FRIGHTENING MOMENTS – Ghosts, Fae, Creatures and MORE!

By | September 25, 2022
FRIGHTENING MOMENTS - Ghosts, Fae, Creatures and MORE!

Thank you Women Positions Thank you Laughs Hello everybody Welcome to the Paranormal portal it’s Saturday and God I hope you can hear me I just found out I got some audio issues going on as I Launched the show And gotta love that sound of Skype Roaring in the distance let me just kill That quick So we can get done with that There we go and we can reconnect that And it’ll be all nice and quiet like There we go Now that’s all reconnected and Silent Welcome To My Nightmare It’s just the way it works here on the Portal I don’t always know what’s going To work or what’s not going to work or If anything’s going to work by the time I launch a show so it is always a

Baptism by fire but today has definitely Been been one of those things however Good news everybody Um I am joined by my my big Branch Himself of my personal family tree Mr Sheldon Thomas and you can see him on The screen so I solved one problem and Got a few more in in in in results but Uh how you doing Sheldon Doing great feeling more solid this time Not ghostly I’ve decided to fully Manifest this time around feeling good [Laughter] Good for you I’m glad you’re manifesting As well it’s good to see you on the Screen not just hear your sound Um but thanks for joining us again Tonight Sheldon as we dive into a whole Host of fun paranormal goodness that uh Hopefully will deliver deliver on but uh I just don’t know I’m like all nervous Now it’s like what else is not working Can you guys hear me I guess is the First thing uh let me know in all the Different branches and connections that I got cooking uh those of you in uh in Uh In uh the Youtube please let me know if You can hear me I’m assuming good on YouTube and well I’m assuming so because Usually you’ll be like no sound no sound Yes sounds good thank you snows woodwork Appreciate that appreciate it thank you Jake okay we hear you Rachel says good

Thank you guys for that let me check With TFR if anybody’s in there uh looks Like Bam’s over there can you hear me Bam Please tell me you can hear me I’m Getting too old for this stuff Um it’s like a you know I remember when I first started doing the show and when Something would go wrong oh my God I Would just about stroke out it was just It was just horrible but um yeah I don’t Know Bam’s bands not responding Currently so I’ll assume they’re hearing Me but if anybody gets a chance uh Jake’s over there Jake can you hear me Over there uh Jake’s double dipping and I apologize to use up so much of the Show on this kind of stuff but it’s kind Of important that we’re here Um can you hear me Jake I’m just waiting for Jake to to type it Out I guess hopefully since I can hear You yeah I know in YouTube but I’m Looking in TFR now yes Jake says he can Hear me over there well maybe Jake’s Still hear me from YouTube I don’t know But anyway However it’s going uh hi Jake Um bam Can you hear me Just making sure I just I just don’t Know Okay guys this is normal for a show Don’t worry yeah this is absolutely

Normal if you’re new to the portal you Probably haven’t seen it okay Bam’s Hearing me too good that is the last Verification I need for us to dive Forward into the Paranormal portal but Before we go any further let me do this Let me do this first man I just not I I Was troubleshooting this all day and Finally found a solution and then I just You and I tested it not too long ago Sheldon and now this so a lot of this Stuff I’m not even I didn’t even get Prepared enough for but Um Well Microsoft is is a cornucopia of fun And love just remember that so we’re Going to start out with talking about Crypted coin ladies and gentlemen it’s Brand new cryptocurrency or newer Cryptocurrency this is hard encrypted Research and investigation and it’s a New cryptocurrency out there that you May be interested in I know a lot of People are are turning away from normal Fiat currencies especially with the Volatility of all the markets right now I think everybody’s kind of nervous About what to do but uh check it out if You want you can find out more about Cryptid coin by going to cryptidcoin dot IO and that will be your uh your entry Into uh the world of Cryptid coin and You can see if it’s a good fit for you Um special thanks two Cryptid coin for

Uh helping to sponsor the Paranormal Portal we really appreciate it so thank You very much and uh Sheldon I think I’m Ready for some news how you doing I think that’s perfect okay well we’re Gonna do that then we’re gonna go to the News ladies and gentlemen so buckle up Hang on and get ready to get informed Because we’re about to dive into it here [Applause] [Applause] Sheldon did you know where the most Trusted news ever I mean that sounds accurate yeah That’s about right right yeah well if You’re trusting us for your news then You’ve really not got any any faith in The news But we usually yeah well we do try to at Least uh at least to be forthcoming and Honest about the news and uh by God That’s what we’re gonna do here because The first article up for the news Fest Tonight on the portal is from Unexplained and they are Bringing us uh another article from uh The great Avi Loeb or Leb I’m not sure How you pronounce his last name but he’s The Harvard Professor who was talking About omo-amua back in the day about it He thought it was extraterrestrial uh Technology perhaps and uh so he’s still

At it he’s been uh in the news quite a Bit in trying to fund Research into Possibly the deepest parts of the ocean To find some perhaps find some alien Technology so let’s see what this Article is Claims that there may be a second Interstellar object on earth Harvard astronomer Avi loeben and Colleague Amir sir siraj believed that They have identified another Interstellar visitor Loeb is recently or certainly made a Name for himself in recent years as a Proponent of the idea that Interstellar Objects such as omomoa which was Detected back in 2017 could be Artificially constructed when it was Revealed earlier this year that the U.S Space command had that a fast-moving Fireball which exploded over Papua New Guinea eight years ago actually Originated from outside our solar system Lobe was quickly quick to suggest that This was another potential example of Alien technology the object which was Thought to have come down in the Pacific Ocean appeared to exhibit an unusual Level of robustness not consistent with Ordinary meteorites This led him to launch a 1.5 million Effort to try and locate the surviving Fragments on the ocean floor now though Lobe and astrophysicist Amir siraj

Believed that they have identified yet Another Interstellar object that Exploded off the coast of Portugal back In 2017 what’s more this second object Appears to be just as abnormally robust As the first one We don’t have a large enough sample to Say how much stronger Interstellar Objects are than solar system objects But we can say that they are stronger Siraj told Vice in an email the odds of Randomly drawing two objects in the top Three out of 273 is one in ten thousand I don’t even know what that means Drawing meaning attracting I don’t know And then we look at the specific numbers Relative to the distribution of objects We find that the gaussian odds are more Like one in a million While Loeb can maintains that these Objects are likely lying at the bottom Of the sea could be pieces of alien Technology that’s also possible that They could be remnants of a supernova Explosion whatever the case it will take Finding one and examining and examining It directly to know for sure so could be Stuff in the ocean that’s uh Interstellar and perhaps alien Um well sure I I can believe that what Do you think Sheldon I think so too I mean another thought is Uh what if it’s a craft that’s going to A base hidden underneath

That’s exactly what I was just going to Get to now it’s funny Um but I was thinking you know there’s Often often claims of of people seeing UFOs going into the ocean and a lot of Claims and beliefs that people have that Maintain that perhaps that’s where They’re staying while they’re here on Earth because they’re out of the way They’re in an area that we just don’t go And so what safer area is there than Deep under the sea where we just can’t Get to So I think there’s Merit to that I mean Hell if I had the technology I’d go down There Yeah a place where they can’t go I’m going deep hang on I’m going deep Um no I’m just kidding I love people and I love I love everything about life but Uh you know I mean sure it would make Sense if you didn’t want to be noticed That’s where you might go so think about It possibility anyway but that’s our First article up for grabs tonight here On the news let’s get to the next one Also from unexplained and Uh this is from uh actually brand new Sunday Sunday the 25th that’s tomorrow Isn’t it Yeah wait a minute it came out tomorrow I guess that’s that gives us an idea Where unexplained is Coming from and they must be over uh

Over in Europe or somewhere else but Um very cool I don’t know it’s not Tomorrow in Europe yet is it yeah I Guess it is anyway whatever the case Woman heard fairy laughter while lost in The woods in Ireland And we’re going to get to another story Later in the show today about from Phantoms and monsters having to do with The FAE as well and as well as our our Discord Discussion is also having to do with the Face so it’s kind of timely three three Faith stories so All right let’s see what this woman was Talking about what started out as a Relaxing Woodland stroll soon turned Into a terrifying ordeal for one woman From meth Ireland In Legends and folklore fairies usually Tend to be depicted as mischievous but Benign beings yet there are also stories Of encounters with these creatures that Would seem to call this idea into Serious doubt In the particular in this particular Case the woman whose name has not been Disclosed took to social media recently To describe a terrifying ordeal she had Recently experienced while walking in The Emerald Isle On this particular day she had decided To go for a stroll in a small area of Well-frequented Woodland when she passed

Through a fork in the road with Identical trees on either side Despite the area being relatively small And a common route for locals she found Herself completely lost in what seemed To be dense remote and overgrown Forest Retracing her steps to the crossroads She took a different route but again Ended up lost I kept walking down a path towards a Really overgrown area again she wrote at That point then I heard a really light Woman’s voice I don’t know how to Describe it it was really high She was shouting over here and I thought She was probably calling to her kids or Something and then she laughed and it Was just when she laughed the hairs on The back of my neck stood up I have a very professional job I’m not Crazy I’m quite logical and and then the Call came from the other side of me I Knew something wasn’t right Concern for her well-being she again Returned to the crossroads and attempted A different route almost immediately Things seems to change back to normal The birds had started singing and she Became aware of the other walkers nearby After returning home she struggled to Make sense of what she had just Experienced I was scared when she laughed she wrote When she laughed I don’t I don’t think

I’ve heard I’ve words in the English Language for it I’ve never heard someone Laugh like that I knew something was really wrong I just Got this really bad feeling that things Were not going to end well for me if I Didn’t do something That’s interesting because uh one of the Biggest Legends of the phase that they Will lure people to become hopelessly Lost in the Woodlands and uh yeah Yeah so that’s I mean it’s a very Classical tale I guess as far as the Fair concerned so and where better for Them to show up than you know in the Emerald Isle Ireland It sounds like this person Because they were saying that this is a Local route for a lot of the locals sure It sounds like she went into a portal Because she said everything was Different exactly that’s exactly what I Thought as well um that she was maybe Glamored fairy glamor is one of the Things that people talk about that’s Their magical ability to confuse and and Possibly take people away Um yeah it’s possible I you know I don’t Pretend to know much about uh the FAE And and all of the the connotations of That but I’m absolutely fascinated with The subject because again this is Another another topic that that has Maybe different titles around the world

But there’s a very similar line of Reasoning Behind these small diminutive Creatures that seem to be mischievous And so You know while most of us know them as The fair fairies there’s many other Names for them around the world it’s not A it’s another one of those Sasquatch Kind of things or Bigfoot you know There’s there’s these common threads of Of description across the globe but the Same is true for the FAE and so I don’t Know we’ll uh dive into that more later But what an interesting story It’s a brand new one yeah it’s I guess It came out in by TK Randall in the 24th Of this you know which is today for us So I guess maybe yesterday for him but Anyway very cool or her I don’t know if TK is a boy or a girl but very good Article I I find those really Fascinating and interesting and uh I you Know again it goes hand in hand with a Lot of different uh phenomena as as it Were so let’s get to the next one and The next one up on the news Fest tonight Is Uh coming from unexplained Uh as I’m showing these articles folks Uh you know definitely again please Check out this site it’s phenomenal site I just love this site it really is well Done and Incredibly incredibly well Maintained like a lot of sites on the

Internet you’ll you’ll get updates every Once in a while but man this this these People are right on the ball every day And and I’m breaking really really Breaking stories here on the portal that I’ve never heard anywhere else but I Hear of days later all over the place so Yeah true true I have noticed that too Yeah so uh I also would like to Encourage you to check out the weird News uh by TK Randall it’s a book it’s Available on Amazon and uh it’s a Compilation of their weird news articles And uh fantastic stuff so definitely Would like to support what they’re doing Because I find the site incredible All right let’s get to the next one from Unexplained Mothman Festival honors Point Pleasant’s Infamous Legend and if anything we can Say that’s you know while while the Birthplace for the phenomena for most of Us was Point Pleasant there does seem to Be a history of winged creatures going Way back with glowing red eyes it’s not Something that was birthed in Point Pleasant but it was where probably the Most famous account of of those that Kind of creature but they’re currently Still being seen in in the in the um the Chicago O’Hare the O’Hare Airport area Quite quite frequently surprisingly Frequently so I would encourage you to Check out Phantoms and

That’s the lawn strickler site they’ve Been really diving deep into this Phenomenon this in the reports and stuff And so if you want to hear a lot more About the Mothman you’ll find a lot more Over there and on the singular 40 in Society as well so Um let’s get to this one in C it says Crowds of revelers are expected to Descend on West Virginia this weekend to Celebrate All Things Mothman Described as a human-like entity with Wings and glowing red eyes the creature Known as the Mothman game prominence After it was cited multiple times in and Around Point Pleasant West Virginia from 1966 to 1967. The first reported sighting occurred in November 1966 when five men who were Digging a grave in a local Cemetery Described seeing a strange figure Swooping over the trees overhead The creature was seen again only a few Days later with when two couples driving Through the area encountered the Terrifying spectacle of a human-like Shape with glowing red eyes illuminated By their headlights As time went on more and more people Reported seeing the creature when 46 People died in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December 1967 Mothman Came to be associated with the disaster

The phenomenon was later also described By John Keel in his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies which was itself Turned into a movie starring Richard Gere in 2002 the Mothman is also Celebrated in Point Pleasant as a at a Festival held each year in the town Which typically features a range of Activities guest speakers exhibits Competition competitions and more this Year’s Festival is set to take place This weekend September 17th and 18th you Can check out some of the footage from One of the earlier festivals below and It really is a big thing I know a lot of People were going over there this year Um I you know maybe maybe we’ll go next Year uh if we can and represent the Portal at the at the Mothman Festival But it’s a really big Festival so Um again uh what is the Mothman I don’t Know it’s a strange one because it is an Alien is it a is it truly a harbinger of Of bad things because there was reports Of the Mothman being seen at Chernobyl Prior to the Meltdown there’s Mothman Sightings allegedly in before 9 11 in New York City and before the bridge Collapse in Minneapolis Um there was allegedly some Mothman Sightings so is it indeed a Harbinger Maybe I don’t know but that’s some of The claims that are out there so come to Your own conclusions but it’s it’s

Possible Maybe Maybe it is All right let’s get into the next one From unexplained and this Is Uh this is one from the archives and uh I guess it would take a special you know You got to be a special kind of person To be a fireman because of course it’s An incredibly dangerous job you’re Running into some incredibly dangerous Situations that’s obviously no one else Is equipped to do save a lot of lives And and uh put out a lot of fires and Save people’s homes and in a lot of Cases so these guys are incredible People and of course speaking of 911 Many of those people were nothing short Of amazing Heroes running into those Buildings even when they were coming Down to help people so there’s no Question but This is an old article from uh from from The site and it comes from December 4th Of 2011. Fire Crews reveal bizarre call outs and It’s just one paragraph fire Crews have Been called out to rescue people from Vending machines cat flaps and more In London alone the fire brigade was Called out to 417 rescues last year that Included people being stuck in a variety Of unusual objects and machines Last week for example student Danielle

Morgan had to call for help when she Became hopelessly trapped in a clothes Horse after falling off of her bed She rolls out of bed I don’t know what a Closed horse is but I’m thinking it’s One of those like the one of those uh Accordion looking rods that you hang Clothing on Um you know that they kind of expand up I’m thinking yeah I don’t know that That’s what it is but that’s what’s Coming to mind so if I’m right then cool If not I have no idea uh we asked the Public to take greater care to avoid Getting themselves into these often Ridiculous situations and to think Carefully before dialing 999 and calling Us out if there is not an emergency said Assistant commissioner Dave Brown well That was a rather short article I don’t Know well yeah I guess it’s if she Needed help she needed help I don’t know What do you do Yeah come on come on they’re scared They’re scared you know they’re gonna Call I don’t think it’s responsible to Discourage people from calling if They’re feeling scared sure I I don’t Know how how you couldn’t get out of a Clothing horse so I mean if you’re not Being choked or or you know maybe it was Really painful I don’t know maybe it was Actually a horrible situation for this Person but it does sounds kind of wild

Just getting out of bed it’s like dope You know it’s a Homer Simpson move Um but anyway so be it that’s what the Fire people do sometimes they do just Mundane things but Let’s get to the last one in our Newscast how are we doing yeah that’s About Perfect all right here’s one that Kind of shocks the hell out of me and It’s and it’s old news but there’s still Stories like this going on and and uh Even to the point of helping people Which is absolutely crazy but anyway This is from uh December 12 2011 80 year Old woman charged for feeding ducks Claire butcher face faces a possible Jail sentence for bringing food to her Local park to feed the animals officials Had previously warned the 80 year old Due to laws prohibiting the feeding of Animals multiple times following Complaints from members of the public Who saw her take whole shopping trolleys Full of food to her local park in Massachusetts being an animal lover I Couldn’t leave the animals to starve to Death she said now officials are Threatening that if she doesn’t stop she Could be charged or even given a prison Sentence I will be the first 80 year old Woman in the world who was thrown in Jail for feeding the animals she laughed What the hell it means an act of Charity Really

I I don’t understand why you know if People are are that incredibly bored They should probably take on some Charities of their own if they’re going To worry about a woman feeding some Ducks That’s just the sickening but there’s People that have that have gotten Arrested or or Lost been fined for feeding homeless People you know and it’s like why how Could you not uh honor somebody being so Charitable and giving and wanting to Help people that need the help I just I don’t understand that there’s Such a such a weird sickness in you know In our in our in our public that people Would get so bent out of shape now I Understand she was feeding them like Crack or something yeah you don’t want To do that then that shouldn’t be Happening but if it’s you know if it’s If it’s something like corn or whatever That’s good for them they all feed away Let them go you know red yeah go for it Well not even bread though Bread’s not Usually good for for ducks oh don’t feed Them bread it floats and they can get Horribly sick so bread is not a good Thing to feed him maybe that was the Complaint I don’t know but at any rate Folks this is going to conclude the news Fest for tonight hope you left your the News I hope you’re leaving the news

Knowing something you didn’t know when You came in all right let’s get back to The rest of this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] All right ladies and gentlemen We’re gonna be heading to the first Break here in just moments so don’t go Away there’ll be a lot more of the Paranormal portal to come we’re in the We’re only just finished the first half Hour so there’s a full hour and a half Left to go we’re gonna dive into a whole Bunch of cool stuff Hang on we’re going in we’ll be right Back ladies and gentlemen after these Messages How about the man who’s been talking for 10 years but he’s making the same verbal Errors he made [Applause] [Applause] This is

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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I just want to tell y’all I’m so Thrilled you’re here And I still hear that sound I’m gonna Have to kill the network over and over No that’s killed itself good okay that Sound died is so we’re all set to go Welcome to the half hour number two here On the two hour Fun Fest of the Paranormal portal and uh we get a bunch More to go to tonight and to get through We got some uh really cool stories Coming up in uh in the near future but First of all I just wanted to bring your Attention to something new that we oh I’m gonna have to do it it’s causing Trouble it caused trouble Sheldon Oh no let’s do it again I’m gonna have to spank the network and Then reconnect it Uh where do I do it here we go I got Lost all right it’s reconnecting now it Should be reconnected Okay so we’ve been Doing a new thing if you’re not already Aware of it if you’re new to the show Maybe you didn’t uh Jake Dropped a log quit chucking wood you Woodchuck Uh

See what I did there all right so um We’ve been doing this new thing on uh to Integrate our Discord Community with the Live shows here on YouTube uh and if You’re not already familiar both it’s we Do have a Discord server and uh we’d Love to have you take part over there as Well and uh you can look at the screen On uh on YouTube in the chat and see That link and I’ll put the link over in TFR if anybody wants to see it it’ll be Over there as well but we’re doing this This segment called questions of the Week and basically these are questions That are posted prior to the live shows Um where we’re just asking for your Input where what are your thoughts on These things and so this is the question Of the week That’s all I got for the intro so far Nice I’m working on it but I Or I could I could do this let me let me Just try this maybe no I can’t do that Wait I can’t I could do this maybe it’s This Questions of the week Ah it’s just a thought just a thought Folks I gotta get back to my other Screen here now that I’m doing I know What I’m doing here um but we we asked a Question and Sheldon do you want to go Into what the question this week is or For tonight’s show Absolutely so this uh today’s question

For this week is cultures around the World have spoken about small humanoid Creatures that have lived in the Wilds Of the world often referred to as the FAE do you believe these creatures exist Are they physical energetic beings or Both in your opinion First responder is 7 and 12 pearls The Cherokee called them the little People or we people an elder warned me Not to disturb them the elders said the Cherokee I don’t know how to say that T-s-l-a-g-i -s-lagi I don’t even know either but do Your best I’m not gonna say it but I spelled it um So the Cherokee would often keep their Copper pennies in bowls in their homes This was because the little people liked Copper and were more apt to take pennies Instead of their personal items I was Told that’s just that disturbing them Could anger them and that they could be Quite dangerous as well that’s all I Know about little people that’s Interesting I’ll keep uh keep a bowl of Copper around there we go yep I think It’s so sloggy or something like that oh Sloggy oh okay all right so I’m guessing But anyway okay continue sir Celtic Warrior says I’m Irish they are Known as that as well in Ireland as Little people we people folks I believe In them well there we go someone from

The Irish themselves are smiling Foreign Cx-81v2 says there are animals in every Country you will never see out in the Wild they live in your neighborhood and These are standard Critters when it Comes to the FAE and other Cryptids Perhaps they understand too well to keep Out of sight of from humans face it we Ain’t the best life form to meet if You’re new to them you’re gonna get Dissected in about three hours or Worse Yeah good point yeah Yep uh ghost magnet posted a picture Um and said this guy was in my ficus Tree can you see him yes I believe oh Cool yeah I got the picture here let me See if I can blow it up and put it on Screen here if possible I will try I’m not sure if it’ll work over here but I’ll try Nope well not really It didn’t really work but maybe I can Yeah I guess here it’ll work go go ahead And I’ll I’ll keep going and I’ll I’ll Post this up on the on the screen for The YouTube audience to see but okay Well in addition ghost magnet said I Noticed something moving out of the Corner of my eye and got my camera on Shot video when I looked closely This shot was blown up three times I saw Him his head was about two inches high In my estimation

I have other shots of small green being On a shelf in my bathroom I can upload If you want But be warned they have circles drawn Around them That they’re headed Santa Claus yeah no I’d love to I’d love to see any of this Stuff yeah yeah if you guys have any Evidence along with your opinion that’s To be awesome to see yeah absolutely Uh Rachel says yes do believe little People exist I think they’re physical They may have certain abilities that Allow them to appear non-physical There’s been talk about uh and stories About them for hundreds of years there’s The seed of Truth and us as humans have Moved on with our societies the belief May have faded In some cultures but I’ve Heard of a string of bad luck that’s Happened to one of the hosts of the Ghost story guys the ghost story guys he Mentioned the FAE and bad things started Happening So that would mean that there’s some Non-physical power that some Fae may Have that host refuses to mention the FAE or present stories about them on Their podcast anymore so I think both Physical and non-physical Fae exist oh My God and I’m worried about saying Faith this many times Um

Um I think I think that’s that they Could be both as well it could be a Multi-dimensional thing um as as per the Legends as we covered in that story Before this woman found herself in a Place she didn’t recognize at all and it Was a well-frequented area that she was Very familiar with but she was walking Down a path and was suddenly somewhere That she didn’t know so it does seem That that there’s as you suggested that There’s portals at work at least in part Of the phenomena and if that’s the case Then could they be trans-dimensional Sure maybe they’re energetic beings or Trans-dimensional beings maybe they can Exist as both I and I don’t know it’s It’s anybody’s guess really but I think There’s there’s merits to the fact that People have seen them and claimed to Have seen them fully manifest so I mean It seems as though they can choose to be Physical or at least appear that way but Uh it’s truly anybody’s guess I think I Think that there’s there’s definitely an Asset property these things and and I Find them absolutely fascinating I Really do I I love stories about people Encountering them because I I think Whenever it comes to these Legends and Especially the legends that have Survived the test of time and cultures And uh there’s got to be some Merit to That that’s not just some uh you know

Accidental mythology that was invented That’s I guess everybody else invented The same or similar mythologies perhaps You know in some in some cases those can Be just cultural bleed through just Through trading and stuff that stories Also get traded and adopted in different Cultures but The fact that like the menehuni are the The Hawaiian uh Islands version of of What I assumed to be like the FAE these Diminutive little people that you know Were incredibly magical and mischievous And and uh and and in certain times in The history worked hand in hand with the People and then at other times didn’t Like people anymore uh and there’s many Cultural Tales like that including the First Nations uh of of the Americas and So That’s that’s describing a very similar Uh phenomena and is it just by chance no I think there’s something to this I Think there’s some some something now Could they be extraterrestrial maybe Because on Sasquatch Chronicles ones he Was uh there was somebody that was Sharing a story that they had and I Found this absolutely fascinating but The guy saw a little person in the woods And I’m gonna paraphrase and butcher it I’m sure terribly but the the meat of The story was that he this thing moved Like it saw him and and moved the hunter

I think it was a hunter that saw this Little creature and the little creature Saw him and ran at surprising speed over To like a power line uh there was a There was a telephone pole or a power Pole near a clear-cut and at the base of The pole was this Barrel looking thing That this little guy jumped into and Then took off into the air well it Sounds extraterrestrial to me so could They be extraterrestrial as well yeah I Mean it’s it’s maybe all of the above And and we just don’t know enough to Draw any clear distinctions and maybe we Just don’t understand enough to Understand the phenomena at all but yeah I think there’s Merit to it so believe What you will that’s I think there’s There’s there’s reason to believe that This is a real phenomena and while it May be very rare it does happen so And ninja Dave 1970 says Cherokees also Called them the moon eyed people right And actually the Cherokee had as I Understand it and I’m not Cherokee and I’m I’m only again this is what I’ve Bumped into but the the idea is that They I’ve heard that they had two Versions of little people some were These weird bug-eyed purple beings and Others looked very much like the garden Gnomes that we are familiar with but The garden gnome ones were apparently Bastards the good ones were these little

Purple bug-eyed guys you know and uh Some somebody had a trail cam photo a Couple trail cam photos that seemed to Possibly depict this this type of Creature in Pennsylvania and it was this Weird I mean I don’t know if it’s Legitimate or not but it looked very Believable to me or at least Considerably possible uh you know nobody Knows except that the person themselves If it was something they hoaxed and it’s Getting harder and harder to tell Nowadays but if it was real he may very Well have caught one of those purple Ones you know kind of frolicking and Running through the woods two pictures One it’s further away and the other one Is closer to the camera but covering a Lot of distance so apparently they’re Very very quick so yeah there’s a very Real phenomena the question Jake was do You believe uh the in in the fairies or Fae and do you think that their their Physical or energetic sorry about that I Just clicked over there because Jay says He can’t get into Discord so I hope you Guys will get into Discord though Because I really appreciate all of the Contributions you all are making over There all of the discussions that are Going on so many things get posted over Their articles video links that people Are stumbling on like hey guys check This out what do you think of this and

And there’s discussions going on about It so it’s a fascinating wonderful Community you guys have created over There and I can’t take any credit for That either much like the chat here on YouTube you guys have created this this Family and so uh thank you for doing That though that’s incredibly amazing to Me and it’s it’s I’m just honored that’s That you guys are doing that so if You’re not already a member of the Discord get to be a member if you don’t Know how to use it it’s it’s it’s maybe Awkward at first but it’s really once You get the basics it’s very easy to Navigate Discord it’s just oh yeah it’s Just kind of unusual at first so if you Give it a little bit of time and an Experiment maybe even watch some YouTube Videos on how to use Discord you’ll Figure it out it’s it’s not that Complicated it’s just different so yeah Um Mike my question about I because I Know very very little about the FAE okay What as far as the stories depict what Is there are they just mischievous do They want anything are they trying to Trap us kind of like what you were Saying earlier how they lead us to get Lost in the woods sometimes it seems Like they’re beneficial sometimes it Seems like they’re malevolent and evil And sometimes it seems like they’re just Benign like they just are you know

Indifferent so perhaps it’s perhaps it’s The same thing like with Sasquatch that Maybe there’s some that are very Peaceful and calm and and uh you know Treat treats everything around them well And then there’s others that like to Knock over trees and you know throw Stuff and and have Tantrums so I think That there’s you know there there Probably is dynamic and robust as we are Because it’s kind of like saying are People good or are people not good And it’s just you can’t you can’t Pigeonhole people in that way there are Many wonderful good people There are also some horrible people and There’s some of the people that are just Kind of indifferent they’re just doing Their thing and want to be left alone You know there’s the whole Spectrum so I Think it’s the same for like Bigfoot for The FAE for any of this stuff maybe There’s different tribes of them or Something like that maybe maybe there’s Good tribes that that like people maybe There’s other tribes that had some real Bad experiences with people Um because people do have a tendency to To go hey what’s that I don’t know let’s Shoot it Yeah it’s like no no that’s not a way to To embrace the world around you and I’m Not saying you gotta hug everything but You don’t have to put a bullet through

It either yeah just watch it see what You think maybe you can learn something You have to you don’t have to put a slug In it no so uh Lily Pond says Dave pull up I’m sorry politis Colitis read my email on his podcast About little people I had government People stalking my house for about a Week afterwards they screeched a U-turn When I drove down the hill at them wow Well speaking speaking of uh speaking of Some serious Shenanigans I think Android Beardy posted this series of of things From a guy who was driving along on the Road with his friend and he was just Kind of videoing the road and he Realized on a mountain ridge above the Road there was standing a large creature Like possibly a giant or a Bigfoot just Standing there and it was plainly some Kind of bipedal being up there and it Looked huge even though it was so far Away and the guy’s like oh my God that’s That’s like Uh something’s up there and The other guy’s like no it’s not he goes No I’m serious it’s really there and and You see the footage and it’s interesting And the guy ends up going back to try to Go back up there but well first he Witnesses like these the the very next Day he Witnesses like these heavy Helicopters moving through the area like They’re lifting something or or getting Something out of there and then he goes

Back up to try to investigate the area To see maybe there’s tracks or whatever And he runs into a vehicle and the Vehicle says turn around and the guy’s Filming that now could it be spoofed or Hoped sure but they and then the the Soon after that the guy’s like okay I’m Turning around he turns around and then He does a video where and I don’t want To give it all away but essentially he Does a video kind of denouncing it like Oh it’s just a joke guys nothing nothing Going on here but then he releases Another video it says They made me say that there is Definitely something going on I don’t Know how much more I’ll be able to say Kind of a whispered delivery and then Tragedy happens to this guy so check it Out it’s it’s I can’t remember which Thread it’s in Um maybe maybe it was Bigfoot yeah Possibly possibly bigfooter dog man I’m Looking right now see if I can see which One it was but it’s absolutely creepy It’s absolutely this horribly creepy Chain of events and I don’t pretend to Know the truth of this I don’t know what The hell is going on or what came of it But uh yeah I don’t remember Android if You’re in the chat can you let people Know I don’t know if he’s here though I Haven’t seen him yet but yeah it’s I Don’t know oh it isn’t Bigfoot yeah it

Is okay so it’s in the Bigfoot thread on On uh on our Discord so check it out if You already remember look through those Those videos and all the links that he Posted because It made it it really gave me kind of a Sick feeling in my stomach uh at the end Like oh my God So check it out see what you think uh Jake does have a response he says yes it Could be possible then again could not But it seems that they are there but we Really don’t know Okay so it wasn’t much of an answer they Are mystical creatures though so it Makes it hard to believe and that’s true Yeah good point you can sense their Presence and it’s very weird feeling I Felt it once oh cool Yeah that is that is uh fantastically uh Possible that they are mystical and not Not physical or energetic that there’s Something else I guess probably more energetic in a Mystical sense but yeah very cool thanks Jake I appreciate your feedback brother Um okay so we got about seven minutes Left I want to jump into the tail end of An article that are only two left two Segments of that article left and then I Can close it out and get on to the next One probably in the next break after the Next break we’ll get into the next one But uh trying to get everything lined up

Here again Where is it I need the chat up here we Go okay so we’re going to go to an Article that we’ve been working through For a couple shows And we’re going to work through it some More but it’s in all white so it’s like Uh it’s like I get a sunburn every time I open it it’s a white page So all right so we’re going through this Article uh from Thought Catalog and it’s Uh from uh Stefani Shaner or shainer Stefani I don’t know which is first the Last name uh it’s paranormal Investigators reveal the most bone Chilling experiences with the other side And we’re on number 10 out of 11 so There’s only two left This is back in the 1980s my husband and I were buying a rundown run down old Houses in Denver renovating them and Renting them out Back then you could buy a home with good Bones for very little money so it seemed Like a good retirement plan for us We found a small white bungalow home That was built in 1910 it was pretty Trashed inside and out but it looked Good on if it looked like a good project For us We purchased the home and started our Renovations All the time I was inside the home I Kept looking over my shoulder because I

Could hear voices calling my name or Feel some unknown presence is standing Over me well it creeped me out Um Because I was usually all alone in the House One time I even felt a hand resting on My shoulder and when I turned around Expecting to see my husband nobody was There Then there was the red stain on the Bedroom wall I tried everything kills Spackle you name it to try to paint over That stain but the red spot kept Bleeding through It was located above about a halfway up The wall in a small bedroom that might Have been a child’s room not knowing the History of the home I simply dismissed The red stain and instead put a dresser In front of it so that potential tenants Could not see it About two weeks after buying the house I Got a panicked phone call from my Husband I hurried over to the house and He was standing in the kitchen with the Trap door down to the sea to The Cellar Lifted up I looked down and sure enough raw sewage Had seeped into the cellar all the way Up to the level of the kitchen floor oh My god oh no we called the city and they Could not explain how that happened and No other Home in the neighborhood had

Experienced this flooding the stink and Smell of that sewage was unbearable Eventually it went down and we cleaned Up the cellar from top to bottom shortly Afterwards we rented the home to a nice Young couple My husband actually knew the man from His work and said he was a very mellow Guy well two months later we received a Frantic call from his wife she was Crying hysterically and asking how she Could get out of the lease She said that ever since moving into the Home her husband turned into a different Person Moody nasty and just plain mean He became depressed and would lash out In violence for no reason Confused we canceled the lease and let Them both move out several more months Many many tenants later the same thing Kept happening over and over again Seemingly happy couples would move into The house in a short time later we’d get A call from the husband in the uh that The husband would turn into a monster Women and children moved out in the Middle of the night and several domestic Violent calls came to us from the local Police Baffled we decided to just put the house On the market and get rid of it once and For all About two years later I was reading The Denver Post and my eyes caught the

Headline woman murdered by husband on Her front porch I scanned the article and my eyes grew Wider and wider with disbelief Not only Was the address the very same old house We used to own but it said that the Husband moved into the house and Inexplicably started to beat on his wife And finally just bludgeoned her with a Well anyway when she was sleeping on the Front porch swing right in broad Daylight Uh yeah that’s horrible uh I guess that That was eventually torn down in a very Modern building stands on the ground Today you know if I wonder if the Habitants of the new Sleek a new Sleek House Experience the ill effects of whatever Macabre history still haunts that Property Yeah that’s horrible horrid horde stuff There’s one more um that was by Rose Glenn the ghost Lady of Colorado number 11 I was at the Jefferson Davis Retirement home in Biloxi Mississippi we Were in the main part of the museum Where all there’s a large order Auditorium from the moment my Investigation partner and I walked in we Had a strong sense of another presence With us we started a Spears box session And didn’t get many responses after 15 Minutes or so we turned the Spirit Box

Off and sat in silence to see if we Could hear anything or get an EMF Reading we started hearing foot Footsteps across the room but when we Walked over to investigate the footsteps Seemed to shift in the opposite or side Of the room it was as if the spirit was Avoiding us now in the auditorium there Are two sets of doors one on one side on Or says on one side there was a door Left open and we stood watching some Spikes on the EMF and I heard the Distant sound of a door closing when I Looked I saw a woman dressed in a Victorian style gown walked past the Doors I immediately took off running and Tried to look for her through the doors Only to be met by a solid glass wall Solid glass wall she looked like she was From the time period when the property Was still a plantation although I could I could only see a silhouette I am Completely certain that it was a woman From another era That was by Ryan Shaner from Colorado USA so very cool article wow Do properties hold a memory could there Be something evil yes absolutely Absolutely I have no no doubt at all can Oh yeah can properties like that’s Holding into an evil intelligence sure They say if you ever want to find out if Your house is haunted just start Renovating

Because because it does stir up the Energy whatever it is now a house like That maybe there’s no way to no way to Reconcile that or to cleanse it I mean Probably nothing this side of Jesus Anyway but uh there’s some some evil That is just so permeated into a place And uh probably something demonic or Extraordinarily Sinister if it was Formerly a person but terrifying stuff Just terrifying horrible stuff So that’s why I tell people don’t don’t Mess around with this stuff I mean don’t Don’t think it’s just another you know Another TV show you’re going to Investigate then you go home Everything’s fine whenever you’re Digging into the Paranormal you got to Be ready for possible ramifications of That you gotta have protection you got To have cleansing you got to be able to You know much like much like a Ouija Board when you investigate something You’ve got to close that it’s not just a Matter of leaving you have to close an Investigation just like you have to open It so we’ll be right back we’re going to The hour break we’ll be right back in Just a couple minutes and we’ll get to More of the Paranormal portal don’t go Away Everybody likes to play their games

They don’t understand the price I’ve Made they don’t care to comprehensive Lines upon my body flipping Stars Across My Heart rings My heart Yes Make sure that you’re well Would you like Wait Ing [Applause] [Applause] Caroline is not like those she’s with They’re attracted to the one thing about Her Very strong Strong he’s off it’s all illumination

And Earthly Pleasures Sometimes desperately desired but can’t Have anymore Right now she’s the closest thing to Dance Poltergeist are usually associated with An individual hauntings seem to be Connected with an area A house usually the guy’s disturbances Are a fairly short duration perhaps a Couple of months politics can go on for Years Laughs Thank you well there you have it folks We are back into hour number two we’ve Just hatched the second hour we just got Done with the first one And it sounds like the rain’s continuing On that but that’s not raining that’s Static I’m gonna get rid of that yeah I’m gonna get rid of that Right now Ooh almost like it through a switch or Something there huh I control the static rain All right let me connect that again So we can reinvigorate this whole whole Network thing all right there we go all Right folks so we are into hour number Two here we have a lot more to discuss

Um kind of thinking I’ve been toying with this I I do want To hit this one right away because my Golly we’ve I’ve I’ve teased it on two Shows now but since we’ve been talking About the Fate here’s the third the Third uh section that I had pulled up And and honestly I none of it was intentional I had this Article pulled up and then Sheldon and I Um did the the question last night after The show and that was just on Discord That we discussed and then I pulled up That news article and it was that was Happenstance so I’ve got three three Helpings of the FAE tonight folks so I Think it’s kind of is it just a Coincidence or or not I don’t know Serendipity Serendipity but we’re gonna Go to Phantoms and folks And of course this is lon strickler Sites a great site full of incredible Accounts and encounter stories from all Over Um but they deal with mostly 40 in Topics they do touch on UFOs and and Some ghostly stuff from time to time but Uh it’s just a Wellspring of of Resources if you’re looking for you know More more encounters about any of the Phenomena you can see on the on the side Over here there’s you know basically the The contents and you can dive into any One of these it’s great it’s also the

Home of lawn sprinklers Phantoms and Monsters 40 in research and he’s even Got a phone number there if you’ve got Any uh Cryptid or or creature sighting Or that you want to talk about or Reports you can call on through that Number or leave a message or whatever But it’s also home to Phantoms and Monsters radio the podcast that Lon does As well as a resource for a lot of us Books that he’s published and there’s There’s a bunch of them and you never Know what you’re going to find here on On Phantoms and monsters you just never Know And there’s not an ad for us so it Sounds nice because he does I do Place Ads on this site as well and uh I you Know I think it’s awesome to help Support each other and I try to I’d love To support every site that we use but I Can’t financially but Um anyway let’s get to this article Fairy voices results in terrifying Ordeal for me the Ireland woman I wonder If this is the same one we just read Yeah I think it might be actually oops Well let’s see uh Yeah it is oh yeah it looks like that Looks like it’s the same thing never Mind we got two uh Tooth Fairy articles Tonight uh and one is a repeat but good For Lon I mean he was right on that he Had it right up there too so he doesn’t

Miss a beat either wonder where he’s Where he said he got this Uh source is Dublin live yeah woman’s Terrifying ordeal yeah I guess it’s the Same one so I guess we won’t go into That but I thought it was out we had Three things but turns out we only have Two Uh and in order to get back to that I Got to close this so I guess we are Going to go to the next article that I Was going to dive into after we went Into that one and this is also from Thought Catalog and I love these stories A lot because I think You know I don’t want to ever Say that there’s one better witness than Any other that’s not what I’m trying to Say but Um some people are trained observers and I think that that can be important Because they’re you know they’re in Their jobs it’s incumbent upon them to Notice details and stuff and so a lot of These encounter reports are are more More robust than most uh and this is This is from Thought Catalog we asked Members of law enforcement about the Scariest paranormal call they’ve ever Responded to So I thought we’d dive into this what do You say Sheldon I think that sounds perfect hey you’re Not on the screen are you hold on there

You are I put you on the screen I don’t know I Didn’t actualized that one I guess sorry We asked members of law enforcement all Right here we go it’s asked Reddit Members so it’s a Reddit aggregate again Uh article but it’s by January Nelson And it was last updated January 7th 2021 Again this is on Thought Catalog so Let’s see what it says uh late one late Evening maybe a decade ago I ended up Running silent to a call with additional Units in tow the caller reported hearing Footsteps on her second floor when she Was in the kitchen and she lived alone Middle aged Divorced with no kids and Had no expected company She’s outside across the street when we Arrive obviously unnerved and being Calmed by her neighbor neighbor Other units showed up almost as I did And set up a perimeter with and at the Corners of the property well we talked To her and get permission to enter so we Decide we’ll announce ourselves and Clear the house Three of us stacked up in the front door Announced and make entry while the other Officers are viewing the windows from a Distance under concealment She was in the midst of making a really Late dinner so the house smelled really Good I remember how good it smelled anyway we

Clear the ground level and make our way Up the stairs when we hear it Obviously footsteps on the wood floors Above us Not a panicky oh my God I’m caught Footsteps and running to hide or Escape Nope these were calm methodic and almost Pace-like We announced ourselves again in no Response except the pacing just starts To sort of fade away Quietly I make my way up the steps Adrenaline pumping and concentrating on The corner at the top I stop a few stairs shy of the corner Breathe and proceed up The hallway at the top was Pitch Black And after successfully clearing the top Slash Corner we make our way down the Hallway clearing rooms Nothing nobody not even a critter not That any Critter would have made what I Describe as very human footsteps on Hardwood After the initial search a few of the Other officers involved also checked Every nook and cranny bed closet rack Hell even the washer and dryer Appliances and cupboards and were Thoroughly searched nothing was out of Order No nobody was hiding anywhere Well eventually eventually we invite the Lady back into our residence and

Reassure her that there was nobody in There and we equated their noise to Maybe wood shrinkage or expansion of the Home None of the officers outside and and After our initial search had seen Anybody leave at the top or bottom Floors or Windows the house had no Indications that anybody tried to leave To force or tried to force a window or a Door Well I stayed behind for about 30 Minutes once the other officers cleared The call and waited while her friend Showed up to stay the night with her I Went over basic security measures with Her and double checked all our windows And doors were not compromised well she Fed me well done lasagna and I as I Waited and to this day I’m convinced That I interacted with another dimension Of life that day Yeah the the old the old the old uh Disembodied footsteps is kind of a Paranormal classic really and and that Doesn’t mean it’s an active haunting now The interesting thing was is that it Faded away as they were going to Investigate and I think I don’t know if That’s if that’s indicative of an Intelligence or not it could just be an Imprint a psychic imprint of some kind Again they didn’t seem like there were Hectic steps or even methodical they

Were just uh you know kind of plain Ordinary walking around so could that Just be an imprint maybe it’s not really Clear whether that’s intelligent I actually have a question about um Energies uh as far as like dark energies Um Is it Do you think it’s I don’t know if I Should say possible anything’s possible But I’ll just say it do you think it’s Possible that A lot of negative energies in themselves Like that rating off people like um if I’m mad or I’m in an environment a lot Of people matter suffering or whatever The case may be that those energies in Itself can culminate and spawn something Oh I see what you’re talking so like Yeah does the imprint make a Consciousness at some point Yeah yeah I mean it’s it may I I don’t Think anybody can speak with authority On that but I really do believe that we Are fundamentally powerful creators that We create our our experience and Incredibly so not just hey I’m gonna Have a good day so I had a good day I Created that I mean like we we do create Things and I think it’s probably by Virtue of our process here in which is To learn and in my opinion again I can’t Speak for everybody just that’s what Makes sense to me so is it possible that

As people are emanating these emotions That they culminate into something According to Amy Allen on the the what Is that called the The Dead Files uh she She indicated that that that would be Possible in several shows and she Indicated that even houses can have like The house itself can be a personality And some houses just don’t like some People and don’t want them in there and We’ll we’ll allegedly actively try to Drive them out Um I I mean it’s it’s possible I don’t Know I I don’t pretend to know for sure But it kind of makes sense to me that You know if if if energy culminates can It can it become aware and if it becomes Aware can it grow and can it become Something it seems to make sense to me But I would be I would be lying to tell You that I knew that for sure I don’t Know But it’s kind of like kind of like to Help us actually you know what it Probably is possible because of the Tulpas sure yeah I think people Um uh inadvertently create topos Probably quite often uh yeah you know I Mean we just project our fears into our Worlds and and if we project it hard Enough for long enough perhaps it can Gain a consciousness Much like a poltergeist uh but anyway Um number two mine was an Old Cherokee

Lady who had set legit Cherokee snares And booby traps around her house for the Spirits coming after her I was talking to her in her bedroom About the children who come through the Walls I was like what children well she Pointed next to me and said there’s one Right there Gave me a massive hit on the Willies oh Geez so that’s more of a claim but uh You know I believe again we there are People that are very sensitive and can See this stuff uh allegedly quite easily And commonly so I I I’ve often said that I think if we suddenly became aware Fully aware We would realize that we are swimming in An ocean of spirits I mean that there’s Consciousnesses around us all the time But I don’t mean to to imply that all of Those consciousnesses are aware of us And uh or or vice versa you know we’re Not aware of them they’re not aware of Us but you know whether that’s a a Multiverse kind of thing or what I don’t Know but but I think that’s you know we Are alive in a world of spirit and Energetic presences so Um number three military policemen in The Marine Corps While stationed at Camp Lejeune a Dispatcher got a call from a terrified Wife that kids were trying to get into Her house

I was a little it was a little after Midnight and we thought this was just a Drunken spouse call and responded not on High alert just kind of wanted to make Sure the lady was all right We knock on the door and announce Ourselves the woman is obviously shaken Still with puffy eyes she tells us four Children with red eyes rang her doorbell And asked to come inside and when she Refused they got angry the kids Terrorized her for for the five minutes Her own child was put to bed and her Husband was deployed I decided to do a Once-over of the whole housing property And it was a whole lot of nothing going On My partner and I decided to do a little Walking Patrol of that housing area in Each housing area there’s usually a Decent sized playground as we’re walking Up to it we both see some kids swinging Curfews at 8 pm for young children Unless accompanied by an adult on base I’m absolutely spooked at this point and I know my partner is too They look over at us and just stare We started backtracking and then turned And didn’t look back didn’t talk about It the rest of the night either Later on I looked up the incident online Since Lejeune is famous for a lot of Paranormal Activity and turns out the Little red-eyed kids have been reported

Before Wow Sounds like black eyed children except Red-eyed children yeah that’s that’s a Weird one again Um I I think I think it’s kind of funny He’s he’s admitting they did not do Their job because they were not going to Pursue that at all they were just like Nope we’re done there’s kids swinging Over there even though 8 PM is curfew Nope let’s go back time for a coffee Time coffee time Sorry do you have a call for chance we Do have a call I guess we should get to that call let’s See what’s going on here Um this is area code 517 you’re on the Air Hey Brett hey who are we talking to Hey it’s uh West End it’s been a long Time no call oh how you doing last good To hear from you brother everything Going good Ah so far I actually uh Are you there Oh Last do we lose yeah Yeah it looks like we lost the call it Just Went out Huh Let me try it oh there it goes oh there We go are you there

Can you hear me yeah we can hear you now What happened yes I don’t know Wow okay but uh So yeah uh I actually quit the elevator Last year for a little They hired me back oh okay Are you there we did uh okay yeah can You hear me yeah it’s just it’s like It’s dropping out there’s two dropping Out or something it’s just very strange But keep going you you you quit the Elevator but they hired you back you Said Yeah okay so A lot of the spirits around there I made Peace with before I left oh cool yeah Well I worked the last couple nights there at The elevator and It’s been all kinds of crazy really oh Man what’s going on yeah Well for one thing blowing the train Usually have all kinds of problems What Some Moses can be It was like Silk wow Well I think with all the everything Running They get a lot of power And they can actually do stuff Wow I actually talked with Sean about This a little bit okay And he said he thought that that might

Be what was happening Um They probably had so many problems Yeah that could that makes a lot of Sense I mean there’s there’s ghosts Investigators or paranormal Investigators that bring out em pumps And they are supposed to help charge the Atmosphere so the spirits are more Energetic and and present so I suppose If things are running it works kind of The same principle Yeah I mean well we’re running a lot of 480 and plus power oh yeah running Everything sure wow So they’re not bothering you though are They No they’re actually happy I was back oh Very cool That’s cool that’s a good that’s a good Thing Not not like they were in the uh It wasn’t like the last time I called When the shells or morphine and yeah Everything was chasing me yeah that was Creepy man that was definitely creepy But yeah Go ahead Oh sorry even uh the ghost that lives in A house basement the oldest part of the Elevator It seemed like he was happy to see me Back I think that’s that’s probably you know

True because I think I think that Sometimes Spirits just don’t like new People around but after you’ve after You’ve proven yourself maybe it’s like Oh yeah we like this guy you know like Anything else I mean the only thing Difference between between the spirit And another person is that they don’t Have skin so I mean it’s still the same Personalities so maybe they’re just like Who’s the new guy I’m not going to waste My time with this idiot but then after You after you prove yourself and and They get to know you it’s like oh it’s Pretty good So I think you’re right But there is like when I went back to Help mhm With all the spirits that was still There that never crossed over it was Like I was a welcome home Oh that’s cool That’s really cool That’s a great ending to what was Otherwise a terrifying tale man Yeah wow So are you back there for good or is This just a temporary thing Uh it was temporary for right now okay Um The one Guy that was in charge After me

He’s probably leaving so because I’m Working at the other Elevator that’s part of the same Collaboration okay yeah so I don’t know If I’m gonna get pulled back because The one in Blissfield or stay at the one I’m at oh I see Well whatever I want over there to help Them with uh a train because I mean I worked there for almost a Decade right yeah you know your way Around yeah Wow yeah Well you’ll have to keep us posted man As you’re as you’re there how about the Other uh the other site nothing going on Over there Ah there’s a couple of things going on But I haven’t been there overnight to Really see what really is going on yeah Yeah that’s true but no keep us posted It used to be an old coal yard oh okay Huh so the mains all around the Midwest Would ship there and then they’d ship it Out east oh okay Well and you go down underneath the Office and there’s still punks of coal About one foot by two foot oh wow okay And that stuff holds a lot of energy oh Yeah absolutely wow I got I got I Grabbed one So you know I was kind of thinking it’d Be kind of funny to give my kids for Christmas

Okay Yeah Yeah I got that for that one The hell you’re giving them coal Pretty much oh that’s hilarious Well that’s good man I’m glad that it’s That is peaceful and uh everything Settled down for you but I think you’re Right I think it’s just you proved Yourself and so they just kind of Decided to accept you Well I know it’s talking with you guys And Tron and Deb Before I left I kind of made peace with Them because I I wasn’t quite I didn’t Feel like I was quite done with them yet Sure But I was done with the people I was Working yeah well and and it turns out You’re right because now you’re back There as well so yeah keep us posted Though brother I’d love to hear uh if Anything else pops up let me know I will Um There’s a it’s been a while because Since I switched jobs and switched back I haven’t quite get back on the routine Yet oh okay How long is the Friday show go or Saturday You did what I’m sorry How long is the show go on the weekends It’s a two it’s been a while since I

Tuned in yeah it’s a two-hour show so 7 P.M Pacific to 10 or to nine PM Pacific So if you’re in central time it’s like What nine to Midnight 9 to 11 I guess 9 to 11. yeah Yeah So yeah Another half hour Yeah I guess so yep but uh yeah brother Thanks for calling in yeah cause I’m on East Coast oh you are okay yeah well we Got yeah we all have another half hour To go then yep After this all right brother well let’s Get back to your story all right man Well thanks for calling in it’s great to Hear from you again Thank You Les all right good talking to You guys again all right take care Brother take care Bye That’s cool I I think that’s wonderful Around for a long time and then he Wasn’t but I suppose if he’s not he’s Not up or not uh not able to listen then That’s one thing but yeah He had a hell of a time for a while he Was seeing all kinds of crazy stuff and Uh they were definitely testing his Metal but I’m glad to hear that there’s A there’s a good ending to that you know Yeah push through their initiation or Whatever they were doing yeah it’s like Yeah it’s almost like a frat you know

The whole hazing it’s like The Hazing You went through yeah but I guess they Decided he was okay that’s wonderful You just never know and I guess you know It probably is kind of like a like kind Of like a club to them I mean this is This is where they live this is their Home or where they’re staying for Whatever number of reasons so they Probably don’t just accept everybody It’s like well you gotta you know you Gotta earn being here and it’s not not Unlike working in a new job you know oh Yeah you know people at the job that Have been there a long time they’re not Impressed just because you walked in the Door you got to prove it so it’s kind of The same thing So ladies and gentlemen we’re gonna go To the break here and then we’re going To come back and dive into uh probably Another couple of these stories and I’m Going to go over and uh hit uh Sasquatch stories and uh we’ll see Where we end up but don’t go away There’s still a lot more to come Gosh that sounds noisy doesn’t it Yes it does it’s like the ocean waves All right we’ll be right back Foreign

[Applause] Welcome back ladies and gentlemen I just Was trying to figure out why my lights Are Blinky because I have them on a Setting that’s supposed to be a slow Fade it lights half the half of the the Chain and then slowly fades in the other Half of the chain lights up but now They’re on this Blinky thing and I’m Like when did that start I know the Batteries are getting low though so it Could be just something very mundane but I just was surprised because normally They they don’t switch but they did They’re doing the Blinky thing now and If they were at full battery it’d be Like obnoxious but they are at low Battery because they’re not getting so

Bright So just another Oddity what can I say Holy emoticons Jake oh God Jake Just Whipped up a salad bar there in chat Find the one that appears twice he says Oh all right well I don’t know I I don’t Have time to search because it’s Incumbent upon me to give you guys a Show and by God that’s what I’m going to Give you so um welcome everybody to the Show thank you to all of you who are Tuning in and have been here throughout The night uh I see wow can that be right No it’s not right okay yeah it was weird My my counter on on YouTube said like 27 I’m like no we got more than that okay Well mine says 58 so yeah that’s what Mine went to now but yeah It’s just a techie weird night for me I Don’t know what’s going on but we are Gonna dive into some uh stories from our Good friend Mr Wes groomer on Sasquatch and I I’d like to remind People that of course Sasquatch Chronicles is an amazing podcast it’s Just incredibly well done and and the The accounts and encounters that people Share on there are just you know amazing Nothing short of amazing but Sasquatch is actually a Phenomenal site as well and if you head Over there you’ll find a lot of things Are posted on there either to do with Other shows or the even listener emails

That are written in that that aren’t Necessarily covered on full episodes People submit their stories and so they Get posted over there as well So if you aren’t already doing it make Sure to check out Sasquatch the the official site of Sasquatch Chronicles because it’s a Great resource and a special thanks to Wes for letting us utilize that For the show Um We’re going out here which one oh that’s The main page I didn’t want that so I Got three three of them pulled up right Now Um that I wanted to cover tonight just To deal with some Sasquatch creature Um reports because I like to do a Balance in the shows as much as possible So I think it’s about time to get Squatchy what do y’all say Sounds good to me okay well you are now The spokesman spokesperson’s children I guess so Sheldon will speak for all of You and uh all right let’s get into this And the first one up is from September 15th uh again on Sasquatch there he goes to give it The proper homage there’s the logo and Uh it’s from September 15th I was Grabbed by one of these creatures A listener writes back in 1991 I was and I don’t want to say attacked but I was

Grabbed by a Sasquatch and thrown Against my trailer and held there for About 30 seconds by a female Sasquatch That has got to be about the most Frightening freaking thing that could Happen to you oh yeah I don’t know if there’s a man or woman Writing this but uh you know not that it Matters but but any any one of these Things puts their hand on you and and Presses you up against something it Could seriously shatter your ribs and Stuff I mean there’s just so much power And strength and you don’t know what It’s doing is it like looking for the Good meat or what you know or is it just One to check out I don’t know but I Would be absolutely well I guess it must Be a guy says I was six foot 240 pounds At the time and I could bench press About 500 pounds I was also in the Military and after I told this story to Some of the Rangers at the ranger Battalion in Fort Lewis I was given a Top secret briefing on what the whole Situation is with Sasquatch I was also in the Army National Guard For the state of Washington and one of My squad leaders was told was told me About his encounter with 10 Sasquatch After Mount Saint Helens blue It’s been more than 25 years so I can Actually tell you the whole story Wow I hope West does an episode on this

That’s amazing us he said spoke to the Eyewitness and said his first encounter Was during training at Fort Lewis he Said I saw five figures running on the Ridge and I asked the commander if we Were supposed to have visitors and I Will never forget what he said he said I Never thought I’d see another one Then he explained to me what the five Figures were Sasquatch wow That’s uh that’s got to be intense you Know and it’s amazing to me the amount Of sightings and encounters people have Around military bases and granted Military bases are kind of by definition Secluded they don’t usually put them Right in close proximity to towns and Stuff although they are sometimes their Own town I can’t say that conclusively Because I’m not a military guy but when You were when you were in the fort Sheldon did were they in uh like a Distant area or were they right in the In the cities Now there’s one that’s like right in Downtown St Paul oh okay and that’s well Yeah okay I should know that that’s Where the air the air guard is right yes Yeah okay yeah I should know that but um Oftentimes they’re out in the out in the Sticks out in the woods for the for like Uh you know training with with ranges And and uh different weaponry and stuff

So I guess if you’re out in the forest I Guess you can expect that but it is Curious So whatever the story is I I hope that Uh that Wes will be doing a episode with The guy because that sounds like a very Interesting take It’s it’s a broad claim it’s a pretty Bold claim but you know if the guy has Has the background to to validate it Then yeah it’d be interesting to hear All right let’s get to the next one and This is from Sasquatch Chronicles blog September 23rd Structure near our home A listener writes we live in rural Tennessee our home is on deep is on deep In the woods along the Ridgeline in our Backyard quote unquote near a Trailhead Off into the woods we recently spotted This X tree structure and for those of You that are on YouTube you can see that As the picture is depicted here but um Yeah it’s it’s interesting I guess it looks it could be made and Not just Fallen but Um let’s see It’s its location has always given me The creeps although there isn’t much Reasoning behind it the structure itself Is trippy because the tree that that Forks is still very much rooted while The limb wedged into that fork is a Stand-alone branch and it has no roots

It’s pretty weird there’s Deadfall Everywhere out here and trees literally Grow in the right angle and upside down U shapes I wonder if this is something Different Side note our neighbor across the way Was talking about bear hunting out a Year years ago and said that there’s Also stove pipe Bears they will run Around they will run your coonhound to Death and never climb up the trees they Are tall and skinny and run on two legs They call them stove pipe Bears it Sounds like Sasquatch I’d sound less crazy if they were just Call it what it is a damn Bigfoot To death and never climb up the trees Huh Tall and skinny and run on two legs yeah I mean Bears just don’t do that I mean I’ve only seen I call it a bear at all Like I don’t know but again it’s Probably an old Regional name I mean you Know again people call them wild men They call them you know every name under The sun Um so maybe it’s an old Regional name That just still survives stove pipe Bears this is an interesting one though Um but that is that’s a pretty peculiar Yeah there’s another picture I’ll put a Link to this in the TFR chat for bam so You can check it out because Bam’s over There as is Jake Fortes and as his

Gemini do you want to do shout outs Sheldon quick I realize we haven’t done What we got here if you guys want shout Outs go ahead and um make sure to chat It up in YouTube chat oh Jake’s been Over there talking a bunch okay go ahead Sorry all right so we have 12 pearls Batman D oceans Deb Varner Eric AKA Purple Hobbits ghost magnets Jake Fortes Jessica mink Jimbo hello Jimbo Karen Aldberg Lily yeah yeah that’s right I remember Uh Lily Pond Louis ta And Maggie M10 ninja Dave You’re here Rachel’s here raspberries I’m here at t-bully 13 and Wonder Woman That’s all we got in YouTube chat oh That’s fine that’s plenty great thank You guys for being here and I’m sure There’s more out there just listening And that’s fine too you don’t have to Chat we’re just glad you’re here thank You all so much for being here as part Of the journey again it’s bam Jake and Gemini over in uh in the TFR so I put The link over there for you yeah Jake Your double dipping he says me over In the dfr chat thank you Um all right we’re gonna get to the last One here from Sasquatch Chronicles blog And then we’ll probably if we got time We’ll visit another from lawn site which Is actually one I haven’t read before so

We’ll get to that in just a second but This is uh from September 24th so it’s Brand new and this and it’s titled it Looked like a ninja as it ran And that’s kind of a big thing I I think When you’re looking at Footage of pro proposed footage of of Bigfoot running through a Forester Walking through a forest and one of the Big things that I think is is is pretty Amazing is that they really do I’ve Never seen one run and I’ve never seen Credible footage of one running but I’ve Read a lot of witness accounts and and Heard a lot of witness accounts of Watching them run and consistently It almost defies imagination both both With the speed And with the gracefulness that they move They aren’t like what you would consider Like a lumbering Hulk you know boom boom Which they you would king you’d think That that’s how they would just navigate Through the forest and sometimes it Sounds like there because they’ll run Right through brush and impossible Debris just to charge or you know to to Intimidate people like people say it Sounds like like a damn truck we’re Running through the brush and uh um but What do what people describe is an Incredibly graceful life agile being Even the large large ones so many people Say I can’t believe it moved that fast I

Couldn’t believe that it could move like That nothing moves that fast and uh Another thing is that you know again Dealing with the the agility of them and You can see it on the on the the Patterson gimlin film about Patty when She’s walking her head’s not going up And down it’s it’s on a plane so the way That she is walking is absolutely Keeping her head steady And that’s a that’s a real common top Predator trait and and another other Animals as well but you know obviously If they’re you know have to hunt or Survive and stuff if they’re running in Their heads Bob and they won’t be able To track in motion as much watch Cheetahs running and and it’s this Incredible this incredible display of These exploding legs legs are just doing The Scooby-Doo thing all over the place But their head is just on a plane and They’re so dialed into it and it’s this Amazing you know this amazing ability to Keep their their vision and focus clear And yet there they discuss this whole Disaster of flying limbs behind them Propelling that but unbelievable speeds But that’s what it sounds like when People see Sasquatch so whenever you’re Watching a video it’s like would this be A Sasquatch so this is one it was a Video video taken from apparently an Eagle nest Cam and there’s a bunch of

Fallen logs down on the ground and There’s this figure it’s all dressed in Dark it’s you know looks dark big and Bulky and people said is this a Sasquatch but as you watch it it looks Just like a person very clumsy very Tentative taking the steps and and by Every description when people see these Things moving in the wild they are Absolutely Um eloquent in their motions it’s just So precise and and not like a fumbling Man or woman going through the forest so Let’s see what this person says A listener writes the encounter took Place on January of 2020 while I was Working for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife where I was conducting Stream surveys on the local coho salmon Population The position was a seasonal gig that Went from October 1st to January 10th I was doing stream surveys which consist Of hiking in in waders down a three or Four down to three or four streams that Flow into the Columbia River I was counting the live co-host salmon Deceased ones and there’s their uh Reds And their Reds which are the nests where They make for their eggs The encounter took place on a section of Mill Creek which is a watershed that These salmon were reproducing in and That day I was working the upper Mill

Creek survey which was the highest Upriver on that Creek when that we Recovered or that we covered To get to the start of the survey point My partner drove me in the uh what does That say a warehouser Logging Road to a Drop-off point Uh he would then park the truck Downstream of me on the road where my Survey was completed After he dropped me off I still needed To hike about half a mile down the Decommissioned Road where they removed Two culverts and placed some Boulders Across the road to block vehicle access There was a point on the road where I Was to drop downhill and head out to the Creek to begin my survey As I was hiking up this decommissioned Road I was approaching the point where I Needed to drop into the forest The creature I saw was pretty much Across the road from where I was heading To enter the forest The scariest part is that it was Standing right where I was going before I got off the road It saw me before I saw it in fact I am Sure I would have walked right up to it If it didn’t move It ran uphill from from the creek and Was about two feet above the trees The trees it ran through were previously Clear-cut and replanted and they were a

Little over five feet tall Because I was slightly taller than the Trees I went back to the location the Following year where I noticed the game Trail it must have been running on it Looked like a ninja as it ran perfectly Smooth steps and I didn’t hear a sound If I wasn’t looking in that direction I Would have never known it was there I saw it from about the chest and Shoulders on up it was jet black even in The sunlight almost as if it was Absorbed the Sun It had a cone-shaped head which I have Never seen before in the animal kingdom I have a degree in evolutionary biology Do you know anything about the skull Shape I was unable to notice any facial Features because it was running to the Left and I only saw the left side and The back of its head The encounter freaked me out because I Was about to start a stream survey that Lasted well over two hours and I didn’t Know if it would tell its family I was There and they would hunt me or Something like that My head was on a swivel the entire time Wow So Yeah and that’s that’s a common reports It’s the conical or the sagittal crests Which is a bone Ridge that goes all the

Way in Peaks at the top creating what Looks like a cone-shaped head So when you see Patty she has kind of a Cone-shaped head The Patterson gimlin film of course is What I’m talking about but yeah very Cool very cool stories and again special Thanks to Wes for letting us cover that But yeah the motion of these things is Is amazing I I you know again I’d love To see one but I’d love to see it Over there you know I don’t I don’t want To see one where I’m like right up on it And it’s there and it’s looking at me And you don’t know I mean do I believe That they go out of their way to hurt People absolutely not I think that they Generally are are peaceful and and just Want to do their thing with our absence They don’t they don’t want our presence But I still you just don’t know because There are those stories out there and And are they credible I don’t know that Either they could be and if they are Where people claim to have been attacked Or seen somebody killed there’s there’s Several stories out there of people that Have been that have been killed by these Things do I oh yeah do I know that They’re true no but do I know that They’re false no some of them come from The reservation uh especially I think Down in the Navajo res or somewhere

Um in in around Arizona in the forest of The the Mogan Ridge and such maybe or New Mexico but some of the stories are Absolutely horrific Um I think it was Brenda Harris who Talked of a few of those uh on the res And and their their frightening stories And so I don’t know maybe the person Crossed them maybe something happened Maybe the guy the person took a shot at Him who knows but in any case They they have the ability to be Absolutely lethal with oh yeah with no Problem just you know just like Done you know so It’s a terrifying Prospect but I don’t Know that that’s the case but I don’t Think you know I think Wes used to say This on his on his show all the time and I thought this is brilliant you don’t go Up and try to pet a grizzly bear It might not want to kill you but you Still don’t go up and pet it and that’s A good takeaway because we don’t know And I think to err on the side of this Is a a gentle peaceful creature well God I hope so I really do but I I don’t know That But again maybe it’s a range of emotion May a range of characters maybe there’s Some Dangerous Ones maybe there’s some Wonderful sage-like ones out there too Maybe there’s a cross-section of both or In between

But would You Bet Your Life on it I I Wouldn’t oh it’s going to say the same Thing yeah I mean it’s it’s not enough To Bet Your Life on because yeah you Could you could get a sage but then Again you could get the the angry old One I don’t know you know the really Crabby one that wants to like tear your Face off because you’re there and it Doesn’t like people I’m not saying I’m Not trying to tell people to be afraid Of them I just think it’s just important To be cautious because you don’t know And you don’t know which version you’re Getting if they do have that that great Spectrum of behavior which version are You going to deal with you don’t know They don’t have they don’t wear like Certain shirts if they’re evil they they Just are there so kind of like your Neighbor that’s on the same street as You you respect their boundaries and to Them you’re in their neighborhood so if They tell you to leave it’s probably Best you respect their boundaries Amen amen I agree but we got about five Minutes do I got time for this I think So okay so we’re gonna go back to uh Phantoms and monsters and I already Covered what Phantoms and monsters is to Anybody that’s not familiar with it and This is a Sasquatch and crawler humanoid Experiences on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska almost said Africa God I was

Still thinking about cheetahs and stuff I guess but anyway a First Nation Alaskan man recalls experiences with Sasquatch and he also describes an Encounter that he had with his father uh That he and his father had had with what Seemed to be a white crawler humanoid And that’s the rake or ghoul that’s just Another name for them so I live in Anchorage Alaska I’m 30 years old and I Was born and raised here I’ve been in the outdoors fishing since I was a very young and grew up as a Fishing guide There are things in these Woods besides Sasquatch I need to know what they are And now to be and how to be prepared My first experience happened when I was Eight years old at around the year 2000. My dad and I were on the local River in The Kenai Peninsula fishing for King Salmon in mid-june we got to the river Around 9pm and it was my dad’s routine To fish all night from around 9 to 10 pm Until early in the morning At around 3 A.M the king salmon run up The river really well in the middle of The night and during that time of the Year It never gets dark only for about an Hour Then it starts to get light again and my Dad fished all night as I sat at the Camp on a chair in the bank playing my

Game boy We each had our limit of two King Salmon Each by about 2 A.M so we packed up and Started to walk the trail back to the Parking lot I was about a mile or so hike and at That time of night there was no one else Fishing and it would always creep me out Having to hike back in the dark carrying Fish That night we were followed by something And that that was breaking sticks and Making this crazy hooping and hollering Sound My dad said to keep close and that it Was just a bear But I knew from the sound of my dad’s Voice and his hiking speed increased That he didn’t think it was just a bear Either See that’s what sucks when Sasquatch Does that to innocent people especially When they’re on their way home Another time while driving out on a dirt Road out from that same river at around 4 AM or so we both saw this figure on The side of the road it was whitish gray With no eyes no mouth or nose and it was Very skinny It was just standing on the side of the Road like a hitchhiker would We slowed down as we got close thinking It was a local guy or something but as We got closer we both realized it

Definitely was not human We looked at each other with wide eyes And say at the same time what the hell Was that After we pass it my dad steps on the gas And we go flying down the dirt road Faster than we ever had before One Summer while working in the Parks And Recreation Department when I was 21 I was on the crew with a Native Alaskan Guy who was about 50 or so one day we Get a a talking and we asked about a Sticker I have on my van it’s a Sasquatch holding a fish yes why do you Have that sticker on your car do you Believe in Sasquatch I said that I do Believe and that there’s a lot of stuff In those woods I have no clue about and Then not many people like to talk about He told me that he was from Dillingham Where they called him the hairy man and That he’s seen a few he sat around Dealing him they’re not friendly and to Be careful while hunting or fishing in The Deep Woods He told me a story of what he and his Wife went out on their boat up the river To go fishing They pull off into a black Chan a back Channel and to go to do a slow that was Looking looking for fish His wife says stop look There was a hairy man standing in the Water looking straight at them

He cuts the engine and just stands there Looking pissed Like they had blown up his fishing hole It takes a few huge steps and is out of The slew and makes this crazy loud roar And has gone within seconds He turns the boat around and heads back Down the river I asked him why people don’t talk about This more because people need to know About these things and he said the white Man just laughs at the native people’s Stories and calls it folklore and Dismisses his people as crazy So I even try to tell them anymore I Nodded and agreed So it was a transcribe a post’s Sasquatch experience therapy session Shared the facts by so That was from Steve isdall’s show but uh What a great story but ladies and Gentlemen that’s it for us Remember we love you all be good be kind Be nice take care of each other help Each other out find the magic and Everything and remember to laugh as much As you can we’ll be back on Wednesday Night for the live show and look for the Podcast coming out uh in the next couple Days it’s our interview with Jim Vieira Of the lost lost Giants from History Channel so take care guys good night Good night