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Hey everybody how you guys doing tonight Welcome to the saturday night show we’ve Got a lot of things going on tonight we Did have a cancellation so it’s going to Be a normal variety show here on the Paranormal portal but we got some great Stuff lined up for you guys so uh buckle Up it’s gonna get good we’re going to Talk about some ghost stories some Creature stories we’re gonna have the News and the question of the week and Whatever else we can get to before we Run out of time we got two full hours to Go so buckle up we’re going in Oh My God Be quiet We’re not alone Ladies and gentlemen welcome it is Saturday nights how you guys doing Welcome to the Paranormal portal I’m Your host Brent Thomas

Um we just had to connect with the ERA With the uh Network there so that’s why We had a Hiatus between my opener and Now for those of you on YouTube but uh We are gonna proceed forward but we had A cancellation today uh pretty much just About a couple hours ago Um which happens unfortunately it’s one Of the hard Parts about doing these Shows because when you have guests on You’re kind of I mean you’re kind of at The mercy I guess but uh you know I’ve Been doing this for a lot of years so I Started prepping just in case anyway and Then sure enough uh the guest had to Cancel and that was Daniel Benoit of uh The founder of ecbro East Coast Bigfoot Research organization was going to be Here tonight but he had things come up And wasn’t able to make it so uh we’re Gonna plow ahead with our normal show And just do the best we can to entertain The hell out of you but I just want you To know I’m not alone here I am joined By the Big Branch himself on my personal Family tree Mr Sheldon Thomas how you Doing The one and only I am here and I am well It’s been a warm day here Um fortunately because it’s been Freezing cold the past week so it’s a Nice change of pace how are you doing We’re freezing cold here so oh it’s Raining cold here but uh pull your mic

Up if you would or something you’re very Faint Okay how’s that much better yeah that’s Well right reasonably better anyway but Uh yeah welcome to show everybody Um as always we got a lot lined up for You tonight we’re gonna go into the news In just a couple minutes here we’re Gonna get uh well we might have a Discord question of the week because That’s the one part that I couldn’t do Anything about because it’s quite a Quite quite honestly Discord questions Take a while to generate answers and uh I don’t know if we have any so we’ll see We’ll see when we get to it if we have Any Discord question of the week uh We’ll check it we’ll see maybe maybe our Listeners and Discord Community will Surprise us but uh we we featured a Question from our good friend Mr Android Purity who’s also a mod both on the Channel and on the Discord so Um yeah I guess we’re gonna just keep Working with it Sheldon I uh uh all set Because I gotta do some do some Announcements here of course I’m ready to go all right so the first Announcements of course is a thank you To extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC Who’s been a long time friend of the Show and a friend of mine personally but They they have uh created the Cryptid Coin which is a cryptocurrency centered

Around encrypted research and Investigation and uh really exciting Exciting for us to have them as a Sponsor here on the show and uh you know If you’re looking for a Cryptid crypto Investment it’s weird to say crypto Encrypted and try to keep them straight It’s a tongue twister of sorts but if You’re looking for a cryptocurrency Investment maybe this is one for you Check it out go to that’s and see what you think Maybe it’ll be a good fit for you too But a special thanks to cryptidcoin for Being a part of our family here and uh Let me pull uh a page that I’ve been Using for a while now oh my God all These messages are all over it I Sometimes I get I don’t know if it’s Possible but I should probably shut off Messenger I don’t know if it’s possible But I should try to do that because I Get flooded with various messages and And I love hearing from people don’t get Me wrong but it’s like oh my god Um but anyway What we got going on from extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC is the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup coming up this Next June so we’re trying to put it out There so people know about it but I’m Allegedly going to emcee the thing we’ll See if that if that holds true but uh That’s the plan and uh there’s gonna be

A lot of great guests there keynote Speaker of course is Dr Jeff Meldrum Will be there uh and this is at the Spokane Valley Event Center in Spokane Washington uh and as well as Ken Gerhard Tom seawood Charles Howard Johnson and Michael Freeman who is Paul Freeman’s Son so there’s going to be a whole host Of things going on there so it’s a one Day event if you’re in the neighborhood Please try to make it over there to the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup So special thanks to them For making me and Don and maybe Shelton Will be there a part of the event Would you want to make that event Sheldon I would love to make any event Something so yes I would love to be There take me please All right uh good to see everybody thank You all to you all who are coming into YouTube check out the show and to the BAM over on TFR good to see you brother Uh and let’s see what should we get into Sheldon what do you think I think the news is a good place to Start I think you’re right so ladies and Gentlemen the Paranormal portal news Begins now [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome

To the Paranormal portal news desk I’m Your host Brent Thomas your anchor Rather and Sheldon’s co-anchoring with Me tonight and uh we’re gonna dive into All the Paranormal news and goodness That you might want to know about first Up in the news is a special report and This is a new development and I just Want to bring this to your attention Because starting now Starting now there is A paranormal portal Web page Just look for rates And uh that’ll bring you over there and This is the Paranormal photo webpage and It’s got the timer which now this is Zero means that I got to reset this Before every show but it’s kind of Exciting uh it tells you when the live Streams are coming up on YouTube it Gives you a countdown timer and a go now Button to go over to our YouTube channel There’s a link to our podcasts here Which will take you to libsyn and our Our page over there as well as our YouTube channel linked here which most Of you know about obviously but then There’s just a little bit about me not Much just this paragraph which all of You probably already know but there’s There’s more there’s just there’s just More and you can join our community

Right here at the bottom of the page by Signing up give me your email address And uh I’ll keep you updated I’m gonna You know start sending out paranormal Portal newsletters so Um God I’m gonna be busy oh my God I Need a secretary I need assistant but Anyway Um that’s exciting I hope you guys will Go over check it out uh I just did this I just built this today now uh it’s a Lot easier than it sounds but it still Took a lot of time and a lot of Configuring and troubleshooting and Stuff so got it up it’s now again is where you can Find this love to have you sign up and Become part of that and uh you know We’re going to tie in the Discord Community and all that stuff with this More as we move forward but right now It’s there it’s live and by God I’ve Been wanting that for about three years So I finally got it done today so that’s The first thing up in the news I hope You guys will check it out again is our new webpage For the Paranormal portal Okay so Actual other news is we got a few of Them here and then Sheldon found us a Really creepy one yeah yeah it is really Disturbing but uh let’s get to the first One here from unexplained

Ladies and Gentlemen please please Support this site these guys are doing Great things over there and uh you know I just want to make sure that to try to Encourage you guys to go to support what They’re doing over there uh it’s just a Fantastic site and I just love them love What they do over there they’re really Second to none so Um but the first article from Unexplained is Mystery Revisited the twins who were murdered in A past life I didn’t even look and see How long this was Yeah that’s okay I can read that it says RAM and sheesh and now rain oh do a DI Amo Dewey di Amo okay that’s an Interesting name compelled many Including prominent psychologists with Their with their unique reincarnation Tale Born in India in 1964 the two boys Quickly regained what they believed to Be memories of their past lives as two Farmers bimson and bism Pitman who were Murdered by a man named jagannath over The land dispute around four months Before their reincarnate reincarnated Selves were born As with some of the most compelling Cases of alleged reincarnation the twins Seem to be able to recall specific Details about their past lives as well As the names of their family members

Whoa According to accounts from the time Friends and family members of the Deceased Farmers traveled to visit the Twins who instantly recognized them Despite having never met them before Some of the details they could recall About their past lives were particularly Impressive including individual items of Jewelry they had owned and the exact Size of their plot of land The case eventually reached Reincarnation researcher Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia Who who conducted an extensive study Into the twins claims what the hell is This Jesus God I said yeah what the hell During a first visit to India I learned The cases consisted of much more than a Child’s claim to remember a previous Life he wrote the children also showed Behavior that’s unusual to their Families and in those cases in which the Claims were verified matched the Behavior of the deceased persons the Children claimed to have been He was particularly intrigued about how The twins knew about their the murderer Of their past selves including the names Of several of his accomplices perhaps The most intriguing of all was the Presence of birthmarks on both the boys Which seemed to correspond to the Locations of their fatal injuries

Sustained by their predecessors Could RAM and sheesh have really been Remembering details of their past lives We may never know for sure well It sounds pretty interesting Um that’s not a phenomenon unique to These guys there’s been other such Claims of course that we’ve even covered On the show but is it possible Children can remember I think so too I Mean if I mean what are the odds these Kids could recognize family members and Jewelry and talk about their land and Who killed them and how they died yeah I mean the chances of just coming up With all those details uh it’s pretty Insane that’s Way Insane I mean I mean Not insane in a bad way but it’s just That means the odds are so against it And that’s that’s kind of the key Takeaway there it’s like is it possible They could have just uh fabricated a Story like that well maybe but what are The odds that they would be able to Yeah and match the details of an actual Situation that happened so I don’t know ladies and gentlemen I Don’t know but I think that stuff is Absolutely fascinating and it may very Well show us that’s we continue And maybe we continue back again God I hope not I don’t want to come back don’t make me Do it no I’m just kidding I and I’ll

Give you it’s like Eternal Bliss or more Of this Yeah let’s weigh those out quick [Laughter] I tell you which one I’m rooting for Um but it may not be true Um who knows I don’t know I don’t recall Being there before so uh maybe maybe I Will but not yet not yet Um very interesting story I think that Stuff is absolutely fascinating What do you think of that Sheldon I mean just like I said I I absolutely Believe that I mean what are the chances I mean yeah the the part about the Birthmark thing I think is really Interesting too and I’ve I mean Obviously we’ve read stories about that We’ve talked about that on the show and That’s something I’m really intrigued by Um me too I mean if it lines if the Birthmarks line up with their past Injuries then I I kind of have to Believe at that point that’s another That’s another you know being you know You’re hitting all the marks remembering Past family members remembering details About your life behaviors and mannerisms Could you imagine the parents you go Clean your room wait why don’t you clean It It’s like an adult what do I look like The mom come on here

I’m sexist pig It’s the same person literally yeah I Know come on where’s my lunch [Laughter] What do you got hooks in you come on Quit busting my chops here You just get a terrible terrible person And you gotta deal with all of that it’s Like I don’t know that would be a horrible Thing what if you’re what if your past Life you were a jerk and you remembered I don’t know it’s just humor it’s part Of the show here so if you’re new to the Show this is what you can expect moving Forward Maggie uh says that uh my daughter said Quote remember when I was the mummy and You were the baby she was around four at The time That’s a cool cool thing yeah I’m that’s That’s very powerful I believe it I really do I really think There’s so much more going on here Obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be doing The show but Um yeah when situations like that happen Is it’s you know it I mean of course Most people do fall too oh it’s just Imagination just plain but what if it’s Not Then it’s a great it’s a real huge clue That there’s a lot of stuff going on Next up on the newscast

Signed his way in on claims of phantom UFOs over Ukraine from TK Randall at Unexplained and uh this TK Random man this person blows me away Every article is TK Randall it’s Incredible Just from the site anyway uh last month Ukrainian researchers claimed to have Observed large numbers of UFOs in the Skies over the country Uh the original study which was Conducted by astronomers from the the Main astronomical Observatory or Mao of The you know the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine used two meteor Stations stations situated in Kiev I Don’t know how Proper pronunciation of that but I think It’s Kiev uh and vinery Vina rivka Village to scour the heavens for Anything strange or unusual according to Reports that surfaced back in September Are strange and unusual things are Exactly what the researchers found large Numbers of them in fact The paper’s authors describe two Categories of UAP cosmics which are very Luminous objects brighter than the sky And the Phantoms very dark objects that Appear black against the sky these Objects were detected numerous times Often in groups of several at a time and The researchers also recorded some of Them moving at considerable speeds

While these Revelations caused quite a Stir at the time other scientists have Since moved to play Down the Significance of these claims and to Argue that the sightings or not at all What they seemed why How were they there I mean these are these are astronomers Looking through and making these claims And so these other astronomers or no That’s not what they saw they didn’t see That What a bunch of dicks and and Investigation with the National Academy Of Sciences of Ukraine for example Concluded that the findings did not meet The professional requirements for Publication of the results of scientific Research That’s me looking at the camera Um the processing and interpretation of Results were performed at an Inappropriate scientific level and with Scientific errors in determining Distances to The observed objects the Panel wrote Harvard University Astrophysicist Avi Leb had similar Criticisms he he maintains that the Researchers had incorrectly estimated The distances involved possibly by as Much as 10 times suggesting that they May have simply been observing artillery Shells really Oh no come on Avi really they wouldn’t

Know what a Tillery shells look like if You bring it even closer it could be Insects oh geez like um like a fly Moving at high speed near the telescope And it would appear dark he said oh come On well there are reports of unlit uh UFOs they’re not all lit like Christmas Trees there are reports of some of them Just being dark and do artillery shells Like change direction Um flies do but I mean really you think They wouldn’t notice what a fly was I don’t know I just I I just have a hard Time believing that astronomers wouldn’t Rule these things out already well I I Mean if there were errors made there Were errors made and I can’t speak to That but to conclusively state that no That’s not what happened there there are Absolutely not using scientific protocol Here it’s like they’re scientists and They observe something Done right I mean is it testable no is it is it Repeatable I don’t think so probably not But They saw something they couldn’t explain These are astronomers for God’s sakes They’re not like some you know Boy Scout Troop looking at telescopes for the First time It’s a very different thing so I’m disappointed in that but you know of Course I’d love for it to be real yeah

For sure I’d love for more people to get On board with the fact that there’s more Going on in this world but that’s my Confirmation bias Um but I think the reason why it’s Doubted is um I’ve heard that there’s a Lot of propaganda going on on both sides Of that that war oh I’m like for Instance the ghost of Kiev apparently That’s not a thing like there wasn’t Just a solo apparently but I don’t know You know Who knows so yeah it’s hard to say yeah It’s it is and and information and uh Propaganda are part of warfare I mean For sure but what would these scientists Have to gain by saying hey there’s lots Of things in the sky we don’t know what The hell they are all of a sudden Yeah I guess that really wouldn’t Wouldn’t work with the war effort you Know just saying that hey there’s some Weird things in this guy that well it Neither helps nor hinders it really yeah It’s just neutral yeah neutral Information oh yeah yeah absolutely so All right well that’s another one that’s Another one on the news Festival tonight Let’s get to the next one and this is All right I don’t know if we can read this whole One but I just wanted to bring it up Like because it’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard suggested uh I don’t

Know how long it is yeah it’s a really Long one but we’ll touch on the Beginning of it Um I’m unexplained will it Ever be feasible feasible to send Astronauts to to Venus I guess if you Can find astronauts that love boiling Ammonia baths and stuff It’s like really that’s kind of like you Know if if we found a gateway to Hell Would we send astronauts there probably Not you know and that’s kind of like What Venus would be like so yeah I just Needed I needed to address that because Why the hell would anybody I would go to Venus are you kidding me [Laughter] I’d love to die of toxic fumes and and Uh an acid rain like literally acid rain And any number of other frightening Frightening aspects of Life on Venus or The lack of it no I I’m just saying no Let’s uh let’s uh let’s not go there Maybe But there you go the whole article is of Course available on unexplained if you’re looking for more Of what they’re talking about here than Uh you know go check it out it’s a Pretty long article though longer than We have time for here on the news I just Wanted to make my point I don’t know a lot about Venus but I

Know that it’s not going to become the Next vacation spot anytime ever Ever so uh the next story up on the news Festival tonight here on the Paranormal Portal is from unexplained This one is from 2011. this one’s a Little weird Doctors find uterus in Indian man Now I don’t know if that makes him like A hermaphrodite or what that is but Let’s see what it says an Indian farmer Baffled doctors after they found a full Female reproductive system in his Abdomen What do I do there’s the button just Waiting for it I didn’t know which one To push there I was like what do I do is That weird or is this funny or what is What’s going on the Discovery was made After the man had visited Hospital Complaining about stomach pains to Remedy the situation surgeons generated Or operated to perform a hysterectomy on The man to remove The Unwanted organs Doctors suspected a normal hernia but When they carried out an exploratory Operation they were shocked to discover It had been caused by a female uterus Ovaries Fallopian tubes a cervix and an Underdeveloped uh tissue Um wow I don’t know what is is that one Of those things like he maybe was going To be a twin and absorb the twin kind of Thing and the twin would have been a

Female I don’t know wouldn’t that be her Math day because usually it’s one if you Are one is underfelt and one is more Developed well yeah yeah I I guess I Don’t know they’re not calling it that Though so I don’t know what they’d call It but It’s anybody’s guess I don’t know very Strange so and a man actually had the Full reproductive thing cook in there And uh just doesn’t sound like there was You know there was no opening for it but Um yeah Very strange I don’t know I just kind of Was baffled by that this is obviously From The Archives of unexplained uh what do we got for time Here because I gotta get we got two Minutes we’re gonna extend the news After the break because I want to make Sure to hit one that Sheldon brought to The table and maybe we’ll just maybe it Might be okay skipping though no that’s It’s kind of it’s It’s kind of Newsworthy actually so um we got about Two minutes left uh this one I guess we Can probably read as it’s shockingly Disturbing but this one is this one is The Shocker of of all and this is Unexplained man attempts Do-it-yourself hernia surgery and this Is from 2011. 63 year old man-made headlines this week By trying to fix his own hernia using a

Butter knife Oh forgot yeah I don’t like that But at least who arrived at his home Were shocked to discovered him in a Lounge chair with the knife sticking out Of his abdomen even more bizarre is that What he did next after pulling the knife Out himself he proceeded to insert the Cigarette he was smoking into the wound The man is recovering in hospital after Attempting surgery on himself using a Butter knife police said 63-year-old Glendale man cut into himself with a six Inch butter knife in an attempt to Remove a protruding hernia from his Stomach Wow That’s I do not try this at home Um Yeah you got to be a special kind of Stupid to do something like that I was Gonna say was he okay in the head too Was there something going on he decided To do his own surgery I don’t think it Didn’t mention he was a doctor he just Decided to use a butter knife and take Care of it it’s not like he just put Some Putty in some fresh coat of paint On it and you’re good to go Um Why a butter knife why maybe he has Really hard butter and he’s got a really Good butter knife I don’t know I don’t know what to do folks but we’re

Going to be going to the break Any second there’s the bell all right I’m gonna continue the news on the other Side so I’m not going to give you an Outro yet because we got a couple more To go don’t go away There’s more to come here on the Paranormal portal It’s always disturbing here Sheldon [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] What’s up Foreign [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen we are back and Back out of here on the Paranormal Portal in half hour number two of four We’re into number two now it’s gone so Fast and we’re still not done with the News because we got a couple more Stories here one of which is the last From the archives that I pulled off and This one I didn’t want to miss because By God this is awesome All right let me get it up now I mean

Let me move it over here All right here we go from unexplained from July 25th 2011 Again By TK Randall this guy’s the machine or This person is a machine A man a man wakes up in morgue and Scares workers oh my God oh my God That’s like every medical examiner’s Worst nightmare I think a man believed To be dead woke up in a morgue and Scared off attendance who thought he was A ghost the 50 year old started Screaming to be let out after waking up Inside the morgue his shouts frighten Two attendees so badly they fled the Building believing the place to be Haunted his family thought he had died Said a spokes spokesman when asked about How this could have happened a 50 year Old South African man thought to be dead Woke up in a chilly morgue on Sunday and Shouted to be let out scaring off two Attendants who thought he was a ghost Local media reported yeah that would That might scare you and change your Religion in a hurry Well there you have it uh true story I Guess uh weird it’s from the world of Bazaar on unexplained Dash Mysteries but All right and now the one that Sheldon Brought to the table tonight This one this one this one is concerning Because Um when you’re playing with nature is

All I’m gonna say and this is coming From the Nerdist which is uh a site I Think I’ve seen here and there once in a Great while but uh here you go folks Right out of the pages of Science Fiction lab grown brain cells learn to Play Pong may be sentient [Applause] Good Lord that’s a small font hold on While I blow that up so I can actually Read it it’s almost Like I need I need the big Mario Uh scientists grew brain cells that Integrated themselves with a silicon Computer chip and simulated a world Similar to the classic video game pong Within five minutes the neurons learned How to play the game the team the team Dubbed the system dish brain And determined is this example of Biological Computing shows both Intelligent and sentient Behavior This breakthrough can help computers Become smarter and artificial Intelligence programs learn faster or Does it just get us one step closer to Matrix like reality that proves we’re All living in a simulation Yeah that’s weird According to a press release gameplay is A relatively simple electrodes on the Left or right of the one array are fired To tell the dish brain which side the Ball is on the distance from the paddle

Was indicated by a frequency of signals Feedback from the electrodes is taught Dish brain how to return the ball by Making the cells act as if they were Themselves the paddle the team published Their findings in the peer-reviewed Journal neuron which we first saw in Gizmodo the plan to tweak the hardware Software and what they call wet wear or The cells themselves in order to Optimize dish brain eventually Scientists could use this system to Study therapies and drugs for damaged Brain cells Or you could just grow a new one uh next Up scientists plan to introduce ethanol Into the system which will basically get This brain drunk and see how that Affects its ability to learn and play oh My God so you’re going to send them Right to college in other words If it if it’s anything like me it’ll Think it’s doing better but in reality It’ll be playing much worse but the real Question is what game will team Tech Dish brain next teach rather not Tech Teach Um that was Melissa the Nerdist Science And Technology staff writer wrote that Um very weird dish brain I you know some Researchers came up with that name it’s Like was in addition it’s a brain Um That’s the best they came up with not uh

Biological Matrix of neurons cells or Something and give it a give it an Acronym but everything has an acronym Everything should have an acronym and Dish brain just sucks that’s the worst Name ever Um it sounds like an insult God you’re Such a dish brain oh true actually we Just thought of a new one yeah well yeah I come up with them all the time Actually it’s one of my gifts Um yeah there you go dish brain folks And that is going to conclude tonight’s News Festival of fun here on the Paranormal portal so uh let’s get back To the rest of this [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Trusted news ever Thank you Wes for that intro I love how he ended it with the most Most trusted news that’s so hilarious I Like to think so but you know now we do Have to give in a round of applause of Course thank you Maggie I love you thank you so much We really appreciate it that’s awesome Okay All right so

I don’t know if I want to look I don’t Know if I want to look Sheldon Do it do it all right ladies and Gentlemen it’s time For the Discord question of the week All right ladies and gentlemen we’re Going to do the Discord question of the Week and I don’t know this might be the Quickest Discord question of the week Ever But uh for those of you that may not Know we do have a Discord Channel and uh It’s the Paranormal portal if I I don’t Know is it not searchable because I get Messages sometime I can’t find it and I Got to send people you know the invite Link through email but Um we’ve had more people joining but We’re working on that ladies and Gentlemen it turns out that it’s a a pay Kind of thing to have a static URL of Some kind so we’re gonna get there we’re Getting there slowly baby steps the Portal always is grown by Baby Steps but What also the Applause has been for was It should have been for Eliza Eliza oh What did I say [Applause] No it was mom mom texted me and said oh Eliza donated uh to you don’t forget her Sorry Eliza thank you and Maggie thank You anyway Um you’ve obviously everybody’s given so Much

Um so thank you so much and there’s lots Of ways to support the show so if you Can’t monetarily do it I understand Don’t don’t ever think it’s it’s a Requirement by any means it’s sure Appreciated if it’s possible but if not Just like the streams be here be a part Of it spread the word share the streams Out there’s a really uh inexpensive ways Of helping us out in a big way so thank You to all of you that are doing that All the time so again Sheldon did you Post the uh the link I will post it again okay thank you but This is the Discord question of the week Segments where we ask a question of our Discord community And uh we’ll see what they want or see What they think of the of the different Paranormal topics and also if you have a Question that you’d like asked on our Discord Community please by all means Email it to me or if you’re in Discord Message Sheldon or me directly and we Can certainly post your question Tonight’s question was one that was Asked by Android last week I don’t see Him in here have you Um it was really short notice because Again we had a cancellation so uh when You have a cancellation you’ve got a you Gotta hit the ground running and put Together a show in a big hurry and so That’s what happened tonight and so

Literally we only had a little bit of Time to post the question prior to the Show and that’s why you know but Rachel Did respond so that’s cool thank you Rachel appreciate it Okay in tonight’s question is question Of the week Saturday show by Android Purity Sean do you want to read it Absolutely there are many different Explanations for what a wendigo is what Do you believe a wendigo is And Rachel says I think the true wendigo Is a supernatural spirit and evil force That has possessed people for eons Resulting in myth and Legend The creature that has been depicted in Horror art is an artistic rendition There may be these creatures who will Manifest as these deer skull creatures They might take on that form as it is Terrifying but I’m not calling those Topaz tulpa is a thought form brought Into existence from Human thought energy They may look like it’s your Wendigo but Other creatures may use the dear one to Go image they are appearing as these Malevolent creatures either through Thought imagery implanted in the mind of The witness or actually changing Physical appearance oh interesting It’s not a bad take actually Um my thought is my my thought about the Wendigo was that it was either a four Spirit like a nature um Spirit or it was

Some sort of trans-dimensional entity That was always my thoughts but what Maggie says I don’t know but it’s a Great question yeah it is it’s a tough Question because here’s the thing There’s there’s the wendigo is is Sometimes it depends on the source now I Know that Android and I have talked About this in the past and and he says Look there’s really only one description In Native American First Nation culture But I know I’ve heard different Descriptions from First Nation people I’ve talked to so Um the thing is is that there is it’s a Possessing spirit that uh that possesses A person and creates it’s like a demonic Thing that makes them constantly hungry Like they cannot be satiate their hunger And they go absolutely mental and and They may their stories of of people that Have like eaten their families and stuff And and First Nations uh culture and and It’s horrible horrible evil evil thing And uh which is disgusting now there’s Other descriptions of the windigo which Look like some form of emaciated Cryptid With it seems to have Antlers like a like a like a buck uh Deer and uh this almost skeletal wasting Away Visage and uh they are maybe that’s What the demon looks like be you know When it’s not actually inhabiting Somebody so maybe it’s more like an

Apparition that people are seeing but Also you’ll sometimes find descriptions Of wendigo being something like a Bigfoot with antlers on his head so There are several different descriptions Of it and it gets kind of confusing but I I do think that probably probably most Likely it’s it’s some form of malevolent Entity that does you know um torture People and cause them to absolutely go Go mad and do horrid horde things which Wouldn’t differentiate it a lot from any Other demonic entity really but I think That they’re probably extraordinarily Rare like I I don’t think in the Paranormal I think the word demon gets Way overused like people use it all the Time and and I’ve thought about that Often and I think honestly it’s because It’s street cred it sounds really Impressive to say you dealt with a demon Uh I I think honestly it’s not good to Toy around with language like that Because there are beliefs that if you Talk about demons or if you name a demon You’re summoning it to you And so I would caution people against Using that just because what if that’s True do you want to deal with something That is literally a principality of Power Um very very extraordinarily dangerous And has nothing but time to wait and Watch and wait for you to to make

Yourself vulnerable to it I mean my God There’s nothing more diabolical And so actually go ahead No go ahead Finish Well I mean and so That’s what I believe these things Probably are but they are Um very very creepy whatever they are And uh I I wouldn’t want to meet one So what were you guys That’s the first description I heard That it was malevolent I I guess I’ve Only seen the imagery and like a little Bit here and there I didn’t know that They were depicted or at least uh Rumored to be that like malevolent That’s oh yeah there’s nothing nice About them they’re they’re not just uh Uh oh I saw a wendigo while I was out in The world it’s like it’s not just like a Deer if you see one you’re you’re you Better start drinking holy water or Something like you’re on the list type Of thing I see yeah because it’s Revealed itself to you and I think that Can’t be a good thing Um now I could be wrong maybe some People just do sometimes see them but I’m telling you what if I saw something Dark like that geez it might change my Religion But anyway yeah that’s that’s horrible Stuff but anyway that’s the Discord Questions of the week and generally We’ve had them up for a day or so and

They get a lot more responses but again Since we had such limited time we just Didn’t have the opportunity tonight so Thank you to those of you that rushed Over to answer any of you in the chat Want to respond to it I appreciate it uh Yes sirinos is the god of the forest and Creatures that dwell therein benevolent And something else needs to happen until Something else needs to happen yeah Cyranos is not uh I don’t know if a Certain news I guess I don’t know Exactly how to pronounce it but yeah I’m Familiar with that Um and it is it’s supposed to be the god Of the forest so any he is depicted as The as the you know the antler god Um kind of looks like a cross between The deer and and an upright upright Being of some kind but yeah Um can we have like princess mononokeas Um of the deer God have you ever seen That what is what is it what did you say Princess Mononoke that movie the Animated movie I didn’t see it so I Don’t I don’t have a reference but maybe I mean if it looks like a deer a deer Had a deer antler God then yeah pretty Much it would be pretty much the same Thing and and just you know I mean those Kind of things may repeat in other Cultures I don’t know if the anime is Built on actual Um lore in histories or you know or

Religions or if it’s just a fabrication I don’t know But um Maggie says can we do the Question again at some point please [Laughter] Possibly I I mean you know I I just Wanted us to have the the content over Tonight so that’s why I posted it so Quick but maybe it was in poor planning Maybe I should have just said hey guys We didn’t have time for it sorry next Time but it is we’ll do a redo so that Everybody can get their thoughts out There maybe yeah okay well there you go A little forewarning then uh we’ll we’ll Keep the question of the week then uh Again for but I I don’t know is there More to discuss yeah I guess whatever You guys think it is Um we can use it for next my next Wednesday and just give you guys a lot Of days to look into the into the Phenomena it’s not a really well-known Thing because of course a lot of a lot Of things like that that are that are Born of the First Nations Um beliefs they’re they’re very Tight-lipped about they don’t talk about These dark things very often obviously Because we don’t know much about Skinwalkers we don’t know much about uh Wendy go and any number of other dark Things that just are not encouraged to Talk about because that is a belief in

The lot of First Nations communities That by discussing it you are summoning It Which also is mentioned in Demon lore All the time if you discuss demons You’re summoning them to you Which I find incredibly interesting Because of course and I’ve said this on The show before so it’s nothing new but I find it interesting that to to name a Demon you’re summoning it to you but to Dispel a demon as in the Catholic Rite Of exorcism the demon names itself it Becomes weaker very interesting very Interesting correlation interesting Right I don’t know that’s very uh Go ahead Ron the sage says my Great-grandmother said the one to go is The spirit that possesses a person and Makes them a cannibal kind of like what Um you guys were saying yeah yeah Exactly and I had heard that too Ron but Great Point Um yeah and it’s and it’s a horrible Thing absolutely horrible there was a There was a show that covered a Potential wendigo situation and there Was a guy on the bus and he just Suddenly wigged out he was a first Nations guy and he wigged out and just Uh took the head off some other person And went crazy and would just Pace Inside the bus carrying this head now oh My God that could just be normal

Psychosis but What if it’s not I don’t know they said That he looked absolutely Wicked like There was just something wicked going on There and uh what a horrible horrible Thing so again is there truth to these Things I think so but I I don’t think It’s that much removed from the than any Other demonic thing but it’s just a Different name Um the Rachel s um isn’t there uh There’s one to go psychosis that people Have been diagnosed with I don’t know if There’s an actual uh psychological term For that or psychiatric I don’t know Maybe there is uh if it if it involves Cannibalism then yeah probably I mean it Would take it take a name from a legend Sure Uh and it could be one and the same I Mean might be just the same thing uh Again Um one thing I would like to point out Is that Oftentimes we we create distinctions Between Medical maladies such as you know brain Issues And psychosis and spiritual maladies and That’s cause a person to have some form Of psychosis and I don’t know that They’re always two different things Because here’s the thing that our bodies Are

How do I want to say this our bodies are Are in a state based upon our spiritual Presence and our spiritual State I think Like I think our spirit manifests the Body that we live in like I think that We are First Energy and then we are Physical and that is that’s the the path That I think that takes now What if A possession Creates maladies that are observable in The brain of the sufferers what if a Spiritual infestation in a person can Cause abnormalities that are that are Measurable and and possibly treatable Medically to try to rebalance that to Some degree but it doesn’t cure the Problem Because the problem could be and I’m Reaching here I’m really reaching and I Realize that but I just it just makes me Wonder Um Lewis Lois Hayes or Louise Hayes she did A book on uh on well I think she did a Bunch of things on on healing yourself And and she would cover all these Different diseases I don’t know if she Was right or not but there are plenty of Examples of people spontaneously healing From what would otherwise be impossible Conditions well how did that happen what Changed divine intervention Did it just remove

That vibration from the person You know again we’ve talked about it a Little bit recently I shared my thoughts About energy being an issue and and it’s All frequency we’re all frequency like All matter is frequency so if there was A a lower vibrational frequency moved Into you would that create imbalances And and abnormalities in your biology Including cognitive function Maybe And you know that’s that’s an Interesting point it makes you think That with the absoluteness as far as Science goes and and medical diagnosis The absolute of it if it is a spiritual Aspect you’re basically surrendering all Power to whatever is inflicting it And that’s could be why it gets worse And lethal and whatnot because we all Think oh it’s been diagnosed that’s how It is you know that’s just that’s how Life is and you’re surrounding all your Power to it so if it is a dark entity Causing it you’re basically saying Nothing I could do oh well you know I Hope I make it through Yep sorry I I played the scrap the Splash screen uh and on top of you but I Think everybody still heard what you’re Talking about um I hope so anyway yeah Sorry if I stomped on you but anyway Ladies and gentlemen this has been the Question of the week and Don Don says Hey Paranormal mortal Kane screens I got

Sick of looking at the Discord screen All right there’s more we’re still here Um He’s a backseat co-host He’s backseat co-hosting all right let’s Go back to the rest of the show Oh my God There we go ladies and gentlemen that Was a Discord question of the week and Basically those are the discussions We’re going to be having on the Questions of the week portion Um you know and again the Paranormal Portal is just all about discussing this Stuff I don’t pretend to have the Answers I really don’t I just have Thought about this stuff for years and Years and I got ideas I might be Absolutely wrong and I’ll be the first To admit that but uh you know I I don’t Pretend to have the solutions to any of This stuff but I just have a lot of Questions so The first and foremost the Paranormal Portal is a discussion about all this Crazy stuff that goes on around us and You know these are the breadcrumbs that Were that we’re following wherever it Leads it leads so uh if you’re if you’re New to the show that’s what we do we Talk about this stuff So uh from micropedia Paul Holland says In Psychiatry the wendigo is the name of A form of psychosis which is

Characterized by an intense craving for Human flesh and an intense fear of Becoming a cannibal oh man yeah that’s Interesting that’s absolutely horrible Yeah and Ron The Siege had said Something up here he said modern science Has been leaning towards the idea that All matter is energy yeah I agree Ron For sure But I’m just trying to see if we missed Anything else no I think that was it Um but yeah true story picks of before And when possession occurred Eliza what Does that mean is there pictures of that Uh you mean just physical Characteristics yeah oftentimes people That ha that undergo a possession there Or even channeling so some channelers of Uh spiritual energies their Visage will Change completely like muscles that are Normally in a certain State for the Normal person when they allow another Spirit to come through they look Different they don’t look like the Person that they usually are I’ve seen That myself once and it’s freaky it Really is I saw a person that had a Spirit come into her and and and it was It was like I knew instantly that Something was there that wasn’t there Before and it was uh it was very unusual Um Yeah nothing missed I’m gonna say that Don you can’t even make me we said it

Enough on Wednesday’s show for uh Probably the rest of the month oh boy Uh Absolutely So oh she died from it she says oh That’s terrible oh geez yeah that’s I Mean that’s the parts of of any uh uh Possession scenario is there can be a Lethal outcome it’s not It’s not a little thing I mean the Person’s life is literally in the Balance and uh you know it’s it’s Intense Hey Trace good to see you good to see You Um good to see all of you as Manufacturers a bunch of you here let’s Do shout out Sheldon oh no wait let’s Wait till after the break let’s wait Till after break because you won’t even Get through it we literally there’s the Bell I watched the clock ladies and Gentlemen All right we’re gonna go to the break We’ll be right back in just a couple Minutes please don’t go away there’s a Lot more to come I promise we just got To take the breaks because we’re Synchronizing with the network so we’ll Be right back Promise Everybody likes to play their games

Inside me as their lies Don’t let that breaking me with kindness To you dance With another house Just make sure that you’re well [Applause] Memory memory love no No and Earthly pleasures Are desperately desired But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual Hauntings seem to be connected with an Area A house usually your guy’s disturbance Is a fairly short duration perhaps a

Couple of months politics can go on for Years Thank you All right ladies and gentlemen after That extraordinarily long second hour Intro we are here of course the Poltergeists Love those movies uh Ninja Dave said I Saw a tormenting Spirit leave someone as They spit water out of their mouth like A fountain into a campfire and as they When they did this white looking ghost Leaped from out of the out of their back Yikes That’s horrible I think that’s a real thing I you know I Think that’s there is there there it Doesn’t mean that everything’s a demon Though I think that there are Earthbound Spirits of some kind that probably look At us jealously and uh want to try to LeapFrog in and and uh maybe finish Their life if their life ended early or For whatever number of reasons But they’re often referred to as Walk-ins and uh it can act much like a Possession I mean because it is it’s you Know another Spirit sharing your body Whether you like it or not Um And uh leads to a lot of problems not Usually as as intense as uh as a

Possession of a demonic’s nature but a Demon wants to destroy you a walk-in Just wants to take over You know and so it’s it’s a little Different motivation but yeah Um and and Um a demonic possession Will grow and grow until it becomes Perfect possession and and that’s where There’s no difference between the person And the in the Demonic presence anymore It’s just all one and it’s usually Mostly the demon it’s not like the Person is really there anymore Is the idea at least as I understand it But anyway always a pleasure when you Guys are part of the discussion oh I was Muted that’s why okay were you saying Stuff I didn’t see yeah well I was like What’s going on oh I’m muted okay why is Nobody talking to me You were a disembodied Spirit there for A while Thank you All right what were you gonna say or What else it feels like I see yeah but Um yeah what do you What do you think is the real Distinction Between Wandering spirit A lost dark Spirit versus a demon versus Like a you know like the levels of Darkness As It Gets

Well I think the worst of the worst is The Demonic Um that’s these are extraordinarily Powerful dark things and Um they’ve been here For ever I mean really they’re they’re Kind of they’ve been here probably a lot Longer than we have and uh there’s all Kinds of origin stories for where they Came from whether they were you know the Fallen Angels or or whatever or or Whatever but um you know uh There’s the I think that there’s lots of Things that exist in our plane of Existence some somewhats maybe out of Frequency with us but that we’re never Human but they appear to us or or Um when they when they’re observed They’re more spiritual in nature so we Call them some kind of ghost I mean Ghost in spirit is just this catch-all Term and it’s not really descriptive and It and you’d never I mean you never Really know what you’re dealing with Anything dark is going to lie and say It’s the devil or or whatever I mean how Many times Um have you heard of you know uh um Ovuluses or or EVPs or any number of Things saying I’m the devil well I don’t Think they’re the devil I don’t think That they are in and of themselves that Level of of evil or power because why Would they be playing with somebody’s

Electronics you know if it were truly a Being of that kind of Um I don’t know power or stature or Whatever it wouldn’t be messing with People in that way and you know the one Thing is is that I really I really don’t Believe demons will never announce Themselves ever I really don’t because Their whole their whole strategy is to Destroy somebody or a family of people Or a group or an area I mean they just Want to Um undo a person or something and so the Last thing they want is you know they’re There because then you can you can fight You can resist so what a what a demon Does is hold you in darkness they hold You in oppression they separate you it’s Like a it’s like the worst kind of Abusive relationship like abusive Relationship the person will Will excel at removing the person from Everything that gives them strength and And and balance in life they want the Person isolated well the same is true For whatever a demonic uh attack is they Don’t want you to know what they’re Doing and and they don’t you know they Don’t go I’m a devil I’m a demon on an EVP machine so that you know they’re There they just don’t Um that’s that would be so stupid if That was the case it’s like well we’re Dealing with a demon because it said

It’s a demon well no I mean there’s no There’s no code of conduct I don’t think That they have to be honest I think There’s other dark things that want to Pretend they are because that’s scary That’s a very scary thing to say uh it’s A demon my God we’re out of our we’re Out of our league here you know so Um yeah true I don’t know if you can Tell Sheldon I don’t know how a person Would tell I guess just trust your gut I Think that when we’re around evil Generally speaking if it’s truly dark Evil and I’m not just talking about like You know um people that are messed up And have no emotions you really can’t Feel them but you know just like I think Everybody has an empathy and when you’re Around Darkness You know it I mean how many people uh Have shared stories that we’ve covered On the show that it’s like a feeling of Of of of of Despair overcame me uh I Felt like I was in the presence of evil That comes up all the time and I think If you feel that you pay attention to it And you leave You don’t mess with it because you don’t Know what you’re dealing with I mean you Can try to confront it I guess if you Feel like you’re capable but I I don’t know in some cases you know It’s It’s just dangerous

Thank you brought up a good question uh Maggie asked what does a demon get from Completely destroying a person like it’s It’s true like what what is a gain it’s Wasting its time on it what is it what Do you think it gains from it so what if What if we’re all energy What if we are energy right and yeah so What if they are indeed Fallen Angels They’ve fallen out of the light of God The light of God is quote unquote Whatever you believe there’s a Divine Source well whatever they are seems to Be somehow removed from that and so they Don’t have that that infinite plug-in Maybe And so maybe that’s why they want to Destroy people because they don’t have That Infinite Source of of energy and Love perhaps I’m speculating wildly here But I wondered the same thing and what I Thought of is what if they are something That was cast out or fell out of the Divine somehow and and they’re sitting In this lower vibration angry and Brooding and wanting to destroy Everything that is light around them Maybe it’s hate Maybe it’s sustenance maybe it’s a Combination but whatever it is they are Malice they are malice incarnate I I don’t know what happened to them I Don’t know what’s what destroyed them or Broke them so much

That they just despise The light and and there’s light in People So maybe that’s all it is and I don’t Know I I felt that darkness before and it is Agonizing It is absolutely agonizing and Empty it’s not you know it’s like I don’t know how to explain it it’s just It’s an it’s a an experience I never Want to repeat in my life Because it is just it’s so foul it’s so It’s so I know contrary to anything that is good And decent and it just exists To destroy as what it seems to me and Why they’re mad I don’t know but it Could be hate it could be jealousy it Could be rage could be all the above it Could be they need the energy that People possess as being beings of light Maybe they can absorb some of that and And sustain themselves I don’t know Maybe they’re nothing but parasites I Don’t know But what Rachel says we’re all walking We could well as far as what she’s Trying to like say she’s saying we’re All walking batteries so like to them Maybe we’re an energy source for them Yeah exactly you know and I think that That’s possible so any number of ideas I Don’t know folks um and there’s

Different uh ideas out there I don’t Have any answers but I got a lot of uh Thoughts which one of them are right Which ones are wrong I don’t know but Whatever they are Steer clear stay in the light stay in The light It’s actually funny um I actually Haven’t told you this either I just I Completely forgot to tell you but um About a week ago I felt some um I’ve Been seeing Um shadow people or you know like a Something running by my room door like That was dark Yeah and as few for on and off Throughout the past week I’ve been Feeling something Dark and something watching me so well We’ll uh we’ll talk about some some Things that you should do then later Yeah Um and and I I you know I I don’t mean Not to share publicly but here’s the Thing folks if you’re gonna if you’re Gonna do anything like cleansing if You’re gonna do anything like purging if You’re gonna try to clear your Environment it has to resonate with you And I can’t speak to everybody’s belief Systems I mean that’s not fair of me and It’s not correct but I will just tell You that if you want to get rid of dark Things

Whatever you’re passionate about if You’re Christian utilize those symbols Utilize those tools utilize the Bible Utilize prayer because it’s Extraordinarily powerful if you’re uh Buddhist utilize those tools if you Study Reiki you utilize those tools Um but there’s no one size fits all for This you know so I don’t try to offer Advice to you know publicly about that Kind of thing because right it has to Resonate with you it has to because Here’s the thing I really firmly believe That that faith is the key Whatever you believe in you have to have Faith in that and that’s what empowers It not that it doesn’t have a power in And of itself but your faith accepts it Into you and radiates it from you and That’s the key with faith faith is not Just going I believe that this exists That’s not faith faith is a knowing it Is a complete surrender to something True faith is or some level of surrender To that because you know that that is Powerful and part of of your Your makeup part of Who You Are So I wouldn’t I wouldn’t just you know Subscribe to trying to explain to Anybody out there you know just a random Person without knowing what each and of Each and every one of you believed and I May I could offer you advice but Um I will just tell you that your faith

Is the key to clearing anything dark and Horrible because you have to believe in It nobody can come in and do it for you Nobody can clear your house they can Help you but you have to be a part of it And you have to be invested in that and It has to utilize things that you’re Passionate about whether it’s the the You know Bible for Christians or or Buddhism or or Shamanism or whatever Whatever You observe make that if you’re Muslim then you know the Quran and Prayers and and such as well or Judaism Or or Catholicism or you know Protestant Baptists any number of things whatever You believe is what you have to utilize In order to clear your environment and It will work if you you know are adamant And if you are empowered by that and That is empowered by faith so faith is The key always the key if you believe a Piece of cheese is Holy with all of your Heart That cheese will become amazing and Cheese is Holy All right I’m gonna change that that That’s that example where’s my but I’m Sure I gave it you were just not Listening you were too busy laughing I Give you a rim shot all right so anyway That’s uh that’s pretty pretty freaking Incredible so Um yeah I mean it’s it’s kind of a Discussion night again we had a

Cancellation tonight so we’re kind of uh You know hitting all the marks here but Discussion is always a big part of the Show and I love it if you know you guys Will have anything to say uh Rachel says Come to think of it my ghost experiences Happened in November and late December If there’s a connection to Darkness with Energy released for me to witness or Something seeking my energy well uh There is the idea that throughout this Period is when the veil is thinnest when It’s easier for things to come through And that may be uh uh you know a daily Thing as well like there’s certain times Of the day when it’s thinner and easier For things to come through much like 3 A.M 3 A.M for some reason is a hot time For investigators Um the Halloween season some believe if You’re a family what is the word Thermaturity I always screw this word up It’s it’s kind of a mystical observation A mystical system but it’s called Thalmergy oh geez I’m brutalizing it but They believe that it’s thinning all the Way up to December 25th are thereabouts So Um anyway There you have it that’s enough of that Discussion I don’t know I don’t know What else to say because you know again But yeah we’ll talk after the show and Discuss some things okay of course of

Course but if it feels dark then you Gotta address it you gotta first you Know first of all I would just suggest Claiming your space to anybody claim Your space Let it no hey you’re not allowed to be Here Unless you are kind loving supportive Protective of of this family and and This home or up to you whatever whatever Criteria you want to give it or just not Allowed if you want it out tell us to Get the hell out yeah and Spanish wild Man says you should do a live Ouija Board the next time you see Shadows no Thank you sir no that would be a Horrible idea yeah um and and I’m not One of those people that believe that The Ouija board is intrinsically evil I Just think that’s you have to have a Pretty good uh understanding of Channeling of uh opening portals and of Closing portals and protection and you Have to tune your environment it’s not It’s not and a lot of people do it and It just drives me nuts I just watched a A a a popular Channel last night that Had a video of an investigation they did And I don’t know why they did it I was Like what are you guys doing this is the Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and uh this House was not known to have any negative Haunting it was just some weird stuff Going on you know a lot of activity but

Nothing negative so how did they open Their investigation They made a homemade Ouija board not Only did they make a homemade Ouija Board but then they did a blood ritual On it as well Oh I’m like oh my God you guys are you This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen In my life what are you doing so how’d The investigation go They got scratched they got they got Sick they got uh well just constantly Attacked it’s the dumbest thing I’ve Ever seen in my life it was like why Would you do that why would you do that Especially when you know you were told It was you know there’s presences They’re active there’s a lot of stuff Going on here why would you do that Uh I’m just not and and again I’m gonna I’m gonna just repeat it because I’ve I Like repeating this because I I think People think it’s just a matter of well You pull out a Ouija board and then you Maybe make three circles and you’re Holding it but you you know you only Move it when you’re making the circles And when you’re done but in between then You just hold it and then try to Communicate but then when you’re done You just slide it over goodbye and That’s how you close it Well again faith is important but it Doesn’t make you completely right in

That case I don’t think that sliding a Piece of plastic over goodbye is Effectively closing a potential energy Portal or connection or channeling some Energies into that space Um so anyway and by the way I think Homemade Ouija boards are by far the Most potentially uh successful form of Ouija boards because In in a lot of esoteric practices and Occult practices uh including Wiccan Including uh witchcraft including many Other things it’s not just a matter of Of fashioning something or getting Something but you have to attune it There’s a there’s a tuning a tuning is Is creating a a bond or connection with An item to you so that it’ll help you With what you’re doing And when you make a Ouija board you are Creating it from your own hand you are Absolutely attuning it to you and so Um picking up a you know Parker Brothers Board and whipping it out it’s not Really a tune to anything and I think That may be why you know 99 of Ouija Sessions are just people moving a Planchette around and uh getting freaked Out but I think if you make a Ouija board Yeah you’re you’re way further than Maybe you should be So true be careful be very very careful All of this stuff I mean here’s the

Thing we don’t understand this this These things around us we think maybe They used to live here maybe they used To be somebody we love and knew but There’s other things that weren’t and When you’re using a Ouija board you’re Saying come through me You’re you’re the channel you you may Not know it but you become the channel And uh anybody that channels Spirits has To Take precautions has to prepare and uh When you’re using a Ouija board you’re a Blind Channel you’re not even in control Of it you’re just saying is somebody Here that wants to talk So it could be anything around you yeah It’s like it could be many things around You and uh Something’s Gonna probably Want to talk maybe I don’t know just be Careful it’s not games Anyway just my two cents for what They’re worth Um let’s get to some of the other stuff Here I don’t know I and I I mean I’ve Said this stuff many times on the show For those of you that have been with us For a while I apologize for the Redundancy but I think it’s it’s the Kind of stuff that we definitely have to Talk about Every once in a while because you know I Think it’s on board and you know by the Way you know I don’t pretend that I I

Know everything these are just things I Believe So anyway let’s get to an article All right four minutes before the break Can you believe it I’ve just been gum Running the whole night I I do apologize If that’s not what you showed up for but I I know I I know I like to share Information where I can so the article Tonight that we’re going to get into Next comes from the occult Museum which Is a cool site again any sites that we Cover on the show here please support Them please visit them and uh check out Their what they’re doing because you Know a lot of these sites gets Revenue By traffic maybe some of them have Memberships or whatever but definitely Support what they’re doing This is haunted Isle 10 spooky English Ghost stories that will give you Goosebumps From the top of the tower to The Bleak Wilderness of Dartmoor join us as we Uncover the most chilling ghost stories From the haunted island this is written By a cult Museum as well And uh the let’s see the first one let’s Just get to the first one Screaming skulls of better school Manor It says better school Manor is home to a Legend of a screaming skull in the 19th Century John Frederick Pini returned From Nevis with a faithful Jamaican

Slave who soon after passed away from Tuberculosis His only request is that was to have his Body return to his home country but Penny refused and buried the man in the Cemetery at Saint Stephen’s church Afterwards the village and Penny were Plagued by with bad luck and spectral Screams from the cemetery the manor House was beset by rattling windows and Slamming doors such as Penny brought the Uh such that Penny brought the exhum Body into his home and refused to Discard it The body decayed leaving only the skull To howl each time someone tried to Remove it Legend has it that the skull Is if the skull is ever removed from Bettis comb the skull will resume it’s On Earthly screaming and a dreadful fate Will fall upon the house Yikes geez that’s uh that’s a weird one Oh nice Okay I just uh had a something sent to Me quick sorry I had to check it out Number two the ghost of Bodwin bodmin Jail Badmin I think I need new glasses I think I Might need glasses for the show and That’s a whole different kind of glasses That I’m used to because I’m actually Far I’m nearsighted I usually see it Closer just fine but something about

These web pages it’s like sketching up My eyes after all these years bodman Jail is a historic former prison built By prisoners of war in Cornwall in the Edge of a nearby Moor Currently it is home to the museum Similar to London dungeons similar to The London dungeons for its gory Displays of prisoners offenses and Punishments before closing in 1927 the Jail was the site of a naval prison over 50 Public executions and for a Time World War II a cache of National Treasures many ghosts have been spotted At this defunct prison including a Wandering spectral woman gaunt faces Peering from cells and a woman who Attempts to drag children away in a Section of the old lower floor Reportedly the latter is the ghost of a Woman who murdered her youngest son and Most malevolent ghost in bodomin prison Calls the Dank dungeon home and is known To place its cold hand upon visitor’s Shoulders oof wow that’s a spooky one Right Thanks I mean I’m not I’m not surprised That there’s activity from the history Yeah I mean any any prison is is really Going to be a pretty dark place and and Certainly I don’t know if the prisoners Stick around or not but I I know that Something comes there afterwards and uh Maybe it’s because of all the dark

Energy maybe these things feed on Dark Energy so they just take up residence When the people move out or die out or Whatever And then we got oh you know what I’m Gonna wait on this one because we are Just about at the the break here again Oh my God It happens fast here in the portal folks But this does it’s I don’t know it’s a Journey of love And so we’re gonna get to the last break Folks and we’ll be right back and we’ll Continue this and we’ll start looking at A couple Cryptid reports for the last Half hour as we head into the Cryptid Corner we’ll be right back Don’t leave Not ES

Ah standings [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen I’m back I’m not sure what’s going on aggravated Progressive he says channels the the Video is flipping like rolling or Something I don’t know that shouldn’t be Happening because anyone else noticing Anything like that on YouTube I don’t know why that would be happening Looks good on mice and let’s see looks Good on on the on the dashboard end here So I don’t know and I don’t have any Um issues unless I don’t know I I don’t Know what to tell you but I’m sorry to Hear that and I hope it’s something to Switching to other vids okay well I hope You get that sorted out that’s Frustrating Uh good Wonder Woman says picture’s good Okay I’m on YouTube it looks good to me Too Nate says all right thank you Um let’s do the shout out Sheldon I’m Sorry I forgot Did we do them we do them or no

No we did not do that I know we were Gonna right right let’s do them oh my God I know Bam’s over in TFR he’s the Only one there but it’s good to see you Bam thank you so much for joining us so Who’s in the YouTubes So on YouTube side we have aggravated Progressive Maggie Nathan Nate’s ninja Dave you’re here Rachel’s here I’m here Sugar britches is here Khan squatches Here aggregate Progressive I said that Sugar britches the Scottish wild man Tree slanell Wonder Woman Don is here And Rachel’s here ninja Dave I don’t Know if I said that or not yeah you did Lily Pond is here good to see you Linda Lily great to see all of you thank you So much yeah and that’s what we got Well that’s all who’s talking but yeah Tracy oh yeah yeah yeah Tracy gills Popped up Tracy hello hello okay well good I mean You know it’s again we I wish it would Give us you know so we could thank all Of our viewers but uh it only gives us The list of the people talking so if You’re watching out there thank you very Much it means the world to us Um I’ve got to say that you know doing Doing the show continues to be one of The most amazing things of my life and Uh you guys all make this incredible and I can’t thank you enough including you Sheldon and Don and and all that you

Guys do to help me out and uh the you Know the things that we’re building is Really incredible and uh you guys out There are helping build this as much as Any of us and thank you for that and for Being a part of what we’re doing here That’s just incredible I I it still Blows me away I remember when Don and I First did this uh you know first started Streaming We were just having a celebration when We hit 10 live viewers it was like dude We had 10 people watching You know it was it was a big thing Though because we went with like three You know two three and then came up to Five and then you know started moving to Ten and it’s like wow this is cool People you know are watching and now of Course we’ve been doing it for years and You know you guys are are still Amazingly part of it Fabian Fabian Pierre Trahan is here as well good to See you thank you that’s another name I Didn’t hear before and uh thanks for Being here so you know Um Round of Applause to all of you Um You guys make this experience for me Incredible and and it energizes me every Day to continue to do work as hard as I Can to make this show as as well as I Know how and entertaining as I know how For all of you because I love that you

That you tune in that you want to be a Part of this and that just completely Motivates me and of course thanks to all Of our podcast listeners out there you Guys are amazing as well I just can’t Thank any of you guys enough Um you you guys are are you know helping Me realize this dream and and it’s Double tough to do this stuff and I’m Not saying it’s harder than any other Job I’m not saying that but what I’m Saying is is it does take a lot it’s not Just a just a matter of hey I’m going to Start a channel and I’m going to turn on The lights and people are going to show Up you know I think people will stop in But if you can keep them that’s Something special and we’ve got this Incredible Community a growing Community Oh thank you ninja Dave he said this is A great show Um and you know I just wanted to take This moment to thank you guys because You know you guys have made all of this Happen and and I can’t thank you enough For being a part of it so We’re gonna go to the Dartmoor story now Dartmoor hellhounds Maggie said that she Loves the Dartmoor she loves visiting There so let’s see what the Dartmoor Area of England has everything that a Ghost hunter could ask for fog shrouded Moorlands vast swaths of Windswept Rock And several ghastly Spirits perhaps most

Terrifying are the yes yes or yell Hounds so named for the inhuman whales They make while rambling through the Area’s Woods according to Devin folklore These headless dogs are alternately the Feral Souls of unbaptized children or The half-made spirits of unborn ones in Either case they’re doomed to haunt the Moors in packs and scream wildly while Hunting for those fool enough to venture Outside foolish enough to venture Outside after dark supposedly their Yells Drive their prey mad and if they Catch you you’ll be dragged off never to Be seen again most memorably the yes Hounds were the main inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles Wow That’s a creepy Legend yeah for sure the Ancient ram in I remember Ghost Adventures went there And what did they what did they do this Is another another great example of of Not smart they they brought in they Brought in the snake lady which and uh Had her conjure up like a Spirits and stuff oh geez I know it’s Just like really Guys And thank you very much Maggie thank you Oh yeah Thank you Maggie Baskerville Keenan cousins and Wonder

Woman says all right the historical Ian This historical in in Watton under Bridge under Edge gloucestershire is England’s most haunted bed and breakfast With 20 ghosts in the last estimate the Current owners of the ancient ram Inn Were subject to spectral attacks as soon As they moved into the former Pub upon Investigation they discovered that the Cotswolds call it Cottage had been built Upon a pagan burial ground in in 1145. During a renovation they even found Daggers and small bones and theorized That had been the site of child Sacrifice Among the ghosts of the ancient Ramen Are the wandering murdered girl named Rose a Regal High Priestess and a Randy Male Inappropriate demon despite some guests Which would be an incubus of course Despite some guests fleeing into the Night after hearing children’s screams Or seeing floating Furniture the Inn is Currently inundated with Ghost Hunters And horror writers even the world’s Oldest paranormal research organization The ghost Club visited in 2003 though They failed to produce evidence of the Hauntings Again I don’t think you can visit for a Night and substantiate anything you Might get something but the Paranormal Is like you know again I’ll say it again

It’s like trying to catch lightning in a Bottle you know you’re lucky if you if You get anything even a good EVP in a Whole night Yeah oh speaking of investigating folks Next Saturday there’s not going to be a Live show But There might there might be a live stream Because I’m going to be joining my Friend Charles Howard Johnson in Investigating a haunted bar And I’m going to do my best to try to Stream part of that for you guys and you Can join us on the investigation and That’s going to be next Saturday night Or yeah it’s next Saturday night so Um keep watching if you’re not already Subscribed get subscribed and uh join us On that Um I think it’s going to be a great Opportunity so it’s going to be a live Stream investigation of a haunted bar And uh I hope you’ll join us so that’s Going to be a week from tonight on the 29th Right before Halloween so I hope you Guys will join us um I don’t know what It I don’t know I’ve never been there Don’t know what to expect but I’ve Investigated with Charles before and and Just had a wonderful time he’s just a Great guy very down to earth Pleasant Man to be around you couldn’t ask for a

Nicer person so I’m really looking Forward to it and hopefully we’ll turn Up some fantastic evidence on a live Stream That you guys can help watch You guys can help watch for the evidence As it happens maybe you’ll see something We’re not seeing Um I’ll tell you this being at a Location investigating you have two eyes And you can only point in One Direction Or another you know we have stereo Vision so we have a you know wider range Of vision but you know it gets really Tunnel vision when you’re in the darker And in lower light and so you guys may See something on the streams that we’re Not seeing in uh in in real time so Um but anyway yes it’s going to be on on YouTube And uh it’ll be right here on the YouTube channel right on our portal Channel so hope you’ll join us Um I don’t know how long it’ll be it Depends on the reception it depends on a Whole number of issues but if I don’t if I’m for some reason unable to stream Live I’m gonna get footage and we’re Gonna put together a video about it to Share with you guys so either way you’re Going to be a part of it I just hope That I can live stream it for you guys And show you at least part of the Investigation

Um but Join me keep me company keep me safe True all right we’re going to go to the Village of Plucky it’s uh pluck Lee I Guess number five and it’s pluckley Village in Kent is awarded the Guinness Book of Records titled the most haunted Village in Britain and for good reason Over 15 Ghosts Call Plucky home these Into pluckily these individual uh Individuals these include a Highwayman Killed during a sword fight a school Master found hanged by a bunch of kids Oh my God she’s been a horrible School Master they gave me a whole kid to a Whole group of kids to do that and an Old gypsy woman who burned burned in a Fire who appears on the bridge casually Smoking a pipe there’s also a specter of A horse-drawn carriage that rides Through the village accompanied by an Eerie sound of horses hooves along with A haunted Pub brickworks and a cemetery Just south of the village lies the Screaming Woods also known as pluck Lee Forest from which villagers and visitors Alike regularly hear the sound of a Blood curdling screams made by wandering Souls of the long dead men and women who Became lost in the forest Or their Bigfoot let me come on could Just be Bigfoot out there there are Reports of Bigfoot or some such creature Some cousin of them in the UK

So could it be a Bigfoot Maybe They’re known to make some horrible Screams Langham Hotel is another one God look at That building wow for those of you that Can’t see it’s really incredibly Palatial looks like a castle or a huge Brick manner it’s amazing uh the Five-star Langham Hotel is a grand Dom Of London establishments opened in 1865 And styled on a Renaissance Palace Renaissance Palace the hotel is Reputedly the most haunted hotel in the Country there are five ghosts that Regularly make an appearance at the Hotel The most active of them is the spirit of A German prince who jumped to his death Out of a window just before the start of The first world war he haunts the fourth Floor guests have seen him walking Through the halls and he’s well known For moving objects from place to place Room 333 is the most haunted room in the Entire Hotel there have been numerous Sightings of a man in Victorian evening Dress who walks towards guests while They lay in their beds his arms Outstretched and eyes empty before Vanishing Into Thin Air wow You know if that’s what he does it Sounds almost residual really I don’t Know why he doesn’t have eyes but Uh it does sound residual

Number seven this should be the last one I think it wasn’t it seven of them I Might be wrong the four-story brick Townhouses of 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair London was constructed in the Late 18th century for Britain’s prime Minister after his death an elderly Woman lived there and it was then rented In 1859 by an eccentric Mr Myers After being jilted at the altar he Slowly went mad and the number 50 fell Into disrespare rumor spread of an attic Room haunted by a tortured youth uh Child or monstrous man soon Legends Abounded of Maine maids and soldiers Alike going mad after staying in the House In one story two Sailors who entered the Home unaware of this reputation awoke to A monstrous presence and fled but one Tripped and didn’t make it from head Trauma by 1998 Berkeley Square was both The oldest unaltered building and most Haunted house in London and to this day A police noticed stands on the wall Inside the house that proclaims that the Upper floors cannot be used for any Purpose May all who see it heed its warning Wow suddenly you can’t even go upstairs Yikes oh thank you Lily Pond thank you Lily All right Uh the brown Lady of Raymond Hall is

Another one Raynham Hall maybe it was Ten of them sorry uh perhaps the most Famous Specter on the list is that of Lady Dorothy sister to prime minister Robert waple or Walpole and wife of Viscount Charles Townsend due to her Husband’s hot temper she lived a Troubled life in the Country House of Raynham Hall in Norfolk England and was Often limited to her rooms a hundred Years after uh falling from smallpox in 1726 Dorothy’s ghost in a brown brocade Dress was first spotted during Christmas Festivities A year later the brown lady moved mocked A skeptical Captain Frederick marai Marat who’d requested to stay in her Haunted rooms causing him to uh shoot Her ghost in the face she vanished until 1926 when two visitors saw her on the Stairs and then in 1936 she became Famous when the Country Life Magazine Photographers captured Her Image though She has scarcely been seen since And there is the actual image this is Probably one of the most famous Ghostly photographs ever That’s crazy right and that’s uh it’s And for those of you that are just Listening it’s the famous photograph of Uh of photograph the photographer Photographer was capturing the the Staircase And on that staircase you see a full

Apparition of a what looks like a woman In some sort of veiled dress descending So it’s plenty creepy and that’s uh That’s long before Photoshop for those Of you that might wonder but not long Before double exposure but this was not A Believer he was there photographing For a magazine article about the estate So Um why would he create a fake photograph True uh very interesting number nine the Two lipstick staircase this is another Famous ghost photograph and that is the Actual photograph for those either Watching It says historically the Queen’s house Section at the national Maritime Museum In Greenwich has seen its fair share of Hauntings from a woman gliding through Walls to unexplained Coral chanting However if you had captured clear Evidence of this 4 000 year old Structures ghosts four thousand really Until retired Reverend Ralph Hardy of White Rock British Columbia took a Picture of a shrouded figure on the Tulip staircase in 1966 Legends told of A maid who died after being thrown from The highest banister and regularly Appeared to visitors as a pale figure Mopping blood at the base of the Staircase convinced that he had captured A ghost Hardy sent the photograph to a London ghost Club who arrived a year

Later to hold the Seance the notes from That Events provided some sense of the Disturbing events that occurred that Night with a bell ringing and a luminous Stone appearing before the handwriting Became became indecipherable and to this Day visit excuse me visitors and staff Alike regularly report ghostly sightings Next is the Tower of London and I’ve Seen that that’s uh I’ve not been in it But I I walked around it the Tower of London’s historical complex sits on the River Thames North Bank and hides a Bloody Legacy of torture going back to His founding in 1066. I mean think of that those buildings are That old here in the U.S we might have Something from the 1700s but these are These are like 700 years prior to that You’ll likely see the ghost of Henry VI Margaret’s pole Lady Jane gray and the The illegitimate princes Edward Fifth And Richard who were uh taken out and Hidden beneath the staircase And Bolin famously walks the grounds Where she was Unheaded And then I’m trying not to use all these Words but in 1536 with her head under Her arm in addition several guards have Witnessed otherworldly apparitions Including one Beefeater who died of Fright in 1816 after being attacked by a

Spectral bear even the specters the Spectators at the Countess of Salisbury Execution linger here still shocked by The 11 cuts of her inexperienced Executioner oof Oh my God yeah that’s a That’s pretty oh pretty horrible There you go ladies and gentlemen that Was uh pretty spooky over in the UK There in England Jolly England Well not not all of it [Laughter] Some of it’s not jelly at all it looks Like Um that’s crazy Pretty spooky stuff Y over there there he is isn’t there Everywhere when you go back far enough I Guess yeah exactly I mean that’s just That’s exactly right I mean you know if You dig enough anywhere you’re gonna Find horrible things that happened but Yeah then again Good things happen everywhere too right Absolutely yeah what do you think of all Those stories Sheldon Makes me want to go to the UK even more Yeah I think uh maybe some point in the Future we’ll make a journey over there And tour those things and make an Episode about it what do you think oh That’d be awesome actually yes visiting These cool sites with all this Rich History and right ghostly background

Yeah absolutely absolutely that’d be fun Um you know that’s those are all part of My vision of the growth of the show is To do things like that one of the bucket List places I want to go is Australia to Meet a lot of our friends there and do Some yowie hunting with Ayr and check it Out I hope they got like motorized paths Though because I see the trail is that they that they Go up and down Gary and and Dean and and Buck and and even Sarah when she’s with Him but my God Bob we got to meet Cade Too so there’s a lot of things we want To do on the portal and get around to Other places as well and I’d love to go Back to England and check out some of These sites in a more paranormal Capacity I was just there as a tourist Uh visiting a friend of mine that’s from Reading England Marty Had a lovely time with him and his Family that was a lot of a lot of great Times but Someday I’ll return Absolutely so anyway Um we got five minutes left my God the Night just ran away the night the night Disappeared Sheldon it did it well it Always does really we should be used to It but we never are Never ever let’s see what I can look for A small a small one here here’s another One from Phantoms and monsters this

One’s a quick one again this is a Non-strickler site definitely check it Out sport what he’s doing over there Um but and special thanks to lawn for Letting us use this but this is a Creature reports unknown humanoid Apparently recorded in Mexico uh there Is a screen captures from the video This video was apparently recorded and Sent by a couple in Mexico no other Information can was provided now this is Very visual let me give a link put it Over in TFR for bam in case he wants to Check it out himself and there you go Bam it’s in the TFR chat for you Um but here you go It says on the Healer mountain side There appears to be a Cave opening and Standing at the entrance is an unknown Humanoid being Uh the humanoid seems to be looking in Different directions by moving its head It later crouches and moves inside the Cave the chest and thorax appear to be Brownish in color possibly hair covered The head shape does look similar Somewhat Simeon Um Simeon yeah like a monkey or ape-like oh I see okay Um Yeah I don’t know It’s it’s just such I mean it’s a potato Camera right

So yeah to me like just what my mind is Putting together it looks like a a Shirtless guy with green pants Yeah it kind of does doesn’t it I mean It doesn’t look like he’s putting Together I don’t know what this dark Band in his midsection is and I’m not Sure what we’re seeing below that but Yeah uh even though the location was not Given the bluff and the heights look Very familiar to those in Mexico state Of Nuevo Leon this is just my opinion What are your thoughts on this entity is It human or something entirely different Again it’s really tough to make any kind Of judgment from this it could just be a Friend of theirs crouching in the cave Like you guys check it out it’s big Enough I can get in here I mean it could just be something Innocuous like that and then like hey Maybe people will believe it’s a Creature and so they they do things like This to make their their dumb video go Viral but maybe it’s real maybe it’s Legitimate I don’t know I’ve not seen the video and I don’t see A link to it So there’s no way to check it out but Curious curiouser and curiouser Could it be maybe it does just look like A person’s crouching down to me though I’m not seeing anything extraordinarily Ground shattering in that but maybe I’m

Missing it the only thing that’s weird Is the midsection which is missing or Just dark because maybe he’s midsections In the cave a little more I don’t know Right yeah it could be it’s hard to know I mean we don’t know what we’re looking At I already did this yeah too hard to Tell too hard to tell folks we just Can’t narrow it down here on the border We don’t have enough information if we Had more information we could probably Narrow it down But anyway folks all I can tell you is We’re out of time The time we are the time has gone it’s One minute in the half left Oh my God where did it go Sheldon What’s that where did it go where did The time go That’s it it’s a paradox isn’t it it Always is a paradox here on the show and Uh you know ladies and gentlemen there’s Always the opportunity that you guys Could have called Um I didn’t see the calls if anybody Called sorry I missed it if you did try But it’s certainly uh one of those Things we love having on the shows too Is when people call in and talk to us And uh thank you all for being a part of The journey and again thank you for all Your love and support and encouragement Of this show uh you know I there’s There’s some things that are in the

Works that hopefully uh are gonna be Expanding what we’re doing and it’s Going to make me a lot busier than I am Now but and I’m already getting really Stupidly busy so um I just want you guys to know that uh you Guys are are making all of this Vision Possible and uh as we grow more so will We accomplish to bring you the best Shows we can but I hope you guys Continue to spread the word please check Out the podcast if you haven’t already It’s Audio Only but it’s not this show Usually some sometimes we Port over YouTube episodes for it but definitely Hit the link that Sheldon posted in the YouTube chat that is our new uh websites you can find links To everything we’re doing over there so Just remember we love you all be good be Kind be nice take care of each other Help each other out find the magic in Every day and remember to laugh as much As you can see ya Wednesday Be there good night I’m taking Attendance I’m just warning you all Right might be a test okay good night Everybody