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Thank you Oh My God Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Wednesday edition of the Paranormal Portal it is time once again for us to Journey into the worlds of the unknown Um which I guess is good so welcome I Hope you’re having a great week it’s Hump day night so you made it over Halfway that’s good Um hope your week is going wonderful and Thank you so much for spending tonight With us and uh hopefully you enjoyed Enough to stick around and I just want You to know I’m not here alone I am here With my good friend my co-host the big Toe of the Paranormal portal himself Missed a die long beard all right okay [Laughter] I just felt fine and you oh okay yeah How you doing man good uh a little a Little tired a little rummy but you know That’s uh well that’s what happens do You say rummy rummy yeah is that drunk No oh yeah Is that pirate for something

No it just means that I’m not Full Tilt I’m not I gotcha okay well That’s kind of just kind of well you’re In the right place Don because we’re Never Full Tilt here that’s true Right there absolutely we got tons of Truth just stick around and as always We’ll we’ll do our best to fill your Heads full of all kinds of cat is here I Saw that yeah it was nice nice to see Him good to see all of you guys thank You for being here Farms here Jake’s Here Rachel’s here Jake is here again MCAT flyer tuck ghost magnet right and I Think that’s kind of the current events Surfer uh anyhow sure Surfer did you say Flyer tuck Surfer huh who’s flyer tuck I Don’t know that’s a new name good to Meet you though good thanks for stopping Um hi portal Mom good to see you and uh Hello to all of you thank you so much Again for being here we got a bunch on The roster for tonight we’re gonna do a Bunch of video stuff tonight make fun of Somebody that’s what we’re doing If you didn’t see the the picture on Your way in then you’ll sort it out soon Enough we’ve we’ve got some stories to Tell I’m here to tell you but uh yeah We’re gonna have a good time so uh we’re Gonna cover all of the Paranormal Goodness you’ve come to love here on the Portal as well but we got a lot a little More a little special uh edition of the

Show tonight so I hope you guys are Ready uh it’s gonna be epic and uh just A quick special thanks to the sponsor uh Cryptid coin it’s a cryptocurrency with Its hard encrypted research and Investigation if you’re looking for an Alternative investment please check it Out because they are uh you know a great Option I think and then they’ve stepped Up and and decided to uh you know help Support the show so Um I also want to take a moment to Cliff Notes yeah I’ve got notes everywhere I’ve got scribbles here and there and Everywhere I also want to take a moment To uh point out there’s a another Conference coming up in June uh June 7 17th in Spokane Washington which is in Our neck of the woods here and I’m going To be there and uh it it’s going to be The the Sasquatch Roundup in Spokane and There’s going to be Michael Freeman Who’s the the son of Paul Freeman who Took the amazing video which we’re going To also cover tonight a little bit uh Dr Jeff Meldrum is going to be there Ken Gerhard Tom seawid uh and it’s going to Be as it stands now it’s going to be Emceed by me so Um that’s coming up again June 17th what In Spokane it’s going to be emceed by Who by me wow okay that’s right Don Stepping up in the world so check it out And special thanks to cryptocoin with

You yeah believe me I didn’t find out Long ago either so Um but check out to check Out and see if cryptocoin looks like an Investment for you and uh it’s now Available on pancake Swap and special Thanks to cryptic coin for making it Happen and cryptocoin is a is a Subsidiary of uh extreme Expeditions Northwest LLC who are also putting on This the Sasquatch Roundup in Spokane so That’s why we got the double notice Tonight Um but let’s get on with the with our Journey father Mike’s here father Mike Welcome good to see you thank you for Stopping in so if you’re already hang on It’s about to get spooky Foreign There’s the boom done amateur we’re Gonna drop the boom right now yeah other Than hitting the wrong button I didn’t Hit the wrong button I’m doing just fine Tonight so but if if you’re new to the Show don’t have high expectations and You’ll be just fine if you’re coming in With high expectations you might be you Might leave a little disappointed but uh Might as well just go ahead and go now Let’s go now Yeah thanks for stopping um So all right folks it’s time for the News to start it all off so let’s dive

Into that you ready Don sure as long as It’s not the ttbsa we’re talking about I’m good I don’t think I’d alternate no Goodness yeah we’re good [Applause] My mic is still alive All right well what did you say I said My mic is still alive yeah it is what’d You do I just have to remember that song Oh yeah yeah don’t forget it yeah Um we are of course diving into the Paranormal portal news desk now folks so We’re gonna bring you all the lovely News and entertainment that we can we Can muster I’m gonna make that bigger I Don’t know that got so small there we go Boom all right looks more official now Um but we got some articles I’ve curated For your interest tonight so hopefully You uh leave your knowing something you Didn’t know when you came other than uh Your opinion of other myself or Don or The show Which hopefully is always wonderful Um but first news story on the roster Tonight coming from uh unexplained is fantastic site please Check them out please support what They’re doing and let me shut their ad Down and uh check it out it’s a great Site so bizarre moaning sound seems to Be plaguing American Airline flights

I don’t know let’s see what it says Though some passengers have been Reporting very strange sounds over the Intercom during The bathroom yeah I don’t know what’s Going on up there a mile up in this guy This is Mile High stuff An extremely bizarre phenomenon I was Recently brought to light when a film Producer Emerson Collins posted up a Recording he had made during his flight From Los Angeles to Dallas on September 6th the weirdest flight ever he wrote These sounds started coming over the Intercom before takeoff and continued Throughout the flight they couldn’t stop It and after landing still had no idea What it was Described as being halfway Really halfway between the uh uh Climax And vomiting that sounds The Sounds were Like vomiting yeah that’s awesome The Sounds were like a peculiar moaning and Groaning as though someone was Struggling with constipation Under the Influence at various times throughout The flight these bizarre sounds could be Heard being broadcast to everyone on the Plane throughout the intercom prompting The staff to apologize for the Disturbance ladies and gentlemen we Realize this is an extremely irritating Sound coming over the public Announcements the attendant said the

Flight deck is trying to troubleshoot Trying to turn it off so please be Patient with us we know this is very odd Anomaly and none of us are enjoying it Apparently not uh somebody’s enjoying it You know what I’m saying The mystery uh deep and further still When it was revealed that technology Executive Bradley P Ellen had also heard The same weird noises during an American Airlines flight back in July suggesting It was not an isolated incident he Recalled that it had only happened a few Times but some passengers had been Freaked out by it there’s also a third Report of the same phenomena occurring On September 18th on a flight from John Wayne Airport in Orange County to Dallas As things stand no definitive Explanation for the Enigma has been Forthcoming and you can hear the sounds For yourself in the Tweet below wow Should we hear him sure we should hear These I think I think so and again this Is from Emerson Collins and his uh his Uh Twitter so let’s hear his Tick Tock Twitter tweet That’s as many as I can pile up in one One one one Sentence ah yeah I know I couldn’t even Think of a word to follow I just stumped My brain all right let’s hear these uh Weird strange sounds folks Um words otherwise I have no idea what

We’re gonna hear so uh if you have Youngins kick him out of the room I Don’t know what this is gonna be Oh On this flight seems to have broken into The income system And continues to make a sound that is Somewhere between an organ Sorry I had to cough there Foreign If you want to know more I’m sure you Can find it just go over to go over to Unexplained Emerson Collins and uh you can enjoy the full Program on your own time but I played You a minute of it which You know somebody somebody who hacked The Bluetooth on that or something and Was just [ __ ] around yeah no doubt oh My God that’s so hilarious there you go Folks this kind of news you’ll get Nowhere else just nowhere else it’s not Worthy of any place else are you kidding Me this is gold This is news gold here being mainstream Media skipping all the good stuff all Right let’s get back at it here and uh Finally find out what’s next that might Be a tough one to follow we’ll see what We dig up here and uh again to Unexplained Dash Oh somebody was just having a Heyday you

Know they were like You know somebody somebody’s gonna get Busted eventually all right sightings of Rooftop ghost spark panic in in Varanasi New Delhi sightings of rooftop Ghosts spark panic and vernacy Varanasi New Delhi Um I haven’t seen this one either so Let’s see what’s going on something’s Been spooking residence in one part of India and nobody seems to know exactly What it is Uh intriguing news story from New Delhi This week concerns the alleged presence Of a paranormal entity that president or Residence rather of Varanasi have been Seeing on the rooftops of local Buildings The Unexplained visitor which is said to Be dressed all in white is caused so Much concern among the locals that some People are now just too scared to leave Their homes wow yikes it is not Particularly unusual for such cases of Mass hysteria to strike in some of the Poorer parts of the world or where the Superstitious beliefs are commonplace But in this particular case someone has Actually captured alleged spirits on Camera and posted it up on the internet The clip which can be viewed below is Rather difficult to make out but it does Appear to show a white clothe the figure Standing or perhaps sitting on the edge

Of a building’s roof a short distance Away The figure doesn’t really move much it’s Just kind of chilling on the edge around 10 or 20 feet in the air so could this Really be a ghost well some of the Locals evidently think so it seems more Likely that there’s either a regular Person wearing a white sheet or robe or Even just a sheet draped over the edge Of the building there you go police have Also reportedly registered a case Against known miscreants at a local Station suggesting that this might be More of a prank than the usual case of Supernatural intervention But let’s check it out it’s a video Night here on the portal Um let’s see what this video holds okay There’s no sound Let’s just make this bigger though Because it’s really hard to see yeah There it is right there yeah it does Just look like a sheet hung up on Something it kind of does yeah Um that was it oh that was it that was Really the whole thing so there you have It I guess this is probably a better I Mean just the still images were just Fine in this case but there’s not much To see yeah there’s not much there does It did it disappear at some point or no I don’t know it’s just sitting there I I Guess it looks like it’s just stationary

But it’s freaking people out chilling It’s just chilling chilling which you Know like a villain it’s the cold spots They chilling oh boy thank you you know Ghosts cold spots Thanks I know I’m just saying you can’t Make this kind of stuff up folks boy you Make it up on the Fly it’s amazing Uh usually inadvertently more than Intentionally enough hi Kade hi Kade Good to see you Mr moist They call me they call you there Wow gosh all right on explain they’d call me Kade Moyer Moyer yeah that’s how you’d say it over Here in the states Moyer I I think Moya Sounds cool If you ever moved to the states you’re Gonna have to you’re gonna Australian Accent oh my God he’s gonna kill me yeah If you move to the states you’re gonna Have to change it to m-o-y-a So all right let’s go to the next Article from unexplained Of course Kate and Moya our good friend Is host and creator of the believe Podcast from Australia so check it out As well I think he just checked he just Clocked in because he saw the name Russ Accord He’s like he’s here to he’s here to poke Some fun at Russ’s with us well he’s Gonna hear some stories all of us are Gonna Relish in the in the tales of Russ

Um here’s the next one up unexplained reports NASA successfully Smashes space probe into an ass Droid Right that’s right yeah that that Apparently happened the size of like a Vita the the probe or the rock the probe Oh okay Brock was like 500 square meter Square oh feet or something it was 500 Something I’m sure you’ll read it all Right the camera feed from the probe Showed its last moments as it careened Into the asteroid dimorphos Launched back in November 2021 Dart Double asteroid redirection test another Acronym love it was designed to test if It’s possible to deflect a dangerous Incoming asteroid by deliberately flying A spacecraft straight into it For the mission scientists chose to send The probe to collide with dimorphous a Moon of the asteroid didimos which Measures around 160 meters across and Poses no actual threat to the Earth so We’re just going to beat it up here We’re just going to end up creating a Whole domino effect in the universe now Three and one little tiny piece is going To come for us this is the butterfly Effect right here you’ll know the moment When things went all screwed up in the Universe is right here and we’ll just All blame it on NASA again yeah Uh after another stupid ass Asteroid yeah after spending months

Flying through space Dart made its Final Approach a few hours ago recording a Series of images as it got closer and Closer to its Target at a speed of 22 000 kilometers per hour that’s moving Controllers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics laboratory Waited with baited breath as they Watched the final few images which Showed the surface of the dimorphous Getting closer and closer until the Probe smashed headlong into the space Rock abruptly ending the signal while It’s likely to be some time before NASA Will be able to confirm exactly what Effect the Collision has had on the Trajectory of dimorphos the mission has Been hailed as a complete success and a Demonstration that is very possible Indeed to smash a spacecraft into an Asteroid if dimorphous had in fact been A dangerous asteroid on a collision Course with the Earth this Mission or One very much like it might have Literally prevented the destruction of Our civil civilization Yeah but they wouldn’t just be driving a Satellite into it that satellite would Be loaded with all kinds of uh colorful Effects I’m sure oh yeah yeah it was They’re just seeing if they could drive It into it for now they don’t I don’t Really think they thought that that Alone was going to do it they’re just

Seeing if they could hit it you know I Mean really yeah don’t you think Probably Maybe It’s kind of like Saturday at the bar Let’s see if I can hit it Done I just can’t take you anywhere dude All right so uh a lot of lonely Saturdays huh All right let’s continue on but I I Don’t think that they were expecting That to actually move the asteroid as Much as they were seeing if they could Drive that that satellite into it which That satellite in future versions of of Danger would be loaded with something to Help encourage it I’m betting but anyway Very cool they did it folks they they Did it Um let’s go to the next one And this one is a UFO report yep they Hit it they did Um here it is from unexplained this is uh this is a patch That’s out now it’s a new seal for Another uh group in the government and People are freaking out because they put A UFO on it UFO appears an official logo Of U.S Aviation intelligence office yep They put a UFO right there right there Folks Um social media was buzzing this week After an image of a flying saucer was Spotted in an official intelligence

Office seal while U.S telegen officials Have recently been more open about their Efforts to investigate UFOs really I Don’t think so uh or unidentified aerial Phenomena nobody expected an official U.S intelligence office to actually Include an image of a flying saucer on Its official seal the unexpected extra Turned up yeah and the official seal for The National Intelligence manager Aviation Nim a it’s nice a position Currently held by U.S Air Force Major General Daniel L Simpson who resides Within the uh within the office of the National director of intelligence the Seal which depicts four different types Of aircraft as part of its logo also Shows a fifth inclusion in the form of a Stereotypical Flying Saucer at the Bottom left-hand side of the image While the office hasn’t commented Directly on this change at the time of The writing it is not entirely Surprising and does not does seem to Confirm its commitment to investigating All possible aerial threats according to A mission statement on the website the Office aims to identify analyze and Integrate Intelligence on threats and Vulnerabilities in the air domain As the logo update that demonstrates Uaps are very much a part of those Objectives so there you have it there’s A UFO on there

Yeehaw all right I I well this one Turned to what’s the significance of That Actually I did a quick turn okay cool There you have it that’s a little bit of News did you know that before you can You know that did you know it now you Know it now Would you did you would you did you all Right here we go going to the next one And this is uh having to do with uh a Weird shark that was caught and Australia of all places go figure all Right kid Pay attention explain this one and don’t Blame it on Fosters He’s not fosters it’s not fosters he’s Australian for beer Um here we go this is unexplained Dash Mysteries right from the Press mystery Surrounds nightmare shark caught in Australia look at that deal Wow right That looks like it could carve chunks Audio like nobody’s business look at the Size of that eye that’s an enormous eye Either this thing’s in really tiny or That’s a huge eye Japanese Okay it’s an anime shark no it’s Fukamoto okay a fisherman a Fukushima Yeah maybe a fisherman recently reeled In a rather strange looking sharp and Nobody’s shark nobody’s quite sure what Its species it is

Sporting bulging green eyes and a set of Teeth that look like they belong in the Mouth of something out of a horror movie This unusual looking shark was recently Caught off of the coast of New South Wales at a depth of around 2130 feet by an angler who goes by the Name of trapman bermagui I don’t know How you say that bermagui uh on social Media After posting an image of the catch on Facebook he was quickly inundated with Comments from other users who were Keen To figure out exactly what species the Unusual shark could possibly be Some joked that the shark appeared to be Wearing false teeth while many others Commented on its bizarre and disturbing Appearance labeling it the stuff of Nightmares as for the species many Suggested it could be a cookie cutter Shark goblin shark or lantern shark but Bermagui disagreed instead maintaining That it was most likely a rough skin Shark otherwise known as an Endeavor Dogfish depending on on which Market it Is being sold at experts meanwhile seem To disagree with this identification With some suggesting that it could be a Deep water kite fin shark and others Even putting forward the possibility it Could be a whole new species entirely Whatever the case you certainly don’t Want one to come face to face with it

While swimming yeah no doubt man That’ll change your religion Oof all right there you go I’m just Saying wow All right Face only a mom good love right Don Okay Yeah it looks like it changed a lot About you in a hurry can’t be the first Thing I changed his mind your underwear That’s all right Don that’s that there’s A brown shark You’ll eat whatever you drop got your Swimming in the water Along came a brown Shark [Laughter] Eddie Murphy Delirious classic comedy All right ladies and Gentlemen let’s Move on to the next uh next to last Story I guess there’s two stories left If I’m looking at this right all right And this is unexplained Reports resurfaced Hollow history Halloween Resurfaced History Channel clip shows an Alien in a man’s bedroom Oh oh yeah oh let’s check this out Footage recorded in 2006 allegedly shows An unidentified entity entering a man’s Bedroom in the middle of the night I Remember this The Eerie clip which was posted up Earlier this month on the official YouTube channel of the History Channel

Was previously broadcast in an episode Of the proof is out there in 2021 TV Series that attempted to get to the Bottom of a number of different Unexplained phenomena this particular Episode had featured a story of a man Named David who recorded something Strange on CCTV camera in his home in Pensacola Florida back in 2006. he’d Been asleep in his bedroom one night When the camera suddenly picked up what Appeared to be a tall thin humanoid Entity peering around the side of the Door the clip shows the figure briefly Moving into view as though surveying the Room While the quality of the footage is Rough to say the least it certainly does Appear to show a strangely proportioned And abnormally tall and skinny person in The doorway The show on which the clip was featured Then Likens the figure to a Stereotypical alien gray uh the most Common depiction of an alien entity in Popular culture as it stands however It’s difficult to tell what the figure Is there’s a possibility that it’s Simply a human and that the footage has Distorted their appearance somehow and It’s also possible that the whole thing Is a hoax You can check out your the clip yourself Below

Um I guess we can do that but I’m gonna Have to mute it I’m sure because I don’t Want to I don’t wanna play all the Audio I just want to get to the actual footage Okay so it’s Pensacola Florida There it is there’s the room oh yeah There it is Beacon around the corner That’s just creepy as hell I remember Seeing that I do too yeah I remember Watching this yep and there it is yep Peeking right around there oh I mean what the hell is that It’s it’s the signs have you seen signs Yes that’s right right you just need Amoebas in the water and you’ll be fine Well that is strange though I I don’t Know It’s not really moving that much I mean It could be a cardboard cut oh no that It did shift there yeah it shifted yep So I don’t know folks is that an alien I I guess it could be right there in the Doorway it does look like it has an Abnormally skinny leg though yeah that Is super skinny Um again it’s a potato camera so you get What you get but it’s it’s very much did You bring the probe it’s not high Definition it’s just definition It’s just d So he did bring the probe Going in there we’re going to hell Already I’m gonna show it’ll go all this way in

The gutter but there you have it is it Maybe maybe that’s a real alien folks Um you know obviously we won’t get much From the quality of the image but it’s Depicting something there that looks Really odd Um uh let’s get to the next and last Article tonight on the newscast and this Is again from unexplained Scientist outline outrageous plan to Re-freeze the North and South Poles from The from the bad idea files Comes This Gem you know God it just bugs the hell Out of me that people in our hubris we Think we just know enough and and we can Just tell what what things are supposed To be happening we’ve been we’ve been on This on this rock for maybe 50 to 100 000 years whatever maybe even longer but The idea is that we don’t know much of Anything at all Um And you have people trying to plan Global uh atmospheric events and that’s Absolutely terrifying these are the People that are going to kill us I have No doubt about it these people are going To throw things into such a mess that It’s going to take generations to figure Out Um oh you know maybe even akin to like a Nuclear winter or something I mean I Just don’t I don’t understand who is Giving these clowns the keys to the to

The car you know right it’s like great Have theories talk about it you know Show evidence and you know show show Your research but you don’t get to spray Stuff I mean you just don’t get to do That we don’t know what we’re doing yet All right the controversial plan would Involve using a fleet of 125 tanker Jets To shroud part of the Earth’s atmosphere But yeah And then the humans killed this guy Does sound like the Matrix you because It sounds like the Matrix to me oh yeah It’s the human’s bird in the sky yeah Either way some climate experts have Recently warned that human activities Have pushed global warming past the Tipping points uh making the melting of The ice caps a practical inevitability Now though a new study headed up by wake Smith from Yale University has put Forward a controversial plan to refreeze The North and South poles and stop the The issue in its tracks To achieve this scientists propose Spraying Microscopic aerosol rather particles Into the atmosphere yeah that can’t go About that must not go wrong I’m sure Let’s just introduce particles right the Particles primarily sulfur dioxide would Be sprayed in two large clouds in both Hemispheres at around 43 000 feet where They would drift towards the poles and

Cast a slight Shadow over them this in Turn would reduce the temperature and Minimize ice loss To accomplish such a Feats the Scientists propose using a fleet of 125 Military air-to-air refueling tankers That would be required to conduct 175 000 flights a year If all this sounds a bit iffy that’s Because it is it’s not least due to the Potential unintended consequences of Spraying such large amounts of particles Into the atmosphere but also because of The sheer Logistics involved in Launching more than 10 000 flights every Month the study’s authors however remain Adamant that it would be beneficial Exercise If the risk to benefit equation were to Pay off anywhere it would be in the Polls said Smith any intentional tuning Of the global thermostat would be a of Common interest to all of humanity given The sheer scale and impact of the Project however it would most likely Need the approval and support of International Community before it could Ever realistically go ahead yeah yeah Because they’re not doing stuff up there Now at all not at all no No of course not everything’s fine Those are clouds All right straight lines but they’re Clouds

Yeah those are those are amazing amazing All right well whatever the case is Folks I just think it’s that with our Base of knowledge that we have now and It’s growing I think we’ve done amazing Things but I don’t think we’re ready to Start turning the thermostat of the Globe yet uh we are doing so unintended Maybe that might be absolutely true I Don’t pretend to know for sure what I do Know is that spraying anything in the Atmosphere that doesn’t already exist There is not going to work out well I Just just not a good idea so anyway That’s my two cents it’s my show that’s What you get I might be an idiot but it’s my show All right that’s it for the news Don you Feel informed I feel just depressed I’m like geez well Captain Sunshine Let’s uh go back to the rest of the show Here we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thank you All right done hi it’s you and me buddy Hey how are you we’re in this to win This we’re we’re in it to win it we’re In it to win it all right folks so

Back like a bad habit now normally we Would do the Discord conversation right Now but I tell you what we’re going to Do a little bit different we’re going to Do the Discord conversation later but Right now we’re going to dive into some Some events from our latest now we we Have a secondary channel it’s called the Paranormal portal pieces and it’s Basically clips and highlights channel That we’re working on building up the Catalog to and if you’re not already Involved over there if you haven’t Already subscribe please head over to Paranormalportalpieces it’s just all Three words together and get subscribed Over there we’re trying to do weekly Episodes where not quite always on Weekly episodes but we’re doing our best And we’re gonna continue to ramp that up And they’re hard to do they are yeah I Mean you gotta you gotta dig through Archives you gotta dig through footage You’ve got a clip and paste and FX and Let you know level it out it’s a lot of Work Sheldon has done a hell of a job on These but we’re gonna highlight one of Those tonight for your viewing pleasure And it also brings us into our next Discussion thanks Sheldon which is Russ Accord Russell Accord of expedition Bigfoot is Featured on this week’s pieces and more

Following this we’ll have more Discussions about Mr Russell Accord Um fantastic guy we’ve met him at a Number of conferences and really is just An incredible guy no no question well we You know we like to have fun with Russ And and uh but Russ likes to have fun With us too yeah and that’s what we’re Going to Showcase tonight of course so Let’s get to that pieces video so you Guys can see what the Paranormal portal Pieces is all about this is the newest Episode which was just released today Today today I was the first to like it And comment if you guys are a bunch of Losers It’s a great way to keep your audience Yeah way to go don what is our Subscriber count going down why is it Going backwards all right here it is Here’s the latest paranormal portal Pieces ladies and gentlemen check it out Oh Christ Okay let’s try that again folks We’re live from phenomicon everybody we Are live here in Vernal Utah at the Phenomicon event as you can see this is The front entrance And lots of vendors and stuff going on Here it’s a where am I I’m not sure

Where you are but I am in Vernal Utah From phenomicon So I’m going to give you guys a little Tour through the thank you thank you Colleen all right Could be a tad louder I don’t know if I Can do a tad louder oh God did I hit the Volume thing hold on let me see if I can Do this I think I can do it on the earbud Yeah it’s maxed out so you’re getting All of me I think but anyway this is as good as my Phone can do I got the old school selfie Stick here I’m going oh old school Ladies and gentlemen this is phenomicon And uh it’s been a day full of Presentations yell really loud I can do this I guess does that help Um and I’ll walk along the side here We’ll go into the conference Hall but I’m gonna have to kind of shut up Because there’s a lot of presentation Going on there Um and lots of things going on And I didn’t realize check out this Stuff this stuff is amazing Amazing over there and I’m trying to Figure Out a picture Claudio Bergman ladies and Gentlemen Live live on YouTube We’re live on YouTube I’m just giving You a tour

Jeff Meldrum stuff look at those Prince I don’t think we’re on forehead’s coming I didn’t think so I don’t think he’s on The list for this one He’s probably got other events going on Going into the pyramid for 20 I don’t Know what’s gonna happen but we’re going Amazing so we go over there When I was there there was this little Rope across much smaller the entrance And actually you can’t go through there You go through what’s called Robert’s Course They had to blast their way through the Limestone welcome to the king’s chamber This is not a picture I took my picture Is really faded and it doesn’t go I got That off of the internet But I go on the Kings chamber and uh There is uh yeah there we go uh that’s An incandescent light In there right it’s just Barely lose barely lit in there and I Went in there and I looked in the Sarcophagus ladies and gentlemen Mr Russell According Expedition Bigfoot but Oh good okay We’re just going through the conference Hall here But I got a and I start walking down There’s another guy down there and he’s Dressed in all white uniforms he’s got a Black belt and he’s got a black gun and

Stuff like that he’s like are you alone And I was like yeah are you alone yes How did you get in the pyramid that’s The guy you know the pyramid is closed It was just a street person that let me In the pyramid and got twenty dollars For me So I got a criminal trespass out of the Pyramid told not to come back so there You go thank you uh try the chicken Cacciatore there I really really wanted to come out of There with a great story that was it uh But I wanted that experience Uh And and I feel like that there are People that can have that experience Especially in a place like that I mean Everything you guys have heard all right So I just want to give you a little walk Through what’s going on Of course uh several days of events Still ahead I don’t want to just walk You through the same stuff over and over So as there’s things to share we’ll Share it but just remember Don anything in closing Don’t watch it on eat It was just so awesome just uh it really Was Meet those people see Russ again I Really wish we could have hung out with Russ a little bit more but you know he’s Such a busy guy anyways yeah he’s always Yeah if you ever see if you don’t know

Russell cord he’s of course uh one of The key figures in Expedition Bigfoot Yep and uh we’ve seen him at several Conferences now wonderful guy he’s he’s Awesome and uh he’s got a great sense of Humor and he’s a prankster as well so oh My God yes Hahaha that’s right yeah I I I was Telling you yeah he got him so good he Got me pretty good I was I was standing Just peeked into the into the conference Hall where the where the speakers were And I’m standing there watching and Stuff and all of a sudden first of all Just for the record I’m blinding my my Peripheral on my right hand side so I Can’t see anything because I got shot in The eye as a 12 year old and so I have No profile Vision so I’m standing there Also in this this ape hands in my chest I’m like what the hell was that I look Over as Ross and he’s on his way to the To the restroom or whatever walking by So yeah he just gives me he just chests Me whap and the guys you know he’s the Guy is really strong like he’s he’s About six foot three and just corded Steel yeah uh he is no joke I mean that Guy carries a 90 pound sack of mountains Or whatever so I mean he’s he’s really You know made of corded steel so he’s Incredibly strong and when he put his Hand on my chest I was like First of all I wasn’t ready for it so I

Was like it was like instant exhale it’s Like I then I looked over and see how many Smirking at me and stuff and then we Came back I’m still standing there well He came back behind me and all of a Sudden he’s like grab me on the Shoulders and like shaking me I’m like Hey you know and I didn’t really know What was going on but I’m like oh hey For us and he stood by me for a second We chatted for a second he went back to His Booth which was awesome it was just In the same conference Hall so I’m Standing there I’m like well I better Get back to the table so I turn around And walk now there’s people standing Kind of behind me and I’m just standing In the doorway basically watching the Speaker right and uh there’s people Standing behind me and as I’m leading Leaving this sweet little old lady she Had to be about literally like four foot Ten and about 80 years old He got something in your [ __ ] I’m like What you got something sticking out of Your shirt I reach back here’s a big Swab of the hand towel you know like Paper towels sticking out of my neck and Down my back And I pull it out and and I look over at Russ and he’s just sitting there I had to laugh it was really classic and

Then later he comes up to me and he goes He goes you know that really sucks I Said what’s that rest well you know what I did to Brent right I said yeah yeah I Saw he goes and then some little old Lady ratted me out [Laughter] Some sweet old lady ratted him out some Lovely old soul that didn’t want to see Me look like an idiot ratted him out So that was just funny it was like Freaking awesome so you got to keep your Eye on Russ I’ll just put that out there Yes you got to be watching last time we Met one of the times we met Rusty took Our microphone into the bathroom and Flushed a bunch of times so we’re Getting on our headsets we’re getting Flushing noises he’s like yeah that just Happened Just an amazing fun guy yeah so If you don’t if you’re ever hanging Around Russell of course just watch your Sis yeah and here’s nine and your three Ah there it is folks so that was an Episode of the Paranormal portal pieces And uh just a just a fantastic cool Thing to I don’t know it’s just it’s Just neat to have these friendships and These cool experiences but I did want to Showcase the actual sound file Don dug It up and uh to give you an idea so so To set up this again Don and I are at

Medellin Falls we got all our gear Hooked up and Don’s got these uh these Lapel mics basically remote mics that You can run around with and uh so we got Our headphones on all wired in sound Checks everything’s good and Russ says Hey are these things working and Don Says yeah he goes oh okay I’ll be right Back and he takes it and this is what we Hear in our headphones on the stage in Front of all these people all right let Me get it queued up This is the sound file Hey guys I was just thinking about you Yeah that’s right that just happened [Laughter] Well come to love on Expedition Bigfoot This is the man you meet in person So we were just like what the hell’s Going on what is going on and all of a Sudden that’s just like hey guys Thinking about you Then the flushing it’s like oh my God That was so funny but there’s that guy’s A cut up there’s other awesome stories Too Um Wes had a great one Um he was gonna try to call in tonight But he’s been tied up on an episode he’s Working on but just and I would try to Retell it but I couldn’t I could never Tell Wes’s story like West could tell His story but it’s hilarious it’s like Oh my God yeah did you download that

Video clip uh which one the one I put a Video clip up there too I didn’t see That yeah it’s right here Oh I didn’t mark it as such it’s uh It’s in the drive it’s in the drive how Long is it going to take oh yeah it was Just that piece that we recorded outside Hold on where’s the here we go this is It let’s see I got tabsaurus which one It’s zero zero zero yes okay I sorry That was my fault Oh download anyway sorry we’re going to Be upload uh downloading another piece Of this uh of this puzzle Which which video file it was the last Day and he gave us our drop oh yeah yeah Yeah video for the job oh okay right [Laughter] All right yeah it’s downloading right Now we’ll we’ll play that for your Your Entertainment as well Um but yeah he’s just a nice guy and It’s just it’s really cool a guy’s got a Heart of gold and truly just loves to Have a good time and is really good to People I’ve never seen that man yeah Ever have a have anything but Graciousness and kindness to everybody He meets and they he gets swamped at These events too just like Wes Ian West Both just get swamped people are coming Up all the time oh my God yeah and he’s Going the man’s on his feet all day and Talking and taking pictures with people

And and it’s just really cool Robert de Bruce says Russ Accord preeminent Bigfoot field researcher legendary Toilet clogger Yes yeah you might be I don’t know I Don’t know what he was flushing there But uh yeah hi Estrella how are you hi Estrella hi jeez yeah good to see you Thanks for coming in okay I got the Video now Let’s see let me see I could open it With I gotta open it with Um I’m just going through my stuff here We go yeah no I know I gotta open it Without the application though and then I gotta get it ready and yeah everybody Say hi hi to Australia she’s one of our Oldest Okay well that’s loud it is loud I Didn’t realize I’ll have to turn it down A little bit let me back it up who’s That goof Hold on I’m trying to cue this up so Just bear with me folks this is I just Want to make sure it’s not overly loud Okay so we’re this is uh uh the last day When we’re leaving phenomicon hanging Out with uh with Wes a little bit before We left and with Russ so we can play This whole clip yeah okay all right That’s not gonna have any problems no There’s nothing there’s nothing um all Right and and family He’s so sexy

He’s so sexy Of course when Russ says follow me [Laughter] Nobody knows about that oh cool yeah Am I doing it to that or that both Actually but just for audio or are we Doing this is for audio that’s for about Dirty okay that we can prove you Actually did I’m Russell acord with Expedition Bigfoot right now you’re listening to Paranormal portal Perfect thanks for joining us and our Guest host is Brent And Jackson [Laughter] There you go And Jacqueline and jack wagon thanks Russ so don you ever need a new uh chat Name yeah jack wagon will work just fine [Laughter] Gotta have the ad symbol in there so at Symbol jack wagon we just wanted to Include all of that in one segment for You guys because it’s just it was such a Neat experience and interested neat guy I mean it was just a really fun guy and I mean it’s just look at look at the Arms on him right there look at look at Those biceps this is just holding a Coffee cup for God’s sakes it’s not even A coffee cup it’s it’s a 10K oh a 10 cup It’s not even as hot as heavy as a

Coffee cup yeah it’s not even stressing And literally if you watch that video When we were walking through a Phenomicon his pack is sitting behind That Booth yeah and it’s enormous and no Kidding is I think one time at one time It weighed 90 plus pounds but I think Right now it’s over a hundred is what He’s saying now if you watch Expedition Bigfoot that man is nice good night Estrella that man is actually climbing Mountains and and hills and traversing Impossible terrain while lugging that Thing I I couldn’t lug a coffee cup Through there and he’s got like a pack Mule I mean just incredible that’s not To say he’s a jackass [Laughter] Yeah I don’t know Um yeah I love that guys yeah I love him Yeah he’s awesome everybody was Wonderful but we thought we’d share that All with you in one convenient bite but Also wanted to showcase the Paranormal Portal pieces because not a lot of you Are going over there and so I’d really Appreciate your support if you’d head Over there and subscribe because you get The clips and stuff yes Android we are Starstruck and slightly uh Slightly uh man crushed yes that’s true It’s a Well no I mean it’s you know you Mean you mean incredible people you know And and it would be easy to assume that

That he’s some kind of you know snobby You know Hollywood guy no but he’s so Different from that and I think it’s you Know a lot of us you know I really don’t Know how people like Wes and him can Keep that you know that down to earth That genuine Spirit yeah yeah I mean Just it’s it’s it’s just awesome they’re They’re just awesome people and yes Karen that’s the uh that is uh Wes’s uh Sasquatch Chronicles Uh Camp mug oh he’s got in his hand yeah Oh okay they’re pretty nice I didn’t get Them on didn’t I didn’t get a mug I got Mugs but I didn’t get a mug All right so we got a lot of that look He gave me come here I we got a lot more Coming up now um we’re gonna dive into Into the Discord thing now so ladies and Gentlemen if you’re not familiar with it And Sheldon if you’re still listening Could you post a link for the Discord uh In the chat let me see if I can get to It first Um sure I mean if you want to share it Uh on the on the chat whichever but the Discord communities are a paranormal Portal I don’t know conversation Hub on Discord and Sheldon set that up and and It’s been a great uh great Community Lots of things going on people are Always posting videos and and uh things Like that and so there’s great Discussion thank you Sheldon thank you

Don did you both do it I don’t know I Don’t know I don’t know what you posted But yeah so if you want to get involved Over there please join up if you have a Discord uh account if you don’t it’s Very really pretty easy it’s a little Awkward at first if you’re not really Good with technology but if you take a Little bit of time you’ll sort it out Real quick it’s it’s just a really fun Community and we’re getting more and More people over there but what we’ve Been doing is to tie the Discord in with Our live shows we’ve been posting a Question of the quest questions of the Week prior to the live shows on Wednesday Friday and Saturday and so What we want to do is give you guys an Opportunity to share your thoughts on These different subjects and the the Questions don’t always tie into anything They’re just paranormal kind of Questions and so let’s talk about the Question for tonight and uh let’s see Where is it oh where the hell what is it Oh I did that one no I wanted this one There we go it’s under a question of the Week yeah that would be a great way to Put it yeah imagine that question of the Week is this and I actually got to give Tony Merkel a bit of credit for this Because I was just browsing through Through uh Twitter and saw him post Something about the the particle

Colliders and stuff I was like oh that’d Be a great question because apparently There’s a claim that people are actually Communicating through these uh colliders With other intelligences and you’ll have To tune into the confessionals to find Out more but I thought well that’s a Great question for the question of the Week It says the rapid advancements uh and of The use and scaling of particle Accelerators around the globe has shown Us the building blocks of our universe There are however those people who Suggest that so much more is going on Here Do you believe that these scientific Pursuits uh are creating huge problems For our world do you believe that Scientists are looking for a lot more Than just exotic particles what do you Think and so that was the question Having to do with particle accelerators And colliders and stuff so Android Purity was the first to weigh in he says I do believe it’s possible that they Might be causing some sort of interment Interdimensional disturbance Uh however anything that is any anything That has a long time history of Reportings like Sasquatch canine Humanoids uh White humanoids then I do Not think they were directly connected To particle acceleration because they’ve

Been around before particle accelerators Were created very true however it’s Certainly plausible these particle Accelerators could be weakening the veil Between our universe and other Dimensions for example like causing a Higher rate of paranormal spiritual type Incidents or these strange uh one-time Cryptids that are reported a couple of Times then never seen again so basically Making it easier for things to come Through more often yeah good thoughts Ruger Ridge says well I think I think Well I think I ain’t smart enough for This question are they all this hard Yeah and Maggie said yes But Maggie did go on to say in her idea She said on the little we the little I Know I think that these experiments with Particle accelerators have been Conducted without much comprehension or Or any Quant for any consequences Correct I I think even if they are Altering the fabric of reality and Dimensions timelines Etc they would deny Its it is possible unless they see any Huge real world consequences for Themselves correct history is littered With Scientists looking the other way in Pursuit of solidifying a hypothesis also Correct yeah very good point uh I don’t Know if enough to at all to make an Informed opinion but to my mind it is at The very least a possibility that the

Experiences are making the experiments Are making a huge ripples if not waves In our reality simply because we don’t Even have a solid basic understanding of How weather tornadoes lightning in Particular work to my mind I would have Been it would have been sensible to work On understanding this phenomenon not in Our everyday lives before switching on Something that strips particles that They are because we were talking about It earlier this is this is they’re They’re they’re already what did you Call it well there it’s Geo engineering Sure you know so they already are but You know right different type yeah and Lewis says comment man says the more Energy They smash particles at uh the Bigger the portal it opens remember Stephen Hawking warned of the potential For many black holes And that’s a good point uh Ruger Ridge Said hey lady It’s a side conversation in there uh 7 And 12 Pearl says I think spinning Magnets under the Earth affects the Entire Earth it’s very plausible yeah I Mean if if reality is indeed Um combined or or in concert with Electromagnetic fields then yeah there Could be all kinds of unintended Consequences Um Tessa says I feel sorry for the Higgs Boson gluons and other tinier particles

Being destroyed what if they have Consciousness who gave the scientists Permission to destroy them yeah well you Know I mean how deep does Consciousness Go is it possible that subatomic Particles could have out awareness I don’t know it’s hard to Fathom but you Know what if well you know they well There’s a lot of theories on that yeah Exactly and then Kade says I wish I was More educated on the subject to add a Conversation of value well you always Add value Uh but to speculate I think it’s safe And very calculated okay All right ghost magnet 81 particle Accelerators are like uh like the one at CERN use electromagnetic fields for Propulsion and containment uh of the Particle beams they are creating and Accelerating this in my estimation from My study in the Paranormal I.E ghosts Would seem to have an effect on the Surrounding ether uh kind of like what Happens in a thunderstorm possibly Causing some anomalous activity such as Portal openings Hawking may have Mentioned the possibility of small black Holes being created but was not worried About it and in his book talked about The Higgs boson particle theoretically Could have created the world and could Be able to destroy it too the many black Holes would dissipate immediately

According to Hawking radiation Theory I’m geeking out I know It’s it’s is the scaling down of the Particle accelerators into microchips That are introduced into the body for Such things as cancer research that the People at Stanford University are Creating that gets the hairs on the back Of my neck to rise the possibility of Are endless with what they can control Or eradicate with that kind of Technology scientists may not be looking For more but the investor the investors Behind the research are no doubt seeing A bigger picture than what they tell Follow the money if you can and listen To what the mainstream media is touting Like black holes encrypted creation that Is designed to take your eyes off the Reality of that situation Yeah you do you gotta you gotta follow The distraction it’s The Magicians right The magician will really make you Interested in one hand while he’s doing All kinds of crazy stuff with the other That is true and thank you to all of you That’s participated in the discussion I I think it’s very interesting and I Think you all have very very incredible Points what do you think Don I think All I there they hit on a lot of the Things that I would have hit on you know The whole CERN and the spending magnets Uh uh seven pearls was talking about

Spinning the magnets below the crust of The you know and and it’s just it’s just All crazy and then you like I said you Combine it with the experiments that We’re doing with like the Philadelphia Project the Montauk project we talk About Um Um you know the Geo engineering like we Did earlier you know you put all these Things together and you wonder how many Things are a result of the other you Know what what is connected anymore and It just gets mind-boggling It’s just mind-boggling it is and and You’re right I think It is akin to the to the idea to Refreeze the the polls because I I just Don’t think we have and I understand That you need to have experiments to Gain understanding but I’m not sure that Doing them you know right in them in the Middle of like wherever wherever CERN is And wherever all these are but they’re Not like you know placed out in the Middle of nowhere they’re kind of in you Know populated areas and that to me is Absolutely kind of frightening because Did they know before they turned on that Power did they absolutely without a Doubt no they might add mathematical Models that that would you know reassure Them but until you flip the switch on Something with all we don’t know I I

Don’t know and and what else is going on That we haven’t measured yet that we Can’t measure yet and is is there Portals opening that’s maybe adding to The the weirdness and the woo of of the Of the world I don’t know But you know it’s all considerable Things to think about did anybody say Anything in the chat oh do you um I’m lost in the chat okay um I just Wondered if anybody uh had any thoughts In the chat well Rachel says part Particle accelerators will only open Portals to clown universes [Laughter] Yeah that is hell yeah Don doesn’t like it much not the guy who Says wait we are the clown universe That’s a good possibility too it is Absolutely but thank you guys for the For participating in that and please get Involved in the Discord and uh see if You would like to pitch in on some of The future questions there will be a Question before every live show Hopefully hours in advance but sometimes Not real long in advance depends on my Ability or Sheldon’s ability to plan it But but we got that one up and again Sheldon posted the link again in in the YouTube chat for anybody that wants to Join we’d love to have you over there And become part another part of the Paranormal affordable family so all

Right we’ve got a lot more of the woo And and joy to to get into here and this Is let’s see where do I start where do I Start Don where where else would we Start where else when we start right in The middle right in the middle but I Know there’s there’s some what time do We have right now I gotta check after Yeah only it’s like it should be like 7 15 it feels like I know but it feels like it Um I may want to start with some of this Stuff no I’m gonna I’m gonna go to the For the article that I just had yeah I Want to continue with that where the Hell did it go there it is okay so we’ve Been working our way through a Thought Catalog article here and there through These shows these live shows we’re going To go through a few more and then we’re Going to jump into some creature Encrypted reports from Phantoms and Monsters and Sasquatch Chronicles some Videos from Sasquatch Chronicles so We’re probably going to go from this to Thought Catalog from Thought Catalog Which is where this article is taking Place and then I’m going to jump over to Some Sasquatch chronicles video stuff That’s that’s posted on the blog over There really cool stuff and uh I kind of Like it it’s kind of good I like these Wednesday shows because we can include All these multimedia elements that we

Can’t on Friday and Saturday because of The networks their Audio Only so it it Totally leaves out a part of the Audience so anyway let’s do it tonight And uh So this article is we asked members of Law enforcement about the scariest Paranormal call they’ve ever responded To and uh this is a pretty good article It’s uh by January Nelson from 2019 and We’re on number four On this article let me pull it up here And let me pull up the OBS to make sure I did it right yep we’re good all right So this is about four years ago a lady Who I’ll call Lucy called our Non-emergency line and said she locked Herself out of her house Well I responded to take the report in Case f the fire department needed to Force entry Well I arrived first and immediately Noticed a burning candle in some Jesus See statues in the upstairs window Jesus I guess he’s sussy uh the light in this Room was also on and I can’t explain it But it seemed a bit odd to me anyway I Approached Lucy who appeared to be about 65 years old and asked what happened Well she said she walked to her car to Get groceries for her and her mother but Forgot her keys inside and the door had Locked behind her I asked if her mother Was home and Lucy replied in the

Affirmative Lucy went on to say that That she technically lived alone because Her mom died six years prior but she Still lives with her in the bedroom with The lit candle and makes her presence Known by turning on and off Lights Opening closing doors and turning on the Bathroom faucet Well I then locked the perimeter of the Home and found an unlocked window into The kitchen since Lucy never actually Left home and knew no one else was Inside I radio dispatched and climbed in Through the window to get her consent As my boot touched the kitchen floor I Heard an audible click at the same time The lights in the stairway and upstairs Hallway to my left turned off I quickly walked to the rear sliding Door to my right and advised Lucy what Had happened Lucy laughed and said that Was just her mom saying hello I told I told Lucy although I genuinely Believe what she told me was true I Still had to do my due diligence and Ensure nobody else was inside I radioed for a backup and within Minutes my buddy arrived the first thing He asked me was about the lit candle in The window While clearing the upstairs We Came Upon The room where the candle was and Immediately noticed it was blown out There were no open Windows fans events

Or other obvious source that could have Extinguished the flame We just looked at each other with a bit Of unease and went back downstairs to Leave click the upstairs light turned Off behind us we talked to a Lucy for Another five minutes and suggested Getting a battery operated candle just To be safe Well Lucy clearly thought screw the Police because to this day that candle Burns in the open window most nights When I drive by and every now and then I’ll stop and talk to Lucy to see how She and her mother are doing Wow Yeah that’s got to be a little surreal Right yeah definitely You know but when when somebody says Well you know she died six years ago but She’s still here It’s probably best to believe him I’m just saying well it’s funny she said I went to get dinner for my myself and My mom yeah it’s like what does mom eat Exactly exactly The Souls of the week I Buy her eggs She eats The Souls of the sinners Wow anyway are you sure it’s your mom Are you sure yeah are you sure that’s Her yeah all right well we’ll we’ll just Assume she’s right okay and get back to The article here number five we’re on I Worked in the Naval Hospital in Camp

Pendleton in 2013 and I was part of the Transition team that moved the last of The belongings that they wanted from Their old location to their new one Along with others on my team we were Part of the final sweep as far as Cleaning up waxing the floors and Locking up some of the higher level Rooms within the old hospital It was a nice gig because there was a Ton of office supplies that was going to Just get thrown away along with some Office chairs I like to draw so I took Home two chairs one for me and one for My roommate Along with a plethora of pens and paper In my duty section there was excuse me There was also a security role of Watching over the barracks and was that Was just outside of the hospital With the Navy being the Navy with they Didn’t transfer anyone over to the new Barracks still about a full eight months After the move to the new hospitals so Someone still had to stand Duty there as Well as Patrol the old hospital as to Keep away any would-be vandals from a Place they thought was completely Abandoned of course I would end up Getting a Duty one day and would start Getting people coming into the commons Area telling me to go look at the Hospital There was very clearly a light on the

Six or seventh floor with a figure Standing motionless watching outside I put up a sign to say that I’d be Leaving the office and to call my Personal number should they need Anything usually it was just to reset Their key cards but each room had four Four rooms with it each room had four Rooms with it so usually people just Called their roommates to open the doors Instead of waiting for the process of me Resetting their key card It was already pretty late at night so I Wasn’t worried about it I would go to The hospital and it was completely Locked off locked all around I checked To make sure that no windows were ajar But the hospital didn’t have any that Opened I even tried to lift the back Hatch and and that Linens and new Supplies came through the by truck and That was still secured I had no other way of getting in myself So when my Chief came down around 2 A.M As they seldomly did but were required To at least once a night I made a report Of it and by this time the figure was Gone but the light remained on I was never told if they found anyone or If it was even followed up on for that Matter but it was one of the creepiest Things I remember from being there Yeah old hospitals those are hot hot Beds hot beds hotbeds for the the

Paranormal in the hospital beds yeah Yeah exactly go figure number six a few Weeks ago I’d gotten dispatched to a 9-1-1 call that involved a female Frantically screaming at the dispatcher She’s going to kill me she’s going to Kill me come quick I’m at and then the Address of where she was at of where she Was at yeah that’s a good good thing to Give them naturally every unit within Range of my sector and myself had Radioed in a response that they were Hauling tail to get there once we got There we discovered the house was Abandoned for some years now and so we Set a cordon around with the officers Watching all exits as my shift partner And myself and the female officer Announce ourselves and made entry into The residence We cleared all the first floor and Proceeded to the second and as soon as We got to the top of the stairs a slight Movement spooked us and me and my Partner immediately raised our weapons Into a room where there was only a noose Both he and I thought we saw a body on It at first glance there was nothing There We cleared the rest of the second floor And took a closer look at the news Some dried up blood in what I think was Peeled off skin on it from an earlier Self-harm that occurred over a dozen

Years ago We thought it might have been recent but We didn’t know at the time Anyway immediately after we cleared the House we determined that it was way too Dead for lack of a better word to have Been used recently however we called in Some detectives but before we all Stepped out we agreed we didn’t see what Just happened reason why is my service Has a policy on what was to be Constituted as paranormal instances Where the second something like that Happens you are immediately suspended From Duty and given your badge your gun And your duty belt too and your vest Before being taken on the spot to a Psychiatrist psychologist for a full Comprehensive evaluation and needless to Say I immediately called my supervisor At the end of the shift and told him About it and did the right thing by Going in for an evaluation something to Be said about integrity I’ve driven past that house multiple Times in the past weeks and I’ve always Sunk deeper into my seat as I’ve driven Past something about it it’s like you Could actually feel there was something Off about it Cindy seems to agree with me as of three Days ago the house is the number one Demolition priority in my sector and Will be down by the end of the month and

I’m just not happy I’m just not happy That I’m going to have to go back inside Next week to collect anything that might Be of interest to both the city and my Superiors and luckily I won’t be going In alone Also the female who called the 9-1-1 Call was charged for public Mischief Under the pretext of misuse of 9-1-1 and Misleading peace officers what Was it was a prank call apparently so And then they ended up going there and Seeing some really terrible stuff okay All right I’ll read one more and then We’ll go on to the other stuff there’s There’s an abandoned daycare that we Have to patrol very spooky temperature Is different in each room Sounds can be heard toys found on in the Roof panels sometimes those toys are Seen moved from the roof to the floor in The rooms Some rooms have more pressure than Others like being at the bottom of a Swimming pool when you step inside all You want to do is leave Someone some said a child died at that Daycare wow Yeah that’s that’s a creepy place no Doubt about it But those are some creepy stories right Don it is yeah all right so I want to Move over to the Sasquatch Chronicles uh Articles that I pulled up and again this

Is from the Sasquatch Chronicles blog Ladies and gentlemen and again I want to Reiterate that’s everybody knows Sasquatch Chronicles everybody then That’s watching the show I’m sure knows What Sasquatch Chronicles is but I don’t Think as many know that it’s also a Fantastic blog site and uh I know Wes it Works really hard putting up material That people will be interested in uh and There’s some fantastic articles and Stories that don’t have anything to do Or at least aren’t on the actual podcast So you can get a whole ton of Information so check it out that’s at Sasquatch All right so the uh first one we’re Going to talk about is uh This is one that I thought was important Because I I know we we all think that we Understand what sounds are out there Especially in the forests especially on Airplanes and and airplanes Exactly but this is more about Wilderness because you know sometimes People say I heard a noise there’s no Way that was an animal well sometimes Animals make noises that sound nothing Like an animal and this is a great Example of it and this is an article uh From September 26th two links in Ontario Have an intense conversation uh Story Full viral writes Nicole Lewis was Driving on May 18th near Avery Lake

Which borders Ontario Canada and the U.S State of Michigan where she came across Two links having what seemed to be sort Of a terrible dispute Lynxes are rarely spotted in Michigan But are are very common in the dinorwik Region of Ontario close to where Lewis Spotted these two although it remains Unclear exactly what the two lynxes were Doing as they are normally solitary Animals the interaction must have had to Do with uh claiming territory Now these sounds are bizarre I’ve Watched this before and it was like oh So when you’re on the woods and you hear Something that doesn’t fit it might Actually be just a natural sound I know That’s you know it’s crazy the noise is That like a mountain lions make or Whatever they just sound like screams It’s terrible but here you go see what You think Ah This is so freaking cool It’s so cool who runs into this Oh Jesus Wow isn’t that creepy though it’s not The sound you’d think I can’t even get in this do you know how Rare this is

Uh that’s just unbelievable I mean would You think that pissed off at each other Yeah yeah exactly Yeah but it’s not what you would you Would think if you were thinking of what Does the link sound like that wouldn’t Be it Sounds like an old witch you know Like an old Crone kind of sound or Something that’s just very weird Android Purity said there was one there was at Least one of these making noises at 4am In my backyard wow it was terrible I Couldn’t sleep for two hours yeah no Doubt I don’t blame you I mean that’s if If I heard that outside my window I’d be Like hell no something’s out there I Don’t know what it is but I want to know You know somebody asked if it was on an Airplane lately You might explain the airplane noises Ghost says that sounds like my little Brother when we were little yeah I mean it’s it’s just not the sound you Would uh Envision with that that frame Of a cat you think of meow or purr or Roar or hiss right but that oh my god Well that’s like play the sound of a Koala Oh God I thought you would have talked About scary stuff yeah I will she’s I Mean nature noises are just bizarre but Koalas they look all cute and fluffy but They sound like they swallowed Satan

It’s the most god-awful noise coming out Of this little teddy bear it’s the most Horrible thing ever but But I think it’s as important to note You know to recognize that there’s some Sounds in nature that we just don’t know Because they’re so rare but they do Happen and I just wanted to put that out There for those of you I know we got a Lot of Cryptid enthusiasts here so when You hear things in the woods don’t jump To Cryptid you know it could be just a Normal thing like Bobcats or Lynx or any Number of other animals making sounds we Don’t really hear and that’s a big one So thank you Mr West for that one and we Got another one this is uh this is one That I know Wes worked on a little bit And this is from September 20 26th Figure captured on camera Yep figure captured on camera are on Video so this video was posted on the Sasquatch Chronicles fan page on Facebook and I have little information On the video but it appears it was Captured in the South I slowed it down And stabilized it again I don’t have Very much information on this Take a look So we’re going to take a look right now As a matter of fact because that’s how We roll here in the portal Here’s the original video I guess I Don’t need to say that the words are

Right there ah I sure used a Steadicam didn’t they yeah Wow it just kind of rose up yeah it just Got big I don’t look like your average bear That’s not very long arms though does it Stabilized let’s see what those are oh Hey yeah Yeah it’s tough to stabilize that much Motion for sure It looks big it looks beefy But that arm doesn’t look like it’s out Of human range I mean I I’ve heard there’s people that Claim that they’re Sasquatch that have Normal length arms like us and that the Extraordinary little long ones but I don’t know every every Video that I’ve ever seen that I think Is legitimate definitely has the longer Ones But it does look like a beefy figure Yeah yeah geez Looks like a you know Wow Yeah I mean could it be legitimate it Could be I I don’t know it’s not the Strongest video in my opinion but it’s Still it’s really bad quality and thanks For at least uh stabilizing that a bit Because being jumpy like that is just Impossible to see anything so at least When the stabilization we can get a look At it Kristen Lee Kirsten Lee says

Raccoons fighting sounds awful too oh I Oh I I was on my way to work one night I Was working at the juveniles facility Walking to work and I you know I drove To work you know got out walked to the Door but there’s these trees in between Me and the door and I was hearing this God awful sound I just uh all of a sudden I heard this Boom And off it ran right and it was like 11 O’clock at night and it was two freaking Raccoons fighting in a tree I pooped myself it was horrible it’s Absolutely horrible horrible oh man That’s what I get A gift I guess Yeah that’ll do it yep Um yeah I’ve heard some strange things Too and I don’t know everything that I Heard but I heard some things through The years that are like God is that Natural or not but I’m not a big Outdoorsman I mean I live near a forest My my whole young life and I was Familiar with those sounds but you know When you get out of that range it’s like Well I don’t know whether that’s a Normal sound or not Rachel says that’s Why he’s a solo Bigfoot because the Other bigfoots make fun of his short Arms they call him stubby well you go And disturbing She come here and scratch my back

Yeah exactly all right let’s get to the Last one on the Sasquatch Chronicles Blog now this is this is a personal Favorite of mine I was I was thrilled to See it posted again Um but this is you just mentioned him a While ago yeah when I was talking about His his son being at the the Sasquatch Roundup in Spokane but Um this footage I think to me is like Right up there with the Patterson gimlin It’s maybe it’s got to be a close second I really think this is legitimate Capture and this is the Paul Freeman Film Um from from his his work he’s not no Longer with us but he did capture some Amazing video you’re going to see some Of it right now but he also apparently Had cast tracks with dermal ridges and Stuff too so I mean I really think he Was on to on to you know seeing the Legitimate thing but I I just I really Believe that that his his videos are Absolutely absolutely legitimate I love His videos I think they’re very Compelling and and seem to be the real Thing to me All right so you be you be the judge for Yourself though I don’t I don’t pretend To you know be an authority on this at All so let’s check this out this is the Paul Freeman footage let me read it said Paul Freeman was uh an American Bigfoot

Hunter who claimed to have discovered Bigfoot tracks showing dermal ridges the Plaster cast Freeman subsequently made Were convincing enough to be considered Critical pieces of evidence by Anthropologist Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and Grover Krantz of Washington State University who put Considerable time and resources into Studying them So I mean if both of those very learned Men yeah could look at that and go yeah These are these are the real thing then His his footage to me is absolutely no Question but let’s check it out this is The Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage at Least part of it it does it does go on a Little bit longer than this but this is A really good clip to give you an idea And uh he’s up in uh the the Sawtooth I Think or I’m not sure where he was Exactly now that I think of it I Used to Know But I’ve long since forgotten but Anyway let’s check out the footage for The for those of you that haven’t seen It Um this is the Freeman footage See much up here here he’s following a Trackway at this point I hear the brush Popping and stuff Oh there he goes Look at the size of that thing Boom Jesus

Wow Get up here and see him real quick Get up here Get better Better picture Um And that’s there there’s a more there There’s a little bit more where he Catches them walking away two of them uh Walking away together Um I the criticisms that I’ve heard People say about this video is that well It could have been real he doesn’t sound Like he’s even upset and it’s like this Wasn’t his first rodeo he’d been doing This for an awful long time and had more Encounters prior to this so it’s not Like this is the first time he ever was In close proximity but I think this is The first time he ever caught it on Video yeah it got that close right so um I mean he had been he’d been pursuing This for a very long time and he worked In the forests as well I don’t know if He was exactly a part of the Forestry Department or some some part like that But uh yeah I mean he was no stranger to The woods anyway but you know his Reaction is still like oh there it is Which I mean everybody knows those People that never seem to get excited About anything right and I think maybe Paul Freeman was very much like that Like he was just kind the salt of the

Earth guy and and that was about as much You know you as you get out of him but He has done interviews as well and you Can find those on YouTube they’re Absolutely uh fantastic and uh great to Listen to but unfortunately he is now Not no longer with us but thank God his Footage is but again I think this is Second only to the Patterson gimlin film In my opinion but you know you be the Judge I I just think it’s great So people are talking about the scariest Things you’ve ever heard oh well I can Play that I I have it ready to go Imagine if you want to sure go ahead Yeah one of those scary things this oh Okay I’ll tell you what I’ll oh there we Go I’m getting some messages coming in Kids stuff Um uh I I I’ve heard On a video uh uh the the most Frightening the most frightening sound I Think I’ve ever heard I’ve played it Every once in a while here on the shows And it and it still disturbs me after Listening to this hundreds of times yes It still disturbs me to this day as a Matter of fact Galactic pixie would turn It off when we played it yeah she would She would turn down the volume yeah and It is really really creepy stuff but This is a sound and a little bit of Background on it there was this family And I don’t remember what region of the

Country they were anymore again another Thing that I did know at one time but Don’t know any longer but they kept Getting woken up at these horrendous Screams horrifying terrible screams and It would be like 3 A.M 3 A.M 3 A.M and So they finally contacted this Paranormal Investigator and this guy Went over there and he sat down a series Of of recorders into this basement where These screams were coming from and Recorded for a period of three nights And as I understand it the first two Nights he didn’t get anything But on the third night He caught this sound I will advise you If you have your your sound loud turn it Down turn it down I’ll turn down my Master a little bit here too Um but it is it and if you if you’re Sensitive to horrible sounds just turn It turn it down all the way listen this Is disturbing it is even even to me and Again I’ve heard it hundreds of times it Still disturbs me to a deep deep degree But we’ll play it now you can be the Judge [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] There you go yeah that is horrible so Did you just poop yourself because like I did that’s it okay if your sound is

It’s okay now I’m making hand signs like It’s okay done If you turned your sound down yeah turn It back up now you can turn it back up Um if you can come out of the closet it Is it is by far one of the most Disturbing sounds I’ve ever heard in my Life and you could hear the anguish the Pain the the torture of this of this now They believed it was a demon and I think They’re probably right that’s that Sounds something absolutely Disturbed And twisted whatever it is I and I don’t Pretend to know but I assume it since it Has such a a an impact on me just Through the core of my being I can’t Help but believe that’s a real sound That was recorded because you know any Other sounds are just sounds but there’s Some kind of emotion in that and it’s Just disturbing as hell so whatever you Think but yeah that was pretty Disturbing uh this is a Ruger I gotta go To bed after this Ah he’s been drinking coffee oh okay I Thought I was because I scream yeah Don’t drink coffee before bedtime it’s Not good for you but anyway yeah that’s The most disturbing sound still to this Day uh that I’ve ever heard I’ve heard Plenty of uh you know captures and EVPs And stuff that were disturbing but if I Heard that I and I I consider myself Pretty pretty stoic about the whole

Paranormal thing like I’ve experienced Many hauntings and many many things Directly and I I I’m knocking on wood Because I’m not trying to challenge the Universe on this but I I don’t usually Get upset or even uptight about it it Just it happens and and then I go you Know I I don’t know it just doesn’t Bother me that screen bothers me if I Heard that I don’t think I would go down In that basement I don’t want to Confront whatever that is burn the damn House down yeah let’s just start with Fire and see what happens then [Laughter] So yeah I heard this before somewhere It’s extraordinary I find a hard I find It hard to believe it’s it’s real is the Source credible I I you know I I don’t Know the fan right it’s an old old I had Found it years and years and years ago On YouTube so I couldn’t tell you what The source is anymore but he was Allegedly a Paranormal Investigator and It wasn’t like his he was viral or Anything it was a very very small small Site it was like there wasn’t like when I first found it there was maybe 50 Views on that video and it had been up For a couple years so so it wasn’t like It was you know hey I’m gonna hoax this And make you know go viral trust us we Sent a few people that site Yeah but it it was uh you know I think

It’s legitimate I really do but anyway You know again come to your own Conclusions Elaine says that was in the Basement U-Haul time [Laughter] Yeah absolutely so those are some videos And a special thanks again to Wes Letting us use those for the show Tonight I I think that’s you know I love Having a multimedia aspect to the show And whenever we complete broadcasting With the network then we can do this all The time but for now you know we still Do Friday Saturdays with the network so There you go yeah Robert uh let’s see Robert Bruce Robert Robert the Bruce Says it must have had severe it must Have been severely constipated no that Was the airplane video we played at the Beginning of the show Yeah that was a final release absolutely So there is a backstory to it uh and Again it was years ago that I I may Still have the video file saved on my Hard drive here somewhere but that’s the Audio file that I made from the video File and uh yeah I think it’s very Disturbing would you rather would you Rather a demon do that or whisper in Your ear I’d rather he whisper in my ear For sure yeah no question I don’t I Don’t think so I mean not that I prefer Either but yeah but uh you know if I had To deal with

Hair on your body yeah I mean anything Being that close and in your space and Whispering is creepy for sure but that Sound is just terrifying I mean it’s Just whatever’s making it I don’t want To see it I don’t want you know chances Are you wouldn’t anyway but probably not It’s not gonna it’s not like we’re gonna Be friendly it’s gonna it’s not gonna be Happy I’m there Right That’s what I think Yeah I definitely wouldn’t be yeah I’d Be flooding it with holy water With a hose yeah I don’t know kind of Like what what uh when we was at uh Constantine oh yeah okay Later Shoved the cross into the the water the Reservoir for the sprinklers yeah yep Absolutely so yeah there’s plenty of uh Sounds are interesting uh in and of Themselves yeah they’re they’re tough to To validate yeah as far as paranormal Evidence but you know again it still is It’s possible I mean everybody’s heard The stories of voices when nobody was There I’ve heard some things through the Years that that I knew nobody was there But I still heard the sound of voices Nobody ever called my name though I’ve Never heard that I’ve never heard the uh The whole spectral Calling My Name thing Then and I don’t know what to make of

That But I think also some of those can be Telepathic yeah like not all of them you Know how scary would that be though yeah I suppose I mean it would probably be More disturbing in the fact that you You’re not quite sure if it really Happened or if it’s something something Broke in your head yeah but anyway Excuse me all the time Why are you broken Yeah I know it’s because I love you Though yeah just remember that all right We’re gonna do one uh Phantoms and Monsters story here this is a Bigfoot Abduction recalled by a Wyoming man so Again this is from Phantoms and monsters Long long strickler sites you can find Diaz his podcast there as well as uh uh Books he’s authored and a whole bunch of Research that they’re doing over there On on Phantoms and so Definitely support him and check it out Dave Barnes says David Barnes says I’ve Heard my name called multiple times I Did an extra load of laundry that week Without a doubt yeah that would be like Creepy yeah They’re brown and Lucy’s now probably All right uh incredible Bigfoot Abduction recalled by a Wyoming man from It says a Wyoming man recalls his Amazing Bigfoot abduction experience

When he was a boy while camping near the Big Sandy River he later remembers that The incident in detail after talking With his older brother Let me preface this by saying that I Didn’t remember this incident until it Was in my early 30s it came back to me Over about a week in bits and pieces and I think it was triggered by my brother Who came to live with us After a few days of little Snippets and Memories popping into my head out of Nowhere I finally talked to him about it And he told me it was all too real Although he didn’t know what happened to Me until then He put two and two together and shared His side of the story which made me Realize that I wasn’t crazy or imagining Things I grew up on a ranch near the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming and we we heated a House with wood so every year after the Crops were in before we had to start Irrigating we’d spend about two weeks in The mountain getting wood We always went to the same place that we Called bear trap on the Big Sandy River And it was fairly remote because it was Long and difficult to drive into the Place The only other people I ever saw there Besides family were sheep herders or on Horseback and I should also add that I

Love the outdoors and we spend most of Our weekends either in the desert or in The mountains and I love them both But for the desert because I’m much more Comfortable there I don’t sleep well at All in the mount in the OR well at all If at all in the mountains I’m always on Edge for as long as I can remember I’ve Not been able to go Creek Fishing Without someone else nearby preferably In sight now I know why I think it was about I was about five Years old my brother was 12. we’ve been Camping for about a week and Mom and Dad Went down the mountain or something and Left my brother and me up there wow it Sounds crazy nowadays and I remember Standing there watching them drive off Next to my brother who had a 22 rifle Propped up on his shoulder After they left I went to play my at my Favorite spot by the creek which was out Of sight from Camp which was probably 200 yards away I don’t know what my Brother was doing and this is what I Remember I do recall being carried by something With long thin fur under its arm kind of Like a football And there were at least three other Beings alongside us traveling upright on And on all fours intermittently and Screaming and yelling at one of the one Who had me it was like they were telling

Him to put me down and it was wrong to Take me but they seem to be in a panic I Don’t remember smelling anything it Almost feels like I was watching it Happen to someone else I don’t recall any emotions like it I Was a passive Observer It doesn’t make sense because I know I Had been I had been terrified I didn’t like the loud chaotic noises Through through it or though though Sorry I don’t know how far we went But finally we came to a place that was Overhanging uh an overhang or a cave The dirt in front of it had been swept Clean The ones running along beside us had Reddish brown fur and long arms and Seemed like they were teenager age or And a little younger They continued to squawk in the outlet In protest of a much larger one came Into view They all went uh silence and out of Sight for some reason I had the impression she was the Matriarch of the bunch She grunted something at one the one Holding me and I was put down on the Ground and it left too I didn’t feel like she was mean or meant To hurt me just very sad I wonder if maybe she had lost her own Child and snatched me out of grief

The older female looked at me kindly and Had a soothing presence Her fur was darker almost black and Thinner and wirier I don’t remember if she made any sounds Or not but but feel like she continually Communicated to me that I was safe and I Shouldn’t worry She took me by the hand and led me to a Bed like thing made out of pine needles Grass and soft bark which was right at The inside of the edge of the cave or Overhang She indicated that I should sit there And was very gentle with me She disappeared for a short time and Came back with some water with plants in It and had me drink it and then gently Laid me on the mat The next thing I remember was waking up First smelling a damp Mossy dirt smell And then feeling the grass tickling my Nose I was very confused as to why I take a Nap right there I was about 20 feet away from where I’d Been playing I walked into camp and my brother Grabbed me and hugged me and then yelled At me for hiding from him in retrospect He was frantic After I told my brother my side of the Story he told me that he’d been looking For me for hours and that he had checked

The area where I’d been playing several Times he also told me that Grandpa and Dad were aware that a family of these Beings lived around here but that they Never bothered us He and my dad used to leave them salt And sugar on a log every year and they Took it every time I was unable to talk to my dad and Grandpa about it after I remembered Because they had both died When I was young I never told my mom About it either I did hear my grandpa Telling my dad about hearing something Come up the creek while he was fishing Once and it was no bear But they stopped talking about it when They realized I was listening The name was withheld and that was by From Steve isdall’s the facts Very cool story wow I mean so we hear stories like Albert Osmond right and and you think that That’s just kind of an anomaly but maybe And I’ve heard other stories as well but You never you never really know what Kind of gravity to give those kind of Stories it’s like is that really real or Is that just some creative writing and I Don’t know you know but it’s hard to Tell anymore because there are those People out there that are doing creative Writing oh sure on on YouTube and in

Plot and you know and podcasts and and You never you’ve got to be you’ve got to Be uh uh diligent you’ve got to be Diligent and not uh you know don’t Believe everything you hear yeah I mean Everything you read you know right and Now interestingly enough that was a a Matriarch was in charge it sounds like Right where it was the the the the mail Uh male figure sure I don’t know you Know why wasn’t there one president or Was there one president but he didn’t Want to get anywhere near the child I Don’t know but it is interesting that Maybe he was grabbed somehow he got the Idea that maybe it had lost its young And took him because it was sad Um and that’s kind of a heartwarming Story but it’s also Also a cautionary tale I don’t think he Ever leave your kids alone in the Mountains right yeah first thing Takeaway for me is don’t leave kids Alone in the mountains From there I think you you can go down The list of all these valuable takeaways But it is interesting and and it’s It’s kind of a cool story but it’s also Kind of Um bizarre you know right so what do you Think do you think that’s possibly legit Or what is your gut on it you know it It’s hard to tell but you know honestly It’s like uh it’s like anything else

Anymore you know you’ve got to just you Know not have such an open mind that you Know that you let the flies in you know So but it’s really it’s really hard to Discern sometimes yeah you know and so Uh you know it’s it’s harder to believe As we go farther and farther into these Things too though because you know it Seems like everybody wants to have you Know that experience I mean so you know Like I said you know it comes to you Know is is it uh creative writing like You mentioned sure yeah I don’t know It’s really hard for me to be Um Overly objective about these things sure Yeah yeah I agree it’s a tough one it’s It’s a it’s a sea of salt for me Right and then yeah it’s a you know the Name was withheld and I don’t Necessarily blame the person but was it Withheld because they didn’t want to be Identified at all or were they nervous That somebody would realize it was them I don’t know I mean I don’t take Anything away from people both holding Their name I guess but right it like With the Osman story we know who the Story was we know the guy and you you Can establish a little bit about him as A part of the story because of his Character that he was known by right Albert Osmond was known as a real Stand-up honest with a guy with a lot of

Integrity right and so for him to just Flash out this a fantastic tale it it Seems a little beyond belief but you Know with this person we don’t know we Don’t know anything about the person and So that’s that’s the harder part of do You take away that that was a real story Or not now nothing they said was was Over the top over the top right it was It was pretty it was pretty down to Earth and yeah incidental almost yeah Got picked up and carried that can feel This hair hanging down from the arms Well that you know matches so many Descriptions and some of them being Quadrupedal and and the one being Bipedal carrying them you know Everything on it matches up to what People have observed you know many times So Rachel says I think it’s the single Event stories that are more plausible Sure yeah absolutely yeah you know Because I agree that’s a good point Thank you because you know we we talk About all the time you know it’s like Once you see it you can’t stop seeing it But you know what I I have a hard time Necessarily believing that you know Because you know these one-offs you know The Albert Austin story Claire Um saskatchew Chronicles clear you know This story you know these aren’t these Aren’t people that are all over tabloids And right you know in the news and you

Know in the crypted news in our world Right you know they’re just these they Have these one things they tell it they Let it go yeah and I think those are I Think I think she’s right in a lot of Ways that’s a great Point great takeaway And I agree I don’t think you’re wrong At all I want to do some shout outs Quick before everybody starts leaving Because I just want to be graciously Acknowledging all you guys that are here If you want to shout out to this chat Quick there’s only a handful in there Wow that’s because they’ve all gone Quiet they’ve all gone quieter all gone Out the door but Um so far right now we have Android Purity Elaine Clifford ghost magnet 81 Lily Pond uh Maggie is here ninja Dave Uh portal mom Rachel gets it right Ruger Ridge Tracy Gale and Wonder Woman Are the the surviving chatters [Laughter] About an hour ago but yeah it just Occurred to me uh probably not the best Time to do shout outs at the tail end Somebody just came in David Pammy Anne David had a shimer is here Pammy in did You say ninja Dave I did yeah Raven The Raven Outpost there’s a new name oh no That’s Lee McNew oh is it oh hey Lee all Right good to see you Lee thanks for Coming in brother yeah Um but yeah great great time thank you

All so much for being here and uh yeah Check out Lee mcnew’s site the Ravens Outpost Tracy Gail good to see you thank You and uh Alicia Hughes oh Alicia okay very cool Okay because shout outs are done You know Don knows it’s almost bedtime Yeah exactly it’s unfortunate but true Gotta get the beard to bed so all right Guys well that kind of wraps it up for Us thank you all so much I hope you Enjoyed tonight’s show it’s kind of a Departure from the usual but we had a Lot of video elements and then and I Think that adds to the presentation let Me know what you think you’d like to see More videos on the show and more more Multimedia stuff love to hear your Thoughts but join the Discord check out Paranormal portal pieces Paranormal portal pieces get subscribed Check out the other videos that we’ve Got up there and please get involved Anywhere you want YouTube Facebook uh Twitter whatever podcast podcast don’t Forget the podcast that’s our that’s our Really our crowning achievement Um this one we’re most most uh most well I mean I’m proud of every show but the Podcast has really taken off and and is Being listened to all over the world so It’s uh fantastic so check it out you’ll Find it on all the major platforms just Look for paranormal portal wherever you

Listen to podcasts you’ll find us so and Today are this week’s episode as an Episode as an interview we did with James Vieira Jim Vieira of the search For the Lost Giants he was talking about Giants yep we talked about Giants and And lost civilizations or ancient Civilizations so uh excellent excellent Discussion so all right Guys Don Anything in closing Um that place Teespring for all your Portal gear Teespring for all your Portal gear ladies and gentlemen all Right love you all be good be kind be Nice take care of each other help each Other out find the magic in every day And remember to laugh as much as you can And we’ll see you on Friday night and Don’t let Russ of course sneak up behind You watch your six if Russ is around I’m Just saying yeah watch your six all Right guys head on a swivel head on a Swivel all right all right good night Everybody we’ll see you on Friday night Take care good night Foreign