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Social Media Today: Be Smart, Be Safe

Social Media web sites have become a global information network that undoubtedly has many benefits. However, with this increased exposure, it is vital to make sure your children are wise and remain safe as they post information online. Here are some helpful tips.

Examination Practices That Can Help You Pass

An exam can either spell success or doom depending on how you handle it. Some people fail exams not because of failing to prepare adequately, but because of doing wrong things during an examination. How can you succeed during an exam?

Different Permutations of the Dragon: Exploring the Myths of the Hydra, Nagas and Aspis

Exploring various permutations of the dragon throughout different times and places. We focus on 3 examples: the Hydra, the Nagas, and the Aspis.

529 College Savings Plan – An Overview of Information

Many states and educational institutions offer 529 Plans to help families set aside money for the future costs of education that younger members of the family will incur. These college savings plans are named for Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, which is a special tax code that provides money-saving benefits for those who qualify.

Dead Sea Scrolls: Amateur Archaeologists Involved In Deciphering Papyri

You can now become part of the exciting world of researching ancient artefacts. Since researchers cannot read everything they find, they need help. The Ancient Lives website gives you this opportunity. Imagine the satisfaction if you can be part of another valuable discovery. Instead of tapping away worthless text messages you can motivate your own child to become part of scientific research and even get him or her excited about the future.

Sky Watchers: Why Did It Come Complete To The Sumerians

We know that any field of study does not develop in one day. It takes time and the one discovery leads to another. In the end the one builds on the other but when we look at the Astronomy used by the Sumerians, we get the idea they received their answers from heaven.

Medical Transcription – A Rewarding Allied Health Care Career

Here’s a short story of my life and how I succeed by starting a career in the medical transcription sector, an allied health care profession. It’s a career that will allow you to help in saving people’s lives and have a rewarding and satisfying life.

Northern European Sun and Moon Gods and the Tree of Life

Both the Celts and Vikings had similar views on the Tree of Life. The only difference was the symbols each tribe chose for it. Most of the legends say that the creators or a descendant, sang it into being so he could practice his craft. This article shows the way mythology stories were created to help the modern day mind uncover the true meanings and mysteries behind the veil…

Is The Internet Making You Dumber or Smarter?

It seems to me that the Internet is making people stupid, and it’s just not because the Internet is full of ridiculous and stupid information, as there is a lot of very good information on the Internet as well. Unfortunately, the highest traffic sites are those of celebrity gossip, pictures of kittens, and all sorts of other nonsense. Of course, the Internet is also used now for entertainment and is quickly replacing the television – social networks are replacing what people used to use the Internet and TV for; entertainment.

Managing Academic Modules With Educational ERP

Smooth deliverance of knowledge is the most crucial function of an Academic institute – It forms the nucleus of a school or college. However, at present we would see that a majority of schools and colleges are not been able to give maximum outputs as far as effective education is concerned. Past few decades have been very dynamic for educational sector; it has seen tremendous growth in terms of its conceptions and functions, thus giving rise to a number of intricacies which adversely affect its core operation.

The Psychology of Beginning a Collection

Whatever collectible you choose, beginning a collection is easy if you have a good understanding of the psychology of it. Some tips to help give you a clearer understanding and help you begin.

Things to Check When Choosing a Childcare Service

One of the more important acts we have to do as parents is choosing a childcare service for our children. Given that there is a wide range of differing services available, most offering different features and changes different prices, how can parents choose the service that is right for their children?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Avoiding the Problem of Medicating a Developing Brain

There is no medical or laboratory test that can identify attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) and the National Institutes of Health have warned that the causes and treatments of the disorder are only speculative. Indeed, a wide range of factors can create attention problems including metabolic disorders, allergies, toxins, sleep disorders, vitamin or fatty-acid deficiencies, thyroid disorders, diabetes, depression, boredom intolerance, high intelligence, high creativity, frontal lobe dysfunction, auditory or vestibular processing disorders, and learning disabilities. In spite of this, young children are often given methylphenidate or a similar drug to treat ADD. This drug increases dopamine levels in the brain, which causes the brain to destroy dopamine transporters and receptors in an attempt to return levels to normal. This downregulation of dopamine receptors has been associated with a variety of problem behaviors in adolescence and adulthood. Identifying the reason a particular child is having difficulty paying attention and then treating that underlying problem will not only make ADD/ADHD treatments more effective but also avoid long-term problems associated with the effects of medications on the developing brain.

Optional Items for Your College Dorm

If you are in college you will know that your dorm room is your home away from home. While it may never have all the niceties of your parents place, there are some items you might want to have to make your stay a little easier…

What Are Tansu?

In modern usage, Tansu is the popular word most commonly associated with traditional mobile storage cabinetry indigenous to Japan. Consistent with Japan’s minimalist aesthetic, the traditional house appeared empty. There were no stationary tables, chairs or set furniture pieces occupying living area floor space.