Haunted Antique Schoolhouse! PT (1) #hauntings #Paranormal #Ghost

By | September 19, 2022
Haunted Antique Schoolhouse!  PT (1)                          #hauntings #Paranormal #Ghost

Foreign Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Okay so this is Kathy and she works here At the Antique Mall here in Washington Louisiana So she’s going to tell us a little bit Of history about this place before we Get started Here here at the old schoolhouse Antique Mall in Washington Louisiana I’ve worked Here for Um how four and a half years now It is a wonderful place And it is beautifully haunted I love I love my job I love coming here I’ve had experiences here Um but I’ve never felt afraid this is a Very old place this the current building Is the third Schoolhouse that’s on this Location and this building was built in 1938 and stayed open until 1984. so it Was open for a very long time and it Housed first through 12th grade Wow yeah yeah and uh a lot of people ask Me you know why it was shut down and it Was shut down purely for consolidation It just said it wasn’t there weren’t Enough kicks in here anymore so they Just they started busting him okay yeah Awesome now you’ve had some people come

And tell you things that they’ve Witnessed and experienced while shopping Here yes do you want to tell a couple of Those interesting stories yeah the first Story that I ever heard was when I first Started working here And supposedly a customer was upstairs In the schoolhouse and she had picked up An item and she was looking at it and She felt something come over her Shoulder and all of a sudden She her Put it down And so she stopped and she kind of Turned around and looked to see if there Was you know somebody in there And He came back as a Honda again and said I Said put it down now God wow put it down she went down to the To the cash register area in the school And told them while she was like So I don’t know if she’s been back but Um wow I probably would have come back But anyway I would have too That’s really neat um I’ve had personal experiences uh in the Gym and in the school in the gym we had A old wind-up Pluto Disney toy that was On a bar and it was spin so you had to Twist it to get it to go okay and I was Opening up the gym one morning by myself It was during the winter so it was kind Of dark in here we didn’t have all the

Lights on yet and I’m counting my money And putting it in the drawer and this Toy just started spinning just really Fast oh wow and I I stopped and I turned And I looked at it And it stopped like I’m a dawn Because you can make the argument well Maybe somebody had done something and it Was really some tension That he stopped on a dime and then when I went when I took my attention away From it and got to my money it started Spinning again so I took my hand and I Put it down on the counter and I said I Said stop and it was stocked on a dime And it took it about six months later It was behind me it had been moved so it Couldn’t touch it And it was a Saturday and it was an Unusually slow Saturday And it started just Spending and so I looked at it and I Said okay I understand I said you want To play So we can play I said but not for long I Said because I’m at work and it quit Scanning and then it got taken down Wow that’s interesting yeah wow yeah I Have a ritual when I open up the Schoolhouse if I’m here before everybody Else I have a ritual when I go into the Schoolhouse I always sing A song to them every morning and then Whenever I leave at night I always tell

Them thank you for being here for Watching over the place that I love them And I appreciate them and if it’s a Friday or Saturday I’ll see you tomorrow If it’s a Sunday I’ll see you next Weekend And I just Kind of got out of the habit of doing That and they let me know wow it was a Completely windless day okay and they Took a padlock that’s on the outside of The door and slammed it into the wood I Mean there was a person to get that kind Of sound what a person would have had to Have done that and it just Yes definitely because I was like did You hear that do you know [Laughter] Yeah yeah so I’m I’m back to singing and Pricing That’s awesome okay yeah I’m appeasing The video I feel like they’re they’re Like children I really do yeah so I’m Not Afraid yeah there’s no reason to be Afraid of no reason at all often at all They were once living human beings just Like us yes ma’am now they just don’t Have the skin and the bones that’s right Yeah that’s right All right well if you can think of Anything else uh go let me know and We’re gonna go ahead and get started Then all right now what CeCe just walked Around let me just film her real quick

Hey there hi what did you have anything Did you get anything yes Um as I’m walking through I’m letting Them know that I’m giving them Permission to come talk to me or Come to me and just move something bang On something turn something on Um And I’m getting the a little girl So um she’s I’m hearing music okay so I’m almost thinking that she likes to Dance like a ballet okay Um that’s all I got so far okay so I’m Just gonna let it okay start I’m gonna I Opened up so we’re gonna see what all Comes to me but it is very heavy and Very overwhelming for me in there okay All right the path of me that I’m Feeling and I can’t wait to go to that Spot over there yeah where the woman Came through and said I’m right over Here yeah the last time I was here that Was pretty crazy what happened Oh the ballet thing about the Little the little girl dancing and Everything this was the gymnasium and There’s the stage and that’s they used To hold all their talent shows in here Oh wow There is like a white count to the Plastic cover on it back there that I’m Getting drawn to that corner oh so I’m Gonna walk around over there in a little Bit and so do you have a particular area

In here that you sense some things or You hear noises Uh right right up here at the cash Register where I work okay is is where They have come to me before and they That’s when they were spinning the okay The Pluto toy and everything okay that’s Right you did yeah and then over Just across here on on the same side is Where um I punched the motion activated Pirate and I I I did my hands like this I tapped Him and then I punched him and he never Said or did anything okay well nobody’s Gonna buy him because he doesn’t really Work you know yeah okay he just started Off with yo ho ho and a bottle of rum And I said stop Oh my God that is too funny oh my God so I told him he had to stay here he could Not go home with me there was not enough Room in the car So since I did the uh First part of this video where Um she was telling the story about the Place I started itching really bad my Arms started itching and it started Spreading up my arms so now I have Cold dish rags Thanks to her thank you she doctored me Up on both arms But at least I’ll be behind the camera And you won’t have to see it I’m not

Sure what I got a hold of me but it’s Like an allergic reaction and they got Me some Benadryl cream and then the chief over There went and got me some Benadryl I’m Sorry I’m good about I’m famous for Putting a camera on people and not Giving them no warning yeah tell me About it so the chief is here and she’s Got her daughter with us and what is Your name again Brianna and then we got Chandra here as Well with the answer the dancer and the Other night yeah So uh we’re gonna go ahead and walk Around then I’m gonna walk around and Just see if I can hear anything and then I’ll come back and get some equipment But I’m just going to kind of scope it Out Did you want to walk with me I didn’t know if you wanted to go yeah Let’s just kind of walk around and see If we hear anything or see anything I know where I sense the the one I told You about and let’s see if you pick up The same okay same location Okay Oh I love that scene in my kitchen That is really nice how much is it Look at us we’re trying to film and We’re shopping we’re shopping stop it If I see something with a pig on my God Now look at this old cabinet right here

This is nice wow Yeah we ate Mexican for dinner I’m Hoping I didn’t have an allergic Reaction but I was literally sitting There talking to her and the whole time I don’t know if you saw the camera Moving a little bit it was me scratching My hands it started in my hands and it Worked its way up my arms it was it’s Horrible Oh I like that lamp Look at that It’s 90 bucks That is absolutely beautiful Oh my God I would love to have that Wow okay no shopping So Just look around Hello Any Spirits in here with us tonight There was a woman that spoke to me the Last time I was here back in November I Believe I’m gonna actually go to the spot Here in a little bit where I heard her But she said I’m right over here But if you’re around in this part of the Building Come talk to me I can hear you through The camera

Yeah to make it dim Fan feels great Foreign Okay this area back here in the corner Okay that area right there in that Corner I sent something is that where You sense something no I just feel like there’s somebody over Here Well I felt the mail presents I just Didn’t know where yet okay We all got sidetracked so Oh Hello And see that’s the thing too with all This old stuff There’s bound to be Spirits in here Sailor suit Mm-hmm Okay Foreign That is adorable right there Bleachers I’m going to turn my alerts off for my Home security system because Otherwise it’s just gonna sit here and Keep beeping because the kids are out Back Oh look at that on camera Look at that old Polaroid You do okay

Okay It’s a female like an adult female okay But um Flapper A flapper remember the girls that were Called Flappers okay yeah yeah I’ve Heard of that before it’s a female That’s a flapper And it just totally when I walk by and It’s almost like Made me come back hmm Okay Okay I’m sensing something over here I don’t know what Hello Is there anybody here with us You want to come communicate with us you Can Now’s your time to do it Thank you I’m hoping that we pick up An apparition or something Because they see things out of the Corner of their eyes all the time Thank you Okay that’s them up in the front talking Foreign You know when you have all this much Stuff In a place With all those residual Energies Attached to them Come down to have some Spirit activity

Not to mention the fact that the floors Themselves look like the originals And they definitely Hold residual energies in there as well Okay Okay so we Came over here to this particular area Because uh we’re getting a Vibe over Here getting some kind of feeling and CeCe is uh seeing some things over here What are you seeing again well I I’m I’m Ha there’s a little girl here that likes To dance I like I seen her twirling Um but now she showed me ballet shoes so It’s ballet dancing okay Um I can’t say what age she is okay Um but she likes to dance okay I’m gonna Guess Eight Okay maybe eightish so we we have a Little ball on the ground right here on Uh right here in front of us right there Now if you get close to that you could Light that up for us we’d appreciate it You can go ahead and just go play with It Um it’s a fun little toy you can roll it Touch it whatever you want and make it Light up Can you do that for us please And we also have something up there on That dresser or cabinet whatever that is And it’s got a red light on it it’s

Called a rim pod And you can also touch the antenna on That and Light It Up That just lets us know that you are here Come on come play with us You can knock you can bang your feet you Can move something Turn something on start and turn Something off anything you’d like to get Our attention We won’t stay here long if you don’t if You don’t show us you’re here we’ll go To another area so if you want to Communicate You need to light these things up for us So we know that you’re you want to Communicate with us and and otherwise We’re going to go somewhere else Come on Don’t mean to put the pressure on you But I’m just trying to keep it real come on Just roll that ball across the floor There’s some toys around us too but Dad Just heard something do you hear the Wind chimes again I heard it yeah Do you all hear that It’s not like it’s coming that way If you hear it down there Hmm There’s stuff moving around but there Ain’t no fan going on in here right Yeah I see all kinds of stuff moving Like over there

There is A tag Moving And there’s no fan over there And there’s no fans above us you see That tag Just that one tag out of all them things And there’s no wind chimes over there It’s none none and then right oh look There’s another tag moving over there Let me walk and see if I feel a breeze There is oh okay then that’s probably What it is then I did too that’s like the thicker oh I Heard it again I don’t know where it’s coming from Hmm Oh Okay Well nothing is lighting up so we might Move to a different area A black Shadows Crossing that doorway Back there I you now So Hello We think we saw you

Want to come talk to us Don’t be shy And son she saw something She heard something or saw something Walked by over here Stay behind me in case it’s a real Person You never know somebody could have you Know she said it looked like a real Person but It could could have been a real person I’m thinking and checking the bathroom Hello Hello Oh I don’t know about all that what’s back There Hello is there anybody in here Oh look at that sign it says symmetry This place just never ends does it Oh my God Hello Is there somebody in here Don’t be shy Foreign Back here Oh

Yeah This is where I saw the shadow okay Right here we were in there And that’s where I just got this picture Okay And this is the way we do we didn’t go We went that way instead Hello You want to grab it bring it in here Okay Hello I don’t know [Applause] I have no idea where this picture would Have come from the space All right [Applause] Yeah let me know you can even touch that On like certain old items and see if you Get any Spikes from it Got some little helpers around here oh I love that coffee bar sign I can’t stop Looking around trying to shop And these are just adorable too Oh my God it is Where was this at Oh it is standing up Where the hell is that page standing up By itself Well there’s a fan behind it but it says

I’m scaling nothing Push down on it and see what happens Just one page if that was the wind Blowing it would be other ages Is No Deal Flowing that way have you ever noticed That Paige standing up like that before Oh my gosh So it was right in this area where you Saw something It was somewhere in this room I took That picture and got a face Okay I had to go get a battery Because my battery was already dead so I’m going to go back in here where They’re all in it Oh y’all are in here okay He lit it up for me he did Yellow or even purple Awesome hold on he turns it off Let’s go off in the end Oh look the blue ones are yeah there you Go Thank you see he shut it off You can take it to blue or yellow or Even purple Do you like that you can communicate With us like that Can you walk away from it and turn it Off Yeah there you go let it go and it’ll Shut off for a minute

Thank you There you go you can light it right back Up if you like it It’s a new little toy huh We have a voice box that you can talk to Us as well we’re going to have that up Here in just a minute I see you like the green light there’s Blue in the purple and the yellow so if You could light that up again that would Be awesome We come in peace we just want to talk to You and and learn about who you are Don’t Be Afraid everybody just is Curious Are you attached to Something in the Room you can light it up if it’s a yes Answer Are you a male Are you a female Are you gonna light it up Okay so we’re gonna sit in this area Here this is where we saw the well she Saw the uh the picture with the face Yeah Starting to get confused because all the Roads are looking a little bit alike to Me in the dark but and I’m still kind of In Not feeling the greatest with this is Going on but I’m doing the best I can Um I’m gonna turn on the Spirit Box From that whole family Just a minute I think with the Spirit

Box it should be okay you know what I Mean but if we’re just not sitting here Loud though for the camera yeah yeah you Probably should yeah Go ahead and turn this on and try to Communicate with uh whatever whoever is Here right now so come through and talk To us okay hello Who’s in here [Applause] Are you a male or a female [Applause] What’s your story [Laughter]

[Applause] [Applause] Thank you Thank you When I turn this off can you make a Noise Is there any way you can make a noise in The area where Have something here Yeah do something you guys can if y’all Can listen to like we turn the fan off There is no Breeze in this room Whatsoever so you can knock something or Move a piece of clothing or something uh Attack there’s the air is off Thank you Knocked three times You noticed since you turned that off no That stopped I well I did reset it oh I didn’t know That okay I did reset it I saw

What I saw myself in the damn mirror oh Shut up Well I looked over there I do the same sometimes so Yeah Well I don’t know Y’all get any kind of weird vibe in here At all Or feeling anything Really The arm my arm hairs are still standing Up there’s something in here you can you Can see them All of them are standing up Yeah Yeah I want to go over there too Well We’re going to move around we don’t have A whole lot of time here tonight but We’re gonna try to make the best of what We got so Did you just fart Excuse me oh my God I hope that Don’t creep over here Well we have Mexican for food girl don’t Be stinking me out if I smell something Foul in a haunted place I want it to be A damn Spirit not no damn ass I’m sorry Boom

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