IMPOSSIBLE ENCOUNTERS – Strange Phenomena, Cryptids and MORE!

By | October 6, 2022
IMPOSSIBLE ENCOUNTERS - Strange Phenomena, Cryptids and MORE!

Thank you Everyone Foreign And let me turn down all the noises Welcome everybody it’s Wednesday night Welcome to the two hour Wednesday Edition of the Paranormal portal I am Currently coming down with a head cold It is kicking me right in the sack and Uh I’m not enjoying it a whole lot but What can I say the minions back at School and he’s bringing everything home Ah but anyway we’ll get through it Because of all the love that we share I Think that will heal me but um I’m not Alone here folks I have with me My right hand man my good friend and Co-host the big toe himself Mr Don longbeard And you’ll be with us shortly Welcome brother how you doing oh it’s Hump day definitely is it is yeah I feel

Like I gotta hump right in my nose my Nostril cavity in your in your nose Holes yeah it’s just you know you’re That pressure that you feel all the time I mean the sinus pressure not just Stress But yeah Yeah I got my heads just pounding like Yeah but uh yeah I mean it’s I’ve taken All the legal cold remedies I can get my Hands on and some that are almost not Legal anymore almost but still yeah well You know when it comes to naturopathy It’s not legal anymore that’s true yeah Yeah no but I I hope you guys are doing Great thank you for joining us here as We dive into two full hours of the Paranormal portal we got a lot to get to Of course but everything good with you Don all’s good with me well it’s good to Have you here thanks for coming in yeah And being a part of the Wednesday Journey the journey the journey is uh Now underway and we got a lot on Deck to Get to Um but uh first we’re going to be Getting to the news in just a minute or So sugar says she has some honey and Jim Beam for you ooh you know I probably Should have gotten something like that a Nice hot toddy would have done well or a Bosco mule I had one for the first time The other night I don’t even know what The hell that means I fell in love did

You oh it was good I tell you what Though I I I I like the Sprite and vodka Thing a lot but the Moscow Mule is just Uh ginger beer and vodka oh well that Sounds good uh um you know a drop of Lemon wedge really good it’s really good If you use raspberry vodka and it’s just Like crack oh nice nice okay that’s good Well that sounds lovely but barely hear Dawn can barely hear me I can I can hear Myself just fine who’s saying you’re Barely oh Ghostbusters I think ghostbag Good to see you brother Um uh yeah I don’t know let’s see we’ll Just he apologizes Who you you I do what did I do Oh sorry I’m sorry I’m like I said my Head is just foggy swimming I’m sorry I’m an idiot I’m an idiot a lot of times No actually it’s my job it’s my fault I Apologize I’m supposed to remind him of These things yeah that’s that’s my job Well you know and I know I’ve known that I’ve been told that about 15 times now And I still it’s like a dyslexia for me So I apologize I don’t mean to uh Misgender anybody We love you all no matter what gender You are so Um but we got a lot of things to go to Uh Wonder Woman says Don’s always low He’s away from the mic thank heavens the Mic is right here it’s not very far from Me at all no and your voice does carry

It does like I got a quiet voice I gotta Eat my mic Until Tuesday remember that song it’s on My Spotify playlist is it nice Um but yeah so uh before we go any Further let’s uh give special thanks Where thanks is due and I gotta get my Notes out here because I’ve got things To put together I’ve been putting Together some cool elements for the show Um and one of which I finished and and Didn’t get done uh I forgot to Port it Over for tonight’s show so you’ll have To see it maybe on on Friday or Saturday’s show Um but uh the first and foremost special Thanks to Cryptid coin it’s a new Cryptocurrency dealing with the Cryptid Research and investigation and uh if you Are looking for an alternative Investment maybe this is one for you I I’m not an advisor I couldn’t begin to Give you any kind of investment advice Believe me but but I I’m just really Thrilled that they’re part of the family Here and uh helping to support what We’re doing here on the Paranormal Portal so if you’re looking for more Information check them out on and that is us you know It’s a project of extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC and uh speaking of them They’ve got a upcoming uh conference in Spokane Washington in June 17th

2023 yeah I hope you do um and it’s the Sasquatch Roundup and it’s at the Spokane Valley Event Center and I’m Going to make a graphic for the show Because just verbally hearing that Probably isn’t sticking but there’s Going to be some great speakers there Michael Freeman who is Paul Freeman’s Son the gentleman who did the Freeman Footage Um and Jeff Meldrum will be there Dr Jeff Meldrum Ken Gerhard will be there Tom seawid and I’ll be emceeing the Thing so uh as it stands can you imagine That unless they can find someone with Talent so far it’s over I’m seeing it so I hope you guys will check it out June 17th at the Spokane Valley Event Center Mark your calendars if you’re in the Region we’d love to see you come over There and say hi to both Donna myself so That’ll be coming up next year in 2023 Yeah no reason not to be there you’ve Known and now you know and ghost magnet Didn’t even notice the gender thing I Know thank you thank you all right well I’m glad I did we have such sweet people Here though we do they understand that We’re a bunch of idiots ourselves A couple of Knuckleheads with Microphones but it’s you know we’re just Thrilled you guys like coming to hang Out with us yeah that’s true so Otherwise I have to wear pork chops to

Have dogs play with me yeah well I’m beating freaking ice cubes I cannot Keep my dog’s nose out of my ice cubes That’s not code for something is it no It’s not I have one of those my freezer’s on the Bottom you know oh yeah yeah so I opened The freezer and her nose goes right into My eyes yeah just taints the whole batch Doesn’t it it’s taintable it’s taint Oh you could just leave it there hey That’s the word for the night [Laughter] So let’s get to the news and see what The hell’s going on in the Paranormal News desk ain’t nothing like it We’re just gonna go down from here isn’t It all right let’s get to the news [Applause] [Applause] Hi Mom [Applause] Come on Most trusted nudes Ain’t no damn way They ain’t gonna be the damn thing all Right since we’re all stuck on taints Now It’s a ghost it’s a southern term for a Ghost yeah no that’s a hint that’s what I said

Paint oh dang it oh don’t worry I’m Gonna pay for that later [Laughter] All right ladies and Gentlemen let’s get To the news This is the Paranormal news desk As always we lit off every live show With some news and I hopefully I’ve Curated several good examples of uh Information for you so that you leave Here a little more informed than how you Came in or at least a little more Disgusted or Whatever you’ll be fine yeah Um but the first article up for bath Here on the Paranormal portal news desk Is uh coming from unexplained please support their site Ladies and gentlemen it’s a great site They’ve got a lot of fantastic stuff Going on over there including a weird News book you can buy now so if you like The news we cover on the show this is a Whole compendium of their of their weird News by TK Randall so definitely support What they’re doing over there it’s a Brilliant sight just love it So remains of real life three meter tall Thunderbird found in Australia wow how’s About that wow is that all that remains I I guess that’s the remains Wow paleontologists have Unearthed what Is thought to be the leg bones of the Largest species of bird ever to live uh

While today the ostrich is the largest Bird to walk the earth in the distant Past there existed avian behemoths Closer in size to large theropod Dinosaurs than to anything alive today Now paleontologists working in Australia Have discovered what is thought to be The fossil remains of the largest bird That ever existed a creature known as a Tantosaur now that hey that paint what Are they saying Don Deerton’s Thunderbird or dramorous Stierton dear Tony uh the prehistoric Beast which roamed the Earth millions of Years ago was like an ostrich on Steroids standing at a height of three Meters and weighing in at a staggering 500 Kilograms basically or bizarrely Rather its closest living ancestor today Are ducks and chickens wow man did Chickens draw the Short Straw [Laughter] There used to be a Grand birds and Possibly related like Tyrannosaurus and Now they’re like in a bucket okay FC yeah now they’re just America’s Favorite fast food and Popeyes yeah uh It says uh this latest fossil discovery Which was Unearthed in the alcuta Reserve Northeast of Alice Springs will Hopefully help experts learn more about The true size of these prehistoric Giants it is even possible that more of The skeleton is buried nearby just

Waiting to be found We only got the lower legs because That’s as far as we dug paleontologist Adam Yates told the science alerted Upside down in the dark We only got the legs because that’s as Far down as we dug I don’t know maybe Diamond is back and the legs are kind of Poking up or something I don’t know and There’s every expectation that a large Part of the the rest of the skeleton if Not the entire skeleton might be lying In the next dig as we dig further into The bank that the legs come from Wow There you go no reason to give up there There’s a picture of the legs for those Of you uh interested in seeing what Those bones would that would have been a Hell of a drumstick geez Yeah you need to Pedal your or push your Car up there and grab some drumsticks All right so there you go folks the Might have been the Thunder I don’t Believe it sounds like it was a Flightless bird though not necessarily The Thunderbird as used in the headline Of course Thunderbirds Are uh ongoing Um phenomena that people cite I wonder Because it was a large Bird yeah I’m Sure they are it was like it created Thunder as it ran it’s the Thunder Lizards Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder thunder thunder Thundercats

[Laughter] Oh God what nothing I’m not even gonna I’m not even gonna give that any more Attention all right so next up on the News is another fine article from Unexplained Dash and this One is Um let me just close the embedded ads Because they gotta make money too 2 but It says fewer people are skeptical of Alien visitation now than in the 1990s You damn right well yeah because of Tom Ding Dong Well of course this the Tic Tac I think is the probably the biggest Swear yeah those Tic Tac footages from The Navy Um that’s swayed a whole hell of a lot Of opinion and it and it also changed The the tone of the discussion from Something that was more mocking to to at Least something where they’re giving it Some credibility now right uh it says The a new you gov poll has indicated That more people now believe in UFOs Maybe extraterrestrial in origin the Survey which asked a random selection of U.S population about their views on UFOs And extraterrestrial life provided an Interesting insight into opinions on the Phenomena and indicated a significant Increase in the level of belief in alien Life since 1990s When asked do you believe that UFOs Unidentified they can’t believe they

They actually spelled it out Unidentified flying objects are probably Alien ship or alien life forms or that They have some natural scientific Explanation the results were almost a Three-way tie with 34 percent saying Aliens 34 percent saying don’t know and 32 percent saying that UFO has had a Natural explanation Swamp gas in Uranus that’s what it is Okay no way that happens Small gas on your taint uh [Laughter] When the same question was posed in 1996 Only 20 percent said aliens 29 percent Said don’t know and a whopping 51 Believe that there was a natural Explanation because methane Oh I thought you were going to say math And stop that that might be it too It could just be the meth epidemic Everybody believes in Aliens now Um yeah I don’t know I’m not going to go Any further with that another poll Conducted at the time which asked Whether we were more likely to make Contact with intelligent aliens in the Next 50 years found that only four Percent had said yes while the same Question posed in 2022 yielded a result Of 13 for us that’s a big sway though Really in just a number of years I mean The 90s sounds like it was a long time Ago but God I remember him very well I

Know it seems like yesterday I remember Watching as a matter of fact bringing it Up the X-Files right in the 90s yep I Did too it was my Friday night religion There you go uh for those who voted no The figure had reduced from 69 to 39 for The survey yougov also asked people who Had personally witnessed the UFO whether They believed it was alien in origin or Something with a conventional Explanation 34 believed that it was Aliens while 43 thought it was natural Phenomena The remaining 23 meanwhile simply stated They weren’t sure one way or the other Well that’s probably the safest answer But well yeah I mean you don’t get your Teeth probed I’m just gonna ride that all the way to Town aren’t you yeah No reason to stop why would you why Would you give that up not there is Comedy gold Um yeah there you go more people believe In it folks Don’t don’t make a poop joke I just know how your head works it’s a Scary Place It’s a scary scary place down it’s not My fault I know I know I am what I am You are the sum of your parts Some of my parts are quite questionable Starting at the taint Yeah there’s a lot of you tainted all

Right let’s go to the next one on Unexplained and this is Ancient extinct Miracle plants may have Been rediscovered in Turkey I don’t know what this is all about but I thought it was a cool headline found In Turkey not you know in turkey that Country a plant once known as Sylveon May still be around today despite Disappearing 2000 years ago oh wow this Highly valued yellow flowered plant has Appeared in numerous texts from ancient Rome Greece in Egypt and once grew Primarily in the ancient city of Cyrene In what is now Libya it was considered So valuable in fact that even the city’s Coinage depicted images of it Sypheon was or sylphon was used for many Things including a treatment for various Ailments and diseases as an aphrodisiac As a perfume as a seasoning for food and Even a contraceptive and why did it go Extinct What is that seasoning salt that is I Put that on everything this is on Everything too Sylveon eventually though Like all things taken from nature in Excess the plant disappeared with the Roman Emperor Nero himself allegedly Consuming the last remaining Supply That guy was a real bastard now he’s Even more of a yeah because he took all The Sylveon Pig he’s so selfish yeah for Decades modern day researchers have

Attempted to track down a living Specimen to the plant to no avail but Now a researcher from Istanbul University believes that he may have Made a breakthrough after examining a Rather familiar plant found up high up In the mountains known as ferulia for I don’t know this particular plant Appears to be so similar to ancient Sylveon that it might actually be Sylveon located in plain sight all along Right under the researcher’s noses Furthermore the evidence suggests that The locations in turkey at which the Plant was been found happened to Correspond to places where the ancient Greeks once settled so while we don’t Currently know for absolute certain that Ferula jordania is ancient Sylveon right Now it’s looking like an extremely Promising candidate there it is wow I Think I got those growing up my alley Here I mean really it looks like looks Like something that I pulled up by the Weeds out there wow I’m trying to Remember the name of that plant it’s Actually medicinal the one you’re Talking about is actually medicinal as Well oh okay I don’t remember the name Of it oh the Farm is here he could help Well Farm’s here but he’s eating he’s Busy eating okay well Farm if you got Any input on that we’d appreciate it so

All right that’s that one Paisley just Told me what the heck that was just the Other day I tell you I can’t tell you Nothing All right next up on the news is this Article from unexplained As well and this one is Obviously UFO Hunter describes childhood Encounter with a lizard-like alien oh Boy Um this says how long is this one no This is fine uh Ben walgate has spoken Out about childhood experience that Developed into a lifelong passion for UFOs the 35 year old is now an avid UFO Reese investigator and has invested Locations across the UK in search of Evidence of extraterrestrial visitation Was inspired to pursue his passion for The subject following an experience he Had as a young child The encounter happened in North Yorkshire while while returning from Club or Cub Scout camping trip the Minibus had stopped for a short time to Let everyone get off and stretch their Legs Upon disembarking wallgate wandered Around for a time before making his way Into some nearby Woods where he spotted A derelict building nestled among the Trees his name’s wallgate oh I guess so All right curious to see what was inside He ventured over for a closer look and

What he saw there was beyond explanation A gangled green alien creature Approximately six feet tall with Oversized Limbs and disproportionately Tiny head this thing was out of the Ordinary it looked at looked at me I Looked at this thing he told the mirror It was definitely not of this Earth it Was such a weird vibe its head in Proportion to its body was Tiny It’s not like the stereotypical alien With the gray skin and the long big Black eyes this thing was more lizard And I’m not saying it had scales but it Was snake-like it was just otherworldly It shouldn’t have been walking on two Feet in later years he attempted to Locate the precise spot where he had Seen the creature but was never able to Pinpoint exactly where it was he since Undertaken numerous expeditions to local UFO hot spots such as the North Yorkshire Moors in the hope of finding Something that might help to explain What he saw that day if there are Intelligent beings out there and I’m not Saying there are but it’s highly likely They are there are if they are coming Here for some reconnaissance or research It wouldn’t be difficult in a place like North Yorkshire or Moors to stay hidden He said And there you go wow an early experience Spawned a lifelong Quest on hmm

I can imagine yeah yeah that’ll shape Your mind Um yeah cool I’ll be I’ll be finding Them let me taint your mind too oh All right uh let’s go to the next one And this is also from unexplained Dash Mysteries and this is uh bizarre video Shows cops shooting at Goblin like Pombero in Paraguay Well we’ll have to check this one out uh The strange clip shows a police officer Firing his gun at an unidentified Creature that had broken into a building According to a translation of the local Media report the incident which occurred On September 16th saw police officers Being called out to attend a disturbance In the ITA and and Ramada area of Paraguay’s capital city of asuncian Asuncian Footage recorded of the event shows cops Approaching a building while shouting at An unidentified perpetrator who can be Seen moving around inside what’s strange About the clip is the way that the Mysterious figure seems to slide down Onto the floor and Scuttle away in one Fluid movement One of the cops even fires his weapon Though it’s unclear if he was actually Hit anything The footage quickly sparked fears that There was a palm Barrel on the loose a Type of mythological creature of local

Legends said to be notorious for Capturing young women in the dead of Night it’s often depicted as a small Goblin-like creature a bit like Gollum From Lord of the Rings Skeptics on the other hand argue that The creature in the clip may have simply Been a monkey that had managed to break Into the building which might also Explain why the cop was so quick to Shoot whatever the case it’s certainly An interesting piece of footage what What you want to check it out well of Course I do well let’s check it out Folks because I think you know this is The news after all and we got to be Informed so let’s have a look Man Oh yeah Oh yeah They’re like driving away yeah Thanks He’s running around back now to see if It’s coming out well there you have it Folks Don’t know what he shot at but that was A weird creature weird weird figure Anyway I guess we could just go to that Part where it kind of gets down Foreign [Applause] I don’t know it’s not a monkey Where is it again

Dude Is that it yeah I I was gonna go frame by frame here Okay so here it is let’s just go frame By frame here and see what we can see And going frame by frame it’s kind of Right you’re kind of looking right here Yeah and right next to them is the Shadow of the cop So look at the size of that that’s not a Monkey yeah that’s pretty huge Uh let’s keep going Kind of going down now it could be on Something like yeah but it still looks Very human like he’s got knees yeah it Does And then going down down And he does almost seem to melt doesn’t He Yeah Let’s um yeah just don’t do that yeah It’s kind of scooting along the floor And the cop is coming up And he’s like nope what are you He comes up and uh cops got kind of a Anubis head too doesn’t he yeah that’s Just his hand oh Even the cop looks like a jackal what The hell’s going on down there And did you see a jackal yeah Anubis you Know oh Jack Cole yeah No yeah that’s that’s strange whatever It is folks I don’t know it’s uh Obviously leaves a lot to be uh

Explained but it is strange whatever the Hell that thing is it is huge that’s a Good point yeah shadow person yeah yep That would make more sense it could be Uh it could be a Cryptid of some kind Barrel it could be uh just a burglar Maybe he just got down and scuttled Because he saw it was a cop who knows But scary stuff I don’t know Don I just work here is a Face Spirit or a spirit of Granny myth Mythology Smith is typical of culture of Paraguay uh and the north Argentine Latorial okay Um You know they don’t without just reading The The blurbs on top aren’t really not Really descriptive yeah Um Um The man of the night is the way it’s Translated Oh okay but it’s more about Noche de la Noche Man of the night sure all right so we Don’t know what it is but you saw it Here maybe first so now you know you’re Welcome okay next one up unexplained Either Thank you farm Mystery of Woodland Trail Camera Ghost Girl is finally solved and this is one

That I don’t know if we ever covered it On the trocam Terrors but it was Probably one that we did Um this is one of those weird ones that Just kind of appeared and didn’t seem to Have a lot of explanation but let’s see What it says not a camera set up in a Remote area of Woodland in Upstate New York had picked up something unexpected When the new landowners of an area of Woodland in Washington County decided uh To repurpose it as a hunting area they First set up a trail camera to make sure That nobody else was using it looks like Somebody’s yeah much they’re surprised The camera had soon picked up the image Of a ghostly Semi-transparent young girl in an area That should have been otherwise deserted And I guess maybe transparent I don’t Know just pale Um concerned they showed the image to Cambridge Police Chief George Bell I’ve Lived here all my life and I’ve never Heard of a ghost turn running around the Woods he said there is some creepy stuff In this town but there has to be an Explanation Keen to find an answer to The mystery the landowners decided to Release the photograph to the public to See if anyone recognized the girl or Could otherwise shed some light on the Mystery While many came forward to suggest that

The image was that of a ghostly Apparition the truth of the matter would Finally reveal itself later a few weeks Later far from being a ghost the girl Was in fact the granddaughter of a local Businessman who had been walking through The woods with her at the time he’d been Completely oblivious to the whole thing Until somebody had shown him the image Some people were really hoping this was A ghost story he said that case just the Case just goes to show how easily Something as simple as a photograph of a Girl in the woods can be mistaken for Evidence of the Paranormal she has Nothing below the knee she has like Missing one foot I don’t know it’s just It’s kind of bent like she’s in stride And it could be just a cheap camera that You know blurs the image for motion yeah But see that other leg is just kind of Missing yeah this one but no the other One this one it’s right here no that’s Just a foot but this is like her leg Right through her it does kind of look Like you can see right through her You’re right Um I don’t know what she’s wearing but Anyway way it does seem to blend in with The background but it could be just some Leggings or something I don’t know sure Yeah I mean it could be Obviously it’s a it’s a somebody’s Grandkid that’s true

Um obviously but I mean if he came Forward to say look that’s my Granddaughter then chances are he’s Probably picture it didn’t happen Even with picks it might not have Happened that’s true at least not the Way some people would like to so we have A picture they have been able to fake Since the early you know 1800s right Yeah I mean that’s kind of true I mean You know they they also you know like Pose with dead people back then too yeah That was really really curious Post-mortem postmodern photography yeah 1008 find me doing it nope Um but there you go it’s been solved It’s not a ghost girl it’s just a girl Um walking out in apparently in the Darkness with her with her grandfather Which is a little weird but I don’t know Different Strokes for different folks Hey hey Um Enough of that Okay so I think Let’s see what time is it now 7 34. yeah I think we’ll probably stop here and I’ll I’ll just continue the news on Friday so I guess that’s going to wrap It up for the news folks the news is Over go hopefully you’ve learned Something you didn’t know before you Came in here T-a-i-n-t yeah yeah

All right let’s get back to the rest of The show Thank you [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the rest Of the program this is where we start After the news hope you guys enjoyed the News it’s kind of interesting all the Weirdness and strangeness and stuff but It is kind of cool when some of the Answers come in for old Mysteries like That trail cam photo that’s been around Forever I don’t know why it took till Just now but I remember seeing that at Least a year or so ago so I guess maybe It didn’t get filtered around and and or Solved until just recently but anyway We gave you the answer once we got the Answer we gave it to you so Um we are going to get into the next Phase of our program here the next phase Is one that we’ve kind of started near Uh been been in before 10 and less all Love yeah all love I’ll love to YouTube Um but I I do want to say that uh we Have a Discord Community if you’re not Familiar with it and I don’t know Sheldon’s here but I haven’t seen him he Usually posts a link Um let me see if I can well here I can

Do it can you yeah I know how to do this Stuff oh okay question of the week Discord Channel copy And paste oh my gosh what I mean Inviting people to Discord is what it Meant I should be able to do that too Okay yeah I’m gonna look I haven’t done It for a long time but I think this is Right invite people Um Invite people inactive let’s see it’s uh To send server invites link to a friend I don’t know I’ll be reading the Tutorial no I’m looking at the the menu I’ve I’ve done it before but I don’t Know what the hell I’m doing so anyway Um the the point being is that we’ve Started this part of our Discord Community called questions of the week And basically they are questions that Are going to be asked prior to every Live show here on YouTube and it gives You the opportunity to weigh in on these And there’ll be a varying subjects Varying Um phenomena and just to see what you Guys think and and there’s no wrong Answers obviously because you know none Of us know anything really but we’re Just seeing what you guys think about These different phenomena and different Points about the Paranormal and uh Tonight’s question is no no uh no Different right Don right Brent so now

We’re gonna get to the Discord question Of the week can I put that little man That little thing in there And it’s on screen it says questions of The week question mark Look at that nice that’s uh nice I’m Gonna do an animated one eventually but I got to this today so Um Don do you want to read the question Sure I just happen to be here question Of the week Uh discoveries have been made such as Finding an iron Hammond Hammer embedded In three million 300 million year old Stone and screws embedded in coal and Spark plugs embedded in coal and all Kinds of other things which seems to Suggest that our history is not as Complete as we believe do these Discoveries suggest that as human Civilization has been around longer than It’s currently believed or was there a Prior Advanced civilization that existed Before us or is this some kind of grand Hoax what do you believe what do you Believe so it’s talking about artifacts Are out of place artifacts who parts and It’s the the phenomena about finding the The hammer mentioned is the London Hammer it’s one I’ve been talking about For years because it just blew me away When I found this and basically it’s Like it looks like a blacksmith’s Hammer That’s embedded in 300 million year old

Rock so old in fact that the wood handle Is both turning to coal and is petrified At this you know at different junctures Of it and so what how did that get there How do you explain that well I’ve never Heard that has been debunked so Um it is an ongoing curiosity for me but There’s more examples of that as Don was Suggesting there’s a spark plug looking Thing found in coal there’s been screws Metal screws found in rock there are Machined aluminum parts found among Mastodons skeletons supposedly cell Phones found in in in in in in rock Formations yeah like a Nokia or Something like that yeah and some of Them may very well be hoaxy and scammy It’s you know it’s anybody’s anybody’s Guess but does it seem to suggest maybe It’s a Time anomaly too I didn’t even Think about that when we’re writing it Um that maybe somehow these things Slipped in time to a different time of Our of our world but do you think that That suggests that our history is much Longer than we know or is it somebody Else’s history Um that we just ended up supplanting uh With our rise in on the face of the Earth or is it just all elaborate hoaxes So that’s the questions and uh what are Some of the answers done some of the Answers would be Wow

Um Uh fourth color says I’m no expert but If I were to guess based on artifacts Found that don’t fit conventional Timelines of human history I’d say we’ve Been around much longer than modern Science will recognize and I think Unconventional artifacts are ignored or Even hidden if they don’t fall in line With what science says our history is I Also think the powers to that be have Purposely lied and guided us misguided Us about our human history using Institutions like the Smithsonian Mm-hmm Um yes yes how yes I have feelings in That way as well Um Lily Pond says uh ditto the fourth Color uh look at the pyramids dating Discrepancies airplanes and helicopters Inscribed inside ancient buildings uh Gilbertepe in Turkey Etc okay Um though yeah those are kind of Interesting too but there have been they They have also found that some of these Frescoes that we find like the the um The astronaut there was a very famous Astronaut found on like the Vatican Building or something yeah that was Actually a hoax after a remodel Um that uh oh that somebody had thought That would be funny to do and they put That in there so that’s but that’s not To say that they’re not there but when

You’re talking about ancient buildings And looking at like Um uh like uh Machu Picchu and you know The ancient uh South American ruins you Know they have those Um Um people in spaceships yes they do yeah It’s there Um Maggie has a good one and I I like This one as well I definitely don’t Think the items recovered are hoaxes I Started looking up the Aboriginal History via anthropology documents most Information regarding sophistication of The First Nations people via the use of Technology have been omitted from the History books and she’s talking about The uh Australian aboriginals I believe Uh this is our recent history so I can Easily consider any other artifact and Evidence that could be locked away or Admitted to the Rio Tinto Mining Company Destroyed an estimated 46 000 year old Aboriginal caves in Western Australia Before anyone had a chance to accurately Document what was there it was deemed a Place of Staggering artifacts by Mark Michael slack Archaeologist it would be the earliest Known site of a grindstone technology I Can’t help but one wonder what that and The evidence is lost what that and the Evidence is now lost okay many everyday People seem to get frustrated upset

Frustrated slash upset about that the Original Aboriginal timeline keeps Changing without stopping to consider That it changes because new information Comes to light very true as a matter of Fact yeah she goes on to stay here but Um you know they are currently one of The oldest cultures Um modern cultures uh in in modern are Modern times and she says currently First Nations people have been here for At least 60 000 years they were one of The they’re one of the oldest cultures Uh if many people can’t comprehend this Perhaps it’s too difficult to introduce A huge change in regards to timelines of Humanity in general I don’t know uh it Also recall she also recalls Robert Shock’s Theory the sinks was eroded by Water many people will say that he’s Using pseudoscience I can’t pretend to Know much about geology archeology and Anthropology to know for myself but I Tend to think there’s no smoke without Fire and there seems to be a quite a bit Of smoke out there on different Continents regarding time Timelines of America human civilization Some professionals come forward on Retirement and or have and or have been Professionally blacklisted uh and their Discoveries and life’s work have Vanished from the fields in particular Uh for me it begs the question why

Um yeah the the erosion on the sinks Um the Sphinx has been there longer than Two or three thousand years it’s Probably been there since before the Last uh Ice Age and that it would Explain see because you got to remember It used to be the fertile it used to be That area used to be called the Fertile Crescent well North actually more in Um uh I can’t where Babylonia used to be you Know see you’ve got Africa down here and Then you’ve got you know the anyhow so That the Fertile Crescent used to be Fertile meaning that it was actually Green and you can actually you can Actually uh grow things there that’s the Cradle of civilization supposedly okay Um so you know that’s where uh you know Supposedly we learn to farm and we learn To you know um come together as a Community and and become a civilization Um and and uh gather that begin to put The culture together so yeah absolutely It’s it’s a lot it’s a lot older than What they say they are uh uh I always I Know how to say it Um Gobekli Tepe has been dated back even Farther than ten thousand years they’re Pushing it back to 13 now Um you know we just talked to Jim Vera Who just talked to us about the same Thing a similar thing

Um but connected in the same ways so Yeah our civilization Um If we’re not the most if we are the most Modern obviously but if we’re not the Oldest yeah there’s probably something Farther back than we can’t Have any fathom we can’t fathom yeah so You know I mean think about Um Atlantis Nobody really knows right but uh you Know Plato was a Play-Doh yep but that Was 400 years after Atlanta said how had Um supposedly disappeared already who Knows but You know if you read some books every Now and then you’d find out that there Was a man a fish man in a fish Um cape Not okay but uh you know a robe a fish Scaled robe and a man and another man Together they came and another man with A long black beard wearing white robes Into the South American culture at that Time way back when yeah so yeah yeah Jim Vera has some great points about that And that’s that’s being repeated in many Cultures seeing these like almost fish People or something you know that were At least adorning themselves with Ornamental things that look like fish Scales and some were depicted with Tails And stuff and so very curious whatever The case but yeah and I think I think

Those are all great points and and uh I I really think that probably I don’t know we probably hit these Periods of reboots right is what I kind Of think and and you know it’s like Society gets to a certain point reboot Right then Society raises From the Ashes And gets to a certain points right I Mean there just seems to be some some Methodology to that I don’t know what That means necessarily is that does that Mean that somebody’s rebooting us or or What and and certainly uh our religions Hold stories of being rebooted as well The flood stories and and so on and so Forth Um you know those those seem to be what A reboot would be it’d be this is the Major floods would wipe out things and And whatever rises from that then Becomes the next incarnation of Civilization so I don’t know it’s Curious stuff though but Um you know Android Android put some a Lot of thoughts into this too real quick But just um it says um Um anyways uh millions of years I think It’s more likely a different intelligent Species either lived here before and Became extinct yes or left for another Planet kind of like what Mars did yeah That could also explain Manhattan ham The man the man uh no it’s parrot was in Manhattan or Paris what the London the

London London hammers yes Um London Texas uh so it doesn’t have to Be humans correct it doesn’t have to be Human sure or he says either that or Carbon dating is just completely Completely inaccurate once getting to The million years territory yeah you Know it they’re they’re you know the Farther back you go the more you have to Give Um Um uh Uh ah gosh some days I just can’t think Okay You have to give it more room for error Yeah Um so yeah definitely uh maybe car maybe Carbon changes in a fossil and a fossil Change at different rates millions of Years ago yeah you know that’s actually A good point because if you think about It millions of years ago we used to have More oxygen in the air and that’s why we Had megafauna and megaflora and things Like that because there was more oxygen Um and because of the waning of the Lim The amounts of oxygen could be Potentially Impactful on our size and stature in the Stature of other species whether it be For Flora or fauna I mean think about The the giant sequoias you know you Don’t see them anymore We cut them all down to make buildings

And houses and stuff but you know they Can’t get that big anymore they just Can’t get that big anymore it doesn’t Work there are 50 60 70 year old trees Out there that just are nowhere near What they should what they could have Been before Soapbox sorry we’re shrinking Everything’s shrinking except us the Great American shrink ray yeah so thank You to everybody who weighed in on all Of this stuff I I just think you know The other alternative is is it a time Slip like I mentioned before and maybe It is maybe some of the stuff just fell Into some kind of portal and ended up Like in in 300 million year old stone or Or went back in time certainly people People have experience going into Different time or different places they Experience portals so is that some Possibility maybe I don’t know I just I Think this stuff is fascinating because Again it demonstrates we get a lot to Learn no matter what so see but the Problem is is it seems like the more we Learn The stupider we get because we forget About things like you know history Well and I wonder if that’s And history is written by the winners You know so yeah there’s that too yeah But but what I’m saying is you know Apparently if these people either moved

Off the the Earth or went extinct it’s Probably due to their Knowledge of technology and things like That sure or or maybe they did maybe They did decide to go check out what was Out there and maybe the people that they Stayed behind didn’t make it and that’s Why we have those elongated skulls and Flew us a bird and dropped a bombs see Ya yeah yeah exactly but you know like The the the the the elongated skull People in uh in Peru or whatever uh I Can’t remember the the names now I’m Kind of drawing a blank too but I got a Cold head so everything’s foggy but Anyway that there’s no wrong answers and Thank you to everybody that participated In these because you know I I just love Hearing what you guys think about this Stuff because you’re absolutely right I Mean everything you guys have said is is Perfectly valid and absolutely great Points so thank you prove me wrong on Any one of them yeah and I can’t and nor Would I I think that you guys will you Know Al brought up wonderful things Absolutely wonderful parts so that has Been tonight’s question of the week we Will repeat that again on Friday and Saturday nights so so if you’re not Already involved in the Discord please Get involved in Discord and we will Happily await your presence there it’s Quite a big Community it’s getting

Bigger all the time we’ve got I don’t Know 120 or so people over there Um I don’t know how to tell that oh There’s 111 plus 12.3 yeah yeah 123 people over there uh In our Discord community and we’d love To see it grow so if you’re not already Over there please get over there it’s Paranormal portal on Discord so Um but thank you all for taking part of That discussion that’s awesome Now let me see where the hell it is There it is let me turn back on this all Right there we go um we’re gonna get to Some other paranormal goodness that We’ve got lying up on Deck here and uh This is an article that we started Getting into last show last two shows I got stuff in the way there we go Gotta get my Little window to see through there there We go Um we’re going to go through an article Uh now that we’ve been working through It’s from this is not Necessarily A paranormal uh or a site But they did one of those Reddit farms And uh got some pretty great uh points And and weirdness there it is I found The invite buttons oh did you okay Please yeah there it’s in there it’s in There now all right thank you Don so There’s the Discord uh address if you Want to join we’d love to see you over

There but and this is uh Reddit users shared unexplained things That happened to them uh It says is what that happened to them is Okay all right well it’s not the best Language but anyway number 23 is where We left off and it’s got to be base Language just got to be there yep an Unexpected hitchhiker was Cruz in the Back road on the way to work when I Topped a hill and there was a cat in the Center of the road I didn’t have time to React and tried to Center the cat Between the tires and I I heard a loud Thump as I went over it and winced no Cat in the rear view which I pondered The rest of the drive when I got out of My truck I heard a meow huh I searched All over and eventually I found the cat Safe and sound sitting in the spare tire Underneath my truck bed he hung in there For over 20 miles I had that CAT for Almost nine years rip Mr Furley Mr Furley you know that’s a neat a neat Thing and I I think it sounds like it’s Mundane but I don’t know maybe that cat Was supposed to be in this guy’s life And I think I think sometimes these Animals that come into our lives serve a Much bigger purpose than what we think You know that they’re there whether for Energetic reasons or just as you know a Companionship or whatever like maybe These people like this guy really needed

That in his life right and boom there it Was like a you know like a gift a gift From the heavens right exactly I mean Because what are the odds he’s traveling Down us down a road it’s probably only 50 plus miles an hour and a cat just Jumped onto his spare tire and wrote it Out really I mean that can’t be possible So that that does seem super natural to Me well it’s certainly not normal It’s paranormal it just wanted to ride Number 24 prison poltergeists oh boy oh Boy I was deployed to Iraq and we stayed In a former prison in Baghdad during the Night we would see and hear strange Things The base at this time only had soldiers But we would hear children playing from Inside the prison One day we decided to dig deeper to see Where the kids were and we finally found Where the noise was coming from and we Found a room with the ceiling caved in We didn’t find any kids but found kids Books toys and kids clothes everything Looked like it wasn’t moved in weeks We continued to hear kids in the in the Year that we spent there yeah that’s Stone tape yeah it must be must be Doesn’t sound like it interacted with Them necessarily but it was just a a Recording that played back Number 25 the problem with cameras ah They’re everywhere

My husband had an overnight job one Night he left home at around 8 15 pm Around 11 I hear keys in our back door And the usual sounds of my husband makes When he comes home Well I crept out of the kitchen to make Sure it was him and it was he told me he Needed to grab his knee compression Sleeve in the morning when he got home I Made a comment about him for getting his Knee sleeve he was genuinely confused Our daughter confirmed everything I said But he was still acting confused I pulled up our security motion camera On my phone But there was no footage of him coming In coming home after he left My daughter and I both heard him and saw Him and I even touched him But he was never home during that time Getting cold kisses from the hubby huh That ain’t the heavy it’s the Doppel Hubby it’s the highway the hubby gang Here It’s the haint yeah maybe Number 26 dude that’s scary Around 1996 I borrowed a new digital Camera from my work and brought it to Band practice on a bassist’s house I Took a bunch of band picks and excited About the new technology we loaded the Photos onto his computer to get a good Laugh at our drunken foolishness in one Particular shot of the bassist we were

Stunned to see something bizarre The TV screen behind him in the photo Was black except for uh white cloudy Ghost writing that said things hurt wow We had no explanation for this my friend Printed the photo and I still have a Copy to this day wow things hurt huh I Guess so My feelings Number 27 watch out for dogs in trees I guess okay can I watch out for them Now too Don Like life starts out like 15 years ago Like what like really man like 15 years Ago we still lived with my mom we had a Big backyard and had two dogs one night I heard the dogs running back and forth Not barking but they were whimpering Like scared or something and when I went Out to see I saw another white dog like A big white husky dog and it looked at Me with piercing red eyes oh that’s a Bad sign then turned around and climbed A freaking tree and jumped to the Backyard next door to this day I know For sure I wasn’t high and still don’t Know what that was but that implies that She has been high before yeah I mean Which which you know she may be Misremembering Could could be uh could be legitimate Though could be uh you know some kind of Hellhound we’ve had taught people talk On our show on our show and talked about

You know the the the dog people as Opposed or wolf people as opposed to the Dog soldiers sure and the dog men so uh The Wolf People supposedly aren’t that Big of a deal well this is a big white Husky dog well you know but you know Maybe she’s not really good at Identifying breeds either yeah that’s True but dogs the dog and once it has Red eyes yeah yeah that’s pretty much All you shut down yeah yep I’m shutting Down Um that’s crazy whatever it is weird not Normal Number 29 a call about a feline one of My cats have been missing for a few Weeks and I’d given her up as gone while On the phone with a friend 100 miles Away he interrupts himself from talking About work and says with the strange Urgency Doug open your front door your Cat is sitting on the porch waiting to Come in And of course upon opening the door I Find her sitting there We were both Beyond Blown Away between Sobs of Joy I asked how did you know and He said I don’t know man it was really Weird oh that’s wild wow he got a Message you gotta download is Nate Rudd Here hi Nate hey hey Good to see you number 30 ghost baby It’s a ghost baby in the back seat you Know on a cold days inside your car and

You breathe on the window and draw on The glass well I got in my car and as I Look at the windshield I see a few small Baby hands I thought I was strained someone would Let a baby play on my car’s windshield I Had urge to touch the baby Prince and as I touched it I wiped away the handprints The handprints were made from inside of The locked car this is probably the Strangest creepy unexplained phenomena That’s ever happened to me yeah you Don’t often expect to see baby Handprints inside your locked car not Really now especially if you don’t have A baby That’s not that’s not normal nope number 28 mom is that you I was probably about 16 to 17 and just Gotten home from school my brother was In the kitchen making a Ruckus so I Started that way and as I passed by his Bedroom I saw my mom in there sitting on His bed with the lights off I stopped And stood in the doorway and asked what She was doing She said really slowly Just sitting come here I need to talk to you I took about a half step into the room When I heard my mom yelling for me in The kitchen from the kitchen and then Saw her sitting the table I looked back To the bedroom and there was nothing

There I don’t think I ever went back Into that room by myself again even 10 Years later she would have went in there She wouldn’t do that any longer either Yeah yeah that’s creepy honey come sit Here I’ll abduct you while we’re doing This yeah you got to wonder what is that What what is going on there Oh that’s the freaky stuff all right Number 32 rip sniffles Um poor sniffles my cat used to visit me After he passed away and I could see him Move in the corner of my eye just at the Edge of my vision or I could feel his Head pressing against my chin like he Used to this went on for years and Basically stopped when we moved I miss Him oh they didn’t leave Mr sniffles did They oh well you know dang it Mr Sniffles didn’t go with him yeah that’s Not that’s not good I’m pretty sure he’s Got a new family though He’s not going with somebody else now Because you’re a pet stare at corners For obscene hours yeah Number 31 looking for a sign Everywhere a sign not me but a friend of Mine right he’s a Christian but there Was a time in his life when he was Doubting his faith One night he was in the kitchen and fell To his knees asking for a sign when he Looked up at the bat on the lock on the Microwave he saw the time was 1604 and

He couldn’t get the get the name Matthew Out of his head so he picked up his Bible and goes to Matthew 16 verse 4 Thinking it would be some profound Message or something and instead it said A wicked and adulterous generation looks For a sign but none will be given oh my Oh Oh my oof that’s that’s not good that’s Not a good sign at all Repent repent Your kid in adulterous generation looks For signs but none will be given yeah Wow that’s not the kind of sign I don’t Think he was looking for I deny that Generation I’m not part of them no no no No no I may have been born right in the Middle of it but I deny them number 33 Whose dog is this anyway One day I came home from work and I Snuggled up with my dog fed him and Decided to take him on our favorite walk I literally fell asleep with him on top Of me that night and I woke up the next Morning and I couldn’t find him anywhere I called my parents who lived Practically next door in a panic and Apparently while I’d been at work that Day they’d taken him to their house they Forgot to return him and my dog had been With them all evening slash night So what dog did I spend that time with Well well maybe the dog was thinking Gosh I wish they’d let me just go home

So I could snuggle with my human yeah Just astral projector and just you know Okay I figured it out yeah my name is Doug yeah Squirrel uh there you go I’ll stick with The I Ching book of changes yes yeah That’s uh well that’s creepy is next When I was about nine I went on vacation With my family to a Seaside town and the Next stayed over None of us had ever been there before And we had been having such a great time Exploring the beach in the town we Stopped at an ice cream shop and we’re Enjoying ourselves when my dad noticed a Picture on the wall it was my older Brother and I enjoying ice cream in that Same shop only in this photo we were the Same age about three years old we were The same age about three years old my Brother is four years older than me so There was no way we could have looked at The same age when I was three The creepy part that made us all certain It was us was that I had a very Distinctive blonde streak in my dark Hair as well as dimples and so did this Girl Wow that’s weird Thank you Nancy Says please pay attention to the full Moon rise and set utilize stationary Markers at the Horizon synchronized with The greater Cycles full moon this Sunday

Gotcha hi Natalie UK Good to see you All right so very well how did they have A picture Who knows don’t know you know I was Watching that stupid movie a land of Lost with Will Ferrell last night and You know she the the the movie starts Off on the premise that he found you Know a way to shift dimensions and blah Blah But if if anybody’s ever seen the movie They know that one of the the female Lead character comes with a a piece of Rock that’s got you know like a Zippo Type lighter you know that was obviously It wasn’t there but the impression was There and then of course when he goes Back in time he drops his lighter and it Gets you know crushed into them You know that’s another question though I mean are you know back to the question Of the week Um could it be due to Dimension shifting Beans Sure I mean why not right yeah it could Be any number of reasons it’s just a Strange phenomena just so strange Um number 35 I want to believe All right it says driving from Northern California to Southern California Through the middle of the night I was Tired and the scenery along the free Freeway uh through the Central Valley

Isn’t very interesting I remember passing an old Silo looking At my car clock and it was 3 17 in the Morning Drove some more past a power line and it Was 321. I blinked shuffled in my seat And passed that same old Silo and it was Back to 317. oh man that’s brutal I was In disbelief I just stared at my clock For a few moments drove a little bit More past the same power line at 3 21. I Don’t know why or how but I went Backwards about four minutes never Experienced anything similar before or Since It really does yeah Yeah very weird Time Slips are very Bizarre I don’t know that would suck Though to have to re-drive that same Four minutes what if that’s what if That’s like a Gateway for a Mandela Effect like it wasn’t exactly perfect Time oh right but he just slipped into a Different Universe at that point you Know that’s an interesting thought yeah Kind of like when you were driving Through that storm that one time right Right maybe you weren’t supposed to be In this timeline maybe I wasn’t or maybe I was I was in the wrong one before well Maybe yeah maybe you were in the wrong Way maybe it was a correction yeah there You go that might have been it yeah it Could be yeah that’s very interesting

The The Adjustment Bureau well we’ve got To correct this hold on what’s this guy Doing here what the hell no man in hats Yeah We can dance if we want to wait this guy All right yeah all right number 36 an Absolute nightmare I fell asleep on the Couch and got up in the middle of the Night to go to the bathroom when I got There I realized I didn’t have to go I Went back downstairs to the couch when I Got there I saw my body still asleep oh My curled up on the sofa I don’t Remember what happened after and I know It had had to have just been a dream but It still freaks me out to this day to Think about it that explains why he had An empty bladder what yeah maybe maybe It’s still sitting on the couch it’s in The couch cushion he was astral Projecting I wonder how many people actually that Happens to I mean you know I mean you Know you have these you know you’re like Uh don’t don’t dream you’re in the Bathroom if you’re in the bathroom you Know oh God yeah what if like you’re Dangerous for projecting yourself yeah Your body’s saying I gotta pee in your Brain’s saying I don’t want to wake up Or I can’t wake up and the Consciousness Just goes I gotta go now and just head To go over there and then and then you Just wake up really warm it’s a warm

Feeling it’s so cuddly oh no it’s the Most disgusting thing ever I tainted my Pillow yeah no doubt tainted the sheets All right freaks me out too I woke up in The bath at a very specific time woke up In the bath okay wow like 5 45 twice 10 Years in between water was getting cold I was naked no memory of getting there Some fragments of like seeing my own Hand turning on the tap no drugs or Alcohol or even medication involved the Worst thing was the fear when I woke up I felt an inexplicable almost primordial Dread lasted for hours I was shaking Couldn’t function Still freaks me out thinking about it It’s kind of like the day I blacked out Yeah so it was an accident While drinking the sake wasn’t an Accident what was an accident was taking The flex roll it was a total accident Yeah and I I fellas I I blacked out Watching X-Files with my brother and Paisley and uh yeah it was weird because I woke up in the morning I’m like How am I in my bed I was watching X-Files with my brother and Paisley I’m In my bed naked and I don’t remember Doing anything that night yeah yeah yeah It was like Wow and and yeah it was kind Of I was I was scared I was like You know because at first it’s like Where am I and then I realized you know The the room I had at the time had this

Really weird colored ceiling and so I Was like okay I’m in my room is that the Dance of the pink elephants [Laughter] I cannot stand the way you tease oh boy Tainted Love sorry I couldn’t resist it No Jake No Jake What nobody can see that but us Jake oh That’s not gonna get shown nope never Mind never mind damn it somebody Undermine somebody’s gonna lose a wrench All right what are the odds number 38 I was walking down a busy street in Dublin on my way to work and I bumped Into a guy who was the bouncer at a club I used to go to we both stopped to look At each other and said what the heck are You doing here right at the same time That was over 20 years ago I’m back in My home country now and not long after I Moved into my new place I bumped into Him he lives a couple of streets away From my place wow that’s just a small World kind of thing though right yeah I Think so that’s not necessarily Paranormal All right help on the road I was on my Way to work quite early one morning and I hadn’t slept well the night before so As I came to cross the road next thing I Know uh just as I was about to cross the Road I felt like I’d walked into a tall

Wall I literally felt it stopped me Instantly it didn’t hurt it was soft but Firm feeling a split second later a car Raced past me wow at around 50 miles per Hour and the wheels were only a few Inches from running over my feet wow I Felt like I was definitely saved that Day but I have no explanation for this Barrier that stopped me that’s really Cool that’s a divine intervention right There that’s really cool Guardian Angel Probably yeah yeah something yeah Somebody’s looking out What was this one dream come true like The bathroom yeah That’s a self-fulfilled prophecy that’s A bed filling props yeah I had a short Lucid dream And the scene happened in real life a Few days later I am 200 sure about it Because I kept the Diary of my dreams And it matched perfectly that’s called a Premonition Precognition the dreamer like Edgar Casey yep Um 41 second grade superpowers When I was in second grade I was getting The mail and when I picked out a letter For me I got a flash of this lady who I’d never seen before and I was like Okay whatever Turned out it was an image of my second Grade teacher before I even met her on The first day of school wearing the

Exact clothes I pictured the letter was A welcome to class letter from her wow Wow that is cool that’s precognition That’s what that is that is Number 42 is small It’s a Small World I might as well just finish this article Because we’re getting to the tail end of It here I think I was sitting in the United States tens of thousands of miles From home Is that possible not not unless you’re Dealing in A Z formation You know zigzag zigzag walking along the Beach and heard someone call Out From The Terrace of this Cafe It was my former boss from back in my Own country my mind can’t even begin to Calculate the unlikeliness of that well Tens of thousands of miles away yeah I Will you know She could have been from somewhere else Tens of thousands of miles it’s not even A thousand miles around the Earth no I’m Sure not it’s like I don’t know how many You would have to go all the way around The equator then over over the poles and Then back around to wherever the hell She was with a few zigzags super pattern Hairpin turns all right who are you Number 43. I was chilling in a cafe several years Ago when someone I had never seen before Walked in he came up to me and asked are You my first name my full name I said

Yeah he nodded and then walked out of The store and I never saw him again to This day I don’t know who that was or How he knew who I was was he serving Karma or the or the CIA All right is your name Dan Aykroyd well Of course it is yeah no it’s Elwood oh Yeah Wow number 44 predicting the future When I was about 10 years old I had a Pretty scary dream in this dream my mom Drowned in quick in quicksand and my Little brother jumped in to save her in The process he broke his arm the next Day my little brother broke his arm no Quicksand involved and my mom was never In danger danger in real life but still I was super freaked out by the fact that I dreamed about my little brother’s Injury literally the night before to This day when I think about it it gives Me chills yeah Another little bit of uh psychic in Information maybe oh yeah exactly not Really noteworthy but being at the Apartments and doing work for school Only to receive a text to be told that My online assignment had four wrong Answers just out of the blue no contact ID or anything I began to slightly panic And do a virus checks and other safety Measures I saved my files to my cloud Reset my computer for safety and to this Day I run a VPN and Antivirus for

Someone to look at what you’re doing and To just say something in a text makes Second guess how safe you are on the Internet well yeah yeah I don’t think You ever should feel really safe on the Internet it’s more of an implied safety Is it the wrong answers dummy you’ve got Four wrong so far fix it tell me the Answers and then I’ll let you go who are You your question your tutor Number yeah Number 46 scene double When I was a freshman in high school we Had a pair of new students who were Twins I remember both of them because while They were while they were twins they had A slight differences so I could tell Them apart Anyway a few years after high school I Get a friend request from one of them I was looking at her Facebook randomly One day looking at her pictures and Didn’t see any of her sister which I Thought was odd I mentioned it to my Friend and she looked at at me strangely And said she doesn’t have a twin I asked another couple of people who Went to high school with and they all Said the same thing I have no idea what Happened and it still baffles me wow That’s why you could tell them apart one Was alive one was not yeah exactly big Difference maybe maybe that’s a good

Point maybe it was getting a psychic Impression of a second person maybe she Had a parasitic twin oh yeah do you know That sometimes hey do you know I don’t know and so sometimes um Um not just not just parasitic but it The there could be you know twin embryos And Um not necessarily one absorbs the other But the other one like Desi dies and Dissolves away yeah so you know you Still is that but does that is there Still a spirit there is there still a Soul that is imprinted into the into the Psyche of the other that may or may not Realize it’s there and then things like This happen I don’t know that’s a good question That’s a great possibility I don’t know It’s a it’s a pretty pretty uh Yeah pretty loaded description but it’s It’s I mean it wouldn’t make sense I Mean if there was a or was he Mandela Out of the reality with the twins yeah Maybe he was yeah maybe or maybe the Twins were yeah that’s true maybe one of The twins was yeah sucked out and left You’re done here hey hackser how are you Hey good to see you good to see you I Was I was just thinking of the barrel Cream today oh yeah I really was I know The barrel dreams I was just thinking of It today I was like oh that sounds Awesome anyway good to see you brother

Thanks for stopping you know I think I Believe I believe I saw a picture that He posted with candy corn he was Steeping candy corn and alcohol oh wow Brother what are you doing He’s a scientist that man is a Mixologist look that’s the wrong kind of Corn to make mash with okay it doesn’t Work that way That moonshine no Okay All right let’s continue on number 47 Not creepy just a creep I once caught my Neighbor staring at me outside my Bedroom windows while I was Straightening my hair with no trousers On Uh and I immediately ducked under my Window pane as soon as I saw him he was He was legit Steward in this Alleyway That connects the Streets back Gardens Arms crossed and there for at least 15 More minutes just staring through my Window oh God I even got a picture of it Pretty sure I was 15. That’s just not the way to behave oh That’s all kinds of creepy All right number 48 this has ghosts Written all over it worked as a tour Guide in an old 18th century mansion and Lots of unexplained things would happen Quite regularly this one time while I Was with some guests in the former Ballroom a little boy asked his mom

Mommy why are those children crying Upstairs Of course nobody else could hear it but Above us would have been the old Nursery Where two young girls died in the 19th Century Nursery was on the third floor And the entire level just had a strange Vibe to it Still gives me the creeps thinking about It yeah that’s weird Whatever they always use these in Different pictures of these Girls it’s like none of them seem real Happy to have their picture taken oh This is a different one number 49 don’t Drink and drive I was about 10 and saw my grandmother Standing at the front door looking Outside she was talking to my dad and I Couldn’t see my dad’s face but he was Shirtless He had a very distinct mole in the Middle of the back of his back so I knew It was him he was mumbling something and I couldn’t understand my grandmother was Telling him something along the lines of If you love them so much why did you go And do this My mom wasn’t there to see this because She had left moments before after Getting a call letting her know my dad Had been driving drunk and hit a mule on The highway he was in the hospital Clinging to life Wow wow wow that’s all

Kinds of Grandma was reprimanding him Right there right Wow how could you have gone and done This wow yeah so she was a ghost too no To the grandma my grandma was standing In the front looking outside she was Talking to my dad yeah but the dad was In the hospital yeah exactly grandma was Talking to the dad Right but he was he was visiting oh his Spirit was yeah okay you know maybe she Maybe she scared him back into his body You get back in your body and you take Care of the family well you know that’s That’s interesting because that that Kind of stuff does actually uh actually Happen uh we had a a dear friend of the Show she hasn’t been around for quite a While but uh yeah she had she had uh uh Her and her her and her husband had had Been leasing Farmland from another guy And they were having trouble with their Their calves and stuff and they were Having all kinds of issues but she uh She had this guy the landowner stop over One day and sit down and she said oh hey Do you want a beer and he said sure and And she put a beard down in front of him And they sat and talked and they talked For quite a long time like and uh he Finally said you know he’s talking about Farming and giving her advice and stuff And then he said well gotta go or he Said or she said let me go see if

So-and-so is done you know and out of The shower or whatever so she went in And said hey so-and-so’s here to the Hubby and he said what And she said yeah so-and-so’s here and She said that’s not possible And she’s like what do you mean He was in the hospital in a coma yeah But he had he had come and visited her And she said you know it was really Weird but I just realized then he never Did touch that beer right you know but He sat there with her and I guess he Pulled through but he came and had a Discussion with her so very unusual very Unusual stuff yeah I have to report on This yeah hacker says let me explain the The Candy Corn vodka he says uh get your Martini glass 1.5 ounces of candy corn Infused vodka then drizzle down the side And make that a new layer and make a Darker orange and then top it with Double cream spooma so it’s a candy corn Martini it’s a candy corn Martini it Looks like candy cream that still sounds Disgusting might be delicious I don’t Know don’t hate it till you try it well You know I have my first Moscow Mule the Other day so I can’t say anything about It because I never liked vodka until Just All right number 50 pay it forward I was driving down a freeway in a big City after work and my car stalled in

The left lane Some guy immediately came up and offered To told me to the next off-ramp with a Tow strap he dropped me off and I tried Giving him some money and he declined Telling me to instead do something nice For someone else For something else but for someone else I think a week later he was there was a Rare downpour as I got in my car after Work two scruffy looking guys come Running up to me and one said hey Brother we missed our bus he wanted to Know if I could give them to uh the two Of them a ride which is not the best Part of town and I would have been in I Wouldn’t have been inclined to let them In but I remembered what the Good Samaritan had told me pay it forward Okay I said hop in after a while we got To an exit where they asked to be let Off and it was the same exact spot in The city of millions of people where the Other guy had unhitched my car from his Truck and told me to do something nice For someone else well there you go yeah That is cool that’s yeah that’s Definitely um a sign yep late night Visitor part two Okay I don’t know where part one is but We’ll start with part two When I was five years old my mom opened The door to two cops who were telling Her that her daughter me was outside

Alone in spring with only a t-shirt and Shorts at 1amish She told the cops it cannot be true I’m In her bed right now she comes to get me And we go to the entry and the two cops Said that the little girl knew where She’s living and that’s that’s her who Said she was living at my house The two cops then look at me creep out And ask my name and I have a very unique Name and the cops took the little girl To show my mother that it wasn’t a joke Of some sort the little girl entered and Random my mom yelling Mommy Mommy it’s Me Lily The name the name is Livia I don’t know How the heck she knew my name and made a Nickname with I believe she heard the Cops asking me questions then I started To cry and eventually the cops left with The little girl that’s creepy wow yikes That’s that’s creepy that’s insanely Creepy Um wow What about that poor girl I mean what The hell is going on Black-eyed kids right maybe maybe I Don’t come in no that’s a head scratcher What would you do yeah what would you do Don I uh somebody came in let’s say you Have a daughter and they come in with Another daughter and she’s like Daddy Daddy’s me let me in let me come in I Mean what would you do

Uh right I mean I don’t know either Other than poop myself yeah no clue no No idea no clue no idea either Um number 52 high stakes I had a Schnauzer and could that could Hear a cat stock across a per across a Persian rug She made a great tent companion while on Backpacking trips Bears raccoons skunks Would all get fair warning if they came Within range of our campsite one morning We woke up from the night without Interruptions in the back country of a Southwest Colorado and I found my 10th Central guy line was no longer staked Down by the aluminum stake that had been Used but instead by a piece of Aspen Branch that had been carved into what Looked like a tiki statue a snarling Face with teeth had been carved from the Bark and it had obviously been heated in A fire to give it a brown color My dog didn’t make a sound I scrambled Out of the tents looked around the small Alpine Lake and saw no other campers nor Any sign that people had been around I Cut my trip short and hauled ass to the Eight miles back to my car Not a single other car in the lot at the Trailhead Yeah that’s creepy not good Number 53 listening ear Uh a few years ago I thought this was Almost done it’s still going on this

Might be the last one we’ll read it Might be one of those articles that just Continues expanding as it’s great I Think there’s only two more left really Yeah okay well let me just look here I’m going to read this one and then We’ll be done A few years ago I was at my lowest point In life I just couldn’t imagine waking Up another day so I planned to take Myself out and bought a one-way plane Ticket ticket got sleeping pills on the Day I was to fly out to fulfill my plan There was an accident on the freeway to The airport I was shut down both ways it Was shut down both ways so I drive to a Nearby pub and wait out the traffic the Second I sat on the patio with my drink A gentleman asked if he could sit with Me he said that he sensed that I was in Pain but that had an incredible life Ahead of me and that this was not the Way my story was supposed to end I Poured my heart out to this random guy He told me he was going it was going to Be okay tomorrow and I believed him and I never saw him again I don’t even know His name but I think about that guy Every day so thank you kind stranger for Saying saving my life that random September day did he look like Um God what’s that guy’s name I don’t know Sam Elliott I don’t know but

We did read a story very very similar to That that had to do with a guy that was Planning to take himself out as well and He saw this woman this beautiful woman Sitting at a at the uh a cafe where he Went to sit and have coffee before and Uh she was crying and so he just thought He’d talk to her and started talking to Her and saying hey it’s gonna be okay It’s gonna be okay and and uh she Finally steered the conversation back to Him at the end and then he said well you Know I’d like to stay in touch with you And he wrote his number down and gave it To her but she left it and then Apparently just disappeared like walked Like 20 feet away and was just gone Couldn’t find her and uh he went into Therapy after that and and became a Therapist himself and devoted his life To it but he thinks it was his gardening Angel so very similar story Um so maybe there’s a whole bunch of Them that kind of hang out looking for Those very sad people and and try to Give them hope that’s a a beautiful Possibility sure enough yep uh Jake We’re not in TFR tonight buddy I’m not Even in the in the TFR chat so there’s No no going over to TFR Why don’t you write an email yeah write An email buddy paranormal photo radio yes I know Jake’s got the Address because he’s emailed me oh well

Good yep so okay we’re gonna drop this Article here Um and we will continue with some other Strangeness let’s see what time is it Android no because when Dave Pilates Read it on his podcast I got i i m IB Visitors so I put it online instead to Be safe what what are you talking about Lily Pond I’m not sure I don’t know but we have Trouble with my views too so but we had A we had trouble one night we got Knocked off the air it was just really Weird it was really weird yeah there’s a Sound bite to that somewhere yeah Somewhere I can find it Um yeah I think maybe I even have it Here Should we play it if you really want to I don’t know do you think yeah sure I can look for it see if we can find it That’s just the weirdest night we were Talking about mibs as a matter of fact Yeah and uh we were getting on to the End of the day end of the night and this Is before we were on YouTube we are Still doing the TF just TFR and uh yeah So it was really weird but we got Knocked off then we reconnected and all This weird looping stuff happened and it Looped in something from a show that Wasn’t even playing Because he looped in Deb Varner remember Yeah it was strange and she wasn’t even

On the show that night no it was just Weird where is that one I I thought it Would be I think it was we played it During the parathon but oh we might have But I still don’t have it on this Computer no I know I’m just gonna see if I can find it quick because Um what would it have been on is it on The parathon well I have a pair of Thought that was eight hours of just Pure nuttiness right but it was just a Clip yeah that that was eight hour Stream that was a long stream that’s Like uh a whole long format we did the Parathon doing it again No I don’t think I am either that was a Long show one of Deb’s leftover guides Maybe Maybe It’s crazy because uh we’re you know we I think we even mentioned um The uh Dan Aykroyd and the a couple Other ones too as well so yeah I’m just Looking to see if I can find a knife Farm Can I farm take care of yourself did you Just flashy thingy sorry huh nothing Keep going no yeah so um yeah but it was Just wild I don’t I don’t know I don’t know where To find it now I’m sorry it’s just one Of those things I don’t think I can find It anymore Um how about um

100 episode Loop can you search for that I don’t know 100 episode Loop You mean is that the name of the file Maybe Did we do it on the hundred we do we did It on the 100th show because lucky was Like that was the most annoying thing I’d ever heard oh okay let me see so if You have a copy of the 100 maybe maybe It’s in there somewhere maybe did I do a Folder for the 100th episode Maybe I did hold on I’m looking folks Sorry this is kind of a curveball of Sorts But Yeah we’ll have to look out for it later Yeah is it sound files would it be in Here No no that’s uh Other ones some file here no that’s Demon scream we played that last time Um I don’t know It’s here somewhere I’ll I’ll dig up This stuff uh and we’ll see what happens Yeah but yeah we’ll probably uh cover Your story on on Friday Jake Um so we can get to some more stuff here But yeah thank you for sending in the Story I appreciate that a lot Um but yeah I’d like to get I’d like to Get stuff as much as we can before the Show John’s little person she saw on

Property and Discord and Discord okay oh Okay Cryptid chat 9 24. okay all right So we’re gonna go to some Phantoms and Monsters reports here and uh these are Of course lawn strickler site we talk About all the time definitely check it Out you can check out his his uh his Podcast as well there Phantoms and Monsters radio as well as his books and Uh plenty of Articles here but the first Article we’re going to talk about is not Deer or shape-shifting coyote bizarre Encounter in Central Texas So those of you from Texas just be Careful And let’s see what it says the central Texas resident is walking the rural Countryside with his dog when he Suddenly encounters two large coyotes Crossing the road what occurs afterwards Is quite unexplained So this happened a week or so ago and I Can’t stop thinking about it my family Is a small Farmstead and more or less The middle of nowhere Central Texas to The southeast of Austin but very rural All dirt roads only a couple of Neighbors within a mile or so I usually walk with my dog in the thick Woods on our property but sometimes we Walk along the dirt roads because it’s Like we have them to ourselves maybe Five to six cars will pass by our place On the Country Road in the course of a

Given day We’re walking along the dirt road back Home when we heard something crash in The woods off to our left I looked closely but didn’t see anything And just figured it was an animal or a Branch falling no big deal A few more steps and two coyotes burst Out of the woods and crossed the road Right in front of us This is weird because it’s late in the Day for coyotes to be active but more so Because they look huge for coyotes Almost like wolf size we don’t have Wolves here anymore and one of them Looks kind of hunched over like it’s Hurt or it’s a bipedal animal loping Along on all fours for some reason Note and this comes into play in a Second that I saw absolutely no antlers Or anything my dog starts to act out of Character And says okay so these big possibly Injured coyotes run into the brush on The other side of the road my dog and I Kind of stand there for a bit and then Move on it’s the country and there are Coyotes whatever We round a corner and here comes one of The coyotes crossing the road again fast It scoots under the fence and I watch it Run across the pasture past some cattle Who are totally unbothered by this big Predator running by them I call my dog

Back to me because I know the second one Is probably about to pop out and I don’t Want her getting into a fight that she’d Lose Here’s where it gets a little weird Sure enough outruns the second one it’s The hunched over an injured looking one It hits the fence line where where There’s a a bit of low scrubby brush I Wait for it to pop out on the other side And start watching to see how these cows Are going to react but It doesn’t come out It just kind of disappears into the tiny Patch of brush which doesn’t seem at all A big or big or dense enough to conceal It We’re slowly moved closer to the fence Slash brush to see if this coyote is Hurt or hung up in the fence or Something And all of a sudden one of the biggest Most majestic bucks male deer I’ve seen Around here pops out of this fence line And runs into the field these antlers Are huge he’s a big boy taller and more Muscular than most of our Central Texas Deer he runs along a bit and then turns And watches us We get closer to the fence to see what Was up with this coyote There was no coyote and absolutely Nowhere a coyote could have hid This deer is still watching us and I

Don’t know what to do so I just Shout Good morning and say something like um We mean you no harm And we walked home So yeah big injured coyote kind of Morphed into a big healthy Buck more or Less before my very eyes and I guess it Was probably a deer all along slumped Down and slinking fast away from a Coyote but that’s weird because a I saw The coyote twice and it definitely Looked like a coyote And it definitely had no antlers A big buck isn’t going to run away from A lone coyote Things are crazy out here in the sticks Sometimes even in the middle of the day So that that you know I mean There are of course the legends of the Skinwalkers but there’s also shamanic Traditions of shape shifters that aren’t Necessarily Skin Walkers in that you Know not all of the all of the Transformations were born of an evil Character they were these shamans that Could allegedly shapeshift as well So perhaps it wasn’t evil at all it was Just one of them I don’t know I mean It’s It’s just a guess but I mean if if this Is indeed a legitimate story What do you make of that what do you Think Don I don’t know you know yeah you talk

About yeah we talk about you know the Shape shifters and the and the um Um what’s the other one Skin Walkers and So you know that might be but they Didn’t really Central West Texas Central Texas yeah Wow I don’t know I just don’t know yeah I don’t know either I mean it’s one of Those one-off stories that’s kind of Hard to know what to do with right did This area have a history of that right Is there more sightings such as this in That area I don’t know it didn’t seem at All perplexed to let them see that hey Something was going on right so whatever The case is I don’t know very strange But a weird story nonetheless that’s the First up from Phantoms and Monsters the Next one up is reported Yahweh and Bigfoot encounters and experiences I love that snuffy nose All right reported Bigfoot and yaoi Encounters and experiences Several Bigfoot and Yahweh encounters Reports offered recently some are Harrowing accounts have you ever had an Encounter feel free to contact me or Email or call thanks Lon thanks Brent Yeah I can’t I can’t steal Ron’s Thunder Like that on his own material I believe I encountered a Sasquatch group of four Last summer 2021 while camping in Twin Rivers Beach Washington I felt like they were a family and I

Could hear them walking across the beach While I was camping from within my tents They covered about 80 80 feet and about 20 steps The largest got within a few feet of my Tents I recorded them I could hear a Very low frequency that they were using To communicate I’m not sure if you can Hear it in the recording or and would Love to get that wave file to someone Who could better analyze it There are four beings there were four Beings and they were walking on two feet I could clearly hear the differences in Their size and distance from where I was There are a bunch of flat stones on the Beach and that that this made it Difficult to imp or impossible for them To walk across the beach without making A noise Based on the sound of their footsteps is Why I believe this was a family of four There was a very large one bringing up The front a younger one and and was a Second to the smallest and the third was A little one that was walking just in Front of the second largest one which Was bringing up the rear of the pack And that’s the end of that story that Was by GS next one is four years ago 2017 I believe I had this experience I Actually thought I was crazy and Hallucinating We’re on the highway in Victoria it was

Dark and we’re driving back from New South Wales where we were close to Seymour probably 25 minutes away and I Saw this huge gorilla running in the Bushes I was so scared at first I didn’t tell My partner I was embarrassed because I’ve always got something weird to say And I thought this was maybe from the Long drive and I could see the trees Moving as they ran I kept thinking this Is impossible My husband realized I was acting strange And he asked if that was okay I told him There was a gorilla-like thing chasing Us but still no cars around As we got closer to Seymour it stopped Chasing I really thought I hallucinated Because there were no gorillas in the Australian bush I’ve even told friends and family about This weird experience but now I feel Some relief because I might not be crazy After all I’m Aussie and didn’t know About the yowie DM yeah there’s a version the gorillas There Um I’m an uh next one I’m an x-pro Shooter by trade Feral animal species only in 2004 I Encountered and changed the yowie Approximately seven plus feet tall Out the back of gresford in lower lower New England region of New South Wales

No mistaking this encounter as it broke From the bush literally only a few feet From where I was standing and gave Chase It was freaking big very fast and Bulldozed through the scrub and brush Like it wasn’t even there I chased it into a dead-end washout but Wasn’t but wasn’t going in after it and Sure as hell wasn’t going to shoot it as It as as it Did nothing to me and figure it had a Right to be there as much as anyone else Or anything else besides it would have Felt more like shooting another human Being as opposed to some wild feral Animal I’m happy to discuss this encounter and Other experience in the in the bush Including my 14 years in Cape York with The little people Etc Yes all these things really do exist I Love to talk to this person no doubt That sounds like a wonderful bunch of Stories Um this one is the last one 50 years ago In 1972. that was 52 years ago this is 50. 50 years ago in 1972 it was 52 years ago Oh okay all right oh no I guess you’re Right nope no okay So this is a good one yep I drove my Girlfriend out into the country on a Dark night in Northern Indiana just to a Spot that I had passed before

It was a clearing in the thick Woods of The south side of the Wabash River East Of Logansport it was a moonless night With pitch black darkness out in the Woods I pulled into the spot and parked we got Out and I laid out a blanket We didn’t even have a moment to sit down When we heard something huge and Aggressive crashing through the trees And thick underbrush directly towards us It sounded like it was making a grunting Or growling noise crash crash crash Crash I grabbed the blanket ran into the Car and sped off We left there in shock and never spoke About the incident Well I completely forgot that it had Happened until about five years later I Heard two different news stories at the Same time about three people reporting a Seven to nine foot tall hairy creature Walking upright in the area that sparked My memory and I’ve since Googled Bigfoot And Wabash River Valley and found that There have been numerous documented Sightings there since this since the Early 1800s many have reported Aggressive territorial Behavior Yeah that’s not the kind of squatches You want to be messing with Yikes what do you think of those reports Uh I really like them I always like I

Always like these first-hand one-offs Most of the time yeah I do too because It’s just it’s a fresh sometimes it’s Fresh like the guy I oh I was I was Chasing it no you weren’t you were not Chasing a Yowie you weren’t chasing a Bigfoot because they wouldn’t let you Chase them You never keep up no you well I don’t Think you keep up and I think you’d be too Frightened actually to actually go about Doing it Um you know you you’ve got to have a Certain set of balls uh to uh you know Actually have oh I’m not scared and Literally not be scared and go through With it but you know I mean even you Know even people like like me who are Who see Bear all the time every time a Bear walks through my yard I get you Know I get nervous about it sure so yeah You know yeah whatever Well it’s yeah I I think you’re right I’ll go chasing the bear even though I Know the bear is more scared of me than It is than I am it am yeah I think I think it’s interesting because There there are people obviously that Have seen them right but you’re right I Mean if this is an initial first time Seeing yeah that’s I mean the impact of That has just got to be so profound like You know and there’s so many things they

Could do that would be just Deterrence yeah Unless you’re just like too stupid Well you know there’s plenty of that Going around too that’s true too yeah There’s not an abundance of brains in This world anymore I don’t know I I Think it could be right it seems pretty Scary sometimes but yeah that’s I think A great collection of stories Um yeah every one of them I I don’t Doubt happened just as it was reported Nothing nothing is reported that’s out Of the ordinary Um that we haven’t heard hundreds of Other times from other reports it’s and That’s the that’s what I like about These kind of reports is because it does Give a consistency of information a lot Of times that helps you establish a Behavior right at least to rudimentarily You know there’s there’s behaviors that Are established just from anecdotal Evidence right so we can get a little Bit into this in insight into you know How these things work at least by what People have observed you know short of Being able to study and research them Ourselves Natalie UK says I don’t know People have died doing something stupid Well yeah that’s yeah That’s true yep the Darwin Awards yep Congratulations you won a Darwin of Course you’re not a lot you you’ll get

It post humorously yep not it’s not I Didn’t say humorously it’s posthumously Posthumously yep there you go so that’s A good collection of reports let’s see Where we’re at with the time here 10 minutes left you know this is Hacker says sure Natalie I just don’t Want to be one of the stupid deaths yeah I think I got time for this one this is Humanoids demonic things recently seen In Red Pheasant Cree Nation Saskatchewan Oh this is up in Canada This is a Canadian It’s a boot to be right here on the Portal oh boy uh bizarre series of Sightings have occurred at The Red Pheasant Cree Nation planes Cree First Nations banned government in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan On the Facebook profile of Jeffrey meech Me chenches or me Chen says sorry I’m Brutalizing that two photos of unknown Humanoids have been posted there is also A video of a humanoid walking at another Location and there’s also a suggestion In the comments that the elders and Medicine people conduct ceremonies in Order to rid themselves of these demonic Things the locations of concern seem to Be the community center where the Humanoid was seen on the roof and at the Local high school A relative named Madeline also stated a

Couple of years back I had a dream slash Vision these black demonic figures Exactly what’s in this picture were Descending down into the ochias uh Ochias First Nation and they also had Black wings and as they were descending Down the whole Reserve was covered in Black fog slash cloud in my dream Vision I was terrified seeing this I ran to the Family telling them and gathered family My interpretation of this dream vision Is that too many bad things going on Reserve the drugs the deaths everything That is that has no negative Stuff in life time to bring the elders In the community together to fight Together to bring light and positive to The people and the Home Fires of our Culture to fight off these demonic Things as they are trying to short Trying as they are trying Stronger by The day feeding off the people that are Stuck in addictions and hurting the ones They love and families fight amongst one Another it got so powerful now that it’s Showing itself in daylight now that’s The scary part As well as all in the community I thought I’d share it as it freaked me Out seeing this picture in my dream hit Me to recall what my dream was I hope You hear what I write as this is very Concerning and if nothing is done to Fight these things I pray for my

Community right Um is that the thing on the roof right There maybe creepy thing being spotted During the day now this was yesterday so Scary the video I seen yesterday scared Me LOL WTF you my work has a JuJu they Said they watched it crawl under the Shingles oh That’s not good yeah you know we talk About you know like Um we had that one guy on the podcast Long ago and he was talking about Addiction and the he had a he had an Attachment remember do you remember that Oh it was long ago uh I’m sure you’re Right but it was like four years ago It’s a longer it was so long ago back in The days of old yeah um but you know he Was talking about the addiction and how It felt like he had you know his uh he Had his Spirit on his back or an Attention you know and that’s I think That’s what they’re referring to there Is is you know Because in a lot of In a lot of The culture that culture now there’s a Lot of drug use and and alcoholism and It’s it’s unfortunate you know um and so I could see you know the idea of you Know something coming down you know and And infesting you know these areas Um So yeah it’s just yeah

Yeah but anyhow there you go yeah There’s there certainly is many many Ways in which dark things can gain Dominion over over a place or a person And one of which is certainly chemical Use right Um it’s believed to make holes in the Aura and cause you to have no resistance Or very low resistance to their their Oppression and their influence so right You know it’s very very scary stuff and It’s really Sickening to think that there are things Like this that might be out there just Waiting to prey on people right that are Too weak and damaged and certainly in The State of Affairs nowadays there’s a Lot of damage going around right and so It’s not hard to believe that maybe These things are gaining some traction Just with all the darkness and anger and Hate and stuff uh that’s being Circulated by so many different things But this this is from Friday September 30th so it’s a new article right and uh It’s certainly disconcerting so that’s One of the reasons we close these shows With be good be kind be nice you know Yeah you’re trying to just push out some Positivity I don’t know I don’t know if It matters or not but it’s just my my Way of trying to remind people that when You deal in darkness when you deal in Anger when you deal in hate

Um you will create a focal point of Yourself and something will find you I Really believe that And so that’s the danger of it so always Try to remain good and it’s spread love And do the best you can in this world But that is ultra creepy Um I hope I hope they’re able to pull Together and get those things out of There ah there you go scary stuff for Sure Um But I think that’s going to kind of wrap It up isn’t it yeah I got five minutes Left yeah five minutes I got four Minutes five minutes well it may have Changed four minutes four minutes yeah Four minutes that’s pretty darn good I Think I don’t have time to dig up Another one so yeah there’s not enough Time to read another one but uh we will Be back on Friday nights so I hope You’ll join us then and we’ll have Another question of the week so if You’re not in the Discord Community get In the Discord Community what is he Doing to come up with some of these Questions some of these questions are Like wow they’re they’re he and I coming Up with them oh so you guys like Collaborating yeah yeah okay yep we talk About them and decide what we’re going To ask so yeah I mean I’m a part of the Process I’m involved a little

Um a bit but yeah so Um but anyway watch for the podcast as Well their new podcast is a great Discussion we had with uh Stacy Brown Jr Who is uh an incredible guy and he’s a Documentarian and a Bigfoot researcher And just an all-around really cool guy Had a great conversation with him so Check that out and check out the other Recent ones from phenomicon the Stacy Brown is the last of the phenomicon Interviews and uh it was just really Cool to have a chance to sit down and Talk with the people we did Um but there’ll be a lot more coming as Always so look for the Paranormal portal Podcast speaking of the podcast I think You need to talk to Lily Pond I do okay Because there’s a story in in Discord That would be interesting out okay well Lily Pond I’ll be talking to you see if You want to appear on the podcast then We love hearing firsthand reports that’s My all-time favorite so if you’ve Experienced stuff and you want to be a Guest on the podcast email me at Paranormalportalradio and I’d Love to talk to you So is it possible to fix a hole in Aura Yeah and that’s by by healing yeah you Got to get rid of the darkness I mean in Yourself Um one of the things is by quitting Using chemicals if you’re using

Chemicals that’s creating holes and While you quit using chemicals you heal Um and then and then there’s also what’s Called Shadow work people are scared of Because of the name but it’s really just Working on your issues your well yeah Your issues but you’re you’re you know You’re Yeah well we’ll just leave it at issues Yeah so I mean it’s just any time you Anytime you come from a broken place and You work to get healthy you’re healing Your your aura you’re you’re becoming Stronger Um whether it’s through faith whether It’s through having uh some awesome Beliefs good health is part of that Um and being good to people is part of Healing you know um there’s just so many Things it’s just you don’t want to be Dark don’t be dark be good And that’s going to close out the show Where I say be good be kind be nice take Care of each other help each other out Find the magic in every day and remember To laugh as much as you can and we hope You we help you laugh a little bit every Time you watch the shows guys so Um if you have any suggestions for Questions of the week send them over I’d Love to see what you guys would like us To ask and and talk about in the Discussions so Um but anyway Don anything in closing

Time uh just don’t forget the podcast This is not the podcast the podcast is The podcast yeah this is their YouTube Show we have a podcast that’s Audio Only Absolutely and um a Teespring Teespring Of course don’t forget you can get Paranormal portal gear and so look for The link in the description below you’ll Find the the Teespring link and you Should be seeing a shelf where there’s Some items there for purchase but it Helps us out a ton and helps to spread The word a ton too so love you guys a Bunch and uh guess we’ll see on Friday Night so until then Good night good night