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Thank you Ladies and gentlemen happy Friday to all The boys and girls of all ages and Welcome to the Paranormal portal I’m Your host Brad Thomas and tonight we’re Going to get into a whole bunch of Fantastic stuff including telekinesis And uh other paranormal good goodness Like uh some news of course that we Always cover here and as well as some uh Freaky stories from out of Ireland Thanks to Rachel one of our mods on the YouTube thank you for sending that over I appreciate that and we’ll see what Else we’ll get into as time allows but We got a lot ahead of us I hope you guys Are doing great as always Um things are just phenomenally Improving as far as my health is Concerned after having that heavy cold Um I think it was a cold but my uh my my My mucus production has definitely

Decreased a lot which has helped a bunch Uh yeah I know Mom Mucinex she always She always promotes Mucinex But we hope you’re doing good I hope you All are feeling great as we dive into This and thank you so much to all of you Who are coming in to watch what’s going On here in the Paranormal portal it’s uh A fun fest of of all kinds of paranormal Goodness and by the Paranormal we mean All all of it Cryptids Supernatural UFOs Strange phenomena psychic stuff Etc etc etc so it’s the big umbrella Including cryptozoology so Um we covered all here on the show and Uh if you’re listening on YouTube or Watching on YouTube by all means if You’re new to the show please hit the Subscribe so that you become part of the Family we’d love to have you stick Around as well as our our Discord Community which is uh we’re going to be Covering a little bit when we do the Questions of the week from our Discord Community and we’ll cover the questions Of tonight so uh I guess everything is Good it’s just you and me tonight There’s no co-host except for you so Feel free to participate as best as you Can Um I guess it probably helps if you’re In the YouTube chat to uh hit the at Sign or yeah at and then paranormal Portal and then type your question or

Comment that you’d like to come under my Attention because I’m going to be doing A lot of things here this is a one-man Show you ever see those one-man bands Where their hands is doing all kinds of Crazy stuff they got the harmonica right In their lips and yeah it’s crazy that’s What I am when I’m doing the solo show Here but I love doing it Good to see a paradox good to see uh Kevin y wipf around the sage Excellency Ruger uh let’s see who else is in here The Southern Wild or the Scottish Wild Man rather uh Sandra Pipers here Rachel Gets it right of course one of our Wonderful mods here on the channel uh The fourth caller great to see you Um I don’t know if I’ve missed anybody Yet that’s in the chat anyway as the Chat names are popping up that’s what I Can see so far and hello to those of you Uh oh hi Lily Pond good to see you and Uh over at uh TFR it’s Gemini Jake did Let me know that he’s gonna be out of Commission for about a week Jake Fortes Of course are our wonderful young Listener who always contributes to the Show in so many ways but he uh he sent Me an email saying that he’s going to be Out of town for a week I thought that Was that was really cool like Jake’s Keeping me up to date and he wanted you Guys to know that he you know he’ll be Back so

Very cool so Um uh without further Ado I guess we Should get to it uh I gotta remember how To do this all by myself because I’ve Been on by myself for a long time but This is the how this portal started the Portal started with just me and a Microphone and a whole lot of ambition And in 2016 I guess the beginning early Parts of 2016. so we’ve been at it for a Few years here and uh I I’ve done plenty Of solo shows over the years so I’m sure I’ll figure it out again but thank you So much for being with me and uh we’re Gonna hey Dr Manhattan’s here how you Doing doc good to see you brother Um and portal Mom how you doing portal Mom good to see I knew you were out There that’s why I made the Mucinex Remark I just talked to her earlier Today she’s doing wonderful So um oh Eric purple Hobbit how you Doing let’s uh get to it and uh first I Gotta do uh thanks to our our sponsors Oh you know what I forgot to pull up Something let me do this quick while I Get a chance here and uh this is it I Did I remembered to tab it or to Bookmark it for easy reference going Forward into the future here but Um first of all I’d like to thank the Sponsor of the parent Jesus what do they Do oh forgot to turn that off that’s not Time for that yet that was a little

Early premature Yeah like I said I’m doing this alone Tonight I forgot to turn that off I put It on the other overlay so for those of You on YouTube you know what I’m talking About losing on TFR are probably going What’s going on well trust me you didn’t Miss much Um but thanks to Cryptid coin uh Cryptid Coin is a subsidiary of extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC and they are a Cryptocurrency that has its heart Encrypted research and investigation I Know a lot of people are looking for Alternative forms of investment and Cryptocurrencies are are a pretty uh Popular Trend so check it out go to to learn more about Cryptid coin and see if it’s a good fit For you and uh you know I’m just so Thrilled that they’re continuing to Sponsor the show so thank you to Cryptid Coin and also from extreme Expeditions After I make things disappear here Um so it’s a lot of practice from Extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC uh Coming up in next June June 17th in 2023 Is the second annual Spokane Sasquatch Roundup Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup So Um that’s going to be uh happening it’s A one day event oops hey there’s Elijah I don’t know what that was all about but He’s he’s

I don’t know if you guys saw that that’s My littlest one Um but uh Spokane Valley Roundup is Coming up one of the newer speakers that Was announced of course is a good friend Of mine Charles Howard Johnson who is a Paranormal Investigator and a Sasquatch Investigator as well so he’s going to be Speaking there uh and just a phenomenal Guy just the nicest person you’ll ever Want to meet as well as Um Michael Freeman Paul Freeman’s son of Course of the popular Freeman footage if You’re familiar with that he’ll be a Speaker there and the keynote speaker of Course is Dr Jeff Meldrum and I think Ken Gerhard is going to be there as well Folks so it’s a full day event and as it Stands I believe I’m I’m seeing the Thing so let’s see we’ll see how I do it That I haven’t done a lot of it but at Any rate that’s the the first stuff up On bat here special thanks to uh extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC for standing Behind the show we appreciate it so let Me close that I probably want to see you What he actually says I don’t know what he said hold on what Did he say [Laughter] Asking for Pizza Rolls no I’m a little Busy sorry I can’t get your pizza rolls [Laughter]

This high-tech family oh my God all Right well this is a great time to go to The news so I hope you guys are ready Because it’s time for the news [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen uh Welcome to the Paranormal portal news Desk where I’ve curated plenty of Articles of fun and Intrigue for your Viewing and listening pleasure hopefully You’ll leave this broadcast knowing a Little more than you did and I’m sorry For the things you might learn and you Can’t forget It’s a full grab bag of fun so let’s see What I dug up today Hell to be honest sometimes I’m not even Sure so let me uh let me get to that all Right now first up on the news desk is From unexplained Dash Fantastic site please check them out Folks they do amazing stuff over there Uh great articles but You’re gonna this is one uh that Actually was sent to me as well and Another article format but scientists Have spliced human brain tissue into the Brains of rats

Because God knows we need smarter rats That just that’s a real important thing Uh what was that weird horror movie with The rats was it Wilbur or something like That where that kid could command rats Or something yeah that’s that’s let’s Not do this stuff what are they trying To do why what is the reason and I don’t Know I’m sure it’s not pseudoscience I’m Sure there’s some reason for it so let’s Read and find out this by TK Randall who Contributes I think all of the Articles To uh to to the Unexplained and then this says it Might sound like an experience it might Sound like I could read too it might Sound like an experiment worthy of Dr Frankenstein but we don’t have to worry About rat men anytime soon It’s easy to become concerned when you Hear about a human being a human brain Tissue being spliced into the brains of Other animals but in this particular Case there’s nothing to worry about the Experiment was actually part of a recent Effort to find new types of treatments For Neuropsychiatric disorders oh well I’m I guess I’m sure the rats don’t like It much though the research which is Headed up by neuroscientists Sergio Of Stanford University took lumps of Self-organizing human brain tissue or Organoids I could recommend a few people They might want to put some of that into

As well uh grown in a lab and then Transplanted them into the nervous System of baby rats so as they become a Functioning part of the animal’s brain The technique makes for an effective way To overcome the limitations of growing Samples in dishes Yeah just grow them in living things They don’t mind Most of the work in my lab has been uh That my lab has been doing is been Motivated by this mission of trying to Understand psychiatric disorders at the Biological level so that we can actually Find effective Therapeutics pasca Explained in a press release many of These psychiatric conditions such as Autism schizophrenia are are likely Uniquely human or at least they are Anchored in unique features in the of The brain the human brain and the human Brain has certainly not been very Accessible which has precluded the Progress we’ve been making in Understanding the biology of these Conditions in other words the motives Behind the experiment are totally benign So we won’t have to worry about any Human rat hybrids Escape in the lab and Running amok for now at least Why why what are they going to do with It after it’s planted in there so it Becomes part of the rat’s brain then What are they going to simulate

Psychiatric conditions in this tissues And then try to treat it I don’t Understand obviously I don’t understand Because I’m just not a scientist but That’s pretty curious Okay so that’s the first article up for Bats I don’t know what you think but I Don’t much like it oops that’s not the Right screen Force a habit the buttons are so close Together folks but Um yeah there you go they’re putting Putting brains in human brains and rats None of them will ever get away I’m sure It’s like it’s like the killer bees like That was an experiment Crossing Africanized bees with honeybees American Honeybees to make them more aggressively Producing honey I don’t know if they do that but they Sure got sure got the aggressive part Right because we now have Killer Bees Thank you very much I don’t know deserved a rim shot maybe Or a screaming Emoji I don’t know at any Rate let’s get to the next article here In the news Fest for tonight This also comes from unexplained and this is kind of Interesting Um you know this has to do with Archeology and history so it but it’s a Brand new article from October 12th by TK Randall and again unexplained and it is well I should Read the headline discovery of a 60 000 6 000 year old skull confirms Legend Of lost tribe in Taiwan This isn’t real long no it’s fine the The fine seems to prove the existence of A long rumor to ancient indigenous tribe That lived thousands of years ago Stories of this legendary tribe which Consisted of a group of short Dark-skinned people who resided in the Remote mountains had been passed down The generations in Taiwan for centuries Up until now no physical evidence had Been found to confirm that they ever Actually existed at all but now Following an exciting new discovery by An international team of researchers From Australia Japan Taiwan and Vietnam It looks as though this might be all be Set up to change Unearthed in the cave situated in a Remote mountainous region of the country The discovery which consists of a skull And femur bones dating back 6 000 years Appears to represent the first direct Evidence that this legendary tribe was Not simply a story but a real people That actually existed Foreign That the shape of the bones is similar To the to that of people who were once Indigenous to parts of South Africa and The Philippines and that the individual

They belong to thoughts to be a young Woman stood only 1.3 meters tall and What is that like Four and a half feet or something Seemingly confirming stories that the Tribe was short in stature What the discovery doesn’t do however is Explain what might have befallen these People since there is no record of what Happened to them and they no longer Exist in Taiwan in the present day Some historical accounts suggest that They may have been wiped out thousands Of years ago but without concrete Evidence it’s impossible to say for sure Well there you go Um I guess it’s probably amazing that They found any bones at all considering That for remains to be preserved it Requires pretty specific conditions so Um you know even our bones will Degenerate in enough time Decalcify or or whatever so I don’t know But I guess they proved that there was Basis to that Legend which I think is Also important in a number of ways Because oftentimes our modern thinking We dismiss Legends it’s just fancy full Thinking of our of our you know Forebearers and prone to delusion and Misrepresentation of actual events and So this does show that even though this Was a a you know a mouth-to-mouth story Passed down through the generations

There was a basis for it so that what Else is what else has basis well I think Every Legend has some some Source some Source in truth it’s just you got to be Able to find it so There you have it now you know that bet You didn’t know that before you got here You’re welcome All right let’s get to the next one I Got a bunch of things pulled up I don’t Know what we’re actually going to get Time for here I’m gonna have to check The clock in a few moments but we’ll Just read until we run out of uh run out Of clock I guess Next up is an article from unexplained this one was also sent to Me uh or at least another version was Humanoid AI robot becomes the first ever To speak at the House of Lords I think It was cashew that sent these but I Might be wrong Um this is from October 11 2022. A robot named Ida turned heads today After speaking at a Committee hearing Taking place in the UK parliament’s Upper House developed by Aiden Miller Mellor okay who was a specialist in Modern and Contemporary Arts Ida is Perhaps the most unusual individual ever To speak in the House of Lords sporting A short black Bob a pair of dungarees And two unskinned artificial arms the Yearly lifelike Contraption spoke to the

House of Lords Communications and Digital committee today on the topic of Weather creativity was under attack by Artificial intelligence and Technology It’s certainly a valid Topic in recent Years we’ve been seeming seeing rather An increasing number of images being Reproduced or being produced by AI Algorithms and it is reasonable to Imagine that it won’t be long before Computers can produce images as Convincing as those produced by human Artist or illustrator Yeah Ida or Aida I don’t know what that Means or how to say that challenge is What it means to be an artist and a post Human world said mellor post-human What does that mean are we going Somewhere what’s going on is there is There something we don’t know Her abilities as an artist brings into Question the foundations of the art World and Excuse me the creative Industries I does Maiden speech at the House of Lords will Help us to understand how an AI robot Sees the world and what that means for The future of creativity Ida’s inaugural appearance and the house Went mostly without a hitch although There was a moment when she had to be Reset due to a technical issue which Left her cross-eyed well that’s not good Uh the committee members which might

Have fit in well in Parliament to be Honest with you I don’t know the Committee members deemed quite intrigued As she laid out her case I believe that machine creatively Creative creativity presents a great Opportunity for us to explore new ideas And ways of thinking she said however There are also risks associated with This technology which we need to Consider carefully we need to think of The benefits and limitations and Consider ethical implications Well yeah I suppose I mean I’m sure They’ll probably be voting pretty quick Why not uh I’m sorry I don’t I don’t ever mean to Get political on the show it’s just you Hear so much about AI now as being you Know representing another kind of Intelligence so when is it’s given its Own uh personhood I guess is what I’m Trying to say and I don’t know I don’t Know how that criteria is figured out But anyway There’s that And next up Um this one’s going back to uh the way Back archives at unexplained and I thought this was Kind of interesting because you know you Figure if someone’s pushing a uh pushing A A Century of age Then they should probably be taking it

Easy but not this guy from 2011 October I don’t know if the guy’s still around I Probably would gather not but maybe Maybe still still here but this is from 2011 a 100 year old man completes Marathon I think that’s singe successfully Completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just over eight hours Since took up running 11 years ago at The age of 89. good for you man wow I’ll be lucky if I can push a spoon then After his wife and son had died and is Said to train every day by running 10 Miles he attributes his remarkable Fitness to drinking tea eating ginger Curry and being happy 100 year old Britain has become the World’s oldest marathon runner after Finishing a race in Canada fauja singed From IL ilford yeah I guess so East London ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in eight hours 25 minutes and 16 seconds I can hardly run to the bathroom and This guy’s 100 over 100. wow good for You man that’s the way it is that’s the Way to go that’s incredible You know oftentimes we dismiss you know That age is uh um a very limiting thing But maybe it’s still all in our heads Right All right next up the next article let Me check the clock here we got five

Minutes I might be able to get through All of this okay next up from the Archives is You know you got to love your kids first Of all let me just say this you gotta Love your kids got to take care of them Raise them right and hopefully someday They’ll take care of us and it’s a Beautiful concept it’s a beautiful Notion and I think it’s one we should All aspire to because of course we’re Raising the next Generations Um and uh hopefully they’ll turn out Even better than us I mean that’s always I think every parent’s hope and dream Well here’s a couple kids that That might have broke that Paradigm just A little this is from 2011 uh August 31st sibling Sue mother for fifty Thousand dollars Maybe I don’t know a brother and sister Have sued their own mother for fifty Thousand dollars on the grounds Bad parenting The actual crimes however are somewhat Questionable Kimberly Garrity was Accused of everything from failing to Take her son to a car show to phoning Her daughter to come home from a party At midnight hardly questions worthy of a Lawsuit despite being represented by Three lawyers the siblings now 20 and 23 Failed to win their case Applause on that good thank God

Wow So proud of those kids must be a great Time at the holidays they alleged Garrity failed to take Catherine to a Car show and threatened Steven in the Second with phoning police if he did not Buckle his seatbelt the children claimed She haggled over dress prices and called At midnight to tell Catherine to come Home from a party reported the Chicago Tribune Wow Maybe I can’t even say it I I can’t even Say it but my God those kids definitely Needed some kind of some kind of Correction way earlier before this I Don’t know how you raise two kids that Think that this is warranting 50 Grand Oh my God tragic folks that’s a tragic Tale of kids gone awry I mean it’s the different kind of a ride Though usually you think oh maybe they Fall into drugs or you know gangs or Violence or something but these kids Fell into litigiousness and that’s Pretty disgusting But it’s a long time ago now Let’s get to the next one here uh If uh if if you you know I mean cosmetic Surgery is an important thing I guess For some people Let me do this make sure yeah it’s Important thing for some people to you Know maybe correct some parts of your of

Your Anatomy that you feel are not as You’d like them and I guess it’s a Powerful thing but You might want to be careful uh what to Do after that because from this story From August 26 2011 from unexplained woman’s breast implants Pop during paintball I don’t even know what to say to that a Woman enjoying a game of paintball Suffered an unfortunate injury when her Breast implant popped The bizarre accident was uh has Led Led Paintball organizers to insist women With breast implants wear additional Chest protection during matches part of The fun of paintball is that it hurts a Bit when you get shot but at the in all The years that we’ve been going uh we’ve Never seen an incident like this at the Spokesman what does that even look like When that happens I mean I got all kinds Of flat tire images in my head the Woman’s bizarre injury suffered last Weekend caused UK paintball which Operates more than 50 facilities Throughout the UK to insist that woman With breast enhancements now wear extra Chest protection the Croydon Guardian Reported Wow way to take the fun out of paintball [Laughter] How does that even happen I don’t know I Got a minute left I think I can maybe

Squeeze out one more of these nah I Think I’ll leave it till tomorrow we’ll Hit the rest of them tomorrow folks but That’s gonna wrap up done news we’ll get Right back to it after the break so Don’t go away [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Folks so that’s the Paranormal portal News hope you enjoyed that segment uh Brought to brought to you by the letters OMG so we’ll be uh right back in just a Couple minutes uh we’re gonna take a Break if you’re new to the show and You’re like what’s going on where you Can take a break you’ve only been out at 27 minutes because we are actually Simulcasting on iHeartRadio uh TFR live Which is simulcasting on iHeart tune in And talk stream live networks and they Take half hour breaks so in order to Keep it all synced up we take them here On YouTube as well Um love it or hate it I did uh you know Compile some videos in the past that Hopefully are at least a little Entertaining if you’re sitting there Alone otherwise if you’re on YouTube Just enjoy the chat Community our chat Community is second to none none

All right we’ll be right back folks so Don’t go away for more of the Paranormal Portal coming right up Love you mean it Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Yes [Applause] [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen welcome back uh we Are back at it here on the Paranormal Portal thank you so much for being here As always uh remember the phone lines Are always open here on the portal if You want to call in and be a part of the Discussion you sure can be I better pin That in the chat on YouTube but for Those of you uh listening uh let’s see Called in If you have A story to share Seven two zero oops Nine two three zero five Zero zero That is the call-in number for the Paranormal portal and uh you can Certainly I’m gonna pin that to the top Of the YouTube chat if anybody needs to See it it’ll appear oh it actually did

Appear now on the screen right here Right there yep so it’s on your screen On YouTube but those of you uh listening Live without a screen it’s 720-923-0500 if you want to call in There’s always that opportunity but Right next we’re going to go into our Next segment on the show and this is a Newer segment we’ve been doing lately But it’s one I’m really thrilled with It’s been a lot of fun we’ve had some Great discussions come up over Um what we call the questions of the Week on our Discord Channel and uh this Is a a great segment uh and I’m really Excited for it but let’s get into that Are you ready Where is it wait where is it oh I got to Do this don’t I I gotta do this don’t I okay yeah there It is all right let’s pull this up All right ladies and gentlemen this is The questions of the week uh which is a Uh kind of a marriage between our Discord server and our YouTube or uh Yeah YouTube channel and TFR live as Well one around there on Friday Saturdays but what it is is uh of course First of all we have a Discord community And let me do this so I can invite People and I can put a link in the chats Let me do that And then I’ll close that and I’ll put a Link to join in the chats if you’d like

To become part of our Discord Community Uh paranormal portal user you sure can Um let’s put it in the other one where’s That there we go all right and that is In TFR now as well and essentially it’s A question that we ask our our Discord Community and give them an opportunity To weigh in these are paranormal Questions although the last the last Question of the week had to do with just Show structure I asked for some tips and Ideas of things people like to see so That’s kind of the theme for tonight’s Show is some of the feedback that we got Last time at least some of it but let’s Get into it and uh the question of the Week for this week is uh well it’s Really small font isn’t it even when It’s big Many people believe we are capable of Incredible Supernatural feats Telekinesis and psychonesis is the Psychokinesis is the ability to move Objects with thought or intent do you Believe such abilities such as this lie Dormant in our genetics or spiritual Abilities do you believe we are capable Of of this and so much more And uh you know this is a telekinesis I Think is is an intriguing idea first of All I want to go to a couple of other Articles because I thought well we Should probably Define telekinesis and Psychokinesis a little bit if we can now

Here’s here’s an interesting thing and a Lot of times the words are used Interchangeably depending on your source And I’ll put that up on screen now in The source is and it takes what’s The psychokinesis versus telekinesis What’s the difference and so in actually In in the the definitions they offer It’s parapsychology the movement of Objects by the use of psychic power Abbreviated as PK Okay so whenever you hear PK that means Psychokinesis telekinesis uh is they can They don’t know the source of where that Comes from I mean tele means distance Kinesis it means move so uh the ability To move objects with the power of one’s Mind So of course psycho meaning mind and Moving but or movement so that’s one one Of the the sources now the next one I Found uh had a little bit more to offer And this one is From what is it called Mystic M-y-s-t-i-c Mystic mag and this uh Psychokinesis versus telekinesis what’s The difference in 2022 and I found this Interesting and I I don’t know what to Tell you the exact differences But it sounds like psychokinesis Involves more than just the movement of Objects and it says if you’re thinking

To yourself aren’t psychokinesis and Telekinesis the same thing well then You’re definitely not alone while these Two abilities have inherent similarities They also have important differences That affect how you develop and practice These skills read on now this is written By zeandra niker and it was updated October 15th 2022 so that was what That’s tomorrow isn’t it yeah so it’s It’s already updated this is a cool Magazine because they update in the Future Um I know it’s it’s over in Europe or Something yeah I got it uh it says Um let’s see how psychokinesis differs From telekinesis it says let’s start by Examining The Roots and definitions of These words the root Kinesis comes from The Greek word of movement So as you probably guessed both of these Words have to do with moving things they Both also have to do with using the Power of your mind to cause movement but There is a key difference between these Two here psychokinesis is when you use Your own mind to influence the mind of Other living beings to take certain Action so for example you might use your Psychokinetic abilities to have your Partner bring you the TV remote Telekinesis on the other hand is the Ability to move inanimate objects with

The power of your mind so instead of Influencing your partner to bring you The TV remote you instead levitate the Remote to bring it to you And then it goes on to offer some ideas On how to develop those things if you’re Anybody’s interested in that link uh Again it’s uh psychic Dash Reading slash psychokinesis Dash versus Dash telekinesis So that’s the article I’ll hang on to it In case anybody wants a link but I think That’s enough for the definition because Whatever the case is that’s the that Individually isn’t is important to the Question the idea of the question is is Do we have a lot more abilities than we Know so haxor comes up first and says Good question Um Force for seeing events 100 Telekinesis psychokinesis yes as well Beyond all the chicanery I have seen Someone levitate uh and Friends Surrounding her all agree as far as wish Willful think willful I think it lies Dormant Okay so actually hacks are witnessed Somebody levitating which is incredibly Powerful Um I’ve never seen that personally I’ve Seen things move but I’ve never seen a Person float Um zx81v2 says I believe these gifts are

The next phase of our existence we are Just getting glimpses into them with the Right mind anything’s possible even the Impossible good points yeah I agree Completely I think we we haven’t even Begun to tap our potential I really Think that there’s so much that we are Capable of Beyond understanding and and Incredible incredible things Lily Pond says I absolutely do I tried It once with lightweight aluminum fan Lightly balanced on a stick and not only Did it spin around but I was able to uh Intentionally stop and then reverse it Amazing but we can do it with heavier Objects I can’t I’ve only tried that one Time I know a beer won’t fly from the Fridge and land in my hand yeah I tried [Laughter] It’d be nice if it did that’d be a hell Of a good power All right thank you for that and uh lee Taxer says I believe so I just wish There was a secret to unlock them at Will I I agree I remember hearing Stories of of mothers lifting cars to Save a trapped child could could it be Adrenaline or Or a momentary access to these dormant Abilities half of the fun is in the Mystery you’re right good point and That’s possible I mean maybe that is Part of it I don’t know Uh within says yes just yes and I that

It can be answered that way too high That’s fine uh zx81 V2 says the act of Of total giving for the safety of Another over own Survival yeah yeah Perhaps that removes some of those Limitations because just just Psychologically or psychiatrically you You go to different dormant Parts just From Hysteria and and Desperation so Yeah that’s a good point Android Purity says yes telekinesis for Sure there’s tons of incidents of people Being able to do this and Aliens also Being able to do this with the humans They abducted for psychokinesis not so Sure I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for Humans but there hasn’t been enough Evidence to I have seen now things Moving on their own which is not caused By a human then yes even though I have Never seen that I’ve I’ve seen mountains Of credible evidence on accounts that I Definitely that it definitely happens However caused by ourself I don’t think It’s possible of our brain if it is Possible then I think uh one way it Might be possible would be through an Out-of-body experience and knock it over Or move an item during your out-of-body Experience yeah good point Great points yep and I and I think That’s that’s a key reason that I asked The question because uh you know we do Observe things moving without any

Physical Um or or visible Um stimuli I mean things move why what’s Doing that we often attribute to spirits And stuff but so if Spirits at least in Some cases were formerly living people That they inherit this power after they Dump their body or is it all in all of Us is it part of our spiritual core and And it just you know they don’t have the Barriers that the living do and that Could be I don’t know Lars grass says as For aliens communicating I know of one Group that uses Tech implants to Communicate with those that they know Interesting but he says I do agree with You on the other two things people I Think they move things uh then it is Demons and evil spirits moving things For them I don’t know about that at all Um I don’t begrudge you your your idea and You’re in your your concept and you Could be right Um I’m just saying that I don’t think That that’s solely the the realm of evil Spirits or demons Um you know I think it’s just A part of the nature of being able to Interact energetically with things And we I think are our very essence is An energetic being But that’s my thoughts

Um and Eric purple hob or PHA says yes I Do believe these things we can do we Have no clue about yet yeah I agree too The fourth color says I want to believe Amen brother Carol matzinger says since ghost spirits Can move things and they are in energy We being also made of energy should be Able to but I think it would take Training uh like learning to use Um use chi in martial arts it is the the Energy field around the human body yeah I think you’re absolutely right Um much like learning to walk we didn’t Just come out of the out of uh out of Our birth and get up and walk it’s Something we had to work and if you ever Look at babies I mean babies are these Messes of No Control they’re just like They’ve got things going on everywhere But they’re learning and it’s a process Of them learning to control the you know The the Physical vehicle that we’re in so I Imagine anything starts out small and Like a muscle you know people don’t just Become a bodybuilder they work at it People don’t become masters of a martial Art they work at it for years and years And I imagine that this is something Similar so that’s a great Point Carol Thank you Rachel says I think we are Capable of such abilities it’s something Spoken about in human culture for

Centuries if they’re dormant in us all That uh and can be developed is probably Something that is being done quietly by Individuals or institutions I think it Would be done secretly as anyone Displaying these abilities would find Themselves locked away in a laboratory I Couldn’t agree more I I think that there Would definitely be the risk if if you Were you know extraordinarily Telekinetic or even mildly I would think That you could be in a situation where Hey come on in for an appointment we’re Just going to do a few tests I’m just saying could happen but who Knows Um but I really appreciate your guys’s Input on this topic uh it’s a it’s a Fascinating topic Um and Again this is going to be happening Before every live show in our district Discord community so if any of you want To get involved and become part of these Questions then I’d love to see it if any Of you are in chat now you’re welcome to You know weigh in on this as well I’m Just looking at the chat to see if Anything come up came up any of you guys Had any thoughts I’m just going through The chat right now Why do I have somebody have to call in You guys are always adamant about Calling in and I love when you call in

Don’t get me wrong but it’s not a you Know it’s not a mandatory thing it’s Great when you do Um I was going to make it a YouTube channel Where I try things okay Uh and get them wrong it’s kind of why You’re getting it right oh okay that’s Rachel gets it right that’s how it’s uh The name came up cool very cool Uh let’s see my answer is yes Maggie Says good thank you hey Paranormal Portal Ruger Ridge has nine porches Porches you have nine porches That’s a lot of porches Ruger You might have you might have to to Check on that uh Is that some kind of a Obsession of some Sort or what does that mean you got nine Porches am I reading that right Yeah nine porches huh Check your you need to check email okay I can do that let me just do this first And I’ll open the private secret top Secret email I don’t have an email at All so let me refresh though just to see Nope I still have no email Stop it Brent what did I do What am I doing what’s going on Oh fitted with armored okay all right Well that’s it for that segment so thank You so much everyone for weighing in on That I do appreciate it and that is in Our Discord community so if you want to

Get involved in that uh please again Look at the link it’s in the YouTube Chat it’s in the TFR chat that’s as good As I can do it Um never mind seems the Ruger Ridge was Putting on airs okay Oh I need okay gotcha all right gotcha I Thought you were telling me to check Email I don’t know I’m just trying to belong man I’m just Trying to fit in man that’s all I just Want to be important man come on All right so anyway I did find an Article about some telekinesis stuff That I think would be fun to go over as Well so let me get that up and we’ll Dive into that If I can figure out where the hell there It is there it is Um here here it is it’s from And this is going to bring us into the Break and probably just beyond the break Here but Um this is from Famous and unnerving cases of Clairvoyance and telekinesis so it’s Going to involve Clairvoyance as well But that’s another ability that fits Into our category here holy God why is That so ungodly huge What in the lord’s name is going on here That doesn’t even fit Wow I don’t know what’s happened to that Yeah it’s it’s like zooming way in on it

Let’s see all right let me Zoom this out A little bit maybe Good Lord that’s huge Oh yeah it shouldn’t be 200. that was my Fault that was my fault that’ll fit a Little better All right so famous and unnerving cases Of Clairvoyance and telekinesis this is By Jacoby Bancroft it was updated September 23 2021. Um let’s see the first one is message Beyond helps woman find closure It says as per her version of accounts An unnamed woman and let me see if I can Maybe make this a little narrower and Try to get it to fit better on the Screen Just trying to make it more visually Appeasing No it needs to be a little more doesn’t It peace all right let’s try this There we go that’s fitting as per the Version of counts uh an unnamed woman in Pennsylvania had a tough time after the Passing of her mother she was unsure What to do with her mom’s home it was Extremely close to her own home so Selling or renting it would have caused The woman to lose privacy but on the Other hand she didn’t want to wanted Vacants while paying to maintain it one Day a bright light appeared in front of The woman and she heard her mother’s Voice tell her to take everything she

Needed from the house lock it up and the Problem would be solved on June 8th the Woman skeptically did as the voice told Her and was shocked when on June 8th the House was struck by lightning and burned Down Problem solved plus a fat check from the Insurance company Wow how absolutely accurate is that Good God That’s some pretty specific advice So you got to ask yourself did Mom make It make the lightning come then boom I’m Gonna take care of this for you or was It just seeing the events coming hard to Say next one was it an example of a Clairvoyant or a guardian angel Uh in 2006 a woman suffering from breast Cancer was approached by a stranger who Knew her who told her he knew she had Cancer on the left breast and everything Would be fine when the woman’s husband Asked the Man how he knew this the man Said he was her guardian angel he then Walked away and the couple hasn’t seen Him since The prediction came true Wow divine intervention sounds like I Mean Clairvoyance doesn’t usually talk To both people They’re both having to join Clairvoyant Experience I think it’s more likely it’s The guardian angel but very cool glad it Worked out for them

The Titanic prediction is next 14 years Before the Titanic made its fateful Voyage Morgan Robertson wrote a novella Predicting its crash the book was Entitled futility or the wreck of the Titan and it was published in 1898. Robertson’s predictions bore so many Similarities to the actual crash is not Hard to believe some sort of psychic Phenomena was at play Robertson told the Story of the Titan a fictional boat or Was it the largest in the world Completely Unsinkable it hit an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland traveling at 25 knots and sank the Titanic was of Course hailed as Unsinkable and went on To crash into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland at 22.5 knots a number of Other similarities similarities exist Between the book and the Titanic maybe Suggesting that Robertson had some Otherworldly gift Wow That’s incredible and I have heard that Before and I think there was even a few More similarities between the the book The fictional book and the actual events That ended up transpiring but it does Make you wonder was that a premonition And the guy was so moved by it that he Wrote a fictional book about it Ah did it come to him in a dream or you Know what is the deal that’s incredible Abraham Lincoln predicted his own death

I’m still waiting for some telekinesis To show up here in this article but Shortly before his assassination in 1865 President Abraham Lincoln had a dream in Which he encountered a corpse that was His own when in the dream Lincoln asked Other observers what had happened to the Body they informed him that it was the President who had been killed by an Assassin the dream wool came up with an Unwelcome foreboding and it’s no wonder The Civil War had been raging the United States was split into turmoil and Lincoln very well might have felt in Danger Lincoln was notoriously a fervent Believer in dreams as premonitions as Well and historians believe though He took the dream of his death seriously Okay I don’t know the font was hard to Read there This is the arbor fan disaster is there Any telekinesis here okay well anyway The arbor fan disaster In October 21st 1966 a devastating Landslide bombarded a small village of Aberfam Wales burying 116 children and 28 adults after the horrific event Psychiatrist Dr John Barker wrote a book Entitled premonitions and the arbor fan Disaster On a count of 76 letters he had Collected after the incident that seemed To indicate a large number of people had Premonitions about the landslide before

It happened if one person predicts a Tragedy well maybe it’s luck but what About dozens the most famous premonition About the landslide came from Errol my My a school girl who told her mom about A dream she had a day before the Disaster in the dream Mai said her Schoolmates and her were suddenly Surrounded by something dark and black She was convinced something was going to Happen to her and her friends sadly she Was right That’s so horrible oh gosh Tyler Henry shook Hollywood When Alan Thicke died I didn’t realize that one thick items I’m sorry to hear that huh uh the uh Hollywood medium Tyler Henry was made Has made a name for himself since his uh Eponymous show first aired uh on E in 2016. the teen Clairvoyant has met with A multitude of celebrities and Personalities including the Kardashians Little Kim Jim Parsons and others and he Mainly Works to connect the celebs with Deceased loved ones In 2016 Henry asked visited Alan Thicke On the show and told him that in Communicating with Thick’s loved ones He’d realize that thick had genetic Blood pressure issues and might cause Problems at this health later Henry warnfick to keep that in mind to Watch his health in those areas a mere

Four months later thick died from what Was officially listed as a ruptured Aorta Huh Well He was warned I guess what do you do Jeffrey Palmer Let’s see we got about a Minute Jeffrey Palmer predicted multiple Natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina Sometimes psychics have an area of Expertise Jeffrey Palmer quickly Rose to Prominence by predicting natural Disasters the Australian psychic Accurately predicted the volcano Eruption and subsequent tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. well I guess people should pay attention All right the psychic powers of Nina Kulagina kulagina and this was from Russia I believe Starting in the 1960s Russian psychic Mina kugali kulagina shook the world With psychic powers and telekinesis she Was a much discussed in the Russian Scene Community uh test after test was Performed on her to determine how and Why she was able to do the things she Did much of her later life was devoted To these tests and still heavily debated How powerful she actually was all right We’re gonna go to the break we’ll be Right back and we’ll hit this rest of

This article and move on to even more Fun stuff don’t go away Everybody likes to play their games They don’t understand the price Inside me of their lives Why Don’t you stop breaking me with kindness To you dance upon my heart Taking off the slice of my sanity just Make sure that you’re well You put you either [Applause] Yeah I can’t see you Mommy [Applause] Caroline is not like those she’s with They’re attracted to the one thing about

Her that’s different from themselves Very strong This office And Earthly Pleasures But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to That Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual Hauntings seem to be connected with an Area A house usually you guys disturbances Are fairly short duration perhaps a Couple of months Politics can go on for years And years and years much like the second Hour intro That can go for a long time All right folks we are back and back at It and uh we actually do have a call on The line and I think this is our good Friend hacks or one who talked in the Discord about seeing someone levitate so Let’s see if this is him is that you Hackser Hello there how you doing brother Oh pretty good yeah I didn’t leave a lot Of Detail in the Discord but I just figure I’d either type it in or

Call in so yeah please I’d love I’d love To hear more about this because of Course that’s an incredibly profound Thing to witness So what happened It blew our minds actually but I set the Way back into our early 20s and All the group of us were always goofing Around my house and at the moment in the Kitchen was the whipped cream fight Uh-huh So I’ve always got a can of whipped Cream and we’re going crazy trying to Squirt each other And so forth and so on nice okay So with silliness going on My friend comes over with his girlfriend And his girlfriend who is Quote and quote a witch but I don’t know How much of that is true but that’s what She kind of like to imagine in her age Of 23. okay So anyway they walk in the house and say Well hello ever everybody and my friend Turns to the girl goes aha Points the whipped cream can add her and She screams [Applause] And the ensuing Chase as a few of us Chasing her through the house with Whipped cream kitchens okay now Here’s where it gets really weird Because apparently all of us are chasing Her

But then she looks at the door Looks of the hallway And cannot decide where to go Then her head goes one way her body goes The other She lifts up off the floor Oh my God A levitating position vertically For at least five to six seconds While all of us and this is how profound It was we got to look at each other and Not just one at another I looked at one person they looked at Another and another look at another we All looked at each other she hung in the Air for so long and then she finally Fell We asserted herself and walked out the Front door Oops But for the next 30 40 years nobody Could figure out How did she just lift off the ground Hold a position like that yeah and Just no snow there’s no chicanery as we Say it was just she did it wow and I Think it was she was so stressed that She popped into That part of the brain that you don’t Understand and she just did that as a Defense mechanism wow So did anybody ever ask her like hey What the hell just happened Uh we never really talked about it it

Was little oh okay too weird No I understand I mean yeah so that’s Kind of why I said yes I believe in What are prognostication I say my whole Family is good at that sure Um As far as telekinesis Uh psych kinesis Uh I wasn’t sure what that one fell into If it was really levitation teleport to Psychokinesis How do you just lift up From Like running to Up just up legs out body torso straight Hold that position Wow And literally so long that It wasn’t like a quick second and she Felt no this was Henry do you say this do you see that And can we all see what the mother what Boom Wow yeah that’s good That’s amazing and that’s why yeah I Believe it’s probably innate enough so There you go that’s really cool man Thank you so much for calling in in Sharing the meat of that story that’s Incredible Well thank you sir have a good one it’s Good to hear from you man talk to you Soon take care You bet

There you go ladies and gentlemen that’s That’s amazing Um You try to understand uh an experience Like that and and I guess maybe you do Believe she’s a witch after that for Sure you know because that could have You know if she can float maybe she Didn’t even know she could maybe she did Though what if she did What if she did know that she could do That and didn’t mean to expose it but Was so freaked out by the incident that She just popped into a self-preservation Mode I don’t know that’s incredible there are Plenty of uh references to stuff like That in in occult practices uh Apparently you know those Traditions are Pretty pretty old and uh you know there Are those practitioners that seek Abilities such as that and maybe maybe They land sometimes maybe they maybe They figure it out Um and if she was generationally you Know uh practitioning stuff then maybe It’s even even more likely I don’t know It’s just it’s an incredible thing it’s An incredible thing what abilities lie Dormant in US I I can’t even begin to imagine I’ve Seen enough weird stuff in my life that I I don’t question too much because I Think this is this is a canvas we just

Get to paint on this life you know and This experience and I think a lot of us Get sucked into our our day-to-days and Stuff but uh yeah We just don’t get a chance to really dig Into what we’re capable of because we’re Just keeping up But some people do and maybe they do Find those things out But anyway very cool and uh we’re gonna Get back to that article on on uh on Rancor now so let me get back to that Now there we go so uh yeah I got some Comments in the in the YouTube chat About my speed reading before the break It’s like I just had to get through it Uh and it did there was one other Sentence in the in uh Nina kulagina and Her in her story and says publish tests And first-hand accounts point to her Being genuine While others still insist It was all a trick and there is a video Uh I don’t know it’s not red though so I Don’t know if it’ll actually work or not I’m almost hesitant to to click it but Um maybe there is something to it I Don’t know no it doesn’t actually look Like it works does it work No I guess no no wait maybe I guess it does actually work and this Is an actual video for those of you on YouTube you can see this and this is Nina kulagina uh which I believe was During Soviet Russia during the Cold War

Era where she was doing things Psychokinetically And or telekinetically there she is Moving the matchbox and you can see and These are these are allegedly very Controlled tests that’s her sliding it Along but they were very controlled Scientific tests allegedly Now magicians do this kind of trick Constantly and able to make it look Believable but is it’s truly legitimate Now the what we don’t know is what’s Under the table that’s not visible That’s certainly magnets could Accomplish a lot of this which is Commonly used in magicians uh craft but And I don’t know it’s hard to say But Who can who can say for sure I don’t Know It is pretty uh pretty impressive Looking though or they’ve now got it for Those who listening rather than watching They covered the objects with uh looks Like a plastic Plexiglas box Uh and here she is Looking at a compass I guess it’s a Compass and she’s making it change Directions again could it be done with Magnets sure but You have to presume that they these Really are controlled tests and these Are being Um administrated by with oh there they

Are they’re showing the bottom of the Table so there’s no magnet under there That’s visible But it’s hard to say Oh now she’s moving the watch as well We can’t see under this table but it’s Interesting So do we have the ability to project our Our energy or to connect with other Objects that don’t don’t have a Consciousness in our traditional sense Can we connect with those things as an Extension of ourselves can we move them Can we manipulate them and I don’t know Maybe it’s possible but let’s get to the Next one for those in YouTube you get to See that video Laura Lynn Jackson for Saw our grandfather’s death And this is Laura Lynn Jackson is a Popular psychic who has first Encountered her ability at a young age She was just she was just at 11. Jackson’s mom took her to see her Grandparents upon arrival Jackson Immediately felt something powerful Within her forcing her into an ice cold Panic she begged her mom not to leave Her alone with her grandfather but she Didn’t understand why a few weeks later Her grandfather died and Jackson later Realized she felt such a wave of emotion Because it was the beginning of the Voyage of her grandfather’s soul Since then she’s been able to sense

Sadness pain and negativity from the People around her and uses her ability To help people That’s cool okay that must be a photo of Her grandfather Yeah huh A skeptic turned into a Believer thanks To a psychic Uh Al DeLuise is a skeptic of the Psychic phenomena until he had an Experience that sent chills down his Spine he visited popular medium in north New Jersey or North Jersey who began the Session with broad predictions that Could have been lucky guesses before Getting more and more specific telling Al that his mother was with her daughter His deceased sister is in the afterlife Uh the psychic announced that another Spirit had entered the room the husband Uh someone the husbands of someone named Elizabeth as it turned out one of Al’s Close friends Elizabeth lost her husband A month prior in the 9 11 attacks Through through the psychic the spirit Asked Al to tell Elizabeth he was okay Which deloise did Huh Yeah I think obviously I’m a firm Believer in the psychic phenomena we of Course have had Deb on the show many Times and she is incredibly legitimate In my opinion Jules Verne predicted the Apollo of moon landing

The father of science fiction earned his Mighty moniker through writing about his Vivid about his vivid imagination and Possibly because he also had powers of Clairvoyance in 1865 Jules Verne Published from the Earth to the Moon About three people who send themselves Into space on a small rocket hoping to Reach the moon not only does the crew Arrive on the moon in the vessel which Was roughly the size of Apollo 11. but a Few of Vern’s literally Literary mathematical calculations Proved accurate as well Wow there you go Jules Verne saw it happening in the 1800s wow Guy Bob Lee was also known as the Kinetic man Uh we all want to be able to move stuff With their minds even though most of us Will never get the chance there are a Handful of individuals who seem capable Of doing it he can bend spoons like like The kind in The Matrix meet guy bother Babel or bobly bobly known as kinetic Man throughout his life bodily thoughts Out a multitude of techniques and skills That have helped him harness his Mastery Of telekinesis he’s also fascinating he Was featured on an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans showcasing his powers and Abilities of course he might also just Be a really good magician yeah spoon

Bending is I mean it’s gimmicky Um I don’t know I mean I don’t know I’d Like to believe it’s true but I don’t Know I know that there’s plenty of Magician tricks pre-bent spoons how to Hold them you know you can learn all of That of course if you look hard enough Edgar case Casey predicted the stock Market crash in World War II Known as the sleeping profit on account Of his ability to put himself into a Sleep like trance and awaken with Amazing predictions Edward case Edgar Casey was one of the most famous Psychics in the early 1900s he predicted A great deal of things including the Stock market crash of 1929 in 1925 he Predicted it World War One in 1935 when In all honesty uh the writing was on the Wall people should probably have Listened to him more Yeah Psychic twins predicted the 911 attacks Well The Jameson sisters have found missing Missing persons solve crimes reunited Families and diagnosed illnesses who Needs doctors when you have psychics the Psychic twins most famous prediction Occurred in 1999 when they supposedly Foresaw the Attacks of September 11 2001. on November 2nd 1999 the sisters Went on the Art Bell show radio show and Boldly declared their prediction to more

Than 20 million listeners Goddard had a Huge a huge audience jeez uh Federal Buildings in New York City and South Carolina or Georgia would be attacked on 20 2002. Um by South Carolina or Georgia they Meant the Pentagon the sisters have Since clarified well of course it’s easy To clarify after the fact right we meant We meant that I’m not casting aspersions obviously I Do believe in the phenomena but I don’t Know I I do question Those that put themselves in in the Positions of of celebrity uh not that They don’t have a right to you know be Compensated for their gifts or or their Abilities but at the same time it does It does make you wonder Of course those people are going to be Under much more scrutiny I think than Than most people for claiming hey I’m Psychic Alexis de taukeville talkville predicted The Cold War in 1840. In 1835 Alexis de tocqueville I don’t Know if that’s even close to right but That’s how I’m pronouncing it made a Speculation which has now become Infamous as a political prophecy Pertaining to the risks of the U.S and Soviet Union uh are the rise rather of The U.S and Soviet Union and the Development of the Cold War in the

Two-volume work Democracy in America he Wrote there are now two great nations in The world which start starting from Different points seem to be advancing Toward the same goal the Russians and The anglo-americans each seems to seems Called by some secret design of Providence one day to hold its hands in Its hands the Destinies of half the World Well maybe all of it if things go south Uh to tocaville was a political Scientist and historian whose work was Has proven that sometimes the people who Study the past may be best equipped to Tell the future making historians or More generally data scientists the most Valuable Clairvoyance of all Certainly scrubs knew where to find Bin Laden oh TV show Scrubs all right this One might not be an actual case of Clairvoyance but well the hell you could Look at The Simpsons done for Clairvoyance but if any any show had Psychic writers it would have been Scrubs in one episode janitor tells JD I Should look for the infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan it plays Like a joke but coincidentally or not That’s exactly where Bin Laden was shot And killed spooky And tana Hoy predicted the Oklahoma City Bombings tenahoy claims his psychic Gifts started at a young age he had an

Abundance of invisible friends growing Up but only later realized that they Were the spirits from the other side Hoya was a practicing psychic for a long Time before being thrust in the public Eye when he predicted the Oklahoma City Bombings on National radio 90 minutes Before it happened he also predicted the Downfall of the Mexican Government which He claims to have actually happened and In 2000 that Robert Downey Jr would do More drugs which is kind of like Predicting your dog will eat a steak if You drop it well no one bats a thousand Well there you go Um interesting Interesting stuff So whatever you think folks I don’t know But it is It is interesting I did learn something Interesting today on a side note I think It was on I was watching a YouTube short Or something and and this this guy came Out and they’re like 30 second clips on YouTube and a lot of creators are Starting to make them and I suppose I’m Going to be forced to make them too just To keep trying to compete in the market But um what I thought was interesting Was this guy is a a scientist or or Professor or something he was talking About uh the human brain he said that in Uh kids seven and under their their Brains are in a lower vibrational state

And it’s referred to as the Theta state And then he goes on to say do you know What else is that is in the Theta State And uh it’s hypnosis he says then after That they they work into a higher Vibrational State and so that he was Talking about that now what occurred to Me instantly was We often have talked on the show about What’s going on with kids seeing spirits So easily But if they’re if their brains really Are working almost exclusively in the Theta state Then maybe that also has to do with Being open to those kind of experiences So much more than the rest of us who are Our brains are in a different state So I think mine’s whatever vibrates Lower than Theta that’s where I am most Of the time but uh generally speaking That was a very interesting point to me That maybe that explains how so many Children are able to encounter and talk To spirits as if they were right there He also said that that’s why they you Know have such creative imaginations Like they can you know pick up toys and That world is real to them because They’re in that Theta State and uh you Know making mud pies and tea parties and You know playing playing action figures Is because their brains are still in That state where it is a hypnotic State

And they can create whatever worlds they Want So does that also lend an idea that Maybe that’s why they’re open to Spiritual presences and uh are able to Communicate with them just as if they Were living people I mean it’s Incredible the stories that come out About children talking with ghosts like Having full conversations laughing jokes Stories of the whole works And uh you know even with our best you Know devices and stuff we can barely get More than two words in a in a in a you Know series But Um Brent you have a great way of Explaining things oh thanks Maggie so But I thought that was really incredibly Revealing to me it’s like well Oftentimes I wonder why what happens What happens with these kids that it Gets shut down and I thought well maybe It’s life maybe it’s distractions maybe It’s being forced to think in in the Lane where we exist and instead of Having this open wide open mind thought Maybe it had something to do with you Know growth and puberty or whatever but I and I guess it does in a way it has to Do with growth because it’s the Formation of our brains so I thought That was kind of a breakthrough maybe There’s something about getting into

That Theta State that’s now there are There are These some some researchers have Developed and actually a friend of mine Uh knew a guy that developed this and it Was a helmet that was supposed to change The the vibration rate that you put on And it’s supposed to you know give you All kinds of psychic insight and I I Kind of have listened to the story about It but now I’m much more interested in Learning more about what he was talking About because what if that’s possible That you could put on helmets and it Could just use certain electromagnetic Frequencies to change the vibrational Rate of your brain and to put you back In that state wow wouldn’t that be Something But ghost scared me as a kid just here And there 66 says yeah I mean they can Be scary to us adults too but yeah for Kids especially kids are in a very Delicate State you know they don’t know They don’t know what they’re dealing With even as adults we do know and then It still absolutely can be totally Frightening so That’s that’s rafae Ramon good to see You but the Theta State go figure huh All right so we’re gonna we’re gonna Change gears a little bit here what the Hell did I do here oh I did that that’s What I did okay now we’re going to go to

Um Oh I gotta I gotta look at that one too Eventually where the hell did it go oh No did I actually close it Ike’s hold on I gotta look I might have Accidentally closed the article that I Was gonna Go into What in the heck did I do Let me just see sorry sorry folks I Gotta look at this what did I just close No that’s what I just closed where the Hell’s the other one Okay I had another article here that I Was going to read But it’s mysteriously not where I left It [Laughter] Well not where I thought I left it Anyway And it was from from Rachel Let me go to my email and grab it again I don’t know what the hell happened my Life I tell you what Here we go Okay let me open this Wait this wasn’t this wasn’t the one I Was There was a whole nother one where the Hell’s the other one Oh here we go no No That’s so weird Okay I’m a little stunned here folks

Because I swear to God there was two links in in Rachel’s email now there’s only one and It was it was I don’t know maybe I’m maybe I’m missing Something here let me just look quick I Apologize oh here it is okay all right I Found it I was losing my mind there for A second all right I found it all right Now this one is uh uh God we got a Minute left all right when we come back We’re gonna look at uh this article from I I it’s Ireland be Ireland before you die Ireland before You And I thought this was Rachel’s but Maybe maybe it wasn’t I don’t know but It’s the top five weirdest fairy and Supernatural sightings in Ireland and I Thought it’d be kind of neat to take a Journey over there and see what the heck They’re talking about over there I don’t Know I I didn’t pre-read it so I don’t Know but uh I’m sure it’s a good article So we’re going to get into that on the Other side after we come back from the Break but the last bell is just going to Be coming up in a second here we’re Gonna go to the last break we’ll come Back we’ll hit this article and uh go Explore Ireland Don’t go away folks we’ll be right back For more of the Paranormal portal

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Folks this is the last segment I hope You guys have enjoyed this more intimate Version of the Paranormal portal just me And you But I I like it I mean don’t don’t get Me wrong I love I love when my co-hosts Are here that’s always a blast and it’s Great to just have conversations and Talk back and forth but I I like I said I started this way oh what happened here Let me pull up the chat so I’m not

Missing this but I see something happen Oh thank you Maggie Thank you very much I hope I haven’t missed others I’m I’m Doing my best but it’s hard to keep an Eye on everything when it’s just me but No I can’t find any others so if anybody Else did donate or anything I’m sorry if I missed it but thank you so much and And special thank you to our members That means a lot for us here on the YouTube channel Um you know I know it’s tough a tough Time for a lot of us and Certainly you know monetary giving is is Extraordinarily hard right now for a lot Of us so don’t feel compelled I I you Know I love for those of you that are Neighbors who thank you so much that Means the world but if you’re not just Leave me a thumbs up you know leave a Thumbs up on the video recommend the Video to somebody that you know that Likes the Paranormal or you know share It on your social media leave a comment If you’re watching it when it’s not live That helps out a ton uh just different Ways to help move the needle uh and all Of them go a long way and help support What we’re doing here so thank you to All of you who have been doing so and uh Continue to do so I do appreciate it Immensely so we’re going to get into an Article now that’s kind of a walk over

To Ireland I’m not sure that’s probably a terrible Irish accent but I don’t got much [Laughter] They’re always after me Lucky Charms That’s about all I got sorry about that I don’t mean to demean people from Ireland I love Ireland I love all well I Love the world really I think it’s Amazing I do have a call though I guess We should get to that first find out Just what’s going on here This is area code 254 you’re on the air Grand is Kathy hi Kathy welcome to the Show Hey you know we were talking about Telekinesis and uh tell them Psychokinesis Yeah psychokinesis sure I don’t know what to call it Um It’s probably happened about 10 years Ago and I was on a main interstate And there was a car in front of me and a Car was coming around me And we were fixing to go over you know An overpass we’re going over it Okay well I was each down And in the westbound Lanes a tractor Trailer Uh Came Into the ditch the median between both Highways

And Jack knocked oh God and the car that Was passing me Got over in front of the car in front of Me really quickly And then when the truck Jack knocked I know that you know I couldn’t even Tell you on the trailer it said moving Forward whatever company that was it was A red semi and then the trailer had Moving forward and So the truck was jacked off and the Trailer was coming their way everybody Was slamming on the brakes And then The truck went in between the median in Between the two overpasses oh my God Okay yeah you got the picture yeah Okay One car pulled over I I got off at the next exit and whipped A loop around I used to drive a truck Okay and I didn’t know how bad it was so Anyways I looped around came back on the Access road Some people call them feeder roads sure There was no truck There was no trailer Oh That was nothing And I watched the news when I got home And there was nothing Now what what happened there what is That that almost sounds like you you Just went into a different reality is

What it sounds like like uh or you had a Vision of something that was coming or Or did happen in the past or you know Could be a psychic impression that you Saw could be Um you know like a Mandela effect where People see something like so many times In Mandela effect stories it’s like yeah I lived in this neighborhood all my life And there was just this dirt patch there Was like an empty grass lot and then Suddenly there’s this fully developed Business there and just like overnight Boom suddenly there’s a business there And they’re like I don’t know how this Happened and it was like they like they Actually jumped into a different reality And so I don’t know I mean it could be a Number of things right Well you know by all aspects that driver Um you know in what I saw If he hadn’t done what he had did All of us on that side of the highway Probably be dead wow And then yeah for there to be enough There was nothing there that’s nothing There’s also divine intervention I mean You can’t kind of uh leave that out to Me you know I I don’t know it’s it’s Possibly in many different things but Thank God you know thank God Yeah uh I’ll just Had never experienced anything quite That that large of an experience you

Know little things happen but nothing That large so wow okay I just thought I’d ask and well thank you for sharing I I you know I wish I could say oh you Definitely had this happen but it’s like Any number of different phenomenon it’s Incredible though but that’s amazing Geez I’m just glad you’re okay Yeah that was about 10 years ago so I Had a lot of freaky stuff happening out On the highway but that’s another day Yeah well I’ll be here waiting anyways You call in and let me know about those Anytime you want Okay thanks Brett all right have a good Night thank you for calling all right You’re right what a what a good call wow That’s incredible too See an accident that happened just come Right by it and then whip around coming Back and nothing’s there Oof that that resets your reality meter Right there doesn’t it it’s like oh I Don’t understand reality anymore That’s it crazy What is telekinesis the unknown it’s the Ability to move stuff with thought Essentially like levitating objects or You know like the ability to make your Your beverage come into your hand float Over to you There’s some videos on YouTube that uh Purport to show telekinetic events and You gotta weigh those with you know

Whatever I guess a grain of salt for the Most part but what if some of them are Real what if only one percent of them Are real then it’s still phenomenal Captures of events that that’s are out There and I think there’s a there’s There’s truth to any of this stuff for Sure but Um could all the videos every video uh Ever made about this stuff be fake maybe I don’t know seems Seems like the law of Averages is against it right there’s got To be some in the Pro if they’re all Negatives There’s got to be at least something That was recorded that’s legitimate I don’t know you’d be the judge I can’t Tell you for sure but I I can tell you I’ve seen things move I’ve seen it with My own eyes Um and it’s it’s an incredible Experience uh I I haven’t been unnerved By any of them but more amazed like wow I just saw that that was cool Um which may mean something’s really Wrong with me to be honest with you it Might be something disconnected in my in My psychology or something I’m not sure But maybe I should be freaked out by Those things but so far I don’t I haven’t gotten the only one Time I was absolutely terrified in a Paranormal Cryptid event was the Growling when I was 14. I was terrified

I thought I was gonna die that was the Most scary thing ever so Yeah so if you uh you know if you have Videos yeah unknown you can send them to Me uh at uh in the email Paranormalportalradio I’d love To see uh links uh to videos that you Found I’d like to check them out and and That goes for all of you if you any of You see things out there and you’re like God I gotta show this to Brent please Send them to me paranormalportalradio is how you do it so all right Let’s get to this article where we get a Little bit of time we may end up having To clean it up uh tomorrow uh with Sheldon will be here tomorrow night as It stands as far as I know we’ll see if That if he’s able to make it or not but I believe he’s going to so let’s get to This article and this is again from uh Ireland before I before you Sounds like a touristy kind of thing but Uh we’ll read the article anyway it’s Top five weirdest fairy and Supernatural Sightings in Ireland Well um just as a precursor to this I’ll Be working narrating the next Installments of the Irish Bigfoot Research organizations walking with the Wild Man series I narrated their second Documentary I narrated their uh their First documentaries trailer when it when It uh premiered on Prime Amazon Prime I

Did a voiceover for them and I did the Entire narration for part two and part Three is coming up going to be working On that pretty soon now folks so be Watching for a premiere of the trailer On on this show as soon as we have it Available and we’ll get those guys on to Talk about it and uh get ready for that I think it’s supposed to be coming out In December uh if if I get my stuff done In a timely fashion that’s a lot of work I got to tell you but I love doing it Those guys are great again that’s the Irish Bigfoot research organization out Of Ireland so let’s see all the other Weird stuff that’s going on there not Only do they have wood Wilson Wildman And Bigfoot over there but out of the Numerous personal accounts who wrote This by the way uh uh Paris Donatella Callan October 26 2019. So let’s see it’s out of the numerous Personal accounts here are the five Weirdest fairy and Supernatural Sightings in Ireland and here is where I Blow up the font so I can actually read It Jeez Yeah the drag it is getting old 40. let’s try to go to 150 what the hell We’ll go for the full 150 in recent in Recent 2014 through 2017 Ferry consent Or census personal accounts of fairy and

Supernatural sightings from all over the World have been listed and seeing as Ireland is uh so intrinsic intrinsically Linked minked linked with the mythology And folklore a dense amount of Spellbinding and utterly bewildering Stories have taken place on the Emerald Isle Uh edited by the British historian Simon Young the census seems to neither prove Nor debunk Supernatural sightings but Instead to give you a collective Platform of the stories of individuals Who believe there is more than meets the Eye Number five KO kavan 1980s male 11-20 It says I was walking home one night When a Russell began in a Hedgerow to my Right Being from the country country I put it Down to a badger or a fox out hunting That thought soon led went LA or fled Rather when the rustling followed my Every step I increased my pace and so Did my unseen friends I got really Worried when and on encountering a Gateway in the Hedgerow the rustling Transferred to the other side of the Road but now I was petrified but Pig-headed enough not to show it my Companion followed me for another half Mile Then came the part I will never forget The Hedgerow Rose above the road to

About my shoulder height and it became Sparse then more barbed wire than Foliage I turned my head sideways and There blotted out the Stars was the Shape of about a three feet tall it was Bulky at the waist wide at the shoulders It was looking at me I could not tell But it stood for a moment as I but I but It stood for a moment as I did before I Ran the last mile home it followed me I Cannot tell for the blood was running in My thrumming in my ears When I reached my house I collapsed at In the door my older brother was up and He saw my state he still says to this Day my hair was standing out on end wow Okay so this next one’s from uh County Dublin 1990s mail 21 through 30. While traveling at night on a road that Ran up some mountains we saw a shapeless White form that appeared to be a white Shopping bag blowing around in the wind Moving quickly up the Mountainside it Was moving Against the Wind however Uphill We had pulled off the road at a lay-by To look at the view of only of the city Lights down below and we noticed the Shape jumping from tree to tree towards Us it was about two or three square feet In an area and a matte bluish white Color like a large pillowcase or like I Said earlier a shopping bag no markings Or features not shiny at all looked more

Like a strange cloth than plastic both Myself American and my fiance who’s Irish had a feeling that whatever it was Its intentions were not good We had a general sense that something Unpleasant would happen if it caught up To us so we jump back in the car and Hightailed it out of there Yikes no doubt Then number three County Maya mayo or Mayo I don’t know how you pronounce it In Ireland 1980s female third person the Witness 51 to 60 is dead uh my friend And another person were driving along a Rural road Rural Road Road geez in my Mail where she is from but no longer Lived and they both saw a very small man Dressed in green walk across the road in Front of their car Yeah it’s a leprechaun She was uh she was a sensible and very Honest devout Catholic woman and I never Knew her to lie or make things up Whatever she saw or didn’t see I firmly Believe her count as being true whatever That means she was a sensible Businesswoman and didn’t make things up But she saw leprechaun that’s awesome I must be out there right could they Could they be again there’s there’s a Truth to every Legend I think so I Really believe that Number two County Mayo 2010s From a female 31 to 40.

I saw a group of six I forgot how to Pronounce this Um ah dang it I used to know how to Pronounce this I was corrected once I uh City how do I pronounce that let me let Me get to this hold on I can’t do this Uh Translate Um translate there it is let me uh do This Idg Um How do I say it said he said he I don’t Think that’s right Said maybe I don’t think that’s right let me do This let me go to Irish Irish is it here or Gaelic how do you Say where’s Gaelic I just gotta do this because I don’t Even see you Okay never mind I can’t remember how to Pronounce it for sure it was something Surprising Um but uh I saw a group uh saw a group Of six City or side four male two female Walking through an open field along a Narrow footpath in my direction this was Not my first contact with them so I Wasn’t afraid let me pull up the chat And see if so many of our Chatters had An idea how to say that No nothing yes Mr bees Allen AKA bowling Pin here oh nice nick uh Mr Mr ballin’s

Pretty cool She okay thank you Rachel She okay a six she four male and two Female walking through an open field in The narrow footpath in my direction this Was not my first contact with them so I Wasn’t afraid We exchanged greetings in Irish and went Each on our way The last of their company turned around When we were just we were just a few Steps past and asked me if I was So-and-so’s one of their people Granddaughter and I said I was She smiled and said I should visit Sometime like I said I and my family Have had many contacts with them of Which some have resulted in children This is a description of one of the Brief and most common contacts others Involve lengthy conversations which I Cannot share Oh so that’s so tragic So what would they say you know that’s That that’s the part that just makes me Ache what would they say what would Their world view be You know what what could they teach what Could they tell us Here’s one from County Cork this is I Think the last one from this article Which is kind of fitting because we’re At the end of the show as it were County Cork 2000’s female 51 to 60.

Um You have some sort of mine Ramone Um full Moonlight uh sawing Eve or Samhain so we soween is how it’s Pronounced I know that little Goblin e Type man running in and out of the Bushes giggling tumbling and scurrying Around the garden house by side of Buren View are you lined at the side Orchard At the end Like little men about two feet tall very Dark-skinned swarthy and big noses Ragged clothes Streams of Music which was hypnotic but Made me feel sick We had solid type fog all day and a Farmer had said polka come down in the Mist I just knew it was it was a fairy My paternal grandmother was Irish and When I went to live in Ireland in 2007 I Felt I had gone home fairies are Fairies are I don’t know what the what That means I I think ancestral Voices All fairies are ancestral voices I think I have always felt something and have Seen things all my life I learned when Going to school to keep quiet I can’t Explain my experience I’m just thankful For it Well there you have them the five Weirdest Fury super and Supernatural Sightings in Ireland from the recent Fairy census via Share these stories with friends you’d

Like to Spook out at this Halloween I Don’t think any of them are really Spooky they’re just interesting right Uh we we have reports of little people All around the world It’s you know it’s You know I don’t know it just seems like Somehow and maybe they don’t quite Belong to our Dimension maybe they don’t They aren’t firmly in our in our Vibration so to speak maybe they Resonate just a little bit differently But maybe Again I have to go back to my my my pet Theory about this stuff Because it makes me wonder Are these things are all of this Paranormal things So good at avoiding us that we only get Little glimpses here and there just Little glimpses are they that good are They that Adept uh is it some prowess That they have to know and and maybe Some precognition or telepathy they can Hear our thoughts whatever can they just Not be where we’re going to be Um or my pet theory is Are we Responsible for our perception of them Because I guess one of the one of the Biggest things that always frustrated me About the Paranormal that always weighed Heavily on me was the fact that we view It as victims

We view it as if it’s something that Happens to us That happens outside of our control Outside of our Consciousness and and uh You know Authority it happens to us it’s Like a victimization But then occurs to me that the one Common denominator in all paranormal Experiences Is Us So are these things all these varied Myriad of things Moving into our experience Or is it possible that somehow some Alignment or some awareness some Energetic biorhythm within us you know Some chakra triggering alignment or Something triggers within us to make us Into Estates to change our perceptive State So that we are viewing not only our World but perhaps another world that we Share space of Are we moving into their experience Are we moving into the experience of Ghosts ghostly beings ghostly uh Apparitions and and Projections are we moving into the Experience of multi-dimensional entities Are we moving into the experience of the Cryptids and uh other phenomena like These little people Are we just moving into their experience For some time and is that why Things like

Aliens Bigfoot ghosts and and little People all seemingly can just vanish Either slowly fade away Or they can just outright just be gone And when that happens is that our Perception unaligning due to the shock Of witnessing this And I really think rather than them all Of these varied things sharing these Same traits That maybe it’s us Maybe us as the as The Observers we are The ones that are coming into an Alignment that we can see them and then The shock of it takes us out of that Alignment And that’s why they fade away That’s why we can’t see them suddenly Now I do know that Bigfoot Leaf Footprints so obviously they seem to Have some some presence in our reality As well and I don’t know that they’re a Multi-dimensional being or not I don’t Know But could some aspect of them be well I Don’t know maybe Um but I I just think it’s it’s Interesting It’s an interesting phenomenon that’s Shared by so many so many varied Experiences of completely different Criteria Maybe it’s us maybe we’re the key That that has because we have these

Experiences maybe it’s our awareness That that triggers and we we are in Their in their we’re aware of them in Their in their existence whereas maybe They’re just slightly out of out of Phase with us and that’s why we walk Around obtuse to this stuff 99 of the Time but maybe we get in Phase with them Sometimes and then the shock of it takes Us out of it Pulls us back into our normal Vibrational rate I don’t know it’s any Number of possibilities but I think There’s something to that because I Don’t like looking at this stuff like We’re victims this stuff happens to us There’s nothing you can do about it it’s Just going to land on your face and Wiggle until it’s done and then it’s Going to leave and you just got to put Up with it I don’t like that I don’t Think that’s right I I like the Empowering idea that that we are a key Part of this we are the key To these experiences we just and instead Of being victims then we become Facilitators and maybe we can learn to Control it maybe we can learn to dial it In and dial it out at will I don’t know just some thoughts but They’re going to leave it folks but That’s going to wrap up our journey for Tonight those are my final thoughts boom All right just remember we love you all

Be good be kind be nice take care of Each other help each other out find the Magic in every day and remember to laugh As much as you can and look for the Paranormal portal podcast on all the Major platforms I heart iTunes Google Play Pandora Spotify etc etc we’re out There just look for the Paranormal Portal love you guys see you tomorrow Night Sheldon should be joining me we’ll See you then 7 P.M right here This this is Thank you