Haunted Octagon Hall Overnight PT 3 ~ Growls, EVP’s & Apparition Caught On Camera! #paranormal

By | October 21, 2022
Haunted Octagon Hall Overnight PT 3 ~ Growls, EVP's & Apparition Caught On Camera!   #paranormal

Okay with you so I want to show you a Few things This thing right here If you talk into it this little orange Light I’ll be able to hear hear you If you like pretty colors there’s this Little ball right here that if you touch It as you can see it will do the same Thing there’s also another ball over There on the bed next to Patty That will do the same thing If you touch up you touch that for me Patty please And then I’ll move it over some just uh Yeah And then over here If you like noise and this is the best Way to communicate You could just come up here and grab This little antenna the closer you get To it The more it goes off and the brighter The colors get Okay so they have cameras in almost Every room here okay right here watch Watch this room right here watch the orb You see that watch it keeps moving all Around that room Oh we went here it just went through Here I did it yes That’s the room we

That’s Jessica yeah it just went that Way I just saw it yeah It worked its way that’s Jessica too oh There it went right out the Halls so Watch these two rooms Or this room possibly Well look at that it wasn’t it was all Around in here it was real big and it’s Like slowly went like blooping around Like it was just wait oh there it went Yep oh my God what time is it it’s Around three give me a time stamp time Stamp time stamp uh 317. 317. On 9 30. on Camera yes you just missed the craziest Thing ever Um We’ll call it Behind Jessica’s table What happened the whole life it wasn’t Uh it come from over it just went by Again it’s moving from here to here to Here to these three this one’s like a Light though I mean it was bright And it formed in the hallway like right Here out of nothing And then just took off Well it says camera number I don’t know What did you see Right here you know from behind Jessica’s Room behind right here in this Hot doorway yeah this light just Appeared out of nowhere and kind of

Moved back and forth and then went and Took off I mean You can get the recording yeah we wrote Down the top 3 17 A.M I don’t know what camera number it is She’s got good eyes I don’t like to tell You right there Um but you can click on it Oh yeah you can can’t you I don’t know How to get out of it but yeah Oh No I don’t want to mess around there Goes there there goes have you seen it Again yeah I just saw it Looked at 4 35 we’ll see something What uh what time is it now Three three eighteen yeah 49 it was There it goes again oh you know what That’s a car oh in the window yeah yep Okay but we definitely saw the orb Though we definitely saw that it was Started in this room and it was moving All around sorry Well my orb is not debunked because I Saw an orb Okay so we’re gonna watch and see what We can see here on the camera footage They’re wet right there watch let’s see If it goes in one of the other rooms it Just went right through here All these mannequins I’m like is that a Mannequin I know This one on camera looks like almost Like a spirit woman standing there

Because that’s like this That’s handy having all of these cameras I know Nope there it went Right through here All right watch these because those Rooms are all linked Nope it’s right it just went there it Just moved right in that area again Oh over here now look I just seen it over here did you guys See I know it’s hard to see because you Got to really be looking at all of them At the same time kind of Yeah I know oh there it went again right There And if that’s not the lights either It’s just moving around And it looks like a big orb You seen it yep Nope just a little bit there it goes It’s up in there yeah you see that Just seen something moved down here too Like underneath there Again right up here There’s probably more than one Oh right through there right through There wow Wow I was like wait what Now what there’s one just went this way Over on this side there it goes And these dolls like get it and walk Around I know yeah I would love to just

See something really crazy Orb over here now Come down here with us We’ll see you if you come down here with Us come down here with us Foreign In that room right there Oh look at that There’s one that came right across here Real slow there it goes yeah we just Went up out of the room The second one from the bottom here that One there okay [Applause] Oh that was a big one right up oh really Oh I missed that one Oh yeah look at that wow wow it was Right up there Amazing It’s around that time it’s three after Three o’clock in the morning Foreign Wow I’m Brian John Tomorrow I’m Patty and I’m Vicki and I Just sat down So I heard this room’s where all the all The action was earlier Is there if there’s anybody in here can You make some sort of noise Sitting down We have some devices on the bed and over Here on the

Little coffee table thingy I don’t know What it is If you touch them they’ll make noise And there’s some there’s a set of balls And all of them To 20 22. these are careless Nickeloo in the dark If you touch them The glow Foreign If you touch this It’ll make a noise let me know you’re Around It will also change into pretty colors If you come over here we can do the same Thing This Rim pod Yeah It should be directional but it’ll make Pretty colors too So Who lives in this room If there’s anybody in here can you touch One of the devices whether it be The balls on the bed or Either one of these other devices with The red lights on them This guy over here he came a long way Came from Canada Because he heard that you all would Communicate with them A guy named bear told us that can you Touch one of these devices if you know a Guy named bear

You want to try bro Yeah yeah That’s okay okay Let me introduce myself again My name is Brian John I’m here to communicate with you You can come over and touch one of these Devices that’d be great Then we know you’re here If there’s a male in this room Can you touch this device right here Thank you There you go thank you Can you thank you I appreciate you touching that So there is a male in this room Thank you Thank you very much Can you stop it Thank you Did you live in this home If yes touch and touch the device Were you a soldier If you were please Please touch the device Were you the owner of this home Can you touch it Is it okay that I’m speaking to you Right now If it is Feel free to touch the device Are you comfortable with me Talking to you Thank you

Can you stop touching it Oh my gosh Is it possible that you can touch one of Those balls there and light them up Either one Or do both Wow what was that Did you make that thump sound If so this is Blue Shields make the Noise bring up my attention device I mean something might be close to you I really appreciate you touching that That means so much to me I’ve traveled so far to come and see you Do you know who made that thump sound Could that been up in the attic it could Have been Are you guys going to go in the Attic no Debate it Do you want to go in the Attic No thank you So you’re so you’re a male Are you over the age of 30 If yes Please can you touch it So you were under 30. When you died Foreign Are you still here Thank you You can stop touching it Thank you Yes Are there more than five Spirits in this

Room Okay Are there okay Look in this look at this picture I just Took over that way from there took two People two Shadows inside at the bottom There look at two like two women Standing there Like right here yeah Oh my gosh us see that It’s like they’re looking at us they’re Right it’s right over there This mirror yeah right there Oh my god oh wow And it’s not us because we’re sitting Over here Are there females in here Female spirits If yes can you touch uh touch uh this Device please If it’s gone now so there’s no females Here can I see that picture Yeah are there children up here up here Can you touch it But the answer is yes Children I’m asking about children So are you by yourself up here Sorry I’m walking around Are you still here Are you still here with us Thank you You can stop touching it Please

Thank you Sir you’re here by yourself Are you the man That her children Were you a soldier Were you a Slave Human child Is already has that Are we safe here If I turn this on this box here Will you speak through it If yes Please touch it please touch this device Please Are you scared of us Are you scared of me So I’m going to turn on this device Right here It’s going to be a little bit loud It’s going to be a little bit loud But you’re be you’re going to be able to Speak through this so we can pick up Your voice Okay Can I turn this on The answer is yes please Touch the device You will be able to communicate with us Through this using your own voice Can I turn it on Here I’m going to put this on the bed okay So are you male We’re only going to be able to hear you

And understand you Okay [Applause] That thing came off the door Right there Or dream off the door This sign did you just throw that off Why would that just come out Can you please tell me your name Is that calling And that’s good Caldwell Caldwell wasn’t That the guy’s last name yeah oh you’re Kind of hard to see did you stay College Caught what was it Cold well did you say Caldwell Is your last name Caldwell Up here Can you tell me how many can you tell me How many spirits are in this room right Now Are there more than five Oh no So there’s under five in this room What’s up man I’m sorry Are there How many okay How many spirits are in this room Is that four Are there four

Okay I’m gonna count okay I’m gonna count And when I get to the number that The amount of spirits are in this room You say stop okay One Two Three Are there four Yeah Remember when I get to the number you Say stop That will tell me how many spirits are In this room Five Six Hold on Seven Eight That would stop I think I heard a stop right Here Yeah Do you want us out of here

Are you done talking to us Can you light this up one more time Is there anything you want to ask me Thank you all right Guys Did you follow us up here Okay can you stop please Thank you Did you follow us if you followed us up Here can you turn that back on or make It go off again Did you follow us from the basement Foreign Did you follow us from the main floor Did you follow us from outside I’m going to ask you again did you Follow us from the basement The main floor Outside What about one of these other rooms up Here Did you follow us from the kids room How about this did you follow us from The library How about the kitchen downstairs in the Basement Have you been following us around the Whole house Are you draining my batteries Do you want us to finish and leave Are you still here Are you still with us Are you done answering questions I really appreciate you communicating

With us With me and Adam Thank you so much Really appreciate it are you going to Continue following us around Making sure that we’re okay We’re not doing anything we’re not Supposed to Do you take care of this home Thank you Foreign This was too active If you want to say goodbye by touching This device or one of those walls or one Of those balls that means you’re saying Goodbye You also understand I hope you understand That once we leave you have to stay here You are not allowed to follow us Do you understand that You are not allowed to attach yourself To any of our devices You have to stay here Okay so that door I’m gonna ask you Again Oh you hear it do you only want to speak To me Touch it Before I’m asking is true Foreign Okay well Thank you thank you that was damn good That was amazing

Interesting when I said did you follow Us yeah Oh yeah yeah You’re hearing something coming from This way so I figured I’d come take a Look I wouldn’t be surprised Never saw that Oh What’s wrong I felt like I just walked Into something Hello Okay I understand that you like moving You’re like falling over This trip That guy in the bed looks creepy I know Dummy it looks real it does look real it Looks like a dead person Is it okay if I place this in your lap I’m sorry Jessica Want to put this recorder right here I did Okay if there’s anybody in here just Like earlier can you make um That device go off Oh my God Wasn’t it seems like Earlier when I touch this hand That’s weird They say that you move is this true But Curiosity

What is she staring at You look in the direction she’s looking At the mirror Yeah which would be another window right Over to the next room mm-hmm Okay I gotta know Are you all using these mirrors to go From room to room Who’s in here with us Is the doctor in here It’s the room where you would treat People My name’s Adam My name is Can you say my name back and you say I Don’t Oh Thank you Hey Grace can you say Patty Did you say sorry Does Jessica moved Ready Are you not talking to me on purpose I thought we were doing so good Is someone stopping you from talking Okay I’m gonna turn off the speaker for A second and I want to ask this question Okay before I ask this question I want I want to have the entire room I want the attention of anybody who’s up Here

There was a man accused of hurting Little children And that person Was Dealt with yeah If that person is here Which according to bear that person is Not allowed to leave this floor One my first question did you do it And my second question is are you sorry That you did it I’m going to turn it on Now As soon as it starts sweeping backwards I’m gonna ask it again Did you hurt children A minute Are you sorry that you hurt them It’s not sorry You’re not even sorry You hear that I think I’ve been very Sorry So you’re sorry Why did you do it The the I hope it was very painful for you Foreign So this was the room that

I think he came into this room Yeah he went into that room and I’m Saying they said he was banned from Leaving this third floor So that’s kind of what I’m thinking like I mean It’s a band what before he died no like The spirits are making they won’t let Him leave this room no I I can’t leave The property he can’t leave this floor At all According to bear that’s what he said Yeah I mean we only know Yeah I don’t think that that’s anybody’s Control of that God’s ones that control That kind of stuff right well I mean Yeah Stuff has happened With you and you know you’ve heard yeah Gary come through like back off I know Yeah oh yeah so there may be a very Powerful spirit in this house running The roost and maybe that’s the orb that We saw traveling back and forth through All these rooms up here because it’s Only up here yeah that we saw it Maybe they feel like keeping his Spirit Here his Spirit can’t do anything else To other children yeah except for the Children We’re trying to They’ve trapped him on the floor That he did the stuff I heard that yeah

That’s the only saving grace is that There’s That that thump you heard that was my Foot I want to know what that growl was and That yeah I hope we caught that on Camera oh we have to I had to have come Through on this Foreign

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