Live with Bryan and Adam, from Tennessee.

By | October 1, 2022
Live with Bryan and Adam, from Tennessee.

Foreign Section It’s been a while since I’ve been Live On YouTube Of using the YouTube app Can’t see anybody just yet Anybody there make a comment Well everybody assumes I need more money Than what I actually do see if anybody’s Come out see a comment What’s that I don’t see comments coming Through and I’m not sure why wait hold On Maybe comment I’m gonna go hello is anybody here Give us one of those if you’re here the Middle finger not we don’t wanna we Don’t want a thumbs up we want the Middle finger I can’t see anything I know I don’t see Any comments we got a thumbs up oh there Goes All right nerd witch hello there Thank you for making a comment S You get a bunch of middle fingers Haha you look too hey there tez there’s My girl Tess all right Dez okay Hi lemon Jay Awesome I’ll let everybody get in here get a few People in here hi Angela Carol I’m Downloading stuff yep he’s downloading Stuff we got a few things to talk to you

Guys about tell you about what we’ve Been up to the last few days and and Stuff like that we’ll talk about the Hurricane and all that Can give everybody a chance to get in Here Oh thank you Carolyn I’m fine my Family’s fine everybody is fine um the Hurricane actually turned a little bit And missed my area Um from a real hard hit Um so we did get some wind and rain down There but other than that Um we didn’t get it really bad at all So I’m really happy about that hi Christian hi Kelly sorry if I’m missing Anybody but I can only literally see two Comments at a time I don’t have my Computer with me on this trip hi black Cat We’re doing great the family’s fine Everybody’s Fine Heather and the kids Heather I can’t talk right Heather Dragon the kids are are fine uh my Grandkid all everybody’s fine Um the hurricane missed us I missed us From a hard hit Um unfortunately a lot of people in Florida did get hit pretty hard Um so keep those people in your prayers A lot of people You know a lot of damage to their homes And things like that And uh cars and and just you know some

Of my friends even got quite a bit of Damage But um My house didn’t get anything and I kept An eye on everything Um from The Ring doorbell footage um as Well as I was constantly talking to you Know everyone Um I’ve had this trip planned for a While now and I almost canceled it Because of the hurricane uh my grandkids And Heather all said no Mom you you need To go you’ve had this planned for a long Time Um you just need to go we’re going to be Fine and you know usually when a Hurricane comes comes here we just get a Lot of wind and rain uh what your my House is hurricane proof uh supposedly Supposedly it’s good oh good okay Awesome thank you yes So um So everything is fine and um So I’m here uh me and uh I flew And then Tuesday yep and then Brian flew In about a half hour he read about what 45 minutes after I did something like That so and then Adam picked us up at The airport and we’re staying here at Adam’s house with him and his wife and They have been the most gracious Hostesses I’ve ever encountered thank You I mean yeah Oh my gosh

They really have been talking about Thank you I’m glad you all came and give Us a great place a great place to stay At that well their house is beautiful Um and the rooms we each have our own Room and we just they’re very Comfortable beds Um but we’ve been having a lot of fun hi Hi Chrissy Lee hi Tess and here’s Adam And here is Brian You can like literally just get up Here’s Brian I know we have it sitting On one of those spin around things in The middle of the amazing Susan the Lazy Susan yep I’m Ryan He’s reviewing footage right now it’s Actually a Ouija board lazy soon I don’t Know if you noticed it I didn’t even Notice that oh [ __ ] it is yeah you guys Are sitting on a Ouija board right now Oh my god I didn’t even realize that Yeah So hi Gail if like I said if I miss Anybody I’m very sorry but um I can only See two comments at a time I’ll grab my Phone sweetie oh okay Okay we’ll just feed me cooking Mister These two have had me laughing so damn Much we almost wrecked this morning oh Laughing so hard like I couldn’t I was Wide awake but no I was laughing so hard I was crying and it was like the worst Spot it’s the curviest part of the back Road to get home

And normally I’d have been doing 45 and No I think we were doing 30 30 yeah Oh my God for the car we were loud Buddy then we just started cracking up Over that it’s one of those laughs where You just can’t control it and you you Can’t even breathe okay it was really Bad and we just we were we were so tired Uh we were at um the Octagon hall for About 12 hours so all night long Thinking with death about what six are You up there right at five oh five well Five two nine we’ve left at like nine This morning though like right before Bear Went to open Um 13. 13 hours oh wow If you’re ever coming through Tennessee Going to Kentucky go through I-65 Octagon Hall is It’s worth it it really is yeah I always Wanted to investigate there Glad that uh my first investigation There was with these two Um Uh it was it did not disappoint no it Did not we cannot wait to to put our Videos out for you guys to see uh There’s for me I don’t know about these Guys we did a lot of filming because we Were there for so long Um of course we took breaks too and sat Around and talked and you know we went And got something to eat at one point Stuff like that but I’m gonna have at

Least three videos from there at least Three 45 minute videos I was gonna say Maybe more maybe I mean I don’t know Until I review the footage Um I did leave a camera rolling and so Did he did you do it too Hit footage Okay I’m gonna give you my you give you My footage Um but we left cameras rolling Um in a couple different areas of the of The home And um But this place was uh amazing just Pulling into it I got the cold chills And I was like but it was a good cold Chills like oh I was just so excited you Know like oh my God this place is Beautiful we’re gonna be here all night You know it’s just so exciting but and Then come midnight she was like I don’t Know I know I’m so tired with that I’ll Give it to him I couldn’t make Bobby Matthews I had to go to a funeral Um I didn’t have to but you know it was Very important that I didn’t go to that Funeral uh I’d have some closure and put The hour difference I just left them With the keys and I was like hey if I’m Not back by this time go ahead without Me and Um so they were up all night the night Before Barely got any sleep and then we hopped

Into octagon Hall so yeah So needless to say we’re extremely tired Right now too we probably grabbed about What four maybe five hours of sleep Today yeah Um so yeah I’m I’m running very low on Energy and I’m sure they are too life of The an investigator yeah Uh but we they go to Bobby Mackey’s as Well we went there Um Wednesday night I’m so confused on What day today’s Friday okay So Wednesday night we went to Bobby Mackey’s um that was pretty awesome too But I do think that You want me to say it or you don’t want To see you can go ahead and say it I Think it’s been over exaggerated a Little bit Um I’ve been there yeah yeah definitely Embellished yeah um it was great to go There I’m happy I got to go uh it’s one Thing off my bucket list I’m very happy I got to go but all these stories that You hear about all these things I just He had already told me he had been there Before in the past and a couple other People have said the same thing and they Said they’ve never had anything happen Really you know well it’s intra it’s Interesting because we were downstairs In the basement and we were doing an EVP Session And Patty asked a question is there a

Portal Or a gate to hell or something along That line and we actually captured an EVP and it said no no loud and clear no And then I’ll show them the footage on One of my many old computers where it’s Actually a mini DV that I had to Transfer over to digital I captured a Shadow figure there I got a couple of EVPs but nothing demonic Um everyone Nothing nothing crazy Um I actually yeah I actually did an EVP Session in the pit And uh because somebody just asked the Question Where was it what no demons in the well No I don’t think there is to be honest No I don’t think so either I mean I Think there is definitely something There especially in the basement area Um but You know a lot of people just they just Hype things up and you know and then it Just kind of spreads like wildfire you Know then everybody goes there and Hypes It up we’re not going to go anywhere and Hype anything up if nothing’s happening Then we’re going to tell you nothing’s Happening and I know that things don’t Always happen on every investigation That’s just the way it is but of course For some people something’s always Happening and you know what does that

Tell you you’re making money right Tyler’s paranormal entertainment I got The same answer when when I was there About it oh wow yeah yeah there you go Yeah just so you know you’re making Money on this Awesome Through the time to you So um yeah so you know We were there for what four and a half Hours yeah four and a half hours and um We spend more time driving this actually Yeah this weekend it was so horrible and Vicki Mercer went with us she um I don’t Know she’s in she’s probably sleeping Right now I know she was exhausted Um she blessed her heart she’s been Hanging with us for a couple days and I’m not getting much sleep either she Does live up here not far from him So um yeah it was like 45 minutes yep so It was great having her uh with us as Well to experience some things now there Was something that um happened at the uh At Bobby Mackey’s that Vicki witnessed And did one of you guys witness that as Well I wasn’t there I was outside that’s Right anywhere else okay yeah okay I Think it was that other guy Jeff okay so What happened was it was not long after We got there Um she said that she saw the bathroom The ladies bathroom door open and then Shut

Can I chime in on this you sure can Um so I when you go into Bobby Macy’s in The ladies room Um last time I was there unless they’ve Seriously changed things as soon as you Open the door there’s a mirror at an Angle and they say that they catch you Know shadow figures or you know women in There it’s really your own reflection And the last time I was there We took a level to the stall doors And They were off level by you know leaning Forward By about a half of an inch at the top Okay so if you imagine the music playing Because that’s one of the claims that The stall door is open and close now I Don’t know how far the stalled I’m not Taking this away from her but yeah yeah But you go into a club where there’s Live music the bathrooms are You know the the doors open away from The speakers and the base and everything I could see the stall doors moving on Their own With just with the music and the bass I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen I’m just thinking logical Applause oh Yeah I’m the same way no music going on Yeah and I also thought of something Else I thought because I know we had Went outside when when she saw this Could it have been from the the door to

The place Yeah the wind maybe move the door so That’s a possibility too we’re not Really sure but uh you know she was Excited that she got to see that but at The same time I’m I don’t know you know I don’t really know what because there Was really not not a whole lot else Happening now we’re going to watch our Footage back of course when we put it Out and maybe we’ll catch something on Our footage that we’re not aware that we Even caught that would be nice hey there Emmy hi David how are you what’s up David Hi big sexy Storia Dory hello Black cat I’ve met up with black cat before oh Really yeah And she’s from Oregon Hey Nikki Miranda hello Lakeshore paranormal hello It’s gonna be a fun live stream we’re All looking down I know right Roger Sumner hello It’s taking forever So uh and then at octagon Hall Um last night These two got to see something what they Caught it with their own eyes but they Didn’t have their camera rolling and That seems to happen an awful lot to all Of us it just does it’s just the way it

Is but tell them what happened You go ahead you want me yeah you can Start so uh there’s a place in Uh the main floor where we put all of Our equipment we put it on a table uh Everybody was outside uh talking uh Before I guess before we were going to Start investigating or was this before We went I think this after we got back We got something to eat yeah maybe so I Was standing on one side of the table Adam was like so the table light goes Like this I was standing here Adam was Standing over here over here and there Was a cabinet probably about six feet Away from us And the doors started the doors started Moving it’s like wiggling like it was Trying to open and we both looked at it And go did that just happen yeah Um All right no and we tried to recreate it Yeah but we were both standing still Because at first I thought he was Because he was standing up you know Leaning on two chairs and I thought he Was tapping his fingers and then when I Looked I saw the door moving and I’m Like nope that’s not it So in order we did recreate it but I was Literally a foot away from the cabinet And you had to move hard it wasn’t like Uh Like oh well let me just walk by no I

Mean yeah and for the length of time That this happened it wasn’t just like Yeah it was it lasted about 10 seconds So I can see yeah And of course we’re not filming yeah and I hadn’t set up the camera yet yeah You’ll you’ll understand the station or Your camera when we put out our footage Yeah and Please check out not only Patty’s but Brian’s and then I’m going to be Changing the name of my channel yep uh It’s going to be spam tune paranormal Stand to t w o right or doe the number Two ah I’m doing around okay well I’ll Let you know I I will put out the link And I’ll let you guys know um he’s Getting ready to change his channel name Because right now it’s under his name Oh yeah hey Pizza Steve he’s one of my He lives in my town oh okay he delivers Pizza to me sometimes okay yeah and I Saw him at Target I just wanted to point That out yeah Yeah but I just saw him in Target the Other day hey how you doing Steve I’ll come see you sometime soon I want To get a pizza Um I do I think yeah yeah you are a good Day still to use uh what do you call it Uh live chats better news yeah Anyway so that’s what we’ve been doing Last couple days uh so we got a lot of

Videos to put out uh we fly back home Tomorrow I fly back home tomorrow and so Does he flies back to Canada uh this was Just a four day trip so this is kind of A short trip Um Feels like it’s gone by kind of quick Though yeah now looking back it’s like Damn it’s almost over tonight’s our last Night you know not that I was hoping for Damn Or anybody to get hurt or anything like That but I was hoping that maybe the Tampa Airport would be shut down for a Couple more days I’m gonna go hit some More places yeah You know I’d rather everybody be safe Yeah and you know intact yeah as opposed To getting to hang out for a couple I Was so worried I’m telling you I cried When I got on the plane I cried I was Praying you know because I was worried You know even though like I said Heather And my grandkids all said no grandma You’ve had this trip planned for a while You go ahead and go we’re going to be Fine we’re this house is hurricane proof And and you know usually these Hurricanes that come in our Direction Like that and then they always end up Turning well that’s exactly what Happened again so my whole area just got Rain and some wind but nothing major Guys question

Yes we did uh Ace of race yes we were Trying to contact yeah Mary Elizabeth And we think we did we’re pretty sure That we did that was such a horrible Story it just made me want to cry here In that story Um when we first got there Um the man Um bear his name is Affiliated with that place He walked us around and gave us a tour Of the place and told stories and and Some of the history and stuff like that About the place uh so that’ll be Probably my first video that I’m going To be putting out is basically because It’s probably at least an hour long Um but it kind of gives you guys you Know because there’s a lot of you out There that don’t know all these things About the place and don’t know the History and the stories about it the Ghost stories everything so um he tells A lot of those stories and I think you Guys will find it very interesting Um And uh that’ll be my first video that I’ll put out and then I’ll go into part Two which will be starting with the Investigation and we were there for a Long time so I may end up having about Four videos So what we’ve been reviewing on the the Stationary camera it’s already like I

Know well here’s yeah we’ve been seeing We were gone and stuff we were gone for Maybe an hour hour and 20 minutes ago Get something to eat run to Walmart real Quick and Left a camera rolling downstairs and and The room where Mary Elizabeth uh Where where the tragedy began for Mary Elizabeth yeah and there’s all kinds of Unexplainable things that are at least Audible right now it’s probably going to Take Three sets of eyes and three three sets Of ears to really pull just that Called the stationary together I know oh Yeah because when you’re like we just a Few minutes ago we were reviewing some Of that stationary footage and You know it took all three of us to sit Here and watch a certain section of the Screen because it’s hard to like if You’re just staring at the screen you Might miss something over here over here You know so it’s good to have a couple People at least looking at looking at it Absolutely and um so we were all three Watching the footage to see what we Could see And um Also they have cameras in there so Octagon Hall they had cameras everywhere All over the entire inside of the place Every single room and then there’s a Room where you can sit down and you can

Actually look at the big huge screen They have with yeah the monitor with all The uh cameras each each room and I did That for a few minutes me and Vicki did I’m not sure if you guys did that you Did it okay Yes we were seeing things on the footage Um so that was pretty interesting so I Did film that you can see an orb moving A big orb moving from room to room and You could see it when it would leave one Room and all of a sudden boom this Camera picks it up coming into that room And then boom this camera is picking it Up coming in it was just moving all Around it was pretty cool bear told me a Little after they’re done filming there He’s because we wrote down the time Stamps he’s going to try and get me the Footage oh good okay get the footage to Me okay sending you all okay you don’t Have to do like you know on screen and He’s known bear for a long time haven’t You um no actually I knew Billy Bird the Original owner okay Unfortunately Billy Bird passed away a Couple of years ago his grandson’s now Operating the place along with bear who Has been there for Over 30 years and um I mean you want to talk about the nicest People Um Just

Pure hearts Truly believe in what they’re doing and I mean couldn’t ask for a better set of People yeah You know and now we’re this place where The Octagon Hall is Um is right next to the uh Bowling Green Kentucky which is where my Family’s from my mom’s side of the Family is from Bowling Green Kentucky But they’re her parents and brother and Two sisters and several other relatives Are all buried right there in Bowling Green which is right next door to where We were we didn’t get a chance to go There because we just been so busy you Know Just four days I guess about a week we Would have had I don’t know squeeze it In but I’ll go there next time but you Know this is this is yeah yeah yeah so I I yeah I was hoping to make it there but It didn’t happen but that’s okay Oh yeah all this wonderful Airbnb we Have yeah He carried our luggage in and took it Upstairs to our rooms I mean you’re such A great host medication I know you’re so Awesome y’all are awesome too I mean Like I said yeah y’all are on vacation Relax enjoy the place we appreciate it I Mean yeah we really appreciate Everything you guys have done yeah And I wish you could have met his wife

Maybe next time but she just went to bed Not longer she was really really tired Um bless her heart she don’t normally Stay up all night like that you know Doing what we do we there’s a lot of Times we have to stay up all night long But she’s not used to it last night was Her first paranormal yeah her first one Ever so she was really tired most of the Day too we all were but she just went to Bed we went out to get something to eat Tonight and then came back and then she Went to bed Yep we sure do Sugar that’s awesome So I wanted to talk to you guys about Something else Um a lot of you already know this but Adam’s father committed suicide on um June 1st Of this year And What was it a week or two weeks later That I was live a couple of weeks a Couple weeks later I was live that’s Right And he’s been watching me for years you Know a long time and I would see him you Know quite a bit sometimes and all of a Sudden I wouldn’t see him for a while Then I’d see him again I wouldn’t see Him for a while and stuff like that well Anyway that particular night it was two Weeks after his father died he was in in

My live stream chat and I had the Spirit Box running and his Spirit his uh father Came through the Spirit Box Very clear yeah very clear Um and um so him and I ended up you know I told him to email me and he did and Then we exchanged phone numbers and we Started talking on the phone and things Like that and then we did a couple of uh Live streams together where I had him on The panel so most of you probably Already know this if you’ve been Watching Um but tonight Um he has the weapon that his father Used to commit suicide with Um backstory yeah yeah go ahead Um I was very adamant There should be there was another one Right behind the computer oh that was Mine yeah oh no no I took out oh here’s Another one right here oh okay is this It yeah yeah both of mine okay sorry Sorry that’s okay Um oh you’re saying sorry to them sir Yeah So Um the weapon he used to take his life With was a Smith and Wesson snub nose 38 revolver Um Long story short he had tricked me into Reload reload for him About a week prior

And you look back and you realize that You didn’t tell us Vicky Um Wakey wakey Looking back you don’t realize that you Know he never had a reason to take it Out because he never left the house so Apparently he had gone to do this before And he realized that I had unloaded it He saw his opportunity and he took it So I told the sheriff’s department that You know You’re not going to make this your new Toy Um Basically if you if I can’t get it back And you destroy it I want to be there When you destroy it so Um the detective Once they concluded their investigation They ran a background check and they Released the weapon to me Um I Picked up my dad always slept with a Handkerchief over his face he had to Stack up and probably that high he Always thought bugs were crawling on him And um he’d wear a handkerchief and then Throw it in the dirty clothes so when I Got it back I took two handkerchiefs out Of his Um dirty clothes wrapped this weapon up In it and it sits in the safe by itself Away from

All my other weapons Patty was asking me questions so I Showed her a couple of weapons She held them And I said now let me show you this and You want to explain what happened from That moment yeah he handed it to me and Um I unwrapped it slowly kind of Unwrapped it with the handkerchiefs that Are around it and it was ice cold you Could actually peel it through the ankle Yeah I could feel it through the Handkerchief and the closer I got to the Actual weapon which is right here It’s ice cold I mean it feels like it’s Been sitting on a iceberg Hello It feels like it’s been sitting on an Iceberg that’s how cold it is Um it’s the last thing he held yeah and It was inside of a safe but none of the Other weapons were were like that just This one it’s just in a safe on top of My my name safe um no special insulation On either safe They’re just you know stack on safes and It’s just the small one a little cabin Safe that comes with the larger safe so That one sits up there and like I said You know you have there’s a little bit Cold but not like this you can feel this Through The handkerchiefs yeah Oh wow yeah right especially right in

This area yep Yeah it’s and I don’t want to unwrap it And show it because of you know I don’t Want to get in any kind of heat YouTube And you know and stuff like that but It’s it’s inside of this Um so what we want to do tonight also Um we wanted to get on here and talk to You guys but we also want to do a little Bit of a Spirit Box session and Communicate with his dad Um this will be the first time I’ve done It with him in person to communicate With his dad I’ve done it you know of Course most of you know on a live stream We’ve done this but we’re going to do it Here in person with the weapon right Here in front of us he’s also going to Turn on his millimeter Ma medium Basically it does em has a ram adtt Um I haven’t checked this to see if it Puts off any Energy whatsoever Um You’ll find out more about this uh Probably experience from videos yeah he Used it quite a bit it’s actually pretty Amazing I want to give me one now I Definitely want one of those that’ll be My next toy There’s only so much we can show you When I’m on my cell phone Um so I you know kind of wanted to keep The camera just on us but yeah you know

We’ll let you know if well you’ll hear It if it goes off What are you doing to me ever again All right well interestingly enough it Was just okay look it is actually Putting off it’s very small but Yeah that’d be my Could that be the line let’s try Because it just went back down to zero Hang on and it’s very close to it like It looks like I got [ __ ] tits I’m not Sure sorry [Laughter] Nah It’s not that yep it’s not the phone so He just put it up to the phone and it Didn’t do anything Well now it’s not reading anything but Let’s just see what happens I mean that’s the best thing that we can Do All right room set Be quiet All right I’ll unravel it okay oh We’re not going to put it on camera but He is going to unravel it a little bit Um This makes no sense especially after you Handling it It’s nice cold I mean it’s it’s really Kind of eerie you know and what’s Eerie Too is to see Something that was the last thing that

Someone held in their hand you know Before they died and then and and Something that The person used you know to take their Own life I can show the smoke extended Yeah not As you can tell we’re not joking Um That is actually it that’s the handle Um but okay That being said how how do you want to Connect Um do you want to go ahead and try to Reach out to your dad Um yeah Um we can both do that yeah you might Want to initially just let them know What we’re doing hey Dad Um Now you’ve been around Um If you’re in here Or if you’re around can you come over Here and well you know what I’m actually Gonna do this Pull up a chair for you there you go Let’s pull off a chair for his bed Someone said nice ink work Adam oh thank You If you’re around here Um pulled up a chair Move this closer to you so you don’t Have to reach You can yeah just touch that his name is

Gary guys his dad’s name is Gary I don’t Know if you guys remember from when we Did the stream you know on panel with Together but his dad’s name is Gary like My son Okay go ahead sorry oh no that’s okay It’s it’s kind of weird because I mean He comes and he goes weird things happen Uh Uh stuff gets moved We have cameras in the house and There’s no you can see me put stuff on The table Nothing happens and then I’ll find that I’ve got a shelf of you know that’s Commemorated to him over there Like very top shelf Good one that’s my Funko Pop collection This shelf is over here Um It’s got his Peach crown Is Marine Battalion coins some cigars This was in the coffin with them the Eagle glove and anchor and then just uh Like some rocks from this burial plot Take Long out and then just other Miscellaneous items in here and when I Come home I have a system there’s a Camera on that shelf over there but Basically I’d take my keys off or out of My pocket set them on the table right There where she’s sitting Um I take my pistol out I set it down

And I take my wallet out I set it down Next to it the most interesting thing I Was going to leave one day my keys in my Pistol were there I couldn’t find my Wallet looked on the camera sure enough I left it there Finally decided you know what I’m going To grab the other Um grab the other uh Debit card and leave as I’m walking out I look over and my wallet is laying Right here hanging off about you know About a quarter of an inch maybe an inch It was an elongated wallet but You know stuff like that always happens Around here Um It’s it’s becoming less frequent than Normal is that making a noise It’s funny this is starting to uh make Noise yep It’s picking up something but You know he is around he comes and he Goes But I wanted to make sure that I could Uh If at all possible get this because in In the Best sense that’s the last thing he ever Held That’s the last thing that he held they Found it at the you know his right foot And uh she’s really sad he was just Looking at it just makes me feel like I

Want to cry you know it’s it’s been Really hard it still comes in waves but It does and it will for a while And Oh yeah um you know they say bad things Coming threes well My father passed away June 1st Um a month and two days later my second Cousin passed away so I’m back in the Same Funeral Home The first of this month my best friend Of 23 years passed away that’s where I was At Wednesday he was cremated they had The ceremony and then when I got home From that My mom’s neighbor which I had to live With my mom during the pandemic after The divorce and everything else but I’ve Known this guy for God I was probably 17 when he moved in so You know that’s 22 years He had just been diagnosed with stage Three liver cancer And um he went in for his first Treatment and when they cut to do the Stent They Don’t I don’t know what happened I don’t Know if they oh cut too big whatever he Lost two pints real quick went into Shock I found out after getting home From that you know service that

Another good friend of mine just died The night before Um he he passed away and his brother Came over to tell our mother and uh the Great man he was only Um I think it was for 49 years old The thing is what you told us yeah 49 Years ago that was while we were here Since we’ve been here yeah that happened Yeah so I’m a dangerous person though no I know As I told him when he started telling me All that and he said I’m a dangerous Person I’m like well um it was nice Knowing you Adam I think I’m gonna go Ahead and go rent a car and go home Oh you know I don’t know thank you uh PDX for that I appreciate it Kathy There’s Vicky yep she’s in the chat Do you get some good sleep Vicky Very sad yeah It’s just And I don’t mean this like in a bad way I’m just mean it’s just it’s not fair it Really isn’t um I just talked to him Three days before he was supposed to Start treatment and He was looking very the Outlook was very Positive Um he’s he remained in High Spirits oh As you’re talking about it as I’m Talking about it

So he could have multiple Spirits here Right now he could have his father Gary He could be my neighbor tot my friend Neighbor Todd or it could be Larry his Friend Larry that could be Larry too Gary Larry or Todd So we’ll have you guys listen to what You hear maybe put it in the chat with You here that if that’s you can you do That again It’s not hard you just made it made it Go off Okay If that’s you Larry can you do it Okay if that’s you Todd can you make it Go off please It’s weird yeah Last night This was going off on command it was Yeah verified yes now can I ask a Question yeah go ahead are you related To anybody in this room If the answer is yes please touch the Device Okay Okay Um well that settles it Um do you know somebody in this room Were you friends with somebody in this Room Is this your gun Adam’s father Gary are you here Can you let him know No no

Okay Okay so we’re not getting a whole lot From this yet but um we’ll give it a few More minutes and see if anything happens We do have the weapons sitting here on The table on the handkerchiefs that was Used For something yeah So Later oh I did because I remember I said I couldn’t find this oh yeah yeah yeah That’s me No I’m gonna turn you off for a second Yeah he was mentioning to me about the Footage the footage he couldn’t find Anything I couldn’t find uh Adam’s Footage I know when you told me that my Heart just sang oh no no no don’t say That but you know why I couldn’t find it Why because look at the date 2018. oh you gotta probably change a Date on there or something I mean I Don’t use that camera anymore Yeah but normally when you turn it on it It will normally update on its own well It lets connected to Wi-Fi it wasn’t out There we didn’t have Wi-Fi well I’ve Never mine’s always got the right data That I’ve never connected it to the Wi-Fi but if you ever left it off for Like eight months no okay Thank you sir thank you Stop it So sick of you mister I’m so glad I’m

Going home tomorrow You’re about to have a cat fight You better swallow don’t spit it oh my God This is the kind of [ __ ] they’ve been Doing okay this is what’s been kept me And Vicky me and Vicky have been Laughing so hard that our our stomachs And sides and ours oh we couldn’t Breathe I mean everything was hurting we Literally Non-stop after these two are these two Are a hoot to hang around they love each Other oh they did feed off each other Yes we do we’re going to give each other A big hug tomorrow when I leave This woman Oh my god oh it’s too [ __ ] funny oh [ __ ] Oh okay oh it’s too funny that is so Funny these two are a hoot so there you Go there’s an example of earlier when we Mentioned that we’re on the drive home This morning we laughed so freaking hard Him and his wife well he was driving his Wife was in the passenger seat and me And Brian are in the back seat and we Just couldn’t stop laughing and he was About to go off the road and I was Getting worried I think I had a way to Agree with this yes I couldn’t even see it bro Very low sleeve so you’ll be lucky that You read what you did read that is

Definitely true Running Bear yeah That was funny that was funny we should Have filmed some of that oh that blooper Last night when I walked in from the Graveyard oh It was pretty funny yeah we couldn’t Stop laughing on that one either [Laughter] That was too oh God Okay And are you going to be able to get oh Yeah yep that was uh thinking that they Might cancel my flight home but it’s Already left Florida I guess so Um It was coming right straight for us but Then it it and it always does this That’s why I I was very hopeful that it Was going to do it again because it Usually does is it blinking it’s Flickering here yeah it turned Oh My God Vicki just told the story to her mom Oh there you go yeah But anyway was heading right for us okay But it always does this and it did it Again thank you God but it turned it Turned and we got Wind and rain but nothing major Um At all so we got lucky but unfortunately A lot of people in Florida did not get Lucky

Yep So Um and now it’s in South Carolina Destroying [ __ ] so Uh but I but my flight’s still on I Think they would have notified me by now If it wasn’t but I mean I guess there’s Something I don’t know if I gotta make a U-turn yep yep if so they’ll have to Reschedule me for Sunday or Monday maybe We’ll just have to go and investigate More yep we will yeah [Laughter] We gotta get some rest first though oh God yeah I’m so tired I think we got What I think I got a whole eight hours Of sleep since I’ve been here What time do you get back six o’clock in The morning It was like he had her yeah Becky broke Down Vicky broke down on the way from Home from Bobby Mackey’s and and had to Have somebody come help her alternator Went out in her truck Um so yeah we So from Adam’s house to Bobby Mackey’s Was a four and a half well what it says It turned out to be about a six hour Ride way to go Google we were there for Then we didn’t know about the hour time Difference so here we are planning it Out I know I know it just went in this Year Yep did you tell us yeah he did right

Like several times I was like I was like If I’m not back by one because that’s Going to be two o’clock Bobby mackie’s Time you know it says it’s four and a Half hours you have to take off by then Yeah and no so we lost an hour of that Time you know we had reserved Um but we still got to go and then we Had to turn around and go home so then Me and Brian and Vicki stopped at a Waffle House [Laughter] We have a Waffle House story too okay I’ve just told him the joke too I told him not to yeah we stop I love Waffle House though I do like their food Is really good it wasn’t nothing to do With the food it was just another He wanted to be friendly I think he’s being more friendly to me Unfortunately Um yes love everybody if you’re watching You love you I I get I just was cutting in some looks I I just wasn’t really that friend I don’t want to deal with this he seems Like it very nice Yeah just the when we were talking We were talking about something he would Like Patty would mention something like A city or something like that oh yeah I Know that City yeah it’s like he tried To include himself on it though every Bit of our conversations everybody

He might have been what Rome It was annoying even the lady of Waffle House leaned over she goes I am so sorry Let’s give others let’s give a shout out To Summer yes at the Waffle House for Giving us great service yes she said she She subscribed to our channels that Night and she may be in the chat I don’t Know it’s summer if you’re here uh pop In and say hello For the first time he had never Had grits before I could have told him No I could have been like you wanna know What they taste like ass there you go oh I think it tastes good I love me some Grits I like the toast and dipping my Toast in it I hope Waffle House doesn’t serve blue Waffles yeah don’t don’t group with blue Waffles oh no okay I won’t that’s a joke Yeah yeah okay Why do I know that story because you’ve Seen a Blue Waffle blue waffles yes I Know what it is yeah delicious put syrup On it yeah I think he did too Vicky I I Really do but summer if you’re in here Say hello I don’t know if you’re here or Not Let’s try Well when she gave me the phone and then To find your Channel I did the Subscribe and I also pushed The Bell okay good good okay good Okay so she will get the notification

Yeah that’s you know what you know we Haven’t done I got an X out of here and Like this video Oh yes look I like the video and I’m Right here can y’all Oh yeah he even gave Brian a little love Note yes he did A lifetime a lifetime of backstage Passes at all his concerts He’s a one-man show Oh you already did it I was about to do it on my lap oh God Yeah so anyway lifetime passes he owns a Production company a music company That’s what he said How true that is I don’t know yeah Never know says it on his bio on Facebook Foreign Ty yes Steve is fabulous [Laughter] Fabulous individual So it’s so banging and girthy is is what Like was like two of my legs He only had two left he only had one leg The other one wasn’t a prosthetic oh God That’s too funny I wasn’t even there but I heard you know Brian’s already he came to Tennessee and Found Love I mean when it happens it Happens buddy you don’t don’t don’t Fight the Lord don’t fight the Lord Fight the love that’s right you know

What do they say love is love right okay Please well after my first night here The first morning I woke up it was [ __ ] what 11 o’clock 12 O’Clock the Next I don’t even know what time it was I kept walking out exactly I woke up and I had to pee really bad so I’d go Rushing out of the room to walk through The the landing area there you know the Upstairs landing area to go over to the Bathroom and all of a sudden there’s There’s uh don’t don’t blame me I was Already standing there going on in your Life cookie Can’t No no okay okay So all of a sudden Ly calm from from Adam one of these yeah He he’s standing there at the corner he Was talking to his wife and she was in The bedroom and he’s just kind of Standing at the door and as I come out He looked over I looked over like oh you Scared me and he goes My hair was everywhere What’d you do after that I went to the Bathroom and I looked in the mirror and Like oh oh no but after you came out of The bathroom where did you end up in oh Then I went in there and went and didn’t In their room and laid on their bed I’m Like oh this bed’s comfortable Patty’s Been in my bed I’ve been in Adam’s bed

Now and his wife is right there Entirely the wrong way where were you Whoa what’s going on what’s going off So look at the cookie That his wife made me now this is not Her best work by any means but Patty Wants some [ __ ] cookies here are some [ __ ] cookies snickerdoodle cookies Isn’t that cute She wanted some [ __ ] cookies so she Got some [ __ ] cookies and I can’t Show you some of the other ones for Reasons They have Channel names on them but Anyway I just thought that was just so cute Adam’s wife Adams voices Very nice it looks really good They are good I know Like I’m telling you to put a bag in the Microwave for like 20 seconds and They’re like oh my bad and they’re so Perfectly cooked She’s she’s very talented I’d I’d mess up a stick figure me too I Mean you’ve seen the pictures she’s got A whole book portfolio she has a Business It’s called if you’re on a Instagram It’s all one word a cookie dough and uh Dough is spelled d-o-e so it’s a cookie Dough coat like the deer does So if y’all follow that yeah amazing Work it’s amazing somehow I’ve seen some

Of the pictures I’m like oh my God This woman can make a cookie She she makes for everybody else but I Mean like I’ll get the leftovers and I’m Gonna You know I feel like please can I have Just one cookie mom no no not for you But you know Your knees are so tasty they’re it’s Snicker he asked me what my favorite Cookie was and I said actually snack Removal it’s my favorite so she’s got Some [ __ ] cookies literally yeah yeah I should make me some [ __ ] cookies Oh my God Roger summer said where’s mine Okay go get a snack Marty We got a follower on uh Instagram Just message her say I want some [ __ ] Cookies [Laughter] If I message you back you’re like I need Some [ __ ] money I don’t know but You’ll get some cookies one way or Another They’re really good so make sure you Guys are following uh Hunter phobia Which is Brian somebody want to put his Link in there because uh he’s got gonna Be putting out videos from the same Place as I am and you want to watch Everybody’s take we separated we didn’t Always film all together you know We separated quite a bit so you want to

Watch everybody’s videos and as well as His so whenever you well your name you Haven’t changed your name yeah It’s just I don’t be I don’t know right Now it’s under Adam B Um well Yeah yeah all right he’s gonna make a Comment in the chat Click on his name and then go over and Hit the Subscribe because that’s the Same channel he’s going to use for his Channel you know what I’m saying just Changing the name he’s just changing the Name to a paranormal channel name When you stop doing that stuff and you Delete your content there’s no reason to Go under yeah or not stop doing it but Stop putting out the content right and You know there he is Adam B go ahead and Hit that and subscribe to him that way You don’t miss his videos either so Um he’s gonna start subscribing start Subscribing Appreciate that welcome Oh my God Okay he’s gonna Brian’s gonna make a Comment as well that way you will have His link and you can click on it and you Know subscribe That way you Um can see everybody’s good news I just Don’t want you guys to miss anything Because I’m excited to see all of our Footage you know mine yours yours

Just to see what we caught You know I’m really glad that I got to Go to Bobby Mackey’s Um To get it off your bucket list right Um I was disappointed that I didn’t get To go with you all I’m not just funny That I miss Bobby mackeys however Octagon Hall oh that place is nice that Place literally It Exceeded my expectations Um It’s it’s really hard to explain it’ll Be calm And it’s all of a sudden it’s like Oh Here we go again Um Can you please stop that for a second so I can ask you questions Thank you If you’re related to somebody in this Room can you make that go off again Please What does that mean Tess Stranger Danger Let’s go stranger danger Oh [ __ ] That’s funny If you’re just visiting this house can You make this go off again please that’d Be great David Hey Jacob Okay if you’re a friend of somebody in

This house can you make it go off please Well thank you Marnie Okay I guess it’s So weird I don’t know why that’s just I asked it And it stopped on command and you saw it Yeah I decided to get you know to sit down And just really start looking through This footage You did yes Like almost out and towards the garage Really yeah Oh wow If you’re attached to somebody in this House Maybe somebody from Canada And you make this thing go off again Please this channel is called Adam B Yeah it’s just I’m good in there you know what I’ll do It right now yeah just put your link in There hang on because somebody put uh uh They’ll make another comment Karen put She put in that a b and somebody else Came up She’s gonna make a comment again real Quick and um that way you just click on Click on it and go to his channel I Think he can do that right no you can’t Do it from Just oh you can’t oh you Gotta find the channel oh okay yeah There you go to share your channel buddy All you have to do is go to the link

Right there All right so there you go put the link In now Notice how I keep up with my picture There you go there you go guys that’s His YouTube channel Yeah I wonder how many atom B’s there Are on you I know right there’s probably Quite a bit I will be changing the name Um but if you would just go ahead and You know subscribe hit that Bell Notification And um and I will tell you something Else too uh about these two they are Awesome investigators I was very Impressed Um both of them really are they take This very seriously Um they’re they’re just good at what They do and they’re the real deal just Like me we don’t there’s nothing faked You’re not going to see any of that kind Of crap from us Um 100 legit we try to debunk everything Um we set her around too yeah but They’re awesome they really I was very Impressed with both of them We just said something about standing Here yeah it goes off and we all three Worked very well together yeah so yeah So that was one thing I noticed yes we We work very well together so I’m Looking forward to doing lots more

Filming with these two because we we Worked very well together we’re on the Same page about everything we understand You know how it works when you’re Filming and you know we wasn’t sure it Was our first time filming together we Wasn’t sure what to expect or we were Going to be stepping all over each other Or whatever we just kind of like Automatically we talked about it a Little bit but we just kind of Automatically and just knew what to do Yeah I said you know hey here’s a game plan Yeah you’re going upstairs we’re going Over here blah blah blah then we’re Gonna meet up and then that’s what we Did we just did it did it that and then We all came together and then we did Some stuff together and you know stuff Like that so yeah it was uh it was Really a lot of fun Um filming with them and I’m looking Forward to lots more Yeah this this can’t be Um yeah and Vicky Mercer in the chat she Was with us the whole time yes thank you You did definitely did holding the Camera and everything yeah same for my Wife yeah [Laughter] We couldn’t stop laughing about bro I Gotta tell the story thank you so much

Swording Jedi Master thank you so much Scored king sorry about that So we’re all in this one room And we were all filming we had cameras At different angles and Adam walks up to The bed and he’s talking you know in This big bed that’s there It’s just something about and if you Want to go ahead and play with my balls That are right there Lay it there and I realized how it Sounded when he was here no no no no I Didn’t realize it this is the one time I Just didn’t take it seriously and Nothing would communicate with me in That room Um it communicated with Brian but not me Yeah but not him and I was like it’s 20 22 I don’t know it but it doesn’t look You know balls don’t look like Abraham Lincoln’s beard anymore Like these yeah It was so funny when presented with the With the you know yeah you don’t have to Jump on it you have to take that that One time and I had nothing happen to me In that room no I could not get a Response to save my life I’m like hey Brian Take the Wheel The alligent responses like that yeah Like they’re not taking him seriously Now he just said something about playing With his balls and I didn’t mean it like That and then when I when we all

Realized after yeah yeah you know that Was funny That that was a pretty intense room when We were all in that room that was a Pretty intense It just overall scenario I think we Should give a shout out to bear and Octagon Hall and if you want to take a Tour of octagon Hall it’s like five Bucks yeah Five bucks to take it to her yeah the Overnights you know a little bit more Expensive but but what you get Or a cup Oh You like coffee We had a coffee maker with plenty of Little carrot coffees there the creamer Everything we needed if you like coffee Make it stop Wow did y’all hear that ringing by the Way So let’s turn the spare box on Yeah I was I was just gonna say okay go Ahead um so right now you go to if you’re going to Be in the area And it’s It’s 300 bucks For the entire night and we’re talking From 4 00 P.M to at least 7 00 a.m yeah where Are you gonna go and get that you’re not And I promise you unless you were just

Not listening You’re gonna have something hot yeah oh Yeah Um Some people Run Some people stand their ground when you Stand your ground it gets pretty intense I will tell you that Um But without without further ado We’re gonna go ahead and get started With the Spirit Box session You can What’s up your camera is good yeah you Get really good footage nice and clear It looks really good Brian’s reviews For the footage says 2018. so just so if You’re having trouble finding it it’s Under 2018. on my actual microphony your Footage yeah it’s two thousand excuse me I use that all the time but okay I mean I’m not saying I don’t trust you no like Right here oops what’s this Why did that come into your pictures Okay so 2000 starts at 2018 November uh 16th November 16th it starts out wow I Mean I use this camera all the time That’s the thing I mean All right so we’re reaching out to the Spirit world right now Um preferably Adam’s father Gary

Um I’m sure that you can hear us right Now and you know what we’re doing Um you have been reaching out to Adam And letting him know that you’ve been Around and and stuff like that I’m sure You have a lot of remorse for taking Your own life with this weapon that we Have in front of us Um so Adam’s going to turn this Spirit Box on and you know how to use it Because we’ve heard heard you come Through it before Um so come through and Say Adam’s name If you could mention the gun just little Things like that that we so that we know It’s you my nickname yep nickname we Just that that’s for just for Confirmation so that we know we’re Really talking to you Um that would be great and we have People in the audience that is listening And they’re going to put it in the chat When they hear you say it Um anything at all that you want Adam to Know any if you want to say I’m sorry Anything at all now is your time for Your voice to be heard Oh that’s been well Oh by the way it’s gonna start out on Musical man go ahead and start the sweep Right we were having a little dance Party yeah earlier and he turned it on It was playing some music and me and

Adam just got up and started dancing What do you think 200 I usually use 150 But whatever you’re comfortable with Let’s see I do 150 in Reverse yeah I Always reverse so All right here we go into the power of This on let us know if it’s too loud Yeah I’m gonna turn it up Before I started very sweet Working on a weekend [Laughter] Can you all hear that okay give me a Thumbs up Hello Discovery Do you want me to get rid of it Oh my gosh Questions What was my nickname Wait a minute Okay Is there anything you’d like to tell Adam right now That’s it Right now Do you have any regrets

All right What do they look like 12 52 here I started here Oh What happened Oh my god There you go all right sorry so he’s Over here reviewing my footage And um We can tell you this we got a shadow Figure Let me see it wow sorry right there and It’s really really quick yeah and There’s nothing down here it’s in a Basement yeah watch Holy [ __ ] whoa you want me to show them No no no yeah we can show them all right We’re gonna give you a sneak peek okay Sneak peek real quick He said David said a young lady all Right watch this this is in the basement At Bobby mackie’s right no this is that Uh uh octagon oh octagon Hall sorry

Watch this area Whoa you guys see that it’s right there Right in there watch that area right There he’s gonna go again Wow One more time I’m trying to think a young girl yeah oh That’s that’s good no obviously we’re Gonna look at the other camera Yeah I’ve got to get your foot that was Pretty good did you guys see that not Even you said you said that it was a Young girl with black hair Um Do you think maybe this could be Something from octagon Hall maybe there Was a little girl 11 year old girl Um that Died at the actor at that home so Um I’m about to watch I mean it’s possible And I think she had dark black hair Right yeah dark hair she was 11. Foreign Oh Yeah he caught some stuff I can’t wait to review my footage Watch I’m sorry it was right here There holy [ __ ] wow Wow that’s amazing that’s just on Adam’s Footage we all have tons of footage from There we were there for 13 hours yeah so Uh we got our work cut out yeah that is

A damn good catch right there shadow Figure and that And two like within what two minutes of Each other yeah yeah So what I like to do is um like if you Guys were to send me any of your footage We’ll share footage yeah I I what I do Is I take it and put it at the kind of At the end of the video or if I put it In the middle of the video I I put in There I make sure I put you know this is Adam’s footage yeah that’s cool you know That way everybody knows it’s y’all’s Footage yeah yeah that’s yeah that’s the Best way and a lot of times I’ll go at The end of the video I’ll just throw That you know the bonus footage and It’ll be stuff from your videos some Black hair that’s interesting wow it’s Hard to see Hmm I know I can’t wait guys I’m flying home Tomorrow wish me luck I get so nervous When I get on a plane I told her not to be nervous until the Flight attendants get nervous And I forgot about the internet EMF was Going off today yeah it was an Intelligence going off right now Yeah because you were like trying to Yeah Okay let’s see if we can do this again Okay see if we can get yeah we’ll run it For a few more minutes but I know I’m

Getting really tired Thank you All right so we’re gonna try this again One at a time please So He does have a very beautiful Look how pretty Look how pretty and look at the stereo Living room You wanna go show a drum set yeah you Want to take them up there Joe yeah all Right all right Adam’s gonna take you For a little walk show them our rooms Too you can start you can start playing With that if you want to try and set up Communication so this is a kitchen right Over here Just so you all know I Am A Nightmare Before Christmas Fanatic I collect Funko Pops I’ve got thousands of them and when I Say thousands I mean thousands these are Just the ones that I have out Um that was my daughter when she was a Little girl yes sir now I don’t know man It wasn’t even like a freaking hard it Was like a blob I know so You know of course I’ll leave the uh Leave the uh My master bedroom Clothes but So these are day uh Brian’s

Accommodations he’s saying over here got A nice pull out in my music room That one’s a pull out too but I thought Adam want the sun coming right in on him Um For the few Um Nice little alcove where I just throw Random stuff Then when you come through here This stream has changed so so quick it’s Not even funny Um So I had another friend coming to town She was gonna stay here Um for Um My friend Larry’s funeral instead of Blow up mattress but this is where you All always see me from the office This is a guest bath right here Um Master bedrooms behind that door Patty Has been staying Over here in this room Once again as you can tell you know Complimentary Funko Jack Skellington But other than that Um yeah that’s That’s a little quick tour of the house That’s the inside of course Outside is very beautiful as well It’s my dog Brody

Frozen Sorry I can’t read the comments I don’t Have my uh glasses on But It’s a little messy right now but you Know what do you expect when you have You know guests over and everything else Um Yeah David this is where you said you Saw him I don’t know where I got this Little thing from but You know comes in pretty good for Storage and right now it it fits the Area But uh oh yeah The cookie pantry you know we don’t have Food in this house but we have A whole Pantry full of stuff to make Cookies I mean and this this is huge This is her work area for where she Stores all of her stuff or cookies and Cocoa bombs There’s some owls Something for the National Park Service There’s a Rubik’s cube right there But um There’s more in there Look at her killing electricity I mean That’s so wasteful Foreign Yeah I know that was a trip I mean and we’re just getting started in That footage oh yeah So over here

You go beyond this and You saw how big her cookie Pantry was This is this is what I’m working with to Live right now to eat All right Fraction of that but Well those little notepad thingies Half bath down here Garages out there you all know the Garage and then Washer and dryer in here Storage other than that It’s a house It has four walls and You know a roof just bought it yeah just Moved in uh the March The first of March of this year yep he Just moved in first March he just bought It I gave him all the nickel to her Charter still a dime so we’re gonna try This again okay There we go so you’re saying she’s not In Tennessee no we are in Tennessee yeah We’re in Tennessee we’re in Clarksville About 30 minutes outside of Nashville Cookie Heaven I showed her cookie Pantry Oh yeah that’s where the food’s supposed To go no that’s cookie supplies That is the food over there yeah I get To make my gruel out of that [Laughter] Thank you thank you all Um Yeah we’re in Tennessee we drove uh he’s

Not he’s only like 20 minutes from Kentucky uh State Line yeah so we uh We’re not far at all from the Octagon Hall like an hour away and then Bobby Mackeys was a little bit further away so It’s in the other side of Kentucky well If they had Completed the interstate system the way They were supposed to we would have been Able to make it to uh octagon home about 20 minutes but that’s not you know we Don’t live in a world of FSM but right So let’s try this again see if uh like Like David said ask for one at a time And um Let’s see if we can get some names of Who’s here yeah Start with that All right So Um can you all hear our voices and the Questions when we ask them over that Kelly says we are so close to her right Now oh that’s so cool Oh I know I heard Jared I heard that Daytona did get slammed I saw a video Footage of the race track Barely so maybe we can turn it down Somewhere move it away we moved away From the phone If you all can’t hear us when we’re Asking the questions uh just let us know And we’ll turn it down a little bit so

Okay we’re going to start this again now All right All right whoever’s in here with us tell Me your name Right now Is this yours Laughs Okay Great Um yeah Okay Dad if you’re here with me Oh man You have a message for Brian Larry are you here with us Larry do you have a message Christina are you here too Okay

Who is here talking to me Dad if you’re here Dad I know you’re dead Dad Okay Are you happy where you’re at dad Thank you For you Here Yep

Foreign All right Okay so it’s 72.9 degrees in here [Laughter] Love it Okay [Laughter] Explosion All right Well thank you so much for talking to us Yeah What’s up Everybody [Applause] Three days I Wish I could have met you Rest in peace Rest in peace We’ll talk to you again sometime Yes we will wow

You know the more you sit here and tune Into it it’s more it’s really Transit It does it puts you into tracks yeah it Definitely does You know that’s funny that when I say Yeah That’s what this Sleepyheads you know what buddy if you Don’t like Elise yeah if you don’t like It leave loss some person named Sleepyhead That’s right there’s no point in sitting Here watching it yeah you know what I Like it hey I got something for your Sleepyhead Um Go to the corner I’ll put you in the corner I got the wrench Anybody yeah take them out of time out Then you know now I don’t know but don’t I know y’all don’t so Sorry about that one yeah there’s always One I mean yeah there’s always one Unless there’s two of us then it’s what Fabulous They’re killing me It’s been a great three or four four Days four days with you guys we’ve had So much fun lots of laughs and A couple of are really great Investigations so Anyway Christina Well well good night everybody thank you

So much for joining us on such a late And short notice live stream we Appreciate you being here and sticking With us all this time people that Followed thank you yeah yes everybody That followed yes yeah thank you yes Thank you for following them we Appreciate it Um and Um Brian is going to do a panel on Sunday Um I’ll make sure I post something about It in in my community section on YouTube And also over on Twitter and Mig team Facebook page about the time or Didn’t let you know four o’clock four O’clock okay four o’clock on Sunday Eastern time um he’s going to be doing a Live panel and it’s going to have me Adam Raymond who is also with us at the Uh at Bobby mackie’s so I’m not Convinced Vicky yep and Vicky Mercer Um In there with us Yeah We just love Vicky and so glad that she Got to um Come with us again that’s my second time Meeting her I met her last year she came And stayed at the cabin with me and me And tez and my grandkids Um soft So yeah she got to come with us on this Two-day Adventure

All right love you all too and thank you So much for being here uh thank you Thank you for being here Karen Vickers And David Hale Vicki Mercer everybody Everybody and everybody we’ve got some Big I mean like it’ll be my debut for this New new team that I’ve yeah put together But um Okay amazing stuff yes coming your way Yes we do everybody and we’re gonna try To get together hopefully again in a Couple months or something maybe do do Something else you know maybe even go Back to the Octagon Hall and and some Other places that you know it’s going to Work on us getting into definitely Yeah so Heck yeah always said Tennessee was my Home away from home I just love Tennessee this is not a damn thing here Huh isn’t that damn thing in here yeah Let’s try to get into there next time Yeah yeah I was trying to find the Contact info and like it’s like all About a haunted house right this during This time haunted houses have started Opening up Um you know like The thanks David quote unquote haunted Houses so hell’s bar that’s all they’re Promoting right now is their little Going I will Running Bear thank you so Much

Well we will get into there I’m like I’d Really like to take them to all the South Pittsburg Yes Jared I am Yep Yep it’s uh the G team Facebook page Um I have a Instagram also I have Twitter but I’m not a big Twitter fan I I just don’t care for you but there’s Too much damn drama over there and I Have my Twitter on private to try to Weed out the drama people I just Twitter At all yeah I’m probably gonna delete it I deleted a Twitter once they had over 50 000 followers on it and I might end Up deleting this this is a smaller one But I might I don’t know I don’t know What I’m doing I just don’t care for Twitter anyway yeah Hills Bar damn we’re Gonna try to go there Good night and thank you all for being Here thank you all right I keep looking Down here thinking this is my stream It’s up here I’m so tired all right we Love you all thank you thank you good Night awesome thank you for being here Bye bye bye

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