THE DARK, COLD EMBRACE – Ghosts, Bigfoot and MORE!

By | October 22, 2022
THE DARK, COLD EMBRACE  -  Ghosts, Bigfoot  and MORE!

Hey what’s up all you out there thanks For joining us tonight this is the Paranormal portal and I’m your host Brent Thomas we got a great show lined Up for you guys tonight just in the Hollywood Vibe right now I’m ready to Roll and we got a whole bunch of ghost Stories a couple of or a few actually Quite a few Cryptid stories Bigfoot Stories other creatures stories up ahead Not to mention the Paranormal portal News and the Discord question of the Week so I hope you guys are ready Because it’s about to get spooky now Just give me a couple minutes because We’re going to be joining the network And then we’ll get underway so buckle up This is gonna get good Thank you Oh My God Be quiet

Thank you Ladies and gentlemen we are now live Hope you guys are doing great this is The Paranormal portal and I am Brent Thomas your host and I will hopefully Guide you safely through the depths of The Paranormal portal tonight as we dive Into all things creepy spooky and a Paranormal and otherworldly I guess got A lot of things on the on the roster Tonight of course we’re going to be Getting into our Discord quest of the Week we’re going to get into the into The news as well as a whole bunch of fun Reports about maybe even some Hollywood Celebrities that are that uh had Near-death experiences I got a list About those I’ve had them up on my page Maybe tonight’s the night we’ll see what Goes on but trust me when I tell you I Got a lot to bring here and so I hope You’re ready to be entertained because By God I’m going to do my best to Entertain you so uh first up I guess Before I go any further it’s just me Tonight I don’t have a co-host other Than all of you out there so please by All means if you are in the YouTube chat You can certainly uh yell at me there by Doing an at you know the Ampersand sign At paranormal portal and I will see it Uh hopefully at least I got a better Shot of seeing it if it’s all in yellow

Like that but uh other than thats uh There is TFR live chat if you’re Listening on TFR live tune in talk Stream live or I Heart Radio uh you can Head over to chat or you can Watch the show Live on YouTube it’s your Choice Um there’s lots of available venues to Check out what the hell I’m doing Um if that’s what you want to do is Watch me do this uh this show then by by All means head over there So before I go any further I just want To say a special thank you to of course Our sponsor which is Northwest extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC of course they Have Cryptid coin uh which I’ve been Talking to you about for a long time Here on the show now but uh check it out It’s uh cryptocurrency that has its Heart encrypted research and Investigation and uh might be a good Opportunity for you if you’re looking For a cryptocurrency to invest in Um you know check it out I I can’t Advise you because God knows I don’t Know that much but uh I’m just thrilled That they decided to take up the mantle And help us out here on the Paranormal Portal so by all means help them out go To again cryptidcoin dot IO and I gotta pull up another thing Here because but wait there’s more Um and what is that you might ask well

There is Um let me just do this quick Where is it where is it I gotta get that Off and And There’s one more there it is okay the Other thing that extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC is working on is a Conference next uh next June June 17th At the Spokane Valley Event Center and That is the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup it’ll be happening if you’re in Spokane Valley area in Washington state Next year in June by all means stop in There I’m gonna be there Don should be There maybe even Sheldon will be there But also uh the keynote speaker of Course is Dr Jeff Meldrum who is a Stranger to none of us I don’t think Here in the in the Bigfoot’s Cryptid Community as well as a newer name this Guy’s uh been around for a while Obviously but I didn’t even know he’s Out there until more recently but I’ve Been catching his interviews and I’m Really impressed and of course this is Uh Michael Freeman who is the son of Paul Freeman of the Paul of the Freeman Footage of course and he’s just got a a Great breadth of knowledge of course From his father and working with him and And more that he has done as well Excuse me I took off there but uh also Uh Charles Howard Johnson who is a a

Friend of mine and I’ve gone paranormal Investigating with him he’s also a Bigfoot researcher and he’ll be Presenting there as well as will Um Ken Gerhart is supposed to be there As well and Ken Gerhart if you’re not Familiar with him what the hell happened To my page there it is uh he is a Cryptozoologist a television personality He’s had his own his own series on one Of the discovery branches or Animal Planet or something I don’t remember Which but uh he’s he’s become a friend Of Don and I we’ve met him several times At several different events and just the Most sincere nicest most knowledgeable Guy I’ve probably ever talked to but He’s also a prolific author and just a Great guy gives a hell of a presentation So that’ll all be happening next June at The Spokane Valley Event Center so check It out uh head to uh Um the their Facebook group is the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup so look For them there and find out more Information and see if you can make it It’d be great to meet you if you do so Again that’s all On the roster of fun here so we got that Going for us folks But I’d be remiss if I didn’t get to the News sometime soon here so Um just checking uh yep I think I’m Ready for the news are you ready for the

News that’s the big question I’m a Little froggy tonight I’m trying to Trying to work my voice a little bit Before the show because I’ve had this This congestion this cold that I’m Finally pretty much 99 over but there’s Still a little a little left in my lungs So I was working on that before the show So I wouldn’t be all froggy on the show For you but it didn’t work out as well As I hoped Um let’s get to the news and find out What the hell is going on out there so Without further Ado ladies and gentlemen The Paranormal portal news Hahaha [Applause] [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the Paranormal portal news desk I am Your anchor Brent Thomas bringing you All the news I could find and uh some of It so it’s a little disturbing tonight But it’s How We Roll here my goal always On the Paranormal portal newscast is to Have you hear something or learn Something you didn’t know before you Came some of it you may have wanted to Never know but uh in either either case It’s my job to inform you and by God I’m Going to do it as well as I know how the First article up for uh bat here on the Paranormal portal news is coming from of

Course unexplained first And foremost let me tell you guys this Is an epic site I love this site they do An amazing job please stop over and Support what they’re doing go to Unexplainedash uh if you Like the Paranormal portal news they Also have a book on sale and it is Um the weird news and and they have a Whole weird news section on on uh Unexplained but if you Want to help support what they’re doing Head over there or pick up their patreon And help them out that way but I I just Really think they do such a marvelous Job so I want to support what they’re Doing because I’ve just been in awe of This the first article tonight is group Sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination files this is by TK Randall October 21st 2022. of course we All I have a lot of questions about the JFK assassination and oddly enough There’s been a lot of roadblocks Standing forthcoming information on that So uh we’re all pretty curious what Exactly was discovered Um but I think if anything the current Events kind of shows us that we may Never know uh very much about anything Because there’s always some way to Withhold information and maybe it’s for The better maybe it’s not I’m not a Learned man so I can’t say but I know

That people want to know so Um let’s see what it says though the Mary Farrell organization is attempting To force the release of 16 000 records Relating to JFK’s murder The assassination of President John F Kennedy remains one of the most hotly Debated murder cases in history even Today almost 60 years on enthusiasts Continue to debate exactly what happened And whether or not leave Harvey Oswald Really had acted alone back in 2017 Former president Donald Trump released Thousands of previously classified files For the of the assassination however Several others were withheld due to Security concerns President Joe Biden later doubled down On the decision not to release the Additional files stating that the delay Was necessary to protect against Identifiable harm to the military Defense intelligence operations law Enforcement or the conduct of foreign Relations Now though the Mary Farrell Foundation a Non-profit organization that has been Investigating the case for years has Filed a federal federal lawsuit in an Attempt to see the files released It’s high time the government got its Act together and obeyed the spirits and Letter of the law said the group’s Vice President Jefferson Morley this is about

Our history and our right to know even Kennedy’s own family members believe That it’s high time the documents were Made public it was a moment momentous Crime a crime against American democracy Said Robert Kennedy Jr and the American People have a right to know the law Requires the records be released It’s bizarre it’s been almost 60 years Since my uncle’s death what are they Hiding That’s kind of a good question Especially If they’re going to say it’s necessary To protect against against an Identifiable harm to the military Defense intelligence operations law Enforcement and the conduct of foreign Foreign relations Does that tell you That tell it tells me I actually by not Saying it for those reasons they’re Actually saying quite a bit it seems but Again you be the judge and we’ll see Where this lawsuit goes if any updates Come I’ll be sure to cover them on the News if I if I’m aware of them and if Any of you hear any more about it please Let me know it’s very interesting yeah Of course what a national tragedy and it Would be nice to be able to put it all To rest finally because there are still A lot of questions remaining so whatever Your position is on it you know at least

People are still trying to pursue the Truth and I guess that’s a good thing so It’s kind of like us here in the portal We’re pursuing the truth of the Paranormal All right let’s get to the next one up On our news Fest tonight and this is From you guessed it unexplained once again they come Through with another article for us Tonight and this article is Um kind of interesting actually And we will for those of you on YouTube You can see the video uh we’ll we’ll do It I don’t want to play the sound of it Obviously if there is any sound but We’ll check it out but this is a CCTV Captures paranormal phenomena at haunted Antique store and this is from TK Randall October 20th 2022. I think I’ve Seen this video I don’t know that it’s Brand new but maybe it is maybe it’s not What I’m thinking it is I’m thinking It’s the display case the glass shatters Out on but uh that I saw years ago Because this looks very similar but Let’s see The bat the Barnsley Antique Center in South York’s England is certainly no Stranger to Paranormal Activity According to uh according to current Owner Daniel Parker the building which Dates back to the 19th century and lies Opposite a graveyard that’s always such

A bad recipe don’t live near graveyards I don’t know I I don’t think it would Bother me too much but you always hear So many bad things coming from living Near a graveyard Has been home to all manner of Unexplained incidents since he opened up The antique store on the premises back In 2016. The number of weird incidents that have Happened here over the years is Absolutely bizarre he said I’m naturally skeptical about Paranormal Activity and all but seeing the things I’ve seen has forced me to think twice I’ll just be stood in the in the till And things will start dropping off the Shelves which would be fine if it Happened a few times but it’s all the Time yikes people who know about this Kind of thing think there are ghosts Spirits in all sorts in the shop a Series of CCTV Clips see below Demonstrates excuse me Demonstrate the nature and sheer number Of incidents which include objects Falling off shelves and strange Mist-like apparitions appearing in the Store wow Daniel’s first encounter with Unexplained occurred shortly before the Shop opened the electrician rang me up And said there was a smashed glass all Over the floor he recalled I couldn’t

Explain how it got there so I went in And had to look at that CCTV and that’s When I saw the cabinet explode okay so It probably is it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen what could possibly have Happened A spiritualist medium who later spent The night in the store reported that he Had left or felt rather the presence of The spirits of two small children in the Building Uh could they be responsible for the Peculiar activity or is there a more Conventional explanation you decide so It looks like it is what I think it is And this isn’t new uh new footage if That’s the case but let’s check it out For those of you on YouTube and I’ll try To explain it for those of you just Listening what it is that we’re seeing Here on YouTube but Um all right let me do this and then Kill the sound so we have an antique Store oops a big thing just fell off the Wall back here yikes that’s enough to Start your heart That’ll reset your pulse in a hurry no I Don’t want your ad thank you Oh that fell down and broke somebody Just bought that Blame it on the kids Oh what the hell is that That was freaky looking what the hell Was that

Wait I want to go back a little further Oh more That weird that moved weird what the Hell is that Is that me or does that look really Funky It’s like it’s like it flipped over and Was about to walk out whatever the hell That is and then just sat down I don’t Know what it is folks but something Rolled off the shelf and then settled Back down All that deer head behind just wiggled I wonder if it’s one of those fish the Singing fish Billy Bass or whatever like all those Here’s the shattering glass I remember This Nope I guess not that’s just something Falling Yeah I guess it would the shattering Glass would have happened when nobody Was there so He’s like huh Yeah that’s not good when all your your All your stuff keeps getting smashed on The floor hard to make a profit that way Ah interesting interesting Uh here we go what is this one oh Falls Right off the wall almost bonked him in The head what the hell was that Some kind of photo I guess What is this one Oh the oh man

Yeah they must lose a lot of Revenue Just because the stuff getting knocked Off the shelves oh look at that Haze up There by the I would think that’s Probably more like an electrical fire But that looks like the same location as A lot of other stuff has happened Um including that exploding cabinet if I’m thinking of the same one it looks Like this is a kind of a continuation of The things that they’re experiencing There but yeah that’s creepy I don’t Know that’s they get someone in there to Cleanse that a little bit Maybe uh they need to move on go back to The cemetery or whatever I don’t know But you saw it here folks in case you Hadn’t seen that before pretty weird Pretty strange stuff I’ll say All right I love watching footage like That because I think they’re I think There is genuine footage out there in Fact probably of ghostly stuff probably More than any other phenomena more than Any Bigfoot footage or even UFO footage There’s a lot of strange UFO footage out There but there’s a lot of bad UFO Footage out there too or at least it’s It’s very marginal Um but when you’ve got something sitting On a shelf for weeks and then suddenly It just decides to jump off that’s a Little harder to explain to me and it’s More compelling as far as being actual

Evidence I’ve seen that kind of stuff Myself and I don’t know it’s it’s very Weird But I also think that spiritual activity Is probably the most prolific uh Paranormal events that happen anywhere I Just think we’re swimming in a world of Spirits so For whatever that’s worth Here’s the next article up on our news Fest for tonight and this is also from Unexplained and this one Is talking about new Force I mean look At the thing so see if you guys can see This okay yeah it’s lining up okay right Looks like it is okay so this is from New Force which is kind of a mufon thing I think this is another Branch not mufon But it’s another organization it says New Force head estimates he’s logged as Many as 180 000 UFO reports This is by TK Randall October 19th 2022. Now clearly all 180 000 of those can’t Be legitimate Do you hear that static Did you hear that static Welcome to the portal I don’t know if you could hear through The mic but it was my speaker just Suddenly went So just one speaker too now both of them But anyway I don’t know let me look at The chat see if you guys heard that that Was pretty wild

Um anyway Um I I don’t think that’s everybody’s Seeing stuff in the in the sky that they Can’t explain is necessarily uh uh a Real UFO as in extraterrestrial or Otherwise I I you didn’t hear it okay Well okay Amy it doesn’t surprise me This mic isn’t good for distant noise But yeah it just went And then grit like that don’t know why Maybe I gotta shorten it or something I Have to check the wires but I guess by by definition it’s Unidentified flying objects so if they Don’t know what it is it qualifies as a Real UFO doesn’t mean it’s from Somewhere else but it means they don’t They can’t identify it so p Is Talking it’s like I ran out of breath All of a sudden Peter Davenport has been running the National UFO Reporting Center in Harrington for over 28 years For those who have been following UFO Phenomenon for decades you’ll likely be Familiar with new force a non-profit Organization that has spent half a Century collecting and recording details Of UFO sightings from across the United States and Beyond Founded back in 1974 by the late Robert Gribble Robert J Gribble the center is Currently headed up by 74 year old Peter

Davenport who has now been on the job For 28 years after taking over from Gribble back in 1994. It’s hard to believe that 1994 was that Long ago God I’m old in a recent article Published by The Seattle Times Reporter Eric lasitis spoke to Davenport about His ongoing efforts to catalog as many UFO sightings as he possibly can This is probably the most important Scientific question ever to confront Mankind he said are we alone in the Galaxy or do or are we not in my opinion We are not alone I agree We are visited on a routine basis by These things we call UFOs I agree In total Davenport estimates that he’s Logged an incredible 180 000 UFO reports Actually filtering out the genuine Sightings however can be a challenge Amen on a typical day between 10 percent And 80 percent of calls placed on our Hotline are crank calls oh that’s Terrible What a bunch of douchebags I mean if you Don’t if you don’t have anything better To do with your time than to call Hotlines and just be a dick then you Know you need a job or a second job or Something or a hobby that doesn’t Include irritating and wasting people’s Time just do something better with your Time for God’s sakes Davenport owns interest in the in the

Own interests and the phenomena began in 1954 when he personally witnessed a UFO During a trip to a drive-in movie Theater with his family It was so bright that it looked like the Sun shaped like one of those English What rugby balls he said it it Rose Straight up and dropped down behind the Movie screen and then it was gone into The northern sky The Experience sparked a lifelong Interest in the phenomena that continues To the present day As things stand it doesn’t look as Though he is has any interest in Quitting anytime soon Well that’s cool I mean God bless the Guy I mean that’s it’s important it’s Really really important stuff I wonder if the 180 000 includes those Crank calls though doesn’t I’m sure it Doesn’t I’m sure he’s talking about Genuine reports that he’s actually Cataloged but that’s a hell of a lot of People seeing stuff And so here’s the thing let’s say and This is just one one group This one group has 180 000 reports Now if only one percent of those reports Are legitimate That means something absolutely freaking Crazy is going on here and amazing If only one percent are true and I’ll Bet the number is much higher than that

That are actually legitimate phenomena And something amazing is going on can They all be wrong a hundred and eighty Thousand people all wrong The odds are astronomical that that Could be the case I I just don’t believe that’s possible So if only one percent is is is Legitimate that’s incredible That is amazing if half a percent is It’s still amazing I mean my God that’s that’s a huge Phenomena All right so but you know come to your Own conclusions I don’t mean to tell you Have to believe anything but If you just look at the numbers they all Can’t be wrong They all maybe several of them are Seeing incredible things now the next Story if you got any little ones that Are in earshot put on some headphones or Something because I don’t wanna I don’t Want to wreck the holidays for anybody But this is an actual story that came up And I thought it was pretty interesting So it has to do with of course Santa Claus So um just a little foreshadowing here So I’ll give you a couple seconds to Usher them out of the room in case They’re there uh and uh leave it leave It to your own devices now I think I Believe in Santa Claus for sure but

You know this talks about a different Part of the of the story So let’s get to it Here we go let me pull it over All right next story up Archaeologists have Unearthed the tomb Of real life Santa I think they mean Saint Nicholas but anyway the two yep Saint the tomb of Saint Nicholas the Real life inspiration behind Santa Claus Lived and died around 1700 years ago The discovery which was made by Archaeologists with the provincial Cultural heritage preservation board That was a lot of words in an Antalya Antalya Turkey centers on the ancient Church of Denver demry I don’t know Demery a town in the country’s antelia District which was submerged by rising Sea levels in the Mediterranean many Centuries ago In later years a second church was Constructed on top of the old one to Help protect it and it is this church That we have has been subject to recent Archaeological excavation and study now Researchers working at the site have Finally managed to uncover the ruins of The old church that have revealed the Original floor on which Saint Nicholas Himself would have unstepped It is a significant find because Archaeologists have been searching for His tomb for years

The first church was submerged with the Rise of the Mediterranean Sea in this in The some centuries later a new church Was built above it which uh said the Preservation board’s leader Osman Ravazar ravsar okay now we have reached The remains of the first church and the Floor on which Saint Nicholas stepped The tiling on the on the floor of the First church on which he walked has been Unearthed the man himself became a real Inspiration behind the modern day Santa Due to his alleged generosity for uh for The and for the various Miracles that Were attributed to him The Story Goes That he rescued three girls from uh Promiscuous living by visiting their Home each night and throwing gold coins Through the window so that their father Could pay a dowry on each one The this ladder contributed to the idea That Santa Claus entering people’s homes And leaving presents all right we’re Gonna go to the break that’s it for the News we’ll be right back in just a Couple seconds couple minutes don’t go Away more of the Paranormal portal Coming up

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I’m just looking at it making faces like How do I look when I do this All right welcome back ladies and Gentlemen we’re in the second half hour Of the the second half hour the first Hour we got two full hours to go tonight So Um not to go we got another hour after This half hour so two hours total that We’re covering ground on here on the Portal uh just better take a quick Swallow Ah much better And we got a lot of stuff to get to Um of course one of the Biggins is Huh Yeah all right one of the big ends that We’re going to get to is one of the new Ones that we’ve been doing here on the Show and this is an opportunity whoops Let me uh good thing that’s all blacked Out nobody can hijack My Stream thank God But let me do that all right one of the New things we’ve been doing here on the Show it’s like absolute lack of Preparation Uh one of the new things we’ve been Doing on the show is of course we got a Discord Community for those of you that Aren’t familiar with it Um and I’ll put a link into it in just In the chats in just a moment but it’s

An opportunity there’s a great group of People that are always having Discussions about this wonderful stuff We call the Paranormal and uh In there there’s threads for Cryptids For UFOs for ghosts for strange Phenomena for so everything I could Think of Um that we could cover and all of these Active people there are you know Contributing links and uh to either Videos or stories that they’ve run Across it’s really great along with just A great dialogue between people talking About this stuff and and other things as Well but um you know it’s just been a Real pleasure this is something Sheldon Builds for the show and thank you for That Sheldon I appreciate it and uh what We’ve started doing uh for the last Several weeks now is doing a question of The week segment and what this is is an Opportunity to tie the Discord into the Live shows and into you know into the Live shows and just to keep it from Being the separate thing that’s out There it’s it’s a way to kind of make it A little more cohesive I hope so that um You know it’s all a little more Streamlined so Um what we have is a question of the Week which is up for tonight I don’t Know what kind of response we got I Guess we got uh quite a few quite a few

Responses along with some visuals Um but talking tonight’s question is About the chupacabra so I guess we Should get to it huh let’s get to it Here we go folks Foreign Dead noise but there was a growling Noise should have been So these are the questions of the week Folks let me uh start up by putting up a Link for any of you that are here Watching the show if you want to get Involved in the in the Discord Community We’d love to have you there and so what We’ll do is I’ll put the link in both The TFR chat and the YouTube chat you’re Welcome to join it uh and be a part of It would love to have you over there as Long as you’re interested in actually Having real conversations about the Phenomena don’t come over there if You’re going to be a dick or something Because you know we’ll just boot you It’s going to be a waste of your time And hours and so just keep it for people That actually want to be involved in the Conversation Um we we do really well we’ve got great Moderators over there we’ve got great Moderators here on YouTube and uh of Course TFR is always Problem free for us For the most part but Um even even on YouTube we don’t get a Lot of hate which is nice but

Um the tonight’s question of the week Was one that came up and and by the way If any of you out there have an idea for Some question you’d like to be asked Please feel free to message me directly Either via email or on Discord just Message me directly send it to me you Can put it in the normal chat but it Gets a little messy in there Um I’d like to keep the questions of the Week just about either the questions or The responses instead of ongoing Dialogue about other things but Anyway the question of the week for this Week Friday’s show is there’s a Cryptid Called the chupacabra which began its uh Existence in the Legends of Latin America The name literally translates as goat Sucker Uh this creature would allegedly create A fan-like bite and entirely drain its Uh prey of blood While descriptions of the chupacabra Were that it was a small hunched over Cryptid with a spike-like protrusions Down its back many varied claims have Emerged over uh even in the Southern United States which would imply these Beings have migrated somehow from South And Central America and Mexico into the Southern United States But do you think these news report or Newer reports uh in the U.S are of the

Same creatures that began in Latin America or do you think they have Migrated North do you think that these Are most likely not the same things what Do you think so it has to do with the Chupacabra and the reason I asked that Is because A lot of newer images that claim to be Chupacabras appear to be more canine but The original Legend looks entirely Different uh from what I can ascertain And from depictions of it there aren’t Any photographic evidence of the Original ones that I’m aware of but There were art references people drawing Or having people draw what they saw and The descriptions are quite a bit Different from that so what is what is The Chupacabra is it migrating is it Emerging there’s a there’s another Subtext to this that I’ll get to in a Bit because it’s kind of curious to me And we can discuss that at the tail end Of this but what’s uh the first response I guess I can skip Lars there because He’s talking about a video uh Lake fairy Preparedness was did a tongue twister For some reason I guess referring to an Earlier uh side conversation that Emerged in here Um Android Purity says what happened oh Never mind Um no I don’t think these reports uh in North America are chupacabra in fact I

Also doubt farm animals found with blood Drained were killed by any sort of Biological animal my theory is that it’s Aliens doing this it’s widely reported Even still to this day that farmers find Cattles goats and pigs Dead with the Blood completely drained from them good Point uh since this is widely reported Phenomena today and people have also Reported seeing UFOs or strange lights In the sky the the night before they Find the blood dry animal that I think It’s UFOs aliens here’s how I imagine That the chupacabra Legend came about One day this is a speculation but cool That’s good I’m glad to see you thinking Like this one day before airplanes Existed in Latin America farmer found Animal with its blood drained with just Two puncture marks so they automatically Assumed an animal with fangs good point So within a few days of the finding of The blood drained animal the farmer saw A Mexican gray wolf or with mange or Coyote with mange that was already that Was also skinny and malnourished so they Connected the dots of these two creepy Events which made a made them believe uh In this strange looking creature must be The culprit because they could not Imagine a flying craft or beings coming From the sky to suck their farm animals Of blood before airplanes even existed So it’s it is the best way that they

Knew how to interpret the strange Phenomena good point I’m sorry it’s just Small fonts it’s hard to read you’re Welcome for this out of the box Perspective yeah I mean that’s that’s Perfect though that’s exactly what these Discussions are about none of this Discussion is in a box uh it can’t be Because we don’t know really what we’re Talking about but we can speculate and And having theories like that is Perfectly valid Rachel 101 says I think It’s likely that Chupacabra has migrated In the southern states how far north They continue to move is probably Something limited to the climate in the Northern states Unless their migration becomes seasonal Well that’s good point yeah I mean There’s some there’s some perks to cold Not many but I guess if it keeps some of That stuff out that’s a good thing and It could be I mean it could be and I’ll Get to my my theory about that in a bit So fourth color says yeah kind of like What Android had to say on it uh the Chupacabra thing news never sat right With me it’s like they found a new Species of desert dog in the area and Attributed anything chupacabra related To it it doesn’t really match the Description of the chupacabra and I’m Not sure how a dog can suck the blood Out of an animal uh an animal rather I

Also thought they had already captured Some of those mangy dogs and if they did Did you yeah you’d think we that we’d Understand how they suck animals dry but There’s still no answers so my suspicion Is uh that those desert dogs are Unrelated to chupacabra I kind of agree Uh this is more like the traditional Description of the chupacabra and that’s Great he put a picture up here and I Appreciate it because this is really What they used to look like for those of You on TFR it’s just this uh kind of I Don’t know almost like an alien gray With big spikes coming out of its back And Claw like ends but with keynid type Legs so they’re uh I forget what they Call them Digigrade or plan to grade or something I don’t digitrate I think is what these What these legs are called I can’t Remember I I think I learned that from Vic conduct when he was on but at any Rate yeah this is the traditional Explanation but it somehow it managed to Emerge or or to blend into this For those of you that are there these Are now what people are attributing to Be possibly chupacabras so it is a huge Departure and that’s where my curiosity Was it’s like do you guys think this too Because this is what I think these are Two unrelated things Perhaps

Okay that can close anytime or maybe I Just do that okay Um and this is the first image that pops Up when you Google chupacabra and that’s Kind of an in-between then isn’t it like Emerging of those other two into this And and maybe there is some new uh type Of animal that’s emerged somehow I don’t Know Um but at any rate very interesting Great uh great inclusion of the pictures Thank you that helps me a ton actually So here’s here’s my side take on all of This Is that This is this is uh a thing that kind of Came out of nowhere and I don’t know Exactly when the chupacabra quote Unquote came into being but It kind of if it is indeed something That migrated up Then this has got to be something Manufactured and I can only think of Killer bees as a as a as a relevant Example of that so again Killer Bees Were manufactured by scientists by Crossing American honeybees with Africanized bees in order to create a More aggressively producing honey bee oh I don’t even know if that’s proper Sentence but that was the purpose behind It it was in a lab and it’s like oh yeah Uh we got it all set and and uh you know Maybe it’s not the best idea but

Eventually they ended up getting out and Once they got out of course they created Colonies and as these colonies spread so Did killer bees and and suddenly they’re Working their way North and North and I Think the only big wall so far has been The fact that we have winter in the North so it kind of stopped in the Southern states uh their their Progression northward but It did they did come out of nowhere And suddenly were expanding and Expanding and expanding so the Chupacabra can’t fly So if it is uh an actual terrestrial Being it requires movements to move all The way up and that would include doing Things like potentially uh I don’t know If they’re north of the Panama Canal and In their origin or not I don’t think so I think they’re from Brazil so Um they would have to cross the Panama Canal somehow and then work their way up And maybe they can maybe it’s easy to do I don’t know I don’t know the Panama Canal never been there seen pictures but So they had to work their way up and Maybe it takes longer but why weren’t They already here Why if they were a terrestrial thing That has existed for centuries let’s say Then why weren’t they already here I don’t know it sounds like if indeed These mangy painted looking creatures

Are indeed the chupacabra somehow and I Don’t know how but if they are How how come they weren’t already here Why are they just coming here now is it Because more people are looking more People are seeing is it because more People are talking and have the ability To share information maybe they’ve Always been here too But it kind of stinks of like something Produced and got away I don’t know let me know what you think I don’t pretend to know for sure I just Throw ideas at this stuff because I try To make sense of it because I I don’t Think there’s anything as a phenomena That doesn’t exist in in maybe we don’t Understand the nature of it all and Maybe it’s not exactly what we think it Is but the phenomena still can exist but Has it always been around or are we just Learning about it now because it just Got here or is it just because people Are finally talking about it You’d be the judge I don’t know there’s Been talk of Devil Dogs and stuff for Centuries so maybe they’ve always been Here and now we just have another name For them I don’t know Just some thoughts folks but uh thank You to everybody that participated in That discussion and again there’ll be uh Questions of the week before every live Show except when we have guests and so

Which tomorrow we have in a guest so There’s not going to be a question of The week then but there will be for the Following Wednesday and any other live Shows that we do Um let’s see I gotta look at the Calendar here quick but first let’s uh Get back Out of this let me just do this All right I didn’t have a good Transition for that I had to wing it Um so anyway thank you to everybody that Is in the Discord Community thank you For participating on these questions let Me look at the that the live chat to see If anybody else weighed in on this Rachel says something escaped from a lab Or snuck through a portal or good point Or is it a zoo animal from an alien Craft that may have crashed an alien Life form or to an to the alien Pilots Maybe I mean it wouldn’t surprise me I Don’t know could we be the only ones That domesticate animals I don’t know I Guess if we have relatives Among the Stars or or intelligent people out there I don’t know Uh let’s see anybody else weigh in on All this I don’t see Labs release chupas to start The hybrid program diabolical project Yeah I I mean I I don’t think it’s Willful I don’t think the Killer Bees Were willful I just think it was people

Messing with something that they just Weren’t ultimately able to control Completely it got away it became ugly But I don’t think it starts out as an Ugly idea they just wanted to be that Would more aggressively produce honey And they got a more aggressive b instead A lot more aggressive so Um but yeah good point Wonder Woman I appreciate that all right I think That’s the last of the comments on this Thank you for everybody that Participated and by all means jump in The Discord love to see you over there I’ll put a another the link again in the And I’ll put it in the TFR chat again Paste All right and there it is if you want to Get involved hey Gemini good to see you All right so I’m gonna do shout outs Quick here bam is in the TFR chat big Big D Big D 19 to 55. I hope your name Is Dave [Laughter] Gemini is over there in Jake Fortes how You doing Jake welcome home good to see You back I’m doing good thank you ah Jake says How you doing I don’t feel like I’m gonna sneeze That’s not what I wanted hold on That’s a big one Um and then let’s talk about how many of You are over on YouTube right now I

Don’t know what the numbers are at right Now but let’s check if you want to shout Out you gotta chat Hi Dee good to see you and Hardwick oh Big D over here too I was dead that’s Okay All right thanks for clearing that up That’s awesome I appreciate that I you know you’re seeing anything like That and your mind goes a little wild Sorry I don’t mean to be an idiot I just Born this way so anyway uh over in TFR Oh the farm come on I can’t show that What are you doing Um anyway let’s talk about who is here In the in the YouTube chat our Participants so far are big chungus big Chungus is up in here good to see you I Like that name I watched some twitch Programs and stuff and I and uh I watch Uh I watch um mxr plays I like that Channel they’re really cool uh it’s this Uh wonderful uh Asian couple and they do They just they’re I mean they’re from America don’t get me wrong I’m just Explaining who they are but they’re just Really fun to watch uh and it’s good to See you thank you big but they say big Chunks a lot so that cracks me up the Oceans is here as I said Elaine Clifford Is here Elizabeth Morin how you doing Elizabeth good to meet you geeky Gardens Here how you doing geeky ghost magnet

Hello Ghost magnet great to see you Hardwick Big D 1955’s over here uh Isaac Arreola how you doing brother uh Jake Fortes cons watch and Kirsten Leah great To see you guys thanks for coming in Lily Pond is here Maggie M10 hi Mercedes Hi Maggie hi Lily uh Natalie Claussen Good to meet you Natalie thanks for Coming in I’m here Rachel gets it right Uh we have the best mods by the way just The most wonderful you guys are amazing Thank you mods always uh red heart Services here how you doing red Harvest Ruger Ridge is here uh what does that Say Suburb duck cannabis sub Burdock Cannabis welcome that’s a new name I Haven’t seen that before uh sander Pipers here how you doing Sandra sugar Britches she’s always the first one in The door uh pharmacies here how you Doing brother megaphone man there’s Naysay good to see you Wonder Woman and Weapon X5 good to meet you guys thanks All the new names it’s a pleasure to Meet you thanks for coming in and being A part of the journey tonight Um So that’s great names in here I know I Know it’s like when we read reddit Reddit stories uh it just cracks me up Some of the names people come up with It’s just some of the best stuff some of The best material of all but we’ve got a

Bunch of stuff to get to Um let’s see where am I gonna start what Should I start with here ah sorry I Gotta rub my eye Okay now I I kind of teased this I think We’ll go into it because oh let’s finish Up this one first or did I what is this A little bit of noise yeah I’m gonna I’m Gonna finish up this one this is a an Article that we that we started the Other night and let me go a letter super Around number three so let me let me Start here it’s uh from the occult Museum and this is a great site too Occult museum has a whole bunch of Really creepy ghost stories and and Other Stories on their site and uh lots Of historical information as well so Check out the really Good site but this is seven Sinister True ghost stories to read in the dark If you like reading ghost stories in the Dark these might be good ones but I have A few lights on here so I guess we’re Okay Um kind of breaking the rules but we’re On number three because we read the First two in the another show but This is it says this is a story I do not Often tell I promise sincerely that this Has scarred me for life All and although I’ve looked into uh Psychological explanations for what I Heard and natural explanations for what

Occurred they remain unsatisfactory While I was a child I was scared of the Dark I swore to my mother I heard voices In it they weren’t evil but they were Not familiar and so they scared me It was not uncommon in the middle of the Night for me to wake up and hear Whispers as I would call them and when Asking my mom She figured that they were just bumps in The night and typical kid’s nightmare Material I tried often to explain to her That it was more than that and they Sounded different from one another the Way people’s voices do On some nights I would get so scared From these Whispers that I would sleep In my mom’s bed with her It was an added bonus and that the Bathroom was directly outside her Bedroom door for my late night Tinkles Uh I should add at this point that when Walking out into the Hall to go to the Bathroom you look directly down the Stairs that would lead you in the living Room on the first floor as my mom’s Bedroom was on the second floor On one such night around Christmas I awoke and felt the need to relieve Myself and I walked out the door and Distinctly heard the phrase look And to my astonishment a red light Almost like a spotlight was cast on the Wall at the very bottom of the stairs

The light had no other source it was by Itself and I was transfixed by it Being a little kid and it only being a Few days from Christmas I knew what this Light was it was Santa How else could it get into my house with To know I was being a good boy I was so Excited I began walking down the stairs To greet him picking up my Pace after The second step as it began to creep off The wall and Fade Into the Darkness of In my living room And that’s when I heard him A very strong masculine voice different From the first not at all like my father Not to say he isn’t masculine it’s just Distinctly different It said stop right now Go back up those stairs I listened and turned around and what Happened next I’m not sure I would Believe if someone had told me the same Story after reaching the top of the Stairs I heard a very loud crash that Sent me running back to my mother’s bed Where I jumped straight under the covers And stayed there the whole night When we awoke the next morning The Poinsettia lights little Christmas Flower lights that glowed red my mother Had put on the railing down the stairs Were pulled straight down to the bottom Of the stairs some broken from what Seemed like a forceful tear laying in a

Single pile The dry sink in my living room The dry sink in my living room had Fallen from the wall my mother could not Explain it my father was worried we’d Been the victims of a home invasion My sister was crying there was nothing Missing nobody had broken in and there Didn’t seem to be any reason why this Happened And then I saw it And I kept quiet about it because I was So afraid I could not force words out of My mouth There on the edge of the wooden dry sink Which had been facing up when three were Three indentations where the finish on The wood had been worn Almost as if in a forceful grip Something down there had grabbed it and Threw it down And that was what the bang was I was mortified after that day and I Never heard a single voice again I do not like to imagine what was Waiting downstairs for me that night Yikes I’ve I’ve only heard distinct voices Once in my life that I can recall And it was when I was a young child and I I woke up at night it was maybe two in The morning maybe one in the morning Something everybody in the house was Asleep

Go ahead I’ll tell you on the other side I didn’t know that was coming quite yet We’ll be right back folks after these Messages and uh those of you on YouTube You can just watch the video Talk quietly amongst yourselves we’ll be Right back Might be ever lies keep falling apart Would you like Um A nightmare from which they cannot wait [Applause] Caroline is not like those she’s with

They’re attracted to the one thing about Her Very He’s off its own illumination You just don’t lie that implies to life Oh no And Earthly Pleasures Something that desperately desire But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to Dance Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual Hauntings seem to be connected with an Area A house usually the guy’s disturbances Are a fairly short duration perhaps a Couple of months Parties can go on for years And years and years Just like that intro [Applause] All right so before the break it rudely Interrupted me uh I didn’t mean for it To be a cliffhanger but it worked out as One so I hope it kept some of you here Just so you could hear this but I I only Remember this one time when I was Coherence that I heard voices I I often Catch myself as I’m falling asleep and You’ll hear conversations that are going

On like as you’re drifting into sleep And then it wakes me up like what the Hell was that but I think it’s just part Of our Consciousness going through maybe The subconscious into the sleep I don’t Know anyway it could be passing through Dimensional realities are going from Beta to Theta or whatever whatever I Know Theta is like hypnosis State and Then into Street sleep sleep state but Uh it was when I was a young child Probably like eight years old I don’t Know if portal mom remembers this or not Because to her it’s probably just Another weird night uh and a kid that Wasn’t having a good night’s sleep for Whatever reason but What happened was I was I was in bed And and I I kept hearing these people Talking it was a man and it was a woman And they were having a full conversation Or something I’m a little kid But it sounds like two adult people a Male and female having a whole Conversation but interestingly I couldn’t understand any of the words They were using Like they were it was like a whole Different language And and it was it was as complex I Remember that it had the complexity of Of speech like with you know long sound Short sounds question endings statement Endings but they were talking back and

Forth You know one than the other than the Other than the other and sometimes on Top of each other is really really Bizarre so I just sat in my bed Terrified I was like you know grabbing The covers and pulling up I’m like oh my God there’s people in my room and I Can’t see them Looking around I can you know it’s dark But there’s a little bit of ambient Light but I can’t see anybody in my room But I can hear them talking he terrified The hell out of me I was just sitting There shaking because I didn’t know what To make of it but finally I mustered up The courage and jumped from my bed ran To the the doorway and flipped the light On and said who’s there who’s there Who’s talking in my room who is there And it was enough to wake my mom up Whose bedroom was right next to mine She goes what are you doing I said there’s people talking in my room And then she touched my my forehead and I was I guess burning up I had a really high fever or a pretty High fever And so maybe it was just because a fever State or whatever I’m not I’m not Claiming it was paranormal I’m just Telling you that it was the one time in My life that I heard a conversation with Nobody there having it and it was really

Freaky to a little eight-year-old kid Um what it was probably from the fever Now because I had the fever was I maybe More open I don’t know I don’t know Maybe I was in an altered state I don’t Know maybe there is a paranormal aspect To it but I mean I had a fever it was You know everybody dismisses those Things oh you hear him talk and you’ve Got a fever And so you know after a dose of Tylenol Or something I went back to bed and Ended up falling asleep I think she laid Down with me and made sure I was asleep And then went back to bed poor mom She had three boys that were constantly Keeping awake and then years later a Fourth one came along so her her dance Card was pretty busy uh and we were Hellions too We kept her on our toes but anyway I Don’t know if Mom remembers that or not But that’s a true story I can still Remember it vividly today even though I Was in that fever State I was very much Aware that people were having a Conversation And it was freaky then Um I don’t even uh I I’ve heard sounds That sound like voice a voice maybe said Something but I it’s not not the script Enough to say I heard a disembodied Voice I don’t ever recall hearing Anything like that ever again

But interesting to me that at least I Can understand what that phenomena is Like I I that was a one-time thing I Think It’s called exploding head syndrome yeah I think I think my head was exploding I Don’t know if that’s a real thing I do Remember scared me too oh really I Didn’t know that okay I thought you just Thought I was all burning up and and Just because I was sick but yeah I don’t Know it was weird it was really weird it Was such an impression that I remember It clearly even to this day many many Decades later so I don’t know one of Those things that stick with you Um let’s get to the next story on our List here and this is number four behind The shower curtain And again we’re going through an article From occult Museum and uh it’s good oh The last one was written by Mom’s Day Prepper it’s awesome it’s good enough Mom’s day uh behind the shower curtain Number four in seventh grade my friends And I went over to Mary’s house intent On playing with her mom’s Ouija board That night oh God yeah that’s about the Most nightmare scenario ever a bunch of Teenage girls pulling out a Ouija board I mean now granted I know people use it 90 of the time nothing happens so just Very little happens or it’s more of a Nuisance thing just enough to spook them

And then they put it back in the box and Walk away but What if what if I just don’t think those Things are toys Um none of us had played with one before Mary’s mom was in extremely spiritual Person who believed in energies Witchcraft stuff like that Well before we used the board Mary Warned us that her mom would be really Pissed if she found out that we were Playing with it because Ouija boards can attract bad spirits Into the home With full knowledge of this We decided to proceed anyway [Laughter] You know this is going south if they Dread a story about it uh the Ouija Board was not like the average Ouija Board that you’ve seen along with the Usual characteristics the alphabet yes No goodbye there was an entire array of Symbols and signs that were all arranged In a circle and this was some seriously Intricate stuff We started just goofing around and Communicating with random Spirits here And there until we finally met one that Had us in tears the entire sleepless Night First we asked the spirit if it was a Man or a woman to which it replied m a Then we asked how he was killed

M you R d e r Well that freaked us out only a little Bit but we were mostly excited well all Of a sudden before we even asked another Question the glass goes to the eyeball Symbol and then spells out i n And goes to the water symbol We didn’t have a clue what that meant it Wasn’t too scary until the spirit Spelled out s h o w e r And my best friend realized that the Spirit was trying to get us to look into The shower We froze I’ve never been so scared in my Entire life especially sitting directly In front of the bathroom with the shower Curtain all the way closed Faced in my direction We all screamed and promised on our Friendships that we had not moved it Ourselves very important promise I felt like I was being watched and my Friends thought so too It was only four of us and I believe With all of my heart that none of them Had moved it because we were all too Nervous to do anything I’ll never use a Ouija board again Because of how crazy and intense that Night was I understand that people say Ouija Boards are controlled by your Subconscious but screw that I know I

Felt something in that room with us and I know it was dangerous Absolutely that was by lemon and water Um yeah that’s freaky and again that’s The problem it’s it’s again most of the Time nothing happens but what if it does You think a bunch of girls are gonna you Know teenage girls are gonna know how to Deal with a dark presence They’re gonna know how to cleanse that And get it or get rid of it and I’m not Putting down younger people I mean there Are people that are younger that are Capable of great things but You don’t mess with Spirits I just think That’s so bad So much can go wrong you know an Impression attachment any number of Negatives but again the Ouija board in My opinion is dangerous because You there are ways that it can be used Properly and appropriately and I think Safely And it has everything to do with your Preparation before and you’re closing After Any kind of spiritual activity when You’re trying to contact some and Communicate there should be there should Be methods used to First clear and guard Your environment from anything dark Coming in and then at the end you’ve got To successfully close it closing a Ouija Board session is not just dragging a

Piece of plastic or glass or whatever Over goodbye that can be a part of it But you have to do more than that in my Opinion because you are creating a Conduit you’re creating some would say a Portal an opening and if you don’t Successfully close that opening then Anything can come through after that and Probably will you know to some degree They may not stick with you but it might Come through Um a Ouija board is a blind you’re Creating a blind Channel You are using your body your energy as Part of a conduit through this unseen Force and you don’t know what it is You haven’t called it correctly you’re Just like is anything there wants to Talk to us Why yes there is You know it’s like no that’s a bad idea Don’t do that It’s my two cents All right so that’s number four yeah be Careful with the Ouija boards folks Number five the little girl who lives in The walls oh what’s she doing in there She needs to live somewhere else Don’t live in walls little girls or or Little boys or anybody nobody belongs in Walls When my wife and I bought our first House an old Victorian style built in The 50s almost every night we heard what

Sounded like kids footsteps running down The upstairs hallway and the other Random sounds My wife mentioned it to one of the Neighbors and they said it was probably Just peacocks on the roof The house backed up to a conservation Area where wild peacocks lived and they Would occasionally get up on the Rooftops Well that answer made sense to us so Basically we just got used to it and Eventually ignored it Less than a year later our son was born And when and he was one who would Balance all of his toys on top of other Toys and made them spin Literally found the center balance of Various toys and would walk in a circle Around the room giving each a gentle Touch to keep it rotating wow it was the Weirdest and coolest thing I’d ever seen That’s a talented kid Wow When he was two or three we would hear Him talking in his room at night and one Night I asked who he was talking to and He said Tracy last who’s Tracy and he Says the girl that lives in the wall She’s usually nice but sometimes she Scares me he describes a girl with brown Hair in a yellow dress who would only Play with him sometimes and occasionally Wake him up at night but he didn’t seem

Bothered by any of it it just startled Sometimes He talked about her once in a while but It wasn’t a common occurrence A couple years later we had added on to The house and moved the master bedroom Downstairs switching the kids rooms Around our youngest was now in his old Room and about ready to transition from Crid to toddler bed she had always been A sound sleeper but she cried almost Every night in that room Her first night in the toddler bed we Heard a loud thud followed by screaming And rushed into the room thinking she’d Fallen out of bed she was on the other Side of the room Got her calmed down and back to bed it Happened again the next night so we Ended up switching the kids room back And they were fine We looked up the history of the house we Didn’t find anything about missing Little girls or anyone with the name of Tracy that lived there And eventually our sons stopped talking About her and a few years later I ended Up taking a job with another company and We moved The house was empty for a few months After we moved and the neighbor across The street called my wife one day and Said about a week after we left she Thought she saw our daughter looking out

The window so she waved at her And then she remembered we didn’t live There anymore Oh God That was by Ron rule Wow It’s with the kids again I I this is new Information to me I mentioned it on a Previous show but I did just learn That you know I’ve always wondered why Are kids So connected with with Spirits at least Some kids are They have these profound conversations And friendships with something unseen And uh some of the some of the stories Of things that they’ve related to their Parents or other loved ones is Absolutely frightening what these kids Are seeing and and the accuracy of what They’re talking about like oh the lady With the burned face comes and Tucks me In at night or whatever and and they Found out that somebody died in a car Fiery car wreck years before near the Home You know it’s like well I mean what is It what is the odds of that you know and And is there something to it but what I Found out Was that apparently children seven years Old and under Their brains are in a lower vibrational State than the older children and adults

And their brains are in What’s called The Theta state And a Theta State might be familiar to Some of you because it’s also the state That you want a person to go into in Order to be hypnotized And so they exist in that state and That’s why they you know have these Explosively vivid imaginations and these Are you know little police pieces of Plastic are absolutely real and they can Create stories and and worlds because They’re in this Theta state And so I it makes me wonder well is that Why they see spirits is that why they Can communicate so clearly with these Spirits now my my friend Dan Pruitt is a Paranormal Investigator and he was Working with a guy Who had developed a helmet that would Change the the vibrational state or or Or wave state of the brain To to that I think it was the Theta State they were that we’re working on And and he said that you know they they Had some incredibly profound experiences And so maybe there’s something to that They ate a state Maybe we just got to get to the Theta State maybe that’s what happens in Meditation and in auto body experiences And stuff that not only can we get to The Theta State we can project our Consciousness out maybe that’s what’s

What we have to work towards is being Able to shift from the from our normal State into a Theta state so interesting I don’t know what you think but I Thought it was absolutely absolutely Intriguing because why are these kids Seeing stuff why are they why why are They like well the little boys in the Corner mom looks over there there’s Nothing there’s a video on tick tock and There’s little toddlers like good night Good night she’s like who are you Talking to I’m like I’m saying goodnight To the guy what guy there’s no what he’s In the vent It’s like what and he’s like yeah he’s There and Mom’s like no he’s not there Well I don’t know you know again I think You got to listen to kids you can’t just Shut them down and say no there’s Nothing there because I and I think it’s A fear reaction and it’s also you’re Just trying to calm your child when they See those spooky things and all you Didn’t see nothing it was just a dream But I think you got to listen to the Kids because they’re seeing something They are seeing and interacting with Something that we aren’t so I mean we got to work on that whole Theta State thing maybe that’s the key All right very cool story though number Six the policeman and the soldier I had a call to a residence on a mental

Evaluation or a 5150. anyways I get There and speak to a 50-something year Old woman in States her 20-something-year-old son is under the Influence of an unknown drug and kept Repeating that he can’t go in his Bedroom because there’s an old man Hanging in his room I think I remember The story from another thread that we Read she stated that he she was too Scared to go in his room and investigate It for herself because he constantly Brings over friends that are drug Addicts and she is unsure if his claims Were true or not I then go speak to the son who is Clearly under the influence of a Stimulant he goes on to tell me that he Was told by a spirit to not enter the Bedroom because her father dressed in His military class a uniform was hanging In his bedroom I checked the room out and of course There was no body hanging from the room As I’m in the middle of explaining to The mother that there was nobody in the Bedroom a veteran officer arrives on Scene to assist me He pulls me aside and stated earlier in His career he responded to this Residence and that same bedroom he had To investigate a person taking them out Themselves out by hanging of an older Male subject

He didn’t remember all the details so we Looked it up on our report management System in my patrol car and sure enough The officer was correct The subject uh who who died was a World War II veteran and had dressed in his Military uniform and hung himself oh In my mind I always thought that when They purchased the home possibly this Incident I always thought that when they Purchased the home possibly this Incident was disclosed to them however I Thought the mother would have mentioned It to me if it had been disclosed to her She was genuinely concerned about her Son and the allegations That was by smw2102 Maggie says my brother was three and he Was told they were They were moving he asked if the old man That sits at the end of the bed was Coming too [Laughter] There you go your younger brother was Having an experience and by the way Folks the phone lines are open if you Want to call in numbers right there if You want to call in for those of you on YouTube for those of you listening live You can call in by dialing 720-923-0500 And so very cool Um I do want to mention because I had Forgotten to already but we have a guest Coming tomorrow on to the show and uh

It’s it’s one that I’m really excited About it’s his first time coming on the Show but he’s a Bigfoot investigator And let me just find his stuff here While I’m No no no no no oh man I get so many Messages it’s hard to keep track of Everything I just don’t want to say his Name wrong because I would feel bad But What in the hell Where is it can’t be that far away It’s gotta be here I’ll dig it up over the break and tell You guys but uh he’s a Bigfoot Researcher he’s uh he’s the founder of The East Coast Bigfoot research Organization uh and his last name is Benoit and I can’t remember if it’s Daniel I think it’s Daniel uh yeah but Daniel Benoit he’s coming on the show Tomorrow night And uh he and I and Sheldon will be Talking about his research his Experiences and stuff and it should be a Great show so I hope that all of you in The chat will you know have some Questions you know it’d be great to Include you in the discussion I always Love it when we do things together you Know as a family as a team so if you’ve Got questions you want to ask we’ll Definitely bring that to him but he will Be coming on the show tomorrow night

Right here on the portal again Daniel Benoit so it’s a great pleasure to have Him on the show and I’m looking forward To that So Um let’s see where was I oh yeah the Other thing the uh Next one is number seven the other room I just wanted to remember and state that Now while I was thinking of it because I forget a lot I get distracted a lot so number seven The other room is the next one and this Is one my dad told me when he and his Brother were younger they took a job to Clean out some old ladies act attic old Lady’s attic yeah that could be creepy You never know what you’re going to find An old attic Oops let me get the content of there all Right and uh the lady lived in a regular One-story house with a normal attic Space the kind where you can’t stand up Fully you have to stoop down and crawl Everywhere oh that’d be brutal She’d been hearing animals moving around And wanted some of her stuff pulled out There before it got chewed up for but For some reason uh the attic only had One crawl space and it was in the living Room off to one side So they pulled out a folding ladder put It underneath and my uncle climbed up And pushed the door up and he popped his

Head through and the attic dimensions of Space be damned this was an exact Replica of the living room underneath it Complete with lighting and doorways Leading to God knows where My dad was standing underneath looking Up he could tell something wasn’t right By the light and the way the roof looked Too far up like getting vertigo My uncle closed the door apologized to The lady and they both took off my dad Said that his brother wouldn’t talk to Him until they were about a mile away He just saw the look on his face and When his brother said we gotta go he Didn’t argue That’s crazy So is that a dimensional shift right There Huh that was by monkey boy Boi Very interesting And that’s the last part of this article I should have had it on screen sorry Um but I yeah that’s a weird one the Other room Should have only been a crawl space but He lifted the hatch and he was looking Into an exact replica of the living room Below it except the ceiling was way too High and and he got a vertigo feeling That’s really weird Hmm I don’t know what to make of it I guess that would be a dimensional

Thing or or something That would be really weird what would You do Imagine you were you were working on a House or somebody you know doing a job For somebody and you open a door and Suddenly everything was wrong Would you go in It seems to me it’s it’s kind of an Interesting possibility because I think if a person has an opportunity Like that you may only get one in a Lifetime at best most people will never Have an opportunity like that but you’re Confronted with something that’s Just not supposed to be a space that Shouldn’t be would you go in I don’t Know that might be a question of the Week coming up I’d love to hear some Responses on that Anyway last break we’ll be right back And we’ll get into some Cryptid reports On the other side don’t go away we’re Going to be talking some bigfoots and Other strangeness here on the portal Thank you

Alright folks we are now into the home Stretch of the nights remember Daniel Benoit tomorrow night here on the Paranormal portal founder of the East Coast Bigfoot research organization Bigfoot investigator and uh heck of a Guy so it’ll be fun to have him on the Show that’ll be right here on uh YouTube Ntfr as well if you just Want to listen live but uh 7 P.M Pacific Standard Time 10 p.m Eastern for two Full hours so we’ll see what he’s got to Say Should be a good time all right so um I’m gonna move into some big foot Reports and other creatures not just Bigfoot because we got a few to get Through Um the first one of course is from our Good friend Mr Wes groomer of Sasquatch and Sasquatch Chronicles Podcast and again please check out Sasquatch there’s so much Information over there that you guys are

Missing if you only listen to the Podcast so there’s a lot going on there As well as you can become a member and Get the membership shows too You can become a member of our YouTube Channel if you want to We we are accepting new members always Um let’s get to this and this one is Dated October 18th Let’s do this boom Sasquatch Chronicles blog October 18th I saw a big dark creature stand at the Edge of the forest a listener writes I Was about 12 years old and my uncle and I drove out to visit some family and go Fishing on our family’s charter boat Our cousin owned and operate operated a Charter fishing boat so we would drive Up and stay with our cousin and fish and Pull pull up crab pots and have a good Time Our family’s home was out in the forest Outside of town And they had a few acres in the forest Well during that trip I was outside with My uh two of my younger cousins and we Were out in the woods near the house Playing baseball That’s got to be tough playing in the Woods baseball I was a bit older than my Two younger cousins so I was soft Tossing them so they could get some Swings in We were playing in an area where the

Forest had been cleared and cut one of My cousins hit the ball really good and Sent the ball into the forest and it was Still nearby the cleared section I ran To go get the ball and there I saw a big Dark creature standing at the edge of The forest I’ve grown up camping and fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains and have seen a Lot of bears and other wildlife I ran to the ball and I abruptly stopped Thinking that I ran up on a bear My instinct was to stop calm down and Slowly back away I was told not to run and trigger a Predator prey response so I maintain Sighting of the creature it was standing Upright behind a tree stump From a tree that had been broken And what he did next assured me that it Wasn’t a bear It leaned over at its hips and peeked Around the tree stump And looked at me It uprighted itself again and walked Across from the edge of the clearing and Back into the thicker Forest It was very dark brown a black a black In appearance or black and two black Okay it’s very dark brown to Black in Appearance his demeanor was uh was of it Knew that Knew we were there but didn’t expect one Of us to interrupt or intercept it on

Its walk away from the area After I realized it wasn’t what I Thought it was I turned and ran back to The cousins as fast as I could I told them that I couldn’t find the Ball and we needed to leave and get back To the house immediately This encounter happened in mid-morning And early in the summer The appearance wasn’t frightening and I Don’t think it was a full grown I would Say it was at least six feet tall based On the broken tree it was standing Behind at first it was Stood Still I’m pretty sure it didn’t expect me to See it and it didn’t have an ideal place To hide as it Stood Still maybe hoping I Wouldn’t notice it I would say it seemed un unserious Meaning that it wasn’t aggressive or Particularly scared It was like seeing another kid that you Didn’t know and it didn’t want any Trouble I never told anyone for a long time and I I later told my wife my dad and Eventually my best friend Later on in life I became interested Interested in the phenomena not directly Related but I eventually got a graduate Degree in physical anthropology and that Has shaped how I view that encounter in The Sasquatch phenomena as a whole That’s cool I like that because you know

These people with experiences going on To pursue the educational side of it Then bring Merit to the phenomena in That field much like Jeff Meldrum Uh when I’ve seen video or photo Evidence I’ve always tried to analyze The features and how they fit into Primate morphology Why this or that picture doesn’t really Fit why glowing eyes don’t make sense For primates Etc I was of the opinion That the most logical explanation is That it has to represent a relic primate Of some kind I’ve I since see it more in a nuanced Way what I say what I saw was very Physical and natural and it was itself Very much like a primate but the Phenomena as a whole Seems more complicated Sarin Advanced with a long email but I’ve just been wanting to reach out and Share my encounter So that’s very cool Um Yeah I mean if you’re coming at it from A scientific background or or Paradigm it’s it’s there’s some aspects Of the of the claims out there that are Going to be really hard to Swallow or even even comprehend Because again you know truly uh I I Guess I I say this quite often but I Really mean it I think if you’re going

To look at something truly in the Scientific method then you have to until You can absolutely discount something You can’t say it’s not possible you know That every possibility has to be equal Until you can systematically remove it Through test or through proof or Evidence or whatever Now It is hard to imagine that something Could allegedly have glowing eyes we Don’t see we don’t see bioluminescence Much outside of sea life you know Aquatic creatures seem to have Some bioluminescent even small Plankton But is that is that is there any example Of that in the mammalian Uh Kingdom and I I don’t know of any Others and if if there are that’s Fantastic but I can’t think of any Insects there’s bioluminescence and some Fungus there’s bioluminescence in in Simple Um Simple life forms like Plankton and Stuff there is and into more complex Like jellyfish and and fish there can be Bioluminescence but Mammals it’s tough and butts Again there’s people seeing this so what Does that mean I don’t know I mean it’s it’s hard to swallow or Though or the disappearing Bigfoot the

Phasing is it a play of light is a trick Of some kind that they know how to pull Is it’s truly them disappearing I’ve Talked to Witnesses and heard them Explain it could see it from the from The waist up but not from the waist down It just didn’t exist what is that I Don’t know Again it’s just there’s there’s such a Spider web of possibilities with it and Just because we can’t comprehend Something doesn’t mean it can’t exist When I first started doing this folks I’ll be the first to tell you that Bigfoot was a to me a relic commented Hominid that it’s just managed to Continue to avoid us which isn’t hard to Believe because quite honestly in terms Of US versus the natural Fauna of the The wild world we are very unadept and Awkward in the in you know in Wild Places unless we have sidewalks and uh You know cars and and tools we’re we’re Pretty awkward we’re pretty low on the On the physical scales so Is it possible that these these beings Just know how to use their environment So much better than we could ever Comprehend But then again you know like a a Military sniper Can disappear they can just disappear And and they’re not really disappearing They’re just blending in

Is that possibly what people are Perceiving well it doesn’t sound exactly Like it in many cases but I think that’s Why we don’t see them very much very Much because they’re they’re in a Natural ghillie suit but it’s a it’s a Full plate of possibility it really is But uh you know you be the judge I don’t Pretend to be able to speak with any Authority of any of it I’ve never seen One I I believe I’ve been encountered I’ve Encountered one but I didn’t see it I Just heard it and it scared the living Hell out of me It literally was the the most scary Experience of my life because whatever Growled like that I was sure was about To kill me And it’s a it’s a terribly humbling Experience I was 14 at the time I’ve Told it many times I’m not going to Retell it now but Um Yeah it’s it was it was the most single Most terrifying event of my entire life But I’m here I didn’t get killed so I got that going for me Fox’s eye shine is green yeah but yeah I Sign yep Seen red eyes just saying yeah I mean I’ve seen I Shine from animals but I I Don’t understand the glowing eyes so Much I don’t know what to do with that

You know and again it’s not me me Doubting it’s just me trying to wrap my Head about it Wrap my head around it I don’t know how To quantify that I don’t know how is That possible and and quite honestly if Lights are emitting from the eye how can You perceive anything because you got You’ve got light shooting out of your Eyes how can you receive light then and So I don’t understand the dynamic I I just don’t understand There’s a lot of it I just I don’t know But anyway [Laughter] All right But thank you Mr Wes germer for letting Us go through your blog and pick out Stories like that that’s really cool All right so we’re gonna get to the next One I just got to figure out which one Of these we’re going to get into next I Think we’ll get into Into This one’s kind of cool and this well no I’m going to skip this one because I Promise you guys the Cryptid corner of The Paranormal portal I should do an Intro for that huh cryptic corner That’ll be this this aspect of our Variety shows the two-hour variety shows This one’s a little different kind of Cryptid But it does come from Oklahoma which is

Pretty interesting you know when you Hear of little people you think of you Know the Fey or whatever in Europe but This is coming from the Americas so this One is from Phantoms and Folks this is lon stick Ron strickler’s Site and uh Lon is long been a pillar of The of the Paranormal Community mostly In the 40 in aspect but he’s he’s well Versed in all of it I mean he’s just a Great guy he’s got his own uh his own Podcast Phantoms and monsters radio he’s Got books he’s written uh and so much More and and his site Phantoms and is a great source for tons Of wonderful uh fantastic claims that He’s received from people all over the Place and uh from other sources so check It out uh go and help support what he’s Doing uh as always but this one’s from Friday October 7th 2022. Little People Encounter and tales of indigenous Oklahomans Very curious we I’ve heard stories of Like these diminutive Indian Native American I guess I should say I’m sorry I don’t mean any disrespect but on Native American beings that look exactly Like a full adult Native American but Very small and there’s allegedly tribes Of them out there or were And there’s lots of accounts of them Working in conjunction with the normal First Nations tribes that we’re aware of

And it’s hard to wrap your head around But again these claims are out there People are seeing something so let’s see What’s going on in this one we heard a Lot about them from our friend Robin Moonshadow who runs a great site Regarding Regarding uh the little people and so Look up Robin Moonshadow on uh and Robin Is r-o-b-y-n And you’ll find her on Facebook and you Can find her her uh her sites and such But she’s a wonderful person been a Guest on the show many times and uh She’s a really well versed in all of This A Native American man recalls his Father’s encounters with very small People known as Minipedes Mina Peds many times while Fishing he would hear their voices and Occasionally capture a glimpse The following account was forwarded to Me This is about my native dad who has had A few Supernatural incidents happened to Him and the rest of the family in Oklahoma My father frequently encountered little People that were no bigger than a pine Cone oh wow they were referred to as Minopads And he was when he was around 10 years Old he would go fishing in the lake near

His childhood home My Grandpa would take him sometimes but When but when he was at work or getting Treatment in Oklahoma City he would go Alone The thing about the lake and creeks in The area were The Mists that would roll In not too high only about a foot off The ground if not less and they would Cover most of the area for hours at a Time This particular time he went out fishing He got closer and closer to the Misty Edge of the lake as he approached he Would hear voices He originally thought it was the wind But walking further along the path he Realized it was definitely voiced These voices were nothing he could Recognize or understand but definitely Dozens of small little voices around him Feeling a bit frightened he made his way Back home to where my grandpa was He my grandma rather grandma was he told Her about it and she just told him Everything was fine those voices were Minnipeds and as long as you didn’t Bother them they won’t bother you in Fact if you should get lost in the lake They could help you get home Still scared still scared he didn’t go Fishing that day The next morning however he had put out The voices in the back of his mind and

Set off to go fishing again Walking down the same old path he again Noticed the Mist about a foot above the Ground and again little small voices Keeping in mind that grandma said about Not bothering them he just kept about His business and made it to the edge of The lake The voices died down a bit and he was Able to enjoy fishing in peace He said he fished for a good two hours Or so before heading back home along the Path He again heard the voices but this time However along the Misty path he would See movement to his left and right as if Something small was moving quickly under The Mist He rarely saw a mini ped but the few Times he did see them he said they were Human-like with gray or brown skin and Only a few inches tall wow When he encountered them again as an Adult he was fishing with my uncle on my Mother’s side they went fishing pretty Often when I was growing up several Times every summer it seemed They either went to one of the lakes in The Oklahoma Panhandle area or New Mexico The one time they went to the Panhandle They went to a lake close to one the one He grew up in that was only 50 or so Miles west

There they set to get on get on a boat My uncle owned a owned two fish in the Lake sorry that seemed awkward to me but On the way there was a mist and the Sound of Little Voices Well my dad thought nothing about it but My uncle was starting to get confused Asking if my dad heard voices in the Wind He told him not to worry and that they Were just minipeds and if he didn’t Bother them they wouldn’t bother him Eventually it freaked my uncle out too Much and he convinced my dad to go Fishing at a lake back West in Texas He didn’t see any of that time and I Have yet to see one I do hope to Encounter them though I mean if my dad Believes they exist then even into Adulthood then maybe they do what do you Think Native nonsense or plausible Creature yet to be discovered That’s interesting Um I don’t know it’s I think they’re out There I think that’s you know with any Of this stuff I think it’s out there this stuff is Just out there And how it exists I don’t know why it Exists I don’t know but I think Again we have an understanding of our World based upon allegedly like 14 Percent of what exists in this world

We’ve discovered and that’s I don’t know How they mathematically came up with That formula but and maybe it’s less but Maybe it’s less than that but in in any Case there’s a lot out there we just Don’t know Um and it is it’s not just the oceans That we don’t know I think there’s a lot Even in our Even in our lands that we Just don’t understand and don’t know What to do with but it doesn’t make it Any less real So very cool I love those stories because I I I do Like to think that those things are out There I mean maybe I have a confirmation Bias but it’s just kind of a neat idea I Mean our ancestors talked about these Things wherever you know your ancestors Are from I mean every continent has Stories of these diminutive people that Exist now a few inches tall is very Short I’m I’m used to hearing stories About maybe a foot and a half two feet Tall but maybe there’s even little ones Like that I guess it would sound like brownies in The in the in the um uh in Europe right Brownies were these little tiny things So maybe it’s the American version of Brownies and where do these Legends come From Is it just creative creative thought by You know our ancestors just creating

Tails and lore to try to explain the World around them or is there some Merit To some of this and again this isn’t me Trying to convince you but you believe What you want But could it be maybe Maybe All right what’s next here unknown Creature recording then the Jordanian Desert cave this one actually has some Images so for those of you I’m going to Put a link I guess I got six minutes Left so I don’t know I’ll have to read Through it kind of briskly but let me do This put it in TFR those of you on YouTube will see it with me so I’ll put The link there if they want any of you Guys want to follow along but Excuse me a little froggy still All right let’s get to this again from Uh an unknown Creature recorded in Jordanian desert Cave Says according to the account two Jordanian men were out in the desert When they apparently heard unexplained Sounds and movements coming from a Cavity in the rocks one of the rent Removed a stone covering the cavity And soon observed the face of an unknown Creature looking back at him Uh says I’ve grabbed two screen caps From the video in order to help Distinguish what the creature is the

Face looks somewhat human-like and the First thing that came to my mind was That this may be a a small canine or Juvenile hyena but the face doesn’t Appear to have a snout A colleague told me that it resembled That of a sloth maybe there are no slaws Living in the deserts of Jordan or Anywhere else in the Middle East Uh there are they are indigenous only to Central and South America Well I showed the image and video to a Few Associates who stated that it may be An unknown hominid fair enough because I Have no idea what these guys came across Anyway what does it look like to you Come on and there’s one of the images Right there Looks like a face I don’t know It could be just paradolia but Um There’s another image there That is curious it was looking back at Them I don’t know it looks more human to me But it’s Humanoid I guess I don’t know does that Look like whiskers like a beard some Kind of beard or is that just a shadow I’m not sure what I’m seeing now it Could just be a natural formation that Looks you know like a head I mean people Have been seeing faces and rocks forever Uh even even Mount Rushmore used to be

Like the five Chiefs or something before They carved the heads and it didn’t look Exactly like Chiefs but if you looked at The old pictures prior to the carving of Mount Rushmore Um you could see where they saw they saw What they’ve you know called the five Chiefs or I think it was the five Chiefs So interestingly enough it was a sacred Site too which is kind of sad and tragic It remains I guess kind of a sacred site Because it’s the images of of five of Our presidents but it’s still Um it was not ours and that’s that’s Tragic to me but anyway That’s interesting what do you guys Think Is it a creature is it just a I don’t know just a chance of erosion That created this weird face but it’s Not actually face at all it’s just the Way water ran through this rock I don’t Know could be I would say that since it doesn’t seem To have any depth like it’s like a face Peaking out of rock as part of vertical Rock same color I don’t know Seems more likely that it’s just uh Possible erosion but it does really have The balance and symmetry of a face So it’s It’s pretty fantastic either way Uh interesting but anyway

Again you be the judge Never in the Portal’s history is it Going to be about trying to convince you To believe anything but I love this Topics I love the I love the fact again That we just don’t know so much People are experiencing stuff all over That they can’t explain People are having ghostly encounters With beings they can’t see that are Obviously interacting with our physical World people are seeing lights in the Sky Fantastical craft and beings that Seem to come from the Stars people are Seeing big huge creatures walking in the Wilds and sometimes unsurprisingly close To civilizations Are they all wrong as every one of the People including myself and all the Number of experiences I’ve had am I Wrong I guess to some people I am and that’s Okay because it’s you know just remember Everybody’s in their own place right Everybody has their own belief their own Ideas about their reality And some things we have in common and Some things we don’t And uh you have to let people be in Their place But I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re Doing here on the portal and uh maybe Some of them will come along for the

Ride eventually We’ll just uh keep plugging away right But we’re down to about a minute here Left of the show and I just want to say A special thank you to you all it really Means the world to me that you guys keep Coming out and spending time with me on These shows that you guys have created Such a cool community that means the World as well Um I’m I’m absolutely humbled by that Fact on Discord here in the YouTube uh And everywhere else on the on the Facebook pages you guys have been Amazing and thank you so much for the Gifts of that of your support most of All and and it means the world if you Would like to help hit a thumbs up on The YouTube leave a comment if you’re Watching these shows when they’re not Live uh and uh please refer other people To the portal it’s uh absolute honor to Meet new people all the time and I’m Very humbled by that and I promise you I’ll keep working as hard as I can to Bring you the best shows I know how So there’s the Bell Just remember we love you all be good be Kind be nice take care of each other Help each other out Now more than ever the world needs more Of that Remember to find the magic in every day And remember to laugh as much as you can

So I’ll be back tomorrow night’s Daniel Benoit will be here the Bigfoot Investigator thank you Hardwick Appreciate it Matt does it for the portal tonight Everybody have a great night love you Guys mean it censorship and regulation Is becoming an ever-growing problem in Today’s modern media from