Ancient Aliens: Ancient Nanostructures

By | October 2, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Ancient Nanostructures

Ural Mountains are
very old mountains Stretching from the Russian
north to the Russian south. It kind of splitting
Russia into two parts– Europe and Asia. Indeed, people living
in the Ural Mountains Witness some strange phenomena
in the air and on the ground. NARRATOR: Dozens of visitors
to the Ural Mountains Have reported strange sightings
of fireballs and cigar shaped Crafts, but even
stranger is what has Been found in the earth here. In 1991, geologists
led an expedition Into the mineral
rich Urals in hopes Of locating gold deposits. While excavating sites near the
Kozhim, Narada, and Balbanyu Rivers, just 600
miles north of Arkaim The scientists discovered
something unexpected. At depths of over 30
feet, they unearthed A scattering of tiny
metal coils and springs. That soil was untouched
for hundreds of thousands Or more years. The area where it was found
was probably tens of kilometers Around. It's as if something exploded
thousands of years ago And the fragments were
lying all over the place. NARRATOR: The metal fragments,
some as small as 1/10,000 Of an inch, were sent to the
Russian Academy of Sciences In St. Petersburg for analysis. Their shape resembled
manufactured technology Rather than naturally
occurring minerals. The smallest pieces were
found to be tungsten, A metal used in
spacecrafts and missiles Due to its ability to
withstand high temperatures. They are these metal
spirals that consist of copper But also tungsten
and molybdenum, which

Are both very rare metals. We're looking at nanotechnology. DAVID WILCOCK: When you look
down at them in a microscope, They're extremely regular
in their structure. They're very nice coils. The only way we
could make them even Now is with machine
guided technology. You could not do this by hand. What we're seeing here
is proof that someone Had advanced technology
sufficient to build The type of circuitry
that we normally Only see in semiconductors– Computer chips, high technology
equipment using metals That are not commonly known. So these spirals
are clear evidence That someone had a very
advanced civilization right Here on Earth near Arkaim.