Haunted Bobby Mackey’s ~ Paranormal Investigation #Paranormal #haunted #ghost #hauntings #evp

By | October 6, 2022
Haunted Bobby Mackey's ~ Paranormal Investigation      #Paranormal #haunted #ghost #hauntings #evp

Did you see that door and I said yeah I Think Patty went in there you’re gonna Open and close right I mean all the way Open and close right there in front Which door the lady’s bathroom oh wow no I didn’t go near there yeah oh it’s Already starting To go out the door I did I said did Someone just go in there she’s like she Went outside That door opened we were standing right Back closed What show me what bathroom door right Here oh right here We were standing right here where you’re At oh yep we were right there and it Fully opened and closed yeah I was like I didn’t see her go on that Door oh wow no I didn’t go near the Store Okay Yeah I guess so Hello everybody this is Patty and I am Here in Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s for My very first time I’m here with a lot Of special guests I’m here with my Friend Vicki Mercer hello

I’m here with Raymond hi everybody and Brian is somewhere around here okay he’s Changing lenses Um I’m excited to be here I flew here Yesterday stayed at Adam’s house all Night Adam was unfortunately not able to Come with us tonight due to a death in His family uh so we are here tonight for Four hours and we’re about to get Started we don’t want to waste any time So let’s get into it when I was 16 years Old I had to went to United States Army I couldn’t go in until I was 17. I Turned 17 in May and two weeks later I Was leaving I wanted to do one manly thing I was like man I’m gonna go to Bobby Mackey’s by myself so I come over I come Over here I borrow my buddy’s ID I get In couldn’t believe it I was so excited About being here my cowboy hat on him Coonsdale on the back of it because that Was during the urban cowboy days now I Come in here I got to that door the Cards are right there because that man I Got right outside that door and I got Scared to death I don’t know why but I Just got freaked out it wasn’t because Of hauntings because I was a kid and a Huge nightclub that has a you know a Killer reputation here bouncers are Bigger and Bigfoot so I moseyed right to This chair in this corner and I sat Right here

The thing about the spirits here Bobby Matthews is they like to play games with Guys in the bathroom when you’re Standing or taking a pee there used to Be a bit old galvanized gas garbage can In there they would take the garbage can And whack you with the garbage can and Make you pee all over yourself Well I’m sitting here huh hereless Commotion in the men’s bathroom and I Ain’t here probably 30 minutes and this Guy was running out of bathroom the First person he sees is me and I’m Looking that way I’m 17. he rips me off The bar stool and commits a whipping on Me you know I have no idea what’s going On and so they run over and break it up And he said that uh somebody hit him With something while he’s taking a pee Causing the peel of herself So they try to explain to them that this Man ever left here that has a common Occurrence in the bathroom That’s what the spirits do on them days Those weren’t really popular and you Know the early 80s so they had to go get Other people that was in the bar that Has experienced the exact same thing to Bring them up here to settle him down So when they said they got him up and He’s settled him down stuff like that we Shook hands and he went on well the Bartender with some of us some little Middle-aged woman and she walked right

Up to the end of the bar and she says The [ __ ] Big Boy tell me right now How old you are I’m like I’m 17. And she’s like get out and so I was like I’m sorry I’m going in the Army in two Weeks I just want to do one manly thing On my own I just wanted to come and Experience this place before I left And she looked at me and she shook her Head okay she walked over grabbed me a Beer set it on us on the table says you Got five minutes she says when you take Your last text you better be standing up You got it I drank my beer I got to the Door and the bounces are like sir you’re Going in the Army are you I’m like yep I’m going in the Army I’m gonna be a Paratrooper Congratulations son they give me to that Front door and they both picked me up And throw me out the door to like don’t Ever come back and try stunt like that Again that was my first experience with Bobby Matthews wow I had a paranormal Experience I had no idea that there was Even this place was even haunted or Anything like that wow welcome to Bobby Matthews folks thank you thank you for That story thank you Okay Raymond [Applause] He said there’s some spirits Or does it looks like stairs Yeah yeah watch the camera for the wires

Here because it’s a little uneven yeah The floor is not level nowhere okay Yeah I’m gonna try to just look around Let’s go find a spot where that way We’re not walking or filming over each Other Go grab some stuff and go somewhere else And there’s Brian Laverty with huntaphobia The founder of the global Ghost Hunt Make sure you go over to his channel and Follow him and be ready for some great Videos from this location and a couple Other locations that we’re going to be Filming at while we’re here Anything happening yet Brian no okay Yeah I’m uh to be honest I am not feeling Accolade right now You’re not What I’m gonna do now Is I’m gonna do a Spirit Box Let’s see if we can get some activity Going I use my sb7 You know why they call me the sp7 Whisperer yep So we’re going to do a few things with The spirit box tonight I think we’re gonna do a duel yep I Think we’re also going to do an Essence Method tonight as well so We’re gonna have some fun here yes And that’s Raymond you hear in the Background of this place is kind of

Small so yeah Actually I think uh what’s that other Guy’s name I can’t remember now okay Jeff So did you hear what uh Vicki witnessed Since we’ve been here no when we were Outside no you guys were outside filming I was standing at the bar with Jeff we Were talking about using flashlights if Anyone needed an extra one and the Ladies bathroom door opened and closed Right beside me and he thought maybe Patty went inside of the ladies room and I said no she’s outside filming with Brian and so he knocked on the door and Yelled in there to see if anyone was in There and no one was there and it God That would have been something great to Catch on camera why do these things not Happen on camera but I’m so happy that You saw that that you can tell us about It about it actually [Laughter] Okay this is Brian in action make sure You go over to his channel Hello Again Hi I want to start off by introducing Myself my name is Brian This is Patty And this is Vicky can you tell us your Name please No I just heard your name I heard my

Name Thank you thank you for talking to us You tell us your name please Beginning that sounded like peace Can you tell us how many spirits are Around us right now please Two can you tell me one of those Spirits Named please I guess uh we should bring up some of Those names that uh yeah Joanna yeah is There is there a woman here by the name Of Joe Snitch Two people what about a pearl is there a Pearl here Thank you With the demand uh man that uh in that Video that supposedly was possessed his Name is Charlie right I think so yeah Did that just say Carl I think so Is there is there a man here by the name Of Carl Is it true Is it true about the portals downstairs Gateway to Hell Yeah Can you tell us what the portals are Downstairs How many portals are downstairs

So I have a record sitting down there on The table twist this for you you want to Come over here or not yeah yeah I have a Red pod sitting down on the table as Well if there’s any way you can be close To it and um Light it all the way up get really close Come on you can do it Is that normal slippers to that yeah Sometimes it doesn’t hurt we have this Bowl here And if you touch this ball it goes off Would you like to touch this ball once It goes off And you touch it please Let It Go off first If you try to touch this bulb Now This allows us to know that you’re here If you’re around us Gotta touch that ball I’m speaking to this You know what would really be cool is if You could play the drums for us There’s drums down there can you make The drum sound Okay I don’t know Is there a male here or female A male or female Is there anything that you would like to

Tell us Enough Cool it sounds like we got our latest Stuff yeah it sounds like it thank you Okay this is weird Okay not long after you started this White door right Camera it completely went black and then Went back white I tried to look over Here to see if they were working but I Didn’t see them at all so I don’t know If that was anything or not Okay it did black out oh wow it’s Interesting So listen we have a few devices out here On these three tables We would love to communicate with you Tonight we came a long way just to come Here and meet you guys and communicate With you So if there’s any way that you could uh Communicate with us that would be great We would appreciate it We have three different things we have a Cat ball we have a meter with a red Light on it we have another meter that’s Real close to me here on this table Right next to the Spirit Box It’s called a tri-field meter Can you get close to any of these Devices please Foreign

Touch it It will go off That allows us to know that you’re Around Then maybe we can start a conversation With you Ask you some questions I understand That you have a problem with men Is that true Is it true what we heard on the Spirit Box There’s two spirits around us right now If there is light up that ball please Oh So on my camera When there’s something That it’s trying to focus on A square little box will come up yes I Know what you’re saying mine does that Sometimes too Oh wow We have these cameras here If you want You can speak into the cameras and let Us know who you are Okay One of them maybe tell us why you’re Here Sounds like they got something going on Going on over there okay so Vicki and I Are gonna go in this bathroom real quick To what she witnessed Can we come in

[Applause] I mean hey that door is that is a heavy Door [Applause] Hello is there somebody in here did you Want us to come in or something We saw the door well I didn’t see it but She saw the door open earlier We were thinking maybe we should come in Here maybe somebody wants us to come in Here Now I just made that one noise but the First noise wasn’t me I heard that Were you in here with me when I came in Here earlier Be real still Did something happen to someone in here Well we’re gonna walk out if you want us To come back in please open the door Again for us And we will know that you want us to Come back in here and I’ll bring my Meters and my spirit box okay Foreign Hello Peekaboo The men’s bathroom is not as nice as the Women’s Foreign You can tell the ceiling and everything You can tell how old this place is We feel more comfortable going outside To use the bathrooms I know

The whole floor is leaning too this you Can tell this building is very old Foreign Creep around I guess see what we see I’ll listen for my rim pod to go off I’ll grab my uh Cat balls Okay so uh Vicki and I walked around and We set up some um cat bottles all around There’s at least 10 of them set up on These tables The motion detector over by the bathroom Door And if that door moves it’s gonna say Hello can I help you It’s really loud Okay we’re just kind of waiting to see If anything happens here Nothing yet other than one of the cat Balls when it went off Not long after we set it on the table But Um We didn’t have the camera on yeah we had Already looked up three or four people Away from it yeah we did and it came on And I am going to turn the Spirit Box on Here in just a few minutes We went upstairs to where Carl’s room is There’s an upstairs Yeah Carl Carl’s Room downstairs Yeah Yeah Carl we just Went into Carl’s room and uh we saw a Couple of things what we thought might Have been a couple of Shadows but oh wow

Um supposedly Um he doesn’t like women oh and you’ll Notice upstairs in the table there’s a Lot of cigarettes And money on the table that people are Leaving for him So uh I guess women have been scratched Up there Oh so okay I can show you you want to I’ll show you where it is yes let’s go Let’s go okay I was grabbing my camera And stuff and we were getting ready to Head upstairs and one of the balls just Flew off the table I believe Brian Caught it on camera right it wasn’t me That went off there because I was over Here now we’ve been literally sitting Here for 20 minutes waiting for Something to happen That one’s lighting up We’ve got more balls they’re all around These tables can you go around and light Them all up for us real quick That’d be so awesome Now Vicky If you could come over here just for a Minute sure and try to try to walk down And see if walk down that ball and see If it turns on the ball down this no Walk down here where that ball was to See if it’s actually the floor Oh yeah Okay so now put that ball on the table And see walk down that ramp and see if

The ball fell because of the walk down The ramp okay you can do that So walk past that table This is called debunking guys work Debunking go over here walk on the side That you just came down And walk down and see if that’s going to Take the ball off the table No So did you catch that on camera I think I did oh wow okay Yeah but try down this going down this Way and see if it yeah oh yeah yeah oh Both of them are going off now so the Floor is not very level obviously This ball just got thrown out oh that One’s going off there but this ball just Got thrown off the table Walk down again walk down a little bit Harder Now no try this walk down and turn the Corner and go towards this ball Here I’ll get you to hold it and I’ll See if I can do it again Because that ball just got thrown off The table there It lit up and then got tossed wow I can Hear it it sounded like it had four I Heard it too yeah so because I’m a Little bit heavier No look It’s like as soon as you walked past it It just went Zoom right off the table And then rolled right off the table

Wow We’ve got them all over all the tables I Got at least 10. let’s see if I can do This Oh they all lit up now look they jumped On the floor [Applause] Brian’s taking us upstairs There’s a guy named Carl up here and Supposedly he doesn’t like women well He’s got two women coming up These are the stairs that another YouTuber claimed he got pushed down I don’t believe it So from what Raymond was telling me Is that he likes to hang out in the Bathroom Okay and as you can see oh wow People leave cigarettes and money for Them I Got a cigarette for him Leaving you A smoky tree from Vicki There you go Hi Carl my name is Patty this is Vicki This is my friend Brian and We come in peace we don’t mean any harm Or we don’t pose any type of threat to You whatsoever we have nothing but Respect And If you Don’t mind we would love it if you would Communicate with us we have some devices That we’re going to be using

And you can communicate with us through These devices And we’re hoping that you do We’re hoping that you don’t try to hurt Any of us We are very nice people I’m sure there’s a reason you don’t like Women I have reasons why I don’t like a lot of Men But I like you Brian thank you Maybe that was maybe that should have Been a girl moment I said why I don’t like a lot of men I Didn’t say all men Foreign Just leave it right here There we go We got enough light there So I’m going to leave my camera sitting Right up there on the counter Carl I’m gonna have a cigarette with us Come have a cigarette with us Carl I still really want this place to live Up here you know what I’m doing Foreign So what’s the story with Carl what what Exactly happened to him do you know what The story is He was supposedly He was possessed by a demon Yes yes and now he’s dead

He oh he is dead okay yeah I believe he is Carl we would love to Hear your story about that You got your spare parts you want me to Do it Yeah yeah All right we’re going to turn the Spirit Box on Carl we’d love to hear from you Can you come through and tell us your Name so we know we’re talking to you And um you could say our names too That’d be great my I’m Patty this is Vicki and this is Brian So if you’d like to say hello to us Please do so we’d appreciate it Here we Go Hi hi To come here and talk to you Okay Carl what did you just say you said Something about murder I don’t know if that works Smoked cheese [Applause] There we go Okay thank you thank you thank you thank You

You’re welcome let me ask you this Is there a Carl up here What’s your name Thank you Can you do that Okay okay Laughs Good another spirit with me Carl How much do you work here tomorrow What did you do here Thank you Friends What were your responsibilities here What else did you do

It might be better Okay Carl or if anybody else is up here We have two going on right now How many spirits are up here Okay we know there’s a male up here is There a female up here I’m coming That should be really difficult to Understand Is there anything we can do for you can We help you All right okay You’re helping something bad happened to You here I know All right we’re gonna turn this off a Little bit we’re going to try to listen And see if we hear any sounds

I know I took a couple down there but Yeah we definitely need to take some Pictures okay so this is what I’m gonna Do I am going to do a voice recorder okay Okay Carl or who’s ever up here I got this black I got this I got this black device here If you want to come over you can speak Into it We’re going to ask you some questions My name is Brian This is Vicki this is Patty And all we want to do is talk to you We’re here to respect you We don’t want to upset you at all So if you can come forward and maybe Talk into this device And then what we’re going to do is we’re Going to listen back to it To see if we captured your voice So I’m going to put it right here So first things first Is there a Carl here Carl can you say your name Carl can you say cigarette Can you say one of our names Is that someone walking around did we Just hear a step Could you tell us how many spirits are Up here

What happened to you here Carl Is it true that people got scratched up Here Is it true that you don’t like women We understand that you lived up here But you worked here as well And what did you do What was your job Did something happen to you in the Bathtub Is there a message that you’d like us to Get out to people in the world Is it true that a Joanna was killed here Okay let’s see if we’ve got anything How come my Bluetooth yeah so Brian’s Gonna play this back and uh we’re gonna See if we got any recent any uh Question I hope I got the right one Because I have two and one of them Doesn’t hook up to the phone I think That one does but I’m not sure well it Does hook up to the phone but one of Them doesn’t want to open up to the Phone okay The story you see this business It was what the story is he was Possessed in the bathtub oh really Oh wow See I think this the speaker that Doesn’t Hook up I think I got the wrong one It’s okay I can just okay If you got anything we’ll just hold it Close to the camera

It’s black device here If you want to come over you can speak Into it all we want to do is talk to you We’re gonna respect you what happened It sounds like I don’t know if it was One of us here Yeah we’re here to respect you We don’t want to upset you at all So if you can come forward and maybe Talk into this device And then what we’re going to do is we’re Going to listen back to it To see if we captured your voice so let Me put it right here The first things first Is there a Carl here Carl can you say Right there Played deer Carl so my goodness somebody’s voice Like they were saying something yeah What the hell Can you say cigarette Spirits are up here Foreign I don’t know oh wow yeah I don’t know Either we were being we were being very Still Had to come look at this bathtub with You real quick um Ziggy said she heard That this was the bathtub Where Carl got possessed it So supposedly he was in this bathtub When it happened that is a man’s voice

You heard a man’s voice Oh Wow I hope the camera picked that up I heard Something I just heard something when I was Walking down Really I’m going to turn around and walk out Like this and I heard something Girl is it true that people got Scratched up here Is it true that you don’t like women Oh oh what’d it say What you got oh what I don’t know what It is Oh wow So it was after the question about Liking women It’s right when that car starts going by You can you can hear it It’s like oh And I can’t make out what it’s saying I can’t make out what it’s saying but It’s saying something see if you can Make it up okay Wait a minute wait a minute wait a Minute I’ll be back here You press stop It’s like oh And then you hear the car Yeah I understand that you lift up We understand that you lived up here

Yeah you worked here as well before all That Trying to remember True that you don’t like women I’m gonna switch my speaker when I get Downstairs I don’t know it’s hard to say It sounds like something’s there it’s Just hard to say it’s hard to make it Out Did something happen to you in the Bathtub Thank you Is there a message that you’d like us to Get out to people in the world Is it true that a Joanna was killed here Foreign Definitely sounded like I picked up a Couple of things for sure Yeah so that’s interesting very Interesting We are now entering the basement at Bobby Mackey’s

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