Octagon Hall Paranormal Invest {PT 1} Spirit of Women Caught On Camera!

By | October 14, 2022
Octagon Hall Paranormal Invest {PT 1} Spirit of Women Caught On Camera!

Thank you Thank you Meals everything else uh Andrew being a Mason also uh had the Sonic meetings in The house after the house was completed And they would have been in here and They would also have gone into the Parlor which is behind the second film Where we’ll be walking into okay thank You for a quick detour around the front Door and show you the hiding spot in There okay uh but uh that’s where all The men would sit and smoke their cigars And have other uh fun times without the Women Okay go all this way and we’ll show you The foyer I’ll turn the light on in here Okay Taking over the upside down crosses on The door yeah Every door every single door This uh home This is the hiding hole Okay uh in the hall all of the closets

Are in the same shaft Uh what they do is they normally as you Can see there’s an angle here it comes In and they cut it off and the original Plans for the house was said to the back Closet right here which makes sense for Your closet but it’s not there uh Billy And uh myself one day decided that’s Kind of weird why isn’t your closet Because there’s one above it one below It and Very hollow inside so we decided to take A look in there and we found a ton Of these Uh suspenders coin buttons everything Else into the member student there oh Well as we looked up there was a uh trap Door above it going into the closet and That area up there is what we call the Sick room that’s where they would repair Some of the people that were here at the Hall during and after the 9 000 men were Here okay this is the Parlor so we’re Coming into that Beautiful And this is where Andrew would entertain his guests the Men would sit around here and smoke Their cigars they love bourbon here in The house Uh mentioned Bourbon and cigars and They’re happy the Um Ceiling in here again is 13 foot foot

Tall Uh this was where all the funerals were Held the last funeral that was held here Was in 1954 that was the second order Dr Williams you know and uh this is where We get the word from Funeral Parlor and Involved everybody’s funeral was in the Parlors Um great place you’re welcome to sit on The floor I mean around on nka these Chairs here please sit down in and enjoy The the hall okay same thing like in in There We’re gonna walk through here and Um So I’m going to talk I’ll talk about Andrew’s 33rd degree maybe some things Okay when uh When Andrew built this house It’s always been a home for many people That have interest in I mean Andrew they Started building it he would say Hey uh people would come by and go what Are you doing Andrew and he said I don’t Like the federal style homes I wanted Something different And then he uh would say I was afraid of Storms and I think you know I think in Shape would cut the wind Uh which he was right and then uh he Would say all this stuff like Well uh I just think that it would be a Really interesting home to live in so we Do some research on it we find out at

Least that the reefs are pretty amazing Andrew does some very unusual things we Already talked about the 13 foot high Ceilings But The doors are he’s very interested in Keeping the compass in this house So if you’re standing at the front door You are looking directly to the West And you are looking at a screenshot Straight through the hall you’re looking In the back door you’re looking directly To the east He was interested in keeping that as a As a tradition so what he had to do is To keep that he built the front two Rooms on each floor of this house larger Than the back two rooms looking for There’s four four there’s four rooms on Each floor Uh that what it allowed him to do is see This window right here got a smack that In the middle of the house the one Behind me in the other room And that one looks directly to the South And that one looks directly to the north And it goes on all three floors now What’s really unique about that house is It goes to talking about Andrew Putting this home in a special place Is at least four windows and you can see The four windows are all at an angle Well if you were standing here on September 22nd

Of this year you have been looking at The fall equinox that window is that way The winter equinox is in that room at That window the spring is in the oven And summer is in the gift shop area Which used to be the lady sitting room Haul through floors in the same way the Upstairs cupola has The west east south north and also So you can see how this home would have Been it wasn’t built to be strategic but You can see in every direction later on That becomes very prevalent when both The Confederate Army and the union come Here to take over this house where we Had 9 000 inventors here and then right Behind that five thousand leaders So we’ll go in here and we’ll show you The sitting room and what the second Owner used this room for also There’s no light bothering you sir I want to make sure I’m not blinding That might look like my eyes are glowing But that’s all right Us but here we are in the what we call The gift shop now we use it as a gift Shop uh but first of all this would have Been the lady sitting rooms as we know Back then the men and the ladies didn’t Socialize together Uh the men were allowed to smoke and Everything else ladies weren’t allowed To do anything like that they were in Here sewing and talking all to

Themselves And then later this room becomes Dr Williams’s office Where he actually sees patients at and Everything else he had a desk over there On the corner so it’s uh it has some Overtones of him seeing his patients Here now he was an orthopath And uh so all the spaces here in my home As we go across the way and finish up This floor we’ll be going into what We’ve dubbed the audio room now is the Um Thank you Pour the Cod walls in the first starts This is their first run they were living In the house And you’re excuse the mess in here Because We’re in the house Mom and dad Would Spend time here in this up in this room This is where they would uh sleep this Is the north if you’re a masonic fan This is the northeast corner of the House Uh so Um As you see uh there’s a staircase here This staircase was reconstructed by Middle Indiana Uh later it was and this room did have a Hiding hidden uh staircase it was a lot

Narrower than this and it was just Blended into it and all this stuff was Taken out Dr Williams the second owner Cut all this away took it all out and Later writes I wish I’d never done that But this was what he made into his Kitchen and we use it at this time as Our audio room As you see here we have 16 cameras that Are running all over the place that you Can use I have view if you happen to see Something during the night uh mark it Down and I might be able to find it and Send it to you if you didn’t get it on Your cameras okay that would be awesome It does it will also cause you some Problems with ir Flash So be aware of where you’re at in the Room so you know that when you’re doing That uh it’s clear Uh later on the gals would be uh two Girls would still with them and they Would go up that staircase up into the Room above it and I mean that’s named The gals room Uh the house wasn’t done yet had no door On it just had to had the room it was a Private hidden way so it was safety for The girls mom and dad knew when they Went up you know when they came down So 1840s you can imagine what’s going on Here in this part of the country yeah so They wanted to date their their children

That’s how we did it yeah and I’m sure Anybody use it for protecting themselves The spirits today still use it they know That it’s there yeah yeah when you’re in Any of the rooms they like to come down This way wow they’re here watching out Here they’ll come in here too so They’re very very they like to keep you Company right well they do and it’s it’s Funny and they do it in kind of a group Mode we have uh I’ve been down here Before we were doing that now this time And one of the interesting things we get A team down here and uh One of my teammates Billy Sims and I are Sitting in here just making sure Everything’s going okay for the novels Too And we’re watching the cameras And all of a sudden you hear this little Girl go hey You’re not looking good did you hear That yeah you hear that Didn’t say anything because they’re Doing their stuff over there we’re Trying to be quiet Thanks so you know here hey Hmm Do you hear that So she does it again hey you’re like What the heck So we just be quiet they’re doing their Thing and all of a sudden This year that work hey again just like

Crazy well it turns around goes watch And the reply was disembody Wow That’s awesome Wow yeah that’s what that’s kind of the Stuff We’ve also watched through here a lady Walked through the young girl walked Through and opened the front door to the Hall Unlock the door and everything else but We ask him not to go out and keep it Locked but you’ll hear that lot if she Decides to do it and we have it all on Video for walking over there opening the Door wow yeah strange house things do Happen But uh we’ll make we’ll give you a Choice if you want to go downstairs or Upstairs first Um You know I had my experience downstairs So I’d like to check out upstairs sure Um okay no problem let’s do it Downstairs And I want to make note of that little Window there if you notice there’s a big Masonic symbol oh yeah I see that Caldwell Masonic 33rd degree you guys go ahead because I Might take longer to walk up the stairs One of the things a lot of people Mentioned about the house is the house The house can switch in a minute you’ll

Feel real uncomfortable in the house all Of a sudden you won’t feel comfortable In the house As you walk up these staircases a lot of People will say I feel pretty good here but as I get up Here I don’t feel too good and uh this Floor has been known to take the breath Away Make people ill so watch that for Tonight okay yes sir Hello Chair and all your friends that are Going to spend here tonight to hear your Stories I introduced myself when I came in my Name’s Adam Yep my name is Patty thank you for Allowing us in your home We’re hoping that you will communicate With us tonight My name is Brian Nice to meet you wow look at this Foreign Hello everybody in here hello Mary if You’re here it’s me bear hi Mary All right you’re going to get to meet The first mother here That is the first wife That is Uh Elizabeth Eggers Caldwell better Known as Lizzy hello Lizzy And this is her first daughter we have No pictures of her at a younger age

So this is Fanny And uh Then we have over the bed here is Mary Elizabeth at the age of four Oh Don’t fall for the plane of thinking That this is a child in this room they Like to act that out a lot there are a Lot of children here at the hall Uh they like to play ball in this room You can find a song from the floor here You just tilted just a little bit but You’ll know when it’s moving because It’s weird because we all know how to Smooth Okay if you see that it’s very active Bro a lot of people see people looking Out the windows in this room uh and Throughout the whole house up here on The second floor You’ll see a lot of videos or pictures Of things coming out of uh out through The windows we had an experience one of My friends and I were here were Leaving the house and logging up for the Night and we were walking down the brick Wall that you may be able to see through The window there and as we were going Down that way all of a sudden we both Had the urge to turn around and look at The house and we looked up here at the House And there was a little girl’s figure Sitting here waving at us oh wow and uh

We both were kind of like Sean you see That you see that that’s the normal Thing you see here tonight But uh she was here and then she just Kind of pulls herself back and it was Like a floating back motion never took a Step never walked just like Like that wow so Many people would say like I said a lot Of operations or objects in the window Looking at that you uh if you’re on the Ground so understand that okay Um fun room just don’t get hooked in the Idea there are other Spirits here that Will act like children oh yeah so so Yeah consider those ferrets to be evil Spirits or just pedophiles pedophiles Right yeah yeah there’s also a lady here That will cry a lot Okay uh there is a person up here that Was uh From the records that I found and a Story that I have read in know of Was staying here at the house I’d like To come into the kids room a lot and Unfortunately he met a faith of a Gunshot to the gut on the other Road and You may feel his presence sometimes you Get very great but he is not allowed to Leave upstairs or go out of the house Because he doesn’t have the permission Of the man downstairs okay so When they did when they took care of Businesses

That’s when they didn’t call the law Unfortunately And uh there’s a pistol on the wall There it was probably that pistol that They used oh there is a pistol on the Wall oh okay Downstairs Um you heard somebody down there I heard a woman when we came in here Hello So I thought we heard somebody down there And that’s the hard part about this this House because what the Civil War brings It separated families and children kind Of like today yeah and you had three Uh Antebellum bones very close together So they were all right across your way Over there Was landed triple Pines and right next To us was the Hamptons and this all area Was all together That’s the original owner of this house Good things happen the bad part about The house is if you look at Andrew Jackson Caldwell’s wife He’s back to the house building the House then he had a very short time Where he’s doing an Masonic Museum And the work comes just like that so his Enjoyment of this house was not very Much very short and the war Definitely displaced a lot of people Now the stories up here watch the

Mannequins believe it or not They like to move really selfies with Them and the guy behind that one if you Get soldier with that one his arm baby Down to the side oh wow that’s really Funny But it looks like he’s looking at me Over his eye over his glasses uh this Lady Jessica Um I don’t know why I did but Um Call her and her head moves all the time And I bought a team up here and we were Doing the same thing I’m doing with you And uh she got the the scare them all Because as I’m talking about her she Leans forward and the chair and falls Down like all the way to the waist I’m Like oh gosh he’s the volunteer So I run to go I live to go thank you Limp and uh so as I’m reaching to Grabber to pick her up she sits up in The chair by herself wow and I was drawn To her when we first walked in here I Walked right over to her everybody that Was with me uh all goes do you see that Ran that way I like to see that kind of stuff This room here that door here when we Were downstairs showing you guys Right behind me and I’m gonna shut it For you because it doesn’t look like it

Should because This door likes to open This is the closet and right below that There were the stairs came up this is Where they would drop down here Where there would normally be like that Hall closet when you first walk in with It Like all the clubs were in the same Shaft okay so this is where they had a Trap door in here I would have never opened it up Um but uh they would go down the wall And sit behind the wall there and then When they were when the coast was clear They’d come out the wall now what Happens is when you’re here in this House That locks That’s a lot latched as last good you Will hear it do this If you hear that don’t be standing where I’m at because it opens you know you can See that was open already it didn’t Swing out But when it opens it swings oh wow so Many people So it’s a very interesting time where a Lot of people have caught that on you Know hopefully it will happen to you Tonight I hope so uh this is the way That he uh this little foyer here this Walkway Is very interesting also

Because you don’t have a door up here Right So this is north in the back of the Right here was amazing is his cell and Still has I mean this is his Two So this is looking out at least correct Yeah The one behind this one banjo Hello everybody here tonight Jessie are you up here Uh you will hear voices throughout your Life Um this pository has been uncooked Um One thing I will tell you If you’re looking to turn the light on In this room it’s right here is Behind it But very interesting room uh don’t sit On any of the beds up here you’re more Than welcome to set on those chairs that Are here and we have some following Shares out here that you could use to Sit around also you may hear as you’re Walking across the hallway and the Floors are very good You may hear that jiggle Yeah That’s because the door was half open And the floor it’s uh it’s a little off Center off the floor that’s why you’ll Hear that

Even though we are a museum and it Allows you to tour our house Uh doors and doors open up a lot So they’re all set for you so you’ll be Able to tell them later I’ll tell you a Story that uh I was shocked to see the Video of uh we had a man and a husband And wife team in here And he was out this way and he came in And he was sitting down and you could See the mirror from here as the draping Around the Bed is and his wife was sitting over There and they were doing an SD session And she was all bundled up and couldn’t Hear anything He gets a image of a person walking out Of that mirror Comes out The answer that she gave doesn’t know That anything went on oh you caught me Passing through Oh wow so Interesting yeah that is interesting Very interesting Okay It all depends on what you do and how You make it works Uh Betsy was Uh his mother was here his sister was Also here Elizabeth Betsy Davis was his mom Same name as his first wife yes they’re Married

To some cousins yes exactly okay but uh Yeah it’s a very good room and uh as I Said you’re more welcome to sit in these Chairs okay okay And then we’re gonna come back up here To the for you you will see shadow Figures walk through here I’ve seen so Many different things look at this old Stuff This is Miguel What room is this Huge steps And you can see just how steep that is But uh Who used to be a closet that came out And there’s always this wall here and Behind that closet was a walkway to buy In the linen closet because the way up To the Attic As you can see it’s been Refinished by Dr Williams And it has been I was pulled out Be nice to have it because if you would Like to go up in the attic and I suggest You it’s up to you you have to climb a Ladder and there’s a ladder and up there Is the doorway uh it’s probably two Pieces apart and you’ll be up by where The cupola is watch your step we don’t Want you running through the house Because there’s an area kind of you You’ll get the attention of Exactly where it is and how it how it

Works out there wow you can’t get over On this side of the house because you’ll Come through the ceiling okay but uh Just mix down the ladder up open it up When you’re done Clothes would like to see it put the Bladder right back against the wall and We’re all cool and good Well there’s a gentleman up there that Derailed a train and In 1864. uh gorillas will give you an Entrance here and Andrew was one of the Guys who was helping initiate that Because after the union is here and Declares martial law That’s why I had rude decides I’m going To be a thorn in your side because what He did here in my home And he does Andrew derails in his first Train in 1863 right behind the house by The half a mile back That railroad track here was he was Instrumental in bringing it to his Property and it was the old lnn railroad And he derails a train in 1863 Burns it But takes a souvenir and you’ll see it On the back porch there’s a little big Bell out there that’s a train belt and Uh he put that there and it’s moving Around since 1863. wow I’ve seen that Out there yeah yes it was 1863. but this Guy it comes in 1864. and he was trying To derail train unfortunately the union Is watching the trains and

Uh he gets shot in the hand and foot Where does he come This house here for the hospital right And where he knows it’s a Confederate Safe house so he and he knows Andrew is Helping with real activity so he wants Andrew to hide him Well the union is right on his butt And they immediately take him and put Him upstairs in the Attic right Uh no they can’t do anything for him or Anything else and they’re out there Trying to get rid of the soldiers when They’re walking through the house and Everything else Of course they don’t find them because The hidden staircases still in play here Uh when they finally get rid of them and They go out to give them attention You go out and find a dead man because His during sometime during that time the Painless got so bad he took his boot off What’s sad about that is that boat was Compressing his wound Um Oh wow how long had he Brave going out To the slaves okay there’s another one That died made it here in 1865. that was A gut shot and they found him in the Front porch he couldn’t raise anybody at Night in the morning they opened the Front door and he was laying there and He’s also buried out the process wow a Lot of tragedies here for sure

I’m sure it had happy days but uh Wow after the Civil War so yeah that was Terrible put the pieces back together Right exactly and uh the second wife Goes right by herself because Andrew Dies in 1866. and you said you’ve seen a Full-bodied Apparition yourself here Several times yeah with your own eyes With my own eyes and even in the daytime I think you said right yeah in the Daytime when I was out there taking Pictures I felt like somebody was watching me From the front window that he was Talking about oh I did too when I I Can’t look yep when we first got here When we were out there getting our Luggage I just kept doing this looking Up at that window I was drawn to it Seeing soldiers I have seen a priest Looking guy with a very large uh flat Hat Oops a little uh priest hat He just disappeared and when he Disappeared is uh his feet and head come Together like this and just left them That’s Nest oh wow That’s crazy a little bit and I’ll show You a few pictures people have I had a Lady that I found a full body operator She called history That ever has There a lady in a white dress that was Here when I was in class

Thank you Foreign Foreign Hello basement people how’s everybody Doing down here so we are now in the Basement It’s Melody down here I came here a long time ago maybe you Remember seeing me with Mr Billy I saw You That is the hiding spot right there Up underneath the massive front stairs Cutting pictures people have captured a Lot of pictures of full eye abolitionist Cam right here Uh standing by the wall a little girl Ladies men Um So we’ve seen quite a lot of this this Is the library here this is how they Build the bricks around here oh this is Their brick mold I don’t see why they Did everything by hand I see that Oops Hello Hello everybody Yeah that’s an actual calendar Um This is the library correct yes Somebody’s trying to tear them away Well you feel like a slipper got a Stripper tonight Time to break out the dollars yeah Exactly Oh you mean we get a striptease

With this thing yes oh okay [Laughter] Very active room what is it official Records of the Union this was we believe That that was actually the Overseer’s room Uh that would have been the overseas run Back here also Uh we’re really not too sure what it was Used for but uh this is the area where People will feel like something is Sitting on top of your head and I’ve had People be uh Jumped in this room jumped I mean jumped Like physically attacked spirit and Attacking you and going in you oh oh no Uh-uh I’ll make sure we put our holy Water on scratches I actually saw a guy I was a dealer in the hallway I saw a Guy walk out of here and I saw him get Pulled right back in Oh my God Like agitators or no no Some days it’s kind of this house is Uh it tells us stories So there’s a lot of brutality here you Don’t know Union Soldiers You’ve got Confederate soldiers having Their arms and legs all off down here You throwing out the windows and a lot Of Agony a lot of pain down in here plus Whatever they were up to before they got Here right here exactly so and then you

Have the slaves Which is another story they felt they Were a part of stuff here most of the People who asked about the slaves and The number one thing that they get is uh Uh they they take good care of you here And the answer is always yes Wow huh yeah they uh seem to really felt Like they were part of something here Involved in this house but uh this room Can be a little tricky So anything that happened That happened in the room Not me That way [Laughter] Please do not enter me Foreign Almost like fishing you never know when You’re gonna get a bite Yeah he may appear out here in two Seconds or three seconds I’ve got all these lights working for You Hallways Uh last time I was here This is a pretty active spot this is the Place that you don’t like to be sitting In when I started throwing things off The wall uh well I’m sorry this was the Room that you had that experience yes Yeah Billy and I oh

Yeah What was the this room used for I missed That part this is an attack room oh That’s Ben over here an attack room Attack tack room okay So this is this he was I don’t know Is It Michael Jackson you may hear him Walking around down here Uh he drags the foot uh well the motion Sensors would be off So okay was that a drag it was a Dragging sound that I was hearing when I Was on it okay you know you’ll hear the Does it kind of sound like That’s what I was hearing yeah Motion sensors the lights are unscrewed So the most instances will still go off And if you really want to Thrill is when You’re out of that road and you go fast And the most sensor goes off and you’re Hearing that dragging you’re not going He’s going my way So but there are some interesting things In this room this room changes also And do you have a name for the one in The corner is it just uh Jim Bob yeah that’s kind of like there Are several different ones he doesn’t do Too much that one’s doing some stuff I Mean he replies in bed very well Any reports of like doors shutting on Them Um that drawer will shut it’s got a Brick in front of it okay the doors

Upstairs That hasn’t shot in a while because you Bumped the door it’s going to go shut If you push it back hold it there it Hasn’t shut and oh Seven months now and when it does you’ll Know it could be a Bells anymore Here It’s been wet and everything else chairs You can sit in here with again This is a dark this is the tunnel area Um would you all like the lights on Um that works yeah they’re working fine Yeah that’s fine yeah This is the winter kitchen this is where Merry natural feet Oh all the little girl oh Uh Mary Elizabeth Tell that story I know you told us that Story earlier but we tell it real quick Um on camera yes Um Mary Elizabeth 11 years old was down Here we just won both our helping cook Or whatever as you can see there’s no Guards or anything on the fireplace they Cut a lot of uh moist wood And when they’re doing that they cause Those Embers to come on he had a very Wearing a long dress as you can see kind Of like in this picture that’s of the Story but I’m gonna put that on camera But this uh here she’s standing in front

Of IT cameras pop out of the fireplace And get on her dress and she catches on Fire and she Burns doesn’t die right Away lives in the house in agony for Seven days with major Burns and then he Died and he was put out in the family Pot all right It is it’s heartbreaking this room is Normally cool you can smell some really Weird stuff sometimes you know Mary will Let you know that she’s burning you here Because you’ll spell her flesh you will Also smell sulfur I’ve heard that this Swings out the thing that the pot hangs On it does I haven’t seen to do it in a while Some spoons To move everything else oh yeah this is The Trap door this is the tunnel Oh wow Uh what they would do is they’d put Their sacks in dry cleaning here this Was the pantry and Down there is a tunnel of the address to The tunnel So you can see down in there Sorry bud no you’re fine You want to talk about claustrophobic And what is that that’s the part you Remember the few people were five foot Seven and 140 pounds Um But still is that the blood that you Were talking about that you found out

The the other day oh this is another one Oh wow This one runs out goes to the left goes In front of the Uh the old slave Shack groomer which we Lost last year and uh there’s a chimney Out there so it’s in front of that so Brown Pantry radar finds 12 feet under Around a 40-foot room I could tell them Runs it So it’s like a root cellar or a Hideout And there’s no entrance That’s the cave that Andrew would hide Mules horses it’s a huge cases and uh Civil War soldiers No I didn’t look down that hole let me Look down that hole the light go on and Off by itself like that Oh this is our emotional okay Oh my God That’s Mama so what did they use this Spot for my ears I just heard a screen Uh when I was coming back when I was Backing away from that I heard a screen Yeah it sounded like a little girl What did they use this for Oh it was a pantry okay gotcha That’s crazy look at that though yeah I Just heard a scream Oh I see a bug crawling yeah and you can Hear quite a lot of it I don’t like the Stream was outside though

Uh You can hear that too We haven’t talked about outside yet I just heard something in here I did too It’s like something like what sounded Like it’d be a chain rattle yeah like Something plank yeah You see anything I’ll see you all tomorrow Oh look I think that was just moving I Wonder if that’s the chain there that Rattle I think it just moved I could have sworn or you’ve seen it Did it sound like this Yes that’s I just I think it was just Moving I don’t know if I caught it on Camera or not but it looked to me like It was moving but we got to share photos That’s for sure well you may see uh Quite a lot of things moving well we Heard it uh he he was closest and it Sounded like Yeah like I have a like chains hitting Yeah I was sitting here and I wear uh Metals And I was sitting in a chair all along Just heard that That’s it I think it’s the dog that’s The dog no I just heard I heard whisper I heard something too well I was out Here in about what Secure that I was sitting in a chair and I’m talking To these ladies

And the next thing I know down I’m Talking to the spirit ladies the next Thing I know they’re playing with my Chairs and that’s going off what’s that Noise that’s my shirt can you see my Shirt moving yes I felt that they were Grabbing Your Bells yeah Jesus Laughs So she’s in the walls yeah It’s like St Augustine part of the Cocina now we have to remember something We have 1500 Acres Uh it sits at 300 right now Uh there is an area out here that we Call the dead Woods uh That’s a whole other Adventure we kind Of fenced it off around it with the Sheep being here there’s a way to get to It but I wouldn’t Excuse me I wouldn’t be going out there tonight Because it was a million dollars We are close to the Veil And we ’ve played 30th 29th and 30th is Tomorrow this house gets weird about October okay so we picked a good time to Come yeah we did yeah there’s different Times of this I think it’s weird in August it is uh there are certain things That happen in history around this house February is when all the soldiers were

Have there were some other stuff that Was going on and May and then you’ve got other stuff Going on August During this time of year it’s crazy now The dogs will bark if you get out there The Sheep will press it over here if They moved they won’t bother you at all Now you are going to hear That dog is going to be on point We use him to let us know when something Weird is going to happen because that’s When I hit Market You will hear Hoops you will hear Screams Bigfoots For some reason that stopped recording And it just turned itself off Okay mine did that earlier Can you tell me what what has been Decided on this property Uh so I was on this property has been uh Bigfoot uh dog might have decided to run The property uh there have been rapes Either on the property There have been UFOs aliens Shadow figures and deliver people Dogs And Hellhound However you like to do it is a dog man Also oh yeah yeah The hellhounds are on the ground With the four legs uh the

Uh there’s been large creatures that Have seen good flies uh whether it be a Pterodactyl or whether it be a Mothman Thing and glowing eyes How they grow red You can see You can see the other bizarre thing About the property is The unusual thing that happens coming From the field you can see we have 9 000 Confederate soldiers out there sometimes You’ll see bars out there Sometimes you will also pick up uh like Amount of noise And then you might see a UFO coming out As well Wow light anomalies will actually You can actually talk to them Uh so Very very strange probably very uh Ancient as I said Um the one that bothers me the most is The flying things I’ve hit the ground Out there when you hear something that’s Got wings like that big you know there’s No owl or anything else like here it’s a Very strange thing but we have had so Many strains experiences a lot of people I’ve had them you know it’s great that You have an experience and you have Somebody with you But those are some of the people that We’ve had experiences with they’ll never Come back from the home hmm

Um Yeah it’s a Interesting You know The first thing I said the 37th parallel Line you know I used to live in Portland And I’ve seen things in the sky that I Cannot explain you know and I don’t know If how did you call me telling you about The 37 yeah being like the supernatural Highway yeah you’ve told me about that 36.5 37 runs through Bowling Green Yeah and also Hopkinsville and if you’ve Ever heard of the Hopkinsville uh Goblin Goblers whatever it would be yes they Also had food fight dog fights right wow Yes off of Fort Campbell they got the The airplanes got into dog fights out There yeah with nothing nothing yeah and That’s on the 37th parallel and you will See unusual lights and everything else Is it it’s through the night and you Have your cameras off and your eyes get Adjusted to it like that I can’t see Anything I can be able to tell you look Over there But yeah this house is and this property Is very interesting uh it has been known To do portals I will tell you right now If you do Come across one of those the ground will Turn a whitish blue Uh and uh

I had a guy actually stay here one night He wouldn’t leave until I came back here To talk to me and he was like going This place is so weird you mean Scientists too But then I’ve had other people come here And they say I’m Not mad [Applause] You ever seen the white the ground Turning white is blue and then a doorway Pop open Yeah people have seen that I’ve seen it Personally And he says what is that the portal He says you don’t want to walk into it Right I don’t know where you’re going to Go unless you right But uh he explains his portal experience To me He says return white a doorway opened up It was all white and the doorway it’s a Perfect square frame a black shadow Person comes out of it and he stands There by the door And you can see the light behind him When he hits the ground The doorway drops and it goes away and Then he is looking at a oh you saw us Yet if they’re going to come out of the Doorways yeah but no This is have you ever seen a 20-foot Shadow

And I said we’ll do it or not yeah They’re out here people see them up and They were up here in the porch and they Asking this he didn’t walk around here We got So there are a lot of interesting So it’s a fun place it’s enjoyable place And I haven’t even talked to you about The barn yet so if you’ve got out Buildings out here you’ve got two Cemeteries you’ve Summer Kitchen it’s uh not a lot for the Key it’s got a latch on it there’s a lot To be doing when we leave so it keeps Critters and everything else out of it The barn on that side way over there Is uh over by the office and back there Is a barn right behind us if you don’t Want you doing in that one just work the Bottom floor of that The First experience if you get upstairs you May fall through the roof But there are a lot of different things That people have also seen Doppler Videos here same what Obligator Wow that’s what I think like yeah wow or You’ll see one of your achievements out There and it’s not your team oh my gosh Oh wow that’s crazy Well hopefully you can see all of it I Hope so yeah sure that’s what we’re here

For we’re hoping to see all kinds of Stuff completely tonight you’ve got a Representative from three different Teams you’ve got Stan to paranormal 18 pair And then Onto phobia what’s that guy the Canadian Guy oh yeah That guy right there You need to subscribe to Adam’s Channel What’s your channel again well right now It’s just my name because I’m changing It it will say stand to Paranormal Um the number two okay I’ll put a link In the description And pontophobia Got to subscribe to him I’ll put everybody’s links in the Description they’re all we’re all Filming here tonight you’re going to Want to watch everybody’s video I have To get all you can reserve the house if You’re paranormal experience Uh at our website at Octagonhallmuseum.com And just go to the drop menu that says Paranormal investigations and you can Reserve your dates there you can also Watch us in uh join us on Facebook at Oxygen Hall Museum also uh so there’s a Lot of different ways to do it we’d love To have you be friends with us and come And see us we also tour the house For five dollars a day

For each person that comes we do daily Tours Wednesday through Saturday Awesome please come and visit us now is This in Bowling Green Kentucky or in Franklin okay Right next to Bowling Green then right See Bowling Green is where my Um my mother’s parents are from yes Bowling Green Kentucky and they’re Actually buried there and so is my mom’s Brother and two sisters and several Other family members Are buried at the uh Cemetery in Bowling Green and that was you know one of the Things that I was telling you Pay attention to that dog Okay Uh He should be right over there Does that dog ever shut up yeah that’s The other dog right that’s not that That’s not the Sheepdog There are two of them out there right They look like slabs what they will do They will bark and they will protect Those sheep yeah But normally it Barks A lot louder Now you will hear like I said you’ll Hear other barks and you’ll hear other Hoops and you’ll hear these sheep get Wrestles And uh you’ll also hear the dog bark Back Uh that’s kind of like a tip because

He’s watching something or he’s got Something that’s like if you’re not by The faster we’re not by defense or Something else is going on yeah They do let you know There’s a whole lot of your dreams So how long ago was Bigfoot seen on this Property uh last time uh three of us Were sitting here in the porch and we Saw him uh May 18th sitting right out There by the office what really yeah oh My God you saw it yourself oh yeah oh my God Wow yep I got I decided he didn’t move And I thought I was gonna walk down that Pathway down there and I got to the Driveway are you still standing there And then he bend down and through Something and I thought it was going to Rip the whole place down oh my god wow Another Cobra moment that is crazy

The Alien and Sedition Acts – Federalists Pushed To Violate The Constitution

During the first decade of the Republic, the Federalist Party was in power. It represented wealth and the aristocracy and scorned democracy and wanted a war with France to bankrupt America. Although we narrowly escaped war with France, the Federalist pushed through Congress the Alien and Sedition Acts, which were passed with the intention of putting an end to freedom and democracy. Those who spoke for the Bill of Rights were treated as traitors. It had become a measure of sedition. It was under these horrible conditions that Thomas Jefferson formed a party of opposition to awaken the people to their peril, to mobilize them in defense of their freedoms, and to revive their courage and fighting spirit.

Three Must-Do Attractions For a School Tour to Paris

Those looking to organise a school tour to Paris are spoiled for choice when it comes to drawing up an itinerary – the ‘City of Light’ is packed to the brim with sights to suit any subject. If you are an educator in search of inspiration, read on for three top ‘must-do’ attractions.

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Alexander Hamilton – Father of American Finance

America, a bankrupt nation, needed direction to set her on the course of a prosperous nation after the Revolutionary War. Being free and broke is not true freedom. America needed a source of income and credit among nations. Thanks to Alexander Hamilton, as a young nation, America found the right path.

Three Systems Of US Government – From Weakness To Strength

At the end of the Revolutionary War this nation was $40,000,000 in debt, one fifth owed to foreign powers, with a Congress that had no power to levy taxes to cover expenses, having to appeal for contributions from states to meet its debt. Moreover, each state acted as a sovereign nation, passing its own tariff laws and creating hardships that were as trying for the rich as for the poor. Within the chaos arose a man who has since been called the Philosopher of the Constitution, James Madison, a shy sensitive Virginian of very limited oratorical gifts, who behind the closed doors of the Constitutional Convention carried point after point by his reasoning ability and charm of personal manner.

Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario on School Tours

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is a must-visit location on any school tours that head to Quebec or even to New York. Situated on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a vibrant and bustling modern city. It can trace its history back to the late 18th century when the land was purchased by the British Monarchy. Currently, Toronto is the fifth most populous city in North America and is well known for its art, education, music, business, economics, media, sports, medicine and general quality of life. The city is intersected by three rivers and sits on the Toronto Harbour. Toronto is often broken into several districts for ease of navigation and on school tours to the city most groups tend to stay within the centre to explore the many museums and collections. While in this wonderful city, be sure to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario.

European Vs Japanese Knives – What’s the Difference?

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Thomas Jefferson’s Three Greatest Services – Other Than His Presidency

Freedom and happiness were the main concerns of Thomas Jefferson for the people and was completely against big government, except when it came to foreign affairs, being regarded as the prophet of democracy. His greatest three services in his own eyes were not political success, including the Presidency, but freedom and enlightenment of his fellow man.

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Benjamin Franklin’s Many Contributions To His Country

When Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston in 1706, the British North American colonies contained 350,000 persons, clustering along the Atlantic seacoast and the broad tidewater rivers. The great interior valleys were far beyond the limits of colonial settlement. The life of Franklin covered the years when the colonies matured and the American political union was formed. When Franklin died in Philadelphia in 1790, many things had changed. The population was over 4 million people. There were farms in Ohio, flatboats were floating down to New Orleans, Kentucky was ready for statehood, over a dozen colleges were educating Americans, medical schools were training doctors, cities had weekly newspapers, America was forming a nation, of which Europe was standing in awe. Let’s see his contribution to young America.

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Equality In Education For All

The article discusses the author’s experience while she was teaching in the UK. Within the article is an indication of the difference in educating boys and girls and why some boys are excluded from school.