Haunted Octagon Hall Overnight Paranormal Invest PT 2 #Paranormal #Ghost #Hauntings #evp

By | October 18, 2022
Haunted Octagon Hall Overnight Paranormal Invest PT 2       #Paranormal #Ghost  #Hauntings #evp

Foreign Night time now Probably about 10 30. And we’re about to get started uh Vicky Is here now hello everyone she’s joined Us Vicki Mercer and I’m kind of showing Her around she wasn’t here for the tour Earlier This is the little girl’s room There is cameras in every room here Which is really cool Okay so Brian and Adam are gonna go down In the basement while Uh Vicki and I stay upstairs And then this here is another room that Uh I’m trying to remember everything that He’s he said about this room now but Um he said that these mannequins right Here this one here especially has moved He said it moved right in front of him a Couple times Thank you I guess I have it set up to kind of show You what they used it for up here Nope Uterine Sedative elixir Oh my goodness look at all this stuff Look at that old wheelchair

Yep Oh wheelchair In this room here Foreign So he has seen a lot that guy told us a Lot of stories earlier about things he Has seen in here Um Hello there are there any spirits up Here with us right now that would like To communicate with us My name is Patty and this is my friend Vicky We’re going to be here all night long And we are hoping that You guys will communicate with us Tonight Foreign Do you like having company Do you mind us being here I think this is a beautiful home We were excited to come here I came all The way from Florida Just to see this place and stay here Tonight And try to communicate with you guys Heard lots and lots of stories I even heard that you guys have moved That door over there Can you move that door for me Okay He said that door over there has moved a Few times like the handle starts moving

On it Of course things don’t ever happen when You want it to though it always happens When you’re not expecting it Seems to be the way it is but we’re Always hoping to catch something Can you show us how you can move that Doorknob Ed what is that what is that Is that a dog nearby barking or Something maybe it is the dog Don’t even really sound like a dog it Kind of does but It’s a strange bark He said something about listening for The dog over there to start barking he Did tell us something about that and Said that if you start hearing the dog Bark and then there’s something around I’m going to set up a couple of meters And stuff okay And you will have the opportunity to Show us that you’re here by getting Close to it let me set it up Okay just set up the rim pod And sure enough it started lighting up Turned green couldn’t get my camera on Quick enough Vicky is my witness Can you do that again Come on light it up for me again Do that again for me please Okay I’m going to set this one up

Right here Okay so I have the tri-filled meter Sitting here on the dresser The K2 over there and the rim pod here So let’s see if we can get some action Come on guys give me some action Light It Up Get close to these devices and light Them up for me please We know you’re here we know you can do It Thank you oh thank you Let’s have some fun tonight Oh look that started moving Those Crystal things There’s no fan in here or nothing And you know what I was just playing With those earlier Maybe they’re coming over to play with Them as well maybe yeah They’re moving all of them are Oh wow Did you like the noise that made oh Thank you thanks Come on See there how easy that is and how fun That is If you get it uh closer it’ll light up All the colors there’s several colors on There can you try to do that for me You’re trying thank you So awesome I use that Rim pod so many times and Most of the time nothing happens so I

Get excited when it does Light it all the way up do it there you Go awesome yes yes thank you That’s amazing Oh there you go There you go that is how you do it Thank you so much Wow Thank you thank you thank you Oh thank you Thank you so much Oh that is so awesome look at that Wow You’re having fun with that aren’t you Thank you so much Now go over there by the chair There’s there’s one by the chair that You can light up as well It’s exciting to see this in person It is isn’t it it is look at this wow Oh my God I’m so excited I never get Much action from that thing anymore That’s amazing thank you Thank you Okay you can make it stop now Can you make it stop and go over to the Other ones They’re like no this is fun yeah Lighten up all the colors like I said Dang Oh my god wow Wow this is amazing every color I know Oh my God Can you move that door

Go over by the door and move the door I can’t believe this look at that Okay I just moved the rim pot up on the Stool over there Can you make a sound in this room Can you do something Like maybe knock Tap on something Oh I hear a choo choo train did you guys Like trains You know trains were very popular back Then Back when you guys were here You can tell this is the original floors And everything oh yeah All right I think I’m gonna go ahead and Turn the Spirit Box on for a little bit Hi there Go off Sounds like you’re welcome What is your name who’s here with me [Laughter] [Laughter] Please remember this used to be okay [Laughter] I heard several people have died here Did anyone die in this particular room [Laughter] Two Two two [Laughter] Get this get this

Hey hey hey What’s the name of the person that built This house [Laughter] Thank you so much I’m gonna listen back And see what you said You see this old trunk I have a couple Of these at home I have two of them It’s huge dude that is huge that’s a Nice one there This is back in the day this is how they Would wash themselves Foreign I have one of these two at home When these Singer sewing machines just Like those similar to this Look at that old purse oh wow oh my God That is so old Look at that old purse oh my God You can smell the real leather still That is nice Okay Okay I’m in a different room now and uh The trifield meter is getting a little Bit of activity here not a whole lot but A little bit Let me turn it down so Fast Wow you can hear them good down they’re Dead they’re too oh I know what it is Okay we’ve been in here for a few Minutes and nothing’s really happening So we’re gonna go ahead and run the

Spirit Box for just a couple minutes I’m trying to talk to A little Mary Elizabeth Hello Mary Elizabeth are you here Is this your room yes yes Can you tell me what it is that we stuck On your bed Can you tell me what color that ball is On your bed [Laughter] I’m not sure what you said but I hope You said what I think he said What do you think about what they’ve Done with your room here [Laughter] [Laughter] But it’s just fascinating to me that There wasn’t nowhere near the amounts [Laughter] [Laughter] Thank you Thank you I can’t wait to hear what you Said back I heard a few good things Coming through I really appreciate you talking to us I wish you would knock that pink ball Off your bed Can you knock that ball off the bed And give you one more chance can you Move it

Okay so we are now in this room here and I’m trying to adjust the camera Yeah I think that’s good So this is the room where the mannequin Right there that he said has actually Slid out of the chair a couple times I put this room right by Connecticut Was pouring down raining Very nervation of them here Account for AC Yeah there’s no heat on because it’s Chilling in here It just all of a sudden started didn’t It yeah It’s almost like a like a strong wind Sound or anywhere like you said like Rain Hello there Are there any Spirits here in this room With us Whose room was this Beautiful room nice size room too I love The size of it wow Yeah lots of room nice big windows Can you make that Grandpa go off It’s that device with a red light on it Come on let us know that you hear us and That you see us let us know you’re here Making noise or light up those leaders For us It’d be really nice if you could show Yourself Bear told us that he and several others

Has actually seen you guys From time to time And saw that mannequin move Who made those mannequins New York It could really look like that back in The day yeah John Caldwell Foreign Oh my God I did not expect his hand to be my oh my God it’s a startled me and then I just Thought it was gonna get a stiff But it actually did Oh my goodness Did you all think that was funny I hear you like to move Can you vote for us Kind of looks so realistic in a way Especially from a distance you know And that felt weird it looked weird Thank you So you’re gonna Let us know that you hear us and see us Or what They’re going to make a noise for us or Something For all these stories today about things That you guys can do and we just opened It Hoping that you’ll do something for us We’ll come back thank you But I still feel like they’re watching Me too I definitely feel like they’re

Why and I don’t know what it is and it Just makes me feel like they’re yeah Someone who’s watching everything we’re Doing here but I I agree All right so we’re gonna walk back Downstairs We’ve kind of hit up all three rooms And uh Haven’t seen or heard anything yet but The night is young We’ve got all night Okay so Vicki and I are going down into The basement Brian and Adam and Laura just came from Here and Brian Felt like something was choking him And uh Adam like his eyes started Burning And they both said they smelt something That smelled like flesh burning Hear that Hello Is there someone in here with us My name’s Patty and this is my friend Vicki we came to talk to you We come in peace This is the tack room Wow look at all these saddles Who did these belong to You can tell how old they are look at That wow I like touching this old stuff That was uh Created long before we were even born

The is that What makes that kind of noise What You think that’s like a cricket or Something Look at all this stuff that probably Found on the property look Wow All the pieces of glass and stuff like That Pottery Little bottles Kinds of stuff Rare Road spikes Foreign Calf Wow Okay so this is where they said they Were when that happened this is where The little girl died Yeah she was standing right here Um they had a fire going Because of course that’s how they cooked Food back then And uh That might be them up there moving Around I’m not sure But uh anyway so she died in here she This is where she caught fire She lived for about seven days Afterwards and then she ended up dying Okay this is My name’s Patty and this is my friend Vicky

We also have children and grandchildren And we feel really horrible about what Happened here Many years ago In this home To that little girl And to many others but especially that Little girl that’s just horrible what a Horrible story So if there’s any way uh you can let us Know that you hear us we would Appreciate it It’s the one we’re talking about with The boobs We got a rack on her she definitely does Hello Can you let us know that you hear us and See us Can you make a noise do something There was a lot of great food cooking This kitchen back in the old days You guys are alive Things sure have come a long ways since Then The way we cook food I can’t imagine living that way no I Can’t either it’s because we we look at Everything we have today compared to What they had and that’s all they knew So I guess if that’s all you know yeah Who knows 100 years from now everybody’s Probably gonna have a robot cooking for You exactly back in the old days they Used to have to cook their own food

Right Okay that thing is following us what in The hell Okay I’m gonna turn on my uh my rim pod Here Can you get close to it again Light it up for me please Elizabeth if you’re here Can you get close to it I’m sorry sorry about what happened to You here that must have been horrible For you and and your your parents as Well To lose a child that way I don’t feel anything like what they Said no I don’t even so Brian and Adam Both felt Like um they were getting Well no Brian felt like he was getting Choked right and it was Adam that his Eyes were burning yeah To me it just feels like um Heavy-hearted yeah yeah to sadness Oh what that bag just fell over why is That holy I mean it could have been because of That standing up right Trying to turn this camera on because we Just heard I was changing my battery out And we were just sitting here talking we Heard our voice And it wasn’t them No it sounded close to us everything Happened when the damn camera is off

What is going on What did it sound like it said I Couldn’t tell But it sounded female to me yeah Hello can you talk to us again I had my Camera off It’s back on now what was that that you Were saying Hello My name is Patty and this is Vicky What’s your names I have Um A couple things over here that you can Light up for me to let me know that You’re here I mean I’m pretty sure that you are here But if you want to like this that There’s there’s a little round ball over There that lights up will you light that Up for me It’s over there on that um What would that thing be called like a Like a jug or another jail or something Yeah This outfit’s a candle one I’m not sure Let’s see if they look better I might be able to catch something Better that way I don’t know The red light what do you think it does Look cool okay yeah it always does yeah Always like it when you do that I do too A lot of people do Okay so I’m gonna turn on the Spirit Box

And um I would love to hear from you Guys So um come talk to me okay Talk to me and tell me whatever you want To tell me Whatever you think that I need to know Like maybe tell me your names for sure I’d love to hear from the little girl That passed away down here All right here we go Hello Who’s here Burning I think I just heard burning Sorry about the way you had to lose your Life It’s a horrible way to die It’s at the young age Can you tell me your name I think I think Can you tell me how old you were when You died If you love this house Okay It’s a beautiful home And that is really beautiful after it Was built them How are you doing on the other side Are you okay Do you enjoy all the visitors that come Here to see your home

What is your favorite room in this house I don’t know I can’t wait to hear that Back Was this the kitchen So you guys did all your cooking I don’t even think they had electricity Back then I Can’t even imagine Here we all freak out For 20 minutes I know It’s like a major disaster if we don’t Have power for 20 minutes What was your favorite meal to cook in This kitchen Eating Thank you we can’t wait to hear what you Said Let me if one of them And started looking I would be over this table so far Oh God I mean we want something to Happen but with something like that were To happen I think we would probably jump Over this table and run yeah Just snap its head around and look at us Yeah They would yeah I do it to them Now you can also talk to us through the Camera So if you try to communicate with us Without this box It’s a good chance we’ll hear you

Through the camera Just so you know Can you tell me how many spirits are in This house Can you tell me the little girl’s name Caught on fire here in the kitchen That stuff up there is moving It’s hanging but I can’t Tell if my eyes are just playing tricks On me or what You know those those things that are up There Shouldn’t be anything moving in here There’s no wind I have a bunch of those old bottles up There too just like those my dad Collects those as well does he Okay What is that you think that’s a cricket Kind of sounds like a cricket but I just Don’t know yeah it kind of sounds like They’re crooked but Pretty loud it is we that seems to Whatever room we can win We keep hearing it Can you move something in here do Something for us We heard all these stories about what You guys can do around here We want to see something happen Almost looks like I see faces over there On that wall Through the camera But

I’ll know better when I Watch this back it could just be the way The bricks are you know but it just Looks like the only camera it looks like Faces All right well we’re gonna move her into A different room Thank you for communicating with us Coming up here to do some behind the Scenes with Brian and Adam what’s going on up here We are having some intelligent Conversations really okay So what’s happening Yet We have the uh EMF going off and Answering our questions really yeah in That room over there oh wow yeah one With uh Jessica okay Um all right you just did a Spirit Box In there and we got some I asked what Color am I wearing and it sounded like It said black two oh my God in that room Within 10 minutes really I’m sure Okay so Um We know that A gentleman lost his life up there I was Uh I was downstairs ah it was okay Who about a breath from walking up the Stairs um We didn’t get that feeling that you got The heavy feeling the choking and all

That we didn’t we didn’t get any of that We felt like a sadness You know you told to leave 50 million Times stop filming We were we were told to stop filming Like oh my God no we weren’t exactly Said stop recording stop recording yeah And it wasn’t it was more than once it Was multiple times we kept hearing Something up there we don’t we’re not Sure what it was Um yeah I think I was wondering if That’s what it was okay Yeah we thought we heard a whisper at One time I can’t wait to see if the Camera picked it up Okay what did he says There was a hidden ring he said they Were coming through here still All right so My name’s Adam Who else is in here with me my name is Brian John And I’m Laura And I’m Patty and I’m Vicki We come here tonight to learn from you And we also want to communicate with you So I want to show you a few things This thing right here If you talk into it this little orange Light I’ll be able to hear hear you My pretty colors there’s this little Ball right here that if you touch it as You can see it will do the same thing

There’s also another ball over there on The bed next to Patty That will do the same thing If you touch it will you touch that for Me Patty please And then I’ll move it over some just uh Yeah And then over here If you like noise and this is the best Way to communicate You could just come up here and grab This little antenna The closer you get to it The more it goes off and the brighter The colors get brighter the colors here

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