Did Scientists Discover An Ancient Aliens Civilization Underwater?

By | September 25, 2022
Did Scientists Discover An Ancient Aliens Civilization Underwater?

Today we're going to talk about aliens UFOs 
uaps some more aliens and the deep blue sea   Because as we hunt for aliens by beaming 
out signals and peeking into the cosmos   With our giant telescopes it may be 
worth considering that aliens might   Not be creeping or crawling around alien planets 
but rather floating around under our own oceans Orbit beyond the blue astrobiologists and 
scientists for long have been wanting to   Hunt for alien life on the subsurface oceans of 
Jupiter's moon the late 2030s are already being   Touted as a launch Target for an alien Ocean 
Explorer for NASA but before we go hunting the   Oceans of alien moons why haven't we considered 
hunting our own oceans for extraterrestrial life   More than 80 percent of our oceans have never 
been explored or mapped by any humans or human   Technology we know more about the surface of the 
Moon and Mars than we do about our own oceans   I'd say we have been pretty complacent when it 
comes to exploring our oceans but why should we   Be looking for alien life in particular in 
oceans you ask here's why U.S Navy and UFOs   Recently reports have emerged that the 
U.S Navy has had multiple encounters with   Unidentified aerial phenomena these documents 
describing these encounters are classified   The U.S Navy holds unseen videos of unidentified 
flying objects UFOs or unidentified aerial   Phenomena UAP as the Department of Defense 
prefers to call them but will not release   The footage publicly because it would harm 
National Security a Navy spokesperson said   Claim The Black Vault a privately run Archive 
of classified documents that are hell-bent on   Getting the U.S Navy reports Declassified in 2019 
U.S Navy warships were swarmed by uaps filmed in   The combat information center of the USS Omaha 
there is even corroborative electro-optic data   Demonstrating a significant UAP event Series in 
a warning area of San Diego here's the footage And wrote a position to us experience 
might be helpful too hi Zone yeah 781 just sped up to 40 s knots 50 knots closing in Oh actually 38 now that's fine so that was pretty 
much perfectly zero zero zero relative right yeah   Yeah two six three and three miles 55 yards 
speed Avi lope a Harvard astrophysicist   Who doesn't hesitate to swim in the shock 
infested waters of controversy is proposing   A major effort to find aliens in our solar 
system perhaps even planning an expedition   To retrieve fragments of a meteor from 
the ocean floor yes eight years ago a   Meteor believed to have been two feet long 
entered Earth's atmosphere at more than 100   000 miles an hour before exploding into tiny hot 
fragments and falling into the South Pacific Ocean   By analyzing the debris he is hoping to determine 
the object's Origins even going so far as to make   The extraordinary suggestion that it could 
be a technological object created by aliens   The public has been whipsaued by stories of UFOs 
uaps and more for several decades UFO Believers   Have been belittled by serious scientists for 
making extraordinary claims without offering any  

Extraordinary evidence now comes a credentialed 
researcher who actually seems ready to step in   To help it's about time we do pay some attention 
to these stories instead of straight up dismissing   Them underwater alien civilization under the 
Atlantic Ocean there are many legends about the   Atlantic Ocean Lost Cities giant pyramids little 
mermaids but Jokes Aside some of the accounts do   Make one wonder whether there actually is some 
degree of credibility to these Tales after all   There's been a case where a mysterious red glow 
was spotted over the Atlantic Ocean by a pilot one   That sent the internet into a tizzy with dozens 
of theories including comparison to The Stranger   Things underwater portal another one was when a 
Google Maps image filled a bizarre pyramid-like   Structure at the bottom of the Atlantic not to 
mention the pilots who claimed to have flown into   An underground city via a portal at the bottom 
of the ocean only to be greeted by intelligent   Beings who warned against the use of nuclear 
energy many accounts were later withdrawn or   Classified or disproved but still makes one wonder 
doesn't it weird creatures spotted at Ocean Floors   Scientists from the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration NOAA have discovered   Never-before-seen creatures in the deepest 
trench in the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico   These bizarre creatures have never been spotted in 
any other region and this is the first time they   Have made an appearance scientists are baffled as 
to where they originated from and their biology   The oceans and its creatures have always been 
a mystery and also been touted as biologists   As what aliens could look like a controversial 
study conducted by 33 scientists from around   The world even suggests in all seriousness that 
octopuses could indeed be extraterrestrial beings   The octopus is traditionally considered 
to come from the nautiloid having evolved   About 500 million years ago but that 
relationship doesn't explain why   They are so very different Genetically 
speaking from their alleged ancestors   To make matters even more strange it goes on to 
say that octopuses could have arrived on Earth   As an already coherent group of functioning genes 
within cryo-preserved and fertilized octopus eggs   On icy meteors the theory that octopuses could be 
extraterrestrial beings is just a small part of   A much more extensive Theory called panspermia 
the argument that life was brought to Earth by   Celestial bodies like Comics or meteors what do 
you think the mystery holes on ocean floor mystery   Holes have been spotted on the ocean floor that is 
baffling scientists these holes were discovered by   Oceanographers earlier this year and they have 
no idea what made them or how they came about   However UFO experts are certain the strange 
markings are proof of alien visits we have   Long suspected aliens are using the ocean as a 
way of staying out of the way and exploring the   Earth on their own terms these holes simply cannot 
be explained any other way as they appear closely   Aligned in a regularly repeating pattern with tiny 
piles of sediment piled around them Anna witty the   Author of UFOs a fundamental truth previously 
said that it is likely aliens have always been  

Here and are living under the sea for protection 
she claimed that by doing this they would Escape   Disasters that devastate the globe every several 
thousand years meaning they are more protected and   Their technology and intelligence could continue 
on an upwards trajectory while conspiracy theories   Regarding aliens in space and spacecrafts from 
other worlds are available in abundance the   Things that have been spotted in and around our 
own oceans are the closest for us to study there   Might actually be a way to put the controversies 
to rest by giving funds and Technology to Ocean   Exploration as we do to space exploration 
after all shouldn't we pay as much attention   To our own Planet as we do to the exoplanets 
alien worlds and other wonders of the cosmos Foreign   Beyond the blue