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Thank you Women Know Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Wednesday Edition Of the Paranormal portal welcome Everybody how you guys doing glad to Have you here thanks for being here with Us as always as we dive into two full Hours of the Paranormal portal we got Some weird UFO stories coming up we got Some Bigfoot stories got some other Cryptid stories and a whole bunch of News and questions of the week right up Ahead so I hope you all are ready Because it’s about to get creepy or Spooky maybe spooky spooky we’ll go with Spooky are you all ready [Applause] All right everybody back at it here uh Live and of course absolutely Unrehearsed and unpracticed and Uncoordinated and uh just recently Breathing again so uh got all that going For me but I’m not alone here folks I am

Joined by my good friend my co-host the Right hand man and the big toe of the Paranormal portal Mr Don longbeard Welcome brother he might as well be by Himself really you’re gonna be that much Good this is what you’re planning on Contributing today I just thought it was Funny that we had to wait until the Mexican radio the song Mexican radio was Done before we could launch the stream So I don’t know we haven’t done that for A long time we used to do that before Every show we used to just jam and get All pumped up and stuff and and lately Just been like go go go yeah so we’ve Gotten uh copyright strikes for like Judas Priest songs and stuff yeah we we Did a whole bunch of we did a whole Bunch of stupid back in the day but we Didn’t know what the hell we were doing Not that we know much I was gonna say What do we know now what happens not a Whole lot not a whole lot but we know we Love doing it and we’re still doing it And hi Mom how you doing good to see you And good to see all of you guys that are Piling into the show it’s great to have You here it’s a puppy pile it’s a puppy Pie I don’t even know what the hell that Means but uh I guess that’s what this is Um I’m just going with it but we got a Lot of head going on into this two-hour Show we’ve got uh a bunch of great Stories uh we’ve got the news and uh of

Course before I go any further just a Quick quick moment not quiz but quick Moments to thank Cryptid coin of course Who helps to sponsor the Paranormal Portal thank you so much for your Your Sponsorship and if you’re looking for a Cryptocurrency investment you might want To look at Cryptid coin they got their Heart encrypted research and Investigations so check it out learn More about it at oh again and also ladies and Gentlemen another little uh Well where is it there it is another Little bit of information is uh again I’ve been announcing this for about a Week now but uh this is of course the Spokane Valley Event Center is hosting Uh the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup Coming up in 2023 June 17th there’s a Whole host of stuff going on and if you Go to Facebook you can look for extreme Expeditions Northwest or look for the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup page And I’ll give you all the headlines and Highlights of what’s going on they just Announced uh Charles Howard Johnson who Is a gentleman I investigated with and Will be investigating with again later This month and uh that’ll be coming up But he’s going to be a speaker there as Well and here of course is uh Michael Freeman Paul Freeman’s son and uh so Much more uh keynote speaker of course

Is Dr Jeff Meldrum Jeff Meldrum Dr Jeff Melderman and I think Ken Gerhard is Going to be there as well so we need to See Ken again yeah we do Ken’s a great Guy he’s been uh become a great friend We’ve seen him at a number of com Conferences gotten to know him so again Mark your calendar this will be coming Up on June 17th 2023 uh check it out and You can check it out live on Facebook And look for any uh future announcements As they come so that’s what I got for You there how do you like them potatoes Done Mashed please You like your taters mashed loyala mash Them stick them in the steel all right Well speaking of mashing taters let’s go To the news what do you say it mashes my Taters every time doc you and your Tainted Love me and my taters all right Oh [Laughter] All right let’s head to the news see What’s going on [Applause] Put your shirt back on Brent oh come on Don I was going for the Savage here Never mind all right back on But it’s so warm in here I know that’s Just me baby this certainly is I hated

Love oh dear God welcome to the portal News desk everybody as we dive into Today’s uh portal news that I curated For your enjoyment here on the Paranormal portal so Without further Ado let’s see what the Hell’s going on in the news shall we I Wonder if somebody goes I hope that they Further a don’t yeah yeah We’ll get into that actually because uh Coming up on the questions of the week Segment oh boy there’s uh that’s not too Far from the truth Um but anyway uh the first article up For bad is from unexplained folks and this is did Intelligent aliens visit visit and guide The ancient Mesopotamians I think so I Do I really I really kind of uh Subscribe to the idea that somebody Helped these people go from you know uh Dragon rocks into caves and stuff to Establish civilizations it’s like this Huge leap that seemed to come out of Nowhere Um from just tribal culture to Boom you Know Um it is it’s shocking but it seems like They had help but I don’t know what do You think Don Um I think uh some people should read Some books and uh realize that there are Oral Traditions that say that uh uh well Like we talked about with uh Jim uh

Vieira about um People coming over like to South America Not not Mesopotamia but South America And two people come over one is got a Long beard and a white gown and the Other one is a Um ichthy looking demon and wearing a Cape if they being fish of course so a Fish man wearing a cape of scales so go Figure that one out sounds like Something was up over there were the Atlanteans were they something else who Knows but where’d the atlanteans come From anyway let’s see what the article Says first of all uh this is by TK Randall again from unexplained Carl Sagan once wrote About the possibility that the ancient Sumer was visited by benign Extraterrestrial beings Most people will be familiar with the Names of Giorgio sukulus of Ancient Aliens it always is I’m not saying it Was aliens but it was aliens but while Many dismissed the idea of Extraterrestrials visiting ancient Civilizations as a joke or Pure Fantasy It is the an idea that a number of Notable scientists and historians have Actually taken quite seriously including The late astronomer Carl Sagan writing In big think recently Ross Pomeroy Revisits Sagan’s remarks on the topic in His 1966 book intelligent life in the

Universe which was also co-written by His colleague uh losif or Yosef slavsky Which probably wasn’t they weren’t Probably a marriage Okay do you want to try again okay You’re done all right Enid Sagan talks about possibility of Finding evidence that aliens visited Earth in the distant past a description Of the morphology of the intelligent Non-human uh a clear account of Astronomical realities which A Primitive People could not acquire by their very Own efforts by their own efforts or a Transparent presentation of the purpose Of the contact would increase the Credibility of the legend he wrote I Don’t know what I just read that was Quite quite the Twister yeah uh Interestingly sagin also provides an Example of a possible candidate the Ancient Sumerian Legend of Johannes Whose whole body was like that of a fish What were you just saying Don no way and Had under a fish’s head uh Under head Another head okay so was that a helmet Or headdress do you suppose well yeah That could be kind of what it was yeah That’s the idea yep and also feet below Similar to those of a man uh sub-joined But to the fish’s tail so it sounds like An ornate gown of some kind yeah the Story goes on that ohanis bestowed upon The ancient Sumerians a great wealth of

Knowledge including insight into science Art writing and specific techniques for Constructing buildings not to mention Agriculture right various similar Accounts from Sumerian Legend are text Referred to such creatures as the uh Kalu okay I’m sorry it’s a different Word Sumerian civilization is depicted By the descendants of the Sumerians Themselves to be of non-human origin Sagan wrote a succession of strange Creatures appears over the course of Several General stations their only Apparent purpose is to instruct mankind Each nose of the mission and Accomplishments of his predecessors While such Tales are obviously Inconclusive Sagan seemed to find them Particularly intriguing sadly though we May never know for sure whether they’re Based on truth or fantasy Yeah that’s true unless the unless we do Actually make contact and you go wow We’ve been here for a long time dude What are you talking about you didn’t Just meet us They might tell us they’ve been here Down as well yeah what I was going with Yeah they might you know I I don’t Believe that Carl Sagan was of this World either though oh really I don’t Know a lot about them you know look at What he just what you just read I mean Yeah the guy was just like

Yeah exactly do you think you can pop That Means the minions getting a little aided In this in this gaming Joy Um but yeah that’s a great first article I think uh I I do think there’s a lot to That ladies and gentlemen I don’t think It’s just uh Fantastical Whimsical Ponderings I think that it does stand to At least some consideration and I’m not Saying it’s definitely the case but I Think it deserves a pretty at least a a Decent inquiry But anyway moving on to the next article In our news Fest of the night This one’s coming out of Pennsylvania by TK Arena Pennsylvania state officials Play Down Bigfoot warning signs ah this Is from October 11 2022 and again please Check out check out okay looks like what Urukai Um please check out unexplained and they uh they have a Few ways you can help support what They’re doing not only by visiting the Site of course but you can get their Weird news compendium which is a lot of The stuff that we read on the shows here So if you like the show’s newscast You’re gonna love that so check it out Um a spokesperson has emphasized that Dozens of official looking signs warning Visitors about Bigfoot are not actually Legitimate something big is lurking in

The forest of Pennsylvania that is at Least according to a series of warning Signs posted around the trails and Byways of the state’s remote parts parks And forests the signs which feature the Letterhead of the Department of Conservation and natural resources Warned visitors about the president of Presence of The elusive Harry hominids In the region due to Encounters in the Area of a creature resembling Bigfoot we Are instructing all Park visitors to Observe elevated Park etiquette be Cautious of your surroundings and to Keep the location of any small children And pets within a tighter scope of Awareness it reads do not approach the Creature That’s been around for a long time Though that’s been around for years and Years the notice also prompts visitors To report any sightings to a local Ranger but not to post anything about Such incidents on social media although It doesn’t actually explain the reason For this As it turns out however the signs are in Fact totally bogus a spokesperson has Since clarified the department is not Responsible for writing or putting them Up we have seen them at parks for months And they are removed when they’re Reported or found by staff because they Have not been authorized said dcnr’s

Wesley Robinson concerned citizens he Says Bigfoot is not real what what Whatever I mean it’s okay if you didn’t Make the signs but come on dude you’re Pushing the line now as things stand However the identities of the culprits Remain a complete mystery and uh Bigfoot’s not real signs of Pennsylvania Parks Trails asking residents to report Sightings weren’t posted by the Officials Um I I don’t know I I do think there’s There’s something to the Bigfoot Obviously oh don’t want to hit that There is no reason no reason To you know Uh be that way yeah It’s just don’t be that way I mean yeah Even if it isn’t and it turns out to be Just this big thing that you know Everybody had this want to have you know Um is it is it harmless it’s harmless Isn’t it I don’t think it hurts that People believe in it and I do think that There’s plenty of uh objective evidence To suggest the belief and and presence Of these things in our words Yeah exactly well it’s the hubris of our Science it’s the hubris of our Biologists and Sciences we don’t know About it we can’t find it in the fossil Record it doesn’t exist Nothing exists until the fossil record Is expanded then suddenly things exist

Even though they can’t figure out how to Put the uh T-Rex the T-Rex together yeah Well you know it takes a little practice Oh yeah it’s like a it’s like a Rubik’s Cube nobody spins the sides all the time But anyway that’s an interesting story An interesting interesting Piece of evidence right all right let’s Get to the next one and this is uh this Is a new one a weird one though I have Not read any of these today so I just Found the headlines and looked at them Went hey this looks good so that’s what I do on the news Fest usually but uh This one is from unexplained uh bizarre incident sees Gang of goblins attack two women on the Subway a gang of goblins what was this a Halloween story well it definitely is When you look at the included picture Yeah yeah this is not exactly what I was Going for here but we’ll read it anyway In the spirit of fun I think it’s a Little disturbing in a whole lot of ways But a bizarre viral video has emerged Online showing a combative group of Women dressed up in green bodysuits That’s about a group of women police Were called upon to determine the Identities of around two dozen women They’re all named Karen who clamored That’s not to offend any Cairns that Happen to be watching because we love You awesome our cameras are awesome uh

Um it said uh who clamored aboard a Subway train and proceeded to attack two 19 year olds after a verbal altercation Turned physical on the evening of October 2nd The culprits Who appear to Be dressed up as green extraterrestrials Were clad in brightly colored bodysuits From head to toe making it impossible to See their faces A video clip of the incident which shows The Mayhem then ensued quickly went Viral on social media now more than a Week after the event or the incident Local news outlets or reports revealed That police had finally determined who Was responsible a notorious group of Women known as the Green Goblin gang [Laughter] Okay Put him in front of a green screen they Disappeared yeah they’re ninjas they’re Green screen ninjas right there ranging In age from 36 to 24 usually it’s 24 to 36 but anyway these individuals 24 36. I Have no idea could be in some of the Cases ah these individuals are well Known to the police and had been Involved in a number of other incidents Resulting in at least 15 arrests between Them wow I guess they take this pretty Seriously the two victims who had been Celebrating their birthdays were also Robbed of their phones and bags no way Oh they were like legitimately there

Yeah they were terrifying Okay she said you she said she was Attacked by aliens and I didn’t know What she was talking about said the Mother of one of the victims yesterday Was her birthday and this is how she Spent her 19th birthday I hope they get Whatever what they deserve and then some Because it’s disgusting well I’m not Going to play this because that’s the News channel I know I know it’s a [ __ ] video of a group of people Dressed in neon green bodysuits Attacking and robbing to teenage girls On the subway all right it happened to The Times Square subway stop over the Weekend and the suspects are still on The lose Fox 5’s Ashley Rodriguez joins Us live from Times Square with more on This now viral incident Ashley from Fox 5. Yeah I spoke to people today on the Subway who believe and she is of course The blue goblin That bright blue jacket is definitely Getting worse on the Subways they say They’re not just hearing about it or Watching it on the news they’re actually Experiencing it for themselves and early Sunday morning at the station behind me What they thought was a fun group of Cosplaying aliens ended up being an Angry turned out not to be so much fun Mom

Like flooded the car I spoke to the woman behind this cell Phone video shot around 2 a.m Sunday Morning inside the N Train at 42nd in Times Square these two poor girls were Like having to take on like 10 women and It bled into the car and no one really Knew what was going on Yeah that’s that’s really not not a Close encounter of the good kind they’ve All done That’s some crap right there yeah uh do You still want to watch them no I think We’re down I think we’re done I I think I think it’s pretty freaking sad it is Um yeah it’s just a dumb a dumb thing it Could have been a fun thing could have Been funny but they made it ugly and Stupid so uh yeah I hope they hope they Get the you know the full benefits of Their action just wrap them up in a Green screen and let them go Did you hear something Or something I didn’t I don’t see any Green around nope all right let’s talk To you about the next article Don this Is of course dealing with our our uh our Our well Brother in the Paranormal I guess Our brother in the paranoid all right We of course talking about Jack Osborne Is unexplained reports Jack Osborne discusses paranormal encounters As at his childhood home oh there he is

There’s Jack in his I guess his Childhood home well son of heavy metal Legend out of Ozzy Osbourne’s house yeah Yeah Ozzy Osbourne appeared on a recent Morning TV interview to discuss his Experiences it seems that Jack Osborne Is everywhere these days just last month We covered the launch of his new UFO Investigation series Jack Osborne’s Night of Terror UFOs and now he’s Featuring featuring in another TV series This time about ghosts and hauntings Jack Osborne’s haunted homecoming which Premiered earlier this month follows his Efforts to get to the bottom of a Various paranormal experiences he had While living in his childhood home in England It’s really been interesting he said During an interview on Good Morning Britain I kind of used to try use the Term ghost as a catch-all I don’t Necessarily think 100 of the time you’re Encountering the spirit of a once living Human being amen well yeah I think There’s a whole lot going on and it’s Probably far too heavy of a conversation To have at eight in the morning on a 10-minute segment well just you know Just off yeah coffee up and write some Email uh but I’ve had some interesting And unexplainable things happen to me And I’m pretty rational during the Segment he mentioned an incident during

Which he and his sister had been left Terrified by the sound of footsteps Approaching down the hallway of their Home it was so con they were so Convinced somebody was there that they Considered escaping out the window but It would later transpire that there had Been nobody in the house at the time it Was just the spirit of Ozzy yeah yeah I See you his former brain cells oh gosh If there’s some if there’s something That happens with that that’s clearly The the wind or creaky old building I’m Forced to be like no that’s not what You’re saying it is right now Osborne Said it keeps me coming back because I Still haven’t figured out what the heck Is going on No doubt I mean there’s some there’s Some old old buildings in England and You know if old buildings equates to Spiritual presence yeah then England’s Got a whole bunch of hauntings you know And and no offense to Ozzy I wasn’t Trying to bag on the guy I’m a fan Obviously I think everybody is to some Degree but uh yeah it looks good I think I like what Jack’s doing I think it’s Cool that he’s out there you know Creating content and and raising Awareness because you know he’s got a Big name and it and it’s gives at least The field some credibility I hope yeah And he’s worked with a couple of our

Friends and they had nothing but great Things to say about him so that’s Fantastic yeah a lot better than Tom Ding dong with the ttbsa well yeah but They’ve that’s a whole different uh Category of of issues there because yeah I don’t agree with a lot of his a lot of His decisions I mean Tom Tom Delong of Course that’s what I said yeah well kind Of but anyway Um let’s get to the next one because we Got more there’s more but wait there’s More we’re going to go on the way back Machine now and hit some archives here And uh this Don you like hot food don’t You oh hell yeah Don loves himself some Spice well Don here’s here’s some spice That I don’t even think you might like But it’s killer Curry contestants Hospitalized from October 8 2011 it says Two participants in the world’s hottest Chili contest ended up in a hospital After eating killer Curry held at the Kismat restaurant in St Leonard Street In Edinburgh the contestants the contest Saw participants attempting to down some Of the world’s most extreme curries in Order to help raise money for Charities 21 year old student Curry Kim Curry Kim Who decided to give it a go later Described the experiences like like Being chainsawed in the stomach with hot Sauce on the chainsaw yeah oh yeah I Actually imagine that oh God yeah I mean

There’s there’s obnoxious I mean there’s There’s tasteful spice and then there’s Just obnoxious brutal stuff this is a Scary Spice yeah and it’s like eating This hot sauce is such a uh it’s such a Viral thing nowadays and it’s like yeah Well you know well you know they have Like that that one chip challenge the Pocky one chip challenge you know yeah And you know the thing is though is There’s no flavor no it’s just hot yeah It’s just hot and they say it’s chalky It’s hard to swallow to begin with yeah But you’re part of the challenge is not To drink anything for like five minutes Right yeah so you got this blue chalky Mess in your mouth and and and you’re Dying and you’re dying it’s like getting Chainsawed with hot sauce on the blade Yeah Um but I I know that feeling I do oh I Don’t like it no I don’t like it I like There is too spicy I like hot sauce with Flavor right what did it when it Accentuates the flavor of the dish it’s Great exactly like I’m here to tell you Like mac and cheese Kraft mac and cheese With some Sriracha on it is about the Most amazing thing ever cold straight it Out of the fridge with massive amount of Ketchup and chili flakes on top of it That’s the only way I’ll eat it I hate Mac and cheese well I like it there’s a Stuff made in Spokane actually it’s

Called Fletcher’s it’s freaking awesome Okay it’s 80 bucks a case oh it’s like Six bucks for a little you know a little You know like holy crap all right I want Some but I don’t want to pay 80 bucks Yeah I don’t I don’t think many foods Are 80 bucks delicious well I don’t know Unless it’s a prime rib Excuse me hold on got a cough this is The The Fallout of my chest cold or Whatever I need you to cover for me when I’m Doing that not beatbox no that was sweet Leaf [Laughter] Just talking about Ozzy I thought it’d Be appropriate Sorry that was Okay never mind I won’t I won’t mute Anymore it’d be better to listen to my Coughing Oh God hello Hello no I got a cough somewhere You got to figure out something to talk About Don I am so not ready for talking Um that’s funny oh you know what Actually let me go back uh let me go Back here because somebody said Something really nice a little bit ago And let me see if I can find it again Um Nicholas Smith hey Brent and Dawn I Hope you guys are well first time viewer Coming from your podcast I really enjoy

Your show keep up the good work well Shout out to you Nicholas thank you very Much Um uh yeah that’s really cool uh Somebody actually came over and seen to Check us out uh live and unrehearsed as Opposed to you know over processing Talking too much but that’s okay we Appreciate that you appreciate the Podcast do I want to read that one sure Go ahead send it over Send it to me baby Tony’s Krill spice Um yes hacker yes that is some good Stuff Um yeah it looks like you’re looks like You’re making some uh what is that uh um Jambalaya I love jambalaya stuff is so Good all right well um From unexplained a woman Finds tarantula in her shopping Uh looks like it says a woman who Ordered goods online was oh goods online Was shocked to discover a tarantula at The bottom of the Box an enormous Arachnid was taking two of the local Zoo Where experts believe it’s a species of African baboon spider it’s very fast Very aggressive and very big I said the Spider expert Robert Rob Ward there’s Always a risk of not knowing exactly What you’ll get When once you’ve ordered something Online but the last thing you expect to Find is scuttling around amongst your

Your goods is a large hairy tarantula Which is exactly what happened to one Mystery shopper so there you go yeah That’s not good yeah I know I’m sorry I Did not I didn’t order this do you have A refund please it must be on the bonus Plan yeah no doubt um so it’s uh what Kind of an African baboon spider let’s Find out how big a baboon spider Actually is yeah Um right click search I don’t think I’d Want to find any live living things Other than plant life in my groceries King baboon spider yeah let’s see Um let’s see if we can find a good Picture to put up on the screen oh There’s a good one Spider 20 centimeters that’s legs spread Out 20 centimeters 7.9 almost eight inches like a small It’s a solid plate oh my God spiders too Could you imagine being arachnophobe and Then opening your groceries and getting A big spider Jesus yeah I’m gonna put This up on screen here wow Yeah I’m very popular among collectors but They tend to be highly defensive wow so Look at those fangs that’s just freaking Disgusting they are not suitable for Beginners How do you get to be a a a pro at Spiders oh you just you don’t use these Ones because apparently they have a very

Strong venom though none are known to be Deadly to humans look at that pose oh my Good God strike a pose yeah Vogue Spider’s going Vogue wow no that’s That’s troubling that’s yeah that’s Disgusting that is a troubling display Of of of horror right there so I don’t Know folks just uh always check your Produce real careful I guess before you Throw it throw it in the bag and bring It home Um that’s the kind of surprise nobody Needs twice and you might not live Through the first time So there’s only one more and this is Another uh grocery uh Horror Story and This is not a spider thank God but watch Out for frogs live frog found in a bag Of salad by TK Randall this is September 11 2011. here’s here’s here’s some Advice for you Brian I’m sorry I got to Throw this in t Bowie says I don’t like Spicy food yet married a Mexican anyway Get over it or starve Yeah yeah I I hear you Um Sarah Eason got the surprise of her Life when she opened a bag at Tesco Supermarkets salad the 37 year old had Been using her hands to transfer the Contents of the bag to a plate but she Felt something unusual I saw a little Frog looking out at me and then croaked She said I think that means the sound

She didn’t croak yeah I jumped about a Foot in the air and her husband Francis 36 had bought the salad from a Tesco Metro petrol station in Wimbledon Southwest London four days before and The bag had remained unopened in the Fridge since then wow well you know Frogs can hibernate so yeah maybe it was Cold enough it was just like going Dormant so so one time I bought at band Camp you know Oh wait yeah different stories Differently those are for this show Um but I was um You know you know Safeway has those Gourmet salads in the in the the poofy Packs right right not that not the not The bag but in the anyhow I tore One Open it was rummaging through there just Kind of mixing it up a little bit and I Was like oh my God what is that have you Ever seen a tomato bug a tomato a tomato Caterpillar no it’s they’re huge they’re Big they’re green and they’re just I’m Like holy crap oh really yeah it was it Was wiggling around I’m like well oh a Little bit of ranch sauce it went down Just fine You just gotta you don’t even have to Chew much don’t show them yeah don’t you Know yikes well there you go folks and Uh like it or not that’s the conclusion Of our news Fest here on the Paranormal Portal so uh hope you learned something

You didn’t know before you came in here You’re leaving with a little more Knowledge than you had and uh you’re Welcome now back to the rest of the show [Applause] Thank you And right now Nicholas is going well This is nothing like the other show what Did I get myself into what was going on Here I don’t understand Nicholas you might get a little Traumatized by this whole experience we Do uh make these two very distinct shows From each other they’re very very Different so uh you know we like to have Fun on the live shows and live streams Because because you know it’s our chance To just have a good time with all the Spooky stuff and weird and heavy stuff Because God there’s enough people out There making it really hardcore and Really creepy and and you know always Like to have fun with it so Nick I don’t Know if this is what you’re looking for But this is what you guys this is what You’re getting it doesn’t get much Better than this so uh just to be warned Just see the shear forewarned all right So Um next up folks uh if you may or may Not know we have a Discord Community as Well and if you are a member of the

Discord Community you can contribute on These threads called Questions of the week so we’re gonna get Into that right now hope you’re ready Buckle up it’s about to get good I heard back here’s the Tomato one She is The tomato worm done sweet [Laughter] Remember for two months awesome thank You bud yeah thank you for the Membership that really appreciate we Really appreciate it so ladies and Gentlemen the Discord Community is a Great place to connect with listeners After the time and of course I’m on There as much as I can be which lately Hasn’t been much because I’ve been sick I I literally have slept since the last Show pretty much exclusively I didn’t do Much anything constructive so um but I Generally am in there and uh trying to Contribute as well so uh if you join the Discord Community we’d love to hear from You and uh let me see let me do this Thing here we go and Oh you you figured out I don’t know if I Figured it out or not it’s But this is what I’m gonna put up here There you go the link is in the YouTube Chat if you want to become a member of The Discord Community by God we’d love To see you there so these are the Questions of the week

And essentially what it is is we do Three live shows a week or in the portal Does three live shows and this is Wednesday is our first Friday night and Saturday night and they’re all two-hour Shows so we’ll always have a segment in There about questions of the week and It’s basically usually a paranormal Question that we ask and and we’d like Your input on and we’ve had some great Discussions uh with uh hearing what People think about different phenomena And a lot of people have brought some Amazing things to the table and that’s The beauty of the discussion so this Question of the week was a little bit Different though we’re not talking about The phenomena as much as we’re talking About the portal itself the Paranormal Portal I thought you know Obviously it’s our it’s our desire to For the show to continue to grow and Expand and more people to find out about It and to enjoy what they’re Experiencing so I always try to keep the Show As fresh and and and and and and and uh Unique as I can Um but I decided to pose the question to Our Discord community and to you guys Those of you in the chat right now can Contribute your ideas to it as well but Uh the question was I’ve always strived To bring you guys the best shows that I

Know how to put together for you but I Know that can be that being static is Probably not the best way to continue to Grow what topics or segments uh ideas Would you suggest for future show Structure what things would you like to See uh less of in the show in the live Shows is there something we’re currently Doing that you would like to see more of So what ideas for new shows going Forward would you like to see included What would you like to see less of that We’re doing now and any new ideas so uh First up came Eric PHA Uh I guess I can just drag this over to The screen and make it a whole lot Easier to read There you go Let me do this for the questions of the Week it’s easier for me anyway Um okay so Eric PHA says Um I think you’re doing great if there If I think of anything I’ll let you know Android covering more UFO UAP related Stuff this is what I think is the most Relevant paranormal Topic in our Lifetimes at least in terms of public Relations and and for Humanity you Should devote some time uh on it every Week such as reporting on sightings that Were discussed in the news I sent the UFO chat uh a few weeks ago it was all Over the news uh recorded by multiple People also discussing Um prominent figures who are pushing

Disco disclosure forward uh what those People are in when those people are Interviewed discuss what they said and What you think about it or just report What they said if you don’t feel Comfortable providing your Insight Either way would be cool no I’m always Happy to to offer my thoughts on it also A couple of weeks ago I put a video on Several FBI Files Declassified about Sasquatch so that’d be a cool topic to Discuss uh one episode there might there Might be enough material to do a few Episodes on it but I haven’t read all The documents in detail Also more spiritual paranormal stuff in General I know you had discussed wanting To have uh have like a discussion Roundtable with viewers and having them Call in about topics you discussed doing That or on Twitch but I think it’s a Great idea and I think doing it on YouTube would be best less accounts for You to manage while still being able to Pursue it some of the most successful Shows on Radiohead listeners call in uh To give their thoughts and ask questions Or share experiences like Coast to Coast AM campfire by Jim Harold and even Non-paranormal talk shows like Loveline So it’s definitely a proven format that Drives viewer engagement in Rapid growth Those are great thoughts anytime you Want to call in you can yeah and the

Android has yeah and Android does call In uh periodically which is nice but That’s that’s the hard part I guess is How to get people to call in yeah Because I’ve had that that request come Up a couple times in this thread and It’s always been available we’ve always Had the phone lines Um that are available to call ins day One yeah so um you know the tough part Is to get people to want to do it or to Be brave enough to do it because I think People are intimidated by that yeah They’re still Yiddish about being called Out yeah so something without effect but And then he said to sorry so long and I Told him I’d expect nothing less Android’s always very comprehensive in His responses uh fourth caller says I Missed the ending segment used to do Trail cam Terror I think that a section Set aside once uh once a week to watch Fresh paranormal clips and discuss would Be cool uh I only suggest that because I Come across so many new clips on Tick Tock every day especially UFO related Stuff other than that love the show guys Thank you and keep uh keep up the great Work thank you fourth color Lily Pond Said personally I’m a Cryptid lover so I Guess I’m I better jump in and say so I Think Android is right about the live Interviews too those are my favorite Shows one thing I like to watch are live

Psychic readings like Deb does here yeah There’s a rapid fire psychic called Sterling you might look like on YouTube He does other shows as well and I Appreciate that those are great so I I Don’t mind doing the interviews on the Live shows but we do we do the podcast And those are all interviews so Um I mean visually yeah I can understand Being able to see the person talking is Kind of uh kind of powerful as well but It really is harder uh you know a lot More stressful for me to do the live Interview stuff I do it from time to Time and we I’m not against it it’s just It is a lot more stress because now You’re you’re also building in another Connection and you think he switched Before these shows you should see him Before an interview I’m really stressed Out before interview shows and and also I never wanted the show to be about who Was on it I never wanted the Paranormal Portal to be just about oh they got this Guy on I’m going to watch I I wanted it To be a community of people who are are Into this this topic and I think that’s What we have I think that you guys are Wonderful in that way but that’s just an Idea um Batman says I like the show news topic Topical paranormal and Roundtable round Of Cryptid or ghost stories you fish From a couple of favorite sites if

You’re fishing to get more people Calling in I’m not sure what to suggest Other than actually being on the radio I Think this platform with Discord and the YouTube with their their chat forums Give people that comfortable disconnect That has evolved to where they can just Say something without putting themselves Out there personally by using their own Voice born 1970 I’m used to speaking for Myself but we have a whole generation That has evolved behind a screen using Emotes and avatars like I may call in One night but I’m usually laying in bed The next to my wife and wouldn’t that Wouldn’t go over real well uh if I if I Have a good book I will sometimes read While listening to the audio stream cool Well I appreciate that and he also says The the game or the king of the genre Was Art Bell and there may be a couple Of pages from his Playbook that would be Effective keep the news as is May maybe Keep the subject matter on topic for the Night Bigfoot is Bigfoot miscellaneous Cryptids are their own right our own Night ghosts and creepy get theirs UFOs And related conspiracy get theirs Personally I’m I’m more science than Spiritual but I I love a good creepy Story nonetheless just a suggest in Batman thank you Batman appreciate it uh Paradox fossil says time travel good Good suggestion you know we could do

More of that Robert Monroe he also says Uh spiritual time travel that’s also From Paradox fossils thank you for both Of those suggestions within let Listeners call in with their personal Experiences and I did respond again Saying that we’ve you know we’ve always Had the phone lines available uh in fact We pay extra every month to keep those Available and sometimes we go month Without them really being used so it is Always an option on the live streams to Have calls if you have if you’re Listening and you have a story call in Anytime as long as we don’t already have A guest on or unless the the question or Comments is to the guest and that’s fine Too but the phone lines are always open Here on the show Maggie says I was wondering about Paranormal A to Z topic segment idea it May be only me uh though that knows a Little about many paranormal things I’m Not sure exactly how it could be how it Could work and or how time consuming it Would be for you to do maybe Discord Could be utilized for some of this too Suggestions could be submitted for a Paranormal phenomena under the letter Under a letter and links to articles and Encounters stories Etc when then when The letter comes around again there may Already be archived ideas and more can Be added there are things mentioned and

Briefly talked about on the show and in Chat between ghost stories for example That are so interesting and I then look Further into them afterwards that might Just be me again laugh out loud it could Be possible it could possibly help to Cover more obscure things that might Help with your channel growth too I Wondered if it could be referenced in The title of a live stream people Cruising the net could find your shows For information on the particular Subject after they’ve been archives it Could also help to direct regular Listeners back to previous shows if Those topics are mentioned in the future Yeah Good points I don’t know uh I don’t know It’s a loose idea and I can’t imagine What it’s like to produce the content You come up with for every show and I Find it very enjoyable as it is love the News good I’d like to see your channel Grow more thank you P.S I do miss Terrell cam Terrors to be honest Love doing trail cam Terrors too believe Me but it’s tough to find new ones you Know I went I did that used to be at the End of uh the end of the night terrors Episodes And I love doing them but if you find Trail cam pictures you want me to cover On that I’d be happy to revisit Trail Camp Terrace but uh I just couldn’t find

Much new or there’s a lot of crap out There too and I wasn’t going to waste Time with that so Um you know that was the part the part That I wasn’t sure about uh and uh Cashew says I think a shirtless episode Would really shake things up yeah There’s a few things in that episode Like I said earlier Brad put your shirt Back on I know I know that’s why I said We’ll be talking more about that later And I said trust me there are some Things that are not fit to be broadcast One of them is me without a shirt so Um thank you so much to everybody did we Get anybody in chat Rachel how about a Small segment about Cryptids around the World a short article about a Cryptid That we may not have heard of yeah that Might be cool we could do a Cryptid Cryptid Safari segment or something that Might be fun talking about let’s talk About d-holes [Laughter] That’s how I read it that’s that’s the Background on that so again this is our This is our Discord Channel folks and All you got to do is download Discord if You look on the left hand side there’s Uh news donations rules uh admin mods Section Discord tutorials are right here And then there’s all these topic areas For different paranormal topics and Videos and stuff and there’s voice

Channels as well so this is how you Navigate the Discord once you’re in it Just click like on Bigfoot you can look Up some links that people have pasted About different Bigfoot content that They’ve come across including our own Which is nice thank you seven pearls But there and every topic area has has Its own discussion and own materials Regarding the discussion so there’s lots Already in here and we’ve got a Fantastic community and Discord already But I’d love to have you guys jump into It so use the link I put in the chat and Uh Paranormal portal oh where did you get That emoji where did he get that that’s A good one the swirl what Paradox Fossils found an emoji paranormal portal And it looks like a swirling water like A Whirlpool that’s awesome all right Um but there you have it folks this has Been a production of Of Questions of the week All right so there you have it those are The questions of the week thank you so Much for your participation in that Again jump over to the Discord Channel And get involved Um and uh love to hear from all of you Hi Dan Dawson good to see you thank you For coming in uh who’s all here please Do shout outs shout outs yeah everybody

Say something you better say something Because there’s only like five people in There oh really say something you gotta Chat for a second you know what I’m Gonna yeah you gotta chat for a shout Out I’m gonna do shout outs right now But top of the list shout out hi portal Mom how are you oh yeah portal mom uh we Got Dan Dawson obviously we got Eric the Purple hobbic abroad uh hacker is here Jake Fortes Lily Pond hi Lily uh Paradox Fossils Rachel gets it right ruger’s Here uh Farm is here uh LA and Clifford Uh let’s see here did I say Ruger oh Mere nuisance Who else oh Hardwick uh Big D yeah there You go uh who else anybody else yep Somebody else geeky Gardens is here yeah Hi how are you uh Jordan cogburn’s here Uh and anybody else anybody near Nuisance did you say that yes yep Batman wow Lars grass yeah Lars grass There you go yeah Rachel see now people Are getting the idea that Jake Fortes Yeah I already said Jacob oh good gosh Blue Cruise did you see that one nope Blue Cruise just popped in Ruger Ridge Yeah I said roogie all right all right Good to have you guys here and there’s More people that are just watching and That’s fine you don’t have to chat if You choose not to if you just relax and Then unwinding to the dulcet tones of Don’s voice then that’s always fine

But how weird are you oh God how much Time you got oh couldn’t take a while to Get in there broke That’s it uh and again I apologize I Might have to cough every once in a While yeah I mean I’m I’m just on the Mend I’m on the on the tail end of some Uh some respiratory cold that I got I Was you know not horrible but it was Just with me every time a cold goes to My chest it’s like oh I get so tired so I’m just on the mend I’m doing pretty Good now but um I’m in the clearing Phase so everything’s itchy and coffee So Um we’re gonna go to an article now Coffee is not bad for you coughing uh That’s different yeah coughing but yeah Brent said my name Yeah well yeah Lars Of course brother thanks for being here Absolutely thrilled to see everybody Here this is uh what it’s all about beer Newson says I just enjoy listening Watching and relaxing how can you listen Watch and relax all at the same time That’s a lot of time that’s yeah because I can’t relax there’s no relaxing this Oh well let’s get to the next article This has to do with some UFO stuff oh um This is kind of an interesting uh Article I ran across on Howes and wise and uh it does have to Do with some weird UFO stuff uh it’s a Strange disappearance of a Swiss man who

Built Landing base for UFOs and again From housing Wise by Vicki Verma two Years ago I had some snuffle sorry uh many people Are sure that aliens exist and regularly Visit our planets some are even some of Them even claim to have met the Representatives or extraterrestrial Civilizations and even receive some Knowledge from them but Werner Werner Geisley from Switzerland even decided to Build a special Landing base for UFOs Known as avniport Wow and there’s a picture of it he Really did wow he really went all out Yeah that’s okay look at this look at The size of the house right yeah it’s Enormous it’s like a crop circle he’s Looking for a Mothership he doesn’t want One of those little Tic Tacs he’s Looking for the mothership and wave his Towel and catch a board you know yeah no He doesn’t want an orb or something he’s Looking for the mother ship to land here Uh the man uh let’s see uh yeah okay the Man said that a decade before aliens had Contacted him telepathically on a night In November 2008 and ordered him to Build a landing pad for their ships Therefore Werner who believed uh in his Chooseness How do you even say that what is this Word Choosing this chosen supposed to be

Chosenness okay sorry I’ve never seen That in print before in my life so There’s a first for me Bought a plot of land near Kachi a small Town in the Argentinian province of Salta where he began to build a UFO Landing base Here people stop seeing him in the Streets of the town and began to weave The most curious theories he even said That a flying saucer had taken him away He even said that ah that that is not The case I don’t know this is really Broken this that is not the case he left Because he was already tired Uh he said from a commune From the commune David zuleta that whole Paragraph doesn’t make a lot of sense Does it Apparently he was abducted yeah I Realized I’m just not sure where the where it is Warner laid out uh a 36-pointed star With a diameter of 48 meters in the Desert near the town and all the Rays And the base of the stars were carefully Laid out by him in the center of the Landing site enthusiasts folded another Star with 12 beams well that’s pretty Aggressive I wonder what he is this is Rocks it looks like rocks yeah Uh the con the construction process have Been dragging on for three years and now This site can be perfectly viewed from a

Height some ufology enthusiasts tend to Believe Werner Werner had been in Contact with aliens since UFO sightings Are often recorded in his place but Suddenly this man disappeared in 2012 After finishing his work I was uh I was in Fuerte Alto with my Neighbor Lewis Luis sorry Luis uh it was Midnight on November 24 2008 the noise Of a party at the sports complex was Felt From Below suddenly all was silence The power supply was cut off it was Total darkness it’s a UFO night I told Louis Luis and he laid uh he had or he Had not finished the sentence when two Luminous objects Advanced about 200 Meters above the Calcaki River they were solid circular And like burnished metal I don’t know Why but I mentally asked them to come Closer and they did they perched about 100 meters above our heads and projected A beam of light on us that made us both See with their own brightness the funny Thing is our vision did not affect us Something start started boiling through My brain it was in order they Telepathically asked me to build the the UFO Port Said Werner Uh continue there’s a picture of the guy I could have tended to his his eyebrows A little bit there wow isn’t that Something you could you could break you Could braid those that’s crazy all right

Anyway his searches continued for seven Years but no Trace was found to Understand where he could go they looked For him abroad checked all the documents To find out where he could possibly Cross the border but did not find Anything many people believe that aliens Took him with them So did they I don’t know that’s is it Possible yeah people are abducted Um but for how long I don’t know usually It’s like a night or maybe a couple days In like Travis Walton’s case but this Guy just disappeared and so is that a Possibility for like some of the missing 4-1-1 stuff sure how about how about Elvis How about else Well thank you thank you very much Um maybe Eric purple Hobbit said Paranormal portal you should have Mama Portal and Sheldon messing with Cryptids I don’t know Mama portal don’t like no Cryptids She raised all those kids that’s enough Cryptids for her We’re enough of a Cryptid and uh uh Menagerie then then she probably Deserved but that’s a cool article I Hope you guys like that it’s kind of a Different story oops forgot to turn that Off All right I’m new it’s a new overlay wow Okay we’re already done with that

Segment sorry but I I think it’s Interesting so here I am Rando Calrissian not Lando but Rando calrissey My doctor prescribed me paranormal Portal so here I am Your your doctors as Twisted as we are Elvis reincarnated as an Elvis Impersonator that would be bad karma That’s funny you know who was it was it It was Charlie Chaplin oh entered a Look-alike contest and lost yeah he Didn’t win that’s right he didn’t win His own lookalike contest And I think it’s happened to a few Celebrities that have done it like they Didn’t win their own lookalike contest They entered under an assumed name and And we’re like third I think who was it Uh there’s another person that got like Third and and it was just a real robust Character but I don’t remember who it Was but I know one of them was uh was uh Charlie Chaplin that’d be me I’d be like Lastly We should have a Don longbeard Look-alike contest oh God Jake from BLB Already won that yeah Jake’s already got the groom he’s got He’s got the full beard cooking and of Course the long beard what do you call Your long Dawn beard or something that Was his character Long Don beard That was classic classic uh humor there Well done all right so which one was it

There yeah that was it I got another UFO Report coming up here and uh this is Also from how and wise uh because I Listen see there’s people were talking About wanting more UFO stuff so this Goes out to you guys Um this is uh I don’t know I haven’t Heard of this I don’t think but it’s Three aliens almost killed ex-us soldier And ufologist in the 1950s and Threatened him to stop his research Oh I think it does sound familiar Actually in the fall of 1952 ufologist Albert well let me just say it’s Vicky Verma from two years ago as well sweet Um uh ufologist Albert K Bender Announced his creation of a new research Organization the international Flying Saucer Bureau or ifsbo Ifsb he had to have his own acronyms he Was also the author of the UFO ufology Journal space review that was released In 1953 West Virginia resident gray Barker soon offered his assistance to Bender and spoke of the Flatwood monster Case which was he was investigating with Ivan Sanderson In January 1953 Bender asked Barker to Head the research Department of the ifsb In September however Bender announced That he was forced to cease his Activities Wow that’s kind of a shock Bender said three men in black suits who

Identified themselves as government Officials had come to see him they Threatened bender and demanded to forget About the existence of flying saucers Saucers not saucers uh by this time the New research organization had a large Network of Staff in the United States And other countries wow Barker was Extremely surprised in early October he Came to Bender with several other ifsb Members to try to sort out the situation Bender knew what flying saucers really Were but remained silent Some UFO researchers conclude that Bender was indeed under pressure from Government agents While others doubted It Coral Lorenzen the founder of UFO Research apro wrote in the bulletin that Most likely the ifsb was funded by Palmer’s magazine who used to write Science fiction stories oh yeah why not Yeah it doesn’t mean they weren’t Interested in the real thing I mean you Can’t be your whole work your whole body Of work can’t be weighed up against who Who’s funding it but anyway it continues Uh and this is a book flying saucers and The three men Albert K Bender And says one one way or another the name Of Albert Bender was disappeared from The pages of UFO UF UFO logical Publications but not forever ten years Later he published a book entitled Flying saucers and the three men in

Which the whole story was presented from A completely different perspective Indeed Bender wrote that in 1953 Three Men In Black visited him and they were Not government agents but aliens oh The plot thickens They provide a vendor with a piece of Strange metal shaped like a coin in Which he could communicate with them and In some time three mysterious creatures Reappeared in his house and carried Bender to some vast room possibly inside A flying saucer and one of the creatures Telepathically informed him that Representatives of their race were Visiting Earth for the sole purpose of Extracting useful chemicals from the Earth’s oceans ha what chemicals are in The earth The oil spills No I’m just kidding I don’t know I mean It’s extract all that nuclear waste that Just yeah maybe that’s it maybe they’re Cleaning up those barrels according to Him aliens had settled on our planet and For a long for a long period okay at First the creature seemed to be humanoid For Bender but then it appeared before Him in its natural extremely vile form However it warned Albert bender and Threw him all of the humanity against Continuing experience experiments rather With radioactive substances the alien Said those experience experiments would

Have negative impact on future Generations well no doubt about that Soon uh Bender soon woke up at home Lying in his bed and feeling sick when He tried to tell someone from the ifsb Executive committee about the contact With aliens he faced misunderstanding And mistrust what could he do and then Bender decided to reveal to his Colleagues only part of the truth Uh he said some people warned him Against further research into the UFO Problem and they were very convincing They even revealed The Secret of flying Saucers to him Bender took their threats seriously but Could not give up his report research on UFOs at his be as it had become part of His life so he continued his work Later the creatures or MIB visited him Multiple times and during their visit Bender’s Health kept declining they Seemed to draw vital energy out of him And much more than on the first visit Bender also noticed that with each visit The eyes of the aliens got brighter and More menacingly but still he did not Dare give up his research and then Bender felt completely sick After the second visit he had a Stomachache as if with an ulcer and Migraines happened every day and after The third visit Bender began to lose Weight and have problems with his

Eyesight or psyche They began to seem to him that the MIB Was following him even on the streets According to Bender he saw the MIB in Every Shady Nook and in the meantime his Stomach problems worsened and then the Ufologist could not stand it he closed His space Review magazine closed the International Bureau and decided to move Away from UFO research after that his Health improved until his death in 2016. Bender no longer talked about UFOs wow What do you think Don Um I think I’m already Um Rachel has already found a copy of The book available it’s fifteen dollars Oh nice and now I’m looking for one okay Gotcha need to read that I guess yeah it Sounds like an interesting take I I Don’t know I I’d heard uh mumblings of This and other articles in the past but I didn’t really know the full story Right um it sounds really pretty Interesting I can get out of my Kindle For 10 bucks oh very cool ninja Dave 1970 I made it howdy guys I was starting To have paranormal portal withdrawals Well great to see you ninja Dave thanks For making it brother be true what a Hardback of that book is 354 dollars is It out of print well yeah it’s out of Print yeah oh okay definitely out of Print okay but holy crap wow Yeah that’s crazy uh good to see you

Ninja Dave good to see all of you guys Thank you for being here and my doctor Prescola that I read that from Rando There we go very cool so that was the Second UFO article on our on our Fun Fest for the night and uh there’s always More you know unfortunately every time We talk about mibs though something yeah So there’s a there’s a situation that Happened to us we did a whole show on Mibs this is back when the the studio Was in a different part of the house and Uh it was crazy we got knocked off the Air like boom and couldn’t reconnect for Several minutes like nothing I did Worked it was like the it was just done Yeah when we did finally reconnect we Connected we were broadcasting on TFR at That time uh just TFR I don’t think we Were doing YouTube at that time were we Done or we were weren’t we no that was The 100th episode no the YouTube didn’t Come until well after that yeah the 100th episode but but no it was before The 100th episode and we still weren’t On YouTube at the 100th okay that’s That’s what okay so but we connected Again finally after about 15 minutes in Order to make the end of the show and And we got this extraordinary Loop that Generated and I’ve got a sound file of It somewhere I know I called it the MIB Loop or something did you yeah okay Almost positive I did well let me see if

I can do a search here on my computer For it MIB Loop yeah it might be Three no Loop It might be ink yeah that’s gonna be I Hate that new search feature because it Makes you look at stuff from the Freaking web and I don’t want stuff from The freaking web and I don’t like this Browser that they make pop-up too no I Want some you know this is It’s Microsoft Edge oh I don’t even like that Thing I just want to browse my own folders but But like the search feaster used to do In uh windows and windows yeah I’ll let Me see if I can search the hard drive Just the hard drive Um no there’s no search for them right Here so I’m gonna have to actually fold Through each of the freaking files you Know I’ll I’ll look for it see if I can Find it yeah but it’s it’s pretty Bizarre and it’d be fun thing to listen To on the show because it’s audio and And it would work good on a Wednesday Show but I’m just looking Um if if I can just see it quick I don’t Know if it was it was God it was one of these weird files of Mine I got hundreds and hundreds of Files and folders from all my grabbing And stuff through the years Um my computer is kind of dated now but Um

Let’s just see What was it wasn’t in there It wasn’t there Pre-recorded was it in here do you have Do you have maybe maybe a file called The 100 100th episode or Um maybe did I do it for the did I pull It out for the um It was the 100th episode that we played It on because I remember lucky saying Something about that was the most Annoying noise she’d ever heard yeah it Was really crazy it was really really Bizarre maybe it’s in here let me just Look quick Um It might even be on the laptop to be Honest with you now that I think about It oh yeah because because I used to use The laptop before I got the desktop for Doing the shows so I don’t even know That it’s in here Um no it doesn’t look like it is some Files sound files could have been here Um stream yeah those are special sound Files I’m just looking quick no I don’t see it Here unfortunately unfortunately I I Don’t I won’t be able to find it I think It’s pretty sure it’s on my laptop and That’s why I’m not seeing it I do have a Folder uh for the 100th episode over There because that’s where we did it

From was the laptop right so uh look for It maybe for next Wednesday’s show Because we can’t play it on Friday Saturday because we’re connected to the Networks then but what time is it right Now It’s 8 11. wow wow is it really wow it Really is so now ladies and gentlemen We’re going to head over to some Articles from Sasquatch Chronicles blog Who Yep this is Mr West himself never Heard of her Don’s sporting the The Who Right there the what Don’s got the lid I Got this too he’s got his lid so um We’re all set but I got a sticker too You do I got two stickers here Actually you do This is Show and Tell I got stickers Yeah you do okay Um so we’re gonna get to this it’s uh It’s actually the the first article We’re gonna read was from the blog it’s Actually one of his newer episodes I Don’t remember the episode number now But but uh this is 1562. I think it’s 800 and something but Yeah it’s only off yeah But it’s from October 1st this is a Newer one and it’s uh a listener writes Let me let me put it up here from again Sasquatch Chronicles blog check out the Blog over there folks at because I know Most of you guys love already love Wes’s

Show but what you may not know is the Blog is a great source of tons of more Information so head over to Sasquatch and check it out so this Is from October 1st tomorrow night I had It in my scope and that is an episode That’s live now on Sasquatch Chronicles I think from last Sunday A listener writes hey Wes I first heard Your show a few years ago and since then I’ve been thinking about contacting you I had two encounters that I’m certain of Uh in north central Vermont Vermont is VT yeah okay as near as I can recall They happened in 1995 and 96. I’m not 100 about the years but I know that’s Pretty close and I’m certain that they Happen in back-to-back years the first Time I actually saw the creature I’m texting you on my phone and it’s Slow and cumbersome so I’ll keep it Brief I had a prepared spot for for Sitting there are two types of hunting Sitting or stalking this particular day Was good for stalking meanwhile or Meaning that the weather was miserable And there’s a heavy wet snow falling one Degree warmer and it would have been Raining If I were an enthusiastic Hunter I would Have been tracking or tracking a buck And hoping to catch him laying down but I’m not I didn’t feel like getting uh Soaked and dragged a dead deer out of

The swamp yeah no doubt I didn’t really Hunt for the kill anyway I do it for the Solitude it’s kind of therapeutic for me Back to the point I’d been sitting under A blue spruce tree all day it’s foliage Protecting me from the weather and near The end of the day I was starting to Think about leaving before I got dark When a buck came walking up along the Game Trail this is about 50 yards from Where I was sitting across a small field I pulled up my rifle a Remington 308 got It in my scope 4×9 scope and some Instinct told me not to shoot that deer And to be completely honest that Instinct might have been my brain asking Do you really want to drag this thing a Mile through the woods in the dark in This weather Anyway I tracked this deer through my Scope and it disappeared into a tree Line the very moment the deer stepped Out of sight around another Spruce Sasquatch stepped in from the side of The of the same tree that the deer had Just passed he took one or two steps and Paused to look straight at me That’s that’s a a feature of so many Bigfoot stories They know you’re there and I don’t know How I mean you know this Hunter is under A spruce he’s I’m sure he’s camo’d out Maybe he’s got the orange on maybe not I Don’t know but this thing knew exactly

Where he was and just looked right at Him walked out and looked right at him So He says I was looking back at him Through my scope my crosshairs were Centered on his right eye he was Freaking massive I simply could not wrap my mind around How thick he was To give some scale when we come out of The tree line he passed by an old fence Post that I know was about four and a Half feet high this guy was more than Twice that it would put him at least Nine feet probably more He turned towards me only his upper body His feet remained pointed in the Direction of the deer I don’t know what He was thinking but I was thinking if You come at me you’re going down I Remember keeping my scope on his eye and Saying under my breath don’t do it buddy Don’t do it Then he turned back and followed the Deer there are of course more details But I hate texting I don’t blame you I Hate texting too I suck a text yeah That’s a hell of a text wow that’s only One encounter yeah and he had another And there’s more details he didn’t talk About here so definitely check out the Episode folks because that’s an amazing Just an amazing uh message in and of Itself so and to know that there’s more

Oh my God yup that’s crazy So excellent now the next one from Sasquatch Chronicles is not this it is This Is from the blog from October 8. I was Being stalked Listener writes January of 2017 I moved To Pike Pikeville Eastern Kentucky the Apartment complex I moved into it was an Old abandoned coal mine Was into was an old abandoned Coal Mine Holler that had been converted which had An old Coal Road that went up a mountain And then swung around it with Acres of Woods well whatever whenever I’d sit in The picnic area to have a cigarette I Notice around 10 plus at night this Howling out of the nearby Hills Which now I can say it sounded almost Identical to the Ohio sounds That’s a hell of a sound And we can look on the BFRO if they Still have them up and and let you guys Hear that I I’d hear one howl and then Maybe 30 seconds later there’d be Another one from Another Hill that was Maybe a mile or so away and then I’d Hear another and another and then you Could listen to these call and responses For hours Without End Well by April I was trying to look get Back into shape and I love to hike so I Decided I’d get up around 6 a.m and hike Up that Coal Road and back

While as I’m hiking up and it got darker And darker with that on that road up That road I noticed this strange bird Whistling at me it was it was strange Because of how loud it was and I mean The pitch was just so loud and I thought To myself that’s a big damn bird And I Whistle Back Wes my grandpa was a Green Beret in Vietnam who partly helped Raise me and I’ve been in the woods of Illinois and Wisconsin my whole life and Never encountered much that was weird Although my grandpa did and told me Stories here and there but it wasn’t he I wasn’t afraid of much well I’m hiking Up and not only is that whistling Getting closer and I mean close to where It was like 10 feet from me in the tree Line of woods I turned on the flashlight On my phone and I couldn’t see anything It was so dense But then I noticed this bird was keeping Pace with me Then small Pebbles started Landing in Front of me as I walked down at first I Thought it was just a loose Rock sliding Down but then I became apparent that Someone was tossing them right at my Feet At this point I’m about 300 feet up this Old Road in the pitch dark so I gently Tossed one back and then a big one maybe A half pound Rock flung right at my feet I froze man no doubt now I gently yelled

Out is someone out there And that bird whistling started even Louder than it had before I don’t know what overcame me but I Started belting out the Saint Michael Prayer in Latin and then the Hail Mary Pretty audibly and not wanting to turn Around not wanting to turn back Continued up that road all of this Whistling keeping pace and Pebbles Tossing just amped up as I was coming to The bend in the road that turned with The mountain I don’t know what it was but as I reach Reach it with Rosary in hand I got this Bad bad feeling like something is really Wrong here and spoke aloud and said I Don’t know what you are but I’m just Walking here and the pebble tossing got More intense and I can now hear things Trudging through the wood at Paces that I I knew weren’t people you’re going the Wrong way this person yes yeah so I Turned around and calmly began to go Home I thought that this would be uh Bare or well well hell a damn Bigfoot How loud the trudging was combined with Whistling and Pebble tossing I wanted to Run the hell out of there down back down The holler that holler but if you think That’s that there’s an animal you just Don’t want to do that And I don’t know why but something told Me not to turn your back to them so I’m

Trying to make it down while keeping an Eye on what’s behind me And the moments that I look down the Road towards the apartment complex Something just leaped from the side of The mountain onto the road and then down Into a bunch of Thicket Then I stopped and yelled what the bleep Was that If it were a man he’d have fallen 400 Feet down a vertical fall that and broke His neck or something I mean it was Steep and covered within Thicket and Thorn bushes and how loose the Rocks Were I mean if you did get a footing you Just fall uh back down and slide and Tumble down whatever this was it’s got Footing and Was got its footing and slid the the Trudge it trudged down with great volume Like stomping through a huge snow drift And so there I am feeling like a fool The Sun is Begging or beginning to make the Horizon Pink up just a little bit at this point I kept thinking to myself that this is Not how I’m gonna die By this point I felt with all of the Noise that I had that had to be five to Eight things in the woods stalking me Honest to God I knew that I was being Followed and scrutinized and that I had Pissed something off with my presence The Pebbles were being tossed an

Alarming rate and there were now eight Or so big birds whistling at me from About 10 feet or so into the woods Branches were snapping and it was like Multiple freight trains just trudging Through those woods This is a steep hill and I mean it is Steep I cannot imagine uh men being able To do this without falling down the only Flat surface was the road When I got about 100 feet down because The apartment uh I don’t know what Overcame me but something told me to Just book it for the for the for the Farm lamp and I ran like hell until I Got got to it and spun around I stood There watching and couldn’t see anything They had they had stayed up there but They were but they were still just Making all sorts of noise I don’t know what’s what I started but After that I felt like I was being Watched whenever I was outside in that Holler if I went outside my apartment by My car to smoke uh Pebbles would start Getting tossed right at my feet in the Parking lot from a Mountainside or a big Bird would start whistling at me and had Huge street lights shining on our Parking lots and as this is happening I’d take out a big old Flashlight and Shine the woods I did get eye shine a Couple of times but couldn’t make out Faces of what they were which just

Creeped me out to no end I went up the mountains a couple of Times in the day and found what appeared To be tree breaks a couple of structures Sticks in the road now I don’t know These sticks were just laid ever so Carefully in the road what creeped me Out was that they’d appear when I was Coming back down on one hike I don’t Know I got dizzy on the way home now I Have epilepsy but this now I have Epilepsy but this was different I’m hiking down the road and suddenly I Got dizzy and the sound in my ears was Like TV static and I wanted to take my Shirt off because I felt so hot but I Laid down in the dirt ditch for a few Minutes and just felt drained of Everything I just thought of my mother And picked myself up and forced myself Down that road When I got home I just collapsed on my Bed and slept for a good six hours Now I think looking back that this was a Side effect of infrasound that could be Could be yeah but then one night this is A long story but then one night my Roommate and I just went out to one of The picnic break areas to smoke and talk And as we’re making it back toward my Building I don’t know Wes the ground Shook to the point that I felt like I’d Lost my footing like a giant was Stomping in front of us boom boom boom

And let out this scream I’ve never heard Before or since it was like a woman Mixed with a bear a lion and a witch all In one terrifying scream I don’t know But I jumped like three feet up and just Ran up the a picnic table and could not Look at it we were stuck in that parking Lot until the sun came up every time we Made an attempt towards my building it Would scream and we couldn’t figure out Fine we couldn’t find it couldn’t see it And we had the Sensation that it was Behind us old 100 plus year old white Oak tree but we made five attempts to go Home and it was not having it but when The the sun began to rise we made our Sixth attempt and then heard something Just trudge up that Mountainside in time That no man or woman could I’m talking 100 foot vertical hike that this thing Scaled in seconds and just kept going Until we saw trees moving about 500 feet Up we never went that went that far out At night again and that was that was a Lighted parking lot picnic area in the Middle of an apartment complex After that I’d smoked at night uh at the Door dealt with the whistling and Pebble Tossing give it the finger and go inside I moved to Louisville in June and never Went back I’m not afraid of the woods or Anything but I definitely will never go In them again without a 30 30 or Something bigger

The power just in the lungs of this Thing it could have killed us if it Wanted to I don’t know what what we did That night but we weren’t messing up in The woods uh or nothing and I felt like I was being stalked for having having Gone up there but over other residents It says over residence but I think Otherwise residents went up there but Not at night I have a deeper respect uh Appreciation of the mountains and the Woods since all of this uh since all the Guns I have and carry with me in the Woods are enough to take down a bear but Yeah like I said I will never go up in The woods unarmed again So it’s a lot of pretty wild stuff crazy Yeah it is I don’t know what you make of that I Would have I would have thought that the Pebble throwing would would have quit or Lessened right he turned around or this Person turned around and walked out yeah You’d think wouldn’t you I guess not Though Yeah you really pissed something off Yeah I don’t know how though just Walking up there what it was what was Intimidating unless it was a family hunt And and it just this person being on the Road really screwed it up right and they Just didn’t like that after that it’s Like nope this person’s an idiot So whatever the case is that’s that’s

Horrible All right we’re at about 8 26. I do have To take a quick break folks I gotta go To the lou and blow my nose so uh just Give us a couple minutes we’ll be right Back with more of the portal just give Me a couple minutes be right back I Promise You have my word The places They don’t understand the parts Oh Are You ready Costume Heartbreaking you with kindness to you Dance To just another [ __ ] nice Of my sanity just make sure that you’re Well

I told you [Applause] Hold on I gotta see if I got it here Just because it doesn’t feel right Without it hold on just a second where Is it where is it here it is Oh [Laughter] This is it yeah this is it here we go This looks extraordinarily bad I’ve never been standing Caroline is not like those she’s with They’re attracted to the one thing about Her and that’s different from Life form Very Very soft it’s all illumination it is a Lie that implies live And memory of love no And Earthly pleasures Something that desperately desire But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to That Poltergeists are usually associated with An individual Hauntings seem to be connected with an Area House usually the guy’s disturbances are

A fairly short duration perhaps a couple Of months hauntings can go on for years There you go now it feels right doesn’t It it feels much better it feels like a Normal day yeah after that break yeah Because we’ve been doing it for years It’s always the bumper music on the Network to bring us back in after the Second break so y’all when did you just Do the break without the bumpers it Doesn’t feel right so anyway we are Sitting at the tail end of our journey Tonight but uh how much time we’ve got Left it is now 8 33 good because we got Another report from Sasquatch Chronicles To get through and this one is a Creature in the woods from October 11th And uh these are phenomenal and I I Again I really encourage you to check Out the blog because there’s a lot of Stuff that doesn’t make it onto the Shows because I think if Wes took every Encounter that he heard and made a show He’d be doing five shows seven shows a Week for years and never getting a break Um and so where you can find those also Is by checking out the blog so going Through that there’s just a ton of Information there so Sasquatch and that brings up October 11th creature in the woods a Listener writes I was five in 1972 when

I had my first encounter with uh in Hobart Indiana which was Northwest of Indiana is in Northwest Indiana rather Northwest Indiana is typically thought Of as being an industrial because of the Large U.S steel plant is located there In Gary and it stunk so bad when that Thing was going I used to drive through Gary all the time when I lived in Michigan going back and forth to Minnesota and Gary Indiana was always The low point of that Journey because it Was just the worst smell but anyway it Says but toward the east and south of Gary the neighborhoods were a bit were a Lot smaller than they are now and very Woodsy as a child I typically canoed Fished and skated on the lake in the Backyard and roamed the forest around my Home in Maryville Merrillville a small Township right next to Gary and Hobart I Was comfortable in nature and could Spend hours examining the trees leaves And flowers but and was fascinated by Birds and hunting in in Potawatomi arrowheads padawatomi okay so The woods were my perfect place and I Always felt safe there On this particular spring day I was Visiting the the Son and Daughter of my Mom’s best friend who lived in Hobart And I know it was March April or May Because it was tornado season and the Storm had just recently passed through a

Nearby town We weren’t far enough away not to get Anything worse than a heavy rain and Hail but close enough to see the wide Dark funnel making its way along the Horizon after the rain stopped and the Tornado watch was lifted Lori Robbie and I went outside to survey any damage left By the storm find hailstones and have Fun running Barefoot through the big Puddles that were left over We eventually made our way to the Neighborhoods Elementary School and the Woods that bordered its playground And says of the of we three I was the Youngest five and smallest and so I was Always last or trailing a little behind Plus Laurie who is 11 or 12 and Robbie Was nine and ten were siblings and kind Of an automatic team with me being the Third Wheel Laurie and Robbie were Always more rambunctious than I was and Truthfully mean-spirited so I was always A bit anxious to be out of sight or Earshot from adults when I was with them In the event that they would take the Opportunity to pick on me or make fun of Me which they often did so I was already A little anxious but when Laurie Announced that we were going into the Woods that anxiousness ramped up quickly And got stronger with every step towards The tree line once we were inside the Tree line I calmed down a little but was

Still on alerts in case they might turn On me Like Lord of the Flies We weren’t that far inside the tree line When we came up a little creek whose Water was running fast from the rain and Was still pretty cold from winter Laurie and Robbie were standing in the Creek but it was too cold for me and I Wanted to stay back from it a bit so I Could hear the sound around me better And I was still a wary of from being in In Lori and Robbie’s unsupervised Presence but now I was also nervous About not being able to hear over the Creek furthermore Lori and Robbie began Getting boisterous after discovering That leeches had attached themselves to Their legs and feet and their laughing And shouting made it more difficult to Hear anything around me which for some Reason made me very ain’t nervous I was I was ready to bolt for any reason And I could think of uh while standing On the Creek’s Edge and tried to calmly Tell them that we shouldn’t we should Leave so they wouldn’t see how scared I Was and purposely find reasons to stay Well that was how they were neither of Them paid me any mind and Lori said Something mean as they continued to Focus on picking the remaining leeches Off of Robbie’s legs so I started to cry Because I was really scared and didn’t

Know my way back to Lori and Robbie’s House Lori and Robbie thought I was crying Because of what Lori said and started in On me and I turned to my left to get it Ready to walk off of the Woods by myself When I glanced upstream and stopped Upstream 50 yards there were three dark Rocks near the creek a small round one Right near the Creek’s Edge another Larger round one right next to the the Small one and a third larger taller rock That if it was if it was a rock but what Else could it be was shaped more like an Obelisk than the two the two other round Rocks before it That was behind the other two and next To a tree I didn’t remember seeing the Rocks when we walked in and didn’t feel Particularly nervous about them but they Were out of place because all along the Creek and in the general area there were No outcroppings Hills couriers or Anything that would give rise to these Large rocks being there Lori and Robbie looked where I was Looking at and decided the Rocks were Nothing to be concerned about they Picked the last biggest leech off Robbie’s leg and were feigning like they Were going to put it on me when I Started to back uh started started when I startled back and looked to my left Upstream again and this time there was

Only the tall Obelisk shaped Rock by the Tree and its shape had changed as if it Had moved Lauren Robbie looked where I Was looking and noticed that there was Just one rock upstream and we were Confirming with each other that there Were that these were three right And now there was only one while still Looking Upstream now I’m feeling like We’re in real danger because whatever These dark shapes were Bears they were Obviously some sort of animal because They had moved the two of them were now Unaccounted for so I turned to look back At Robbie uh Lori and Robbie and they Looked at me and and I said we have to Leave And then we all look back Upstream again And the tall Obelisk shape Rock was gone And we stood still talking talking about What we were seeing as we surveyed the Surrounding area without moving anything But our eyes Lori said she thought she saw a sliver Of the dark-colored rock along the side Of the tree it used to be near as if it Was now behind it and we all looked While standing still and that tree along Its length I was I was looking at the Edge of the tree that was nearest the Creek from the ground up to where the Top of the dark Obelisk shaped Rock used To be about four or five feet then I Thought I saw something move along the

Edge of the tree trunk in an upward Motion it didn’t move and kept looking Where I saw the length of movement and Knew without looking at Laurie and Robbie that they had seen some movement Too because they were Whispering too Loudly and I told them to shut up I knew There was something behind that tree and I was trying to look slightly off to the Side of its trunk and focus on the trees Trunk Edge when two or three feet Further up the tree a dark round shaped Like the head poked up from around the Tree trunk were very quickly so quickly That I doubted that I’d seen anything at All all Then as I stood there not being able to Move whatever was behind the tree leans Around slowly for another look at us and Stayed there watching and seemingly Unafraid I know I was looking at this creature’s Face left shoulder torso left leg arm And hand which was on the tree trunk as If for balance while it leaned around The trunk looking from behind it but I Was so scared that I was blinded and Deafened I literally didn’t remember Seeing her hearing anything until Arriving back at Laurie and Robbie’s House I knew I ran that’s all Later back in the safety of Lori and Robbie’s home we discovered that we’d All reached the same conclusion at once

That the movement we’d seen along the Tree trunks Edge was that rocks standing Up to its full height before it peaked Around the tree at us we were all scared Still and and what caused caused us to Finally bolt was that whatever it was Standing up peaking half hidden from Around the tree began to quickly squat Back down and we couldn’t tell what it Was going to do we thought it might be Preparing to run at us So we all bolted and I and I had a head Start because Lori and Robbie had to Jump out of the creek and I was already On the edge but I never saw them until We were a good distance from the woods And while into the neighborhood then I Followed them back to their house and we Ran all the way there the adults half Listened really didn’t believe our story And dismissed it as probably being bears We three never discussed it again Now that I think of it though where did These things disappear too the woods Were in real in weren’t really thick and Were really easy to see through for a Good distance most of the trees weren’t Very large either how could three dark Colored beings in a forest where all the Trees were still still bare move around And remain unseen and how could they Hide behind the trees that weren’t very Big it’s not a question that’s been Being asked for a long time yeah it is

Two questions there yep I tell you what I don’t know could they Be a good the thing is we don’t know if The kids looked up in the tree to see if They’d climb the tree right or or Something else but yeah that’s pretty uh Pretty intense Don’t like it when those Rock figures Move nope Rocks aren’t supposed to move by Themselves no not generally generally They don’t so very interesting That’s another great story and special Thanks of course the West groomer for Letting us read those on the show and Now we’re going to go to another site Which is also when we visit here quite Often on the show Wet the whistle good I’m good All right so we’re gonna get to uh some Phantoms and monster reports And this is lon strickler’s site it’s a Great site we’ve uh Milan’s been on the Show a couple times and we had a great Talk with him and he’s a good friend so We’re gonna visit the first sights or The first story which is Don’t go Y’all Gonna Die Premonition possibly saved Philadelphia Woman’s life why is visit people from Pennsylvania I don’t know I guess Pennsylvania’s got Its there’s a lot of spooky over there Are they taking over from Ohio

You know it’s always been in contention Because Pennsylvania’s got everything Too they really do they got a lot of Everything I think everywhere has Everything but I think that’s for Whatever reason that whatever they got Is more visible to people there Ohio I Think is still the champion of the weird Of this of the stupid word of the really Weird stuff yeah but Um the don’t go you’ll die premonition Possibly save Philadelphia woman’s life And again check out Phantoms and Monsters folk this is where you find uh Lawn strickler stuff what sorry for uh Uh Eric purple purple Hobbit says Especially if the if the rock is called Greg neck You know Galaxy Quest Yeah Oh there he goes again There he goes again So anyhow one time I was walking down The road oh hey I want to give a shout Out real quick though because one of our Very old friends Um Marshall he goes by mugs mugs420 Became a Grandpa today he’s not that old Either he’s younger than I am actually Yeah crazy anyhow but happy grandpa day To him that’s awesome Hmm is there any other news that I Forgot to say Um

Gosh uh Can’t see Oh it’ll be okay Brent the show doesn’t Suck that bad Oh Well uh Uh yeah Um Yeah gosh do you want to read this one Sure if you want to Yeah send it over He gonna send me this uh this one here Screen yeah oh that’ll be good yeah So you can listen if you stumble through It Brent is typing don’t go you’ll die okay All right so anyhow this is from lawn Strickler uh Phantoms and monsters Don’t go you’ll die premonition possibly Saves uh Philadelphia woman’s life Um a Philadelphia woman is walking in a Mall in an area of the city where she Wasn’t familiar a home a homeless calls Out her name and warns her not to go There later that day several people were Gunned down at the mall The following account was forwarded to Me and this is uh lawn repeating this Here telling us about it this is a Bizarre incident that occurred several Years ago my ex-wife was walking down The street and a homeless man called her By name no big deal maybe he heard

Someone call her that one day but she Never saw him before or since the Strange part is that he said don’t go There don’t go you’ll die the mall now Those words are now those words are Chilled those words chilled her to the Bone so much so that she turned around And went home She had been putting on weight and Wanted to be healthier so she was Walking the three miles in the opposite Direction to get food avoiding her Favorite Philly cheesesteak stand yes we Live in Philadelphia she decided against Food altogether that day and was walking Five miles further to see if she could Get to a new part of town As she had only been in Philly for a Year but she never walked in that Direction of the park this was Completely away from anywhere she’d ever Been or anyone she had possibly known Then this homeless man just pops out Despite being miles in the wrong Direction around a place she had never Been and a city new to her a man calls Her by name and says she’ll die if she Goes to the place she’s planned to go Let alone Let alone that no one knew where she was Going not even her until the morning When she got up so she goes home Later that day on the news people were Gunned down at the mall she was thinking

Of going to There you go She it says note I tried to get the date Of the shooting because quite frankly There have been numerous shootings in Philadelphia malls all over the years Over the years I do know this incident Occurred at least four years ago but That’s the expense extent of the Information so there you go yeah so um Uh hey uh Hardwick d uh Big D uh he Needs the clap he does yes [Applause] There you go thank you for your donation Oh thank you man I appreciate it a bunch Um so there you go yeah you know have You ever had a premonition Yeah yeah I’ve talked about it many Times on the show the one that I mean I’ve had several but we’ll talk about a New one a new one yeah another one that I had that I think maybe even on the Last show or the show before I talked About the one where I was driving in Patrol and had a premonition of a white Van big cargo van coming out from behind A building at a rapid Pace that would Have hit me but I had the premonition to Slow down another time I was uh I was I don’t know if it was really a Premonition but it was just a feeling That things were gonna not work out real Well real well yeah uh and this time I Was sliding and I don’t know I just we

Were sliding all day and and my friend Had one of those big wood toboggans what The curled up nose right and he was Doing this thing where he leaning and Doing it he said hey you want to try it Out I was like yeah I’d like to try it Out now where we were sliding there was A a gully next to it with all these Rocks and and dead trees and stuff all Over it it was just this mess and but You know we had it banged so that you Know you should be able to make the turn Well I’d never driven one of these Things before but I’m like I had a bad Feeling like nope this is not going to Go well this is not going to go well And I should have known I don’t know if This is a premonition or just just logic Because it’s called the lesson learned Well it was because I I know that I Never want one of those damn toboggans Like that right ever but I I got on the Thing and started shooting down the hill And I went to try to turn to do the bank But no matter how hard I drag my arm That thing would not turn and they made A beeline for that Gully and I’m like oh God and it was really bizarre because They they say that you know that that Time slows down right and honest to God It’s it’s true that I’ve had a few Examples of this but the the when I when I went over the the embankment and was Airborne heading down into this Boulder

Gully I was like my God this could kill Me what do I do but I had a vision of of Planting my my feet On this tree and so I looked down and Saw the tree and I’m like that I have to Land on that tree with my feet in Fall You know as I as I go down so it’s not Not to land on Boulders and get broken Up and and sure enough for some God Unknown reason I was able to position Myself in such a way that I landed on This one dead tree and I and I did I Stopped there and then you know leaned Up against the Gully wall and I was like Oh my God this would have this could Have killed me yeah so it was just the Knowing and I think everybody can relate To that that time you get the bad Feeling like sure no this isn’t going to Go good and I think those qualify as Premonitions too definitely premonitions Because they’re keeping you safe you Know they’re they’re glimpses of what Could be a a possible future You know so yeah absolutely so uh thank You Lily Pond She says two dollars for for Prince Thank you I’ll of course if you just get the Whiskey lemon he’d be good but you know I got some bourbon I think oh there you Go uh Tracy Yale says she’s uh Uh scheduled for surgery on the wrist Tomorrow good luck with that yeah good

Luck with that for sure oh hey they say He doesn’t want the cops He just wants my uh well that’s what you Get when I’m running the buttons but Yeah I think you already have Donny’s Love so yeah now you need it now you Need a syringe full of penicillin He says that’s so ugly it’s all tainted Don’s got some Tainted Love But I think I think it’s probably as good a place as Any to stop the journey because I don’t Think I can keep reading I’m just not Quite just a few minutes short so yeah We’re just a few minutes short but thank You all for your love and kindness and For being here with us obviously it’s uh It’s always amazing to start these shows And have you guys show up uh it just Means the world and uh I can’t thank you Guys enough for showing up and and those Of you in the Discord Community those of You what the hell’s wrong with all of You those of you that are members of the YouTube channel thank you so much for That and those of you that give the the Super chats that really mean so much it Helps so much because this is a you know Mostly a labor of love for us it doesn’t Uh doesn’t pay many bills I think you know for the most part we Probably just make enough to pay the Internet for the most times you know uh On the YouTube channel but it’s running

Out 10 famous people who couldn’t Impersonate themselves Charlie Chaplin Dolly Parton that’s right Dolly Parton Lost uh Hugh Jackman as Wolverine what Uh the voice of Elmo so whoever does the Voice of Elmo Elmo yeah uh oh Keith Keith Flint from Prodigy that’s funny he Couldn’t he couldn’t win his own Lookalike contest who Keith who Keith uh Flint he’s the no idea uh Prodigy the Band Prodigy oh okay gotcha Um uh Ernie Hudson who is Um what was his name um Winston from Ghostbusters oh okay uh CM Punk apparently people don’t know who he Is either no uh Joe McCarthy will pass That one that’s okay Steven Merchant Well not that big of a deal Paul McCartney that’s funny Um but Paul McCartney is supposed to be A look-alike anyhow that’s right because Apparently he died like way oh that’s The legend yeah yeah so there’s a Conspiracy there’s always conspiracies So yeah if you ever if you ever Join your own lookalike contest send us Video we’d love to see it and when he Deal with Homer I love donuts I’m just telling you all Right yeah we’re loves Donuts All right that’s not all of my loves Apparently I apparently he loves other Things too but anyway we’ll leave that Laying where it is

Um but gentlemen ladies you guys are Awesome thank you so much for being part Of the journey as always feel free to Share these streams out to your social Media let other people know about the Portal and definitely check out our Podcast it’s a very different show as Some of you who came from the podcast to Watch a show may know but uh it’s Interviews and mostly with people that Have had experiences but also with Notable figures in the community and Stuff so uh there’s just some great Great amazing shows over there sometimes We take YouTube videos and Port them Over to the podcast but generally Speaking the podcast is it’s all Different production he calls it porn I Call it fighting what you call it Porting I just call it fighting oh well You’re the one that has to do it that’s Why I just I just know that it happens Once a week I look at look at the drive And there it is yeah don don does all The production for the podcast so and It’s gotten better thank God yeah you’re Actually learning no I’m just kidding You’ve done a great job ever since we Started so Um but ladies and gentlemen that’s all We got for you tonight please uh if you Want to help support the show further You can always hit the Donate uh on PayPal yeah that that link is on your

Screen right now you can check out the Teespring store we’ve got portal gear if You’d like some paranormal portal gear Gear Don also runs that and uh you can Check it out and uh be sporting some of The best uh gear on them on the market I’m just saying here absolutely so Anything else down in closing gear sorry Nope that sounds good okay all right Well just remember we love you all be Good be kind be nice take care of each Other help each other out find the magic In every day and remember to laugh as Much as you can join the Discord Community if you want to stay involved In the discussions after the shows uh we Have an amazing community of people and We’d love love to add you to that list So the link was in here I don’t know if I don’t still have it I can do it are You sure yeah just like this are you Sure Nope not now but I can I can get it in There real quick hold on Let’s see how long it takes done Invite people Copy Copy Uh I’d like shut the hell up for 200. There you go Whoa he beat the deadline good job Don Told you Why why is the Jeopardy thing the same

Same as uh I’m a Little Teapot I don’t Know I don’t either all right all right Guys well remember we do live streams Here on YouTube Wednesday Friday and Saturday nights when we’re also Simulcasting on iHeartRadio and TFR live So there’s commercial breaks on them Friday Saturday shows but I’ll be here Uh alone on Friday night and Sheldon Will be joining me on Saturday so I’ll Look for you guys on Friday night I’ll Try to whip up a good show and hopefully I’ll have less coughing All right that’s it that’s all we got Good night everybody love you guys and We’ll see you on Friday night hope to See you here take care everybody see ya