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Thank you Oh Be quiet Ladies and gentlemen welcome once again To the Paranormal portal I’m your host Brent Thomas thank you so much for Joining us as we are driving into the Saturday night show and I appreciate you Being here hope you’re having a Wonderful weekend whatever it is you’re Doing but thanks for spending part of it Right here with us I think that’s Wonderful and I thank you so much and Remember please subscribe if you’re new Hit the bells Um share the streams do all that fun Stuff if you would please that helps us

Out a ton so Um I just want you to know I’m not here Alone I’ve got with me the big branch of The family tree himself Mr Sheldon Thomas how you doing That’s right I am here the big branch of The tree I’m doing good feeling good Feeling great it’s getting a little Warmer outside so uh Summer’s trying to Push back against winter so we’re happy About that how are you doing yeah it’s Been pretty decent here I’m I’m still Obviously dealing with the cold and and It’s not horrible it’s just I’m groggy And tired it’s just how I deal with Those things I just kind of shut down And want to sleep and I did a lot of That today so and last night right after The show so I’m doing okay all things Considered I’m doing okay I couldn’t Miss doing the portal after all because I I love this stuff I mean this is this Is what gets me up every morning that And uh seven-year-old But you know it helps relatively Speaking so uh anyway we’ve got a lot of Stuff to go through tonight of course uh As always I’ve got a full package of Entertainments lined up for you we’re Going to get into another famous UFO Report later in the show we’re going to Get into some uh Bigfoot reports Creatures and uh some more ghostly phone Call stories so we got a lot of things

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Unless you know some life just throws a Curveball or something but that’s the Plan right now so I hope you’ll check it Out mark your calendar if you can be There it’d be great to meet you and uh We’ll see about getting Sheldon there Too that’ll be awesome so yeah but Anyway uh let’s get back to what we’re Doing here Um I guess it’s time for the news Sheldon you ready Done news always it’s time for the news [Applause] [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the Paranormal portal news desk it’s Uh time to look at the news had to dig Into the archives for a few stories Tonight as uh you know I’ve been Covering news on Wednesday and Friday as Well so we ran out of new stuff that I Thought would be at least somewhat Relevant to the show there’s a lot of News out there but not a lot that we’ll Cover here on the show so Um the first one up is a a new one Um and I guess this is good because it’s Uh you know a good at least a good Effort Um in the development of Robotics and Artificial intelligence and that is news From unexplained that

Robotics firms joined commitment to ban Weaponization of robots So there you go So they’re just not going to do it uh Apparently Um however however you got to wonder Like if it’s really an artificial Intelligence working there does it need You to I mean could they not think of Heck if I Pick that up I can shoot people you know This is artificial intelligence right so I don’t know I’m not mean to be a Naysayer but it’s certainly a concern I Think of all of us we’ve seen Terminator Or any number of other uh science Fiction movies where the robots don’t Like us much so uh but let’s read what It says Boston Dynamics has joined Several other prominent robotics firms In promising not to weaponize its Creations when you see footage of Increasingly Advanced robots walking Running and even jumping just like a Human it’s not difficult to imagine Future battlefields dominated by agile Intelligent and heavily armed robotic Soldiers or autonomous weapons platforms Capable of taking out targets with ease That was all mostly one breath I was Pretty proud of that Many science fiction movies such as the Terminator depict this idea and Devastating detail leading some doing to

Question the wisdom of developing Technology that could one day lead us Down a similar path now though leading Robotics Firm Boston Dynamics has joined A number of other robotics companies in Signing an open letter committing to Never allowing its Creations to be armed With weapons The move is likely to have been at least Partially influenced by the release of Footage showing a Russian inventor Attempting to strap a submachine gun Onto the back of a robotic dog Oh no yeah you don’t want to play fetch With that one uh we pledge that we will Not weaponize our Advanced Mobility General purpose robots or the software We develop that enables Advanced Robotics and we will not support others To do so the letter says well they won’t Support it but if let’s say let’s say They get a you know 100 million robotic Dogs and and uh somebody else decides to Mount machine guns to them we believe That adding weapons to robots that are Remotely autonomously operated widely Available to the public incapable of Navigating to previously inaccessible Locations where people live and work Raises new risks of harm and serious Ethical issues while the pledge is Certain is certainly encouraging it Doesn’t stop third parties from adapting Robots there you go or writing new

Software to enable them to carry or Shoot weapons that said it is likely That there will be considerable increase In efforts by International bodies such As the United Nations to make it illegal To build or use weaponized robots Especially autonomous ones for any Purpose in the years to come the last Thing we want is for something like the T800 to become a reality now you know That’s a that’s that’s at least Cosmetically a good move I think but I Think what concerns me is that Um is it is this just for uh civilian Accessible machines Um would that still hold true for like Special contracts and stuff with you Know governmental agencies and stuff and I’m not implying I don’t know what I’m Applying I just it just seems like There’s a lot of loopholes in what They’re saying and uh it seems hardly Binding by any measure does it Yeah I was thinking the same thing it Doesn’t um it’s it’s not specific or Yeah it’s not specific enough what the Intent is or the policy behind that Yeah exactly I mean who knows uh I think Here’s the thing I don’t think anybody Enjoys vacuuming I don’t think anybody Really loves cleaning windows and Dusting and stuff but we do it because It’s part of cleaning things and uh you Know we don’t want to live in filthy

Environments but you know I think There’s plenty of room for these systems To be integrated into our society and And positively so but I don’t know you Know I always always there’s some risk To anything new being developed so we’ll I guess we’ll just have to see how this All plays out but you know it wouldn’t Be long before somebody mounted a Machine gun to one of these things I Mean either that or buy a robot dog and Just strap a bunch of knives to the Head It just runs into things yes exactly I don’t think they’re that fast yet I Think you know they lope along pretty Pretty reasonably but not like a cheetah Or something so yeah he’s not yet Um but anyway curiosity whatever it is Time will tell uh next one up is from Unexplained please support The site folks it’s a phenomenal site And they do a hell of a job putting Together these articles and uh so I Encourage you all to check it out but This is a man got caught apparently Smuggling three live Burmese pythons in His pants Yeah Man caught smuggling three live Burmese Pythons in his pants Dangerous Game I don’t did you think they wouldn’t Check You gotta walk through those scanner

Things and don’t you think that would Show up what’s that weird noodle going Down your leg So many too many jokes yeah officer Caught The bungling Smuggler with the Enormous reptiles oh geez they were even Big attached to the inside of his Trouser legs according to reports the Culprit 36 year old Calvin Bautista was Arraigned later or earlier this year or This week and is facing federal charges After officers apprehended him in Upstate New York back in 2018. wow this Has really been a long time the snakes Which can grow up to 16 feet in length Had been carefully concealed inside his Pants it’s difficult to imagine trying To act naturally with multiple giant Snakes running down your trousers oh God That’s such an opening I’ll leave it Alone Burmese pythons are considered as An invasive species in the U.S and it is Illegal to bring them into the country If found guilty Bautista could face a Fine of up to 250 000 and a jail Sentence of up to 20 years the species Were first introduced in the Florida Everglades in the 1980s and has since Gained a significant foothold resulting In major decline in raccoons possum Bobcats as well as near total Disappearance of some rabbit and fox Species Wildlife officials have since spent

Years attempting to remove the reptiles From the region yeah that’s going to be About impossible though Once they get a foothold into there I Mean can they find all of them I mean Even if one litter of eggs remains That’s a whole new infestation so yeah Uh that’s that’s tragic And you know that’s some clown going I Can’t take care of you anymore Jimmy go Be free you know that that’s what Happened some some clown just went I Can’t take care of you and uh put his Reptiles out in the swamps so they could Live a happy life I guess I don’t know I Think it’s probably good intentions but Uh bad results Sounds like from the parade they’re Living very happy lives Yeah well yeah Nothing is used to them being there like They haven’t adapted and evolved in the Presence of these big constrictors so It’s like derp you know there was Another one no defenses right yeah they Can they don’t even know how to smell Them you know Sorry just gotta clear I’m gonna have to Cough a lot tonight so just bear with me Folks but let me know when you’re gonna We’ll let you know what I’m gonna know I Know what happens then we’re not going To be doing that yeah So last time we reported about uh uh the New badge from U.S Aviation intelligence

Office including UFO which I thought was Really cool however Looks like they’ve changed their mind And that brings us to this uh report From unexplained U.S Aviation intelligence office removes UFO From its official seal oh man oh lame I Know right this is from October 7th that Was the cool part of that old thing it Was like yeah finally some recognitions Finally some some acknowledgment that’s You know we’ve been seeing things that Aren’t really ours or anybody’s and uh You know if you’re going to be Aviation Intelligence you should probably be Looking at them so I don’t know why they Would remove it but apparently they did According to a spokesman the inclusion Of a flying saucer in the official logo Logo for Nima was actually a mistake Oh yeah okay right Eyebrows were raised about two weeks ago When it came to light that the official Seal for the National Intelligence Manager Dash Aviation or Nim a which Depicted four different types of Aircraft as part of his its logo also Featured the distinct image of a flying Saucer in the bottom left-hand Corner The image quickly went viral leaving us To speculate over whether this was some Form of official nod to the fact that Officials are now taking their duty to Investigate uaps as seriously as

Suggested by recent recent developments Within the U.S intelligence Community Now though it looks as though the office In question is looking to distance Itself from the change as evidenced by The fact that the logo has completely Changed and no longer includes a UFO Well they took it from being kind of Cool to suck and now nice job guys According to an official statement the Office said erroneously posted that The Unofficial and incorrect logo seemingly Confirming the fact that confirming the That the UFO was never meant to be there In the first place this does raise the Question of why the designer is toying With the idea of putting a UFO in the Logo at all and how this particular Version managed to end up on live on the Live site sadly we may never know the Full story behind this peculiar turn of Events Well that sucks I really thought it was Cool they were doing that but I don’t Believe it I don’t believe it was missed That the amount of hands and eyes had to Have seen that logo and being passed From person to person being approved From person to person right that was not A mistake oh I agree I agree there’s Absolutely no way that that cleared all Those levels and was posted live without Being absolutely you know approved many Steps along the way I mean it’s

Government the bureaucracy is maddening Nobody just has you know free license Here’s our new patch I decided and it’s Just some Rogue developer no Yeah come on I I hate it when they treat Treat us and and people in general like Like idiots like oh sorry it’s just a Yeah just a little mistake it’s it’s Just so I mean that’s probably the most Frustrating thing and maybe it’s just a A part of the Modern Age but you’re Right Um the amount of baloney that we’re fed Is just nauseating just listen to a Press conference by the you know at the White House and it’s like oh my gosh you Know and I’m not trying to be political It’s been this way forever I just think Now we’re finally aware of how much how Much crap they they serve us and and It’s absolutely frustrating because you Know people can handle the truth Whatever the truth is people will handle It I really believe that but they just I Don’t know they just have a real problem Being forthcoming it’s like I don’t know I’m trying to liken it to something but It’s just like anybody who’s had a real Good friend that was a liar and you knew They were a liar and they and you knew They were telling you lies and you just Look at them like you really think I’m Stupid You know yeah yeah so it’s it’s it’s

Kind of uh insulting I guess is what it Is it’s insulting yes so whatever the Case I don’t know but they scrap the the UFO that’s just gonna be a dumb patch so Uh I would like you know what they can’t Take it away stabilizing you’ve been out There it was published so they do Acknowledge UFOs to some degree other Than what’s been released obviously About to go but yeah yeah yeah well I Mean they’re they’re yeah you’re right I Mean there has been some official Acknowledgment that there’s things in Our skies that we don’t know what they Are and I’m sure that the knowledge goes Far deeper than that on the internal Levels but that’s what they’re at least Willing to share which I think was a Huge step but yeah and then putting that On the patch I think was another huge Step it’s like wow that’s that’s really Cool Um but anyway let’s continue on here Next story up this is a weird one I Don’t know it’s a little bit longer but It’s kind of weird Um but I thought well let’s look at this And see what it says from unexplained uh do the laws of physics Prevent us from having genuine free will I imagine like we can’t just fly if we Choose to it’s oh yeah you know Technically yeah I guess we don’t have Free will guys yeah but let’s see what

It says the debate over whether or not We really have freedom to make our own Choices has been ranging raging for Millennia are we free or are our Ancestors or our actions rather Determined by the laws of physics and How much free will do we actually want These questions have trouble Excuse me troubled philosophers for Millennia and there’s still no perfect Answers but it turns out that that Character from a children’s TV series Can provide a clue Thomas the Tank Engine despite being a locomotive Behaves like a human he makes decision And choices and is morally responsible When he does something wrong and gets he Gets punished but look deeper and Things Become more complicated he’s an engine Really his movements are determined by The shape of the tracks the workings of His engine and the employees at the Railway so is his free is his Free Will Just an Illusion laws of physics explain How a past event results uh in a how the Past event results in a future one for Example if I put a kettle on the Hub the Laws of thermodynamics determine that it Will boil at near and at a nearby point In the future if I don’t interfere with The kettle or then Hobb I’ve never heard Of a hob before but it sounds like a UK Term there is only one outcome possible The water will start boiling a powerful

Esophageal argument against Free Will States that since we cannot change the Past and since we cannot change the laws Of physics we cannot change the future Either this is because the future is Just a consequence of the past and the Laws of physics dictate that the past Will result in the future the future is Not open to Alternatives I don’t think It’s quite that concrete I mean there’s There’s certainly some things that are Absolutely certain and that is gravity Is going to hold us to the surface of This planet and when it’s cold outside We’re not going to go swimming probably Some people still do even though that’s Basically a violation of drivability but They still push themselves Beyond it but Anyway this also applies to us our Bodies are physical objects made of Atoms and molecules governed by the laws Of physics but every decision in action We can take ultimately can be traced Back to some initial conditions at the Beginning of the universe we might feel Like we have free will but it’s just Illusion Really and at the same time the same is The case for Thomas it might seem to him That he is free but his actions are Decided by the layout of the tracks and The timetable of the Railway see now This is this is a misnomer though Because even if you were on guided

Tracks you still can choose your speed You can choose whether you take a turn Somewhere or not you choose you have the Ability to make Choice based upon your Will and uh whether you whether you Decide with your will to adhere to what Somebody told you to do or decided for You to do or not there’s still Choice Which is Free Will I think this is this Is taking it to a really extreme level Because in anything even a prisoner can Be free in their mind they can be they Don’t have to be caged they can they can Still dream they can still create they Can still make choices Um and and that is free will now some of Their some of other choices may be Limited but not all of them and so it’s Still free will even if it is mitigated By external circumstances So I still think we have free will If I’m sorry did you have something to Add Oh just just like even with their own Example like yeah he’s always going to Be on tracks like yeah he can’t go Forward while being on the ground you Know so to speak in the dirt right but I I don’t know it’s just like we have we Have to deal with uh gravity we can’t Just fly everywhere it’s the same kind Of idea so like you said it’s very Extreme the way they’re going about it Yeah I mean it doesn’t it does I mean if

They’re going to say to have free will You have to be able that means you have To be able to choose everything well no You know we probably didn’t choose to be Born that we know of maybe we did There’s some ideas that we did we Probably don’t choose to consume certain Foods you know even if they’re available We have the choice we have choices all The time and I think the more we Understand about ourselves in the Universe around us the more Choice we’ll Have but we’re locked into a a chain of Ideals and those are limiting but I Don’t think that they’re concrete and And so like we can’t fly well if you get A plane you can it’s so you can still Have will to fly but you may not be like Superman but you can fly and we may not Be able to just blink to another part of The world yet but in the future we may Have the free will to do that so I think It’s an expanding concept and they’re Being really concrete about it and they Suggests a rigidity and predestination And I don’t believe in that at all So if Thomas actions are not open to Alternatives why is he told off when he Gets things wrong we’ll see there again This is kind of garbage I’m not even Going to read the rest of it because It’s really a a really extreme extreme Look at free will and it’s really not Um taking into account thousands of

Possibilities and and parts of it unless You guys really want me to read the rest Of it but I find it’s absolutely kind of Insulting in a sense sure we have rules There’s the rules of gravity there’s the Rules of thermodynamics and we have to Adhere to those and they do it impact Our lives but those are those are more Structural rules to exist yeah we have To it gives this article gives me an Impression that they’re trying to straw Man the idea of freedom yeah it’s like Yeah oh so if and that’s a good point if They if they convince us that we really Don’t have free will then if they take Away choice I mean will we be less Resilient to the resistant to the idea So I don’t buy this at all so anyway I’m Moving on because that article kind of Pissed me off I’m a little scabby when I’m sick Yep that’s fair all right now we’re Gonna go into the archives let me look At the time here we got two minutes I Guess we only got time for one Um let me see which one I want to read Uh Uh not that one I guess the first one is kind of funny Uh this is not what you think I guess I Can read probably a couple of them Because they’re pretty small no I don’t Like that Um let me get it up here that didn’t

Sound right sorry um let me move it over All right so this is from unexplained and this is from October 8th of 2011 by TK Randall police hunt Amish haircutting gang Wait what Amish hair cutting gang oh my God you Shall not have beards A group of Amish men have been breaking Into homes in Ohio and cutting off People’s hair and beards the group is Believed to be part of the berghols clan Led by Bishop Sam mullet the attack Started around three years ago when the Gang is thought to consist of 20 to 30 Individuals one victim of the group Described being dragged from his house By his beard oh man I didn’t know the Amish were quite that radical I saw that TV series like the Amish Mafia or Whatever the hell that was and I was Like no this is not real that was so Staged and and fabricated but maybe it Is a little more real I don’t know if this I don’t know if This is implying the Amish like went to Other other you know observations like Christian houses and shaved beards or or Was it just one clan in the Amish Community attacking other clans or Something I don’t know man that’s pretty Cutthroat though woof Don’t mess with the Amish folks they may Ride in buggies but they got a will

That is creepy you’ll have no beard I I Think that is pretty significant to Their religion though the beard and I’m Not real clear on a lot of Amish Observation but I think I think it is Kind of uh important I guess that’s About the last one we’re going to read So let’s get back to the rest of the Show [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] Thank you [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen we’re in The second half hour of our show and There’s lots going on uh still a lot to Get to we got to get to the questions of The week which will be coming up next Um however before that uh Jake who is uh Been in uh uh with us for a little while Now an incredible supporter of the show He sent in a story that I want to read I Should have pulled this up over break But I was uh Clearing my nose holes so I’m just Trying to find it here because I get so

Many emails ah where is it I might have Passed it did I no I didn’t pass I did Pass it yeah all right look look Um but thank you for doing this Jake I’m Glad that you you uh came in tonight I Was gonna read it last night but you Weren’t here and I thought I can’t do That to Jake he sent this in so yeah Let’s get to Jake’s story here this is This is he says it’s his dad’s story And uh we’ll pull it up on the screen Here in just a sec you can read along With me but uh thank you very much Jake For doing this Excuse me all right let’s see let’s put It up on the screen it says my my dad Was driving a motorcycle with his friend Who was driving a truck he had one of His many wives on the back of the Motorcycle All right All of a sudden a big pickup a big Pickup truck came flying over the ledge Right towards him Well he braced himself for us so he Thought really big crash and Went through the front of the car He thought it was just him but when his Friends his friends were white and his Wife was crying in the back for she Thought they died he had proof that it Happened What was creepy the person driving the Car was a red-faced drunk crazy person

With a face that looked like he wanted To kill my dad Wow that’s so bizarre but thank God it Was more I don’t know if that’s an Apparition or or what would that be but Because if it looked like it was there I Mean it was fully manifested whatever it Was but to phase right through it I mean That could be divine intervention it Could be any number of things but what a Profound story Thank God thank God Jake that’s pretty Amazing I’m glad I’m glad it worked out okay but That must have been terrifying I mean I Would probably stroke out just from the Fact that it was coming like you know And oh God yeah what do you do I don’t Know I mean there’s no no time to react No time to do anything except just you Know prepare for the inevitable and then To not have I’d probably I probably Would have crashed just because it was Coming and uh you know laid it down or Whatever but that’s amazing wow Well I’m glad he’s okay uh that’s an Incredible story I I just and I’m Floored by that it’s it’s a rare kind of Event but it’s very very cool and uh if Any of you have stories please feel free To send them in uh to Paranormalportalradio or you Can call in the phone lines are open Here on the show if you want to share it

In person and the number of course is 720-923-0500 again 720-923-0500 it’s pinned in the chat in The YouTube uh chat room so if you want To call in there is that option for you Guys Um but yeah that’s a cool story man very Very very well very good story thank you For sharing yeah I mean it’s just one of Those you never hear about very often They’re very rare but it’s neat that People experience that because it does It seems like some divine intervention Like oh no this isn’t supposed to happen We’re not going to let this happen and Even you know for whatever reason I you Know it’s hard to understand but just Thank God that’s a cool story So now we’re going to talk about the Discord question of the week and ladies And gentlemen if you’re not familiar With it we have a Discord Channel and uh It has become this really robust Community of people sharing stories and Talking about some phenomena and it’s Been really incredible you guys are Doing a phenomenal job interacting over There and I I would like to spend more Time in there but I’m just sleeping Mostly now but we have started some a Way for for to tie in the Discord Community with the live shows here on YouTube and that is with uh questions of The week and so we post we pose a

Question dealing with some form of the Paranormal or Supernatural or Floridian Topics and uh just to get your guys’s Take on them uh you know a lot of times It’s curious because I mean we all bring Something new to the table and like last Night’s question every question so far Has been amazing but especially last Night’s questions you guys brought up so Many incredible points that just were Were fascinating and that’s why I love The community aspect of it because it’s Like a hive mind thinking of something Rather than just a mind and so it gives Us the chance to put our thoughts Together and so Sheldon you want to Explain did you put the link in the chat Oh you did I did okay do you want to Explain the question and read the Answers please All right so today’s question is we Dream a significant portion of Our Lives Do you think dreams could be us having Multi-dimensional experiences or do you Think they are musings of our Subconscious Hexer 1 says it’s the brain trying to Understand what happened lately or what Really concerns us anyhow that’s my Opinion from a very psychology Standpoint that’s true yeah Uh gingerpig says I honestly think it’s Both our subconscious unraveling what’s Been going on or trying to bring

Something to our attention also the Multi-dimensional thing from my own Experience there’s definitely more going On than just processing The Daily Grind Yeah yeah absolutely a mixed answer yeah Um Batman no two multi-dimensional most Likely organizing information yeah That’s fair Rachel 101 says I think dreams are a Multi-dimensional experience the brain Which we only partly understand could Have its own way of processing the input Of the day A side effect could be a venting of Sorts like Creating a link to another Universe like Placing our Consciousness temporary in Another Lifeline of existence like our Consciousness is a fish placed in Another aquarium while the aquarium the Fish lives in is cleaned the point uh The fish experiences a different world For a time than it is put back into its Own world slash Aquarium our Consciousness is moved either as a Useful effect or deliberately placed Into the dimension while the brain works On cleaning the day’s events or clutter A useful side effect it is like yeast And bread dough creating carbon dioxide The bread Rises but the CO2 is a Byproduct of all the yeast life cycle Perhaps as a side effect The brain creates the dream slash link

Into the multi-dimensional as a Byproduct of the cleaning slash Processing the day’s events with that The brain has evolved along with Humanity to have some uh that’s it I’m Sorry but the brain is evolved along With Humanity to have a some would say a Necessary need for life to function It’s this way Just is because it’s gradually happened And it works Well good points good points Yeah I think I I personally believe that it’s um it Could be a mix of both I think that the Weird normal dreams that’s probably your Subconscious but I think those really Extraordinary dreams could be something Else entirely something spiritual Something multi-dimensional I think that there is a mix of both what Do you think Dan yeah I think I think There’s certainly those dreams that are Just they just seem like nonsense and Maybe they’re not maybe they’re not as Nonsensical as we think they are but Here’s here’s the thing uh I believe That we are part of a Multiverse and it Represented in this Multiverse are other Versions of you and so we’re Intrinsically connected to those other Universes and those other other Universes or or Dimensions or whatever Um you exist and you are experiencing a

Life there and perhaps when when we when We sleep we’re shut off basically in This instance and as Rachel said moving To the aquarium I thought that was a Great analogy maybe rather than our Consciousness going to another reality Maybe we’re we’re perceiving that Reality because ours is Idle or in the State of of pension and so maybe that’s Why some dreams are so bizarre and don’t Really make sense like I remember Falling asleep many times and just Puzzling over the fact that as I was Falling asleep I started to be in a conversation and Like the conversation was already Happening but I in what as soon as I Became aware of it I knew that I was There and I was talking to people but it Was like different people that I know But I I knew the relationship that I had With all of them you know all of the People in the dream and it was it was Very very real like I just jumped into An existing and something that was Ongoing and so it was like that really Made me puzzle what the hell is that Because it wasn’t like it started like a Book like well the day was was growing Cold and then the sun was setting and And it kind of builds to a story it was Like it was already going on and so I Thought that that was really peculiar Now could that be a subconscious dial a

Dialogue that’s happening sure Um but what if it is a multiversal Awareness and so we can experience those And then we come back and and the other Part of it is since they’re different Incarnations different universes there Could be different laws different Translations of the world around them so That’s why maybe you come back and it’s Like well that didn’t make any sense you Know like you know a tap dancing frog or Something like that but maybe in some Other Universe in the Multiverse Possibilities that’s an actual Phenomenon and that’s an actual part of The nature that they experience so We’re interpreting these through our own Lens and I think that that is you know Possibly why dreams seem so foolish and Silly because they don’t really Translate well to our our Paradigm of Experience in this Incarnation but I Don’t know that’s a good point yeah like Um Maybe some multi-dimensional experiences That’s how our brain just deciphers it It looks just like you’re saying it Looks really weird but it makes sense There type of thing or um just that our Brain isn’t quite comprehending what’s Happening that’s a good point Batman Batman says AFK but listening I Need a Pop-Tart But Lily Pond on the chat said I always

Wondered if Deja Vu was something we Experienced in a dream and that’s a good Point maybe uh maybe in this Multiverse Of possibilities if that is indeed a Thing maybe that you are re-experiencing Something that already happened to Another version of you and uh so that’s Where the deja vu comes in like wait a Minute I know this so is that a bleed Through from another aspect of our our Reality you know and that’s a great Point so I mean those those are the Weird parts and and that’s maybe why This is such an anomaly this you know This whole Consciousness thing is Because we can only observe it from this Incarnation this this this experience This fish tank like Rachel said and so We can hardly we can hardly describe and Discern a whole nother version of Reality than the one we have so you know That’s where it becomes flawed you know Trying to break that down into a science Of sorts because without understanding Those other realities and dimensions you Can’t really interpret it in ours to Make sense But yeah I mean when you think about it If there’s if you were to look at all The things that there is to know in all Of reality humans might only know point Zero zero zero zero zero one percent of Everything that you could learn that Means is that if this is the case I

Would like to know what I did to piss Off that zombie T-Rex wow There could be in the Multiverse Possibilities there could be zombie T-Rexes and maybe they just don’t like Anybody it wasn’t just you They probably don’t get along with Anybody just you know I’m gonna go out On a limb here Tracy Gale says I’ve experienced several Dreams that have worn me of future Events that would affect me personally Sure it happened just like I saw in the Dream yeah precognition yeah that’s That’s very powerful and that could also You know be in a an extension of a Multiverse but it could it’s more likely Uh you know there is I think that for Things like precognition I think there Is uh like it’s kind of like getting a Reading a psychic reading like a psychic Reading is a snapshot of where you are At that moment and what is coming based Upon where you are at that moment I Think you can change anything we can Change anything so if you get a you know A terrible reading it’s like well I Don’t like that version so I’m going to Change and hopefully create a new one And and precognition could be just being Able to see where things are going and And I don’t know how it happens like I Had precognition but I was wide awake When it happened

Um I’ve had it many times but one one Time in particular I was I was working At the prison And I was on the patrol and I was Driving along and there was some Construction going on but it was it was After hours it was like six or six or Seven p.m but it was the summer so Um I all the activity had died down on The in the in the campus I guess for Lack of a better term in the institution And so I was just driving around just Checking to make sure everything was the Way it should be and as I came by this Industrial building complex of several Buildings next to each other uh I had This vision of this this white one ton Truck flying out from between the Buildings going up to you know where They were doing construction which Didn’t make sense because that should Have already been done by that time but I thought I gotta hit the brakes so I Hit the brakes and slowed down and if And as soon as I got up closer to that Sure enough that truck came out exactly As I had envisioned it now I don’t know They would have killed me but it would Hurt me that wouldn’t have been fun but It was it was just the concept that I Saw it and then it had happened so it’s An experience now I didn’t even know Anybody was still working on the Construction stuff at the time so I was

Kind of Blown Away by it but but I think Precognition is really powerful that Could just be a psychic event but it Could be just seeing where things are Going and but how would I account for Knowing the truck was coming I don’t Know there’s there’s a lot of weirdness In that but uh it’s it’s a real you know Very real phenomenon many people Experience So I agree yeah well good uh Rachel gets It right says I’ve heard the universe is Like a quantum foam just to say that There’s not future bubbles that the Consciousness doesn’t float into and see A future event one that’s in the quantum Foam yeah there’s this there’s a theory And I think I think I’m representing This right but I read it a long long ago So if I’m really bastardizing the terms Forgive me but I think it’s called Non-euclidean space time and the idea of Non non-euclidean space time is that uh You know time for us is is a construct To measure change you know that’s uh but Every moment from the beginning of all Things to the end of all things is Happening in this one infinite now That that’s everything you you are being Born at this very moment as you’re Sitting here listening to me and passing From this world in this very moment but It’s our awareness that moves through This this space time and so

Um you know in in essence when you think Of of things like the psychic phenomenon Precognition and stuff that makes sense Because all of those events are Happening right in the now and so maybe It’s just a part of our awareness Reaching out to the another uh part of The of of the space-time I don’t know Because it’s not really a space it’s not Really a distance it’s just the idea That you know universes expand and Contract all you know in the same moment Now there was a I remember reading Reading a a science journal and there Were they were experimenting making Little mini big bangs And they said that they were definitely They definitely knew that they were Doing it that they were doing it but the Problem was is that the existence of the Thing would we would happen and then Disappear within like a nanosecond and So they they couldn’t they couldn’t see But what happened what I what I thought About at that time was what if Within that little universe It went through that non-euclidean space Time like within that within that Experience of of that big bang There was Entire universes and civilizations Rising and falling and and the Development of this huge you know uh Cultures and and races and and then Until its ultimate collapse again and it

All for uh for The Observers was like That but a relatively billions of years In a nanosecond right yeah yeah billions And billions of years yeah Um so is that possible maybe I don’t Know I’m certainly not like a learned Scientific person but I find it really Really intriguing and I may be just be Taking a small piece of information and Creating a whole nother narrative that It was never meant never meant to mean But it seems to make sense to me so it’s Kind of just my pet theories Um and and things I’ve read as well so Um yeah you never know I I don’t know I Mean when you think of like quantum Entanglement for instance you know if You had a like a a proton from a or a Nucleus if you’re able to split a Nucleus of an atom and move it to Different sides of the Galaxy when you Moved one the other one would move Instantaneously even though it was Hundreds of millions of light years in Between and it’s like well That doesn’t make sense not with our Understanding of of the the you know the Physics that there’s too much space There needs to be time for that Information to travel but it’s still Instantaneous and that’s the quantum Entanglement so Um very interesting stuff I don’t know I don’t mean to bore you

Guys I’m sorry if it’s just where’s the Ghost stuff come on um I apologize going Into sciency now yeah I know but I I am Fascinated by that and and here’s the Thing I think that as our understanding Grows this paranormal will become a lot Less paranormal and and it will be Normal because we’ll have an Understanding of the universe and how it Works and then apparitions make sense And then you know interactions with Alien species make sense and and Bigfoot Makes sense you know and all of these Other things make sense suddenly Um because it’s our understanding so Oh thank you whoever nailed that one I Appreciate it We did That’s what that uh That That site chatted and said please don’t Block me It wasn’t even a link to anything Yeah yeah all right so anyway nailed it Why thanks uh hexer says you’re not Boring me you’re horrifying me That’s true that’s awesome I don’t know I don’t I don’t mean to do that either But it is a paranormal show so Maybe that’s fits I don’t know so all Right uh but thank you to all the people That responded to that and if you want To be a part of the community over there Follow the link that Sheldon posted in

The chat and you can become part of our Chat community on Discord and Participate did we get more questions Anybody answer no no it’s still the same Okay I just had to make sure I wasn’t Clicked off of it In that same in that same chat uh in our Discord server I did post a video that Somebody put up and I can’t really show It to you because it’s a it’s a Facebook Link and I don’t want to stomp on Somebody’s rights or whatever but Um I don’t and I also don’t want to put Facebook up on the screen and have Another thing running but Um in there it’s in the UFO section the UFO thread and it is a video that Somebody took it was on mufon global Site but somebody had taken of of a UFO Passing over the surface of the Moon and And I I swear to God it’s the first time I’ve seen a video that looks exactly Like what I saw when I was looking Through those infrared binoculars it’s It’s exactly like it’s now they they’re There are people saying well if it’s Right next to the Moon that thing’s Miles big but I don’t think it’s Probably as far away as they’re Depicting It’s Just Happening happening To pass in front of the moon but it’s Probably much closer you know if you’re Using a real in infinite focal length Everything will be in focus from here to

There you know you don’t get that depth Of field the narrow depth of field which Is a photography term and cinematic term But anyway if you go over to that link And check it out if you have Facebook You’ll have you know you can probably Look at it but it is exactly uh really Exactly like what I saw it has the band The band going around the saucer and you Can see that there’s hard to see but to Me I can see like the panels that I saw That were flashing around it and I don’t You know obviously I don’t think it’s The very same one but it’s kind of it’s Really the first time I’ve seen one that Was like oh my God that’s what I saw Because I’ve looked at charts and other Witness reports and you know depictions Of it and it’s like well that’s not Really what I saw So um I was excited about that so I Posted it on the UFO thread in our Discord if you’re interested in seeing That check it out Um my chat locked up and wouldn’t scroll Oh Are you better that’s a really Impressive video I just watched it yeah It really is I I think and and again is It for sure real no I don’t know that But but it looks real it looks like it’s Uh you know like a number of other Videos out there that that seem to be Pretty convincing but you know anytime

You see something online it’s a leap of Faith because you know yeah chances are There’s somebody just you know creating Stuff and and being a pain but anyway I Saw someone mention Sliders in Discord I Love that show when uh it was I was a Kid yeah I remember sliders too that was Kind of cool what is that show I’ve seen It twice there’s like people sliding Through Dimensions basically and that’s Where the term sliders came in and so They would have all these adventures and Different different versions of Earth Um I think is if I’m recalling correctly But it’s you know I didn’t watch it Religiously I just watched it a few Times but I thought it was a good show Back in the day so now let’s jump over To some more of the Paranormal fund that We love here how are we doing for time Two minutes God not really time or Anything I guess we’ll probably just go To the break and then bring up some more On the other side but but Also I just want to let you guys know I I don’t talk about it probably enough Here on the show but we we have a Podcast if you’re not familiar with it And it is also called the Paranormal Portal but it’s not what you’re watching Now it’s an entirely different Production Audio Only and it’s Interviews with people who have had Experiences and there’s some content

Shows where you know I discuss different Phenomena or read viewer letters and Listener letters emails and stuff and so You can find that on on all the major Platforms Pandora Spotify I Hearts ITunes Google play Stitcher castbox Podbean Etc so there’s a lot of platforms that We’re on and we’d love your support There too and you know the nice thing About those is that if you have Spotify Or whatever you can download it and Listen at your leisure or whatever but Uh we’d appreciate you checking it out And again it’s not the same thing as You’re watching a lot of people say Hey Oh I checked out podcast on YouTube and It’s like oh this is this isn’t really Our quote unquote podcast I know a lot Of people say that their YouTube channel Is a podcast and it’s because they just Take the same thing that they’re doing Video and just put it over on podcast Platforms but our podcasts are truly Unique there’s times when we take YouTube episodes uh and put them over on The podcast but uh generally speaking They are entirely different shows than What you’re watching here and they’re About 45 minutes to an hour long Generally so uh hope you guys enjoy it Uh Brent isn’t there a performance spe For night vision in order to see UFOs I Don’t know

Um a performance spec I don’t know the One I saw was through generation one it Was generation one night vision Binoculars so I don’t know if the other Generations there are reports of people Seeing stuff in and those or not but Mine were first generation so and that’s The pair that I bought after I had the Experience of seeing the UFO which was Not visible with my eyes but it was Through the infrared the IR generation One crazy crazy stuff all right folks We’re gonna go to the um to the break Don’t go away we’ll be right back in Just a couple minutes for more of the Paranormal portal including uh UFO Report so we’ll be right back Everybody likes to play their games Everybody loves a place They don’t understand the price I paid They don’t care to comprehensive Twist the lines upon my body flipping Stars Across My Heart Thank you I am finished with my silence I am not a Stupid song away Don’t get that breaking me with kindness

To you dance With another [ __ ] Fast Taking off the slice of my sanity just Make sure that you’re well Thank you Caroline is not like those she’s with They’re attracted to the one thing about Her that’s different from themselves Very Very soft it’s all illumination it is a Lie that complies to life And memory of love no And Earthly Pleasures Something that desperately desired But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to Dance Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual hauntings seem to be Connected with an area Can go on for years Foreign Everybody we’re back Hour number two is now Pummel to go through here so I hope You’re ready

All right there we go Who’s that a little long It’s a little long this time really uh I Don’t know I don’t know I should Probably do some new bumpers and stuff It’s been I’ve been using those for About five years now I don’t know it’s Just it’s all the to-do list it’s just Growing so big and that and just keeping Up with life in general is is always a Challenge but I just don’t feel real Great now so I’m not real real uh Productive That’s okay yeah everybody needs some Time I guess right And I see we lost the phone lines there For a while but I reconnected them I Don’t know when when it dropped but the Phones are reconnected if any of you Have experiences of your own you want to Call in and be a part of the show by all Means do so 720-923-0500 are the numbers for fun Right here on the Paranormal portal so If you call Transitions are awesome thank you hexer I appreciate that brother I don’t know they’re getting a little Dated though Um I mean I’m glad that they’re not like Uh wearing thin on you guys thank you I Appreciate that definitely not all right So first off what was I gonna do first

Here we go uh I wanted to talk about Another really pretty well-known UFO uh Experience and this one comes out of the UK and uh it’s it had to do with the Policeman uh policemen being alien alien Abducted Um well I guess alien is kind of implied With the UFO but Um it’s really a pretty bizarre Encounter I heard about it years and Years ago but I found this article for Tonight and I thought it’d be a fun one To discuss because I I think they’re you know obviously the Benny and Barney Hill Betty and Barney Hill uh report is incredibly uh revered In the UFO Community is probably one of The first tellings of uh on a broad Scale of of an abduction scenario where Two people were abducted and and shown Things and and experienced things and uh Came back and so this is another one of Those I don’t know if it’s as well known As Betty and Barney Hill I don’t know if Any abduction other than Travis Waltons Is as well known as this but uh let’s See what this one says for any of you That are new to this Um we’ll get into it this is coming from How and hold on I got a cough Foreign I shouldn’t have told you I forgot You’re a jerk yeah jerk you wait till You’re sick

Fair enough oh all right so policeman Alan Godfrey’s alien abduction is UK’s Most famous UFO encounter Again from You know what I think I’m gonna do I’m Gonna do this I’m gonna do this where is it I gotta Figure out where it is here Display account This one and move it up Move it up in the list To rain about Here Oops well that didn’t go well That didn’t age very well What the hell did I do all I did was Move it oh I’d put it in the wrong place That’s why There we go there now now it’s broken I Put it in your windows All right covered your face so my Apologies all right policeman Allen Godfrey’s alien abduction is UK’s most Famous UFO encounter Uh during the last months of 1980 the British police observed several UFO Sightings on the east coast of England Young policeman Alan Godfrey’s case Became the UK’s most famous UFO Encounter that attracted investigators Around the world again this is written By Vicki Verma who wrote the one that we Read last night as well I don’t know if It’s going to get real redundant but the

One we read last night was just like she Kept like revisiting the article the Paragraph before and then adding a Couple sentence and then revisiting the Paragraph and you know adding a couple Sentences so it’s like she really Flushes out these articles incredibly And it gets really redundant but anyway Let’s continue the story took place on The evening of November 28 1980 When Alan Godfrey was patrolling the Outskirts of Todd Morden West Yorkshire England it was a rainy night and Godfrey Was driving his car along Burnley Road Looking for a herd of cows that had gone Missing And there’s no wonder they’re not on Cops over there Sorry that was funny in my head you know When you when you’re when you’re a Police officer your big case is finding Some cows Yeah you’re probably not gonna make cops That way moreover Godfrey Freedom traces as there was no sign of Any cow at 5am he decided to go to Todd Morton Town Center before entering his Shift He saw another policeman going on foots And offered him a lift but the man Turned down his offer Godfrey wanted to Have him as a witness of what happened That night wanted to have him as a Witness of what happened that night ah

While he was heading towards his police Station to end his shift he encountered Something very strange that changed his Life And at first God three Godfrey thought That a bus was approaching him carrying Workers from the city to the surrounding Villages but when he came closer to the Object it was nothing like a bus it was Completely blocking the main road a huge Metal object hanging the in the air About five feet off the ground it was Diamond shaped about 20 feet wide and 14 Feet high with what appeared to be dark Paneling across the upper top third my Headlights were shining off the side and If I’d gotten out of the car and thrown A brick at it it would have gone bang Meaning you’re close okay we got it Godfrey stopped his car and got it took A chance to get near the object he threw A brick on it so that he could he could Bang you had some great investigative Work there but mine brick at it we kind Of had it coming then if he got abducted He described the bottom of the UFO was Spinning in an anti-clockwise Direct Action kicking up dirt and leaves Underneath it And there’s a picture for those of you On YouTube you can see it’s very Rudimentary but looks like a top you Know like a classic top without the top Or bottom Peg

So He tried to radio the control room but It turned out that the signals were Jammed the policeman took a sketch pad And pencil to draw the scene as evidence But at that moment a bright light Flashed and blinded him for a moment the Next three thing Godfrey remembered was Driving his car along Burnley Road and The UFO was gone besides his sketch pad Where he had drawn the UFO had also Disappeared No wait Besides his sketch pad where he had Drawn the UFO also disappeared yeah so Like they took the evidence or whatever I was about 100 yards on the side of Where the thing had been hovering he he Claimed Godfrey turned around and drove Back he noticed the area above which the UFO had been hovering was completely dry The road surface beneath it was bone dry Everything else was glistening from Earlier downpour When he got to the police station he Checked his watch and realized that 15 Minutes had fallen out of his memory Missing time Later the policeman found out that he Was not the only one who had witnessed The UFO on his next shift he was called By his inspector who revealed that three Policemen who had been looking for a Motorcycle stolen from Halifax in The

Calder Valley swamps was reported a blue And white glow descending in Todd Martin In 2014 a bus driver named Bob Costas Also shared a similar story he was there At the same place where Godfrey Witnessed the UFO at 4 55 A.M So that was in 2014. Huh maybe there’s does it sound like They’re visiting that place a bunch Though Is it a secret alien base around there At first the policeman doubted whether He should file an official report on What he had what had happened the other Policeman in the station even joked About his encounter and called him Captain Kirk That’s awesome support geez As he reported the incident the other Police officers shared the information With the local newspaper and it grabbed The attention of the former director of The British rufo research Association Named Jenny Randalls Upon the investigation Randalls found Out that there were scratches on Godfrey’s boots as if the unconscious Policeman was being dragged somewhere But he could not remember anything Blurred memories signed of an alien Abduction and then then he encouraged he I think he was encouraged to undertake Several hypnotic regression sessions Conducted by two professors from

Manchester Godfrey said that as soon as the lights Came on the police radio crackled with Static electricity and the car engine Stalled then the radiance became Dazzling and he passed out Oh he wrote a book apparently who or What were they by Alan Godfrey okay upon Regaining Consciousness he found himself In the spaceship where he met a strange Biblical man He said that along with the the I think It’s bearded not beaded but maybe maybe Beaded there was a group of stunted Creatures the size of children with huge Heads most likely they were robots After the hypnosis session the policeman Frankly said that he was sure that Aliens had abducted him but he does not Know if memories were genuine or if he Saw a distorted reality for example Under the influence of some alien Anesthesia The government ridiculed Alan Godfrey’s Story but and scientists said that it Had been not a UFO but an unidentified Aerial phenomena well what the hell’s The difference oh my God okay the Technicalities okay unidentified flying Object or uh unidentified aerial Phenomena does it matter Like that’s what they’re going to hang Their hat on while it’s not a UFO it was A UAP

Dumb this assumption partly explains the Testimony of other abductees who have Repeatedly noticed that the inside of The Flying Saucer seemed much larger Than the outside sounds like Doctor Who And it is completely incomprehensible How large rooms could fit in it in fact People were not delivered to the ship Itself but somewhere else So they were kind of phased out and up In addition many people assumed that This story is the classic example that Alien humanoids gray or green short men With large heads and black eyes are Nothing more than bio robots Well I’ve heard it suggested that they Are the the little Grays might be an Engineered race kind of like kind of Like drones like ants or of A Sort like Their intelligence and and self-aware But that they are at the whim of of Whatever controls them I guess it could be I don’t know Kind of like a different kind of Instinct for them yeah yeah exactly I Don’t know but whatever they are Um I guess he drew a picture of the Bearded man here on the chalkboard of What he saw now I don’t know uh I don’t Know about regression hypnosis I don’t Know how accurate it is I know a lot of People Um use that in especially in in terms of Recovering lost memories from abduction

Scenarios but you gotta wonder is the is If those events are so psychologically Traumatic maybe it’s not a wiped memory As much as it is just a shock you know Like there’s many people who experience Tragic things in their life and and they Block them out it’s just blocked out and It’s a very psychological response to You know some incredible horrible Stimuli that you just don’t want to Recall Um and it’s like those days or years are Missing from their lives you know and And I don’t think that they were Abducted and memory wiped but you know Could that be the case for this well I Guess so sure it does seem consistent With a whole bunch of other reports of People being abducted and and obviously Not retaining memory of the events but Somehow later in in Reverse regression Hypnosis they can recall what they Couldn’t bring to their conscious mind Before Yeah yeah I don’t know would you do Regression Sheldon if you got abducted Um yeah yeah what I mean more pieces to The puzzle if it can unlock those pieces That might be hidden either by my own Will or otherwise then yeah yeah Absolutely sure and I understand that I And I don’t disagree with it but I I Also think that you know you can’t unsee That then once it once you you recall it

Then you have to live with it and that’s Fine with me really okay yeah but maybe Well in the Paranormal case yeah I mean The more I can even if it’s scary or Unsettling I think it’s better to tell The truth than to hide from it and act Like it’s not real type of thing Yeah well that’s true but I wonder how Accurate it is if regression hypnosis is Really that accurate or not I I’ve heard Arguments both ways and I don’t know I’m Not a hypnotist so I don’t really know Um it’s curious though but yeah very There’s another really famous case out Of the U.S you know the UK where where a Man was abducted and went missing for a While And I believe he was a law enforcement Officer as well but I could be wrong but He was found like three days later or Other days later Um and like lying naked on a pile of Debris near where he disappeared and it Looked like he had some kind of weird Sav On him like he had become injured Somehow and and like they were trying to Heal him and then you know he didn’t Make it so they just dropped him off Um yeah that’s a lot more tragic of Course this guy was was fine I guess Um enough to write a book about his Experience and it looks like a a pretty Pretty substantial book uh if this is The paperback and it looks that thick I

Don’t know maybe he’s just got the Leaves the pages open a little but it Looks like he had a lot to say about it It’s it’s funny out of a out of such a Uh limited experience and who knows what Else he experienced that didn’t fit into This article but you look at a book like That it’s like my God you know I could Tell my life story in there So how much do you have to say I don’t Know but it is a it’s a really Interesting case It’s just five pages I was born went to school then I Graduated the end I don’t know it’s anybody’s guess but I Think that’s uh um go ahead On another uh topic uh hacks are one Said that you got you know you guys Should do a show on the doddleston Messages do you know what that is Let me see how it’s spelled D-o-d-l-e-s-t-o-n Donaldson no I I the Name isn’t familiar Um yeah I mean if if I guess I can Google it and learn more about it but That’s always a possibility if you guys Have suggestions of stuff you’d like to See covered on the show I’m happy to you Know hear that and hear your suggestions Um I I try to bring in each show I try To bring something of everything some Ghost stuff some UFO stuff some you know Other stuff but

Um yeah I’m perfectly good with uh Covering other phenomena where in the Hell did that go no it’s here there we Go all right so next up I want to go we Got about eight minutes left and there’s An article Um that it’s kind of the tail end of the Article that we ran that we read last Night dealing with the guy who was in The train accident and he was killed Instantly in the train accident but for Several hours after the uh after the Event his his phone called all of his Loved ones and when people answered they Only could hear static but they figured He was reaching out telling him you know That he made it and and so they were Really hopeful but when they found him They realized he couldn’t have made Those calls uh and it was like 30 some Calls that he made uh after he had Already passed away so very a very Strange phenomena but we’re going to get Into more of those and again this is From Excuse me The graveyard the lookout hacks is going To call about it oh okay okay let’s read This one phone calls from deceased People who apparently happened so often That a study was done in the late 70s Intrigued by many stories of people Receiving phone calls from the deceased Psy investigators D Scott rogo and

Raymond Bayless did research and Published a book about their findings in 1979. their research has recently been Continued by another paranormal Researcher Callum Cooper and this one is A girl tells a story about talking to Her friend’s deceased grandmother on the Phone While some people have reported seeing The name or number of a deceased Acquaintance appear on their caller ID Others claim to have spoken to someone They later discover passed away before The call was made According to a list of true accounts by Paranormal researchers someone named Crystal s shared I was at my mom’s house And I was calling a friend who lived Nearby She was at her cousin’s house so I Looked up the number in the phone book And it was it was the only Owens in the Phone book so I knew it was my friend’s Cousin’s number I called it and it Didn’t even ring but an old lady Answered and said hello and I asked is Amelia there Amelia is my friend Jessica’s cousin the old lady said no Dear Amelia isn’t here I should be Expecting her any minute now So I thought nothing of it and hung up I Told Jessica about it and she said Amelia’s grandma is dead and there was Uh and we were there all day long we

Were sitting right by the phone it never Rang all day That’s kind of creepy God Oh God Any minute now too part of it yeah all Right we got a phone call here so let’s Take this and uh we’ll see what’s going On this is area code 417 you’re on the Air Hello well hello there well hello there Is this Hector hello It’s the hacksaw yes how you doing Brother Pretty good man so you guys don’t know About the Donaldson effect no I’ve never I don’t believe I’ve heard it Okay well I’ll just give you the uh wide Brush Strokes of it so you guys can dig Into yourself okay basically in the 1980s Um A guy owned a place in England and is The Donaldson house And they borrowed a computer from the Local College And they kind of just you know this is Before networking or anything special Sure but apparently they hooked it up to The network of the school And they got a message From somewhere And they didn’t know what the message

Was from But apparently it was from someone Back in time Oh wow Um he would say oh hello Um Two of the nightmares but the person That fears stay for the bodies of the Silent world turn pretty flower turn Towards the Sun so you shall grow and Sow but the flower reaches too high and What is in the burning light get out Your bricks pussycat Pussycats went to London to seek Fame and Fortune Faith Must not be lost for this shall be your Redeemer Wow The students go what in the mother heck Yeah Anyway they start taking it to the local College and checking with the language People and everything else Apparently this guy knew a lot more About the school than the school knew About itself Wow That sounds incredible Yeah so that’s the battlefield messages And there’s a lot more to that but Basically It was early Computing in England and What how did they get into that weird Vortex right yeah that is strange That’s really a cool story I’m gonna

Have to look into that brother thank you You betcha well anyway have a good one Guys all right thanks for the info Appreciate it brother See you buddy all right good night Wow that’s a good teaser I’m really Intrigued yeah that was really actually Extraordinarily well done yeah he’s got Me sitting on the edge of my seat nice Job I’m like what happens next I have to read the book But no that’s awesome it is it is very Strange Um Time anomalies why not on technology you Know Uh of course the whole John Teeter story Is is kind of bizarre too but I’m not Sure if I buy the John Teeter story to Be honest with you I think that’s now For those who don’t know aka me what is The John Peterson story John Teeter Teetor t-i-t-o-r so basically he was Allegedly a time traveler that came back In time because he was from some distant Point in the future where they were Civilization that kind of collapsed and And he had to come back in time to find A computer or a piece of a computer that They needed in the future and so he he Did that and and told this whole tale of What’s going to happen in the future and All of that and I guess it appeared on Like a 4chan or some one of those

Message boards years and years and years Ago Um but you know it’s kind of a an enigma Anomaly but he gave dates and times for Things that were supposed to happen and I think most of those have come and went Without much fanfare so Um apparently the the guy resurfaced More recently and I don’t know if he was Really impressed many people or at least Someone claiming to be him because Apparently he was stuck back in our time Now wasn’t able to go back to his own Time but had secured the part for the Future to find it I guess I don’t know Just a strange uh conundrum of sorts but It’s it’s weird is there time travelers Maybe maybe I think it’s I think it’s Possible I think what happens is whatever we can Imagine is probably possible in some way We just have to grow in our knowledge to Make it happen So but I think that’s you know the the Way that all of this works is that It takes you know the vision of somebody To imagine it and then the conviction of Them to make it real So good point I mean if you went back to You know back to the old times even even The 1940s and said you know someday People are going to be walking around With super computers in their hands Be like first of all what’s a computer

And then second of all how It would look like sorcery even the 50s Or 60s or 70s a lot of what we have Today would look like you know magic Like we were you know from some super Cool future but that’s true things that We take for granted and are you know Very mundane to us become Fantastical But we’ll continue uh with this and We’ll get into some Bigfoot reports uh After the next break which is uh just in About 20 seconds or so I got a cough oh Shoot never mind I’m not gonna cough I’m Not gonna do it no it’s not happening Yeah I’m gonna deal with this until the Break all right no not gonna do it get a Cough no got a cough I don’t I’ve just got to clear my throat I’m Good so um again no I’m good uh we’re Gonna get into the Bigfoot reports when We come back I think we’ll read one or Two more of these from the the graveyard Shift article about these ghostly phone Calls because I think it’s it’s a Fascinating phenomena and uh one of Those that really intrigues me a lot Because it is possibly a connection to The other side so we’ll be right back Folks don’t go away Hey Don’t mistake movement for achievement Boy it’s easy to get faked out by being Busy the key is not just being busy the

Key is doing what So we look at results to see if there May be some difficulty with activity Because it takes activity to bring Enterprise into being There’s a whole study here on activity Activity is like birth pains it ain’t Easy but see it wasn’t meant to be easy Values were meant to be costly the only Way we can appreciate a value is by its Cost if it doesn’t cost much we probably Wouldn’t call it valuable True winning is a great worth But the price is to play with all your Heart and mind and perhaps do some Losing sometimes so that when you do win Boy the worth and the value of the Winning now becomes a high appreciation Simply because now we understand both Sides of this equation price extend the Bite is more than just a heartburn do You have any of these symptoms night Cramps in the hands and feet your arms And legs often go to sleep on short Walks so your Lakes get aches and pains Is your memory worse than it used to be Ankles that swell late in the day as Your blood pressure increase lately if You answer yes to even one of these Questions you may have early warning Signs of arterial blockages your body is Saying that it is time to take Extendably these are not the normal Signs of aging they are the warning

Signs of the company Today extended byte is available in Capsule and liquid form For Jesse 9.95 for two months Supply Get started call 1-877-928-8822 -277 .com Tuesday evening 10 to 12 Eastern seven To nine Pacific right here This range World covers a wide range of Topics from enclosed World Series It’s basically no mistake with a silver Lightning what the audience is my Co-host we take an optimistic approach To All Things conspiracy and promote Confidence to Ultimate and humor Whenever possible if there’s a topic you Want us to cover or a guess Tell your friends about Earth frequency Radio Frequency Radio Network [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen last half hard home Run the home plate is waiting for us oh Man Uh Shelton talk for a second

Hello hello testing one two three Working Yeah the point was for you to keep Talking because I had to blow my nose oh Oh didn’t need an audio test I needed You to cover for me Technically I did yeah yeah for about Two seconds hello is this thing working Well thanks for that thanks for that Carrie I appreciate that All right so we’re going through an Article dealing with ghostly phone calls And I think these are fascinating Because they do seem to suggest that Maybe go sleep presences can uh utilize Electronics at least to some degree of Course Uh accounts of of paranormal activity Always seem to include lights and Devices coming out and often and weird Weird changes in in the behavior of Electronics in a paranormal presence so Maybe by virtue of being an energetic Being they can interact with electronics Quite easily so um the next one I’m Going to read is again from this article and uh It is see I’m not going to announce it Anymore dang it yeah not gonna happen I’ve learned my lesson a sales woman had A phone conversation with a man’s Deceased wife In another anecdote from the same list a Salesperson named Mary B remembers I

Made a sales call to Pennsylvania and I Started just like any other call yes I Need to speak to Mr or Mrs And then the woman identified herself as Mrs and I continued on with the normal Sales call and she seemed very Interested and asked a lot of questions But when it came to the decision making She quickly stopped me insisting that I Had to talk to her husband her Objections were the same every time I Attempted to close She also quickly pointed out that since His retirement he spent a great deal of Time fishing and was not easy to get in Touch with and it would be best to try Early in the morning before he left for His favorite hobby On the Callback the husband did answer The phone I introduced myself in the Normal fashion and explained to him that I’d been talking to his wife the Previous day and she suggested that I Speak to him You can imagine the shock and horror When he stated to me distraught lady I Don’t know who you were talking to but My wife died and I’m not in any mood to Speak to anyone with that he quickly Hung up the phone That’s incredible so it sounds like this Prolonged dialogue that she had with This ghostly presence Isn’t that cool

Yeah it really makes you wonder doesn’t It so like was she was she simply Waiting I mean there’s a belief that uh You know when people are together are Married or whatever for whatever people That when a loved one dies that they may Choose not to cross over but instead to Linger until the other person’s ready to You know to join them and then they will Cross over together Um Is that maybe the case here where this Woman was still there being being the Mrs but Um you know she was able to talk on the Phone you wonder if she did that to Other people Um There we go maybe that’s why the strong Reaction yeah exactly so I love those Reports because I think that they’re Absolutely fascinating and and they Really do inspire a lot of thoughts like Huh what’s going on here but it’s Incredible incredible stuff and I think If it’s too bad that it wasn’t more it Wasn’t more directional like you could Choose to call someone that passed away And just choose to have a discussion Well how you doing are you okay what’s Going on I mean what’s it like you know That kind of thing and and how powerful Would that be and maybe someday we’ll be Able to who knows if we ever crack this

Paranormal code or whatever then maybe We’ll be able to to have those Discussions but I don’t know it’s kind of cool that they Happen anyway even you know as just a Phenomena of its own All right let’s close that and get to The Bigfoot reports folks uh I’ve got This site is uh and These are some Bigfoot reports of some Some encounters or experiences up in Alberta and then we’re going to go to Phantoms and monsters to close the show But uh this one is Aso report number Zero four seven childhood visual citing Of a Sasquatch And see what it says this is from June 7th 2018 Again by Alberta Sasquatch from Their sightings reports is a visual Sighting reported by Bruce C location of Encounter was a Strathcona Park Medicine Hat Dates and time was uh actually 1972. wow I was three then and uh looks like September 26th September no August August 26th okay at 1 pm and the details of the event were I First started reading about Sasquatch in 1972 after my first encounter I was born In Calgary and at about once a month we Would go to Banff Kananaskis or Bragg Creek to go camping Well I got used to seeing bats and other Wildlife at a young age and on the last

Weekend of August 1972 we went to Medicine Hat to visit friends On Saturday the 26th we we went to have A picnic at around 10 30 a.m in Strathcona Park We started a fire and then went down to The South Saskatchewan River to swim and Play in the water it was sunny and warm With no wind and at about one it was Decided that we would make our way down The winding path to our campsite which Was about 150 yards Eager to get the hot dog on a stick I Ran ahead of everyone else about 75 Yards down the path I was jogging when I Suddenly smelled a strong it says door But I didn’t think they’ve been the Order I stopped and it smelled like a Fresh washed dog that had rolled around In garbage for a week I heard a lights rustle to the right and As I turned to look I saw a large black And Redford back of something facing Away from me to the West I could hear the creek about 30 yards Ahead of the creature I was looking at Its butt was a couple inches off the Ground it was hunched forward as some Saskatoon bushes At some Saskatoon bushes and it had a Cone-shaped head that seemed to be Sitting on its shoulders and it was About four feet wide at the shoulders And about five feet high and remember

It’s squatting way down It made no sound or movement but when I Thought to myself what am I looking at I Was answered by a thought of you don’t See me I’m not here wow I wondered what I was looking at and Again I got the same response suddenly It quietly muttered a chattering sound And when I heard it the thought of get Out of here now entered my head without Hesitation I started running towards the Campsite and as I did I could hear a Heavy Thump Thump Thump sound run to Toward the creek and the sound of bushes Being crunched When everyone else got back I asked if They had seen it or heard it which no One had I was told it must be a bear but I said It didn’t look or act like a bear Whatever I saw And then a friend said I must have seen A Sasquatch and everyone laughed I guess What I I asked what is a Sasquatch As I’d never heard of nor seen the Patterson gimlin film When they told me what what it was I Said it was probably was what I saw and Everyone laughed again I started to read and learn as much as I Could about them I forgot to mention that the Sasquatch Was about 30 feet away with an Unobstructed view okay so it wasn’t like

Right next to him but it was close yeah That’s what I was picturing okay yeah I Was I was picturing it like right off His shoulder or something like oh it’s Just right there oh yeah yeah so that’s Interesting It’s a powerful sighting again the Mind Speak is an incredible thing Um I I don’t know is is it possible that They have a very acute telepathy I I Don’t see why not I I don’t know they Seem to have a robust language anyway Um when you listen to the to the um the Sierra sounds and such there’s a complex Order to whatever they’re talking about But I guess they must have the ability To telepathically communicate And that seems really foreign to us but If you listen to even like Caesar the Dog guy He’ll talk about how the pets they are Mirroring The the the state of a person that They’re with you know so if you have an Aggressive dog that’s a dog that’s Really uncertain uh because the person Is really uncertain and not really in Control and that’s why he tells people To have a calm you know secure energy And and that’s to me seems like a type Of telepathy and why not I had an experience one time and I guess I’ve not I’ve only shared this maybe one Other time on the show but it was when I

Was really young I was probably about Maybe nine years old And I was in the woods behind our house Right behind our house where we lived Was it was a state forest Um but it butted up to this bank that Went up and then there was a bit of a Plateau and then it went up into the Forest and uh I was up there And I just gotten like a BB gun or so we Had a BB gun I think uh me and my three Brothers all just had a BB gun and well I was using it that day And being a kid I just wanted to shoot At things and so I found this place Where all these Chipmunks were hanging Out and it was right on that bank off to The side of our house maybe about 50 Yards away from the house and I was Sitting there and interestingly enough Something really weird happened and and I marveled at it at the time Because it seemed to suggest that that They knew They knew something was up and so when I Sat there and had the gun just laying by Me they were literally three or four Feet away just coming out of their holes And doing stuff as soon as I raised the Gun They never showed up they they hid Until I lowered the gun and laid it down Again and suddenly they started coming Out of the hole doing their chipmunk

Thing and I was literally just feet away From them But for some reason it was like they Were queued into the fact that I was Going to try to plank one of them And and I was boggled my mind because It’s like how can they know how could They possibly know And as an adult when I think back on That it’s like well is that is that a Form of potentially some form of Telepathy or is it as an empathy of Sorts do animals have a really strong Empathy which isn’t really far from Telepathy if you think about it You know if you’re if you’re getting an Emotional state versus actual words That’s not a huge leap either way and so But it just kept happening over as soon As I picked up the gun I was like okay The next one comes out I’m blinking it Never came out and I’d sit there for Like 10 15 minutes Nothing But as soon As I lowered that gun and just set it Off to the side again they start popping Out and it was just it was like five or Six times I tried and every time I was Aiming the gun they didn’t show up they Were just hidden So I don’t know what that means and That’s a bizarre story I know so forgive Me but Um they seem to have an impression of What my intentions were and it’s not

Like I verbally said okay I’m gonna Shoot the next one and they understand English It was it was all non-verbal absolutely Non-verbal so is it possible that nature Picks up those fives empathically You know I think that’s I think that’s Exactly what personally I think that’s What it has to do with like as far as When you’re in tune with nature Uh in a sense you hear more than you Should or that you you but otherwise Like sure Um what links it to me is the the Instance that trees can’t hear anything They they don’t they they seem like They’re kind of in their own bubble in Their own existence but Um as far as the experiment goes if you Want if you’re going to cut down a tree There was there’s a response to them What that MythBusters experiment oh yeah The stress response after after the guy Came in and brutalized them they they Didn’t have eyes to see but they knew And the minute he entered the room and It was measurable like they could Measure it and so that was on MythBusters folks that’s not a it’s not Just a a wives tale of any kind it’s They had a they had an experiment on MythBusters back in the older show days Where they’d had a room full of plants And three of the people went in one

Person went in and spoke lovingly and Kind to all the plants and attended to Them and watered them and the other guy Was kind of indifferent and then the Third guy went in and he just started Hammering one plant he took like a a Stick and was just thrashing it and Thrashing it and had all this male Intent for that plant they went back out And all these plants were measured for Some kind of electrochemical response And they were they were all wired up and As soon as the the loving person came in They had a real calm energy and and Seemed to be I don’t know how would they How would they say it but but for both The other two it was benign for the guy That was benign when the loving woman Came in they were they seemed to be Anticipating that she was there but as Soon as that guy came in that thrashed That plant all of those plants in that Room had an electrical chemical response Of stress And so how And and it suggests that there’s an Intelligence to the nature around us It’s just maybe it’s what the shamans Have been teaching us for you know Thousands of years you know that’s the You know nature observes nature can Teach nature can show you and uh that I Think that’s beautiful I think it’s Absolutely profound and and amazing

So I mean that’s that’s it’s it’s kind Of like a mirror into What could be Happening with what we’re talking about Sure the shamans back then we’re talking About how to respect nature that there’s An energy to it there’s a Consciousness Type of thing and then for thousands of Years people like oh they’re just dumb Trees dumb trees some trees and now We’re able to measure these responses That mirror what the old shamans were Saying and that could be exactly where We’re at where we’re talking about all These things and a lot of people think Maybe we’re crazy or that we’re you know They’re not in line with what what we Think but maybe at some point we can Develop the technology that’s oh there Is something to what they’re saying type Of thing maybe sure could be and maybe It’s through you know meditation maybe It’s in ourselves in our connection you Know that we have to restore our Connection to that natural natural Energies around us but very cool story And uh yeah interesting So mindspeak it’s a thing next report is Also from scratch Sasquatch Alberta What’s funny Rachel See I put those carrots in their place In my tummy Wow it’s carrots carrot side All right

Number 38 close-up encounter near Coleman and this is a visual sighting Reported by confidential they don’t want To let people know 19 kilometers north Of Coleman from 2006 sort of October of 2006. So as I was hunting 19 kilometers north Of Coleman Alberta and it was late Afternoon early evening I moved up the mountain following a game Trail through heavy brush tracking some Elk in the area when I Came Upon what I Thought was a very large black bear in The brush about 30 feet ahead of me 30 Feet seems to be a theme tonight doesn’t It uh it stood up on two legs and turned To look at me when I realized it was not A bear but a large heavy set animal with Black face and no snout ape-like in Appearance it looked surprised but not Scared of me uh it backed away from me And disappeared into uh up the slope Rapidly and reappeared shortly about 150 Feet up the slope he looked down at me And called at me with a weird Screech That made my hair stand up and it then Disappeared quickly up the slope I tried to go up a little further but The slope was very Steep and I couldn’t Figure out how it was able to move up The hill so quickly shortly afterwards a Bunch of bighorn sheep came stampeding Down the slope from where the thing had Gone and they looked terrified but ran

Right past me in their haste I decided To join them and made my way back Looking over my shoulder the whole way I could have shot it but I honestly Didn’t know what it was I did not return to the area last fall Because I’m no longer comfortable Hunting in that area I haven’t told anyone but I found one of Our one of your posters in the Kananaskis and thought that I should at Least tell you guys about it I’m an Engineer in Calgary so I don’t want my Customers to think that I’m a kook but I Know what I saw and it wasn’t a bear Or someone in a suit it was a real Animal and I think it was a Sasquatch That’s crazy and and I don’t like it Yeah it does Yikes there’s they move so incredibly I’m just going up that that steep slope The guy couldn’t follow That’s incredible yeah yep very cool and That I love the visual Reports most Because hearing stuff can be ambiguous And and finding you know things like Tree breaks can be ambiguous as well It’s not a certainty but when you see Something That’s more of a certainty I mean could you imagine anyone in Hunting season running around in a Bigfoot suit You’d have to be suicidal oh yeah that’s

So dumb that would have to you’d have to Be absolutely devoid of any kind of Working gray matter in your ears That’s just stupid that’s a good way to End up dead Um but anyway so I don’t think it was a Hoaxer if that’s what this guy saws he’s An engineer it’s a you know practical Kind of guy So All right ASO report number 50. witness Comes face to face with a Sasquatch Yikes Visual sighting footprints found Confidential again vicinity of jackfish Lake Parkland counted County It’s from 2019 January 21st at 2 A.M wow That must have been cold Um ASO comments the witness in this case Had taken a long nap after work and was Awake late into the evening the night Following the super blood wolf moon in January oh my God this is 2019 that’s When I I think No Maybe not maybe it was Like 2017 or 18 when I had a real bad Time with the January blood moon And went out to Pace the driveway of his New property near jackfish Lake while Smoking a cigarette While he was walking around under the Moonlight night he came within 20 feet Of a Sasquatch partially squatting at The edge of his property along the Woodland

It motioned its head slightly toward the Witness and let out a low guttural growl When it realized it had been spotted at This point the witness stood there in Shock and after a minute or so slowly Backed off not breaking his gaze with The figure and retreated back inside his Residence the following day he noted Footprints crossing the Range Road Leading to his property where the Creature crossed the fence and paced the Edge of his property that’s interesting I wonder why I was pacing the edge of His property on subsequent evenings the Witness noticed other peculiar Activities such as the sound of objects Being pelted against his metal shed Yeah oh Sounds really upset yeah you know you Gotta Wonder was that a a squat with was It a new property are you just as a new Property but I don’t know if it was a New new development or was it an exiting Property that was new to him Because you know perhaps that’s the Other part of this you know expansion Everybody wants a house in the woods and Stuff and I understand I mean that’s an Awesome thing but You know something something might have Lived there before and now it’s got to Deal with Yuri lawn and your buildings And stuff and it may actually change the Life that they know so maybe they have

Tantrums about it maybe they maybe they Do things like this to try to encourage People to stay the hell away a little Late in the game but I don’t know very strange good report Though good report So that’s three Sasquatch reports we got Four minutes left oh my God what do we I Know what to do with the four minutes What I was curious if there were any new Developments in Minnesota for any squash Sightings oh you want to look at the bfr Role I love that I love the beer Farm yeah It’s a great site let’s see what’s Coming up in Minnesota if anything Um What’s I don’t know if there’s any most Recent reports still 2020 Uh I think we’ve probably already read That one Yeah the one before that is 1997-2018 these are all three class A’s Um What county are you interested in Anything in how dare I say Washington County Are you mean Washington the state The county okay Washington County There’s one report on the BFRO site Um Literally this is the report oh no September 1972 oh I guess I can click it

I guess that’s what it is okay it’s from 1972. Summer September Minnesota Washington County Big Marine Lake about Two miles west of Corey swamp observed I Was bow hunting and just sitting in my Stand looking around and I walked about 75 yards away it was a long time ago and It it walked about 75 yards away it was A long time ago and I did not know about Bigfoot at that time and told my partner I had seen a swish beer bear Uh bear because of the way it swung its Arms and hands And you just noticed it walked by Uh I was bow hunting from a tree stand If I had known at that time what it was I would have reported it I do I do not Know if this report will do any good but It might help with a travel pattern for Them and this place is not too far from The Saint Croix River have there been Many sightings in Minnesota There’s there’s a few not I mean there Isn’t a bunch now the thing with Bigfoot Reports too is that For there to be a report there has to be Someone there to observe it And I think that largely Bigfoot stay Away from people I think that maybe They’re getting Bolder as our Encroachment expands and they don’t have A choice and and so maybe that’s one of The reasons we’re getting more reports More recently but I think it’s also due

To the fact that more people are talking About it than ever before but there’s Lots of areas in this country where There’s hardly anybody you know the Americas and you know North America and And other places in the world are you Know there’s very there’s obviously huge Population centers but outside of that You know in rural districts you can have You know a mile or two between a house And you could you could drive a herd of Elephants through there and nobody would See it you know so yeah I mean the the Fact that there aren’t reports in areas Doesn’t doesn’t really guarantee that There is an activity there it’s just That nobody has bothered to report it And then you think how many people have Had experiences that they’ve never Reported and that’s the thing that I That I really believe is there there’s a Huge number of experiences for all of This stuff the Paranormal stuff that People will never tell another Soul About Or maybe just a select few but they Don’t want to they don’t want to extend Themselves out you know and To that public ridicule or at least that That public suspicion and and you can’t Blame them I mean people have careers They have lives they have you know peer Groups and and if it got out that they Saw a Bigfoot you know a lot of people

Would be ostracized by some degree so it Makes sense it does you’re right it does Suck but you know again there has to be People to have reports and there has to Be a willing reporter so that’s two very Critical elements that I think are Missing and that’s where we get these Holes you know in in those reporting Sites you know there’s a lot of counties In Minnesota that don’t have anything on Them but that’s not to suggest there’s Nothing going on there it’s just nobody Reported it So yeah yep I don’t know Rachel even Says yeah my family dismissed my Experiences yeah I mean there you go but That’s it folks that’s the end of the Show just remember we love you all be Good to be kind be nice take care of Each other help each other out find the Magic in every day and remember to laugh As much as you can we’ll be back on Wednesday night for another live show Hope to see you then take care everybody Good night Good night