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Instructional Design Training: Applying a Success-Based Approach

Instructional design training should not be about theories and methodologies, but about achieving successful outcomes for your learners. Instead of obsessing about the benefits of one theory or approach over another, consider a success-based approach which incorporates the best of all worlds for you learners.

How To Get Your College Degrees In Less Time

In an era of instants and rush hours, people would prefer short-duration deadlines and goals to meet at a short term. Urgent, ASAP and STAT are our preferences. In this fast-paced track, it is fortunate to have Education jump in to join the race.

Urgent: Possible Change in California Notary Law

Notice was given this month by the Secretary of State that under authority established in California Government Code 8220, the California Secretary of State proposes to implement, interpret or make specific Section 20804 of the California Code of Regulations by revising the California Notary Disciplinary Guidelines set forth in 2001. There are no plans for a public hearing on this unless there is an objection, which is why it is so important you weigh in on this as a notary public in the state of California!

Responsibilities of Medical Professionals Working in Field of Pharmacovigilance

Like engineering and management, the healthcare sector has also experienced a sweeping change in the past few years. The changes in the healthcare sector are not just limited to services and discoveries but have extended to career prospects as well. Earlier, the only career path students could think of in the medical sector were either becoming a doctor or a scientist.

Associate Degree In Nursing At A Glance

One of the ways through which you can become a registered nurse in the US is by taking up a program in associate degree in nursing (AND). If you successfully complete the program, you are qualified to work as a RN in a number of healthcare settings and other employment establishments that require nurses in their clinics. There is an awesome job prospect for any person doing AND program in an accredited institution.

Life of John Dalton

John Dalton established the concept that matter, comprised of chemical elements, was built on atoms. By firming up Antoine Lavoisier’s previous scientific findings a decade earlier, Dalton paved the way the atomic theory of elements concept which defines science today.

Getting The Edge On Accelerated Degree Programs In 2012

Instant’s, urgencies, ASAP’s — that is what our generation is into. People are obsessed with having one or more tasks just to save on time and be extremely productive. May it be work assignments, food, transportation, money or even a date, everything has to be in a hurry.

Cosmic Consciousness: 4 Stages Of Consciousness

As humans, we go through different levels of consciousness as we grow up. While we may say that, many people only function on the life her on earth it is also true that they must think about death and the effect of death. This ability of a human to think about life after death opens the possibility of attaining mortality is on the top level of consciousness, the Cosmic Consciousness.

Ancient Documents: We See What We Believe We See

I think the answer lies somewhere between the truth and hallucinations. The truth for all of us. The sect was dedicated and I strongly believe they were very concise in what they wrote down and recorded. On the other hand, they were isolated and probable a bit angry with the rest of society for reasons beyond this discussion. Still this must have influenced their thoughts and not only how but also what they recorded. I think it is unlikely that they made their valuable scrolls while under the influence of hallucinations and if they did, they would have changed this later. One hopes that history will find proof of the truth behind this treasure…

Tell Me Something Really Interesting

Most people say there’s just too much information flow, but as a news junkie, and someone who likes to follow current events, I can’t ever seem to get enough. Of course, I avoid all the Hollywood drivel, and I don’t bother to waste my time on Facebook, so I probably have an extra four hours a day to read through the scientific news, world events, economic issues, and real important matters going on throughout the world. Okay so, the other day I actually ran out of things to read, and long about Friday I’m completely caught up, and looking for…

Stickers and the Positive Effects of Rewarding Achievement

Stickers have been a popular resource to reward and motivate children in the classroom for many years. What is it that makes them so effective?

The History of Clock Making to the Building of the Cuckoo Clock

How did a farmer clockmaker Franz Anton Ketterer in 1730 build a mechanical clock that sounded with a cuckoo call on the hour? He designed a clock that used bellows to make the call of a cuckoo. Franz Anton Ketterer was the founding father of the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.

Civilian Resistant Vest – How Is It Compared to Tactical Vests?

Civilian resistant vest, tactical vest, military vest are just few of the terms we commonly see online when searching for a bullet proof vest. Are there any differences to it? Do they differ in protection? These are the questions that we will tackle further in this article.

Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham

For a student with dyslexia, the process of reading does NOT come naturally. Students with dyslexia, for example, do not use the process of sounding out phonemes (decoding) while reading and applying spelling rules while writing (encoding). Dyslexics, in general, memorize words in entirety and make mental pictures of each word they learn.

An Insight Into RN Programs

There are different types of RN programs that you can enroll in. each of these programs helps to provide student with the right information, skills and knowledge about the nursing career. If you are about to enter the nursing field, there are RN courses that are suitable for you as a fresher.