Believe or don’t believe in THEM?

By | September 30, 2022
Believe or don't believe in THEM?

Who’s been there Good evening folks and welcome to Wild Welcome to what I the island Don’t know where that came from welcome To alien addicts on this fine and Goofy Evening it’s a very goofy evening Because we have none other Rich Giordano in the house how you doing The real truth are here I’m doing good Man how are you the real truth I like That that I I’m good apart from like I Told you the microphone took a hit Tonight so it could cut out sounds good Also my other computers decided to shut Down uh with the live chat which is Slightly annoying but hey you know we we Were with what we’ve been given you know We are what we’re dealt with we are what We’re dealt with why Yeah it doesn’t matter are you ever Gonna add any more people to uh the the Can you I’ll take somebody out and add Anybody in that painting I feel like You’re gonna Oh you know that’s uh that’s a permanent Picture okay but you know I got Lou Right behind me that’s the sad thing Yeah Oh yeah he’s been sniffing my ass I can’t get my other computer working Rich I’m slightly annoyed but oh my God What do you what you need a second I need no I I just need to uh

Just just talking it’ll it’ll be good It’ll be fine it’ll be fine we’ll manage So tonight we’re gonna we’re gonna talk About what the Dr Jonathan Reid thing From Dr J Which by the way I never promoted I Never even talked about it yes you did You’ve been telling me for years He said Ollie you’ve got to watch the Doctor read footage it’s incredible Why do you gotta ruin everything how Come I can’t get away with my lies but Everybody else can let me just lie and Say I’m not supporting Dr Jonathan Reed yes I talk I love the Guy sent me the head oh nice It looks a little bit like Groot groot’s Father-in-law I’m I never sent you this I’ve never Showed you so I made it out out of their Um that’s unreal yeah he took a few Dents but this is um monster clay which Is what I think That might be the equivalent that Dr Reed uh oh that’s muscled up it does Look like it actually that looks just as Good as the alien so monster Clay is Um it’s amazing stuff you can you can Literally make something look so real Um I think I’m gonna make something out There I’ve got some in the garage now This stuff it’s it’s basically clay Mixed in with oil so you never ever

Um it never dries so if you look I could I can I can finger that as much as I Like and it’ll it’ll make little things In it oh yeah yeah and you can make Wrinkles and all sorts of things it Looks like that’s what he’s used Uh on that footage but you can’t tell Because it’s Really old for you it was 1990. what do You mean I mean Everybody gets the knickers in a Twist About these these these hoaxes and I Kind of look at and go that’s pretty Cool I wish I had a thought of that You know wait Jonathan you you think That’s a hoax Jonathan Reed dude that shit’s real he’s The only one with the real alien Out of everybody Yeah I agree dude that’s why they tried To kill him and it’s it’s it’s True he had to put that alien in the Freezer because it wouldn’t shut up Remember I I I’ve watched the footage I’ve Listened to this I think about two hours An hour or so of of Dr J I’ve listened To cambian who The guy that you won’t speak of or the Angry Channel So what would you do if you changed his Name to that for a day just to piss you Off it wouldn’t piss me off it would be

Perfect world The angry journal or anyway I I do see I see Steven’s Point when He’s talking about Dr Reed It being fake I agree it’s fake but I Don’t agree with the fact that you think It’s real Or do you think it’s real Rich dude was That [ __ ] Was that why Was that just an act that you just did There Yeah I’m British I don’t understand American humor yes it was an act of Course of course I don’t believe in Dr Uh whatever Greer or whatever his name Is read read Greer two e’s in a name What do you want from me You know it’s so stupid that it could be Real but I don’t think it is I never Promoted it as I’m being accused of Never I didn’t even know Dr J did the Show that night because I was out I Wasn’t even around I was out uh Tampa at The time So it’s funny how people make up [ __ ] About what I saw and what third phase of Moon saw because we didn’t even promote It or talk about it just Dr J but since We’re friends with Dr J You guys are also part in the same thing You guys are That’s what he sounds like to me I have to say I mean

If Dr Reed sent me this footage and said Yeah you know do you remember this this Is me yeah would you would you like an Interview Of course of course I’ll have an Interview why not people in an interview Anjali they interviewed Dodie I mean Those people are frogs too why wouldn’t You talk to another fraud Of course I would never have frauds on My channel like that but you want to Have them go ahead you just said you’d Interview Dr Reed I would but I haven’t I haven’t yet because I know he won’t Come on my show I used the thing I I think What what the audience need to know is That one point we’ll say something but The next minute this is as a UFO talk Alien Channel whatever but the next Minute we’ll do the complete opposite I’ll interview anybody apart from uh the The the Stan romanak I I don’t I wouldn’t have him on my show That uh that guy is uh Apparently not a nice man Stan Romanek is a well he was accused of Being a pedo and having a porno computer Is what they called it they didn’t even Call it a computer so we can’t even call It a computer we’re going to call it a Porn machine I don’t know some people say that you Got taken out dude did you ever hear the

Backstory on what happened with third Phase of moon and And uh Stan Romanek No I can’t talk about it then why Because I I don’t know if I’m allowed to That’s because that’s how unbelievable This story is Okay so I take it they they we’re going To do something with Stan romanak and Then they they were the last let me just Tell you they were the last people to Speak to him Hours before he got arrested right they Were the last ones and what they told me Was some really wild stuff what Stan Romanek was telling them and I I can’t Get into it unless they say it’s okay But maybe next time but it’s unreal I Don’t know maybe Stan was set up dude It sounded like it it looked like he Definitely set up an alien well that’s For sure But what if he didn’t what if it’s real And it just looks that so fake but who Would do something so cruel to set up Somebody In that sort of way to destroy them you Have their life over an alien hoax You should write Exactly You know but it’s a very good excuse to Use into if being a hoaxer I was set up Because I had had real footage of aliens So but they just but my thing is this

How did they get oh how did they know Stan Romanek had that on his computer Like you could have it anybody could Have it the only way they would know is If they’re scanning you or watching you Or hacking into your computer I don’t know I don’t know how the game Got found out but exactly I mean there’s A lot of [ __ ] that sounds awfully weird But Yeah back to this Dr Jay Um and The Dr Reed guy I said to you Dr J Doesn’t actually believe in that you Think he does he does yeah surprising Because his face says he doesn’t I watched the interview he’s fine Face Says I’m speaking to somebody who’s full Of [ __ ] I I don’t know I see his face as being In love with the guy like in in totally Thought it was real or maybe you know Maybe he actually said If nobody believes this story then You’re not going to believe anything I mean I like Dr J but that’s all that’s wow That’s a big matzah ball to throw out There The I will say this As a hoax I mean his head’s very much at scale With his body I don’t I don’t care if

It’s alien or whatever it’s you know They’re meant to be braining little Bastards and that’s got one hell of a Body with this little pee head it looks Like something out of um uh what’s his Name Beetlejuice it looks like it looks Like it’s had the sprinkles Um But one thing I will say every when the Camera does change Some of those effects are very uh kind Of like They are quite well done Because at first back then It for at first it just looks like a Lump of clay to me but then I’m thinking How has he done this because he that Can’t be straightforward clay I think he Has used something very similar to an Oil-based clay like this hence and he’s And it’s it’s he’s made it quite warm so Because you can’t move this right now This can if I if I turn this it will Turn uh properly you know it it but if I Warm it It will turn and its actual ligaments Will kind of move with it oh right yeah Yeah cool yeah yeah so I think that’s Some sort of oil-based monster clay Um and he’s put all the the stuff Through I don’t think it’s a Paper-mastery job I think it’s monster Clay because when he when the mouth Opens I think he’s I don’t he’s done

Something to make those eyelids and that You probably put something underneath it Like a marble underneath the the the Clay like a a big marble or something Like that oh yeah yeah Or or a prosthetic eye even like some Sort of eyeball from it yeah At some point it looks like there’s no Detail on it whatsoever I know but It would be a much better hoax had he Not have masturbated while making the Video What what did you say Well I didn’t hear you I heard masturbate Well I’ll bring it up you know he’s it’s O’Hara in the chat room says alien act I Have an idea for the best show and you Already thought about this get rich on Then invite gambian on the show and then Sit back and watch the hilarious drama Unfold well I I I I said I wanted to get You both on but I don’t know if you both Come on together Dude I will destroy him in a debate he Will not come on he will never come on When I’m on you just won’t I’ve already opened up the doors for Debate three weeks in a row and not one Person decided the challenge Yet they can talk on their show all they Want for three hours So you would space him I would debate him I won’t speak to him

But I’ll debate him Okay There you go folks next Friday night Let’s make this happen we never happened Never happened he will [ __ ] out like he Always does So I’ll I’ll bring you out Rich I’ll bring It up I’ll uh It’s a great idea to spend three and a Half hours on me in third phase and Dr J One my guy has no life it’s weird I just Talk in sentences like I’ll make a Comment I don’t do a whole show on Somebody it’s like God get a life Are we that important Are you pulling something up I I was Just going to show you the uh the guy That Is um it sounds like he’s gonna have an Aneurysm Oh yeah yeah I told you it was I had nothing prepared Tonight Richard I told you right that’s Okay prior to the show I tried hitting Towards you I said do you have any videos ready to Go That’s so fake that breathing Nobody breathes like that Oh that’s it right there Jonathan oh That’s good you’re good buddy oh hold on Go slower you’re gonna make me get mad And I’ll punch up my butt cheeks and rip

Your dick off Come on come on He was jerking it man I I stopped him Just before he finished oh thank God Um But here’s the thing you noticed he he Got the bracelet didn’t he Hmm You got the bracelet I didn’t see it no He got there oh yeah yeah he got the Bracelet didn’t he disappear or Something like that I remember seeing This way way back way Canadian Television yeah I saw this thing ages Ago I’ve not watched that clip recently But This guy Is going up there breathing like mad Looking at this thing you could see both Its arms there’s no bracelet on my arms On my arms so you know what oh there Isn’t no didn’t he find the bracelet by The ship or something Possibly you know he he could have done The ship may have just dropped a Bracelet off as a little bit Whatever it is it could have been in the Alien’s pocket who knows the ship may Have been like kind of alive it’s like You’ve killed my pilot you may as well Have his bracelet I mean It’s Just

It’s just crazy this this now anybody Can believe this it’s ridiculous Don’t you think you’d be quiet you know Just in case there’s other aliens around Yeah That’s how you know it’s fake Just by that alone And of course that ship is standing on Like you know one little stick figure And it’s probably you know how they do That Yeah That’s it it’s kind of like this you Know it’s oh you can’t yeah it’s Something like this you know and it’s Hidden behind a tree Well it’s it’s hidden within a load of Leaves I know yeah so you can’t see the Stand that it’s sticking on you know Standing on whatever That Um this I mean again let me just I’ve Just got to show you the um I’m sorry I Keep talking go ahead I’ll be quiet So then it looks like do you guys get Kebabs Shish kebabs yeah yeah yeah Take away I need to turn this thing down It’s far too loud no I was all right all Right The you know that’s it looks like he’s Dinner It does it looks like a yeah burrito Potato

This is what I mean by the Monster clay It does look very similar I I think That’s what he’s using something yeah But wouldn’t it be heavy It’s quite heavy yeah and and that head Could have broken off if he did Something I mean I don’t know I’m just Saying but Yeah it does look like it doesn’t it Did you turn off the volume I don’t hear Anything anymore I I just it’s turning Me on listening to him so he’s like oh I I thought it was meary I didn’t know if I lost you okay if you want to listen to Him that’s fine well it’s funny it makes It But you see those little see those that Shine I do yeah Yeah right at the top So let me let me yeah let me let me let Me pause that right there it does look Like it’s got fingerprints in it and [ __ ] Molding areas So let So I don’t you see if I Let me just kind of like Switch my finger over it this a bit so There’s a lot of creases in this thing Here but This Um is this is this is had a lot of

Vintage it was gonna have two eyes put Inside it but no got around to it but This Uh is this if you look at that There I believe that this Yeah Similar is something very similar to This month this type of monster clay That’s personally that’s what I think It um How do I fix this There we go I think that’s what it what he’s used Something like that and thank you Chris Rogers for the two pounds Um back out of the freezer for another Go a gush One of the most Funny parts about the stories these Things kept trying to escape from the Freezer I do we ever get to hear it or see it Trying to escape I don’t think so I’ve never seen that Bit but he said it didn’t he say it was Uh like yelling inside of there Screaming to get out What was he saying and it was just Whining It was just making noises it was scared It woke up in a dark freezer I mean Going back to the logic part of this as Well

I mean as if You’ve got the gang in your show I would Have liked Dr J to have asked you know Why did you go back out there This thing tore your dog’s head wide Open hmm yeah I don’t think I would go back out there I think I would call somebody and say There’s something in these woods and It’s just killed my dog Nobody’s gonna believe you though No but I would have called a family Member or a friend somebody I could Trust for a minute Just to witness it you think he would Have done that Gotten one other person with him but he Didn’t There’s a lot that that’s the Psychological part of this thing that You have to break down if you’re really Trying to call this a hoax which it I Think it is but if you really want to Get into it detailed by detail Those are the things that tell me that This isn’t legit like why wouldn’t he Tell anybody why wouldn’t he bring a Girlfriend a wife you know a good friend Over And share the information with them So maybe he did maybe he didn’t he’s Just not telling us I I don’t if this is This could this could be this by the way There’s different density to this you

Can get soft you can get hard you can Get medium wow no way But did you see that the bit where its Mouth opens I forget what it looks like I’d like to See it though I’m interested right there His mouth opens oh yeah that’s the mouth Yeah so look look when before I look at Stupid it looks like a just a just a Potato yeah when he squeezes it And I wish I could show you with this I Can’t show you it’s too this is too hard But when you when you see watch when When he squeezes his fingers outside and You can see his imprint on the face Is that what you’re gonna say I don’t know if you can see the the Imprints because the the the footage is Too low quality but he he could have all I think you can see the fingerprints Actually but what he it’s frozen So he’s lifting something there he’s Left he’s pulling the eyelid yeah it Could be something underneath the there Is something underneath there I think It’s got like a marble or something like That yeah he put some [ __ ] under there That thing’s filled with marbles Filled with Marvel I mean look at that hand And who doesn’t you know I I couldn’t Even tell what I was looking at at first Until he did what he did what is he

Showing us how he fingered it Two holes baby two holes It is wait ah he took oh that’s the Science where he hit it Yeah but I mean as again when he pulls It out you couldn’t see any of that Blood You just look like a dry piece of clay Oh yeah that’s right Right yeah you can’t see none of that Well that’s interesting how did it all Of a sudden get all bloodied up like That We just saw it and it was clean yeah It to me it looked clean I mean Like that you can’t see it you can’t see The Looks like a golf club I don’t know like A microphone a spatula doesn’t look like An alien God that’s awful it has no neck like There’s no Like it just molds right into the head The neck does right The wrist detail on it so so anybody Thinks there isn’t detail there it is I Think I think this thing is more Detailed than than you can see because Of the video footage yeah that’s true But the video footage the video footage Is That’s what’s helping the hoax Heading neck move together too Chris Rogers that’s right I’m sorry

Ollie Dominic I thought you stopped no No no I mean that’s what helps the Footage though is the fact that it’s got I mean it it is there look there’s blood There you see yeah but but watch now Watch when he when he goes there’s more Blood it’s like he’s put more blood over The head he’s like he’s he’s smeared it About you see it’s all over there now You know what I can’t tell it’s the same To me You would have to go back to where he Was showing it last time and then click On it come back here and let’s see if it Looks worse it looks like this more I Could be wrong yeah and see if you Wouldn’t have said that I would have Guessed it looked the same to me I could be wrong too I can’t believe we revisiting this after All these years though well because the Guy just did an interview yeah yeah I I Enjoyed the interview very much Dr J I Really did yeah he did a good job I Don’t believe him For a second She used some see look at see the shine There I do you see that that that’s a Shine like like like a a type of play That’s interesting instead of paper Mache yeah I think it’s a clay but let’s Not forget Ollie it’s frozen at this Point right yeah and I think what he’s Done with the pictures is he he’s

Probably got some So it’s quite easy to raise veins and Stuff like that Because then but then he’s highlighted It probably with some he’s probably got Some white he’s probably dry brushed it With it with um got a bit of highlighted Paint and just put it and just brushed It over the clay but he is taking a huge Risk by getting so close to something That could be made out of that stuff And he’s proudly showing us Oh this is interesting What is that negative So what I hate when people do that Oh the eyes open there right Is that And the nose there’s no holes in the Nose right That’s just weird it’s just a bump well You don’t know aliens may have no holes In their nose true And of course they have red blood Everything I shred blood Everything that’s got two legs and two Arms got red blood I don’t care what you Say on this planet no every planet okay I just watched aliens they have acid for Blood Because that would ever work how good Are they burn up from the inside out no But they have the the lining inside Their DNA inside their skin that

Protects them from their own It’s always the same thing yes it is Douglas McCann Thank you for the two pound it’s always The blurry footage so even now even now People put blurry footage out I know But yeah it’s the blurry footage that Lets you get away with it So yeah I’m I’m sorry Dr Reed I don’t buy it rich doesn’t buy it I don’t think third phase moon will buy This they don’t They don’t have you spoke to them about It yes I have they like some aspects of It like we all do it’s interesting and It’s impossible to prove either way Until unless we were to actually touch It and get there and see it but for the Most part they don’t they don’t really Believe it A lot of stuff people don’t know about This story Behind the scenes stuff I’m sure there is a do you know I I find Hoax is interesting I find the people That make them interesting I really do I Mean I would have A ganjali yeah I find them fascinating these people are Fascinating with fascinating Imaginations and you’ve gotta I like to Think about the person themselves what Type of person Is it that does this that wants them

Yeah well we all know we know what type I mean Anjali she really is and she was She’s an interesting one Because it now it’s almost like she Believes it you know she always has She always has she just got better at Talking publicly and you know in the Open she’s more averse now you know she Understands How to talk more than she did when she First got here Got here That’s what it is they just get better At telling the story Again a mate of mine that can work with Metal could easily if I gave him a piece Of metal he could bend it up and you Know carve some Stuff in there and shine this thing up That’s beautiful I want it I I’d like it That’s his dog’s oh it was a girl dog She couldn’t she wasn’t strong enough It’s a beautiful dog though I do lilops Um but yeah it’s um [ __ ] it’s good [ __ ] because it’s Interesting but nevertheless it’s [ __ ] Speak Ing of [ __ ] so rich you you um we we Interviewed was it we had there was Steve Pace we had on and we had Mike Rogers on after You sent me a message the other day and Is Steve piss going against the grain

Saying that it was all fake it was a Hoax So he was on the show How long ago yeah about a month ago About a month ago didn’t he say he he Says he doesn’t know what actually Happened he just knows what he saw he Said that Travis was taken by the Government So not by a UFO So this you you sent me I’m gonna share This Rich so you said yeah I know you Don’t like reading I know you do you’re A good reader I hate reading wait you’re A good reader Well you have to be with you know when You have parents who are like because This little Nazis is this the is this The one Well if I sent that to you yeah that Looks like it This is the I think this is the article That you sent me yeah that it is look at The date 9 18. That’s it So which which part of this is where This where Steve is refute in the Evidence right there in the middle oh Well it says right here a few days ago Steve wrote to me it was a hoax Who’s he sent this to Charlie Weiser I believe all right okay I believe that’s Charlie weiser’s uh Uh what do you call a Blog

So did Charlie have to pay him I I don’t know I bet she probably did I don’t think so Really no I don’t know if Charlie Weiser Interviewed him it wasn’t that he was on Another show And Charlie Weiser just got the Information from what he said off the Show A week after two weeks after he was on Your show right so have you seen him on The show saying that this thing didn’t Happen I didn’t watch it okay but I I Trust Charlie Weiser and uh oh yes she’s Pretty good Yeah and you know and I I jumped on to That channel to see if he was really There and he was he was interviewed and Everything so yeah here it is yeah it Was a hoax Steve Pierce says in 2022 Now Steve Pierce tells me the real Reason his uncles quit because they were Didn’t want to participate in the hoax Yeah didn’t I already I already read This on my show that’s right It’s a short article but I just don’t Get that you know how you can Come on Tell tell us that it all happened and Then one minute Flip the other way They said that there was Steve’s uncle Had a theory that Gentry Tower was used As the UFO because he’d seen it lit up

Before and while Travis was missing and All the men were uh what does that say Under Suspicion of murder He took Steve Young to show him the Tower while it was not lit up Understandably Steve did not know what To believe that his real story was a Part of a prank Steve relayed this to me Months ago okay here’s what I think’s Going on with with Steve Pierce I think Steve Pierce Doesn’t believe he knows something Happened that night but I don’t think he Thinks it’s a UFO because that’s just Not in his wheelhouse for belief but he He would rather believe that it was a Hoax and the Gentry Tower made sense to Him But everybody said you know all the People when that thing’s lit up at night It looks nothing like you would think a UFO would look like you know how could They make such a big mistake Steve uh Steve Rich Stars Steve told us both me And you that night That he took off Right he saw it took off like when they Went down the road and Mike Rogers said That as well yeah Gentry Tower cannot Take off I mean as far as I know he Can’t So there you go so he got caught in Another way So I guess he didn’t see it take off huh

The Travis Walton case Is I was I was completely convinced that the wool Had been pulled over our eyes And I honestly Wonder now am I crazy to Wonder but after after speaking with the Guys in person Especially Mike yeah Because I I would I I would feel like Mike To come out and say yeah we hoaxed it Would be a massive benefit to that man I I would say another Joe Rogan Interview with Mike Rogers on You know but didn’t Mike Rogers already Say he thought No he didn’t did he Mike Rogers he never Said yeah he did say it was a hoax right When Travis owed him money I thought That’s what Mike Rogers said Give news and I’m no longer to be Considered a witness to Travis Walden Supposed abduction But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe It he just doesn’t consider it He said he he has no idea where he went For those oh yeah for those days Um You’re talking about the the recording With Ryan Gordon Yes Yeah some people say they think has been Manipulated and I don’t think it was

I don’t think it was manipulated it Doesn’t sound like it because you could Always tell when something’s edited like If I was talking and then you know my Voice and flux is different from another Conversation I was having when you mix Those together they have to sound like They’re from the same conversation and You know what it’s like when they cut Those things it never matches up to what The person was saying before The sound they’re louder or they’re Softer you know what I mean it’s not Perfect I mean after I have to say you have to Speak with uh Steve P so I I think It’s it’s a very funny guy I like him Funny guy yeah uh Mike I’ve got a lot of Time for Mike he’s he’s um He’s very switched on Uh Could they still have hoaxed it yes Definitely could Mike be lying to us yes Of course he could I will I will say That to Mike’s face I did say that to my Mike’s face yeah Thank you but I would see that they have more to gain From telling Mike would have a lot more to gain from Saying that it’s it was a hoax And a lot to lose I don’t know what what could he lose Well respect from all the people who

Thought he was telling the truth before Now he’s a liar but he passed the lie Detector test right Do you believe him You sounded believable yeah you sounded Believable but that’s 40 Years of Telling the same story over and over as Well but uh she didn’t believe it before You before right I mean he sounded like He believed it so I I am thinking he Actually believes he saw something that He couldn’t explain Not a Gentry Tower a light beam of light And also if there was a beam of light Somebody they know would have had to Have been up there operating it and we’d Nobody’s going after that person Nobody’s going after the person who is Shining the light who was shining the Light down on Travis how would they even Know who that was what do you mean they Set him up the person up in the tower Would have to be part of the team part Of their friends so who was it probably The girlfriend oh I know I thought you Meant how yeah but I I honestly think if It was faked if it was faked I think most of the people that are in The car have no idea of course It was probably Travis’s girlfriend Mike Travis and the girlfriend somebody They could trust You know was somebody had to have

Operated the light And nobody’s talking about finding out Who that person is But again After all these years and one man Profiting from this which is Travis none Of the others yeah oh well Unless Because it falls to Pieces when you have A group a group of people that are that Many people and thank you very much Lisa Bowden for the for the one doll I Appreciate that my friend and that is One cute dog Um I honestly think That many people in but involved It’s it’s gonna crack you’re gonna start Seeing the cracks and we are starting to See the cracks over the last few years We’ve seen the cracks But he’s not cracked yet it’s not Cracked You have Mike Rogers saying Travis owes Me money and if he doesn’t give him the Money then he’s going to say it was all A hoax That started it all That’s what I thought And then Travis paid him off and he said Um I I was just kidding It’s not a hoax it’s real now he owes Him money again I guess and well you Know it’s a hoax Travis I mean it’s

Really up and down it’s bothering me I mean Mike explained why Travis He said I Illustrated the book Yeah I know I’ve not seen a single penny From that book Yeah that’s odd that’s the contract he Must have signed then Hey man got to put [ __ ] in writing I Mean he’s an adult he should know that Steve paste didn’t even get the money Um he didn’t get the prize money he’s he Wasn’t in that picture right well he Might have gotten some money but he may Not have taken the picture Steve Pierce never even knew they were Making Fire in the Sky until he had Already been made Oh yeah that’s right You know yeah that’s right yeah Steve Steve was the youngest guy the uh the The actor was ETS not not E.T but Elliot Played Steve Pearce and he was a Different name That was him who played it Steve yeah Elliot from ET was in firing This guy yeah he was the youngest one Who was Steve Pierce no way yeah I don’t Remember that I gotta check that out I own the film I know you could still be wrong I wonder How much Travis gets for that film Who is it who played Mike Rogers oh no That was the guy from Uh Terminator

Yeah but you were talking about who I’m Talking about Steve Pierce It doesn’t it Because his name’s not Steve Pierce in The film What’s his name I’ve forgotten the name But it’s the youngest it’s the youngest And it is uh it’s Elliot from ET As a teenager There oh Henry Thomas yeah and the Uberway you are right my friend I’m Never wrong That’s funny Greg Hayes That was his name in the movie Greg Hayes That’s amazing yeah that is him So I kind of get why Steve’s got so many Bees in his Bonnet because yeah he Wasn’t consulted for the film Two he thinks that Mike wrote the book And wrote him as a crybaby when you know I I find this the this this masculine Bit quite funny you know yeah never mind It being a hoax listen you’re not saying That I cried Did not cry During Fire in the Sky No the book oh oh yeah never read the Book the book no I I can’t read But thanks for bringing though I didn’t bring it up You’re the one who says at every show So yeah Um Turned out on me who are you camping

Now Don’t I don’t think we have their Channel Oh bless him he’ll leave he’ll leave About 20 different comments on this from Different channels different people I Love the man oh you’re welcome here Anytime Rich hates you but I love you no No I love him I told him I go we should Be friends brother like even today I Said you look handsome you look handsome In your last show I want to be friends With him yeah he’s a nice guy he knows a Lot about debunking He does yeah he does he knows how to do Research You need to get people that are proper Researchers out there Rich you know I Know it’s difficult But you have to get people who don’t lie To fill in the banks that they can’t Fill in that’s the problem I’m not just Talking about him and an angry Channel Everybody all these debunkers on Twitter And all the other places When they can’t figure it out Ali they Just make up whatever they think it Should be and that’s just wrong That’s what I’m talking about tonight on My show too Moonlitch moon I I don’t know if I’ve Pronounced your name right mate it’s Moon licked

Stuart Little told me how to pronounce It I need to watch the video back I Appreciate you my friend thank you very Much greetings Ollie can be in damn Rich What I don’t know what that means what does That mean damage it took me as damage And I don’t mean damn you because he Likes you as well no I know I know I Just I think it means I get it it means Gambian Damn Rich yeah it means He wished that you both get got along Yeah yeah well that’ll never it’ll never Happen but you don’t think so you don’t No because at this point when you cross The line and and have to lie I don’t ever I will never trust that guy Again never I will remember I never did Trust them but you know what I mean I’ll Just never you liked him He told me uh I liked him but I was Suspicious of him because he was just a Little off He’s a little off He doesn’t like to answer things fully They say you don’t you do within that Friendship will ever get mended now Absolutely not no way yeah I get it Absolutely not You’re Italian you guys don’t it has Nothing to do with that it has to do With right and wrong

Huh I wasn’t watching it I I tried to do an Italian accent but I just couldn’t do it Oh that’s why it sounded weird Yeah I mean I uh One thing I don’t agree with I don’t Think that your name should get brought Into it from Dr Reed you know in third Phase too they didn’t say anything or Make a video about it none of us did Because it was Dr J that made the video It was Dr J’s interview we third phase Didn’t even talk about it neither did I I didn’t even know it was made till you Know a day later With what he said about Dr Reed Yeah and I’m sure you do yeah Of course I do So there you go Steve you know Great minds think alike You can’t say one both of our minds are Great if if he’s doing what he’s doing Can I be really honest with you rich I I Think Both your viewers and his viewers both Like both of you and I think some of you May have split off Um But I think that’s the thing I never Lied he’s lying there’s a difference Like why would you want to go to a side That lies to you

And then is a hypocrite on top of that He’s saying that me in third phase you Know we support hoaxers yet he has Richard dodiani kissed his ass he Interviewed Anjali a few times had her On because he wanted to get clicks and Views from that and then he and then he Told her to [ __ ] off the way he treated Her was a big dick which is a misogynist Which is what he calls me So you know it’s funny Shouldn’t throw rocks in glass houses And you know [ __ ] like that whatever Else you can say But I never lie he lies there’s a Difference bro He lies I don’t that is it and that Should be the deciding factor and who You want to trust in this field but you Do understand why both By like your subscribers and his Subscribers Tend to like you both no I don’t Understand it I don’t why would you want To listen to somebody who lies can I be Honest with you I kind of like the I Like the Fallout it’s interesting to Watch Fine it’s interesting But I’m still right I mean I’ve seen your thumbnail for Tonight you did you see his thumbnail The night last night Yeah because you sent it to me yeah yeah

I just did what he did That’s it yeah but Yo guys his guys Whoop whoop watching both shows you know It wouldn’t surprise me if you get the Same people super chatting you and him No No Never happened it doesn’t happen No it does you’re right there’s a few People who do Is it wrong is it wrong to like both of You Yeah it is actually because I don’t lie He lies Why would you want to listen to somebody Who lies that’s what I don’t know and Somebody who has never UFO hunted Somebody who does nothing but talk about The same six seven people over and over Again he’s got nothing to offer this Community is not breaking anything new He’s lying You when you lie you should be done and Over with in this field nobody should Watch you And I keep saying prove that I lied Nobody can So they character assassinate me now I’m A Nazi at sympathizer do you hear that One Because I’m gonna have that because I’m Gonna have that girl on my show who they Think is this Nazi sympathizer but isn’t

They’re just taking the words and Switching them around to fit their Contacts their narrative so stupid this Is like high school [ __ ] I’m dealing With Somebody Somebody mentioned something about this To me and I’ve not seen this This girl that people are talking about So I I I I kind of don’t know what You’re talking about oh okay Well You know celebrity review blue CR Yes he made a video going after this Girl and has been harassing her for a Long time that’s what I heard I tried to Look for it I couldn’t see it I have it All So obviously he’s deleted the video Put a video out two weeks ago about her Yeah somebody said that and I went to Logan I couldn’t see the video Ah interesting I have it though I might be blind it’s Probably still there it’s probably just Me but yeah I mean Those the those are big words to cost me A Nazi sympathizer yeah You know and this girl’s only like 20 21 Years old like younger than Christina Gomez but she’s pretty smart girl Um and she’s meeting High officials too And and it’s just really strange what’s Going on with that girl I never even

Heard of her but she’s in your backyard She’s in the UK but did she say anything That she she she likes Nazis Oh you know she can no she’s never once Said that what she’s doing is she’s Actually giving factual points Because you know There are bad and good Nazis right you Can’t say all Nazis are bad just because You’re blanketing them with the Nazi Symbols some of them hated what Hitler Did well that’s likes and that’s what She’s saying that’s like saying now that All Russians are bad I’m sure right I’ll Show there’s a lot of Russians that Can’t stand what’s going on that’s a Great example bro perfect you know They’re 100 Will have been Nazis that hated what They were doing but for I’ve got no Choice and I bet I bet a lot of them Well maybe not a lot of them I don’t Know I don’t know how brainwashed they Were about then but I you’ve seen the films you must have Seen the like Schindler’s List for for Example where you’ll see uh one of these Soldiers that will let something slide And they will you know because they know It’s wrong yeah yeah The German people and nice people German soldiers were nice people that Were run by a [ __ ] Maniac that they Had to do what they were told and some

Of those people would have been terrible People because that’s the way that they Would have been Trained to be terrible yeah right but People are just people and That’s not me saying that that’s me see This is the thing this will get picked Up now and somebody will say alien Addicts a [ __ ] Nazi sympathizer I’m Not a hole you know I can’t stand Nazi I Can’t stand it I can’t stand anybody if I’m honest but Um there would have been Uh Nazis that would have turned a blind Eye to certain things because they Thought it was wrong what they were Doing yeah Just like there’s there’s many we you Hear about Russians you hear about these Russians that have been interviewed and Yeah you can’t stand what’s going on Yeah You know it’s like it’s like when you Okay it’s like let me use a different Example when you’re at school and you Get into a gang I was in a gang at School Um There’s that [ __ ] that is a bully And there’s the one person in the gang That turns around and goes hey Pack it in you know stop it you’re still In the gang yeah But you but you know what’s right and

Wrong yeah you know Yeah And that that girl’s from Italy sorry Yeah it’s she’s in Italy not UK I don’t Know why I said that but uh thanks Nathan yeah I understand exactly what You’re saying man I’m watching the video So that I don’t know you know she might Love Hitler for all I know she doesn’t That’s not even close to it I’m joking I’m joking oh okay like but I’m just Saying for the audience because even Though uh you know I sit here and I say you know I looked At the videos that she’s made she she Doesn’t sympathize she’s just spitting Out factual historic data information And that’s it Is this the girl I think I’ve had I Think you know Dave L Dave that comes on The show I think Dave told me something About this is this the girl is she Something to talk about reptilians and Yes and she’s talking about the aliens Are talking to the Nazis yes okay so she Is crazy then she’s a little bit no She’s just yeah she what she thinks has Happened with the aliens the reptilians Is interesting right but I’m talking About She’s being attacked and I don’t like it And it’s coming from celebrity review That which makes him a total hypocrite Because he got on me for talking about

Christina Gomez for 10 sentences Meanwhile he’s making videos about a Girl younger than Christina Gomez And you know is her name’s Marina serene To watch this video because I mean I’ve Heard lots of I mean I don’t know I Don’t know the content of the the video But There’s lots of people have made lots of Videos on the Nazis in UFOs at the bell For one of them you know the Bell that Yeah the better yeah yeah the Nazis Creating Um UFOs Nats Maybe Roswell Could they be it could have been Something that drifted over yeah yeah And also Antarctica you know the Interest Although yeah it’s It’s it’s it’s a subject that you could Definitely talk about Nazis when it Comes to UFOs I know I’ve talked about It Yeah somebody needs to show me that Video come and convince me The video of what there’s many just go To her Channel she’s got many videos I’ll check it out That would have been the best Channel I Wish I thought of it Nazi aliens alien Nazis funnier yeah Nazi aliens that’s That’s that’s that’s that is the the Name of it a new movie that’s so great

Yes aliens Hmm you want me to show people who she Is You want me to share it yeah yeah It’s for a goof so people can get all Amped up all right whenever you’re ready She’s with classes of on at the uh your Footage of our Congress in Barcelona Is presentation was interesting very Interesting So she’s she’s not But she’s not German no she’s she’s it She’s Italian she’s Italian yeah she Looks like a Nordic blonde I know she Could be She could be She’s she’s a chick though but I mean That is um like you say that’s uh those Are heavy heavy comments to call Somebody a Nazi sympathizer not only That to make a video about her and just Go on and on and on and and the video Sucked it wasn’t even that good it’s Like why would you spend any time on That Some I don’t know if you’ve got it if you’ve Got a feeling if maybe he I’ve not seen The video so Look Lucy R is woke right that’s who he is And all this stuff they go after people Looking for this stuff to switch the Words around

Cancel them I I think So some of the things that he spoke About when you were on the show and I Get along with Lou I spoke to Lou a few Days before that just me and him we had A chat I I got I got along with him I I wish Him the best a lot in whatever he’s Doing with his channel but how he Spoke about you you need to change Because look at the day and age you’re In Rich yeah I thought was just absolute [ __ ] you know In a way he was right if I want to if I Want to gain a lot of Subs and go and go With the flow right why why would he be Offended by you Because he’s woke dude that’s why they Get offended by everything It doesn’t matter they can’t wait to be Offended So they could cancel somebody that’s That’s their life Their lives people get offended by me Mate I mean it’s it’s fine you know Offended right now you take me or you You don’t I hey man I I mean here’s the thing I used to be Um I did actually messaged Um Heathcliff Spencer Peters uh Lions

Ground or what’s he called himself these Days astral projection astral astral Astral something Cathedral or The astral citizen yeah that’s it I Preferred the name I think you should Still Rock Ryan’s ground I prefer the Name it’s got more I love the lion I Like that name mine’s great great name Heathcliff you should just [ __ ] it Bring the name back astral citizen isn’t That bad No it’s not it’s not a bad name but Lion’s ground is a minor Ben it had a Lot of clout in history with it yeah I mean here’s the thing he he um He would deny it He spoke in a in a like a He would deny Well do you know the copyright strikes That I got I got yeah two I I no two Sorry I got two off Scott cwhere and I Got one off him Um for putting up a joke Because he made a comment in he said I Know somebody who does live streams While drinking and said that I was Disrespectful for drinking in case one Of my subscribers is an alcoholic oh God You know so I’m like you can’t go like That man again that’s a for me a very Woke comment yeah yeah it is you know if People don’t If people get too tempted to pick up a Glass of wine then you know

You know you maybe you are an alcoholic And maybe I’m doing you a favor and I’m Telling you don’t do it don’t do it It doesn’t have to be a negative it Cannot why does everything have to be a Negative They go to the negative instead of the Positive it’s very strange I did like I All I did was I took the clip and I took A clip from stranger things that just Said something about tasting salt and he Goes why are you so salty and I just Then I just played him and then I played A video of me and Lee and you was on the Show and mainly are saying cheers and We’re just having a glass of wine or Whatever And it was kind of just like yes you’re Right I drink on my show so what that’s All it was I played him saying um Uh I know a channel that drinks or Whatever and I just yeah I said yes I do And Yeah And lo and behold the next day that must Have really touched nerve because I got A copyright strike No so they messaged him and said listen Mate This is a hobby that I love Yeah and You’ve just striked me Oh he striked you he’s 50. yeah You used because why because I showed The clip of him saying that I was

Insensitive for drinking on myself how Long did you play the clip for That makes no difference At that point you know we’ve been Friends for a long time it shouldn’t oh Okay I hear you I played a clip for About It was probably about 60 seconds or Something like that oh well that’s a Long time I’m surprised he did that but Yeah I mean But that’s a problem I think it pissed Him off because I was speaking with uh I I defended uh Tyler oh okay Oh well that was a sense at a time Yeah So I think that’s that’s another that Was another thing that [ __ ] him off a Little bit so you wanted You wanted to talk about something else Tonight no well yeah I was just gonna Say before I do speak about something else yeah I noticed that um Truth Seekers is getting friendly with Uh Lions ground Yeah and that’s Yeah Yeah he’s you that no name dropping him He’s just using he’s just using Lions Ground you know that He’s just using him yeah hell yeah he is Why didn’t he reach out before why now Yeah if he was so interested in all

These people why didn’t he reach out Before he’s right by one thing Heathcliff is a very good [ __ ] Investigator oh yeah he’s really good Third phase and I talked about that he’s He’s one of the best yeah abnormal Yeah he’s really good I have to be Honest about that for sure Why wouldn’t you be yeah he does if you Do watch this bring back Lions ground Ah that’s what I would do I just change The name back Maybe he’s worried about YouTube I don’t Know that’s what I was thinking too yeah But yeah the other thing that we might Speak about tonight rich is I’ve totally Forgotten about because we’ve just been Bowling or whatever spit oh I I did want To mention I I spoke to you about the Um the NASA We’ve taken out the uh trying to send in The uh flying the ship straight into the Comet oh yeah So here’s the funny thing And I thought this when that happened I Thought Oh here we go NASA’s Gonna Save the Day Followed on seven years from now On the news Asteroid he’s gonna take us all out NASA SpaceX we’re all on a mission And we will say this planet don’t you Worry can you imagine I would not Believe it for a second I would be like

That’s not happening I said to my friend when he showed me This my my mate showed me this at work He said have you seen one NASA’s just Done I went you know what if Nas If NASA Saved the world from an Extinction in The next seven years I’m not believing It it you know if they say it’s coming I’d be like I’ll just go about my day I would not be remotely frightened if it Happened in the next seven years Yeah I don’t know man what if one is Coming from the where the sun is and They don’t see it and then we only have A week I I don’t know rich but we’ve We’ve been here for a long long time We’re still here you know we’ve gone From from clubs We’ve gone from swords Shields guns you Know now we’re nearly into hover car Territory if if uh if what’s his name Wilcox gets his act into gear it’s got Three months October November December We’ve still not gotten another Extinction level so I was just gonna say We’re ready for one We’re overdue Yellowstone should have Already blown up that’s overdue every 165 or 65 000 years whatever it is yeah That’s different that’s that’s it’s an Extinction event yeah but still I’m Talking about something from space yeah Yeah Well we just had a comment a comment

Came from Just the other day they discovered a Second Interstellar object a comment You know they see them all the time rich I think they do too yeah we get so many Flybys and so many of the so many of Them actually hit but they just break up We’re lucky Yeah we’ve got our Jupiter beautiful Jupiter yeah Doesn’t Saturn suck up some of those two Saturn’s pretty darn big I’m sure they All do you know yeah Jupiter either that Or it’s flat Yeah right Yeah we’re just seeing the one side of It You’re laughing if you if you look back At this video now we’ve probably got a Wikipedia link right yeah All you have to do is mention space s x NASA the Moon No yeah so It we’re going to find out within the Next uh two weeks how much this impact Pushed that great depth crater that Meteor away asteroid actually it’s not a Meteor how much in that doing [ __ ] no if It just nudged it and it’s a billion Miles out there just a little bit That would throw it off course A billion miles going now a little bit This way okay okay yeah that’s what They’re hoping as long as they catch it

In time So now that they’re gonna study the data They’re gonna send another satellite out There I think they didn’t have any Explosive on it nothing like I just hit They just hit it I don’t know how fast How fast it had 20 000 miles an hour it Was crazy fast like 50 000 miles an hour I have no I had I’m not even gonna Hazard a guess Because I will probably just sound like A Well Hubble um got into it and you could See all of uh the dust and dirt and Everything all the Rocks there’s miles Behind it of debris and it’s kind of Cool it’s like this spiral almost I I bet again If if NASA Saves the Day in the next few Years I’m not gonna believe it What are you gonna believe in then That just for sale you know it’s just a This is just a A way to get the the funding up You know what that’s true how do we get Funding we save the Earth that’s right Man a false flag asteroid invasion That’s what it really is yeah that’s What it is Moonlik said or they could throw it on Course yeah that’s true too what if they Just threw this one on course oh can you Imagine that we [ __ ] up but it was

Small it’s only the size of what I think They said 900 900 meters something like That 900 meters okay I mean how that’s 1200 that’s 900 meters he’s pretty big Yeah quarter of a mile right yeah oh Yeah I think that’s a Planet Killer now Quarter for a mile It’s not a planet Kelly City killer Well okay Sit here kill the city Could kill a coast it could break it Could break Florida in half let’s just Say Um We’re gonna get a bit more but now how Do you Think Earth is gonna die Do you think do you think it’s going to Be through nuclear war do you think it’s Going to be through Uh just gonna die from disease or do you Think you mean you died yeah how do you Think we’re gonna get Whisked away It would be another asteroid I really Believe that that would be the one yeah Or It could be Yellowstone if that ever Goes off I mean that’s a Planet Killer Too Definitely the United States If there was a planet killer that came Say I reckon in the next hundred years We could probably

We could probably get that one out of The way you know Put a few SpaceX Rockets onto it attach Them and then Rocket them away I don’t know something Like that or or Bob Blizzak designer laser you know to Cut it in half it depends how fast and How big it is what if it’s the size of a Mountain like nine miles you know Size of Mount Everest coming through the Sky you know how do we can’t stop that With a few Rockets Well why can’t yeah there’s the space is A vacuum amen I don’t think it can I Think because of the mass of it is just Incredible Against two little Rockets Maybe they’d have to do a lot more I Don’t know I really don’t know if it Would work have you ever seen that There’s a film I watched um probably I Think it was in lockdown where the where Earth has died and they I think it’s I Think it was a Chinese film or Japanese Film Um They literally put rockets on the back Side of Earth and moved it no way That’s silly I can’t I can’t remember What it what they wonder if we could do That I doubt we could do that well Basically here for frozen solid then They needed to move it

So they just like one side of Earth they Just put loads of [ __ ] rockets on and Shot it off to another system That sounds like uh Spaceballs to me It was a crazy movie but I mean yeah It’s it was on Netflix or Amazon sounds Like Mel Brooks Smell Brooks Yeah there is um There isn’t much to uh To say about this because it just Started Seeing if they could actually move the Rock what if it didn’t work what if they Didn’t move it at all It didn’t budge what the asteroid yeah Yeah what if it didn’t budge at all I’ve Read the information to say it’s budget Yet or not uh I don’t think yet but In about a few more days we will I think I don’t know I from whatever I Think I read that it it seems like it Did move it a little bit but I’m not Sure they said they won’t have a a 100 Accurate in two weeks he said it was Successful well they hit it yeah yeah But you you would think that it would Move it just even in just a little bit It had to have right Well I mean I think that Tiny little rocket was probably the size Of a not even a nipple I know You know but going as fast as it was to Hit that it had to have given a little

Well exactly if I if I shoot you with a Bullet You’re Gonna Fly you’re gonna go Back at you hello oh bullets just go Right through people you don’t move oh That’s a good point so if you were Coming towards me at a hundred miles an Hour and I shut you with a bullet you Probably would still be going 100 miles An hour yeah probably just fly through You yeah yeah Because I’m not solid I’m 78 water or Something like that but we’re not in Space we’re not in space Is different that’s why it may work As as anybody asked I mean You you third phase are good buddies With uh Tyson are they Uh I don’t know I don’t think so why They could because they could call him They could ask him say Neil oh true Would that little I bet you Would it move Would it would it do anything I bet you nailed the grasshole Tyson Already said something about it He probably did you could look at that For tonight’s show Richard yeah no I’m Not I stopped myself I’m not interested No because I’ve seen the tale of your Show What I think that because I’ve seen the thumb There you can’t bring up Neil on that

Thumbnail no I can We could that’s just clickbait you Didn’t even talk about me That’s what I should do I should do the Whole show on something totally Different well I you know not a bad idea Actually people would say this about This show because this show is called Believe in them however That’s not clickbait because it believe In NASA Believe in the little tinfoil Kebab meat Alien clay model Believe in what was the other one I was daydreaming nasty aliens there you Go [ __ ] Peep anybody who’s like real genuine Subscribers knows and I only care about Those people I don’t care about new People that come to the channel I go oh I clicked on this and it’s Why I should believe in them You know I only care about the actual People that understand my frame of Thinking yeah she’s very very few that No it’s a lot No I’m what I mean is very few in the World I mean I’ve got 8 000 subscribers I used to get about 100 odd people Watching which I’m very grateful for but In the in the grand scheme of things

Very few people in my actual life Understand What I’m thinking I have that same exact experience in my Life isn’t that weird No because we we are odd people To others I don’t think so I think they’re weird I really do I would agree yeah I would Agree but I’m I’m always looked at as Kind of like the black sheep you know My whole life people have told me I’m Weird that is the one word should be on My license plate weirdo But I’m not I’m just the class clown you Know just always looking for a joke in Every single thing My reports at school were constantly so I would always When my parents would get home My dad would just look at me like I don’t know I’m laugh [ __ ] he’s like Class Clown That’s what every single teacher said About me yeah that’s what I had yeah It’s probably why we get on Rich you Know Because we’re both just idiots That believe in aliens I don’t believe In aliens I don’t know what if I believe in aliens I believe there are aliens out there but I’m not sure they actually are visiting Earth I think what we’re experiencing is

Because of the Earth It’s ancient Design there’s something weird about This planet I don’t know if it’s hollowed I don’t we Don’t I don’t do you know if there’s a Formula you don’t know if it’s Hollow Dog walk yeah man there could be a whole Ecosystem we’ve got to say I don’t know If it’s hollowed or flat No I wasn’t thinking flat I was thinking Hollowed or if it had a new had a center That was made out of molten lava okay And that’s that’s less weird than it Being flat No Have you ever done a show Asking your audience about Flat Earth Yeah Did you ever put a poll up I I don’t know I don’t remember but I Think maybe one person believed the Earth was flat Out of everybody I remember It it’s funny we did I I I I do find it It’s one of my What’s guilty pleasures there it is to Look at flatter videos I love the Flat Earth videos I watch Them too But do you blame theorists To a certain degree I could understand their their curiosity And their questions but after a while

The if you do the experiments and Watched other real experiments there’s No question about it the Earth is round Yeah but do you do you blame them that’s That if somebody who goes down that Rabbit hole I I do blame them they’re dumb if they Go down that hole any further than they Need to as soon as Because dude so many things go against This being a flat Earth so many things Yeah I understand that and why would They be dumb for for fake for you know Because scientists and people over the Last 500 years have proven the Earth is Round but they are oblate but they watch His channel they fall in love with the Hosts for a bit you know Then they’re just gullible they’re not Educated enough most hosts I believe Believe what they’re saying Yeah I do too More than alien hosts and UFO hosts and What I’ve seen the community yes if you Look at Flat Earth channels I don’t Think so no I I I I disagree okay I I Think there’s less flat of hoax channels Than there is alien of course there’s Less Yeah for sure hear me out all right so So this is why I think the I’m not going To say it’s an issue because if you want To believe in full Earth that’s your Thing I I don’t YouTube do not put that

Warning sign under my video telling you I will complain to your boss Um which is you But I understand it I understand it Because Every single host believes what they’re Saying every single host believes the Earth is flat But I don’t believe that every single For example let’s just say the guy who’s Making a flying car Dude somebody’s calling me Do you hear it ice me pirate oh doc Skinner’s calling me I can’t take that It might be important no I can’t take That I’m on I’ll just let him know Yeah I might go on I’m gonna go on a Show next week but maybe send him an Invite he can come and join us ask him About oh okay Send him the invite Martha Mary But do you know what I’m saying rich Hey I do you UFO channels You you always hear about UFO channels That you don’t trust It’s always been a thing You don’t hear about that with well Maybe I’m not that much into the Flat Earth Community but you don’t hear about That with flat Earth channels you don’t See Flat Earth channels stabbing each Other in the back oh no yes you do yes You do all every day bro I see I need to

Watch them you need to send me this okay I will because just about every day Because I subscribe to those channels Just to see what just about every day You watch a lot of videos no just about Every day I see them arguing now you Know they have part one debate part two Debate part three debate they just keep Debating with new people and different You know what I mean it’s it’s fun but I Don’t listen to it all because I think I’ve heard everything I can hear about Flat Earth I just don’t keep watching I Mean they’re not coming up with anything New But they are arguing and they do fight a Lot that’s for damn sure It’s just like here Except there’s only one person who’s Doing it all Fuju And Tony’s right here oh wait why call Yourself alien addict I think and you’re making money And watch you that doesn’t make any Sense I I think he means why I call myself Alien headaches Then watch you making money Why call yourself alien addict then Watch you making I don’t get that I Don’t get it but but I mean it’s he says I I do I know I’ll tell you how much Money I earn on YouTube it’s about a

Hundred I should never tell anybody Why I’m just saying you should never Tell anybody it’s about 140 pounds no Probably about 120 pounds a month Because I do one video Wheat Ridge so That will make sense to you one video a Week I do one video a week and I’ve got I think eight paint jobs become a Patreon if you want to become a patreon I pay for uh Stream yard is how much rich 50. 50 That’s 40 something pounds in UK money And it I pay for Photoshop and the Editing software so I Break just over even I probably get About 20 pounds and every Friday night I Don’t spend time with my wife I do this So I don’t know I do it just for the money You know Yeah It’s about 300 to run my show a month if I throw in the editing software and Everything else that I use Which I haven’t been lately but um no I Have behind the scenes but nobody Nobody’s seen anything yet Um it’s not cheap but it is considering What we’re doing you know we don’t have To go to a radio station or anything Like that we can use our own cameras you Know you could use two cameras with Stream yard now

Oh no if I log into stream yard on here I could uh you could see me from two Angles No I mean if I put another camera up You’ll see another angle of me right I Don’t have to use another computer Really yeah you can just plug another Camera in right now And then hit settings and uh go to uh Audio and you’ll see it You can tell me I could put a camera in In our bedroom yes so I could show the Audience my wife snoring yes Oh God You can put a little box up in the Corner and watch her snore away or all We or if you’re if you’re in a UFO uh Proper UFO researcher you know you could Put one outside in the garden point up To the sky that’s not a bad idea I wish I could do that I could but there’s so many bugs out Here I wouldn’t do it Oh I guess I would have to close it up Then and just leave the camera outside But I have these awnings that come down To the side which block to send the Audience decide if it’s a bug or not Yeah yeah yeah yeah Fun Oh We’ve got somebody Actually are you fighting doc the dock And he’s drinking Dr Pepper that’s

Amazing holy crap I love your studio looks good bro It does it looks really good that’s his Studio we built He actually built that thank you very Much let me I think I got you guys Doubles big Oh shoot Harry there All right hold on now I can’t yeah we Hear you oh okay yeah I I had you up on Well hold on man I use it hello oh wow Uh yeah So hello alien addicts how you doing Mate I’m doing good doing good just in Time five I know why not the end of the world Might as well make an appearance So uh yeah lots of crazy stuff going on In the world the end of the world as we Know it yes but you guys are talking About about doing production and uh let Me tell you it people think that we’re Making a lot of money because certain Other people will make money but it’s Not all of us you know and it’s Because I don’t I I waited two years and Yesterday I finally got 200 relays from Utah YouTube after two years well you Earned that money it’s about time all my Fans are like are you ever gonna get That money I was like we just gotta get To the thrush yeah because uh I’m Bottlenecked I’m Shadow banned so I have Very limited viewers I have amazing

Viewers I love my viewers they are the Most polite kind they they chat with Each other in the room I mean I’m so Blessed with the viewers that I have I Don’t have to deal with a lot of drama In there and um The they’re they’re what they’re why I Stuck around for so long but I did Announce last night that um uh next week We’ll it will be uh my last week of Shows uh for now Um I’ve got to take care of some things Uh get get myself uh I’ve been too much Into this and too much projects and Stuff and I’ve kind of worn myself out And the doctors are like you need to you Need to pull back so let me do that I’m Not saying I’m I’m gone I’ll be doing Appearances like this and stuff but uh Um yeah it’s it’s been 45 years of me Entertaining people and doing shows and Promotions and events and all that Um and so the doc was like you the other The real Doctor is like you need to you Need to uh slow down so so that’s what I’m doing I’m not disappearing but um I’m working on and making sure I’m Around a little bit longer so that you You came out of the womb with a top hat And a cane go that guy was my baby there Goes my mama that’s exactly how it went But yeah doing all this and the fact That you know you We need to be a little bit proud Pat

Ourselves in the back and I don’t know If ever really do that often but I’m Gonna say that right now because I am Proud of what all of us have done over The years bringing information to people Uh educating people Um bringing reports some of us doing Breaking stories before the mainstream News even got it you know right um we Have worked on some amazing projects you Know good fun we worked third phase on Uh their documentaries which done very Well Um it has it has been an exciting run And uh I’m really proud to be Not the first there’s there’s plenty Before us but in the podcasting realm You know Art Bell was my inspiration and When he disappeared off the air like he Did like 20 minutes and then he goes I’m Out and he and he was gone I was devastated and so I immediately Taught myself how to build a computer And get real player remember Real Player I do I had it yeah get real player and I Was going to uh set up and start my own Podcast and kind of take up where he had Left off And I was going to do it on my birthday October 28th 1028 Productions that’s why I called that Um uh and he came back on that day so I Was like oh you know it’s kind of like a Sigh of relief a little bit but I was

Like oh you know but uh eventually I I Got into it and I’ve gotten to work with Some amazing people and Um I’m very blessed to call a lot of These people my friends so Um it’s it’s been awesome like I said I’m not disappearing I just I I I have To step back in the shadows for a bit But um I’ll be playing bigger boo that’s For sure So anyways go ahead he’s the thing dog You know and they and it brings it back To my uh what people may say is is a Clickbait title Believe in them uh-huh Oh what happened to group five I’m here I just don’t Vape on camera oh yeah oh Is that what we’re doing So how the camera start going out I just I don’t like the look for me But I mute it I also muted sorry alien Addict you said you just got your first 200 200 and I I can remember when I I Second time in six years six years okay So so in six years you’ve done four Hundred dollars right so you would never If somebody said here’s a job And it’ll pay you four hundred dollars I don’t even know what four hundred Dollars is over six years a year but It’s gonna pay you this amount a month You would never sign up for that ever Unless you believed in something that is So for anybody anybody that says

That These YouTube channels You frauds this time the other yeah yeah Like like we we had this we had this Incident last night right that went on And it was like you know hey I’ve got no I’ve got no problem with cambium I I Have no problem I was I was speaking to A rich before about this well I don’t Even know the person but I’m just saying Um when accusations that like the Cousins brothers are you know creating These videos I can tell you honestly They’re not when they were here in the United States Over here they’re not in the island they Were here in the states doing their Little tour filming for their their Films during that whole period of time They they spent a total of two months One month you know here one month there And stayed with me and I I got up every Day you know I was like it was their Schedule Um they get up to eat and then they go Through their emails they see who has Sent them you know videos what videos And then we look at them like okay let’s Let’s choose these and then they do Their intro and their outro video that’s It and then they come home and they edit It on their laptop that’s all they do I Watched them do it day after day after Day

And I’ve told them this kind of pisses Me off that they can pull [ __ ] off so Like this so much I mean I’m more of I’ve got a really massage stuff I’ve got To really I edit like they they just Knock it out they edited a whole movie In 14 days it pisses me off I love them But they piss me off when they do such Such huge things in such a short amount Of time but there’s two of them so they Get it done and you know Um I’ve told them I said if if my Teachers from Full Sail Center for Recording arts in Orlando big film School if they saw how they produce Stuff it would be like everything that We’re told in class not to do but they Do it And they accomplish it and that’s where It’s just Like I said I love them but I’m just Like man I wish it was that easy for me And it and it could be But you know they just they’ve got it Down pat but there is no Graphic uh manipulation or anything like That unless they Um what’s sort of like for they they uh Take the image and they’ll zoom in They’ll do contrast and stuff That’s it so all all these Um accusations that they’re just sitting There and they’re using the same same Camera

Yeah that was candy and they use the Same camera you can tell when I heard That [ __ ] I just laughed my ass off I Was like dude they use the same camera When they interviewed themselves yeah Well yes yes that’s the same camera they Use for a lot of stuff they’ve just Changed their lenses every now and then But um anyway no I don’t know the person That that you’re speaking of that that Did that show last night that was the First time I’ve ever seen that person Um I I have No ill will or anything towards them I’m Okay to say anything because I don’t Know who they are So Um yeah and and things like about uh I mentioned last night you know the Whole read thing came up and I myself my Show is not about attacking it’s not About trying to bring anybody else down My things about lifting everybody up so Whether or not someone wants to believe In Dr Reed’s story that is their choice But on my show I believe everybody Deserves a chance to be hurt and tell Their story Um we were talking about how Art Bell Was a genius at he always let people Come on and talk of course if it did get A little crazy They would click them off silently and He would start answering that last

Question in a very long monologue and Then go okay on to the next caller you Know he was very polite about it he Wasn’t like he was very polite yes and That’s why I had so much respect for the Man uh you know and it just it broke my Heart when he left this Earth but He he was the tip of the Spear of all of This of what we’re doing I believe I Strongly believe when it came come to Political stuff you may have Alex Jones Because he was really first one to come Out swinging And Um Yeah that that’s and working with people Like that Uh is is why I’m proud that we’re we’re We’ve been kind of like Trailblazers you Might say we’re Pioneers in what we’ve Been doing we’ve been learning as we’ve Been going along I don’t think any of us Have got our Showdown Pat To a t Um You know because mine’s well maybe you Do goofan you’ve got cool videos for Your donators I want to see how you Listening to Mozart what are you doing You’re like Okay I’m just listening So yeah Anyway go on no no I didn’t say anything

Go ahead I’m sorry uh uh so yeah I I had Dr jail last night and you know I Brought up a good question Um what would be your guys advice To up and coming ufologists and you Followed as podcasters how can we give Them some good advice to get them back On the not saying that they are but we We’ve we’ve diverted into multi-lanes we Need to all get back in the same Lane Um what would be your suggestion to up And coming ephologists or you followers Podcasters Yeah Leonardo I would say it’s something That I don’t do enough one because uh I I struggle to read it fast enough but Follow your audience Um it’s probably One of the biggest pieces of advice but Also Don’t listen to other channels Even if you’re good friends with them if You’ve got a gut feeling that you want To do a show on something just do it Even if it may piss off your mate Well I’ve always tried to work with my Mates you know uh yeah I mean if Possible do the interview that you want To do yeah but the the advice I would Give because I’ve talked about this on Goofan University show uh if you’re Gonna get in this field you better have Some experience under your belt or be an Experiencer because I don’t want to

Listen to somebody who doesn’t know what I’ve gone through going through and will Go through right and other people too All of us have had experiences right That’s number one number two Um It depends on what kind of show you’re Gonna do it’s like me I do you know About current events and videos and Stuff some people want to just talk About the politics about UFOs some People want to just talk about the Community depending on what you’re going To do make sure your camera is sharp You’re centered perfectly Matches and your lighting’s good by the Way yeah yeah love your love your uh Your control room yeah oh yeah yeah this Is a good UFO this is the sports model Two videos in your living room people It’s not a good look can’t see it though It looks cool yeah yeah it looks like Like a dark uh control room or something You just have it looked really cool one Day when I get it like my friend to Dress up as an alien behind the curtain And just go No no no that’s that’s funny you said Because uh I actually wanted to do like This year I was going to uh make a hoax No no I was gonna I was gonna build this In my garage oh my God and then I was Gonna have a green screen of it and then I was gonna have one of the one of the

Uh the the people on board the the crew Members no trip over the curtain it Would fall over it all of them would be Like oh [ __ ] and it’s still there that Would be cool because I’ve always people Said dude I love your I love your your Spaceship and I wish I could just pick Up the phone and walk around and show Them so that’s what gave me the idea Are you tricky hi hi I don’t have a Uniform I couldn’t I couldn’t recite Episodes or anything like that but uh Middle of building a Starship I am a Little bit of a Trekkie yeah I I met Data and uh a couple of others at a Dallas Convention thing or Comic-Con and Wow yeah I got a buddy who his name is He I know he doesn’t watch my show his Name is James Bond Jr I grew up with a Friend James Bond stupid His family owns like Bond cleaners and Stuff and oh wow um so he had everything And he had every Star Trek and even make Me wear uniforms when we took Star Trek Conventions and he had the little Communicator pin that goes and that was The year that they came out with the Remote control car starters so he picked Up his date he’d be like Enterprise and His flip phone would be in his pocket I’d be on the other line going yes Captain he goes starting engines and Then he starts this little Cadillac DeVille for this remote control in his

Pocket so yeah fun guy well I think the First time uh third phase of moon uh got In touch like message me is I um I did Like a fun video I watched one of their Their live shows where they had a guest On who was an alien now what but what Blake and Brent didn’t realize because They’re not into Star Trek that much is That the guest was he was a uh I think he was curse on Dax I can’t remember what species he was he Was a species from Star Trek there was An introduced in Deep Space Nine uh you Know that’s got the Um The the host inside it okay he was this Alien and I Been into Star Trek I was like I know Who who this is so I did all the so I Literally played the video and edited it All and played Star Trek over it and Then a few weeks later the guy messaged Me and said I saw the video I was the Guy who called into the show and I think That’s how me and Blake and Brent became Friends Because I’d played a sh I I edited a Whole show that they’d done Because they’d been fooled by a guy that Was telling them that they didn’t know They had no idea he was an alien from Deep Space Nine wow I think they just Thought it was I’m sorry I love you Brothers but that’s [ __ ] funny so

This is where this this is where this Comes from so so if anybody’s ever seen Me put this up on the channel which is This Hahaha That’s why it exists in the first place Because it is oh man it’s from a a video I I made when you have to make one of Those of all of us now so that we don’t Feel guilty Yeah but that’s that’s where it comes From it’s not just random like well I’m Glad you guys are I’m glad you guys are Friends With me me Blake and Brent we’ve we’ve Had back and forths like I won’t say Run-ins because they’ve always we’ve Always been polite with each other and You know no they’re like they’re very Polite and I I mean I’ve been I’ve been Like boys I debunked you there you Didn’t then Blake’s quite ringing me you Didn’t debunk [ __ ] And I was like yes I did Cut your red-handed or whatever you know It’s like we’ve had that back and forth Yeah it’s well I mean I I can say it We’re good friends I mean I’ve I’ve had My My bad days But they stayed true they stayed true so You know I love the guys Um And we and we and you know you know I’m

Not gonna say we’ve never been Bamboozled uh my biggest bamboozle on Third phase and goofan knows about this Is the show low lights and that didn’t Just fool all of us it fooled all the Big names it fooled the scientists Um because that was my first heavy Kind of report for them I went out and I Interviewed I went and talked to City Hall I went to the airport to talk to Them see if they had any air traffic all Of this stuff uh all the governments Nobody knew about this but there was a Video of it right and so and and I drew And I actually interviewed the guy who Had the camera and videotaped it correct Correct you did too right wait who was The guy that I got uh the witnesses I Got witnesses but anyway I think but Yeah it was they were in their backyard And they were having a wedding after Party and they were that DJ playing and All of a sudden they’re like hey shut up Turn off the music look look and Remember this yeah it’s literally huge And it’s all moving together so it looks Solid And it really did fool a lot of people Well then Two weeks after two or three weeks after We did the show Um I had some set pieces from my my Event that I do called disclosurecon I Had uh the interior set of the

Millennium Falcon belt so I was donating This this set to the local high school Which happens to be right next door to This guy’s house basically and because You can see the football field from his Backyard And So what had happened was is I’m Sitting there helping unload all these Set pieces and they’re talking about Their homecoming or prom or whatever it Was And uh you know I’m not really paying Attention and then they said yeah those Lanterns are really cool and I went hold Up what are you talking about lanterns And they said oh yeah on our homecoming We released a whole bunch of those you Know Japanese Lantern things from the Football field they look nothing like Them I I know I know and but it went up And it flew right past their house and That’s what they saw they didn’t see Them rise they saw them getting into the Airflow and start moving in One Direction but it it fooled everybody in And I was like do you kids realize that You just fooled the entire UFO community And without even knowing it and uh they Thought it was funny of course uh you Know I I had to go on my show and I was Like folk this is what happened you know So it happens people can misperceive Things we have never ever in our careers Ever said we were experts in this field

Ever because You cannot be I mean aliens in UFO Unless you’re the Smoking Man from the X-Files you know I couldn’t believe it I Won’t believe it because nobody can be An expert in all this yeah because There’s nothing we can touch and work And experiment on yeah nothing you can Tinker on in the shop yeah nothing it’s All quick quick moments in time of Images or or visuals or you hear Something it’s just something and then It’s gone Uh like the we were talking about Bigelow I was talking about Bigelow with Someone about Skinwalker Ranch it’s like He says I’ve done all the resources I Can’t well where is it let’s see Something I want to say something I mean the movie skin walker Ranch oh my God I was so so upset You know it’s like It’s like like when you want to sneeze And you’re like and then it goes away And you don’t get to sneeze it’s like so Disappointing Um So yeah it we’re not experts we’re just People we don’t make a lot of money if Any And we do this because we love it we Love the people we’re we’re sharing our Information with And

There’s just there’s no need for all the Bickering and hate that goes on anymore It’s just I’m tired of it aren’t you Guys can’t we all get it oh yeah yeah Well I’m not I I kind of enjoy it you Know you enjoy the banter yeah well you Do one show a week and you don’t follow What’s going on until the day of your Show so of course you’re not burnt out On it Hahaha I said too much I’m sorry Not you exactly spawn He’s like no argument I’m sorry see I am a jerk I’m a jerk I’m like a vampire feed off the drama Baby no no no hey let me tell you and There are they called Energy vampires And I used to be one when I was young Growing up and it’s it’s It’s it’s very addictive Getting angry and overpowering someone Emotionally it can be very it’s like an Adrenaline rush and uh yeah it can be Addictive I I get what you’re saying Alien addict but I guess I’m getting in To an age where I’m just Been there done that You know it’s like there’s more to this Life So I was thinking about maybe taking a Walk you know I lived here eight years So far and I’ve never went on a a hike a Walk or anything until Blake and Brent

Cousins showed up because they go Walking every day and that that’s how Busy I’ve been doing stuff I just never Have time and so uh Yeah anyway Off off topic man that totally I just Digressed aliens You’re not gonna get going man I gotta Show in 10 minutes Yeah what’s this what’s to show them Um I think we’re gonna talk about Um Some drama that’s been going on The attacks on uh third phase myself Dr J uh with blatant lies and calling out Truth Seekers for what he is yeah it Makes you wonder it makes you wonder What somebody ’s agenda is when they just want to just Hurt others yeah it’s like they can I may do something agenda there’s an Agenda there’s got to be because all I Do is do you know maybe his voice during A show like I know everything and then That’s going to entice him to do a three And a half hour show about me third Phase and Dr J it’s really weird Uh but you know whatever I gotta defend the throne So so rich if I get if I get uh Steven To come on next Friday I won’t talk to him but I’ll debate with Him A peace

Okay I’m trying to get that in my little Pete people of the brain Um I don’t want to have side conversations Whatever the question is that’s the Answers and let’s move on okay so we We’d need a few in there because he’s Gonna go cause you’re a [ __ ] idiot You know and then I’ll say Your mother So my mother left me and I said I would Have too you know it could go that way Anyway I hope it does all right you know You know maybe my very last show on Friday next Friday maybe I’ll do my one [ __ ] attack don’t do that no it’s just Okay I’m not that’s why I want to do This week I want to go out on top I want To get yeah positive because I don’t Want to I didn’t want to just disappear You know Um and let people know that you know Can’t you just take a week off No I I I’m having surgery next week oh Okay I’m sorry and no yes so yeah so I’m Gonna be out for a bit Um anywho yeah All right well I’ll uh Ollie I’ll see ya Yep boys well I’m I’m up early in the Morning anyway so it was gonna be a Small show uh but Rich Um Yeah nice Yeah yeah right I’m a professional but Also create some drama for next week so

I can talk about something okay he need Clicks so bring the drama yeah yeah true I gotta get the clicks too you go get Him all right you got me Hope you feel better too and appreciate It no worries no worries thank you boys For joining us all right thanks Everybody thanks thanks Ah there’s a button take care everybody Bye-bye see you later okay bye And there we go people there we go You heard it here Many times I like the drama but at the same time I think I’m right I think that most of You guys watching this tonight They’re gonna go over and watch goof on Tonight that will go over and watch Stephen cambian The next day you know you enjoy it and That’s fine because I do I I really do Enjoy the drama I’m not gonna lie to you I love it you Know when they attack each other it just Makes my day at work on the way to work I’m listening Foxy’s great this is great oh God he’s Gonna be so pissed at this uh vice versa I think it’s just it’s just I should get them on together That’s what I should do Yeah I I’m gonna message um I’m gonna message Stephen and say see if He’s up for that

I’m going to say a message message Lou But lose kind of like he’s uclu he’s He’s gone so but we’d probably need some We need some people On the show that like we need Lee Definitely need Miley Um probably with a shaved head I like to Win the shaved head As somebody else you know we’d need a Couple of Would late aside though Lee would Probably I reckon Lee would take goof on Side so we need somebody else maybe Heathcliff Maybe we should get Lions ground on or Astral projection yeah astral citizen Mate just change it back to Lions ground Be proud Uh it’s a good name but anyway I want to Thank each and every one of you tonight You’re all awesome uh you’ve been with Me now for probably six years some of You Um I think you’re great Um I have I have no answers for you when It comes to aliens UFOs and all that Jazz I’m just somebody who is genuine Genuinely interested in it but if Someone’s gonna come and tell me that uh A piece of clay in a suit is a real Alien you know I’ll just Beg to differ Um so Dr J Um I watched your interview it was a

Great interview I don’t think you believed him you may Have believed him but it it’s Clay it’s Definitely some sort of clay and the Guys lying through his uh mustache But I got a lot of respect for um I have is is that weird I am you know When you see these these people make Fake aliens I’m like Maybe it’s because I like it I’m a bit Arty farty I I like that stuff and I Just think hey you pulled that off in Like night the 90s good for you you know Met a few Bob offit fooled a few people Well you know it’s it’s 2022 you can’t Do that anymore because we can see Straight through CGI Or can we We can’t see through skinny Bob but that Was what 10 years ago now 10 years ago Wowzers I’ll probably revisit skinny Pub one day Anyway people I am alien addites make sure you hit That little bell wherever it is Somewhere down here Probably down here hit it YouTube movie Every now and again but hit it get that Bell rang Because I will be here every Friday but Every so often the day may change or I Might just do a random show because I Have some breaking news and it will be

Breaking don’t you So you doubt me for a second it will be Breaking Um hit the Subscribe button if you want To become a channel member you can if You don’t don’t but if you do I’ll be I’ll be very happy and I’ll tell my wife Listen this is the reason why I’m not in Bed with you right now That and you snore Um but also Just to keep the wife happy I do have a patreon page so if you want To go and become a patreon member Then you come And you’ve become part of the addicts Um but you already are because you’re Hearing you’re liking that and hitting That you know the Stephen gray thumbnail Stephen Greer God bless his soul Love that man Oh you could get some merch Yes yes yes he’s selling oh my God Why is he doing it why is he doing it Why would a YouTube channel sell that Because I’ll tell you why because this This shit’s not cheap I ain’t cheap There you go Bob brought one So did uh what’s his name Jeremy there You go that’s not fake at all Um Speaking of Bob that’s a beauty 115 I can fly I designed that [ __ ] on the back of there is my

Logo The AAA stamp And if you walk down the street with That guess what You will either pull the perfect guy or The perfect girl Good day God bless mind the book stop by I’m alienadi And just be nice to one another and all That [ __ ]