need to be Somewhere tropical I really do I really need that Sorry about that I couldn’t mute that fast enough All right so Um we it’s like the the dry itchy cough Now it sucks It makes my eyes water too it’s which Also sucks for reading stuff okay we got About four minutes to go before the Break so we’re gonna dive into the next Article which is Is is is is I think you can get through this one This is only six celebrities uh who have Had near-death experiences this is an Article by By uh um occult Museum the occult Museum Which is a really cool site check it out

You occultmuseum.com and check out all The different articles they got hundreds Of them over there and they’re really Really well done This one is crossing over six Celebrities who have had near-death Experiences Near-death experiences seem to lie at The heart of humankind’s greatest Question why are we here where are we Going perhaps these celebrities have the Answers This is written by ghost Diaries I guess That’s another another site or Publication but very cool All right And let’s get to the first one and this Is Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor had a near-death Experience Says after the death of her husband Mike Todd Elizabeth Taylor clinically died on An operating table while undergoing Surgery She described passing through a tunnel Towards a brilliant white light I find it hard to talk about actually Because it sounds so corny to have been Gone for about five minutes they’ve Given me up for dead and put my death Notice on the wall I went to that tunnel saw the white Light and Mike I said oh Mike you’re here

You’re where I want to be and he said no Baby You have to turn around and go back Because there’s something very important For you to do you cannot give up now Said I’m not afraid of death because I’ve been there And I think that’s a big takeaway from Pretty much all of the near-death Experiences that I’ve heard about accept The negative ones those people get Terrified the ones where they they go Through the the death experience they’re Clinically dead and they find themselves In this desolate horrible landscape Some some have claimed to have gone to Hell And uh they’re in no hurry to repeat That but they do hopefully change Hopefully they change if they’re a Horrible person and and what is it I Don’t know is it an actual Representation of what awaits well According to some religions absolutely Um according to others is it a some Fabrication or manifestation of their of Their Spirits you’re saying you’re not a Good person you need to switch us around Or some other Spirit uh giving them a Warning uh maybe I don’t know I don’t Pretend to know the Dynamics of the next World but I do know that most people That come back from near-death Experiences have uh no fear after that

Sharon Stone is next I think I can read This one I got two minutes and then We’re going to go to the break the hour Break Sharon Stone had a near-death Experience after she almost died from Internal bleeding caused by a tear in an Artery at the base of her skull wow she Lived through that that’s incredible When it hit me I felt like I’d been shot In the head I had a real journey with This that took me places both here and Beyond that affected me so profoundly That my life will never be the same I get to be not afraid of dying and I Get to tell other people that it’s a Fabulous thing and that death is a gift And not that you should kill yourself But that you should that when death Comes to you as it will and that it’s a Glorious and but beautiful thing this Kind of giant Vortex of white light was Upon me I kind of poof sort of took off Into this glorious bright bright white Light and I started to see and be met by Some of my friends but it was very fast Whoosh suddenly I was back I was in my Body And I was in the room Wow very incredible So when we get back we’ll finish up this List and we’ll dive into some Cryptids That you may not have heard about but Are allegedly existing or did exist at Least so we’re going to get to that all

In just a couple minutes here we gotta Go do the station break so uh don’t go Away we’ll be right back we got a lot More paranormal portal to come and we’ll Get through that Cryptid stories uh There’s 47 of them so I don’t know where That’ll take us but we’ll close up with Some Phantoms and monsters on the night And remember tomorrow I’m on Amazing ghost Sounds sounds impressive I’m just gonna Go look not gonna hunt all right we’ll Be right back folks don’t go away They don’t understand the price I’ve Made they don’t care to comprehensive Twist the lines upon my body dripping Stars Across My Heart rings I am finished with my silence I am not a Stupid Look at that breaking me with kindness To do dance

I’m not talking [Applause] [Applause] Caroline is not like those she’s with They’re attracted to the one thing about Her that is different from themselves Very Very soft Solution It is a lie that implies live And memory of love no And Earthly Pleasures Sometimes I desperately desire But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual Hauntings seem to be connected with an Area A house usually for guys disturbance is A fairly short duration perhaps a couple Of months politics can go on for years Foreign

Folks Um all right I guess I can let the cat Out of the bag a little bit here so I Know that’s probably one of the biggest Paranormal days in the world It’s Halloween So As a special Halloween evening treat Sheldon has agreed to come on with me And we’re going to do a paranormal Portal on Halloween night Right here on YouTube so I hope you guys Will join us then we’re gonna just dive Into it and cover some stuff if you you Know if you want to be a part of it Celebrate sowing with us that would be Great But we’ll see on Halloween nights right Here probably going to be a little later Than seven though I gotta take the Minion Trick and Treat and I don’t I Don’t know how ambitious I’m gonna be or He’s gonna be to go visit houses and Collect candy but I know he’s going to Be motivated so I guess I’m gonna have To drink a Five Hour Energy and hit it Hard but yeah as soon as I come home and Get settled then I’ll launch but I’ll Announce it on the on the you know on Social media so please follow on social Media I’ll send a link out as soon as I Get everything all wound up and ready to

Go uh we’ll just go for a while I don’t Know how long I don’t think it’s going To be extraordinarily long because I’m Gonna be tired it’s my Trick and Treat And days are over but uh apparently not So I’ll give it my best college try so Anyway Um we’re going through an article right Now about six Hollywood celebrities that Had near-death experiences we just Covered Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Taylor And who else that was it so now we’re Going to get to Nikki Sixx Nikki Sixx Motley Crue base no he was a Guitarist wasn’t he no he’s a bass Player I don’t know Nikki Sixx let’s see And let me get the right button to push Here Nikki Sixx is coming up next ladies And gentlemen After his near-death Out of Body Experience Motley Crew bassist bassist Nikki Sixx uh kept quiet for years for Fear of ridicule he overdosed on heroin In December 1987 and was thought to be Beyond help Before an ambulance crewman administered Two adrenaline shots into his heart I Can’t imagine what that feels like but I Guess it’s better than I I probably Wasn’t feeling much anything at the time But my God six later discussed being Able to see what was going on around his Body during the episode but admits he

Was cautious about sharing his story he Told CNN I saw things I shouldn’t have Been able to see I saw the hotel hallway The ambulance the limo that was there I Couldn’t have seen that because there Was a sheet over me I kept it to myself For years people look at you and think You’re a little bit crazy Yeah but not really just I think I think Maybe he was maybe he was surprised when He finally talked about it because you Know it’s always been my experience he Was for years I never really talked About my experience except with a select Few even when I started doing this show I was like no I’m not going to talk About my own experiences because for one I didn’t want it to sound like oh yeah You’ve got a paranormal show and Experiences for sure it just sounded to Me like uh you know are people gonna buy It or does it just sound like me trying To to fit into what I’m interested in But I’ve had a lot of experiences but I Found that when I started sharing them People were really receptive and it was Really cool I didn’t expect that so I Think people are are more willing to Listen to this stuff than we think we Just were kind of conditioned by our Social cues and stuff and yeah Ozzy’s Next Heaven is in the palm of my hands and It’s waiting here for you

Yep Mr Ozzy Osbourne himself I guess He’s at a near-death experience Ozzy Osbourne also reported seeing a bright Light after being pronounced officially Dead after a biking accident I didn’t Know where I was or how long I’d been There I would drift in and out of Consciousness other times there would be A beautiful white light shining through The darkness but uh no Angels that’s not Exactly what he said but you can see how He put it no one blowing trumpets and no Man in a white beard of course some Would argue that parts of Ozzie’s mind Have been dead for years Uh well you know that’s a little harsh Gary Busey he had a near-death Experience Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey had an Nde in 1998 he flipped over the Handlebars of his Harley-Davidson at 40 Miles per hour and smacked his Helmetless head hard against the Concrete oh God the actor’s skull Cracked open and he slipped into a Month-long coma while he was undergoing Surgery Busey asserts that he saw angels All around him They don’t look like what they look like On Christmas cards Busey told CNN They’re Big Balls of lights that float And carry nothing but love and warmth so They’re like orbs huh or that’s the way He perceived them I don’t know that they

Look like anything they might just look Like what we expect them to look like And that’s just fine I guess Donald Sutherland as well ladies and Gentlemen this is the last one actor Donald Sutherland had about with Meningitis in 1979 that nearly took his Life He later explained suddenly the pain Fever and acute distress seemed to Evaporate I was floating above my body Surrounded by soft blue light I began to Glide down a long tunnel away From the bed but suddenly I found myself Back in my body the doctor’s later told Me that I had actually died for a Time There is a correlation between Near-death experiences and paranormal Activity or is there rather or is it Just the chemicals in our brains what do You think well we’ve we’ve discussed That on the show many times and and uh Yeah I don’t think there’s any question That people I mean like Nikki Sixx’s Case he saw a limo parked outside he saw The hallway he saw what was going on to His body there’s no way he should have Seen that so I think that that’s a Little more than just a weird Psychological manifestation But I think it’s very cool stuff so that Was from the occult Museum and again Please check out their channel uh or

Yeah their website and uh read some Articles for yourself if you find a good One on there and you’d like me to cover It on the show let me know or on any Site if you find material of the Paranormal and you think hey this would Be good for the show send it over if You’re on Discord send it to me in Discord if you’re just using email send It to me at paranormalportalradio Gmail.com that’d be great all kinds of Opportunities folks so I I love your Participation All right Lily Gods Lily Lily Pond rather says Believe I believe I believe We’re all believers here aren’t we All right so there’s another article That I think I want to get to after We go into the the Thought Catalog article of 46 real Question mark Cryptids creatures that Terrify people around the world So I’ve had I had a request when I did a Question of the week about what would People like to see on the show what Would they like to see less of what Would they like see more of and some Great responses came through very Supportive and I guess uh some of one of The things that was suggested was hey How about Cryptids around the world

So we’re kind of doing a Cryptid Corner Uh Part of the episode here and this is Going to probably carry us out but 46 Real creatures that terrify people Around the world we’ll get to as many as We can but I don’t wanna Drag through a bunch of these uh if it’s If it’s real dull let me know The agogway is first uh it’s from Africa Says some years ago I was oh let’s see Who wrote this is there any attribution Attribution I guess oh it’s by Michael Coe and it was updated April 20th 2021 Okay so good job Michael thank you for Compiling this some years ago I was sent On an official lion hunt in this area The assure and simbibit forests on the Western side of the wembehr Plains and While waiting in a Forest Glade for a Man-eater I saw two brown small brown Furry creatures come from the dense Forest on one side of the Glade and Disappear into the thicket on the other They were like little men about four Feet high walking upright but clad in Russet hair The native Hunter with me gazed and Mingled fear and amazement They were he said agogway The little furry men whom the one does Not see once in a lifetime I guess see butt once in a lifetime or Something if you see it at all that was

By Captain William Hitchens Was the author of that so I don’t know It’s again there’s a it’s another kind Of universal thing those little small Hairy people are reported in Australia They’re reported here oftentimes maybe As pakwajis or some other manifestation Of little people but four feet is pretty Diminutive Um you know no offense to any four feet People out there but it is it is a Shorter stature for sure and uh covered In here is not a normal thing so it Sounds interesting the next is number Two the gambo I don’t know where this Comes from the gamble is a name given to A carcass of an unidentified large Marine animal that was reportedly washed Up on Bungalow Beach In The Gambia Okay well let’s see what the source is Though I’m kind of curious Oh I guess it’s just a Wikipedia Source Okay so it’s an unidentified carcass Some creature washed up that they’ve Never seen him before so they called it A Gamble and this is an artist’s Rendition it kind of looks like Um almost like a A dolphin is like one of those Freshwater dolphins for the most part But it looks like it has diminutive feet On the back it has the regular pectoral Pectoral fins on either side and a nose

Like a dolphin long but with some Difference in the neck it doesn’t go Straight from the the side of the head Straight back it has an indentation for What looks like a neck and then the the Pectoral fins and then what looked like Diminutive Feet-like structures and then into a Long tail for those of you that are just Listening so interesting I’d not heard Of the gamble before today Uh next is the coolacamba Okay and this is the kulakamba or Kulu Combo is purported to be a hybrid Species of two different ape species Namely chimpanzees and gorillas Look at Bigfoot but anyway this alleged Hybrid ape species has been reported in Africa as early as the mid-19th century Though Or says though though to date no Empirical evidence has been found to Substantiate the existence of these Creatures it has no entry in the Ncbi tax common taxonomical database The Kula combo was referenced in the mid 19th century in French work by Frank Wets frankway I don’t know 1852 was Cited by Shane in 1984 and in some Descriptive work of Duty wow do chailu From 1860 1861 1867 and 1899. Some of which was republished in 1969 And uh there’s a source for that but I’ll bet you it’s Wikipedia

And if that’s the case well we’ll just Go with it The Wikipedia Source was pretty Uninspiring in the last one so The oswang now this one I’ve heard of It’s like a a vampiric being from the Philippines It is said this uh it is said that the Spot in Oswald at daytime look at their Eyes the person in front of you is in Oswang if your reflection is upside down Another way of knowing it is looking at Uh in a too odd manner tuad Yeah the person isn’t as long if the Image of the person is different they Are an interesting looking thing they’re Described this doesn’t really describe At all which is really weird it talks More about the reflections than anything So that’s kind of a fail on this on this Writer but but it’s from the Philippines The as long and it’s a creepy creepy Thing it’s like a basically some Monstrous type of vampire creature And uh it’s creepy that’s all you can Say spooky stuff I don’t know are they Real I don’t know but I think Wes did Something about the oswang but it turned Out to be a CIA op to freak out the Villagers so excuse me but at any rate Very weird stuff All right here’s another one bar man no Bar menu Is alleged to possess both human and

Ape-like characteristics and is said to Abduct women and attempt mating with Them it is also reported to wear animal Skins upon its back and head the barmano Appears in the folklore of the northern Regions of Pakistan and depending on Where the stories come from it tends to Be either described as an ape or a wild Man sounds like a Bigfoot just saying More names for maybe the same phenomena I don’t know if it if it’s it just seems To me it’s if it’s similar enough it Probably is because even in the Bigfoot Reports there’s quite a bit of variation You know there’s there’s physical Variation in descriptions and so it Seems like they have a pretty profound Biodiversity much like we people do and So you know these similar descriptions From abroad could very well just be Their version of it I would default to that before I would Say well there’s just this many other Things out there maybe there is maybe There isn’t Here’s a weird one the brosno Dragon It’s described as resembling a dragon or Dinosaur and is the subject of a number Of regional Legends some of which are Said to date back to the 13th century But where is this is this still Asia are We I guess we’re in the Asia section Here so this is the third one from from Asia I don’t know the Bristol brosmo

Dragon is that is that like a a komodo Dragon or some other thing like that They resemble dinosaurs but I don’t know What they depict this as if we look at The source we can get at least a Rendition of what it’s supposed to look Like Nope just another another Wikipedia Uh Uh say there might be a beaver or a Giant Pike okay well more Komodo dragon I don’t know the the hebagon is another One I’ve heard of the hippogun is Described as a black creature with white Hands and large white feet standing About five feet tall I don’t remember much about the hippogun I know that I’ve heard the word I think That’s Japan I think is from Japan but I don’t Remember what what we talked about when We covered it before Uh I see I don’t know what error AC I’m Not sure how to pronounce this But is C is the next one and it says Issy is a legendary Japanese lake Monster said the lurkin lake Akita in Kyushu island is described as being Saurian in appearance much like a Brontosaurus I guess the name is formed In an analogy with Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Okay so they just called it easy instead Of Nessie

Um but yeah I guess it looks like a Sauropod So there you have it Kaijin I think anybody that’s watched Pacific Rim has heard of kaijin According to Japanese Materia Medica it Was he was almost close to a man in a Edition or I think enough Kaiju sorry in Addition to chin hair and eyebrows Between the fingers and limbs is a Description of some skin he ate food and Drank but never spoke Again what is that now this is Interesting kappas aren’t they in like Mario or something like that they’re in A video game Kappa And it looks like Japanese so it could Be Chinese though Kappa are typically Depicted as roughly humanoid in form and About the size of a child their scaly Reptilian skin ranges in color from Green to yellow or blue Kappa supposedly Inhabit the ponds and rivers of Japan And have various features to Aid them in This environment such as webbed hands And feet Well they also have giant salamanders Over there too and those are very much a Real thing so you’ve got to wonder did The was the Kappa just a Misrepresentation of that maybe I mean I’m not meaning to cast any doubt on These things but I think you really have To look at these things with a critical

Eye because you know these are very Regional descriptions of of some Phenomena that was witnessed now they Didn’t have knowledge of you know an International Community and International information so you have to Look at possibilities could it have been Maybe a giant salamander that was just Misunderstood could it be some form of Giant frog maybe I don’t know but it’s Very strange Foreign The lake tianchi monster lake tianji Monster is a name given to what is said To be a lake monster that lives in Heaven Lake known as chionji in Korean Located in the peak of the bek do Mountain with the back do Deegan dudagan And Chung Bai mountain ranges Encompassing Jillian province of China And ryangon province in North Korea And no idea it’s just telling us where It is but this is not extraordinarily Well written because it’s not given us a Whole lot to work with Um it says yeah they pretty much just Copied what was said here uh scientists Are skeptical oh really Didn’t expect that okay scientists are Skeptical Uh that the large creature would be able To survive in the lake given its recent History of volcanic activity Skeptics Say it’s all in the imagination or just

A floating volcanic rock Maybe I I don’t know I think I think People can recognize rocks okay I don’t think they think that they’re Cryptids but anyway the mind them The man and angle the man and angle this I think is another Philippine one The man in angle sometimes confused with The walk walk is a mythical creature in The Philippines an evil man eating and Blood-sucking monster or witch it is Described as hideous scary often Depicted as female incapable of severing Its upper torso and sprouting huge bat Like wings to fly into the night in Search of its victims again Kind of some weird vampiric uh story or Legend But yeah it’s a man-eater oof creepy the Mongolian death worm That’s that’s good God nobody sees these Things I think that’d be horrible The worm is the subject of a number of Claims by Mongolian locals such as the Ability of the worm to spew forth and Acid that on contact will turn anything It touches yellow and corroded and which Would kill a human as well as its Ability to kill at a distance by means Of electrical discharge So it’s almost like a land-born electric Eel But it’s more of a worm huh You wonder how fast they can move

I don’t know you think of Tremors right Tremors What are they called graboids the Graboids I don’t know creepy monkey man Of New Delhi is next In May 2001 reports began to circulate In the Indian capital capital of New Delhi of a strange monkey-like creature That was appearing at night and Attacking people eyewitness accounts Were often inconsistent but tended to Describe the creature as about four feet Covered in thick black hair Again that sounds very similar to the The one from Africa uh with a metal Helmet and that’s new metal claws Glowing red eyes and three buttons on His chest others however described the Monkey man as having a more vulpeen Snout and being able being up to about Eight feet tall and muscular it would Leap from building to building like a a Parkour I miss that’s a different Spelling for parkour Enthusiast while Still While others have described it as A bandaged figure or as a helmeted thing Theories on the nature of the monkey man Ranged from an avatar of the Hindu god Hanuman uh to an Indian version of Bigfoot Yeah I don’t know about the helmet thing Though I don’t think Hanuman would would Run around just terrorizing people maybe

I don’t know You’re wrong bati I don’t know what bati Means sounds Malaysian but Indonesian The orangbati is a winged Cryptid Rumored to inhabit the Indonesian island Of saram according to local folklore the Bat likes or somewhat monkey-like Creature abduct children and carry them Away to be eaten other accounts sound More like encounters with living Pterosaurs so is it a Thunderbird their Version of a Thunderbird What does that mean I got to see what Bati means because the wrong means People Uh let’s see what translate.google.com Says Wrong bati Um Indonesian let’s go to English inner Person Inner is bati is inner okay What if I put a dash in there does that Matter Hearty people hearty people Okay so the dash makes it hearty people Like heart e people I don’t know doesn’t That doesn’t translate well like a wrong Pen deck is a little people pendeck is Small or orangutanas Forest people Because utana’s forest and orang is People so interesting Uh next up is the Shinko or Suchinoko sorry the tsuchi noko are Described as being between 30 and 80

Centimeters in length similar in Appearance to a snake but with a central Girth that is much wider than its head Or tail and it’s having fangs and Venom Similar to that of a viper some accounts Also describe the suture NOCO as being able to jump up to a meter In distance according to Legend some Tsuchinoko have the ability to speak And a prosperity for lying or propensity For lying rather and it is also said to Have a taste for alcohol sounds like Some people I know Legend records that It will sometimes swallow its own tail So that it can roll like a hoop similar To the mythical hoop snake yeah that was A legend the hoop snake So I’m rolling like a Wheel Downhill or Like a circle rolling down the hill Gotta watch out for the hoop snakes Um the yaran of course is the Chinese Version of the Bigfoot Witnesses typical Report the creatures to be covered in Reddish-colored hair Some white specimens have also been Cited their height is estimated to range From six to eight feet although some Colossal examples allegedly an excess of 10 feet tall have been reported overall Overall it is smaller than the American Bigfoot but like Bigfoot the urine is Peaceful and will generally quietly walk Away when encountering people in the Zhang

Province the XI Jiang Yeah that’s Um I guess I don’t know if I would Necessarily be brave enough to say that That Bigfoot or peaceful I hope they are Uh most accounts are are just Just them you know seeing them and then Seeing them walk away but uh hopefully They are because if they’re not we’re in Big trouble all right folks we’re gonna Go to uh another break the last break And then we’ll be right back we’ll Continue on this for a little bit and We’ll go to some Phantoms and Monsters Uh creature claims so we’ll be right Back Thank you

Thank you [Applause] Rachel just nerfed the The spammer good job Good job we got the greatest mods in the History of YouTube that’s all I got to Say thank you guys for all that you do And the special thanks to all our YouTube members as well that goes a long Way to help and uh to those of you that Had a donation on PayPal this week too It was really cool thank you guys for That uh it means a lot uh I I know Things are tight for all of us so please Don’t feel that it’s expected or that You have to do it it just really does Help a bunch Um but there’s lots of ways to help that Don’t require any money one of which is To hit the like another is to comment on Shows that you’re watching that are not Live of course participating in the chat Is awesome Um but another is sharing the streams if You like a show or you want other people To know about it share it out to your Community that’d be a great big help so There’s lots of ways to help that don’t Require anything and I appreciate Everything I appreciate your love and Support I appreciate every one of you Guys coming to watch these live shows

And for those of you that support the Podcast as well we have an audio podcast In case you’re not familiar it’s Available on all the all of the podcast Platforms all of them I just checked It’s like 140 different platforms that Carry the Paranormal portal I just found Out that Amazon music has it too and I Should have known that but uh you know We’ve got a bunch of great reviews there And thank you for those of you that took Time to review the podcast either on ITunes or or on Amazon or wherever and Left us nice reviews that really means The world I will never beg you guys for Good reviews I have a nice day if you Like the show leave a review if you Don’t like it don’t don’t worry never Mind but I I will never ask for those Things but I I just want you to know That I do read them and it really means The world so thank you so much for all The wonderful support I just I can’t tell you how amazing that Makes me feel to do these shows and to Know that they’re so appreciated so Thank you for that Um We’re going to go through a few more of These this list is kind of disappointing Because a lot of these things are just You know very quick and there’s no Description there’s nothing really to Work with and I’m I’m largely

Disappointed by this but we’re about to Move into Central America of course to The first one up on the on the list next From Thought Catalog is the Chupacabra And this one looks like a little more Robust robust descriptions for let’s Check this one out Great show very professional thanks Ninja Dave I appreciate that that means A lot yeah thank you Maggie for for Promoting that as well thank you Android For the invite to Discord yeah we love Love when you guys come over and join us There I I do do my best to pop in and Again I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t Had a lot of time but my back’s really Against the wall in a lot of ways uh in A good way in a really good way I don’t Want to complain at all but it’s just There’s a lot of things in the fire Right now that I gotta tend to so I Don’t have as much time to just Socialize and I wish I did because I Love getting a chance to talk to you Guys outside of the shows as well so I Try I try to respond wherever I can and I will you know definitely send you a Wave or something or harder if you if You happen to message me I appreciate it Um all right let’s get back to the Article chupacabra we’re going to uh Central and South America Central America it says the first reported Attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto

Rico in this attack eight sheep were Discovered dead each with three puncture Wounds in the chest area and completely Drained of blood A few months later in August and I Witnessed Madeleine Tolentino talentino Reported seeing the creature in the Puerto Rican town of canovanas Is that van yes maybe I don’t know uh When as many as 150 farm animals and Pets were reportedly killed in 1975 Similar killings in the small town of Mocha were attributed to El Vampiro de MoCA the vampire of local the vampire of Mocha initially it was suspected that The killings were committed by a satanic Cult but later more killings were Reported around the island and many Farms reported a loss of animal life Each of the animals was reported to have His body bled dry through a series of Small circular incisions huh so but it Could be as as was pointed out in our Discord Community uh about the Chupacabra well some people mentioned Hey might be UFOs oh thank you Hardwick Appreciate it I’ll face this fan That’s great well I’m a fan of you guys Too so thank you so much for making all This worthwhile I really I really mean It and I should say thank you more often Uh I just you know I forget and so I Apologize if I don’t seem gracious but I

I really do appreciate every one of you And and what you bring to the shows next Is the black shuck and this comes from Europe I guess they only had one Central America only had one the chupacabra I Don’t think that that’s necessarily Accurate but we’ll go with that black Shuck is next and this is the black Chuck is one of the many ghostly black Dogs recorded across the British Isles Sometimes recorded as an omen of death Sometimes a more companionable animal it Is classified as encrypted and there are Varying accounts of the animal’s Appearance writing in 1877 Walter Walter Rye stated that Chuck was the most Curious of our local apparitions as they Are no doubt varieties of the same Animal But what animals I guess they’re Shucks oh shucks Thank you I’m here all night Oh this one look at this guy those of You on YouTube you can see this the the Canvi island monster what the hell is That I don’t know it’s got gills and two feet And that’s it and red blue eyes rather Pink body Looks hairless The Canvey Island monster is the name Given to an unusual creature whose Carcass washed up on the shores of Canvey Island England in November 1953.

You know that’s got to be sitting in a Lab somewhere right doesn’t it or I Don’t know maybe in 53 they just went Out what the hell’s that I don’t know to Draw it but let’s burn it Let’s burn it we don’t know what it is Gnome of geroma Girona rather the body Was bluish devoid of hair with some Little spots mainly in neck and face its Total length was approximately 12 Centimeters it showed up her tuberance In the forehead area elongated ears Radish eyes and a snout similar to that Of rodents its fingers showed Inter-digital membranes Huh okay but again not really a great Description and very very vague Uh but okay we’ll go with it the Kelpie Of course Kelpies are a far uh some some Aquatic type of Krypton and Kelpie is a Supernatural water horse from Celtic Folklore that is believed to haunt the Rivers of and locks of Scotland and Ireland the name may be from Scottish Gaelics kelp Kel peach or coldpock uh Hifer cult okay so it’s the water horse A calpizza water horse They’re always laugh to me Lucky Charms Well could be The Lager Well this has got to be Icelandic lager Worm or Norwegian the serpentine Creature is said to live and often be Cited raising its back above the water And lager flawed a freshwater below sea

Level glacial fed Lake That has a very poor visibility and as a Result of of siltation It is described as longer than a Football field or 300 feet And has also been reported outside the Water lying coiled up or slithering in The trees into the trees sometimes it’s Said to be as long as the lake itself 30 Kilometers wow and it has many humps Type of lake monster rather than the Simply Serpentine type for example of The Loch Ness Monster So it’s you know I don’t know here’s the Thing so with no other no other place in Nature Whether it’s snakes whether it’s eels Whether it’s long skinny fish like a Like a northern pike or something like That everything that is long like that And including like an alligator’s tail They all swim the same way from side to Side uh Dolphins tend to go up and down You know because of the the way their Doors or their their tail fin is is Situated of course they have to do an up And down undulating pattern but every Kind of serpentine thing kind of Slithers side to side and and cuts Through the water that way and from the Biggest snakes to the smallest it’s all The same so if there is a serpentine Cryptid I mean you’d have to expect that It would probably swim the same way

Wouldn’t you so these coils coming up Above the water to me are really Curious and and I don’t want to say Suspect because it is encrypted we don’t Know anything about it but just in any Kind of a similar example of something With a uh long straight protrusion Whether it’s just a tail or the entire Body everything moves like this You know it moves like this it doesn’t Move like this unless it’s a dolphin Maybe sea snakes do but I don’t know if They breach the surface that way Uh again I don’t know but you be the Judge but it’s just a curiosity to me oh Thank you uh Ninja Dave I appreciate it All right so Um here’s another one the lariosaurus Larry source is a Cryptid reported to Live in Lake Como in Italy about 30 Miles north of Milan Como is one of the Deepest European Lakes about 400 meters Or 1200 feet at the deepest location Yeah that’s you know every deep lake Every deep lake has these Legends Lake Champlain Loch Ness Um here Lake uh Lake Ponderay Here in the north of Idaho has a paddler The Ponderay paddle they call it and I I Don’t know it’s kind of a gimmicky name To me but and at any rate and it’s been Cited so maybe these all these deep Lakes have some remnant of some past

Life that just manages to cling on maybe Living in in the underground aquifers For most of the time but coming up from Time to time it’s hard to know I I don’t Know but the there’s no shortage of These super deep Lakes then all of them Seem to have this Legend I lived on Lake Pepin which for the most part is not That deep it’s uh you know they have to Dredge it every year because it’s the Muddy Mississippi it’s the widest point In the Mississippi so they call it Lake Pepin But that’s where I grew up and I never Saw anything out there I saw things wash Up like paddle paddle nose fish and Stuff like that that was weird because I Was like what is that looks like a shark And they really do but they just have a Paddle-like nose It’s very strange I don’t know hard to say old man is next The old man sometimes referred to as the Cornish almond or The Allman of Mauna Maunan is a purported Cryptid that was Supposedly cited around the mid 1976 in The village of Monan Cornwall okay Spring Hill Jack yeah this is a curious One because It was some weird humanoid being that Hopped around like crazy hopped Apparently it hopped huge like bigger Than kangaroo leaps it was something

Else but what does it say Spring Hill Jack was described by people who claimed To have seen him as having a terrifying And frightful appearance with diabolical Physio physio Physiogenami you know me I don’t know Physio Nami Claude hands and and eyes That resembled red balls of fire one Report claimed that beneath a black Cloak he wore a helmet and a Tight-fitting white garment like an oil Skin Many stories also mention a devil-like Aspect others said that he was tall and Thin with the appearance of a gentleman Several reported several reports Mentioned that he could breathe out out Blue flame and White Flame and that he Wore sharp metallic claws at his Fingertips At least two people claimed that he was Able to speak comprehensible English He was an intelligent learned man was he Spring Hill Jack and that’s quite an old Legend Um Don’t know could have been Extraterrestrial possibly Maybe that’s what they were maybe one of Them visited sounds like an Extraterrestrial thing to me Oh my God I don’t want to pronounce that I’m so bad with these kind of names Because they’re so foreign to me

Uh stores Is described as a serpentine or aquatic Reptile with fins it’s back across its Back and the head of a dog it is Reported to measure approximately six Meters long and some accounts describe It as having several humps again there’s The humps And I don’t know I it’s it would be Unique in nature if if this thing was Long in Serpentine and swam in the up And down undulating fashion to me that’s Pretty unprecedented So anyway we’re gonna move to North America but I think we’re going to jump To some Phantoms and monsters here and Uh hit one of these at least in the last Bit of the show that we have left maybe Two of them will hit one more creature Reports and then we’ll go to a weird Premonition from Phantoms and monsters That saved a woman’s life So this is uh from Phantoms and monsters Of course lawn strickler’s site check it Out Lon has plenty of books he’s Published you can find links to on the Site there’s hundreds or thousands of Reports of people seeing and Experiencing creatures and beings uh as Well as lon’s podcast Phantoms and monsters radio So the one we’re gonna pick up right now Is the red-haired Giant Sasquatch abduction described by Nevada

Youth camper A youth camper in Nevada had a Terrifying experience one during Abduction by a red-haired giant Sasquatch it is very interesting count With the references to mind speak and Religious Dogma I suppressed my encounter for 32 years Due to the scornet did I read this did I Read this guys Chad you got to let me know if I read This Did I read this one It seems wildly familiar I hope not Uh okay I don’t know if I did or not I Don’t know I’m waiting for a response But as I sometimes do this because I’ve Got here let me just show you what my Tabs look like See that and I have several browsers Open right now that have tabs just like That So uh if anybody knows if I read this Please let me know I I don’t know if I have or not I’ll Just read it again whatever I suppressed It for 32 years due to scorn and Disbelief I received it was 1988 and I was around 10 years old I went to a summer camp in Nevada and the camp is located in a Beautiful open Canyon that slowly chokes Down as you climb up an elevation and a

Creek runs through it down to the Mountains The campsite had an old Square log cabin That had a well-built stone fireplaces Just fireplace to serve as the main Cabin we all had tents setting up uh Tents setting them up in the clearing Between the creek and their campfire Site which is located below an enormous Boulder That is the start of the trail going up To the Southern Ridge of the canyon Okay I don’t think you did thank you Unknown uh so during the first night one Of the boys started screaming in the Middle of the night Being woke up after getting drugged out Of his tent still in the sleeping bag Our 19 year old Camp leader came running And with this flashlight but there was Nothing there On the second night I startled something Large on two legs and it paused looking Straight at me at the uh moments before Darting back into the brush It was so fast that you doubt your own Eyeballs especially when it’s something Horrifying and unbelievable I stayed up all night fearful knowing That something was out there and hearing It from time to time as it moved around Checking out the camp I believe it was also displeased that we Were there

I got to sleep around Daybreak and ended Up getting a late start on the day the Camp leader Betty was a woman in her 50s I prepared my lunch in the Boys Youth Leader uh Billy a kid around 19 or so Was leading us Billy’s girlfriend Sally was the girls Youth leader uh LED three or four other Kids my age on a hike up the mountain to A spot with a good view for lunch I’ll mention here that this is a weird Lingering fog that morning just up the Creek from the camp on the bright sunny Day I was holding up the hike being the last One to get my things ready and they had All started up the trail on the southern Edge Ridge waiting for me on the other Side of that big boulder So as I rounded around the boulder I saw Billy and Sarah Sally rather standing in The bend of the trail above me to my Right about 25 yards waiting while the Rest of the group had just gone out of Sight around the bend at 15 yards ahead I then heard a scream that stopped me in My tracks it erupted from the trail to The left a billion Sally Suddenly a red-haired male giant being That was eight to nine feet tall was Staring down at them Sally screamed Billy was behind her and Seemed to melt into the ground as the Thing screamed again

Drowning out Cries From the kids who had Gone ahead I was frozen in fear there Was no time to think let alone react This giant turned and then looked at me Down the trail and with an Indescribable Evil insane laugh he snatched me up on One with one hand He was running with me up in the Mountain I’m not ashamed to say That I passed out from the fear no I Wouldn’t be ashamed either I think I Still would as an adult I later woke still in this Giant’s arms But now in a cave where I knew he was Going to eat me But instead he pulls out this thing that Is wrapped in the animal skins And he unwrapped it I saw that it was a round Stone about The size of a cantaloupe that had Petroglyph carvings in it I was so confused now thinking I was Going to bash my head with the rock I Passed out again When I woke up it was dark and we were Moving This thing was mind speaking to me but Nothing he said made sense He stops and we’re somewhere along the Creek in a good sized pool that was hip Deep on me He pulls out this Stone this Stone and Sets it in the creek with his hands

Underneath it He starts to make a very deep low growl Resonating noise And that damn stone started floating He wanted to know if I could make it Float too and if I knew why it floated Of course I didn’t know why it floated And was unsuccessful in my attempts I knew this red-haired giant wasn’t Right in the head Oh that’s worse it’s bad enough if it’s A Bigfoot anyway that grabs you but if You also think it’s not right in the Head then you’re in all kinds of Problems now Frozen from the cold this Thing began questioning me on what I did I told it of my family and being the Oldest of four boys and how my mom and Brothers needed me and that I would be Missed and searched for I told him that I needed to get back and He would momentarily listen and then Change the subject informing me he Didn’t want to leave and became upset I don’t know how but God came up in the Conversation probably because the campus Was set up the first year through a Church I told this giant that I believed in Jesus He became more upset but somber Then for some reason I asked this thing If he was Kane He became very angry and started

Wrapping the stone back up he yelled That he wasn’t Cain I didn’t believe him He said in and set a name but I can’t Remember I swear I saw an angel Standing there as this giant picked me Back up and started down the mountain He stopped at the bottom of the trail Next to the giant boulder and put me Down Then he stepped back into the brush and Hid watching as the sun was just Breaking over the mountain I yelled out to the campfire where Billy And Sally were And they came running Billy was an emotional uncontrollable Crying mess They were both hysterical with joy Billy kept apologizing to me as if he Could have stopped that giant from Taking me and I soon collapsed and Passed out I woke up screaming and thinking I was In the cave again but I found myself Being brought to my senses by Betty in The main cabin She had more questions than I had Answers and my answers were too Unbelievable She brought me food and fixed my Scratches By that evening I was getting my

Strength back and the group stayed Inside the main cabin that night The ones who were unsure and unbelieving Got a rude wake-up call that night The giant returned At dark he screamed he roared he shook The ground he shook the cabin he Screamed threats at me and mind speak as If I had somehow cheated him His anger wasn’t just at me he raged Until dawn with all of us inside praying And rebuking Betty waited until we hadn’t heard any More screams then she sent Billy for the Vehicle poor Billy he yeah Billy you’re Going go go get it we loaded up in Record time Not much was said though right home and I’ve not seen any of the group since I’ve never returned to that canyon and I Can say there is power in the name of Jesus and that the devil runs from his Name I’m really praying that Betty or Billy Somehow read or heard this and that they Can come forward with their account Milan says note I believe that this may Have been a Mormon LDS sponsored camp or At least that the experiencer was a Mormon many of the descriptions Including in the Keen reference to the Sasquatch are similar to the beliefs of Some of the LDS community Interesting

That was actually from uh from Steve Isdall’s the facts by how to hunt.com so Very interesting So it’s pretty good place I guess to Close out the show because we’re down to The two minute Mark as you can see Now tomorrow night again if you’re just Joining us or joining us late I will be not doing a live show because I’m gonna be uh on a ghost investigation Doing some paranormal investigating with Showers Charles Howard Johnson tomorrow Night and so I do intend to try to Stream a little bit I’m not sure how much or how well or or Or anything but I’ll try to bring you guys there with me But in any case I will be recording the Night and uh hopefully we find some Great evidence and I can come back and Make a video of it and uh put it on the Channel so you guys can see what Happened there but yeah thank you sugar I appreciate it great show she says Thanks I I like I like doing these shows I like hanging out I like discussing This stuff and while it’s nice when when I have a co-host like Sheldon or Don It’s also nice just to get together with You guys one-on-one or one on whatever However many of you there are out there I’m gonna do some shout outs quick uh Because we haven’t done that yet tonight But in the TFR it’s bam and Gemini are

Over there thank you guys for being here And uh on YouTube those that are Chatting are aggravated Progressive Kashu gazuntai Deb Varner domination uh Domination that’s a new name thanks for Coming in hackser good to see you Brother Kirsten Leah Uh Les hints Lily Pond Maggie M10 uh Someone came in last Light Came in good To see you last Light thanks for coming In uh Mara Murphy hi Mara ninja Dave is Here uh Rachel gets it right Ruger Ridge Sugar britches the unknown and Wonder Woman so that’s everybody that’s Chatting I see there’s more than that Out there watching oops I just closed my Own chat So I’ll be able to chat anymore but uh I Hit the wrong button What are you gonna do but we’re about at The Bell so I just want to say we love You be good be kind be nice take care of Each other help each other out find the Magic in every day and remember to laugh As much as you can remember Monday Nights we’re gonna do a special Halloween night stream Sheldon ice so I Hope you guys join us then and uh we’ll Close out the Halloween season together We’ll talk to you guys then take care Love you and uh we’ll see you tomorrow Night