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Thank you Women Positions Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of All ages welcome to the Paranormal Portal I’m your host Brent Thomas and we Are live and unrehearsed completely here On the Paranormal portal so you get what You get uh it doesn’t get much better Than uh any other nights so hopefully You guys enjoy yourself thank you so Much for coming in and being a part of Our journey here as we talk about all The crazy wild stuff that is the Paranormal and God knows there’s plenty Of it going on and sometimes even the Normal seems paranormal now it’s just Like the I don’t know I think for a lot Of us the world just feels like it’s Kind of standing on its head and and We’re all trying to make sense out of it

But uh wherever you are and whatever’s Going on in your world we hope you’re Doing great and uh thanks for spending Part of your weekend right here with us It’s Friday night we have two full hours Of the Paranormal portal ahead if you’re New to the show we’re also simulcasting On Tfrlive.com as well as TFR is also Simulcasting on iHeartRadio tune in and Talk stream live so there’s half hour Breaks just so you know don’t get Offended it’s just paying the bills so To speak so Those of you on YouTube will have a Little video montages for you to keep You occupied or you can just kick back And enjoy the amazing chat community That we have here on the Paranormal Portal on YouTube so uh good to see you Guys thank you so much uh hello Rhonda Good to see you oh thank you Maggie I Appreciate it Way to start it out Started out with a bang Thank you very much so guys we are uh I’m not alone first of all I think you Should know that I am joined by My significance Big Branch the big Branch on my family tree uh this of Course is my son Sheldon Thomas thank You Sheldon how you doing Doing good the significance Big Branch We’re just adding more titles to it I

Like it you can uh keep going on that as The weeks unfold just around to see how Creative I can get here uh yeah please Do the big cheese of cheese Town Mr Sheldon Thomas uh you can leave that one Leave that one out okay I’m just working I’m trying to work this too uh how you Doing Jake good to see you hello to Everybody that’s in the chat on YouTube And hello to uh the people that are over It looks like Bam’s the only one over on TFR but how you doing bam good to see You brother he’s always here he’s always He’s always here taking part in the Paranormal portal so we appreciate that A bunch bam thank you so much Um there’s a bunch of you over on YouTube and it’s growing by the moment Here so that’s great Um I don’t know let me see what am I Doing here it’s Friday night Sheldon What do I do what what is my job at this Point Well first thing we usually go into is The news we will in just a moment but Before we hit the news I want to thank Uh the Paranormal portal sponsor and That is of course Cryptid coin they are A new cryptocurrency or newer Cryptocurrency cryptic cryptocurrency With Cryptid research and investigation At its heart so uh if you’re looking for An alternative form of investment maybe This is the one for you I know a lot of

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Cryptozoologist both Dr Meldrum and uh And Ken have been on a host of of Television shows dealing with the crypto Cryptids and paranormal communities Tom Seawid of Sasquatch island is going to Be there and he’s the clucky walk uh Gentleman who who has been on the show With us many times on the podcast just a Great guy and there’s going to be an Amazing MC there for that event uh as it Stands and it’s me So so if you’re in Spokane Washington And you love some Sasquatch kind of uh Get-togethers this might be the one for You so check it out again it’s June 17th In Spokane Washington at the Spokane Valley Event Center so check it out That’s coming up next June so special Thanks to cryptic coin extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC and uh the Sasquatch Roundup and uh yes Sheldon now It’s time You ready Always for the news ladies and gentlemen Paranormal portal news desk is coming up Next where we dive into all the news Both weird and uh kind of interesting so Buckle up we’re going in [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] The most trusted name in news

Well no that’s CNN we’re just the most Trusted news over here so uh here I am In the Paranormal portal news desk which Looks exactly like the other desk Because it is but uh we got this fancy Backdrop over here so you know you’re Watching the news so Sheldon are you Ready to learn something new and Interesting that you might not have Known when you came in Always well good because I’m hoping that I can uh can can educate you here a Little bit and uh give you some new Information that you might not have had Before and that’s always the goal here On the Paranormal portal news because You know uh knowledge is power so by God By the end of this program you might Have a little more power than you had When you got here and uh the first one Up tonight is from unexplained Mysteries.com first and foremost ladies And gentlemen this is a a fantastic site I love this site a lot it’s been an Incredible resource for us to talk about News articles and stuff so if you want To check out a great site full of Amazing articles and uh and full Breakdowns of of pretty comprehensive Information including some uh some Pretty interesting uh individual Accounts are over there as well there’s Just so much uh head over to unexplained Mysteries.com and check it out I can’t

Encourage you to do that enough because Any of the Articles we use and talk About on the sites or on the show here Um we definitely want to support what They’re doing because most of these Sites are doing it on their own Blood Sweat and Tears and they need all the All the encouragement and support they Can get so uh if we can help steer some Traffic to them that is absolutely our Pleasure but the first one up tonight on The on the show is video show shark in Residential backyard during Hurricane Ian Ian Yeah well I mean every time there’s a Hurricane of course there’s a there’s The ocean swell where the ocean level Actually goes up you know and this Bubble formation Um whether it’s the low pressure from The hurricane or the high pressure I Don’t know I’m I’m not a meteorologist But I know that the ocean levels go up Uh when there’s a hurricane going over So it’s all kind of still resettling Down there and uh again please our heart Goes out to all those people affected by Hurricane Ian and we hope you’re okay Please help each other out down there And make sure you’re looking after not Only yourself but your neighbors and and Uh fellow citizens down there um that’s Got to be absolutely terrifying but this Says the destructive hurricane currently

Making landfall in the United States has Been displacing the local wildlife There’s no denying the trail of Destruction left by Hurricane Ian a Tropical Cyclone that has already caused An Untold damage and loss of life in Florida and that is now making its way Along the east coast For one resident in Southwest Florida However the storm had brought in brought With it something unbelievable In the video footage captured and Uploaded onto Twitter Fort Myers Resident Dominic camaretta Managed to capture what appeared to be An actual live shark swimming in his Neighbor’s backyard the local real Estate developer confirmed that the clip Which shows the unexpected visitor Swimming around the in the flood water Had been recorded from his patio on Wednesday I didn’t know what it was I just looked Like a fish or something he told the Associated Press I zoomed in and all my Friends were like it’s like a shark man The the video quickly racked up several Million views on social media with other Users like likening it to something out Of the Sharknado movie series some Experts believe that the creature was a Young bull shark swept up in the rising Water levels Yikes well that’s not all folks because

Facebook showed me something pretty Interesting here and I’m going to show It to you right now and this is uh what Somebody found apparently in their Living room or in their house when they Were checking the damage from the from The hurricane and that is this for those Of you on on YouTube you can see but for Those of you that can’t see it’s uh Somebody’s flooded house and there’s a Big Gator inside of it Oh my God why are they so close to it What the I don’t know they could be Looking through a window for all we know I I don’t know I hope so I there’s a lot We don’t know about this picture but It’s absolutely shocking so yeah it’s Just a it’s like a quote unquote the Perfect storm right don’t go grab a Snack uh from from here home anymore no Yeah they just got evicted yeah that’s Exactly right but yeah that’s that’s all Kinds of spooky Um I don’t know Thank God uh they they realize it’s There nobody found out the hard way so That’s good But is that not freaky That’s that’s uh that’s an aspect I Never I I don’t know why I just never Thought about like oh yeah it’s uh it’s A hurricane it’s whipping up a bunch of Stuff you know it can whip up you know Wildlife too sure all around it now oh

Yeah So you know everybody when they’re Having the baby does the old ultrasound Right and they get that they get the Early pictures of the baby and they kind Of see what’s going on and it’s it’s a Kind of a special experience I’ve been Able to experience that three times now And it was beautiful every time Because you get to see these little Branches before they actually Sprout and Uh But somebody actually got an MRI and What they found Is actually actually kind of horrifying Um here it is I think it’s just you know The way that MRIs work of course is they Take like slice pictures like levels of Of depth and sometimes you just hit a Bad level and it looks like it looks Like you’ve got something coming out of A Rick and Morty and that reference is Going to be important in just a sec Because it says bizarre MRI scan of Unborn baby looks like pickle Rick or Mr Bean Foreign [Laughter] Screw the camera that thing’s gonna take Over your soul What the hell is that Um oh my God I think it’s just a you Know just one of those things that was Just a bad level to take a shot of but

There you have it uh for bam and Gemini I copied it over into TFR that is a Freaky face I I think That it looks like a dog toy Well let’s see what it says I said Reddit users were left amused and Freaked out in equal measure recently by A weird MRI image of their unborn baby Oh God they gotta frame that and put That up in the hallway Uh most people will be familiar with What and I’ll ultrasound image of an Unborn baby looks like but there are a Few who have likely uh who have likely Ever seen what an unborn baby looks like In an MRI scan MRI or magnet is a Magnetic resonance imaging it uses Strong magnetic fields in radio waves to Build up an image of the inside of the Human body and can be very helpful if There is an issue with a pregnancy As user John Reddit found out recently However MRI scans of an unborn baby can Look strange to say the least mainly due To the way the eyes and brains stand out In the image if the baby is oriented in A certain way and this is definitely the Way That’s just disturbing Um this particular image which has Already received tens of thousands of Views on social media shows a rather Peculiar MRI image that is an unnerving As it is amusing looks like a cursed

Jelly Baby One user remarked while Another described the image as a Eggplant shaped versions of the aliens From Mars Attacks others still believing The images look like either Mr Bean or Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty I’m Pregnant and I can’t stop laughing at These one expectant mother was quoted as Saying suffice to say you may never Think of what a baby looks like in the Womb in the same way ever again Yeah it kind of takes some of the Sweetness right out of it doesn’t it Wait till that kid grows up and we go Back to the beach Yeah You’ll show his prom date is baby Pictures yeah Yeah That’s that’s enough to change your Whole mood Um So damn angry Gremlin in there yeah exactly it does it Looks like just terrifying but anyway I Bet you never saw that before folks but You’re welcome you saw it here What I’m so happy for her yeah oh my God what A beautiful nevermind It’s not beautiful nevermind nope uh Good luck on that all right let’s get to The next one I can close that though That image is freaking me out

Yeah it’s there’s full Buffet of Possibilities of that picture alone but Okay what the parents look like I’m just kidding just like that It’s awesome weirdly contorted oh my god Oh no all right let’s get on to Something else and uh this is kind of a Uh interesting story and that’s kind of The thing you’d expect to find in an Archaeological dig but Anyway uh I don’t explain Dash Mysteries.com brings us a story out of Egypt Archaeologists discovered 2 600 year old Cheese in Egypt Nice if it was government cheese you Could probably still eat it Um You ever see that smile it hurts now Yeah right oh God it says Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has Announced the discovery of some of the Oldest cheese ever found If you’re someone if you are someone who Turns their nose up at a variety of Exotic cheeses found at your local Supermarket you certainly won’t want to Sample what an archaeologists have dug Up in the Sakara necropolis near Cairo Egypt recently the ancient blocks of Cheese which were found stored inside Clay pots are believed to be a type Known as halami and date back 2600 years To the 26th or 27th Egyptian Dynasty

The cheese was thought to have been a Major part of the diet of ancient Egypt With previous discoveries evidence of Cheese making in the region dating back As far as 5 000 years wow Uh this particular cheese was made using A combination of goats and sheep’s milk The sites the site of the fine Sakara Once served as the necropolis for Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt and Come contains bodies interred over an Extended period of more than three Thousand years Archaeologists who were Excavating the Site also uncovered a number of other Pottery vessels and several artifacts Inscribed with demotic script not Demonic but demotic the same writing Found in the Rosetta Stone wow Well that’s cool yeah wow old geez I was Hoping they would answer the question if It was edible or not no I’m sure it’s Not although I’ve heard that like honey You know no matter how old it is can be Re reconstituted and consumed even if it Was you know but I don’t think the same Is true for cheese we read a story Um where they found like thousands of Year old honey in an inch and Egyptian Yeah something at least sure right so I Don’t think there’s a shelf life on that Because it doesn’t rot but I think I Think that cheese would be something More more like gravel at this point you

Know it’s like yeah oh just dried out Yeah it’s just yeah there’s nothing left Except the the idea that it was once Cheese I don’t think it’s I don’t think It’s in the eaten it’s not going to be Although you know some idiot’s gonna try Somebody is going to try he’s going to Sprinkle some on some toast or something Stupid Rachel said something along those Lines it’ll be a limited edition Doritos Flavor next month It’ll be the new Lays flavor Egyptian cheese [Laughter] You know they do that isn’t that laser Or whatever that does those contests Like come up with a new type of flavor Yeah yeah that makes you yeah that’s True I went the Egyptian cheese please It’s like cheese sand oh nummy all right Sand Sprinkles with flavoring all right So let’s get back to the rest of this Mess Um all right next up is another article Which is good let me see the time is six Minutes we’re doing great all right Here’s the next one up on our newscast Our news Fest for the night I should say And uh this is from unexplained Mysteries.com as well and this one is Man has kept his arm raised for over 10 Years in honor of his God And there’s a picture of the guy And his teacher was probably pissed

What is it nothing A man in India has been making headlines This week ever was revealed that he has Had his arm raised for over a decade oh My God I can’t even do it for like three Minutes to work on my hair Uh Merchants right whoa Raiden Fury Juna akara who hails from Allahabad seemingly became obsessed with The idea of keeping his arm raised in The air because he wanted to do Something to honor his God Hoping that it would help him get Noticed he raised his arm high above his Head one day and then just left it there Even today 10 years on he continues to Keep his arm raised above his head even While sleeping and he has now held it up There for so long that it basically Locked in that position and it is Totally numb That’s some dedication when asked how Long he anticipates leaving it like that He hinted that it would be for the rest Of his life At this point if his arm really is Locked in that position he might not Have much of a choice in the matter Unless he seeks medical intervention Incredibly however mahant has a long way To go to beat the previous record holder For this type of stunt a man named Barati baratia who reportedly held his Arm above his head for 38 years

If you check you can check out an Interview with mahant in the Twitter Video below Yeah I’m I’m I I you know I don’t know About that one Well I mean sure I guess when you go to Sleep your company you’re on you’re Basically Your arm would go unless you got Something to hold it up but you can’t Hold it up while you’re asleep yeah I Mean you could be sleeping sitting up Bro we know Um the interesting thing is that you Know I I guess it is it is kind of a Beautiful thing right because he wants To show his devotion and his his Dedication to his God and uh I’m sure Maybe he just had nothing else this Wasn’t like he could do it monetarily or Or in other ways the only thing he could Do was demonstrate something with Himself and that’s that’s actually Incredible to be you know to be Perfectly honest that’s a hell of a Sacrifice it is impressive it is very Impressive to do that yeah I think That’s amazing So yeah I guess that’s one way to let Them know that you’re on that team so More power to you man I I don’t know I I Don’t know how you get to one like I Don’t really need this arm anymore I Could just hold it up and just do

Everything with my other arm that’s Amazing so I certainly cut from a Different metal than me because that’d Be like five minutes to be a cowboy you Know screw this yeah you know I wonder What’s on TV Um but yeah more power to the guy that’s Really really amazing dedication so Anyway let’s get uh to the next one here And the next one is also from Unexplained mysteries.com and this one Is Britain braces for invasion of ultra Rats Size of rabbits oh oh no yeah oh no it Was right experts have warned the giant Rats could be invading people’s Homes And Gardens within a matter of weeks oh My God rats can be a menace at the best Of times but this year a combination of Excessive summer temperatures and an Abundance of food has greatly benefited These much maligned rodents resulting in Them growing to enormous sizes According to experts once the Temperature starts to drop in the coming Weeks the rats will begin looking to People’s Homes and Gardens for warmth And to find new sources of food to eat Brits are already used to enduring the Annual influx of giant house spiders in The Autumn but the last thing anybody Wants is to be playing host to giant Rats as well

Some of the rodents can grow to the size Of rabbits and will they will eat Absolutely anything It’s time to protect your garden and Home now said Chris Bonnet founder of Gardening express some of the imperative Measures to take to protect yourself and Your home is laying preventative scents Around your home and clearing any Rubbish debris and garden waste that’s Accumulated during the summer rats are Particularly Adept at breeding producing Up to 72 Offspring a year which are Themselves capable of reproducing within A matter of weeks Making your garden as unattractive to Them as possible is a good way to avoid Any unwanted visits How do you do that I was wondering the Same thing putting cats on like cat Posters Hang in there yeah I don’t even think Cats would uh have a chance I don’t know A rabbit-sized rat is serious yeah man That’s spooky and then if you think of You know of course the illnesses that They can carry that’s that’s actually Scary Horrible stuff Well Um it’s Times Like These I’m glad uh an Ocean divides the UK in the U.S yeah When it comes to the giant rats yeah That’s that’s wild you know I don’t I

Don’t know is if their size if the rats Here could grow that big too maybe I Don’t know that’s weird or if it’s just A specific breed I don’t know folks but That is really creepy That is Uber creepy oh there’s the break Folks so that’s gonna wrap it up for a News Fest for tonight we will uh be back Uh in just a couple minutes with the Rest of the show so don’t go away we’ve Got a lot more to come [Applause] People say you have to have a lot of Passion for what you’re doing and it’s Totally true and the reason [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] One two three [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh we we are back at it folks how you Doing Sheldon doing good how are you Just as well as I know how Um doing good just trying to sort out What’s next here on the on the show got

A whole bucket full of things to go Through Um I think we’re gonna probably go to uh An article but first I think this would be a great time to Talk about our Discord thing what do you Think there we go yeah perfect all right Why don’t you do that why don’t you let Everybody know what is going on on Discord what’s this whole Discord thing All about So I created a discordant Channel just For the Paranormal portal and the Community which I will link right in the Chat if you want to go and visit we also Have tutorials in there in case it’s too New uh it’s a lot to get used to but it Is really convenient and nice to get in Touch with the community and all the Wonderful links that we have in the Discussion boards that I created as well But the thing that is most important About this section is the questions of The week which every show we have the Questions prepared and we and now it’s Your chance to answer them in the Discord So For today’s question We have the world of cryptozoology is Filled with an array of many creatures Of all the creatures cited which in your Opinion do you believe is least likely To be a legitimate phenomena

I thought this was really well no we Thought this was a really interesting Question to kind of Challenge and really Get um your guys’s opinions so First Responders Android Purity saying Considering a Cryptid is defined as Being an Undiscovered physical Biological animal with a breeding Population living in the wild this Question could be answered in two Different ways depending on how Specifically you meant it For example a lot of people think Dogman Slash Wolfman is encrypted but I do not Although That doesn’t mean that I do not believe It exists one moment Because I do believe it exists I just Think it’s not a physical biological Animal with a breeding population I Believe it is something spiritual or Interdimensional that can take physical Form at times so I think it’s a Metaphysical of some sort However if you mean an actual crypto That does not occur in any shape or form Then I would say the Loch Ness Monster Is likely not real because there’s been A ton of actual scientific research on That Lake in recent years including Scanning the entire Lake by boat So that pretty much rules it out since That lake is really not that large Compared to other lakes in the world

However it’s totally possible there’s Other large aquatic animals in oceans or Other larger lakes that we are not aware Of yet like like Champlin Champlin Champlain which is over 20 times the Size of the Loch Ness like oh Interesting okay that’s a good point Um how How would you say how did we mean it by Do we mean like physical or did we met Metaphysical would you say existing Leaning we well because of the the Umbrella of Cryptids means so many Things and so the the point that that I Think was important is that there’s so Many creatures that are that are Identified as potentially Cryptid Um there are those that there’s a big Body of evidence for and there are those With lesser uh more more strange Accounts that just seem to happen and Then go away and so What did people think if there’s if There’s one that really stuck out to Them as man I don’t know if I’m really Into this I don’t really know if I if I Buy this one as happening or not you Know what I mean yeah okay I thought of it in just in general what Did you like yeah okay I think we’re on The same page on that one okay but the Next one is Lily Pond saying having seen Something that shouldn’t exist I believe Anything is possible and I’ve seen

People’s raw emotions when recounting Their sighting who am I to say they’re Lying mistaken or crazy I respect the Fact they’re willing to go public and Risk ridiculed to educate us I Completely agree with that yeah Absolutely yeah uh Ruger Ridge says Lizard people least likely for me okay Zx81v2 says the Naga or an ancient Friend of man before man turned on them Ancient India okay Fourth color says the Flatwoods Monster From West Virginia for me it’s one of Those one-time Cryptid slash alien Sightings I’ve seen a compelling video That basically reduced that sighting Down to it being an owl that spooked a Group of people in the woods just my Personal opinion that could have been Hysteria mixed with a large owl sighting Now For me I to be honest some of these I Didn’t even know existed or were even Recounted so but for what I do know I Think for me the least likely would Probably be lizard people or The um What is it the insectoids or whatever That are once in a while we read a story About those sure That was um I mean I’m willing to to Believe anything I believe in anything’s Possible but just leaning towards is it True or not I would say those two what

Do you think Dad well I think with some Of it’s kind of hard though too Especially when like you’re you’re Talking about insectoids because are They are they just part of uh a natural Fauna of the planet allegedly or could They be extraterrestrial and and that Certainly is a consideration as well Because we don’t really understand or Know there’s people that believe they Know but uh do we really know what Possibilities lie in the interstellar Space and could there be an intelligent Race of some form of insect kind of uh Um you know family tree could they build Craft could they you know Learn to Fly Interstellar and and all of that and and I I think it’s tough to say that it’s Kind of a trick question in a way Because I I do agree that it’s it’s Really hard to sit and say well the I Don’t think this is real when people Claim to have really seen something and They experienced something now This is where the the Paranormal gets Real muddy because we really don’t know What they actually Perceived and and what they perceive we Don’t know that it’s for sure a separate Biological or or intelligent entity or Could it be an extension of themselves Oftentimes we talk about tulpas on the Show could some of these be projections In some wild way of their own psychology

On the world around them and so is that Maybe what accounts for some of these One-offs are they are they perhaps some Projection from a person or group of People maybe that uh share a similar Mythology or or ideology could they end Up projecting something under the into The world around them that could for all Intents and purposes look and appear Like it’s a separate entity and so That’s where it gets real tough but I Guess I I would have to say that I don’t Know I don’t know that any anyone is is Not real I I just don’t know Um there’s some that are more hard to Believe Certainly like the Flatwoods Monster That was brought up that one’s a tough One to get get the head around exactly Because it was just kind of this Amalgamation of things Um and and like the Dover Demon wasn’t Was another one that’s like well it just Kind of came and then just was gone and And sometimes just to clarify for people Who don’t know what what is the um Well um let’s just the woods one the Flatwoods one that’s just a flat one I Think it’s easier just to put pull it up Flat Woods Monster images Let’s just pull it up so people can see What what depictions of this thing are So it’s I mean it really looks like a

Walking Christmas ornament for the most Part but I’m gonna put it up on screen Here and for those of you that that are Just listening just grab your Google and Do Flatwoods Monster images and then Click the images tab and you’ll see but These are some images of what is Believed to be the Flatwood monster and It’s just this this weird I don’t know Is it a turn a beat or a turnip or is it A a creature it’s just really strange Um it makes me think it’s like a type of Nature Spirit the way it’s depicted it Could be I mean that’s another another Possibility but when we talk about Cryptids we’re talking about a very Biological thing uh you know that it’s a It falls within the realm of zoology Because cryptozoology is just basically Undiscovered creatures Um as as Android pointed out so Um yeah I mean this is the Flatwood Monster and and it just kind of happened And then it just stopped happening and Then maybe once in a while a claim comes Up still but it’s hard to know So these are these are the tough ones Because it was it was something for a Second and then it was nothing again you Know so is this perhaps a projection is It perhaps as you suggested a an animal Spirit or a nature spirit is it Something else Um I would probably I would probably

We honestly think that this was more of A spiritual manifestation of some kind If it indeed happened and I again I Don’t pretend to say yes it did happen Or didn’t but there’s just some things That are hard to wrap your head around So that’s my take on it and I think you Guys all had great points amazing points And thank you for participating in that Was there any in the chat Um Let me see If there are any What is someone had a question actually Now I’m curious what’s those creatures That people experience that hear those Clicking sounds they make Creatures with clicking sounds yeah Um I don’t know I’m thinking when you say That I’m thinking of the movie mimic Um which was like these these these Movie monsters that were actually like Human-sized insects that were had Learned how to camouflage themselves or Basically developed in such a way as They look like a person and they lived In like the subway tunnels and stuff and Would take people and eat them and they Always did this clicking Really creepy it was a great movie but It was really creepy and it’s called Mimic if you ever get a chance if you Haven’t seen it check it out because I’m

Not a horror movie person at all and I Don’t know that this was more horror I Think it was more suspense but it was Really creepy Um but I’m trying to think of of what What creatures are known for their Clicking noises and nothing’s jumping to My to my my uh mind right now oh he says But I was referring to those people that Have experienced experience of these Types of Cryptids and hear clicking Sounds from it and don’t know what kind Of creature that does that or here you Know that the interesting thing is There’s even languages of of human Languages uh in in some parts of the World that use clicking and so maybe There is uh creatures that utilize Clicking as a form of communication too Um so it is unusual but it’s not Unprecedented even in human populations Around the globe so You know could it we I mean we barely Know what Bigfoot sounds like and They’ve been around forever and there’s So many witnesses but if it wasn’t for Ron Ron Moorhead and his team capturing The Sierra sounds we probably still Wouldn’t have any idea except for the The Ohio howl and some other yells That’s about the only thing but but when They recorded those weird Sierra sounds We finally had an idea of what their Language might sound like and it’s and

It’s been an amazing development because Of course it gives us something to weigh Other reports against and also something That people experiencing can listen to And go yeah it was just like that it was Just like that because it’s hard to Explain that we’re gonna do that you Know they call it the samurai chatter Because it does sound like a like a Samurai warrior in an old Japanese movie But very interesting so again I Appreciate all of the input you guys had And thank you so much we we’re going to Keep these going every time we do live Shows we do live shows Wednesday Friday And Saturday and so if you if you join The the Discord server you’ll have a Chance to you know jump in on the Discussion of any of these and everybody And anybody and everybody is welcome as Long as you’re a part of the Discord Server although those of you on in the Chat if you’re not involved in the Discord you can comment on them as we’re Doing the shows too that’s fine let us Know what you think but at any rate very Cool thank you guys for weighing in on That and uh sharing your thoughts so Um All right let’s see Did I do that one or not no I guess not Oh yeah I did that one I recognize some Of that story now all right so we’re Gonna jump over to an article that we’ve

Been covering uh over a few shows and This is from Thought Catalog uh by January Nelson it’s from 2019 looks like November of 2019 and it is uh we asked Members of the law enforcement about the Scariest paranormal uh call they have Ever responded to and so these are some These are some pretty great stories some Of them are okay but but most of them Have just really been really been Incredible and of course not that this Is exclusively the case but a lot of Times when people uh hear reports from Law Enforcement Officers they are Supposed to be trained observers so They’re they’re they are trained and uh Are schooled on on critical observations So basically they don’t they’re not Supposed to react from just a an Emotional place they’re they’re also Observing and reacting from from a fact Based place because they they have to be Witness to these things and uh so when When they say they’ve seen weird things A lot of people give it a lot more Credit than than just your average Person so whether or not you share that Opinion I understand but uh that’s the School of thought out there so let’s Jump into these reports and see what we Find out We’re on number eight right now oops I Could just turned in your camera here Sheldon you’re almost not in there there

You are now you’re part of the scene Um number eight so me and another guard Became pretty good friends and would Often talk to each other over the phone And earpiece for most of the night while Patrolling One time he found a door to the basement Of the oldest building on our state or In our state or city or something like That in the basement uh was also Infamously haunted Now he hadn’t said anything about what He was doing other than which building He was at and we had been silent for a Few minutes when I heard over the phone The word door being whispered or hissed In a drawn out way that with an audible Inhale exhale at the end Well at first I thought it was him and Asked him to repeat himself and he was Confused and said he hadn’t said Anything I didn’t want to freak him out so I Didn’t say anything until after he’d Left the building about what I had heard He was pretty freaked out by it and it Would have been very out of the Character for him to have done that just To mess with me Another one that was most likely just a Weird coincidence we were transporting a Psych patient from an ER to a psych Facility Who was completely screwed out Of his mind mostly unaware of everything

Around him but verbal and verbal but not Making any sense and in an almost Sleepwalking headspace from appearances The nurses had doped him up about said He’d been in the same mental state just More agitated beforehand the Antipsychotics had only really calmed Him down The first thing he does after loading Him in the vehicle and me sitting down Next to him was turned to me appearing Suddenly lucid and saying Conversationally wow you look like You’re ready to hurry another dog or to Bury another dog The morning of the morning of I’d found My dog passed away in her sleep and had Buried her after looking at me Expectantly for a few moments while I Was a little confused and shocked the Appearance of Lucidity on his face and Eyes slowly faded away before he turned Back to mumbling and rocking back and Forth and trying to eat the bag of chips The nurses sent with him Not the chips out of the bag mind you But the bag of chips My least favorite building to patrol Every night very often would have doors Unlocked on my second and third patrols After I’d found them locked beforehand Many times bay doors which required a Latch to be lifted from the inside would Be unlocked

The building had alarms attached to Every door that I’d have to disarm every Time I opened one of the doors so that They worked The building owners were not concerned In the least and simply said that the Doors did that and that’s why they hired Us to keep them locked If it had been employees opening one of The entrance doors then it would have Been able then I would have been able to See which employee and at what time They’d been unlocked but which happened Occasionally but I’d always been Informed to expect that on the nights it Occurred I’d also hear hissing noises thumping From the roof and the occasional bay Door being shaken as though by wind but With none of the bay doors next to it Being shaken That place creeped me the hell out the Guard before me had quit at two in the Morning after ending a patrol at that Site halfway through a few a few weeks After getting promoted to Lieutenant Driven straight back to the office and Left his gear and letter of resignation And refused to return any calls I had a friend who was good friends with That guard and asked him if he knew what Happened And he just said that the guard refused To talk about it

Another time we were going to pick up a Psych patient from an ER and when Passing the hospital morgue during Either late night or early morning Heard loud sobbing coming from in there We flagged down a nurse and told them Who called the hospital security to come Check it out and they found nothing The hallway the morgue was in had a few Other rooms that were all locked and Closed but the sound had seemed to be Coming directly from the morgue Another site I would Patrol at night was An outdoor theater at the edge of town A body had been found on an undeveloped Part of the grounds and was thought to Be a victim of Ted Bundy at the time and The air the area of death matched up to With when Ted Bundy was in the area Inactive however it was never proven The place was creepy as hell and I Didn’t even know about the murder until After I’d been working for working it For a while Now I’m very used to being outside at Night in a rural area where there’s no Electric lights but this place had this Oppressive darkness that seemed to Absorb any light even on nights with a Full moon I had to use a flashlight to be able to See anything and even my flashlight Seemed to have less reach and Illumination there apart from the weird

Darkness There was only ever one unexplained Incident It was the first night I was patrolling There I’d stop halfway through the Patrol to have a smoke break and turned Off my flashlight because the battery Was running low After finishing my cigarette I went back To my patrol and turned my flashlight on And froze Alarm Bells started to go off in my head But I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t heard or seen anything but I Just had this strong feeling That something was off Then I realized what it was My shadow was being cast out in front of Me as though there were a light shining On me from behind I yelped and jumped around bringing my Hands up thinking there was somebody Behind me but there was nothing I didn’t see anything that would have Class cast my shadow that direction And I didn’t screw around to see if my Shadow would keep on doing that I turned my light off and returned to my Car using my much dimmer phone light to See because I didn’t want to see my Shadow in front of me again I never had that happen again at the Property and later tried to recreate it With the same position with no luck and

Other than just being creepy and weirdly Dark there were no more incidents that I Couldn’t find a rational explanation for At that site Although a mountain lion screams and a Guy proposing to his fiance both gave me Heart attacks there [Laughter] Wow yeah magnets that would be weird Right To be yeah to be holding a light shining It but then your your Shadow is being Project projected in front of you as if There’s light behind you but there’s no Light behind you Yeah that’s really creepy that’s really Creepy that is really creepy ah all Right let’s go to number nine let me see The time here Yeah we got three minutes how long is Nine move I don’t know maybe we can do this It’s gonna be no I better not try I’m Gonna just hold number nine until we Come back from the break but we got a Lot more that that story kind of goes Back to what we were saying in other Show where an area can kind of be an Entity in itself sure well yeah some Areas and it’s kind of a parapsychology Idea it’s called The Stone dape Theory But the idea is that places can absorb Energy and another concept an idea in The in the Paranormal world is that

Places that are exposed to a lot of Energies like that over a period of time Can perhaps even develop a consciousness Of Their Own in other words houses can Become angry and can hold resentment and Hate because they’ve been so based in it That it just permeates them and and Energy Our energy doesn’t just dissipate after We’ve felt it we we feel and we radiate Our energy into the world around us And so is it impossible to believe that That energy continues to exist after We’ve expressed it Could it could it continue to be Energetically present and build up and Build up and build up until there’s Actually a Consciousness to it Is that possible and I don’t know yes or No I can’t tell you but it certainly Does stand a reason that there might be A possibility for that So something to consider anyway But we are about to Hits the break in about a minute so There’ll be plenty of time to consider That but what do you think Sheldon do You think places could could absorb Those energies and create a Consciousness of Their Own I think so I mean Energy is energy it can only be Transferred not destroyed so I I mean Even in that who is to say materials

And being in in an area for long enough Everything could probably absorb those Energies or it can just lay there and Accumulates in itself and become Conscious yeah I think so yeah I don’t See why not sure I mean there’s places Some people describe even the Native Americans describe places just being Evil just a place not necessarily an Entity or a creature but just a place And I’ve certainly been to places where I was like I don’t like it here I don’t Feel right here we gotta leave and it Wasn’t because I felt that there was Something there it just felt like the Place didn’t want me there and I I don’t Know how else to say that it’s very Strange but this is this is the world of The Paranormal folks it’s the world we Explore every night here on the shows so Um what’s that Exciting exciting That was uh Jake that was my my little Boy that was uh Sheldon’s younger Brother actually my little minion that Was it that was Elijah Jake’s like hey who’s that Who’s what Jake what are you talking About what did you see there’s no one There there was nobody here Jake what’s His what is going on Just my littlest one all right folks We’ll be right back we’re gonna go to The hour break don’t go away there’s

Still a lot more to come including more From this article so stand by we’ll be Right back Thank you Everybody likes to play their games They don’t understand the price Keep falling off foreign Don’t let that breaking news [Applause] [Applause] They’re attracted to the one thing about Her that’s different

From his office And memory of love no And Earthly pleasures Sometimes desperately desires But can’t have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to That Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual hauntings seem to be Connected with an area A house usually the guy’s disturbances Are fairly short duration perhaps a Couple of months Politics can go on for years All right ladies and gentlemen we are Back and back at it here on the Paranormal portal thank you so much for Sticking with us as we dive through the Festivities of paranormal fun You having fun Sheldon Always You damn right you are You’re grounded no wait I can’t do it Anymore yeah you can too I can’t do that Anymore you got too old All right well ladies and gentlemen we Have uh our number two upon us now and We’re gonna dive back into the article We were just reading from Thought Catalog dealing with uh some law Enforcement uh encounters with uh the Paranormal and some of these are really

Creepy and we were just talking about Could places be the conscious could they Absorb enough dark energy and stuff to Become conscious and maybe they would uh Rachel uh had brought up something in The chat I got to scroll up A little bit here Um Rachel said Rachel said paranormal Portal could that build up of energy Poured into a building be used by Individual entities as a power boost And I agree I think that that’s a big Part of it I think it kind of creates This this Perfect Storm quote unquote of of Psychic energy and and problems because You know areas like that they’re just Bathed in darkness and and and and every Negative emotion you can think anguish Anger sadness hopelessness Helplessness you know when you’re Talking about old prisons old asylums There’s a reason those are hot spots for Paranormal investigators because there’s A lot of energy both in the place itself And probably it lures in other things Which may be low vibrational entities That may feed on that now there is some Belief and uh I I don’t know if this is True or not but apparently this is uh I Believe a Cherokee belief but I might be Wrong Um and this hearkens back to a find that Don had made years ago on the show when

He was listening to an old Art Bell I Think it was midnight in the desert with Art Bell back in the day after his Coast To Coast time but he was interviewing Guy it might have been Coast to Coast But he was interviewing a gentleman who Was a shaman he had trained as a Native American Shaman and he was talking about Shadow People and it was interesting Because he said a lot of people don’t Understand these are not actually a Negative being They’re often called negative and evil And and terrible things but he said Though as according to his learnings From the First Nations Um He was taught that’s the shadow people Served a very important purpose in that They would come into the area of a lot Of negativity and they would help to Defuse it whether they ate it or Absorbed it or whatever but it was it Was in this in essence a very cleansing Thing to heal that area and so there was A there was a higher purpose to them it Wasn’t just that these are dark horrible Things and that they wanted to propagate This negativity now I is that true or Not I don’t know I I know that if you Watch The Dead Files with Amiel and she Talks about shadow people being horrible A Scourge that you need to avoid at all Costs and and so there’s there’s some

Differing takes on this stuff folks and And I don’t know who’s right or wrong I Guess I would probably tend to believe The First Nations just because and it’s Not it’s not a competition by any means But uh you know she’s translating it as She understands it I think but This is a whole lineage of understanding With the First Nations and the shamanic Traditions and so I would I would Probably defer to their wisdom Um over that and maybe it’s not just one Thing maybe there’s many things that That people qualify as Shadow People Which aren’t all the same things there May be these horrible dark terrible ones That you can’t you can’t do anything but Avoid because they are very potent and Powerful and very dangerous But are they the same things as that the Gentleman was referring to in the Shamanic Traditions maybe maybe not I Don’t know Again we we as we as people love these We love these caveat terms like There’s Bigfoot there’s dog man well are We sure they’re all the same the Bigfoot Are all the same are we sure the dogmen Are all the same maybe maybe not so There’s a lot we don’t know and we’re Working with very limited understanding Of this stuff anyway but I appreciate Your thoughts Rachel thank you for Contributing to that thought uh and and

Adding to your question yeah it’s a Perfect one I think I think there is Merit to that but are those are those Dark things helping or hurting or or Relishing I don’t know that’s the big Question that we don’t know so Jake’s doing all kinds of spooky emojis There uh oh Jake’s getting into the Halloween Tradition right here on the portal chat All right let’s continue on we’re on Number nine from this article and let’s See what this one says It starts out three years ago I was Called into investigation of a burglary In a cemetery That’s such a dark thing oh my God I I just wouldn’t I don’t know how Desperate you have to be where it’s like Well I gotta steal something so we’re Gonna hit the graveyard Oh geez really anyway let’s see what it Says when the forensics guys and I Finally finally went out there it was a Slow morning none of the responding Deputies had actually gone inside yet They were like no Four deputies and a sergeant were busy Securing the scene from the outside Because it was still dark out and they Didn’t want to go in uh into a dark Mausoleum that had been broken into Apparently they felt much safer with us Overweight non-sworn employees around so

We went inside together The exterior door to the mausoleum had Been forced open and we started looking Around for signs of anything stolen or Vandalized eventually we did find that One of the grave sites in the mausoleum Almost 15 feet off the ground had the Cement plaque shattered and the coffin Was pulled out left sprawling on the Floor All contents of the coffin were missing Including the cremated remains of three People the last one died in 2004. a Person would have had to bring their own Ladder to pull this out and had been at Least 12 to 13 feet tall Or been at least 12 to 13 feet tall Rather according to the forensics guy it Looked like the plaque for the coffin Had been shattered from the inside due To water damage still it seems oddly Coincidental that a plaque would Simultaneously break in the in the night Of a break-in to the mausoleum it hadn’t Been accessed since 2004 so almost 12 Years prior The people in the gravesite had a single Living relative and I called them Exchanged pleasantries and then when When I asked them about the mausoleum They said no habla English and hung up Oh nope they weren’t going to talk about It it’s probably drug related somehow But this is exactly the kind of thing

That would happen at the start of a Vampire or Zombie Apocalypse movie yeah No doubt that is really creepy That’s what I was thinking too like oh My God rise the vampires like what right And the hashes were disappeared had Disappeared as well so like all three of The of the urns or whatever had Disappeared that were inside of that That’s weird okay Number 10 had a couple of weird things Occur one night was working night shift In a small town and received a call to The local hospital The call was from a loan security guard On site who didn’t feel comfortable Dealing with this on his own the call Was dispatched as urgent assistance On arrival to the hospital the guard Stated to me that nursing staff had Heard what they referred to as blood Curdling screams Coming out of the then closed Psychiatric unit There was no patients or staff in the Unit at the time The door to the unit was a clear glass Door and there was nothing visible on The other side I requested the keys to unlock the door After turning the key in in the door and Unlocking the deadbolt before I was able To remove the keys from the door Something had forced the lock and

Re-locked the door resulting in my hands Still holding the key to be physically Moved as well whoa So it re-locked as he was unlocking it I was pretty creeped out myself but Based on the severity of the call I I Still entered the room and conducted a Search of the entire unit with no result Immediately after clearing the units Another call came in but this time it Was from a nurse walking to her car on The street Who also heard loud screams I ran down the hospital parking lot Where another unit met me and we Searched the area and I then came across A small Park And could hear a very faint squeaking Sound I followed the sound only to come across A swing set of four swings three swings Were absolutely still As there was no wind and the other was Moving almost as if there was someone Still sitting in it and pumping it to Gain momentum I stood there and awe for a good 30 Seconds and the swing did not lose any Momentum What a weird night What did they let out of there I wonder That’s God they let something out yikes Like All right number 11 in the early early

In my career the elevators to the older Section of the CIA headquarters known as The original headquarters building or Ohb were known to have quarks and I Think they still do Occasionally the elevator would stop and The doors would open at a floor with no One there and no one on the elevator had Requested that floor I heard second hand that the thing to do When that happened was to say good day Mr director because it was assumed that The doors always opened opened for the Ghost of Alan Dulles ohb was his project As many know But he never but he never was able to Move into his office having been Replaced as CI director just before it Was ready Wow so he’s still haunting the place Never got to move in but he keeps trying Number 12 I’m a police officer working On an emergency response team on a busy London borough We took a call to a suspected domestic Incident in a block of flats The informant said that she could hear Screaming and sounds of disturbance Coming from the flat above her own Once we arrived my colleague and I Knocked on the door of the flats the Informant said the noise was coming from Well I had heard nothing on my way up And certainly couldn’t hear any

Disturbance coming from the address and To be honest I heard nothing at all After knocking twice we had no response My colleague left me to go downstairs And speak directly to the informant I stayed by the door I knocked again and After some time It was answered by an elderly woman She had clearly been asleep and was Alarmed to see me standing outside I told her that someone had called Saying that they could hear a Disturbance coming from within her Address I asked her if there was anyone else Inside with her She looked bemused and told me that she Lived alone and had been sleeping I asked her if I could come in to Satisfy myself That nobody else was there She invited me in and I walked into what Was a small two-bedroom flat the flat Was in darkness apart from her hall Light and her bedside’s lamp I began searching through the flats and As I approached the final door the Living room my colleague called me up on The radio He told me that he was on his way and Asked if I was okay and I told him Everything was fine wondering why he Sounded so flustered

He told me that he was with the Informant and could also hear screaming And Loud thuds coming from the flat I Was in I told him it must be mistaken as I was Almost done searching the flats and that I had heard nothing whatsoever I have to admit a feeling of unease as I Open the final door like all the other Rooms it was in darkness but was Freezing cold My breath missed it immediately There was no one in the room and no Signs of disturbance no window was open I called my colleague and asked him to Listen out for my footfall He said he could hear my feet as I Stamped them but said that the the Screaming had stopped Well this coincided with me opening the Door I left shortly after apologizing to the Elderly woman for waking her I have no rational explanation for this At all my colleague and I left feeling Very creeped out That’s a little more than creepy that’s Terrifying that is really creepy Um that’s a weird one Uh Uh obviously there was no actual noise Happening there but there was a Projection of noise so Is that is that a demand it was

Dimensional see yeah well yeah it was Only it was only heard by people outside Of that flat right right and even Actually only on the floor below because Even when they were outside the door They didn’t hear any screaming you know While they were banging and waiting but The guy went downstairs and he started Hearing the screaming immediately So That’s horrible Um and that makes you wonder is it is it A psychic projection towards uh people Or is it something dimensional is it Something else I don’t know That’s the weird part about all this Stuff now always the disembodied voice Thing is a real bizarre phenomena folks Because it doesn’t make sense you think Of a disembodied voice you think well Something is physically creating sound Waves and people are receiving them but There’s so many stories of people not Hearing it in groups but one two or Three or maybe half of the people there Will hear the noise absolutely Pronounced and loud and and terrifying And the other people that hadn’t heard Anything So what is that I don’t even know but it Sounds telepathic to me it sounds like It’s It’s something having to do with Telepathy or you know some other sensory

Perception that that we experience just Like its physical sound but it may not Be at all True yeah That actually makes sense too because Um even when um there’s there have been Some interviews with um people who deal With like schizophrenia and stuff like That and they describe that they Literally hear it as if it’s coming from Like right next to their head or in the Room like they actually hear it as if Something’s happened but yet nothing’s Happening yeah so if it is like a Telepathic projection that would Actually make because your brain kind of Makes it real in that case or makes it Um pronounced and Maggie said maybe Frequencies and that’s a great take like Is it possible that we all Not everybody’s able to perceive A wider range of frequencies but some People can and perhaps those people we Understand as being psychic or sensitive But maybe they’re just able to hear and Experience Other frequencies or a higher range of Frequencies than most of us now I don’t Mean to imply that everybody couldn’t Learn to Um but I think some people as I’ve said Before are just born with that switched On And uh we we call them psychics or

Seizures or mediums or Mystics or you Know sensitives whatever but I think it’s a trait many people have Even if latent you know because I think It’s part of our Birthright it’s part of Our genetic makeup that we can we have These abilities but for some reason They’re kind of Walled off for most of Us so what does that mean Again it’s creepy and I wish I had the Answers I wish I could go well folks Here’s what’s going on here and this is What’s happening and this is how it Happens and this is how you can help Tune into this if you’re interested in It I wish I could do that but I I just Don’t know And that’s the journey though right That’s the Journey of all of this we Just don’t know but oh by God it’s Keeping us interested though isn’t it Yeah okay so aggravated progresses says My girlfriend got in trouble because her Voices gave her answers on a test a Hundred no way Wow That’s wow that’s pretty profound That’s pretty profound it really is so Then they’re not just delusions though Right or Look at that or it’s tapping into the Subconscious which which records Everything Maybe Could be that could be it it’s that’s a

Great concept a great possibility But whatever the case that’s some Freaky Deaky stuff Wow yeah but it’s curious because I I do Think that we have incredible potential We have amazing potential untapped Potential like Whatever we will eventually evolve to Become We already have in us but we’re just not Really good at getting to it yet so but That doesn’t mean that those can’t those Abilities can’t surface from time to Time and maybe that accounts for Precognition and that accounts for Moments of telepathy or just you know Some kind of psychic connection but I Think all of those building blocks are In US Maggie says she agreed not with what I Just said but what I said before thank You Megan I’m glad it was your idea so I Mean that’s the that’s the wonderful Part of these discussions is because you Know I really don’t know I really can’t Say here’s here’s exactly what’s going On but I love the discussions and I love Throwing ideas around because that’s how We stand to learn and and you guys bring A lot of that to the table Like you know You guys put a lot of these ideas on the Table it’s like oh yeah that really that Really makes a lot of sense when you

Talk about frequencies Yeah because we we think of sound as it Is a frequency you know just in a very Rudimentary way it’s a vibrating Frequency Um but When you think of frequencies that opens A whole can of possibilities Oh yeah like maybe all these things are Happening it’s just way out of our Frequency range right And there there you got to wonder about Things like things like you know the the Whole idea that we’ve talked about many Times on the show which is like are There asylums that are filled with People that actually have ability You know and and therefore you know they They just it just can’t be explained so They just get they get they get Institutionalized and what if these People that have like schizophrenia Um what if that’s just more about them Receiving frequencies that maybe not Be of this world maybe they’re receiving Frequencies from elsewhere and they Manifest in their daily lives And they’re handling this weird version Of reality because they’re dealing with More than one reality I I’ve dealt with mentally ill people Before when I was working in Corrections And it’s it’s uh For for them they’re they’re what we

Call delusions and I don’t mean to I Don’t mean to to Degrade them in any way but what we call Delusions are there uh realities Yeah that’s what they experienced that Is very real for them as I think you Were even saying a little bit ago Sheldon right yeah So it actually breaks if that if that is Truly the case and it we just we don’t Have the science to really measure it And we’re not there yet type of thing And we find out later yeah that they Were normal with a profound ability that Actually breaks my heart because of how We’re treating those people now if that Is the case well I think now more than Ever it’s it’s much more Humane but I Think in the past it was horrid I mean Because we just had we had no concept of What was wrong with these people they Just they do things like lobotomized People like hey maybe that’s the answer I don’t think it was ever the answer but They kept doing it as if it was the Answer And somehow we’re allowed to do that Which is a tragedy in and of itself Because again it’s it’s like handing a Handing a chimp of monkey wrench and Telling them to fix your your lawnmower I bet you’re going to end up with scrap Metal you know we just didn’t know they Don’t know and but I guess that’s also

How we learn though we learn through Experimentation and as as brutal and Horrible as that is or can be It has brought us to a better Understanding so I guess that’s At least some Merit to it in the long Run but just some horrible things Happened in the past because of people Trying to understand these Concepts that There’s no way they could So uh Stephanie says she agrees with her Psychic prison job they truly believe What they see yeah absolutely I mean I Was there I dealt with that firsthand Dealing with people who are hearing Voices and stuff and and trying to talk Them through that and it was It was heartbreaking because you’re You’re you’re trying to help somebody Differentiate from a whole different Experience that you can’t participate in But you’re you know you’re on the Outside going no no no no let’s look at This differently let’s look at it a Little differently you’re trying to pull Somebody back From dangerous situations and stuff Because they just They’re they’re in a state of confusion And and you can’t blame them What you know if if if we all experience That stuff we would probably be on the Precipice too but you know it’s some Scary scary

Potent stuff but And just to say one more time for Because we’re going we’re going into a Very for some people sensitive subject This We could absolutely be wrong this is It’s just discussion and talking about The Paranormal like you know just just Saying that to not be irresponsible in Saying that oh sure I mean I’m not Trying to diagnose the you know a new Angle on this but it is it is part of The discussion you know people we talk About realities a lot with the Paranormal and and certainly there are People that have a different take on Reality in this and this may be why I Don’t know it’s as good as the idea as Any but yeah you’re right we’re Certainly not trying to uh you know Encapsulate this with any kind of proof Or or new definition of of uh mental Health but it is a curiosity so Um we’re gonna go to the last break We’ll be right back in just a couple Minutes we’ll get into some creature Reports and uh we’ll see where we end up I don’t go away folks got some Cryptids Right around the corner

Hey guys I was just thinking about you Yeah that’s right that just happened Let’s see how long that would go on for Ladies and gentlemen Mr Russell Accord [Laughter] Expedition Bigfoot oh what a great guy All right folks we are in the last half Hour of the show which means Well I gotta do something else because We’re all done with that article so Turns out I have other things ready to Ready to hatch here my master plan of The Paranormal portal and uh first up is A couple of reports From Phantoms and monsters These are a couple I’ve had up for a While uh we have never gotten to they’ve Been ready but we never got to them so

Again Phantoms and monsters lawn Strickler site uh and it’s a great site Dealing with UFO 40 and topics a lot of Creatures and encrypteds and and other Stuff it’s also the home of uh lawn Strickler’s work as a published author Of his uh his podcast and so much more So if you head over to Phantoms and Monsters.com you’re bound to find Something you’re interested in Reading Because God there’s literally thousands Of Articles over there lots of Information what are you gonna say Something but before that what about Shout outs oh yeah before that let’s do Shout outs who’s here Sheldon let me Tell you who’s in the TFR first and that Is Bam Gemini and Jake Fortes are all Over there Well over here on the YouTube spectrum Of things we have aggravated Progressive Drew Duncan Elaine Clifford Eric AKA Purple Hobbit abroad ghost Magna 81 it Burns when I pee Jake Forte I’m doing to Review that children Got Justin Good Earth Khan’s quach Maggie M10 you’re here Rachel gets it Right is always here Ruger Ridge I’m Here sugar britches t-boy 13 the Pharmacy seeds Network and Wonder Woman And Digger dog Trying to see who I missed uh Khan Squash I saw you Android Purity I think I said you if not hi

Um other than that I think I said Everyone if not I apologize Good job there’s a reason There’s a reason I had to do the shout Outs I saw that chat name I was like Nope Okay Shoot it over to me okay yep Hot Potato Hot Potato Just wanted to hear what It sounded like you know they didn’t Disappoint Um oh there it is okay there he is there We go Mr nay say piling in good to see You all right Um so now we’ll get to the Phantoms and Monsters articles the first one I’m Going to get to is uh having to do with The UFO stuff and this is uh from September 25th 2022 on Phantoms and Monsters.com is the article Phoenix Lights eyewitness discloses more details About the incident So the Phoenix Lights incident for any Any of you out there that may not know Uh it was back in the 90s I think it was When it was and a big triangular or Boomerang shaped craft went over Phoenix Arizona and was witnessed by thousands Of people Um literally seeing this huge object it Was a night time but there was a star Starry sky clear skies and there was Something going overhead it was

Basically seven white lights and one red One or something in the middle or or six White and one red but it was like a mile Or two in in width it was just this huge Object going overhead and uh people Filmed it people observed it it became This big uh panic in Phoenix Arizona Like what the hell is this and people Were looking for answers and there was a Official inquiry about it and uh Um they queried the the military Terry Who said initially no nothing is up in The air of ours and then came out a few Days later and said oh we were doing Flare exercises from uh you know the A-10 Warthogs were dropping flares as a Practice well they didn’t say that the Other nights and and certainly what was Recorded Um did not look like flares some of some Of the footage may may have been some Flares but as far as I could tell from What I’ve heard and seen discovered About it it didn’t match the the Description I’m trying to think of the Of the guys the the governor there had a Press conference and I’m trying to think Of his name as an unusual name it’s Right on the tip of my tongue but I Can’t get it but uh he he had a news Conference saying yep we found out who’s Responsible and he ended up reading out A staffer in an alien gray outfit and Making a big joke out of it which pissed

Off a lot of people people because there Were a lot of people that were genuinely Scared about what was going on and at Best they were being either cast off Completely or treated like idiots And apparently the governor after some Time Came around full circle and said yeah You know what I actually saw what these People are talking about I don’t know What it was either but it was kind of a Little too little too late uh and yeah Came off as a real bad a real bad thing And maybe he didn’t have a choice maybe He was under some kind of official Pressure to uh you know debunk it but Anyway let’s see what this is it says And eyewitness to the Phoenix light Craft comes forward with other details About the incident they also make Observations concerning either UFO Sightings and experiences reported I’ve never had an ET experience what I Mean by that is a face-to-face encounter I did witness the Phoenix Lights in 1997 And that craft was a about a football Field above our heads it was a boomerang Shape that had three lights on each Wing Uh uh each wing of The Craft and the Bigger Amber one at the tip it was a Gunmetal Black slash gray like a flat Black and a lot of witnesses said that It was silent but we heard and actually Felt in our bodies a humming slash

Buzzing sound like that of a transformer Or high voltage power line It felt I felt it in my chest the most The main thing that freaked me out was The size of it it was massive I’ve been on an aircraft carrier before In New York City the Intrepid and I also Lived in Virginia Beach and would drive By the Norfolk Navy base quite a bit and There’d be three to five carriers docked There prior to 9 11. since we were so Close I would estimate that you could Fit three to three and a half aircraft Carriers on each Wing end to end on this Craft People on the ground said that it was a Mile across from wing tip to wingtip and I would agree with them it was Absolutely massive and to this day I’ve Never seen anything of that size It also had some sort of distortion Around the craft like when you pump gas In your car and the gas fumes distort The air around the gas nozzle you could Still see the craft pretty well but it Had this Distortion around it and it was Exciting and a little bit ominous to see I felt like I probably shouldn’t be Viewing this thing because everything Inside me told me that this craft wasn’t Made here on Earth To the people that say that it was a Secret black program then why would they Decide to fly it over the sixth largest

City in the country in uh on the night Of the Hill Bop Comet when people were Going to be looking up towards the sky That’s the reason my brother and I were On the Mountaintop we wanted to get the Best view of the Comet that we could Because the next time it would be Visible is in the year 43-85 and we Weren’t going to make that one I know that people will say that the Comment was visible days before and After but that was the best night to see It I don’t know what it was or where it Came from but I know what I saw and it Wasn’t flares or a balloon or or are or Our and the thousands of people that Witnessed it imaginations This type of craft had been reported a Lot over the last five to six decades A lot of the reports have been coming Out about the uh the corners or out of The oceans or lakes In 1991 a Navy guy in the USS Nimitz Witnessed this type of craft coming out Of the water during a drunk a darkened Ship moment when he got stuck outside on The deck during a dark ship all lights On the ship go dark and then the entire Crew looks down inside the ship in order To camouflage the ship from enemy attack The crew is never told if the dark ship Is a drill or an actual threat This Navy petty officer said that the

Craft was bigger than the Nimitz from The 200 yards away he was from it It made no noise as it raised about 30 To 40 feet out of the water and took off At blistering speed He came forward after he saw the Tic Tac Video in 2017 and said that what he saw Specifically the movement of the Tic Tac That it was that it at first had a slow Movement before it took off was the same As he witnessed in 1991. The people that are in the know Obviously know a lot about these uh Craft they have been studying them since The late 40s and never stopped Investigating them when uh Project Blue Book ended in 1969 They have intact craft and materials in Their possession and they obviously have The occupants of these crafts also in Their possession I’m surprised that they came forward and Admitted that these craft are real and That the aatip existed I asked myself why did they choose to Come forward when they did I don’t know how much more information They are going to release but the cat is Out of the bag somewhat and I guess only Time will tell Us by TK so Did I hear that Craig you said a mile From end to end yeah like a mile yeah That’s huge

That’s giant yeah right right so the Closest we’ve gotten to Independence Day Yeah exactly yeah I’m not sure how big Those were but they they were enormous The Independence Day ones but yeah this Is a big big thing So whatever it is I don’t know I just I think it’s funny that excuse Like oh yeah it was just uh warthogs Testing off layers how stupid do you Think people are I don’t know I know It’s crazy but I’ll tell you um that Wouldn’t be the the stupidest thing People have claimed either though I mean There’s a lot of those debunks are are Really almost more fantastic than just Saying it’s a UFO What is this uh will be nice and say What is the silliest explanation you’ve Ever heard oh you know I God there’s so Many stupid ones I know it’s all this It’s all this amalgamation in my head of All these stupid things like gases and And uh you know Jupiter or Saturn in the Sky and it’s like really you don’t think People can tell whether it’s you know Thousands hundreds of thousands or Millions of years away Then you know 100 feet above the ground You really think that people can’t make That distinction yeah you know some Weird I don’t know it’s it’s the the Whole The whole laundry list of things that

They throw together and then try to tell You that it’s you know that’s what it is It’s actually more plausible to say it’s A UFO Then some of the explanations that they Propose like well there’s ball lightning And you know during the Equinox of the Summer you know Solstice and it’s like Oh my god really uh you know just just Say it’s a UFO that everybody can get Behind that but nobody knows what the Hell else kind of thing they’re Explaining Purple Hobbit says light of Venus Reflected off Swamp gas yeah I mean gosh Yeah swamp gas reflecting on the Venus Of or the lights of Uranus or whatever It’s like come on you know this is all Just so stupid so I mean take what you Want from it you don’t have to believe In this stuff now I I do have the Distinction of actually having witnessed These things myself so I have no doubt That they’re there you know you have two Sheldon so yep the one time that one Time but that’s all it takes right That’s also for me oh yeah yeah I mean Once you see it it’s like yeah that’s Real It’s literally like that it’s like oh That’s real It was really exciting though I was Really just beside myself especially When I realized that the only reason I

Was seeing it is because I was looking Through a night vision binoculars that It wouldn’t have been visible otherwise And I was like yeah so Not only was it There but it was actually like cloaked And I was like oh my God they can hide You know and it seems stupid but they Can hide How powerful is that they could be Anywhere they could be anywhere it could Be floating above busy interstates Scanning people and we wouldn’t even Know they’re there so it’s actually Sometimes I look up at the sky at like At night when I’m outside taking the Dogs out and I’m literally thinking like There could be one right above my head Right now and I wouldn’t know it Probably is so crazy Probably keeping the tabs on you the Only you only caught them once but They’re always there no I’m just kidding I don’t know I don’t know what they’re Doing that’s my big my big question is What are they doing why are they here Yeah I mean what if that was a test the the The Knights the light oh I forgot what the Title is called with the the night the One you were just reading the night sky One the lights in the sky the Phoenix Lights Venus Phoenix Lights yeah yeah Maybe that was a test to see how we’d

React if they did Um show Themselves to us in that way and how Disappointed they must have been when we Were making fun of each other and acting Like it didn’t happen and it wasn’t real Yeah I guess I mean that’s certainly a Possibility maybe it’s maybe it’s it’s Calculated in other words that they’re Like trying to show themselves but People aren’t taking it seriously yeah That would have been so disappointing Yeah but I mean there’s other there’s Other accounts like the Android cold you Know case where the guy’s just driving Along and comes upon this car and this Guy gets out with like a a joker green On in this you know face like that and Announces that his name is indrid cold And and uh it’s a whole chain of of Events that happen after that but I I Don’t know I I mean maybe they’re not Even being subtle about it but we’re Just so misled you know we are just so Misinformed maybe they’re wide open Maybe they’re like God you know what do We want us to do have a parade we’re Here we’re you know shooting through Your skies where we’re cutting up cows Come on you know the one I saw was in Pure daylight like I’m surprised I heard No other reports in that area at that Time Yeah no I I know and and where you saw

It though there isn’t it isn’t like There’s a ton of people that would have Been it’s it’s true but the way it’s Shot off very rurally yeah and and you Know if if like it shot off like a light Right like boom just was going like a Boy like you know you could tell it went In a Direction but it’s just boom yeah Just gone yeah yeah so I often wonder About that too because like What if that’s just when they hit the Switch to make it so you can’t see them And it looks like they just shot off but Maybe they’re still floating right there Oh you know maybe that’s just turning on The turning on the the screw you lights Oh Let’s turn it on Yeah it’s like it’s like pulling the Drapes closed when somebody Drives By It’s the same kind of thing get down get Down we’re not home [Laughter] Okay okay we’re here go get the Sanka In the coffee cake come on we got guests Coming I don’t know You sell your home for some coffee cake You cheap bastard The cheap date he’ll just Will travel for donuts [Laughter] Yeah no you just gotta just have some Chips or something you’ll be fine just Yeah there’s a bag of chips hey Shelton

Want to go see a nebula it’s like It’s like the interstellar equivalent to The white fan Get candy Come on in I need some help moving this Couch [Laughter] I don’t know God you guys tune in for This dude can you believe that I’m so sorry It doesn’t get better than this though Does it All right so Um I guess we got seven minutes left is That enough to read this oh my God no It’s not this is much longer than I Thought so I can’t read this That’s a lot longer than I thought wow Well I think you got time for this This is from no this is actually nothing I guess you know what we’ll go to a Different one We’ll go to a different one because we Gotta I gotta do I gotta fill in pieces Now folks because Um we’re at that Community collars Just just me I’m the only one on the Phone line for right now I don’t know if I missed something if I missed it I’m Sorry Never know but we have a Reddit article Here and uh I haven’t really gone Through this so I don’t know what we’re In for but it’s just one of those

Aggregate articles from techie twist and This is uh techytwist.com Reddit user Shared unexplainable things that Happened to them Um To them is shared unexplained things That happen to them is what the hell Does that mean I don’t even know what That means Okay Reddit users shared unexplained Things that happened to them and we’re Freaked out So let’s check it out we got time for a Few of these I guess Uh the first one late night visitor For a lot of pet owners their animals Aren’t Just Pets they’re family So losing a pet can be a really Devastating loss it could have it would Be especially difficult if if you were Living apart from your pet and couldn’t See it very often which makes this story Equal parts heartwarming and creepy and It says I was living in Boston I wake up At three in the morning because my cat Jumped up on my bed curled between my Calf my cat would do this every night Since I was five years old The thing is my cat was living with my Parents on the west coast so I couldn’t Understand what the hell I just felt But I knew it was my cat I just figured I was dreaming The following morning I got a call from

My parents letting me know that my cat Died around midnight the previous night Which was three in the morning my time I guess that was my cat traveling to Boston to come see me one last time Oh that’s beautiful right It’s a beaut it’s like a beautifully sad Story right Next one is a medical mystery Here’s a story that combines Terrors Supernatural Medical in nature I had a reoccurring nightmare of a black Parasite sucking the life out of me I Was very stressed during that time and My cats would come sleep in bed with me And I got an itch on my chest where I Dreamed the parasite was sucking the Life out of me Then I got sick and felt a pea-sized Lump I went to my doctor and they ordered a Biopsy and it turned out I had male Breast cancer at the age of 28. After I recovered the dream never came Back and my cats went back to sleeping In their usual places Not on my bed the dream was creepy but What made it for me was that my cats Were protecting me That’s beautiful oh thank you they say Found two dollars in his pants pocket Thank you Way to give All right here’s the next one an amazing

Adventures of a driver’s license In 2009 my wallet in Blackberry were Stolen at a gas station I replaced my cards and moved on with my Life In 2014 five years later I got a new to Me truck It had been a it had been a Comcast Truck in the next state over Well I drove it to my parents house and My dad and I were combing through it and We found my driver’s license under the Passenger seat The license that was under the seat was The one that was stolen in 2009 in a Truck from a different state that hadn’t Been built at the time of the theft That I happen to purchase five years Later Oh my God Wow that’s kind of creepy right the Chant well if one of the odds the Chances of that happening yeah what are The odds I mean that’s like that’s like A divine intervention right there that’s Where like really some serious Serendipity Seriously yeah hmm Very cool story All right let’s go to the next one A Little Help number four My husband was driving and I was a Passenger in the front seat and I don’t Know what made me do this but I quickly

Grabbed his arm and I shouted slow down Which he did Then a few seconds later a car on our Left side sped past us really fast and Then careened into our lane and crashed Into the car in front of us The person speeding died and the person In the car in front of us died it’s Unexplainable what made me do that but I’d like to believe I have a good angel Watching out for me Yeah no doubt wow my God jeez it just Yeah it’s just I mean You get kind of detuned to the whole Idea of driving right we drive all the Time but I think you really you know you really Have to remember that it can just be Like that it can change That easy oh we might have a phone call By the way Oh yes we do all right this looks like Ruger with two minutes left Mr Ruger Let’s get you on the horn here Are you there Ruger Hello okay real quick yes you got me yep We got you yeah real quick Real quick swamp gas story I go to work in Arkansas clearing right Away in the swamp first day on the job The foreman thought he’d be cute and Show me what swamp gas is swamp gas is Methane that gets trapped under the Water and as stuff deteriorates it

Builds up this gas and it builds Pressure okay so we’re in Boots up to Our knees and he starts stomping back And forth he says watch this and he Flicked a Bic and when he did the whole Swamp lifted we’re talking like two foot And a tidal wave went for an eighth of a Mile with a blue flame and I looked at Him and he was like there she didn’t do That before Nor normally you can just like mess up The bottom a little bit you know and It’s like a big and it’ll like do a Little blue flame this this dude went For like an eighth of a mile and Probably an eighth of a mile wide the Whole swamp literally Rose and our feet It went away from us From it oh well I won’t Yeah it’s a real deal it’s a real thing And it is highly highly flexible That’s cool brother well thanks for Sharing that that’s hilarious Good to hear from you Yeah I guys we’ll see you all right good Night man That’s hilarious he’s just pulling a Prank and he ends up starting a methane Tidal wave [Laughter] There was there’s many like there’s a There’s a burning swamps and stuff Around from methane escaping and stuff It’s crazy all right folks that’s gonna

Wrap it up for us remember we love you All be good be kind be nice take care of Each other help each other out find the Magic in every day and remember to laugh As much as you can Sheldon and I will be Back tomorrow night 7 P.M right here on YouTube don’t miss it good night Everybody Good night Hi