By | October 15, 2022

Titanic – Reflecting on Her Maiden Voyage

Through this article, the readers will learn about one of the largest and most luxurious ocean liners of all time. They will learn of the Titanic’s fate and once again relive her glory days.

The Elizabethan Era – An A to Z: B Is for Babington Plot

In the Elizabethan era, the most famous plot of all was that which bears the name of Sir Anthony Babington. Its exposure by the Queen’s spy-catcher, Sir Francis Walsingham, led directly to the trial of Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scots. The trial for treason of a sovereign Queen, was a unique event that had huge implications. The guilty verdict, whilst inevitable in the circumstances, was nevertheless, a pivotal event that changed the course of history.

Lesson Plan Strategies for Substitute Teachers Left in the Dark

Okay so you want to be a teacher do you? Well, in many school districts they are laying off teachers, and there really doesn’t seem to be enough jobs for everyone. Of course if you have your teaching credential, or if you’ve been laid off as a teacher, you might be able to get a temporary job, or some temporary work here and there being a substitute teacher.

Our Brains Are Formatted by Nature and Nurture, You May Be Surprised What That Might Entail

Not long ago I wrote an interesting piece discussing how all of the kids doing their text message with their fingers was reformatting their brains, and changing the way they think, albeit only slightly. Still, if teenagers spend 10,000 hours every few years doing text messaging, their brains will reformat due to the dexterity and motor skills they are developing along with the way they think.

Riding the Bus to School or Rowing There in a Canoe

Education is different all over the world, and there’s a good reason for it. First kids must be conditioned to get along in their own societies, and deal with the important aspects and unique qualities of the regions where they live. If you’re going to teach kids in rural Honduras math and reading, you would want to put it into the context of making bricks, building septic systems, making a dam, or building a bridge.

Why Do Students With HD iPads Need to Go to Class?

The future of education is shaping up, and as a coordinator for a think tank which operates online, we are constantly scanning the landscape for potential technology uses in the classroom. Not because we don’t trust the teachers, but because we like to help them leverage these technologies to help students hone their skills, and learn to think. In fact, one question we’ve asked ourselves here is if today’s classroom setting is the right one as we move into the future.

Child Sexual Abuse – A Community Response

There is one thing that allows child sexual abuse to happen and that is “Secrecy”. That is secrecy on the part of the child and the offender but even more so on members of the child’s family and the community at large who may suspect some thing is going on but do nothing and keep their suspicions to themselves. It could be happening in your family right now.

Pass Your Road Test With Ease

About one half of people who take the test to get their driver’s license will fail on the first attempt. It took me three different attempts on a closed course to earn my driver’s license, and I know how irritating and depressing it is to fail. If I was as knowledgeable back then as I am now, I probably would have passed the first time without any problems. This article gives general tips for people who will be taking the practical driving test soon.

History of Easter

Everyone looks forward to his or her bank holidays, but long spring breaks are especially popular. Many of the stories and traditions that led to this bank holiday are often forgotten in the excitement as Easter has come to mean a mix of Jesus’ death and resurrection, chocolate eggs and cute bunnies (originally hares), in a combination/concoction of Christianity and paganistic rituals. Christians believe that Jesus, the Son of God was born a Jew two thousand years ago to heal and teach people God’s truth.

The Salem Witch Trials

We’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials. We’ve heard about the horror and hysteria that engulfed the residents of Salem, Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. We’ve probably read plays such as The Crucible or learned about the witch hunts during the Inquisition.

Where Do Fireworks Get Their Colors

Fireworks light up the sky during celebrations; they give a wonderful show of color and shapes that fascinate the eyes and minds of many. The beauty of the display often leads many to wonder where the colors come from. The short answer is that they are the result of the burning of metals placed in these explosives. These metals are elements of the periodic table that burn at different temperatures and give off colors at their melting points.

An Introduction to Phonics

Phonics is the process that is used to teach children how to read and write and is taught within most primary schools across the United Kingdom. Basically, children learn individual sounds and word stresses to eventually merge these sounds into words. The process works by developing the child’s phonemic awareness.

How A Boarding School Can Be A Positive Influence

Some people look down at boarding schools but the truth is other wise. Parents are slowly realizing the many benefits of putting their children in a boarding school. These schools focus on all round development of the children and thus help them not only excel in their studies but also in extra curricular activities.

Hera, Greek Queen of the Gods

Hera is the Greek Goddess of marriage, childbirth, women and Queen of the Greek Gods. Wife to Zeus and daughter to Rhea and Cronos, she was often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a staff. She was one of the twelve Olympians and was the eldest of her siblings, she was said to be one of the most beautiful Goddesses, and her brother Zeus chased after her for sometime.

A Brief History of Soap

Soap is something that we take for granted now a days but it wasn’t always that way. Not everyone had soap so readily available to them in the shower or at the sink, so where did this wonderful cleaner come from and who invented it? The earliest record of soap dates back to 2800 BC in Babylon where a recipe was recorded on stone.