AI Generated UFO Hoax

By | October 14, 2022
AI Generated UFO Hoax

I’ve landed Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict On this AI generated evening and it’s a Real jet AI generated evening for Ufology because This Is the shape of things to come And my my words people is going to get Bad but without further Ado by the way I Apologize for being late I was um I I hadn’t I had an engagement with some AI Um I actually haven’t been doing some AI Stuff Honestly anyway without further ado Thanks Brian My first guest of tonight Why did she do that why didn’t you Because Because I looked like it wasn’t working It was working I was laughing oh I I saw A blob well do it again because it was About it was part of your AI That’s what I was Without further Ado my first guest of Tonight The invisible the one and only Hey nice guy it’s not working now Richard Uh AI is everywhere you never know what You’re looking at To at least say [ __ ] in the video

What Too early now never on alien I didn’t Hear enough and also Um hidden are you ready my friend Is he ready You hidden you are ready oh it’s Happening oh no no no it’s not happening No no no well There you go we’ve got a face reveal It’s me hello everybody how y’all doing Underbelly there he is good to see you Still we only ever and this is true rich I I honestly only ever see the angle of His face At all times oh well that’s his style Honestly never seen another angle that This is true isn’t it hidden yeah never Seen it it’s the way I got the camera Set up because it’s too close on my face So and plus you don’t you know high Definition man it’s just going to show Everything off Tell me about it And The Bernie A very special guest tonight A member of the community and a great Supporter of the shows Welcome How you doing mate it’s lovely so glad To be here It’s a very English thing to say lovely Well I’m a stand-up get so

I’m so happy to have you and I did say To you the other day we’d have we’d have You on I had no idea what the show would Be about because I never do Um I never planned these things but then Last minute I said I hope you’re okay It’s gonna be Ai and yours you you bring It on Bring on that Madness But before I get into that Um I do want to speak about Um And he has an awesome show which I I Managed to capture Last Night Live Because it’s it’s not up now it’s gone Is it rich is it being edited it is Apparently he edits the shows and then It’ll be up later I guess or tomorrow I’m not sure but that that’s usually how It goes well it’s probably one of the Best interviews I’ve ever seen with Stephen Greer wow I would go that far Because it made me bite my nails Um With some of the oh by the way Um Stephen is here in AI format tonight There you go Oh wow no do me like that I made those earlier you should do all Of us dude I should put a couple of them Yesterday That’s incredibly cool looking that’s Like a character chart or however you

Say that word caricature It is like a character Yeah they make their heads like really Bend the bodies like really small So as nobody else seen it Did anybody capture it live I was not Around So I I was watching on and off because I Was actually doing housework at that Time in the night and uh I thought oh I’m gonna finish watching this on the Drive to work this morning I was Extremely pissed off because I couldn’t Watch it and listen to it But I will tell you guys this if anybody Did watch it uh At some points Greer looked a little bit Miffed off with some of the questions And his back got put up against the wall Uh to the point where Kurt’s like listen This is how I run my show if you’re Gonna if you’re gonna make big claims I’m gonna ask big questions on the back Of that uh and state to the point where Stephen said well it is the video’s up If you want to play some of it I don’t I Don’t want to do that because I don’t I I I Her it’s okay with it he allows me and Others so I just anyway you’re allowed To if you want you won’t do it I Wouldn’t even know the bit where it is Rich it’s that it’s a real long video

I’m sorry it’s a two-hour interview Um so yeah don’t go watch it now those People oh it’s premiering it’s Premiering later tonight okay never mind He’s premiering it Well it’s a great interview okay I’m Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt I Apologize no no no no no don’t worry About it um but yeah brilliant and There’s bits in that where you’ll be Like oh my God so I hope he’s not Editing those bits out Because Korea’s back did get a little Bit Shuffled Can you remember a little bit of maybe What he asked or what got Greer back There was questions about shooting Flares up in the oh good no way yes There was also you know that was I know Who forced that question out there The angry Channel told Kurt because Their friend so he told him to ask that Question yeah I I would write an interviewer I don’t know who I’m not sure his Co-host I’ve not seen him before Um Actually I do recognize him but both of Them were doing such a good job Um I’ve never seen a co-host yeah I’ve Never seen a co-host there I thought Stephen

Held his own really well but there was a Question about a patent and Stephen was like well it’s it’s in one Of the book you’re gonna have to go for These pages And he’s like can you explain it and he Says well you’re just gonna have to go Through the pages And I’m butchering this and I am but I can’t Remember the full thing I don’t think I’m gonna watch it again today before The show but it wasn’t there but yeah it Was he was asking proof about something To do with some sort of pattern and Um You know I don’t I’ve not brought the Papers with me here uh and he said it Seems like he’s getting a bit shirty uh Too Kurt I think you use the word he may Not use the word shirty but it was Something like that and he was like Hey I this is how I treat my guests you know That’s the difficult questions It was a good interview though it was a Very good interview but um yeah so this Week we got the um Was it this week Rich or was it the end Of philosophy I think that we got the uh New Roswell uh images It feels like last week I think it was The beginning of this week but or the Beginning yeah it could have been Monday I think it’s just a blur

But as as soon as I saw those images Um I could tell they were AI I know other Channels have spoke about that I wanted To do with something about that early But I do my show on a Friday for anybody Who knows me I’ve been playing around With AI for quite some time now I think I’ve sent use of AI stuff I know a lot My thumbnails use AI I don’t know if People know that there’s AI in a lot of My thumbnails Um especially in this one But you can tell the AI images a mile Off The reason why I want to do this show to Address it Is I believe it’s going to become Hard to spot almost impossible to spot When it comes to pictures You were you’re not going to be able to Tell the difference What did I tell you pictures we won’t be Able to accept anymore and then you said That’s not it rich it’s when they can Fake the videos with AI that’s going to Be the difficult I was like oh my God It’s gonna ruin everything eventually it Will this is like new CGI to us right This is Someone’s at the door somebody’s Cleaning there somebody’s at my door I Hope it’s not okay yeah you you bring Them on up it’s not good bring them on I

Shall return it’s Greer it’s your Delivery your ape is here Rich when when this And I have I have got an AI program that I’ve just signed up for tonight which is A new one that I want to test out so we Will do we’ll make a live UFO crash Um But I’ve here’s what I I’ve done This week Which are just a few images That I’ve made you made these I’ve made These yeah These the ones that I’ve done in the in But what what was your template to start With though Nothing But I don’t understand how it works You’re gonna have to explain it after You show these okay yep I I not only Will I explain it I should be able to Show it working so so while I all I’ve Done so Mick West here he he did this Which Um hidden kindly sent me the the this I Asked Mick to come on but he can’t make It tonight Um But yeah this is all he’s done there is Probably tight in to the AI UFO crash Roswell so these this is words that You’ll have typed in and probably black And white photograph and maybe put the

Word UFO in and the AI has then made This so This has made this This And this This is what I’ve made now can you see The human being in the background there So in the foot in the in the thumbnail I’ve cut him out Because he yeah but if you if you see if You look at the human being and uh I Know Stephen can being uh did mention This about AI images At the moment struggle to make humans They really do struggle to make humans The more you play about with it The better you can make a human so when I started to put Greer in the system His face was a bit messed up Then I tried to put Greer like and I Used the word great smiling Greer sad And it’s it starts I mean that one in The middle I just had to put that in Because it’s hilarious And then I thought you know what I’ll Put somebody else I’ll ask it to make somebody else today So today I made this He’s a good looking man yeah he looks Alien he does look alien yeah What if the AI can tell who’s an alien Yeah It brings out those features yeah I mean It yeah it really does explain a lot

About David Wilcock I bet you could It looks like Kevin Bacon [ __ ] on the Right on the right but check this out This is what Stu little has been I Wanted him to come on tonight he can’t Make the pictures of the horror writer Right Steve The the those are pictures that bubbles Are Oh well they look like um What’s the horror Rider Stephen oh right it does It guys look at that the middle one does Yes you’re right just like dude Stephen King’s brother Um Yes And their father is John What’s his name conlier Check this out it’s a family affair it Is why not check this out that this is What um This sort of Stuart Little’s done With the AI generator Wait the that one on the right there the Devil’s Tower that’s AI yes all of those Are AI so the AI so you ’ve been Devil’s Tower and it makes it It has to look at something right You don’t see it look at anything Rich That’s the thing so I have never used this program before so I’m going to screen share now what what

Program are you using I so somebody Recommended to do the Dali this is why I Was about six minutes late I had to make An account I have I’ve got a premium account on the Phone with dreams That I pay for Because that’s what so I can just make Them on the go so I can make them on the IPad and I can make them on the computer I’ve only got this Dali thing so I’m Gonna have a go now uh and see what we Can create because I I don’t want this To be a video of just creative survival But I want to talk talk about this Because I I genuinely think this is Going to be a huge problem for the field I think you’re gonna get everybody Eventually making UFO hoaxes uh it’ll Start with pictures but as soon as video Hits It’s game over Well there’s there’s some AIS that are Doing videos Yes I’ve seen those I’ve seen the AI Videos be I know I know at the moment The very artist artifacts are amazing to Look at well if the if the AI starts Learning So you give it now where it’s at its Infancy of making videos you give it What two three years of learning It’ll be doing it that’s all it took for That uh face swap technology to get

Really good a couple of years the Deep Flakes yeah deep fake yeah thanks yeah That’s it this is like a deep fake isn’t It And sort of it’s sort of because with The with the Rothwell pictures you could See they’re too clear They’re too little too yeah they’re too Clear to to save the cameras that would Have been used back in the 40s yeah The two clear the two bang on I mean the Person who put it up If he ran it through a little filter That maybe put a little specks in it and Things like do you get what I’m trying To say yeah make it look dirty yeah That’s that’s that’s the best way to say But they they were a bit too clear Looking that’s why that’s why I think Everybody the flags went up and went Boom hold on You guys see I’m gonna bring It full Screen so you should be able to see What I’m doing Should we get some artist music in the Background No piano So what we’re doing here we’re watching Alien addict Show us how the AI generator for Pictures Works hey this this program Might not be as good as the one that I Know how to use he said this program is Not as good as the one that he it may

Not be I don’t know it may not be he Says it may not I’ve hit generate Generator We see a dog and a cat Oh my God can you guys see that Something has changed It looks like this request may not Follow our content policy What what Interesting no we’re noticed no oh that That this could be a good thing So The program that I’m using right now I Type exactly that in and it works huh So let me try and let me try and uh but What is it learning off of the internet It’s because because the commands you Give it it’s searching the internet and It’s piecing it together Um Let’s just play UFO I understand generate I’m probably gonna Get barred here I’ve took out the word crash well There’s and this is a a site you’re Paying for content I don’t pay for this one I’ve got so Many I’ve got so many free there you go That’s the AI has just made those UFOs Shut off So if I went on the internet right now And look for these hello somebody’s Mic’s just gone funny It’s not me

Yeah maybe it is seafood to me It was you As soon as you muted it went off there You are no you’re back Nope it’s not you it’s Moon licked Try it again unmute yep it’s him it’s The Moon It’s like feedback brother Oh alien addict you’re muted Moon if you just drop out and drop back In and fix you fix you there he is That’s it’s better now I think you saw It kill kill those are damn good Pictures yeah those are clear so what I Was asking and I’m sorry I didn’t mean To interrupt I just don’t want to forget Because I will Is that UFO on the internet somewhere No That’s what I the AI has made it But how did it know to put the trees in In there and all that because it’ll look At The history of UFO photographs you gotta Be kidding me no I’m really not reached That this is bad this is bad for ufology An old shapes and sizes it’s just gonna Keep repeating what people approved of In the past and what the and what the People that requested it said was good And what they said was bad AI is just Trial and error And what we Approve of from ai ai learns is good

And what we disprove of AI throws away So the more we approve of AI it it will Recreate that over and over and try to Tweak it And that’s the sad part about about AI Is it’s going to bring out our our Subconscious wants and our conscious Wants Through our approvals so it’s going to Make eventually it’s going to make what We think is is God in AI I mean for Ufology So eventually it’ll make what our Consciousness is wanting Alien ships to look like and what alien Creatures want us we want to look like And that’s the whole bad part about Artificial intelligence there’s nothing Artificial about it it’s a conglomerate Of what we have Tweaked the Mathematics to be and And that’s the whole sad part about it All is that it’s really our programming Over and over and over again tweak down Tweak down tweak down to what we hoped It would be And And that’s the sad part about it why Does it show me an orange slice I don’t Get this thing what is that is that just It’s a it’s a shape it’s a shape that Looks like Um

It’s just like whenever the original our Original thing was it looked like um Saucer it looked like a you know like a Saucer of milk or a sauce or a pan being Skipped across a pond or whatever a rock Being skipped across that basic shape Um is what we identify with flying I Think I think Richmond why is it showing Orange I don’t know if that’s their Thing in orange slice oh you think it’s Just a logo an orange slice that’s a Shape No I think it’s just an icon for what They’re doing right isn’t that what you Mean alienetic it’s not really what the AI is going off of that’s just a picture What it means uh Moon Lich is this Orange slice watch when I hit generate And we’re going to generate another UFO That orange slice Okay yeah I was asking why is that there I was asking is the AI using that Picture with the orange Well I think that actual slice of that That half of an orange there is is Replicating that shape of that UFO right There that’s one of the typical shapes That come to mind because that right There is actually what you’re looking at Right here is half an orange but just Turn the other way but it’s a typical Shape that we find every day in our House but I haven’t seen any other Object or shape show up only the orange

Slice Oh there was a cat and dog that’s right If you go back a couple a couple slides You’ll see the orange slices you’ll see The top of the juicer in one of the uh UFOs yeah I think the Moonlight I think I know what you’re saying but I’m I’m Actually trying to say that they’re They’re using one of their their Actual gimmicks um they’re using one of Their slides they use as a Um weight slide that is actually yeah Orange spice two are what we’re looking At the orange slice though it you could Put anything and say if I put Yeah but what I’m what I’m trying to say Is they have typical slides that they Put in for your for the the wait time But this one just happens to match but They’re using it because it matches our Topic No the orange slice is nothing to do I Promise you I’ve just typed in bubbles Are that oh my God You still get the orange slice but this Actually does make people look more real Good It makes it look more common because It’s taking a conglomerate of what People think people look like I feel sorry for his wife he wakes up to See that The guy already on the right Could you Type in Tic Tac UFO see what it does

Nice The software I use doesn’t seem to try Pearl shape then that’s the name I like To still use Cool shape UFO okay here we go yeah It is pill shaped well they’re round Pills too shut off Thinking It doesn’t seem to get the the Um but if you type in UFO Um I think the word UFO is is overriding Everything else in there If you leave out UFO and maybe put in Um craft or something else Um I get pill-shaped craft I mean if you type in US you will get You can get it to generate like CGI Looking UFOs but if you if you type in The keywords like black and white photo That’s when you can start to get things That start to look a little bit real Now Uh Maybe if we put the word Because you got to realize these These Are still running off the same old I Spelled that wrong type things that Search engines run off Isn’t it interesting how they all look Like 1945. They look like the 50s and 40s UFOs you Know why that is Rich because they put Black and white photo because and that

Is all so I’ve just put triangle UFO Old black and white photo and it doesn’t Understand it It’s the reason why it doesn’t Understand that is because what it’s Doing is it’s looking at old black and White photographs of UFOs and it can’t Find any triangles we we’ve talked about That for for many Many years now about UFOs how they Change shape over the years you put Triangle in front of this software it Doesn’t understand how to make a Triangle UFO right because they weren’t Around back then with the Black and Whites Try putting a triangle later on in the Search phrase well if you instead of Putting it up front it’s just the Triangle Take out black and white photo it’s Working I see an orange slice I’m excited this Is fun This is like grab bag without the bags It’s interesting let’s put photo in Front of it So that’s how they flew the pyramids Around Well remember the Indians they they have Um and I mean from the continent of India is that right is India continent Yes it is they they have they have their Triangle UFOs sorry in more like a

Pyramid which starts with a V am I right What’s it called Somebody in chat told me because I yeah Older than that oh you’re talking about Um Um it starts with a V ver you know Oh the vermana yeah I’m on it yeah I I had the guy that was Supposed to interview years ago About vermanas Don’t you find these a little Interesting too like the one on the Right it’s got that chemtrail chem Cloud Up there Kind of interesting and the three UFOs Next to that Yeah now These are the ones that are harder to Get at the moment but if like if you if You focus purely so What I would say to the community now if You start to see new black and white Photographs show up at the Flying Saucer They’re probably going to be AI Generated because the AI the AI can do That because he’s looking it’s looking At all the old photographs we have of Flying sources and it’s then it’s Thinking and it’s it’s generating that Into something that’s extremely some of Them can be extremely realistic looking Overload of the site Ollie can I ask you A question Is there any chance you could type in

Um what you’re doing the UFO Um black and white photos could you put In the word blurry and let’s see if we Can if we can blur it out too because as I deal with as I deal with um sightings Some of the images come in blurry you Know I’m just interested to be blur it Out too How blurry it will make it It’s it’s insane I mean what’s going to Happen now is we’re gonna have to Whenever we get a picture now we’re Gonna have to ask for the The actual photo so we can test the Metadata yes and you should put type in Tr3b see what happens yeah Heather Crystal there you go Oh that’s amazing This is unbelievable we’re screwed wow Wow that looks incredibly good man wow I Should send that over to Matthew see if You want to suppose let’s try it you Will let’s try over over City Oh nice Let’s try uh what’s the one where Galvin UFO was Oh Scotland Maybe type in that Scotland okay with the Calvin oh my word Oh wow That’s fun I mean that looks good right There Yeah Any of these you’d say they were fake

Wouldn’t you you would say they were Fake I would say that I would say They’re still from a movie because that One that you got up right now looks like Um what is it Um Earth versus the flying sauces Yeah you remember that sci-fi movie yeah 1954. yeah Let me take I’m gonna take out blurry I’ve just realized that I’m that me me Probably doing this video and saying There’s gonna be a problem people are Going well it won’t be a problem if you Haven’t shown people how to do it Oh wow man I think they already know how well so Cool so rich this is great for you you Know for thumbnails yeah Fantastic tool for a thumbnail yeah what Do you get for flying purple people Eater Oh One flying purple people leader Type that in flying purple people eater He’s got a one-eyed one-horned flying Purple people eater one add one horde Flying purple people eaters we wear Short shorts fine purple people eaters Sure looks strange to me one horn When he came out of the sky he said look At me he said Mr Giordano what do you Need from me he came down the chimney And above the fire he said look the Other way I’ve gotta go to the bathroom

No I don’t know all right you guys Thought I knew what I was singing Um That’s what he got but if he did make an Insect that looked real there is not a Species of any kind that is a beetle Looking thing that’s like a stink bug Almost but the AIS made up he doesn’t Exist No it doesn’t what are the other ones Oh they’ll just look [ __ ] oh yeah that’s Not too bad but Yeah I mean Type in tr3b please The uh Three B oh pound sign no see you spelled It wrong anyway Here it comes it’s thinking Yeah four in front of a blue wall Five or three one ah type in tr3b UFO Maybe What were we saying I’m sorry Because I understand what a free trippy Is that car isn’t real then that one we Just saw no no it’s not a real car it’s It’s taking Images of cars and reprocessing them Into its own thing Hey Whoa Yeah it doesn’t but I mean if you said What uh let’s have a lot alien Gray If So all you did before was type in Dr

Steven Greer and it came up with those Pictures yeah yeah and then I started to Put like expressions like put smile uh Sadness uh things like that and you can Get them to gradually to look more real Um those are terrible can you try my Name Goof on no Rich Giordano silly Richard I’m trying to get my gynecologist D-a-n-o Jesus no Jordana no sounds like no Pressure on you that doesn’t look like My name G i o r D a-n-o okay If I don’t I got the orange It’s thinking it’s working six five four I bet it has a hat I bet he’s got a hat On That’s my gynecologist right there no no That’s mine That is you there asleep at the back At the Phoenix Lights documentary talk About an early 90s picture right there That is me I love it Ah that’s a shake that’s not a Hearing I’m still a nobody But yeah it’s The problem that we have is this Software is gonna get I I so I started using this at the Beginning of this year an app called Dreams and it was okay I noticed after

A month of using it because I put it Down for about Three weeks picked it back up And then I thought oh that’s had an Update That is a lot there Then I started to make a load of stuff For my thumbnails this and then I got Bored of it and I I I scrapped it again Then I picked it up recently And the Improvement is next level Because before it couldn’t it wasn’t Making things that looked as good as It’s making now but now it’s making Things that look like that like that Look like real objects You know Crazy it struggles with people at the Moment it struggles with people at the Moment but just getting there Is it because we’re complex is that way Yeah I I I believe so I I I I do think It it it’s gonna have big problems with Humans for a while now but you know how Us is the public we get access to Um software many years later from what Like the military and what have you have Had It got some of the stuff that that I’ve Now I’m gonna put something out there so You see this one on the um The one that looks like it’s on Mars On the left yeah Yeah if if

Somebody wanted to fake something from a Big massive company And then it’s been used in a software For a long time and sometimes we see Certain photographs that they look Certain parts of that photograph look a Little bit glitchy and they look some Things look odd that we see paradolia in Because I’m wondering if Some pictures May that we may have seen From certain P certain companies big Companies Um Could possibly have been using this tech For a long long time Well that’s why that’s why I wanted to See if the AI could produce the Tic Tac I think you’re finding that yeah the Technology has been being used for an Extremely long time and it has been used In Commercials that has been used in PR it Has been used by the military It has been used in many many places in Our society and I’m talking about it’s Been around since the 70s And before that okay AI technology yeah Generating images yeah for images we’ve Used it to clarify images we’ve used it To change images we’ve taken it from It was originally started and originally Used I know of To take images that you you could make

Out and to redefine them and to try to Bring out Clarity in those images from Way back when Now this was starting back in the in the 70s Um and to try to bring out and even Before that to try to use it to bring Out for satellite imagery bring out more Clarity And for bringing out Um surveillance imagery And more like that for the military and For other uses like that so we’re Talking like basic enhancements of Images to enhance it and to bring out You know anything could just to get Extra information on the photographs uh Thank you Lisa and that’s when and and Back then you would you’d bring it out You start going through a photograph to Go through and to bring out details in a Photograph and if you didn’t like what What it was doing You would go ahead and change the Parameters okay And then you let it run some more you go Back and let it run some more or you’d Start it over and if it and if it came Out and it came out starting looking Better you’d let it continue running Or you’d let it go ahead and do another Run on top of that and see if it’d bring Out more more imagery to a better Enhancement if you didn’t like it the

Way it was what it was doing you would Change the parameters and let it run Again Okay and that’s where all this just Keeps going the artificial that’s how The artificial intelligence gets in There and that’s how you you just let it Keep going on itself if it gets Improvements You let it keep going on it or you make You make little tweaks to make it go Further in that direction It’s the same way artificial Intelligence works on other things Without the imagery part And we call it artificial intelligence But it’s just us reprogramming over and Over and over again And On the artificial side is it’ll keep Running that trial and error on its own And that’s where the artificial part Comes in it can re it can do the trial And error Parts billions of times over In the time it would take us to run do The stuff on our own so it’s Artificially doing the trial and error But on the imagery side we have more of An input into it As far as we visually do it and we make A guess Instead of me being a factual side on The other side where okay the the Outcome is better suited factually as

Far as numbers go Statistic wise But on the visual side we say okay we Make more of a judgment call going yeah That looks more like what we wanted Okay so we approve it if it doesn’t look What like more like we want it we make We disprove it we have more of a Um opinion Yeah okay it’s not as much of a a Numbers game it’s more of an opinionated Side that’s why we are controlling This more toward our subconscious that’s Why when you look at the AI for like the Stuff like that Martian Um landscape and how you look at it for The Sci-Fi stuff it looks so much better For the stuff that we dream about Um Okay the imaginary things turn out great Okay but the realistic things like a Human face It doesn’t turn out like what we see in Reality it turns out like our dream Yeah okay it turns out like what we Dream about faces look like Because that’s how I agree though Because you never dream anybody because That it’s our subconscious that’s Controlling it not our Consciousness Really you’ve been like I had a dream About my best friend but you know white Didn’t quite look like and thank you Lisa Bowden uh for the the uh generous

Pair that you’ve just uh gifted me three Dollar three dollar a pack love it thank You very much yeah thank you Lisa and by The way see you got Lisa’s last name Perfect okay Buffon always blows her last name you Can’t say my name but goofan always says My name perfectly isn’t it isn’t it Incredible See the difference of two people Anyways I’m so sorry and we’re both Dyslexic Yeah yeah isn’t life amazing I’m a lot Of modestly than you though rich is not A competition it’s not a competition to Who can read the worst yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah I just wanted to interrupt I’m So sorry but I love you no no no no but He’s so I I didn’t realize it did you Realize that rich and uh and and hidden About the 70s using AI I did not and I Just looked it up and they touched on it In the 70s and then they got away from It and then came back in 1980 uh yeah it Was amazing what happened they didn’t Get the funding from what I just read so Kind of people were still playing with AI though in the 70s just wasn’t on the Record Yeah because I was just about to say Really Moon yeah see people people don’t Believe me off hand when I tell them Things I looked it up but see here’s the Deal I’m 59 years old and I paid

Attention in my life okay So when I talk about things I’m talking About things I lived through in my life Yeah okay I don’t [ __ ] people thank You yeah that’s what I try to do see I Don’t have to be I am a genius but I Don’t have to be a genius I just have to Remember a few things that I lived Through And So Do you buy as if they’ve been doing this Since the 17th and and I wasn’t even Aware of that Yeah and what what the public has now When it comes to AI generated images Can you imagine What they actually have their hands on Now yeah they that you don’t see the Stuff you don’t notice the stuff until You really pay attention and you look For the things that AI stands for in the Things that AI does and like I said you See it every day In advertising you see it every day in In the military stuff military uses it For so much stuff it’s unbelievable Um and they have been for decades and Decades and decades Um so you see it all the time but you it Doesn’t register with you but when you See the pictures that from some of the Stuff like what they put out the other Day you picked it up automatically I

Know other people Steven picked it up Automatically because he’s a gamer he Sees these images And he says oh I know those images Because I see them all the time you saw Those images because you see them all The time you recognize them other people Recognize those images as being bad Or or being computer generated because They see them all the time but they just Didn’t know where A lot of aspects of those images people Knew them Because they see them all the time but They just didn’t couldn’t put their Fingers on them And there are aspects of those images That to me were just all dead giveaways For dozens of reasons Because They’re just instantly recognized to me As a photographer as a Image manipulator and someone who plays With this I don’t play with um AI do an AI I don’t use any kind of AI software Or anything like that I don’t like it I Don’t like the way it looks it just Doesn’t work for me it’s all too phony So I don’t even I don’t even use it when I edit my photos I don’t use it when I Do any of this stuff Okay a lot of people use AI when they Use um Photoshop and stuff like that They allow AI to go ahead and edit their

Photographs they edit out photo uh they Cut out photos and stuff with it and They use it to do all kinds of stuff I Do all my stuff manually on a manual Type thing And other people you know do things in 30 seconds and they slop it up and they Flip it up on the you know on their Memes and all kinds of stuff like that I Go through it the old-fashioned way I’m A slow guy I do things with you know My own little software that I use that That I control all of my little moves And stuff and I’m not looking for my Stuff to be all pretty pretty I’m Looking for my content and for my humor And everything else Um so when you look at my stuff you can You know you can tell what I do to a Certain degree And then other stuff you can’t tell You’ll never know I did it did anything To it It’s just the same as the stuff that you See for the ad stuff Some of the ad stuff you can tell was Computer generated some of the stuff you Can tell was Adobe Photoshop or other software that they Used and then the other stuff that they Do they may do by hand you’re going to Have to be an expert To tell that they actually hand Manipulated it

And that’s the hardest stuff to tell And then there’s going to be the stuff That’s going to be just way over the top And you’re really going to have to know What you’re doing to be able to tell That they screwed with it Yeah so um I want to talk about Um obviously The first time See so this may I want to know what the guys in the chat Think and also you guys when you first Saw third phase live Um showing these photographs did you did You think AI When you first saw them I thought that uh I didn’t know what it was I’m like how Was this Roswell was the first thing I Said I go it looks like nothing but I Remembered this is stupid I was thinking that I am not too Familiar with the AI as you guys are Um because it’s very hard to tell some Things and very easy to tell on other Things but Not a lot of people are doing the uh Faking UFO videos yet Yeah like how is that even a Roswell I Mean I didn’t even think that at all Like that to me is odd This Photograph right here Made no sense to me logically I know Okay and there are several things about

It if you look how organic they made the Soil look And if you look how organic they made The metal look Um and the structure of The Craft Is what would to me screamed that it was AI Now this one right here was almost on The obscene that one and then I tried to Recreate that that I I uh I but with Words and that this one in the middle is What I came up with the one with the guy Yeah is that supposed to be a piece of The ship no that’s a body that’s a body Yeah wait where’s the head well the Head’s got a hand towel over top of it And Oh the genitalia is poking out uh is Sticking up underneath that little fold Of um of um of material and then at the Very bottom you see where the feet come Up okay But they don’t show the feet and then There’s a tail Okay Um But that little lump in the middle there Is supposed to be where the genitalia is Right there between the two legs and It’s got the tuft of material up and Then it’s very wide up there by the neck And where that little piece of material Is is right where the head covering the Head and that’s the very underneath of

The chin right there Um but that creature or whatever it is Is very wide see how wide it is at the Neck yeah it’s like it’s got no name It’s like blue Elizondo yeah yeah and It’s got those two those two um like Vein type things the not veins but um They’re like what cartilage or what do You what do you call that the um Hamstring type things Um what do they call those things that Come down to The the Let’s see if anybody in chat knows what Medical term is they’re the parts you Know the cords in your body the um What is it not cartilage but um what do They call those tendons tendons there You go Richard sentence yeah and he gets The prize what’s the word of the day Right there below it Um but yeah and um but there’s no Adam’s Apple which I thought was interesting Because it’s such a muscular looking Body with the with the unless that’s a Hood for the you know the c word Um a CL word let me put it that way so It doesn’t get too bad Um but anyways um So I thought that was these eyes for That mass there that was the most hoaxy One That was that was just too much right There ridiculous and um

But Yeah there was such a these are such the That’s interesting Long Dong Silver they were so ill now That right there that was a classic Um Oh man that was just too much and then That little connector at the tip of that One watt the double wire coming out There Um I thought that was you know they use Those connectors on them On PCS online I mean on laptops all the Time Um I thought that was just too much Using a little connector like we used Today Um well I mean whoever’s made this moon Is not that they’ve literally just asked It to make uh Roswell you know UFO Yeah but that’s all they’ve typed in They’ve not I don’t think they’ve They’ve gone into that much depth to Type and the AI has just made what it Can Well yeah and that’s yeah it’s it’s Coming straight out of stuff and that’s What was interesting about it the The different types of um the whole Thing was just so illogical when you Looked at the collection and there was Other points when you look at the um Debris field Um when now if you look in the upper

Left hand corner that piece of debris up Here And you look at some of these other Pieces of debris when you can actually See them light out in the field there’s No disturbance of the soil around it These items are just sitting there there The computer didn’t think to disturb the Soil when you look at this um like paper Fabric or whatever this fabric is on the Left side has been pressed down and Layered out onto the onto the bed and on The right side it just folded down and Laying down Um there are so many things that are They the computers try to You know prep put it out on there but There’s no consistency to how it’s done Um The the whole set is illogical and That’s why um that’s another thing is When you start looking at it as a whole What is what is that supposed to be Yeah the last one was supposed to be the An autopsy of some sort but they’re Really interesting that we’re looking at Now they could have put anything they Could have put alien objects there on on Uh you know That reminds me of you remember when you Used to go to the drive-in theaters oh Yeah yeah yeah and you put the speaker Box in there That went over the face

It was a mask Oh and this was supposed to be the Outfit the that they’re wearing that um You know with the part that was you know Pushed up around the genitalia this is That um coverall that they wear Oh that wasn’t a body bag Well they said something about body bag In the picture but I I didn’t look like It would be something that would seal Over as a body bag Um And this is supposed to be a stretchy Mask but you know hey Um I didn’t see where that actually laid Out in any of the On any of the items the fit now this one Gets me where you see that little slide Out it looks like it’s a slide out thing For like a like a CD-ROM But it doesn’t match up with any of the Um side where it would slide back in That’s another part that was like Illogical the way it does it doesn’t fit Into anything so when it goes back in it Would not be flush anywhere and when it Slides out it’s like a you know like a Slide out camper but Um you know well I’ve just I’ve just Typed in Um alien autopsy black and white Photograph and uh I will show you what it’s uh Software’s bringing up

It’s I mean these aren’t good but it’s gonna Become a problem it’s gonna become such A massive problem Um I mean look at this one That’s like that’s something That’s something that the good doctor Greer could use himself you know What’s going to happen is people are Going to create these AI images and then They’re gonna uh make them with that 3D Printer I mean oh yeah start selling them Um Fascinate that’s that’s that’s a Completely different thing that rich Like 3D alien print 3D AI images wow Different alien every time 9.95 While shipping and handling and I’m I I Wouldn’t say that if you go back through A lot of the if you go back through all The stuff that you know basically as Much as you can uh I think you’ll find Out that there are AI images that we’ve seen hoaxes before But we just never bought we’ve never Qualified as AI Um So some very famous ones also like Dr Reeds Um Ah When I go through an image I go through And the only thing I do is I go through

The part to the points that I identify It as a non-realistic image and then I Basically stop at that point I don’t go Through to try to tell you exactly why Or where I can tell you why but I’m not Going to tell you so much where and how They created it unless I really have to Because it’s not worth my time I’ll tell you that it’s a it’s not a Real image as far as not real you know Alien or something like that or real Spirit or real whatever but I’m not Gonna you know spend eight hours going Into detail telling you this is why and This is how and this is everything like That because I might go through 100 images like that In a day just you know proving what is This and what is not and for me to go Through something step by step and give You a you know two hours of why it’s not When I got 150 to go through in the day It’s like you know it’s not worth it my My opinion is worth it You know my opinion is proof And yeah do you think do you do you boys Think it is is it just me or do you Think it is going to become a massive Problem for us it’s been a massive Problem And um and like I said it’s even in Oh you’re muted Um it’s even like I said it’s even an Everyday photographs and everyday

Advertising So What you see For buying products Is a problem Okay what you see for speeches what you Hear for speeches when you’re being Talked into something politically When you’re being you know Everything that you do in your life now Is a problem with AI because it’s been Altered and field tested by computers Um to make you feel a certain way Yeah you’re you’re tested already Visually to have a certain emotion Um you know it used to be bad enough That they’d go in front of a trial do You know those trials and stuff with People to see how you were going to React But now they do the trials in front of Computers Ten thousand times Till they get your emotions down cracked The The the problem I have is I I honestly don’t think The big channels uh secure team 10 third Phase the moon because they report very Quickly I I Don’t know if they’re gonna spot it I Honestly don’t know if they’re gonna Spot these type of things

And they’re gonna just gonna put it out Anyway I As far as that goes as far as the Conversation goes about Um third phase of moon I don’t I’m not going to get into a big Argument about any of this stuff like This but when you look at somebody like TMZ and you look at something like third Phase of moon third phase of moon just Goes ahead and puts it out and says look What do you think this is okay they do More than that okay well I’m I’m that’s Just my basic thing no no no but you Can’t leave out the most important part But let me just let me finish this okay All right all right okay TMZ runs it by Their their staff and their attorneys to See if they’re going to be something They’re going to be liable for or Something they’re going to be you know Um is something that it’s going to be Negligent on their behalf about being Sued on and they do run their stuff by To see where if it’s commonly known Where this is what this is and blah blah Blah Um there’s less of that done I believe From third phase of moon They’re more into getting you at first Out there and and letting you make your Decision about it And that’s my belief okay and that’s

That’s the difference in that those type Of things Right but now now that you’ve said that I just want to add third phase of moon Doesn’t just put it out to get it out There as fast as possible yeah that’s What they do But they also say we don’t know what it Is we put it up so you can help us Figure out what it is we didn’t you know You know they’re not researchers that Way they’re like you said TMZ they get It up quick and and people try to figure It out sometimes people figure it out Sometimes they don’t Um but that’s it I mean they they say we Don’t know if this is a drone we don’t Know if this is they put out all those Possibilities but the people who go up Against them say they don’t but they do But anyway I just wanted to add that Defending the the friends I agree I Agree with you rich but you’re right They do they put it out quick and very Little research but they do sometimes Get some information but not all the Time well it’s like this we see I think I think I can speak on this because I do Pretty much the same thing yeah we get It I get a video today it’s out today And then we can analyze it then we can Get we can get down to the bottom of it Now the debunkers on the other hand they Have a week to debunk it

When they’re coming out when they’re Coming at us with what it is So we we have an audience that wants to See fresh UFO sightings so we can’t sit On it a week because like say somebody Like third phase and myself we sit on it For a week trying to figure out what it Is we’re gonna have 20 channels behind Us that have put it out already I so I Go ahead no no no no no no no no so then They’re gonna say oh so you’re just Putting it out to get Clicks in views Because you want to be first and make Money off of it wait I don’t look I Don’t think it’s about money I can only Speak for me on this one it ain’t about Money I’ve always prided myself to be At the current affairs of things sure And I use discernment that’s how come I Don’t post every day I could post every Day if I just turned around and said Don’t use discernment just put it out There the person who’s put it up has Called it a UFO so it must be a UFO I’ve Looked at things and I’ve wrote to People and said look this is what I Believe it is this is the possibility of What it is some people Embrace what I’m Saying other people say oh you’re a fool You don’t know what you’re doing But when you put yourself as a channel Like myself and I think I’m I’m I might Not have as much subscribers as third

Phase as the moon but I think I am the Same as them we like to be at the Forefront of these things Okay so what that’s that’s that’s how it Is that’s that’s basically how it is I Don’t like playing Follow the Leader I Don’t like putting out a video that I’ve Seen it on on 10 other channels unless It is damn good I’m gonna say that this just be but First of all I want to welcome I am Stu Little Um hi hey Stu hey stop hey hello who we Still we we actually showed Um which I will bring up in a minute uh Just a few of the videos videos images You’ve you’ve been dabbling in in the AI But just quickly before we get into any Of that I do want to address something That Stephen cambian uh said uh about Myself and said that he thought that I Was in a club I am in nobody’s Club [Laughter] You know the only club that I’m in is my Own club I’m friends with Rich because I’ve been friends with Rich for years Rich said to me when he first There you got rich Let’s just touch me touch my brother Um Rich spoke to me when he first Kind of started to become friends with The the cousins And He asked my advice on it and I said you

Know there’s nothing wrong with being Friendly I’ve been friends I’ve always Been friendly with them I’ve I have Deemed both debunked them though Blake And Brent say that I never have I Definitely have and I do believe that Third phase of moon have made hoaxes in The past 100 Themselves and I’m not saying they I am Not going to say to my audience that I Think third phase the moon have shown Hoaxes from other channels that they’ve Been sent I believe they’ve personally Hoaxed it I have Rich you haven’t Watched that video you refused yeah I Did I did I have watched the first 20 Minutes yeah okay I believe third phase moon have made Hoaxes in the past and after what I’ve Seen I’m a little concerned Okay some of those the but I know some Of the Back stories on those and that Guy doesn’t know he’s got some bad Information he’s got right information And wrong information Isn’t that all the sins of their past Though right these are from 2011 and 12. And I always said and I’ll I’ll stop I’ll let you guys talk anything you can Show me within the last five years I’ve Always said that and then I forget to Say it every time I speak about oh they Never hoaxed anything but I mean from Within the last five years and I got

Hoax four years ago anything in the past I said Dave already a a tone for those They’ve already come out and said they Made mistakes and did some bad [ __ ] and They wanted to be an influence for the Positive from here on out and when I Heard the story and you know I talked to Them a lot they explained a lot of those Things and the debunk is a good video I Haven’t seen it all but Um I said to you rich We made a Hut we’ve made no never not Once they’ve never said that to me but I I we all know they have they just need To say yeah we did you know that’s all They need to do is say we did in the Past because it’s obvious now it’s and That’s all I’m gonna say I would never I’m not gonna fall out with them over it Because I don’t I really I don’t get my Knickers in a Twist over people that Make UFO hoaxes I really don’t I’ve got This Mortal life than falling out with P The way I see it is they probably didn’t Give a [ __ ] about the field they Probably really didn’t and maybe now They’re starting to realize actually If you speak to because I spoke to Blake He actually does know what he’s talking About I and probably Brent does as well but I’ve not spoke to Brent too much about It because Blake tends to take the ear

The Limelight very cool they’re pretty Much equal yep there’s knowledge there There is knowledge in the field There’s definitely nothing they they do Know the [ __ ] and I will give them that But in the past there’s definitely Hoaxes that they’ve made so anybody Yeah I mean there’s a compelling Argument but as Rich says the stuff Looks really old And I think it is and you can’t punish Somebody or two people for maybe for What they did in the past because they Obviously have taken the channel in a Different direction and I’m not going to Say it’s good bad or a different but It’s certainly you know you just got to Give them the benefit they don’t until They really screw up now and then you Can come down on them if you want but at The moment I mean I watched that channel As I watched Rich season everybody Else’s channels and stuff like that but They you know they’re not doing anything That bad I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve Got issues with their documentaries but That’s my technical point of view not From our what’s actually happening in The documentary point of view but no I I Don’t think you can punish them for what They did in 2011 2012. you know we all Make mistakes we all do silly things Like things like this that I’ve only Seen the first 20 minutes and they third

Phase of moon is very well known on Their Island everybody knows them Because they’re like Heroes over there They really are they make commercials For certain uh businesses you know they Owned a couple of businesses out there Everybody knows the cousins brothers and When they went over to this one place That had two guys in a shop working and They saw this UFO and the guy was Holding the camera and it pauses and it Says this is Blake’s camera And they’re trying to say that Blake is Faking that it’s that guy’s camera I’ve Been in that situation yeah I think so Yeah yeah but that but what they do when You’re making movies and documentaries If they didn’t have the camera with them They say hold the camera and show us What it looked like and point to the sky Where it was and that’s what the guy was Probably doing uh I mean to pick on Every little thing like that it’s get It’s a little ridiculous and people Don’t know the backstories on a lot of Those videos that I’ve heard because Third phase already watched it and told Me about it and uh Even with like Um that artistic license you’ve got to Give them a little bit of sort of wiggle Room I mean the example I would use from The photographic world is you’ll all Have seen the what they call the Afghan

Girl the one of the really striking eyes That always is on International Geographic and that taken by Steve McCurdy Um he got outed about five years ago for Heavily manipulating his so-called Documentary images in Photoshop And it’s like in a similar situation you Can’t punish the guy for you know what Was you know a silly Life choice with his work for the rest Of his life because the guy’s done some Amazing you know documentary photography And it’s the same with what they’re Doing the one thing that does surprise Me in the documentary was Um it seems they have made quite a lot Of money Um I am working with Paparazzi in Hawaii Which I found quite funny Um I didn’t see that coming from them um Which is quite cool but no you just Can’t you can’t keep pounding on them For the same thing and cambian always Seems to be I mean he’s really got a bug Bit about you rich oh my God he every Chance he gets he pounds on you know and He’s not perfect himself you know You see I’m not going to say a bad word About gambian and I’ve said this to Rich You know I I have no issues with cambian Rich I don’t know the guys I mean I Don’t have issues with them either I’m Just going and here’s what’s been sure

But this is what I’ll say here Rich Understands that I’m friends with Cambian and I’m friends with him Rich Doesn’t have a problem with that But and Rich’s argument is well cambian Had the problem that rich was friends With third phase of moon that I agree With with Rich I don’t understand why Somebody can’t be friends with I’m Friends with security intent He’s been on the he’s been on the Channel and he admitted to making hoaxes In the interview go watch it people it’s Only got 8 000 views should have had More than that but yeah he admitted to Doing UFO hoaxes he admitted to Being a crazy idiot that got addicted to Alcohol and you know do you not think From a cambian’s perspective and this is Just from my own perspective it’s Slightly like professional jealousy of Rich that he wasn’t invited into the Little Team the third phase of going on because You could obviously yourself and a few Others you know work as a you know I’m Not part of that team I’m not I know You’re anything part of it but um I’m a Little part of it Um but no I think it’s professional Jealousy I do it kind of comes across as Though at least to me it does It is you know what I think it is can I Give my opinion on this one I think

There’s a corner of the internet that They’re just doing a little bit of hate Dating and they’re getting views and Clicks by saying look I hate Richard I Hate this person I hate that person I Hate this person and then in response Rich says something and people and it’s Like what Ollie said it’s a drama show You want to see what’s going to be said Next week so and they know this so they Keep up and it’s staring away from the Real purpose of what they should be Doing and that’s their research I I Believe Steve Camion calls himself a Researcher So research man Yeah I think he does do that if he’s a Researcher why didn’t he interview Brent And Blake about the hoaxes then go to The source as he asked them That’s the question I know he hasn’t or Else they would have talked about it he Would have talked about it with the Whole audience Yeah I mean you’ve got I mean that’s Another side of the the argument you’ve Got to give you know the cousin’s Brothers a chance to speak up but that’s One thing I’ve asked him I’ve asked him For next Friday But that just shows you there and that Who they are they just want to hurt People Yeah yeah for what reason you know I

Mean just because we have an opinion we Do things a little differently uh Cambian you know I remember being Friends with me then all of a sudden I Can’t be friends with you if you’re Gonna be on that panel with them Like all right I don’t want to be Friends with you then You very much alike Rich and a couple of others were on at The same time all kind of interacting And bantering I’m pretty sure rich and Rich Stephen got along really well in that Ridge I’ll leave the drama farmer I am The drama yeah I I put my hands up I put My hands up I asked cambian to come on With Rich because rich said he would do It and come in and said I’m not gonna do It and and he said I’m not going to do It so you so you get views on your show For for bringing the drama I said oh my God I said no [ __ ] Sherlock that’s what I do I’m not why I’m not gonna do it just for The good of my health don’t you see Don’t you see he doesn’t even care to Even talk about it unless he’s getting The views that’s all this is about for Him he wants to beat me in subs and beat Me in views and that’s all it is you’re Right it’s competitive jealousy Yeah big time

Big time I don’t even know how many Subs I don’t Pay attention to Subs because to me it’s About the content the quality of the Channel and it is actually happening Rather than how many subscribers you’ve Got because I mean I watch Channels Obviously the subscribers into the Millions I also watch channels for those Like 20 subscribers I mean there’s a guy I watch called Rondell who is like in my Field Um of like video editing and stuff like That I mean the quality of work that he Does is absolutely stunning but he’s Only got 600 subscribers Double that and my stuff does not even Come close to how good his is you know And he does travel Vlogs and all sorts Of he’s an animator as well and his Animations and Motion Graphics are Absolutely top-notch professional stuff But sometimes Sometimes rundale Otto and Del if he Starts from on on YouTube but sometimes Some sometimes the viewers he might he Might do good work but he might not have A good person people might not take to His personality and sometimes people People sometimes tend or viewers tend to Tune into your channels because of your Personality Yeah Yeah you gotta have one of those I guess

I don’t know but you’ve said this Rich You said you you would you would speak To him but we’re not you said you would Debate him On the show yeah Camping he will not Debate debate you on the show so I I Know he’s listening because he’s he he He listens in his car he tells me on a Friday I would have invited him on Fridays months and months ago he always Says I’m in the car and I spoke to him The other day and said I’ll listen to Your show on Friday but I’ll be in the Car on the way to the cabin so yeah Don’t believe everything he says But don’t believe everything he says all Right go ahead I know he listens he has To because I’m on I’m joking it’s all about you I’m sorry I’m just being a dick Why do you think he won’t face you Um because he knows he’ll get mad when I Put him in his place Because he knows he’s lying about a lot Of the stuff he’s saying and everything That I pointed out and explained after He called whatever me Eli or them a hoax You can’t defend against what I did what I showed they’re saying they don’t say You know they third phase of moon does This then the other thing and and I say Only go back the last five years and he Goes back 10 years you know [ __ ] like

That it doesn’t play fair he doesn’t Know how to he doesn’t know how to have A conversation without yelling and Screaming And I think that that’s his downfall he Doesn’t want to look stupid His third phase already did that to him Made him get mad and yell act like a Fool I did I never watched the um That was it on uh Alien scientist Channel I don’t even watched that yeah I Think it was and you know he’s calling Third phase you guys are [ __ ] and Swearing uh just typical white did Jeremy tell him to to to watch the Language I don’t know I I don’t remember that but He did I did watch it but see this this Is why this is why you can do it on my Shirt you can say what the [ __ ] you want Yeah or on my show But yeah on your show that would be Because yes goof on invites that’s what You should do just just do do a time That you know he’s gonna be about and Just go I invite you truth Seekers Not interested in being friends It’ll never happen it just won’t I can Guarantee it once I shut up does he heal From anyway like what part of the U.S No one knows CMO was going to his cabin in that and I Thought it was easily Appalachians or

Something you know I I kind of get that Some people like to stay Incognito Especially YouTube she might get a Weirdo coming to your window and Masturbating or whatever you know Or like or or I take it he’s like me Because um I I do the reason why I stay the way I Am is because I try and protect my Family because of what you said there Are some weird people on YouTube you Realize you’re showing your face right Now For the first time oh God damn it Now lucky enough though people that I’ve Come across are really nice people so I Haven’t I haven’t come across the Weirdos yet except when I first started One guy told me I should put a gun to my Head and kill myself A little lovely I was like whoa yeah That’s a bit heavy you see Rich what we Could do is we could get uh truth Seekers in here and we could get Lions Ground in here with for me because we’ve Had our beef in the past of course there Goes a cockroach Remind me of lions ground who’s he he’s An excellent researcher I will say that He was a very good friend of mine Oh he’s a [ __ ] artist he’s another One that lies he came at me with lies And when I pointed it out to him that he Was lying you know he turned to me and

Said He told me that this isn’t YouTube is Not a gay dating site so go look Somewhere else and I was like what the Hell are you on about just make your Video about me and jargon did he make a Video about you yeah he did I I I’ve not seen it so I did I didn’t Know well he took it down he took it On lions ground the actual yeah Right so was that the eight because he Had like over 80 000. all I look at is All I look at it this way here is when a Person lies to you once That sets them up for the whole thing of YouTube they will lie and lie and lie And that guy to me is a liar and he’s a Lion rat and I’d say to his face he Knows what I think of him he’s a rat And he’s a liar honestly He’s talking about Heathcliff Lion’s Crown oh Heathcliff yeah yeah Who’s astral citizen yeah Yes I mean it it’s weird for me because I I have I do have a respect there for Heathcliff even though copyright strikes Me when I when I it was a back and forth Fight and he just I thought okay he Stopped me my tracks with the copyright Strike so that’s the way he wanted to Play I I gave up you won Heathman Um But um yeah I do respect him as an Investigator he’s pretty good at his

What he does yeah I can’t trust nothing That that man says if he came at me with A lie with a blatant lie Yeah no I I I I I I I understand what You say I understand what you’re saying There but like Stu just said about his Friend Um with a channel Ethan’s got a new Channel now and it’s probably some of The best editing I’ve ever seen yeah He’s done a good job that’s what every That’s what everybody says behind the Scenes about him that he has so so much Talent oh yeah he’s an hour in our Opinion in my opinion and a few other People’s opinion he’s wasted it Um well I bet he probably does it for Work or something I would never change My opinion about that man until he Apologizes for his blatant lie I he will never apologize I know I know He never apologize I like I like I like For me and him to be in a room together And not in a gay way and we’ll have a Little talk about this little like And himself So anyway we we ranted about that Stu Little you are in the house tonight Um do you think AI images and possibly Video in the future are going to be a Massive problem I mean the I appreciate what when life Said about Um yeah I’ve been around for a long time

But it has evolved dramatically the Sort of latest thing that we’ve all been Dabbling with Um and I’ve only as you know Ollie I’ve Only been playing with it I’ve been Aware of it but I’ve only been playing With it for just over a week and it’s Blown me away the stuff that I can Actually generate and I’ve only Sort of just started to scrape the Surface of what it can and can’t do Anything else Yeah Um the artist Like mocking about Um That’s the ones yeah Um I mean that bottom left one I Literally just put Um Martian Um Spaceship or something or UFO and that’s Where he came back I.E aged a little bit I must admit I put It through another app made it look a Little bit older than it did all right Yeah okay yeah I treated that one Um but I mean I’ve gone from like never Using this before to currently I’ve got Like 500 of these images and I’m also Using AI to enlarge them because at the Moment I think the largest you can get Is like a thousand and 24 pixels by 1024 Pixels and that’s really small so

I I’ve been using an app called remedy And which I had anyway and it allows you To upskill the and sharpen the images And bring out more detail that wasn’t There And then I’m putting the stuff through Lightroom and playing about with it from There So it’s a good finding I mean I’m just From a creative Outlet I’ve loved it but Yeah it’s going to become a huge problem I mean Um 2015 it’s been open AI started my Elon Musk the needed to think a billion Microsoft chapter another billion and It’s it’s all you can go and download The code yourselves and create your own AI you know super computer or whatever If you’ve got the right server and stuff Like that but it’s it’s definitely going To be a huge issue not only for the Point of view of like guys like guys who Like to muck about and make UFO pictures And that but also for celebrities you Know getting ripped off Um I mean just recently I think Bruce Willis Sold the rights to his likeness young And old yeah I heard that so so you’re Going to get films with Bruce Willis in Them that he’s not in them yeah but what It didn’t say was he’s also given away His voice So he really just does not have to do

Anything now because they’ve got his Voice sampled in the same way that Um James Earl Jones has finally retired As Darth Vader but Um industrial like magic have Um and Skywalker Stone have basically Sampled his voice and they can generate Darth Vader whenever they want Wow alien girl Welcome to the show Everybody’s here hello Just to let you know uh we can hear you But I think we’re coming out your web You’re coming out that we’re not coming At your webcam you’re coming at your Webcam I think say something again Something again Hello Touch your microphone let’s hear it Yeah it’s okay yeah yeah it’s okay just Sounds it sounds like it’s uh strange I Didn’t think about earpods oh it is a Little strange I’m gonna jump Okay mate no no be careful You rich me yeah yeah you yeah you yeah You so When when you when you’re Hearing everything because you you You’re surprised at how this works then I I when you’ve seen you didn’t realize How This better right worked that’s better Yeah

Yeah I did not realize it would look Like this this is just pissing me off But I like it for thumbnails It’s great for thumbnails so can I get This program or did is it free what Hey I’ve not paid yet for this but it Was probably gonna ask for more money Soon I said you get like 50 credits or Something like that you’re using dolly Yeah I signed up literally uh I signed Up A couple of minutes before the show went Live and right because there’s quite a Few out but the one I used is through an App called motion leap and I do pay for That up anyways I get the facility but As I knew and just appeared that not Only has Um yeah image generation you can do a Whole host of things I think you and Rich would love in terms of its tools For motion tracks well Stu tell us that After the show because we need to keep It on track with UFOs Um but you can use it for a Runway and I’ve experimented with a couple of like Spaceship UFO things and stuff like that I don’t know I’m gonna email you a Picture just directly I’ll just show you What I’ve been doing in Runway Um and some of the stuff is just utterly Mental what you can do Foreign Thank you mate thank you Amy what do

What do you think of what you’ve been Seeing over the last week when it comes To these AI generated images do you Think it’s going to be a massive problem For the field oh completely things are Awful right now to try to like identify Things It’s horrible everything looks fake Everything could be fake you could be Fake all of us could be fake probably I’m fake I think I’m definitely fake I’m a hoax I’m a hologram Yeah I am an oligram Yeah how you doing Amy Good it’s good to see you I mean this is Just so exciting I’m loving this how are You doing over there right now good Evening Good good Amy have you have you seen moonlitch Moon licked before yeah I did Good to see you how are you doing I’m Doing lovely I got a cat on either side Of me oh And then and then I was I am Tuttle Here I’m just um I am still little yeah that’s it Did you did a little so but but don’t You think now what third phase did by Putting this out It stirred up an interest In this um AI technology and stuff the

I would definitely stead an interest of Yeah I mean I mean it I I kind of wondered A while back if you could make fake UFOs Out of it eventually Um I didn’t realize I had not put the right Commands in to do not that I was gonna Do it people Um but As as soon as I saw that You can recognize it when you zoom in on The pictures because it’s it’s what this Is the software it’s the software it’s Mainly if you go to my Instagram account People you’ll see that I’ve been doing This for quite some time It doesn’t understand humans the Software doesn’t understand how to make A human yeah the one thing that and Anything that I’ve done I’ll send you One of the little images across that was Doubling myself steampunk stuff so a lot Of my stuff Oh It just shows you that um I don’t pay Attention to all these Instagram because I messaged you the other day and said God you should try this for UFO stuff And thumbnails in that and you’re like Yeah I’ve been doing it for months I’m Like Just well I think what you’re finding I’m sorry Ollie no no I think what

You’re finding is that there are certain Things that the software Is not showing you the professional and Military versions of The same as the satellite versions of The Like Google Earth and Terror Earth and All this kind of stuff like that they’re Not showing you the high details they’re Not showing you the The human sides of the software because That’s what the face identification Stuff that’s what the enhancement of Satellite versions of the software does When they use it for other practical Uses they’re not going to give you the The same versions that the law Enforcement uses the military uses the The commercial people uses for Advertising and I don’t think the military and not have This they do have it but I think they’re Using the same stuff whether they’re Like software Engineers taking a whole Different route that’s meeting making it Much more sophisticated I can tell you That we’ve used this software for Video Communications and Audio Communications except for like Propaganda purposes were either like Faking stuff up for facial Identification right Um law enforcement and for I know that we had

Just telecommunications industry had Their hands in this back in the 80s and 90s and Being someone from the Telecommunications field As far as manufacturing and the software And everything like that I can tell you This firsthand that this was this is old Technology And what you’re seeing here is very old Old technology They may be using it as Cutting Edge for The people that are doing it for the Consumer markets and stuff like that but This is old hat As far as the quality you’re seeing here Is way past this is all outdated stuff Yeah I’m gonna make a comment okay It has so many practical uses In Military and You see more advanced parts of it in Criminal justice and stuff like that but It’s that stuff that you’re seeing there Is still very old hat Rich what were you gonna say nothing Well had nothing to do with that oh okay So what the the stuff that is actually Cutting Edge is Unbelievable and you could sit down and Make movies with it and you would not Know Um You don’t teach actors and actresses Anymore there’s enough

There’s enough stuff out there that that Can That the AI can take movies from back in The 1900s All the Way Forward they can take Current video from news and TV and TV Series and plug it all in and Use it as templates that there’s no Reason to have live actors and Everything else and they can you can Almost write scripts and just have People you know Polish it up That they can create their own scenarios And everything from very little input I mean one thing I will say that rich is You’re definitely right with this the Third phase of the moon do drum up a Conversation because Since putting that out there it has Actually made everybody wear Now in the field of AI UFO whatever generated images People are going to be on the lookout For this yeah everybody’s guard’s gonna Be up now That’s right and so it was a good thing That they did this yeah well and and That’s one of the things they do is they Go ahead and put stuff out and they Leave it as that is to drum up more Attention if they were to come out and Said look this is AI And we’re putting this out here so you

Can see with some of these images look They did they they did actually say that Rich they did say that didn’t they it Was a four minute four hours afterwards They did say that what that this could Be what we’re hearing from from the Community that they put that live show Out that it could be they said it could Be AI but they didn’t say this is AI if They if they were to put their headings Out there as stuff that they know what It is Then not as many people are going to go Ahead and and respond to it and take it Take it to heart and the people who Don’t read or don’t listen to the Details Um aren’t going to shoot off the edges Like they do We know that most people are going to Ignore 80 percent of what is written And 80 of what is said and they’re only Going to listen to that 20 percent that That gives them a hard-on okay And that’s all they’re interested in and That’s not not I’m not saying that’s all Third phase of moon is interested in I’m Saying that’s all the people that get Excited about things the passionate People okay The passion that people are only Interested in the things that make them Um Something that’s against their their God

Against their scripture or against their Moral content or against their better Judgment that’s what they’re looking as Soon as they hear something that’s Against their their push button issues They get that little thing and they go Running around they have to post it a Thousand times and they have to make Every comment as soon as they see it They have to screen to their neighbors They have to pick up the phone and call Their kids and they have to run in the Bedroom wake up their neighbors and tell Them about it That’s what they have to do Because they’re so excitable And they haven’t read the whole thing They haven’t listened to the whole Conversation And that’s where you get the people that Are excitable and passionate and that’s Where you get the people that come Listen to your show the most Alien addict I gotta go man Yeah Rich before you before before you Do Um disappear What what are you talking about tonight Uh I am going to ask what’s the best Evidence aliens exist And then I’m going to talk about the Hoax documentary for a little bit and Put B Baker and the rest of the girls in Place

Evidence of aliens is Jonathan Reid’s Footage oh yes by far Jennifer Reed is The best and it’s the best sound effects As ever I vouch for it being real just take the Audio about and call somebody up with it Oh my God if you’ve done all those clips From the 90s that that goof on dude Showed yeah yeah If you take that off he’s the worst and You put some 70s uh you know music music Behind it Just be quickly before you disappear Um so you’ve you’ve watched have you Watched half of the documentary now I Have watched uh 20 minutes and then I’m Going over to the one minute and one Hour and 20 minute Mark for the Wonderful Miss B Baker so I can talk About that in my show I’m gonna watch that what were you gonna Ask me I’m saying I’ll watch that that that’s That’s that’s all that’s that’s all I Have for I’m not gonna get you to spoil What you’re gonna say ah don’t worry About it I haven’t even watched it yet He’s just he washed half of it I’ve Watched 20 minutes but I haven’t watched The one hour and 20 minute Mark that She’s telling me to watch so I’m gonna Watch that now and then um And then we’ll talk about it guys it’s Been a great time

Stupid Blessings Hidden underbelly alien girl Amy Giordano and alien attic guys have a Good night I’ll see you soon hopefully And gal You know I just people wonder why I want Him and Cam being on together and one Might I could be a I could be a [ __ ] And say I just want them to be friends But I just want the drama on the channel If I’m perfectly honest I think that Will be an absolute and that’s the only Reason why I got him and Lou together Right I didn’t do it for any reason as If to say I want you to I’ve got no I Enjoy the drama I enjoy looking at Cambian show talking about rich and Rich Talking about cambian it’s [ __ ] Entertaining let’s face it anybody that Says they don’t find it entertaining is Laying their [ __ ] ass up it’s Beautiful them two have got this Amazing thing going on I would like to be the person that Possibly may bring them together that’d Be nice Would you would you get the EastEnders Music too Yes definitely I might get a copyright Strike for that chances are you would But yeah I mean I I I P anybody that Stephen Colombian he he said to me you Just want to get me on for the views

Well actually it’s not for the views It’s because it’s for the drama Drama Yeah you know it’s a soap opera it is This channel if if you if you if you’ve Not realized this channel has a little Bit of drama to it oh yeah you know and If and if you if you like I’m not sticking about it it’s fighting With drama [ __ ] off I don’t care I Really don’t care this is this is my Hobby I work in the day and I do this on A Friday With a few beers to relax I don’t care About subscribers and the the little bit Of money that I get and I thank you all Is amazing it pays for the software that I use it pays for Photoshop it pays for Uh updating uh eventually a computer Because I want to start doing editing I’ll put it all back into the show You know but one thing I don’t agree With that I want to address is like the Whole thing with Rich saying about Camping with the PlayStation and can be Insane with Rich with the pot It’s nobody’s [ __ ] business what you Spend your [ __ ] money on some YouTubers just do YouTube for a living So if they buy [ __ ] rag to wipe their Ass with you know should they not wipe Their ass because their subscribers are Paying for that It’s nobody’s business do what you want

With your [ __ ] money That’s all I’ve got to say Here You know it if I did this for a living And I and and all of a sudden my house Changed ago I Was green screen you didn’t pay for this Everything goes back into the show yeah But Ollie you’ve got eight million Subscribers and you get you’re getting You’re getting two million views a week Yeah just put it all back into the the This the software the the equipment that I buy this chair it’s it’s just nonsense It’s just nonsense what YouTubers spend Their [ __ ] if I were to spend my Money on porno magazines it’s not here [ __ ] business they don’t exist Anymore but whatever happened to the Pawn moonlits you don’t have to Super Chat me you’re on the show but thank you Very much my friend you gotta you gotta Tip the dancing bear man oh the Performing animals You know one day it will be a drama in Here because My wife was so close to coming down here And telling me the office of night for Being so loud and waking the kids up It’s a train But yeah people it’s The Field’s a mess And I like to report on the mess And this thing with AI is just gonna

Really Put more mud in the waters Yeah yeah Chance do you like watching WWE H Never watched it mate no seriously oh Because that is just so bad drama and Carnage the reason why I never watched It though things because my parents Wouldn’t get Sky Television in the UK That’s what we call in the UK yeah as a Kid so I never got into it if they’d got That I’d have been all over it like a Rash You’d have loved it not that I watched Much of his nose but I used to watch it I watched some clips on YouTube now Every now and again and the wrestler’s One of my favorite films I do like that Yeah that’s a good one I used to watch Wrestling with my grandfather in the Black and white even on the Tidy black And white TV sets you know and um he Would get at it and he’d get going on His chair and he’d sit on the edge and He’d be fighting at it and everything And um and then he once in a while he’d Fall off his chair And um So you know I remember the good old days I remember the Iron Sheik and Um I remember them blowing stuff in each Other’s eyes and picking up real you Know the chairs and actually you know

Busting it over somebody’s head and Um you know all that good stuff and he Sounds like Basically ufology Yeah I remember one time we took him to The actual show and he um Uh he didn’t like it at all took him to A live event he was like nah I don’t Like too many people in my way Get in my way messing around they don’t Know what to do and and um so well we do Have much longer people and Amy you Joined us at the last minute so I what Are you doing recently and what’s going On in your life Um yeah just keep thinking about the UFOs tomorrow morning I have a squirrel Holly and wood coming on she does C5 in Wheelchair Wiltshire where all the crop Circles are so see you then if you all Should come oh God that’s a really good One to put into the AI generator Amy you Just give me a great idea what did I say Crossword Starseed Magic Try that one I’m just feeding the fire There I just like all of a sudden after This video You’re gonna start seeing Loads of people putting Email Um Well let me have a look from Stu while You have a chat and I’ll just I’ll just See if I can find yep they just popped

Up now just popped up Amy’s had somebody been to so many cool Places and you followed your history And um that’s one of the things I always Want to be able to talk to her about and Um Uh And even the um the the array the Telescope array That’s one of those places that’s where Science fiction and science reality Meets the earthlings and That’s it’s such a cool place to have Been and to be able to hang out there And play around there because that’s That’s you know that’s where everything Comes together And so that you know that’s another one Of those places that you’ve been Um and that’s you know I always want to Be able to sit down and talk to you Someday about all that stuff and um Because there’s you got so much Tactical References to you know just chat about And um so someday I hope I get to chat With you Amy oh yeah hey man she’s met The best of them You still have to do our Flat Earth Episode anyway oh God yeah that’s my Reason I mentioned that in the beginning Of the show Flat Earth I know we’ve Started to talk about that for a minute

I like that so this is some of the stuff That that Stu’s been doing cool in in The AI generator so this honestly it Literally is does he it seems to like When I’ve worked with this thing It seems like magic it seems like some Sort of AI God is just imagining all This in its heads some of the images you Can kind of tell that it’s pasted them Together from other images but some of Them like this one You just I can’t even remember what I Think I I use the term Dyson Sphere And that’s kind of what it gave me Um but yeah I got some really cool Things I mean the thing that I’m doing With it known it’s purely from an Artistic creative point of view there’s Lights of that one there of this Punk Girl is I have Like worked the colors like in the Original the background was not as blue It’s kind of more greeny blue I brought Out the kind of coppers and the brass And I’ve toned down like the bodies so The face pops so I’ve kind of walked That through using again Ai and Lightroom that allows me to like one Button click and make a selection of Heart and then invert it for the Background I mean stuff like that used To you know you need to use a pen tool Or Um quick mask and it would take you

Hours to do and now you can do it in Seconds and it’s brilliant I mean I’ve Been using Photoshop since Photoshop Came out and honestly the stuff you can Do now that I’ve had those tools like Years ago I would have made a fortune Because just it’s so fast now it’s so Readily available Yeah I mean and that’s the thing though Stu everybody’s got these tools now yeah It kind of democratizes it because then It just comes down to your creativity You know I’m but the AI I mean the Actual AI itself the algorithms the code It’s just going to get better and better Because every time you generate another Image it’ll learn something You know it’s the same as those Um you’ve seen them like the capture Things for about you’ve got to select Traffic lights or you know all the bikes Or whatever in the image that’s actually That’s AI learning that’s part of this It’s learning to identify you know what Things are and you’re helping it and the The The capture systems are making money off Of that Gina do you not feel like and We’ve we’ve got about another five Minutes before goof on goes live do you Do you not think That this is not never mind ufology Forget that just list Let’s talk about creativity in in humans

Do you not think this is a danger To Like children when it comes to them Growing up and starting to become Creative with art and things like that I Think it’s just so lazy I think if it’s Just in the right way and as I say I’m Taking like from my perspective and also Um I send you an image like Masonic Created a leprechaun another night and The leprechaun yeah it was good fun but Uh the I think if you take it as like a Baseline starting point And then do something with it as I say I’m improving the color and so yeah Putting you know my own three corn Things and sometimes in the likes of um I did a Generation for flying pigs kind of Wanted to replicate the battle sea power Pink Floyd kind of album cover type Thing uh Big Pink Floyd fan yeah I love Pink Floyd but um some of the pegs came Back with like three wings so obviously I’ve got to go and remove one of the Wings which is easy enough to do now but You know they’re still Human element to that you can sort of Play about with it but it’s going to get I mean we’re not talking years here I Mean I know like Midwest said or 10 Years it’ll be absolutely great no try 10 months it starts moving delivery it’s The same as have you noticed when you

When you keep typing in certain things As well the actual software seems to Bring better images to you it’s Constantly learning I mean I’ve actually I mean I’ve got an old iPhone 11 here And I’ve been playing about with crop Circles I don’t know if I can put that On can you see that That’s what it gave me that was one of The first things for the crop circle Second mate let me bring you up four Well I got something that might be Something that you’ll look forward to in The next year that’s weird and you might We might be starting it right here at The on your show Ollie is that You know this is a tool as far as new New artists are concerned and what you Might be expecting to see here in the Next year or two are Poets Using A new form of poetry to put into it AI To get results Well well what’s you saying that they’ve Got a hip-hop they’ve got an ai ai Hip-hop artists That’s actually they signed to a record Label did you hear about this one yeah I’ve yeah Um And um And that’s all it’s it’s that right There runs

What goodbye Coley yeah David Bowie for Years had created a a friend of his Created the software program And David Bowie would put in Um phrases into the program And from the program would put out words Or phrases and he would use them to Create songs with And somebody do that no that is the Software yeah he’s been doing that for Like 25 years yeah and um and some of His most favorite songs are Were created by word generators or Phrase generators for from AI from Programs and he would you know that’s How he got his Phrases from his songs and and he would Use that to be the foundations from his Songs himself crazy well Just Just just quickly uh because we’ve got Literally about two minutes left you’re Gonna say something about that yeah it Was just the middle Right image with the Glasses the sort of largest head I just Like that from an EA perspective is Stunning Yeah yeah it’s good it’s got an uncanny Valley cartoonishness about it but There’s also something realistic about It as well I just captures the essence Of Lazar yeah I did these I did these Today this is the essence of Stephen King to me but a little bit yeah you’re

Right I can see as well actually yep and Um he follows me and Twitter actually Stephen King I don’t know why but he Does They they do look similar though they do Look similar to Stephen King but but Yeah stu Um and people if you like the AI stuff I Do a lot of it on Instagram and I Sometimes I mess about with it with Photoshop the that is like literally About I think there is a about Seven AI images that I’ve Blended in Together in Photoshop to make that one Image so you made a Ramen bath over There I love it yeah a Roman alien bath Um but um Amy before we go Um have you got a show coming up Uh yeah I got one tomorrow I have a nice Girl named Holly Ann Wood coming uh and She we’re gonna be talking about ce5 and Stuff like that and that’s tomorrow 10 A.m Eastern Standard Time And thanks for giving me the link let me Jump on no worries mate no worries and Uh hidden hidden when’s your next show Um this Wednesday Yeah yeah so is that a live show you’re Doing yeah it’s gonna be live it’s gonna Be live And you constantly putting the videos Out at you my friend yeah when I’m

Finished here I’ve got a video to work On that funny enough third page I didn’t Have to send it to him they found it as Well They found it oh they It sometimes that happens Oh no I’m great I’m glad it’s safe Because I I normally find it and say hey Guys take a look at this one and then I Send them over all the details but they Found it themselves as well so it shows You we’re all out there in the fields Looking for work Exactly exactly there you go this one’s A doozy man this one’s a really good one And uh I am Stu little What are you working on yeah Um you’ve got a channel that can teach People yeah well I’m actually yeah it’s Been requested people want to see how I Sort of knock up over the AI images so I Think they’ll be able to use your Twitter for that and I’ve been working On a series Um to do video scopes and vectors groups And all that kind of stuff and I’ve got A video coming out about that tomorrow So if you’re into video editing on an IPad I’m your guy Yeah that’s the great thing with your Channel is linked in the description Below people that do anybody that’s Watching this now

Doesn’t need Crazy equipment to do what Stu does Stu Will teach you to do things probably on The device that’s in your hand right now That you’re watching this video The Very Video that’s coming out tomorrow is done In my iPhone 13 and I could just have Easily have done on this iPhone 11 using Lumafusion so I try to show up and Change between using the iPad sometimes And using the iPhone and there’s a lot Of guys and Ladies as well Who should edit and completely published Or stop using their iPhone and make a Career off it yes yeah Um there’s a guy Imran who I sometimes Do some color correction for I mean he Literally is making quite as very Lucrative career of filming with his IPhone Crazy crazy and moon Lich have you got Anything coming up Yeah Um I got a project coming up that um Ollie’s going to be on it even though he Keeps saying no I never said no I Haven’t talked to got a chance to talk To him in detail about it but um Um we will try to whip out a book and Then um do a video series and have Ollie Be the emcee for it and um I think he’s The perfect person for IT and since I Looked at that um Uh that image of that Italian alien

Fountain there Um We’re gonna have to have that made I Know somebody does a Um three 3D printer we’re gonna have to Make that into an actual Fountain Um yeah that’s gonna be perfect Fountain Right there and um and then um on the Show he’ll have to be in a toga Um yeah you yeah an alien an aliens Um But yeah we’re gonna have to work on That that’s good that’s something that Needs to come out it’s a real time you Know what I’m gonna do a live show now And the rules are that anybody that’s Coming out has to wear a toga there you Go even you Amy A little It’s just a regular little dress they Still make dresses like that so you know They win date they do indeed right People uh we are slightly overlapping With Rich so I don’t want to do that I I Want to thank you all for coming on Tonight everybody uh in the chat you’ve All been great Um and yeah if you want to support the Show further you can become a channel Member Um or you could become a patreon or if You just want if you if you don’t want To part with any cash that’s absolutely Fine because I wouldn’t just give it a

Thumb up and share the video that’s all You have to do Literally all you have to do and if You’re feeling cold I sell some T-shirts And hoodies go and head over there good Night God bless people mind the bugs Don’t buy make sure you tweet it out get Cambian and uh goof on on alienated line Hashtag drunk hashtag drama farmer That’s the one mate good night bye-bye Good night and bye-bye