THE PRESENCE UNSEEN – Ghosts, Bigfoot and MORE!

By | October 20, 2022
THE PRESENCE UNSEEN -  Ghosts, Bigfoot  and MORE!

Hey everybody we got a great show lined Up for you guys today welcome and uh Tonight we’re going to be getting into Ghosts and a bunch of Haunting Experiences as well as a couple of Epic Bigfoot experiences all that along with The Paranormal portal news and the Discord question of the week so stick in There we’re about to get spooky How you guys doing tonight we’re kind of Hitting the ground running I realized I Forgot to do something here Um just it’s Wednesday I don’t ever Remember everything but I forgot to Enable the chat on our on our on our OBS Here so let me just do that quick so That all your glorious comments appear On the screen there we go all right Welcome everybody to our Wednesday show As Don and I are ready to kick into it That’s right I said Don it’s my good Friend my co-host the big toe of the Paranormal portal Mr Don long beard how You doing brother that has got to be one Of the coolest names I’ve seen what’s That Luna municorn oh I don’t know where that person came from Hi how are you turn yourself green and We’ll be friends Um but yeah that’s an awesome name Luna Municorn that is cool yeah I’m welcome It’s that’s a new name for me too it’s

Always cool to turn on the stream and to Meet new listeners that’s awesome and uh Hello to our regular listeners glad you Guys are out there regular viewers I Guess your viewers not only listening You’re part of the experience yeah Exactly but we’ve got an epic epic Amount of material to try to get through Tonight we’ll get as far as we get but That’s right uh we’ll have a blast doing It hopefully if we do our jobs right Don Yeah that’s true you know he was going To name the show Hans and taints tonight But It was alliterative you know so you know What’s that I don’t remember teens I Remember tanks I did say haint because For the record that is a term the Old South uses for like bigfooters the hate But uh the taint was all done That was his editorialization makes Sense well would you want to be near the Handstand not really no no that might be What everybody smells They do columns gun cakes All right so uh we got a lot of things To get to but before we go any further Just want to tell you guys that uh we Have of course a sponsor of the show to Get to and that’s uh of course our good Friends at extreme Expeditions have made Cryptid coin that’s a cryptocurrency That has its hard encrypted research and Investigation so if you’re looking for

An alternative investment maybe that’s One for you I don’t know check it out Though uh it’s you can Get more information and see what you Think again that’s and Not only that but uh extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC also is uh the ones that Put on uh really great conference and it Happens in Spokane Valley in Washington And that is the Spokane Valley uh Sasquatch Roundup and this is the third Annual one that they’re doing and uh This will be happening next year in June 17th at the the Spokane Valley Convention Center I think is it that is That yeah the yeah the spoke Event Center my apologies nothing’s called the Conference I don’t know I’m so I’m such A it’s just where the best friends Gather sure well they got a great load Of speakers here and I’ve been talking About it for several weeks uh this Gentleman here is Charles Howard Johnson He’s a good friend and I’ve investigated With them at the Davenport Hotel and and We’ll be investigating with them again And he’s just a phenomenal guy he’s a He’s a Paranormal Investigator as well As a Bigfoot researcher so uh he’ll be Presenting uh on his Bigfoot research There along with uh this gentleman Michael Freeman who is just on Untold Radio AM tonight I was watching part of That before we went live here uh duck hi

Doug hijack’s show and uh that’s Michael Freeman he’s the son of Paul Freeman of The famous Freeman footage if you’re Into Bigfoot you know the Freeman Footage and uh also coming up the Keynote speaker will be Dr Jeff Meldrum And our good friend Mr Ken Gerhart is Supposed to be there as well so it’s Going to be a lot of fun it’s going to Be a great event so if you’re in the Neighborhood or can be in the Neighborhood it’s a one-day event again At the Spokane Valley Event Center June 17th is the date so uh check it out and I would love to see you there yeah They’re taint nothing like it there’s Ain’t nothing like it yeah absolutely And uh so that’s that’s part of the show But Don yes are you ready for some of The news some news slightly let’s get to The news folks and find out what’s going On what are the what’s on the hot sheets Tonight Don Brown I don’t think that’s on the hot sheets All right let’s check it out Wrong button I’m so out of practice It’s funny almost a few days difference Makes right oh my God All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the Paranormal portal news desk good To see you David good to see you uh and

Everybody that’s here we’ll do shout Outs a little bit uh in a little bit Here but let’s get to the news I’ve uh Managed to aggregate several articles I Hope that you guys will enjoy if you Don’t there might be something wrong With you or or me maybe it wasn’t Aggregate maybe it was just aggravate Yeah well it might be aggravate you’ll See what you guys think after I start Reading them Um and of course we use oftentimes Unexplained which is an Amazing site I just love this site and And I can’t tell you enough please go Support these guys they’re they’re doing Amazing things over there it’s always Timely it’s up to date I’ve read things On there that I haven’t seen for days on Other news outlets so if you’re looking For current and up-to-date stories and Information check it out and Everything’s by TK Randall and I don’t Know this there’s one guy or a person is Doing a hell of a job over there so Definitely support what they’re doing And the first article up to bat is U.S Navy dealt with over 150 UFO incidents Between 2 20 60 almost and 2016. I guess That’d be right I don’t know it sounded Weird in my head and 2021 so in a Five-year or four year period no five Year period it was 150 UFO incidents That they dealt with

Huh yeah I know counting’s not my Strength just ask for the mom hi Porta Mom hi portal Mom all right newly Released reports have revealed the scale Of the phenomena and the number of Incidents that have been documented According to documents released through The Freedom of Information Act request They give us the for you and obtained by The War Zone there were more than 150 Documented incidents involving Uaps or unidentified aerial phenomena During the five-year period between 2016 And 2021 of the reports only 35 could be Released while a further 116 remain Classified what happened in those wow The incidents range from the obviously Innocuous to the highly compelling with Mainly many involving encounters with Mysterious drones of Unknown Origin so You think they’re drones or if they’re Just really little Action figure size we don’t know one of These Next belts one guys one of the most Interesting reports details the case of A drone swarm encountered off the coast Of California in 2019 by the USS Paul Hamilton and Arleigh Burke class destroyer I don’t Know what that means but sounds badass Sorry sorry that just came out I usually Have a better filter it’s okay uas close To within 500 yards of phm repeatedly

Maneuvering aft to forward the report Reads at 0330l I guess that’s latitude I don’t Know a uas on unmanned aircraft system With four white lights and a flashing Red light hovered approximately 200 Yards above phm and maneuvered from aft To forward At oh man this is tough to read at zero Three three two y’all another UA uas Hovered with no lights approximately for 300 to 500 yards off the bow of phm and Once again shined the bow and Bridge With what appeared to be search like or Photographic device For being scanned wow I mean it’s a Search line they were taking pictures Yeah there’s a bunch of people with Holding up peace signs Also four reports covering separate Incidents that occurred either in or Near Hong Kong including the case of the USS Chaffee another Arleigh Burke class Destroyer which encountered two Unidentified drones while uh it sailed Into the main Port back in 2017. One uas Landed on Chaffey and was secured by Ship’s Force wow what does that mean the Port report reads the second uas flew Away from the vicinity of the ship so What happened to the one that landed I Don’t know and secured by uh by ship’s Force exactly who or what was Responsible for these incidents as well

As those covered by the vast Archive of Additional classified as yet unreleased Files continues to remain a total Mystery well yeah it sounds like they Captured one right am I right that’s What it reads to me One uas landed on The Chaffee and was secured by ship’s Force That means they captured it right well Like a little fusion and a and a Gulliver Yeah I don’t know that’s strange Um well there you go another recovered Technology you know I I know this guy I Know this guy I met him a couple years Ago and he was in he was in uh he was in The Air Force okay and uh he was he was Air Force yes and he was on a boat I Don’t remember which one it was but he Was telling me that they actually have These these these boats these these Ships that can kind of hover and they Can like a hydrofoil it comes up but it Doesn’t go fast it can come up like onto A foil and then come up over a ship and Basically encapsulate the the ship and Then it’s inside the bigger ship and Then and then it it drops back down to To your water line and then goes away With the boat he was telling me and this Is a U.S Navy boat Um a U.S Navy ship and he was telling me That There was a report and he he could give

Coordinates and everything to where this Thing was that some kind of a craft had Was hovering above the water and a U.S Navy ship came over Picked it up and took it away really Yeah Yeah wow I don’t I I I can barely I Can’t ever get a hold of this guy I Really want to talk to him again Um but I I don’t see him so Wow that’s pretty deep I mean that’s That’s incredibly profound if that’s the Case right yeah because I mean if we’re Capturing these things all the time then Yeah what the hell’s going on what are They doing exactly what do they do oh It’s it’s an it’s a UAP Chop Shop They’re parting them out for stereos Which is funny because you know what we Found behind the store today behind the Mall today we found a a a mini Countryman you know with Mini Cooper but They have the countrymen so it’s a Different okay by many it was just Totally stripped oh everything Everything from the Driveline forward Was taken Um the motor the battery the lights Everything the lights were stripped out There were no seats in it the steering Wheel was laying on the floor oh my God We have no idea what happened to this Thing but it was it was stripped man so Yeah that’s what they’re doing is

They’re uh they’re they’re running a Chop shop for that’s that’s that’s why That’s why they’re so far ahead of us And uh rims and Stereos baby that’s it [Laughter] All right well the next one up is more Of a of a new I don’t know creature I Guess that was discovered or newer let’s Check it out this comes from unexplained jet black shark with Extendable mouth looks like a real life Alien xenomorph extendable mouth right Look at that oh it does oh yeah no it Looks like it has a unhinged it has an Unattached jaw right that can separate From the top and shoot forward yeah yeah Kind of like those goblin sharks almost Right yeah yeah except it looks like It’s just bone this is crazy that’s Creepy looking uh this fearsome looking Denison of the deep has needle sharp Teeth and a terrifying extending mouth Extendable mouth at a glance This Ferocious eel-like beast looks like Something something out of a nightmare a Jet black shark equipped with rows of Needle-like teeth and a secondary jaw That can protrude from its mouth like a Xenomorphs from the alien franchise Known as the Viper Dogfish or Viper Shark the species is very seldom seen With its existence only being confirmed As recently as 1986. wow and only a Handful of specimens have ever been seen

Or photographed this particular specimen Which recently went viral online was Caught around five years ago by taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute during a Survey near dongi Township The species has also been spotted off The coast of Hawaii and Japan how big is This thing 60 centimeters I don’t know How big that is just okay despite its Unsettling appearance however it’s worth Noting that the Viper Dogfish is not Actually that large growing only to Around 60 centimeters in length and Lives on a diet of crustaceans and bony Fish even so you probably wouldn’t want To come across a group of them out while Swimming that’s a creepy looking deal Though it’s just under two feet oh That’s still big enough to take a chunk Out of here I guess if they if they were Hungry enough right yeah and how do they Know how do they know these aren’t just The babies how can they tell that no That’s as big as they get because that’s The biggest you found of all five of Them Exactly found five of them the biggest One was two feet that’s as big as they Get yep leave it to science put a bottle On it Um Fossil record fossil record that’s it Yeah yeah there you go that’s a creepy Looking thing though yeah

This is stuffing nightmares hey you know I was listening to some guy today or Yesterday I don’t remember which and he Said you know science is only cataloged About What is it 14 of the life on Earth I Believe it yeah so that that means Really there couldn’t be anything else Really well fossil record Yeah pretty much the same damn thing Yeah it’s like I I don’t know where Where the hubris comes from when they They don’t know so much well of course Trust me they know everything they’re Experts they know more and more about Less and less until they know absolutely Everything about absolutely nothing There you go sounds like a t-shirt Maybe it should be yeah if it isn’t Already there are no yeah yeah all right Well there you go that’s a new one to me I’ve never seen a black uh what do they Call a dogfish shark Generous Viper dogfish Shark there you go that’s creepy that Does look like it’s out of a nightmare Though Horrible looking thing but I guess they Must be good at what they do it kind of Reminds me that that how to tame your Dragon or whatever oh oh Toothless Toothless yeah he’s not Toothless though Jesus he’s got plenty of teeth

You’ve got that same kind of face though Doesn’t he yeah kinda yeah well there You have it it’s the eyes it’s all in The eyes it’s in your news now so Um what else you didn’t need to know Something else you didn’t know you’re Welcome that’s what you get for tuning Into this show ladies and gentlemen you Walk away with all kinds of useless Knowledge and maybe something you needed But you’re more informed than you were So that’s what we’re going after here All right next up on the uh on the news We got another one from unexplained and this is this one’s Kind of creepy folks there is a video And we’re gonna check this out it’s I I Don’t know what to make of it Um either it’s very cleverly hoaxed or Could it be the real thing I don’t know You decide video allegedly shows alien Abductee Vanishing from her bed wow I do Have another article on this oh yeah you Know I saw this video yeah so it says UFO investigator Nick Pope recently Commented on the clip that went went Viral after it was appear featured by a Local news site you remember who Nick Pope is right oh yeah Ministry of Defense yeah the clip which has come to Be known as the droitwich abduction Video was recorded in the UK in 2010 and Had flown mostly under the radar until Last year when a team of local

Researchers known as The Burning Birmingham UFO group or boo fog What’s the name of your group boo fog we Are boo fog manage to obtain a copy of It The Story Goes The Story Goes that The woman who had believed that she was Being regularly abducted by aliens and Had decided to install an infrared CCTV Camera in her bedroom to capture any Potential evidence on film the footage Itself shows her tossing and turning in Bed before seemingly disappearing Into Thin Air with the bed covers falling Down at the spot which she had been Lying just seconds before she can then Be seen to reappear towards the end of The clip again seemingly out of thin air The total amount of time she was missing Was around 12 minutes frankly there’s Not much Middle Ground here it’s either A hoax or something genuinely spooking And perhaps out of this world former Mod UFO investigator Nick Pope told the Birmingham mail if I had the footage While I was working at the UFO desk and If I had access to the camera equipment I could have secured a proper scientific Analysis using intelligence Community Imagery analysis resources and Capabilities that would quickly have Told me if this footage was genuine or Had been faked yeah they do have some Sophisticated means but if you’re Curious let’s check it out let’s do it

Who who posted this the Birmingham UFO Group this is their channel the 309 Subscribers so I don’t know what else They got there but it might be worth Checking out so um anyway let’s check Out the video And I guess there’s no sound really so That’s good here’s the woman here uh Make a big yeah make it big 10-4 making it big She’s sleeping right there Keep your eye it’s two minute clip so it Does go on for a while But as we watch you can see that Where does this start happening okay Here’s here’s where it pretty much Starts happening and there it goes boom Wow gone Now either she melted into her mattress In some kind of gimmick I know I’ve done That before Mattress is too soft the mattress is too Soft Now her hubby’s right here yes his feet Are available are visible kind of at the Bottom of the frame But if you keep watching She’s gone for a while and then I’ll Scoop ahead to uh to the end parts there It is to right here Where It’s like she reinflated Honey you’re stealing the covers Oh hey you need to need a bit of a box

Here ain’t no thing there So I don’t know about you but that’s Plenty creepy yeah that’s that is kind Of creepy but you know I mean that would Be so easy to fake though well sure I Mean you never really see her you just See a mess of her right and if there was Some I don’t know I mean you know if of Course you got to look at this stuff in A skeptical eye because honestly there’s So many ways to fake this stuff and to Me that’s just too easy to fake I I you Know I wish it could be I wish Nick Pope Would have been able to put his hands on The yeah on the original and the camera Sure but it is interesting nonetheless Could it be actual maybe this operation Of a physical human well In abduction scenarios they’re they’re Apparently supposed to melt through Things you know like oh yeah people Passing through windows and walls yeah But usually they they from what I Understand mostly they like levitate not Like you know sink through maybe they Were downstairs In the garage I don’t know but it is curious what do You make of it you be the judge I don’t Know it’s it’s one of those things now The interestingly enough it hasn’t had a Lot of traction until recently it’s been Around forever if it was a hoax it Wasn’t really getting much traction for

A long long time now it’s going to be Attractioned hoax yeah well it’s you Know how you doing MCAT if the date is Accurate it’s from 2010 uh September the 12th if it’s from the UK though that’s Interesting 12 years ago no it could Have been December 9th because this is UK right that’s true yeah it’s December 9th yeah but 2010. so anyway you be the Judge I’m not trying to convince you Either way but I’m just sharing it with You good job it’s not our job we don’t Get paid to convince We just bring you the stuff we find all Right next up on the newscast what this Is What Uh I don’t even know if I want to read This glad to hear MCAT nice nice to see You oh good to see him cat thanks for Coming in brother Um here we go with the next one this is From unexplained new Animism seeks personhood rights for Non-human beings The modern version of animism has become An increasingly popular movement Attracting large numbers of followers a Movement known as New animism which Seeks to secure personhood rights for Non-human beings through legal means is Gaining a following around the globe Like ghosts yeah new animism Environmental activities are not the

Only ones or activists rather I’m not The only ones using the term animism Itself has become fashionable some Spirituality uh bloggers talk about Animism as a way to deepen one’s Spiritual relationship to Nature Scholars from anthropologists to Philosophers have taken a renewed Interest in the concept I identify as a Cat I don’t think it’s that that I don’t Think they’re talking about people that Identify I think they’re talking about Like rights for Animals well you know They don’t become food there’s a Difference between You know follow trying trying to get Their own you know you know dog rights Cats rights you know yeah you know I Yeah they yeah don’t kill them don’t Beat them don’t be a dick you know Um but you know cows sorry Um steak yeah it’d be tough to give up Beef I’m you know I’m I’m pretty much a Carnivore I have a beef with that I mean I have a I have a heart about it I Always you know try to absolutely yeah You’d be grateful you know you know that Kind of thing and show you know you know Appreciation but I mean you know trying To get it as a person come on yeah I Don’t know if they’ll be voting next Then or well that’ll work but uh it’s Way too long to read but just so you Know probably they probably will be too

Long to download or read vote for Animals Um all right there you go Um on to the next one I don’t know what To do with that I mean yeah I agree I Agree I think animals have souls and Well yeah and that they are sent into a Degree David Barnes says I love pastrami Too much yes sir pastrami on rye well He’s a sauerkraut some swiss cheese Unless they come up with a good vegan Prime ribbon steak I’m just well you Know they make a lot of that stuff out Of soy and soy is just not good for you Not American soy at least that’s for Sure yeah well I don’t pretend to know Enough about it but here we go another One from unexplained faded The iconic alien hunting telescope in Puerto Rico is a revealed yeah the Famous a world famous Arecibo Observatory had completely collapsed Back in 2020 after its supporting cables Broke and situated in Puerto Rico and Constructed during the 1960s the Instantly recognizable Arecibo Observatory was characterized by its Huge 1000 foot dish built into a natural Depression into the hills yeah I mean There was video that collapsing and it Was like we watched it yeah yeah we did We showed yeah on the show as a matter Of fact you’re right sadly though looks Uh very different from its Heyday in

Which the dish cracked and split down The center and it’s 900 ton receiver Platform which used to be suspended by Cables 400 feet above it Lying in crumpled Heap on the ground After its remaining supports failed two Years ago this unfortunate end to such An iconic facility was sadly all but Inevitable after damage sustained during Two earthquakes broke two of the cables Critical to its structural Integrity now All was necessarily lost not all was Unnecessarily lost however back in 2021 Governor Wanda Vasquez garced signed a New executive order stating that it was To become Puerto Rico’s formal policy to See the telescope rebuilt wow that’s Cool that’s a lot of freaking money that Is the government of Puerto Rico States As a matter of public policy its Conviction to the Reconstruction of the Arecibo radio telescope and the prompt Resumption of world-class science and Education at the Arecibo Observatory he Wrote now though it looks as though the Telescope will not be rebuilt after all Mainly due to the cost like you said and Because these days there are other radar Facilities that can achieve the same Thing existing funds dedicated to the Project will now go towards rebuilding a New education center instead it’s a sad End to one of the most recognizable Telescopes in the world a facility that

Once appeared in Hollywood movies and That had been since become synonymous With the hunt for extraterrestrial life You can check out more in-depth look Into the story behind the collapse of The video below yeah that’s too bad I Don’t know I guess you know we don’t we We can’t build things that last so and The technology I’m sure is is so much Improved since this was built anyway so They can probably do the same thing with Something that’ll fit on top of your car Well you know what plus they have like The very large array and they have you Know sure the phase phase array radar so You know I mean those are The Arecibo is Is a past technology it really really is It sure you know and you could you Didn’t you couldn’t really point it very Well so right it was just wherever the Earth was facing pretty much yeah so I Mean but you’ve got the very large array And you’ve got the phase of the radar It’s just time to move on I mean it was Fun it was great I remember watching it Um love you mean it the the movie that It was in that that sticks out to me Mostly is contact with uh oh yeah Matthew McConaughey and um Jody Foster Charisse yeah yeah Jody Foster that was A great movie you know they you know They didn’t do the book any good but you Know did you read the book oh yeah of

Course it is of course you did Um yeah so but there you go Um yeah you’re welcome David I’m Jonesing for one two they have make a Great one at the deli right next door Though Um so Um but yeah that that time is gone it’s It’s time to move on to newer Technologies I think you’re probably Right you know it’s it’s I don’t know I Mean radio telescopes taught us a lot I Think but I don’t know if anything really Earth-shattering outside of the wow Signal was ever really picked up right Yeah but who knows all right next and Last we’re going to go to the archives And this is a troubling story of uh oh My goodness love and loss and loved Again I don’t know maybe I guess I guess maybe I like it unexplained Brings us a story from August 9th 2011. Woman can’t stop eating husband’s ashes On a bizarre habit a 26 year old has Been unable to resist eating the ashes Of her late husband 26 year old Casey or Cassie lost her husband to a severe Asthma attack oh no wow and first La uh First tasted his ashes when she caught Some on her fingers while transferring Them from one container to another some Of it spilled out on my hands I didn’t

Want to just wipe him away so I licked It off my fingers you’re looking good And here I am today almost two months Later and I can’t stop Despite the Habit distressing her family And friends Cassie finds comfort in Having his ashes at her side at one Point she is seen crying holding the urn Close and talking with it oh baby I miss You that’s tough I mean I feel for the Girl or the lady but yeah that’s kind of Creepy though I mean how long did it Last I mean I don’t know this is from 2011 so I bet it is was it just like Like she’d have to be a sandal Stone She’d have to be Lick in the jar by now I don’t know I I mean I don’t mean to Make fun it’s you know of course morning Is a very painful yes lonely the Grieving process it’s horrible but you Know and certainly she loved this man Yes apparently so yeah she’s yeah I Guess Maybe maybe no I just can’t even do you Okay then no don’t yeah no I won’t Um but ladies and gentlemen that’s going To conclude our news Journey for the Night I hope you learned something new You have knowledge to take you forward Into the until the next time we get Together so uh or at least I cracked you Up enough that you just go you’re not Don needs to stop with the tank jokes oh Dear God

Um but that’s the news The news [Applause] Can never get over that intro that was Uh gifted To Us by Mr West groomer of Sasquatch Chronicles yeah he’s a Creative man hey he’s like a creative Genius he’s pretty good yeah he really Is Bigfoot Lake there’s a new name for Me too late welcome to the show man good To see you uh uh it’s fantastic to Always meet new people so uh thank you Um Speaking of new things ladies and Gentlemen we at the portal have been Doing some new things ourselves and uh One of which of course a newer thing to The show is we have a Discord Community Now and our Discord Community is Available uh don do you want to put a Link yeah Don’s going to put a link in The chat if you want to become part of The Discord Community we’d love to have You there and what we’re doing is we’re We’re posting a question in our Discord Community uh before every live show They’re called questions of the week and We get to it here on the live show so uh Without further Ado let’s get to the Questions of the week Foreign Ladies and gentlemen this is the

Question of the week segment on the Paranormal portal and uh this is again Where we highlight a question and Actually this last this last week uh Last few days I I posed the question to Our our Discord Community do you have a Question that you’d like to see people Respond to and to talk about and so we Did get a winner this week and this was From uh our Discord user named within And uh within posted the following Question Don do you want to read it oh Yeah Okay so Uh Where the hell was it Should be highlighted there it is no That’s you Well dang it it went too far It’s you yeah but keep going down yeah Keep going if we encounter a Sasquatch Or even a dog read the actual Highlighted comment keep going down Well that’s what I was going to do right There there you go yeah oh from user With it okay fine uh I’ve heard a couple Stories where people had to tearfully Ask for their dogs back from a Bigfoot On one episode of The Sasquatch Chronicles that’s right a guy said that A woman had Sasquatches helping out Around her farm and she was a caretaker For the young ones while the older ones Were out and hunting our Sasquatches and

Dogman intelligent can they be reasoned With Good question by the way thank you Within for uh helping me narrow that Down that was good And So Morgan Anonymous says good question I Would guess that yes they can be Reasoned with they seem at least Intelligent as a toddler or a celebrity Very nice that was awesome But more importantly I think before you Can reason with them you most definitely Need to gain some aspect of their trust First gain aspect some aspect of their Trust first sure otherwise they’re Likely are likely on high alert and only Thinking about how they will be Absconding from the situation as quickly As Sasquatch dog manly possible Sasquatchly or dog badly Impossible on Account of they’re being Cryptid as it Were I hope that makes sense but Hypothetically in a high habituation Situation where they’ve seen you many Times before and understand by now that You have no desire to bring them harm Nor do you necessarily feel threatened By them I would expect that yes you Could reason with them on some basic Level unless they’re hungry either way The spirit of self-preservation there’s A whole a lot of unknowns and ifs that I Personally wouldn’t want to bank my life

On very uh yeah it’s a great closer Right there excellent yep so there you Go Uh Eric PHA uh that stands for purple Hobbit by the way Um yes I believe sasquatches are Intelligent compassionate beatings beans Can’t speak on dogmen well yeah true Yeah yeah absolutely I mean you know we We have these stories though that say Dogmen really they don’t that we don’t Know of many attacks by dogmen or you Know um results of attacks by Dogman They seem to just count who they play With you right you know they’re just you Know it’s like a dog with a bone no a Dog with a ball Because bones they eat either that or When they do attack they’re just so good At it there’s no Witnesses yeah and You’re crushed to you know pasty stuff You know left as a steaming coil as they Say There you go it was awesome yeah So Android Purity says love that Question better than that better than What I could think of it’s difficult Because it really is for different Questions uh it’s two very different Creatures Also just because something is Intelligent does not mean it can be Reasoned with good point I know a lot of People like that I think dog bed might

Be more intelligent than Sasquatch Dogmen are seen much less and basically Never leave any Trace so they know how To hop in and out of our Dimensions Somehow ooh but I I but Um he goes on to say I doubt uh it’s Technological device I doubt it’s Technological device they use I don’t Think they’re intelligent that way but Either their spirit and can their they Are a spirit and can move Physically manifest or some sort of Creature beyond our wildest imaginations Like those stranger things demogorgons That are just a vicious beasts that Found a weak point or a hole somewhere Between our Dimension and theirs I don’t think that they can be reasoned With however that maybe they can be Deterred if you happen to have a fresh Steak or a turkey leg to place on the Ground is an offering while you make Your Escape that’s interesting that’s Funny because my mom used to put a pork Chopper on my neck so that’s enough Knowledge as physical creatures to know That they stay basically completely Elusive from close range of any high Resolution cameras they certainly can’t Be negotiated with verbally but with Hand gestures and an offering I’m sure You could deter one being from being Aggressive one from being aggressive However I don’t see them as aggressive

So that would be rare to even need a Reason to reason with one Hmm they’re just like gorillas the Gorilla is not going to come after you If it sees you standing 50 plus feet Away it’s just going to go create more Distance and walk the other direction Just for its own protection it’s only Going to be aggressive if you startle One somehow If you’ve been hiding out in a tree Stand or bushes for hours and it doesn’t Hear you coming then you might Then you never made yourself known with Noises so it only notices you at the Last minute arm lengths away and it Might not be pretty yeah Um so yeah that’s that’s quite Interesting you know yeah yeah I I but Saying uh he really didn’t address too Much about Sasquatch well you missed it I did it says sasquatches are super Intelligent uh it’s more intelligent Than any champion champion chimpanzee The Champagnes uh or gorillas I think They’re about as smart as neanderthals Where when they lived 15 000 plus years Ago it’s longer than that but uh they Can make basic tools and shelters they Know when They see us to keep our distance or Their distance they can they can win the Thing in your hand is a weapon they can When the thing in your hand is a weapon

Okay Um you know but I still think but see He’s he mentioned dog bin and jumping in And out of Dimensions now is that to say That um Bigfoot or Sasquatches don’t travel Dimensions I don’t know you know it’s It’s at least with dogmen there’s at Least some tangible evidence to that in The form of that video from Florida Otherwise it just seems to be anecdotal With with uh with bigfoots phasing in And out of existence well you know and Then we also have Lee happle um his Pictures his trail cam pictures right That show something Manifesting yeah but it was there and Gone literally within a span of what Three seconds nine seconds yep so yeah It was just incredible but then again You have people well Skinwalker Ranch there is a report on The Art Bell show oh so many years ago Probably about 95 I think it was 1995. Um when I heard this and there were People out on a ridge they were looking Down one of them two guys one with ir One without and the guy just naked I Couldn’t see what the guy with the IR Was seeing and what the guy with the IR IR was describing was a portal opened up And a dog man stepping out so there you Go sure well anyhow yeah um within hit Answer answers uh the question I think

That Sasquatch Dogman are intelligent Beings for the most part they’re ancient Probably right highly evolved have Gained a great understanding of the Earth and strategically choose to remain Elusive I absolutely agree uh they know How to use human emotions like fear to Control our actions sure if they are Extraterrestrial or multi-dimensional as Many have claimed then they are probably Consciously aware to the extreme If a person finds themselves in a life Or death situation with one of these Beings and can muster up the courage to Speak out loud or telepathically it may Be best to be respectful no weapons ask Permission to be left alone and go in Peace uh if they are convinced that they Will be killed anyway what’s What’s Left To Lose true yeah true enough run the Crap out of yourself uh imagine Exploring outside looking for some Pretty rocks and you walk into a lair Full of dog bin oh my geez that would be Pretty wild to some of the courage of Lucian yes on underworld Rise of lichens Yes exactly yeah I’d be like you know Start commanding that’s like yeah stop Uh yeah that would be crazy Um rigor Edge says I don’t think you can Reason with one after a little more Thought if an encounter lasts long Enough that you’re considering Negotiations you’re already in trouble

Uh most sightings are a few seconds long If they don’t turn and leave and you Don’t either you’re on your own to win This standoff in my opinion yes Definitely Um zx81 version 2 says depends on if You’re holding a squeaky toy Um let’s see here oh Rachel hi Rachel Let’s see what Rachel says for Intelligence I’ve listened to many Eyewitness reports about both Bigfoot And dogmen reacting with apparent Knowledge in their expression Knowing what guns and rifles are trying To open Vehicles Bears open Vehicles all The time as a matter of fact I just Talked to somebody whose car got broke Into by a bear just the other day uh in The case of Claire oh okay Who Came Upon A Bigfoot family the female apparently Talked the mail out of possibly killing Her right so it could imply that the Female knew the consequences of killing A human would be that is to say probably Humans are sentient in the eyes of a Bigfoot so killing is wrong As opposed to saying kill the human and The other humans will come after us but That might be okay that might be the Case as well it seems that dogmen some At least Get some satisfaction out of frightening People I agree uh since I’m Taking them for this question I as fully

Biological oh she’s considering these as Fully biological for the for the Answering sure uh it would appear that They get a thrill out of scaring people Absolutely that takes a certain level of Self-awareness very nice yes uh I know I’m I know I’m scary looking I know what I can do to scare humans uh it’s almost Like an ego boost sure no why not sure So Luna corn and I bet you that’s Luna Moonicorn Um says yes both are very intelligent I Don’t think we can measure the Intelligence based on standards of Intelligence our standards of Intelligence pardon me if you threw me Out in the woods Uh I would survive for only a short While with my small knowledge and Survival skills so in the that respect a Sasquatch dogman’s intelligence with far Surprised mine correct yeah Um I think the question of Sasquatch Dogman can be reasoned with depends on The individual interacting and the Situation humans can be hard to reason With so I would assume that Sasquatch Dog bin are similar very yes true enough Situation would also factor in do they Feel threatened is the person they’re Interacting with giving off a good vibe Or bad Vibe says but yeah same sure Um close to their family or yeah are you Close to their family uh disturbing

Their hunt there was a story from Believe podcast we don’t know who that Is we’re a yay family left a flower and Thanks of a person leaving them fruit Um that seems thoughtful and reasonable It shows intelligence yes that would be Reasonable uh There is a Scottish folklore about a Wolver or wolverman who are dog-headed Men who keep to themselves it lives in Caves and fish and fish They would leave fish in the windows of Villagers who were poor or hungry that Shows intelligence compassion and reason Wow Saint Christopher sure As a as a dog head Um As a dog head the legend is that he was Like seven foot tall and wanted to serve The strongest King some Scholars say That he was depicted depicted with a dog Head because he was a Canaanite person From Cana uh this is Uh this is close to Canine uh etymology Entomology Entomologically yes sure we know where We’re going with that Um I can imagine however in the early Christian there’s an older icon icon I Iconography iconography I don’t know Of a whole race of dog-headed men uh Yeah yeah Saint Christopher was supposed to have Decided to dedicate his life to helping

People across a dangerous river which Seemed to be related to why people Invoke him for protection uh this shows Intelligence and compassion his myth was Probably based on older miss about Dog-headed men who Serve and Protect the Egyptian god Anubis and the Egyptian People there certainly seems to be a lot Of stories missed and lore about them Choosing to help people sorry to ramble Great question actually it was a great Answer it really was and and I like the Fact that she she you know brought up Saint Christopher yeah Um and the sinuses exactly right there Are historic precedence for them being Uh a very Fierce race of Warriors right And in fact uh it they became so Regarded and feared that sometimes Armies that were overwhelmed uh with With smaller numbers would Don dogs Masks so that the opposing Army would Think that they were these fierce Cyanocephaly Um there’s and and is is the Cyanocephaly in a distinct uh humanoid Maybe maybe it was just uh uh cosmetic Right you know there certainly is that That possibility but what if what if it Was real well that’s like that’s like You know uh bagpipes you know and the Bagpipes were to to strike fear in the Hearts of the the enemy of of the Scots Or the Irish you know so and you know so

I mean I could certainly see somebody Going to war with I mean but think about Think about the Japanese and the Samurai Armor that they used they had they had You know those things well not Kabuki Masks that’s something totally different They had those they had those masks with It with the demography on it right and The The Jackal heads and things like That so you know I mean going into war With a helmet or a a some kind of a head Cover that makes you look like something Else would be terrified terrifying sure Yeah so yeah absolutely uh hey Jaren how Are you doing bud uh Jaren says I think Dogmen are not of this world uh I think The real being I think their real being They’re they are real beings same family As Anubis God like power and the Shadows Because of this but that’s what they’re Supposed to be but they can still attack Then vanish Um yes yeah sure absolutely I mean you know what can we really Honestly say about it you really can’t So right yeah intimidation we use it all The time yes that’s one of the Great American or great you know human uh Traits is to be able to intimidate and Um yeah I agree but yeah there you go There you go and uh thank you to Everybody that contributed their Thoughts on this on this discussion and Again these will be posted in our

Discord Community prior to every live Show so and if you any of you out there Hearing the sound of my voice have ideas And and you’re involved in the Discord Community or you’re not you can Certainly email them to me as well but Uh suggest a question you’d like to see Asked that you’d like people to discuss Uh I’ve I’ve just been blown away by the Quality and the discussion and the Different viewpoints and it’s awesome And and there’s no wrong answers Nobody’s right or wrong we just don’t Know but you know what I said about Experts right Go ahead I already did oh today yeah oh Okay experts are people who know more And more about life oh yeah yeah they Know absolutely everything about Absolutely nothing sure yeah and and so There isn’t any as well says any wrong Answers it’s just what do you think Based on what you’ve heard or or checked Out things you’ve read and and basically For 99 of this paranormal stuff that’s All we have is anecdotal evidence but But you can glean Behavior patterns Based on those and you can glean Insights just by examining the patterns That repeat in so many different Accounts so Um I really appreciate your guys’s uh Feedback if you know and as we talk About these you guys in the in the chat

Are also welcome to weigh in with your Thoughts just uh yeah type them out so In a way that we can hear or see them I’m sorry I wasn’t watching the chat so I didn’t see if anybody else weighed in Other than jiren yeah Um but that’s always a possibility but I Love this possibility of of putting Questions out there and tying it into The live shows to tie the communities Together so they’re not these little Bubble floating around that they’re all Kind of cohesive and and Inter Interworking and and it certainly is is A fantastic discussion point every time So thank you to everybody that Contributed and again if you’ve got Questions you’d like to see asked by all Means let us know we’d love to see them So um we’re gonna get back to the rest Of the show here and that is of course Um take it away Don Jaren just asked what do you think Wendigos are So just uh just you know what I’ll I Will ask that question next um yeah There you go yeah that’s a great Question what do you think wendigos are Um that’ll be the next question of the Week for Friday night show uh that’s a Great great question because there’s a Lot of varying accounts and ideas Um so I know that Android will have a Pretty pretty specific idea this because

He’s really looked into it but it’ll be Great to hear what other people think as Well so and I’ve put in the Discord link Right there I’ve been spamming in it Yeah I’ve seen that so just click on it And go to it and talk to us there talk To us there folks we’ll be there uh Uh what is it oh he said that was uh Ninja Dave says 19 ninja Dave 1970 says I was on the shooting range at Norris Tennessee picking up brass casings and I’ve had Bigfoot sightings near that Location before but it surprised me to See this guy appearing and then Disappeared wow that sounds fascinating Yeah that’s there are people that have Witnessed that I you know it’s it’s a Strange phenomena what does it mean I Don’t know I just don’t know I’ve got a Thousand different ideas of what that Could mean I don’t know right it’s just So so unusual it’s just unusual so Starting to sound like a judge a George Jones song It’s So unusual It’s Not Unusual there it is that’s the one loved By anyone all right so um let’s let’s Get to an article that we’ve been Working our way through wow and this is A buzzfeed article that we’re on number 14 I don’t know there’s only a few more I think of this but these are uh this is An article that was recommended by Rachel and we covered a few of them last Time last few times uh I think no just

Last time but anyway it is unexplained Spooky events from BuzzFeed and let me Just zoom up here and see who who is it Attributed to it is written by Kev Kelly Martinez is a buzzfeed staff it’s dated October 11 2022. people are confessing The spookiest Unexplained events uh that have happened To them and I’m locking my doors so We’re on number 14 14. 14 of course That’s a one and a four thank you that Helps it comes off to 13 and before 15. Perfect we need to narrow it down a few Years ago three friends and I went on Vacation to a resort on the third or Fourth fourth night we all decided to Crash early Well I shared a room with one friend and Our two other friends shared another Room on a different floor As I was lying in bed about to fall Asleep I turned over in my bed and saw My friend walking around the room well I Thought maybe he was texting his Girlfriend or was just Restless he moved Out of my sight and I felt my bed sink I Thought to myself is he putting on shoes Whatever I’m tired I’m gonna go to sleep Next morning I asked him where he went Last night and he said what do you mean I didn’t go anywhere well asked him why He was walking around the room Then and he said he thought that was me Walking around oh no one else had a key

Card to our room yet we both saw someone Walking around our room Yeah yeah yeah that’s a little uh a Little creepy Um especially if you’re at the Bates Motel yeah Or or The Shining hotel or whatever sure Enough yeah Um number 15. when I was a senior in High school my dad drove me across the State New Mexico to check out a college We’re in the middle of nowhere in the Desert and we need a gas we saw a small Station and pulled into it there was a Note taped to the pump that said see Cashier for payment Well there was one car parked onto the Side of the building and it didn’t look Like it had been there long at all but We didn’t see a single person we walk up The building and the door was locked you Could see all the merchandise still Boxed up and the shelves were empty There was a door in the back that had a Deep freeze pushed up in front of it as If someone was trying to keep something Or someone from being able to open it it Was so quiet and Eerie I looked at my Dad and he looked at me and we quickly Got back in the car and got the hell out Of there Smart yeah that’s that’s all kinds of Creepy Trust your gut folks if you’re ever in a

Gas station and it looks wrong just Leave just leave yeah there’ll be Another one somewhere Um very strange This one says to this day I still wonder If someone was in that back room or this Is yeah yeah to this day I still wonder If someone was in the back room and left Were dead should we have called someone And reported it probably I think about That all the time could I have saved Someone’s life if I had called were they Already dead was anyone even there or Was it just an eerie coincidence that The freezer was positioned you know in That way I don’t know but I do know that in that Moment I felt actual fear and I think my Dad did too it was just a feeling of you Need to leave now or something bad will Happen that was written by Kitty Queen Kaylee Kayla I guess Kayla okay all Right so that is creepy yeah I wouldn’t Stick around either all right number 16 I used to be a ghost tour guide in the Colonial Williamsburg and one night Shortly after the holidays I was leading An extended 10 p.m tour we got to one of The stops and I talked about the history Of the location while a few people took Pictures well after I was done talking One of the guests came up to me with her Phone and said I think you should see This

It was a picture of me and standing by My right shoulder was a large dark Figure with a smile that I can only Describe as demonic I cried oh no well That’s not what they said but you can See it here for yourself and we moved on With the tour pretty quickly after that I wish they’d included the selfie that Was by big pollution 2705. And that’s horrible number 17. This didn’t happen to me but it happened To my mom’s friend One day the friend and her sister were Driving on the freeway and I don’t Remember how it happened but the car Crashed and flipped and rolled five to Lanes My mom’s friend was the only one Conscious she was trapped under the Steering wheel and her sister’s head was Bleeding really bad she said a normal Looking man wearing white appeared out Of nowhere came up to them took off his Shirt to wrap up the sister’s head and Then left When the paramedics arrived she asked Who wrapped the sister’s head and she Told them the paramedics asked where the Man went And she pointed to the direction he Walked the paramedic said they had just Come from that direction and no one was On the road for Miles they also said That if her head hadn’t been wrapped she

Would have bled out and died Wow that was by strange adoptness twenty Two two two zero That’s uh divine intervention there Right Don I would say so all in white Come on that’s an angel for sure yeah Yeah cause Angels don’t wear black no They wear white Because they’re the good guys Hello I think so well most of them They’re like an eight-dimensional Bean How the hell do you know well that’s What they tell us I’m only going by what They tell us yeah there’s descriptions Of them being like spaghetti monsters Yeah floating you know eyes of the Beholder sure crazy stuff yeah a lot of Biblical references are pretty scary Yeah it’s like yeah Are you sure that’s not setting time I Don’t know what you are but go away Number 18 and finally I lived in a house That was part party a party house before I moved in my roommate’s best friend who Also lived there had died in the front Yard saving someone else from the Highway Several years later I was bouncing the Friends basketball on the front porch as My as my roommate was loading what I was Oh bouncing the friends basketball on The front porch as my roommate was Loading some stuff in his car to move For the semester

Well at some point the ball ended up in The bushes by the door I said Excuse me I said bye to the roommate he Left and I went inside A few hours later I walked into the Kitchen and the basketball was on the Island I froze in the doorway for Several seconds this basketball had Never been inside the house once in the Four years that I lived there and it Still gives me the chills anytime I Think about it wow ooh that wasn’t a Port right yes so that was the end of That article it shows the Homer backing Into the Hedge I was named it here I’m Not here Oh man tough deal that’s some spooky Stuff I’m done yes it is yikes love a Good ghost story though this is the Holiday the holiday season for it but It’s always Halloween here on the portal So apparent apparent congratulations MCAT by the way he’s he’s uh he’s Improved his diet and is losing weight That’s awesome Um Farm says MCAT remember to slow down Uh so you don’t enter yourself getting Back in shape and I I as much as I Absolutely love that idea I am a shape I’m a circle thank you very much Kind of more like an oval I am too though so what can I say yeah Um but there you have it There you have it folks that was a good

Article and uh we’re gonna go over to Another one and this one is not the one I want to read where is it here it is And then we got some Sasquatch Chronicles stuff coming up yet I think I’m gonna do what is this one oh this is The other one we already did that though Oh yeah so this isn’t another one I Don’t know I just I I don’t remember Even where I found this but I found it Somewhere online oh I know Charles Howard Johnson had posted this on his on His Facebook feed have you heard of Higgy Pop yeah higgy pop they’re the one That uh has that paranormal award thing Oh do they okay I don’t know I can’t Imagine there’s too many but from higgy Pop and uh this is kind of interesting I Don’t know we’ll we’ll talk a little bit About it as we go through it but this is An article it’s not true that science Won’t ever be able to explain the Existence of ghosts If indeed they do Well of course they do right Right Don well wait wait go back and Read that it’s not true that science Won’t ever be able to explain the Existence of ghosts if indeed they do so If they in if they prove it so no if Indeed they they exist that’s what it’s Saying if indeed they do exist got you Yeah that’s the key there right there Words words darn words

Um in in I was watching a physicist he Was talking about about the the Large Hadron Collider and he said you know There’s no way ghosts exist because if They were we would have seen the Particles that they they’re made up of Ah right really are you sure no are you Sure because if you if you talk about Dimensions and right and we’re talking Quantum mechanics and stuff there’s so Much so much more and we’re talking Trans-dimensional stuff right right so If we if we believe that the energy part Of ourselves goes to a different Dimensional reality I mean if if a Dumbass like me can figure that one out Yeah well you’re not a scientist though You’re my you actually have an open mind Huh that kind of helps sometimes flies Fly in and out I just don’t get it People often say that because ghosts are Outside and Beyond the understanding of A science we’ll never be able to Understand what ghosts are however this Is a misnomer If ghosts do exist then One day the science behind them will be Uncovered even if we don’t understand Them today who did write this by the way It just doesn’t say just from October 18th of this month so pretty good Scientists are yesterday yeah scientists Aren’t the fun police science isn’t a Book of rules on what can and can’t Exist in the universe science is the

Process by which we understand nature so If ghosts can exist in nature then Science does have the potential to Understand them one day Science does not currently accept that Ghosts exists to combat this criticism Of the parent of the Paranormal Believers often claim that it’s not Possible to obtain any evidence because Ghosts exist outside of science The good news for believers is that this Isn’t true if ghosts do in fact exist Sooner or later science will be able to Gather evidence and gain an Understanding of them well I don’t think Until until we actually start diving Into the Tesla idea of just you know of Exploring the non-physical But anyway that’s hidden science oh yeah That’s hidden science the Misunderstanding here is that just Because science doesn’t acknowledge or Understand something does not mean it Doesn’t exist well but science says it Doesn’t exist that’s the problem they’re Speaking as if they are this this Authority on it so whether or not they May someday understand it sure they’re Experts but but they’re not shy about Saying this is all ridiculous you know Most scientists I mean there are plenty Of uh people out there that are in the Fields of science that have open minds But most established science which is

Interesting Rachel says they’re looking Through the wrong lens you can’t use a Telescope to study microbiology Good point lightning was striking the Earth hundreds of million years before Scientists understood that each strike Is caused by electrical charges in the Atmosphere electricity existed before Science understood it that’s a good Point yeah ancient humans could be Excused for thinking of lightning as the Wrath of God it would have been seen as Magical and unexplainable almost Supernatural we eventually realize that Lightning isn’t magical or Heavenly it’s Now we now have a good understanding of The science behind it If ghosts do exist Then it stands to reason that just like Lightning we will one day be able to Gain a scientific understanding of them Too this really only leaves us with two Possibilities of the nature of ghosts One the first is that ghosts don’t exist And those who report them are Misdiagnosing ordinary things being Fooled by their own senses or are Intentionally making these experiences Up or two the second and perhaps most More exciting possibility is that ghosts Do exist but science in seven yet found A way to explain them science is all About obtaining evidence to gain a Better understanding of something after Decades of paranormal research very

Little evidence has been gathered that Proves the undeniability that ghosts Exist so the first of these Possibilities is by far the most likely Not really because the tools that are Being used are used by they’re utilizing Tools that were never meant to locate Ghosts they I mean we’re they’re Utilizing EMF detectors which is used to Find electrical faults they’re using uh You know things like radiation meters And and heat and and the basic the basic Fundamental tools they can get their Hands on now the fact that they figured Out ways to utilize them to possibly Indicate spiritual presence is in my Opinion kind of Genius Um does it stand up to Absolute Scientific scrutiny maybe not but but There’s no other tools available you Know we haven’t found the energy that These things are detected we can’t even Detect our own energy using a volt meter I mean you can’t connect a voltmeter to Someone and see how many how many amps Is running through them or whatever Microamps or whatever you can’t maybe There’s a way to do it but generally Speaking an electrician can’t tell you That the what your voltage is you know Um so it’s it’s again it’s you know Bringing a hammer to uh install a Chandelier you know we only have so many Tools available to us and we utilize

Them as best we can so anyway Um let me get back to this of course you Can use the scientific method to prove That something doesn’t exist a Simplistic example would be addressing The claim the moon is made of cheese Well we’ve been to the Moon we’ve taken Samples of it and we found it’s made of Rock not dairy product it’s the job of The paranormal researchers to prove and As of yet undiscovered branch of science That might explain ghostly sightings Exist but claiming that science can’t Understand ghosts isn’t a excuse for Lack of evidence that currently exists But again the tools don’t exist right These are these are these are tools Developed by people in their in their Garages or people that are you know Maybe mechanically in Electro Electronically Adept are trying to Figure out ways yeah the Steve Huff’s The the the guy that made the millimeter Whose daughter died uh you know and uh Um so many other people are out there Innovating and coming up with different Theories to test including using the Xbox Uh you know motion detector to figure Out that hey we can possibly detect Figures you know um I can’t remember the Name of it but a structured light camera Is what it’s called the SLS the SLS System yeah

So I mean basically the researchers are Left to try to grab pieces and make Something that maybe does work but They’re not scientists right Um okay it says but science doesn’t set Out to be a definitive collection of Knowledge of facts yes it does Unfortunately it really does settled Remember they settled science all the Time they tell us everything that Doesn’t exist all the time and and That’s utilizing their knowns right but There’s so many unknowns that that but Science does position itself as a Definitive authority over so many things That it has no business all you have to Do is look at the fossil record yeah Again I like I like to bring that point Up though because the fossil record is Not a complete compendium it’s an Evolving compendium of Discovery the Fossil record if we’ve only found 14 of The species on the earth then the fossil Record is bound to be a hell of a lot Bigger eventually Um but it’s just what’s been dug up so Uh but it’s also often used as this Authority well there can’t be Bigfoot Because there’s no indication of them in The fossil record well there’s really Not many indications of chimpanzees Either but we know they’re around yeah So Um there you have it but

What uh that’s what historical books are For science is merely a way of working Which allows us to validate or discredit Uh proposed facts before them where they Make their way into the history books But it’s a very neat by its very nature Science should prove itself wrong time And time again yeah and it does it does Look at Pharmaceuticals it is true that Our current understanding of the way the World Works around us may not be Actually correct understanding but this Fact doesn’t get doesn’t prove that Ghosts exists it doesn’t disapprove Disprove them either the statement is Irrelevant just like in the previous Example of lightning The Limited Understanding of the ancient humans had Did not mean that lightning must have Been a supernatural phenomena the simple Fact is that nothing exists in the eyes Of science until it has been proven so If you don’t like the fact that ghosts Aren’t accepted by the mainstream Science then the onus is on you to come Up with a new and unique experiment Which proves they exist exactly but they Turn around and say that’s not a Scientific process right you can’t use That because it’s not a scientific tool But you keep it and tell you the tools As you just said are invented are you Know designed how the hell else are you Gonna do it right so I I think this is a

Very well written article article and I Appreciate definitely what the author is Saying here but but unfortunately the Hubris of science makes itself authority Over things it has no no knowledge of Right now now UFOs weren’t real and Scientists would tell you that all day Long right until the Navy came out and And see these Tic-Tac things yeah yeah And then all of a sudden oh well maybe They’re real maybe we should start and Then NASA all of a sudden is interested And discussing in in researching and Looking right and and where were they All the time these people are like hey You know so so there’s been a lot of Conversations so far in the chat about This and Jaren uh says one of the first Things that pops up that I see it says It’s weird how they deny ghost but bring Up energy that energy never dissipates It’s always there it’s just in a Different form very true sure Um also Um uh Luna monocorn uh this this uh this Addresses what you just said crazy how Some scientists retire from the NS uh NASA and the dod and then uh and then And and such then begin to publicly Acknowledge paranormal things sure Um jiren says uh it’s just exactly like Cops that retire and they say that They’ve seen Bigfoot or dogmen and they Didn’t want to say anything because they

Didn’t want to sound like they’re crazy Sure Um Um matter and energy the ones that blow Me away are the ones that speak back to Us with direct understanding so Jared’s Response responding to intelligent Haunts Um and he also says he goes on to Explain basically a a stone tape issue Sure uh so things like that so you know Lots of lots of discussion thank thank You jerna and also Luna Luna municorn And always Rachel they’re always Bringing up good points so there you go I mean there’s a lot of talk in the chat Saying yeah this is ridiculous anyhow Yep very good uh that’s a great part of Our chat Community you guys are a part Of the experience here and you bring a Lot of great thoughts to the table much Like in Discord the ongoing chat to the Live shows is just as relevant and a big Part of what we do here so thanks he Says no new tools allowed none unless They’re invented by a scientist Science She Blinded Me with science oh It’s late She minded Me With Science Yeah they do that they do that Don they Do all right we’ve got a lot more to go Through here on the show so I hope You’re not uh too busy I’m not okay Because we can dive into right into some

More stuff slightly are you ready yes Lately all right we’re gonna move over To Summer whatever Who what you were about said Just because you can see my monitor Doesn’t love that guy to death that’s Awesome we do we love Wes he’s a Fantastic friend and uh he’s been a big Help to us here in the portal we are Very lucky that uh the people that like Us like us including all of you yeah we Still can’t figure out why yeah we don’t Know why you guys are here but we’re Sure thrilled you are yep It’s like watching a slow-moving train Wreck Right yeah Slow-mo train wreck yeah What are these idiots gonna do next It’s crazy but true it is it is it’s how We live but we love that you guys are Here thank you so much for being a part Of this why don’t we do shout outs Before we get into this next stuff yeah So let me take a look at the list for Shout outs if you want to be on the Shout out list You gotta say something I’ll give you Another 10 seconds before I actually Start 1002. uh with that being said don’t Forget you can get your paranormal Portal gear at uh Teespring a pair of Teespring paranormal portal go to

Teespring you’ll find us all right Anyhow so oh good timing uh so Aggravated Progressive is here blue Cruise just popped in Digger dog hey Digger uh there’s Jaren Kristen Lee uh MCAT as we’ve mentioned ninja Dave Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten yes okay K-i-r-s-t-n Kirsten yes very good uh Rachel’s here Ruger Ridge Sandra’s here Sugar britches the pharmacy seed Network Mr Farm how the hell are you uh Wonder Woman is here and oh there’s Jake Fortes How you doing buddy uh Mara Murphy is Here come on I’m almost done now I Actually am done I’m just waiting for One more person to pop in the next Person’s gonna get a shout out and then I’m done with it He just had sugar britches right so I Said sugar yes I guess that’s well I Guess that’s it because like nobody else Wants to get oh oh lucky gypsy 13. gypsy There you go there’s a new name yeah That’s a new name definitely welcome to The show thanks for being a monocorn Just popped in okay I’m done all right Looks like that’s that’s all that’s Chatting and that’s fine Dawson Jay just Popped in late who didn’t Dawson good to See you Jonathan thanks for coming in Yeah thank you so much hi Elaine good to See you Um so we’re gonna get into some articles Now from our good friend Mr Wes germer

And Sasquatch Chronicles All right and uh he’s uh you know I know Everybody knows the podcast and I like To say this because I know the that a Lot of people visit Sasquatch but I’m hoping all of you Do too as well because it’s not it’s not There’s so much information over there On the blog it’s crazy I mean he’s he Does a show public show a week and a Members show but there’s so many things That are posted on this blog he’s every Day updating this thing and posting new Stuff and sometimes he features our Stuff which is really cool but um if you If you’re looking for some great Information about the Bigfoot phenomena About a lot of different phenomena Actually he’s he features a lot of Different things on his blog so go to Sasquatch and check it Out and the first article up tonight on The Sasquatch uh Chronicles blog is from Uh October 16th Says okay we’re leaving all right a Listener writes hey Wes wanted to read Out to you reach out sorry this font Always drives me crazy and I’m the one Who’s got to go to the uh yeah no I need To go to the optometrist believe me I Just happened he was wanted to reach out To you about a situation I found myself In this morning at about 3 A.M eastern Time I live in the southwestern part of

New Hampshire and last night this Morning we walked into the woods to get Us to a spot I wanted to show him So somebody on our way out to this Location which is about half a mile up a Trail a rail trail I don’t know what a Rail trail is but alongside of a big Pond we made sure to be noisy to alert Any black bear that may be around we Made it to the spot which turns into a Peninsula surrounded by water We made sure that there was no animals Or anything in this little Peninsula and Walked in We were quickly closed in by two things That sounded to be bipedal and heavy Footed we had a very bad feeling so we Loudly yelled okay we’re leaving As we approach the rail trail the sound Of those two things on either side of us Ran across the trail into the woods Across the way We made it to the trail and walked back Towards our car but this whole time we Could hear one of them walking alongside Of us in the tree line this is where it Gets even more strange like it wasn’t Already too dough about a hundred feet Ahead of us hop out of the woods and Wait for us on the trail and walked out With us as this thing was still Alongside of us wow yeah it’s like it’s You know that I mean I don’t think deer Usually like people but if they like

Between the two they like us a hell of a Lot more than the Bigfoot whatever is Following yeah because I think they know That most of the year we don’t we we Don’t take them out unless they hit them With cars but I think for bigfoot it’s Always on the menu So What unless we hit him with the car oh Yeah rail trail is an old rail line Converted to uh a park like Trail yeah All over New York here okay gotcha here Too yeah because we’ve got hundreds of Miles of empty red hundreds That’s what I say on the podcast Hundreds of episodes which is not true No it’s actually uh over 1200 yeah yeah Or no more than that yeah something like That anyway there’s lots yeah there’s More than 1200 yes yeah that’s a lot of Episodes folks there’s a lot of a lot of Us here on on YouTube that’s why I’m so Good it has a lot of us to show We take up some real estate here on the Surfers I’m telling you So thank you farm for that update I did Not know what a real Trail was but That’s the first article from Sasquatch Chronicles from the blog uh definitely Check it out yeah I think I think if the The deer are following you they feel Pretty safe yeah isn’t that something Because they’re like yeah no go to the People go to the people they don’t have

Any Forks do they nope So and then they walk alongside like They’re domesticated yeah right I mean That’s just not normal either those are Very nice George yeah yeah or or they’re Very scared yeah and you’re the lot You’re you’re much less you’re much Lesser of the two evils there you go Yeah so and that’s got to be an Intimidating feeling as well so Jesus Even the deers are following us oh my God but it does speak to the Intelligence again that that same Question we just asked in Discord Because A deer a deer is always on the menu but People just aren’t normally I don’t Think they they actively hunt us because My god there wouldn’t be any Sasquatch Reports if they hunted us right there Just wouldn’t be any time they were Around and we were around we would be Done I mean we would just be done that We just physically uh you know Powerfully agility wise and terrain wise We are just so outclassed just Extraordinarily outclassed even the best Of the outdoors people that we have in The human race would be would be like a Turtle you know next to a turtle next to A cheetah I mean it’s just such a Difference physically you know they’re Just capable of of doing so much damage And they could pound you into a into mud

In about you know 30 seconds squish him Into jelly I’m gonna Mash you into a jam And put you on bread Um but whatever the case is they they You know they made a conscious decision To not attack these people and uh not go After the deer either which were right By the people yeah exactly so they just Didn’t want to be seen yeah they just Yeah so that was that was that’s an Intelligent response I mean you know if This is a indeed just a prey creature Just an animal Um animals are generally afraid of People yes uh but I mean boy to take Something big and powerful to be scared More scared yeah of that yeah I I just It’s just but it is an intelligent Response not to pursue us but to Intimidate us out of their spaces that’s A very strategic thing Another thing is another thing is is That if you think of tactics that’s That’s like some some serious military Tactics shadowing I I talked to a guy That was in uh in the service and he Would talk about that they were trained When they were tracking if they were Close When the person that they’re tracking or Trailing walks they walk right when the Person that they’re trailing stops they Stop right and it’s and it’s such an Intimidating thing because the person

Kind of hears something’s behind them They don’t know what they don’t know Where and and this is a tactic these These beings have developed and it’s Strategic as hell because it’s Psychological right it’s psychological They’re not seen but they’re heard I Must be hearing things and can you Imagine the psychological impact of that You you hear something huge walking and It sounds like it’s maybe you know 15 Feet from me but you can’t see it oh man That’s a mind bake yeah absolutely so But it’s intelligence it’s like a a very Keen intelligence and you know so we’ve Read a story last week or the week Before about them being chased out they Thought they were being chased out they Turned around and actively went through The other way and they still had the Pebbles and the Rocks thrown out there Even though they had turned around and Went the other way they you know this Person said okay we’re leaving you know And then they were left alone they were They were trailed yep which is to be Expected but they weren’t messed with Right but you know the other the one That we read the other day It was rocks in rocks out so they were Driven out for sure so you know is there Can they can can with the reasonable Part of their mind say Well they’re Leaving we’re not going to mess with

Them or was that a different creature Last week sure messed with them in and Mess with them out or was there a Different situation where they were near A nest or something like that sure that They really wanted you out you know so There you go it does seem reasonable Right it does seem intelligent right it Does seem empathic in a way right Certainly and and another thing that Really displays intelligence for the Sasquatch is the so many times we’ve Read stories of people going out in Off The Grid hiking and camping and they go Into this beautiful area and they’ll set Up camp and stuff and and it starts out With little things it starts out really Really subtle but intimidating right it Starts out with I felt like I was being Watched all the time that’s the big one That starts or or a feeling of dread Came over me you know and it seems like They can they can possibly influence Emotions as some of our our Discord Community had said too right but then it Escalates it’s it’s psychological Warfare I mean to the T it’s Psychological because it starts out with This imposing presence and they can’t Put a finger on it they’re looking Around they’re just not comfortable so You know they they build big fires the People build big fires and they try to You know thinking it might just be an

Animal or something just to keep it at Bay and it continues and then so they They tuck into their tents right and Their tents are pelted and and stomping Around the campsite so these people are Not getting sleep they’re being Constantly intimidated and Psychologically spooked and and then it Goes up to like bigger rocks getting Thrown and it’s just so methodical and Precise what they’re doing but it’s it’s Absolutely psychological warfare Absolutely they don’t want you there They start and mild and they ramp it up It just the longer you’re there the more The more this activity is going to get Ramped up until it probably becomes Dangerous well see that’s like what we Were when we interviewed uh Stacy Brown Jr in phenomicon in Utah sure you know He said that yeah you know it started Out as yes Pebbles being thrown at him He noticed uh you know one to go to the Left and you know you know they were Noticing Pebbles but at night he said That there was like the tent was like Pressed down on them right and yes you Did that happens too A lot of times People are grabbed through their tents Like it’s like oh my God and and you Know if you’re being grabbed right that Removes about 99 of the wildlife Possible yep I mean you’re down to just I think it’s more like 99.9 either it’s

A human being or it’s something else and Depending on the size of that grip like If it takes up your whole forearm yeah You’re in trouble Trouble you need to load you need to Leave you need to get out of there now If you can because You’re done right but generally they do That they just grab or they what was it Uh Tom seawood’s guy from Minnesota he Was talking about how a hand came Through the tent and pressed against his Face right and it he said it covered his Whole head his whole head he never saw It but they knew it was there Chamberlain in the basket yeah yeah Exactly it’s like this big mitt just Over his face touching pressing and then I mean it didn’t squish him it just Pressed into his face and then and out Like it was feeling you know through the Tent what’s there it’s behind yeah so to Feel its weight but it’s it’s so Methodical it’s so methodical and it’s Very strategic extraordinarily so yeah I I just am so marveled by that by that Intelligence all right let’s go to the Next one and this is from Sasquatch Chronicles as well and this one’s dated October 16th uh the figure in the window Now this is a live episode now so uh you Can go listen to the whole episode on Sasquatch Chronicles if you haven’t Already uh and I would recommend you do

That for sure uh listener writes it was The summer of 1977 the summer Elvis died My dad was a Contractor Building Barracks at Fort Polk Air Force Base in West West Louisiana We went out of there for the summer to Spend summer with him in in Leesville Louisiana we lived in Miami and usually Spent Summers where Dad was working Where we stayed in a single wide with an Odd or with an add-on on the side out of It’s on the on the Toledo Bend side of Leesville Uh it was me I was seven and my sister Was nine was in the uh add-on room as an Extra bedroom and my mom and dad was in The main bedroom of the trailer One night my sister and I were almost Asleep when we heard something outside The wall I looked and a figure appeared in the Window and seemed like it was looking in At us Now I might add that though there were Four steps up to the floor level and Then to have a head level at the top of The window would have put this figure at About nine feet I remember my sister my sister gasped And we both got up and ran over to our Parents room We tried to explain what we saw to our Parents and Dad kept saying it might Have been a neighbor teenager kid

Peeking in the windows For years we had joked about the short Shortcut to Mommy’s room but to my Knowledge never brought up the figure in The window again From what I can remember this figure was Massive and filled the entire window I saw eyes like a yellow eye shine but There was no light to reflect I pretty much had forgotten about this Whole encounter but as I’m listening to The Sasquatch Chronicles currently on About episode 150 or so I keep hearing About East Texas and Toledo Bend area And that brought up bad it brought back The memory of that thing in the window Well a few years later I think I was About 12. I was fishing with my dad in The Everglades and all of a sudden we Had a whiff of a foul stench came around Us quite suddenly Looking Back Now I Think it might have been a skunk ape Nearby or as you can call them a swamp Ape nothing like them yep dad said that It was probably some swamp gas that Burped up nearby right anyway I’m Enjoying the show even if I do put it on Put it on to help me go to sleep at Night I’m glad it’s not just our show That people do that with I was wondering Maybe you put some to sleep I know I I Get that I get those emails all the time I listen to you when I go to bed and They asked me to turn down the break

Music Can you turn on the break music was too Loud Um why is Don so loud I listen to the Stories and then during the long musical Outro I find myself dozing off one main Thing I really like about the show is That it’s it’s just you and a few folks Talking about stuff It’s not just you and a few folks Talking about stuff but you have real People that are sharing what they Encountered yeah encounter stories are Great they are fantastic I love by the Way you need to start listening to us as Well yeah our podcast is uh quite lovely Too as a matter of fact any of you uh Watching this show right now please know That’s we have a podcast and it’s not This this is our YouTube show but the Podcast is an audio audio only and it’s Available on all the major platforms I Heart iTunes uh cast box Spotify Google Play Pandora Stitcher you name it we’re There just search for the Paranormal Portal wherever you listen to podcasts Luna municorn says my dog gets swamped Gas when they’re sleeping You might want to change your diet I’m Just saying it works for me personally I’m just actually rice and tomatoes Would be good for them but anyhow really Yeah actually yeah rice and tomatoes do They eat it yeah oh

Yeah wow but remember they aren’t Vegetarians they just like it they yeah I know people feed dogs carrots often Cats cats are obligate carnivores they Have to eat meat so yeah they’re not Vegetarians that’s funny because some of The canned stuff that we buy Anubis and Pikachu it’s like it has like rice in it Right yeah it’s like one of the medleys From Fancy Feast or whatever lemon rice Yeah I don’t know it’s not lamb though It’s something Florentine something Chicken Florentine or something I know It’s like oh damn things are so Expensive I wonder why because it’s Called Florentine I know it’s Jesus it’s Exotic piano dog food yeah I know Grow pup grow pop that’s what mom used To tell you you grew so fast because we Fed your grow pup I don’t know if she remembers that you Remember that portal mom grow pup still In here it’s still there I’m still Damaged by that no my mom said bee dog Food My mom tried to feed me to the dog Why do I why’d you put the push up Around my neck mom yeah that was your Mom exactly we uh actually yeah uh yeah Jiren yeah Jaren actually came to us From the podcast yeah he didn’t actually Know who I was at first He didn’t no well he thought it was just You oh well gosh on the podcast a lot of

Times it is but you you and I have done Many podcasts together through the years Just haven’t gone back far enough yeah You got to go backwards a little more Don’s Don’s busier now than he used to Be yeah that’s true that’s true but he Does produce them also everything you’re Hearing is his work or his work it’s our Work but well no but I mean you’re Making it yeah the easy stuff Yeah I find all their interviews put Together information Deal with the podcasting company but Yeah that makes us sound good so that’s Good but yeah Don’s uh Luna municorn Says she found us at the podcast as well Oh very cool nice well I hope you’re Enjoying the YouTube experience because This is quite a quite a departure from Our podcast there are two very different Shows we do sometimes take YouTube Episodes and Port them over to the Podcast but primarily the podcast is a Standalone show it’s not like if you see This one you don’t need to hear that one Right they’re very different uh the Podcast is normally me talking to people Who have experiences or people in the Field as well I mean we do both but I Love talking to people that have Encounters to me that’s very powerful Because that’s what I’m really Interested in but I’m also interested in Talking to researchers and stuff because

Thank you Luna what’d you say she said Taint the same at all You’re not helping Luna trying to keep This show together you’re not helping Oh dear God You know my Agony and everything yeah Oh yeah thank you Rachel thank you Rachel that’s sweet nice job good Modding right there that’s some solid Mud that’s it yep that’s how to do it Thank you Um but yeah yeah this is uh we got Another article I don’t know how far We’ll get into it but we’ll read what we Can this is coming from a cult Museum This is uh what is this from Let’s just buy a cult Museum but I don’t Know if there’s a date on it let me Scroll down a little bit Yeah dates are Overrated dates are overrated it’s on a Cult Museum that’s all you need to know It’s a great site as well check them out The occult Museum as a matter of fact Any show any sites that we feature on The show please check out support what They’re doing but I I the occult Museum’s full of them a bunch of amazing Ghostly stuff and and spiritual stuff so Definitely check it out All right so this is seven Sinister true Ghost stories to read in the dark hold On Um thanks Don good thing I muted yep

Uh after that they I never heard a Single voice again I do not like to Imagine what was waiting downstairs for Me that night oh that’s spooky her name Was Never mind hold on guys he’s choking to Death over there you got two bottles of Water I know but I I just drank Something it’s it’s kind of a tickling I’m down to the tickly thing now oh yeah Before it was my lungs were kind of Foolish junk stunk junk I gotta keep This family friendly but I know I’m at The tickly part Excuse me All right here we go ninja Dave why Don’t you just set up a a an interview Or talk with Brent and do it for the Podcast You guys we that’s what the podcast is For Yeah it really is we do the podcast to Talk to experiencers so if you’ve got a Bunch of experiences experiences reach Out to me by email Paranormalportalradio and if You got enough we can do a show Just with you you go all right the Figure in the dark robes is the first One on this list I’ve told this to a Select few and while the creepiest Scariest is subjective in the context of My life it is truly the creepiest and Scariest unsolved mystery

I was a freshman in high school in my Hometown of La Crosse Wisconsin I lived Near La Crosse about an hour away back In Minnesota but I was sleep sleeping Over at my friend Tom’s house we’re Watching a movie in his living room and He suddenly got a phone call Well I watched as he listened to what as He listened to what was being said on The other line I watched his emotion as a motion poured Over his face as he threw the phone Across the room After moments of crying he told me that A boy at my school had took himself out Now I know this boy I knew this boy not Only only through seeing him in the Halls my friend Tom and I didn’t go to The same high school but Tom had gone to Middle school with this boy Apparently Tom bullied him during those Years and he wasn’t proud of it and to Be honest it was pretty I was pretty Surprised because he was a great guy He had utter remorse We decided to sneak out and go for a Walk this year is roughly 1990 maybe 91 And we were freshmen in high school Now sneaking out was nothing new we Always did it at the time we weren’t Into drugs alcohol or party and he says At the time Did that change soon afterwards we had Our first encounter after this yes

We just like the freedom of walking the Streets at night the discussions were Always great normally we’d go walk Through the big Cemetery that was near My house yeah no kidding it was behind The train tracks that still run through La Crosse to this day we love the danger Of the cemetery the scares we were kids It was a rite of passage and as we Walked along the train tracks leading to The cemetery we stopped to this day I Can’t explain why We had walked into the cemetery dozens Of times and on scarier nights for Whatever reason we didn’t want to go in There I don’t know if the thought of Death on our minds due to my classmates Suicide was a factor perhaps regardless Without really saying anything to each Other we stopped turned around and Decided to head down a nearby street now In retrospect I do have to say that Throughout this walk things seemed off There wasn’t a car in sight this was Suburbia even walking through the town’s Main Street was odd because there just Weren’t any cars odd it was roughly After midnight it was a weekend night Where is everybody perhaps just a Strange coincidence Lastly there was something in the air Both Tom and I felt it even he we even Brought it up Feels weird tonight the air the lights

So we decided to walk down a dead-end Street and at the end of the street was A ditch with a simple up and down and on The trail that led to the street that I Lived on simple enough Keep in mind as I get into the Horrifying part of the story that we Were in the suburbs these weren’t old Creepy houses with strange individuals And the trees were small it wasn’t a Brand new development but it wasn’t that Old either So as Tom as I were walking down the Street we’re walking down to the road Beneath our feet as we as we talk Yeah down looking down to the road Beneath our feet as we walk So I don’t remember the exact Conversation at this particular moment Perhaps we were talking about the Tragedy of the night but it could just Have easily been about Star Wars or uh Akira As we approached the dead end which was A few houses away Tom and I suddenly Stopped we did so at the same time Without saying one word to each other Our heads slowly turned towards each Other both sensing something the hair on Our arms backs and our necks standing High then our gaze slowly moved forward In unison slightly to the right And that’s when we saw it About two houses away in a virtually

Barren front yard of a Suburban home Besides some bushes was a dark figure it Was someone or something in dark robes No face no features at all just the robe Now this figure didn’t acknowledge us Not yet It instead walked or moved in a certain Way I can’t articulate it correctly but If it was walking in circles slowly Without Really walking it held something That was blowing in the wind and yes the Wind picked up a little a bit a little Bit as well Another odd element was the light that Illuminated it somewhat there was a Street light a few houses up but it Wasn’t strong enough to illuminate this Figure as it was Tom and I were frozen in fact I’m almost Frozen as I write this it’s been a while Since I’ve thought about this night so There we stood Frozen in fear staring at This dark figure moving yet doing so Without moving and it was holding Something or perhaps what was blowing in The wind was more of its robe I’m not Sure We stared at this thing for I don’t know How long until It stopped and suddenly looked up at us As if finally alarmed by our presence That was enough for us we ran away as Fast as we could we cut through a side Streets that was that was to lead us to

A parallel street across my neighborhood This street led to a slight Hill as we Rounded the corner and started running Up the hill in a panic we stopped Because on top of that Hill We saw another dark figure with its arms Raised We turned around and ran away in the Direction of Tom’s house which at this Distance was at least five miles away we Ran time Stood Still The next thing I remember were lying in The middle of the courtyard of some Other neighborhood that we’d never been In gasping for breath We sat up and without saying a word we Walked in silence back to his house The air felt normal again although we Felt like we were in a haze of sorts Albeit out of danger We fell asleep in his house and I woke Up that morning and went home A few days later I rode my bike to that Location perhaps it was Shadow play Perhaps there was a certain tree or bush Or maybe a for sale sign or something That made it look like there was Something else there nothing It was an open yard Tom and I didn’t speak of that night for A long time years later when I brought It up he replied Yeah what the hell was that As if no time had passed what was it I

Have no idea we hadn’t taken any drugs We hadn’t been drinking any alcohol and Often wondered if it would have been a Haunting A specter a ghost Etc maybe it Was an alien abduction or sighting we Saw no craft but there was The Unexplained light or maybe it was some Other kids messing with us but how would They have known we were coming how could They have been so prepared I just don’t Know That was roughly 24 years ago give or Take and yes this is a true story Sadly my best friend Tom passed suddenly A few months ago And I thought of this night during his Funeral I thought of returning to that site and I thought of the odd Coincidence of Unexpected and surprising death just Like my classmate that night Is there a connection were we seeing Some future fate for one of us Which sadly fell upon my best friend Tom Was this all some dual hallucination in My mind no way It haunts me at times that was by Ken Miyamoto Wow that’s crazy that’s that’s that was That’s an interesting story right very Freaky it’s 25 24 years ago right so no I don’t think it was some Specter coming For you in in that sense or some Foreboding shall we say 24 years is a

Good long time now if like he died Within like a year and a half two years Yeah then it would have been different Sure so I don’t think yeah I don’t think One correlates to the other Um you know the only thing I was Thinking of was that was it perhaps some Impression of the boy who had taken Himself out just remembering and going Yeah there you are you bastard you know Well yeah some hate yeah some anger Unresolved anger that just separated and It took us took it a little bit of a Vengeance I don’t know I don’t know what To make of things like that it’s just You know projection on my part I don’t Know Um but that’s pretty scary Number two the little boy with no eyes These are kind of long too aren’t they Yeah One night when I was 10 I was asleep in Bed and was woken up by my bedroom door Opening and then someone sitting in my Bed I felt the Graze on my leg and then the Bed sink as they sat Thinking it was my mom having something To tell me I opened my eyes Only to see a pale eyeless just black Empty sockets boy who seemed to be my Age sitting at the foot of my bed with His legs crossed staring at me or facing My direction since he had no eyes good

Point he then reached his hand toward me And was holding what looked like a Little black box Nope I was freaked out but as I reached To grab it I hesitantly pulled it back Yeah I reached out further for it but And said give it and as I did so I Blinked and by the time I reopened my Eyes he was gone The spot on the bed where he was sitting Lifted back into place but the imprint Of someone sitting there was still Present that’s stupid yeah don’t ever Ask something to give you something like That I know how would you have the Courage to look at an eyeless face and Say give it give it yeah no that’s like That’s like something knocks on your Door and there’s nothing there and you Open it you let it in I told my mom in the morning and she was Slightly freaked out but assured me it Was just dreaming Fast forward five years I had my Girlfriend over to do homework after Homework she took a nap while she waited While she waited for her parents to pick Her up when they arrived I tried waking Her to let her know I nudged her and she Opened her eyes so suddenly already Looking in the direction of the corner Of the room where the wall meets the Ceiling lifting her finger and pointing As fast as she woke she fell asleep

Again I attempted to wake her again and she Came to full Consciousness and asked her What the hell was that about and Explained what she had just did she said Oh I thought I was dreaming but up on The wall I saw a little boy with no eyes Just there in a Spider-Man pose staring At me And that’s when I freaked out and told Her the story for the first time of what I saw what I guessed was the same kid Fast forward another five years still With the same girlfriend and by this Time we had a two-year-old daughter we Were living in my old bedroom at my Parents house my daughter would wake up In the same time every night and start Talking For a while we thought it was a normal Baby thing until I noticed it was almost The same conversation every night I played last or what night one night While she was who she was talking to Every night and she responded to a Little boy uh he talks to me he’s nice He’s lost and looking for his mommy I told my mom what happened the next Morning and before I got to tell her What I thought she said I remember when That happened to you when your Girlfriend uh I have no idea what it is By then neither my girlfriend or I have Seen the little boy after our first

Encounter but my daughter continues her Nightly conversations until we get to Our own place later that year we’ve Actually read that before I know yeah Kay Mendo 4. and that’s the problem with Paranormal stories is they’re often Mirrored across several sites so you Know if there’s if there’s redundant Stories you’ve heard them before it’s Just because they’re in redundant places Or different places but this this was Always a good one I like this one Being what reminded me is when she when She said it was a little boy in a Spider-Man pose yeah and that was like The corner of the room yep yep exactly But that’s that was a good one it was The one before it was even better but You know yeah don’t don’t yeah yeah you Know what though you know what time it Is I did that’s what I just looked at It’s like wow time flies when you’re in The portal folks there you go so Um we’re just about out of time but of Course we just want to always as always If you’re new to the show if you’re just Checking us out and you’re like what the Hell is this all about you’re new to the Show yeah if you’re a new viewer new not Nude gotcha no not dude ain’t none of That in here Don If you’re new to the show Please Subscribe become part of the family join The Discord check out the podcast and uh

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